Newspaper of True American, November 14, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 14, 1839 Page 3
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S 'ATE OF ItLUIJIANA-- lr t Judicial B)is S trictt Court--Friay tie l1th day of October, 1839.--Present the Iluliurabl Charles Maaurian, Judge, Louis F. Canoneg vs his Creditors. No. 16993, On motion of T', \V. Crollos, Esq. Counsel for Jamnes II, Coldwell, Synlld of tlm Insolvent'a eso atte and on filing a tableau of di-Iribution herein, it is ordered by tho C ,urt that the creditors, and all others interested, o.hew cause if any they have, within ten days fromt the publieation of this rule, why said Lthleau shou d not be eoaformeod and humulogated, the funds distributed accordingly, and said Syndic discharged f.orn any fu:thor lia bllitiy in th- promises. Extract from the Minutes. ALD) SIDNEY LEWIS, n2-3t Deputy Clerk. L'TAT DE LA I.OUISIANE-Cour do pItrm. *A ier Distiet judiciaire, Vcndredi 11 Octobre, 1839-Present l'honarabo AM 1 Buchanan, Juge, Louis Francois Canonge contro ses Crdaociers No. 16993. Sur motion do T. W, Collens, Avoeat do James 11, Caldwell, Syndic deo flaillite do I'insolvable, at le tableau do di tribution aynnt 6t6 d6pord en Cour, ii oet ordonnd par la Cour, quae lea erdan' ciors du dit insolvable on toutes autros personnes inotresades, aient I adiduire lea raisons, s'il on ex iste, dans lea dix jours qati soivront la publieation do ce rule pour lenquellos eI dit tableau it sorait pase confirmi6 et houologu. lea flnds dis'ribu6s, et et le dit Syndic d6rchargi do toutes respounabillthte. Extrait des Minltles. ALl). SIDNEY LEWIS, n2-3t Depalti t(rellfr Justin CstaniL, ill actual custody, vs. his Cretltors and the Creditors of J. Castanie & Co. No. 1181. 'TATE OF LOUISIANA-Conimerei.l Court of Now Orleans--ly order of the Hlunorable Charlt s Watts, Judgeo r, our said Court, notice is 'hereby ppublished of an order, citing all the creli ore oftJustin Cstanrtie, an insolvent debtor, peti. tnening for thie benefiLt of the laws made for the relief of itso venlt debtors in actual eu.ltody, to appear in opael Court on Thursday the 14thl day of Novemlber next, at ten o'clock inll t ahe I.trnn, to show cause, tf any tnOy can, why the prayer of the petitioner should nt btle granted. ii. Knnicott Esqiuira is appointed to represent dtie absent credttors. Now Orleans, Clerks oltice, actoletr 92, 1839, o21 fit E. tARDI:RI..C (i t. Justlin IlCastatnie et al.I'lirreso taton vo . e I t - t cinr eft Ilos 'rdtatlccrr d,: Juastin ,e-tatt.. t& . I No. 1181. I4'"'AT 1)E LA jlOfUISIANE-('our do at'o. * A ilircu dn la Neovelle Orlhans-P-,r torllio de l'Honolrable Clt'arl st Wats, Itlgs do la d i C(:tur, avit t pat lp r l p d' ilo d da n orrltlta ,)llllls l lt tou t I ts aorc i ac r a di .h1l lt taa tai. le, a ns dt.l',iitr ansolvable, durlilndinlt a j~otr hu h6in ,, Ihe , le I talatts ptour steconrlt r I, t 't lt 'r re , c i di'arr, tattion, do cotmllparla.dille l 1 I I NV elll!)lv h pr O naIllll , h:'t t L Il '. t l l,'o cr, :1 I',lte a:t p lr lour t6btil's d'plp.tsitltn a ht delt aha dn 't ' II. Kennitott est anolmtu pour tiprasesltr tIsn (Cro ncter atve 1. ' Novefllo (itldaas Bureau du trelliier. le' 22 Oc tu rti, 1 39." 02l lit I I 0 I)IllI , flir S tI I t I III tAT\ -1 NL O ,' 1 -11 ,I ,1 ,I, t . J. 0 Itt at. I' t - I~, ' ',, ' I ,I , i , , n 1 ' I, ~ % Il ,I ,I I ' ( A Ii , I-ll i I 1 I 'l I ,I', I ( ol eit ' r rt tllll ll iet' l I, -- , I 1' Ji " ttt''tr'-,ttl, 1 i .l l Ie 1'a ' ,o!t u l e , it " III ( ,l r. i'l l mIii e 'll llat do t tll' t ll 1 J l ' r, I, . 1 t L I,:1 i 1 artJl--3i il I' iI AT E ( . L()1 11t'e 1 tait ItiA ,. Sof Nlew (t' t1 ,. hrel t. I n li i ,i . i. . ." , I ; Il unalli Ita I . Il, it' tlt. +l lll , 11 r llt ",, c~.l l, ).tl. +, 11 I t,, ' (,eihr ,I l, , I Lull k'rtIon' pI I lllr h nIll , ,ll , I· .1] ;11 , i lt.H, <[ 1 1 1i..e t. l i ) 1t'11tt t, 1 11'. f t, l t i t,1 11 to I a,.t ttl ~tl,, ', 'I - ilirc t, l I . :,. -,,t ,. . ll l ". tl,, I~ ] , " . ~I'loan , i |u llhrI L'''l+' ' It ~ "1 h .,, i nl" l ll 1 til'l Ile I" illli t are i lt t flat' .tt ltt t, tlI. i eV).t I i e , l l t l I to1 a" l tr a , l , lla u rrl'a ,lts Ilrd I st*l - ua e tildi t ,a Jtrl' aI ' ro' I' Ion ~in ',t "u b'' fr Id lr l i rtlll I ll a ' tat tiI, , la) nu tii i t h, i tin ,Jt +l o. n l a t ,r ll letl, l, r i inn lelllilelar iln ",0,a't atf , ra l l)n uDltr n.I Ilnt attlar . , laylao ataot lte , flt,' I rt I hl C rt I to + r, III 'tll la't t Iholtl. 11 a itdfta .o lIti 'dtt t1.1.t1.11tt 1t Ih ullt.,,I l ,llld II 11 I ).dlt'l r. 1 11 • ( , l se w ihi 1 u1 lthe -t ht I lel l ltltt ItIi sold b lieI ' ,ait Ithef r inr-l ish h ur l Ialol hile Il,.llt-h 'nlr. d ,y 1f Jullv A. Ui, 0. tr.i t I t re ei ll' t ii hlll e ille e rllrete l yeri o Iia t 1d a.1.1 aIatl'Jn t, tA,. ta aC', i-o ,n llt a llllntlid .a t I h w I , d k r,,r the fcLe fif ti h a U lilh n i u N111 oudt Slcih 15d' l0lre.a a Ilarkear b a i i , haer fr e tVa ce, viti.ta:, A rtall f paa ra el' f t rtUmi . ia uate ina na.f r hr (ally el gIla aattttlt It I Ii fatat, Iotl. , 1 I, lcrner 9tI tltIS. alc alotta It'.l tatell abre' in9. a-' of I h ' u" b'd auod twlt y It t ,rutc C I tarIa O tao,' f yh d a.r 1 t1 a t 1,' f1 a m l at bt ly fla t I t ftltl r ,o n t : l ,t'a r. , J, It. tl f ' p tl t d tIll I an la the . t'-f , ' o . 