Newspaper of True American, November 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 5, 1839 Page 4
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i SINESS .CARDS, AMuhIn Tlrony, Nfamo deBro k er mo c, ion Aferchatnt, --i. t2. , •ý 38 , t.- J For the preecnt, . P. FREEMAN &t CU.. 1/ý Qtas 1, & EBts Ishgrrert "I. 3 3,. lluallhaZ aZlre,,l jlIAVCaoamamullzon lthnd il dnr.uepupplv of Cloth Crll, i imdv m i'a i c'l Inrlaleirv land ,. Their tua. l inett(Mi larer.u, nmorchalIa frola the country an bhe llkd at tI aLhormtis notice. EI VRAN E COIPA • Y OF NEW ORLEAlNS. lmll.eoipalu, are now premllad to take 3XII&g AGAINST 1.13 ,N-. 24 Mulusson'e Building, Canal reert. no .3 L TrIACY, n . 1830. P-cretary. aPPER 00n lb0 01" Cle'.pr liar Pal by M H IEVrREUX," _ (___ mT hniiloilna st Ri10O sry AND D)EAI.IiiS IN PROVISIONS . ".I'9 and 82 JIlia ,ret, Nerw Orleans.. p achuld'Fllily toraes put up. iur5 Pt.'I TUTr u WA iUU .o1S N.o. 53, Bienville airret. ILIJlIIM R. 04 HNE5a, would raeliectfally in SLem his friol .iail hba pibi thfi he ij eon sa x oeareing from Naw 'Yoromk amnd Ieo a good ~ltiaat oFaFurito r uech i, mahogany chlir,, -uldt.adr u i maple and painted chair,, mlaplr a.d rv bedamje, mahongny and chemr tallee m all Nahmipoem, uburea nailktm, acameturve, wtriliu LakL , warnhuira et mallmeogay aid cherry, wmolll *hntl, khiemiag glosn.e, fe.tbhc., Ieddlg, c. &. c. Itk. Faralitura packed for trnlalprortation with greao BAAUUIONADl. OZ.OTHING STA-YLOR & HA1)I)EN, MO. 34 Chari.tre ilrecti NAV amelliofeSnt llyrfeveryar emmot paerIii tolnllnntedium irenl, al teg ladledt tylr, at Sa T'ark peuer *in.3m &TUoQ$ oPMW PRINTING ESTA BLISBHM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (.id_ - ipocile dimka' Areale. WLKPLLLN GRHAE.EV PROPRIR'oR --BANK NOTIE ENWIAVINO IWowr WRIGHT HATOH & EDSON AVB openea d ale oftice in New Orlaean. mo.e.. ili qua adlvnnlage a i1t their houme im llw ico Ti, bha pm .s mrio eligreving g,l pliating Bonk Noea, el6. Bill i-lf ,xellmange, Cerolifa..s of lalosit e Che.ssd Other imlortunt ipl..rei relquring srctoity emnml origeriio; slid hare male amleln lmmviaio iior ý keerlmiitladeg o/'ll clats and iiiipreuneao ermnlr.t adto their care; tlmeir eIemi ri en eambirucr ie iOie h of mlar .le Ihl.ladr llnmkima.'iutiminiona aind all mrdr wtll Ihe eacclled will Dumdmm plilllm i .II, amll e lll . il talpI Irams. Ofce, callier tl' uoll :& CaUnl aire.;. BAZA.R. 2USNEl4,6 AaZanN, S NO. 1, EIICIIANE IIi TmaId,, 'm.nrr of S. CI, rlun l idomao. elt,. NI,:W ' iIi.E:AS,. lMIm'OTiElta and Iceders in Fretch Oimrmim o .:ih r Perf.niar'Y; Imaroig Caocoa ailed I iriahml, I .ku. Cmlaervprnirl.y, (ilvie. Shliric, Slukm , UlIrell, Arne lllU F lly Articles.1" i.NT. 1', li, air, md lia iank iacn ony 3 A Td1RIi r 3 ? 74 tirnvier at JEWd;i.dn', AT kVdtiI LEý1- MITY t. BELL, No 16, Chotresa t, had m li In re. ceived a filll esnorllend of IVicahelle Jewmlry, 81! r, Spelmodre, and Glls Ware, ley will hie otier. nutl mimewt immaamrket dirice. alp1 1 IIEALERS IN A3ERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Nu. 3 CAiOonaccr STREET. . a JOB PRINTING. or EVERY DESCRIPTIOI, PICGEDII.Y, IIANDOMELY AND CIIEAPLy EXLCUTElD '"T TIHE OFFIC OF TED True .lesrericaa, ST.. CHAI LES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 Sall HfALL. BRO N, 9f(i lgazle ,t sheetings and 25 bales Jackson fi 4-4 brown nentings, lunding from ship Charleslon, for sie by ll I IlIlGE Sr&. Co, ACON--i0 Ca.Ls Hasn. 10 d,.Side, nod 15 do Sholders, in Store for Sale by ly d. J. THAYER I Co. 74 Povldras t. OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans hLia of Packet Ships.-This ew line of laships hu been expressly built to run between tim above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: sanomlodations for passengers, and every o efiort will be made to give general saisratioin, The lin is composed of tle fu lowing ships: Charokee, 415 tollns Capt. J IHarding, Carolina, 400 do S Leoirsi, Charleston, 374 do I) Eldridgc, Columboina, 625 do C Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Ilowes, Bombay, 625 do D) tlumnphrcy. Tho above ships are all now, of Lthe first tlass, olpper fastened nid aoppered, commanded by moio o ef grreat experience, have large acco mudations, tls a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be pdld to pasengeres, and the very cost of stores pro vided for them. The packets will he towed up and down tile ale simsippl, and the strictest punctualiiy observed in the timel of ailing, and should the ree.ular vessel be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all eases be substituted. A share of patron. age is anlieited, and the agents pledge themselves to shaoscnl Note as much as practicable, to reeeive and forward:goods by rdd line at thIe mnost moder. ate charges, and to advance all exleisels on goods shipped, ifrequired. Tie ships will leave the 1slt and 16th of every. month. For freight or paskege, apply to tile agents. J A MERRITT, 82 l2uonlnoui at. N. B. Advanemnents made on consignllme:ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 --N R0"--Te sutbscribem rs brhovluuri . at a grent expense, the right of putinug eo iroo mols in Ibis ciey. lThey ae dapteld to puIt1 c buildings, warehusoee, and priva e ldwoellin..,an eesmiibe a, Iunce cheapNeaa and Alurnbil.iy, ond are perfeitly fire and water proi. Ti'r s m on li known,.and a moidel seen at nur establtlomene, epposite S. Mbary'a nlotket, Tehapiulae s sr. oct r E B COGSWELL ir Co uCIAN UN PHILAIyiLthIIiA. - or st .2 y AADAMS & WHITL'AI.., JSa 67 n Gruviert. L S SEUIRct, Na 54 Conde sorret, betweeni Domain and St Philip, keps ecolae nly nm head an rxtensive aeserImciii ofboata nud brognallP, and shoes, ol New York nlasfacture, for Iene, wtLomen .end children of all which he will dispao e ie at very mioderale prices. Families of his st qFli ionev no ernding , ,r lrv will h ver helir wishes attended I.u S SE ;)Ull HIl'l LEA 1--5 bblo, li a l L asb; 411 kegs, I10 2001 da 25' English do-25 1-4 bble. 411)O 1dO Paintlieruslwa, vaarioussires I Cana Versillili Sbblc Copal Varnisl0 1 . oa,:h 2o peckk Uild Leaf; .At do Silver do; 1(10 do Dutch etal.. WINI)OW GI.ASS, Aliieri:n E, Ei chl, aod Friet:h 10IO boxes, varlious sizes aid qualilies. So,tnoi roaoln da.--50 bus.,o coiineigirlIi, will be Pll low. Also, a generaol asortmentl of lrtists' ,olouors nld cols, fae sale by A W .CA1'I ES, Ni16 Caal a tree. N B. Alabama notes tekes at p r. c Missiasi pi etoesot'tl received at i0 percent dicoui.t forigoodi, ariepa i tofdebll. j"_ o w SIt1IE. Genniiie Indict Vlulscnooef b.eliw ,nil IIi .. Sbhound, is hia up5 in bottles it the now prie of 511 cents each, contniinlg tile t ftreglh of three iorllnces Livetwot, hesi let the virtese III manv olier roolts and herlmknown seemt teim ludiin as elicacious in curing pulmonary complaints. The u rivallei sucecess which has attenlded tie lce of shis ineslmable Ilalsam wherever i hise been illro ducelul, has obtained the eounfidence nd recoinlelda tloas of resectalle phllyslecianh for the cure of coughs, colds, plai s the side, want ai resl,, spittig or blood, eomplaint, &e. To whom it may eonaemrn. This is to eertify that we have in our practice freueatly prescribed Mrs Gfjrd ner's Indian :alusm of Liverworit ad loarhenlnd, ilh a decided good ele.t: we can therefore froia the know heIn of the materials it is made frmn, ndi . cb.seiv-au oda xlprieince, recommelnd it as a snper505 preparatio. or thee aalectius osf she alungs fir which at is re inmeslod. AI$ER r WI w.LI4MS,h . D. CALVIN EI.lJS . D. Mamenhs of t1i, Bosto Medical Association. Boston, October e5. sate by JARVIS & ANI)REWVS, l1t 19 C.moaaal I'eiluaoitsolna hic i WElY.1 0WO hbihlsOoasitflan reeeided alliir Sal byh HERMOGENE, IBtIWVN & ucI. _may.3 No 9 Co,.i at. COAL-The subeecribers have enonstitly hand s large supply of Casnel and Liverpisl coal, .n hulk. if supelrir quality, whiLh ilhe) offer for tale in loss to suil purchasers. Als expecrted by tile first nrrivnls from lFang land snd the Nsrtl, Cannel. Lehib.h and Peanei Monunsin Coil. hr,.ken and sOcrerleIl, pIt lp ill h,.gohesdsesprmlv hfr faiily us --all ,'" wh,c, lh. p will dispsee It , e he molt o lbs lt era0,,. Orders left at their offi.e, No. 53 Bienvrille at up astire, will be promplly attended io. so It. k A S()l'LI.. W GOODS-Sinrmona Hnrtt & co ar. now 'r 4 1 Cliving from on heard ships Yanzoo, and 8aratoga t -ndbri. Concordia from New York, a great c'nriety of goods in their lilew, which together with their formme stock on hl.nd, ankes their asno rrn tvern