Newspaper of True American, 11 Kasım 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 11 Kasım 1839 Page 2
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ý -.,r J nt. A-Ml i1 c. sq". ir ,st A. M. t +di. Pv.5.r ly a t. a,,r. .I , Bdii t.IvntitIry, Mlt i .losect erery .Log stnra o.nt.; Arrivres irrtnlarly threeat , *e .+t . ,aror c oaF t Mi.ri".o.ed everyI .. it Fridy Alt e P.M. It oeart ea, returned 11f '." .lle. -w - e*U &aha- ana IAt y it ner cr.ry S+aa ea t R.,. t rs o'atlck, m. M.l Wrdy,. CtAis. M*IL. P htt iad Clnneantarr'clock. P. :. S ANS CANAL AND IIANKILNG CO, I rlnatotit Rnlrcra will Ireave iahe inoi " nE f ilho Ntew Canal, everry hiay, (except e Lake, an follows: " ejp, , , at 5 A . a,. R eturn at 8 A . H . S 1I A. 1. I-21 P. If , P. 1.I, " 4 P.M. en + + DA . . -" < 1 ' tart at I0 A. . Returnr at 12} P.M. 211.MF. 4 F.M. tt&. 1al. .a. Ia 2i P, . CHEW, 4',1h. N etm .Arrangemert. . ASHfIIf.K: RAIL ROAD. tlhe I tmotiyve willl run to the Great Prairie; corn. .aeiag on antle 6St inet. as fdllow.: ` , ,wltZ DArTe. t Departur.; Iteturn. . A.Si 19 A M.. 4 P1. M. 6 l',M. e anlrt. tin ll. Intera't he' lavou. ch.ajrlled 6ft A MF A A r 12 AM I2 TM tLa Bratuche 4 P M 6 1M" 9 S" ,. JA.S II.CAI.DWEl i., a . lgitt,! 1839 - Prretlrnt. .NEWORLEANS & OAItROILLTON RAIL ROAD. NOTI`E'..Wairtaa Atlucatatatr, We cea , lp wt 1 let of Novembler, 139. I aealA.Y. N arat o'lk A.M. Intnarite, 9 I- - a P.r ii IIl er oear, 1I} - "` e,11.nG.mllMT rOt IUNOIUAº . T earI will lFate at the same hnurl a in tile wMk day.a IBte o'aclock P.I. when a Locomlotlvea will leave Carrollrrr , I- hoar nlil 7 o'clork, PM., anl New Orleana evealy hour hain il o6'.lk P.M. An eaxtl Ilurls Car cabe8 oatained before I no'clotk P.M.. by pytut r dollars Ter tle Trip. After I2 o'clock P. M. 9® delrs-. wili he helrped. Permnm going byte tlteam Car mustl pirovide themselvec with Tiekets. as tPt CaOtdut.tor has posiivloRJiaar4tiona int to aeir~a money in lieu thereof. THE JACKSONANDLACOURSE STREiEE9CAIRS .rel i tle ot Jnjhso ,atreet at flr o'ctlock A.M., Callll estret al n o'eat k. At h:tlfapat 7 l.'clprk they elmltrallrnr l la.e otho eoar evesry hall hour, until eI n'eotkl rA , except-r .fle tht, lateAd on lesvit l (ae'nnl streetr ttn1 qoelock, the car .will teatc there at 9 n'cir,k P.MI. io It is p.taeu'erlt mtpeIated iiat lentilemn ill ent rut hir pat UponL thle acuhion. Or.mnla i9,wAhen latId; are presett. Otaober Wid, IF3t;:- JOHN IAIIPOtN, Chief Elrrltreer NO. & C.It.C. GAIRRO 'LI'O.N 1.OTEL. ' .LAVA1JD littea.hhoucr orfinfnrtrnig hi.. tiedtns a) npltilt.rrttirhlc in gerral, ithalt hIe has tlaken tIte lohelrar Ca:rllrlltrat, whiore tho trusts hit will receive in qnlt+ of tis told:i-frtirnla ard all lallvr of goai dhler. ;irvate+ IrrtIro.r tll l'br rinderomPly prnvided Ir by fivingnlittle narl[te Leintlchnerd. Ile-inwilling tat enter rnto narl.ngaarnl-wate tli tlamilen rrr indiridtuals dteirlos .lfpttaianttg el- rarrarair at Crarrrlltrrt. ra a 3,015101 15ota.i hirleolsn. Nov .......... Qjnn1 hiootoo O .ct. 31 Nae lc 1k. Oct .........31 lo ti d... P(tlladcl· olll Nor ........... Ilooat ,llr. o ..........:0 lInt re I, .. .........1t o t. laI.uij, Oct......... ; .fti0.nuoo. do...... 5a aw-pea l r,.pt........2c1 t110l000 ' eoave) (l O1..r. 31 focris (I............2 Ibnttni. elnt....da .... 201.ondono. .do .......) OaslBille, 100 ...........31 It f sa de...... ..... 0 NOU I'T 1V NIM.V 0I ,: N' CL..IAIRANCLo. .4 . Naamho, Ioh, 18310. 9^No ctocaicoo to:-day; . - IOKI0IVALOi. Neill, 106. 8033 fir kt it, obinon Jr, Rurrill, lleyou OUrs dtsna o toid alliit, 11a. I,,t Bayaou Sera rent re, l.Yarkea. nn Prerllreton ;-Dlefd Iln.Tarll. l, fm Vicksbar 1t44121r Pltul tillJfa.Vichalboe, Its Bnaon Rouge ltaamre Daleit %Wcboaers, Koly, fi Vckobiaug I2ECIIIPTS OF I'ROIJUCE. Boyu Saen..Pr steaear Brit Iinolt.. Cago sntirsly cotton, Polarliglos.. sae.a F.phop e..No Cargo. Vickibur.; Pie steam ir iunker Hill..Cargo tottonoand I-'4aeoiot to sund.y a oo.igaoc. Blato Rotfe..lier staeam Paul Jone...Corgo cotton, an flara wnlaaes. to raolry consignees Vle .l, . lost nootlo Hoots) Wehater.rCryn B":i bales ga usnio hbole merchandito 19 tiiadry caliaignloll. Jay .P i'.tOr Oteimsr WoI Raouosoa..Cogou cotton, ,to sundry consignees. T W.. CO1J.NS United Stalest Coin;nistoner. Appointed by tho Federal Court qt New Orkana. OFFICE No. 109, COMMON ST1REET2', (Exchange HotO.!. ilolldicgo.) : AID Co) iasonl tabes oftidooii·s under nd by " eritnua of the Acts of (.,ogres, passed 311.h Febru asy 1811 IatMarch 1817; tlteU uiiciary At of .1789 gdn oh er acts of Ciotgrew, itt Oull cott 0)00)9 0101 J00iiilod. Esid CIomomiiooee hal coosidarottle experience; s lid u1ses tioos o) caption ond certihcant which have Medl thoe soerest scrutiny ot the ableot Loiyera. 1 r·ril 12 BAZAAR. Corwe of St. Charlcs 8 Common olreet, -EXCHANGE HOTIEL. SUISH & AI.IAO wiocd roopectfollo coll the 0 trnti)))) of .00i0.Oc, I ariiugco' t))t irirc10)))l) k: pstsb.rlgiat sot .Oatlelooti'n liner, lc-hta. ill) io c..)ic, O*ttit l11.r11 trouts. f uiiabil) ten 1'0 o ,,)1 lare: silit, et'tton oind 0 meri))101. uokcv 00)))p~ iai, cnin rijc and cotta) Oaalndrhiebl)0 bal~t cc).'o nty ut rlonea: gooblta h~iagiaci'a: a))iielloa )i)d~o ,ica gold ttponoted. Alao,-Spletdid aottotrienot of Indies od gnitto.Iri. lgdotkau, troaing casea, port oliua. pottftioc), cut end, at intl fac"y goods. oq l4 1.1 II. & J. I)IEVEREUX. No. 28, ' Sytogy, ' IFACTUVI tRS of Iin. Coppler lttd etioct ; IVU 1no8 WoreIioae int store, unit offar for sole, Stills, 96Mtn Warasv oar' Katthce, Ladles, &c. A( , jon h1 t)0. rh Cast Ioon endl rats ..I noh4 a rnod Cooking Sltovn.ofor baoli g -.od of tmbttnstiat mod Soot tippronod patterito. o ha .otding'and 3lu l ld93 ofneod v rhl.our IplWites. · LilUerd amt othersr in wantt of crrtes, 1'in or Coppe pipns oepntlocr, non fid lt to tlheir sdvaungc to Call 11d entijosi l fioe sas. Roofos covcrd winthlt'"i,(C)tlipee or Zinc. is Olay part of tile city, tin ttte iO9 nntiil) l)ol .otolala. Alvit, on hantd, a general Ospl)ntl)oot. lodt JpOanedare. * AEII)-ltt140 kega supeCiorl .eafl.ttrd, lindtoO'g flob * ci etriinboiot Paogon, tirrole bly t '019,: 1 ))Dl~i.,41 Noa I.otl * tjSHdl&l2X-3) bblo in stare, filr sao by ro19:' G IJORiEY, 41 Naw Leer,. O D. SILVIEII ANDI TIN FfOlL, for ltetttiit. i glilrDootista' i9Iefr4SCAto, Scaitoatnes and aioto, 000eorj 4,toripjgottaim qiolluy.Jotttreceiedd H IIINNAIMtL. .1I7 '43I1cttOnit~,,bra 01 LARDn'-( h egs supqerior Loj. Ltrd, in ect., foe a.siieoby. () ItbttCiY. Jo . 