Newspaper of True American, November 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 7, 1839 Page 2
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COLLENS b...frd 9h,4p,, H),3 Appoint.3 13 13331,38h,3 C433H3'I 333.11 3(·1 A 01.3.03 08.3313 No. 8359 COMMO03)3 SlTREEI Al 1) ''o rlr-v lu~iur n .r'i4)L0x o .1(vrrv v,;sr lntrc 49 1.1 b Jylir: 18_'0; e lrlt' ld.333,333 181,33 1Jd3A(31c3,j. .011d 3,, 3333334333C on-,, 3433334 33333I3238:5 ll4l Sayid8C3. hu~io318,1 3317 33',3d33.33v4.. 315-1;91 odd {urea S diJ of caption nd eirn a0 d :r w iuh 11 stood thn sa onnsl xcruliny ul Chr 4919,1-t 1.nw ela d. 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Coo 1303 so)1. 8h31res; 334.I n Cok, 833340!3H .333,4. l3.33h1333334'! .wd .:413.34,333 ' 118~r1r~r 334 338r3833 nl~e 33%(. r 19%141 83(113333il, 13,.133"3u.,- to4199 1 4'38333H333.33t 3lJn- 33I .3313338.3 PF h4l {9 1 :---134. 3,,.:3.3.8 ,9o,;H 3IS3 433 333,. a FAITe LTU L AND BOLt,. we tiofiiat Jourtnal of the Sb., lLntrict rltn. TI, tDaily Tri-Weekly & Wceekly. tio bv,, b -- a.ll THURSDAY, NOVE1MBEI 7, 1839. fl that we twere notl io.e! y dt e crt' oaqoninted with thy hao v he i. their doods undelir a bloushel-wo do ct work in darkieoee. tit 'lth Roanks have unoiversoly lost sight of the be reasons thalt have ioouccd the chlarter of their mo. nopolies, they hlave wayed it long and deepot3i. 1 cally over the eoplet, trol like bloatled domrgoguoe, tn t they hcave ctated tn, and grotund the people, for A "w-hos benfit them y were itnoattute.l. to ir tite tt Io in tey shouolt be tahe ght, lthat they are otly invetled all .t ;ith certain povers for the bodnrit of tIohe pubhle l goneratly, and that the privilegeO granted then.ol arn not for their roclu:oer profit and otoluoent. al. 'fhen ornk, ore publt cai noratione, chartoerd be by legihla iron onencltetots, eobnooous to ropublican ot principles, and sruoered crt expedients ont y so Ingq ea they may do good and right to the orma. Lot Sthem keep tLsro e t, trolveotablo tru.the sonetan ly i preseat to their mind., and thry lljay bucoLte as e n p polatr os they are enoc :Lt rurtes. it In reletion to tth prtot:-lct ldr"ft o the Citiroens' o n. , li o aof hioh e espou.e litdaye oer wo ince,we it learn, upon inveetigin, tithat our RporteTr cwa yi o inforrehd, or t' th i he mt:onrutood tIe genotle. 'f mant whofti hoi 0ar i obtaind his informatione. 'moere 8 wi a Idrafl cume bach pontestrd, but it was ont , the CUitisons' an~Lk htd sentt on for collctoin, tII 1 e consrquently sch pardon of the Bank for OENny uninteutional wrong ice may have been guilty of Yesterday C.. tain Ti hooI rlpon, of the ship Vic. 1t. toria, anrd thrno of lhis cres were broughtl ulp e. foroe Jutdge L arace, toh IU. S. lietrict Judge, oi aflidavit of Cal.tin t noi'ter of the shtoter Coo. . I rLncy, charging ompon antod the otlbher withl n aoa:oatlt tnol h.ntiiory on tlho hiohtsofl 'l'ioTl pub t. te. tith Ilve had the --atuon- t of the poetios throughr P lto ,aeiy-rs, rnod conA , , oontly, d-lail as tote o Ith inlem r ato-iutee ars o oeleoes, AllOer an examinoo lion of evidence, Captai Thompoolonu and lois moo bh wers co!n:.itted ~rl troel t othe ensouan Stoteo of on tho Cit uit h c out of th, i0 Dece mber. U' Gdail, we believe, was iveno. S