Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1839 Page 2
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' llrwntte Utltam3 er.m L Sme t alfMmrnn run us 4 n 111.9.9"" t Prene l ent 1.'Jt Peters. pt . . J,;ur A. +et. Esq. • a,.-, te Appeai, frl,9 19.. Ji hte H. Leverich, - -A +, _ _h Tltok, SnentetI Totinppo,, - *3IW NihLEANl CA2fA1 AND ltA KING CO, j It ton.a tmbhet Reheq wrill leave the BaIin ia;f th New Ciial, every day, (except y i) er toe I dle, as fullowet .ta at a A.M I Return at 8 A. M. S -. I A:M. " ' P. " P.Ml. 9 4 P.M. S " e rt lat 10 A. M. I Returnat 120P.M. 2P.M.. I 4 P.M. " P..( i• 9•'.M. S. . 1.96 i . CHEW, 'a.,h.' New trrantesctl. ASIHVILI.E RAIL ROAD. th. Lecomtive w;ll runtn tlhe Greal Prairie; cmn --- elon the 5th inet. as fotlow.: HEEK DATS. c llparture, Return. S M. 10 A.M. ,4 . . " 1'. . scDAT. to La hanthe's 0Iava . MaL a Eashbe a A M 9 AM 12 AM 2 PM as1A rauche, 4 P St I PM JAMES H. CALDWEtI., egust 21th, 1839 Preemdent. NEW'ORLEANS & CARROI.I.TON RAIL ROAD. NOTICE..Wetean ARnnaleeMrT. To commence oll the let o November, 1839. FROM OAItPOLTON. FROM saw .ILI.A.. /-Iee tCr at 3 o'cloek A.M. Hone Car Et toj'elenk A.M. -em otive, 8 - I.ocomolive, 9 - S M. -P.M. --t.1lI - - - = I - - 'UrCavr, at 9 -- Hors r.Cr, I - nRRAlNOEMeNT POR IUNDAYI: Then car.ill leave at thte lame Ilberm R in the week days unttl I oclock P.M. when a oLecomtlle will Iee Carrellltll ee.y hoet until 7"'tclck, P.M., and New Orleans etely hour . ttlteo'.loek P.M. A. AentrHoea Carcanbel.tnined hf ore I o'ileok t P.M., Sb'padinte 5 ollars for thie Trip. After I2 o'clock P.M. 1lOdnllnt will be r.barged. Pemens eoing by tile teenm C'r muat proeide themllveer with Tchkete a tile Ia. poentite irectiutaa ter to me ore mohey in lieu thereof. 'THE JACKSON:ARD LACOURSE STREET CARS .elAvA the h h ole of JEcnl r itreet at t o'clock A.M., C.iel trealt at 7 'eli.itk. At h lf-palt 7 i,',:lok 1hey amlmene to Ine lId, inttetd of euvliin t:nlal street at o'eelock, the cr S+will 1 44. there at 9 o'uci+e I'.M. tt i. patllrtl'arle requehtrd thatl rentlcaen will tinvput thelr feet upit tile elhiuuts,.or smonke i the carn, wheu n die. an proevett.. eice Ni Orlenolc & Cfrrellloa I Rail Road COlmpani, October 12d, 1839. JOIIN HAMPSON. Cllief Engilleer N.O. & C.R.C. ta CAR 1O0LI; TONTEL C LAVAUD has the honor of informing his friends and the ublie int general, that he li. taken tihe Motel at Carrollton, where he trusts he witl receive sihe talluo[ his old friends nd ell lovers ofFoe.d cheer. Pricvte ptnrtiee till he hanisolmely nprevtled for by Ivirilg&little nttiee beiirehedl. He iv willing ti enter lo arrtehgemente with familiies r individuals desimceli fpaneing Ihe etettmer ait Carrollton. m.0 gIrete~t )lots.. CfltltoNo. No: ....... h ..2I VWahin g ct, - ... 29 Noew ork Oc(t ..........29 Cinlcnnti, do.......... 26 Pkillalph'b: do. ..........29 I.ouiville, do ..........26 _Irdma. ;.,I ........... 29 . t. Loui, Oct ..........26 --imanh, " do ...... 12... 31 I I.Lvrpool 2pt ......... 21 Ilous2o2 (3exa) Oct ... I ri d........... 21 Pp.t2. do..... 26 3londo, do.......... 8 N3hville, Oct ...........21 llavre do............ 20 FORT (F NFWV ORIE01 NS. CL0EARANCIE (. Novemhber 8h, 1939. .Ship I' Union, Denmmandes, Bordeaux, J Magee Ship Ea 2.le, Adams. i ,o2ton, 3l2ter 3tem. pok29t Nw Y.ork, Wriget Galveston, Bolert & Hawthorn ARRIVAL.S. . November 2 h. (939 Trow oat Tennn3 n. Pnuldin2, fp.rm the 8 W Pa.. havilg conceded to sma with her low, returned to the city with the klpGeorgea.d 'T2riu23ph, ech(rs Naiad and Rolla. Left the vr 2on7th il3t. Repnris lothig cn2w Tow boat Llci, Rtiddle. fro~m tlhe South West Pass, having p2(2ded to sea wlth her tow,2ret2Uned to the city wlth the .ehr Annawn. Left at tle fort, ship Oante. Lett ut the head of t:e posses 7t, lnst. Nothing new. Broughtupnlpo, Mrs Nlay:and:so2 , 8 mercy.2 dau2ubtrnd MI Durell Ship Misrissippi, Hilh3ard, 12 dys :uom New h'ulk, to W K Fosdick & co Brig Horace. Vrigbt. from New York 12th. to master fp brig Ha(1e23a, S2a3ot, llavanI 10 days, to I Grooing Bhr Diadem, Dailey, from Bristol, It. to muter Brik George, T1rowbrige, I I day. from Galveston, in ballast, 3o9r 0222w3, Atk2bin2, 13day: 632222ava3:2, t: ma2e Bhrg Toutrp t, M fm2rl3 :, 1(42t2(2 from TUrk' (.l2nd t ithe senator 32:2r Rolla, P2:322, 5 d:y: An222G2l320to, in b3lla2t, to J W 32h322Ann2:2, A6kin2. 6S3223:2m I2:2:3, to master 3bhr South322er2 . G3ylo2d3, m 62:2morn2 , 3o, D 3old:mith. 3b3r Doric, iefera, fu'l'ampi2o2 .( 9 i1m1, to J 3Robert. Uchr Naiad.i3(, 2ii2lam fm G 3lv*2to2, li ballast to m(ter. 3l:tle2 : Cu6au( he, Ili3kle. fil Mouth ofOhlo 5t2lo2er Lava2t, Laurant, fi Itayo( 2ara. EXPORT?. Iooaa cc..Per hlp L'Unlln..CmnrgO 1396 htleacotton. BoST:N.2.Per (hip 4091 pig: lead, 512 t3le. (otton, 2J hides; 9 2 d2 tallow,. (itALVSTO '..eIr rteaser New York..Corselols whiskey bn2.0y, broad, oil, enldles, tabasco, flour, groceries a:d mler :h:,di2 IMPORTS. Now YoVK..Per :33p 3 issi:3ippi..Cargo assorted mr elhndisn to sundry cou.ignle.Ol. .............. Per br: g Horace..Cargo assorted merel2n. diN. to 2unlry 2 uli(e22e( . H11.(2A..Par Ibrig i(banerlo..Cargo 297 logs coffee, 2:, O01loseg l an fruit to it BrullnnlE & c, and order. . .....Perrcllr A2aw2n..Cargo 3U0 bagl 3 oIffe, lots Ilegxrs,-sweottne0 arld fruit. LnTmoOaa.s..Pr,3h2,r 6outherner.,Cnrgo 10 000 dollar II peric anld 12 3ule: TAMPI:o. .Por chyr Doric..Cnrou 246.00 do'l23:n l ipecl. B1a:TO2.. P2r achy Di2dem(..Cargo potatoes, onion2 a2 d Hxdriesto ulx s ler. - GALVooO,..Per brig George--Cargo 7000 bu3hel salt to ..............Per ch Naiad... ballast . ........ '33:2333(02332.1232:33::: CONSIGNEES Porehr 22nn 20..FOXll3rd; A C01.2ll(o; CaIdwell, Trufau aloI Cueulu, I.apeyre & co, aud remtaer IlECI'I'Ts OF 'IPRODUCE. .l3you Sar3. P3r 2eanmer I.eva33..Car2o 24I 3ale: cotton Pilay & c2: 17PBRrke, Watt & co2 I3( A 3 ivnrd3e 2 to; 4N & J Diek; lid M White 3 03; 73 W Flow3r, 6 Peyrx,2 Arc:(I9l J- 22 1 42 ..tha '1'h Tompsou;37 'I'ay.or. (3r:3diUer A2o; 36 1(; M L23; 29 P A 1lary3; 27 Oakey 3 e3; 27 J II P29u eM, r";.24 J I I.t ercb .l en; 24 'T 02rr3 19 c2nl3we3ll A 11hc3ky; (6 dCurti 2 AW A 26 Adh..: & 633ill11; 4 Foll23,i 3tllocq 2 (3egole3. 3 1ryu2l2..:. lyrue( 232; 00 3il: otL.r; A Ld.u2 6 o suodri2: to P ( 3uldue & c2 ; Carriere, D1r0u 4* 2n an2d u(her0 MHutl of Ola£3..P3r s3i3n: er C,2anch2 ..C3L6go 3 bales of 2o2tnu 21 I'(la.3nts3 &32, II9 Ilo:r3 & Asher, 77, I.(n,.kh,.. . 2erl A D)o ,l2.2all. 4 Kpy, 2 It23er3. 