41N~a ab~~io~oc' e C T TJJ134aotlhgRgttan l Herlolrq , fromi Pllils 17 dalpula,. a lorgeg OOopsioon of Cabkin0 3tovers; ' inlao. n itore s tpo .l~l of.Nicne00gilrnl le~hlrrClqF: - a' slNotU larnsod 0loaloli,,&t.. For sacoleb g ARFLN(y H &J )EFlVoUBIU, e ý ý in fr Tchepimnlllurite·t. 1ouinga dh. tsl, ldrftfala y. SG3 IJLA'oCIIAIOI), I3( V bagosrt St. Jgot CaRfe, 0 years old; 10)) p- Groans Hemp 3110 pieeos Kentucky ltafaiogl '16Itpp; fb Luib (iras ft~r, llli 240 hgs aotl AIUJAt PISK, -Vt I~j nhite,-demo, it frtoratent anlrpt, 114 NNo a Nseo evo OL°$it5. ItltIN'I'IGi PA)R93i-jtscw ttiditig C Inrosahop Adeaido. alt invoice of fine tlored ?prisstig l rrt' coloo,a lot of priutio -i spc 2,7 .40 ALX TOWAR,09Cscpslp . E'w EJ JRfllK.,7lttl h lrertiu. eajmtlt Fiutns, 11 ot neo a CKahoo'.coa fsle by 6 lajigolcY, s-aiat 44INoo Leites ;50%. z0 i 4iag htoni nteo ,.cc (;ls ird, ~1 asdl~fsit by U i) oKSKY, *D 41-3nt l.occ Daily, Tri-Weekly & WVeckly. . 4. . t E... ..A .i. . MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1839. Thi arrived yesterday with dates from New York to the 31st. We haiv received anew and large supply of tihe latest British papers,. which are on tilo in our Roading Rooms. United States Bank Ftock sold at Now York, on the 31st, at from li5 to 70. Yesterday was a bright and balmy day, andI we were gratifibd with the sight of hundreds of ladies wending their serious way to and from the temple of worship. St. Charles street was redolent with the smiles ofbeaoty, for Mr. Clapp had opened his repaired church, and his summer scattered eongre. gatinn assembled again, and many were the kind friendly recognitions of o.ld- acqeointance. Our winter season has indeed commenced, ald we hope it nmay prove a gay and prosperous one. A mcoling of the cit zorns of Montgomery, Ala, I bona, had beern held to take inlo consideration the course oftihe branch bank ofthat city, in reqsi. ring large payments on the extended debt, and instituting suits against those failing ti comply. Resolutions were adopted seveorly c:nsuring the baink, for requiring impossibilties and exacting six hundred thousand dollars from its debtors at one, while its whole circalation is less than S$200,000. Measures were adopted to effect a change of Di rotors. Fire.-No less than fivol alarms of fire on Saturiday nigh'. The firemorn are vexed to death at being called out so olten, and rlo splendid block of blazing buildings to lie saved. The Insurance ol.l. cers, however, are qlrile satisi-id with being friight. ened only. We cannot recollect when we ever felt so sorry for a oor devil, as we did for the Louisianian on Ssturday. lie had so little to brag about, that rhe olen aeent so far ao to cry out glory, vic:ory, first gua, froms the returns of the beautiful and rich county of Jackso', Mississippi, where they culti. rs nate pine trees and fever and agues-Jackson cour. ty thset alwasys s hs been so miserably poor that no whig would over live in it for fear of starving. ()h, we give you Jaclson, and you may take Hancock too. Weexpect whig victories where to lsonestmen can live by tilling soil, not a sandy pine land were a goat would starve for want oj herbaga. Second Gun -- y the .leamboat Daniel Web. re ster, a Natchez Free Trader of the 8th was ro.. at ceived in town, giving the returns of the elections a in Adams' County, Bingamin had received a ma jority ofaabout 250. The Whig Ticket was carried entirely, and it is supposed tlhe Whig Senator would he also elected. Accu nts state that the Whigs had carried the elections in all the river Lcountles. Partial returns from WNlkinson, also from Woodville give the Whigs a majority. r. 'w Accessionr to the Crmp.-Mer.J. M. Fildl, a former farcrito with our public, and iliswife, s late Miss Riildlo, ofreputation. Mr. and Mr. Porter have arrived to take their places in the r gular comnpany. We are called upon to draw the attention of I those whose du y it may be, to the late hour which the gas laemps in the n'igh,'r orhood of tihe watch. ho~ou and down Canal street are lighted. A large populatioo reside in that section of our city, who are generally much incrnvenienced for the want of light. In Philadelphia, the demand for gas lights is constantly increasing. Already the comrpany have four largo gasometers, but so great is the demand, that they are now erecting four others, which will contain 240,000 f et of gos. The daily consump. tion Il now about 130,000 feet. The company are also eroet'rg a building to c rtain a large un:nber of refrigerators. fur t'e purpose of fitrther im proving tile quality of the gu. Iftour G s Comparny would improve tio quality of thle gas they irmpose upon the .ublic, through the imbcoile management of their manager, and reduce the price of it, they would extend the sale at least twen oty pr cent; but under the present system of mismanagcment, the cost of repairs of tihe fixtures serroded by the bad gas, increases tile cost of burnrg it beyond the price of even wax candles. The St. Louis street Ball Room will present a beautiful appearance thls winter. The neto stair. case is really splendid, the finest thing ofthe kind in tieo city. The baths attached to the St. Louis Excohange have an entrance immediately adjoining the staircase; and the whole combined, presents the most finished interior of any building in the city marble mosaic floore-stuecoed walls, &c., all worthy taking a peep at. 8rpdenifil Ship.-We visited yesterday, at the frot of St. Jorseph street wl,irf, the new splendid packet ship hFranklort, corema:ldoed by, and built rudc r ;teo superintend nr o of that lordly master I and goodl fllow, Capt. Josrlph E. IRussell. The 'Frankfitrt is not only I trger, but srperior in almost every, respect to any vesslr. that has qvor boefre vitlled,thlir.port, She is ar magnificent specimen of naval,aelritcitare, bulilt in Now York the past summer by iil Era. Fieket & Thamis. hlerdimensinOlsrre, bprithen, a frrction less than 800 tons;.length 15. feet; breadth 34 feet six inch. es;depth 20 feet 6 inch;. length of cabin deck 7ff feet; saloon 60 feet; ladies drawing room 16 feet; forecastle d~ck 21 feet. i1ih hps 17 state rooms in the main saloon, anid cao accominodate 31 p..s-en. gers. Throughout tho whlole ship imlprovements can be discovered, and no rxlpllo haJs been spared to render herthet best, as she is decidedly the most clog .nt and richly dou raeted and furnishedtor cur much, but deservcdly boasted packets. Her great length and strength, and the compact and fi.lrhful manner in which the Ferankfort is put together, render het nit only as aref as a castle of rock, but as pleasant and quietas a carri lge. Her main and ladies' sa!,ons are tfited up in elegant style; no par:or ean be richer. The state rooms are all put up with zebra, satin and rose wood; the lights in the stern are of painted burnt glass, the centro Neptune in his car, on either side arms and thIe engle. 