Newspaper of True American, November 5, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 5, 1839 Page 1
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PuICE 11 CENTS8. NEIW ORil.AN", 'l.1,SI)AY MORNING, NOVEMBER 5, 1839. V a:~VLV Nlzi M^U &*~:t Ternts of Mte Nersptper Press of Neie Orlean nailltaitulie Rgreed Iat an aIljur.edi meetine of thie Prolirioitre, theld ito the 1It1h of March, 18:17. iunscaterlo. st.-'Twelov Dollars for the dailyv p i anIIaitu, payalIle oemoi-aununlly in advance; tein dolltrs for itsh tri-weekly countrty aper, pnayable onl wear in .dlvante, wherei n city refcronce is givenl. Five di llnarn fr the Weekly; patvnlii ii. alvance. No I Ihet.riltionl will he discontintd unllltil arrearages Ire slttleal. In case of di continuance, one week's notice in writing inls n^ invariably given, pirevilousl to lt liorntion of itlitCllutlillo. Al .,venrsln.-One dollar per square for thel first nsertio, anf u half thlatprice hfor each sebsequenr.t oe: an? nalerial alteiirtioi froth the origiatl adverti-emnent arIl he Chlirge t s it new one. YntIu.r Aevr.nrt'rltit.-M-|erehlinotll ind 'T'rat irtly hdlilrs ity Ftiriosh alone, andsixty for both lai n taollll I i e stte , ourIac Olicse, ain nthir I.i.lir plnblie itntlittiilcnt, fily iollars in .iiolish ronly, antl tgIlhl fitr Ilothl letagier ; litip nald tiollan,. ll .ia tors, or Co.mlitioiin.ittiunlnitteh onlly iollar, in litigliolt no, etl eighty lor btth languagels. MIllntatnnsI, ODtnline NOTiCES, elll ertint cl eall ing tIl attention fll tilet pulie to ,,ltt o property, oards rf ptseln tfer, honltcit, &e. e. will tbe eliIedi sne dollar Ie qonuare Itr tlee hrrt insertoni ill eaih lan glu te. CnOMtitATlOnS, or Adverli.em.n.,. of ony persl.. il nlature, wlen a ttlllititle, shlll be, cllorged dlubl ind in ltdvnae. A doduotioit oft twentyfiver pr cont. will ie made to Auclihloeiri, ilierlTe, Ittgitslereif Wills, itil r8l.lnrsiO Wnrles r refrl notale, ejublished in l,tll Ilgllonligie and t0 luer celt. in IOegllth alonle: t per lent onl sle. ul' oln r ileoelrty. A It. arK.nnT nen ot of the Ilirret line of littciii o1 tile n.lvertisor, sech an loegal, aucnllon, tli pl tonal ifa sllles, ruaway slaves,. tray arilaali, &.c. d"%. will e llargel Iler selti.ntely, and nt tire nrlilln y matPs. AIavllrrnsni ..ioNTS t al erifltet ato title, will Iae pyhlshetll tlltlnlmtllh, and charged Beelrnrdiagly No nittvernisetti ls Ilft latkruplties will lie pllltlinliil. a avu case, udeso paill fir previous ti ilnlrtion, tll r.i atlwn ndl ttllaltr ltrac.uc nil ,llllltlll nrlisilr .tailr t ilte wset. nto It, clhregl $tll90 fir Iuglisll t ollne, itld tIiiI itn Ilith lantguaoer. AIl ul,t., ulol'llllty iOf eloltiuliiittinfit tolititiuttfFon' will Ie eolt*gel duumltlh pritetulf Iutluir p oeltui'oe tav -(tl' tithe imntonsennss . ai.i.l.. l biy n.inpn.l., ptnrpietorc, filev ]ntve calite it ttie cunutltrOnti litho t aiIe namest onf rseems whosentt en ntunlets hanttt tls,, 1ilt witlinll .e totmilt ater lrelttetllntio, shll he mllle knno.n (u llar Initpraclicnltlie) to rl ollt,.r--tlhy hli ginltl tl lhealtelven ntt to aderltlie oir p~rinit fr slunh ·I ll.t ti 111s4t iltnt ill ca.e ol oleanure ptoelolc. thigttod) J.C. Itt: Sr. lItOME J. IIAYON, IttlIN tIltISION, It31, Mtl:IN. b tltien Pn r 'i e - Wtet is.- iter i l thy.. to n hil e by Il. althe S l :nllm ilioas, Iro tar lls lh' aire alpldir'.lel,; tio itl ly pit ,erI . lYtte ,. aln.iiu t e r ak r , tlelt l Illi mii lllllllh . Letters dutittal ill .1 ases, be post Palid, U IR3OWGATU StRINGS ul g ,mery w oily, v . bah , it TIHREE; d' JOURNI' RO.I NII'I ORLEAN NS. oIIF n rijr Ire l' hi establloloIent o all the Ill ,a M.i n . receive vi.iters. Ile will t sol ate !r tI l -11 11 l t nefit of those at a dli-rance, thlat thlere Ihve ben Inrge, islIrovem en ts lllde and others nilow rollil 11 i tllll ,I rapid progres for comlelcti oa ,,ioln ih will e,.alel¢ thel. Iallhr, er to accommodallna te a ulr .ll rer m*. Ir t lere ftnl, anil a theile tul tol lln i c tI iuh h 1hr. 