Newspaper of True American, November 14, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 14, 1839 Page 4
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BUSINESS CARDS. Nerrrie,. 4e f1;nIUIe J'CoBY 415 (itti lo.~r iJ Corntiion Iereiutoi iiY oOirHeR. , l',tlnl st.--rr the pteaont. d, P, FRIPIoýMAN &' T., UIhoiA.,fi ClovkI.fh i ROliehhwi'ni A, i 0.: i le 0. 0 tr 0 0'.AVP econetollvcon hiaol ltrgo uiopply nf (Tolk 1 inr, inl nl iod fir trh country tCrdo. 'Iloiir is. eorttneniot Wlongrce lnrrel tn oan fiilihe coio.tnr cii A.. 4Lpli at the shotesot notice, II 'l(PIPttN'S il StAN¶ E COIIPANY Oh' NUIW ORILEANS. 'This: C'miinv e now pretired to. tCke RISKSS AGAINIST PW R1 Ne..4 Niuseson'o nBil ingCnerl st.err. "' .t L ''Ittle NIw _(AIcaaoo, tiny I. CR188. rrnltnrv. 0 1 CtI'I·III~tt:IUO I IkeA q;p' li ar roleln i by H t LAIt:IVO X OH-rAMPLINv & C'OOPIý.t U8IA.NCELRd ANtD ti-E11.1314 1.\ t''trioAdONS ANtI t'tL.0', Ne. 9nold 8": Julia relcoot, Ncr' () Ictir. w~ehip oodPun1sooo'opoct uplo. eo_ v'Uc'NITU EfL WAKE IU?4MS l~. ieHinville tuner[.. WIt.t.I1ttt I. CAIIRNUO. woulot respeotfu hllyw f.,rin his frinadn and lll: pabllic thaut he is 1" l eteltly rereiviiog lofrom New' acrk anld I~ie ii a l,,l woeorimioioft'urnotuo ruck100, mabolCann chdis, ropie, rpdtenoe oo;oo ooe rmoldpraled c oirs, npl ooc'A uierCrA~edeeicoi, mlhogofo nud ci ko,,, ollicit of ol Ihciptillt, , bureau-, +nlt, rerr tarc e, r · n ruin; nka, w~nrdin, ea of nitllllBanl and ilherv, w n-h, .I8CIOI, blookirg glow-rsc. loruih, c, drlioioo-. Ar.c Nl .' "-Fijniture pcked 1000 lirlunlpoolotiow el PASIIONAI3Ln CLOTHIZ'NG '1AYLOR & HAI)DEN, NOe. 14 (onrtreei. ire- t teo lo occontn' oloucotar r I.t .+ style, at tin'- Veil, Pirince d___ r 211 ORLEANS LITHfOGr;Al'sIx P IrOT!YG; ESTAII,loInt tINT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oplpoaite flaok.' Arodd. W11L1..1.t1.(l )1 EI:.VE, l~IROji11 lETO f BANK NO IS: LNA(; fAVINTF RAWDON WEIGHT HATCH & EDZO11 I toed op aoll, od aooIi Offi illn New ()'0rnns, pofv I, eq ll c'I 'tngee with their hnnse in olcoo 0000000 n a n d i C-' o g c ,i f l:..; c h at 1, ( ' c l i i )l o ad eCotcciandooc~thriciretoni i en ulooo.lo 00101 of, pn;ýrr, nip rind ccm I etg *]eitiit I' ego lee; and have made ample ptnvisi PImI Iur ed to their rale; their Flleel . rue cis leer,, the onurs of. eavr tie houndtod htookjc in 000itljoec, oc'll oil ers will her rscculAd wiOtih ior tiOpliflltdy," an ( o n the "riee. Office, colaerefloyal & Cural ofue . .iCinA 11? RUSHI & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIANGEi iCOTEL, orncer ofSt CSt. loecoa~rel (n Crnoa sos,. NEWV OI(I.I:ANS. NIPORERS and Dealeor in Frelnch coo ELoli-h T+N rrfull'ry; Dressing Cn'c* 41111 I'orlnllle Ii, ale. Giotlery.od vcor GlBoveo Shinrle, Stocko, Lic,, ellic, K E F Ar .1NTAICN, Ilki nit, ::eI1 Indinollnn imile tes, fAir eao by .1 CE may 3 7Y AlOvierii l (tooII&V A o' 1IIUE00 , *v c1iverdl fll j sstoinl t of IVoltnhr.Aroo(olro none~i, i-itloelooon 01l (-ob-s Wiare, bory oill lehr': lit ttelwem ar t prIic. tIl AMERICAN 'o lU,, hot( lN Git Mo, Ne. It ('.