y. , plrta. dia rubber, s ilk an worsted elaltic p.l crre, I uoaia & fine elastic nounpelder, Iacn flCo aid .nr(ifior naitcaes, S alllitz powders, powder IiTs anlo box mes, tille powder, pocket books andc allhcs, needle buokh, slell, pearl, Icort anl aiaroeear cahd m aen, ecad r tnuorr s, Iplain c-. ral lbedsi, necklaeo s anl negligee, bIarl ihainsr,l ed necklaces, ctit glassre n nl liserred,silver al eilthbeda, landiar beads, bells nid ploala; Ipistol ond larga pow ler rlfrkfe,shot belts, Ilirse, bheit pocketauiI dueiirng lislatls; doublre aleliligle barrelled guns. ltwic knivaca, ani dirks. scissors, saoars, pricket knives, u.Iur cbainsd atd rirbons, waist bi,:kles, htor , I iaitir, tril aillcrib, irutnll,'shole, plate, for ald dustinf bIrllsh, Crlogne, Floridn,ar lvnder, rrse ao ll nav w lrtctr,, and.extractse, tfiricairo er,r artia ni, W aite1 Wrr(' ve getable hair o ils, k avs,- in an toni[t s Ir s oI all des Ariptirns, faliei' nari gCelcri riI ' skiu u resrair cases, liur rh'ethlr "re sll. I Illpli, p la mav nl workli'hae, plain at II ilt, fiOured, cait rindl vest bulttons, Iearl n ir vry shlrtldo , shp illtndds, gohl and silver Ipeil carses, t oui..n/.i nitil rtwoPezr arrtedi arrtn gilt lrketl, irinilature dco, silver, larsia nll steel irtminrbles, oklic u eyel, hair pire, isitiatrion fruit, blk anld rel diuk,fr o bln.okig, vi, il and gnilirsrrikbed anr plein Irecussion caps, liral tines, scooted Cetls Oens, gold anrrr silraer aIarll fraine, latrer paper, gar e bags, ridi ngrg , wt alking ariis,p lary!carda, fina gel, Ictlold nlg l j acellrer &e. ThlIe nolve, rtogetherir it great arrete irf olther arti les are offereld at wholesale or rehtaiil eon a.etrnirdniirg. lerns. N It Shell coandS repani:d jOYLE k MAY, Hoanrae, Sign, anif Urirlurllvlia Pl'ainters, No 3 Cann del street, two doors flom Uanal street. Iitncatiotns of fire following woodls eid ma blres,et oue (ln it master) nannelllr, mti g,,rrry Egyliihr fak Wanll gold, i(k, i (iarlla util Autieao Plrer) I1no, O rietl or vierd antile, nuirledi dn ir.lsperrt .niurleW Marle, IIrioi trouile, IBills viye is , ' lilc by (ultorllite. Saltin Ioli ontirel, 1' a, Nait ooll, nit IEl nrdelltl, Cmnlolmltllle ll, Illack tiiriamm aInd Ih'eetclla, S1eiltarli to le sere at r ll sloI . eailats, i ilt glass, coitall vlriisbl, kc. Oil r ll.d adi tor ilf. ll t I O N , . r .F . -I.Q H R " Y ,;ti o u s I. tIu , a ,,,u i ,,e SnSlod buatdlie irOn,r well mnalrd!. Ilhop, scroll iad rod ilolllli naiil roids alld a lrtirUl Cast, German, lhear, blliareiod, SrIlilng, slheer amif Cirowley steel lotllew .reiu, cut rilr wrrinrr nails :rud spfikea Zilia, block tilt, Inll tu rail d grntnaiSlit, rilt kettlec Cl.i a caibit, ri elf holS, Ihi.f Ox, log an oI 'e ctlirs, ciri, mills Alnvils, vicest, 11nlnlcrsa l. bellows bVire, shieetliltgia land lat;rif shot CGirdnndafrarrkirg slafrrs r Airo, tiallrlltllllr fiSriiiitrnifia ol rnIf.saCiutfirotS Hootk nlrlll;rte Iifinges, rfaIollliu wlilllaw fioUkL Inotllins, Ilnnts, Sli i pr, alil tfliCer nx si I r'1 nil .Mailla irla ehai g, f lines aai iuwine Ifal aun slfcairitrg ,nppetr1 Naval strie'a raints, linsaedil tutid )if ngai null A AIrii rrssrnriioeut of faiirdwaire anid shlnip thr illerl. wafl Oil hrnd, SoI llf whicrfIrll iffle oraif caiferut wlhole illean runil, ruil th ie iroast flvorable iriiila, by in LAYT ON k Cro. 53 )ili Inavcr. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I'_:1 amp street. Wholresnle Dealer in Paints'i , Oil, Variihes, Itrushesc uIfi \irdow r larnarliIIire Gic lltss . &n c. _ OAF SUOAlt--valriois qratlinies, .irrmiaflv ill 1 ora anrrd fiLr sale by SIAI.L A- IttIrWNb I , mnnr Yl 911 bluxi llrli i FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODIXS O ." GO OD I rIV, INS. OS, Chuartrs Sltrretl, OIi Doolir belowr Bittnville. AVIE eonesnilltly on hln every arlile arlafertlin. big to rggentlemen's daess, ilradt ill tilhe Ibest n, tier acnd riast I'aflllroltle rtyle, a.liilt they otllr tll ashl, at reduiced prices. dec-1- 38 ";. .Ii,:A ,' t ... --.... t NEVW ortiele for fe rlos Iroubled with d.ennccta (cnlletl llie I.Ear'l'rciinite, hIs lt jear el rfceived tin, l Il illi t of w hrich, tho oligf;tesai t irlllultioll ll'tffr hh Ill voice ia disiiiti v c;i;lrri y ed to the f .ar. e y o olll wholl Irs ever mCeetI oliu.i tlIo converse with a verrr l dn person, umulI be filly a.iiile fri he diliin hald ell n illrrasslllelltexlerilacrred both Ilv filrliielvei indit tle in Ilividuals so i lrir lrllral.tlv uilliren.l Ily tf il Ia n Ear T'rumpet lii bjetion is ire rifi i ii vitlar I Ir fi mot sep, iceal hauve ahw nRs p. nifidorIi tbeir itiit ai ;iI Ihaving rised ilrluIruInpor. Fur sale lt 'I F UION't , Fanevcrlsore,.cornIIr ofCnrr ianla nd t Charlets streeri IUn ider Eine Exr.iga Hintel. BAL.M ,10I THE TEET.'I. U E easttihablied reputation tind conastl.iy I nttett-te;c demaned for this eTe remel i d fe e t)' till nd ir servetive of tihe teteth, has inlduced'the t u.retiber oiler it to the American public. Arraeeoents Ilav been made eoaaupiecv igelnes innll tei rle ncipal citia annI owllsi n ill lh eaU d Stales, soil Its o place 1., irl i tile reill 1 ltse nltiierilg tllnd likely to altlbr thits itt s ithnrsing tf tall achese , I'ulttl-eh-e. IVlllte applied ttcotreliln to liirectitolle il.let- o bottle, it ieas lever falilte It o llll iet ll!d i leet iitt t i,[ inltne t reliuf. It ials arrests the Ilte r I1t o etI.te'tiV' teetland relieves that soreness lhlicei'tso fretiently reander a ttrttng tootlh Ieelles. The pipliction alld relltedy are .illlel , illllote e lt, s l t ill)llellt ; , t I tel ge l ut beh ofPPl.t illllee ill llil)i'le'llet e.ttlit 0f I t I nolltl., that ittle lir'nedv experieill.ed sIiil delihltfll ttttll ted llt llryIi tt It.Ltol tlthe tle of tthe Iee ll , ln r ret ad to bear (fur the public gotoll Ibteir teatimony to it, n; rivt l d ll i tlittle. it is a L Indall.o n r iiiti, ii oci the citilized told ae the Illal valuablt discuvlrv r tlhlllll of tle woods. l'ice $1 Ier bottle. Sold byl JAR'IS & ANI)DILRE11S. tmr 5 CetrComee on and e hepiteeelna v ( OUIN Clll,,S-Ordkrs received itr corn iills by 17 L & BROWN, 96 geeite ) IC i.I I.EI'Iitp1L PAl'leit-Jse t ecivett a- f ee cnases eel'luc iIIId wellite tVeteruleh Iefter Palper so teee vrv low prie'd, tlilr lle by I)IVID IEL'' .1 Co. N Y Stalionere' hall, jour. l:1 _ 2 C-allrlmsO et JARVIS & ANDREIWS, WIIOLEd ALE AND HIiTAII. I)EAI.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE ST'I'UF'S .ANID iI.NDOIW GL./ SS,, Corner ol Colllnonand Telloupitotulas sltreets, xLW OI: IENS. NATIIAN JAIIVIS. JOlIN IV. ANDIIEWS. A largo upplly e Gardel Seedl. earrattetd thll groeth of i837. ANDREW SMITi & CO., respectfilly infbrm their friends anti the public in coneral, iuht they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where tIley keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sllect Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing lul s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notice. Grate tars of every description, slcll as stamnl. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. es, steaml pipes. They will also do all kinds of out door work, such as zinc, copper and tin roofing and guttering, e&. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at the shortest n totice. d. r,7 n \l i V lilill.e iII'itlttne it e 1 e .IItIt tII II' I TetI ll t.. ite I S wetll knet .it ee rig rtlt i now pe -i tl r lh S ett ohllll t tIitl lt te l l nlll I , I t lil:t llllei'.t l dr. JIt e ,le tt I) O ,ln . 'Iit, i trth Iit- ieitn , i Me u IDilhillag rOll lllllI h -l . L l rl rd no, h , ni nerd lllllllS ii aill %s, slables, Iulll hal binog lllbol- e. Grealt exe'ill tllions h1 bee;n tonllldc l leldlle.r I ie Ii lel: co lllhi(r)llll l ertt i iil d Iiii .,lllll reuort. 'I ,e're re filt't l I V t nle it et1to-lti'it tueellg.l.ll- ttl.-ege foolr lg e e fl' (br :ollilli nepliati'es, it, e chl:lluri ionI. in IliI, 'rotll' Tharlt i rtl if it tnilill ell es i etlllllP i r e il tfr if Io'. i tel it ienet ithe tie it teetret.ll hI elllleite l ihlll, all a ilbin a few itttrt, uiittttct wtt'tic tre Cat it tilp lan , Mti, ii t i- .! life t t 'h CI ln Calt,. A Letter ha i.. kep tit bar it xch 1 io n I Leti N. t. . Ieti il t will itau t lte . I oily.tti l lC' ll eieONAT I,: I. V. \VAT iitL\ASN j Ie 1 ' I 'i h e-n' thi , i a b et l. (ail11 shhii releri.he j.te eereiv r il llF ,f I'hliuullt le In c elri-lh.