Newspaper of True American, November 16, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 16, 1839 Page 1
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,. ,-" .., " ., i .YDAY MORN,.G, NOVEMBER 16: x .8-9A' } *r nbla : ~tb~ itoornee dTn 1et c botNh inn I tJ tnotsicni s a icalt . *,taon ha N sanota Inn. t al r ia er aias . a q ;ihobantittnryratol. be -} gy ilos *111 i Eha l eha ihir iede4I h stll ante inneottapn or " npehenii ndtwn. f Vfatanoan;dvdotinilte -b hihFnr blnhagtin a ill' dhlatin For politica l nfitaer tt nttbmn of t aRaino.e E rst~ aslint bna paidl aaotr-4hoy aapi in aOte ine, wull ", 4 ar tostiO widellh " .*i di g pa tny a ipplicable ta ~AlLAWltV4CP,, ad tinnr nsotni a6 unsanh. · 4, t~fr~nd $10 foar bNElehit 2' r diciiiiwa hbal thepi f (hinterfii r th o itecal fi c publi is,5~h a , (ll to f iee orls..Y othor heat ayer. .y a thera ealad banewnpapr a (t1 W otn¢IU jn ihnd Int S a ntatjitih twlt enahie tho I .It ta it o o antieta isgernthcy than t8IP lt 'ott tme eatah bettor.. belnedd n4 hof ati~telrtnr ja~ ally in attn Benat an aoa that ore ceneornur undni rtt fnttics at thin. To hosit tn teonnhlrp affanlo,, I. I:RW k' IIWH ,b ta *tiietb$btbdtat r eaoltO abidentt y:ablr outt;.bin knl l n d f ar theyir a tnrll tI t J' T tiVd t r i t iao t et li. nhad hapes tap the oner J Au i t!1 g hri Oiendeend te pulic la ene r wil bt t ai ia:by he irs da o S I)DL -» ARit .-Ibo' erfhrber m -fscLsehr u a'tebot*roe 4eulelors 1. inasdlery goads ot~~q ýct11 viri by n iu rnol rom civri" c 111 V n llri I r r r y t i, c lrPI Io n'r Lodir ap o19 C i Ao~~d oltr ', aod'dlpe, :vh ·'~ dru1iCrrtlevli dri liy ri illdiss lluisg 'Ny htpidii . udts do do Crci,;. rio, t$ J 'li n r A4orr. riu o dodu bglirh do , ýt :Yy$ d.t ':" ou do 'di d' Cre , d Antir. anid Erg. ihidlerrinn bridle roenungro u o. or. jrriliogolui, 'iiddd b ibibl'dojoperlrdooonI eIr hater.rr, du& dotd do begp1 d gll orrlkeo ud d1i. nl d ruio.Ufoeui be do Dray, conrt ord w5otl, do Saddle UrtlC"llolie andsogle; vnvooiges; ~rduidol aa9di;{Iý ygib uss carputib ug9 beat troll Irvine 1 looler Foio ircinki ira noilodli lerater boot tip t do, easirlcdl ~~*rs ud9ia~RU9 atyles;el rtgrr~s rod pistol bsIA,, O "' oi~kay, twigarri piehtuera crop: jybI is'. }~rhted, e.ot~irp6ý-Ird'leorber iii ý, 03 d bob pia :,J. . ri r r iý'dI; lu11; platd, ir~rrar 1 bit ,! -o .9 0 ry OCIarpo I'..rtiej with" -wtm~hl rieisse 6 nrir~ii4; vi entry ii r;' lrlpcl-11, oftuttla1 i.mioi oi nit riti btkoyj ilr t}nFrrne poi ev;otilro.AunitrioM ir.ii1 ' _. .,';' r; lnK"", u erron c ,irio'0 c'ir' ruibtroughr 41re rear. vpoN( atrrdkrvji*e"ed ,.wt avpl'i.ej irn5 lti ( ° a"15 O-nnol at. 1 ý "ý.ll a ll otetv, -coo u. I ts,,( Irceu of VyooroI ivi ti n ul9 hrfuIne 19 ')p pdpt *" ii ittn ih t ~ 44 LuEhr Y li'ý .." .; . e.'~ :~ji~: ; we eF;d Pdr,Lwll Sgdiof et t 1'hivt Idlifc rlue irid94 it r~ol4 tqhJ r lit k Cir r n t·o s akt C tyr~ , 11q.. 9 l1 .e §& Mosexlt tp I O orhh r Oil y' .eEt~!~~lr lt~gas;;eIr t~r: " ,lil~i ltu tlii !.;.-'-H.MMORRIlOIDS. ".- ·& . ýk °tip}YMEYTtNo ·Fiction. 