Newspaper of True American, November 4, 1839, Page 4

November 4, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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001USS CARDS., i l~ftfiottfSeo AIL l'OII1Y, enierii g stt Iti.tte lB tltot.-Ptit the prcltt01fl.:t 0 "JI"' IHUEMAN & (lO., W:irlaaqi. D.Aeh·msiaurtohenl;I No. *it lla silo r l, li U AVE coatoiizl. oi hawl R largoentnplo of Cloth 1 p! , lool vdit-Ito Irt couilrv Ittot. 'I'lhoir as. tte" 144. marolhamA fro' Illi tile callutrv call lbdoroioroootl luiroo. AW theehortet otite. `1XMUAN-E COMPANY Ukh NCWV OILLEAhNhS. .~Th~ioTqotj, ar e nowt 1toettoed to tatke kBiki AGAINST PIXM. No. 24 Mstroeoo' Uiiillitg, Coon!l -t.Ct. i Ei 1. 'I'HAI'V. I Not OltooO, lRonY Ih It'll. ýIicmtlt-t. " A3l 11 ibEiVlIIEIJX, --li I'_ l, 'loriniltolallst CHAMPLI.N & COOPEH,11 Atil OLS ANI) DEI.I-R5 IN IftI:ViSIONS Ait'II PIF:I' N, ?iu tlottljion w niiooto alote Jhtipt4id Fiail stre Pil11.-9. rVu1NITU.V WARMROOMS Noi. 53, fficimile ptr.,m. IVII-I3,11 It. C IANCI, %oontll rtrso.titlly int 'Y (rin hm nois Uttlo otd the pltblil-tiot fie in ctut manil riceivill' l I'voi Now Vork fill([ Duman a guild """n of fFurniture, sucli as muban~ativ chlairs, umeeeoxooznljo-ttttooo, n.I ·umdlod toot-~mle ootlo tl otototlrd t~iniot, llncltte otd fr.' I d _""is maotlogoito an doet tnlpln chai llr ka~o, rnnoimoo otlnanlogoy ttl, ,ltcherry, w ahi Emetic, looking gloteooEoolaltoo ltoeddino, hit. hIt. N11IIont'lunitur -tpnaoltetotr trtn ttotiottwith greta ~I~LIl lov 13 FASHIONABLE CLOTHINOiG TAYLOR & HADIJEN ,No.'14 ChaoIgee ojeei HrAVE it colftitt supplltty I r etve. rrtilt't fm genlernoto dress,ol tltoloatest nylo, it Ntw, Yolr prics d"!2__0_ Iil ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING MSiisA 11l1.8l NI ENT', No. 53, Magazinte Sircet, (Oppoolle Ilotiks'Artoolo. BA,-K \KOTEi ENG·lt INU( RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON oItloted antatlike in Netw olltnttt.ltoi.ett'1g; R eq oon tnoitttltiolottotottt~eto Itti, $t fl olosefngaitg 011I ptiotiitg Flunk Notttts, Rand.-, B Inaorge hag, etioeion toot 1111 ttttltltto oiioteo checksl uni otter otoilal ttet papers, rteItttetttlttec P0'1'pg~l-iepomld have initl~le touple piovimion forr li~~EI r aralS u~ll I ]'ties Rod 1 mprepillml, collrust od totlleir oonto0 ;theitret.Itoi Oens ettlt te lote [li r of ver ielt httotltl htuntiljt itnstittttiton, anidl aIl iirdetn will be Phctotl twith iptltttitj andlll in the usual tnts. Officet, conoeroiliftitl & CaInI sire,;. ja7 if BA ZA,-1 ]I 33USHM & ALLEN, Not. 1, EXCIIANc;E 11kTEL, Come of.51 CIt t-leo ntI Conottttotot SLA,%V (tl1Ll1AN.4. Pltfl~tTEI1S ftnl Iltotors in Fr' nit1 L-1ttglkhii otrittliotr; tlltoojit te (l-c ol 1'itnoiti,' Ilt~k*. R.i 111-6., QUtoerY I liriy, 13 GIv- 11 ,i r, , btoe'ý,, Utobrllaý,ll~ I __les, ;[.!I .%I_______. 0.5 A 11110 1 m-:1.1i "N'r " 16, Ch ame, 'r,- \~d iC h;V\,'l Ii k !- to W ."'n'I'll iwitkol p~t,,.uld tEWAI.II'I IN AUIMICANN & . ' l.NtIS11 0 lN GI, XORO No. 3 t-ttA RNIILV rtF. r.t JOB PRIiNTIJNG. OFY EVERY Dr.SCTRII-TIC'. N OPEEDILY, tt.NDSO0llttY AND CHElOAPL.Y EXoi(:)TLr AT THE OFFICE OF THE Trute .merierica, STr4.7CAII ktS S'n'rll iP, NLEAl; lOYPIIA S. 3 oi llil Grl. I 1 11 l 61) 4.1 o ooio nJ oheelitgs antdl "5 ul-, Ji tt l it 4-I Iwot shettings, landittidiog i 0 g it It 111, ilr mnlo slet IlAC )N-if) Ca,!,. Ilitti. It l R.tuiodtt 15 if lly IA 'lit- ý& Co. 71 'oytto s I UMBAARD & CO'-S luston and New Orleans aLi, c of Packet Ships.-lThiI new line of ships ha' been exp!reosly built to run lbetw'ci tlho above ports, and will be found of suitablo draft ofwater: aecoonmmldations for paswengers, and every cflirt will be made to give genoeraIl sa tistio, 'lThe line is composed of lho fo lowinlg shipr: Cloroltkc, 415 tonrs Capt. J fHlrding, Carolina, 400 do S Leinist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Ildridge, Columb.anla, (6)5 do G Darler, Seaman, 240 do 1 llowee, Bombay, (i25 do 1) ilunmphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first .lass, -opperfastened and tcoppered, comlnanded by men efgreat expeorience, have largo accommnodations, ithl a separate ladies cabin;; every attention will be p-id to passcngors, and thl very Cest of stores pro Tided for thllom. The packets will be tnwod up and down Ite lMia sissippt, and the strictest punctualiy observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, ol*ar shipe equally as goad will in'all cases be substitnfled. A nharo of patron ago is solicited, and til agenta pledge tlemselves to aceonmmodatLo as imllc aus )pra.cticable, to receive and forward goods by line at the most aloder. ato ohlarges, and to advance all expoutes oil goods shipped, if required. Tioe shipL will leave the Ist and IGLt of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agentt. J A M FRI I'T, 82 tCommon st. N. B. Advalncemnts in:lde oil consignmao..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lomlbard & Cu. nov27 lTON N'iul-'tO'S-th t.u.scibrs have pboo ucureal et gret expense, die riglht cf pauting ,.t iront mofs in this iity. They are adapted to publie buildings, wareousil , and I r;vao d wellitlne sand notlmine ot olnce collt.aptOs and dtonlriiltit, iund are pirfectly tire ain wlaer prorn f. Terms mayO be klInown, Ond a onldt. scen ult ur est iblishlnoeIt, apposile St. Mary's rkelr Iitaliuls st. oct2 E H1 C()OGSWEl'I. Co I1 l AN .Cl 0 lIII.A t.ttl -tau ji 0hy AD.alS & \wIIITAI.L-,. 2f t67 ravi!or t .aN SE10;UL'lI, Na 54 Catlde stEroo, betweena DuOimin and St Plip, koeeps consitantly on hand atl xtrnsivo ncaortlllllt of boots ad brogans, arnd sflnes,If New York imanllftl.lre, or lell. womenll and children of all ales. wlichl he will dispose of at very motderate pricet. Families ofin t it, .uintanlce on rending an order will have their wishes attended to L 8 SEGO'URf I1 L'E LEAD--5 btls, 1513d le asch;i 41kcglO,10 " " 00 do 25 E inll dn o--° t 1-4 bhl. 010 " - loati'nllt o te, variu sizes. 