ý ill ;--lhlhlMa i I'c'lU, Il 5rizolu lll t offlle llrbet rusei: co ld r l n1 n lie. gllll .tie eetente c nrir htl e e'itlil tteeil do dh. [ "'l'lh es ietatlllrl se itCltl ' tll I 0 lllllllt i' red lv tilt tlrtetnl d iet-ealker 'TI I'I.rI'l.EI . & I'. of I' tere,all ro.. oIlei .llctt e rlt',, Iaf :I to1 t si er r flle i se ll a en t tid r tel itt' tI.iu e t ldret1 l . i( I I & C itttt t. hicl i beer ran eii lll el. n t de I srllil. i I e. ce' d I cf betlnyo teler la 'I' lllln i1r-- rsand I1,lr, l[r;e .i... iielnll re rl%..e fu llll teeeel hto cell etn tte t e et .i t ie hl ,iano, .lih oe relliY V ili e ps artlh.i tie JONS & toy itS. Ch'irhie.. ittt o l etite, e Ihetl'ellltnll ii s treti l I ,,_li I weter ijrt ;to te tele r tll, otl . ti . uri t , tee tet;3 t s & J e t \" i "l'itE 1 , 7: (':top-t It teeh. ' ,If, t cl e by ' 011 " v see ,itne .tt' t SNOVEl. il 2 oll\s. bt harrit ihr ie\ n i Pork & Baltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS ANn BALTIMORE LINE UO ) PACKETS. This line will consist of tim filowing vessels, which have been built or purchased cxpressly bur the trale, vie: Ship Seaman, Capt. 'Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new , Stevens, Solomon S.ltus, * Lalthall, Brig Architect, " Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. somea larnished rccomnodntions, and ore of a light draft of water, so as to adroit of tlheir rceeiviogr acd discharging their cargrrs in UBalliure, at Ihe city. Freight will be taoken for lports on the Ciosapeake or James' River, and forwarded by tie agents, Messrs. CLARKE &, K.ELt IG, at ialtiore; expenseson goods shipped will be adlvan rd whenl required. 'ite price of passlage s fixed at $60, ample stores oftLeh b rt quality wrill be provided. Steam tui and down the Mississippi will be taken oni all occasions. Fur freight or passage, apply to GEO. IEDFORI), nov27 2,2 ienvila st. FOR NEW YOglK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] T1'lEK Ships eompoaing this line will nil lroi New Orleans and New York oil evere otheor Mlon day--eornnretring on tui 2)it.i Novemlbter--aud to insrure tile punletllality in tr ireo onsailirg, tie liure will hereafler consirt of five lilps, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Lou sviile, Captain Ptalmer, to leave on the 4th I)ecember. Ship Iluntsville, Captain Eldridgre, to leave on tile Ilti Delcember. Ship Vicklbrrg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on tile 1st Jalrnuary. Shipl MissisLiil, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th iof January. The above ire all new, of the first class, copper dJ and co,,per ftrtened, ili pwards of 500 tons Iurtr13en, are of lighat drugli of waoter, being built in New York erxpressly fier Iho tralde Tihe price of paissaein is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are firttd p i tinl le oat i proved and eo nvenet ]ilan, aord filluiInd ill I nd egot s - Ample stores of thie irft quality will be provided, and every regdard paid to the comfort and entire s ntisfctirn of pnssengers,n w h, will please take no. lice that no berth can bu secured until paid for at Lthe tol:c of tile consigneres. I'lthese vessels are commanded Iy captains well experienced in the trade, whro will give every at lentlin and rxcrt tirrrrO AVtes to nonrllrnrtate. Thet Still 'it all trs lie htowe.d il tll downll tile Missiu. 'iplri by tratrlbnols, nd the strictest punctuality o1rirve'd ii thie tinte of sailing. The ownerr of there shias will not be responsi. bl ir any letter, arce or packge, se nt ly or put on boarn of thiem, unresr a reaglar hiell o lading ber signed therneor, at the enrntiog oua.e of tr e g or eigitiers Fo r Bilre pr e llie llro rie I I apply toI 7 J II :;IN & A COIEN, nOiir ih0 Cnnlimonst S hl r Bie :ot ~riin 1 ir e .I ti. er -n.. ,r i th ie, , i a , ror co Ii illl gee c 'er ast t re lleld oed of nhrra eont e11(le IwIt rlhilh, with3ellhdSolme aoniNi datiins for i ano oerlers. 'Ihese vessels are emilll (.d lp ca t ) ais e[l experi ncl'~d ill he tradey wro eil Thle every aIl shipers. The)' wil b, towar ee'r eltillrd dowhl ie Ite . toi rir eir h o reiry e f el. ite t illrwte hI v Asses ompoeA e t3e I)err, erv i herig Arnea'narnitrices G .r.ii, A aster. Briig A hnena, J. eI),,ai n as r. Jhnr. R,,ger Wilhi , J. Allib r , mue r. ICCo, 6latIe a, lmmol s. No1 Orllas or e .l C i tilr id * , Chnrl at ,eI I 11 1 l ,,it .l -, .I :.:11 , ,.l .- at Ai.Rani ' (lOI.C'tA F", let'irei in I legendr, 2 a s The I Clroel p v, l ti he til:l n Family n arretnt the iheoirc thi p eg, or Jiogrirdaiti; ' lain lanid; H wee's Jtihllitt 1i JilHN & Coi. II t eromer St t'hAi'r fie onll s RUsiffON & AS'INALL's lOM'IPOUND T'ONIC MIXTURIfR.--A sprely and Oerthiu curo for the Fever and Aguo, rtemittent and intrmitllet fivers; prepared from tile orignial recipe. Us:d woth vminent anl uri. versal secess in 1832, hy ,ersoons of the highest rcpertabiliti in this city, as ilrsted ill the anecoed certificatcs. " T'lis mnedicite is higily reroonioi dod, and lhas beern ixtasively useid In the alove diseases wiit suchli distinguished succets, thit the lroprietor of the recipr hIts beei induced to offelr lt t ie plUb. li iln its presnt lbrIIu in thihejoe that it Ioty be thie ue;lrs of rlireviig mny of lthose Wil are sufl;:rinag undr the scIsurge if ocr oouItry. It is a mtdicine Isseorsilg grruat virtueo , and d len usld according. to thle ilrertions has nevecr aicid oif efftcting a cure, ovtil in ti most obstinate stager of thle disnrder. It is nit at all disagreablet, andt persons of the weakest stomachl, andl chlildren mayt taks it withl imlpuity. It strergthlens the digestive orgooas, crelats au ' Itpite', ald svldotn reousires miore than oels, or ill oblbtilate cases, two Icttles to eflct a cure. 'IlThere is neithler mercury lor arsenic in Ithe miedicine, lior any tling iojurious to tile Ihuman cunstitutio. T'le proprietors are so well convinced of its eflicacy, that they agree to refund the price oCf very bohttle which has liben takan iu accordnnes w;th tihe directi;ons and has not esireted a a perfLet care of thIe fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agert for New Orleats, at Ihis wholhsal adlit relail drug atd Inedcie storc, corner of fhirtitlle otid Clhartres stroets. For District Agecoics a5,lv to j5 ''. IV. hM'ITI, 48 Conti st. IINSACol)IA I.MANSION HOUSE NIW iV ITY, PiENS.CtolA. rr{fttlesbattdiller havilc r Iiiirchtsad tite h el . fur ttillii f thlitcoatII s.lisit sI aib iis tioreti, tcitit ifsr Tiavlirl, tIte I n lat ,lrieto, wil be al v to rercive i teri I ov Ihr It i . Ai 'il ntr t. - ['uieitr o ll t il u 'stlv it lller lie l ls ail r be ilutd ill tler srrii 'Firet o clinlef i t tilatit fotess, l rN t sidt IrlOre etl~llulnlidlellr baithing blosses wil {w I. i {al warillo Ilatllls will hie lUroviledl at a l I~rs. A sta lle will be atthed to l h I~Itc, wii goO etoaeos n l ti d Fo til pesoiilcTi oas itttrs AiOR it iOlT for ilolrs ues carriaers. f'ital rate lores aatd arraesa will also ,e kef't of hire at seratu rice.r Trrd il Ide oatw tIatti r h levs on to I u ge a for it' tose it v'sltcrs. fillisrito sitd otlier rsatiueoletts tIis tly I ll t a-ek rit g pl s, ill be fu" Ir h aIIItdO so ('¢illtleledl:) 1181 leJ I illterfere w t i I le 'Oltlfllrll A9.lid Au itolhC hoarderl . 1J'h{+ winet s pod q owg - ill li e heh sat(lecls, ['titdh taiatroiniotd tiqittiv bPi(:. llr li has l~hePIII liV ivllael t.e w0'1*11 U oi %+ 11 Ilr{% bly t leeI NS, IR1, - .I 3I t al~ rl h I'l {l il· L ,:1;11.11, ! 7lrl ( hIar t relV k, t } so , +, Ir le itti t iii, ,,. oi ls ot, iit--' sii t i tutu - I· Rr I its ISriII lile+Lit,'i oflasts+ lit lie ihuis lu'et ts' r', rltl' will; l' i' ii' i l.ti.{"t ll-i,{t i tf r l l tl3- s allt hi ii' t J'he Ililt lllll{{tlllP t al; II)IIR ii Ille I:(( [ *) 18. retoo w,.-lll !I5ill IUW II Il iY edI· I ille tllgt, lll; ee lId ,.c I ,li(·;;u h-r . "/ll t ft- IIt iIt it ll I Ii.hl- ltt -it o sr-' s lIlUt n 'tlulc i Ii 4;lrl mwllll l ullll Iicttile irll-loo'rat . P t'n. ll t ,Ii Ilr I;r liii ciluurO (l~(Iii .llll~ll I1I1Jn Trn tIIIlel. ::dohr:i~l. lseliuloltere'eh{ osi hd h stirll 8itta - h. r er ; h i , bciut nish~i',e , li ttri- its- hiuhliFt ' I l t, s ll :, s x t'I foll ln,. li's S lur l ~lli:'rll, ll,q I:ve"PenPlllil,a, " I~rl l: ifs lei.t! I [I r tth u c r llhrr th ctrees i ailesit t ilcr L c it hellulrr lh :llrrl l, l]2 tll l +llll l(ll . ler l'elr IiIlllt. r~l a tileIv,isorl ll Ill tch ill; t I[star, Pt I to l Fi -1e t il'l a ) t -,.tq{ ,oTl" 31lrll, nill. ce~v utrl~e T~tl.llm~ utll s. ; OIIti-ti,.. prc~ittu.r a Feb hr5Ititt-ur, ,s :I i- t 'oi iltiuc t h l Cllll i- tl-dflPIs I~ i lI alil I- III B t'll ~icliti a1 \. tl t -i'til 'pY 'tfi IIr'' , Iw ll roti-Tics in 'Oct i let r IIroii ti lo tii" 5t • . ( -a.., IE, lr' C t·'I.IuII(L1T, |'E McI1l{,h,, n.'