Newspaper of True American, November 15, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 15, 1839 Page 2
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as "" . @i*..*," O, .. , A udtts AnR a t t WliItEA 1839. . aanii, el d f Appea. forrl' lOS. ,0Jt51ti k, nbJumes H. I.everieh, H. ti 'ransack, Abijah Fisk, P. O. Sorb., Sanuel Thomipson, S tW ORLEANS CANAL AND BANKING CO, 7I4HE Iron Steamboat Rellaeea will leave Ihe Basia at the heablsl rF th New Canal, every day, (except Mondays) for owa: +eltarrl 4* ' rn as 8 A. M . r t 10 M . Is S. 4 P. M. ý28 I C. CHEW Casai. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. hIsin compliance with the wishesof a large anumb r S fgmltlnlmlen desirouim s of avnmline tihemselves o the. fine * .aprt now to be had oa ble Greet Prairie ; tbe hous efitsruing will be ag fIdllwa till further ultice-. Commencing t.n Saturday Nov .119. Departure . ID t.t :. I. S A.M. , I'.5 . 3 sust l AMs. SA' M " 1 P M JAMES II. CAIDWEIL, . -" Presldllnrt. NEW ORLEANS &CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD. NOTICE..Wtaraa ARRANGEMENTr . To commea ea on th e tat of November, 1839. F ilo1i €ARtROL.TON. FROM Nrw ORLE.*.. Hars. Lar at 5 o'clock A.M. Hore Carat Iii o'elhck A.M. :aEoaAotive, 8 - Locomotive, 9 - 10 - - It - - - M. - I - P.M. 4 -- PM. - 'i - - 6 - - Horse Car, at 9 Horse Car, II - aI ssaNaENTa ra SUlNAYS Theears will lesave a the alne hours as in the week days artll I Oalocka P.M. whna a acomllt ive will tnave Carrolllon aevery hour ltil 7 o'clock, P.M., and New Orleans evaly hour An extra Horse Car an be ohmillledl n efere S0o'. lock P.M., hy ayait s5 dllas for the Trip. After 12 o'clock P.a. 0dollare sill he rhaared. Perannsaoir by tl.e Steln Car tsat prnvide lheln.aelvn weth Tikets, as tha elasdu.tor has poasitive dirsectioll, not to receive money in liou thereof. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CAllS t.leave te head of Jackson streeat a 61 on'cnk A.Ml.. Canal street atl o'elck. At hallf-past 7 'elerk they conlenee toa la.*r both.enda every hall hour, unltl 1 o'clask I. , exep t. illa that, iarttlli oflenvis a inal street at el u'cnlak, the Cate will leave 9o'iok P.M. la-II is partlacularly requested that gentleman will not att their feet pou thie cushions, or amoke b the cars,obe ladiea S e ptrerset. osles NewOeleans & Carrollton Rail Road Compnay, 3 October A2d, 1839. JOIIsN IAMPSON, Chief Esangineer N.O. & C..cR. IC. *.l r - ' --1mI l airne Dateo. Charleston, Noe .......... B Wunhinaton u, .... .. New York. do .......... 4 iinnati, O.......... P9il.deIphs Nor..........5 I Louisville c .......... ltimre do ...... ..... 581..l..Louis, do .......3 S..nsn..h, d ....... .... 8Ilepool Oct,""..... ' I Houton ( ) Okt.... 31 curo do........... 13 ostoo. Nor.............. 2 .18 o1don ,l... i NsaIc*l'e, Oct ...........31 Ilvre do...........:8 Hll('r (F NEIV ORIEANS. CLEAILANoCF:." 'aCi , ovember 14h, IP39. Shid.Oleeola.V Chilet Htre, J It Ashbrldge 1lC.ue Jeu.e Eliza, Dulmurg, Compencho. Ierhsull, Frere, &, co BrigGaolen, ChLarchil, Iloston, Mlaster Bchr O H Wetter, Delvaille, Tampico, J Chistyi Schr Casper, Herrell. St Marks, S & P Whllitney Sream ship Natebez, Swiler, llvala. Vou WV ck & co AIIVALS. ,ovember5 14. 9139 Tow boat Tennesean. Psulding, l,rl the SY P I'a., (laving proceeded to ea with her ow, retured to tile city witi the sh5p. Ville de tordnat , and NarregaHsets., larqse Neplune, .lad E.alus. Leflthe baroon the 13th ins1. Ship Lofay ecte iaide. Nlohing ow l'w bout Girampus. ,nnalI, (rom the South West Past, . 1ving 7 l0cee1ded to sea with Ier tow, retured to the city lth lllt IlT,.a brigs Po ultuy ., C9th9rile iad sel.Ih. a beth slid Curollhn. Left the bur oil the 13th inltl htl o'clock. ,N'whein new. lno Narragansett, Soampson,0 dnys lm Boston. tomaator Shp ViVlle de Bordeuuz, Percouleot. 41 'Joys roon Bordeaux, to blhp Bjuh, ango, 20 days (rom Boston, to S & J 1 PWhlt. Brig Cntharine, Vesper, 24 day. fo, TIotooso, to G o hlfordr u Blrig Poollttey, Mount, from Rio de J.nero 13th Septl, to mutler. hcr EliiIbth & Careline, Down.e, fin Tamp Boy, to ma-| tar• .Schr Deam, Farwell, nrom Brazorio, 21d i.l. to I vrn [ Austti & cu - .chr Van Buren, nabco-:k, fn St Marks, to J WO Slillwell tcrque Nepune. A a 1mn. , , H ,avaa,. 7it lUt, to Iaster Brig .ecnlhll, TayIlor, fin nthb ,nt, to R Grolliug 1 co Stcamer .Baton Rouge, ll.k, fll Bayou Sar, Plteemer Levaut, Lourllt, an tayoll Sara, Steamer Sellla, Blood, fin I.tlli~ EXPORTS. HovoE..Per ship Oc7ola•...JlI bles cotton CorsRoccv.. Per b: .nle Jeolue Eliia.. LCreo ballost Bos.n..sPer brigeoig Oln..C'ro 406 l4ido. 1013 pigs load 445 bales cotton e Txottpo,..Per shr0G t Wetter..Ca.go rnoiio., (uroi ture.odsab oand mdze. ST MAtKs..PerschrCsCsper..No Cargo Elloav..Pcr .hip Ntcohez..ln 5ball;t IMPORTS. B98,ru•..tPer ship Villa de Bordeaux..Cargo,. brand v. liquorr cordial,, assorted Illdze II59vAN..Per brig t.ealuo...Cargo 405 bxs sugar, 6503 doubhIonl, ells leaers. Icet9loet.ts ru. io &o . o o.......... r bu4, uo Neptuou..Cargo 1150 oz gold,. 110 tler'coSofflcegarsstsllofruit, to0order Borron..Per whip Norragnolette..Cargo 498, lots Gho and mdle. .........Per ship Rig5h..Cargo as.orteCd merchanodie to ur.dry consipnees 'toMAST.Ot,.*'rer brig Catlharine,..Cargo 1200 cnskl lime I to masupr t or r JANcO..F Per brig Poultney-Cargo 3360 bags coffee I to A Fi.k and msseer TAMPA B..Y Peraohr ElizabetIch Carelihe.. Bollast tltotORAo..Per rh Drleam...Crgo 56 o ales cotl s to .0 W . S.'M.Mos•.Pereehr Van Buren..Cargo I1 bales cotton, [ ot wood to order RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. PotltHudson..Perstacmer Baton Rouge..Cargo 154 bales t. l.ttoc Oekey k co, 150 A ledo. 9 8co; 1947 Rtydoldl. Ilyrne ., co,13JG M Lee, I09 Fonley 9 co. 67 Caldwell 8litkey., 11 Taylor, Gardner & o.58I IIf Fwetuun. 48 iBurke, Wlat y It o. 4 & dd EV Whitll, 30 Duho9. & Kleairdson, ,9 J la7r. .l'taIt White& o. 24jM D Coo,per, 18 GGreell bro, e ij lSlith Vorh.ees. 2I Prescott, Joels co,W 6 Flwr & .o, J C "h tno; 5 L Csan 4 to; 5 bales of cottn, Merritt, Stttp. a co. at Bayou S....rer steamer I.vant..Cargo 172 Iales cotton A Ledou,, aco sPoo.. Are.nil O e,,; ,28 Fi,,y 0 co, in tl. Imbelth & Tho o,.l.t89 tBrke. Watt&.,, 33G M I.,,; 5W WPlewr 56Csldwel! & Hickey; 51 Henry & Luwreure. 4curti & W&oiltes;47Duhl & tLhchardto,; 42 J Armor 31 co * eydolds, tByrne & e; lPA asrdy., 21 Taylor Gardner & ,o; I9 FBl,in, Bellooq & D.lnles, 18 Adams & Whtall, 16 or der. 14 Batder. McKenna 4o Worigllt, 9 Ieullet, Ferrlday. & cu, 6.D.y, A!7.ludug. ICo ....& 9iodly, t,,d, ieo. to . 