'i t ii'ldili a hlelll ai llllllltti lfd o il goioi rolsU o r i t ilose w hu refer ria have lhre ik c fbir h e aver d fr tlu the ,la n llh ding. o It i llel Alll ecellllr y I lavon nnthioi h il 111 prlil l tlr of thieI chareter ,iI tilese w~Iers, for it i * .i l' I. elivedlio that they arvi ie notf i mfrir m an i the S ith trn tae. All te aluia n t me tllll thlb ul arei t'ige tllll, flU IIIt lliOn lier Place, wille Co llChi it tlliL I eI lct I ulsic l hI hllis lart " e tii oolllers allralsl,,h r beenllS, e.l d, allll n will i le i loleaslrtlll rlll n i lll t ' Illil Spritnt duiri r n lte w el lle ei l olloa. '1 a e shbt'lier wl l araib hlim nelf o llhis eII nrtll tylll ' II rtllorieng hi :s pllll tlland tha ,l f,,r fiht' v..v lih r.l I Ai e1lro 1 Il.v h, rilm te ill h o llll, u, l l .. h t ily e s r e tile ae alll ll lllh ll. , I I ri t liiapl j lr(llne , ' ,I~ In+' S.clds, lr e ," r'l'.s l l. hit y ln le arrlvalls rolm thIle I1 dle, to lrdll , ll l ln ,l rtll orhlllýe r . et lltoil ic , ll I ,iltch arel r t r ta llr alllt rlo 1.iI 11's d Sp ,. i d do y, 1'ort eu do il do,)1 t il g 'lX l: lic ido a ooacl, gl'.~ niltvo sulke ,, it' aOil lpoilioo 8 dri. , do wh1 Fl..wd, t l ke 8 IIn.r. IlIi i.dl, h I d C -l l olllei Iry IIil.ipll.l i ido r l l ind h roo llesi o l siirul : 1I ~oi deru tnj, strns and, woro l 3 rSin well n ch inrI Ian '-k l I[ah s ; bll ri . nd btr..+ s , llllel ;lll'h 11:Irlds coll ar brya . nd dy k ridl o I 'its N o evlr, Io0111 - it1 plaU ed, tarass and steel starrupu of every d, crips L o.lrIy1, l s l Oth a cIilloti d ole ai1 t d a ,,ler f tor ,al ss h Cc arpntm oti ngs ; utu l l l IIs i i Ientheyl wlll ift cInll Ionll e o i ci lea lllt r out ,pit do, Issortetl slzes suiiit v.,r t ,. $l)'[Ile h,,lru crl l ill yerl b lckatc gro g New Ysu rk, ,Irel sulI plan ter I keoup ll Kh h stck l, wllsi, cnl) lI S iN & t er l hCanal st. I J INt C.Ur IE 8( ilAY ýj lilhens i ) pr.tiOlclo llra lt leatlrl1l trnkli I listrii a lli o w ,torl ol l l rll wllt. h lind O k i aes; alind bmul hides Ireand xts ive Prns; S h cic in, liuu ld i (ihe any f tsil e iolg ll leal., vio : o ,ith numck e S ptlnd blll lo g.krlll y (; llol bti is anil 10 1IC bridlI bits 'f ev,. ry '0locrloiti, llte ., r ses and steel spurs thi oia itthy t tril ,; t oflted, lrae+ iud steel surruons o i every d lt+era-l 'i'.it lllpr wi.h ea c lm lete al isaor e clt n Ie ever taiieitle iol 1h n I f lt is i irom-- lo I il o l the - lan Las Iirr.J a pOl ri eFrII I c 101r11 1 11 ad111 1111 f110 o ell i for tisale n ,iccomn o tnt tri . n Is.11 keep their stock mplI te lo II rnI I Iitlee. 11 '11111 1ig to 1 ,0 ,o lli .L 11111 0 t1111 1 15C n lS fti.ItO llo..1S 1 Oil7 e I 11 I llvili 111 111Str0, 1 con l iilllne lts, pow r itaito If Irn1w ida d o Vene eil i.saen ri allits dihii llllr ia0t lr1 1 l . !er. Johann, froln it residence of raly yea rs in I sn to tole in l tiul n, divlt ed to tle i l t u t ll *elltii" Vu rellal eur~oll ves r aid fromu0 1 a his lr e,+lrt tll lllOift pr icicei ill th Iuart l arI bllr c er aili t th1 p~ vlll r io g ani ll t.sll uc a lre, IlIeot d ii and tl ,ll cIIt re toi ste lleruou li ae lloulle wtlh aepy of tlhe foll rwigl diseaeIr, viz:- l 1tills 'hilaf r llldigslio, Itrdet a r0in, Chaiiee t, illu 00 Seminallliaeirll Al'tNW bils oflh Illu hAlagir, i18i8. oi:nl, UrIrethra, I Ionq n ole d an swr e t l ru l. l I en-litle, P lruptiol0illl Ih 1t 11the kiln l Sore "'f i ll r It O itll. It itie Allli llB eui e r ou. llOrllaio,\le whlih lo, enernlly fillnw oolatofloril iir tlhd leoysoilo, llot th re 1 1 a y 1at1ering 1inep 'ib b in ale. An iesui.phl to prevenI Lv ellV rie I several tllys u , o i baled oI nu0 lrr Jlllack. Ielii in wioa l thoe reiille l anyhe tO.aruu l0arr ell erltfd 0501111 111 rgeilr u llt o l itoli u+ persuli ed by r lll y the F rieldll l.o ty n el wh y'h h' e.r nd nll. ln.llle w to express nIrvg leGnr , i \1r11' it. Sold hi lo r. Jmolhnlo, at 7i0 olhoe. 'holu e nd r 0u0t iAl, iugnauy elnltoa t ins lf Veilareal luIssll .., aund li l, l lokillil ge l fvn ,n es, or rel0ll tllil lls. h i111111 to olml do twhll a y gir nil blersi- . uhn call, h a erred r rmed curie for their clre inl lthe in ul earl he utJll wiah writtel tirectilo i i t i their 0lse. ABrI0.II I'IIY' It P I I Ill\ 't. i J01O IONIO0. is tiy.l h ullWl l Ille i llst aali' llun r ieited . a.:e++ il t ll a r i ii ll a ll u l llll, II fIr ua irld o l ut ny Th'bis lllellieine llla mt ll ie+ n utlllhel~l t ni lel h olt 1a I!., MO RIHOI DS. FIAY'S LINIMNTi--No Fiction.