ýnnvi1r. i. F . I IBRT . nl JOB PRI vTIvG. STECEttIT., ttANDoililttYIlll: (tieph rXt-l't~rt~oi AT THE ON'FICE OF THE Truae .eI~paeiafl, S3T. CIIA'(Ll:S S'l'i:I:"'i', NEAR, I'OIl"D,.\S. M'2 7 rA' I\--i0ansh Ifm 10 do. Bale, nd 15 go. I ) tUldrs, in a :ntoa fir et:el byd filly dl. . 11 t' Co.71 PoydranS Ft. OIMBARI) & CO'HS oston an{ New Orleans Li c of Packet Sip .-'Thl nev line t lhips Ibn been pressly bul to ran bet e ov. ports, aid wtll be iolnd if tluitahbl dr-1+ of ialar: aceommnodations for p sstenoers, and overy eliert will be madoc s to geve eneir.l sata'iction', 'I he hio is composed oftiho ft lowing slil)s: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Hlarding, Carolina, 40)1 do S Lemist, Challeston, 374 do I) Eldridge, Collunbiana, 6i5 do I Barker, Seaman, 241 do 3J loiteor, Lonbay, 625 dlo I) ilritphry. The above ships are all no.', of tie lir't l]as, nopper ftatened and aoppored, cononanded by ten f'great experienceo, have large accttelndatiole, with a separate ludles oabio,; every attention will be IRid to pIrasougers, and the very I est of Ltore"s pro tided for them. The packets will ba tnwed up and Iown the Mis eissippl, and the strictest punctuali-y o'berved in the time of sailing, and should the regultr vessels be detained in arriving, olcher slips equally as gotod will in all cases be oubstituted. A ithare of patroi age is solicited, alto tie agentls pledge themelvces to accommodate as itucelh onas practicable, to receive and forward goods Iby s ,id ino at th Ioiti m nader. ate charges, and to advance all e.xp aes oni goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave thie 1t and 1Gth of every month. For freight or lpasege, aplply to the agents. J A MERI tITT, 82 Common st. N. B. Advanoemea to mide on consigtnlte..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 I1ON tOOFSa-'1T'te suOtt tcite l11vtee, lienre at a great expense, the right ,of ll'liln_ Irto ll roofl in this cily. They are d.lptted ,to pul'l buildings, wareihouse, and pr vale dwellineos,an entsmine at once i cripallllro andi durti : v, Iohe' are ptrfecly fire and wal r proof Ttirnts mIe. I.e known, ond a TllOdt'l l a il or tlllllloh, opposintteSt. .ilay' tol,, t,.,'IT h, h. ,, d.i s,, . lhy A ,I lt I'l"iTl L . J ..;ll it, o h ;. ,.o .,nu stret, bth t (, i D iten "i htand t. I',illIp, h.