1. S StLuui..Porc.I7aar SccI...C..jc 30 hl. 9.,r , ., tack O1 sothI17frey. Lsurie&P7&m.ll,4 Ocat 38 o Ol l 55 earn h bhs Ieao Skeogs 91t,7tltAt7d sand 7i9erco,11745 tkl corn 87 bhrlu II cIlelrd q Lonlrotl y. 539 pit l lea1 C a'leg. 919 7cks p1o7. th 1107 4J1,91 1..1r 1c381 9187 Do, 07. IBrontion 4 co. a bhI cs tIl..1. C Do.ll •9 .lo..,our Brnllder, McKeult n & WrilItt, lots I k., bos, chitke-bc, a9pl9., 9leaft(, to tht 0'inog on in CONIGN 2EES PerVillede 8tordau•...r Jardell; Guere, & Penoerin,A RoevuacUd Blotuttr,; ElO Ga9lad; Sty o Mb.hel; P Lnngesc UaI4sypieoofoger& Llhllut: P Mealer; V ROu8lll0e: Doni- bit .ue Ciig ingritl; c. r .iere. Do0.n 1 ao, to order ald to 1 ern'.t*he.r..a Cstolton, M t.Inpc; Bcruntle a& Colt. JW Zaekahlt. 4 9o J 1 olaoide; f irucoog; J K Uiedd.; ofe -et4ltn 4 A looy 7ed order P4rshop N.lrtnau.atte..PBtoaeI; Carriore, Doran & co ChaalttL0; t`M Whld J PowJr; Jaru, t br; J B , ild e,,l ho ' 84bntl 0 l,,r; Whttiddge 4 eo; W o '"hum.pkins; Loon *..ttliug, Kidder.* Head PAR""On I'er ..amnr Lrnst,..iM.lR.c1. , ..l - Copco. Allord Phalts, Forte,; Jonl, MHsbe, Host. tlehefl, Col9in.. Briuo, her IL9rrow. AIlsi,, MoPRtC'dde. Mrs H9.1, 3 dulghtcersc m .srt D hitl Slnislr, MIs, Butmr; Ma8 Jrslnl, .,,c u l4d, Allred and Misl Los.. MEMORANDA No (nku D.ewsof .1ts riers ilre ouar ca. ted gam NAUTICAI.INTELJi ENtCE. ri Up t HDave a far this por, ,panak arvettte, d S Andru., Tirm Ipoere rieel o . t lishr. *im lrtnsllJ Prect., ErlntIr, on the 101. m• do. Th.,lesPowers. ,l inhe I5th lod do. Ceoiah :de,. witI tile dc.patch. "v.'jltw ,'av.Ha.ll. , the &9..Sch Cr.s9e, no,,t. vin kkUw QtW' _-do.19t.A u eroa..i re St 4t94Jt:0boH.IAe sd M9u6lm'b yeilow, Ionding nig - Sr ip Johm Halo, nd (or male by (9 S G IILANCHARID, 33 Goreier it ( AN)LE9'4.'.oxez Sp.8Ir, of ShhwJ & Eorle'I mttanuttaeure, landing ex ohij John Hole, and fo dril salehy l S G HLANCHARD, 33 Grafer ti S'4UGAR.l-. bueas White Hava6Y , in store and for this A7 gle b this " li G ILANCHA RID, 33 rsa er.t and " HVIK'EY--(1 hbl. m.tlfied at tIhe landio8, pr SV icbstlfw ur ile by r ]3 v t" " DORSE", 41 New I.eve 7t L' UR-1--o o! hll t tBe taknlers' brcnd,. at the H al .din g,per flot Lootfro.!e by- it o13 " . 9 DORtoY,41 Now Levee O-AThT--300) lelk at t)e la.iiljg, per Ant beat, for Rit . ale 'by " G didj 3 44 New evee did V. hUB-UN)1 begs sspcier` .9-0el ar, h dtco, gor t, AJ.- .ee- m~ril-..It~ir ard Justore ald L or1sle by 8 t)ULSEty, but i 9 , "44 New Levee 8ot ` C)O; A J la Iee t VI Puotgees, f lbh. laritt ", a L 4 aldrbeat qqblity ( y, for I bolesale . roe e- Par . . 1. " O P & o CII, admi ' XV s siw tl.ifitaty & FashsiPl& t Htalters, tinder 0ola "001 = Iic BilIaIr· Hotlli Si Charted at P,3Tohtt l; ·mroh , tltCos. 1 7,a ; ti . b-'r. ppty of "rrungke'Vgliao. .nd Hat Ceses, whi `Afalti. Mlitary &. Foutonabl Hotter. umler ExtgIhlsod al, Of Chanc o at whin ý;t.. UH rjot~dV bh tperfued Pour;"uu.l froim ew chi 6i y (i 998119',5 p915 n ,l . . '. 1 New I(.te 3in loo 8 H FY maint(ighed fenrrGeard Tan roat ly tit- tsY *ý4 et .ye rc Pi- TRUE AMERtICANt FAITRFUL AND BOLD. Official Journal of tje 2a1 f.iunicipalitg. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. ept NfEW OR LEANSi FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1839:\ The Meeting.-We have published, as adveltise ments, the proceedings, and call for the second meeting of the friends of General Jackson, not that we approve of the object of the meeting. We can have n, possible objection to the Jackson par. ty inviting their idol to the city, under the pretext of celebrating the anniversary of Iris great batt:e. SIf this alone was the object, we wemld even excuse ner those opposed to him in polities, from joinein.g rn doing him honor on suchl an wgn" tho loud pro are fully convinn:ttPalry, that the whole efflir, lt?'.lsid al, is intended to produce political effect; and we cannot conceive, that any man, calling himself a whig, and opposed to the many vicious measures of the administration of President Jackson, can take any share in the intended festival. It is the duty of the whigs, on all such occasions, to keep away, and when Jackson arrives so far shllow their their msgnanimity, as to keep silent. Although we cannot honor, of course we should not insult the old veteran. In a word, let the Loco's have all the fun tisey can, and to them. selves. [Communicated.) The Sugar Crop and its Prospects. Sta,-Perhaps no subject is more misrepresented or less understood than the sugar crops at this time. Tie cultivation of the grand staple of our State received a severe shock in consequ nele of that terrible dinease the Cholera, from which it will be difficult fo. it to recover. The immense loss sus. tained by the planters, by that disease, has never been replaced; add to this, the inadequate price of sugar-the high price of slaves and uncertainty of the seasons, which has so dsceeuraged planters that many have abandoned its culture altogether. You have seen no new adventurers from the south. ern states, and there has been a constant diminu tion in the crops of Louisiana since. that period take for instance, the two parishes below the city. There are twenty one plantations which have abandoned the cul:ivation of sugar altogether; and there are now only that number in the whole parish of St. Bernard who pursue its culture.- The salne thing will apply to the parishes imme diately above the city, and in fact to the State. The sugar cane this season is very well matured, and, of course, the qualhty of the sugar is excellent. Almost all the cane is Iroam tihe first shoots or what is called the mother plant. The early drought prevented the cane from throwing out suckers, and gave less sprouts to the old s'ubblo; the conse. quence is the more perfect maturity of the cane, and concoction of the juice. Many planters where I have been, declare that they only obtain frontm 600 to 900 lbs. an acre from good stubble cane. The plant cane is bJtter, yet it is an idle thing to suppose that we are going to have a large crop in Louisiana-howaver, you will find planters who S want credit or are fond of boasting, or that allow It their tongues to go as:ray, that will tell you that it they are getting an immense yield-wait a little, and the account current will show a different re sult; in fine, tie sugar crop, unless some unto. ward at cident happens, will be a fair one fot the I diminished number ofthumn engaged in its cultiva tion; but we shall never come up to the gauge of 18d8. AN OBSERVER. 