't Ia ad at e o ir,. JLlt acsl$ ttpl l .a nn l l Jftita ,t g ottS raida. Pai~tfllI1 toI(Ih duel ()eI.her, iIthe year 7') JOIII t E. I -IttadaIa I k i.I'AT \Iil" II \ LOUISIAN l--uXdo Cm-I tL mterco d- It Nttoellt'oitat do to iouisiano, a Ioust cux quo ce.s plso6ots con to e -ot l : AIDREW, S. B\IRKUR Ityant achti a fl~rt V,,t,1 I alto par le Sir Io ff 01" lt" pa. i1 r I,. .t t Nol 1!!.Oridans, la prto pll6d ci.aplt. dtc:rtt , 'ust attrtl l d ,t. l grettl i de (etttou I'c t i i : 1,I ,.Ito ve: tot n tt 'ogtt do '0neuv;on jour d'atut ' 1 ,le I',nd1,, 16 1 3., I,,r unl naI s conl l rt eilnl.lit aL I11 e ic , d It Log..I tltlrl de l'E tuL o , It eu siine, ltitllll6" 'Act, p[Iour ctrml r loot titti Idota acqJOto rourst aux veort judieiatirs ;" :llprouvd le 10 Mars, 0 l( 'l il o ult n , e! tllwlte poronellm s introessdes Ilatirot prs n w sata to it tn o I't tat du lit . I I1 I au i , hIt t i Counr It Co .ilnortel' " la .Nouvellh' )rO d co., qui p0ourai0nt uintr droit 0 la ilr, irtld ti tl-tt't I .(' ritl,:, t:ooi dtltol'i·o ,i:lnrl d'n . If1omt d1 forme dal,s o',,rdro, c ,itte et t t oo h It, , tot lnllt dt la four, L to v rtu dtouql l t It Ltoole ,t toto fallt u !o till tol Irrte ulri to uo illa,,lll dat.l l: it at. 1toln, l'ai - n ot letemp et I. o d l .o t l i vcI toe,o00 poullr 00.' u uIr e l i, Ic00rl :,t qu ll,0 0 , d," 1'lre voir, dllll tr uihte jl urs it ,illr (L. - Itt llcli 1 tion dt clt avL~ s, p, rt i m Ii l oo? a ' it tl I ltt Is titt , oo~oi ( ,i'd odot veodo t p0t l Shto, o tusi 01 , t0 t v il t to e,: m o t .h h I ll. dtoic0 1ott t 'do ?l I o, r iI lAtl . lli Ii jto ( I,: r - li l ,i0o I, R tl oe i t ooi t i t 5 I I lt itt0 C atlt llt ll Ctooilt, ,It o il. (Ir tao "Uiril S. I3 t IINU I'IAIII), i'.ll ttoototttt i , tln s I d IR t -trt Ch,'w t C ti I)o'k"t dto oeltt Co Sr, I II0 " i \ ,,"ut, Antrel l t. ltrk,'r nh'u t r oo,,ht :,,IlTrear potur il pr0x 0h0 60't tulle ltrtoo clut cIlq 10tRtopod., p tloobio .l rt l o lt p-o iet6 d aprti I , transti:r c oll.e, lilmt tllnt clot riogl ;i ds d fa1,.o B l It ruoi y ;ace a la run llau cl r- , It,!' ,ot cl ttte los I lgnle s paral oles, 0 se 0 h,1 avec toutes hs auIlditorations, A,. llq b'y tr'uvodla. 1n, tit d'apris 1n plum tlrt I,,r I. Ltfor ldlttti e 1- Mai 10t7 o ditos6 tls !'wlli^0 de L. J. C Siro . Te'1'nmo . I'llanor,tlh ao Charlre Waitl, j0y,, C._our, d] I 1 dLt, Co,tr, to dixiom j ,ir o'O htobro de l',n1 d,6 do notro So S . ga r, rl;eib butt cunlt treate Ineuf, et la lildlln anli6u do 'lnde='pu .eu!Lce dos Etat Umns. tJOtlN E. HIOLLAND, 017 3t in 301 Deputy Grettier. SI'4 1 1 CAiNDI .S--100tl bueas Judd's nllInufac lrte, alnding frlll f irDn 0 t'a, I(,r ule hb 15 S. B IIItl.-\NCHA(I ll),3 (Rravirrst I1'1 .110 I: . il--5110 ceaks 'In'l.mduste rantnut, on Iinti .hr\\ lit. I, Jeat 'rl lary 0 ['r t r ln ia , wtre,' f tr sale by S G BI.AN\CIIAIRL), 15 33 Gra ier st / v U\\S" t ci;S-1(1l ules twýý bushel Gunny Bags, l- ill store, filt sale h0v SiS J '1'14.1 tl ER Co. 74 Pyvdras st r l:A- 40 011,010 Pg{ g-,-' d, t oo" el,,,.g; ,,; ,:. n res (ll',io r, Ilr)nrporial aln GuLtlpolIwderl ; Silly 13 Il11. Ioxes G ll l olllo tle T t, in -lore, lor sale I rv Ali J'I'tAYE'E I_ J.__.o.4 I',dr, s . t -' i t 01 11. - 15 cua ks S lw , O l, il 0io r, , fa r .a le ,y IJ I'I I A Y IP S. out, 0 1 5 . 1 l ) l d r ltn -t I. MANSION HOUSE IHOTEh., ]t^VAXNa, tl¶jjlI E u tderaigned, )re ,,c t H.'pri tur.(f Itlis caal! SklloWn estdldis linens, ca:e'd iem .tMo.iOn IIouse. silteuated in Obrupia ,1treri, No. 119, aI ih1 hle a.r to aitaoutlace to tlle public, thtu their rea te-t ca .e 'a, d nlt cral tio wtil be dedicaied to render ctolirttble Ietl sues who fll ay fitvor themn wilthl I I aei , aralllll e. 'l'e atld Vaaflagte posseae.ld by thie Iuse tfor ravlc-ts, for It1 Ioculivhy,convenilence,& l .re i)so well LIwllii a Ihnow it s unlne l ec. 4,I tr enumllletlcllu the U. MANSION 11OUSE IOTEL, d la Ilahanna. I OS infrascritos nuuvos proprietarieo dol baen Soonocido establecirnirtnto nolmbrado MAN SION HOUSE, a tualdo in ln calle do la Obrapia, Num. 119; liceon el honor do anunciar at pubhlio quel sus lllayrea CIuerzOs y eatonciontes sera dedi cadas a coinlplacer a. Ias personae que lea iltvoroc can can su patrocinlo. Las venlajos qul pOSae ti. cIla casa patra los vlgeros, tantlo per s lnalulid, comodidad, etc. etc. son tun conecldas, qm cs iau ttl enumorarlas. set t-ly CUINY & FULTON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la Hneanne. LES sonstrigts. , nouveaux proprietaires da I'd tnsh itsementt situ.d dons la rue de lal Obrapia, No. 149, connll sous Il norn du MANSION IIOUSE, not I'hon.e.ur d'infortme r le hletc, qu'ils furoll tous eIuras elibrts pour so clri'l at greablea aux persunnes qli voudrunt Iolinll ItI f ris de leur eoliance. Los c:a lnllaoldit(s 'llta i : .t tlli i eon aur voyagours sna t assez c.InIlst pour ne point juger ndcassairo d'eln ihir :ci le dItail. 9tI .p-ly CtNY & FUliT)ON. aRecordecs a 1fiai,, '!,1 fun l:hlvllutl. I tlol to (+Onll+lll w\ill, ithe orl'ldilmn:di tln 1f pt'olice ill thirty data s irol tlai dotl , iie uxea utl il.a tg ltllhe tllltg ,ordea t, wit: ITo cllu-e to be fiaed u l w ith altionl c'rth, a cor tnin lht of ground bhloning to ytut, and situated on .TI'Iupe. ukr l -l I . hlu ' t..e t Ie e ·1o"n r.n'n ne l end Markot ,t,. Iftlhabove a lk ia 1111 ct ( lldeted within tll! ipteee i fill, ip+" yo)n ll b 1 I. jret to tiht penal ties pres'cri Im l ti llle lllll 1Cio tll I lli l aa ta it ,a il jalt it ld. It1'1 a a\ | , i/ t 1 II li l l +,I l :t' 'l ilt' -I ,,1 ln 1 I tl'l l,' 11 , 1thIik i 1I 11i t -,] 'il , : , i le 11+' l+-'l 1 ll * +,I10 ,I1 o, I .4 iF -Iot' cent+H, 01 , the . ,n 1111 .1 I. , Ih • ,+11- 1 t e 1-t 1 i six 0lli t111 I, ,'lit tl-" , I, o r 1h, u I" ,, I,'-l 0'', ''a "l : 'a III a,, 111: 9 11: 111;\'o 1 '5. i: '. r k t ou l t ) t In n," y,11 ,11 r.'d :, 11 1.1 I· I It. I\ I: J ' , ".' ItI, ,b~ ' " ' , at'' 1la -a ,, ,, . I l c'i ' , ' i ,t' ,I , , , ' 'a ,, 1!. h li TI' , T' 'a <, a '.. (' aI a 1 aI' I i 'l a I. II: 1, \ N . 