4 J Arll4llr, !I4 IV M g.lI, l llroke. *a. t 3 :n,. 55 P A Hardy, ( 7 YValm2(3 2 to' i.2llds.ugnr I eyrtll Arnet & co,,41,0 sheep uowner ubo:trd, 40 doz3:li(ke: 2 ,t 3(l'cr u2 2n2rll PTer Men per I.0v1l,.1...ip.r. S ceer. Ifenstron. Green . Juriou,2DavId, 32i3lro.'3'e3:i3r. l(2.e3, 222urd(3, 2: 11, in, Nors aberrcr, oyl, lerlraHt I)D310u0 Du1irm. Tlow,'r. Warfhnll. J 9:,aell., L2-a32, l.(,2arque2, tuclh, MArtin. C2ole, u ., ad. \Veemsl Plr staller (t'2lu'l|3,3.n.0r N DaviS. Underwood, Cnk. Snr ( 0luzi2r, 2 l) DDart, 2 Arutr2 ,2ll 3 Savor, Cuchran, Sil, ly. 9milh; Cr2ttende3. MEMOIRANDA Thb ship Fraok2 2t -ff thie N2 l ti E3:at bar. NAUTI(:3\6. INTELI.[GI:NCE. Portland Oct. 2lth..-.Leard hrig Alce6u3 , Sko:2eld, New Orkin". No. York.2 Ot. 211..,rr. 23hr Wlimll.l, I3r)(a2. 34 day. tw'|l':oi. Utb(.cleard .hi3 Orle3l3 l 0ear,. New O, leai.. Clhard. 0el. 21, 1, 2ip Jo2p.l2,e. Pull2t., N Orln,,:. Al2xa(dria. o2t "2..S:3323ed 32p 2e2nd2li., New2 Orle0l3n. OrPhil3622(3,, . . . .. 9..Ar33322 2h..p A22h:3, W6ht.:, N:. 0.12:..:. Bllti:ore,,O.t. 29..E1 C3he'laro. Dukehart, Ilavana. bCkal'lh:n O. Nov. 2..Arrived ,. ig PA:n, Purrolt. 2 19 3ays from ew Orieans. Mobile. Nov.t6..Snilo 3r:,r Hornet,. New 0:rlanu. Arri ved ohb l Mary E.le2 and 'P'r3.,er. do. CHARLESTON M.3RKET-N.Nv. 3.d. COTTON..At the lo.e of lle lt. lland ill the early part of li-e preolar week. a fCir lueldlel*s engged dealer. ill Ullhlud, but at A feetler reduction of fully je per Ii on tile rules quo t(e iuour review 2of the 233h o9t. On 'fTur2la:y. however, operat3on2 were. iu a, :u2peo(ld u bhuyer3. sere on 1illing to ilegeiate .ao even attlhi reduction - all'l Ie rmar at 2kroughout that dlay 3 nld y.te2rdny w2 2 la(:2gu(l, 32ll3 2 (e2dan:y to 32 3i2rth3r decll:e i3 price. Ti,: sales of Ihe : eek a :e961U bs et Ih: f,,llowilg pricrle. 2 nig2; 31) nt2. :Idal I0; 1193 t I339; 2(at 11; Oc3 2t 33t9;323222t I33. .44! o( 132; 53- at 322 :Z291,.:22}2 2 25l22 :'J2at (1 2:2ud, bag. at 211, I3er2 (3f I.oL Col2UL' ,a(. : 40( Itles :ea I(3lad h.,s boel, e I23 r222 2313 er rlt.h I fTom 37 9 to., ad d lS3ola.u do. st 14 3ad .3 per2 pain I. (4Mlc..:Pe huoinoeh ofthe week i. this artic' Iit2 Ieen very Iilhttgml confined czledw ton tle.ew crop. at the "oblxwtl I0leo.vi3: *(1 tie6r:32 t 2 lot 3. and 83. at:2 2. Of ihe o0 J nrop, 44 Ilus. bees takI, ue3, IuO at 35.16, d 176 1702,c: nl 3#per 1366 (UitI. We have 3 nt 2 :d an arrival e,.2 1 on for t3 e pa:3t o t igtIt. i( :n3 ll2e 2 2c 3 o 2 wl3ic2h .t33 r32l20Y r,, :ale h3.2 bee3. cons:erably :l2c2d2, 2nd th2 Ir3ket 2n the tl32. 2About 3lo boolh:l gtltrylutl O3a brought 4. r2ct23 per b2ull2l. 3932ral hko:l4 bum3llrsx 3 3. y have 3 l:en : tkll ik t e0. 9.1 asd (0(3llotp por ( l333:; 3cu3ldig (to qllality. 2No ('eA baffe cape bt hnnd tilce our htsL 9p2. b:. :'hrr: hn3. :2l a fair bu3i22 2 d:i23 in Flour durill3 le :wek. Ab3l2t A3 hII..RI3chmond .ld 2t 22 p2er bl; e2 - vital lots Ballimlloe ndo . Vilgli il blhbeel selling Sa: th: wharf :}; and frO lu3 : at 8: per b2l. About 5 3h':. 22xal.. favu, its brand, ha3 bs iWl ulka, at :2 p2 r 2 l I. 'Tbere ha ktln rullle ioquiry fur Canal; but we are 3ulormed by the Mkenithat ll.t o iv ioln ill nl m ket 0ru3A(q...lBo.hfi:3l60 36d domestic I:xehall2 rn:,tinul auwfl,. W: trot U((ll2 o. 2 En 2J nominal At2 2 1I per aY')W WIn.-a ,..50l 1 (A.(5 :. (32r doll.r. ' see (lnk e(Cltna otm: r mtdh sea New .t Ik t.k. ul For ke aWn Uills at k 2 1ar Oase :ml, for tlh : u :3 ofother Ia(loke I, i:mall u23., 2t3 lr~ + llr m TolrPte hd 1 of \bl, iuniilutllo aye i dmlanld I 4 lr 3(t il3r. "'b3 b3oke i I:,e byiuig up 2p2,le ut 4 par l(n .,T. I.I:arpol. d6ll.a 2 2 3 d.. and o Ilavre. 3 E1 lOr CU1It011 Nl In | .,xde rng T"ile pro: eta .e r-e.Ci. O (i1, t··,unei eight 1,1 S. a Per bale; and '171 c4 per 4iwa. f r o. T1)VtI S-l.undi,,g frolll-l!iF Hlhrctlh,, iront Phile d.Iphltia, t.large u-lxrl.*t+.t u.' L',m l~ll n." .i6. - alllo ln ar .,lII yllq lalltll+ l *t lO tra-tllnlln or lpl h Ys, Hlllsau,l ftl, Itulrlla, Lc:. &. Folr sot eb MAK' l. H&J l)e.Vi+VttL.X, 2 3I 2 . "L22e:).Ol0u º.:tl TOE fT.RUE AMRUICAN. qf. the B_ aY zJmS ¢'mSON. in F" AITR UL ANI DOLD. Got ®fficiatl goaucrt of ti . c 2b unicipality. "' PUBLISHED sa Daily. Tri-Weekly & Weekly. as N f r ' OI I ES eN ." SATURDAY, NOVEMBE 9, 1839. " Mails.-At last we have a and New York es pope a of 49 h ult., at d Chaileston 2.1 Novemnber, a We return our most gratef Il acknow edgementsot0 to whom of right they be'ong, but have not time to inquire who he, she they or it may be. It appears that a speculat on had been got up at in New York, for taking out a party of San and Ci Fox Indians to England for exhibition. Instruc- ki tions have been very properly sent to the port of tI Mobile and to this port, whence it i+ supposed fu th, y were to start, to call upon the Distri t Attar. a noy to prevent it. T..e new Governor General of Canada, Mr. C Thompson, had arrived at Qeboc.. ilia appoint- b men is unppupnlar among the loyal Canadians in g England. i We give the following liern of intelligence, whether it be true or not, we cannot say; but upon c thi best information we can obtain, we are inclin, ad to think it correct, qr at least has some good foundation. t *' Letters received by yeaterdlay'a mail from New York state, that a packet ship had just arrived, bringing the intelligence that a unmber of Amerit-c can houses had failed in England, and that Jau. don, the agent for the United States Batnk, had committedauicide by utting his throat, in cone quenee of not being able, it was nupposed, of mee. tieg its drafts.' (l- e are requested to state that Mr. Clapp will preach in his church to morrow morning at 11 o'clock. 7'heetre.