.,,., l( Ilsts,' illts , s t *et rc sii - ct.rt-it, iTrtt il", l il It t t--'s hitti, tfllfl-re iv llfl lil llll I i plf, Ai~lso , lt ic hi is,,,, iiti i . tlcda e % iitsiv i iclll .l . ( + II i r (ll1·I, I; I XnlP IlI t t )lll.P. I(:i h ,tlr silk c \c iit~' lvl on-it, siis -It ' ' 'r*€llr~ esl,,.,Ih tu'ttivluihr ,oi r . '. ,c l t Ic-i- ii*-rl cii it l,,rrc el t hti t *irt ,t i-itt tht+!+c~~r,)I, i ftje ta,h}m fl ;I+ift lISSl~l &tiis u it I I joh eli-If. iii. h .ivu ]J IS~S ll~l'" ll Jti t tI,\ril: U lohwae', Royal Codliege of l'hyicans, Lollndon. T- E origal Vegetable Hjgeian Universal Medli ollne, |ltteltoret by WV1 akin, Roq.El Memober of| the Ial College of Surgeon, Lieootite of ApE - caroy's o nllny, Fellow ai Bolt Court Soelety, Slrgeoo to the iRoy:l Uoion Petsion Aseociatico, Ri stMer I'lrce. Wterloo Brllidge, and Perpetuot Pupil of Guy' alI St. Tl'hottas'so Ioltitads, Lotoloh This vodltale oneditile, the result of twenty yeosn' e lcrlience nlldl unr:umileld success ill the exlensive and~ h'ghlvI\ rcsl~evtnble Imrtiilee of tile protriety, Pllrlol tised by lte Ithottot antl nabiit- onto is now introducd totthe notice of' tile American tbltc, at the erllert eot licitatioa rf a nulmber of gentlemen of long aml higll I sollin:g in the Irofs.sieon, It is hoped, as a prelli-i I nl·r stlep to check the evils and fatal couseltlluenes ;I :isilg frnnl the I'll* nf the : Illme'ons ail nl elcterloilsa n toii.|lnls Ioietel :. oll tite t lrblie Ity tie aitl of fabtriuted I"roo. of nlmirculose ure.lathl. tlllcr flonlrso, by set of •Ioel'tCinr llll~iitltlll o Ptettterodrst. so 0ol0[I t ittiora t ttl toottlal uoiottoe, tltut it ittpritactla thu e mltotttrt i Otelloe ttlltootilltro. i'lbrt)tt llbt attli olgraeotttll e lot their tIlatrie, sho(uld lIe ket tin every t1lmilv i eases o rslthlctit illess, for, by their trolltpt admli;istration0, chllelull rlln t""I'· .telm)n s fe" *-.s' Ul tl *~lr, I' t'- "ll eettttotl tuai o'lntolh t al oten IeoVce tital, nayv 5e speed. Iv erll tot trcvented. ht Ilttht, nll tuose who valte gol I;elthh, stoatitl never be withoilt them. They :ore so' Uite Stck tes at Ia centso, t o nud ith cly eoto treetine, |:llrle llrnaFg.Sll tnl~kucll e~llcl.,llnllell~or~ofle~liicill, i t:.. LUriilell S|lltt's~l I |i,{t(:il~tlllI· I ll FOll (·rol IImt~eelllos te' oith- enlttloOliols of IProlafssional abiity Fion the tulle, itlg entliltentt elettctttot:i Sir Astley Cooper, J Alteltnehtltjttowu Itboobct, 31. 0., lY. BIck, M. II., J. Astol, Key, A.Iraumlton, M. 1)., onld nutmerolu others. The origilnals mv be seen nlotssessioonoftlthe Generil Ageat, by whom the mldcuilne Is imllorteld ilto tlis r Iltlttly, altd to whott l all ttlictions irltrgeollciC nlotlltte tlotle. JO-. IIOLIIEIN, 1S9 WaoVerly Pltce, N. York, Sole oena ll Agentl rr tile Uli lted States, Cu. i'elr lii Iot lloolttitsottttett kif Ito erigittal trojtrtetor. Ity hwilaao & IslttnToe, Iteloggistt, No II Cnell street, !ltltrts Agelllt l.r Sltatltser ollbuiiallo. jul ll g Eh tfltY It LEE U4 ao, No 3 alagztte otteet, ar :1 w rSeceiviog froo-sttiltt Noahrtislle, Lnmtitlle, tirtttiikeyc Eige, "it other late tirelo trot tbo LI lerisosu wsl . t llolt t lele Wed slortnicllt irate, Ioolo, loclro anti Itragn o , nniGSUloip nl'l:·ldlsseIlnllln lliltllll UNIellel L illll stOI we IHH( [.d ro gou in si etn llsh es of e si') i ualit"yll lnifn Jlouoit algattoetliiat lillllilt0 aoftot lilarl SlOel Itouto ito I2,: quality doa bol'l, outl "to.ll woo ileggetl bnIti u ine Sls s Otiinl btogttt , btt italltIF sal alld tot.o onE tsoenl t nllls milte an, oti iltteLt peggedet Itoel sl IItogans~andstuwofeveryqua111kil UItynkn.X ljoel~e A 'o ttotu; ge toaetlotit a it ot on tot weggeioslten, gro st be uoc; roteoot' tooset trottlity otltroie obn , w tilcl, atll ai aile qluantiiy of all inferior quallilt" Igeon e ollack JoeL llotit; ito tolf a,,d Mlooco ,trblo:lau ostolbtegtrtttp e h , oatff net tttat Moroth aI.le aislcnt ImsIo Bilel EI.r( .l IOOellr tlos genefl caoll;me or f oud' tunoe mtanrt '1ll~r Ins asonten w~ll s be Fr plenii cl shed i th arrivl ofb Al kto ormset ".tluts cs enil tteutt oofhic t it t t sol r one onotiato Ite gio tatittl itm n NOl'~" IVIRCFR NOl lllRil COPIVA ~ll~llr theb,, tslitt iot worr, an ao blyarelak itttttltrt uler. ru ets tolobraferlt c reofodie, a E AN rttllttte to,.totat ultoet, olilt out ilottll,, coil roeLrl~it bo10tde 3tisues1'1 taat9, ittgtgo~l~iog.~rlll tirutt llrt's litletttattiwilate t~laobti6C~)!lkl atttt HIc l~Oal e Illktslroab aoe ll~rrtlor ,Iiltittlttlt.( ';ItS 1ItItOt UItto hint,,, do;l ttt~ oa ll,lalt arattioI$ tr' tierttlt .tto lat~ ~ ~~~~Rc al Ieoiaclttt aitit a , t~it~ Ntia. Itietlto' nit to ide llv liuatltio it itIlr j lle l~ aeO ~eu atI~ltran,1 ciiiglicat tutaittitottiorC bayc' acI.II1 ill llttu attattletatit Ilolil( ttrreitlaaiuttotta Ito o~rk t looo ITslt ltobtleot ilt oitttoll ol tItitto duetsr alt ut t1eltiolt oautieoiitcolltot ulititrlIl aeolr iiititrtl,. iao~cltaeta to ~ ~ ~ i dieaer large~rl cle OI~ )Arro 0 10 CEbRTIFYL - -ill alls·I1ll~l'l d~t: iJ l D CRil Feee well cured oI my P". u s.I s li nt, for a hic:ik I thiak thltl r I th eI;enirlnroi I illht tie ledi rcine I hl etae· I t ull s tl, oe Intl I Itinlr d , o t ijLret t Iealth il all; t y rel't r ' I satIt , m, l ftt Ilno. tiar'rs It. 1l o se) n u little a n d pl d v I o D r A . " I e , 1 l 3l Q ulll ,;Oc reetw eh~eel I)aophh ' mld IBourbon. l.'rel5.. Dr. llI il ath m r m ! '.l..,k, A IT , I uni 4 :1, I',3w. ill find a true dh.,r for lhis compldaint. J()II\ I)EI'.N. Im (;ruvier street. IT nt y ny e w an ,s to see Iu e, ca dll ! N e. 4 t11 I 'nai( l .tfiiN I IF8AN. ..'w Orb'leoo. Fteh l, 1239. lIb II IV i'Ui ' 1' Uecin,;rll k'2tjIt el'Tettj'f l's "U.J ' i .'Js, t. e hilht Edi'',, -," IL)O\VI,1:'rf'o 'l'.t Ill,l,:. 1 rF 101*' 1:11 rt'I': S10 t uhiti ist a t n r.ltt,: .tnA tert-tge 'r'it e C; atllto . IOIr, or easy inelb1o, s tir hulinlig te Nstologe i tlie onslrtgea, lotes'of Ila laor bills ul'go jls, wi lle at. chase d :tit, dillt nt dalra ttls I l ttrl o' tl l te ttt its I e tlr \'ail'iPll allll lnlll h, II es·idl, l sll, "ll I ea d icmpet lsllakig T"ml ' 11 the best l hat Itt l tt li o itd' or that fi gulres tca . \' 11 i sllli irt lll lllte tlil t le I] o f ostl a old tiztt o |to o :. Aflls aetl'iSellet ias tl htotk isi n prefo'ce stotla glow ltottettte t t bol y tt' 8112 T'he kigh distinction. Ihis wat ,[ s reecoiell through tlle tenl gisltive stacls iretixell fI tre title aetla e, issa e tt'etntdl tgin il itsettt rt f o 'l intn atl sotttts Ii it eO lcl sivc",! ll I no~thing i ....... ).,s~t ........ .. by ,,ap of a - vi.ielyfaell it to gives con ets, 5,I ieso Oll ontof Its Ie flltarlttiets:ilsf tt , erofr ,e oti tnltereSt is blee o tells ell froim,t eondt inred wilth wlt t s e ot ildl ent to fter. I etlsetotalc.ttaione, exaitllt:td in the poass alitolao ilve lines, aglllo Pllele d h ti'nm steIeot-plte pltes testaI tlltys-P'it. tt lltltigs, fr.t all icll it. mats bs eident o even to tile 'toertic (teiaiginy tel 11ta tie.sont ofnoe le t ttail iy , poofin te pe'ace) that the wrk inllst lne tital i nletieallty ifallible, and inrhotlltir ontton ofh'tis belrafat premlim of two hundred t ed flftt dtolhrs, is now oli ri ed nir the deltetioll f n error Olflt aent illth; ,resntli Sfifth edition, as erxp ssed ill tile ipreface, making fi ve latnge polointrs rltretd for tee same error sinet ae first pnhlican tion illtle)e car 10 . - One OF the most eas pieoams features of the tables is illnle :trangemg nt of the 'Time and A nt -cts wai fir ex .edilitlls, roference and prpieievuit, with the elp of the sile :nrod index, caftlno he exeeldi·l, anti the saaty ty and ease with ohihe the in:oresl nel r foundio tole extent of generalt bnsinesr, wiolnlt doublitng ofti ns isibeslllai eoalleloleea e S, essenttial, that ill tile estima tion of some n, thle m1l' competent tirlld I tlrtrial busi lnss men adl poblic nfli'ers wpho have ma'de great ue of tte worki it has been distinguished by tho honolable appellation efofa "mastler pitce". At d cons.ering the infaNlibillty f tile Me thod originally adottedl in comlpositge tile work, ttld I t extto( ttI nanry tmber aedi variely oIttlte texamitatons, tests of every edition it Ihas npassedti Ithe -essr el'iteeotiteslttitg the whole is in, eonsittattgt IIt s frt. tle omsitive aneeonraec. .,eurei by tLe ull:preeedott l its means entIgo) oI, tle is hun lam lhas heen hlehl up adll empihatieally styled , the most wonderful book in the