· . ce, satmily on ha..d nit rxt e r lv S ass of ,i: It n-f. -,s a wi 'rnr mn , . , a:d h.nd a nar e 1 up e Y{ r. l .na l, f ll r r . ar Ir'h l, - c1ii; ~nla oin re*d oil diurto sJIl at verry i.eta," trr;..i ,t F liat ies os t his ,q i i , - ,r 1.115., - t ,, , . hagild a large isupyl , f t ':. l n, e at,,i Irtl vtoil;e-. ins h one, oe lnep urr iu;rt .,v, which !Ihm y 0ot '-r I,' Salrb in ons ao ,it Ipureins, t s. Ale, eno'rlletd it che ite s art:val frnt iite Ta- ti to me N erth, C'. ,it' i, Litigh cetl rtilha hlUllntie i (t aol, Ihrile.l alld scre,etnel plio .,:..'r iOr e,.rs lelt at thir ole , i a. a lp I 'r , w ill e p to u p t lly a t " , " JIlrE I itieuuoiue lla ihiith e . l.i.rrn..."atd a ld ml - eotllril Ip tI u) in boftl eslt Io pfrice, f 5o 1 hute each, colltaieoi,t the slreigth of t nltlrn lre + of lherbs klllown ntll a t e t I i, J i ts ln o icacin ls irll urlo ptlmonary eotllplailtn. The ita 'ivalled successe which has attended th re e'r e this inestn0.ntl4.lae dm awhereaor it its been illhtl dueed. has lihtined tile confidence ta nl reaonun.da lions of resapectaltte plhyscia, for the care of voi g ta colds, pain i the sride, walt of reo, spittitg or bloud, liver omplaintl; e. To whomln it tayi eloern. TIhia in to certiev tlit we haae in our praetice frequently plrencrltbed Il'o (atld ner's lldian Ianlaln ot'l.ivertort aud lltarholnld alit a decided golid effct: a oe altlt Ir eore, teitll lth kntuw ledAe of tle f8laterlals it is msade rolll, Ia ld -l autlni atstlt xlerierlle, i'recomtell it . a stlieri, r' "razrl, or tilese dloetionta f the lilgn I;,r whlicli it it re malenda.l. Aill".l l' \1 It.Illllt,, M. I). CIAVIN FI ItS 31. I. le:nheae of tlh llosto Mledienal sstociatit,. seal by J.RtVIS'& AN DRnEl'W S ...... l 'IAI'NtIS P1o11 I'.il 1I I1E etlol,:rillerclave jeust received ,erv liit ( Ierler I from I lvreradoflerBrfor sitle ah.tttitfo Ittrti ment offiannofi tes coeniating in ;-Pianieo. tt icu,. s of ltrolewlld Cl:rueo,.ns and rich nlaleogaoy od 1 Ilurizoutat lltanos teflhrlieest rosewodwod aiti olol. g l.. ei uprig t Pianofullesi d io. trr'lle-e inltrutl ento are all tllntllfac ured the eelrlenlt.d m:l,.er. I'l'L'EVELI, &'. oflourt- all ru.. Iai r e ,; lemvr. , I'r (,f a l nst Ie uperir linli nol d 't . - whltich le. call" ai .e. thiag to dePie ii rrgald trl.a tic bntlllly al'lhir l.wlI. TIlr illlleers altl llletrfaorsre, Ioll;e area ree i fully invi:ed I,, coll anml examinete iiem Ilalight I Iinn cs i hilk ame rlll'rlil a new urticle. I: Jth[INS &L Co,4(Sr. Cbarlt" p, 3t .ipfmtilre til Verandah & IaeXCohange holI %(IltN !ISI1. .S-/icrloncrivrJ for tor ttillsar •J nI17 SIIAIL & Hrt)\1t'4, (. le giln l se k Ii 1:-.' IAI-ll , tle.,l.-- idta IL - \alit a -r rt: 21,I IIh. For eale by A. I)O.I, SIcId * "r,,('.rcab lay til el() ISrl:nr jot" tL'7a 41 w ,, a'lertill en llInlg frem ship Chorleston, for Sa&e i, al I BRIDt.IP : C6. NE uW ntdU itaulllln ullcartt l cn ar now'r' e civing fromi' n !cord ships Yl.voo, and Sarntlclg rd brig (:nt,,tinl mdi ronl New Yorkl, grenl vnr'et r t ll Isod. in Iheirlin., which together wihll theirti)rmet stock Inll hlld, Illmakes their as lsort Lut ver' , I vlat rha ber, sailk n di a\O..ld elasti ,at'1 sI ':0lll lll, & !!no la=eiie s seClde's, loO )in)t: o : ad Ileilbr l I a tled 