FURTIIII l APPOl''NTMENTS BY TIHE A Jote C. BmT.Yt', to beo tisTrICt Attorn'ey for toe I econd district, in place of . R. Green. tIl Luoeote Insoan, Notary Phabh, in place o SFolio Do AXrottn, tcooteol-lct's n jewel. r Joserro RtrOes, DIrectotr of the Loouisolan o Stato ,t Bartk, in place of Judge Lgondre, resigned. t! v 1)u1 ,,. , , hd . : Iitv eo t, Io Ili- Ih, I ,.irv r,'frO hed on pi t--i , . tvo la nni tic uittitrwaoldc iiiotl. a mI1,. t , -r Iwo . i l oti k h . t rto ' t l t, ,, eroo . tco it ,h," ' nv :y LLr ttlCI H--it hJas gou r ti l th nith all od n ow I,'in:; p 1oli.-i ,l by the <.,t1 plapers h,)l e aI n ntcr-. Pre rr ni dal go.' --' ,gne II Iod-rty, .7"I or ~d olh hoitototo r. Ti absove item of news we1 pubhshed before the Pc, in a Icl' Ifrom our orretp, deol'nt 3o1. I)." Ye' terday thwe httl!, rgottical PN., rannouncs a tbollows :--" tea bollo 't Agnes raised by Veloci pide."-- c 'Irrue Airlwriiaun of T'uesday. Notco ol'Mias Verlly's tirslt appearanc e-dito. Death of (aptain Vincent-'rueo American lSunday. iDeath of Julge l o'o-- :early all tho city p oapersoo last week. ingn;tr IAysttry-c-( ty paper ol Monday. Ne.a om ,:-a t;a-i-(Cour-lr of Tuesday.' Eha c tlo of ('ot ocii l .tJ tlt --[tol!ctir ot' OIIndy. (;''Ioni N wi paof 'per-f-Jom.1im o ara Advertioc r of Miondty-i e of 'I'u eIIdI ,y. Ihealth lfti t. An ugus toin-o u lJtln of Montday ltst-Ah, bah!--\e have ooi t tioo to :go througlh witithhe old nears of Mr. Ic . but, Vre la Bagatell e Pulf pluff--Pic. N , Darrellc ; or, ']'to Glipsy Mother.--Noarcy ,.&. ll.Lrt--b E. Johnl & GC. a noiw uo\ol from thr peo of tho tcilor "of the heiress,' ' The MIer. chat's )DaughitI r.' ' The Sq.llo,' &c. 'l ,sl nau thor haoltotwd ocpc+ t:o'lo rather blcyold the conlln oll n oof l','] writers. The present story is very nturl and tc lt tlt, and intcre-ling. J ANI) 110! VH r · ri2 l otot ro o oe t lcl,, tlVl imn Paxton Hnllet EI it o ' toilrl' ' I t r ii ) o i , ,r,,t .. i tot ii . oooirilh, ! ohltl, i o T1h" htl is :lo s.tto ' '1 I' ,co , c ,,ic Ir., , t, 0 lil Ic ' t "e oil .r 4.' ,1l Ith, . ,I1 ~ r," .i- I~ l fiat1 ,.I1I1,, r v i.i· o Ij Insl' 't'he it 1oill ie ii- ,,o ,l oo, ',''e totd I- it figlt: Fill high wI ll i u ,1+ h r' "l',I olt it we'll riwi ,,, T'henll lait ! iiop h p, h it 11 n , t e 't l n r. o f':I it Ill tin I c1 t -oiitii' o-t lo . ,0 tic h- l d oftllt I I,' t Ili ' uo t o w' ll ' r the liml! i jIl'o C lilt o Olltr'kht' r o e Llerllo t llc 1o 0th0 )-lo x w .ar ,' to tie .:,, o O ,twi th l ot IIII l ' . +'l 'lrll oill the II I I- ll!i ii !- the lulld ll n gill' \1', 'll h ilt . over itt il hior to I igll ' l' id hit'. II, hli :.,n ! Ti ainhe- alnrkle t, li no like i', -tr o1 ,, t il l h ql"o, h tl. L ',. ''41 ioho cip and, ,tl\ l bit, Ia lir p, lui f o d lh to r nth m t o ti), k n , e, . 1 l , t , .:+ h t ,,I oIo- t "or ii c , l t . l lo t It1 CI . . !0. r. 0 n0d rit t0,o L |'H,+ll h i. ; +,la ~ l ' 1' . ,' ,' nll ,,," ~ n l t 1-r III Iles , c . tl roor,: o , y -io' ,tr 0., t:,0 I p .S i. Ip., , io l'"i' ci ' r ii" n iltlli. , 1c' . t .l, b ' 0c k'nl Iob ' v I;', .ll, ! t ý," i..',S oI; , --." I. , r)' le ib +it l o), f bIc g I t i h t i'o' 'c . 'II l l ,"I t , I l ,II lappay th In h , tl.ou .l Ito, I, ,,I"ah t \\ , t,.+. n , [" ,,.