Newspaper of True American, November 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 11, 1839 Page 4
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"USI1NESS ARDS. 3 -:,-.uicit(),kJr, nof t.,omo,-en. • t-·---t· -'.--.-..2T____+. , " . P 1 IkE'MAN &it0, tY'lereutr r amll"U6it srr N.t . 3, .t. u ua e Hirer • --+ dY c natnntly on Irantd 'a darge iopr ly of Cloth 1 in coleol.i ud for thi oty tho. rldd. 'oin.ry s. OIfhnept ?ting Iorge, tootioort. "trlon Iro le eoltrv cao 'blspplt.d t0t tho oltortost notice." ON1E9•.€ .ORLEANS. TIis Conoinyo are o'r pte"'arerod t (ak RWfl AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No. 4M ussono'd luiiding,C onal it.tet. r ' E L "'ItA (; SY N i eawItno nv .I . (4. o.," .etarv. ort II I-.t V",ItEUo , HAlMfPLIN & COOPEiR, *RCEILSSANI) 1)E.1 1.12tS IN lPOVISION, No; 79 and 8t J I iia str te, New Orl anSI tlL i|) a od Flintil v rto ps pt . t | ' trt 5 .1)tl101 AN A PURNITURE WARBROOMS No,.53, Bitonvolle otreet. WILLIAM R. (lAIRNEri, wouol ro.petl.uld v it elantly reeivit front New York and lMiton a good salleulntroifFoooNlit oSlr.r.[ho Intoltc t t o I 'h:ir', L@,"" rod t taplo and rtl t llled to irs, to toe n&od .rl v bodootell, Innotoeony all c:kerrtr tahles of ull - yi r r .4rr bur e httrau, ilotit, secttt o, ctrrtiug i .ks, war lrduloe of l altogl llv tld o g lcrry, wall *snds,'looukig glnasro, f lotrhel' , tI'etldhg,"..o &t. N . Flalrllltt0 packed fou r trnsporlltationll wilt great PASHRONADLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HtL)ADDEN N,. 14 (hlrttl'lre molrone p ri s . . rle ' 2 *3UiiALITHOGr i a onII PRINTING .1'TA 1IIS I-I MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, f' pIaoitt lte tooks' Artctd,. tIVILIAX GCIEE. V I 'ROPItIPlET'OR ott BANK NOTE ENitVrfVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON ' HjAVEr I0 t0Lr t, .'tdle in Nw torlero EL. ,n,' , eqal n v:f , ta. r, it lh i IC+ule : and imn 1,.w Yu , I Ill he rh o s o ft.eO grfit g t nt 1 ot I ',li'ig nk ,Not, so R IoTd II 11ss oo E\nlthni, e, ('critlloan'es ,f I)nIv ite LojLoal lo o lld'other plollt ltlo n ro' , oler gll'g '.C tvll , u ra i rm l rh ge l i s ; o ll' ll n I ll Bh t i , l t rt "I + rare keelpihg u nil I UlOs 1II o s ) +es i t1) l.P e Ell+ o r' Io'lthertt ue;t li('ir l,, . i ( P tll tutu ll e not s lllt 0f ' will he rX'r'rtrP'd wlsrt.i Hl I'trrrllh ' 1 t111 1 w te lLI DOB ge aIT JAZA:Ii $lUX8 & IALEN Nn. 1 EXLCIIANE IIOTEL, • 'oeo " , 'S1 ·. V:h rtes nnd (.'mmorn Es/. • 'NEW ()IlI. ,:ANs. M PORlTE.r v I)lreoiitlg Cn.~' x I'orlo hle I)orr . Calerv, oHoorrirJl, (Aoves lirte, Stuck.o , Co llooooro Ctneal nud Fant.v Article,. t dr " ENTl1UCY , [lli', [ .-.', +, l+-tel 1 ' for wIle by R t ianh oRol Log,.h * y 3 74 (;ro vir st -iC tN. BELL SNo 16t, (itrrtres bo e,~ hito rlu - r V crr ,I n |hrt onrtsrtrillelot of \Vltr'bt,, Jestro rv !!'nonnt, ,ylmetaeles ;I1I (;no ~fi -+V ,ue they o y 1 lt e h oll -.r t tihe troket ptl't . t I"t t r 1 1 4Ia.1";\ + IN AMERICAN & I;Nr.tIISI| CROWN qLhAiS, ,S:. 3 CC Rn IIIv.cErr $r- FFR.B p. JOB.PRINTING. SPREDN.Y, HA'NDoe.oEILy AIND cIIIAPLY EXIZC'I:TEiD AT TE OFPPICE OF THE Trsie .I itericant, it'. CIIAIILIaS STl'itI;lI', NEAR. PO1YitAS. mQS ll 3d. " T -.&('o 74 Povdrnst. SOMBARI) & CO n Boston and New Orleans Li. e of Packet Ships.--'This new line of rships has been epressy built ito con betwaen the above ports, and wili be fnnd of seitable idraft of water: acconlanodationls tr paasengers, anid every etlrrt will ke made to gve g eneral satis'aetion, 'l he Lne is cordposed of itho ft lowning alhipo: CClwrokee, 41 lton e Capt. J llardiog, Carolina, 400 do S Lelnis, Charleston, 374 do I) Eldridge, Colutnb an=a, 625 do - G Barker, S.eaman, 24(1 do J lHowes, Rlienbay, 625 do l) nlumphrey. The shove ships are all new, of the first .lass, copper fastencd aed ooppered, Commaninded by oea ofgreont experience, lave largo acenoana odationn s ith a sleparate ladles eabin; every attenltion will be paid to pa-seugorg, and'the very nest of stores pro vided for tineu,. Tihe packets will be tpwed tip and down tie Mis uissippn, and tine etrieldt pln atuali'y oiaerved in the limne of sailing, anod should tine regalar vessesd be