5 bbls Copal Vrnnilb; 2 JaplAla 20 1ocks (;old Iea; . WINio V at. , .. At in, Ergish rv; Faccah lon t11) t , , Ivarlo ls ie and t taliti v.. Ibt4on l, oyll dr.--rll kbxcer , n tto .l n ltt', il or I ta -,W tonen b t' - \t A A 'It tt ll '.1.1 low, ALsoea trronl ns,,mttorttt o lnarti otos' crns and pons .n, Ot d ti 10 per cent dis otlt nllor gttrodt, nrh inl IlS i tBal'dln. r ts I hov i Fn o re s Gp cuit , India" M110,1111 Lihe-. ,te ao d Itho lldf,ottt i ; It t il iln It t tlef at flit, r lot poi lofto,' cel ts each cllll rniTill t h th irir. t hae , u til P ,i' Il.el l,'i ft , t, , fth 'irtmis, - I l v 1oth,-r rtllts lind herbts uootltl otnlgle Inotliine asetBfiacious in curing plnmotlnary 6lttlnltits. 'lThe au rialled oess w-hiI ons attendernld fote itie of tlsi inestlntidJa Balsaote tl ltveor it hfs beest ittno ioted. hoas otltnited tIle nonfidete atid recoltlotundoa tions of irespeetlll Il ysiaialtr, I'r hlve cure of coulgn, cold, paiu in the side, want of et, spittitg o blood, liver condmplotit, t c. To wonm it nay concern. Tlh isa to eeertif tlet %ue ha.6 in our eproetice forlIuetlty prescribed ors (;rtl nat's lndial Balbmt otf Liverwort ..,d loarboulnd, wifth a dscided good Lefft: we can thLerefaore, font tlte hitota x: o of tle onterials it is ond+e fremt, ilnd cbservatet, ntr' xperieuce, recommena d itas a suoert6- prtl'fratittn or' thosenoetiuo f t io torlitl nf,ra- which It is re eoandeA. AI.BKI tI' o.tI . AMS, SI1. D. CALVIN El I.IS 1I. 1. r lembmes of the Boloton Medical Ansoeiation. Boston, October "25. Ilo'L-y J ARVIS & ANI)REWS, of. 19 C le l llt all I t' o t itjlla:t t j 7iWE1'joTY-l ill, bbW~ooe It onto teteeoved mtd for LFt I hy IIElILMlOU(ENE, Il0\\1'N & (0). CU .f. -I'le tltncrlber 0ave eonersOluly , hood ln aroe lnttlli oIi Calelll and Ltverpol coal, tt, bult. f iUltterior quality, which they tofrr for %.lo ifn leos tt stil purt 0' I .ts, . Al.mI e lo 't-ed Ito the fitso trrivottl f'rttm F'Z Ied un ftite Norlh, (.til Al. Lthihi ear nd Povrh eootl io Corl . tr,-,ton nld sre, ned, pOl tip itt elly will dIt , on-I tt o, 1 ratet trrmt Irdt ro Ito ' 1, it t I tr'lr ol.,'e, N-' .:5 [lit- Ie:l0 Uan stairs. $ill nte potlumlly alentnd to. ,,01 (13,B, -A ASOLIE. F VEW GOODS-ýSimiona Hfart & co are now lre I i I eiving from on bcard ships Yazoo, andl Sarntoga i ld blrig Clincordlia, ftr6m New York, a greal variety olt goods in theltoline, whIrlt together with their foritn stock on a .nd, mlnokes their assort ent very, pletl. 'lle fullowing egim opIseIt lnul,, viz: t ell tvinti, tuck id dresaiucllgeio, hor do oftcnl driresperilim, dia robber,silk eld worsted eloslic lawerc, lollnllllnc & liue elnstic slisp wtider locn li.eo mid LiiiIr malich les poket tolk ad \all, lti nodle boi, shell, pcolanu verty and I'lutoes, eot d iclr, he rl rtll, netlta psil, cll ,as eonds, not(loe hnotll ogiigoo, loin cino, ble d drilaes, Icu c:Iass tIld hl nindl er n. d gtiltb e dl, Indlaeinbeads bell; atl iuilu; istol usitilon lle .fer flasks, shot buls horse e,ll. packet and duuiiling stolsi double an d tiolei barrl uod r . Ieir klive, nd ribbonls, wist buo:les, cloth, l:ir, t, noal ,colnb, roddob. shoeitilteC t,rom lel. dli IeS Ceslgeon, nlortid li, l rlie l , r6 will iba watl'r,nitortli I eslnlcea , rld exltrancts '.ccunitr, bIeal, nntique and Va'h v - nlultle iohir tils, sliill aind toilot nsaps oall des SriP'tions, hini,.:' a!'d "geot lemeti' deskli anidrsoltn: eases, hlir riteglts't,lttt..oo ndl Inaids pln, oincr cnal tnusia kl worI, x[.s, ie ilin tioll egih ti 1Ied,,o01Lj ,Ad vest butts', pear 1 nd ivory shirt'dl, shitr studd gold anod silver clicil cus", tootlthcks nlid twe'ozers,ilutetl %.lid ilt locket! iiniature do, silver, Ibnass at steel Z uiflnls, booksand ees, hair pills, imitaionr, and redinktslne bla.king, iliins oald guilari and plain penrcsion ncals, linlio tonitc, te d elsl lons ghl and nier lace ahllt c f'r I lt pr.lllo hIYes, ridin. ii, palkinil cants,plalng ends, fih. gohl, 1lta and gihIjt wll; v &c. ' 'lhe aboi, tI l ' it . it great vtriety ofoth art lea are offered lit nlesale or retail outtcunotimodaintg N It Shell eomnl, repnirol SOYL n i lAY, Itilot , tgi, ltintl tr nito llllit t Painters, No 3 Cnndtoele sorcuie two dlolts firo, grolaius unretoitsttto.. imtlons of the following woods :old malrbles, rex e nuled bt inaltel-1 ir n llilllr. w0ou s It A I unIIILM IAlog lly, Eyi tint, bhlck :ItI gnd pl OAk, Gialla srnd A seico, Polaed ldn, ' Orientrul ior vtrtid ltitiilq, (':,re otind , jasper, Chrled Maple, Blood "'oe, Biridsl Ee .o, ha lab ranhite, Satill \WotodI, 'otonm, Ihur Wood, Dove or Ilurdello, Yn Tes're, Italiatn White, (:olontlandle or IMlack tc o llanlt ind Bot Hotell tose Woodntd, Alctli otrl (noy, AI Ah Vhite Oatk, &c.. ki &c. lturldl Ehin, Pl'i llltn to et t ll t toi sho. rl:ti . oi ts, ils, I U.()N,S''EEI0& tIEAVY tittllS--ll, square .1 and burndle irot, rell aserted. 11s, scrsoll tod rot iruol, inail roids hoandt itigh inl rltl s Cast, (German, shear, blisrel'rv., splring, sheet uhid Crowlev steel Tlollow oltae, cut nwd wroughtailtils rld sltiks o Zinic, block tin, etill atlgttind stonet, stit kCnttles Chnainl ealdes, snuehnl's, hoes (0O, Illg t :lI tllee tuillnt, l1'tll inilts Ai ls, vices, flluniloertsalii '.llow \Vite, iheto, s i tig indt loal; Adut Cali, illl eooking sllltoe Ains. IIvowland's and oihee spalaesooI shovels ,it I Iok qll Ile t itigess , ihrtiad wii ow hooil o ks Csollitns Al'h T & Cuo. Mpbt Levit o e. rarids lll trol ailill.ardlIe, Cli sI llS n ine hllahnicl lill le illiln P, it: l l i Il liWll.s oll hand ,, : nod whichanre odl'L. l I :r sl(esll . hole AVlc m.l Ie tail, )I, thlhe miii,(i lli d Iulb l utv m, h i HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERT NoI. 1 J Cuup r:'ce. W h olrean e i ta e -r il ni l i ihf ,( , V u r ltithe s. h lru .,et cII tA ll 'i,,dt ii it o li