'Tlre end of the gentleman'o saloon inl divided by a part tron of rose, zebra, and satin woodf,with a sliding up and down rin low of looking glaes. The forepast of the ladies' cabin is richly burnt paint g!ass. the centre e,Irereseuting the arms of Kentucky, after Ilth capital of s hich tie ship is named. The sao ons are richly carpeted, and sofai of rose wood, with fEgnred cr:mlne velvet cushions, are found in abund.tn2e, nlith a pinano, every comfortoe and luxury. thn can pos.ibly tend to render a sea voyage agreable. The entrances to the cabin are t! rte, atd un thie nrcssae protected fromn the weather. ThIecabin deck aflbrdo a beautiful promenade,t and on the deck is a house for tohe mr.te, cow i house, pbultry house and kitchen--uleerr thie fore. estnle deck is an ice house, in which Captain Ruis so I kept Fulton Market Ibeoftill the day of'his ar. rival, 'lThe rigging ofthis ship is simple bhit beau. tiful, anl indeed, as we heard remarked bfy ani o!d Jack, ".t dta my eyes but sh r'a, . r: Lly.," 'fhis bcautifut ship behlong' to ithe firt oft whiaih Mr. P L.oidlaw is thie aget, and Captain Ru.seill " eill take rleacurre tor slhoo ingo her to lades are . i gentletlten oaterito morroat, whesn lshe will have been pant in ia sloter her late voyage. PThi Passengers on her 1lno voyage from Now York have presented Captain Iussull with isilver trulu'et, as a mark. of, ispec; alike lhonorable to both parties. The following i. the correspon. deece handed: us for publication on the subject : NvEw OtLEi.irs, Noveniber9,1139. To Captain JoSeph G. Ruseli, of tie shj i rankfort. lriar Sir:--\\e cannot part company with ! n alnd your beautiful vessrel, vilthuru rleering to you our very sicerclrehanks kind a!tenlions, lnd ex pre rIng ourlidmir"it on oIf lthexcellence it tyoir ship, oil I.lculd f which we avi, I1 on our- late voyage from No-York, enlj,,lyed eso inrry vrfiRnts. iN.n, we ask ilat you will nercet,as a teitto. i ,ia.t'..urreardatdgood wihes, thei nceeompanying si.,rl Irrwmp t, r whi. h w ill be I ,Ian to you b.y cue wi:ti, t pphinted lfr that purp i-e,nud which, we bept yaoi ,ill oper have ucca i im to aes ia loagh wea!tri oil a lee sll rea Very truly, Your lritllld nlod servaunts . Z. 'Ta lor, Joaes W. L.allm, J. t. II.M ten, F. II. tuick, rGeac.Jouhlut.i Jr. Pao'etilicy, 'ITh ias Clriighler , Tlho Slidell J. \Vat,,rman, J. W. $tanton, Wo. lReid, llenry Thmas, Jr. C. J. Mutk, r, Vetn. I. Palmer, Ctharles llarrd. '. W l'ire r, hatllari ell .l nltrise. NI; Oiccr.J;An, Nrvenll er ri 1it 9. To M' asrs. Z. 'l'-yrhr, .I. It. Martin, c;eorge John itun, Jr. 'Ithousa Clonghly, J Wai'tera en, Mtr. C. J. leetker, Jh csc W%. .iI1 e, F. I· . u(lck, I'obert tlcry, 'lIlarna a Slild ,ll, J. W. S'auton Iliury 'IT'llmiai, Jr., WrI. I.PaLter, Charlts llalrrd, \\'l, h. I'rehl , W . illltrose : CGEN rFLEME,-- t rei grit, fl C~ r the Linl expression nonl illtd inll y ee oif Il 9lth i tllllt. tL e pllelasel to re ceire L iIt ac:knuowledgeiemci fir the fi t sering terms ill wlhich you have tahiht proper to sperak ofere and ily .till, 111ul lhie vril tidble present a. i tstirlniral oe f your klud litnlr an l regard, whliclh I hlove been so haplpy I oiltal in thle eh eculio i llr i lduty. Ile assured that Sreciproa cate iiorIt latily tie good w.s.hes you have all kindly hl s'cowvd your mna.rt ocedieut fliend and servant, J. G. RUSSELL. >In the articeo we published about 'the suicids of "Mr. Jaudon, on Saturday, we acknowledga that we were considerably hoaxed. 'Th person who gave the inforlmatiuon, Ihover, might Ihave hoaxed more cunning cleili than ournell, for we had always previously thought hIim a acre wallking interest table. The next time Ire plays his pranks upon us, we'll make him pay the discount on the big note we owe ithe Bank. Capt. IIsllnan,master of thlie steamboat Shakh spears, was yesterday bound over to the Criminal t Court to answer in a complaint made against him, of havig sthuck Charles Buatter, a free sman of a color, (his cook) and thereby causing said Butler Sto fall overboard and be drowed. From the tusti maony we have seen of tile altfir, we cannot cows i ceive why Capt. Iloltlinan was set to theCriminal Court. lie certainly has not been guilty of any crime, the death of Butler being merely acri dental. At the St Charles yesterday, was served up a d aunch of venison, that miglht have been mistaken r for a quarter ofeaceedingly fat fine veal. J. McDon nough will, some how or other, get hold ofa great -many good things in the way of game. 'Twas but ten days ago we saw a most delicious saddle of bear meat go to the hitchen; and as to ducks, he has themi in abundance of all kinds. King. of the Verandah, has returned; his meeting with his frieind, was a fla tthring one; but why should it not be? King is a hIkely follow, a very likely fellow, and a very nice and aecommnodating landilord. lIe has brought out a world of fine tlhings for hi-s spleidlid iotel, end intends that his folks shll live in style. Our Meteorological Table will appear to-morrow. 'romlltice No alcl I laictani. I'sr v Ylinx, Oct 31. f'<,tza rare tlll- elel all~ -ll lrr , tard it se-eiis l1ue ; V,"., dowallv : IIo t I, s t rt llll'Ll ,.b..l;e s i te rel, the sales I 1i o n o1-ll tde' el . stiu les e Ihave been made acril luct a ' t tl - dt, w rt hully. 'l'he Nillic' car , u t nilt . "l o } ,1.1111_ the re.I'III.c - .' - c lctru I m n tly c irc' o w, is r d ,cltin rel y 1 lr re~f r illlrllir i I II" . t iii' iuiuri a- I w Ia: 1 I; 3I 15 per r :ou lw r r tl h I nll, llli. rlhoa, rrl Veue- i1.tI10 were dawn,.and II-.ll cr-ll i c ulll a ili l Ic i n rice ' r--,l lc riler I. - S PPINo-THOO ne lowi rng 1r ' enta to b, thle - ternail to oll tla n f- l.icrh,r t on Cfrl s tit 5 i.l letl r to e tio I i oftlad Fre. ncThll aired te intrveltione oI rts irench :tv. rn c ratfl de dS-Frt,, his re'storation to atll th.e - brills ohl h In b t of v priin, fcacriil. cltherlle whorie h, b-ae .- -irgat l a 1,' rte. live 7c3m 77cis. SProtite to tcce cru7 in c.S of the futilury o Mt lyirs d lhseered pc etlins, in rticu are im ns. stird,ks. a esio aonformble to i rank, paid by iiri . and libr-Tho fre wie at Sltzrg, tatl to his wife eron Carlos wota whlch, li Carlce os i tenio letters to the Iro e of Stin, old rencogenimed he tintervent ofn ofth li c law. ov verm erme ct. verm p dc and ts-ir a, lhis oresto neration to iaell the rihts cf cail fIuiat of Spain, frome wiich tile iCorec rat hhe degraded hir. 