1,.'; \ Nt , r,". I ". r tt, t . ll' .l, t 1il ith \ I . 1111 1\t .1 1 I III , 1 , \ - ah - v *,,sl ,, ~,-i,'b' . ( W \ ' \I , . , I7'11t4i' fs i44 : hI;44 4'' I44,, '- II4a ;lll .i i4ll. ,t 1 llrt NIl E 1 i, l IW I,' li - " I, i, ll t ll L tol n11 .11* il ll r,: he. , h L4 , h: ll," , l ~ N , , - llI " I ! i , - ll - l ,i i i i_ .t I. ,4 oHt-. l'l'h I'l ll ., lo.. i , I l, Ir ,'lr -I l 11", . ,ll A I o1ld S I ,lr fir ,d (h al I)r y1 ter d .-1 ll ilr, au tl -lT. h . 1- 11. .' le o, I7, th .. I l'f, h d + ....h.l ,i.r thorof ' I l' ougl4 h Yarn-,' '4 \ a,4 l lo4 ndlli4n4 ,' e , . (C ) The ilals holuo t lI+w ; 1.1 , ornel um W\'ebhe, luthor of t:Il1Il lluln lin a I , A.. x ., ll)iniolll IIl l.,d lire .hllo t o, Politirw'ITh),l.oh yv, I.nw, Scienc, +, Edol' t'lilaec, l iltratture, u hL+ I.: nii A srl hl dil edl'tiol ofl lnila l ikh, in one rylal 8v" vol UInIn ; Illu lltral 'l wnh 13 h liltlh! ,r ,'lJ llll i.. ,ll.l 4t' l .}fw. I tI '+ . l 444.44 Just rece'i~le d for ile 19 LM'.1 tf, I c tll it; ll) U i ,\,, ll' R l. , J\ IES ll4 :-I T' E I~ I'I . 'Tl ITRIl 'i.- liJr, , lon htln'N \Ipiion> ,i Poli tic , I .i,T ','heoh4 , 4 &' . ' .'vol. iThle 4llloral ti a 4,h,re, ,4 2Io4till4 jlurrT4l4i4 ' 4 ravel4 in A N iirth l iir,i -e 1 . l 1 44r4 1o IC Itllancht+ ,,I" Na+c t ;it ll.rl ploy, l~y .litl, p-4 Till 1 lin h11 eot rown, b 1. hv I '-i .,,flus 1 rl,,e, ! -cola A 11al rnih 1~ .n (r rtes No gml ;ler i talil the Dv arl' , it new .or4 '' .1. l p 'l; or, M.4.e oir+ -- r of 4111 4 . M l chore''L la t okhe , il; ttd; l,0l el hdl L don e di Ithtl , ' . - o !v,,'. ,, .'lll te al '. Ve ida 8y,, with platt.,; Iit J4)419" & r, 0 b17- ,I 'cr t 'In hirh- adi eb' (t .ie i I'a 44 I+ ll4 l;. 4 I l' t ' l Ito ,, , 4t 44/444.. . 4r 'iont4 444' 4,4 \lih.,, te Tltl. o 11 ~-t ,e t ,, r. . c 5 , "'I I ,it r ar II ] Io Jallt ll+i ,c h.. II') 0,I 1 oll ,ll'r t fr Ik. t wlll,' .ill 4 i n 4' d ' ilt' fior" 1.'4 J ck .Imp1"(4 '.4 4 t, 44J4 l ,',o -1 1T 44 415 1114'- 1 4I4 a 444 b4 444r 4 ,i ' I'' e I E ',l t) II 444. 4 4 ,., li i i, lll e I,' , il, llllll lltild Ulhe. o I'et,,o . " 1. Sitt l. naoIo l."t c.ountrly n; h \ I It. IS II asn r, 11. I tI'. N . \.<) '. .!3n- .1 arr aint,, C i t iloe I" 44I4\I44- 9 )1' Ih4, I't .\ 1i,\'l I·.,1\ l' lil iill " i- lll~l t ] .\tl l,,' I lll'w CiIIr Iul 1 i3 I' NIoIht ill t t ' -, l' ·e Ih ',>n Ion l S,: ., it 11,', . a , .".t,+,' h f . , e "44 '' 14l44 .,41 l II . , i i.'lllhn ih.,4 ., 4 , , lli and adoi 4t 4lt 44,1,' 4,4 an4 :,,i h -l. '4 2 4414 )11' 4.,. I!)(0 , 4 4 . 4 ' ,l--'4, 4 ,, r 4h ,11 I.I. i,':li, 1!. - tI,ý ,. I +.. . +.1n , + ' , , h... ..... . · h t! , u I .-.,- t "h ",it o. I1,,' -, ' tl o l " ,ri w, ani tL". - n,.t i III l .ý,m ,II"l-,, t i ,, . h ; . ,. .." , i.... , , ,,"e . t. I. T l, t.i11 f 'IhL ,- I 444 .4 ' , II;. ", , t L.EI 4i.4' i9 4,,4 , i:,4r49h44 9 "", T, , 1. N all <ll. ! . lltl . hltll. t l 11. i,ý, _ h1l -Iioo', r ll, GO1 ta\dr i olr Lt for I.-10, Ii :ot .I 8Il4l h19 &. ('44. iP T1- 4 4 I4i4 t'44'4. i4 14, ' -4" Nn, dt Poo4.t,,!.. 4 Jac4 k . h4 l 4 i4 i rl, h4 , A in444w4 rth. 4i4 v ri4 4 _ L ilo o f M lrs nl ll, b Iy &r A RiElIr ........... 54441&31944-.1.4.-- - t * )RilN . 1il.i'ivtIr c A V iR ived A liro R I n'er i oI - )II' N ,4PA P I4 i, A N D P4I4 I rE1I4 4 ' I N K-4 All r\tn4t0 4 P4inti4 ,.4n4 d 44 .l 4 by ti1 AMI+IX TOW 1 R.+ PI P oimp .t LOUISIANA G-dRAND REAL, ESTATE AND STOCK j Tuttjoritt2 of ttl€ State of 7Lotuirfana. CALDI)\VELL, OAKEY & PRITCHIIARDI , MIA1NAI:L:s .N. PIt:tn'tuILu'Its. Ui' The First, or Half llilion Lottery, and the NSecond, or Two ).illion Lottery, are respiic(rully precsret ld to thre 1/ubl.r. The IIALF 3111. LION LO I TEItY wil! be drawn mn Dteccmber, and linihied at one drawi. Th1oTWIO MILLION LU1f I"l..Y will b, dt h plan oif Ili,,nL and l'riz.cs-Noumb:rc in ono bheel, a:dl I c:ln:(s 1 atl'ri s i anothe wheel. Both Lotteries. under the supervision oftwo Judgee of Co"urts, WIL, BEl DRAWN iN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLION LOTTERY offers clsnces to 1,291 P'rizes, of :llihl 33 ere Prizes of Real Estate aond 335 of tock, becsids miany Plrizes co)I cosed of Tick 're in tire rat d Two Mlillion ILottery, iafftording a pirticip.tion of chnccO si, l tio Ithe hilder of a Ticket for IPrzes I The IGAND LO I 'Eti ofI' Two Mliiouns of lollars-1t,000 Plrizes!!--to the fill alnount of it2,00;1,)101, fvl which 1117 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 li:lnks to i l.rrz,!!--Sinplo Nis I to 100,(1011. 100,000 T'lckets at $20-2,000,000. Scheme a cind lling price the same. Among the Prizes in those two lotteries are many publiic: ani prirate bui!dlngs wrlich adorn the city of NewA Orleans, ande are ch csprd f lts iclciab. tmnls.the Verandahl, St. Charles street Theatre, Amecrican (camcp strti.e, Thectre, St. Charlesi Arcade Iuildings, with ll slet, l)wclvlncg Iicousos, SLucrcs, Building Lots, and Imany Centire sqares of (troclid-bosidas SICIoecc Ilscnks and oithcr instCitutiocns cf thie eStitC cl i. Lcouisica, clOuntc cc llc g tc ith hole Ic TWO MIILLIONS FIVE: IIUNDBED TilOUiSAND DOLILARS. All thi Real Esotate and Stocks offered in Prizes are owned by theCm andl in their posscessio:--cis acnts of l'sal, with olear titles, ore restecd in their firm, snd rcccrldad in tile olfice of Adolplhe Mazoreau, Notary Pubollc, and office of convooynceso ready to transfer to thic Ihuldc.r.