0 (Communicated.) New Onr.Arns, Nov. 14th, 1839. Having read, in tile Courier of yesterday, an article, purporting to throw a blemish on the man egers and directors of the New Orleans and Nash. vdle Iail IRoad, I deem it proper, in justice to the present directors of the Road, to remind the pub ond lic of the many difficulties which have encompasa. ed tile company. Ibelehve it i generally known, ot- thlat tile undertaking of buildi;ng a rail road through an ahnost impenetrable marsh and swamp, was conceived by many to be a mad speculative undeor. ore, taking. We have but to apprise the public oftho 65U suceesfuloperation of the road as far an it may be old, completed, and advise people to call and reamine it, t fom the beginning to tile end, in order that they may be more convined of the future success of the company. This being the season ofthe year when me tihe want ofinternal improvement is most felt, we tee would call on all those who feel an interest in tihe southern states, to corme forward and give tie coml Spuany, and this great national undertaking, the on, supportrequired by circumstances. It is not no' censary for rite to go into pertic ulars, availing my. rles self ofthe opportunity, I have only to informi ttre rus people, particularly the members of tihe Legisla. I ture, so long as tile company continues to be gov. erned by the present able manager, wie have the i guarantee ofits full success, oven to our greatest anticipations, in tile many costly and beneficial coy improvements which the manager, James II. Cald. well, has already put into complete suceessful ope :t ration. L. C. II. Seteamboat Slnnk.-Caplain BlooJ of the steamer Seillia, which left St. Louis on tire 3d instant, il. SIforms us that on Wednesday last, Ie passed in chute No. 2, the steamer IlLivtia, sunk, and that the boat and cargo will boa total loss, He reports . tihe Upper Misissipp1 at a Etand-nirne feet water ra in the channel. A I Ship Frankfort.-Captain Russell gave a great ýo blow.out on board of his splendid ship, yesterday, to a la go partyof ladies and gentlemen, the lire I of our city. We were very sorry that indisposi. t tit-n prevented us accepting his polite invitatlion to i be one of the number. The ladies were received on board by the Captain with Iis usual gallantry. I One of tile fairest of the group, by request, took 't her seat at the piano, and after giving Yankee A Doodle with great spirit, executed with ,reat tn-to j several pieces of music; after which, having visi. ted the ship and admired is great beauty and many t senveniences, the whole party sat down to a. richly served table, covered with delicious viands a and exquisite wines. Having done honor to the many good things offered by Captain Russell, the ladies took their leave, but other gentlemen arri ving from time to time, tile party was kept up with t i great hilarity till theyencroached somewhat orn , night. We again regret we were not . -.. taste the good wine, listen to tile songs a. ,,r the toasts. But although we wee not present to drink our toast we'll give it him. iC To Captain Russell-May the spirit he h . shown in building the Frankfort as a packet f . this port, be richly remunerated by full freigh - and cabins full of good passengers. By the barque Neptune, fornom Havana, on tile iui 7th inst. we have received files of the ,, Diarid do de la Habana "to the 5th Nov. but they contain little of Iip interest. hia -5rgl Richelieu.-We have been re perusing this splen. rot did play of Bulwer. In fancy and beautiful ima- to 6 gery, it is certainly inferior to the Lady of lyons; but inl dramatre effect, in terseness of language, sicr continued and thrilling incident, it is scarcely aur. passeod ,y any play we know of. Bulwer has most or admirably managed tice story. A weak and soul. bad less king in the power of an ambitious minister; hit a consp racy agailnst the minister, at the head of tfire which are the first men of the court and arn y, and i of the blood royal, are tihe basis of the play, in aigir which the bold and crafty character of tile "rar e chitect of the French Monarchy, and the great with parent of French civilization" is made to appear tw in bold relief. u Time play, as written, is entirely too long for re-. re precuatstion; Bulwer has, eons:quently, Iimselslf rnar marked much of it to be emitted, and the stage i has marked still more, yet, with all this mutilation, it is now of an ordinary length, and contains still enough of beauties and interest to place it among the very first pieces now occupying the stage. Ricbhlieu is in rehearsal at the Camp streetThea tre, and we understand that the part of the great minister isjcast to Mr. Barton, than whom it could ly not fall into better hands, as all will agree when they call to mind his excellent performance of' King Lear. \ We have made some extracts, perhaps not the most striking, es we were restricted to space. ise- We begin by the first entrance of Itichlieu, which end Already gives a clue to his character. not RICrlIratrUa edJesnH . Richeliu . And so you thick tris new conspiracy We T'le eralttlest romp yet laid for tle cld fx- ar- l--Well, I like the nick.same? Whllat did Plutarch div if the Greek Lysander? text Josepth. I target. t:e. Riceleurt. Th'l' t where the lion's skin fell ehorl. I eked it ., Jseph. use Out with the lbx's? A area i Thatl salellne.lans lds t lhe trairnrs. Richelire. A very too tiden head thei! Well? ao Joseph. ''lhe livurite, Couullt laradneas- Riehelren. A weed ofl a ty tgrowth t; First gentlemao of h tile t h amhller,--titlslands, AAnd tie Killg'cs eI!t-it ot ile sixlt Ilug titiero og s;lttanta Itiglh as in s iX little inls r us i pinted lizard- .......--. ut o l I tll ladder, at A ud w hltt I ' hake- -he al I,! W hat score? Joseph. A schele i0 od to alliht yur oriphan.wm d alln instrument oh TO iild vaiicttecs Richlie.--Atnd tile ilNIy childl os Vi-it ttt e dtilyt--ilnltia. ' FR llleir"l- lnrse oIp K I ItilitV n It blelse tllt-. -AtIII for all the vrat, As well hle Ia toied a d lI tlittuI thie (tltlrt! e She does not rhed who fro wis-who, sleiles; with whoml et IlteKng illtitero illtwis P iere; tiles Ot lien eln wt Itlast ltek warec'fteo, are I'°tllll illnetorera ' itvstcriu citsle tfltettaalt '; wiords ltpoktlt \\'ilillt, cltisetl dlors ste ,Itver hear -h by C at'e Takliig thei air at kevhol es--Selselets pupIpt! io eart-nor eyes!-.