't'hese rialhts romnprise hio title tictre crow, in reasc of the failure of te hei ri - of 'erdnand VII. Saecnd, tie restoration of his d seqctetered prop.erties, which ore immense. Third, a peasion conformable to Inis rank, paid by Spairi ; and liberty to reside at Saltz.aerg, where his wife or consaiderabl condite prob wi t nise cabonditi, for SDon Carlos would renoun. e is prtenions to tie throneaft" Spain, would reognisoe te testameiat of Ferdincnd, aned thi aret of the C .rla ehbulishieg the tualle law. The Freanlc Govermen a otccct off despatches ir their arbkenssador, to negotiate theose or sirilre conditins with litho Spanish cabiiet, for aon Carlos. GaU'ce..--TLtter. from Athens, of the ]5h of August, rlepresent G crt:e as in it dtoolorabloatt e, fromt the mitschiicft. insparable floIt Bivarian protect('lo. ig 01 hn isl now universally re arde'ol all idiot by his sulj'cte, and every act iof h;s govelrIcCot is c:cut,.ot`d to confirm such anl TtH cF ýL.l Cot.oOt 0' o I.AOGIE.R.-RCIePPI EtlgiNh papers n0,oU ctc', ltht o'pretriruo rl e tttojnkio by lite FoPrete ioocro.eoc.t to ocuptloy toe whollct t eotl of tii Metditerratootn. Aln expedtiltn io in progres agnillt the IBey of 'T tllll whot is tliled upon to deliver I1) ttis Iroliter fRrlroll of Kt Ithe key of his whole t+luu tV nlllll to ltiloy ut ll tht e foll arreert of the trlltlte fuorerly o'nid to the Dey of Algiert, to whi lt h;a MuI jP.t,' Loouis I'lltt litpe, otelln to think blioielf e.lilt ed. 'IThl n t.oe.ti.t of ni weold Iie vnoly inure valuabtle to Lrultcc a Iha tltht of Atlgiers.-Globe. )IE)D. At New York. on thllth ult., Mrs. \IATILtDA, wtlf of Capt. John 3 allh..ll , alnllld el- r l' lr. Johltn .Willlkrp. IFtThe pnc et ship Fi'ttlN\IKOPtiRT, J f Iusetll, Iaon ter, flool New York, it dicltatgine ooppoilte St. Jo. eplh s.l etl , l id lnictiptoiity. C-onol nerPe of goods willI pll:ne attens l io Ithe I. ro e their ret e iptt. Iall I'l.'l]lt i.tll).AW, 51 Camp st toy Ilhe -t tunt packet TO'))10 IIt'1 11, ('Iapt. Gillet, owill dlllolt tohis moO rllltt g t t Ii o'etlook, four tlot Attaka t ns. 'fll c.eengfrs tillt picee te etoot boodltt itht oor. 'II''c.IR LAII)LAW, all 51 d[ann at111 FORi N~EWI YORK. ''o a til ot l 'l'uelray tile 11hnrlA, Capnli. s 'eoe toor " Ico Orletns Lu '. '11 ." first saoio g k hip uIIAItl r 6liSI+: 'TI p- ic oJ l.,.o ),llld " till t u ll tll l ei . i ,r ' Joot 000 ooto , -: 1 a tO its, t hav.o ott ..Fo r li'o . oIth' oo "'--'bollo t ro t t o Iir la-, gI i , 0 1 Cutp it 0-- F)It M'I hll I:0:. -1i •Too I too fatototr. "oeoo arto it toi a tll lh lil..o lllt t)Vtl & Co 9 ('u t l cllt F'MI 1't )Ill' AttAMS. 'It'llh e ' tumhoot COCCIIo 1A, ý.root ltcrot ou of 4ottooluk, l"or fltiigito il ' gI.LjIAW, t t 1 Cnmt at t o ,o 5!0 - 'ot.. Ii t. ,at, 00 l, r,|tihe -hip Foto k ,tt, tIi e .0 `t.J olitot e'reet what , ; tpplto to (Caplotit "-eelo- uot buolol to P I.A I It L A ol, 51 C'o tn "t 000, t . _ oi o te te'' t ot e". oth lers will git e :.5 to"t',to"o II. I"ico "o.. $201 It EARIn,-Raolwny on rthie 1letN Io ye sdorr, the nrero GEOGEIl, $ )ciino Eng' limb and Freanc , ogrd auhot 18OrVJ1 ,rrnrr feet 4 or 5 ijches jorlgh, ert'fluldtbr o n r kIt errell eyee, rrnoinntl hirehulld. on oe nod iree gnu, hnoiot line o fhr frunt tclit in te ,ipper jawun, SnlRt m;rnenr he went awrn. a pair of collll[00 pi11 ' Sndniuoaro worked a loIg % [ife with IoilhSIi . nrnhriibloayrs' hand. F30I(NANIJO I>Il'0. nB9-ul 331 Dlop1hiji' (iron( To IREhINT. I 'OIttotwo sturydwrlligi, sritnuaed inCuroton,. It ounie oep[, , er,,ur of VIdliure, cuntuioin fivegoodiriso roes with wido,,unrineu huh b nbIgry and paniry. 'The kitcheu nllu,, u lon'Id to Ilhouse. rnins tun, mrums, hre won luppur o'nsicn o1 cWll, b uiedl as ied rum.Itt; nii goldiyoruiin w Ithuirventry; o I1T IInkn,&.r. ''In'~ I·lunlinrl iold(I;J brnadr.' niiohtr re'riumncifor In rr'prullblhuuuoil v. Apunlyuu tie premiirs, 11or 1 41t Cbtl rlrtir. io9-lu' 'OA O-200 boxre (1 A 33n'liuiii's yellow, land: g K.ennsip iJilhn [tle, nodi l',r ole liv nil S G liLA'uC'lA~ltl, 33 lGriovier at (3 I CIANII3ld-31 5liiores i'pinin, oIi S1hLu & Earirnl . mnunuifoitror, Iinding or shlillpJohn litinli lold fir 06 SG ( LANCIAIlII. 33 fGrriudr a JlGllAl-50 bourn Whlilo u Havana, in stonr nald for ill S G 11I. \NCIIARll, 33 Grimier ri Ui Ail AND OlOl.ASoES-O-) il laoiilinuns ulive town', for sRnl In' n5 \IIADlAi & WiIll'I'Al.i.,17 Grunirrurt I IQUOIIO.7 pioes molllmli (1i,; 25 fins doue itii I Gr,; rIlSo,25 brah duiiiltin IBroody, ini riore fur 1 'I`IIA'll .1Y1 ('u, 73 Pnidrnn rI CUIF uun IlhEruIulnoi.hliiing 13 di, Silioiurnei,,l sisty 13 Ith boxes G,,,1uul.l r Tl'in, in store for _2 _ JTI1.AYETI&f'r,7lPonulrnruf 1'E1'.11OIL- 1) csks in iuui', foi siile byi n? 311111 - llu lERi & (,,74 od l S OA3 1-200 hukrn IllluhbIn' *3 ISop, ii irtre, for role 1i 002 JTTIAVER Cr7o,4 Pyidrssnt 1 1 Iln)Eo-eheranks in telrr, for silr lIv nu 0 J T11tl' 1tR & Co, 731 I'ouIruynat 310nSPIIO11Uir20 Ibh. Iliiilir friin auurr, for I. ulnhy 11 llo NNAIIEI., MUSTARID-Iin tin cuiinirrr, frioii I ruinflin, a ru. YE puruor nrticlr, fur ruin by II IIONNA Ittn:i, r oil43T piluilnrrf Q% CAI.E9 S \& VI' l.ldI'S-Au urlnrfrnl of difrnr. S t'iii esuernudprices, reur ivrulfromi Priu, nuil for 0031 43 Tt"1noitnlllns a( INSE O'iuii~"I-to jugs a,,id IimrrI,',lInin'ig nod .4 or sal by 11It NNlEL 0381 4:1 'lirhulifnllne at 0 jB UT'I'ER-3lllIhis Goohrn und Wesiern, inistore, a for sole Iry (1 1)OlSll, oil1 44 New Levee Y AWVS FOR S \I 01-Fier l'nwlo, from 15 to 25 U fetlonu. rI, lrin Nu'wuYork Ill' ioecrclebrtel th,,at buildlrr Stm Wim 's~li. Appily to Culit. Juchuuu. on board thnl, ship Clrleiiglllur, iiipo'iie BRejuamin it, ur PETER LAI I)O.AW, 61 anip up C ORfOILA fIIoir ROPE-I21 coils Ciirdilu Bolt Roprl lnding hulm shli, l'slmrlniriur-,13,r sale by oi,31 rlf R I.A11lAW, 6u1 Cnmp en LI 1RANILL' CRIDI) AGE & IIA WSEIS--A luirnae. U uiortment iinfiinrr f itlo 4in7 inilia'u, for rnlrhy 'EIERI.AiI)I.i 66 Cnip ef jj AY-3000ll heIn's primuie iNew ork lHuy, Iu,,d,,,g S ifron ulilil Vjnksbllr_, nodfor rule by n31 A ('/lllY, Nu 1(.!1n Comnmon or Ue PLAYINfl (:1.I(IlS--A flt ofRingler, lIrirvTY fo. Jllecur, Mllirry AnIdrew anil Highrladluer Pini inu sI Caurdn, of lliril,,lt'olPrnlmiurr', sil Flourd'isllnomuifunifmue.E y will Ie noll very nun I Ionwi nose onrieninrnlu, if n1,plrd for roon. 031 A 'i l)\lA It, 491 ('nirt, at RI AISIN't, IS3IAPES, Floni & ALIIINIdS-24011 xesluuue, 31(11011 hlaf In, i0mO qiilnrtir do ilnm, l iiRI,' ins; 5511 Iiiou Mnusltel Raioiiir; 100 RIraUus' Figi; tolIl a krgu lid 2iUlt:pits (:rplels; 23lunnnit slhlllel Al ,ioodo, now lunding from snhonerr Leviln Jolnes. ndfior rol( Iiy n 029 AItIJAII FISK.57 C:ommon AtI r Gil'1' recrilnro,uiill iun l.,ulairgroianld teneral u it ruortmlent orfJnuninul on unare, suhl as UBlnk boxer, ms 'ea Coninters, Lnmpi, &n. II6 AIrtIN II & J t)E VIREUX, 031 3'10 I' S-PrirrilI andMdi ri bltlrin iiionue, for B13 1at e by I I (' CA (1 l & (io, 0024 3 Itaok placeP g ON 111 IItI'ERo uunuuriunirquaininn, liio ouilr oy U LN4I IN C. sII.