- t t: h o h'+ 1i !;, r ; t' :,.r ahr duLh h ti e st !te; w th a gl'anI of I,, 111 -II 'li . ,ct ol lio,.tl, uc::s , y Ct ur lulio t e r otp i ci I s l a I 0 100li0rnc. It is too ic and ll pthe l orater l' oo Ic cot," illCIc ho 11l," ih "lrd 6 l~ l J lo pt.J of a be oto discussl otff tr iic o tc ipt ocl co o o ta'n i Iart}'. , t:he ne 'e 0.1"y cti hr ri ngtt t"tuld iout cx ~ , ll e I[ cl ,t P ll, ll ,llg u. t,\,T l llt p ,irlrII \ ' h Not'o'' wthoo aur '' pon nt. - h. aev0r 00000 0,0A0 s e0 , is etilor I n up Iio, io',e se theln to mtooan rllyil,, S r'1OUld ijt;*Id I Pt i 1ct t" io icu liy c o. , 00ll Ur " a d m.uc ' l ..rt . I0o , an ht t holy in r .e... virtu. , iy thll'ir cuso , tIot ucc . ot ts io olll bu.itblo at oIol p tlCi 01 .o tc y t Cl ,L 10 . ,,0t' tali arty i . o t ,ul l i; : ,, :rt c ; so o ii1 taI , ll .' ,gr .' y atielb too co fl .oo l I.pic l orr tc l cor ithey arcc o oc-ci l lcro ,,tn o,' lotal cc ocllo t 'c cf ke b it, nl .cit. T, or oll . c ,c s i ocoJciooicd. Tcc re :mc Ito acoic r Las c bc c ot Whigd n , _,oi i , t 'ittic roit y h I OOOIOi oltnn". i I'cccoh.,t 0 oc!r,,0 l c coo c i aiodt ti l co y n t h ci c.eIc th , AI c e csiotrein o ctor o o. o y. i th e i ci , 3 tl t prie opcc , o ca ict s .l es iclou ollic ltcn at c It dtiO it o ioo tl g, l I c oc it 'l lci'l othLt , coryt,, litrd iht hci e l.tro a'.ioioo',rI ool'r tc]oo ' utc de+termo n ed1" (.. .l0. ' uon, ra ti ,' ,Je a" ra ly Oj'ii,]i 0''llc itoc 00100I I lc'( iocc t o 0ty .0 'hl v ir oc d 9:dl cto fo 'i. ,' lccl l. aotW . b vcto r e 1d, alo Spirit slhould'bo fostered;' that will lead mortU J omake soome peronal sacrifices for the public gi 'I'hrth remains ito dnulit that had we been able s to have prsruaded any proper individual to engage p in the guhiernautoial canvass; at the last election, we should have made such oain ihibilion if whig Ii - stienagths cwould have astontlhed even ourselves. The lssue between the Iwd prominent portioes of the f country i upoll points invlirinlg--t w ligs p o- c fles to belicve--tahl perp'atuity of our free ipslitu tiols. VWe do not charge our uloppoents with any sylsematic intelntiolns to overthrow the libelties a lf the coulltry; weo eralt the great Iadtly of thII suplporlters I. the present adminisatration to be as I patriotic as we belteveo urselvel to be-but we dola Iainlairl, tIiha ouri readers ihave widely departed a from l the principles of pub ic virtue that charac t terizrd their priediecssors--that trli theirex lll. ple, through their cioiiv;iace, ior by thie direct iha. lutlence--morllehow t.r oLthr we lardly kln.w hlow Sthe moal palpableo torruption pervades tilhe body it polltic:--that ai Ftron tcndei y, exists towt'rads a a concentration of power in ie balnds l o thie exeru- a live; nl, d that the coilsumllatini i' easurces ow ill train, most Impart Ito that tendeney tia aceern.a ting forco. Iaow, l tell, can wi:gs cllrocieaa nticaerly c believing thus, bh othcrw:so than on the alier i S\Vhy is there rllcil supmlencs and inllflerleoe? hlsat we coma to ile c,ncl lllol, th lt ill pIlIlics, principleo s inu r nt;hill, and that it not undel* r I the t plr of p. rola::l aipllra tio l illme l will lnot n te? r Are we r:eeadly to dgelPerltel into 2 Intion comtlllo ii caed of thrle. classs--c ,fa