-ad,, yetlshesays-"dle loves . ll.!" Joseph. l'our ward ha s charmed tile King -iihelieu. ()ut nn ylU ! Id Hve I llll One bly on fmr m ln sh f, 'ir shoot, PIrekdto/h,.in- idtousttt yt'i. .oh ve to iill it illt ittreep alronItttiiltt lloaInttttfie rt m We here itclll t) ln tlll th tu_ te, ,like l ) pv birds, iull muk. lic i lIh it pirttits in Ilenve n it 1it lihear?"rThel'riley infulte, Shtth-e pasnll ate slitt , e it ieeraae ttt f e lllsh, i 't T h C hurt h O i et ll echat tii la lo tt S, an Jo .eph, TIe p.oil s In. pi llari . i'. tri l .r ircr .. . m ,t ht urtful,. llThe Kiui g is eak--whei 'r the king loves aMcoter ru li tic e he Iles another Thie other rules the thus l e' re Ie lkPd - OItll loWn rowpr swai-- t l't l Kill tIUlg iit eiV Nf og.ddosshtllt I Sdlntt':-- -Ile Stlte--That s Itie e lilu . i hare anothler bride fr i B iarad ts! Of' sickle Wlollalmm--when I. lie hend has lowliest, . Clasping himi foudest.--Si rrow never knew So sure a soolher,--atd hror bed is stainless! The king sends for Jhalie, tn whom he bIas cast lustful eyes, but who Riiqliieu has married to Mau rant. The Cardinal riefuses to give up life and braves the king. Eoter FIR;:ST COURIIER. First Courtier. Moale de de ii tlrat! Pardon, youllr Emninelce-,.ven now I seek TJhi. hlt ila's hllome-- uto inadrtelld by the King 'o pray her prvesellL. iJulie (ingingl. t, i eheli'u.) 'Thin'k or my dead Think, howan iuf,nt, clin giey ta. your knlees d Anl looking (,o your eyes, l eawrinl,;;ed c:rea Fresl It uc tle dews ot'ltaven! hoIoilk f lltlitl,' And take ie to yourbrest. J Ltiehicu. Alo those who sent .,Ol- A rld si, %.t folllld thls virtlh. ,h )y would Silly, llerl.--'clacht'd u noll thi s Ilnrt, as t t i ll atte c" Aud sheltered by tIet wings If sacred oum! lFirst Courtier. My Lord, I a11 your frienld and ser vant- dijudge ie ienot bult never det w e Louis he o rouspId .against u:--altl I take this answer? It were to be voila hie. First Courticr, lie is l! xit at Riche/ieu.--Gd help thee, child! she hners not! Look Thies itrul hat rtC he eoakl, ittipiots Ihli lottcr. ller father loved m'.' so! nod in dt ugr .Vhle trienlds aei brothers! thte has bIell I ro le oother, nurse, plything, daughter. Are thllese til th1! shamie, shame! dotage! Pa Juseph. hTeiar l e ot flir oyes Thaor rther inee th i igi t hick mt liere I ThIrough holed gatend.all t ptltd tti e w ills, to smi te ea Srillt'd-.( here i n coters ilf .erel The idespt l c.-c Mite ,ea t ulo wrilttu iefall ill yulur hand , i Or rise i titl your ruin Irlittr Iitiitias ni d tin )E IER'nttl.oy L eilradls. My I.or, Ifhe Kiiag yctal belfeve your it illlinti l . m 'o far ton-rets ntlr dolltv sod is greaitIPeS Jr, le at i hwt t "H y te. Alt Riii htict. JSit sha ll not stir! Po Surwulds. Yoi u aru lot o f her kindred-- fit. ,'icht/eiet, ded herl ontrm i. her mother? irs, TIhe country io te na-g tichliu. Av is h so; Thiluin ket .che I/liIer, whicel t he aTe ofirol lurlstt Illto curbtile rei t iiatl turst i le l ow do \I, Ik, .lere sle s J.aron hr orlll 1 draw tdit 'tle awfui circle ofnur sotiee cthurah! ;.et b Cult a unt l iil h that hol y glouu d, Aliitei on ti head-- eI ti l gh, it wore a crown- I launI'cl lhle etcrse ll e(o l t.! I /nraldt. 1 dare Ilot hrnce Vail! d1 hitt spank the ordelrs of my King. , 'h , church, vonl! rlalk, Ipwe. vt.ry word, lily Lord I.e tlllnce cooU lr eIlt ist;inee--blamyle'yoarself, p I.ale helied . Thtedystake. Aea It t ot Ii oh orThu shalt have FTralne or I ilhv head! ich.liehcu. Su clig clos lit tl Imy, iB'rawc.u tho udro'st-lies Frane! lam veryfeebe eb () little u !se it seelllm to elther fllow. W erll, w e ll ,y -w w ill g o h o umle . fac t UallraLs hit soea , dry Lord, O'e'rfak cnhr hteallh i/Rthe/ilu (to Joseph.) I'm patient, see? Andli lif life bieaking fast! tell thee, seorllerof tlhee whitening hair., Still \\'IhuIthis Soull.w inelleth it ere hIaIll rum,.a II od! A • t'alk 1, i hd ,,. ,hl to,; e+!tt tl t hen, ks "tle I l, hen inn , or ct W e would gladly give furlher extract s, but hav s I'i . Irea,') e....ded our limits. ntil, ter r (OMPtIInTo..T Tn E.RCHI. T-- A nnl the rarkn Sllllllfr 1y ( e~o~Il onetemeIlll(. intg Ioftlh Imlerhant, in \Iea forkI;, we" fiUld Ith I Illuwing Upplicable and op oat, Io lo l 'lo: I Irnne, it . ( jn teon, I, ln tt le reolutitn or tl ni otell. he o titte olll l t ll i rlo t ill all n i heart. il IY' lel lelll lhlt'trielln, 1I"el IlOturke, in onlle hin |Il t o hii h- t rtapodies i l lllll illm iole tlllereltiid ch ar. ler, llllered tile r -llllllk-- I I I wai spe l endid to nlel -d-"thal le merhnt ihd no ltitle hut his ed ledger, InI no ll(li ll h ImiRgold." True, tile sentilllent wms tlokell in reilttion to tle ItritiI merechantl. lit Y. 1P repudiae it il regard to tlhe. Briih merclhant, and ok till nre omtnattidnllv do I reputdiate it in regard to In o Ameran. fir, it is not true. For motre tiln twentty ye yars intro lly n· lrlliltance. slid asslciations been intl. iCO one ii !S ~ ii!°i~ .toi mute with thle nitercinnts of New York. ])uring tine i wolnr otnnttt I rnhled Diu hI ennrted Iy tnuble powers Iin idingithem totbuildop thne noltonnerinl prosperity ly i ofTlha cuelltrycmnollerea being one thle roam p~illar;, f or lul l ImIInl edifice. I havE found themil old ,hil lty md hodoralee. birR; ao l the ,ain do on. ill thIeneno of beet.etne,;all ,n . . . , SIlairiolic ill tle cause oflthleir :,r ,. h., lire, nlwmvo hlen iroudoltlt. .. - , . t nlll u. U tl. hi,4 .,4 i I ,,, "a -, i ". le noblyl ~letnd, It , -rf (own crt, it -,I ; t' tur ., r 11o o t" I'r, 1, v, o" ,I , :i r I . ... : 'i l +1..ý . 1 ta I . l ; t i . . , : ; p ' F . . , I : l ' "'' ', . CoUnltry of this inte. .. ..: II. 4bI4l b will h onti fnelet oil ro-. ' ,." 4 . ., to be h-pdc, tlat they will relllrn i ., 4 '."g. T''boe x.King is 4nmtfltht muntOt extrnord, imen ufthte dvy, and yet bicurs well nil the holore of the v family of the Buopnrle..r. In his adrlesn nid mann Iler hite lon all lie Otij.licitv olfn republicnil, with ne, g f thing of aff.t.otion, anl I...ey o.dy ob,o... hilt l ..n him. lHe o n nor in mature old nlin, exhiblting many 't e thnittr signs onlleelinil g )veer, hilt bit htenhll i0 good, and ii In Ihotn are so well reguilael, idit .ni. nynears ,0,t,.e, I to he prolllliJed hiln.