\IOtCK 'nCo 3 hlank place y tsAR- xno ;lrumniuu ii, lmulf iniiiuu 'jiN'AllD-lnounudio ndr r10 Int,,, II t.uINN \I tEll., is n A111)-1000 kre' Fupe~lior too Lard, in I lii ptor /u .Is II ~ I. . 1O1,01>1, , 4.3 New loon, '111 1A1ND \V I11 KEII1I I Is ii li 3'iir and 3If len Whn :,Iauu Io Diui i'uiuuua (Iuui iuina, hi,r sale!.v ''' -. uuI un I iiiii I1 lNnew I . o 1o 31;Ilrllu I)\.''i3'1 iiT III i ii IIII/(( nIniI(uIItluriii I;S iS -.11 .n Iii:u-'per iio'l, n.n Rovnin, Olei i i,' fii· nIi ItI C I"' .T.IiUiljSi 'AN A--ltish of Orleans iZ Collrt oi Probale. 'Io all whom these pre , nts cmy concern Grecting. know ye, tilht where s Wliliam Mackey, res ident l lihe ciiv A\. f .1-11a i lie., h se apliph d to the IlR giste.r lf W ills, in :irll, Ihr the parish & c )y of New ()rleans, and eRi illici, tClerk of the COeurt o'Pr.bats.e tsiand fs.r ho is'r-Ih nticityof New Orleons, eforeittil, itra 31MINITION or A I)VER 'l'ISEM:IINT, in e-nf,,rmity to ithe Act of lih Legislatur o, Ithe St e tntitlld '" .ni actft hfr the fittrlier assturanee o t l isiito p-,lrchasersatiJudicii l Sales," approved IOih of liarsh, 11,34, soeice is Ihereby given tonll whom ii nl'y tnc-erni tht by viri ut oi1, and itll onl'en't e to al, i l "ld-r of sale Irohi sidcourtof prodbaes, i and for t:l parihi al nd c:ty of New Oleans, Iear rig daleit ll tlhird day of April, one t!lt lllsetid elti hundred anid tl irty , sibti, and rendered in the mlater ol the laia Nathaniel Cox,on the pietitin ti Christlopher Ad ams,jun.S.vndieof tlhe criedltors it said esccie. s on io Nsllanlel C ix, decensed, which orlder -of slle was also granted pursuant tol lilts deiberations f a meeting nl Ithe credi-,rs of the deceased duly held anidcsnveied on thie hird day of Fell runrc, eighteen hundred lnd tlhiry ight,ll before H. B. Cenos, Esq1. Na tcry Publil, and also after sheialea and usall pitllheatoill had been made, the Register ol Wills did r spise for sale by public auction onl the nillth deay of Mals, one thousand eight hunIred an I thirtt, ilet, fr nsertunt of the aluresaid sce..sion of' the Ile Nithantel Cox, dertessted, the landed propetly helrinalter descri bed, bllllillnif to the sIII sclloesiol, which pro perti was adjudicatel d sit S'ill icnam Mlackey as the last tanid hiheli s, billl ir l -terelln, lor tis total pri.e lnd sutts of seves iss,-i- tlhtousaInd dollirs. Desoeription of the property ts given in the Judicial e-,nveyeansc : All and singular itw certain lo s of ground, Itogethtr with the hliu Ittgs anil impruoelmentls thereon, sand il lthe rigtut, prlvileges, cusunis, ways, serviludes and advaurlaes tllereunto be Ion tne. or in iny wise .appertaining, situate in the suburb .S. Mary.ol hisi cty, in the square hbound ed by Piydrae, Magazine, Lafayette, and Camp streets, and designated by the numbters seven and eight,sin a certattu illan drawn by Fie-lersck Will I anseon, Deputy Sutvevor efiineral, under date ol the seventh day so A pril, one Ithousand eight hund, red ald shbly.ehihtl , and d!cpsited in.dle ofice of 11. B. ('nan, Esqi.ntlary pitlU hor reference w eh I o ts atj I i sdjoin ,t i nlther, and imeasure each twellclt.Olle itet thilr e Iniites and six lines fot on said Paiydrt.s slreet, Iby sixty.thlree feet eleven inchesrn d six lines in despth, between par. allhl lines, [American measure.] Terms-one and three ye:ar ereditr, for appro ved edlltllad notes, secured by apecid l meortgag ual tiil ll i :l ) Ia l me t. W herelore, all persons whn can set up any right, title, or e'aian, in and to the lots of igrounld and and buildings herein describe'l, in consequence ul inlormalily in ile o.der, d'esres, or judgment belore recited, and utiner which 'lle sale was made, or any irregclarity or .ilegality in the appraisenentc or advr'htistteiulcn, in sime ands Iasnns r of sale, foreay other na use or deIsei, whatsoever, are heb. by cited and adsonisti ed ii shwll within tll days Iron the pi ttlicatlitt bee.s l i lley the sal ilade ns aforetsaid, sllthal nitI hr confirlne, homoltogrted il accotrdance s .iho the ha)ph of said purchaser. Wtlness nl hand andl thte seln of said .:t Probates, this aecend dtie of Mal, A. D. I ;; [L. SI W. F. C. DUPLE-. l-tau 1041 ins Ri'gistill A t WILLIAM R. CAILNI:' FIRNITI T, 1 i- 1' i Nc- - - - 3ANK -S' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c, I GRAND E: SITATE LOTTERY ,H' Pita )L'itTYI., SITIUATEDa NsIEWORItIEANS. SCI3IMI DT & HlAMIILTON, Managers. Ofees under the Verandah, Coretr of St. Cdarlne and ComnmoH Sltreels, and No. 1tI chartres Street, between Coati and S1t. Louis Streets. ITF'P a view of meeling Ihe nielhesef o or fieil.d. we have lle pl'aulre of annoucring to lhe pubI lie tletti t.oltery nill ie i rawit tie City Exharre, in lSt. Louis street, in New Orlcean. The drawing a ill, witirt fail, begi n olie Irhtlet cetairer tent. Our Ugents tlllIroiOgholt Itihe Uio, wiilIeausie thlhove to It. in.'Irted (tnce ill oe of tlhe ieIsp iIIerr If their r-spictive residrencets, andi clharge ih, expenies in o-ci 3f SCI(IIlll'T & IIAMILTOIN. l l'e areo n telolrised to ialn ulllc thltl, at the soliii tItilllln of a largre ntlllier of tIle eitizens o thile three Muniicipulities, Mtr.WILLta. FREnRET ues lC-e rn led IO the presrlr tlltion of his satmtie to liis Irllllw ci izrllis at the exrl ellsi llg ie ctillo, nas a caldidlte forI tire tllice of Mayor iI thie City ,f New O)rlllenr. 