l Il hollsle. -ffiee serokurc, and a third ihdlltiiruan, t' pub C .:l ,tiersc, entirely absorbed illn elfiallsh uirllui? \V trast Iot-Wa lIc hopie pub elic virtue is not ellilely l xti ict. ']To the, Whigs of Alat ar, t w tawaait iay; if, as we prulca.s, it l oulr co slaientiiu perisad;iol, thIat t ie success tita our party its necrsary it ihe well being oltlio coilntrv, then it i high llll to arouse from the lethargy that lao calil-g over ui-to awv;" k.eL to a Iscel ,f tilhe relponIIllcilty reailag upon 1us. \Ve muscIt strive Ifr a vIrta Ilact clganization llhan w ye: haoe, we Ilaut lrega Iperolllnal prrju-, dlc ailnd irodda Cllilvee--a o k a lOe to a the advance. ia mot - f olur party than o indla vidaals emlbraced is it. For iIat)lI t;iae palt we havel revolved in ouls mind tahe proer.Lty of , State Co(nvention inl wbigh might he ascamilihd the oiadul analed cxperiento of tlie party. S'mnie iuh ,dy w.ill Ie ntcn*Sull ficr thle eiominaln of .r'ietaa l htors; a e it would l,, a fiatLng oaeacio tr an l ,erh.n=e alf Sviews touchilng taii gealetal a in:tar.ale of tihe part. . The parlm:! el L:o ,slae io cs of the l. ogsiaturn arid SS.upron o Co (urt wIoubl! bh oln all lpropri,.le soe.on, a those budse , in.etp:ar with the elegaltie to the o iaaonltll oi', woitll d ico grealter o a ia r -r a ttou t of I. the iutei lihgeaia ', t, r t, ta ahall 1lly r ilter occa. *oaan would a ildrd. a 'ahp.ica a 1aeivaa:aa ia a 1v 1 interior wail Lake tics ouggLEL toi iit,) con.ider.ltion. )tOCatatflfit1 Ot Council. al:l) N`lerolIcle. S cCO N I) M UNI C lPA .\ I T I Y. T'1i 't m'::; ', Nlvc lbucr, 5ath, 1039. The (Couulln i n ilt, l ',dtit to :nlj",urnl tl :- SPre.a.t,-lIon. J, t i , l ,, R ,ordaer :-AL h. reP a addwll. Frerv , a ,a 11a, L ckitt, Petar., Rigers, Siwell, Vhlvne-y ada Yorke. S The Jornalc--i of aIc preced l.i IeetUlilng havilang i been road anld ;aprov.l d, I, The 'fbllliow .. wieekly report of thie Treas.orer was read. SECOND i MlUNICIPAlIfY. 1VEE;KlY t" ',OIRT OF I lIE 'T'lIEant aEr. hB It dalahne lu.t I1 p.1 vt, s.i,r'5 19 Aimntta reir Ied al1,e, .1:4; he isbura ed talhi wi s k, 43,hi'( `5 o 'I ). l.')t. ),Jr. T r. New :,111 toe , he,, 11.1'. :to A pLIILtlII I'r,,I P,"t,,r 'op:l Itl, ao d ll.db6he Re" Il 'ia, prlylna c):li: tloil ai 'ta ih a ,ll-ro)l l Iil the New Lvc, w~as recerr,- to Ith ~lhe, Col rnutt'e. A petition of I',ltrlck Mac .allcra, far 1eave to Swork a bll.tii -ac vnatilh'i slaa p cl a 'T'e!hpi;tou!s stlret, wa8 rtlhrrled to III, s:tt ll o nnilt rr , hA petltt:oll of (. ,ortt .May-l th ,lltl erst"', nsain r1 asslstarn:u for a n,"%% Fire Coipanvy, \vwa referred I o I ile t'o rill ti r' ,Io Ille. u A paltion of ,. I'wiatre, asking thea ('oncil to sll.rilbe t, a tla ,gr.c led vcal a af thte ia y, WaS laid upIl thle :ab j lr. Pater,, ;,, (: ,i'rmnl:n ,l' Ii (':llnlitt!aee on [Ie F tiance, Io whatOi w : , reir,',l t h, I QI ,;lt Q r y A. - cu1 It of the 're a Iuter, repr'at:e' lhc Il e 'Iis emi haLd ber) T dulty rxa In d 1 tha P ( ,llrlla a llbr ;ld IO ntd on corr. ct, and, oN · ni a , Ii t v: ill ili derd Io b aaled ea upon t lih AlIr hives Ia[" t aiil - ril('ll , l. "ht N amoli t1, 11 ,litre i aL, l r p iar:,, tie, f ala, ina o f rn ,llotl ns, ,t h ich, I he rit'P0 Ie m g dlopenl d 1 ,1 i i , wan' l,tRoI