-In our last remarks, partially enuimer. ating and noticing the corps dramatique of the Camp, we inadvertently pissed by two or three, who certainly were not treated with premeditated neglect. Among these was Mr. Schoolcraft, one whom we rememober on tile same boards romte sove. ral years ago. IHe was then a young man well stored wilth anbition, and perhaps of bit. little promeio. Il is now a man, apparently worn with care, but we should judge devoted to his profession. - t will never reach the topmast wing in theatri. cal fame: he may not aspire to the reputation of a Kean in tragedy, of a Caliwell in genteel comedy, Is of a Listen in comic, nor of an Ineledon in song, I yet his modest worth will be appreciated. le is a . useful man; he strives to please, and is deserving r of encouragoment. lie has a sweet voice, which is ihe uses skilfully; ho dresses well; ihe knows his parts; he takes no liberties with the author or his audiences; he is attentive,-why should he not succeed? There are things Mr. Schoolcraft has done more than respoctably,-things for which Ihe c6 deserves great credit. Iis frenchmoan, in the play of Rory O'More, was natural and unaffected,-ino 2I over acting, nor straimnig for effect. Mr. School to craft may not become popular with the vulgar crowd, but let him rest assured that so long s helie continues modest, attentive to his business, and prudent in his manners on the stage, Ie will be supported and appreciated by the discriminating Spublic. Mr r. Boddy is an old stager, of the old school; rn with moie spirit and fire, Ihe nrght mount a little Ihigher in his profession. Mr. Keppol. or some foolishly officious friend for ea him, kicksateriticismn. We agree with thie writer ,it of the Louisiana Advertiser, who signs himself d ~ W," as to his general insignificanc, blut at the tee same time will maintain our right to make any R commonts, not infringing upon his private lifo, that we may fron time to time judge proper or is called for. A little of one of the qualities that we have a' ove awarded to hr. Schoolcraft, and which t. is most often a characteristic mark of merit, wouldl a mtuch better avail Mr. Keppel than more preten, ( sion and vain boasting. lie has his mar t, and when opportunity offirl, we shall not be more tb. backward in recognising it, than we shall when necessary to blame, the foriormer alwas .oing thi most pleasuratle part, at least to us, ot'a theatrical critic. Wlhilo on this subject, the Courier has just come asto hand, and we see that our confrbre gives a ey pretty hard hit to the Munagers of the Orleans Theatre, one too, that we think most justly dener e- ved; but that establishment has never been remark. able for its liberality. It is ant ndeniable fact that, the Managers have to a very great extent been iim posed upon, by soi disant writers and others, who ren, under varios pretexts expect and claim a free er admission, )et no American Manager Ihas ever yet hesitated to extend this courtesy to the conductors d of the press, and to those.iwho may justly be put oni to the list as writers. Formerly we had our entrees at the Orleans, but for the last two years we have not been honored by the notice of Mr. Davis: per haps he cares not for the patronage of the Aimeri. can portion of the population, from whomi, how. ever, that establishment has received liberal sup port. A United States s ldier was thrown off a mule heo was ri :ing, yes'cerday, his foot caught in the stirrup, and the mule dragged him to somo dis tance, eontin Jlly kicking at Iimnt, but fortunately never hitting him,. The soldier was rescued from I s vo y p rlolaus ilnation, by a goollae In passing by nod llo ing hold of Iha reins o: the refract Pry S'IThe fid!wino article oas in type .tcI' e the re ce'i t cf Iti Iu ld.- Pr inter. In the absence of all nown", and then failure of mails, heur are some cvry sensible remarks wo have scissored oet o` thl " Spirit of 76," a little paper published in Datrit. 'lThe ronmarks iare ticito sensible, and we tlake this opilrtunily of advisting all our readers to rcfl oet well iupon them, and lc low the advice of tle writer. Ti pIrove that wns do tot practice agreeably to our preaching, we have made a firm rlesolve never to quarrel again, if we c.n help it; indeced we solelouly pledge our self to follow the advice of Mr 76, at uasnt to a certain extent : for we really begin to think that mlore is to be gained in using soft soap, than in dealing in tenpenny nails and rasp tiles. The article orn quarrels has made such en icm pression upon our minlds, that we anr resolved to becomea as amiable with the male sex, as we have always been remarkable for that quality witllh he Indie--we are a relormeed man. thUaRns r..--( e -f Ithe ell enll'V.rhe non t cnamoin, . .most Ireq i i . ii h thin s . ic :hIr world ic to quarrel, non incritr wills who r, an, ma-il or ehi d ; or upon whil pretence, : orOcatioe. i,r ocr c ullill wllnt-o~cc. I'rller is inI kind of nIecr .cclle ill ii, no manllll erlllP " 1 inl ir,ancd o epllecies or degree of blleGit to ei Saoierd lv it and %el, ltr te ecae to" he lart elc h e, hi icc' i ealil , th e ll e cillt nr'c'+, ol, t ile tlirte q cIi rrcel+; i lllIll. ail triec;cl, IdClll crlHI li cellll - llPtle oii , alld· I ii mc1er c e thingc , and onc a lll cncer gi lcla.--ec i I clhere i+ an thing o Oi' world Icilt will ic t it ilaia, ftel rht d,escept picl llunci his lien, inl the crack oIf i t deticriit is cI| g estionai l itbly c i q u acrret . i ll to Ihtt lk le ,e of bi ie lt ii afler Iiln l le le d oe; Ie de'rades hih n hii.: ' e no i h + f o , andli wh t ia liwar, blunts his i se iilitvi to dip a the lie hand, ald Ilren-er, the p.oer of paslionI t eeriei lhility ll the iother. 'Th ci cellith , the icore qutietly nclc peaceably wen all get on, tic e hatter; tih. te er : olve, the better fr tour ea'tiiCor+. In nines u.e ourl of ell, tle wi 'e-t ie rsll ei,, it ie ctl a n ats.voil , to q tot ienlin w ith himu; if hie iei abhcsie, quit his cmpc y ; if ile iaceis c. enU, lake uore ' to vc -t lint u hlyti w i ll tiliev't himt . No .itter who e e is, or how he incsei-s yuiute wisest wet y is geonerlli just hit hl altoe or Fire is nothice hc ilr tle n ihis cool, etli qeuiiet wriy of dleatling with the wiuongs we met with. [Corm.unicated.] St.