c. . [No. ON4, Chariers N4rtol, ,AV: tooii'ttly n olt htitollotoos otlliel u\VtN:t i' cash ,, at redilvvd I'ts . SNEW b rtiole for leorons troubled nith dealess, ft(vulled thuEuor Truompit,) hast tt lien rt Ito se of III, tni ' t l te lt Ii . E l O. l le 111"'I he foli. sel"it'l ., lll file il dtv"'d , ,I;al- Irnssol nt experiem-ed bool.T~ 1, 'il Iel" V:ITI·v I v i~PI - rvobnV st a, e so ly n iin0d eer the ill ul oflIltlIn T e .i tioi t mtit-te All~e NF, :iV rtllicle 'e li toit! rul"'ileduwlti dmttoll vtileg used te f 1 rlltl. FLoI artll l. I rlllur rlhn enl ex1hger I1111o l h n 1>1,IT1 FOR IlE TE Tl . demand fI, thi..tle, I nal rentedy Nll' eei., t eel iti i servlliive ol f thei tMeth, A lltlt C.d the l, -cribr oullr it to the Amel ivan et utl II t'. A. rrllange.l llI been o l el,lt l, to t up I ,iv nelntolll in ll tlle pllr l cIhni c i il'nd toii.. i in the 'niaJ t ans 1 o phu ' -ia l it i Il rI1r tho 111 iii and k. ly to li this ii "l pplied a( codi, to dirtl ette I ot e, it has l ile d l ile to fi I illovII alit. I'ld ltanent reli.'f. It alst arrets thle dr,'al uto dtl'etiv teeth, aUtd relieves tlt t o'ot ll',n s t lhih' n l'. r r uiders i l strongl tooth usulet'ss The a pplhitmt an I JAILIlS & ANDRi S , orenle v ae sil o r G l elntt l t. tt Me ilt t lle l lZo e r ll' 11, thI latil.y lim - (if pel i nlr fiffloll'('t cr tioo..ills 1" to h .r (I tllhe t'alc Plodi theirT'11 ti etl te oil to ll, rI rivalled I ulliers, tlS, i P AfllIn I NTd t ltlllt', iltg altt ed ing alrl ne l nx o etedlv, and ieav ite o a re. e J i t ili ) wo Erld its the .; .t valuable dtistc e '' lale o, .GarI deiVA si. earLrneII INe grth lthr r5 C rCom mllon t , Tlict uinltouhr-il t1,a ih ) oN Mlll.-f- nwrdl ricl ived for e1 rco lls' ., byls 'io and Shed Iron War', at' every teaedisr on, J cl l as copper tsIIAtille & t n an, t agp, tin ba, ingtrue, ofil cans, o alil .lIor land oetter oallor the r r ea sting done at Sah irtet notiOce. , lma ar of every d ipti, el I Ar, Itea i . te !'e.ll I L . Sy s'ill alS o do I il id:l of' LDOt dI r ol SS, cur ner , Copmoer and Ti ropitoug ad gutteeting, teir large upply bo Gain , lte y ills %arran tell the grl o %ll A RE W &i'I CO ., respeo tfully i, t'l - their fl ands sill tll publi, in LoIer., thal they occupy the new brick shop, 9 addtethouitas streat. wherert tihey kel p onstaitty on lian Copr, in and Sheiet Iron War., of every descrip ion, jtedttalce tI h ulk ic t iT I R111 1 such as copper stills, kei tle,, and pumps, tin bath1 . ing tat ad oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all oter brass castinarg done at. ahortet notice. iGrate ihar of every dcriptio, sch as stea. b1 t stItrups, hog ehn, screw bolts, an other kind oftIeamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. They will also do all kinds of out door work, Isch a,; zir, copper liad til relding and guttering, &c. They above and all other kinds of work in their line bu11 siness, they will execute at the Ass Ct t Ia ' I A ', Xs t lls. l S ielltknow .itei ltceiso o nor e Itlasin under poiih i'illIteiut It'll eiltede lt'e Mr. Jhn Mc 1onnell. t l lh en i% been Dl·hining . t iio hall rooilt ,,illh-dl r toD n .... It all,m t, I lI l.Ie l e' t t . I tt4. 1e1teal It' reel, tt. 'Ih r ea lrý Ifi -t - f -I l ,I mii en iti hl --ztt o I u dt t, ,6r i'lý att lt,,i , .,i, aLod ti-hin" la t4 +tl-. , pr ta -1, i t ', l an 1' t,.l ii F In 1h O' d I., a2.- :.i i i A l.itr i ta i h, p it l l, . 1- tl,.,it hanL- "o o .-"I F, i s aft al c l e I aret ti titell h. Illr ' ) l l, . Ill.t'tc Ill" ita ;,++,eIel i*ah'ea l'tal ,l th i t- ln I t" t It , a]- I'l t-v i pllal e l' at . all T 1.c aeeni the mate ,ili ta tI 'Lh e ' 'I lae lt', 'alit'; h hel.d i' .-% ta l ti, lee All". & K :h , tt.t ult, lit, caId,[1 I' l . i. h N Tork & 3altimore Packets , IEW ORLEANS AND IALITImOm1, LINE OF PACKET'I'S. This line will consist of the fillo wing vesslr. , ehichl have been built or purchaseid expiresly frli to traile, viz: Ship Seamian, Capt.01iner, Bark Mary, Nickerson, SIhaid nt'rry, new ir Steveus, l Solomonii altus, i , Ithatil, Brig Architect, Gr y. These versels arc of the first class, hao hand. tome furnisheod :ecomnini oatiioni, aind are (of a light draft of water, so as to adinit of tifiir reecivig aand diseharging their cargoes in Baltimote, at the city. Freight will hie taken for ports on th (thleCapeak a or James' River, anrd hrwarded by the lagey is, Messrs.CLARKE & KELL [L lt;G, at ltintr; expenses on goods thipped will ble ladvanl'ed whell required. The price of passage Is fixed -A.t;, rliple astores of the b st qallty wilt be providd. Steamll up and dowtn the Misscieitpli will be t ikel i on all occ:lsiolns. For freight ur passage, apply to GEO. BDElD1OI0), novr7 2 thenvil'e it FOR NEW DIRT. [Louisianai andI Nw Ynork Lini tf Paclkt ] Till'; Ships composing this line wiIilil tSil th Nex Orlans. and New York on ov'ery otar 3h0 Nday-conllloncing on the 20th Nov llbr-ald itnure tIh plnt -tulity in ti t- ime oi fsaCilin, Lh lill,' will hereafter l s cc ist f ,i'l e hips, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to lv, on the i 2tll Ship Looilivh.,, Captaii Pii llll, to leavi e oiln the 40h llecomllber. Ship 1hu t1svi:ll, Captain Illh idgri , tE lehave il th11 18th December. Sýhip V+ickshInrg, Captain ,toodhouve, to inavo on tle lst .ialn ary. Ship Mim.iippi, Ctatin Davin, till leave oni tie 15th "of Jannary. Thit above are all new, of thc firs;t la, copper di ) and copper fil.tened, :tl!d oup\varill of' 5l ions burthen, tire of light dru;ght oi watcr, bihg bluill in NeV York exprIssly fin r t ihe trade. 