'eidlin ,i aw d lll er ,'ttlct ar bo ,s.t i a) e twder. nclwe books and sib nlit, needle Ib ook, httlo r ph.. er'l teryat Itllld t lIktlthl'ul ll l ' 1 ll I"i'lt 'ut oult n at Ih in i raol bead.s, neckld 1i' enl IIwig ,o.o head charlns, 'eceklices caut lhms un1 pl a ,,erl , ilvd r ati l n l till 'eas, Inlrdian hedmrd blli ill'llll-iel; piial nlll a iir( oII'V th k, llult , et betl tc 'nl , i ell.aII :nkit Atitl d(hc iilrln atdnlisadtublt'nndi. e hI rnpla d 'it 'un , n IRawl't.!t!ivo., llhl dirk,. ,cissorI, ski, ;11, pOrkrt ieniea , 8r 0 snollrei ll, 1i1n riblmns, Mn lst boi .e!, ', 1h 11, hair, 100)i1, i il~l ceolul luni, taooll te, tIic- au,! d ilut r brubllos, ()ogt'. F la'id 11 lit r1o1{I.:)1") Ii tllli d l I, ,v W ultitl rl llare " 'l'" ctble :tr oihs ttinckit w l l , p o "ell , clit tils , Illltl dl ,tltltll l' ls' l rP k I alnd ,Ire-?in,_ r s',e' hnail'ari t bla,:'i a t ta t and p ain t, e ls ni arl i sllu t rk" iho , on alh l l d! iltl s:ti re . ll at lllIln vest hot, ,a. p+ ,rlord iv l v ,hh bh,' s/irt t hlndd--, ohld all ilver tleI 0 rn ta ith , l no and ltweezoirq,/l'utd n Comd gilt lok,,, i Illllle do, sil o r hi'as eell sthee el :iinblp u lw , cu t rtilt hairttins iil ii n fi I ik a id re d i rk tin blolking, 'ilh aond l guittnllhedt " Amisd p int l-rt s i'l ot he, it" Is ii'., n ,','hd uels ll SIsol lnd g ltol hI er li,", alol s(i larl. htIen'llllr'. a nin biut.,titi- W' I, tla a llcr. 1u ", ly gcl , lin A. Ol, fhull fl a il j rellit nl &,:, . I l ' ale gyrs tr htlet fi w hl he a +le ttu oil tr aluul dititil N " Shell i a nr 1 (i li'! stt te'. nlealtions Ofle n*I P inwilOg wloods orill runhleshes, uted in n d I.' ni in- : u I p i ncr. I Ial. ,d Iai, Ol it wlllll tl le rd i o llollt , it t rl 'iI, ,!yr l tll T(rntiil ,it.a, t lnv. I"'aI ' , a] i l -i e nl( I)Tl i bt klarlt taall I \\'m ll H WoTo, 11- fi C11- hircllo) It .Ea,'l'1, t' ' ilit Viltt. Al h 11 ili:r tl ),tI i, r'. r..... 0 lr :' r fti ill, l r\S It le c 1" l l: t il l' t,. f ir sl ils, g las, I:OI:it \:n'ms/, . , :ut cd v s:,Pl S Ivt. 1, :1,, i.jl 11 4 l it'ult t It l ll lad-'lti, ,II lme rn tr ',lt i tit 'I on . 511t' l Lv i· 1 t h tll, lratcia , t t1',i' bll' tt tia i, s S turl , oil;ttca , Ill t , 1 .o11t i t nl's a r I at\nil , ices , d a il lu<, lcll us s Io \Vil, skir l ( , piith p u l an • i h) t C1':,I n :,,king s .at's Ar llt, 'a t, c tl :ll iu lln er &:ln a N ll lld s) ivels I F'look nllli N ll.t hilg(. esi, do , I 'ill INR G.w bot)k C .IIollln" Iluil~1·tsih'Iltl-, itt . 1 oihi e - a s I(l 1, nIodl l] ,ill la , ird:g I, l U : lllima 'd iwiu Ih t'nd shcatllhh) copper; Nan f d sItor'e !, 1Polii~ts, 1 ( ill ' lil s ) ,l'i , 1it 1 i A ... full as l rgOl' llnllt of hrllrdlu'e and s;\ ip 'l i ) hn IvY Iw suilwal s I m han, cdL . whIClh are ,,hl'oi'd f ;r sae at hulIa: tIae otf rl.ll i O - the 10 llli ;·cll rl 01h 01 t' ll+ bv n li IL Y ' I') k &Co. 53Ii, I l.e\'e. No. 1-1 (ault l 'reet, W 1V,1 llesale I)el'r in al'in! Oil, Var' iilhra ]rushe. ' 'II 1) 1' 0(t(il0, --bi' ri,)t' , ill i.iet ,n ll lln t ll it, mar :.! I !)Ii ·sll l l l l |Itll 7' . ELoF .6 , '..m'rlle!. hIrIiV t , t a I n l 111+ I) p( . h ' ldit) t n 'i'h.. -tiA F lonstantly en land a .'tra a i ttianl,, it ,llin for i'O C.