-This ex Straordinary chenical conpomition, the resell of science, and the invention of a celebrated toedir cal nman, the introduite, na of which to the public. was invested with the solemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fully sostaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " hlie dared liot die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on this subject," and he therefori, haqonathed to hil fiendil and attendant, Saiomon [lays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in tihe principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first antimost certainly fo thie cure of tile Piles, and so extn sively alnd olrituallyn s to baillo credulity, uniles where its etl'fes are witnessed Externally in thel hillowing comrlaintt: For D)riopy-Creating extraordinary absorptioai at oncie. All Swellings-Rltlducing theon in a few hours lRheoumnatisoi-Acute or Chronic, giving quick Sore Throat-B- y Cancers, Ulcers or Cill s. Croup and Wllhoping Cough-Externally, and over tie Chest. All Blruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing ill a few hours. Sores and Ulceors-Whether froes or long stanling, and fever sores. Its oper.ations upron adults and children in redlle ing rllhouialic swellings, and loosening coughs alnd tightness of tie clienty orelaxation of the parts, has been surpriring beyond conception. The enrllmon roemark of those whou have used it ill the Piles, is " It acts ir e a chIarii." TIIE I'll. ES-The price, $1 is rerunded to ony ' person who will cse a bottle of Ilay's Linioentit for the Piles, and return thie empty bottle without beig cureod. 'Those are the positive orders of thlic preprielor to the Agents; and out of many thau. ands sold, not one Iran been uinsuncer+refit. We might insert certiileates Io any lenoti., but prifer that thore who sell the articln, should ec habit the original to pmrchasers. CAUTION-Nore cooan be gRlone without a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is miy narne, ,aid also that l l'the Agents. SOL.)MO)N HAYS. Sohl wholesno and retail, by COMSTICK & Cou, New, York and by oneu Druggist in every tewn i the Union. For sale by :.n Wholesao! Agents, corner of :oll no l & "'I.:i pillo lll. ts street, and by the I A Ipt t h e c; a ric e g :erll. :, nei: ll IN receivingli 'l In r llllint ." h u,* pi ln- did, c.i ranu;lil l hn1n 'i ,llr ii. l i r stock oI (C.r lthol. Iii, Il.l ver ierie d ll h c I II I m ar , clI)IIS tlll itll hpart of tIhe lldlowIlr g articles: Ilue, Hlle ilack, l(t Ialne , Inndll l Ibrwn, cilron, olive, loldon smlllok anll g.oldenl olive Irceck Ianld dress co.ei: Ieaver id anri halrrlrru n Iro(.i' coats, elegantrly lirnism dt; latcI . and plain Irbl k i n slr llle re andr cil' h Intalu[ iaS. ,'l sli and freIrni' I crn y arnd pllil silk ind slrlll vesti ; real new iniarket comfortis; en,,lish alk Irel l lrlo aIll dy - iiI p:illll scarfs nl ( hdklb ch nII'I, s, sikms-wehb llld lrlln("Losa ic sus:. pen,,e's; chanoi-, merino, lamb's wool, welsh Ilan ni1 sil k lIe un"1 cotton act hers ;lled drawerls; line linln and c) thin shtees, with lin1n heitm es, plain 'andl rtll d; Ivory peairl tl)nd pi n hantde sulk wi11. brellus ; ", irn lli's" pre.mlir m lll oves- sllllR r, llr liI h luna t l it l h, hl t~l I tI e II 1d, frior eddIts, Ibill. 'i'.; S1 r :tll icl d sIl a rlllljIlna ldklis; piinh , ir Iured, l ei ibrn lderied Cani lric do.; n tick, lr ol woe l, l ir o, geru twell a lnd broil in a d l l whtl ncotton ll ll hs; whmilch they ulfer I low r cash.ior hr l nll'rt ellmrif ers ais usuall' . Nov. I .,ly , n ,o,,porune d h Iro.r ,,.,o c o imri.iroiled h, the i dles i o tiatlrrid llanr e:,halrs ln, indll eed re alllt, n blillly, theli ress, and th g agiatl' bal.tlre ii ill It ll plli lllll urict i n e urilcI lsed it l i d 1o1, 'ced lh' hlliellnllC of Ihl+dv l,. \II i rlli1t ige' l e ipounl d (iI in.e sou h llll iod s p ll c lll l o r t itt c ar ior lr. o. riv o Irrlin s I l) iion tl r I t e', I 11?r i ' I 11 I rrUl ir.t e. I[ II* urIr 'I c i TI u IrIr I l-iii Ir . ln ii +rue s l,, rl lll's hl++".. 