'Tit price of lpssage is iOxed ai t 100I dllar: tlheir cabina tile ltelld upi in Itie Iliost ill proiC d' ordal I(..ivi eni"It ipln, ; d tifili.hed in a ileat a.nd higant st h SAmpit; vtors of the first qilaly wdl be ph vidd, alil vc ry egardll paid to tie e ac in t a l I lI eatifactii e ofi t Ii ICiin gers, hci will please ta!ni e il. tic; that iu;; berth call ie -i'cured until paid l;r at the ufiee o I the consign;ees. These vessels ar e olitniau;ded by eaptalins well experienced in the trade, whio ivii give every aIt te iontn nod ,.xert theimse ves I, aeo elll ate. "Thlo14 will at all tilnis ie towned ti and down the 11isis sippi by et.talllboats, a.nd the stricteist lnipti .lly obrervedl it, tihe time of' railitg. rThe o(lwnr-r of ilitnse shi 8 will nt be responi. bll fhr ai. letter, parcel or Iackn ge., .,nt Iy ti i putonl ibh rd of I11tI11t , tIlnet'; iic eguiillr o II " L lll lie rig!'ed thercl or, at the clllltii ho e , Ilee ageit or ow rs. For ilhnr ifirelnnih ' 'ie; cr 'I yi to JD IIN & A (OHilEN," - e v111' 27 I (.....i.l l n t; li. n ',-i J'. I- . an;r N li''' i 1ei' "'i;'rp -i' lli i li' Ik hit reh p n wply to J. 1. Iic 'i Ll' \%5 11 00 hl 'is ,C(, 171' li t p T al esiP,,l t. I ru . e l; 'i ld a,; I t a h . 'I hi 1 I il ilte iinh i; I r I nl 5 1, If 'i lt1'; ,' . v css I il t 1e - ei , I I I " , . , h eeI J. ,, ' latI' I ' 'l" i I Jlinall . lltN, el -' r. CI1OOIJnf. iF' 'ti htdoe TX',t'l 1i 1 i ei . - 4 . . . mllt ccei.iu care lir to Lcver ;nlt .\~1i, le origlmll reil-p. U ,,d %w:;i (ml owit ;c d I er.-l mutce.s Ilr lz ..' by per-n.,, e i o espectabihtv i- t histn , as . td i:l crtificats. This nmedicine is highv reCo endd, and h; lcan ýxterll Avldy u11id il ilho ; il.n,, N:1,, it c h dii- tii ;uii Iht-,d kI- ccu s, tht.I Ilt- liot ric tor b, le r-c. i i .i . I its h lo t .i. Ii i, l, r io' t tlo thl pu,. iic Lit, i t.ip ci- i bric ii ll tice Ii)i Li lza i I iti h Aenl olls of rihevino alty o(' th wio are i ioU tiring undcr tihe sc ourgli ttit ,it ultlic .' It L. u ~ine )o sse hg gre,-t vi.ue, anid %% .:, 11-d accotding to tico dire(Ltics lots i ei vur cly iid (,l iibetin,, cure, evuy ili 1i 0 moie st y tilth.a, Aagi Of thye disiiorder. It is not ai t . ill di ai c persons of tihe weakest ,stomach, and children na tak it wi l thimpu ity. i t stre titihens ti diji i organs, creates an app! litil, aind ht -hloom re,',uir,, lore titan one, or ill obstinate cass, tw ) I l: '; to efFIecot a c Lare, There is lCither imercuIry il)r aruenic in tihe tcdicit e, liir tinL y thinill ic julious to tile h mllai l conltitution. Thel tc p " 'rll ors aroI so well convinced of its crilacy, Llth.t I hey lfagre to rel'und thle price of evcry bottle wIich haiu behen akoen ill .cc datc", with the directions and las not cfl'ectil a -i peribct cure of i fiever & gue. A. OIVER, little agi-ut for Now Ojiin at his wolh, esahle a d reltlil druig land hde u bloare, corner of llicnvillc mil Ciiitrlres Itrctic. For Distrilt Agencies apl!y it iV5 'r. W. S 4ll' , ,8 Conti "'t. PENSACOLA ItAN'SION HtOU SE NEW CTIT'Y, PlIiiicti)iAi i Iih llr, l" ise l l " is il ao -t rath miel , 'cIlyl Fc tler 11l v [lie Ist efl' AL'il next. Nui. t' irs and colicly i- i cnt %ill be fu ld il the arrangemeill nt (t' ilt it. tonsion l fo Fti . New -C tll MOlM'l. olllmi: od; II1. halIt lilg Il Vllle ill Ii l~llll an wvarkn l),th, will lie Irovided at till homs'8. A stable will ea- attached It) tho I ll)tl e, with goo'd tiCloi l Ii u tion1for horses aud ciarriatges. Fi i st rte ltwss il carriatges %Vill also be kept tfin hirc at modejrie rni rces, ,,e Faill tllldl low botic , ,it h pei'i s l i ti o 1l lg.a lhell cctallyftiiod at ,rtigihicuciiiii f l tein li s o ilngtour. chy fillC c d ht ll Itltltllll drso vrico rlu :w.h uot to) \,:lefrc wih i h ,cnfirl nad quietnt the bonarers+. The %vnes an ilut .0i! the iof th bei t I alI v, t d Ii t s o it ticll ) dIi oi ic" a carto has alr dtti li e odreu i %%rici ii ''i ' 'i' i iii ail out t oe i et o t eMa. Ai r ireni crick o i it ar,, ho fr e e t - lar i it liotel !it \Vatshiogt(lc ih' Ii -i in tll -luill iih ii, v ir t e pr)ori r, o , %I. with,1 t uil .-oalld3tt!ý 'k-IIe; tile i ,ii ofla t ye .r a I I l tey ;+ill rc.wive aicrc y Ic.6-ible l tehton; at ill.I, r.-% e laaI-i t z, to i i t--i r i l i ,, . TIhe lt d I t 1, 11 w Ii , - i It - i M i r t1oo K ioyl iin u d a hNnS t. lll! 1.-C, ipi a I !. *1, G io -no o Ole tr- lla il l' ,t s - )T ll:v li iti ! il 1 I ii-; I .-- i!- i,- o itc , C. , A ,, t t, vh i d ii i i. i ii - I 0 t l i ni i .it i. ;- ii'J I i - ;iit pi ,i , ,o. t,. , J( t .;11 I lRoynl C'liirize of Phyicinus, London, rjlti" original Vegethole Higeilan Universal Mledi L eilne, prlepared. by \V AMiskin, Esq. Member oft tlie lval Ctolleg'e of Sill'geooRs, Liceltiate of Apothe caro's jool t oFetll.ellw oot 111t Court Society, Surgeonl to ithe to:d UUnion lension Asocintotn, Lancastr Vl:ne, \l'tAteoloo lridge, and IPerlttual Puttil of Guy' tl o St. Thoms' Hospitals, Ilo lndon. This al thlot h otedihttti , lhie result of twenty years' expujlrier lc n:lwi unpalrallelh; sueccss 11 the extensive ahd .hIlts I re pescile practice of the proprielv, patro 11hisvl e i l IO crlti:ls And Itun liitv, lIod is now ulilnolhea d to the Iotic,- of lith American imblt l , at tile earnelst so licilhtio,", f :I itt""her ogentlemenu of long ad high stl t!i; ill the orotfessiont. It is hoped, as ' it elio - inry step, to check ao eils ando fatl" coseleolces triisinl fronl tht. us. t If tilo e o llS ro lls andll tlt'riis IIoSi osted ;P oCl ito, puolic hv tile taidl of thlorieted tt,'oofst Dr' i lllellr es, Ote fr ds, b tot t Stts olt ileixClluy, u pi'iIi.ople td prete ttders, so t tally i onll ti d al sciece that it iltt llossihle thie mloolstrous II'huiton cl any longler go dowo lith the intrlligent people of this contry. These pillls, mi l ad ago.table hi their nolture, h (ilto. he kept tin every tamilyli cae ofnsudlln illness, I'oml by their promto ,t tadminitstrationt, cholel l"Ara, am spl mw!a , fe I rs all| other alinsihg tebolints which tooo oteln prove thtal, moy bte speedi Il i nl or el, velc. It o , all lltse who valueod 'tllth, sho. oterl he withotut them. o Tho v are sol i p:ickls a: 1 eill tis , 41 :anod i'. ea:ch, by everY rIespec t:tho !t gislt , hoo- I t r, ald e.ldorol f m ol l.n it, ilt( U itt-d Sot-to teo l ,,I tto tOlltdas, with col lls hrecII lions, togtler w, h. 1oloiils of prof"tssional abilith firmi 00't0 f 0ll " II t lllll t llot llteot t I- w Ot o It Ott'to tl -ooo t oIo.