{lllllmo ailh l'I't"Inllollt "Iiq -I1 fI 1,I). 2,ll 1'1.'2:1--t received nl le" . r n . of I:Iblu l nod wl ove ruIled 1 L ettlr Palor rtne v ry h-, tr,,d, f t+,lr ale I 'l I) ,VI'ii) EL'I ' & A'o . N" ' 212." U ,hi -A 1nl6 I, jun, 15 21 ('ir r st JARX'[S &ANl)iII:WS, I, IiOEl'S.LE AND Il]'!' l11. I .i.i.ALIRS IN XBNDICINES, PAINTS OILS 111FE STl'1iV' .'VI) Ii'I.V))DOi' GL;AS.S, Corner of Common awl ThlAoupAioulas iTreets, NA. IHIAi JARVIS. JOiiHN W. ANI lEWS. A large npldly o Bardell nHei. warr anuid the .gr.i i|e , 'NDREW iv 1 A1 l & CO., r1. ctibi, ll) 1 i nforme : l- their friiends and the. p ll "Ih o .CI.r.I, lihal they oci lpy the new' brick shop, 219 Tl eoulpitoi t oA 1:.11 i.c , ,I 'A ls, h : , al d p ml ps. h2L A A.: hl. Illt .1 a Ld oill l , I al s rA s and .l:s: . , and a!l oilier I-ras i :st ig dolne at sh'rle lt h hol ,er ( 1r,'o b ;s of 'o rv de. cr'iptoo, s'ach a. striP nt. iA l lll IA o ls t 1 illllClO, llt.A!, "l' , oA lll, i ( Ihl ';ld JI~i~l'sh, tll t),t It .11 12212211 h II Aits C(1l It Ii. L t (.ri 2:2.l1 hl s 1!.111 li 'thI(ey" II 'n al2 kin,11 ! of out dolr'. wor.k, Sir.. 'The)y above and all other kinds of work In 1!t eir 11, 0e ."f b1' u. no , lh, y will exo ut atii t- , ,horterl nonce. d,'e27 P II< IIr ll'l22, ri llS. TllIi well ktl n v,` t gli i pil . lace is oll w i pen( f w tilt 111 1112 l l i l e ) li : t, ll 1 ll,,l t" intlii,'ill lll ll h I 'ir. Joihn .1el)tonnll, . 'I P" tolllhinl'll ha- tlro ' 2.I r2122 hl ii r d bt2 11 l ro litiohl 221 idie - i 1hin r , l l r .1o , ib i -mm. I o22.2 I2 . !li le l In A l Ill '1 21;i 1 2221 ' ft, x1121 li<, h2 ila 2 i 15,( 1 2 to Irler the gil ueI , ,' eombmrlb e andl II i el r,,t r ,+s, , 'I h,.re" , ir , .f~l r li , l. Ieo r lf it i ,+, i l r', Vcttll O l h~ftl<esl n: -d irlJ I .i l (lllllhl.l. I'," jaill, n ti - n l-hn , I,,t I' prIil l Id,',l, .la u ,'h'alln l b ,. hf tIJllI Ir tl, 111 I.e, n. * i , 1Ih11 e- oll. l1T l it l , i,f Io th h ttl iL Il- l by lrke Iy s , o!U E l' , alutu' ,llnfi allll ,,itbih a I",L; bonurs sai l, L wb13 Ih ert ('h t Isle,:, Sl f thei :2 c n 'oL 11 II)Nll1 N21..2 T IlA j 1 oar I I':do thndt I tlol.. Il. il AI Aii IIPh o'AlAll *'ll- " 2Ill1 12 d lh t121 2,rl2 IA ?3 ,2 J 12' 1 111l A I. i, 1 V 1 n dl,. t 4 1 10 ke., ]110l - Enzl h d1o--P, 1 1 - I-bl.2 . 