--The establishing dramatic repretenltaions ic the languago of the T.:utones in t ,is clty, is in our opinion lrermature. Sctso Is, in which the German lalngulge slonull be taught as written, c.laim the Ii eprcde, 'the penpeteion ile tils city, knorwnl as thtol' UGeneai. population.' is, gone. rallyccomposed of mile* and folnaleos ccstomed I from birth to ti- most laborious no upaleons, una. quaninted with pleasures obtained at a distance from their own firoides-hones., simploand tnadorned b in their hibils, they seldom manrifest desires .in- a aomptnible with the stations for which rustic birth and example have fitted them. To this class the Germanu! theatre r hut few charms, nor will seenic allurements cotribate in the least degree to augment the quiet and unostentatious happiness enjoyed by them in unsophisticated obscurity. That portion of the human family known as the " Iriddling class," eonstiltutes, no doubt, the bone and maorrow of all nation ; it is the class, which establishes the equilibrium between the ilflateod aristocrat (of dollars and coea or title) and the vagabond. It is this ea!as which gives tone and intlgr ty to society. Tie respeprtable artizan or husbandman should possess, at least, suofitient in struction to read a d write the langu age of the country of his birth or a-option ; without this knowledge, he cannot be considered as pertaining to the" milddling elans," and is altogether unfil for instructions of a higher order-especially such as dramatic repreelntations inculeate. T'lhe advantages accruing from thil existence of German schoe s in this city, wonld by no means be confined to the German population. The Anl. gnlo Saxon, remarkable for an insatiable thirst to inprove in every branch o of useful knowledge, would soon be tIbund a partaker of the benefits re sulting from inlstructions illn tht language, whie can beast ol having been firlt wrttell amongllgt the living languages, first priated, and in point of literary wlalt to be second to Inooe. T1o the un trammelled and unprrejdiced a field of'obsevation will be opened by a tamiliarity with the writings ofGerman philosophurs, Iot to be lmet with inl any other language. 'iThe Physician, Lawyer, and Theologian will each, iln lis de partment of sci once, tiln mlia (rials in the recently published trans. actio!s of German Unliversities, calcl aled not on. ly to auglmnt hsl scientiic knowledge, but to call into nctiun a stronger love for deep research. A German e11Chol should illnediately Iet estab lished, and the exampllle of a truly patlriotic ilnd gifted lady, now teaching the French language in this city, should be followed. Teach lour pupils t. tie Ilsltory of the United lS:iats-malke them corn Init to mlemory a translation of its insttltitutions a eventful occurrelcos.iBy this In.0,1ns, youl at OIetd d silence tire obj,:ctions to a German theatre, and eo rp re tie e c ldllrn toil Ill ll grans tl or .le eljloy 1(nent of the inlltitutios of this truly freo anrd h.lp. I py Country-more anon. COI1MMERCIAL COURTr-Nov. TEcn, '39. vs. In this case, on motion of tihe attorney for the plaintill; it is ordered by the court, that the de fendant show cause why judgment should not be determined and fllua judgmenrut entered of re. cord in lull of all demands, witih costs arnd interest, Mr. Benjunin appearing on part of tirhe delfendant. After an able and elaborate comment on the law of garnishee, as r xpressed in the articles 246, 217, 262, 263, 348, 349 of the Code of Prat tice and article 2270 f tire Louisians Code, , h, Mr. tien janmin, after reading many and various decisions of the Sulrelme Court, observed that his ease was a very heard one and that the Supremo Court had decided, in the case of Proseus vs. Mason et als, that no recovery can be had agaiet the garnishee, until judgment is renadered against the principal debtor. A garnishee is req sired to answer illter rog,.tories within delay, or his neglect shall be considered as a of having flinds of the defend'cut's inl his Ironds; but it- is not plt. hribited from aunswering after the de ly ,allowed, irovided steps hlave i ot boonU tlker in the meanti rme to fix his respopnsbillty. As it griral rule, where an act is to be done within giv.n Iier rIn , tlinbrg of all answer ansd tbo like, it triay be one aiterward., if nothing has occurred to lreto it it; so, a garnlish*o may answer interrogaitrleos ithout their benll :aken for co)efebse.d, after the leg rt delay, and at alny timre belou tihe cause is set for trial, or, per Irrtst at the trial. I reply to 31r. B's. coolinents, IMr. Duncan Otty, for the pilaltilt, rose and s.lid that ihe had conlcoived that there cou!d be nio doubt but the rules relative to anotenrs to, isterrocgatorins onil facts and articles, ar moretl rigi'l than those igntdlti by those wlhich gvernl ordtl.try aneswers, and thlat a gar. nishoe not answering holl interrog.ted on frets and articles, cannot t avoid the legal etf'ert of his negbgence, and that he wsould of the, court, inlasiuch as the legislature, had exlressly enacted rules of practice, by which the courts are to be governed, and more eppei.dlly as in tIts case, whecre there can be no doubt of thre /point at issue, as in the Code of Practice in tihe articles above quoted, and especially in that of 263, and by tlhe subsequent decisions of the Syprenlo Coure, he tire plaintiff, could nlot, on any decision whlatev.or, sulrpprt his laches to enter up judgment in favor I of thie plaintiff; whereupon the court took the c se into further consideration. Corroesplondonco of the Pihiad. U.. Gazlltte. New YPol:, lMonday 28th, P. \1). It is absohutely impossible for an mdividual who isock only to give a correct: view of our onoy market, to make up his illld to any positive con clusion oi tire subjct. Sottre wil l l you thtat th:re is acerlatl feelllng of'tclnfidencleo etvirted to Iday, which has lot beenl experrienced fr lsome tilme belore; others, tLat the depressirlol, gloom and scarcity, aroas bad as ever. 1 icltlne ysell rath. cr tot:.e latter opinlon Stocks are again lower. U. S. Bank shares fell coons.lrably. Mlcrchantt ' paper is eacountulg at about 3 1-2 a 4 per cent., and but htt c mouney to be h;d or it. I ol cseakhcg ol tirot rrt, paoper; whatever comlles below that dLU.erIIlllln i's den;lo it mIluch hgher tp oees, anld as high r ,. 9 or 10 per cent 1s solncetulnes paid. U. Statles tot lates are unl saleaoble. A sale has boeenii mde of steribhti lls at 8 a 8 1 ' premul. lxehat gr orl Philadelplria 10 a 11 1.Q2; Mobile, 17 a 18; Ilhtlmorro , 11 1 2 a 3.1; Augustla, Geor pta, 12 a 14 1-2; Sav.rlanah, l1 a 11. All agel,t wis.seort frotu thineto ont Saluerd:ly to demlallnd spe'cie or cIyvyt)rony lIr thle lot.s ,ofr ur country banks i whch had E erI ll brUght ill i'all street. lHe is Ixptectre d to rItuon on tVrIdnretsday, awirret the reu.,t roit ;6a mission r ill dierttr:rne tic value in c y tn, tdsol country Itlik paper', iluw al mIlost the creulatinthg rIrtrlrium herr.l Lett,,rs from a Itloost Ayre.J of 29th Atug. bring accounts of ita eve:r gale there. '1'th, U. S. 5. ,lp b'alrflild lost io t two m ieI ; tile Engllrsh brglr Ureciau, two mitr.. ; a FreIch Ilsi-oil-tL-..,ar, tlhUit ito of the large schooner htlronglin to the frrenelh blockadnlllllg squadlron went down at her anchurage, owth all on board. Mondaty evening, Clo',ter 28. We do not think that circu .sta<lCes would war rant so ill sayhinlr tlhit the sate of the IMoney Market is better. It is true, that noni11t ; fi w, therel stlr. d toIs e a ifelilg otlfC Io fit liletle and lho.e slr:ingintg iup, yet it It would be d itllt to trace t Ito any deoilltrJ carlse. 