-n' . E.xproso. A CURIOnIT--A gentle.tno inlormed t nfcew Ila.y rinee, thanhort a tine pri iouo, whlili in Iprsuit of wihl toitnke, in liarl inoity, Kentnekv, in compn ,ri nith a frieid, they dieoonered on the inmillot ofo knoii or elevnti.n, l+.rge hlole that woiud aldmit u nan'e|, bhdt . wult.lot muchli ddli:titVy. Courih.ity led itnm to mnake Iprenlutrion, and oy an naeeessin. thley entered thin inlvlterioun plae. At ti le lngth of.abolut 6 feet, hl fo;und the.,elmiona sub'Perruel.t. care.on teon aptatenlly cut out olfsoli reek, tlirongh whibh lhey had nassed many feet, which appeamrd to ie sixteen t . iehlteeu fet equarte. Our inforumanr was tle firnt tilIlt entoend tim, and Ie was not a little surprised thIt the ftnloojeet wlhlt metl lis even wan o human tkull with nll thi eetlh entice, Unir further enaminttinn, it warn hnhd that the whnle plnace wan filled with gomnh. ton o ltoe, noineo nd children. Under lhe Imall alperure throutlh which they de ecen4n d, bhe plaee wao murlkell dry, ind the boieas tn ti l. l.rt+ir¢oret.ginityhn At ratire ekelrnml o tie hu. 4nao b not rwo1indl lh colaocluded nto c.tine go how deP the bones la, td penetrated through them in one pinoce beltween fountlsd ve feet hut found them equally plentiful n do nthe top ; but there seemed to till rue an oO naive effuviai iho1 oppproched where it a little d . There win no outlet io the room, Snd a large snake whichI they found lthese, ond ohich appeared to he perfehntly docile, lpassed found hil room s teveral times while they weore ill it. ThIe discovery it a subjeeo for the spetlelion of IiiloSolher witil regard tat to tie perio d old oireomstne attending Ielo ancient old eharnel.oitose.-Central II'acttower. o h Mr. Wheaton, thdie Aerieane minister at Berlin, ha lrourltt to a soucessftl trroinlotion the uegtiations whie ve oIe been Io ,n pendillg repetting iye mnedi h aiji I r olwsen tih United Silnec ainl tle re uliic lof 3texic,. 'The King of Prousia tu finst lie.itated to an cept lie dilleion telldel'*ed tl hli by tile two irmes citloatli: repllics, on cciiount if the ext relne colpleilly anil delicacy of thie qroetlii in dispte (elpeci.lly as growig out of rie civil ear i Texasn) but slaoe oEf he ditiln.ts havingr bien o au cahik adiljuted betweln lhe pritioe, hie Miljety has at loot cons ented to ne M. Van tlcenne, the lirossinn itliSiler in the United Stniteq, to decide as arbiter in cases of aty difference of olinilon hich mighlet arine blveen Itls then lejljleile mixed ch misainjou a ol,il.lhil or te oir citizon upon eh ech other. Rto.II IsLAtouo.--t'lhe follonio g i. the oflaial cao. voRl r flthe voles clutli for inofers ofCongress ai t leh late eleciol in Ithidle ic.ndn: Tile oile nuloher Nf voies 7669. Nedccmnrv for a choice 38135, Ilioliert I1. Cranetn hats d'12. Ilttnjamin II3. Thoret1n i lts ,5v95. Jnoseplh I.. T'illinglast lIrs 41150. it iiWimis. WV. ioor has 3:66:1. cattiiring 54 JecUrder'A 1e, $eAnd Rwwieicrliry. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. \tEioDoeAnv 13llt Nov. John l l'nlce, arerstned t Ihe reqiel fan iillo i in t nit o itelitlun Angnitin. liiid itonrieinal Coiiit $l.0I. plLck,(. mic. crretlerl fiir iteeulting aillcll buy son the Levete. Iloatd to Ccritiiltl Coulrt l311. llotinn, nrrested o Te Cool o t e in , r 9 Nrv.

A nlave ofS (ilcir e-.i Jlhn .ioIed, drrePted in Tc iaitoulaS ltreel 9i, clockE foidcl drniik.-- Iicliicgl lrg.e oilinlarnelner, arrested in tiroe uItreet, drank n il to uierite lattrer, en et i 3 f roet. dirll ing il P Case alsfor aibusiing Iii bler ll- tvi itllatrdetl. ' ,'*ik Mllnne l nve aiilja tIleck, arrorerld for lie. ig drinltiik and lineirhiing ltle peace. Blolnd to keep the peone in $3031. SlJames Ir iey, fieundt, 9o'elock ontl.ev e street, iutoxicut ed. AFFAIRES 1)U CONSEIL. SECONDE MUNICIPALITE. Sdance du Mardi 22 Octobre, 1839. Rdeolu quo ec Conseil eouneri pour un exem plairo den Rapports compild do Ia Cour Suprfmo de lI Louisiane par J. Burton IHarriseon, publi6 par E. Jolohns & Co, Signrd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo I'oifre do Win. Bll, de eonetruirn ot d'achever le nouvenau Merchd ouox legumes, l In jonetion des rues do l'annoncioation et Tchoupitou. les, par In quinzifme jolr de Janvicr prochain, pour la aonlnie do quioze ohilies ciq contI lpiastroes, cst et domecure aocepit ; Ie dit Bell devant payer il Ia ,tuniclpalile lo ainmm o lo quinze piastnres par jour pour chlque jour aon dlol de la dit Edpoque, tent quo lo dit miarcid n0o sera par tertind. Sign6 AJOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rda.o+r. ote les cautions offertes par I dlt Wim. Bell, pour i..otecution fidile do son eontral 1 sa roir ; Joseph Goultz' et Nicholas Murray sent cc demteornnt acepties. ' Sigc I JOSHUA I1AI5.DWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qoe le Voyor eat ,.t demeure autorilsr - eonlraclter, u neoo de cettlle ,'lunicpalit, ovec I dit Wel. IlBll, conformannlet ouk ditns Resolutions ait aux cpdciftcttions fltitic par Ia dit *Vycr. Signt,. , JOSHIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdaoeu quo lI Blaire cet et denmeuro aulorird . tircr son mandot our t i 'lI'riorier do c1tt1 Menici, palild en laveur dv Nlathan Nieliols or ipnla tililne do cinq cellts tix iicuf piaeires et S1i cnats 3:4, pour 159 piedl 11 Iiolices de banquette, . lllcn. cant I 1'ltIignille.nnt de oa ligno EIt dlni ruil doe c-dres et del, k iravers la run St. Paul, In illt Ni. in Shluls donllaiit nitl rdii eoilllllt pouIor tI dit travail.s .JO)SIIUA BA L D VIN, IRecorder. 116,uquiiti lie Putuilion id .1. 31. Caballcro, de. lii mnandont a Iperm.isioln du tIn ru uno travcrse enr lII pierres pIlate., en f(co In No. 32 dittns Ia rue St. Charlne luihpi'a ilhuitel tle la Ilourse, soil acenrdclo, pollrvu nlun is ditre traverse soit tailts . sos prolprce I irai ct sous Ia survei lance du Voyer. Sigmi tit JOSHUA BALDWVIN, Recordcr. 0P R6solu quo John Gihaon eat et domeure destitu p do l'emploi di Sncrdtaire do ce Conseil ct qui Is diletiploi eat ct dnmere ddclared vacaIt. SigAB JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recoirder. a rea r IIS \.(; tfrin l tp ti n b la, Thiree ITrnksm e: Ird 1 l ch lit,, t ktc , ,bl J SI . OUrgni A Co Pori,, 'I . n l. i Nnlville, It re barrels, m arke P &e . Aly, perncms Ii ne ill their Alt i n, will lleot give ihfuru n li.n to No. Ul Cton,,l.. 