111 1 I" 1 Al, a t llllly oil n Tr in .22 "i,1 iiVa1 ' i h 211 rla'ks ( 2 old Leaf; ' 5 l W NI o -1 1r lo o r re . ' T -ori- & Baltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS an. DIAL'TIMORE LINE OP PACKETS. This tinn will consist of the f lliowini g vessels, which heave been built or purchased ex reedly lihr tie ttrade, viz: Sblijp S`eman, Capt. r!iner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, l ad Iferry, new , St:evens, S Solomon 'r i tus, " l,:i han, lrig Archltect, v Gray 'Thes. ve sses are of tie first cinea, lave hand. SOinme turniled : ceinindnations, and are of a light tllra :t v1f Water, isl as ito :dlit of thiIr receivilg and diseharr ing thseir caren s in l alliiiote, irt te ciily. Froight wLill be tai e, for ports oi the t'hespeake or Janies' R -iver, and ftrwarded Iby tin agents, Medrs. CIARKE & KEiLL An C, at :H tilinre expenses onl goods hilppd will be advan -ed \ll lh i ample store: ol'thI i b st luahli y will bi prlvided.l. StL .ll up and dwn tiIe d i ississijppi wihl be taken on all noec,,sionls. For t)euigIt or pastngo, apply to 1EO. II I')1 FO11D, n-n 2i2 Lheavil e iSt. ' II ( { S iII' Il e m -ir i in thin s lion w ill s il l 'lne New Clrleariv nd Newt" Yri onn every iitilher io day--oi~enk llr cIg onl the 90tll Nlembher--,tnl to rliPve heLr unilluli, hty in fith r. li l l'sa l l, t·i h 1 n w\ill hor rr,"tt r co c )si' to flive ships, viz: Ship Y .z- n, I .tin' raskiii to leve oln the 2.l0 .No lu bter. hip Lui.-v.Hll e, Captain Pb:lner, to lcave on lte .''h!ip Ilut1v1 l, I: pt,,Iin E' rihl ., to havte on i th 1+3,h1 ID e ::h r. 1- u L -ip i. n"b t i, plaini 1Vundhouse, to leavei o ite loul -ti It lu r . Ship .. -ipp, '.tn D v,', to leave on pth +|h .it:)o are ell, nlI tv, ofI C ll arý, t I r",pp : 1 e ller d I aud e,,i plr s h.trnlp , nd Il it,1,: r"!r, ': t ;I:," U nls bn t ll ir, ire f ].gldl drnztl M il l' f iter, bepl; illl II ire New Yt"rk ,,+.:lrl,+e-v I-',-r hr i-rdo.. 'T.,e , el .,I p.,s>:t, h+ fix ,d at 1011 ritlJ+11s Lheir :a!,, a ' lI , ' d -, l 11 i i i t the i ...1, p I,''d conv niin't' - A oI e i st e oil ' illthe t irplele iIiaiy vwill e iil,,''nuld eall.| c ery ' Iv '.ral d paid to hin e , r l ll 1 hl r reI i ii e 'ir I i ii:ii, o p ir LPt'l iiiii, ibe'1111, W il phrae tai ke noi ti e il it ~ hy 'I- t hll: ,i e I icu rt-,n ul ni t paid fi r at H th e ,: , ff t e col,...| ,,.I, bl . T'i': nii v et ivelh ,e l o ivin liV b elhpinis nel. ,x :rIiii l 'd li li e le d 1t 1 n..iut alu Iiii. ii mn, ) I ad e l il itbl uuluI , t -e lr u il) ate, 'l'icv will utnit l] mos bs e he ltow'd up and .'own e isi L I y trrallrlllia t is, nl ir f iie strictest puilllctuahly b: rve, ii, e t il l gh o I r 'th I ( lQi w ll ii'er - d o i these s 'liis w ll iot be repon.'i. blc fur einy dlet r, parcel or e acn g : llt len' y i r' pLt oln b led i of the,, l i llcles i r-egular hll oflbding: Sl1)01 IJ i' IN &1 A i OIIElN, '3 t90 C- o in C ist S Ihrill lire) l l , tim C Il, -r lld:tt,(,pt, l t. i ne rt, 1nd u i boun h211 S I llrltnr, , I ', i an1 ell s cl-.l allr, r I'I : tII ' . 