3Mercrhalc' piaper was Iborght lit rates varyilg irot 3 t 7t per ce.t taccordtl.g to q ,ali y, Stotks hive ge rl,rr. ly Iallen ogaltl, alli ol the rwou!i vry i.thle Irutrlles of aty descriptiron ls hrer trv:re.rctudri-I-s than thbee has aeun on ally one day or a long tlune past. lRel gretrsn ,eo Iislr t hlng I n drt tr i r i h a n' r phrt. It n lllll het III th nlire mr; IO l or hitr s o. ,wtd tniteiris In tihe (.xlt.rl v 1 00t , IFIl,, if:- lhlh it who , .prlod 1. . ' eI hel grr ti.'r st Irrll i doI t)r artilV, ly liltt iftt oil. P.I - hi Itl t Ihr glvpn ttr o t llllr te itll i- t il, lh.llo il a rc ' hlrlea iln 0 ,- urt.. tn(;r,,,ih+,,r ill' ,:hro.,: ,.IJ lie's ihlh, i.• b1rce of s.ll, r that l, tirhe I ,c, r 11 I ll, Io a ll t e,11 1' t rl nuv,.; Illld at !ln It l I ,bn I. n ItI the hta ], fbloct 00n 0boon 0f hr. l t'h", gerr t lltt I, r - i to !I.'-t he he ,ht o,ln m i fl rl ei hl llwn er It1 ho r,1sts Ill , . un lh l ,la u e1e,,nl Ssnli etrellofll t hor I. e .orlrl-t hiei tar 11, I o ,t l F(illl ~r tlIr l" Iller lltr auis r tl ; wilr t l rlrlirlt, rol ilill ), (n11o Y1llil , 111 ia , t{d Is ilo -t lilllul.ltoic . . 111,111g i.(lt·0 O'l lU) , 1,il[I be honerl l oratoIII h d.nlih. IIIIrlll. in 1 nhill. liiil. 11,. f Imlunv arl ud iallh, ,ri o,1 rl I g.1 .4,"- glver .nedsl himself, nll d re lllo)rf ai wise e-limllute l il h e anidl dead), l|atlla, animllag the II ol l )l p ,,l-rms. (ia. Juurnal. In a eent .'erxusior 0o tlthe lousrle Shols, we nwere strm. k .t h rt it .t.e itae ev . of I i . rocky 1..t . ., laul D re in all.. , pi o e . t1 ,.h a r I t i l :tllttt | alppFIr rlc, tol , Larlell n river almoiot drrld upi. Arnd .till rno-red utal p.rspert was thle ene eltll eter Br.dge It ruin, Irir g fit t rr tir dry rd rugtld rIver it. parl cularly s, to ,hoss ll live o-1 0111- it tsl side s l Ii ll0c Ir tas~t vl Ille so I-. arlr. Iler rv ialtu rllld us thsaI with itne hlo.Ired Ih ndtr he could rt ie ot p tr ilej rid l s i lU l one montIlllh. lTh'lere i, at v tiii itt * ,r f mih tIriids tro id ell e.Ir- iiil rp it . tl ,h tl . t- th p tub o ,eg r , , I r li r is a str n- leEling of r si, :tiht ' h tt, .rs. lWetrny-, ih ,ate sowt I 1€11\ ] i I,," ,teirp iio i n lh Ic-c i I f IeIn, and wiho do to' d-.tai, uader this ihea, Y'. i,' i .t)'y. Fl, resce (Ala.) G'a. NEw YonR, Tucedyo, 29I'th Oct. •Tohere- is no positive chneg, .in the iatlo of money mtiatse to advise t ou,) et think theel are some fnvmora ble st mptomts. 'l'he IHanks are discounting i lore freely, and the eel. re of somle fw of thIlli in lthis respect is hihbly spoken of. There isnlo demar d for specie, and then om o h ihd by the Bankh i ilcrb ,lng. 01 Several nnltos ul'iteling Bills ove Ien miullse et I8; Amsternodam is offtrillg at 40, and Pari at 530, but lthers tire few purchaser'. Storkn sre without any asteriol chang In'to-ay, th' the Iemhn of tfprire= a ithe Seconld Bolrld was rather d dow e ldn 'IThere has ben to re enqlir for South be "rn fnud. and the rice it 'o[Noew Orl'eIns is It ahont 8 o lIl per lent discount, Mfbibe 17 a 18, Philadelphfia sill i quote to day 1)el. and Ildlaon 1 1-2 n 52 1-; U.S. Bank 74 a 751-=; Kenlicky 64 it 611-2, Vickshurg 291 li ia 32: nll tCnton Co. 23 oS5 1-2. A smlll saie of ten as mtadie lla n uction, y Austill, Vi llmrdini A co., Cnllitinig iof a fw ilnvoices per shllips lanllanalll fi.nlllh. 'T[erlns 6 no)n tb: 9i , ilnts li son brnllot i : a 60 cent-; 1'1l6 Ihfcheli. do 56 I2a 59 ot; o a Irw packages extra fine brought 61 i.-a 77 -.2 "li-o t No inlpotant matrins news. From the New York Conrier 4' Enquirer. n1oteviJeo, 31st August, 1839. Bonidrs 4900 barrels flour from the Un ted Staes, 500') barrels had a rived from Rio, which caused thlie artio In decline to $131 2 per bbl. It I had, however, since s tiled into $14, and expected I to decline further should any tmnmediate arrival take place. Produce on tile rise and scarea, no country hides, tallow grease, hair or horns to be had, except at ruinous prices; wool and sheep skins none. We foreseo great difficulty to coimplete the cargoes of vesscis new in port, as in the disturbed state of the enontry hardly any produco call be brought in, every body being ulndelr arms. essels lmust Ileave here in ballast, to seek freights from other ports.. Weo have now buhot little hopes of the block ado of Buenos Ayres being removed unulil force eon:gh is oeet fromt France to put down Gen. Rosas. The country on thii side is also in a slate of rov. y olution, and tilo troops of Lavallejo and Echaque are in this province and sonc.of thelm said to be within 40 Ieaguns of thllis city, whil at n th other Iland Lava hijo is reiported to have leftl Martin Gor. cia fur Ent e I-ios with 1500 men. Whilst this slate of tllillgs continues, but little produce can c.tne in and vessels will have to leave port with out suflikient cargo for ballast. d From the Philadelphia Iquirer, 29th niult. LATER FROM IREIlND. By the rrtvnl of' the ship CaleIdonin, from Liv. e opoo'l via Lolndonderry, pa;pers have boen received at our Exchange, from the latter port, of thle d1st d Sept.,-brnig two days later than tue inews from the North oi lIcland, brought by the Liverpool. The Harvest in the North ef Ireland.-The 4 Londondlerry Sentinel says, that during tleo preo ceding week, upto Tihursday 19th the counntry had been duluged with ratn, and tIls crops greatly in. jnred. Ont that diny, hIowever, the weather -ecaae tine, and strcnuolns elf irts were belllr ad to get in tlte oats, nearly the whole ofi.which were still out. The grain crops, glenerally, a.e descrihd as deplorable. Frorn other sources, we learn that the crops I throughiout Ireland will hlil lur short of an average, with the exception of potato s, in tihe North. which t never promised better. Muchl ofl the wheat that ihas boon gathiered in, is I a damiaged state fromt the rains. t, A passenger informs us that in several parts of . England, tile accounotsof blad rops had been ex f aggerated-'nt all thle lwloands near rivers had been inundated from the heavy rains. It shonld be remembered, however, that low ad lands in England are generall- grass oedows. The S gentleaoon referred to, gave, as his opin on, that tile wheat crop would be one-third below an ave t r igo, and that rather front damage than a short as yield. t Mr. Shoerman Crawford is publishing a seres of letters, on the colnditiol of tilh Agricultural popu. ltion of Ireland. 