11·''I' IIP'+ l I cIls 1 s lo p eo)1 e' llo" or " "t'++ i l: 11+ 11.[ or " 'I I ll ul I $Ii. .ull,'H ,, sun cor h-uti' am e iriroennier, i''hir , ir'.r' t'e cum, h r . on. TI e , 1.:xp . oe ,,I Wr~1lo, .111 Ih I IIi",in' iiiio I i, I ii' II IIIIII re " . II[ 11 i h " ,,.ld.d o s r' a can .-d lht IIVe IIs ufl tod, No. h 3,, l l\ i c S ,1 , w'.e "le anid retail at No. ;)5 .I0-1t,,' ItI... '~i i .tI tie n tld. rm New O1hrl ea s tpi. E'.l,, n , uile:,s (.T I'*' nlm h Hov . Joll m. l.,I :u.I ;I... te:dhat. th eer and ila) to. ()Cedm" I-ult,1: ao:lhes l Ih .hc vLa .;rianI a, Chattabo ll 'I he l el , (flolrmlerly. ,ouInt VI. n..i,) lininbHs l.i.e, Ani,.Ivrion; I Inw. kin,sille aInd l .o.,is Vi l, to , ll Aslltlll .k Zhi l $: slenl.L't'tllkll lll lt t 1.1.· bile is in no danger of be~in thrown out o" losinp, hIs Ill('eleI ' by oltihe.'r C o .llcthi interests, :1 the V'A)li. ).+%. I.INIE; is bultl Ic.ncrn, a.d ( tu l"er roleJ e ltlr itrougholl ut.. sIlHi lll m y I'l'y werrl l ' LuTAINI'r u n W h Ills arrivrlt Aug11u11st1a ill tillnt"R Lsp Ie ,1 t ho1 u h nII il II weaH C tlil (tro de shh occur. Th*' (;'reat ·New .lai' is cal'llie d( I y tia Io.llute. 'The Agulnts lor accolnollld tion, "Tralms, (:o:lch s .lllll Djrivers are l(oIt suIrplaSsLd thc i allh rl'll conlllllry, "T'hue sImothlil, haIl:d, IhnturlrlIoads, tile saft nul i{nter estilng walter naIgat].liOI, tihe timel anlid aceommodatidljon, Sallil Ihl u. a ler- spe· id, certlillty, cao rIrt.l, alld a Ilcas ilng verl'c ; ?on cte| :as it ,ttere' withltlh Ilail Itod ihl.lastrl l, S. C.. lld ,111. st.a:,l packets to New Y.ork, tr.l.l.s c .:lll r t. I N.w York floom. Nt.w Oltl1na LtOOtt Lt Itt l·rs--\W.shinotot cith' in I'. alaoml Chattlloochlee, Florida, we Ihve a ]trail Lil.u v·ia ..ui..y) alld "'.I'ullhsaee, to St MnIk., 4 i(II· I'oU COch~es, =lso two Illrmbc liesfoml one to Alilledgeville, and one to Macon, lighll two hors ondhes. STOCK~K'I'()T & co. AUiOuTA, .Ot), Jai. 1035. (I) Mantsiaon IIoust Mobile )istoc,, New Orltas ,to .to'ile, 150 nlilr blobile to Aogust., tt .i , Atgulsta to Callalestonl, I, " CIlrlastot, to Nr'ew Y'ol'k, )- 180o Time, . uw Orleat. to Mlobile, 2X Ilours Mobile to Aogolstn., 13, * Auagostla t Clarleston, I, " Cllarleston to Nrew Yol'k, - L58 .linkiog. 18 miles pt r da)'. ior 7 mlil.ts Ier h.otr, i.nclu sive o1f all stllpages. nov 10 N. II. l leg t to infol'm the lublie tha.t tltit I.'idges nlr, thle Clh'tah ,faoehesw:lmp ' la l a tinrd L Ibo creek IIhLvU Iutl 8 b eecll i(lll tunl bI + tihe( gl;l lnUra:ll gOterln- I n (i t h (l l ,+" M y o bl s taI·cl Is o p i e r a t i g a l g : .in s ! t h i s msa f uI s ( I tl , I l 'l lo 'lu , th u s N l pl r' I I ve d ; a .d I hNv e th e pleasureml ofl'e v¢'halg lrom tvll erXV~tIs thai tihe coach esi htr. ss,s dr'i14erlsllI a d ouls arlel of fie lGa't ordfef.; anlt us tlo the. wtelt." Icontcu 'lom I'etnmzcl lalt . Celldur Ilhlllt, it is aldmi t. ted hy nl who have pstt.edl thro-ullgh it to+ bl. ulnsull, :asseel eilllll ies IIaItIIY II I( sal'itY . The bIrIill rL's thr'ouibbI (;cori. h.t a i; ls lecnil' ' . . 1 C .l."io . .lI+ J .\ ,I I.M'.,Chusm. T ~i t IL:LL. +udother NO()Vi"Il.T l :P tCh rlu ls 'T', rrell, ,r th'+ lilter llhun l,hy Junem . S'lla'vt'lev, or tile otrll ohe l1iallnIIr hv l o o' , . 1.,lrll ironglear3.hll,.ketchtIll of Publlie f iventerlt,+ . ole. lli tari:esl rket eht, of tlit s nll ll iln i lll time oi" ({erll',.e lilt' Th'irdl, v,+l+.. Nictllho. SNiclelchy, NIo I to I.I. Jo'Oigeto'oIrd, No I In .. v A ll i. ll I1,, l i I d t h e r .T Ioflao l r t t r , ht . J. i r ,l. " :l+:el ,f tit'itv,ltev '|'oltkrllltllltl. n kPaul I,1 Kck:" The liarhkr of .ltrit. (? Ciolceshnt1lll nlll w Nt ii ov ll iL volsl . r l- llh it' TirIlr i N ta o & I tl..'.o II. itc ial l bl:,li'al . ilt.I toill" ll~yi Iaaao.lC a. , ' e, I I.. a rt oaist. ihril.r iI.Ir ohlo . ;itv.', Plao itowi, ll.Io. ie,-i! 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I:l'tIII.l h'*ll .rcllr 'It'II:II· ;I lll'+lll~titille im "11 1411 BI. l UL HIIll· I+;It IIII TCluil irt S pp. I I l',,Vilen i, . a ,i Ilew h tcll resl.~" illr, Aei, r..l I alht u l l'hv tlllldllthl "' ' + : + + + ; ' ltIi C n.iiiiii + ; I A lain & lav iitlki'p r ! 