detained in arrnving, other slips equally as good will in all cases be substituled. A share of patron age is solicited, tlnn tile agents pledge tinemselves to nceeonimodae as nuclnh ns practicable, to receive and forward goods y as id line nt thoMost modnr. Ssteo eargre, and to advance all expe-paae on goods shipped, if requireal. Tihe ships will leave the let and 16tl of every month. Fonr freighter Inasa.e, apply to tile ageon. J A MlliRRI't'r, :i C..nano eat. N. 1. Advance nmets nade on consignme..ts to Messrs. A. GLaanbard & Co. nov27 -ioN i IS--i-'u riocure l at a great expense, ihe rght of poting on oron rools in Iltns city. lThy aore dnprei.d to pul lnc buildings, warelhanuse, anad prvate dIwelline,aend elebins at ,once clenproess and dlurnlbllily, and are perfnctly lire and water Iprof. 'a'ermf s mna .s known, and a nmdl I seean o; our establishment, apposine St. Moary' ar Il.t, 'T'llanpilhnns so. nett' EN 1 C dfifSVEdI.I. & Co by Al).IS & Wti11TAI, LSSEi SJLI: , aN 4 Coude sareen, between Duanain andl ta Ini; lI n klIU a Colllnaanllllia on hsalld .nd chldhren ll n: n . whlr h:Ie will d.I.posC u1 at veery n-onulee .aa1- aa, ' d p'nm l al mll IIlbas :." q illtlllall r lI P dt o 1 n, ."r tr I nhad a nilargena at , d . I( a d Iiv tpa coan al, ao b lk , nof eol r, r ,1 , y, wvhi' h e oil' r f" r ',sh in h,,s I s . . I. Also- expaned h the ai's ar.vals iro.n Ew, l nd ans d til Nrth, lana , Lan In, ln in d i , e I'r n Mll.nnn inn C nt., ahr-i nn anid se rte lod, pus n an, ha.hendans inprenssli l er lanaily ast-a I l ub w I they will ii spels nn oil a the mst moe rte n lrlll, OrdI-r Ltell aIt inI cl flice, Nao. 53 ilinnvv lle st. aip plaire. will I e panmipaly attended to. _t_ lB. & A Sai'lICR. I 111E Gienuine inoan ilul.anurtl' l.ivea-rw. t and on~e l. h nlllll inna i ll hin botles at In le ie ln lan e it o f .l ) Tcelt e tll, c y olom eirillou th T igh o the efernl es- well ,e L lr enwn rt, In si h'aa iin l iralln esne I n lnn other ro + t. o tl l herbsnaown llllno g Io e lo l lld as rllieieiolle ill urillg pulmonary cOllUltnianna. 'Tile u ioa ullerd nal-taens whl h has b fenlided hile l'eet i :' lis inlesn abllu al a I llll wherever in I',s b(l ll ilo d e ed. lea alninoad i <he ianlideace lll recllltllmn iones aofnererl hlrnnr hlail 'lnniu lle, for thie (+lrP I'I r SI nnlds, n aini ien the. sinne,+ n sat ani rean, spitinnn g,' bland, hver eoailplnieaa, f T'o wt nho it ein v c"aare r. This ina tn ) r.eer i y n ha t wti have in n lnlnnU lr lln . I'ei l a'llnnay IneLn'nnriln'nd (ine d. aei's nndianlt lailsalen i anerwort aa it almnnrhonin d, wii h a derided gnlld relrct: an n :l Ihc relo, , nllar a In ll h a kanw ledge of lie Inenaerol a. it ii mae frllll an LIe'vFIt c e alnd lrperiace, re'aOllnll anllnl n I e Ilet it l ,rc.n i( nr LnhetI aed.PiOltP++ Ifh: lumsn I II r whi t lhII In a' I temlende". A.l-:I, I' \WV11.1.1 4 .15, .1. D). CALtVIN I" I,IS 11. It. Melmbe,, she L'flh- N Jh.t edical AsMoiatu;r,. lnostnn,Oonuimr 25. -) 1(d 'ntllit/l azineo 1itnttit rJIl1E.n tln)arilnra hoa r jn.oo reman i.ed p ,rn i ion ( Ib Flr c l lla.vre anld unnnr fna, a lasl a Ihn aunlilnli ntaar -'l, of fi te e..anisting ibn -Pilain.., I'lsl. f eew unl, Cr, c.C aasnadrich bla[ogay orl. i.rizaat.d l'n. los uftbhe richest wrosewou ad o Pnahd . eII/JlCea blllrllll ents err all I[ matfne tlrrll v lhe elbnrenrdoani'erl' I'I.\'lI, EL, Co. of Panrl nl ri.. si'n 6,a isa enen., naf a ,aaane alnrriar flita. ennd e.. learad ' ttc: fina 00 in Iby alean ICetyn & Knianbrno, r, which fan co-I .c to. deirn illn regard "a, beauay of their tone. "'Prlioas aea onallll prdireaors a far n.i c ore rerpIn'ca filly inched no call ai n.o ooinn tne alig inn pna :s i41i.n rel ranirely eeI. r n eaicls. .. - Ja)IINS & .o,, r, (lharrles nt J4 oplpeilrell Viaraadalai I4'xclluea.e l.Ila I aI117 S.HAil & II(I)a\'., AJl aligai.e e fl4F.P.hin Innf table a and noI in lt i'tiina - s lid Bilpht, f.r stale by t. IiitSEI, F'- tE 'tLt' 11tS''1., ta1ni Grant Fallra Te e ha I)( iR7 sn denbigan ,n.I _i 3 hfn. a Jaa c a oI,.aa 4-1 n ro w a I nrlell , lat Ji. f&,,:, -hi; . i . IroSl.l" fitrt ale b. all I "ItIIli.