'IAIII.Eo0.tI1 boten Jtld' spermlad nlod e SIri I (ril New York, a r e 11 , I : I.ANCIIA l t , 33 iraer art Feeble AI2:t: & \L.E hItE-'o lon r ngA g g-6,5 coil ropet, ill of Kelnruky manu: rlcture ind for slelt on onctomnodting terts nn n4 Si Gi Il.ANCIrAI(I) I(itravner et la II KEY-- 0 brlA reetlled, in ,ttre, fOr en'e by 'Il G DORSaEy, 44 New Levoe l. IH. & J. IIEVERELIX, No. 26, T(na,.nplTnLn STEET, l! i AN .' C UR EIS of 'In. Co+ llr kll S" Irn 1Vnre, hanve in ntore, nnd ofiN, Inn talc, Stills Still Wolm.t, Snar Kethles, I.dles, kc. kAlso, on Inlnd R .i . ch t (' Ir n n Il, .a G(rates; I'arotnr nmoI (ookibg Sl."n fllr Ibrni gn trol dHtln , to tt *pproved pItttter 1. " Itolllltnl, nltlolet , inh l wnllht (Irson,. lFl, or Colppter Vo s o ls irl lllott , mt fii d . lItitl, thentrladt ge to al litoo ttvered willt oll ,CtppP or Zinc. oin any art nf Ite Oily, fin tlc 'wnete ll llf "te, s, Arks nAlsunltfitnd, ageneral a.nssortnmlntofJopannedware. "p R T W. COLLENS N ruitt' v Sltel' ('namnisioernt. " Alppoine, bv thie lF'leral Cullt at New Orlans this. OF""ICE No. 1119 C()01 ON STREErT', ti e| (Excltonge Hotel ltltlings .) ,di SAID) Cn-llnnainne tokes ffidviit .n..e .his o ver. , o tlhe Actlsof Cngress, passed '" `' nelxrty, Irly t l, ltelarll 1817; IlleJndiciory Act lJf89ll tIt and olheractstnt of CnUgrens, i such cases moude and and providedn tIn Sid Co(. ni....i .;er las .on sdera.. .l experi(t tt t S ntld limes litrlnll f captionolt antl certilie tt ;, o . i n. esuad I n si verel scratiny of tit lly e . . t ltl th[ pril i l. b.. A . BAZAAR. C. t'r osf S. Charles 4 Common street, XCtANOE InIOtL. JJUSH & ALLAN wotl sreleCtlftlly caI IrIe ato l lenliu lofeiiten.o andtlrangers ltlltenrctoll, t I t·f "asortnnen of (Ientlen,,,on line nhirt. do cntnbre. e' wlnhith i n fronts, fa eitnahlt li,,en frtB l : icdr lnr. tarn:r .ilk, ealtn .lan merino tinder hlhrls ant drawers- : on enltlle and silk hlandlkerchlefs: blaclknnd l'ney,,oJi 1i- :twin greatnvtriety: nIntck n o ltoery deigoiptitny .on, I be e elaic cotllo u. to ;.lertt n clto O ll, n an tlreadI nl glWes: e~no s tottlonitlne: obrr oot atd o anet tot ount lln ed, s ld , or SAltr--Splntlid nesnrlttl oflnlllen o d genrts e. w ling aeks, dresting coaes, Iport lins, lrerl'utery, ut-l :c lerynlndrich fncygoods. nnvll w[LL1AM II. CARNES , a' P Car, SI kind FURNITURE WAREHIOUSE, No. R3otta.LLC STOKET. n31 em BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. It GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY f'in OF PROPERTY SITUATED iN NEWORLEANS. Ord SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. S Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of St. Charles and Common Streets, and No. 104 chartres Street, as between Conti snd St. Louis Streets. di ITH a view of meeting the wishes of our frisndo. of we have tihe Iplesure of announcing to the pull - lie that this Lottery will he dra n at the City Exchange, ' in St. Iouis street, in New Orleans. a Thle drawing will, without fail, begin on the let Dot ae cmber next. Our agents throughout the union, willeause the above had to be inserted once in one of the newspapers of their f respeetie residences, and ,.. .. . .- . .. S n6--7tt SCICHMIT & IIAMILTON. IlE We are ulthorised Io nnnounce that, at the solici Ito ration of a large number of the citizens of the three Munieipalitiep, IIr.WILLtA FoRERET lilos on=raled to the presentation of his name to lia fellow cilizens at tie next enseing election, as a candidate ftor tle elaice of Mayor ol tile City of New Orleens. 13' None sommes autoris6s it annoncer qu'it i demande d'un grand nombro dos citoycns doe trois Municipalit6s, Mr. WILLItA FeaIET a consenti f h prcsenter commn candidat t Il place de Maire I I& prochaine locltion. tin If L. U. GAINNItE, t the solicitation oflnany if his IIt friends, las consented to become a candidate for the office of My iir oftlii city. MOItILE SLF'FEItERS. Ilanks' Arrase, on S rllrl ly evening next n 7 o'c ck, in order to clone the dlltlee confitl,dl Ii tlleln, el JAMES II. iCAi. WEI.I., Prcasilrol of thi General tel'ing niIl by nli Chairman of I/(tCllllnlto i .. '. OUNGl MEN'S lil\VAID) ASSix"t'll'.it* :v rpI r ti F M eml en r w ill ettend A ep 'rit O ' , , +lW1edneeduv eve ing nC I .t ' . t, o'cloe k, '. iaunct ,o i . t1 a ,ii, firt 1 T Ihe , t ,r,· ll '. '- l ei. ...... . al. ++ '",+D t Te ra--u. .,url/es Tlheatre- I w Trealre--Cldieell's St. Charles lreade-navfl li -Stores-Squares of Grond rl Je CAI'ITAI. tI'tli-S !! ,o L OUISIANA G IRAtNIt tl{Al. ES't'T V'l . Li'I'S 1 TEll', luthorized bIy t lan at Iht :Slir, (illt Mlonrch 182 aofflice carner of Canal and Mt. Choarle stresrar TIlE HALF MILLION or Camp street The'lntre - Lolterv. I:JI IPriaes. IL TIE GIRAND T'W MItLL.ION LO tI'ElRY. . 10,00 Poaleos c ! Will commence drawing as soon as practicable hlere aftr,. l'Note of any banks in thile Union, ohich are gen. " ervlly banksble in tlio Stte thiry are issuucdl, will be rceived in palellnt foe Ticket. Ilolt Nillinil $10-. l'wo Million $20 CALDWELL, OAKREY & PRIt'l'I:AI), `l _ Prolprietors I & r Anaagterra. RICII JEWELRY, LAT Nrl-. If CIIArs rReltE burn r. A FUL2I. A IIortmcnt, jIut Lre , itni'.tig oIj 1'." <'fir rings, les ket, , firgllSer " ss go ld SI _il h le. o, p glPC l . I nd ,rl cad i e, 1tlls andlke w rr. Warranted ni +mre, ecir.snrs and knie.s, w++' 'l oFllrcd me tile Inst r IPe I I1nabP ,rle n. N. it. I Inre Inrol gtass winoac w. S i t aln' road thlw casesni r sanle. la1t ,, oia at h; ho, i a r n ll. M l i- i ili-JLlt-lO) rls suerfmienh i fas a Isair ha l) nl:. It i Ihlwl Sl,:n', t it i,, i LIeveii 13l' 'I--100 kefa wirsten bunahehy i- .) yln"ll'l QI N fiw sI4,lr Sgfor staL, by JAI3\'1 f. A'eIIIlI\ ', r nl te c ri r (l'irii r n .+ c p T l iltlh+ , Its [ ll tt I l+ r, +t\ IN.-nt (ill- 1 IIa - IF " heiI'n a i11 t I Ihr l, l 1 , r 3 ,. r tie'tef nti lr rNo I illh .ll. u ; ll it"l.tiit It ne t iii ., llttw . r iiirill( l i v "b by ".l.\ Il I t N REt V.; , l I'EC, ol,.- -u:, k- , i .l. itt ,, .-It a ll ..II I/1 1 1 / 13 \ /i ,(: I lls )lt' r, it ll . II 'N l h ,i3 ,,ihnI N t ( )"l'e lmrkctf/ slan / l . I"tta\I,.I .I ' tn l J I l ii. Int'a- r, futIntl fNew York, is liA'har.'iuc , -ý· - , ý1. I h t Will fl ee nIttClW olit I. I.., ttta a it- thes I " i a IlI / Iau/ f 'c r a It Il aItI I,\ . tin .I ,. nIOllr .\ lr llnltini*inat :1 nIli l, ai. lhltotniiir1 lt ,,,nlb t lllte it.libI ' "t il i + i i ,ronil c al.J .,I i urcl , hli I I' .IItL lt iit I t oill.i rto tl i rl oo t tnfd i " tiltlao oil --- 1..111)1..r l1 , :| I..\ I , 1 111, e et / cI llr: prie ,f tl,u. : , .hi1i du i $ : gore rr ,l Ii. Sa ',ri ,if tl, t1~ a ll ,,, [,;k,,,,r , 't gi' J il Il fin llh nd ,.x, tlmI 1 i-t ns. T1'h," Iu I,,:,. " n 1 , nrCnlll guillllty, r io+ 1lee, for llr n crhl5. . ll were ., '_,', lih 19 el. he ii r ; l tiO {;, t '111 , 11 n. . . 1b, .,smallln eye , pr) Ininent hrl,.al ' rn I e p '·'101 't 1"m s0 w ilh sm all b hlu . letr ,, ll. a c i 0 hllla 0111.- Saaid mg++rs ",~keI Itwo llle ,t h o w h ,w lr. \\11,. 