'lhis ex r'.r.t i'nO6dn ' chemioul ednmpositio, tile result obbi eiee, and the invelrtion of a celebratod medir a ,irfl In.; the introdll.,'"n of uwltich to the' publice Wa( invested with the soloemnty of a deathbed heqaust, hos since gained areputation unparalleled, hi frily erstalning the correctness of the larinnted Dr Gri(lly'e lart confeseion, that " he dared not die without giving to posterity the hobudfit of his knowledge on this subject," and. he therefore btqueathed to hie filand and attendant, Seiomon ' tays, the eroit orf his dicovery. It It is new usld in the principal hospitals, and c, theli private practice in our country, first and mnost an rfllaly frJ the ouer of the Poles, andt so oexten r "ively and oft, tlally as to baffle credulity, unless T llt.a'e its eltfres are witneed + Exterltally in the fulitwaingg oltsplaintthi For Drjayh Creating extraordinary absorptin a t naeta . a All Swellings-Reducing them in a few houre - llolrmatisem.-Acute or Chronio, giving quick d easee. S'ore Throt--By Cane-rs, Ulners or Colls. Cr.ia and WiomppingaCouglr.,-hxteroally, and over the Cheat; - All Irt4iies, Sprains, aind Bkne--Curing in .a few hours. Sores and Ulcors-'Whetho r freas or long standing, and fever sores. h Its operations upon adults and childron in riodeo Ingirhoematin swellings, and loosoning cougile and i tightness of the chest by relaxation of the prts, lhas been surprising beyond eonception. 'The. nommon remark of those whno ave neld it in the , Piles, is It acts like a chari." Ti- E- PI IES-The price, ~1 is refunded to any a1 pernsn who will ouse a hottle of Hay's Liniment a for the Piles, and return thi emnpty bottle without n being cured. Tlhope are tihe positive orders of tihe proprietor to the Agents; amid out of ritany ithou. sands sold, not one li eon unsarccssaful. W' might insert ert.llcuates to nay leontl, but a prefer that those who sell the atlithul, alhulld oe. i hlit the original to( parchasrs. - CAUTION-Non can be genuine'without a a splhnodid engraved wrapper, on whiqlh is tpy sanue,, ead also that of .lIo Agenats. SSOLOMON( IlAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMStTOCK & Co, Now York, and by one .Druggist in every Sown in the Uioni . For sale by tihe Whiolesal Agents, corner o at Commnen dr& Tlehoupitoulas street, and by the Apotheouriea gene.rally. jx3 i t ORlRId &.C4: ni; 311 Cha.teran stree, nle nw L.ý receiviihg an opening the mosat splendid, su- ' sltntial and tfahienable stock of Clothing they c 'hive ver Oxhbibted in'this markitet, oennsistifn i, 'part of ire foliwifng articrle: blues, hlud btlgek,ret bleok, hlndon hbrown, itton, ,alivp, Wbndotn mak; end gutdrn olive trlci lland dtress coats; thaver, I tirlhleolld hnrrindtirn Irocark oats, rtlegantlyfirtrish. ed; alney ant plin in Ie llne casimere and c.lfln t pantaloons. enulish and frenchb fancy nd ilaitn a silk and salil vetas; real new marlet clinllor s; englisli anot frnrich fiticy anil p!atn sutrfs ritd Irdkis; cha.rtI), illtks.webi nd alltm-elalic ae us penderse chninir , miruirn, Inmb's wool, welsh finn. 1 nol, silk and cotton net I hite s and drawers; line linin and cottlon rh-rl, with linen Iosnnms, plainl ind rillled; ivor peatrl Id pilnin handle shlk ui. r hrells ; i Gra tr'ri.. pr Gt eiut