(I-. (4 ('., NEW u001)--Simmoia Hartt & eo are, now rre S1ýCelning romn do cardships Yazoo; anti aratogu) ' dblriC.oncordia front New York, a grea variety ol goods in theie lie, lwhich tgetheor wtll their formetl stock on hiurt nimkes thlelt nssemrcntceryo , plete. Thuqilvowing ciloapose a lnrt,hvi: I ll twisit,i.r:,.iie, un:K andidreeuing colg, in do ofial Iedcriptiohs, III dia rolber, silk ald warsted elstdo girtners, icumnon & fno elastic stluspether, loco feb andi Luclfor matches, eihlltz poweowderrn wder puffs and bIoxe, toilet powder, rocket hooks tl;l wallets needle books,'shlell, pearl, 1ory lid oI..ukeolo ard c osrr, esd ornlioents, llain co. I Yal bends, ncqkluces not nlpoligeels bead chain', bend ieckloaes, cct hiot .h ld ilnii,seed,ciI'ver \Ilu gilt e sc Indian bclds, bells nd plumed' pistol cod large pow lerhlasks, shot belts, horsc- hiit. ic"ket ocd Sceiiif Jstols doublle oandsingie boecl ld los, Botwie knives, illd dirks. cisisoliil shcaco, pIlciot kiivs, gard chilaint and riboil ns, waist bus:klesi lotll, hair, toot Itli, I , ttromlb, shoe, plates, flt o l I ducsting liciiI , CologCe, IFlorida, ilavendelr, rOse and biiy i atcraiscrlid esseoecs, oad exrtrcto hi:, ccil, ll iet, o tiq e,' ani W utd's ve-. getable lir,, oin i a i lietTsii1s o'nol des criptiios, lodilth,' aud ciillclco-i .c k' d .b.Ik l do.essicc cases hairs IEir'le, . 1t)mb l -s al brlrd;, plainlillme I iO mus iical Wo lrk l b , pl iiowl giltt ed, co ili v ast Ihllooii p lct alld iv y u eit d , bits ll o , l nad silver i n .rll.'i1 casen, tuli .4 I . Iu w n cr ars, tl nted and gilt I toc oler nlli i tiot, si ssrec ltl Ie cdlglll s, I ,si l e es, hair ) I litato, l frLuit l k ad redinkl c'.o sh s'ki-, 1 icin s .d g- it rcrisd mlt l rlhlill lrryllssi (clt is,. illv S ilt ruie, strot rul sh )Itns,i god a t silter lacs e . ll cjli'l o ot Il lter paper, a ei I bago, ridi loilli hic ii irollln cnctll u h . Csad liltoU Mol Ii , uni tl d iltl j i o lllr cuo cod g Thc thawi , l l.,ltir with it a ro I err t Ir. o er arti- I hira orl ol'n red .t. hlil lcl i restaol si t :.......ttl in N 11 Shell rot lb., r pair-d iotilot tick1 fitii AIntnaions of the lla lowin g woods and sth'biels~z Hedutd il on micsteri ) I llr MIl lgai, boI. i Ill hk and gold I t 'iok, (ialcla ad At itr o, i ollard tii, it t iunti l, vi rd ani'uhet SCurlw do, siller ;le Ciiled Macli, Aliootoln lie, ]Birds Ev le .n 11aiby (.ilr. ait l Ski \ Iolii l Iod h'o lt I, Sl r o.ol l Wo , D ll toe rIhirt delro, ilYew tre Idia . Iloolu ce torlt l lack tio m nr i l ll c Ihi ll1ellsi, Ash \VhhclOlak, oc , k. to, g isstcl Iico li isiil, Illto. il . tool i e o r s ole. IIU in 'I' E I..&. II l;A -) (r p i l -)trsa sati - i d blu nlcer r, I wI e nll ell a!sorii .i . C le Iloin , scrll uil, di, rod ii llil oiI ric i i d pl oulgh Sa(lt, icilll thi lisr d, S ing, sheI ai d (riwii h stccl S llln f llit. Il iatll r i tlu ghi ii l lll Slik es Line , hi. ok till, mi ll mi l 1in tones , salt kettlesi (hillol c bia :in hotus, li ll'. ,Ill ohg u dr butot'l . l s, h0.r0 mvills S-iailr s, bli sll i. l llinrsolll l o s lb s Asto I Il t l r .u l ll ' t , ld S.tllb allls l i n e r ' H a.l ls Ho k lnllli hlntiig II ,t IItoiIIII wi hriw- i hot s o1llnis, iiucs, l',ip-..I cii,,l - is l'ar'd m t M illa cordlagi , lia rs and tIc n11 - -aints lillsll:o l sple Nt ,il int LAVTOl)N k CuI. 53 ()ll Ievee. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1I tauaI streIi. Wholesale i alelie r ini hoIhits, Oii, VarI ishes, BruII hesi , mtAi ' i\cgllh t-ic-,lt.,.,ofluiii-o, \c. c] A Sl liti lul- rale hy SIlAtLL S- 11111 t\\'NIt, Illar _9 91 Magaz.ine. st F,'ASIIIONA IiI,hI C lj'FlHINC. R OflL,',i (V,/l" " G 001) IPI.l5, fNo. 41, ('hi.tse t lr-toI, I~u~i'csc Ii cii,, r bld" 0 10 ienv 10 ille l iii;.o'.-i n, lil h n'lls ele.r, Had.E in tle b oclt C i, glerll d rli st i zhlicullrlal I.i;t: it wlhi thll e oktel' i tn -cu hcc li t Ilhl'llllllcls. dhc 111-li 1 i 1 tIN I", i I. ul NEWteIV aIsl liot Itersons ll t irouled wlih lelden ses (called tlt :I'lr ' l'ru i pla) jllst Ibs jutb Len rocP v I y fle tleir, l ,l iIc , fill- w II o ;,fis art lotlon of the hul mI a voiee is tllsl ,ltel ,t .::;; ".