113' Noles momnles notorisds i annonccr qu't In demande d'un granld lolnobro de citoyens lies trois Municipalit6s, Mr. WtLLnun FnEEnT ConsentLi hl O Iprisenter cotmlne crandldat t In place dli MaiirO i la proelhaine lertion. [1 L. t U. . ALt IErII tI tie soll citiitio rllrfrlllllmry of his frierlo, in ta ctrei.itetI ti irronirre ii ctndislite for tie office of Mayorr of this city. Ni l'tICE. T ThrI melhers r ft Str: Parrlck's ('~rnregrnlrin are hiertelv resloret'rlly ntifithd. irt t I tle',rvirr- will he ipr. fntmrtl i in hf n'. I L I'tlrker's n,,w huil gil i I Jnli treet, between Magazinte aId I tiICher allrets, until further otunice. CInAS Jo. 1.. TI"ME HliM Millol or Cnamip Strteet l holrre C'st nof tile IIAN I FiIin REAI IStIA'ITE A,l STOICK I.OTFLtY. will irrsitivcly n', drnewis on the 31st I)ecemtbler, Nerw o Tar' Eve. CAt.WItVKI, OA KEY &c PtTCllARl. ie Otice coirner Canal anld St r :ltlrhlrs asti. ,IOI.US MUI.TICA'UII--Illflt0 Ireec.,treet, to fil delivered this tiii . f Ilrdllllln l rIr cOttrr ctI wilhiprtt ly to 1 I| ItIIII . Oh t tlt8-Itw at GOSSIP &i Co's, ixritnge lIntel 1M1 ULittERl.RY TR ErS-0f 0 A rrrrn uloticiu li i it "reces for aiti. Apply at 1th9 Citirir t rat 117 llJANTF.I)-Two grid tinnriths; altI, to ernie Y¥ fitiolrhrrtlll WhrrItlni[ eetllratl-enrlll irlrrllltnt rll-r plovinentt willbegiven. AIt &l IHll I:lI.IX, tr7 trh t'cllll llll r lrtttrl o FLOUR-300 bi ltlidillrg frot let-inler Swallow nO re I)I)RSEY,4t New Levee rTHISKEY--1501 lls rectified,for tale Il nii (i I)O tOStI, It Nero.teee OIL2--1 casks Sltrn Oil, landing el shiptllthn SIlale, lld Iblr lt sIlshv Gil (S IItANCIIARIt, 3:1 Grnlvier at [fI, ic. 0 <.a. ...i A ,t Il r,,ll ·l.;, r,, :-.i.t-m n1 .+ Gc BL.A ;I IA II.I), 33 i lsr I+ ilt,/ l" GAS LIGIIT AND ANlIIN(l (OMI01,NY. (Koe )lstt'IIlEtt oriletlier tls, 111i19 IIOKE & C:.IAI.--The irire P riftiokib hra Irutll Iix+l, ti r tie O nniiiuh stastn, irirrl t iinti r rrrr rrel, r Ilre orlt rVlrknrr lnrf, alti Illke ll In -rrillirlc ' i lle ilnldred bnrriel wilrl o hdcli kreifrr le rtl't - i is. Tlle eiilierioth' of ih,+, (:lik+ him" Itle Il.'iiiI uii,.V ~ll n llitieltltn f rete l ltn el leao nt -lm ll or t lloki, slorhl imlinc e vry l y~lli v il Int lke llIt ilt it. Crlal will Ie iurniolihid auilsllnrl trlirtlrirrrrnlrlolnerp. (hdersrecrived at tile tliest ,fries iuk +tlerti . I114 E' \V WE1,V.. l.J:i_..+reillr~v. _. IFTY Dlt tIIAR.- I All D wil, 1 puhl i an1 perrsonWll wh ill IrAll to tile ree,.vc~rt I,1 i++u b~llre. hnrkedl dinlrort AT , torticr wtire illlred lI ll Alirrninntr Iry driv Ni. Il(i, rir fr tlr reuvery of lire irxes and tw trlillks Inarkei II I Ie, hinlhnd iV in.ev Nol.12.17--1ne of thube uh o d .tlshavin+7, oine tol iit lt. Apply tii NIt. 9OI Crirlrllllltlii slCr . illt; . AN'rl'I't-c-Ti~e~ f~ir#liiic , inoii i mil i llinltii it liles i tlllrl ihe rit l t ihell ll. S ll : ell eUlllllillll ltl. Illlt~l·· i · l i llll I h lud i. ll uiPi Iv c li llv tt.d aldl n brll Ilngillf. a irilr rllle; teundh I;II6Iimul will hmetr llth privilegel lf euiirii ilrir g a r arer paic el o nI'llind i i)r n ni i ero y r" !' itT nid of eni nl d I lnmil h lltllher nil theI iiiw.t w ti - in t i nt ui t . ini i h r i ,l , ii i , h Ih nor ett Upoll. "i+ tllhrN larih'll.r']' iil iii ,\t bAlll~, - i1r5 i-,rti r nratl,nerrrru-l'''haihr-i la ___ GI ANM) I? \1, KI'1r l' .If LOTTERY OIF' PROP'1'ERTY, [UTO1 I I t VNN ON TIIF l I, t ltll' I l ii;.) I Al . rlh i ,1 it'K l.' I ,VI/LP . , J ,,,ll li , i1 IInl t led [,.. [ lip , -llHit. t-., [!. I 4, " Il, ' lS l1,' i l' Ii li \,\ll.' I I1 N, 10:1,000 i, ka., at $1. .'he ,m . . $1,.0f 3O! i SYI.L "Si'EfI & Co, l: lnr 1 Nl, I'\ YORK, ' i ll i i \cn i ln i-itied iII N h-na fkni -lte Illtd uhP lllslsbl L'li(l Il lll<l , I .lq ],LC N . llll l bll uli i < lldr III f lrtii ,tii l 111e b k, l ll Ii.t i us ier i n h0t p PSe I. I i i ,f olI llPowi,, I, l. ln ii T mnifr e h bu inh i. n Id i, iilln alll r int s fr e stetrilty f iiill ring prize i ii New i rk the mol r i, ill Ibe deposited ,, ,+ tPoe ix B u )look i the t .'edl ul the l bove larh l ,l I:t 1uls tf New iarl'fu+. td. C4affrl aIi 1ff Cty maf li l ts re'ati eill, in rli fit e . p ! 0incr 0d II I nil l ,, t us flln s: Priz Ite-''It n fit fo r i e sto i i brie bui ldingk n aI, i th I0 li !A I, the l.orn.lro foumllp alllnd ltlrill mlleazl r len I ch. o n 1.oiuin _' tod fist ti in ch' ati. lt huildn g prn duees n nd I - rne Ini ltt en u rent o-it$ ,0a er n ill , it I~ houshel d-o 8 anh n helg Tll, I I,,, I lri lllze l lre l, l h I t i ti 00f) its ret, will, i ver . d t $20,000. in re I setl to il i lin t it. a ' i ,, i ,, nPrze T aii n tlel a fnO r t o UgklluWP n s· tile CI '1)ll I' ' t 1 I.. Ithae acllrher fl- np niad I- trit at itrtnh re n 1i I f i een an ' ,;,+,nI nd 11) re I i n -h,. .n . I + sa t , e ahi+ +$1.,li iin n .i :ii , .r ,0 of the city, l an lI Il, i bi, a , - ,Iu tolthilltrt oul oal nd 3"q r-, : ,,+ -ienum. --illltn.r Bank n lnak $?250,000 I iunk mtock, it $lfff sach, 15n l a'riz'--- h, lhree ': hly ,l,, f 11 .ousl i , ,11002 hndMlad dolhln t.. I a OLai niE . O ui ,0n1. - " Prize--'l'he threc - .rr, bl ;,: huse, N .I ,0, wi, e 1u inf oe hundred 'th i lt + t-" .I 50,000 I 'rizc--The three .. rr . E., i ,. "1. g;, Thouse, No ,, I .,Inaa lll nR ,,. I Oan I Natlez. relvd tit twl..t hi.-. I Fred dolla O? ' : .L.t ,:t d at $120,,00 e ast corner i im 11dsir., o ' iOn- nu |lOUSe t, ".t n\p ,i " ri3 . : 1'1 fet olinto , i utittt ll te1 lif,,if. , :onut i -L ,, Fli I I , i..o,I e a erenl bdi7 ,_"+.,Qt a ln aio , -e" ' nn ianIi an d at N ii n ,,,0 Prizt -I i anata.;a-t 'I foutht i 1l Se<i . t a p1h11 ntltl l' l -i A ,"n,intntnniil I, n , fifteen i ,: 1 ",'!i ,g ,, n.,. .. d +t i i 1 at $20,n 000 ['rst+o;l a. . , are s ,. u + re, wn ing.tin g l. , 1. t ! . " ,val at, ba l 1n 7 file. t 1 I l t, n ,,lo n r- nt .: E'im led at $15,000 I i'rit,+--'- -,,l Avo--,-s I'Ul BIIJanll k sthck, at $In ! -,,,,!,t,, $25,000 ; 1 : '" 1," .c h, $"20,01)0 t li'ra--i l,+, :lhares 1+l,"ctauic' aud Tru. i 3 i 'rizr7' ~t !03 ir:t' su p."I l. ity |l ltl]. 10,0111 S' 6" r 1 3 13 " lli Ii r lnd Tiaderr' :tC(l) Jecktoamville, F11. April, 106^. .. mI). 1 CAlMIP .TREET THEAtkRE. Thit ervening will be peformed tlhe l;AZEPPA. Mnorppn, : :r. Dle :i Abder Ke i : M:: : .hlartoll, Olil.ka, : : : : i Stuart. Preaious tow'hicl, Ih farce of the 'I Wt GiREGQRIES. Gregory : : : : : : Cowelll. Fancl to, : : : . Mre I) liar i ' u)IaIra aI-n at 6i-Perflormannce to commence nt 7 o'cluk MLl WASHINGTON BALL LoOm . 'T III.IP ST'RLI..I', TJ IIE It.\NAGlR of the I alWalhiangtin Ball Room S r lspac u 'filly 'l ll+ aiai hi friedll , neld the p tublic, thlt i the ho, nlln l lion£d catablihinm'e t will olen for the seaalsn,lal 8 Mo la -lll v a ing, N vall -,i r "lII, 1.31J , bll a Ga 11NI) ' illlll-'S ANi) )31AaQUEllltA 3l)E BALI., and ~will vti ti llginiluoit the sent-on "a..y Manday, Iled sdl lllla d i tullldl evl IIiIIll a ch leek Is!,i,:tianc f(.a' (ieiillm ns,' il+(1 S N w N i rlatlli, Oct. 24th, 1I:31). bSHIPPING. aoastwise. i Oa ,r NI ll '' .l)llIYORK-tII r inll' Packetl i. Ih I s, . .' Line fl'Paki 't. 