'They i re very popiular and are e0, entitled " A ldefenc of tle Stmall Fartmers of al Ireland." O. the li18t, 19th and 20th if September, there n were considerable arrivnls of oats in the London Ott derry miarket. ··' IFeor the Blttmore Iepublie.n, ,t ll .I\ A 1.111, It. OI 11-. 11J. t. ear, !.a.l, ,.ee , k I I,- .laws. tf.crih ln o ; .,s t ollih nl.' 's et , F ho poutr ti'tl:' inon tle fl ot l, hat i. , Fno, e it".rl Fum l- +, S; I '1 Wvrltc a v dume ,u I ,. pl uaiT - \-ld -eaT t ci ('h oztl se bo Ien- ,en V In 1 w , Il;Nr nll II il'lli ,' e ft .. ll, t t , gut led to tr --Lt tetwoel ' oFld ho Iln wi-do ' ' -lv e - I -tditly' lt Idvlr vllol b 1r s-t" e-11ch f rte , A i thl'. se y ",'td ,it; t r, G. I '. W.(f, e nr e is likely fo b h lt-a t- h lwen lokt. n ndr Ad fri '. I, t r' m r'e l--d: r o- , h t fv 'l'n , on, nd ol lt IIa - I t ll I th wil not pait F?' I ti t 'dinte l FIt''r 'r I~i, Ic. l s - eidn , t t ri, c d. st In, ,'ne F e ct, I vite rtt t r 1. t ua' f l,, e tho ,te , - t he Ie h tkn tt ,k l t , i t tll i nl lific ti n 'lb ' trite i Ii ll " oIII th cIn. et ' i t nl ttFd, ThI tIle it likelyt It he I t' Irtt eween t- ott t and ,r -l r e, for ", tne s ls t - Iltn wlet td lll ile 1 eni llr." nlt th e late Lol' y t stilla" race wi" h ellh ( e II'. , when 'a-Mi eri I Jwo t hl it ie l a til i lni7L, ' sl l Io i, liei'eoul d ha Co n i le ior , JIos if , nil I n 111 V+)lllIllt + t IIes 1n r llr ll ,red hli "r of G1lee E l, otI d F 5,1 "Io 3ithll.,t etn tne hirtiu itn ,lhtI Io'tedl tmte s tot tt t o n thu:.d d ollar s anr ride ar ua cmurd. lhein plrit of tI e Tlt tt' e ittN thatt Itr chttltlnge fone listrti has ur le \Nest, f, rt riee 1v ,r lrier thnlstod dol larns , W(- lh Isi r G Las I it Gade, erill be tile iJ out e -l i ieg of assrn sin s. - hf days It ' e l tih e m e d lenre ; s aIt tI rodln act ou ll le i Ilol llZl10 (Lt - fly I. f lillttl aII h of ~ ncII l wi1 Itt' e en I llltlltlhotl cthe Uniod St - w.le--,ve re about l tllll p I n [llltl h ill lil l 'lal tioolifat ionlln --l" t foiv r th I f r oe ttre,, l n e INietli e " b ,tte donor te terr that c I rI e ll tef I th, trdne iit l fll f ilttlm h tll: l 1e tc ,te , IIite t k cllcc F ltl, d itF + llgnill ie lI l1si I t Vitll to in leri i ih Ion ti ldii ,to t Flll. t Ie f,,ne filth that Inecllne t were Ic hcn lonlle wha hle'J jt. We eative llll readers ito bellll utifu at ,tlr i Cecinti re e tl f tll l. i le .-.I/ e Ile Joura ll . 1ar ous I ut.rsiot'Ls.-'"he tiichmt d Con n ilert ctates thut in talelionl Vale of+ ,'00 Murtis .Icii'ti~tiale I I .11103 Ollil elyts li, at ,7it. hi. TtIleolle, I, lll t ,n .'s, waq nmde 'lie-, :666 6 83 oI tle ' 011 - i lt . l It l or' ntllc ie Ilten- tb Fnrito l .in I+ delivry of t-tihet tolree -n 6uV0s It, Vole il rhe urnlet g -ow Alh. 01,1it trt-ee iti' were '' e 7 Saret, ti tle i.v Ihe oolt b1ttc t he i htv lt- lno bid. 'I1t, l'liz ' ' aid a it-ta prcteher to a ouine lady lo, l had lc th'e, n ant t kllc , ue hir h t oi i hIeauti' lo ul ring t., $ 1 , F .i o t IF F'' 1 i in n rd It,,r peke hI lie 1 , 1 rh , Ir . l dd h el tltiet fIdtlhn Inr yone ' , tn I w I- g il ft ' l, hroned 1t, dam to,I glie did tI t 1,,o now I nr I tti| ir, , th e w k. ittg lon ale tov do i w ItE e VII; lV THEilos Iti- e t e I RKEI"l. .tle tm .--tnt-',ett r n-1 2 ari ti,,n io lht llok i is, its ,l1.l s, l : h ' h l l l s, e t i -t $ll 90 e Ilintt , Fli't'eepF lh, asi ohet rvt d in l~leF reN . To o ,rt.6 ' i t- r inttlW Io ' he tcr o l, e i'u n st tI t'eOI ; tihe 1killcen we bolln, and is i yuly h oue. Itl .,s .- -T . it he - le i,0ce offlonr. Vis rintieued w t- cl 4ls ce ictf e in l , e Ito o in.w t ci Wie kcVe nheeh, I I1 Ii ftotI l nu ,,dv ll, ,I ott1nide fotr Inlwgarei -trttoi, an e etol -ihI lie - I' it e t ll gill, 1 tnnal fr .hi t,-' n1 ntI,!eI l fuInig tl II iio.iwo ,,,r n Q; 2t5nd N 0ti not II0IIIU.nil r lIn ceto',i httl, .. ' Ie i tL Lwhla prlroic isld 6 pert h . 'T h ith pore li e s . ir a 71s an . 90- t Ali % " a, nehlch ,o ttano oidra e, nole l e nl u llakini . tino ,ot I nr nioned, eoit d keeps lp i stock or al descrlp io hio.. own. lllThe insp eticJ 'o r ll e week i nli ll o 7day- peve intr iwe rr.e as o ru is: [lwnr I -ireet, 1 1: :1 o c ]. G 00 M yr lity Wli- na, n7,o1 63 Tleotal, 1 3,666 6 Isidoin,n'th ahove tlhet , wire irspeetn 23oni9 Wi.iaCr Me a u w- l, h sl W IN lt e 1oour. I .- i.--Vre notice Ih r sntle ,f V0,000 Illr. V trginia pig, a li .:., ( i meos. h sinhg the stcalll. lintl rts f to at " 7 1- per gal ono. hrlelllmipies of dnv t$:1 75 plr barrel thle pretu ee, uo ,i a l t (I.'i ales Affeet. " 9'J--I. RANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. C GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY I, OF PROPERITY SITU TrED It NIEW /ORLEANS. SCIIMIDTi' & IIAMIITON, Managers. Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of ,t. Charles and Common Streets, and No. It1 chartres Street, le between Conti and St. Louis Strerts. I ITH n viewr of meeling tlhe wiaher of or frilend.. we have thleaure eau rrof a innOrncig to rho puI Jr lie that this Lottery w ill ie drat n at thile City, ill St. I.oti strert, in New itrlean'. Tle drawing will, witlour fail, begin oil the Iret li ILL eemnber nexl. Our agents throughout the unionl, rvill ane tihe Ihr rir to Ire inoerted onle il one of tile ilelllpaper of their renpectlie residences, and charge ithe expetll. in accolut. cnG--7tf SCItAIDir & iA IHAMIL'TON.) 97 We are aetlhrirsd to announce thit, nt the sOliri t tltion of a large numlrber of the citliZen of the three Municipalities, Mr.WtVLLtA Ion.I. hIIcL elu-cnc o ed lr tire prelerlltan of hir naite tuo hin fellow ci izlons at the nextl ensuing elctionn ;hn-crttanlidtrr for tihe olfice of Mayor ol the (ily lof New tirlelans. 71' Nous sommes autorisa s i annoneer qnu'o In demande d'un grand nombro tide citoy.ns de/ trois Municipalitds, Mr. WtILt. Mt FRIrT ET cor.sontri I nose pr6sentcr commnn candlat il ia place do Moire It la proclhaine lection. L. U. (iAItNIE., ll till solicitation of mlllay ol Ilil frielllr , hlre con.l enll.rl tol becolle canlldildate for their office of Mayor of this city. EII The mnetblers ilf St. Intairck's (Contiroeatlllrln In Ile'reb replretfullv Iotlified, that rr e t t rv.rir will be p1 r.1 inrrrd in one rf Mr. :. I. ParIker'. torw builhr g in Jlllial irreet, btlwrrn Mailgzlilan l ni llt chr slrees, until furtrllae notice. un J J ,r t ILON, Paltor. T HE Ilalf Million or (nt it lr eet I ir.lrle Ire n+af tie .Lotiuinrn GiRAND HEA . I't I't AT i NtIl S. I')'K I.LOVII.YII. wlill Ionitirely h dr i o hrill I tlh 31st Drceerae, Nrw I'ri'r PvI. CAI.tIVEI.I,, e.