-f. Prize Tickets, exempt fromi ilcelllnll:rncc: 'rcc'hi priperty is sOet part ullaltcruably to ithat scle acd o:lly cpurpltse, and call, il nio event whatever, be conleyed oItherws by tihe firll than tlo htcih ldc rs o f lic I'rccsc 'tlc!(ots. AMERICAN CAM!P STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPI2TA8L 254O,000, IN 1,291 PtiZ.s! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchal ers Di ofticketl, the combiintion is adopted for this Lot. tery only, of 1 to 75, whereby tihe drawing will hti completed in a bew nminutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from lthe wheal. in 67,525 Tickets, at 010 each---0675,250. tll 1,2.0)1 1PIZI !! n SCIIIEME. C Ao\ '- S1'. 'ill E.AX I'n l .n Gi U n xiD, \Vdli I'; " z t,,11' " ttt , lt 0h 1 t he Ital l, .tt l a :t o ta, .,W a~lll0 ' 1......l, t'i nt h - 11~i -t- ., 11 i l ,rIta - r t, , . n ,a . I. l1 a . . \ ' 1 , I , tal . 'v , , a 1 ,'1ta, 1a t 11~. ,t t ,, 3i , , ru \. . d +, s sI , t. a . 3 " .1 )111( I a ,". a. la' I tt Io, ; 1 ,t I'ala t I al lid .. . a t a I . . t. '' It' .a I at a 3 al . . !'riv." ,) ill+J Tlh, I. i1 , l 011 hhIII:. T'O n ,t , 1'.'1n r . f,, , d, , groun i ,,1 11 , \,,0 ; t IIIl \·1 ·IO + I'· . .'1"" , "' ,I+ '..''''' , ' ':'l,. r~ ( "- I tat' < I I'aa( I' l.a t 1h 1,' I 111, , ha 1 .I I a1 . . . . . a I I-a ..11 .". ph uw at aa : 1 1. ta1h1 . t 0al , l ithatlal b a tatn at. Il,,'" Li a, t I 'at. - h "r, . ta. ! . ." . . . . =,t1) I lA t, tal 'anal 9t I. OIa t al a, , , t t l. ahI 1 ,1 l 'iit I tat, r-it ail, ty a 1 \ t . a I 7 i t tn t . -It. a tt a' . taw t- ih t III ,h I 't ilh . i I i'l i a I-a. .l o t . i t aI t ta t IIl, itat iit tat ai aralq aaill a $ i taaaI i lalll l' 'at. 11+, i .I , " ,, . t, H lt,, ,I n. t', , ", :t ,, ', 1 I, la,,tl I l a a ,ay :I, : ,)1 a1 t : 1t I I'' a a a- a I arial 11aa. - 111 ", \ 'tl -:. '\' [ ,ta ,t ' tt {rl l t.I 0 Stat "1' , ". . ".. . d 1 . 1,,,d. , , :, ta t l- , ala ~" ,., t ata 1 1, - ta , ilti, h, 1. canad + ',,',' 1, . ' , . 0 1 : 11, by , lo, I t ..... ,i Itat n 'a"a W ,ll , .t. : 1 a11 . ta aCU . 'aI t ao i ai at.-h' tat a a'aaa nl. itala; IIll. it)ta I'al z, to - ,I a ,1 a-t lld ta1i. ll l O11,,11 lo , l,, t., 5:1,11~ - i 0", rit. ,on e h . a t11, i t,, 1 ., i rle two ga igh t 1 . a . . i' tt'ta "l37 - Ih . 03..11 1I On1 'a1t. l a11 a tnd t , y i p I ittl a.!h t o 1 I at T h -. l t a ai, I I i s.l:e A ti i rt, tat aI, g tai c, ai o I .l.a o. t t', rf'o ' il hi.t. t nli ata 1 taiol ttH ' ltll" ai l.,tatal h | ,r 1n d a. d hi rly9th. ueh1r a ll itt t a ize t o, I- -t a' tl 26llh h. 11a t.'s ,t .l 1 :l h tllo hl l th' t'erp 1111o ill .'lL' lll". ()ji + 0 i r.'i v t',I lll~ ,' ,,I · 1gt,"~,110l a t t( a I:,l -t itý "- lla J n , r \ , 1....l f l- . .. .1;1110 d, 0 'rza or 'it, ,1 lnd 1 ;,h. al A hre n-eir dy1 , . If orty h uIfl 1 ', 1 Jf Ieklrs An ia, (it ,.doe ItIo ilt I orrlito ner,-+. $--'U ach ,5001t Priz" I(, -it, -llh P2- a -. e1I0 Ia taetrulr , iu g lt, 3tt , M. corner ofa tat aaa 'r ,ta tal ti It, aad l ti,. A d,(i-irlt htL'T ,, hI t "T., tr. t ouI 3lnil ulu a lt. a5ll1 ill 1, i tt h i r,' ,t t. 1,11a Ia I Prize to I, a t , t l t l - ata. An enilr .l , tlt oIa- r ti und, t t'. bounded Ittla by Clio, lerll rlrl ato sif %\'all ste. 1,0 I ti o'ia:,,. to -t, Ih atat t 1t i tt 1. A p ti ai l i tt i al llail" O! grot nd in t l hit unlt I ll e llby I' atr and I th .t.. 1i100It I'ze. Ito at,-I-h a1t11aIl. A% sq i uat,- , 1 o ...ron d i llt 1 . hounded a y 1a 111 .I li 't, i 'itllu a t lil tla . I a'ala all 1,000l Prizl, ' t ,o 1tlt I', and 101, a. Ali eligle hutiinz Iol, It-tat rIla'- I'valais, 3 a lot al a- l i l t tatI p iptleet 75U t a Prize Ito,-.h Uill u lilt. A luil di . it 'rtl l Itofg n , cityt of a ia:-a iveta-,-a fe It i l -1 iit \ .\ tion. eet, ad "It liitt i trom z Ih:',1t1, h d :ido. f -a til'lla t - i at i. , .'i l. a h I1' 1 I -t ea-1,' 0,tt1 l'O'L'11h -l- . 't ,l 1t ~ ,i Illl l fin(~ hl c,1,,,."- .1,r ,,"v, -t I, l IIII 01 ieh, 2,4011 l'ris' o, I -. ',: i i t t.11 t .' tt -1 S t ml l -ta --at' lot, at--t itSal th--l, i t I l, 11 - It i o< b.u a.'n. i.tI of kt1 rial , ito untted It t o( il tltIr lii lot i)iiii(+ \\',t"Ii gton sllt, Pl '.}llL$: 0 tt- l,, a n , ,t t --I.t, .ba 0 ~al ona-sa-In, 378 n a1n Stth-1h- It h l and ;til--l- id . ',I ana d !1ta l. lt o I a a.our priza., Sta ,ht Irliliat o ' il it tat lll un0111;~ io- lrv, o 1na illtlackel, , a lta sl rr 1' . ;, 1 $ t'aI'- , : t, It l't l ll-- 121h-1 -t, 7th11t tta d -th a t. 71,1,aaird a ll aoah- , 7 t itll' lollt. it- t t1a otat ma i tarl ion b 0 ') tiktt. , at $'U a I h to l l, II t I ., ti ', 1 , - lllih--- st,( ilh il l Ihh--h titl F l oan pll , ' a..' l ah ~l - Ot 'tl ith, Font 111l0ln ndfatety-tot anaraz esa'lan ;,1 - I't itlale I Il u i),ll, 0 is tlt l,-w ill0 mldh t - r. iz s ll n 1- a t adl0 , al lt- s, th-- ld 9tth a a har a i-d+ l t lh 1, sa d h -lts and liilt-O l a n ti--t t i-,h ; h, IIa d ;11,. 1-ar 1 l tan l,'tl',, l. f:th l . iith,- ;,tt"al l oll a.l + 0.10 1T I ,I t.' It 11 1t 11 - l2 -- t,I 'll 1ll1 lith--l lt, t",,, h, 11H , ( . l ,t . , 'h 111111:+ u il"' ,It .1 11 I't z," 11 I-t. I"1 'ih nl, I Oth--I +, II'h I in1 I Rthl-- 'l- I , 1 :, 1 --,t I,:,1 "' 1, 1 .ill, --!!.'ill 'I'on 0, r - "1 e~ 1 1 " "1. iOr oilio hultl 5,'1, , h ;,'"l"h:lll oI'. h: h- "11, 0th 3R±1T~ LTTTR? TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLAIS. 10,000 PRIZES AMOU NTING TO TWO) MILLION., OF DOLLAUIS, DRAWN ON TEI OLD) 1'FLON OF BLANKS AND l'/It!, -.-.\O COMlS! 