'Ill, I,. t aililn pakett -hip VI ICKSIIlURlG, -u .!iSi"' iirr , ni w riidy i. racar ivrd . l-= eir l rllr iiti1o and .'ill soil .i' h earl lll ilhI .- ta'm 'o h br r IIn olrIIllo, hllvinerll, HiUh.l ...l.,,V ntlaltio, I p plll I i -t h 'll aili li holar, tI t'I hil,,blw tle Ve ot, . . A 'tO +7 N_,911 ('_m,_ ,lo I_ -'Ol NIIW V Y 'ILI-I', . l l i ',, 1i1ih, 11h Novl.ibri. N. ' i - Yo-rl, aIII i i iig I iir p1111it (.I ii. i 're i.i The hlaim ni ,pam kelrlshiinl'll lla"I.i m Al'N.,a l I( lpt JaIli'sll, ill iIny l ilio I'i01 I ha .in - ollenju i, h h llf of lli.] i nl tty, It I- g o n b:a . oI'11) I It, '-idlt fr higmllmt ir pt.aP, I- r ill. beatllllif hl tlnl n lln vll l)n dhttui s 11 p . l t7 bo allllrll. I 'llihi s' I.hi ' i ll i iiim P klt.. -t t amaml m ia;-p a,-7) n h ora o a NEW. YORIK AND NWI l\' I.LA'% I.I E.0 ' 'i Ii I .' \ I1 will h, coiipoili of seven s.his,, wllich will ioo ed41 ri h ilt.i r i l til I lolngA ordetr, vi: 41op' I i, I .. tlo .ii it la, ooh-a r. Sitp i ,a Aai',t 2 Carala, .n... New shlill tFraklora,i ItJ ai' ill,il mnater. New ship Mary hine-laln , It AlM-erreol, mlaster. New a.liij Faili'llll, W1 I. L on lllllter. These Shipsa re all of the Ifirst c1,,,i Iha ve al lnlmo dltions for pll.senucls unsrllpas~ed for comfort and 'aiae iarc anlal ·lt lY a aq1 . hrdselFal inl despnath i llsn n ) n ' vrti-ed, Hia il c 'l, rmrnaa -li, ev n liJie accom toigilhn xteill lto a ha llr si allld c ai elg s. For freightii ioi l amalll,, all l iy I i, 2I l't 'l'2tl I,. ' I IlV..l . :A\' iii Ila a lsl t 11FOR NIEW YOIRK. .(ll ' IN 1 I' 'KI';I -To sail every Thi l s 'colnpo l-i of six shit+ , iz : i ill l( ainssL'l .,('aal li tU k,-, N 'v. 5,h a I isu s, - 2'ar, Deca. Nth ,, JA.'rnEA, - A, hb' , ,, 23ld ,, A iKi x.AS, - ])elll, Jani. GIh ,a NA -l VI.I. i , - Wood, ,, aith . A A.l i ri, - herry, Feb. 3d ,.x l,' - a Ir t li| Ir.l I, -- lihe I of light j railght e wl''. , aldll i 1 d ll hvariably ciru. Ihlie Iu+ wlth- I nit lY i ii),,I#+ I I " l iIi. ,It(ak ii- nlr t.. l..h+M ,l t (li '10nlal. ll w ,' l .rte ll l ' hi trht'mi ll It 1, 111,1o 111 il111 I, x. ,rt el , lll-r Il l oI I aV-the ill IwaoY belowed 'rI'll,'+ Ih .v, li lillolllo - " i' ,rT ~l ".! ~ <+l',tilllrl,+( Pl i, .., iii .\+ii li lilll l t ', i4tll ll l 1 tn ve,,r , I traq h0l on boot n, the e~iIII- ri'I - l' l ~ il .The i~r',, of '.l. i pa t . e - i tiI 1 ý ll 'J1 I - hh-tll I, r £aa ,itei.or e - ~ a I e 1',r Itlilo, r·- · ; , 1," - 11,' ·I r Ih, l l a h., -- -- .\ ' l .:." i+, ,r 'll i, -s, "I ' 1 o In i 'r I g t ru-t ~I i",,, , -I .r " nhr i ,-i.' il-ibl,' ? til i .':l 111' 1 ie ,q , . , , r" " b~ll Ilidt,ý . :r,. r,!lh,, leir il. ll -) & II .. . 11.ll. : r l:t ii. 1Io1 IIr I. \hI r , llri l1i, r "lil 1, . ,, 11 a 111 . ·1 -l I nt I , i, , 1 iAle l ol o,11 1i ( 11 i I 1.) Ill r. -- l adl I l , ,al < ",ll- llal la.aIl' II'llll-.A ' , . p i l o lok.f. ,-r . . or,, cih. " , \.iIii . to-o,, llrt , d ' , , - , its th I ) f raln c,.I nV a1 l a,,, ,it Capl, t. \,ic ,r lh t I, a~ t e whoN "" JI IIN'I'T-To i- Nou,,nibrn ,. at "rv mode ( rote tiet, thile, , ha:.," nal, co('lnllllih.l'lg tl S ,'y barjk (s(rea,i. (Ohl Lee'. 5l 111t, heltwe, 1 1it,11. ,i d EI[ u 'llu eoulllll. et lll.,. Io)nl g nlsll on (Ch(In id =htreel, of" rind -very ad nI age to Ise ,tI Ilnrwarldi1g blus:nel s. Al,16' o1 j WV yiKiEl & Co, n8-5t No.;11)hi ILeve st At AIIiT'l.l TbNI s ' I. --TL* bus -f lTyy Ii 1. yI1 1y iyt. yy, Iwo ro i n! t e.e ki'h.n, th II ,e use of a thydr . AP l -a 'i'n.) . l yI' . 'I'51R IN 1N r'-e ttr r of ore. N w l.evee t .-. i ltous.e.ur giaro'u .yrkyy y eiIo lyd yn 3O IIII N Al Khi I 1., " I. pi t.l. 0.. N N I :, ye y,.lyly l) I i'.I'.--rT i,,llylllyllaiic'ly ,, . ely.l, o c a.u.i - .re e l, h a dh I h , _e r u ll, ta -d nh t lnIn rurh Apply yrj. A( /. ..... . Il. C III ' .A IIAL K & 4 o ,t _ I l II IN I A Ii rnllf . t I eo I tl rel e.i itlliedililelv . Aly oI, ; i I ih uw hl' il l the 1 1 ea" Iu lll a l lldi . Aplli i n oly y I I rga uCui p r 0o:3-1:i /I\()ltI'I'-,T- tIur story stoie No. -- St Chnilea a il.el oppun li te Ih. S1 ('harlrs IlohlI. Apply to h I I C 'AM 1 ACK 4' Co _:k If ,nk p la c e i.n leel. Al:ply ti II' II'iNt . IIi.. Io5 .t. ,r 'I'a,.lulbilell y .. , d CIal l F ... rsal iF a L' -I i l le lly ollf Ily' l ira. .49 Cump • trt pli--" iull gislvll 1givn )n I.t 1 ol emblllu .r It coIn Ihr divided alnl sd £1 lI k1 . lhirge 1l1d desiusbis Io 1tII I Ij.m .Apply at o i TIyhAIg II'] $r i ly ,,I - re (iiJ.IP {' &.l', N'aval, 31ilitar) -, F ashionabble . HLa(M ulder I l 31 ExC lIlD e Ir I, tlhii t rIRUNKsIc,&, --J.ri hlandingf ou sip Ci aryI y egy ..i Illsply l r 'irllyky, Vilisy ind liar Ca y'.-, fur saler I (ISSIP& Ca, Naval. MiAlilary & Fn3lhiynabhl: Ilalers, auudrr %IIll!A'- - A re.'e,, p' y . nAaamniaepeirl nse,-o + d-jlof eIlie.'j.yp & Cy , Naval, Alilhiarv & F~lyhiIIyh Iiatterse under ,31 y gye Iinl, 'It (:l.,Irms s' AP k ', yyey Iege-, ,:f thy ftr r et putte.'ln+ luI'" lst aitby rIr d'w h hymi'e or re yl iy Fa~y, &l" Co, No- x, ;l liitnrv & F hlh ulbl. II"llrt i- undeT 031 Elely 11gihyayyyyyiyCayy, y, - fA'I i--T11 IIsIhleillr i& 'hY -d y aay e r. 1 'eiill, Ib - Cr: a. hyrty ly rguI ltu I l'ylC l eaver, i Rl Isin, Foiif nldl ,\Ill "-kiU -ill ihll, aol Itle Ill1(l flshl. ll) 11 0li1 h lt iiilau tiflllll-P a hick theI i iu . lr l ie r i1 t,15 . Naval, ((slimr- & F 1111 ý.Inhle Ha tters, ulll,' all LExchlil.. I(11l.I5, t c:lClrlra at - II-l " G I)()itSI.I.Y, 41 New l eiven 1 I HA¾Ii'AIINi"S CIDER-il--llI y xnsl, i lr frr.ale I.b n31 Ai 0lU'' 4..ew lev\ # API I- keg) Li dl ing flO.r l eye lnb :i +J ('heloket", lotr ,ale I· G 1( .S Y _ e19 .y41 N ,w !..~,, r uhll.i .-a. or Ii n' I IONN.I i -. 017 43 'Pr h::pit:iulam ,l SECOND MIINICIPALITY NOTICES. A9 Eltlgllht to the pqlioe prison of the 2d Munir t inlitt, a cegro rsfantnamed'SAM, alouit ti0l eyrur of toqo, eoy hi" ieloing to Mr. Coldwell liviltg ot the Jlatoili( load. 'ioe owner will piecer cill at hie prison, iluve property, pIal vdoret soidallal;e him iwav. S Caiptain ofstleo Watch. New Orleltl, Nfvt.6, ,1830. jL a'ld aittllt6 i ln geolo.da to Sbcede MnCi lit6 on noaegro iltol SAM, agd dtl)60 anc, io disapt npparieclr h Mr. Caldwell dtnieurant aur na route liayou. I.e proprid.aire du lit enclave eat prid do we nir lo reootla r en prouvallt lo liropri6tt'[ en pa yallt lo frois. II. S. LIAIRPER, nG Capitainlo e e la Gado. La Nouvelle Orl6dn., i 5 Novonlbre, 18390. AS broiiltgliht to tlhe ipolld of the ii ward, tild Llut niciplllilyton the Iot if INolvelnbe, tho follUililg A largeo hliltoe liOlliS with collar Imarks, while oll t. w o.l rllil-t tllllll I llltllds hil. A c,,. look liV Ifit.ii , titl ii his feet while, tight fi.'