1r w l'l, |n r .hr vii, h rt t /' Illrn l J,+,Jl~lhl.l l,) tile hllnl1ILB r l++'llnf llow +trmtlI I thle Itls + lb l it r:holliea th l l l nt-o lted h L ( ll|ii (eIll R IIIIn+, l rin++ +m 11 fe haitp rlnc nl'uIt a lnro ,,hin .h re tl m l.m 1 1I. l l 111 TPP I l II I IIe lltl llvEr ,ll. sll znllltor, llll!H (,V(.l(·l i1 ll +hrl' +.clo~lv to nlvnill llll" lert++ n111+ .1111+l·l'Pl o+ hllhir a+.l ll oll. lnllli'(+ til rn) lnni nllor fI li r l:v . I fll s n ..nll..ll h *l...t ill rothe lnenl. InR hlt't. llrch PYt II e I-t i h).+* ~l"l. f'l +hr? , (ill rm t h e ffltlr'lll tMllllkil. er. llltl willl . IlIltI IIP:II'. Pih{.illv "i1111111 dq I Il(o. t II· IO+. Ill. l I.- Ila r. 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()lhliri,1 '. 1111,I ha ++l .,lr ;I1 I ii hi'lhtv -,ri .n1h.iii ··l llll' I1I; I lV , i,. P1r Vl'lltiv.l. rlllllllll'.t II~i' l+,dl2(i+. 11 , It,"illle r, l ~ bt l (t it l+.o Iii IIii I r.'+I)t+ W I1I.I) II \q TllP x'+'III t. .I.t·r Illll lO 11·.1· (lho lli.:1 1Iui1I. i(ll1 , ((It l. .r ,,tll~l lll l'..ll % i t'lir J ough b 'I· 'illZ 1lr·o )11 1 1t1~ .IA VI & A I I IEW S, whleal Aret; New rtIifihu.t ..It.1·1111111 Ill N t;Altl ),.I·( r , I.l Ar·.l, chli +tr, lrl +'t. *'III ill In.iio+. Ii lh1ll 1 1r+'P L'iJl th+. LIIIIV, <i~lll ·.r.;lll+PlllO+'l th 1 t ll ;)(i +, .ltr ,. '+I,.(,, ` 1~ file( oth I.l+ n<l 1.s ll) l' l 'JIL )1111 ii Illlll ·I·~ ~ II )t_' llll)jll .% O ll h 1 llPi(· n i. J I i~ l·-I } 11 lil~l~l- ..r IlI(· \V~ rtll.~rl .,lt'',)l" ·I .illll )'iII. Oll C PhilaJ., l1'1h . Il~l, · h,,r,, ·1.v 1',rtil lhlll 6 (I nl..II .,;q..i t,',l wI· i 11 riIII' Iiiiiiii,- lll~l, -· iItY llo;i,.i .·ll~11Plll h .... 1 11:1 .... li t 1 1Ihl t, Li., t,) I),, :li: l S,'J ll~ P.. II \'llll, 'h- l1 1+,' ;t'l of ih," "its , I,.+a .f rll~illllli. ' .II hIIt. 11.runihe llaSt) h reuLXh o 'Jea 3 ln hoit, II. I t by Willitai l..irelelc . irt i tr. illt ie'c' iti t of IAl rriage !e ll'rt 'di. I t luacIcins ilcou rtillg, w"ith ai c re for IPart BJ.,' ...... * .M alrr , i Phlsi'okic tll t )ise asteI its the i ott tea iltnd Ititited i the ln'ust intelrtliic sork thl.t we ie'r Iead, h r wlll;lrealk tip Ir' ant l FjilneIstia,l Iu dlllllltl. Illllre Imre P m rei' rrieTtd In n i lt l wtI'nc' n IIll Iulhliltlllillll lllli IIII* t'Verlbeel s ctiolll nl d bt I I ts tlll COl( ,,fI` I VllllIlh--I,// .|lollllnlrsr, '1'11i* i It grllleat boll lk, nlid wili he prhtdI eds of muCh .Ol~ll illlc C)IIIIhe1Y illlllli,1 id Ittll+ it I.OlllttLill* IIllt(Ih .;rlr.lll` tlall~l.'ll. e, llr t1lht~l l te IllljeljPtid ilJ PXlxl+'lP;I treioln l it tIir irlie\rely. We eatecitll t ' uinlllllm t it + hl+rlr lci on+ ill itallsrl isy.'" Io Ite titilll l ol iii 1 /,,,ll lldlllrtil++ iiPl .llellll 'Ii Lbhl ll Iii1, le ill II~llOt O Lritner'.s--Le pt'il (orIsier Dei I)tttes. t:I,,aralle i it ilu at I'ayvtlrnn is botwieell tn.liagtln it nt d ('tmnp street. 'rice w75n. EI)UCA'TtON-t71&lNCI awlEGLS. Mr. James, reeenlty artivceld In tthi t'ilty, itsleave to inlorm the citizens of New IrleaIns thai he will aslll n ancademnyes Monlasv., 14,Ja lllnlry, aI N.'. I'19 T sllllltl+U lrbl tll lflr IIit , ill.ltrll cl i n iii \oI lllh oi l tilt I estt in Frnlt'' h Iitu i'.lngl'hci, itn iihictl helt isill bIe ablt as si'i'it.l by Mrs. JAames ni' .lMrs. 11rhet~¢r, who +lpelk blolh tholse Itn,2anags wallh Irlt' Iltlt ll' tnlld purity, illd wh w ll t I charge ot Ith ihtIllll l ls it at Itale oitnl Il.attice .11r J Hme, will five. |his whlentlu ntu+.itnn th en 'Ils;1 I lat'l a f t ill ia te'lllul tllll ll 1 Ii'IItisa h itell Ihilt h,+ 1 w( Ill +llXC Iwlll lre s ailslfl lll IIi t se in y illh l hlll with l' irct'it .O lidevlet+. nov 1 No'1,1 t111 ll is eNl t C.tlllllt e .rtitt l i ll leltc LtcI \i lcani.'a Lit Nti.e33 liliasrtm a ci. it t nit' I nd l hI' l l l blt: aitlo ihli'. They5 illn ll Ihe attlnII uI e it te uli, tiieyan e al rrtnile d nay UII I./II" . . 