00ION NIOINLLSI-, 100,000 TicLets, at S20, - - - xJ,000,00O. SIMPLY NUMBERED, I TO 100,000. Thme sclhet and selling prices arc th sname, ma mn additions or reservationn arc mrad.' far rxpenres n thlis lltary: tllhmae cualm galt expa as will opmralm: as a deductioan Da1 lla valuationl aout on ma p roprrty. MODE, ()F I)DOAW'INO.-Thm N' mbears I Lto 100,010 will bI. piarced in one wmhal, man tlm amale mama ha aloflihlhm a nd Prize m mmnolhermcammmml. 'IT i nam' er drawma f Ion oa a iwhee, at lalamka ruim Iln ialtlme mmmkllan a.'Prizem mmm l wil he dr.lal. , mmmm m Lill lthemmlml' n Iedra aiin. T111; FIR(ST' 04.1'4 IRAWINIJt (IF '('(IF I'O 1111~l. MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. I." l: ,,It ,I) ·. r u,~i; 11111:1 11: "+ul1 ',_-','', J",I_, o' I4 ,,,"I,.,,,. 10,111111 1' I I i.l, 5 ,. I. , :I\Ill) 111 Wi *l IoII 0' ('''I' at 'I'ii ti t:,l~ 01 I-u i d "p ~1 1II !orb Illll ,'.' is li slllrll1 It 1.1·11. 1 and 111·-rot, o 1(1.11( of I.1", t. et on 011 ,1 11111 I1,II II Cloud's ;001 Ill., ol-( ~ii illt oJill l'r CII11 1 " tour. 11 ·111'I 'III -1111. I 'iII Itl I lill (ll h.I III- I· /1 I111 I( 1 I ,,,ll 'Itil 11IIlIIIl I I'''' 1 ,','. Ir~l I 'I' I II' I1I. 1·-ii/l li III(Y 1'I'',1 h, n 0,,I''Il't'~lof IoT','olt,,B IJ Ls. u~"ut s~ lo, :1 Lo e li',tI, ul+, ; o~I '11111l,; :1' 111it'""I- Ii- l:,:, ,,L n , i 1 1 1 1 Ist l byt'tr~_ II11 lbs oiuulý,rl .tos ,01 g0owoo.d rout):.oolot I1111114, ~r I i. L,.l u '.'I~" I . .r"t,00 u ,. "1' { I . t Il001: ·tltl " IIb o ,; , I LLt(F t~00 to:, ry !,Il I "ý. 'I II' ý I' 11' l'il; \ 1;1 11!: 11 I II. 1'1'% : ll. i~·. ~1 * 70 l,",o , -I , t L " 1,, , Ill !,t \. l t+010 I, 1. o1, IlIs,I_ s tlio',( by ": L .1 with tev~,,t,.l0i F0 t:,0 l ot, 'I'bs'sp,'ts ~tltltuod , ,01,1,t',tt:-It~," I', ,11 r f w 100 .o Io 1. 'I',1. , itoodo by" ti,', l 11e d 1 ',o ll, .\ I~ . ~!, .01r I, I,,, k ~! "" ,' 11,. 1 l,,, ~ ',1 1;I r~l.. il1, 11(1, 1 I 1 '.111 , I', 'i '1·:(1- 11 ' t l"'!i l etii ' ll :I('''.III r," It m ined I ,,toi l II !,, iy of rI,, o " 1,1 i a I,, ..Il t , "" I (II (lot' II II Ill ' · 11 F1 l 1'' 11' Iiiil l,', Ifll, uIl'l4 It 1 I *Ir ho 1 111.iil~ 1· 1. llo ·. oeo 1 Ir ' , ;1.11 lnto~ l ", Int., ' Lo o II by (27.r c lr ,u ~ ý,!"l '. i, t, . 'I' le t.0rs'X tt ryI' tot11 -o e, ,,n . 0,11415 lilti T1 t'br l''jr gorywltt lll Cloto.lln 11o" 111 oa f'arondr 'IcI .I re, o· ci1II. tuitg b II. ''l Bu ", eIte lotto igI' n on llryaI(I! : istel ,:Eogbi~olI ottra Id t , Iro totny 13 lot1 d dtd Lt '". nt"", I1," oo I icnl lrsstre t,, nd t0 -i tin " of In., I l; OOL l~lcu0 " . . 21300,)III IIII~· '1. '' b"""oto-.q'o,," u.,tro nd onHe'l lho L 1-4·~·, %)d Inuoiciilrll I/1I, o(f Ili lots, bounJlll rd by t,1 street, ",1 Ilrliciiulily, 10 1100ing· 13 ots, bounded L Il - 200,000 beu IS. 'l'bo eo·lllle squarle of groundl on Bertoln all snot(,!) ot oo:lllill~ultt , cool blilllq Milo,:, W oun-ll delll~ld ,t I' 'rlel l'; ood d'erp'ehote street:. I%),0110 It 11. 'I'b~ ;"';it'! ,,pln. "I'·tlillll on B11. II(n s0l ?itrl('Il 1d tollllluilll ily, rnlllilllll 1£S lot., IIuundl al by lI`*rpliic~lult , Liberrty anid Eut ··l-ll 15. The tw(o ntsr In,ry boost and lot nn New\ Ile ytu . r,'e, 0, ont it' 1, ai it corne of 11), '211 Illlllliliolrlly, 01tf !1 Int.:, bloode~d by Ile, co- rl 17. l'I'L? 0qu 're 1,1 ground on Benton street;, L, :'d tnutncipnlitljiy, of 14 otsi houndl~ed by AM-*l . to and""' Liberty null tos, andl the liont of the r I:I crly, C erpsi~i:.·re and l low rd sti~jll I1) into y t 11 n-one, l: Ii,. :·: IT Il end ll 11 1`111 11~ 01 . 'b n o0:," tort'' building told goon nd oft1') ·ILrjl! llrt 11 b, 73 frcf5", ll"ct n, onlu llll i round 0,t \.illll'l:Ililia lower, tbr 'It'll 11 ot, oo t '1,1 . 'l'~lr I .. Line sllllol v bu Ibl to on .I oha *trb:C II)) l, I oh",, : Iba ig 5 yill ter! 0··1· 11 I'. '('hr "eme of rou. I- tt 1141 o nt1 e I . r"I , o lot:,1, oond,",! by ll( ut yortl, '01:r!l'jl sl.llchile. I 'Io4 JacoI, . oc,"1,,( ! m. ;1,0(111 ,l~ '25Ii. 1I1I ill, Irmo,' ~ a il? · u Liberty..+b rot,11 ,,10.of131 ul, l od IfI~'I 1nw ''ti. I' . .,In ,r,"~. ......... Iri l ;I o011. l ill I ~illl .'.,1 ,. ill i l 1o , bouuIlc5l ( y' I1 fill; \It'ji )·l ,llil Jolot sir.,,., ~rIl mI. Lcio_ý 3,l lot n li, I t'lllj "0:. Tho ~or on. 1' .1:111 1i I~ji/ I l 1l.~ 1I1·- IC .\ 7"11t. 11· · lc~i :i I·· : I~·r l . · I I,: .Inc ~ '_' ,. f Il.. !,",-. ",o~';,I I,_ 1 , i1 ,L. ,1~ I', it-o" , hil sI ro 1, , ,,r,.n lot Lit _ , t o r t l " , 4t",Ile -I~ rt, -: I)1·1ili· m i:. Lit iu · of .11 I!,lll 111 :c .o ,F\ . .,, It' 11·I( >tr 'l"t, ·' m o, :, I~I-. lo1l11 l I y1 11 ~\..,0,1, Ja-·P _,, Ill. I·lr\11) 11:," en, 1191[Ii' Wllil,: lllj :\ .t1 I t 5.. 1'b, -.ioo of crlood oo ý' t ':ý.r~". t iL. I b 1 .,i _ - r111111t 0 I ,\ t ~ri t r ot.~ ' IIý"SI''.'. ,co, ý ,'Srrl1 I''ott, It~;,'o ,ri c ,r I,', . Lit ý i,~~ I,\ Ilt f II O I 1C I? IU T .,',0' 11I~ yiO I r 31 by 1"7 It', t ',,,.011 a~l~ 5.1;! CALDxVIE;A, OAKEY & 1L .\HDTC[ ), ,V, u Orearns. Aug. 30th, 1839 711 IrrI0Ia 79 I I' r~or1d . l Il HILL .1.1 x1,'.,!" "t1 111. i I1, 11·'l e I· rlII loll by 121~i I,,u;It I uod ('lulu 1 1)1, ,11,1 oily, I I 1 pe11 ( 11;0110 1111I 4 . lt ,,l I i,''r-r.''die co, rr. Al-ill, a T,,I,-1, IIIO" 11" 7,!a to. ot:I,, Ih'h1( I ~I . : ·'' 1,111111 1111 -I-(Iit u I g 4 fee L'II ii. 111'I _00I 1,:,"t in depth 3,1100 1 ld glrjlc, 4'.I. h1l · ii: ''I, ) of 11171(1 I in /( 1 ih i ll I; tle cr, '11 ,I, I r r II; l iots , It ,rr ,,11y9% 11 tll,, a, d~ 1 51i.d7177. 1} II '1 II (4, 1 !(1,,r11_ , Ill l' r llr'.'\ 1,u \:,4"d, 1 11-n11 ":;, I IIII t1'1~ Tv'p- L.1 111 5( yi, lo1: 1 "1 i" I 1 11_ .r! 1 127 1 70. of I: IIryO'i. ~1~.Il 11, .