. l ii Iitiel tIt'i k, virt o c nll inar in the lord hlinill , lilltn I~llllk" onl Ihe, bulck, bhIck mllooe ald litil- lelaud. Illl hlolds hich. TIhe owIIni ofdn'lil Ill hrsel will call at thle pruld oiflhe ill llrdl, `I1t In ollhil ity, itluni ed al Ihe et rnt er of Ils t s old t A i tc1irt-ci sirclots prtve prtrietii, faiy IllI fel , ind tallltl'tllll o fmyll h .l elil l tn | ) ti e llll orlju lllt I flllI1 Nillovelllro i tlitPcr t. ely owill ll scut oat acltion by P A Guillotte, public auctilrne-r. J 1. WIN't'rti, if Iilet itngllht watch / N'' did nlllend I'eltelos tin 3Sme quarltirr do li' l Municilpalil6 no, 2. sur ln Icr Novenebre, le rlhevilt x suivants : Un chlvat l randll, mtrqud .ar to collet, crimbre et qt1euo llance, nyllot 16 maeict do hauteur, Un cheval bai sombre, Iroi bionca, le pied droit dIo ldelviat Inlloncheld n nltr, ine petit 6toile s lr In froilt, mltalq par li sell!, clrinilcet quetie nolre., nyant 15 mains at di mii do hiauteur. Los piolriedlires des dit hilovaux oent pride de se rultdre i Ibn'con du 3lmn quartier do in Muni ci,.nlit no. 2. ailul no coin des rue:tinolein e An no riiilalil, iil t dl let rtirrll ell payitl Ii fraies, stir on avant Samnedi lo 16 Novtmhllre, on its seront vendlu ia l'englltn par P. A. GCillotte, engnnteur poic. J. L. WINTER, o16 lor Lire. de In garde. l.a Nouvelle Orlvans, ln 5 Novembre, 1839,. V palilo, Itt ftlowilt t slt'es, vizo . A atrgon ont m omnacd I.I'lIt'IA, bout 43 years of ag'--ooays otite b, sli o Slht. I;eorriit. A ticoe t coot, tiooed 't'Ilt.tiAS, olinUot yeren of he Iel toit. lf Mr. Iterrrand. The lwoir' Oitf lsil liare ilt Ipleare cnll, frioe property, i'y charges, and take tIheln awl. oo*t Cnpttin of iho Watch SN'I' did ooneode c In g ele do la Peconlle Mu IF licpulil6, lin es ra es e.ivent . ravair : Un0 negresuOe onollld Lli lCIA, ng# 45 ans, re diant alpplitenlir it Mr. Neottlli. UI iiagre .noolm6. 'lTIIOMAS, agd 50 ense, a disalnt apportucttit Mr. liertranid. Ios ll,ipreoairas des iitti. elcelver stoon pride di vtlnir irI retlorr orn pa;lyn l loe froir. [it Nouvelle Orll6; e I. 28 Octollre, 16G 11 S HARPER, Cap:tninto tl In garde AS brought to ihn- totalld of thre hlrd ward, 2d liltloilmt licst., ite fo itoitug iltoote. : A too IlO"if:. llltek hunno., toil itid foel, eetldl timarkedin thie wetiihre-ir nish branid nilt Ilhe left hitd iquarier-stlnd I bhnlt Ihodi ilh. A otmtl Ioerrelettilt tiO .ut l', llicii i.ftle rie ll hlilrltripr po i IlI e horeheInd-st- nds 13 handl Ihli l . 'I'ih n.errs or s,tli, hiorse, will c ,ll at iio pound or ilt t hird wardi d ,lunlicipuliy, n i' r alrel ItIIt h orner ditv, she 'tilt f lNo-vemer, 1839, prove otl lv piy rlhree-, n1111 IAk i~ll wayv,oilVr,..wi.. I ly will be old a ea lion by P A Guillotle, tli ni i i\t . It Lieut. Nichil llatcl NT NI' 6e conlduits h I'enelors de la areconds Mu tu nllci t li ' leichevalx suivants : Un cheval bai, la crilllere, In queulo iet lie pieds noireto. Inrqi par ln ell, et aurei stir In dirrilre gauleo on alnolllol, aynnl 14 Inalini dol hauteur Ute petit ulalon taure. I'mcl droito eavugle. un rayon b'anc our to front, yanll 13I ma1ins do hanteur. Ins proprtlnires den ditt chevaux oent prids lie vcnir a I'rnclos do In 30oie quartier lie ii Mtoil-. ollld 2. nitod no dec rueits onlim ei Allnon- ' I cition, o.r OIn avat le Silulllli 9 NncIrlllrtl, l939, otliil Jo les- roiclanlier et i ret'rer rn pIulint lo 'fras, on ils eroret veldus I' pir P A Guill. lute, engantlour public. J 1, WVtINTER. tiili'9 stt Liert. teo I gartlCi dn lloit. NI w( ai1't -. 1 1, rl " s l I' t Itii ti iI ."I " 1 l iih, I" I l. n li i II ke Ip,.ln , i ii ,1" l h h l, far fo eshe ir(-I .1lnlcc, ,n Ii e1,1 1 - Ob, hri ot t ut 'v. i to , I TIe, T I "O t hiei I'lnllle u t n. OslB lst I : hlhlll '1." i ,i- hlelm h, ia_ t l illllu d I1 I' l' t i tlll 'l i uit Ii N I'jl-I ,'I iti 1 Ilct i1 .iriot ti i llt Inic Ilil'6 NI, , i l pi, ,11 cit. p''ri lrs Ir ) lP;no fls t e l . t r ric.,c ti inr , t oi a t.h i It 1 'ON P01131 t' ,M ENTv;les -a . ltinn dut ('nnr ot ooir I,.,t:. tltbligi' io p latie l Int iti t o int o ri "1'111O. 4. ILtt1 , .lr, e 9 ':I . rier I le ,i N .li. tni t ulid eNo. . La N. itoullt Oil.' i40cor icuttfi ]iv39. S mie II ln --.\ d lit, tI ll t r,LI.- t i tl o It j .l. In rr.o lll ila i l c o lat it I'tLw tiiun istog of etc ih-l~ ii- 'I t '. ,. ' Ill A ltr I T'r t i i Ui iii . r-J u t ocit od a t Ir kIt ItUIlon c e, l' r ~h.t , Ii o an L, 0 - 4, o 1,aw lll ll ti 14. 11" i . lto, ~I ,i ,, to Ot t. 00 ! )ho ,' , h, inI i o g ,, rltf lio o oil t', ft1, of t " i ow:ell , sl n L OhiN & rIl, N It1 ttioncet.' tiall, lr 1 11 e 'lll ci l o 5 1h th u-'o l 7 il c -. v ef ir d. u n n fh e ni d P e e pl e Ml :,LAWIhT I u S l A e a sppJly ,i r fallowihK' tadhmd l;,rIlt t.uw holas., juot recriaed jKujar:.,5 a:,le,.l, ( I('o (rauc U v i. iur.lulu, ra, . t uh hs fraucais, 11 t olI T,,,ph~luu, !'rule i col INlaltll. qr, I) l. ..i 'C.l f . N . a llCa 1cI yule Putliler, Uroil Civll, 2 v~ls I J JtlN' & IC., N ( .llrlllt,,hal ' 1111 l, ANNUALS FR().I lll. Flllil Pet.a of Inerian, bI Johl IleeiP; plendid Clhrisltan I..lstke fur 6184), by Iev. Jolhn A Clark; eiC.l s ll .rlllnng lur 1840, by Miss C II Waterman; The (iel, for 18tn , a Chritmllas ad New Ye«ar' prel ca. el; ( I'lt lldIr.,II clbt.ea Imlll l: 'I'h, Pearl or A. ctl'atoa llhrt .. 18a i 'I ,h Clhild'c liGrg fUr 84I0-AIhao, The tifi,131t--'rhe Violet do, andt Lit rary Saouvellir, 18l41, far sale by E JOHNS" & C(, Sliar,,.r's 1a1,1 n7 corner rt Charles ud Ct. n ateti LATEST PUULICA'I'Ir1Ss. SlhIE Daallrel ofDrietr,2 vole,by the author of the L Gy Itivrr, ecle Nu, Darr,'l,onl Ite I;ipsy lollther, by Ithe nuthor of the Priace adt the Ptllar Advrllllrerlla, lll Attorney itn eurca ot prlcti.e, by the nutlhu uflllte llveAlrres el' ao iraetrlenlal it ,llarch of a hors. e,' ola Niahultal Nicrtby, No. 18--ealnd all othr new novel, Ir suale by E JOHNS & C,,, Staliliacr' Bll.l n7 elrner aet Charle,' I.ul C, l..,n a lthEW AtAIht-J rt rerivrl d ptr Adllrs ide, Iron: 1'e Ioeum L.aunltalmtt, lby Jauckao, it ll a ccom_ pllarlllt fir tile urgoU This earth i t1he planet fur you, lvre, ald tme; a bal (:om-, ye Di.rtcnsesle; a sacred s.In, by 1) Duto I'll think ther, love; a sung by Air I emp)ter- roaltserd IyJ II llewitt I rve forever; rtoltntI fIr piano or halrp, by C Aleihekc If thou has crush'd a fl wer; written by Miss Ilie mnln ,; cuanlluaed hv 1L( Mleileke " T or Moke' dlinby ucac, te fiddler. 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