^ ,ll- ! tI flSe oar. A ny lone who hai i'iO Pv ltqll o[ilgeI to elv.rsr itit y V a I orlls tileli uuhf lil I t 101, 1 ,b o I te dl t' "n tci. i, . iti i iceln anciii ' t e li iI dli dunllll Ioll l,,rttaili'io nllo-nd. By the 0000 ol ft 1 li'ar T1rutn pi IOl. o .hjc'iut is C vlltin, h ..o inwl. i ue, , o /lt -)e 1llnl c, Ifll a) di 71 Crd I Cir 00u al' n(- i sP Fa rystore,c l,'crol'l''t.l! ou Ind St CI harlCs st'ellc .s S['nl r ltheli (.l hllnge II hl ,l. fi'h 13 . .i . . . ii tii u A ,1-, i T Ic iiui . , . .... . l ii.'i.,111 FOR ic1,111 I":FTI. a 1 h d o ril ' o- Ilpan uid pro . nlilivr o i, .' I l iiiil. , i li i tii t;ti , subt r bre bfii, ittI uci t oe hh-u iuu ulii. ui-u i eiiin,,,- hay tieil it cii oillotut clii' it i in h li, l t ,o uti lie , i h. ) lben h' spod t, ,'edin to irh tiii ns hi. i lI-l it reld.'rs t str'onig lntl t~vllch The aplicntitin tO i l ,Of' siile, in.n "i, it, ii iot tu0li0 asnuol and It Ci t lia ii i ti i f s - hi ilhlir-t nt to fioi,- of fit - ttttlld s utarv ei1100+ Ii*(ilntI ciii, ,iy the hlul ore ready Iei tili ,dtl Il Id ile m ost v tlus llc N A isct tery rednit of the woti nds. jlillt. 1.5 24 {'liaril'C si JA.RVIS & ANDI)IEWS, IiWlOL.ESALE ANI) IRET.IIi, i.)ALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D YE SITUt'(PSI' .-lVl) I'LI)OIV01' (;IS.YS, Iorner ol Cnommon andil Thoupitoulas streets, NArTHAN JA RVIS. JOHlN IV. ANIDIIEWS. A large upply o Garden Sureelds. arranted the grewth I NDREW MFIT'll & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the pulic in ceneral, tllat they occupy the new brick sihop, 219 Tehoupitoulas street, where they keep constanrtly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing tu s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all otlllr casting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of every deecription, such as stoeam. boat stinrups, Iotg charns, screw holte, anai other kildl ofra ull balt, work, luch as chinlllrys, breech. er, tLelmll pipe's. They t ill also do alt kinds of outt doort work, suclh a- i::c, copier and tin rotinr and glttering, &. Tlhy ibove and all other kirnds of wnork ii hi tlin buitr tan, tfhey will exerurae at tie N IW I ilI' . '11 ,r 11 .hlTE11 [ \I ·llq wtell ll a, , l,' ,,, Io hw,, i<t now lpel~ r the .lr. Jlhn \:ltloh r !., 1 , , . n + e I hrd' itllll, t , aI Le, eat oallllllll I I tIl r a rt. I' h 'ee r arii h l itv or ' ,olr i, h a r l anrlllrl raii rst'tt rrlc e1 lth ll' , lill Ihl llll.lllto IIt' . I " hrr eiller * s ho tr,,r I .d,', , tlhl+1 vhl laili r' l' l ar ithn +t I',, Irhut sarI rrrrrtrar,,r n I ,,, hi r e 5at l into'nl sai l, e d r lhlt rr er I a, , l'rrrI ua Itlr , ot :olliH i an htel i i. Iri e .'l hi t Ie u ipr olt c' t'r e Ill tr ill'll a t s et, E rt. l , N \ iT It are utt t rni 1 lol'l tt".'l dl 1. '!l ' !a .i 41i't' I'--6 tt i ., 1 wa .r i trll ; 7 1.!} i lFl l l;l 0iil1I 01, tlt .I1 110 -f 1 w aer r-, a ointt, tIe til I gallon ,,' ", I' rin111 I't t h' , a t: n C ain P I al , i hv t I tItlo; lil .:al , i ll r. t I I" IFnalir!, Ia-`' 1 , 1-4 111h . 1 " l . WIni)rirt' Itt , t A, ri.,'a, Erglri ant Frinc I 1 111 Irtrinr, 1)n h v r, -v a ita r ies, tItrrrn trrrrar l.--rrt troa'sr' ni, i rr , ill Ie N i. Alal ima take', t a te 1 pa , ali I sI I 'ft (. ,,'r' til serf ;t thl f in II P al 1t n "ti piap, tire e Ir .L'r t :la'n i ,n l "l s 5 "1 1 t. . Bli r Td" 4 l I t ,I eI sritir'r rt' r r a l100l dI o Ihail+h Shuit,!. WINIIo \ a n I.,.0$, Allrliu1n, Er glhlh ild French Algro,h a n .nrceatli3tirtni t af tilr s' olr d , ols, for s ah e 'y +r a V ine.r'1 i'.'r , ' e tNo iaIm,('rptill &irr . N It. Ahi!,at io.e ++ t, at i r a'd it i s Pl nolelli i ii'eiii a 0 ercet ds i for goods, otrrlpr_ t ' ofdebts. _- 'sd" I w 1dd 0 II' I it 1 l \i rt." .. 