'itl 'IIe Ifn lnctleea cantttec' tIunsilli taIve nt ' kit" anta'er ita' etan i, cite laust' N. I. A t'' tie.t| lepant isvorac t lnclle ui Irelhairalalp Ir fI ni to 36l lles. Attit a ilrg' llo w ltat I i It t i p tic ki t t b ux , v riot t iti ei , is eva Iiw IlAt15 I' N Itif l. - Tlr d'.ns >nhhmsllh thlled Tl'ea1ch rl" M Pit Xa rat ,te;atbo'lta lamiltila'at HoI' Abbti a elaeting itlad; ut f leet's t rdci Cccii tnl lateun ahlitn t l llllt' iI I I1 ll .l lll. a 'n tli. I itniK J Cli, G l a W lrltllll o sl 1t Is i c 11111, . tilil-i ll n 1 11 irei Ill l nM ilC. OI ki ol re.% ceI v tlllellll ll t olll e 1 d r alllnl. lll lt~ii? Initil t toi t ll it cll gIl~ TXlllllali. PI;01Pi ·I FllEl 1illA-Fore kijlle lly it o 6 Let4t tni itn, ray5 ti" uonEth, rast sd o un l\ Ieci il IlmildnllW i l gealill m n tilnl o ellr ,l t ird iv L s tiitctet't et hat tim cne tth e in1".11 Iaa lht in l i sititen uth . tI h ord arolyl w, i rtyllllli foIII sI tusl i]ell inr.eT ar il a rt ' I t Set inre ,ildIlllnrtln ~. S cill itn i l rin'l It 'aaiital i nuiI al o., in I ts I 'ail l ti- aIi"ht,. I ' ap lientiiibthr admift .sseel tll e I nnllll it Its C. a 'tltl lit" N II tl Ih i r itiotiile ,UIre't lll atlll l t i s \ll i i i Itl itb cit t I eT i rtt: trse "t ii ati1t lr . TI A1 i (lt ll m1 1 i 1.,n t ltd Il .<l ll httic. Tflll TRUE lRICIItEt OF LIFE IS iEALT'I't / ý ItI VEGETABL WTE KNOW that health nnd tie ahility to lalltr, cOrstitutle the wealth of thi great leasr of tihe peop' in this, is in l, t ol ler coUn- - tries. 'Io preserve, theretfire, that health by natu ral is a gr ll., moral anid p ttLial scheme t to I(flllil which, requires oan attentiin The u.precedentrI popnlularity and ap-L aplprobati.n \whihl tthis ledeite has achieved throughout the United States, the Canada., "Tlxs, Mexico. and the West l.dies, fully justify )r. Puetars' in warllty and coers eltio.sly recoltmnu ding themn to tihe ttaecial ortice of the alclited. Peters' Vegetable Pi ileare tl. ntl;l'., m st ,,ll t . tual and eclllllllllil relnmly itr dlntasrn to the Ihntn:c lllalnctitltoeI, that it ever Ibeenl discovered. Dr. Pet-rs, the inventor of tiis invaluable ie.,I cice., froml his knowledge of the I ntl n systen, derived frol. a long and extensiveu pr;lclle, ha arrived to this conclusion, that tie grea;t alld pri mary catl.e of nost diseases is a d, ralltlne t in tie funletions of the liver, or in other words an i. icroased or dimtnished secretion of the Iile. So well is this understood, that it is t 11tlllt1nall (r persons to say when they feel unwelr, that ht.y are lil; .,llll, eaning tih t they hive too tactIh t l.e oI the e.tnlllcth. )n, tile other hand, when the- Ilow of bile is lldiinishtec, tll prces eeof di+e ivn is iint erithetly pi rtli:rl . tan lll atli t .rc nCes wel ak land emaciatedl , becalsu tl luorishnlltlll contatlell l ii t thei f ,l taken int , the a st licll is nt proper y ex. Irarted. atnd the fo,dl is ejectced it a trude tate. i)r. Peters is co fident that tihe rltl , e lhw i ,.' l Theory, 'o called, that, "impurint ul ti, bb ..l in the aotse ,f all .diseases," is a reat :. i rlita Evnry at, t a r, lece arn thic snl. t a l will pereaaive that tttpurity ofthte ood i a senct,.a dia y not ta pri:n.ary eoal.ailt-the a fi ct al4 .a t it the cause ol'disease. When the ituntions of the; of tie live.t atn re-tore it to a titethly stae. er are dernhtd, ad t e flow of i ile inet.rilent it i t dnll taken p ly ve thae aedsriellt vesr diseals l of arrille ito hie ciret laloff, alid eiclale in. wi I the hlood, as itt jautnder wheu to it :tlent aws i bet, Ini cuntenanet,. No v thi.s iltert of blood is cauaed by an inereased flow af hLIc, anti ta rendy it, you must carrect the ,eretina of the live , and resore it to a neralty state. Dr. Peters has spent niascli'th e i n experiml ent ing with difrent v getabtlo 'e medicinesa I r disease oa tcie tver ; and now ofttrs his Vagctable PIb, en thi beat, anost convenient, and cheaptet nett. cine that can he prepared for general fle. Itr. Peters flatters ahinselfthat hir long ex ,eri. mentitg with vcgetable medicines tas en abled him to discover the true aitd only substitute answerint all the purposes of mercuria s without any of their atteoldai t evils. One great quality Oflhis vegetabhi pills is that they have the alterative irinciple coln iined with their catithartic, or operative qual tites, so that they nout only cleanse the stonachl and boweils by purging, but they regulate te te er, ehanLte the tnorbid eeccretion, strenethens the digestive organs, purify the Iblood, invig.orate the circulation, anl give tune and energy to tlhe t;er.. voaus system. 