1 x ll t ni9--tl 33 1t :reet t - - :t3 Iho ,:rlr,, NOTICE. -e e J 9 liThe inmbers oa .t. ficrl hk'e Ct:IIIntiii oirei e Iy hereiby repicif lrlt l nltificl, tIhat ith seri, t. Ill Is , r . at finmed in one eof Mr. E. F. I'Prkr's new butdabgs in on Jiliit rtrer, between Mugazine sail Foe. l se slreets, ,nu: alil fPrthlar notice. J "i J J MUILL.ON, Pastor. at CLASS No. 1. - thy TIIE Ihlf Milion or Camtp Stret 'I heltre ('lass iof 1 ithe Iouisinn GRAND REAl. ES'I'ATI.: AND SI'(C:K L'I'TFFIIY, will tiilistely be drawtr, useh 31lt1 DecePttler, New earst' E:n. CAI.DWELl,, (tAKFEY & P(ITCIIAIltD. Aet o O i)ce corner Cl nll and ll , Ihurles Fll. stuow, for sale by n5 AltA ,IS & WIIITIrAtI.,;7 (sraev'r el ANrEI-- ti ........ile li , II,,, iii ,; i itsre It, tlsd per endo en,, ulndiou shouses; uhe laud Is reodV enltivated ca d a u ll brin l n ririr inmne llllacth luily ewill hive the privilege .F cltivali.i a slrgte prel'of i rt o iti artl n tulllb ero yesrs, llnldii cotlttiilgs tIluc it er tl s tei alllly Wallll wibh(Iou havinglany tll- nllll to orsv lfir Ilth ltllls are. agreed aups. Fur trtier ute I i rl s, :lhr plly its II IIONNA Ill L -n5 corner Natchez and Tehtpitoe Ias wIe FIQlUORS-7 pipn Holland Gil; 25 irls dotr stie 4 Git; also, 25 brls donmestie Blrand, i store ",r sale Iby i THAYER &E Cio.7 i . .AS--i))chests' 'wcl" :. .,I 1 O Ixly 13 Ibcs bl- ,. r , , E9 ,la ; b . t f , Ind rW2 N. It .,x ,a , . . , LI" IRo " iA oIIFat e, e k tTcbapiptolare st. t i .s; ,anieleree, asse S• t , ,arielr, at sale by II IINNAlIELt " +'! __ 43 'l'cbtilt llt it l 5 .CALES O&W VLIG('ii'--A auasuusarte of dt t 'rll r ! o l sizes ald prices, received t'romi I'uri.% and Itar Sale sy i1 tIIONNABEL, 43Tchalplttoults t I jII.I EE OIL-In juge stat lterreis, ltaititig ett It e sorsate by I tlONNAB It p 7U'I"'I'ER--ilt kegs tGoshen asnd Weslert, in tore il jL for sale by I Dott s'y, i 2314 NewtLevsee I: Vr AWIS FOR SAI.E--Five Yawls, frrm 1.5 t 25 b feel 10IIt IImade in New York th the celebr, ed lboat builPDr Salem Wies Aply eaCts . t aeksot it a board the aship Charlemagne, lo pnile tnjaofin et e s ir to PE'PTER LAIDLA\VW, CamIp I_ !/nolItI . '" 1.''r IIOPE-121 co ilso I uIIi SRitope, laudilg fnao ship Cberleaasss, for sale I by 3I I'PETER I'AIIsI.A.1, \ ' (itip s" at 1- ANIL.LA CORDAGE & IIAWSEIIS--A" fine as- . 111 sorlhlUen ill siren fromg 4 1i 7in lches, f wr sale by 1. P31 PETER LAIDLAWP, 1 Cttantp st |rt [ AY--21i0 lales primi.. New V.rk tiay, loed.,ng r nfromn aship Vicksburg, and fir sa!e by o1 A COHIIEN, No.tI .Csmmon. at (eIHANIPArINE CIDER-I00 ilt t in slore, ftrse alee S, by .31 G D)IRSEY 44 New levee .AYING CARDS-A lot tof Eagle Iellryt. th . PL Deeatar, lerrey Aedrew add tllghlander P'laving Cards, of Lrlslatt'e, "Creteom's and Ftrd's aitntsfieure. sit If solEd very lwt Ito hlsi ca ignasi ntis if aipplied turetian. aSI A 7'II WAIt, 411 aml, stt "AR'-tit kegs teat Latd, in tote. forsale bly r 00(31 GDOItSEY 4INe Levee a QHIRTSE , bti-A large end eeeael ai C rleeng nP Itya h3 hirta, Collar. Slocks 4 Handkerellieb, ol various li kinds, Just received aslid fitr sae by Natl ltt GOe SIP & Cu, SNaval, Military & Fashiinialde lter r der wit r n31 Ecl;sntge lotel, 't Lthales st at CAMP STREET THEATRE. This. evening will be perforned El Hyder. EL H Mr. De Br anIltet, : : Morton en ''nrib, : Radcliffe Zade, Mlien Verity Previoeus to which the Petite Comedy of CIIARLES 2d. (harles, Mr Barrett Cnpt. Opp, : Brown , laly Coepp, le : isVerity SDoors open at 6i-Performances to colnmence at7 o'clhck. jý WASHINGTON BALL ROOKM BETWEEN ROn.L oND ORBON sTREETs. " s l \ * v w on, - I t .. . .. . 1... . ,, , r,, ll oI t o m Sre.leelflly insrmes hii frietlsad thle public, that tlhe aubove mIellelltynrd estNblishllnt will open for liae season,on XMotday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GRlANI) DREaSS AND MIAStUIIERADI) I HALL, mtld will colllillue t.thrlttgholtt tle .n every iMlnda y, d\'ellosda y and Saturdlly eveninga of eac week. Admhlttnnl e fIr (ietlellten, $2 00 New Orleans.Oct. 24th, 18.l39. bHIPPING. Coastwzse. SFOIL NIS\V N:)WIIt1l(I-- l' ekr.t 1 h es'" Parek e't. SThe I+'ts ilil+ pt'kel -hilt VICKSI UIhG, Blunlker BIater, in nl relay o rece ve 'arg al.d will oil wiAhonlleTy a hleryh- lor lieight or i a+llgr e hllv ino g h e glll nvi'oz llton thcl,a c ipply ho Ihe cpltnillno, l blardn, wo tiers Ieloew tile Ve gethle market, olr to __ A _ A (OI IEN, 91) ('latlll a .. Thie. echonnerANA\VAN, (tC )ta Atki e, heillr eatllt a e w (arIo e a i irsat, htreei, wi ull Itl w ilii:vly fitl t/. o ll or el ther I 5lt it m t. rt e is r t'ttigltt uc p ' C, pIlly r Itl aI ll ·113:1)(: i(1 II ': ()W c C, , ,9 'rt.lli t W -; "tmeC t rNTI NL"\ " Oltt( l".AN·Y INl. ý 3.ý. " ,,.,,., i.. , u:1eutlý ;,r i t i \V F teerr' Iaster. t "iS i ,' -.te v'i.'''Ia rl't Illllter . t . , , i lllS] . I lilt r. . :. l , ,, ( e'el'rl, c' l l. r. . arf. t tv•tt ,tc l al v ,e .I tl Ira hut At .. rIt; l , lr t I 'e l i a 4- i,\ . v l, moltul. ,' ..., , - ,cngzets onlslll rnlp sed for tuttliir r INIIIVII'ChI. ( tc IIIII) i·IIIi nlldchtcrved indr(pn in" th llllln Im 'I tlvt rti-edI'on ) every riet, e i o ntr Inlduldioe extellded to allillper.. unlt pa4.-eloglrs. Fotr freiglt or .... .... llg , appl to FOR NIW Y()RK. ic lME'a tlIN+ O," I'(A-CKpI;t --'o i il every - I althtr . Thid Lltn t+,,oedl o I" tax .I'hi , , viz: Shil ,Allc lU'l(, (' lI' ll nker Nov. 2'ia , " 's -a , , rt, e h , .I,,, , Il nit, ,a . . t ,,a : t a la hll r+, Into l , E ,tta ';Ed .'ll'l'r fellas te d Bla hd'a' I ,1, lat,al ',,,i N ,w ork rk expressly Foir this Ire.h.--thear llr( I liu.h'll, dlllht tt W l i l' t l ()Ir I o i l t 1 1 ,l'. r ; t IIv "t l l-(nllr llrntill. 'I']lhes. pot('k I..?. elrr a'totn Iur1tl t y 1 'V t: p t h In sell ,,Xlr,.e ed. it, Ite tnrllt, ,, \i Il I -lin ex j'r thet)'.It, e'l I yes t . it , -h en_.. will talt V. ,,t ,,,eeIo ill, fled -l)w lln the river, a ind will "J l,) plly .' ll 1t tld '1'lwv howe I'll dso". I fll rlisllsr i, t tlt•tl.) i i , nai t..t 'l' . Ih r l , [If', (·llll ill nh,+wuvs+ b. " r . • ] t'! A ('4)ll I:N, 9NI (·t tl) ]l+)tl at 'I'II+' hnllop "re, Lo11,t a ttn< ' t, fir fllrl 'kl i l t gr o I obis , hIII 4)o· ' . 1, ' i It C i ll ll, l t •, 1 ,"I t 'l l lille or r-l-t ,,f ton o)r .t-,el , h, tot t h'`'"l'" for tu ;t, l ,o:.l" -r ' - For the Interior. ,' ti I, , ) a l ,. & \\rlll'l'.\l1 . " l.1. ' rr,, ', r ,1 " \ hii 'tri f'llElllll . r1rrr i·1e .:.ej, . ., . 11( 11' .j/., r . "' - . . · Il l , i 1,· 1 J11.: 11 1 1 .)\11() 11. h i, I;I.. C , , r II 211 .:., Ih 'llts r.ll,~ '-".lhI. I 1,' , . I·II Th. rl ,;rhit ++IhtII L)II "i ,1. .III(),II' r(:.ilh. '. kI1 Irll .I l lll.l , ! | l 11.*rle.I 1l'el. " 11 -II .-l ;-/ .I.., , . k J ,1111111- Il N ul(a (,he, ~l,, l '-' ... . ·rc.\ l~ ~ eH, r ,,,,,,, , .ht.:.,.,. , .rsI~ - illl t. l l liE I. EIi.\ Ell I El E"E & ii;--]w I"' j E! I ll, II{I{ EE'I L' I I r Ei r lis 1 IVAl 'llee lr I.r. 11111 ElI¶II "E" illx ' l'll --T wkllr d, El) dlI1 l k-aal'A 11111,1 Sa U Il", , ..r, l ElE" II1El . Q N . ' r )lle t"rllb orl it "'--~~:~j e,~ Luy ~ \ " i , ; I)()I{.I,:i' , 1.1I ·Hw.,, ,',en 'E I -ii I El- + . EEE it 11-1 F I a El' lIC ,< ;.