1 t k ore di Baaltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS AND ALT'IMORE LINE.OF PACKETS. Thisline will consist of tle jllowing vessels, which hrvitr ben built or purchased expressly I;er The trade, viz:ar of the first class, av r Bark aiaicr :aaii d kersov ,. Soloiniir c alt's s al , atha ciy. Freight will be taken for iorts on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the ageons, Menssrs CLAIIKE &. K ELLI GG, at laltlimre; expenses io goo)d shipped will be advanlced when rinquird. The price of' passage is fixes at 5Pil, aiple stnres nf itho h vt quatliy will bhe p)rovided. SioenaL al anu d llown thIe Missietipli will be talken oit all oeeas ons. For freight or passnge, apply to UEU. HEDFODIID, nove7 22 fienvile it. I-)1 NEW YIORK. [Louisinna and New York Line of Packets ] TIIM Ships aomposilg this line will nail firom N,, Orleans and New Yorlk on every othler Mm n dny--comenicing on the 20thl Novoibcr-a, l to ivsure tie nictailily il the liie olsailig, thae lines will irenslier aoeairt of five sllilps, vi: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave onll the 2(Iith 'November. Ship I. oisna le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th I)ceinlber. Ship IlIutsvilej , Captain Eldridge, to leave on tihe 18th Dicei abher. Ship Vickiburg, Caplaii Woodhouse, to lcave on the. l.t Jaialiry. aShip i aissis.p 1, Captail Davis, to leave on the lath if Jannary. The abuove are all now, of l he first class, copper dt i and copler fl.tened, nd ilpwardls o 5 !11) Ionsls burlhet , are of light ilaauglht of water, being biillt Sin New York expressly f;r the trlade. T'he price f passago is fixed i t ll ) t i llari : ti heir cabins are tittd np iln the llost itproved avl cnvenin pl a, d liniilhd in a neat and ele'gat styl -n AmpleC sLtores if ltheI first qlualty will be provihd, and every regard paid to the clfnort and entire sati.Ihacation ol P cIs el r, wl ) will pleasii e lake ii. lice thal. I 1 lvIeri cn hii ,eI cuared until paid fl r at the oil c f toi .Ii a' n5 t s. '1I sl'l a' e Is ari ciaiaalanlld ly enptati s l w exllerieled iin thiaascae, who tnii'lalVe eaa v aa ce i ll d tall' xa rt !lala t i, vi e to relacaa' . la. l a. 'a'atil Wi all l Al Oit t rip ittld u'. l tihe 1. lSl brved , the lime aoal sailing. iput, el, la i o th Isleu t la, i rega lar bi tl orli 'I be signd thlralor, at Iae counting house of the agelt or nati'rs. For P nrtha r parl ticliari aplly toa )J 1 ItIEIN & A COEIlN, nov.7 90 Conim on st a ..' ta l ', 8 ''i lii e 'onaitt 'cd l, lu iel, al. : f lit le s.-, C eII iland aper taca. withll l laln l ci, a ae I I i i ti a 'alp iat 1 ar ais n , lll .iI ' 's v l; ar iiaaiii aill Ia eau alias AL expo raa'aae it, iaa adrea lov l asia e everal a anmitaen, and eeri, it'an slverss ara~aemaloar fha IeierIfIl. Tec wi'a h- taw id op aid a ,ei1 i t, ltisasiriI l, anil hinvc NStw Orlaani an air ba hir enthe a c i n hasa ap o i ce I air v In a it he u b 1-e ]n it llrl p ilsn, lih . t . hoZ e thn ifu ms y r I v 11er 11g (r`,aala IIe Aiaoura- a u.s 1.II a f a a 3 II. 't'nIOaIa)aa illa Ila S r flea A lauaa aa ,I l )l le+li liiai tel , 1 la ii. e thei r lV1 he ain s, .1. A it hesr, nand rr . Scl I, tll t(o i rn a lt. N tn . ),lals ir .1.l C' i :a~la.rC , eel. n i l I a) ft I . nIlE. 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Ftr l)istrirt Agencies aplai to Sje5 T' W. S llI'll, 48 Conti cv. P11NSACOLA M~ ANSION lOUSE N.EW CIT II, PE'SA..CLA. /rtH": nl bseaibrherhavia,-I rr a lsd the Iae o.n "ur nilllrelo thi. rell klnown ahllabielnllr t, tiol \ll T l yor, the h ite pro pr)ieor , will he eu vU ro " iVe t %,. ters b iv the k l t , Ar lpril rlext. inl rOl. t l d i tl im t emeFltr l'.l wt ill Ie fit nd inl tile I I II"IýtIIIaI II . t ) ! + ile Ah. ,ll llllo++,e. Ne++w aum( lluOe r O llllllollw ba h il h g hiLo r e will Ih huilth, l w ill ke ell1te d Wh1 t lu Iitlear . h io s jilthg1 t ui l. .. tlrl:.n flu Ihts nod ell lrrTI . I imt ratehlloll+ anldtl lthtey + will tlso.he kept lpos hs ie a tre u"t , I r Sllh l sillll(nlod t Iolw l b tl, lwlll p)iPI . l Ii nlll~llL I th e Slr ,l i o " u e of viIlll+i. illi t~l . 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Iolfnl ll kh Ihr i i:,, r .iet" hlnat ll, "ill co llllll ll frltau Ir l n hh lhrl t. lil tIP III' hi vint' oll. ] 41 ,It rll e II i , t n.' rtllle or rl lilt, 1st ft {illv. ( d Sluill will al+l ic - ,, flip ,r.rphr In brill r,"i e-clt e rif plal. sengers fro + . lu llh , ii|.+. i1 lf fth tllre oll Ihr b+ ullll+ + N It AII.IIII). et, 16 Royal Coli'ege of F hysicans, London. IllE 'origdtal Vegetable lHgeian UniverslLle Mli Scine, preparedt by \V Mfiskin, Es5,. lember oe It rovlt College: of Storgcons, Licentiate of Apoltle cary Uololl y, Fellow of IIdlt Courtt Society, Surgeon O tihe Itoval UtionoIt I Pcloiotl AstcttlO t Plhce, \VaIterIoo li3ridge, nd ler'lttutl Pupil of Cuy' tInoI St. 'IIltouis's tlospitlos, Il.olldollo.