Gloves--e, n heauttilttril rtii e of white kit, fotr aetlddings, bitll, &r.; Spr'ttlefilcd sills ane i ratled na hdklte; plain, r licuretd and etIbtroilOer'd CnaIrti do.; silk, nmb It votli, mlnrilno, gertnmattirwn, nthd bhrown Ultd white ci;tnn hall' hose; ni of which llhey .oier low for Sa ttimended b Illte ludlitv bll audtid and Charles ton, indeed ruynlity, nobitiltty, thel ress, and the tic l . b mru ud it and placed the t fliciuy of I. tdy L. £ Montl.gue's cltuIpund Chinrse Monti beyonld sus Speinn t, r li'ter er rirng or ls I l l iplel In the 'I I e, l sinll bi rn,l t n, i rliuiti on , prlcthv h eiut,iand sllier, ti-tme ll thi itnt, the t healing qu litlli s of this srp will s iion ertwl le. It is rl i 'lullllniildrd in lII emollient sl uvilug Sl,.p i i co .lll tiund fitr gt le. t1eohl- for benauli i) thI l r ultpi l!xioll rmlvt •4rukess,.an ti rlpurtilgl reshilte. andI denl IaCy to SlII cmllllhxton. i Tle itliH:rtllOatic dilitlCinltl of a ft llllad While bulld. is wi llunlllllny In Object of ioneietrr tble iitl erisl. I t i;p. uret f warmi t limt'vii the tueck frce end htnd- bhctll mned or h ,rd rilled, and the inrlvln tins l tti dler rtll .ltiaitrv Uave bt.u renderu v bittleth i leviit l l ll ti rlyin the. erices. snry)' everty idiay auslt ll, but evenu t ilt luxuritc and eleganeiocs. Sold whtnlui',le and retail at Nit. 95 Cut+irn. h,,., o': It. .PrO $1. . . . 1__ a s ' a", frse $1. "ItROUG(JH IN FIVE! AND A IIA| I.· LA, From Mlobile (Alit bttau) to A aiutoit .UIroJ i l.A V i S'.I Mou lile e U a :u t h l er w a ., l nttl . i:i cl t tidatI the arrival of'the m.1il from New Sirenn', 'r" the stu~nboal t Kn:tIaI,II: to lhlakely, coachesl to I'ensaeolI tsuambonts (per 'Pensacola Itay, St Ituna sound and Churn. tuhuchfie Ri ,'er Wuid );a)) to Getl r llu0;, co: helis tlihIM via larianln, Clithalluchller, (t'orllllerly ,Mot Vero non,) llainbt idge, Piunderton; Il awkinville and louio. ville, to Augusta. A p:lasogeerttkitn his sent at Mlt. bile is io no alnger of beiug thrown out or losing his s'ereteuce Ib other anO.liting interests, as the FLtlt-l SINE Is but olt, conlcern, liand underL one l 11canI thrugllout, nd nmay rely WIrt CEIITAINTT Ulpon hoi arrivallat Augllta iol ihoo tswcitiedt, thI'ugh all weath eta"llid tay seaoson, u.lltless- soIC nostml lt'reoel catas Itllahe lsnholi occur. Tl'he (lteat N.w irlitatos Mai eil bIy this route. The Agents ftor accoomlda p, 'i'qsr., (youohes iad Drivers tre not siurpassed 1T'b t m'oth, hird,i natural roatds, th snfre and inter sating e'ater navigYtion,lthe lime landl acoumnodation, lfobr.nilrt h avelr speed, cert intr. .ollfolrs, nl a t;len.s g joi i t chinected ats twI r.te ith tibe I;il it 'ad i.Itt'stoi, St. U. lld the aIntIll:tokets to New Yrk, tra.lers calo treat New York lriol New Orleans LOSlS THAN., oIs"--.V lhinj;to. city In U-. Frontn("ll ...o +lorhld, we htve a tt lrw, itw via 4luney anl T'tdhlLhisane, 4 ktr Itlt atunhes alson two liranchen from ilawkotkhsa,,0 I ptie to tilletdgetille, otil one to MaIno , lIght two hore naches, S'TOCK 1'0j ' coa. Auovsrrx, l0th .l.. 1331:. 