'They ate mili and pleasant in their operation, and c anvey tlnost inlllnldiate conviction ofi thetir utility from the first dose. They ca;n I e talket with ,tli:ty by persons of anly huge ; a.d thei fub;te, tihe iulirin, the nervous, and ath delicate, t e stretngtihtle. by their opervation, beccaus.e they clear tile systmcl of atd huntmours, quiet norv,, us rrtLta bility, and invariably I)produce soundnl hiealth. iThe Vegetable Pills are a alre reulllty tior tilln die, sick and neorvous headachlle, dys psla, cstivc. nesI , sickness ofthe stonlaeht, he:trthurn, all bilionl complaintts, levers of all kids, and if taken at the c menllll ellenlt will invariably tcheclk their pr i g.res, and save tile patient fict a protracted and lanllge olas icaknesr. They are invalu.le inc er I vouls aind liypocotndrieal allections, los of napto. tit., and it lcolnplaints to \wllic:l ftai let s llla a ic subject. They operate as a mild and npeed. purge anld are a sal and ecrtail leluedy ihr worlns it children. Sance I have introduce ! ay VegetahIe i'lls to the piulle I have received nllttlerlloe cerlticate ofthlril tuperi.,r cllicacy in curing lltseasel, a .e, manty letters Iront respectale iphysteians, iwho hlave n-ed then i n their practice waith tile ecst succest. I iight publish a small voln. of ce:tificatls. but consid, r it I ,necessary, as tlhe mdicine \\ill recunntled itselftn all whit wei I iake trial of tt. t'lhe a;bove pills are in buxes, euntaieg 1i pill- each. P'rice, 50 cents pr bnox, Drunggies and country inmrerh'nts can lie suep plied, at wholesa' , r retatl, t i)r. 'ctetrs' prinei Spal ollice, Il, ti5 l'oydras street, hetwten Miagazine ntadtCai at ,New tOrleans ALSO for sale by G. N. Morsison & Co, II Canatl street: I 1 Ilerlie, drugist 1tI ohl lcvee, between the two mtarkets : Mr. ilre-itier, druggist, t Ihe \tashingtoni market : C J Trincihati, drag. gitt, corner of C ,anal B&ourbon streets: t: A leed & to, drureists, eorner of 'I'cloupitoulas & Girod streets : J Rossi, druggist, La.l'tyettn city. ALLIGwAToR LUNI:. Mocile to Aug.usta, via Fhjrida. lave b tobile 'utsciays, Thure- ; - days, and Saturdays, per the -" spleddid stualner Chamnpim, (ex. ( cept in case of sterms,) to Pcnsacola; thence per steamer Le Roy t. La Grange, and tihece ftir horse post coachies via Mariana, Bainibridgen. Pi'm- t derton, Iterritn, Outlaw'is, ad Perry, to Macon, Ga; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, o \\War renton, thsiec per rail rodl cars to Auguccta. The Cchampin is in s lcendid order, with new eoppetr boil. re, copperee d a cc pper fastened. 'lhe eIn Roy hlas been Ithoroeghly Iclaired, hee ceColnlcntle.tiiS etre! as. anlodllloe ii :aIly lccc.c. 'lite brau ills Salita .osaa Suintd, and Ctiata.i watcbic lBay ircsentt thle tecr Iltertin gtalll Ici vigation in thie Scnth-.e!tg at tln" seu.itcc Ierfectly laccueloeked. 'tic'h Team.i are tntsttr'petss d ont aaytc rot't i he country ; tlhe drivecrs, to man, ctrtClil l, attcn, tive. l'the bricCges Itretifore l.,cne roee licaes' b ell tewly built, se that high wateri di int t icter urcit no heritingicoere have been crscly chcIged, and arec tcctw a cctits as c acy r ci i thc ictith It is hgenerall hlo\\l tlat the lia cell: cit arid iardc i esse h "II r ds ;i bl e h 'llllS t lt all c,,, snlls to ic ke great sreed. Their sllloothnlla c . citre tSite travec ter ifarct t.: ordlilialy tatign or" stage travellinig. The Lince is now c rrering its pase-ngtere I'rci Accgaita to Mlbihe ht tfer days id twe'lve Ilours, or to N w Orlhalls in Itolr hlyi alii twaity hiurs. Going to Augutsta, tlhe lle is sfix days * nd seccn itncrs. Thc titcce acctcllecy ccmclico'ei ccc travelling is the .tlll l a i the other die tin, tile diffrenc.l Lccimi on tche tictIl, c is cICactcdall)' iy daly being lost in 'nsaceola, which, howevVr, in ccll repaul by tice o ortcetccty it givcis ,c'i g tilte Navy Yard, tlc oheldcaeish Forte , etc. lThe also .leeps at Macin, aid a.;ii at lc ar. telltoll. This