\Kh'iiY & PIITC/I/lllU. I n (iti'r clir, r l I urn li i rn u lll r St iht sl. IORUS MUI.Tl1'AUL.I.---I0/01il troe, if/, i he delivered thi. lill. P.rso rrt- w hini. rcl ri ri erlr-I will apply lu t. I' h/ l:lI 8i-I att GSaIt 1ir & rCo, 'I1l lot. " 3 111I:L VERRY TREES--iO h Moru ioarulin I lr s fri t n, . I CApply I It 1 r It9 ( 1:1 i, btn t 1n TAN'I'El i-Tl'w r.rgood r ir l rnth: itli,n rS rnto ` f fiuishril i oh t r \lhll I W ll. i oll , ll i t iii 11 'll in.lll ofll oI l eonrl la rrrillb giv . M II & I It . lr;lIlp , i11i i7 /11'i/re 1 rtrr T rhtan -t1 it (lll l / O li bnl lrdinlg orr rI :llllir Swallow Ir n /tItIII REIt/ Nrw l ,Ira rre OKISlE I .--15Th!,!she 'rrrrilr, ) oe brlrr edr S sl I ro IL 1 r ks or tOil, Iorrrri rr eA shir, Jrhr R hnle, arnl o'r sal, Ihrv r nG S 1; 111rito \ li rl.\ t , 3 i. g t;rver of IsC-nl i tll ask new liN' i, i l r a llnd f y N1L 6 S (:liP I .II, I'I IAI[ltII :t lllll l'l" l GAS 1r1e'iveI AND It INKIN/ i i 'I ' t / & i S I ) 'it- I r, irr 0 r lt , r tk l , l 1139. r OK & oi whiAI.--Th e oi, r -a il t 'ekto' htom b , Iri , r hundrre i rn el., wih r i., rri1, tnrirr ir ,,f r n rr.-r ro The / uperiority o ifrhe Poke hrro rl I,rtiore ,mn v of U. Cor1 iwill lhe. fllrn'ishlte in .n'hlll I., -lr ,',-n. r o Ih d e r r N e i i ii ir rr I I r Ir Ii , r e l.r . ItIIrIY 1r; iI.I 'rr ^ rrr I-'./ rIrr il, I,,- inio t- o. Alrirrrlno Iran itor r No. 173i 6, ~/ r C or ih. rrrll% ili,. hoxm nodi ltwotl itro rtr, o rionr I I Ii ., i h r ,lt,, h:,% AIrrIl t Nr,. rt.t "lrltnrrrooio i -. _ ro..t I l4li~i n 4' v .' lllm . Irlllllill ' ,- t+ an u , * 4,1111 , II" Ilt.e 1 I '"ll ll , 14±4 'I',0o1 J'll l ear III I I, (N I ! I I I I ( it ,eh n IIu. Ih a:"1 10 11 '~o r Ins, 'It ' +IO lilt, 0 , OHr ~ h Ir [4er.-e 4d I. I n 101 i ti' I er I ~I:, I,, :I,,, I 1: 1441 \ 11 lii: &. I, \ I 447 LOr'rl.'r.'o'i,.It..4l'1 . ,' .l l I 1 I 61 (1' , 444 N 1 i i." l ; t, I; ! IN ~:i ('1c' il I.\ nt l.!./:, II. l.1nd1r I44'4' 14I44(4j lll(l !(1 11(3 i 1 'I4I 0,v tI.lll l il ll ( '4I44' Its li4 I4441 l'4 1 .iI· . 11. I4 III4II ,IIIla 0 1 'I 4 1 I4 11 1 I' . 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III relilrllo he the pity1 e S t w hic 11, eu 44114e III,' red u r s h CI10 Pllil·:, lo tto',:~· Prize-'t'hat nta luiti lla t'-14444('tlmk I ckII III, 414illlllll 0 4111 (4· II(I 4144± g, k1 now1n1 I III,' 11:1'41111:, in 41l4 1 Il411II'll' l 44 I144o 4II , 'o I,(i 4444d I4'l4(44±4 11 I 41'" Inll 11o11r 1 14b C I. 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F:.ollr"'ll l 'ti(114 41(2.1 I P'rize-The three story hick d 1 L)Ie l )1 IIEhII hehB a1 t e , ,", tit 1In.i lllui ll lirl? r P tsenll dull. 4(10 Nt 0l? I,(.000 P0rI'4140 t'44e 2 li ' 2,s :t Iill - F001'4't'4(r t, 40 4' 7leer lep l l , I * ui cln ra ol ulll reel ; IYIIL . I)I d III fit . II~ L144l,(I e 114 4 ± lll . I t d III' $114'4 1140 Oil Priz44 -14,4 he 4± lo'tllt'4o,41I1I1NII .14404±404nr±44 414 Ol P,;t (' ~tiler ll' 11- iII rilrl-ets rene a - "0(04± 3" 11 e1h7'inch4; (44 '141(4,st 32 f a-t 7 iucbe, n, Fr nkli t ill et, lorid by 12( feel 10;007 cbe; depth 41 aI itnN 444±4,4441 10( 41'4'4,44(n II~y p lre,lIt.4, 44v 111la 44(l 4114144414± 11(1414±1 I .4141444'l I( e'll4±1I4141, 4s 44( urn 2 ee ; :,"r; tIi y l a by 127 trot I I in h , in depth ; runt 41044404 44444, $!11 11N10 ~oa'to,±,.44 I444 P 4(4v 150 4±44 44t 1444t , 4I44±0,4ii 44,4 II 3 Pri1es 11D1(1' &hr~,, 4 ,1A111'04 Net1Orlans ID APrientaofto!r 4444,4144141 otaetoFord Ja riekrwI. 'Ia Apil 483. 0 CAMP STREET THEA 1i E. I SE This evenring will be pelrlamed Ih' V SalI)DGE DRIIVER.l Ivan Danillf; (li;lr s ldai. D)ri r,) M: r . Mortion. Lady LUanlanr , i-prix After w\hich, IRAISING TIlE WIND. Jeremy )ihhller, : : . i. arret. - Feignwood, : S. Cowe.o clude ll. FRI(IIIITENED T1O 1EATII Jack Phunloal, : : : Mr. l lar. t MII nmp , Hoihllad. 'I: ly, M: : : rs. D liar, nir 1" I)bair,, o la G-lI'er lrlllara a- to clomlleni il 7 o 'ctoek.=L WASIHINGTON BALL OOMt ST. IIll.IP STIlEE:0T, BETWI EN IRIOYA, 1.l DBol L' IN STRER15.I 1 1111 IMIANAI EII f 11.e \\aiSlhihS et i hall Roomlll re pecC fulY illhtllil l i Irhi I ft i sd Ir llllpblic, llhat II the mI nl ionel d establishm ,'nt m ill op l for Ihr e .ani on,an Mnhiill y elvlnia, Nove ii ll.' rhii, 18'10, bliy G ANI) 1111: ANi M1ASQUIERADE I 11.1.I., 11 t nod will c i th .. rllro ghout the senson ecrey Monday, WVednesday and ,Pultandaay' venliag ofl'elisi weekl. I" Alnia anili e Ir r Gicleili ena' , $'2 004 New (Jrlhaini, )crt. lith, 16 :i. " SHIPPING. CoastwViso. FOl NEW\ Yrll-ll-Rllelinr I'Pckari. a Iirllllin ' Linle of P'iIct"'I . e e :hlInt Ith nlianrtll sk ilh p1VI ' KSI URlt IlG, ll l ien keh , r l l ,' - ( an, . ll l tit appl g tonbh" Ithe lio na hoar;l+ , too t·::1 t"1~ the V1" r"" tl - i A 1'( )111:N, J.1 ('nrlaon l . S FOIL NEVW 1'i: - ' sail ion Csi ir 1 l1' Notea er. p . ew , 'ork .. ,W (t), ,'ai n- LI..... I .- T1l'Ihe l Iaire p11 kl es1 h lll,( 'll I I' ai\(; I,: (la ' ail c t a ll, wi ll , . 1, i 1111 , !,,i ii ", ore hall of sr lae11 t, lndy It _. on, '1f' board. I,'or I lh "i -illhie ll • [v i1.( l or pll ,".:, c I,, hm Iin ) .' lilfl l lil hcl 11 iWo ·I n am l, aiillto , apply oin hoarilld, tu ! pp. i l. Ihrtlj Inot t l .n ee or It " PI0ll " '11 1 " 1 :i1' I( \ II1).' , (''',1, FOl) NI 1'\V IIII C J)l -l', la lckelt.- _ II h' I e .I I'arkl h' '1.ia he 17th iatlnati Aa. T all 'H ,u ol 1 , ' nd upir hli d Ihl, |:110 ,r ll oiii hoari;dll, 'II,,p",I ' l 't," \'e o, (h IIl 10" klltl rl1l, 1 Iii '!ass ii I sI).1.sI -s r ORK1\I: -11 1". c LWO'r.,Ld At > -e·e1 .lillo whirl) S will lorlrlcerd raIIt h ll r- I. asa-all ll ri: Io, dlq, i iiia i l l TI'i' lio , Ii.' i-.-i, '''a IIar, ra r-h i , ls p 11R plduh l J a- \\li'...11, -il allh. iii . i ·\Ila l -tlr , I1: ( 'r.n- t, 1m n"l1h' f w "llol b'rlill toil nJ Ii K11ne .II ll1 1n*l . (Newi-s o I \h 'ln r I thI .I nlll ( II h , ., at lt r, N 1111 1 ip F ill lll , h i, II I .i ll'ol ImIl'n 1h 'nIa-l- rp asr Il1 lS Ill, l t h.- h.,, ner'<n ms ioon nded n, A ai 1 Iilllr loll , ltllr l hrtipi llullllll ial- al. .,'1 . Il I'I- 1 ' 11'1t 11 II l l t 'a.r111i ,111 ¢ I ii l I ',a h 1 N 'Ih -lal i Illslar.l ll al, IS'1d I 1.1s11 rlai .I)llllllI i, IIt:('llltl 'lllt NI.