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"1rr s. 1.1: _,r.,Ili 1,1 1, 1 1: I;I 1/!cs \1 '111 ýý1 1 . of 3iaa111aa, Idt1atila I.t.. t 1nliat -Itt . -a; _ na I Iu I CI r u1 Ihr ,erd 'I ...rtil~ll, I -, llbidii·I1:l :n 11 III I, III vrndrt r l I, il r is I,,, , unil" :, ",I ~1* III.·ar Lv h, I JI1 i RIlI L~rl: g~e~ll~··il r - t Il n. ,811 r ( i2 I'll: IsI*1 I:: 1",Im-cI ( 1:.,l In -cry d, 111 rII E n it Ih lll t",11. JllL· o IIIi tIilt lll i'1c r1 n n m -,i 1":111;,, ,;I" r i~ . "u tll rl l ·e ally It nTl'~ll ;r l ll~;ll t 1 ""(oiri 11 r.11Sa l ' t+, II.1:11 C ,, Ir-,I i lil l , 1:1U-1 i'. C,.\~ \" and I-l" vt li dn I 111 1, r , IJ Ice .ri1 III ,S C II:L tor ýr 1rd Illl I \,", 111rl .J,:1 I"ýI I', II, I,,. ;: ~r"\ i.. cli lls il I1P s. ) n" II Irý1 Pt rl t,-r, I.: . !,1,, r". DfOLB~ISTS, l %, 'eir frf llif ~imrlftfl , trcebif'rnif No. 8 C alltreA .A'rft,N w ' l+I.IL-I,I IBto [tflftfdlfy H.ow' .'frlk, It)Rlplhiff st.. Mobil . It is urtic arly t, if ed ift' l p ivat' lar'flers, t ntlll rLth mOls, Illld i (nlill lll brll I;) r I)C1"olls of till nI,-,¢s. I,:ltdies aItldl endelt e'ltll Ilre ilvI;tIOd ItIIoL l lll'd tllnlllelO tillh H .lc nl ilbr th 1 lilsrl. i. Le.sso s a ii. fi ffilt fff' fh 'l'fl l fts ffIffay 1flft tlhe n as ofvieme. at'tll, and t0 classes fuIn ed in any l)art III w f!l fl t're r IA iti:ta r tfei ffe fe flinlts a l 'lfeir own rel ill' Ill l v.P 'lrtlPlh pv IIor n i e of lf attc t ffllls desirred o ariel I, . -" ) sY- v : ll lli1 th w 111h. It)OWANI) S TONIC IIX'I'1URE, r.t0IN Ier I;vl iol. yLt ehtlisf I.inien it 1wn1 - t 'ft f' rff-.Harly f fubffilt+,d tf hit ptfblic; but it tli1+ :tll itnlell th1 1 g' I l ri pull t at i ; anllll lll ld hal s telll. 'llat 'd i 'very flh'" intdwilne fr ' htf Aff ,f hv . 1r i 1ft ha ff'f if '''1 a ifd apprll i5 t f tIf'I. AlIeffdy !fn1 it ffffilffff fff'I i i'll vi lry' lftltl !:lrt llllflll the Unlit.'t[ !jllltl ' e, ulll stall Ir.ealh?,m i reI? 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Ir e - Ia , 1, It to U 111," l i-, d. , I 1) 1 Nl e l, ; - l ,' m " IS \ I . , I I u I S I S ' ti, . , ii, ,- r . - . I-: S ,.~ , \ t, t :l , ý t . I t..L1. ,: i t I, i .'l ll. i . , I, :I - .1 r. .r..l hs. ... .. . I.. t. . ..f ,,r d, . , , , o I;i, l:r, h ly tr e, III' oV , , , 1rh . , n r , , , .ii -It'- t--ttt·st Nr: b. ",, , Ii , Ihi I lh i-'s tt I It . i slssn stit -s- s, ..- It- d5 SAt r. , II-,t-, sp t r.'.l-tt--. , I o:i -n Ii !! IC * h Iv I ',"I I '- -, " llll:: , I(o t dzl-a : rrtr ll, i l'e i o ri l . rll l' I i." , 1," ', ", 1'. rlif i t ,01 )l .l i)I , , ),,l, , N ar ," c n ' t h ,'ie s, ' r ell ll n ' I, I IH .) I. t . w I , , : 1 : r 1 I , . : 'l'it. ~lll..:illhllll~ilh ) Ol$. IMII.I M.t~l (Jl l'nl7 Mr AIL ArlIl, S.;IE tled.'N' .. .. , D.2 -[ 10 n I Ilot <at 1 ,1 A ltd1. ij f ri e ri3 / ,I lit" : hl u t' s I : :tir' y d a y i t ' 1 I0 A . A b y . w al' ll t , lu 'P b "l l ll:, , lv 1'. 1 ll" t.'u ,.',, t n :ld 1 ;?nlli'dut , b ' !I, 1'. 