I 1li : ala ladlapaald. il R lilalveu , - lhal hii- 'I'-eT.ieu rr cli to liehard h.hnudred and wttl ty t.ei d- i llar, Ior . ti111111ing alN a Y' Wltft:Wavblh lg the P,':, ra-r in r. e ala.ave d, aT ha-tthe'rea:.rerpvyl. oh. IIory, f. lo i e watrranl t iof tIl, . ) il', lTwo u Iallll ll iid ift1', dolir. :llI1 lvi~ri,- .. n , f,,r caps far 01,- `l~w~~l.l I. lt , i ,,''rot,,ol Ir 1','· 1f`offlfP· - ,,f of. Ii1 a Ii oobo'lll-· f:· ''f'fI· f111(i. HI fitlof b~ rloI11 ,,.ri,il ritt, o f i 'nl Notoo'i* l I rl Pf.-ogof If 5ri (lr ll' tfl'l dV.0 If .IftlI" 950 (0) Illlll Ii* 1'fVlflf lff · If I ~ll 11011r L tII"iI t w" L b , 01 00 01~iku 5 000 4150 flu ;i. ~ ucI .· o;llon i ,tIt ('lllloutf f If I t r~r~ i "" : I' I''I l ot·ril~: 111P lI~ 1I: .j·'!l·~lll 11If:. XXIt)lll 'II .·I1fJGFI'0 _ ir ·~ · I·. .,.;e oollllr l Ijri,, , I: jl. \~ i, ··.- or.1I.:1II1I Il (· lnl ftLC I' 'i .111 iiiii: · I''i I ~ oll ~I ·l·r~ ln Ic Ii''l, 1 i i i' I·. I'lrl, I' ·11 11 111( if"ll I1. I·I ""'''11'l-P i I:.: ~~i ~~ 1111 li·:IIIL· ill1)11·' 11!) 1 I;CI l;r j/l. L1llll j ~JI: I~i l(III II SI11·''' l "ll~j\i~i~j.!lll; LL( 06~ rl,~I.If.~'' 'I·."·:. of""'' ito. t~lit,.lr ii, I 'i fy If j"I'10o / r~. Ill C I IIIX I11f N. .1. t ll:· Ii 1IiII~ .. ill Itoll o'o'od, 11111 f'I: ·lIff'ffffF lfftf/[)l ffloofooocI~ 1 O~lttooffi'if*,d~-- II!l,,i~i- lf'Ijrlil I 11111 ha~~i' o illl· jot il'T· I lI.iCI~l ,,a\ 0 r·i ooo.l 1011111', LII 11>1'., Il ~~]f, r1 tf1ot, I t1,t 'If ',.lgo 'ftt/1 VI ftO·,u, 10.'llt . i'.011. I tittfiogiio offl vfJCoo oil, lob\·1 r~l~it' tI-l MoIo,g~ 'f Libo Slilvor nod Iho. Ordinance'of thk GeCoral. Coednil, taxitgatll i ni ieles of produceu. and merchendiso, landd in and aleipped from this Municipahlty, respectl'ul y rc Tlint they have given to theodinaoee submitited for tile considerrtioul oflthe Clo icil all toilo ttlell. lion its voast imlportane dlrtinlded, aud sllthiit ihe Sollowing rseult ofttliei investligattiu to thLe Couli. A direct tax on tie comntlereo art city, whosen prosperity ii diepot edet i o+ its trade, muet, unldur coay cirteTihltnLtteo be of qucsltioablc p)liiey, and almittilig the ligeily ofte tihe tax prnposed,it scmsr t Io the ludrSiegltid tlct a most iempetirvlr nicceusIty l lu t exist to saotiolr a tLux of tihis kind, wlllcll : necessutrily must Ihe vexatio to owners aud capl I taiIsI of shlips d stoemlboatcl cllllleg to or piorl,i antil to our luerclhant, acd teed to ture frol us througlt oilier channltels a considerable piortol o' itle crlllntereo which rlow itlieUally cuItrIliutes to ith i ".edlih and prosperity oe our eltizenc. SIn thie opirion ofltie underlgeed, uo such no cesiity exists will tile Second Municicipalite. Its j reurces are liilly equl to its ainnutl expenldituresI tand tIe paymnt ot thie interest on its delt. 