watslk-" most erlraily not man an nnamea figure work oflth a same extelnt, slticL since ttte begl.nitgot creatton, has Lad the came 'uma ter and variety of tests in tlle same numbel of edttots; Ino, lilrat Oe talftte luler, as is oclearly sitaowinitil th prelhee. Besides, as test a tl sto, i rd, it has b telt tried a i ltoeeadill Itnearly allI tte hank ae pul n offices io thIt 'ailtteStattliesttI) by te pu'blic goaerally, doringthll long Iaeriod of tlirty-t,' rtlars, yet nloerror of the eatl ,a,,.,,]on l.... , ;e,' ev .. btt ,tdr illpl.intalt.,ho g, ...tiu-,e ;1iv t i;nl el ,ellr b I tile attt' ot,' vert I lrg'e prt'nlilllliS . t'hle itt tt et artctsith' ; iteta by altl afe tairtr oftt, c se(tt ,l olftlte Stalahs s thIe "I iter o-tey elatloll fo1rscal ote interest," as also h -hlw for ballk intelrest, :Iacclrtillg tts ilte b tok 't i ss i ll as t la y n ie seen iai p:ort't, by ,o mitnes ol'lbe sllltribers, ald a fw of Ihe srnstoiltel'al p hlsternLIt st, It lit tttte elnltIfthe bootk, is in itoessiton t'e'erelot rl't ittizensa ill evera qua. te ftnt lte United Stales. It is oreov'rt ll llnl, Ithat, byits r.e.lly eheck, it h.oe toL I fen detltd.'gt enrors, iong after iley were i', e'en y t le Ii ,t ltRLlt lUlltl Imoet osolmpeet titall'rnhittialtS, t'at its rlstletialtms, l:rnt sae tt solte len eeslst"- tlnl its ulsv, Ih.,,y been rxtenlsivelyv insistell ullpe so eltdllt, ilct(t:ll illtah e bheen its talrtagels, ai its saitlltg, that, siet errl v lslllt, wlt ilst the fisst eition ee ticar.e, aIt ndot' tal a greItat mleber of o eolna tIl an coplltes twele solllht flil, stlle to a gret ( ltstlle e. taltiiosftl p acltiosttr gllns olticls, 'S IIov could octEtlisl ily} bo iitked t tat fron~lll Ito tn yer Coly, alll soncil"'ers ttS tae iteucll.fel d tcl ne of insltallel etauli gu tuolred that I'Ofr wltutl atoy. 5il, iet1, aoI t500 filr Ha era, atffnotto e had 1'mc less, a d an aldividual ill Ith Isrtel insh3lle 'lar ltirlnu., Ihavin at tle s'lal e iHle exhlbitIl satl sahlctory iprodlf" to set eL'li plersols11 "re sealt tllhl to Iinlt it wms neally that mlo ney anl Inore thlllolgh the swinlg. ol'l~it ver 's aletable time, e bhing a v'ry' rich nomia.a illn p'dlic office. It is likewise worth, of nolce Polln indeedI proper to inlltpre hat tlenhll is [ihe Ii:itlllre of firgne wVOr'k genclql h" ;Plll aspcrially wben i if. ie xtelnt an i lripra ee of1 these ta los. iha!141 ba ibs book or its like been prla'uo - ell irae Usual llllllllnll•rolle, il Ithe most eomp etent csleulatol' ill the worbl, anl l flel'rwor I nsrlqted mnst waliouly iIillmtr hlsowhl Ce'rection of proof sheets, it woold, illhloM to a certai:nly, ble bIee sI xure F.r re ferenlc, and earle" t any price, as the pIoeaee dlarliie I:'rlp expldains. ]But sei iterl.:o. Nanll valuable have file lel'eclitye pal:tes of this woukll eea tma th t Iosesure Ihelll, illlthleir IIIIr I nhrclls 1111u l l e lor.i a %. ex la.ina lions, gailhst lire, for Iht, gete".rd benefit, they are (by" Iel~therisllnllt lclllallll:utl kept ill a llaee of sfoeeal saliety, except w'hile use" inl prilllio. dilletii1s to find both ballkl atd atstatlle intOr. est w tllh useful notes, follow the I "eft o, whih i this fiti as illlike two ipreceding ediltles, exllain much inl fernlatioll colleel'mhig Ilhe two lawfuol modes ol'eomput iu'. inler. sts, tee dlays :'g l ace, ke. ýt renl:HIS tui}' to) remllark tot, eotw'i hsfatl gthi s tlIncoIInlutl] enstlh work, w lieh, wasl pulishedl before intclr'et t~Ilbts w, . lr illll•/H'tolle ll it dl)IaIrls a en centS be yeldaolmth oae, hosleensoexlensivel),aid ol)el'ally lhatreniaisd, it Itits nutct yo so morbel as Iwid withi te.'st, tee heavy Ioss of uiir u'I, thousanllr h l lla,', beside six , n :l-ytit ihlllle 'itii It '1 J 0to 1815, unstaield on tIle first i editten ul' 704 uics,:a d%_rising ehiefly- from its llobliea Boll lit hlll lillm, at oln tilller iprice,) to say nollhing of corapleonriolln o. profit ollr almost a Iile-time f rar, tmil, - wl'l saerifime. \\ hecfirl.. Ihe rauthor still relies en t e t .li&'t''llnmel~ alnd gotlrot~rlly of thle publ1ic for a wmlithll: :ricer 0,f lnu"l..tller :old a1.11111|un1. For sale by the Petalii ;a1 /ir,h,,tl.,1;,e in Ute I/,,ibt Sl.tutee. - ,, T'. t"\I r i:: it I.;Ii. A1R..ffL.-Jutn ,a, ,..; l ' <I" qii',( 11i. <;/ fr,mlt %p- York, a areek a t,. , . ' l. 11M l' " .mid hitpio tul ,artilt's I h^· a ': 1 _ l1 u .l 'nilshsl THIE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Gee. leaves Mobile every day at rthree o'clock. pm pe U S mail boat for lnil's l,'lndlnt, above Blakely,--theico Troare piastr coacheras to Pensacla--tbelleo steamrboeto to Lgrense, where bhlano d ronle is resumed-lhenee va Mariannn arind lrownsville, Fla. Uainblridge, Plndertiot it, Ilawkinsville. siundersville & Leeris. ville tAntguslr,, Gal; e ctnreeting regoulariy wilh tlie rcii road cars In Ciarlestonr, snand Ie steam ipacre ttt urow York, N,srrolk, Philedlphias, etc. ''e steamboatos are tbe best fur the service, and tile nivigation presents orlre advntsages Ihie cane be found ultlon ally steamboato route ill thie south ern regioh. The great itprovetentls in the rolte have rern I protuced by Ilre construclion of fifts miles of new Sroad, by the prtprietlors, viz : frtom" lra(arntte on SLal'foette Baore, on arm sf dnnt Rosa lilry, to Bryrnlt's Ferry, on ithe Cehatlnlitoche river, icll miles above tile Criwlord, or 14 above Cedar I:ilIui whereby the eavigation of tihe river, and ithe con Sseqaenlt dlentirc s, and more recently Ie incon - vIenient crossing orat tlhe Cuwalord, are entirely avoided, nand a floe road froit Malriatina direct to Blailbridee, instead o tIhe rsundabout rcd via Chbnttahoocllrree, Irsesenig iherdiisaune about lirty mils, asid itrre.asing tire facilitics tiors than ionce adayv Alr, r..rnch line of tre. horse slneiv every other day tim II iswkinavlle, via Perry 1. MnierC, (s. conllelilli weih theIo lille to Savanonah and Daries, Gen. A mail ateamboah t ilies regularly herwren Dainrlridge and Allacehiirola. ITrvellers wishingi to reach arly poirt on Chalttahooehee or Apninclall cola, can take streonth1ot at srownsville. Mobile to I'ensancola--LaId eRiome--I)urins tlre timtle oeepiicd bly tile renatrs t o lts tile pritprie ters of tIe Florida ine wiil lus a line oi inr inrsea poe coaches every other day brtween M. Ihle and lcensacln. Paasentrer ' will leave Mulile st 3 o'clck, p In, in iile US moril boat, and proceeld to IHall's Inld ing, whlere a lur bnrse coach will tI.e I wariig to convey tIhel to tile excellinct ihoiserrf Mr. (Charle Hall, 1 14 mile disetalt, where they will litld ilersallrt aecollllmoudliions lor tlre tlight--leiavln next leorniog, theb. wille arrive in s enala early ill the evenrrtg, tints avoiding tire disetmftrt ci niihrt ir vellitngo Olitre at litil Mansion lleuse, Molibir, end C-iio line' itiel, I'Pesalas, iwhore craets must be retu re,'. S'l)CKrlntN & C,. ne' Piano rlret In.trtits. 11illiamI S.m.nln reelders hiis sresolrs r tithe ciii, ells ul New O()rleanll as a reaehtlr -I' tie pinalll forte. Mlr S llhvill bhell e1m1nilyd several vears as tneateer ul nilusie in irivate I'arihtes in I IElon,, ai lld i alsrL rev rlrlI oe t 'eleieIle ('nlillarlies itll tI Svitilntly, cfalnnt u I t hlPe to lleri hir tcoI e nc.( le is lermitteld intre'r It tr'ev Ir Cl, pp. hrIse Stitsor & Avsry, try edrersin &. joins. Fr ternie. Oe lele aelply at tie birksivre oi Alcexanedr 'rwer.d49 Canmp t ,,re 2 D)rug·e and Jiledic~ine. SJ I ,, - vlI er hIas Iincated illllel;l e i t his city lr I be ip u rllr o s e e1 I r a lll a c lin g a g e lle r a l \VIW IIto el Si D I ,usisltl Oe. Ieiis nowrreeIvir n lullrrsupplr lir,,sh aind runlline arllteles, which hIt w+ ill s.,ll Clliberal fterlml Tol cily drnuggis~ts, andtht losel o ri ill interior i, ieto rhy ii ll nr iinlt ;lllis d illl h ra, he w ill t ,t; r i'ndues, en l eihstc s ihit n 5 hI lv.r It,,i flolrl blr' ltn '(.iltrie tri thir'irsil\t' Ii llltllnlitll ir l hit str'iely lhiit,iurtre busirerur. n' stck t ill i ei tr r 1 i1 t I' l inlet, i ' rn, i t I i Ii~+ vF t', l e r ill Iie rLi Ivy I,,r itltillcsr. All Itiorders tril th colllllr)i llll freol mrehallnt i l II ir cittt , rectiving Zuuh arters will he ipronmptlv alttndud, dto. otIt '2 N, 39JClp St I IE'T'Y S'l'OJRlE-at tihf' sIi(1n of 11. golden comb, M jIt- iCihartl'Cs stlee. Tite slrrili\rs hve re ceived, in hltion to thIr ir pr'Ptiis stock orI hani Ill ftll and l~opl ettt , alrorlllelll of alrtitles ill thir linl; v : conmbR, pedin~unrr, Jewellryv brushes, Intkilng ghtaste+ fnlotv articlets, -.ctnsli llttin i prrt Iici i lows: COiMllS-.tortoise, shell, wrsllcrt lud II)li Ier k,twtst, quilled back, loni rn i t I, dresing, si Ii Il; earland ly,·e,. 