-t>lO, J.. sttl "Key, I . I ra pto ,l 3'1. 1) I and nl llerlo Sol . l ' c1 ori ; l:g s I no: he seen It lpossession; of thet ;llal , h Il hoo the illo sdlie is imported into ti tllil y, l' al' to it lhoml all alplicatious IlrlC geincit Sole t ielr:d Agtent for the United Staes, &c. For le 'o, appoi ntment tof the original prolrietor. 1 ?3WAlt & lanll.lI, 1)ruggits, No II Camal street, vtiervi Agelnt I fitv Stvsthee of Lotisiotoo. Jutl %o 8 I t1i~,~5 1 o Li i l co, 'to No Jo M g.zi s e, rB Ru r ow revriNiung from ship, Naslivil!e, Louislille, 11 t'lw0-tI , EmI: gle, u:11 ! other " late arriv:ls trolu t hilw th.vr Uctlcili ;. An'ge :nd new selected atssoritnliolt ti l ootl, ttShoets attod Brogtttos, Sotlsaling o t'getlell 's ile calf all d M oro.nco botosI 0o do 10lit000 o tit stout wat pegged hIools o riouls· pilit ites; nLeIn's lilo .a:ll senl ailnd .%1hroces S t'" i' .l.. tlls d ibrogi:il l hlowkski slhoes, blroga s ll nt A ,lle.l : il'll's. line calf :llnd kipped pegged 'htoesm I I rloll; 5do b do stoot kill atod waxx lpegged slthoel t dt btotilgs; getl 'Sllll tsli t i ulit callOset ed shoeI I.,op:ws Int Jack D)ownings; do call, and forscoo I t cle hLo Es ItdI bro l t lts; t' lo otll; seal n'otl t inroe-o I ti:tot Os notd ltt ' I'L- o -fttlf, toIT ot tnl sea t wogs , .0w- r tich.t ; to i e t , oe t t 00 0011 m011 rlloro 0 qortltllle ; es' 0i , ch oldlen's o ggoed atnd stt eot tog 0 s, td 0hoeis o(t. ttr, quat to l ad kiot d. IAlso a geIeral ll.SS itt ' t o lln's sltout wat ttl r-i t i'rogitlls mul l, i og heri with IlO,tit() 'lmirp

gro h t quality, russctt 'lroga o It IOil l n.d i s ht I.nks, m: declll ,iex llsly forl IIItation +!me; a g"od s. 't lleltl ool U l n i ui a lt stout kip russett 1r'g ms a .w tic , l, tI l. arge q llal ity of an illbiol alitoit r, sset :nd lx hl gams. l.l i us' l te callf s lAt, ot, .cco rlll(I t ll g .Il. 1ts, t p yill sole sho(.s d, ; lle 1, , h .1 F- 'i i O0h e :11I kid iir -o - lto o li i to wo t ot11s; ott - s'10o0 0 l t h t rot it. l ht h ot o llo . to t'tlt, tltt tt tu s. u kllt il T Ito ' lt o ltl-o ' ItIsoLoo 't lltr l l ,I ) fall kinds :tn 11:umlities; d" laistihg brog:l s;) wlll lol ot ,g .s. C -hihl oo nl' cololtd tl-to inot Ig blo t utul Ivcttoot, -e. enltlmot .tlo 'st- e oo fshill l k -tilk huts; do ,tlck Id ab ie i d a t 1t to i alit) t o io il:otn , k ]' :i n1en b lu lt . I' I,,ihs " j : t, , . oi o-ot ot' t of't- ;,tolho h i;!, g il . sal g lt. t A' him ,' a c o 0 n t toh , the ; 11 ,1 L,, e1 owned e ii , nil of which ilh -1. o ttlllLit ill,~ ~terms. ato t - tlo NTO o4rEiCURY NOR OPi:AIv .- ITooto Otto-ohtt, \,ov. 1 , 1tt17?, . l ot't T si tto noit t igo I had (ito lli0 ill0 t 1 00 A o d to t holC It ta o lit < - rldtoi'oil 0' f I t , 0l0, otaot ht to did toot 0000 'O.t - t . oit o 1!te I IuMt to to It t ou r il 111to e o 1)ot 111, ,aold I esp. .i hin to cure we. Sim-e ihat tioe t d i-. -, got -o , l I hr' Ik lt ill toIlt' h l to 1h.......I of six or 6 1oigh t ,o oo o leth , and-l ll, o e t o a o I - e thro;t, mil Itot A ,e to .o w k t i I t, l" tof t)r. illet,o f tot ' i to redt' JOHlN DoO I"N. - 1|)C ('I"PIll[' thie fl . t ' l, ,,v,,ntt;t ,m., 1 disi ', i, , it: t 1 i. *,et\l .. ll. I ....... I'l'ht tt 11 .l .... .. tIcI I ;. ' '!".i tlllil: n. -th 1 :I , f lee i' l 1 1i I I i I'll I ol I ;III It ]l ,w ri , I ,1(,I, e ' it tN,' I , tilt I I +I, 1- ' sI'tl Ii-,t,, l l iI ;Ijllh l l ll o 1 i llll lll lt , II i n i t'.. Ito Btlk etol, i theL li w fJ. I' 0 oil, t It ' 11.1 ,tirh11 1 r l lit,, A .11 , I;lL.:itIT P I 1 4 io 111 fI 'l tite of . t io , 16 c . if, o o t I . I t it tI , titht tlttl . n. .. Itt Iof w I IIes Ienh n qPoIneI Ii. I I,:/.-i I(110 p ti rt S ot he,.l ,I T alel b , . I- i)t, l - '.I , i N N I. 1'T1S: Y :1 F., 1 11, II, il1. 'l, F IN:I f- :I +]m' l' ,l;i . ll "II. I illll"i , o fi o'll linf im tin ol l'llf l i , lii a' o 1tttteI t l : t ioo !! I t'. d !erro Iroe :q Iet Iio I,,t t ao tt1 Il :l I "i ýl ' ; 11.. I ,l"hl ll ' I - i" Iill+ i1 - I . Il 'll. llll, - Tttoof Iatt1 ,I lllte t t;t , i.t u l lo 'lI' d . , . Itlot isr oe, a" WJ On:sd oin t ad thee, kn ai~· vti l jsI fIl ll~i o l m ! · o rU l~sit ot litt te AIl.Ii t the I o it tl hl ienosll !,,,,k is illioe ,S i llt. I lt sl' .11, 11 igh fi ,iihll, I iln 1 tis wnlk lins r,-,, hvd i hI. mi-1h i i ith I 'l a t f tl - t llti , iistc frt ll. t l Ith, l l i. ill os l, lCe n p L, h . , :,l, th, lll lo oi tt e 1 f f t "l t i 1t I ot her ) 1o l i ,IIo ItNd t e 3i ad SItt ttllSltlt tI ktttl( I t ti, f cl.o o'tto ''llttit' t'itiUI d I' wlh l s ithrh Ih tl , iotee't t 't. t , ' et l.''tittto. elt tf onora l b tti'eso, withfot tfotilltlint t ffsit' nts ti t lo tsI . oi t' tfl tloot. t.met'eli tal It, ttlifl 1 l n t hslrti I'.-V tit-n e4 ;1ro I nll, ub f111 t ttlll fo ttkl l iltpah'ts te tti. it els itt.1mit. t Ki I'lt .i e . ! I I Ii ]fl it ta lt e s t l it t evi e itof t htr , it toaic l on It lt ( t tsolitl ot e lh.o ,- I tm ol i.f' 1"'hll'i ' III , tile fx 'i nlllew k m s ihe r i ail I elv ly intl h e , con ll rn i llllllloi hl hos llt ee tilr 'tl l'nost on l'tr·l h Ilroo teIan wfillt iollarsot ies tilw ollr ell Ir 'hIle defenm ctioln .r i k lo-r f tl na e xetit, th; ilcle ,or nith olle ilfti e oumbe ' as is clea y f w " i te . i. al. . , ,,,i st . n. sf~or d lit s b. u .t.i r . .lied ani totdrc:,tion ill lite I etttr S1,t2'.t I h -' "i , I I t nflfn t llyt t lll ie ink I F llt, i c u ou r es i tl l is l ll ipelt . I l of t f tIel 't illl t o ll o I 1 iti fllhel T1t't ll o kllli t:o i ti'ltt ..ex .ls s llt lpte ll b, iitol tIhet sultll Io Nl w cl s .1 v lIl I ttll e StaI es asill ) l l • ln d t ollt e oft l cti l ri nte:ln i l t intert," ts also 'yllw nlbr bnk in t he(sI, 'etliotot' tof b tsu s tes f, t tttno t ( ob t f of t' s o tis n IdvIalol e nill s ellsli entialt l iit 1 ll'ct lll Illl1:1 J't ttrme I of Jthl ttofletn ttt aentd oaeted Sol th Il ss <Ini 1I Ill n I h Infl l.