\Id .,r ityand 'l. ,il,1 ,3, 111 (II '''''ld'rirrrlrrrr~~'r~llrr~az~r,,r,, 'rr11,,hr 4l·I I, 1 l7 94, ,rtr rrl1',,, " 1.170, rl 'r rr, rr iir 1 % l.1 17, ", I. I,1,d CI ;, , r r7, \ 1 .11 br'rr I~rI I,, I ,,l,,,, lrr 9,l · I: ,l',r'rl,lrrr( 1,000 1'··1·-, 111·-1 1 ·1 1I~", r,11 , , - " q 110, I. ,. 1 i. 114 11 ~ !1, 1, i I· : 11 .-11 ,11' :11t~ I 11;,t I, 1 II 11 , 11. ol i ~+ th'orr-rr-', rl. 10 OIO 1I ýI) ~ ,,,,(9 3 . f l r r 9 IIII I''-~ i Iý"ýI I~ýn II I· '1.,1 1',71 , " ;,ll i \ III I, 1111111i ~1. 01117 .,'I. \ ~1 ,n _,1111 \' 11,111 .\1.111~ -,1",1, :,! 1. I 1) 099' 1," fg ,,(1,71 'rI n 1.1 ,111 :I ii,,g l10 4 (0, , i(0 1,1r10{1 i 99 <ý,d'I 17,' t.r1 11r111 1rrt 1, r I r I',· 1, I,.. ,.l' 1 : ~I 11..0 I ,ý : 1!1 , ", 1,lll 3 . ) , .. i. , 11 1,,t f It 11, tI.I I ~ 11.11111 Y I,1 II I P 111, .I,ý -! 1 ý. ! 1ý 7 -.I 3 11th 1 Yllecli 21900',,' 1,.. 1 `,9 ..i ~I '1Il -r1,rr 1r , 9(19010 I 1 0 'd I(..: II , l ' gIrl I ! ! 1171r.drg 1, Ia) rr...I.lr3 I " "I Ijrlr Cl ,,, I", o~ ~i,.,; 1,40 lK ~L`I\:~!lr'9;rulr'rringtlrn0 I I1,. :111., 11".11 ,41 "'h 1 1,11I,ý i l le 'ill 11'1 ,( .\plllu ,11''1 11"07, :i_ h, ý7 'f!3 ,I 111 · 111..1l9 Ill Io7 1pt -; 711 7,119 , (( 1 1 II' h,1 )1111 .\ lit _' u L'10 ,11 !{ I·e lit _lli et, 1:1lul fil 11,; ,, t1 rl~I rrr 7" '. ~ 1,11 .. "( to 1«rif9 I,, '(rrrl'rll rrrr I go ,.I, 1(gr., 111' lot,,i s 'hr,, ,IIflril ,rrdll,'Ir'ror .\, Im", " o uf'),II ,,II ,, 1,,l coul.i~in I1 .ou 7 11'(1 y 171'10, -11,111111,,,', \,'11111 tol '''Il rr.rrI' 9 1' 1'1,;,!11 , ITR O t,. 0,5011 ,II 1; ;, .\ "rld :11 of gillllll '..111 ,17 77 171 lots, l Eýftl 9991l~'i ((9! ,ll(r II(,IIIjo1'I by (:I1Brlil, Ellrl ll, lllUee oi and l7, ]P IIII I ,rrr,,r 7,'10 00~r~ll', ' r,,( Ii'. )..8 small bY "peele i7,; house 11,1) d ·11( loto'rt1, 70. .8 19 1717 1(1 griond, eonui '.inr, Irr,-lr [I(1I1III by II1 ZJ 11ui( , (:heir) -'III 1 'II·(lt uli r0 all 101 'r"t9 7,1'01 71 \10t o ,,.,..I, Ionrri~ointrI Iso, ;·. \P.IIud I I( prlll d IIy 11 Il, :111, tll 270,'71, -J 44994"l -r9p9.999 $1100u11r 73I. A Isuare llgroundr r'r inip 10 0 t.1 r I,9 9(99lo 1111111,11) bUIy Oars, lelclpll~neue and ill 1,TIO( 71l. A it 111111 of grou1nd, containing 18 lots,18 li 71. \ 1),17 f ro i Ico ta 117 '2 it i no I. h (:1r l n1l, 1;)11110, l11pt1( l.e and Cliu 11,111(1711 by Il 0prtce, 1711(1)111, ('each 1(ll ('11,1 to! "7~. A x1)11111' of gll I"lI n (d con:llolool 16 lull * 1L Itoo1,1II!~· 1, \\ Loie and 17'.11 stllrlix 1,.',00 11(?OUI I A F,.\ 11 1" 1(t grol~11d 11 ( (11- 11111 ) 11 lull ltd by -O":"'. h, (71)7111, (Ilelhi and Clio s1, s1 I,,`rl Il Il·. 1 x 1,50111 re ·1*C·i :(II 1 Wooded 1y WIIIICIIII 'pII and If .1 111~ix 1,5110 to( Mi. The triangular x911«ll~l' 1(t' '1,71111 lll ndll xl 81. A Ilnuii of ground e"' "1"" inII 1-):.) lots lip. 11, \l·lliil Iiif· I 111111101 b [Ie lin'l ad Clllopr fa 1,'J.:\ F (.111·117 fgo n o tiig 8 l tool deli nll by 1'h1 iry aid 1'11:(11,. 7110011 I;?Ito 1 .:1i. A llilil ·· "I 11o 11n1 01711111117 11 1)1 lots iii\' ' il-. : 111 1;17., .1nu fl \d111 m eets 1,:001 l i.I..1 \ I 77I ,I ýr~71~) (,II I 1111,7' '11 II II . Lit 11 n,' II .I" I o1 r 7" 1 la d ,, s IIII \' I rl anu, , 1,11.11 - 1~11) n'I Illill .i 1o11 ded t,, l al, (' n n d )1 1.1' beet 1;= 0 I : 1.,:\ - 1111 l` f 11 1110( ,"r llonng 1 111 ,,11'11 by r" It 1111,1 1'0111, 11711)7 811()111111( Lon ."ellll I," Ch ,!''n toIII '1x,'1,71,1"11 ill 1~II/ ·Ili i be I'7,1, ('11,11,111 \\111, 1-1, milII IL ~lln 1%1-A 1u _uo 7111111' II ,Landen«11, Lv I~eo un, I'hIi11 IIII l 111' 11,71 t+ 811 .\ Illi1l·glL iIl lllr I 10 it r, .,.it I lufll 11ll b, 1 rl 11,I" 01 (111 11, . 1 001 0 A 1, _0'.I 1117,"of 1, ,17 Lo nde 1 Iy'p,; r1 or : xtr: , duuhl,: reed i: n h ti, Ut $12 pLe"r illlllllll. Ia t . R llll Illllltnually II adhJVItl: . T|I II "I' I-w.EERKL i Paper, l tetit(. ilni 10 Ih e lli;; il(atter of two da,ll s, $10, payalbl inll dv; Ice, where, n -cit , i·r er llNe j:ivenl. i'ho Wi r.ii ' -i: AnMRICN , n. de ip frinom the dally pnrt , diurnf L thi , tetk, will hr ent ' 0 somib. rcrlbers who pi y ,)- . p:r annum lllllll advancel and to ione1 z her, III}De Ia~I a 'i tl!,a city r-thrence ,s diver;. s$tribe m-r itn s inn dm JOHN (GIBSO\. NEW ORLEAnS, MAY 1839. I :li I" I. A I PRItICES. S'I'. IJU'l-s 1' 311m I I' I1:s i li Tr, OPPO I'I I; Ti'I 1: l X H,11A, l . . S /11: 1 lnitft 'ller e ,,_- Itt, iili ni Iho f nt ll t Inl l:rirf (f' ln n o ti ll n n ctoll f lc i f e il lli l a b. u ill D, re, of , r lt nll l- t l, n p o upn IIl'r- a n ol.tlpl LIe -einn v bena r II he bill of rul e, t I-e. pl, l n, fi: A niit nini nitt ii foi nd r neelln lt' h fi r Ii mitt'. iTu I c- br, akiai will i n ,ist ofnti ',i i d, ,e: f t C ohain, ,e ll e tlp) 1 ,1 o t f Ie ilh nI keI tcllllld, ill ine toi lul; Il B lu o hf inhe l·ll ( .il ,llP i I`I it hIIni t ei d-'hi i ,, n Whelre ,hlet 111(+ IIIlhl.r~ I Ilo i ul Iut . bolllol , sI.'II 1' T hr =~ l ," ' llb l h ,i no,. , .hP hl f hr ,. . \ l .. r , (I Iel I ., i. l "l'lll rt tle nI . h ine nimini- n ti t In i lt llll i: rii i r rl -, Brte df y, lit r a chai ,er rle Ill 11 I -IP l it trhh .c.n . I 'hLe j idh lihr r ti l si n r l atlln.O l l;-tlen-If, , ; a1e , 11i+,I+ thd will ea w all d Iv d . SI l 'l'l).\ & t 111, .\.ll+..::5l ,l l )~It , , l. 1;1ur-in n din IJ till, t'l ttl "l {+lrl " ll c'l , iC.. t,'ll ' ' II, ' r lil ýr, jl I':hl hllI, le l ohil r t'h. +, , ll , l I :all nldl i fI i ,t" , l ,,, l I,. Iec( t nltlrrvll* l lh t,( Ih.r nloll lh ltl eln e IhP t ll n l i', ll; lll l l -Inn i nlldl e, mlioi , nte !i 'Ntie.