11. /'he Lk la l.lail I 't j ia r d , tu r'ty, a vin C l..res covery lourday, 1Veltlnesday ITI lES (It' A RItVAl IlI' Li'ltlI' 1ls r , yACR e. ' of le I:al)rrss Mail, h.ll a'"l.i r, . lile lld New ah ' -leitil aluo ilt dai" nll :'. A Northwar New York dtily nt 5 1. Al toutllwurd. A rrivcs Arrive I NOu' thw"r. ]ia lAana .Tl' i Iterurn'g Cohl uhIIs, i l( It. Ill SI3 J 3 i in SMilh.d ,.' e t . 1 13 tI 4 . 2 r4 'l h i:. S.C. 74 ln, 13 1 U 1 I!nlei.'zi, N C. 64 215 12 S\'1'rt nwl ,VI. 11 s. V " iii 3i5 l'. 23 rIi a h V. ii . Ii a m. 21 3 6 S N tlll lli, lI t, :ll 4 0llit SI'i .l i ialia, i l l Iiin. l ' a n ii i't thw' ar'.il ia t', hll '. laeIldi l l flu a'. ", six hourrt'o irs_; Ibrinn,,r daw s and 17 h m>hst I) ' IIN tti li al ia{S l l; l ..l'l t .. AiN.?a raleyI i a'iid . aa , of t l i l l rt 'll-rlrl altl . III it+ 1 h;9 ' i eii Tli all I yll la il ev i i , IIrd 1 , 1 n hit atli. 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I, Ii lrol 'i ( I t I y lIto lin 1l15 l x', lll' , 55 II r'1 I n lvuri' V I f 1f l5 1h le I . foir 0lrllt , I d+, i '1.. lll i nl ll t "ll | : h . , oni' l 1, 1 III ll) f sllrl ll s l 5 5i s "i t 11 u , ll'\ oLht lltl' l lll i 'XlIi' Irll+,'. hil' \l ' otolllltlall W i l d f 11.1 ti ~t m ln551ioll :o III,- 111,5 of l the, a `11 1.11.P 1 \ I I1I1. lll"n, """ 1 1, 5 0llh+ ' 'I rl 1| Pll 11' tl II . liisll. '''',t1 lf'.li flr ll5 I5,_1 ., l, 55 111, it 1` ]llltlllt [ el . I ( p+ r I 55 ,1 , 1:","i , 111, ,' :)iU + , I( %%h i 111,. 1'lll , n ; o I ll, i|1' At e nl ,I',. '. ll· l5.1 l:+n -,I:,- rv 11 i 1 1e.ll It . 1 INrlllh nu S5511""II lt ýI.' I:I.|l tFF' r. or .I 1 5555\5%1 ) v loll un .1 -rillclnen of .0,11 .C ."l ,l \r 1'.'l t11~I..," 1111· ( l . 0l , (jli:. o L.I+. \'a .\l 1 lit'till ,',o11111, ll, nllll ) rl tl i 51 114 r IU I ' +05 I5'5,1 111i+ llll5ll5 I Ihl l l ·1-, I 1i1() 111·1 1 11 u Oil e .II sL 1J1: 1 11,(L I ,1l 1. \I I' +.'.'o"+I( '\1I.alI l 0/tll // If /: . 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(, 1i t ,,, t it.ll1 lg fo .": f;I )l ow:, I Ir J aII iS I " tr ) \ 5555 " ( 1 i \ li :I i' r tli III l . : 1, t.n. r , l. , / ," A r r e tal , pu e. ( 1, ;,, ., ill, ,t i I rto ,, 1 rpush t l h, o , tr. linc.i ,II 1.115. 'i. :o .i )1r . are m .1 n l,'l e ,r ml 5hei r t n 1 1r - , i .:1-, it Y o vk, I a , w l ill k I hp lcon tnl y ea p I'', I!.r t 55'11i 11. 1i:li . o' 5) 1 1e 5 ,5 hlaeh It p I)n 101to of the l ,s 101i1:. IIi a . th.rllo a115. 1,1:i; s ,55 5 i) ' nl i lllr I 5 5, 5 tl , 1l 1. 5 ' ;,i . 1 'irti , ii r1usa b . mvh, a h+ "-l +I . All o, . M't.- l o I: tI , 'I ' o ai r . i m))11,bt' f " iar" s 1,11 h 1r h + r +11 iun r ston , ritrula lilt th n( ,. 0 , i,, lit s ii ...y r e t o rkm ed. 1il.l1'5xt 1l ith 1- .I te" ''lSic .l ixl leh lave 1rl bthe auth,.l r..1 ol"1 1 11 nr 111,1(lluang" 1)1 mi ne . i h 1) 1, 1 h n5. : l , l t c o,' rlly f.ri tl10 l :.1 '551 - . 1 10 1 1. , 1 .:0l 0 h - T . 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