'lThe tptblic dubt is eqally well provided for by the silk I i.g" tiid, now aluountlng to upwoardso l $4010...0, ?lwhile the proportion it imay have to cotriciute toi , wrds tIllvr lilyriiellr t of t intceretl and principal ol tithle ldebt eof the orlor Corioratpio of Ne" Or-i rhus will bo fillly provided fbr by ithea sul of lots hbetween Cuanal, Co ere,n Tcehoupitoulas and Meg. c ilile trcets, Wliicil tilUnqieslionally bulog to tllt II t Muiceipality, anid are eilhitlated Iat $481t10,000. STile til irl qetrion canlllout be Ilaecealry ill this Municilali y f.r ithe puerpse ofgiveg increai d lacCeulrniodiioui to tile articles ulotl which it iary t be l/uvicd because the whurwsR and landingsaro iu II excllerlt condclionui to aceoUlrrodate ship, steal i I ilats an tither craft, mhich bring us thie produce eof the icterior, and tke Irom us time produce of L Louisiala nlld tie moerchatutdii e f oler citilzcest i giveo in exchlange tlirefuor. Ntor can it be raid, Lthat our streets nced improve, r oulet tr facilitateo the traInsportation of produce Iluold n rlerchandiae. All thie principie tihoruughflro ruin 0 this NMuni ipalily are paved. Thue expense or ih they, ilntprcveirnto, in this M.linicip.rllty, sinlce a 1836. hasl been not I as than il ,300,000, all iof Swithlr'hllIl iieell lorrowed qiu onlsc IIaylablh many ,, year tlrnce, anil which rill be extinguished by l thi heolerotion oof telirking fund, wit!liut any tic I cesslty to resort to ad itioual telxatio. tno hr i fro requiring any ;iddlitional iltuntion, thlse very t' improvccti, besidcshllaving augrented to a great t rx:enL thle intrinsic valu IIf all thi piroperty withiu if the lirrits of rite Municipility, hatoo teuded to ili "- cres· lllt loUellls oI rlthle Trectury fir iteyond tile toit reet orl ttlreir cost. It is not urroisnUtellrlo to . Icr dict, that the surralus reveltuo will, in les thae n tlio yt ilul, rXtligUir l tie llflllllltti debt, ull enla'n S lrhe oi lllcl t illlko ai coari hlrabl diillir tiillon of thri prreeet rates of rLfxattirr. Yl'lr Coilorlittert ilave not tcken into colsldera uicu the etnsit11t1onality of the Ordliirtno cur ithlll ic to hie, wIchiic is 1 quii' ioII oI f great lrtlllt , Oi'l lhlut which Vlioilr (t'iointtocrlrotirhlnk iroellr, io p CI'r IIet, ito llt. r i ll I Ito ly artu te IIo t or drllrll. 'our ~4olunt~ti(rherefore reespvethlrlri erUtiliit the IrrlowinI cosolutdrt'; t" I clvid, [iat ic tire opinioun fthis Council ,there is no Ircesity fur any addiitl nl| tixtatiroI So trie real or perUsonal property the f citlz:ens f a thi Munieieality ; ani, ther, foro, it is dtemld r inxpedlient to adopit tile Ordilanice aiillllilcri g ri trol I di Gerreri Cruncil to impose a wharfirge taix or arti:les landerd ill ard atlllped froui tins Si hit ipubly.

II. LO(CKI I'T, i'hairman. It. WIIIT N EY. J. P. FRIE JIE. - 'I'ho rules Ilavitig buerudislellnied with, tihe ailove R isotliUriti ta takourip alrd unani.iously adorthd. SI etiotiOnl, thi Coucilei ajitrled until Tues-iriic ri ldaiy ett thII 12 Novembelr r, It 5 P. M. 'P. F. M111 'I , Secretary. Li Wbe ernr nr thriireiill I Iiiiitii llrr Ce llill, itl thie slii. tl[Iti of aI tlre ni i~U ber iol the I l i 1" I re bie0n a MItniciilqicih s, 11r.n IL IAM to to lieu - o the i 0 irt.e llrtii of hlir rt il e i lto hii l ell w ci iz.IllSi t ti, n Oth ci tirg 'lie'trii, ai a car liirtlftr tir e ih i lrin.e iii elayr iv Ihe Cny ioi .ZieCw Orleaun. II Nioius eolnlllere aultorieds itll rllloncer qu'it tlo 'iari le d''uti grind lorurhire ilcl citoyllrc des trois . unlicilctdi Mr. ILu .i r F .irr con, ti a anib pr6-iliurr iree cal~hdat a la pLace do ir lire ih l1 ili lh l ir dect n.i. id rii it , lll lntld I ll bt%, e F lli i llbillll herC ]14 , Illb i, t ' I H" , !o " v i l mi. Ie'N.