- ,A n, hlll ('mt ,, , I, it~P+ i .plle, In - In- I in nthe 11 n t h trn- Iit i i- " IIur sale on u."' 1it It)\V A ItI, ! flri i i - itt Ir f' r tfcll ,er Ib d l, dhi"l t c lrli i r, ha i - . , forlotin fiifn aci lei usi -n t \ll l ins 1 r· entli , 11!r toIg;II 'r, our ,l m r ,'x 100 .' ft 1 "· l . nn ln l't , hri;_'l ~ t-h'rl bo,', I . i ifa 'nt iId ,.ptad,- ; Ir h I ,Ihl- i , h(.'-; g.r· b ihr_ ho .; bl [tI k , nn- tm·. \rInInt A or m'n t f fh,., t-m b ef t-i lt, f :ak-tnh tl, ' hni hf-t - i ion - f ; i. - il l ri pil kin coo -. fl , ,; it n l" I:itn -- -i ,t 0F ll' :- , I,- i ,i, pill ll- lt .i brl i I h l b l ; +lt ii ý:i rt rr...i I r ; .'l ., r;) , -'i i ft f ,ntn tI h I, thi Four- nf r ' ii -n- t A t - I, Inn- c Ne, Y k.. 4ue1 . A : I+. i } tLII .ii, i 1- ' rinf -f, 1 -t,, .,- i - a n 1-n tuud n tini fit u -" i hh ., . i! .... tin IU, , . l'l:I ,. .. : ,. i i-it ton- ii ni ,m". Ul,,l, .- lb l ( I~h. tl,+,l+ ',i,, m II, -.,. nund. A . ' .\ tII in in, it, , I nI ellf ii i.: t-inn d t. i -oo h11 Ini. i n-l nn ef n nll e;l llnnl e .ll in. . .nitn n hd II l i fif - \ (t ;tlrl ill , I \ll fi. I -lt ,.',ll i -t ,l . &. ni Ni . t- ( IIn e 1,5. , rh;.se,, a d I.ill ;hier rort lllk l+k to - lld-.., t ul.,t:' I ut 1r,, Y ,lk, aue.. Iii, 1';34+- :2 3t - 'EI'oBLIC OF TEXAS. 1 'I'rEARs'uY D1 ,^.'ART T.\e. 1 t" City of Holuston, 17il July 1830. t IN pursuance of a requirement ofa law paallcd by Congress of this Repeblic, approvedoc January " 21st, 1839, making it the duty of tihe Trea.sury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY nt OF' CALIIOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice f is hereby gioven that the lots in the City of Calho rui w'il be oitl 'r.d ;t P'b ia Sale, oi Mionday, the 1itha day of Nove'm t r etl, bt:vicen tihe houli rs of Ten o'clock, A A. and Iour o'clock, P M, at tih Capi- ' tol oftthis Republic, upon the terms nst fort tuih I the following extracts frolll the law above men- ' tioned It, l Sec. 4.-Be it firther enacted. That' t thlo!s in t l said town shall he oetl''red and sold for no other cur rency than gold. silver, audited paper, or the pro. 0 : nisory eoltes of this overlllllent. Soc. 6.-Be it firther enacted, That the 'aid a tst shall be sold on the following terms, viz: On adi fourth part to be paid down, and the other three. : 11 forth to be m equal instahnents of six, twelvoe and , eighteen months. , " See. 7.-BDo it frther enacted, Tlat if any g parson who sItall purchse aHy of these aloresauld P lois. ahull i tlf the .a ee .' In- ', bi iiL ti i llr t .ye,'ti. stolh ;this Act, I ie oL they shalrl ftW: L C lt a llv l : oms s thl ey ha li lil Y t hat pi V onlyni p ta t, and the 1,I. I tr'om..i d :a u .ýia i t tcr shail reti t to t!,e go lit eao'' t ot e t'icaalt'l.' t See. S.- Bo it t'hrther en rted,'!'hat :il o . a altell. iol r. Ilor!, .hall have the prevsbi,, 'o ur chatlog aln h =h In Ih ,Uw. oand the 1'rr:,e ut :o h I' I h `.tI[ a Iii 'lt.Jie lit dr t I. a ii. til all of the lots aba ! have bor . Calhoun is ,ntaled on tht .a ' 11,4 laa d, diretily on the ;:u, P da ,ly, n, d l( Iroet: it, , uilt tg.o e ia'a'hly I le, c the alircipal co !. \" TexXa. I, ,0 at1at.,. Ta i t, tva rte : l:e, t' Ilac o :t, oolt, , jjl .it tl l, t: t lti, , lldood n iotru at "t ltlsocli :SI l ul IF1 lrli[!)t! ,' ;.'+.'' U , , 'r el, . ti Mi S II. o t I f l ,+ l ,- I" . \ , ' 1 ,(L, 01 . . \ I T , tl'fT E , , i ;y x Te GtLtIti iltyotetatto illinU t L Stics Ilns lt c, 'iit o . opply ohr' the abov t, o*t oss. t.. , , . , r ,t , , , ,I' I I a dh ,i It , 11,01 itlvo fud " ,r 1 e ,tn , l e e ti It r t , r o, f t. i Co:,., & ,- , tl,, 1 r bl l' l l e,, d oB o tn . . i i, . t ..S oe, .\ vt: ., ,o'.,ln , r .orle1 ...A; l ,0(Il( 1; li:r" 11 \,,\·t - vil'. . tot l :t t i:t 1 o-, 't,1 " D,'vt i to ',; 0 0 I , le: }o' , Snsr sitte * Io ti t 1. b ssill tt:, Inso.ll Hiltie Nilra.ry, sand HRsOilteo dl I a id l ' rl , ,lo,,llstn g ,Cu ,'h l',usw tnd I A thenSltc , , h,,1vo, ,.t ,,i ..O,,it , 'y lhae '- V t t :, , tA , 1u las lI ,l ) A o t". supply, o th'- b v 1 l tr lmeti . :1 wtn, 1',u, t s ,. p ; . d Thu, e ;. r Ir + mi.. , wh lhos ak, Steer, hu.,dlow, oalne, TM , Woo.'er, 1 oray n, Vumille Ru salal r, anld taxe other distill. gishi phiysicanu hltnh U L States. J3 C Spotswood, Atheas. Il l IPllf tITA TITir Ill:Il AFI 11.111 WITH Vs ' P1rI'll a1t' 'I'l ,IFYINi 3l., EFlu Pl l nS, I, .", kcal "!- lcl Ila Iu-l o ua u0, y vsr iroo 1' =,' ...Og [r,.0,, e.111, dr~~a u ul el , l- , th r. t al l lot 1 11 ca ,, .:, ý, eu)U rrr, ~r, Il l " lli lUU v amt :Plt ly A "i~i.., eMl ciii'i··iii-1.~ .~~srii,,.'i,.ii nd.e'it" I "0ll Dle . _' Ic 'iii' iii"r li I~II~ plran ill lic Ii c sclllrb II cei,, el c' 7 t. gt , ,,,, y e' Irer, ee rasa nh co ýutui,"~I. iccil ecid r ip'i C'iy ltlMla t l--in tiieJ ,' . th e nilr U`i h,,,,,,,1~1 n lii a u e ,'nn,,e'u, I0 c S iiutl ur i lIe, d II-, " C,,, g~ , t, Dud ,ui. icbie Iii,,', ll,'e,, tilrl lre . tae g rll lJlclio ll· I L(II I ii. c ciiiit e iiffcti c iroieuoia. ind na laockul deathput. apvr ", t o th eir dllhi iadfut Ul alU;I ritI·. Tb· PERi ing ciiil nIIi..cECI Fit'I I11.1,8,t, A1·I rllhont U, oaf, andthrlt surlicio y remeyover d lleE ciili'lcyliiiii Au1"Mu eiicur,"i auiieoleiIe.. efaetcigi pa i to. Iii Iclvce11 (liy (Irl-diffn Ic~,,g.d eiede,, inelY, 1. i fte1 ,ro li', ble,' ci~ ofi liep diiii e.e cud d t.p.; ýe1.