1d Oraln e hilwt r wairi rsrrii (i very i i r ar nddii - cridptiowln, wi thalllillo oll (a i llr llre, exlrctts f ofe L't a , la it ertiroa u, si if ilt iti , sh ving c illa' lk a r r{i crllal In istr' fe W trds ve i'elh Iltll ,l ,+ll ni - Io lc )wder , en rd eares, pl iwnh.g enals I= I| n h - anltl n Arill mir i iio .nIu, full r lls , 1 rII r 'tton it iner ,rr -rits tr ntiur ki' d,', re uir 1i ri s 'iii, ce 'i str',an tr, w, lhni air- i u'crl n orr l-ti nellt if 1 )1Is sells, Cll+.iistllL· (Ifwhlhl . 1lld i.'tId t.Ol~l'l)tiltll tl f~l)t'. ·. - j~tl ilrdll.(,lP' , set ill `ll: Cl'l'P , h IlII'I* jlti: l fl I( l F+ll'll + ,1111 Iv· Ilfl 'i'ltl"l~ l. wii'' lt.h illllllil:* il. l I )1 il ll .11 '., .111.t.I\I* .i dlvi,r I li iliihiP, */Ih'CrIii. ,_,ldl '(111 i~l+ i I.+4 ltll L'ltirl I.)hililtr h ilrl:s 11 Ic - -tiIh Iht liit , i luri l L',urii I, .nrlh h r hill , :h'+dl, llll iI1lll, i:lllllli, Nali, rJll\ ill- -. llllll i I lltr icr ll-Irt, ti I 1 i I 1 i Int r i. ii hi1-.1 11 rh-1 n si IF. II)I NII til..\ l ': -tillll ll n l t orli r IIct1 et.r st-ri -rll ' i iin.ll x I lll' i l lle- Ib r - lllltt-it .rI i il-lrllnIe,% i ii etni ii I I. l I~i llri'liv , Iill~l~ r )illll.nll II i'nllilllir rlh'l.l lll ! i1Pn 1 A I"ilr llld l lI'l~llllh. ih,.k.. Iil~l l(ilr' III ill. i'·l~lPl·I ll~lll+ vcr?" r ichlr Iill:1 ' (· tLK iBllill,,ll hli. lr I~i'i .l\il s 11 : i FI.-l a.·llg ll~l' 1· whii ~Iii, ii~i. w 'i lllll· I Iiiil~il~t' i i . ·i, .,I.. .1, Ii++l rditllrll¢ii a-lll . 11 .11· nl .r. ll .T· illl. .lid .l illl[P¢ /i.1.. lll , i i lt.t i ( ll", I l' llC l ·. l ti- rnllI t elll llll 'tu''-t'K%.lll Sl I il t. I. ., ilhl'rut illll 'rut' isre, l ltriii-rl.l , icIr ill ill llr itllhlr ltsi rrnrrrr i r1II II. . t~llllllel'T hdl~l Icilll ul 'r, vtI rv II, , hl hll- , I il,, tl111.lt111 (lll~lnl~llrl~r GI~II(.t rIl(.lIllS tllltr +,4, . 011.' IllTlh+. IIPI'IIill FP(·II+ (I~ll) PI i.ltl bIII - i nesh ci[ t tI l l'sll lll I.i i clli.rri- I l.It i.?i) Irllurri t|]un l. II rI Vltr llll. k illl . . .i Il~lAlrl~l) Ilil'nul lll~ll Yl~llt~lltri ii 1jriS- 1, i lltlill- l is llll -ii eIn't,,.ll il'si trill r nnwll citirt-', - irirIzi-iri t ll il etra, eIrrnll'~l, tciiraedr llll Iit.t IIi hl ISi I + ut r dl o 'rH d ltld tll'tlS llllu lll d s od IIIIr i.,h lunts ie q t{ilti1lle iw hll1 tlllw I''d(3I 55 tI1.---t1attt ta.tataat tatat arir, t~antr d /. Sperml Oil, in casks and bita , Ifr snt Ihv JAltVIS & AN.lltBll ' Whloatalea I)Drugg ais, curlaer CI )alaolna 'tau 'i'chan 1 p t'alagte W.arer, I'arlua.e.ry, &.a-A a.reao.' d article lof cs loglet 11,0 up eCapres- ly tar tah I',talt trade; also ilae purest Foenah tt'rful' rv, tia' t r, a cing tvery variety for thUe oilet, for salt'e by act 2 il l:S. & D'In AN( ;. hblishled a vltrl rh sI llnlfa ct e r¢ ill .Newa ).el'calla , ia ready s u I t hts la t lha aaintesatoll tileo Ilaalli it g'eneral, ly wala'aa alu .r r't tail. Ili, Iric. re a maaa rt, I lill tlae qlllaliy of' alir ttaadaal s asuperia a tto tl" etr bro"ght to Ihla p lace. "1 elllletlalt t Itlllt let ll tl t ltasa lllrltll tlhe i alllla lactory has beatln at the Ihaa d of a aIi ett rst ve ealalliaae est ;l'tahis a kiad in Europe, T'' .e ia .slaa to cull at tile aalr ar a if Na chezi " still 'a l' la piitt IIni i slall be leltll s ilw h n fa'ir ;amlll flll' ab allv rlliht tlhty ia.t wish o l ry. All o St tii vnrtiishat alr a Ihle l(1ouh ..l ,nra itu'Daoatl o a ssig t e agt ta l iart water. 'l he latlk saranisl .o altlllaea nid aPIm bii. cllillllies. The l rallnlpllrell t ¥1riish wilJholll ,f Si e .. &. atl II lt(SINNAIllI.. LOtU It-- ' atnllhilaag I ill stamller I' depeitd enst , slea tJ I aIr Sl', , ,n"; 41 ,N,,w I.I.·,,. Etnersoln'a latazor tlro as--Tet e casus athals genuinle aricle, j esi received by oart 3. Ii ElSIE ., & D'LAN(t Ia amp a, r11e'nactable taea- a otta t'tead. ate lt" mi ldi altl lf, e r ll i tor, Ina . said ;itI li r, ali to 3 ItCO(;lI'l & A It IlTH llRN, (.lill ( beI.s. lat o t et a as C is ellrat l l iharlt s at a helll I( t fl il a att Ih t til t.rll t all t I t l 'at eeli r li lli d m 1e1 pri trth o e I1 e tl re, I Crtat l o a'att' ItI a , t .a' ttnt aind evra l itan a3 o antIt y a os a rrlsa c ed venllld r ; nle hl r i I1re( c o rllvecd w 'il ya l l ect iilly Iths Clo tr )l tlla iil he a ssiart s a llt plls l iea l ahi cll Iat e s le ti lisl ai lpe a aer 'e trt ot c '. iat he 11osta irs. als in the tilleta ll aiao1 11t ia l l:'aaa laa t " w i o lt a t of at aat a e , tat e a llanied ' ia ltal wit , r . ,tt seaest plat n tal n, &a . t a vn tat tendd e m Iv ,Ila tla.a , l a..ilal ios, '' la. aIr t the I 1a m I'laa t is allol etty', ta. let"t , illv , t. a ddiie t Is I hIIIt .LI aou qu llity, a i polllll ted .i as ay *'O TIlE PWLLIC.-'l ll ullaelrait. scctl. ing I st.lldie l lunderiDe I iT acltsli wcll h ta llalstla Scutlh Carolna, etad lins somett ysare hlat atasisatant ill t tlleou Iprastiae tIalaicita al d stlrgery, hsll te tls a llanr Ito oter Ilia lrolessiunal cestrvlcs inte ls city. lio assures tcle ladies Aolld ean at tr( tlat ll. spollt attnlltioner will be pill tI tIt . alll s wttica iay be alde; and also otfers Ilis serevics wt llte thoeit lE ' ldersave, bating sel stlaqaintat ratal tse tliseases catto atat Iltatata, leaving attrla l isLa altt ill tle satasr Ila olseo in harilsta otaa. 'lTe tastatas nti tllie s an pills att tae tatItatclia n I ci Pro saatsur Snatao llett, ail diractiot s, all a e hall ca Lia untderaigned. 'TIlse ffectl hitlr ctoay tyacs prodsceld tt this and othasr citisa, bann beetl a!teastatll witht Ilet glatatest ucess, to alaic tlae butal ti' rclisrenaes cla sl gio te. Apu ly at No. 1li( tlllgs. stin cteleat. IJNO. 1hr 1'OIIN;u l'h Ol:n rletilm laoun, pillris &ille., of t alle tihez tld (l'sr t Kllt' basU., lf litalduy,s'aan sa .,lvt ' a Tlathe uadersigtled t Taaurvivia a rtnttll wit l thlolc e ri ul thlle setliing' nd oloing saidis harsi b as i efnll ed~a: IeviC'.r llal.aaiat ll tatttella. Atle at t li g tl ui Mas es &' Ca.,nt Ia thltta iiaa ld Ilellry Kelley wall arttaa tat .esa Orlransa. 'Thl'Ie a .aea s at lale aeral t int will ta'l t ill lillidatia u ltaa lv . n .k :' Ia III IIII . IIt'x a l -Y s at I ' " I ('1,, I W .' ii~1 ,s ! n,l . "!7, 3:1.37" OL~BEAR' ciae rPemnanship received,and for sale at their pcrlnanent Writing Academics No. 8 OCblres strest, New Orleans, 189 BRoadway Now 'York, I)DaupLine st., Mnbile. It is parrirlcarly desigted fir private learners, and schoolsl, adl is calculated for persais of all ages. Iadies and gentlemen are invited tocall nd examine the system for thenuasivea. .leesuns are given at sach hIounse as y suit ithe covenaienee ofdull, and to classes frimed in any part of thi city. Ladies woe prefer it can receive !crons at their own ref sidenrce. l'erso*ns pnvyinr e so ree desired o altenll "r ' s svell astlhev wtes. .35AK 'RIOTII!I.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. P EN years have not yet elapsed since it was lirst regularly submitted to the public; Ibt it lias attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherrev. or it has been knlown and appreciated. Already has it boen carried in every direction throrglhout the United States, and still realizes .,ore titan could have been anlicipated by its mont sanguine friesids. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through ils asgn. Cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its deaidcd and supremle efficacy. It is comrposed oe such niadieinal principles as are calculated to renew tile healthy aetion of the stou acI, liver, and otlier illlportant digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it protdu. cos an enririe change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys tIre native liability to relap ses of the aflection. When the Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment oel tie Tlaonic Mixltua will not interfere with the treat. sr ent of the other disease, but will even afford as. slstanee by furnishing strength and vigor to tile body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this lmedicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, alurks, Merrury, or anlly other article in its composition unfriendly to the human Sconstitution; being entirely a segetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has tile f feet of a gentle laxative about the thiou half a bot. tie full has been taken--in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicine left to linger in .the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now oilireld ifor the cure of this alFection. It has been Ssed also as a preventive, by ltany who were sub ject to a periodical recurrenlc of the Chills, and it Ihan invariably warded ofi the apprehended attack. t Observe! The Proprietor, fully saitinlied with tile unlpar,,llled and universal naccess whieh has con. eantantlvt ttended a punctual and regular use of tile T'uonic Mixture, in all clses of Fever and Ague, t lils warranted in engaging to refand the price to all those who have takoen tihe ledicine in strict ac. e cordlance will the prescribed directions, without having been porfi:cly and lastingly cured. 