arracllhe!lcllall well cictiu tei i lli (tc traw el L crae i n itihward, cshi'i tic, th will cc t tc i I a ccn frecm llobia to tAs tgcscLa, as it is nc c, Ilc t i asthcr direction. ''hii Advecrtiiamect cctctaciccs a plaic etSt cci of factsl, tile nccur.acy of ewllcll 1Ic lroprcwttt rc gaceuraltle Ito cailI pa.e.nger ccc th: Icelyithy cft jllc stage tar-. Map.c o' thie I[imel may bhc ,ceo l tt i It. hange llatelI, Nw Ocrecats, alid at st.i MLt.,.i,.n c lllh Mobih. are tellroaugh treus M.,bile to Auguscta, 8I17 0 Thlc lilce cxtscllls , p ic braltccI t, ci'.lllatabssc ' . At Chattaicllouet, ti c Ihllo conlccts wiill thil steamboat carryl'g tice cail to icAp achiclt ila ad St. Joseph's. (tli:ce at thie ,Masicc Hlouse, lMob in. mli? tI CO1 TI'WICK(, Agemt, Steile. [] J I.'-- ;10 ltlcdlcl' I'lt'l, Ilor rlllt3 }IV Sl sitti raccc'a 'cl'fc l , 3l ,ravies ,t JiE-- P 't.t:- ll. l .t-S -t ro-c , .. ,, ..ecced a'rticle u Cnit c clcaccers el thill it,i tAl L I, n'22iii'i".l -\. Alt S\N i IiL"~~-i:;~ipi-. .,.. 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I a d still continleis, IIelrl extent e.ti It was1 ni thy' ori'te relliedy! witli the. ec~lchrlltid Dr Abeeibily ill tll asrlillg froml a. diso~rdlered stlei oft'iledigli tiwliallnctions. ben tt uni.llllilttd Ito tihe test andl ..xpelrielce of1 tlhU th'il' satistlctilon (of its et'rlaorl'lilnllly .lliceur" in 1.1%'1'% case~t ilindt- thir l u~t' irl;1' , " ky sch itlil bt h h its the'ir Ipublic .i.I pri'iaite pra'ctive'. "lh i ll a'~ltioi. w ill Iie iinser',l ed iereilftl'o Pr'eparedl by) JI 1I Th'orii, Chlemiiit I~Loiidio. Price qi1 ,5 :1~ ln .1 S Fromll A II S/.Jlanlolll Imi1. It 8, S!.1"I"(on1 o thi St Thallnlll. 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It+ llt+ X+ ~ic] ll · t i s a llhl llslelUlliti +S (}J'+ lU W eIre it IW+ISnIIss 'r, I |the propt'lll cold here, illtiarish aIIH y mIIoIrltesti m niailsll4| e lall l cI(4 I nl4 o (ll.l4 l s th mi.~ii 4444'4444444' (444444 CI(44·r alslow;bt.|li tr'u.ts thatl its glreat succe;+sshitheto l tO hu c.:11 I lllelnse t which il hals Il-el*l 'pard will pIovelil tIll/ i rI nI l mll o Iillrllll n 4 l4 l ll i (4 41 blic.41 \}1.Ill(lpl· 1lllV\ II-llitl~ll) lhls 1~ I rl'l' lll'llll.lj+' ~ll' Onercomnendtios t is pre44ara4irm enjo4s 4bove oti .'* is 'l+ litill I1".bll hlle lilo-lll lt u in ts-th m (,de in wh44l.4 h it 4 ma4 be t44 4 ., 4g h1uh 4 4 i44 4 picenlllst--thintil-lll Inllitl l re tr.+lliltllll l 111111·444 (.4 4(411 ~111 o1 Ilc il\lne eIllt |+ltlmll+ bulill 1ss. "rallllt3s espe | wouhld tlndIisi melicine h ighly uselhl, Iiid otluht nev* to bei.+ uIInlIrll Il wlled l il h nl rl etl iton II ossIeIssingl tle aI vantagles whic tie i s.nt.ll (llilO r colllmbinl S mll pnyi n llllle Ill. 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I.IIC 3.3 i" i .:. l, I l~~i I i e, - riI. h noI inmmg tir o ho i i1il, :ui illr,,n ' tcl ne. tilrni that . lI Il nr at Il ollllý n Ite ll I il .: ili tille ar th o i lt pper icahuin I''"t' * lllll , II1' ('.1 ( l llo ciri hl ii..itrco Ij.o I a iii"al c"ii,. ilre '-ven l o ers tlr atact o i'IIf ' cI.[I' eii h l'il ll i ii ii'cl e im illg dnell . lll Nl I : ,ll h l ' c il, and lcir ular,, .. 1r'Cc1 11111" .¢* I 'ir{'lal% - l . lat in ll -ir ow nt ll. Na oli., all II tIe mqv llly 4IIlI its a |ew ihotlur i ,l,, ;.2; th 'y I", ill ' I " , t. l eH ill InX be l I'I W .t, h a tT ll Itoa n hi il l llt h l w i- h thlllahrl sia b1111 i.w lbliy J il. l ( i- l ' I k'eg'I a'iij.lli.i l iii a iit, fir Wallo - I,. * -I. I', l." ]F( ill t~44Nr w t hien r.lll. ill_ n1 t ., , h awlt brt e p te+il lln n 110 44 New lorev j 2III ·Il VI l ell 1110 bOg .lard &50 dotupe ii. I, 1S4, 14 Nw Let.: j I'l." ,t . ' .. N I:. I.1N . lO. SIitlI . I. . J t. otl e tnm d Ira t 34 l .III i II1Lad Ii stree. Jul,. d,. _ i- ras tr il_ '11 it, IiAI . Iuse n i- Ie I i Co,4 yrsale na I : & J I' WtItfNtOV 73 rmnap. A IG. Ih1(a. ,¥ .hIly I II 1 44 New I.cee ir n':e r:'::l'l " tlf PI .rls a the i p: lal in Ill,) "44 New L.evee rlingr \\'eslerll hatter. fr saale b lr| ~l.\l';t\.'JaJ i.. I~t, ,I\I.31A C F'AI StIIR 40--et fii.{- | i-Il ,on. .t ("iii lee4 &. Col. ta m .

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