\ Y1 lk. I Irla ' " ir 1i 1 1 : ll' i'.\ -- ak - ', oa ,i INI I '1,'rhi a' - a.,a. l i, tlill- ill. ill I> ." , -- 1N: h, ' .r -ir II 11s r ia la o I . . ........ . . .1. ai ,1 T '' ,Ii - ) al II, 1 lll I11 I n "I l .i T ,Ir.. ....... . I. . a.. .. .. . - . t i............ '' . ....1 I al l n I ~la n i' Ill Ill, /' , hl a, . i lt,- iil l l I,,I, In ," I.. , 1. 1\- I . .; ,il 1 ,,1. ,, I 11 .;, . # ,t 1it 1ii 11I .. rlt\ .. rII l i * . w111 11, , I, I r,1 ,1 111, 1 '~x S. i I rr .1 - a a I h r I.,l i url / ori - 'air I I i. t , i III :iP,, I : , 1I, Ip IH I ir ,.i a i iill IlS N' 10 111 iiI Is-r c l ii! rr. aI I, . l ll I t, 1 , \. \ . iS I S',, ill-. rllll j ,, {l iio llI, Iaila.. l , i a lll_ ., 10 lP ll,1 I rtr the f f ° '' a,'1 i ri II 1. l ' I 11 I''i Ia i /r' l , w ', .II \ill ill-.,, I. 1Sv. rl 'i-a· I i lL ' I "ý. . . '..BI a .. . . l ,,-. ( . ... ..... I . . . .... ,1 r.. ... lii' .-1 'a ria li, i iii i,', : .t . 1 ii i i , pi i , ,1 . 1 hr 1 i i I r. - n _ .,l l h l· o r , I- nll, l , l l l > .l ,,zi t , i ql il t ) il , I ' ,1 , t · I l a l i. l 1. 111i. 1\' r k 1'"r orlJ, Lt ' tI 1, . 'l l \."ýo" o , 1 . k1 . l' %\• 1111'.1I . 1, Iql -l v l ll iI ,111 ~ i IiItl. erni 1, Iln ln ,. : 111. ,ý Il,.l ,.nlnlnll .,li 1~11 i rlil r IIn, .I. r,". i 1(111I'r I,1·~. .i rrr":, 11.111 II 1 (iilll 1111 -l r 11,1 11'11-i r. I Li I," I,ý,ýi., ti ~i. m,, 11 .I nn 1'3111"~) 1 I1I ;T)l~ll 1I liii-r N\lj I 2' 1r,1", NIt' Ir_ I, 1. t . 1,..i II ..' of - . 1 \.,.r-l,. 1 r n I,,, , e vt 1.1 ,i.., ,,'h11. 1111 i 11 ,."1-, \ "". I it11111· 1) 1) 81-.11I }? 1 -111.1 t, e r t 1-II ` 1 ..1.....8 . rIN , . * )(1I- I"`Il I' :I - Ii 1' 1 1,, I .I1 -. ,. I I,.,-,) N . \1 '1.1 1 .I. ll 1' 'I'n,. r 111- nil ~l~iI..... 1 I l .( I1 ,n t rl .for 1 3118 1 NI I I I. o-n "1". I I III, V., In ~,~~~, ·Il~i i ,, It i ,·,,,,, m';,,. n _ . '1'"1 1,1\\ · .(1.1· IIII.- ill )11· 1 II; I Iev e - crllll l I 'rr .r'"" ·tn11 i 1, m 1rnI( · IIIII ,1') t I I 1 1 1 1 1 1.11 ~I. IIISII &~`-\ III .ii -ll~) 1' .31. G IIIIIISKN', 44lu·-lA Nu L.,I.l. 31 xAR I)- 1333 keg -'.1 'I. " 111. 11..d Ili 11 1 -m l aI ," N n 9 1. 1. lweo ke Olw me I'. IIIIII 1Y . I ().'` -'. .@ l il .\11111 ," Io Ie e Sn.i.." C , ii 1 rlhfI; I I l' I' \ \I \I \1 IC l ('n,·1 111(·. 1 fill I,1 Iltl.\ 1'- \ 311. 111,.1 '1,,,l .? 1'P ('951111 W are.Ll J~ nnt ur~ri.,l ý`I ý ý . t " r 11 , lI 11"1 s! ,Illt e ' n . Iglu 1 11 u I II _ .\1,1.3 l ~ll·. 1 to .Ii ( (.11 rý \11 1t:.\'I'-,1 i i1"n' - '. ,- lr \u. - ýt ('h url,--I' rl n I tl \lr ,1l·--.l i I I, "i lli.· lii III,],J I. Applyf IIIIII 3 I t 111r 1, 1·1l1 ·lii lli 1() 131:\'1'-.\ ,111 i elli.·' ni h- - , No r r( Ilil'-( II( Blillll street. At Il ' li In I I 1111.\.\ (. II1· /1 05 , .I I', · II IIIn.1I , d\ 1'11'-, .la* 11'"'-1; I...ll e l llill r ~,.~ :l a 1l ell ,.11'11 1. 1- le--r. I eu nn I 111 . 11.1 ' 'A 'I'Ill II1 lll~L I1Fl I il, I\\'.\ 13' IS"1,k-t Ire l u ti ll.(" 1' 1111,.1 .",.I u1 11,2 , II~i i .:ll( II, hrll I)I: Nnln v nl c 1i tr llrnl ll I ie Ccllnn hl.. Inllerl r be 1 : 3 I I~ I, 1, rtli~lll j~l l'hllrlT. sI dc \.r+:1, 11,5311. \ I'1ý1, llullll nreai net s, under ,,: I I. , ,. I Ilnel ."I '11111 l,'s - L+ I I I It 1'r, a 1'- \ I eel .".,6~1 -ow. col of orll 1>1h 1ý. 1'r, I(:111.. ..1, i SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. SAS'I ri1rght In the polione p'ison dif Ihe Ad MnAi V ailarlite, c ieger mon cRlaud tSAM, "hhut till veers1ri age-n, nynte Ih, latrtgs to 1 r. rinld,,ell Iving al the Ilnlaoa llald. 'Thii utwrrrllrwilI Ir,ins llnill othe prison, Ir -ove property, rna, chri ge riid tak le iaway. SCptain If .ihe Waltch. Nerow O)riea. Noy.6, 1810. IL adid 1amond t In geole do Ia Secondo Muni lilr un negro nlnoim SAM, agel du 60 non, -o disant uplparlemIr it Mr. Caldwell, denmcurnnt sur la route llaytl. I.o propri6.uiro du dit enclnve eat prid do ve - nir lo reclamer on pro.,vant sn propelri6 Ri en pa yant le foais. , i. 8s HARPER, en6 Capitaiue de la Ga do. Ln Nouvelle Orldane, to 5 Novembre, 1832. iVY Itaiiaaliol, elntr Itst oT Novu:ber, Tlhe fblowing A lIrge il'hile Ifi)llE, with roller marks, ahite .IIariP rtill Ilil--Rlandriil i htit l high.i i ¼ A.-,. a dark hilly IIOIteE of hil feel t lile, ri. ht IrI iIo I irui a- bo tin rek, e nll l lan in t til lllre at h,.l.,ll ,k , l ok blue ac monon a1d m h nit trhIe wi.rnrs if evit heoint will el l Iot eto prmoit ofilet i i ro.ll Nt, runtd inuih r Ii ell i r , Iral ire il e ueerla ily I I Irgen ande lake hl itml ii orl or before Sa.ut thrn n16 11 to N , l h, r et .ier.. r u py an h hold a t aieuirtill by I' A Guillute ,public l J I. WINT'kIR, Sn(; lrI Lieul nighl w.irh T) NT ,16 dd nte id l'ec hlon do Smeo qrtiler do la Munliciloilild no, 2. enr lo lee Nrevmbrb, TR nliehmex touiali va, Un ehev grail, mtnrir6 lpar to eo!let, arinltro oet qag i laincs, ayant I1 illlsilt M do Irutenr, UT chwlrvat Il snombre, (rein plo.ds biants, l pired drat dle. cvant nionelr-ic n neer, tree petit tNni/t eur In front, mnlqdr l to A l Belle, erinitre t llre I nire-, aya;rt 15 mains a t d, mi do lnteur. Ieoa prcopri6dtires th, ditn , d elvaux soent prid6 ds se r~nrre n L'nriclos du 3elno ql+rtier dn a Mllmni :i,,alite no. 2, sit(r6 u coin csr rues Rlohin ot An notr:iarioa, unlo die Itn retiree en poyant les fraii, Iurrou avant Stlltedi In u ;6 Novtulbre,. oou ih eror t vendan . I'enian par P. A. (killotte. erganteur public. 3. L. WIN'ITER. n6 leo Lieu. o. do ia gorde. Iar l Natrelle Orldans, lo 5 Nivetibre, 1839. n 1, ot In, iig i,. rl-Ite iiriir 1Irr1i·oir I(the .rtdtu ieL ai Ilhll lh h ll , hhw w l illay ,is s ,V i ruIl) , l atlltttrd -.1'll'lnA ,b I i '1. Yr I s f a ',gy"- ~ l .c . h 1 +\r n :At. Ilorrnll,. A tlv r at ir rll l l tolf i rrTII A , bUrita 5l .| erP of oft'-- n-ll. P -ltelallctI h i lier olrtrllltd. i cl aetv rn r t i rg r,n Ilih iA tlair theml aw ,. li t. Nih P.ER, d i I.Y1 t'll "l.(l r Clt lar it! thle Watr'r"h0 N , ' ...d. s . dala g eo nle la t"io seconde MAu , nic ,alh , Ilr esl:ayn soiivannt , s:arore , I Unl. ciiv"aot oaaiantd LIIi CIA, ngE ,i5 ner, " dritnt ap tirtrit ir a 1 r. N, et i i. Uno rgrso ilian ' or 1IIit)At, AS ugd 50 ans, ao r I anit aopllrI tir,, es dl's cII I hI: I illnt pri 6s du trv it Irta tl , litear IlII II')"rI I IP -c I'rate. I.a N tu vlte l ldrli Is , 28 Ociuihre, h Il I S1 IIl S ARIEIR, iap:rltarirt do la gearle %. 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