- I .lft olfv, I oho l ot e e. t (l tol tlcl l I It c of the -ir , ht I llt1 .ll o st t ht uis i ll llt I ih hI ll lltll nt v 1 p..t Aoft, o onn' t shiiie th...g r colmlp-il, tl i, I+ ok, Lind the ,xti-an lli'h l-V U luhl.e :ll'] %Ia iet oflhe l il ill, ianlu e I .it t, it " . I ; l intst ste d ll l it lots1:1 1 l- dii IhPl press Ie.M!ill(tl tn di. Ihtie %% little is lli sit']hel'Al'l Ill l l blllg . l' p siieve a wl:Se l llt t d tIit - es ll l t " ,h. ei i .Ill i ih lu ilp Iad e nm Iatic.a lly t Iatld ceile miost "Olil'l lol hook ii Ili, w ..lki lI a lost h 'veratini l it I Inito, l" liltt ( fi orwe p t o l o th lito extenllt, c hicl sil d ltl e bI illn i o I m t tio- t riI ity i5llt had .0 m .siilil I ·t ani r ,it ril o ti t I llt fi l sam n: . r o . l' : i lt s .i i(1o olle h e . th Inum e a iscleatly irv itn lIerh'l% till Ilitehank and lpuhli. ci es in, the 'l l Sa tes, illi I ow ih public gonerally, during ihe hlit, pe:u ' difliil t1 'fi.i,- l'sI }e i o 3 t i'i'or of Oil cal - ll I tsI'm c· V n I ' 1e li n rinit's clth il~ inh lm lill 1 eliall etl, - by I thell. .ro lr l·%lv tll e oL curIniit-s. Th,-o houki is i t,, o.l-texp -'ircls h' ,lptll by,' :ll Ihti'otI isls ofa l sIe v,,l'll oflt I.e Sta t l:lla I Lhe rlat . o cllti.ll a llll n ir-lalute iht.TIe ti l is e l k thy law n oi'tr ISlalinterist, nter Ieu ilst a leh is u ,te , tin.moll Iu"l a I'rs, inb atro hi d "o, iitnics ortiihe solm riu h i, lspid :1it Il1 ir~ e i 1seatl"+.tll· I. I l lll-o , hl thl I, t ujit l .' lbha e ,ike, :si:pc-if i -i 1 0 i .lefr e lled tihiz, Itsr till t'lis ontla: 0suelri en ge si f e lic f1o Uni 'Ai Slll'. I I f p i'.1 l 1. "61 kl l 1ih110, b its rea'h che ., rit ,I it ilt l i t l. , o i s, lrs , ,lII ;:ý IU -W ill.ed S, y t ., e -:1 . is i-.1 little FlI 1 KI %lvoi-Iv r sed l I , G~l +l, ,.ln . hwl - If,', l ,! THE FL.ORIDA LN, . From MAoile to Augusta,Ger. I leaves Mobile every day nt three 'clock. p an per U S mnil boat foIr lnll' l.nd,inc, ubuve lIrkely,-thence four a, esr t achesa It Prns l -tlh ll e sannl.l. h Icgr cin e, wheret i rltin td lioutl e iresuii led-thelner it 1vi. llriann l and 13:.,wnsville, Fin. Uainbt idilPe |antrinarroi1r, lli',i:ii sviile. fana dereville& liiatie. ville , ArboAg ttr, G, n llrnnretil rerulirly with ,lie rfail rnad eair I, ('itihurlestona, inrd tile renRll 1 antee- io Ntow YTrk'ilk, Phildelphin, .:tc. '", sleaPr b' ll it tlie best for the service, . nd. the tnviea tion presents tinru adlntlot s thIan call be Lfolid upon anlly ailatt.iboat route io n lhe south. ern reptuor. The great imlproveir i trLs in t rluilte hlave teiltn Irotlllucd by thet IIfiI Cltio or filv t iles Of niwr i IIro , by the prtlflietor, viz : 'from L Grian e on L.aFlvrl.Ie Bnviru, i arm itl Sntia losa 11y, to I tiryant's I'elr, on the CtIh olit ctit htriiie river, tl I tilis above tbiI oCttlardt i r 14 ittvalve Celdtr Blultl, I whereby the navigatollll ot the river, and ldi eilll se ellnt dete ihills, and ll)r rlecenll tly th ilne velieit cro tin at i the iCowford, are entirl'Ly tv ie , and lll i a lill rlrltl frotl l rtnlllna dir Io lIainbrtidge, ilStLad Ir the rI nldabout ri);,d via b l ( ottl iot'clei, i ltlaitt iherdisall nc about tirty ile I, andl it, rlltaitril , tie lcilities more thanll Once .i (Ilay MAir.-*, ri o lnch lihe of two horse sta.elt everv toi r d.t y rite Himn ki svlle, via Ptrry ti Macoi l+ GI connecI I iil tIil te linIe to Saurtin iI an Darieln, Gei. 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Manision lhus-,I Mtobile, lndC a,l lins' Illolr , Puns lll n, wh e are ns u stl he i et ,u red. ST(Wl I'ON &C.1 I. I Plato lAb" l '.,trurlon. W illinam S..l..h nIl, S hlis s,.rviles to th. ir zi's Ill New OirliT4an as a te t'icher 4d di Ihe lIn nrie. Mr 8 hlving been . o pl ,yed atv, i %il 's.1 tea hler o, i sic in privat I illl l its [ ,t , ll i alsol t t vl.ral il l o llhe fel le m llin111 ll II 1 vI ' int l'i tllll tr but h o t In lit iremiti F llll I e. lh, is 'permitted i, i ler t l Ret v Dr CL t It, 31tstsr Fr trmsl &11 L. it II Ipll y at tl e boI ` k rore III iJ fit It, v' t hI - l tllL d i lI'Illet , this l ity II th, pIuro,-:e ,I Ir-mandciw:+ a :I'Lo'ral WhlIIsaoi 'll t1 n, -ill ' . 11, is t l wl reot:, inr' . 1 1111 . l'it p i I'' It 111 ' I rtl " v, 11 i11ch ih % Il ll ll.s l tI ill i,0 .. . l il r r i ithj ivt it. ,.i· 1 I. i , I. lt ll ,,Ii i i i t'l'.I I I i ilitti .I.ll ' ' t it.. . . !.1! 1- . r 11. 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' ill ,h llr- li cet, !,n , l o th s 1r,'i . 1 , 1 m1 ,h1 a,1 l .: l , & , h.i 710(dtr .. .3 S.rm (il , in ( a)kl m ll, illr "r hy JA ii'l S & ANII WI.- w.4, \11 ldes.ull )r.ugt g Jls, C~ll·c 1 1onler ' lll ln Ila llll I:oingne \illi "r, |Jllllllm lry, &c.-- I 1All0ll ,rIrcic ' pl ut uc r xpri sdly ii r hle ralti ; lIko tha pureis I, cocih IIC rfI .rlinit -,l , mu r cil _ ,, vry varilcy fot tile tllm e, for b lht by Rl.RS & D'LAN(;. Ili.lid a -.arni-h Inat ftclv rC ill \ew i4 hlcin. , i lrea t o r" I-l lI~ painters alld th. public ill gellerai], l esa l. or relt il. Ii4 prI ces re llo roder i ll, and lthe lity ol lli~ie prl d cts suprI. or lot nlly ev.l r br. l Io . Ii . o'i lle it eillltimal1 e1illm e lloed to supeirc iteilc ealc . llnrmet I;f this khi.d i I Eur Ve. ih ii i ,s hall be pre ntl %itill a fair ,at id of ' ny vt rnish I1ev tm , ,,sl t, try. Amongst t[ie varnishea-s are the c. .o lh N,. I .aran.ited n.o. h.,u , ,, eve. ill I, b iit waler. The iblck varnish flr clre .a lie Wi chlalllies. ice l iansparenlt varnish witlloII ,iporll. . &,!. R8 If IIONN AIL.. -;FLOUl-U0D auding I ;ii meaner Independ 2 etIce, di DORSEY, 3 4i4 N4 w l.ov-r. og nui, e article, jiust raec eive id Iy W,, 3. IE:1:1SE & D'LANG, 18 Ca,,op s, miZs,1,urt IR{6 --S codf \ lissoni, hr, lle r.,pe, mad,+ all fhmp,f u all n.,d for l, lv S3 iOlIRT IIA N Til(PRN, (13 flit., st ' 1 i ll i ARDE:N SEl:-D-'i i ,t!