~yllr,.ne, I~ lly erlonl 'iculigicicu IX, lellig I''y II Ill I11 gir l n reeam I. Ile duacid P III·, Is. " n UU d,:.l ~ty. 1 h e cdd I r ciiicb LsIclil.l elleilleul +lccdm~i'~hiccc 'call hr: nelltr lc,ic many Itit id,'nTheed i )Ir di, ·.rt Y· touY uv·Ly it, bile of i Uldioeu. oe Ice., prl, I 1.e ~ I ii r clulcligcy. the whonle pie to it f th fued Th ey I Iie''i I'iml' iirh JI"'in iut reno valit e il-uy.h-, if icice . txer oliielc ,optical of ,It,, (thui u d Iif.un, *mnl Nei.It.. ivrlt b" r," l Iatll mercury nor any other mineral, a nd. Iu may b ""'llll I,0, .IIrJIP II) dish lstl of ,tear, or hit Iran.. of bell· 1he ,,, p ajlllL At ul . , N1IIIC whet t he .1ighterE P tl n~picu Ta ay "i Ir wilN ccl x. cii: of havie; llr i I, tol hScl pl: l flic CIEtFI 0,s x cenol~ pre " vr utrr r by r s nm.In g lire c rIm.l. i tei, )I tua 01 cc \ II II' ill llll· NI.-Inc ii Ulll f:IL hic' cc111 I cchl,,, I thu"' dradfu dr ilae ;rriluCg from the tau free. sad mldl· cIIN liii InIt I'od hIN I Nigre, lCY PXL·r" . wil- t lINS IiIA EL bc Iumrrous ,rat oY nor, olu uff :U ii iiddlhc .c oiloamo i *IIIIIl- nlli' iiciilcci~eii; hi-pee1.k 1 l .i'"l lelllul \· I cod mlleliy, ) · dmtlolns, v and av ernu p fr al I 'Lill r, ,e y, UUU th drII cci ii ccOrl ii g tihic olici-iI tiei iU UUU1, *.~.... ·..1 11 I., u U r ut eh,, nth tEl ·-1I 11<1 II 11·1 ,plr 'j,"uIIO(' II I - -t, .,ex eaiv d in in , r n Ull~rr l'lll. le rhllb the power, ut the cone, it t o tln· bec me nl, rid nis i ~au ii(ua irr iih.i--ii i-iiKI-'i PU, ry,, - IA, I I, ill) ll Inown for the ed'r beIlted elV ~1 .l.ubeAn )l -nymtIam , vecn l c,; lloe, N IiI, lI their o~., ulrelpd "r ,e tl rnat, iaeaaell oseR chro rod e, "Ur L al iJ lblbty I I.IIP II il p In tII hecd sad blab< dep... ....i e 1' ' IIt -Pla Y all l -aes ' ii froIim tn The"1~1·. P. 1~11i. Il r glare to the lmllleu La of m asters end eel p iaii,,li iuilyii-u. 1i ii- 1e,.t y il p g o nl-, 'J 'u 1>o ,;u· -l y at N,,. 9G C11 Ir. otll IUUl: e street, Ncw Orrolpl IUIil- 1: II 'l .\ ,, "1' 11 ": KIDNEYS1)-1 1·, IIIII 11D , Uii. tETH-~h 4' I I ', ' rilcc'c-II g cci'gea cnc - e ll,,;E hcIc-deeI lI\,I i 1' 1'.\ eiiubll ii. IA IicclicigcI ceic.cOIN . RA VEiIl ie rd Il ll th! ;.1 t ,1 : 1 11· r llleili et- .1 a·;L~l l run. jr- . and other, UU ,n I uU e, tic t rullnllll, ad lleLuoll niU ulindn .. : , 1., , ",I' ý, I'i~ . rr 0,,r e, halr l~l e lv·r L' ull nnd iI tbee, u 1icit itr Ip e·"ni~"r ·I·1 "" (""' i hrl :) '. Me.,,III Y. IIAiV IC I n . - '· I l -' , i'" it I!· 1 t o ·I- IIII lC(·llll . -'d 1"". all I~ ,, d:. , d1·'.\ .1' 11. , "I' i I-uil rle ll tli in g the o. eelcl~,il N' i 'ccl t'ciiii.l ii-'c t NioL. e luueiie; ccr i2- ive s,,ut~o 1. .lust It- II'l? I furthe r comm en t ,u o h e urrl aase a ho ,I ir ý,l~w ofI ," - ii rn " ..l i.... ,! d.,ud ·I ,/- "le-fie Solution to i scvllk eralll llr a UU'UI Ur 11 o . , ' ,rl'lii Uhr.ill Iii-, tl Ia, ge I-, and ~my ll then l, . I III.Ir\ wan, Y-,J, 11111 : IIIhl) . it /l be health, = rled u t b tV rov II lIil' \I. Dr '"Le. lll oU I!olc rl( y. at 11.U· 1I1 1 111U, I~·r l o r" l( ' l U 1...... !" ,t,.." I ,o~I."r i'1, 1l lrllt IJP?· IIII1( ud ll, o rat . rd I ~ . Ull C 11. : , r ( I Llllln m .m ic, tie, IIIUII ho had prolh , . p , , . , . " " , U U U l l y d , and a r t , h e iul b r :ex "lhd 111 her I.1 , rl.'tlll~ll r, ~Ise ;', apt" ill,; -ar3(0 uti; L . ... ., .\u!Iij ' U:at r ouraal. w Orlvusr ul Di.m PROFESbOSI S''EDOUR'S IflGEIAN lERR PILLS 3.fur .the ..'.-t.l ,xllrpatiol of b rie.hid .ymp !unto( t Iln Sylhilllic deeouac, anld the manly de,,nldere ·rling \v'+tII a ýrh hIIt t. cit en n treat on ...arealand syp~hilitic .Ir.CnncI· IrllI uI1r rt.It n .. oil ..33..t we.aklb p0. dity coo tIonLIg lnnleo orthUT11 knommg by h thane in ar Re or .: ·. bcea r otlli m- Io~, l-d rrIn t ll unrl devosltt nl~g nIilndp. C)r Uu 1 IY"3.u .pL.~. direct Ur, att3.u.. . to tobie th order s r t. !. root it.',too 9tb + aay tb.3..crlpa p. ndp gear rllollla parrlnlls, wllrh ait nuly oceolrlluus n Ilunlroue prain of n.,9l. Hue p .rctma hot also lb. iil . il Yn vilrltJ al the -.rrvattap imhr: iforr .d agk. In that ,,. 413.. l..dy it ability and l dllictrnely. whetherr thle eenllarlun ll of ilan· pop~yrrsr or SiI r 5 ,:.tit. L11e11 Ieeulll eniirrllld, be oil'ar a firm -,(:,Slot .ppp~y o-S ll.iiUu to .,.oil nd yigo .F rpuel health. 5 5 5 . , , , -lon holy alrl, that [ fbunuis `lls I vicim'.9 to thl ve nereal disease,·1· oeiu , it thle unlk iifuluecm of inllnto men, ho,~n b:·ll·l·~ Ih ·,r of tit~ I[ ,eniy p-o, ntcrn~lll· ruin the Co.o t'r, e13,t, 33.U.P cuu.rr., a.,. ivaluab li.,ue tit "I''" . .load by be · (h i tli: U~l O In " Pub... fl ercil · :t err. t:"r -r nltllltli t was .IIUCgII ller with avidity, andl used wide lll lllt·l t. ss.:.3 t . h III A s.!) innutesnd lhti iAU IA ,+` of it,. it, fi. at,, ,, to. the b ure of b.b u the? haurl "uu , u~ rrl."hrantr. "Ito &ll~a of them~ Pills thr.' nut Grrlminy, r anrllll~l direr ape iy tintraI~lcIrot into almlortar ere comae}. '1'h, 1·evrtmnt IIh wh.h.t' b rphiw. w... conally nnlltin i-lei ":l, e.:u he attested by m aony th...... d.; I. fact, dur" iugF the lout a c (·I)IIIIlt:d al' that' wee th' i3 p.9 3b tlm Ilclltc-r ,:I-toe" "u o l culla ru an lenlni llinr What ntedi ctne can hlr IIII.I " .I(IIntlJII11. than thalt itI(1 b+-h s given eac 1 general .'a"'l·IC1t,., .' Th 1lygr.111 lIrb Pll. root oat every) (; 11,1. 111 .- . ,.d"·; 1hI'V IIII onlyt remove the th'an'e, LetI· E rc:li1 a ,- h, I h,:l·l r . lllill·. Ike dlller n· l 1UI. LIII of the bIIdJJ eyprllmg Oh'. ". , ,. uto ll rell, end1)1 inn maims', se~t mild onml ol-1 crplI'"'-" .t rot(il IhI~e tit- mil-t.ceitluro) of theiraslul, +,h at, 1111: uu -!a'.1:i 1 v";\(l~ they L1eithe""notin memory or) . ant thl e oý;I-I I.s i:" L".'. II) the 11 tom. 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