This uvahloute medicine,'the result of twen4l years' expleri',00 e and t"nll niallel,., 8s e ss 'hi the e sextensi ve 1 hi.ghly r'espectableb p aecr.ti ce of the poprie)ty, Ialro to the notice or die Ameorican itlbli , ot tle 0e0nest so li itt iou a l . .f " y t hun lbes, o 'ee n ll e o " | o l hih I snllt lg ill te proressto . It is hpI n d, as a prelit a ti liary stepll to check the evil s alll Itotl al cosulltet ce arisilg |lnle thio i l "the of ll 10ll11 11 1111 1 111 0 delterioul otllllnlsosted i toe otr b. l ihr i the t ill of T ah rie:te proonfs t' ml Ktul]olt.tlsr1s, :Itllll tItl l'rIlrl,, Ibya setrl Nlle Oe lltl tIl lerNl ,e 1 llletetme , s1I, tIla'e g l' 0 0llyl'o OIu al 010 se1 lece, that it n m os e t til e 1hei e iltStllls Il it ll Irtllll,, should oe k lll llell' eve Iy ' hli se s ltr et chlleosk, (('011tH(, slpasm, fit.ors 001 other le r i ;als tr l er n r itness, 111 .1 Itote it Itn l t , Aistrtine eollani llltis, wh ichlo "len pl'oe lltal, ilnv !e sorccdi heaMt111 shouLa g eh v01' be, tl ttot ouoi . T1h v areti 0o in Iackels at 1 l e1lk , $1tl eIn 41 0 llv ev11lv reIocl tabe dr tggis ttk0e l, ae le , t t Itl mul odc o nth U ited Sallt lle i 1 I , I alllls l. ll I c0ll pOl I dII Ile i sLl, togellcr with es. i calls olf pn'eol essiu l abilh i fwl'aed tAhern Ill It 11 11011l1ot tll. I)., 1\V'l. Illlk, II. I ., .111. Aston"l'e IA.lF mp n, Al. 1h., td ltc t10 olhlg.s. "lhe shrigheso ietle 9() tt0 l x0(0 in a ossrsin ii 0"the a] geeA t, wholt it i nliCe is im alted IIInto tlhis 0lllv0 n tf o r ieulll all app)lications t110 eltiv'. r llllbe o fellIol. lll JNO. IIUolI I N, 1'29 %r V )' l:lae, N. York, e t ole (lel , ll Age t l 0 1 t1 co itll . I I o vdl e bll't p p1i'ttl nt oI "he otrll'01 .llll0 icl, 11 111111. rho I.t'' Ageilt llol'I Sl llice ll lloh lilloilll, jul sI i' le3 1 It I ' 1 1i- co , hi1 J 1 001 11 1 l' t1001, 0 . 0(1 0 I 0(w1 1 clvilog E sl ( i'im Nshp IIt ·I e Louisvillle, ntle ml. i .l|gen , o el otherl late si %its; moot bl h k . 11 ,er 110i : lll 1 11: i g e t 111t 0S(O lIl tt 11 IiI 111011 111%1 , 111h1 en111 d 1111 1 I 00t(t 5111 0, '.(Is i l y's blwaek1's |hle col" It Morotc o hoots 0o 'ld 10'lily; to 10ell1; Iamt stout wx pegge 10.10 lhie es,- wthi gill entr t illlll tlII IloolLa i ltll- SU Alolousl tos llltes; 'Ili lllt ol . l 1 c dl ii0 7loroct .hp :111 me. 1111 i0 f l .I 10 kiplped n gg( s1o1 i I bll0l s ll tl 0 oI. l l lit 0 i ltll l 0rtld 1 kV1 1 3lto 0'.i 11011O llil 5 0 1 5 lit " Sill d li b all 000 I . oi I b0 hotst il sll , ,h cllt l "11 u, " 1 11,1 0111 1 I lir.' . illghit lll11 111111Illl 111" 0 b1it, t 0 4i" iit lll k i (.i s ,li.ll Iiiiit0:1 l0ltx Iht'1 ' o Ol k lp .il h1 : il .., 0('tt'o1 1100 s 1 1 0 1 : 00 It stk c t tlo, It llto I000 ..11 , 11w" 011 111", 111 :1" n; 11 :300000:1% (4 .Ili 0, 11' 1 1111 La: lts' I 1 01r calf, ie,:,l', 'Illo:'o I t·'t ill tl2 0 l.: 'l 0.t.h , atI iitlll 5 1 s hlll' o ; d 1ll1ho' : l 0 :'h \'1.1 ll' c ,, I Cl c 0 0",lll. I'1 li l s l llp hll 'Oll ru t. a lllh)e , lilt, :., :01:11 1 3001,; Al a 1ni l t ir ot b cn' 't th 1.,1 p I'i 03::0 Ill , h,, 0'Il: Iile lie i 's l tll ll ln i llttl M , blhtb silk i' . l i'll Ih k to Uha'tll: hc ', u 01111 Oa Olill IliNl IIII t Il(ilA I : ran l oi 1'l.01l :0i iiir. b m1 00 ' I i o iIoi. dr'ab :otll - Ir), (I+:IUI' I."i. th+H I1,,.,I,... .,',,I; rrnr,rl hl.,,+;,.,r r i o; I :\tl " l 1 0 1I[ l I Ij I . 11Tt .i 11 III II TI, l tt' TI ll h t,,,'." , Il hlllll," ,11 ITolT -l lllT, IrTl II tI,,l i t : i IhTT l I I :Tll l .1 n',' , . \ 1 I I I ' I. Thl ey? ..ill lihll r1 11110 .!ol 1 I n 111 lh... ,l lllt. .1lill\ III:\\. 1' r'l... II" 1III+V i)Ii{ \(RIIi allt ."'0 i', '.IIll mii. III ililll,, II" II.\ I: I I \. h I '11111 i t Tl i ,l 1 1 !, . 