'The scrrneercrs are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six r ty casr.e of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and grenuine. For sale at the inanureturedr prices J.\tVtis & AINtirtEW', \\ilnebnnah I er.r-giria, rnov'17 r r (i-ce Ci lrrrnir r lc'lric.rh l llh Iins slir.llt. tll ti in'iip pa it1mal , l.4a ia n',a, t l ilat ml, SitUS. MARY KIII(I.ANI. reaa,peetilly an. nesnc to her friends and the ipublic genc. ally lthal she i pre liared to accollliIodate thella at ie above establilishment, andl hopes fr-ln Iher :xertions to renllcr visilors conlfortail,le, to receive a contitiuance of former f:nvors. She feels conil. .lent lint plersons visiting Caoviigtoll dluring tile iiifiraP-ieriinathsi, canlllnot find better acconamoedatiionsl than the can afford thlleln, on moru liberal terna.. 11cr house Is ploasintly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; tlhe bar is firnislled with itle mloost choice liquors, &c. ill short,she promises "'at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give tire salistaletio to all whllo may platronine tihe 'nliasijilppi andl Lalisianaa lnlotl. je3 IoLIUOW VWARIE, WOOl) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /'I II i \WELV.L WORKS :COMPANY, No. 1 -"38 Water, near Ibenkmanla street, New York, have received the past eason, and alre coInStanatly receiving large and extensive additions to the slock of the above gIoods, whlich now consists of tlhe ollowing aissortll , ullitlile fl r the southern iand wlste rli macrkets. Ilullow ware of soperior qiality, cnnsisting of abolt 150011 tons, viz, Pots of a ` liilltbraent sizes, from 2:a to 50 gaillns, I Kettles, ii szes, from 3, 3a.l0 I gallons, IGltlh:r 15rsizes, ifrom 3:18 to I, gallors, it likep.l s r I iven) , 7 ltil:'rl ll sizesI 'l'uta lettles, li I< Sl.ilhies, . . 5 do Flat1 Spiders . I lu Olrh~l es, . . €, lFire li Io Waaion bioia f I. I to I 3. I nches. ('art to. n5 Iha i mehs. Wod mo cr.w-, 2ll.0ll1 grloss, iron nd bllllrass, irmllll :H inch, N,. 3 to :1:h9 I eh, N., '21 of a .nperior qlIatity and finish, than Jamac's inported S.lal Irans. a.Liirtei d, I Ic s'ls of albOullt ll a for l I'.rll lll. ba ' Itrons,: - rted. 2 ;l,;5iir w ght,, 100 tlon ,t.Oattell from I .1 4 to Iall.' for P'lllaittillaa . ,itlanbatll , clilte hlltrihesl, ic. mnarls to order, A.lno sltuairbanats and other aI- chinery madel to The above ass.trtanat of goods in particularly recoanlnenlldedl o o t!i alttlanion of Soluthern andl Vsllerll lmerchansl , and irar oilradl flir sanl at low prices, alInd upon tllse osl t libleral tei l ;ll it is I e. ieved tol e theil largest id his it lll~niorrrllt ever altered for sale by any ine estalblilnlien iin the Un Ileid i ates. \erchanillt bly forwardingl a requllest by aiil, ciai have a prin'.led circular. wilth ldescrilption ofi gotods, pritesu .lad terls, f: whllllah n deviation is ever ilalle, fnrnialtd by return fa llla rel. All ordersl will receive inmedinate atteation. New York, 1838. je3 1, I I, i aeafn's alafuterias. Inarlian Dye, for col nilng the Ilir ; i bear's Oil, Ruiannas earl~' eesi , pianillrtn, lnclana'i rle cle Washlt, superior pearl powder, liii wilie,-crinr'a oif roses, v- e llble rouge, t i lo - l rose, llp silve, kreausle lath wash., carlloic denIrilice, oani flower walter, p aowder iall. afnd box,- Alnrie.n charl al, nei llly put ll, in Iour ouncIle vials, Pllres. ten slls, collol ne, kreao I ilrooth lacht i niorl , hair br- Ihe, n. . i. t.<l res ln, acoalalt Indian hair olI, w ith e va ort l o ll he p rlit-a rh t ,ies, & c. For sale Ily C. J. 'TiIINCARIID, o.i 3 corner IT lllnnl and llur llo sriS nlllat J.ilattic lai l N. 0Co i A'I's-I gaot, drab Itiit- cain ats, virous Ai ag litis |- leroad bri i=. or d low' crowre ns l a dling ion l stip -i. I. iak fliar Ia ti Il I I1 nll , 1 i 'i- Co l ii7 "3I Ma|: znvI M St o iuvar gei , tln Ir a lbe y l tini lilIo i le, ! 7 4a New l~ev4 rd. & ,c I h hall erIShe, ield, E elinsdn ha lijst reetilved It very extnsive ia t t f a ai r,, tc n n Tilei tlil -i ell. t Kilnea I. i -.-. s li i Pei a clak, a, ik, and S ear llill n IIves Mer 'll'l, ria n tann, ral-.: iaanols,& . &e"a&- . ail- I' - are a rinaairn e hix i to t hii , trl ahe Icr rh,:,. 'l'ote, Mutt l oll lllll tillS till I,<. ll l I k w a a al is ll.h li ina fIellli J. J I. IiI': I I ': N & A / ill:111 . 11 nllllli1 C iI. NlbI rL s N IS e \ i w II, Ust A .an n'w o 1Ovn , IIn.iRTTnl CO p .-Aer aow rek eviveg Stiar ha i nl Ha ri ll, Ie glc, ail et ,y leery Aitl, , Iligh ander.I, carllcht. sd ; ,na oubl r i beadtl h I v iii Il bel and p akeli. risna; plan i hh Im id slaai. c SSi-nl b aerps: ca aii llhnl.s wsul'l S, Rao z s, pie, Vl e;tI :ilel 8ll's c llme llrliandllll Ioth r steel eCns i - alt-; Vli i1i s shei ' lli io i nae et'a ti taut coia s;c wia.-ls kclrr lar,c inis, a ierdnl , i ,a ll hair bal ids, l mr,l a. tick inile s n. .lrr ill's; ielt; e la - ,t .ic e lgm e W llO t l,, ll t tall I antiiT oil, imit ioniia ; a ntiqu1 llnl hlaS oil;a por e slk, I candl dshalol i . e ll', : alst lruche,g; shII lllnd oilei IgllaseanI -llOex ni llors of, eam glsCIss alnd viwls;Ind b.ehy, aus it llsahnh i Itnnsn aeornioin la; -i,ihill r ler, and ntallna siaver a n til an o r, stg l etll ier wa. ' l ls. ren al v ariesy hiarianlalsa Iu iol r nlahees hillilar, ibarlli plocket hilanIks o welslnd Ger nm s, I uihen l rll aleid S a tl-l. i e llolt rt gtn- I l ast i ta-it e a tle nat -trat, g -latietsdt l a iftan n•a tcI csa vanak ilnn e lntl ilail, l aka. &. l a t Tin abl velriils, i nl pni lll Ilsl as tilnr ittuk oranv c . 'l'tie itaakc iii •aIistlia iti t ii aii't.Vn ci i ab nI ann. ii Sal wiil sale r itaila pairt sign of the c oun i. ni lIS Chara-s a-aret-, Ntw (reanis. -vT\, SIa:IMt;-tANT' & Cit. lot airters nf IFreneh I V\;e, ullllI' ecur ~s e ' rlusl are. n ru2 ` it-i Fnlsai C aittna and Eacalat n wan. naa newia u.lini an, Mai lilal ri'hiaarl f itnrg b t lrek ia, d innin.I an el Services, tilal sis, itlec esr, Inl anti c,lfen alips, aptiiia, sganr;1, arenstawces aI res. dlniies, tiaraitc, wanat blinis a' ewersal laal .anl IaIs, ea. 1 C.. Rltch aI iui ain p in Fr, cttiah iai I Amna lia cn c lia. s. d.arer, , o i gt r ,.ith , g21rlne hol rlo. ,ll-~ ler aots, etc. lll'rplated, l,,rlnz, lnod tritania warn,.si n- arc Srat c h ,l an 1it lad , ln aallc t .eetd an lld tic .an . "n rsn b sain s. laainls .a l ian ,tned tra ts, irat isiantd- ,u alld I lan-int. lanmpli, bite cutltery, t.ielaania un-ver sa,,,ons anatl tacits, togelher a ,'Itll iitt-nat vaiiealy if. irtiehla sna-blite tti, nil labkegd n.a as lo na nautvyad lith ta.e lanai ltrny pano ilen attin'ry. -nr., t - tiara lt,, ca-ln ,.- a ll,an ,.in M In n-, h 2wa I LI t -t ii."t l t Illt , I1c nan.. .. ta-a It'ati' & I'n. '1 ""'1''f 1'~ea1rl lfir , id 1'h'ltlr . ta fAIL. AIlHKAA ErME..T . . MiI I Every IDy at t. M Werrrn Mi, CIhsI Erery Wlay Y 10edesAI.v ma i loare v'voey Macdave wedeieuda .a Clorec every nlandly, EXPR~Ess 218. TIM)ES OP ARRIIVAL, IiEPARIITUI&F: taISPANGE ,.o tire Epever n/i, berm-r, tar ila acid Nar Yoeb--leaeierg Thtleile napil. al a I'. at. Neertlraar New York d atily rr 5 l. n outhwrdl. Arriver Arrive Nirrllwa rd. I.irne. Ti eron' bieaoto. cv.Al.. s1/ , r.n', 3y, Ii, a. Celerrtroia. 11 illeeer 94~ay 3edn0a ffilledgeviile. GoL. E 14) m'4 I.m named C H Bll Ep t, bo Mo I v n e I lor here . atin.. oi de lln. a u . N im 12IY r lurin 3rP iiut w 0rt. ArrivesVa Arrive,; a rd l Nobite. n. i ard. Dita3e n imI n 5. w I n niie oeer, 01itt, am 1 ii 's 3.h 6 .l SWneiiirgiarr city, b pm. ii 4 ' J'ln reiimerGe, n6 3r 8 4 by - lpmn. 90 p e 1V. b ilr . or, 3d3 Naihiveredn. Ceaeiiea eieerelrhcvcii rim I t nim Ia airhar INvagb llac ao\l 17 heave.' Wann~rr.,itod 12 r c.,' ll~~ ..,, .,,i SWhitgtn iiOnh f Arcn Iit Ailli. - . anAhe J Ar trie; 9 aarcsl e vIar vi ofe lredlp o Aeie, oilrn ot nt . an Aeerarrd a nre r-vno e ar aor oi.tia dro cl npgoo orehemei . Ilt . ige h arr, rlylyrl. Ire.d bierhm Il uee l i,_.,hjg5 Jays a ),t l wl7 · h 6r s. ll . a Ll eulet or l piolit 3mills Irm Aln~AWAY vcrsel snll (':rmlu~lelt coner oa llevj. siteen ra nivvea I leoirii vn, itharares ren an Iaro er, o Ibo. 17rIr rearee r.Bear, win 5C . |Insi hed ico-n h i ierc iiiie aiyof I ;tier mc eref i-ner llre. tr a llrOl , Ilrleiciee s iro llts| w li e Ft Iv Iith I glunins reciving or Carand eorin v eni, ooeero ot nMai othe esnsI~AtS th t-ctr...