\ IIA I1,EE 3" w:I r l. i I, ....11 ;I I.)i:F--:i .,,sl* ....i ,e t..... ', l./ ' Ie II Si Ullll U l,r,q l,.,lall rize.. IElr :I. 1 * 11 E j iiaE El fllrlnt' 4j lelEa E llllyalr'fl I E Ee -,,E1,,,II i., I h I, "E hIlI. .1. ;L l'A -l'. .. d a )m ,, -7 .,7 e. aEll~nl~~ Ia mi1s iie !r l~i,, EN,, "E... . .. y' f il + t 11*# t I, . lE d n*,,l & E, E:,h I >'IIrIEI E i. re Ii 4r A;lt EIIEIIII, 1I. E l I tE i , I, ' ' n 1111111'hll i , IE I il, & EE (ENE$ea .. -4 N A l Iu, a ,': I "a7aE EE ,i.Z-a EI¢ g ; ;E r ll*E l,re.iglnT'. l em geillf-a. -- ,i. ,m 1,1 mll il 1a E1llllk lka1o AIA"I.II II EL J DEVKREUZj E i l l DE I A... .. EEE A E El)int E rlil tlll myl 'E SI.Ik E " El lnE IA I ie K rI--IIv ni.. .. . 21, 'E'E Ikll •lI * ln.ll IE l, E i I llll E il i I, i m l E ,. I: ..... l ,,ly l ie kl ,1 E.. . .ill . ll vllE , .. . lnllma, lllk 'm a l, we eh E E IE I r m i. .' - I hiri h N rIrll Elaii'nlEE r 1 IIlr re .v Er f I IJ (i'AS. L El'tolrlk Atnii eE IIEN El E'ENI'. i iiai E) In-I i at r I E .l EIe ilii 2 r IJ, EiE). /kl j lp ti , \ . 911 v .lIl ll~olllllr .mlrPI t sii l l. . foll • huen'e d Ellrrell will he.lllhevnrked, ,fell r1 1 .ll aE ~'k'mihualmE~e 11EJ ii llY 1lllp llifl t ·iIilE mayk h i E illluEe eIvey h(n11E 'il l u111k,' USa it EJid wlal rai usl aE , rEm g Eaa r lE I-, OElerr . <)I der6 rl~ei.ivlld Rt the1 (;lt. (.fi('e, Ilorik A I~v. FE -1· EKWW\EEILS,~ 'ea .ry1 I ill.OUIJ . ANE) WIIISKIF'ySt. IE,'E IEhr, 1 l t J b£le VWliakeAy, Elnddi I1i o i lnnlllnlE1, Oeuile , Ii~r eIle ly ao'2 " I)OEEEE.EI'Y, 44 aI.ew L. 11UliEO' E'E PAl'EELS--Supcr Iloyal, Ilov111, iI, by .2) _ A 'l ,AEIt, 19 nE",l i..'i'OVES-- -Now rlve+.ivillI Ii'onl Rl ilr Se t &; Frller. i,/elE0 I ,lildnn a nl~llhrli. OI.e I U liellurI. lailr, Cooking, "Fninklin, &C &c. Fn a r I e.,c DI I1I6: &I'I DVI:I(Eggu. ol9 .11 'l'Chal' f ltulu . st ARi)-433;: kega I.eae ldrd lodjije rlll rionclakil El, Cheraoe, for sele IEy . U( DEElRSE' 'e E19E 41 Namv Laao [ AEKi)-uilo kilgi alllrcailI LaafLac,, IA tdiij~ -ru 'Žt NA stelaaboaa Paalgail,EbraalnEby g ul' ",''r,4Y;, L):"SC:),.°''"', .' ,.,.,o:e il9 i3 o DCEEESEI'l"41 Nc~ EmmIN" .tl IlIIKEY--511 sbldin atl~re, fir sale by 8 01'o9 G I)OIILSE.+y, 41 NL:w Lelvee £-' OLD. S-LYKEEIL AN) TIN FEEIL.'fJ-rhenaislE. 1 J Kangliell Ilima' iiaiiaslr illlSlll aaceE ll 1111cc 11eII 1 L C l.aanica.aoecmn. demripliil ed i l ulhqi l. 11tl1l receivaed all? 4113blilrlrs cI .1 0ONINt>-Lhndmgkr l mu Er Y.ia100l Latlal~plma'nrqla~lail~a~ilo ,,'A aat c~ iolo, fm -2:1 iakll'1 ac ilailky El E14iNfl1 by : - ' I i llil-:l. L Ill SECOND MUNICIPALITY 'NOTICES. SO'rICE-The ownes or fates, baleaux, &c., lan di g brick, lumler, or btler iualer le, ea m iin the limis oflthe 2nd MunLdipliyMi, ire hereley nonifed to lake outs licence for muceol cnah. eeiJmably to e lte law Iow in Ibree, at the explirajtiu 'ten days from tha t date olhi ntiee t il brt al lt iln oenlravention of lhe low will be seized and Ihe tennera prosecuted for the ftle iplosed. W. I)EAI:UN, ol41 Collecter of Levee Dusp, 2nd M. l A VIS rux propiedtirt . den bateaux &e. ldbar quant du beoi, lee briques S t on utreae Ildriaun, doans Is limiten de aI Municipalidt No. 2., .at iei dontd qu'ila devrpnt procurer one lieence pour lea dils bateaux, eonform6mont I o loti existlonte, ovunt l'expiration do dix joures ca tdter de ect asir; et toul leo batenau trauvuient neo eotravention de lI Ior, soronet suiais jusqu'o In texe et I'amendo anient -plys. WI. DEACON, I l v IO1 Ceilceleur d:n taxes do Levee. .m il.rougI the ,olice rison oo hlo d Mnal le cipnlity, a nnegro t lld :A e ali yensIol age, says hr beleng o alIr.Caldwell livilg on h i I vlae r nluad. 'iThe rwnr r will please callRi te tI" ioe, pnve property, pa v larnes nid take li en awy. II S rARPeR, r, New trlneno , Noav. , 8l30. Captlln ofiherVulch. 1iu , nant la Ieole do Ie Se ondo end Muni 1lit- on negro inolea,,. SAM, ogd de 0 ons, e lauisant upplartenr It Mr. Caldwnll, dcmeurant stir lI route Ilayenu. I.e lproprip.naire do dit esclave eat pri6 de vs. cir e reclanmcr en prouvunt sa propnried et en pa yolt le frais. II. S. IIAIIPER, nG Cupitaine de In (,aede. .a Nouvelle Orleans, le 5 Novembre, 1839. W AS brought II tIe apldl of ti e 311 whe , d iu,1n1 .niuipalily,Yelo nle Irat Mfu Hrrellberlile ftllwieg A re whie ~s , willt e llr marko whit I . oI, dd e mllleark- , the bck black oIuh0 and ail tionit 12 It bartaI Ie r. li r. . vTnr I ha hll.rl i oes l hree wil call it h pirildl ,f ,l :hi 0,1,r, 2 ,I lilllicilalitY, lycid lld i t Ie e orelre er i" li ia Noi Allnlle Oriltlni el ee, Ocie prolieey lly Iliulrgge, iiidlk taelil.... n..ii8y,i Or bIp ine. .eeelarJloy ie, ,l il I Noemer,iler O lerlien they will bo sold a asccii,, ly I' A liuillIlltv, pl blie anli,,e cr.,r. J IV WINTIEII ii; lIt lliel bli I eig lllce )N'1 ue-emeno It l'enclesdu 3b0e quortlior de 'lu llniecipalil no. . osin Ic len Novembre, I'a ilrlelvua suiaolts : Uli eleval igralld, illnrlllep Ie l e eolle, erinliro et illlO blicilee,oyi nl 16ll lieie Ili Iiiille r, I11 ollrvlil Iai ololilbre, rln 1i p1 hibiioes, lI pied drot dI dr,, eI t uIiloeialleld C n llteI, ulle petit Sltoile aur Ito frent, illneii li aer h clle, crinire oet queue IoUirel ayiilolt cliis e i Id niL alJ e huer. ino prnprii.talr,", d.,e il, iliciaco loll pref e. o soe rnudre It I',llCloo iu 3dleno llclarlier de In i luni. ci,shllar no. 2, eltulc. c oinl dlee rnes lRobin et An. nonciiation, ufin tIc le retireer an pyont lea frais. turoe avant Saloedi le 16 Novembre , nl illseront venedus I e'cngcn par 1'. A. Cnillolle, enganteur public. J. I. WINTER, ni lfor Lien. eie In garde. La Neovlle Onrldns, le 5 Novemnbre, 1831." .IV AS lbroughtl Ito Ilia police prism, of lhe 2d Murice • poaliil thel Illeowinn ue aelo , ve.i A wromaenroll nllamd"l''lt:IA, (lout 45 years of aoi'--ilyn eli, Isl-lhia. to MrI. Ilnrralli. A I.'goE Innll llillle ll l ,lAS, nloult 511 yeaers .o iul `611 s o (Itcolll f ie Ib tl , i ( i i l" (l.iS iie i l oage,, dIelca-n ...O..le nr liCgt oor Ilnlai'l'll, i"ICIA, ag(,i 45 alln, ollilscanl ilolllel,. lii hIle. Nleiend. oe, nogee nilleloll" 'I'H3loe1AS, ngd 50 une, on dieait ai.,antrleomi I Mr. B[ertrannd. ioprlrltair:.e dLIs lilt 'eclalew sonl prisI do ,esnlr Iot retlrrr etl payalt le. trnio. La Nouvelle (JIlllones 1o28 Uctobre, oh It , IAlllIll'EI, Cupitoin .IlI gerdle 1rIl I All.''h telilie i ? 1o My' In f NOr ed e I| bla1r Ill, iriih lli, R In ,' llote .ouncil oassed ` Ilace illi clims uonnija.t+d fit (oi, l, e a i Nal1. 1,1111 1 1 "l'1111 1.0 Jr . °lereseuce SNw L'r (', , Intl. 1llJ--ii26 Sý11 1nuicipalilr AVIS. 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