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Ill lll t ., w l 1 ci IT l 11 1lllt *l I ( i "1 In t , l. i . h i . i ITiT t ill 1 . r lll m" . d111t h u, .'rI1o s lII l ·I ( I"' Io t lure,. c" l m(' ns -'" ll .f r .... sI( ;0 ero r s:li'er' '!i firsllt, nl, lit :a Ti gi it the 'n Io b'. U'1., ISt't', T T I Ti lO n l Il' illl T i iTT 1 1 ' . l. ,t . I ' lr is Ill+ thie T LT k in t I : hTT lT I i'T lol' ;r i Th ed V tl 1110s Il no d i odl rllll h 1 , Il l s, I ', l " ll ll hld ll etr e ' llh. x i the itx r ih lil, l e1 I,, tsimI xt'-:lci of 1c(+, l.,Oll ;i |,lslll , i s1 6 , i u + 'll i :doo ldln l of ol o tIll lll uill I eIi u tll*TTiT llT' i l til )1 ,,.1ITT IITII .| I \ II i I To losn tilt'l, r i T i t 1 nl solt eo I a ndl II,1· th i w llr \tI l I . I T "I T ,\ TTT I i oi th w rl,l lt l t m ulls lttllTlTT c lllt i l ihtI l o ilh' :Itlt ee MT i t ll.ll .lT IT TIlT liT esI . ., . 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T t1IIIt: .. tll T i .ill t of I t l lll tllS l f1r .l a l ll C i o lillt.t I h (" .1 i, i i :.1, ll ,0 aL nk i lllld ils dssel l n ge t e hSolll t llgl t ll y iti l t, xl l ,ll I I ll I t tilll C1 1ltlrlj l :it t l·fS illtt l ·lttwt llt ll t' .'ull'11t +'hl)+ill. 1 h 1i izL, I ti t uI el . ..... t.. e... .. r ,, an t ted 1 . . IS t i t' I tl.Ill, rsii .S i lth, 1 /: I II 'SI 0 1 t T l b ok "lllolT Tit.. i T I IITT, ,TI tIl t'IIol, i ITI' T htts m t ll. IiIIiii,ih.I , h . itll t en sg'Ii"o i \ 'l thlvill Ih IIrrh Ili 1ht.1' \h ll h\ d 11 11' cJ · "In ,t :i 1 1..t ,i t-:l il ' t ll, l ulll'lltt, l, ' lo elll, i lll - ~ rItll l "1 tl III£11 L' h :l.J 'hll l ,l it, ;1111 ::" 1. w i t tll i : Psm ll" thati sv. oi. I s " l rl he t'l; t'si th1.m ol mrlllle n pl rIIl': · r esin·. I+m l~l ,,hl ;ld, i t" (n '1 l i ll -lll l te h l ' lle same 11rllu FORID.X LIN1U 0'rmln MIlloIe 10 Auetoosh,io leaves Mhl'ohd Ivery dlay ih titre: oIIloclt. p to per US010ia lIllont fur . 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L( Carlina, nd 1 r it, p! , hs asl-.,0 il tlu r prletlee of t01'db~c"0e 00 1 surgery, N ils ll,- hoo~ ,, Ir~ICle It , I11II l IIII ]allie s alit g lllllettt(L' th.; 1 1(1( 11111.1 fironipl alh1 ntio wlII 1 paid to the call I% Mel -JD aIIDIEA'S Sitnce iit Ptl1eltallli t I leilntdtd for sl etirt their pietnaintent Writing AneadettieL No. l t tiare.t cit R t , Nea ( . JIIotilt , 1St,1 traaldwity Xiv Y lrk, I)itttiLinc it, uhhli: . It isepartii: uh'lytlri lle teid tin rivlet learners, and s il ll i, c lu d is c l tlh i Lit-'d I tr Ir l iis o 'iill nit;e s . Ladies IL gtti titem are i nvited locll anld iratnille tlhe lsi)'Slllro tar the ,lvel-s. " Lesons areII. ivei t mil ia Ihel hao es alit ity sllit tile c" n teujene ofall, and to cli.t Ib, rlfn ed in any part Ladies whin irofr it e ul rctie CetssnlC at their own ref sidences latin u etrini eI aI l to clrsitns ti nca dresired o tIt ,l,, " '. - t"' • ,. i," t v ellm.iiieutl i w . .;A. R111OT11I.flt. IROWANI)'S TONIC MIXTURE, rl?7N years hIae not y Iet ci lisi d since it wasl 1 lirst regularly lnbnittted to the pulblic; but it lils atti ined tiIhe highestL reutltiUni; and Lhas sp. planted every other t Iled:ice for the Agne, whetrriv. or it lihas btee kllwnll and apprelciated. Alrealldy has it bont carried in every direction througlhout L Ithi Uni itd t Staii, and still realizes wore thou could have boen ullll:il)aedl by it Itmei n frLi nd. T'lho.sand.s f rt permi have net only bhrcnrelieved, I but rii ,tiei tloit bot ,,l anI vigor ithrough its agt Ln.i cy; alld thty now chell rlillIly tlctll'y, aIt Ievery p. I pI rll it ', l ol its dll id.d.att nd nli rriI e iie clli Lacy. II is olol ell lo liltl, llt it luth priiplte t Is are calc lited to r ilnel" i thei healthy actiion fthe stLill Itell, llver, a d other ilmp rtitnt digesliv organs, the loss omi whi lh helrullnliN y is the i I ti Incdiat e alls of the di . It i ii* i tIIIeil t il o, ii i h t it illdu. eis al entire cila to IIt dl I tion ofi' theI tI: nlt jand eitllainl I I rl Illili Bl iletie liIbility to rehlp iset o1' the atlitt:ti i . wihen I! it t is at tendedlli it h all iy ot l ' i t, the e pll l lN nt L th! Tonic ,ll ,i nt il lhrl.,r wiet the treat. Ient o Il r i a , ut lo l even all'rd us., c ii Iby I tll ih ll tl ill tikli iid vIill N, igor to body dturil l i, Ith l n 1 o ill r e illli1ti. Thlls. t wiho I Iiir Iu IIaI l hi- Ii l itill ity ii l aIl ed that Ltll I. c il i 1t, t 'n i l) . .lt ltul i ifij i t' tI t ti tltr hIumIIa cno·l Ii t' hi I,ul llrlat b I II y1,i IIr 'in . rrlratt at d th e il nLi r lihr i liI , rn lh in i:li ll e ifse thereof, twhe," thtey Ip rre1 ' rl illv t t it hlits till. rit IL' t of n gentr'' Ilax+taVr ill Ilu ti hllie al a ot. ihe f1ll hi .