-- ¾r -rt~ s even.n os ~W .... .. .r~ iepelmra 1•uerh f IlofIhmia &, Garverets ont rawmlp diseseeied. lrice ''hcrl' ereiv w I lirlririatee the alfoir IS rieevrllverel ill thir city, reaid rer .rir e c-r-nrrerrinm teier. ei roelllekiee abieet llrelt ri iri ileele ye rind elirier e rrin l ee]lactsteepriaeseent inilkfo.etam ll all ug --7l t 1 !-'A R R ET.ON (:,cAt'AIN 9IAR3YAr'|ImS Ni:W niiEtl. Rarelia e Ie li-r-. ly ne €reieec el ipehrr Sietplelo, &z in 2 vels. c (?atneiei-, or 8'ceeeev cit 9Rieloee Ihh iaiCeIiJ ile )l.a1. Crejceaieey (?lllltailt IInil Iai ll, Itlvtul N.ery, ,.. L. il I)'rL h V m c' I1C. Lovrl )feriha, rvaeirvr hv Ail/,itacrla ill 1 gierern e'/heypard Lee. ceteritteny Ieieecavrl.i, I"2 v di'amjeaitdAitallir tr-0J .rltlry, rveceierend terra rrcvigilee Itraiv eaae Nelaalhnie (r;veev' IoinrOot.G, iieireg No 7i9refuhielareer'rliireei tIieeerrv. Voli.&eei eere-e veererie-rT e e eeitI unel;airv edhiriesll· ci hi'ero/icg/aa Ivieiera lia'r-kr Ieogero 'veaekren/ad I"eeg/islk Lfleicerc.aey. il I reel , Aeegeala' Fr-er-kh aced Ear/..irk Die-lieeaey. Amerer-.8 fvecccve-eiioe | ('aahee'r I'irvraerolg "eluieaezeia"lel~r.ececvcver'(. accrer.asstf eayv reo m inv wvithl (· Ili Iliiiuie e IIIII* e e)I-4 I- eeree i2-i? ciir h iiiliece'r iael teeacd Icc'trelic t'e Ieijtl eei ccaiev eara, waiglrm. &r. Ac. &,-. Jao.treecievivaecnifav'oral hy cjel 11ENJ. I.t-fY. It NNOi;Kn tItO31I., &e.6 t;-hw l ni thl * "'s Arhlmnl .fI JI th.IIII li t~rv ,l /*St'( J to v hi.h s p 'lied n I l irJ lh'iN, Oh-[e'. L L~itm!.l Ili..t,.ryt1 ItndI 1 FTIt gre lllt v r ely I)Ifvnh ) i be fv.' Illre llti clen add ed Ihrecil l io t cce cw e.e-lee heelce niI r hl~titlll n ri nd e irceltill er c rie acreh, eca t ime brlrrrl" er Im aeleruruc I rlealler ie.a eeC rice lerearr eni a I ~ll~'.. \ill' tllllil tetilllli ;ler Iee ll tllieele.ih eiiir . (tI;ale h eeet crc-re- Ccctl , eli rV lich'l. : c l weee iccediecm rice!herr.~l reel 28 I dher{' e~ll;I , ,liceeeece;ecieca uibsll reec inl" I':ghlll, llIl(IIIIII I~lP, | '~r ;4 f JillJ It Ufsr I·1l~I. "1calllh of tl l ~U ie, ierll . (. e rlleeirt ilc at l1keml ececeeeeepeerae th r .tlh Crle Weeere eecieeairot tmofarcr rice i ellhlelle eienefli c ' :·l 'rllr fa :t ill; |F ne ,Zit |rsdl i lieri ce ' I cerria e al1ry tire. Ilo I iItt rea. Ne I\I)1I1Til·RI1 ~ crce c~ii)\i~l Ili i rcel 1~I InIicic rrarnya n i"'s ""rlilr I·IIItr ·t ·lt, lttt~l. t l~ie l~ Airt Ol~tllial A iclP iceere n-elll eel frever lle lcc Wit y IIII y.1 ""UYS ' }*:I l.E ET OF ,ll'it'illl}N)l: I11 ItII1I)I Aur Y.l i0 'l 1 1 .I1. "6 89ew r 8.n . I[.I" trr ti . At· riltit rat r 3m. h dto iic-iterr v ii It ar* ah eke i ccl) liccec r e ,cee, i envier Scker,, hllilelp r .. ril~lllllP 1 A I |lllll lllle. lli ) 11.·ll~l l ) 111) ee(clee eiee (reec -ecerliler ir'L llipeitkll-ll eel r ,1 eil ilra I~e Cecece acr- crcl. ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,l)* II I{'I"'1?IVS CI.A.' It~ 1..I.II.I.~ *I s ·I1(ARY. I reel, le.,.,!,y licei t,, ;, e-rce|ea | til. Ic icc , ciceee cc i~iilllle lletle eec 'ik iih l lch iey rce , Ce ' eecel . e,. e"ec' ececle iler crrc rin,. Ir ti n l., lr f lii"H 8 wr' c'i, I rei ec,-i ee c h. erria a TIr. l'ixi. iii{.. ci. Ilc I r- icr ecna err IN allr ce dle le, rel , \) l jh e ee.rr h {I/ '''' cern 11-s.'. h Cecqeer ae o.I Jairr-roi."d rI8t he, Ak iI 22,,, ,!, ,I". .,,, or ,"n ,, i,:.e . "a - ns ,i a ar...l . wn '" I );I,:l' ,. IiIe.],* I'I aii i e i . ... .i 'r I, j i . i... h i r , hr . . re Cnrpeoa" ll l uid.... I 1, ' i, a ti e" c crn ir i r l ifi i rel ' n u e a lo k, r~ p- t lca li, c S, iera• share tiir ii iii hla i gis ars o tl1l u:fntcp r l n d r 1 e IP l se ll hlllr fA vori t l el Illll r e'all+ ,t Ie .i 'T'he enrtlre Wilk ik l )r an, e.rll nlll a:l i d fri l ry i" lliCle im 'freiL an! t m hilly ' ihle ili,. g only are par 1'ie S-l.- , a ,'is*`111i.z ,of T ornt rgI P wurderS. 1i'l *%iaaI11ia liirn ai' wh.ile Fume arnd elegant r te r s e, ' " \n "°i "ll r ll by . ;e r , ci11ba 1'" I:llf'rieciiii1t di.cer-ion Apperienl--i i raj la d e el "rae r t I tie eiII t I t.plalla,, a, lid, IIr c r ..fl llt ll T oeglC 1 t . Cnrl'aer'L liid EIixlrie E if Warsapsrilla O upri! li ulite blooed, c lo die ald cubeeha &Ate. an a llllm alnl ec. rlld t \' rlMlu ge I llriib ,l an Inerarl wr k hi, Oid.ii0hleep l.ace r lii cIn g LiaiI.riIt., jill o IIIi (;,II ilVu plast '1'ral. brllieos , N S Preiinlce'a cnrlionie dentrir flee, (ellirillio l wFIash, iowile pll's anld belle, lreniice'ae aes anle lenlrli'r, ihla rlia loral rwsh pwdter llills and b llxr, Prellice'. scesled and llin loilet powdhlr, Ion.niiiitm creme de Pere.s oranre flam er,', Iiveder iald Iruida wailte. olf t ie tet qlitaiia, ii,'. an d'a NIarasar Oil, Old. ridge's ballm ) C llll , has berl's il, isa varity ol licler aind oatlpr Iniclies, indilible narking iank auriear lach ja ilk, &e'. SIprm niid rehied lwhale oil. Ilay's Lininlsa A nnnerlicnati oCI "'arblilrn'elairden See ct ° GEOIRGE JONES Fn'r i'earMare l rare of a ie Feer and . Iw'ill Ia rtndilv discovered "hlerein ahe Traiidk Mib fIaire is snlpriu, Io hlie urdilaary ,alse at trealia. it Fever and Ase Ar. In tle first illcs, laeing a Veg nlbe t:xtract .aad 'ee tra mau ydeleteri,.ia and poilom ue, ingrerdieels, it llV le atkean whithrhin atila asfr lhy the teiallr if~la,, r use i slt . Ih it pro viClls rp/lnllle llf Il d.-!.iiSI·, t 'Oll+.te qV lety the rnnltiiltla lia sai n ra lainlis it ' .enc 1 a'n in aiia t ilirys nsianl.u i aters I. l ,l l,! m I id t.......... a Il! a ,lit , bry illvig- rtin g I' ls ili'.'tal6h -.·; l rel1in ain njllas..s.. lf trs.t. ,t'limip ec au linsI i _- i~ jii amIara ll qualll i. y it remallny III. ~ uniii la i,. i ia 'i, ia.-e da lis gllt, or ao maeal I a Iilai'eailima5 oo 1111din hulas benefits th ii aaag iiit h aai'aa'iaeaaali l ia o . , t me suibe olprered. , i a lter he aac 'l'wai¢ Mirslllare , havel cell, exlposed tl ail the ul iaal caeseus of the diaeael , .nd hallvl a Ptlied allhy iy iata)lll ay ofrlar ia wherraa by "llr ,.,; ,, .....n CIII11 ;,in,,,.. ie-. th. re is shays ..... al II1 lcrealal Itabilillv to rlra ee. The d'nara oif l'riq eniai rill'al e.a m'ihe .d ler is very revilnt, foe aIie s? lll ws l Ia.aII Fi a(cm,.ILe too mueh pro lalea Ia Ii. bla i,+ tenet a, iii li tiilae, tied sioedily Cilia a i Ii ii llto l lth ite-lll:P sia loi oen '[lliel ic lnAlil. mn i mllier.led iil iuc(h an reaisaaallhlm r ie. IIs aolaea it aH ila lll . t ll I I il1 a r a n el l d le at i a re lairP i fla i rima ll.(ah lceni eaaao rnlfrilisg lth lil I II aair el~lrll 'e n.l'illlaii, freeld y alnieh d a II spcaeiaia'l inll ly hr. Jol,n It. REaisail, ataLh hle iist iai'i '.e ara tihe lhIidesnle PablIs tA ill. te 'll imsa , tlt n willaelll by alaeiit , al, l I oei t Ipriee. TI'..b h bai at retail alaa,gl A•lillaiaesri "x i lla soily. JolVIs & +NDREwIVS, Wholelsamale Ilaoggiao, naoi (:'C lnlIanI & Tlliehoilolnlse. 'lIAIRII.E CIIIM3N Y PIECE Wasnsraoue, .VJ Cotolhousc stareet, rlaluiit tIhe poislolIe. Tlh erubsrrilaars are nlOw rcceiviag from Iltheir stel torie ia New York, anld will keep constantly on laisl a general assorlnealt if Malrblo Mantle Pieces sfsuperisr wrkmanshnllip, and af the latiest patlerni. iaade of the bbet Egyptian, Italian, Irish ald American marblo. Alsa, Monumoets, 'rabe andt C;rave Stonllos, mnalded and plain sills and lintls, narblh facinga, Iaartlas aid boundary stona, plalste of Paris, tolnalla & ly.Iranulie Conent and Plalster. i g Ilair, togetler with a .plendid alsortnlnnt ol b aiss mioorlted ad plain Grates and P.ussia Iron riates oftlI neestl and mosat approvedl ptterns. ientering dglna in tlhe neatest ainlner ad at the rl(lll lit lIce. They hane first rate workniaen is i nasau woak. BNf,' " AlN & STROUR. l.1l)CI.I.'s NEW N\VKr)ltKc.&el'Lte Atnerican g lahplclyt, 1 i!lu tll atie-'s"A Year in Sjain," is vllums.. Nnble hiiee-if Wailm n in e vhi¶a'l! 'T'1ae: 0a.1cciii'r' l la, II IaIual en mral fcC mJuc i rreei ir i nlild fIr hide lay WIf 1. M'K..31 . I ý, i I . - n,.."l +. , i ,. 1" ,.,r . :It .\ I'(1iW'R -t " i a

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