4RFcunt Moauimn .toltilo ' *litsi.nea, Now Ortp1 s to lob'Lle, 150 mile t bltil to Atul.sta, .l "t oitis pw n s blancer thu Chao tohesra d l ad i 0 Labow b an ul st been iomnpletell a" t et ltotert N 1r lnk note n to f oat hn laltali to tachesho. bf~ritte ae ater tlla ULi tutls n iie bl VOertt adlats Lbn ( ho pvi as nrebtoi l i 't gtittittis€sole anti i outelan aabfl,,uor, by .ihtdy livw dL velpy . , or hib 1-W6. lan" f Oor; aliiand4lidoiti g evasi oflbo'ilaicthles.ter 9 vols, - Nchlolas nialeba, l t,. a il. to 1,i.."-' . rlav, nItt i,-No L its 3.' u • flin ltu sildthermenifella'icierby tlOoabey, r hit II e nsotorltkvlittljlui c4kjt,-tM 5k0: ti h e I o ir a of Pavi an. t we.gltii a Novetl lno voi, j 2 ".ol , '',' ( itadiieett. Ot in Parsaghy 2 nola... D meiyiir ll teiue ,-. e. , b - re l_ .i ,'Th lug1t, W litplteyd, new supplies. Btioieiaubr Iuluwer. - e rt E. J.)IINt, & Co, july 01th-3 w. corof St Charles & Comtaon asa WQNUIg NTS of Wasingtgion's Patr iutitm, with a , laoe ii-tltle of hip Lt.,ali' Aoo ntl dturing lth lie. 'valutltaaryWar i fITlin voluotie $3: til eouch, will be staidl't gnrtrtee, peoPtads of Ilte pablirntion sre to Slti.ia 4ld Irtleamof otihe Waahington aluudil Labeur. h..ipsl sad 3I4,I Oripahbn's Acclnm. - hislsatulo'latbgUi Work atig.t t lke in theshande of vo.r. A tsebel ; anai edidtom oa the Cilty and muantry. pOeerla willeaootrihbue to .dt Its lnevolutl object bltl gieogl-t iisdevortisanentt ftiw.iscart mi.. tr i . ' t :": R.JOHINm rt CO). Agenlt, aglb-Io. lCarSt Ur hatesaea. o .Cmlnmmon l O , . battic . +'bn Bi u .. ^'I i th boathe' i s :sptft 1'Al~' Vl~le'.cls.| AN INFAI.LIUI.I.: RE~k,.D' . FOR+ DI::,FI.'E~I.Jv..'h e greutuosue vhieWlurstteud; ed tfele,apllontiol!'of this valuable realalnv ill nsom hlmlr#, celt in ttle Wetuituietr DitlseIeUlrV (ter dieuec out the eye 'd~ enr) Iof whiehl~olerr e Cltettlt ueae biteettnhtled by .i lor, ID, fetom th.ltugl ci GttO'ehrtmett, nnd the c t -it htc rrceinld temn tht tInytl Aedctndy orty lttiele in Parui, as well th rurtt theifollow in d I tttltcatto e tIlr Abhrne thy, bir Altlety Cttmyr.,I)ctROllO,.tCurttt, Itctko ntct L fu gnlsig. Aerluc, .e. cncd ither trltt. c.]d turtcct, inferor to t iciein uuediucleelencet who ltave eueu ntlld rteenltendcel tt. 'lhe fmaie ofhe Oultu Vgetslhilir, [Ihrughont -'ra~ee anld tiirlsucy, eUtted ite speedy introtluetlon tIltiuillttOtcuvery etnntrt" it .nroC,c d illdd rea merletttietteted tu DrTt. ]or from dllpmrt.. onyrutulnlory ·lo tila rireuamltnce 'il ecrti~ily wi||wllaih the Uutlt Yeretlnhil·a was co lit m.J y nlpid en Inttleoted Ilty tltlty eh~tutnei. Hlnre the reen lulhtof , B, , their injectiet touics iPhillipye, King oF the larcl;ch did l hOoptd K iin l oi he Iltleiillts, coiteeleduo Dr Tnylor the title oftluouorty Aurld l ti their mnjeutie, es It n c olnpttne For the etntl retlortdu to herntl oretttherwiaeuecd icy the Rpplibcllttn uthlchicuc ttitl Gtttte Vegetttilie. T'heeo tctctltluItltynt feterillheb hnttceehe cnffleinlt toenenm trge .utt wholCt IItt,,tedt with deafntIesiUrtc ingkct crOec nuite to ap~ply hrir reiaedy. L •I Ion~f ol. Parts cnd nruelcei the nlumetr cred by him it ittnceulcbh a well ccii ci r t the teiicctuettef thecliree kiep- tV Ile io.' gnl'lin 490 ..... Ir