\ N eIVIa .)ll IN I Sd,)lI.\ti 1IL l111 1 111tlt li le i , sI tnl l y : ~ ' ,, ' 1 "I' p'. l + It, INS. ir , li rc .-itt Itil.o oll' l thI , ttttl , alt otI. l t ion --t t . . . .orten. . J _on +" _, ,l ,,_-'; [pl ir . CI ltIN .11 N ii rI,. 11 l i). tlt. on i ii oi) l, 1l '1 n1 'tt 'i*'h I lY I ACny I Aril e bll oriAN tl E il e S o' i cy INd ' ititIi fh lIttIu oliiut'r'op dit T'Ih - I+:u l ,frn. K , r it loy 1 .el. h 'hl itiJ )111 T 1 ., 1.16: &l. f'ti i 1 st i ,rll toLli r ir, 1 81s ,ll tlh r a ltalent IImp ey tive lll llfw * 1. INST 11 l .13 , T Ie t ir to a nl'ti<J a tlu of thi kind which l'h r 1 oh il m ut h v iN ati h s t o . w e r aid- c al " t nds of lhld a d (,tur s o .toming t o rplla l, 70'l l he7 cmmer le 'wtihk nor:" annull yh l rle b urtill rto r h pi.o tle il),i orr1 wi" 1. 1 , %i 7th tile nuI l I I I1h pa m n I lltlll e ill tn vellr lh o l tra w : til thle. iN ti pri ')tio. i t & tet c t l I th,'e et ll 1 r *rtil o , ew o . , :ti ll , lly prov IdSd II blyi. r I llle orllovl etween C anal, Co o , Tch pit aId J., a, lrn (at , wh Ilc l N CIs I,, ally r o oi-= ; tohis ri thtax in 3 nli t ana n o i itid t al h "II 't +'lle't cd;. ( odae 3. 1tirTlm. + [ At l d 1, t h ll llacllh br I ill .e i ,Ife inlltl ier rllll, l l.n t e llrol il s th e prllolde o1 fI r louiy n ( .I'and th t i A i ll -,A . , iu cti t l'zhns i adi s IA I I.Al' IIVAl 4 l ih p3tlsrosit I . ir --ll ll t lill ' \air e rpavd , i stl rl hlu e , 0ll1 h I Il) l 1 H Ri fll )O .I{. rilllllV. l t.. i pr ovem s, \in tla. IMu 1ni pali n ier e 10 In t li i ( Mi6 I bre,, e n o I 'haI hhJ ,3 ,0 , h"a l .. , "ll .!-; " Ih llll a Ull~ll l I;N Il FAI. I '& . 'EV NI'.'Ti':,XI) year IIII ) h in ill a iTnd ll-1hitvtn miic h i ll be x l II nhe y a inl tira fr om o Iresort to a l 100a a i ation. Sr a lay .I lV , lt).\t A IzV l l5 IIII tl .Ca p t i1, i (ot- 110 , b ,, ' ha'ving angd me ,nthe, h u. n i. gra tlot 111G r 1I)stn hei lo t Ii'' is l no ue. nraIsle s toh Il' lINl (i ltAo l, IGS & il - 41111 SIllv e , , "x1 ulnl ) thef Y, floqar I d nt,w ine i eI I;o)lu,.+l .lo, ma l a o; > i b I .+,rth l I ,A;on o o poTllnl,, itern hv noi t taken i nt hv! 1 le 11 1, lt , ic in ( a IA tilonI of, f otr li 111 1 ( Pll o h ll ' .i nto Iyt ca I tall,.e I-the i'lhlla 4 hi n g > .hsuprir u h I_ R":moat r 1 o, 'i t pViniA , N th rs tll cI ther- is no twe'or ity fur oily it i ine pedient to ollptl' II O.I IrdiIance .V I:I'., O1, AIII.IAII r t I+ a la e , L :1'ii :1 ANIKS' ARClADE, CI'Y OTEL, &c CA o 10 £ia 4 I REAL ESITATE LOTTERY. F IOWUtPERruY sITUATEDI NEWI.RLEKANS. Roll S0. 111li)r & IIAMII.TON, M'ntagcro. B1tl unoder the lertndah, Corner Ff5L Charles ana),L Conunon ,treets, and No. l0i cIIohartres Stlrel, boheteen Conti atd St. Louis Streets, " li a view of moetino the wii heo of oo r friotdooi , Ch ' w, htro the I letllaO le tof notRlollllling i o the pto t (i ) li that this i .otttery ooill Io drawn at o hle City Exchllan .e, io n t. " i0 ls stert, ito New tirlenn<. [I f 'Thi o dlawing ill,~ wilitolut fnil, begit on n ie Istloo | u f()lr llot tltIo hioll nuo t l he llllio , will enuti e lote. tin ove to b e l Itel o ' in olne ' llthi teo 'os'oaplorp oo f tieir o ritospecti:e rosidencs, anlld lncharge dtI, Xpnosel ill t( iof SCIIMII)T & Il\lMILr ON. - ( IHttAti I) iE INI(N.T tt l O0 N 11'Nt. to ". I' ( l--iiohctooopri,' tottloitr huto nivtqllx h 'I K & it t ll.i o .ll l, k " i 1 llo Io o F ll f hunh'ed barrelt , co ill t" ed ivr ioo l ltt f aricgot . tloi"oe (I r .ltl Ob l thOi Cokn . otr follbc hiio t a.t s o io n tioi ctn ot, t f room ooo oitnoleo a, ft o.,,i l or st oke. , a hl o oll o o i illolUcet evorY IhlllliV Ill nllkl , Iu lf it. is/ (hml .l +ill (I,+ fll~l'lllmloll nIm Ilbtl l ,, ll'.I a IP III . tmnIIer+I d ou. E V W ll, o ecrietar'.,. ounes"2 nling In, the tnlif, Ihb' luskers will give :+, tO ll(.tcofoonotl t hr lo llo (ton. dllrilne olh t ek lughlit - t ing o li MInd iy tnxt, 1 Eh ill-tn. Ti. t h, ve o I ) teclloll ItiiyII r of hee fi r ten (etslli shall weigh . 5 I'"''r lrlli aloll~l \iz: .itT! Olllltee+. 119 C. GI+I.{)[S, nlavlr. S I ima l trt.e' l trok m o thi o ,t00. h tutled toot tohil 0 Nottot1 of l-o'oo to t t ) rh o oto t ti h oein ooo'eio lootot o f nolalll boino d ilo int in; ilho f-Pilip r inoll aol ooof ' neRnt ot p Ioiege to nlo tovliter frtt o n l to t (ourtlt tort" ......rl~ III wo~I lilll k . ... k et 1, {i, IIml1I·Ih'd f I·:V I,-lv "I' iV). l:2+-- llrlrne olhe 11Ihm, P C(Ood<ll l I lYIIC: (,llli+ |1 1111( hl i Applly Io, Fjl. O(0 (:0lllll|+lll *lrPrl, . 1'." S · er Ac NotleI-- Tlua l r oe r mune ili., Ioo o(I n e a. - lllli lll F i ile.t ]iIlilt E t lih'i loitt to 'go O ollt aT nd~ cnl~lhll~llli loll htlll1S ef; lhl". hlll¢]I Il.llhllll y l'llhivllliTI P dI !) .nal wauhrint w .ir ito ut h e aUnyh hinl il y wilr tha,' tin I Ilrvih..oI l~f Il'llliPlldl.ChL" I L'r~e jllltC(·l of( llrT lll¢] f or It i ll llllllbl lll· VVPlli~pl 11Ild 1(if 1l~llllle ll. iI lllll('h lhllht'rT II. lhe·Y °PII , llliV- W,.llllWilli tl)lt h~iY 'I 9lll" lililla Ill I."Iw flip lhP tllnle -! I .n L red uron. F tolIorr l Ilri l hlra, l t to o tedll I ll., n lT oo lom I t to . I t oo too oo o soll 41ooiooo nto oo,,o o . Il A, I ) - 33 keott fl a lNnot r h1ln liootm tteltoll h t tr WA 1.(h'ioerokee, ' " lmt ie oy. toii io i 0EY,0 i 0. i o tt o o oi o eooo or (IPalieput, a II *len l amota b W sn Pr, i li. rh l. Ii h Ie Tllll~ lllr -lll'h :1ta vbI Slove n ew t\ \rie s l ', 7 )1·1 oo IonoIoooooooftot ioooooe tootitC ItotItoP 0001ljP1 ) T 10000 o l':lltll lh ,l~zt.l l'.H ,,,i i .I ' ' I'., llt.Y . l~llch,--lq r it oioro 'oot otki on', i . oo otl, tote & t o o o.',, - oit. fo o 0 ! 01 0 ich0p0,,h00 ii, ttioNti u u "il ISO0 oli' . 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AST roughlt Io ll. police plrison of the l2 Md i i-, eip lity, at I gomwn nltlllmul'FJAM,, nhout 1111i yertur o gi', stie-hlit.ieclng to Alr. cinltl.o ll li'inig on ithe lisots ltul'e . Th? I ' otr wilj plena,, ot ll ' li lia p'iton,4rove poljlrrtr, pa y it lritgr a hnu away. 1. I) i1lA i it AH FI,"i C'.pItin of.hei Waich. Niew tilm rtf , oor .6, .18i30. I La 6t..tnbrit it hli geoledo Pt Soeoodti Mnni lil6 uln negro Inotunn6 SAM, gag ide60 aon, e disant aippartei ir i liltr. Coullo all, dqmecuran t etr la route Dayun . I.c prlprit.aird del dit are.fln ra(t priti do ve - nit Ico reclacur on pro rntt si' propril6- et on pa e yet its tot Ii S. II(JAER, i; . Capitinitd de ia Ontdo. La Nlauveole Otr!nocleo Novetibre, 1839. 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