-ll b'" 1 e r . ,t s )que ce ofh t whiich isi 1o l lll ft " t ll ,, lit dti li llh I to linger in t the 1 Invtls hIn m - ,:t ,,I: IEdll'l: l , tI i d other 'vllu,'. iari I'i'r tI X ln t i-I l L no il' the 't rett ti 'i lly W Iolrhlillt~ I th r, 1' th· a ltl 't1ano. It has belen Il ''t~ lI lt, ,, p rt Iv i InItv , II v ,ll .ll y \ VIli, O w e re su bI y "c to Itpe , I , c r, 1"e1 mil ther ('h1111 111 ills, and it S tilt i tt,lr, I l t ii l h , , nlll r hilll d ll I t /.ulr,., T tL<, Itll r ,ll il t y t ilt tu tl d it h liItt olii 11l:1I ,t ,d I r: lT11il t Lo ,"e ·I t' h ien coosIII i r I led Ague,. h i vrn' i:, r i ltt l , " u dl I tli: l lp, 1 1 ] I gth I . u It i , l t hei ' I'iI, II , l+, is ni '. l l, I.,, e , il,"tr ,ge ol t 1C 1th ,i ell i, mllt i ll,., , ith . I " l,,ilt k i I t,:lll I, " Ill rt't t',L lllt llt, ll L h, ,i ,,-,,ttlt1. 1 il,\ t li l+ , \ ITh , i h11 ll It, rI 1 h. N re ,ct ' I , I I.r i )lllh . II\\ \\ t'll . 1, ,lt pill h t h ll 1 h lly all 'id l , .ltil., l'J1:i o r fr. n, 111 h, . I l il ilit .l li, r ll. J l y 1 h"t, p Ir \kc I . Ili \ e l \ il illi Ililt i i t I'l , I i nlll l l' , t ll I ,hi n e evll T + .n ll-niato ," mil' 6.- rtl :l ~ · ,. SIhe fll 11 11 2 +on i" 1 4.I ? .lr \,"rl t l illll , l l , -I ,,il d ot f l Ly Ni Nll · 1 l i It i h, ir jiilbl lh m idti oliP hlay Iha, il'., 1i i i 0l, 1 , a . l lle l , tno l~ I 1 1 I tos I 1f1;r 1114i\,,n il . ,! l hl i , l, I, ~a.l hlei ll Iipp .,rif in' I nni t d 'i,,,reo Vlln, , \ t hurl ,sli.p-i rngaie th o t htl i -It.,,t-I 1- In · a 1 ,ll (t:l. ill ntal 1(rntcret tl heli . ,tll - l , Iil Iaiah, h eet, N es ,.t L'/ I+ I ,' i lis 11'.'r 1 1ii, ,r I, I,',- li e l rll--l al( t li tl t " J' :t k M a il,, ";, ' l sll.<lr l ring a )"ni it hl, c nti till, o l+ IIi . , : s . l,+ .+ .. ,, r .I ' 1 ,"w Y - . , I , ; , ', ) ':;I II,'., I; I' Ir1l 11 11r 11 il 1 1: 1; \1' 111·1i III li. Ir I: I- j 11 l iC I: I-, 1 ,JIll -.. ,. r:+-, 11,1 .I c' I ,I r , I , I, : I : , ,1~! Ni hl l 1 I,1 "I "'i, r., _ ,: :: s, · Ii·(il i I l ill· I l llil · YIjl ~ III I n v 111/ I, I_,1 .. I ~ Iýt i 1~ l . ., . ," I~ ! . l. l II i '' ,II, r,,: 1 ,1) ! ; \'I'- -1.3 ,.,- -,I:.:!. I`::" :; 1,.1 11 1. ,n:· l ~j( i~ 1·:1I. n". sil r I,:,I I::l( 1 ,:"I I·1 1I IIII: Il ng l: 11)11(11 II 1 J ili \'.*' I... "I, I:,I ý I ` } u I I iI l tut Ill l I1( l L i i ii! lll 1 1. .l l - :" I iio. , :I: -I "1 uo'1 .:11 Ii I I liii IrN; 11111: I ' 9 t 1! '. ý: ,,-, :I :. t :" ". li , ''ii.t, "I-. I uu , u ( 1liltl l'. .\ ·ýi I' .;.: , !::" bl ...l~~l Il(·: II1I! I) 1:"I C," .III I II l ," I:, .I .. "", i~lu ',a 1.1:.1 '1':"I..i~ I- \. .\: ,\ ~I ,:,!1 IIIr a1," 1,,1,: olI \ 1 ,1 . 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Ml. 72 e,' ail ( lte aorv 'urtola, 'I'harrloa&, a Via Closea ro A lotlday, Wedoad~ay I pl111201 A hltlVAl, IoIS'AI'l'j11 DIITANCIO &c. oftior axpros Mail, £,olwoot, 9lanail.onna New York-Iaeing Mlobile dauil"" at.I'. M. North war, Now York dalily at 5 P. Al Soutlhward,. Arriveo Arrive Norllthward. Ditanco. l ittia Itorttn'g Moateoutrry, Ala. 2111. 192 ala '3 It I2tn, IColiIoue, G. I11 21 94 3a.m Millelodrville. Ca. 2 133 1.11 21 p in l:alIe,,iri :. C. 71 ala. 163 174 10 ILd,tgot, N C. 51 215 22 12 WaooratatlV,. 12l. 55 t t l'rtrooboo1. Va. lt jt. 113 10 9a. in hiiillltoltl, Va loont. 21 3 61, riioll,t l1,o 8 67 7 Il p pm. 1lt'lnlxgtOlctty, 2 Pat.. 1:1 64 a 1:461 32 4 01 *I'hilNett' 9, 6 an. 126 II 2 eaa:rtlel.arci ('Iaelo e Oaltrthwatoldlo little ia sil hour Ir 'I; briar 'i I1itS mail 17 I alr I A pAN.1 WAI Yl, lai't (1 t'todrlot torantr of Ieoi tOrtrtl I ll1,hr ihbul 19 atrIIta lPretc, Int at'rtt b nt Ilrereahaats It ter, ItlaekI I7 Olltlg antIne I fot ill iliS big.peclhltteartl Of Ili, ltaI iagaO re, 0teainela by m.-meri htal ltt ad ltt lnta hr wealaway whits raIltttnorlttst a dlrwllll ti rlol oa . 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