- to xl presl s hls itr. llllle J thanks Ilt ir le the ij Il c., ( r lhý. tli :r l ý cl l.l . ++o l Ili: h uI .l c, i-ed k imr'le IHIIII~IP I: ~ll~irl e . Si lthai tily. V I, In . , leyl l %. rl il ; ili .r is le tiui thuiui ci I i th i r ti' l l it, i- 11 , urr- . . i 'II, .l l tll , l hl hi'. l i ll ry e p, I ii l i li She dilllý ur, l eme ri", ol Eutorome re v i ". - I arkly Ih e I- 1LtI fI' l lte t Sl . 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IR)rN. 0 THIE PUlI.hC.-Thr udi.hira iimui ,. haviii studied under Dr. SCI luidt of Charlestoi, i U C.rolina, tandi ibr l sot.e years Ili ssii ill -i Atiet of en- dicialo lad atrgry, has flat il.lcor i r his prole.sio lal dvrvicel s ill hi.s city. iL ., ciiatten'tionwil I i r w i d t th v 6cl a whi ic lll:IV bar il idc; aidi. also o ~lirs his i t rvc ets ti 1ic lers at' slav , boing, well r cquuinttr d "-itw , tile c finearhuleJ il ClirlilstlI Ther liamus Anliilious pills a.ete ir th compositiol , Pollo,-r Sumuillette. Awith diretClio111, ctIJn be hiad ,I thie ut ,lrsign l. 'The efl;,et wi ih tlhcy ltave irodtce- d I i tnis alld othelr cities, htais beam ai.Tlded Ail thI o grt ulll t success, to which tile bist.i "I ieterencti icui be given. Apply at No. 166 31 ,i zme tr,,t, JN)O. NP'LORING. 'T D[T'C];--The pirticarship of Kelley, MaXson &(,', A1 . Ne. Orlen-; lMson, Iurriek &Co'., o' Nuet, erZ -le o t the p itiners cit lhe tiri-i s i. TI'l( un,lersinaull, lursi-ing partners, %ill lIe a¢iiraed lce '.iling of the tsinress ofK iriy, Mason & Co., ,t iNew Orltans. The lllres ofi he several firlcs willie 1ha1:)r. iudbted w if said firms are varop l le v oirutui fhiiirs and iniettearly uectlecte, tlc reind I.EVi C IARWici' IIENK KII.Li . - Ia l . ,i.H. I P. SIOLBEIARS Science of Permallnship received,ned ( for sale at their pertmanent Writsing Acaldeunesa No. 8 Chatres slrent, New Orleans, 189 IBriadway I New York, Datidphin. st.,t M1ohil.. It is particularly d.sigued fl- private learners, and I St.hools nmad is colculated fIr eI.poosiaUtS lnlfac nais. Ladies anld gentlmens ore invited tcnvll lland !aminie 1 the systlen forl he sel v l s. ii I ress s re. given at Aslc Ih ti as u lav s4lit tie cnvenieuce of'tll, and to classes frnmed in lly part of the city. Indties wf!i prefer it can receive 'essns at lheir own ref sidencesr IrsINSt pvl) e. rrse of n lessrni iarel esirod . attel I, t • is , a thlRo Wrlr. -4 Yalit BROTfI I F. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, TrIEN yoar love tnot y etelpad nIisinen it was. 1 first regularly submitted to ittn public; but it lhas attained the highest reputation; and has sopj plantetd every other medicine for tle Agaie, whlerev. er it has been knhown and appreciated. AireIdy liae it bclnm carridil in every direction throughnout he United States, anlld still realizeis ,imree thai coult have been unlicipated tby its loret sanguine frietidso. Thousands of inersons have not only been relieved, but retored t,, ie lth and vigor through its agen. ey: and they now .lhiehrfully testily,, at evury op porluoity, to its de.idcd ailid supremoe efilincy. i.1 is eomlposed of such medicinal principle.l ts are calcullted to renewt tlie Ihealthfy action fr th' stom- i ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, i thla loss or which harmony is thIe minrliate cautie of the diseair. It is apparetit also, that it produ. ens all nlltirne chailige ill tile condition ofl tile system, andlcerlailylv destroys the Irtivi liotbility to relup se. of ti li afetiotn. Wheo tile AgOO in attended with italy otiher conmi inot, tie employmenit of tile Tonic alixt-o will nt interfereillthinefrewll tile treat. mIlali of the o.her di-easi, but widl even afiord as. ,stivne by lurnieshingr stlreogth anld vigor to tile body during tlhe coullre of' treatment. Those who motake use of Ihi me.dicine may obe assured that there iN no Arsenic, Barks, MierCury.ior aly other article in its collmposiition uft'riend'y O to tIe human conslitutioin; beigr entirely a vegettsble e.tract; staid they mayy hlave additional confitolene in tile use thereof, when they perecive tlhat it his tilre e fect of a gentin laxative about tihe timte hall'a bot. tin full has been taken--in cunsaquncei of whlich, there is oll part oi' tlihe mdicinrI Iclt to linger irn hae lIowels to enae0 obsltractionl., ndl other evils, arising iomn athe ua o' many o(' the remedies now oltired tfIr the cure of this all!ction. It has been us d aiso as ita plroventive, by Ill lly who wero sub ject to a periodical recurroteIIe of tihe Chills, and it has invariably wardeld oil tihe pprehlionded attack. Oabsmete! The Propstrietor, rially natisli ; ith the lI Inpar alleld alld l llV'er.Sal .I .eSs which has cll . tlantly oattendeld ;ra punctual aud relutlar un on thI Trllite M1ixture, iII all caseson of' Fever and AgIll reels warranoted it engaging to refund the price to all laioe who have tkiton thle medicin inl strict ac. coridanc with the prescribed directions, without having tivi perinelly anid Ilastingly cred. The sub lettilhers are the whonlusale ngeilnts for tile rSouth Wisternl States, alnd hIave fwloini hand six ly castns f it hi.s medriciie, which is warrainted fr-nIh Un111 g i'iiine. Foi lr sa lls at the illl uIiecUrle| prices J.AIt Is & A N %,IllMES, \% hiooiale |frl,,giolt, Y oon . I :t h1,-y r tilnllt ds I ia tihe public g TIr. :,ll that 1h ii s ,lll rtd ip r d l rOI InIthillmlitn I *lrr l`I stllll Sa hin trs f ilt her r :xtrl, to rehider visolcrs omillrtalePor, to receive Scontinuance of forimnr twlivot. She CIols conf l lent that perm-stn vuistiing ovi igl'm dnring the uiornei r onths, canot find orbettr acco) odalions hial tI t can alllbr them. ill Ino l hbleral terms. Ih'r hIous Is :asantly sito .td, and well supplid with every /,lconvenier'i'; thie bar is firnithed wit ithl iiost choicor o Innrs, &e. ill sho orl,she proi t isei 'at f11th in shall b watting o(i her part to give itim salisrcti n t'o all ,l who i ly it i tronize I iih lisiii sippi aild l.lluisiana oII el. jt, 3 l rtLLM olV-AltR % tit t itE, 'r.EWS, SADI IRONS, &e. I! 1 11. MVELL WORKS COVV MPA.NY, No. 23 Water, near oc.k-Isanstreet, New .Yok, have rv n,,vcd Ite pa; t Ieasonl, ;t'd ;o r .re ..ion, taintly r-c, iving, lare and tilensive :addlions t,, ahe ast k (it' the ovl!. c, .ti iroo ,'o oo i halo: I oI'le. , 'lllr. a ,liii l uIi illi , on r Lth i lllCh rn and , i. 5 Ii, ri ..., ro Virl ll It Vbis It %1'2 dol;-;l sln z:. o 2r, . l -; , 50[ galh ln , liv.ii,." 15 s I, , , 'I t,, :1 , . IL rlt IIril l , 1 l n ll g . JlilF(: :L Irawl IrtI · toirrlen t Io'.iolrd lo in Bii n I.l. i I tO o, lr: ns, i - t iltr t. e l no iil' .i rio roorLi, ro. ird o Ieiloo hbeao& W te'il.nt ei.'.hant r nd o ro Iti reo ' r e snit o ll. w N.- N, tth ,, G ed t l h 11 1h I Ltlh f tad i i r[ uetll y , - i ca' m e, ',h,. Newt I tork, 13 : e3 N,,o York, 1ý13',. je3 I ln l n ID3v, Ir ell orll. eI , I r Ill'r ;l ar's di1, {l{ s l u1m hea ll's 'lve , I, ll oII, I ll'hla,'s FI " I OlL Wash, so.1 -or1 pgarl polvwder hi vlw h e, I1iI I rsu.sý ve oeI ble. Io gi'h lll o Ilu rn III h, s:ivel , kve,,s ou hlio m w h, calrlbon l ttil, orange i ,' % v . ir " r: IvI ', pow Ie ,r 1u It and box. , A. , - Ii I a11 (Ii t oa la twa dv put it) IIfour a iti' %iala, Prus. j ,n -klls olpin, kremote u.oh ache drops, .lair brt lh +, E' 121-h dre.eing co 1 t m, In iha hair vIl , withl a v¥iltry of thllr Iter illlll rlm . n &.c, c lFor ele om. 3 corler of Ca1 1 l and II.,ti rlOull s Ia H . :A .--I :ca'I , drub a .'a ha t, , ariti qi ulit' i,s 1St, 1. ,il l b. Y~ I HitIl llI . I a1 131 3nagpziov ,t 11 ' 1 it - bI''1 i m ilhatu l iiit' "a l l ' kti y IIgo l'saaby llsena', tlln'a7 4I aw l I. [ IIIE c rifleIr A Ig t (il loNr II, 11- l nei ne bollt. of nr.Teved Ii, very rx''t ;i setolf pai, e im , I n.ill el t 'te; D·i I)hk, In ,S1pent- point ole ir. r.iazor,· -n Vis nekrm Ed,,I , " o,&c. %ul,. &,I. i eb an , ,reol re u exhibit l, i mll h t Clr.l., . :in s ti\olllcol oliitUll . 'ill I I aln. i IhI n' ab ail a 'o a lla 'al nai 'I ni, J, I. IIe I AI l il +iIII e N. .l n llln il , 1r l Ii, l h iiai ll ll l l i A Il le l t ' plia , - l"Ir c ail z, I. r a <11 Illllaiir I : Iil Iil l'lns l 1I1 k, Irllld :ls I ll|lh l irters vs; .liil lh ilr m itihl :II si. R... I 1:., i l:Inl, l Il I(n t o i'iW!, :oou t alioo IIo ; : lIo lc. le \ ýo r mloil .; allsh I ie 1I I h!ll'io s(olilhln C ol e t' o hlh:c'illn lltl, bell'il;' mI l 'l I,'' cln nlh i llll 1)i1 I.'".rso,· ; IIllhl l c hi lh fit- " Ina· Oaqns: nodst W' b11 i. liaI kal p 'raien D i(ll ; :l i I :' /lll l li1. ra o 8 a i lle wod cr ln gilli t i a iib: iut, l ,rll:cod , 1 llt, l lalaa u at ' ini " lic' sil-' ee . ui lillt " li litlIlIllio Io rin e stto o'l r ic n f frlel. lI w I ,.ili ll slll . all el r I 1 d e. F r lli i, orruitiallll I r lln th iiiglr (o- d,alh n.. 7 i 'liii i a'C ii r ea aIrd shara i r ' nf, flichn, n a aaI alcut. , a 'in (.aalakaata cn G,11.N:t Ie E Ii .Id a= Ii cT, 'h,' i ' I " v I Iic nll , a l .slT v, a., \ E"I'. ai a It nil b, s .,if 1, .-(t I Saa' I a , s il [ , 4. a , c- , ii.'l s , li- , Ji h rn'i, atll ,-n' an d , jelali vi+,, Linh, a Ii , I v,, +.% : 11- , h, joe- -ed it e el ,h pli ii chlr s , lallel,' S a l' r-'nish o da I irilaiiia war-, -mt lkipd as al . l 'i f , ,ia' i-.i i 5! rh" w t-,,I' , lnini w lia ano. ;1 ,, i v,% ,,,,,Il , I I,,, +,i ,, p .,rt of the coun ry, A,-,l h Il. i hs- " aret ,,, or " 'l, 'ar' \.', naialr, nt' .nal, ari .' , . eri.' i 4e a t Lir J'n naa a a ' - A. ll i, I %t h & a , AtIAIL AlKRAINGEtIEla lDue .:vri Dla; tat IL 31., V"rtherl n lail, Clacia l ,nterv duy at 10N A. 1 ip aty o hia Clom es'e ry Miilndal, Wednlsdla . o sts. udSatur v b i, P. 1. 7helat e a M il t eSlat r , 'Tallya, T' urday, a ý Closes ever 1iloInv, Wetdns(luy via ..... " -xi'i'," i Y: ; " ....... TIMES OF ARRIVAL., lEPAIRTI{'ll DI'STANCE &c. ufthe Expreama Mnil, Ibeltai v i,.uil, and1 NIo Yorl--leaing Mobile dail" nl 3 I'. I. N.ortlh ar New York daily ato P. M ,l utlihward. A rives Arrive Notrlt ard. Diatance. 'Iataj Ieturnt'g MIle~ o lnery, Ala. i n.2 1pn. 's t 2 li l12 i. C ahithlaa, Ga. 11i 81 94 3ia.In Slilledgen ille. Ga. 2 133 14i 2I p. Coin imp, i. C,. 7 allm. ll6; 171 10l Illahiaa, N C. 51 2N35 '2 12 Warrtnlon,'Va. 12 M. 55 a" 1 I't..rlabuig, V'. I1111 p . 83 10 9it. iat Sliilllln.ld, \'t. 1 amll. 2'1 3 l Fl,',latickalshlIg, (1;7 7 11 ) m. W\l thitinton city, 2 m, Ii (if I i ia tarit, ' r14 3, 'i " ll:ili,, ,llia, 1 J a . I ;I Now Yaoclrka 2 Inu. 90 ci 1305 1 It. Or 5id 23 N'irthwll ard. Cotttit t Stt: itlta ' a th, a tie alln i ix hour le-; h in SA; I d ta t ail h 17 hour,. .. . . .N O L U I OllI fl; ARD. St\AN. AWA fa r ial Ill i Cor.nm lel .rlnlr of IIevis lr ll.IrAl . l ll.ill Alll aavtll ta,1 l . at1 ai(>ll .l. li tlt ill his SI) , Or o h lils t is M ar . , t iOl itE t'illoni ov lillen Shllilrt ld hite colt,,lln I olllnIllotlls. a f-4iCtear ]. It al l st e:i a t otatl are enxaiont'-dt a nlloiiilptlities, or ill 6I'9 Cui'lldt l ellr coi ne ' tlie I Te al otria le i nuihderthe lIhm ol Dlillbho & L t. arrls , onn. li e S iissiolved. 'Th uhcrilr will i mntIll. ihe ntirs ( fie e i rl i ill this i', l illyr i id ri lir e i ll'l:,l s i.ii -II . ll F blllip=,l IU ! Fll -llll Ili I vli mid '1 I ltlwi 'lil. C lll I-- I IIe Ina fII'rT".M 1 "-71 I 4;A M,'11 CAPTAIN ~iiVATTE NiE;W No% ;E I Ratilin the lteeJ'r, lby Ial t author of P'tter Sipile, A, I Vrata t vn upthil l l l, Ifs i t. 't F. i a., i. 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