l.... deIar .......... d n note y hDiti oltofcwuleUt lnd b teeiturablce ter.tiyearnd et enPtt:ltc ot.y.,ne. (iyltrlte) iJn were retet.mredt t leittr, 'li IBll o wcc wienct ert o l'Acut egettcinue. m I t. Ithcte hnet ytc wet .uoctrec ifopnted in tie titie. in tcie couth nf Ftnutt +WheoClll ush tttictul lu tcecb oltltfr erue ccd cttluuutet.tiete tthey" Stltuel. -t. toerimtpeltitnfntlltey weetill elltnit th tulthtenle ccets "tt --The lo JouhlltKiel, euunu ou thlylcu Churtnh, tanclteee, ter hbd hctneem tu tenf, frotmoldtlntoth euldt lhat beuccituntt Aye Rltbuul ycres disultl. Ti'hltunt i tlclio h i ieal grcltu- hen city lowmingn1tuO hitlor I nu.eller on yectrt, durieg whieh tic tlile he aipplied te nulc enl colernieed Anlrtiute tld P ysiuiinc, Affi who e Icrctedm ndmpplied every thig tellir lltnitni tt1ei11 lulti euugett, itihoututhelentuthido fr eteliet. Dt Dn ti recute enu mellcdtd Itld Icduliyd T;lyler'ecltlni Vegetnltih, net clree ngi In tele Ie hdSll t Ilut nd 11 secunll hollle 111 nnlll FUIi, ffold * hour melltncevcr hcl dil. rnitnttlntttul nlr of Itcircue,esau nlc,eni t thtJnt lllnrlllntor ttt l -35I tin DrnAnroumut Edilhertg.. lytf thl· tin' (tVegelitie--ht tile my licetleo, acwell ccs inh llotmlcilnlte-t lfind It to be , ti ntrt vnlunl~lh roeleidy in n..n+e ntlolonuetci aritlltg cl, cervnnn dl(bl~tycllld rolenlion oti tilleart u lulhelcld by coldl, cnd weli e:nculltetl tc tIlct miltl eotidullt,uttllttrtot c reittlltlitecd it to vntt.clnee, heiuS rnfllontll Inv nllinlt nnctell lne thtuat othobrc, ntle m) wittl ite tillPyIUhlctd mito tllny have OeCuSil)l In uxnl illil. yn~lna~ul d bCovery w treJollllt oftltdiuclll,ueitcudrtihie, in ctltter to Dr Tuylor, F conclutdec by ennillg every elitec of yeile will Ald nii lhe Gitle Vttgetuhtihc u chltl atllol utllcl'le rullletty ltnr Dtuhlecs lreieict frtlnl cllllou i tlly e +nnoe. I hluiont cneitlly ioutlthllc clli to iwo IccmlitlcpromUen u Ilrtit :t ellcl',t 11 inilgtilotcnlc IIett a. paeullonlllll whllo enme tllldlcr luy +:itPluhII(Ori ll+ der d~l~llileSX For tcneyye ycttI tIcInnl wit ni nlltirni ltn lllg telietcrt cItd i t • 1H'Aunhtr ounld rexnmlnhllllp l]1411tllt thnll++;EtncPonl!+mllleII WilhlI th~e titcgiug et liell ict ut IteteeyntIncteIII meet etIenedV I ted tltc inldiniuuuceeceorloud mnhonetny ntf ilt tt tth lttOlo . A jlllciini r~etltuuttiunr mtttueHitteptningi~e( ticD Tnlyiue'c Ceutee vruectitb~ttcsye-t tonve etolloytloil toI y chili ml,. tul nn11tctetnd cuten utetut t~reyntulln to tcilrleenltutcndncee ofDlneclt.. culd I ltetUldcllltllenly acrlen thut t butt. never Foundl iclyhtng so cmoge eod o eelclciollr n+ Dr Tay It"rttt (tliut Veetc;lcllis. 7mmu Itienyd(eynt l UtimeI itecytcy he, for t h eaveo n tlictuxprlnelld it, thntit ymcotuneo every virtue that Oun Juctly hie uctl ilod to any nliedine tnr thut diclreethin ef icethm. ItIreechen yOU tuinO c Iteditiuo Ot iUpUoticVce titeiC ny and ttntt hltiie.cvhlie. Mic S A Nnrtmn Of .ile End Rbeet, wac meny yenrt afflicted ctlu dqcncete, dier tryieln nvery thing tle ,..uchl rhlwe ot, ned her tdcyicicnll enuld lrceeribm, olme Itetlo nf Dr Teylmcr' (Utila Vcgctlubllis reIteeed hter ontiidorebly tled Iftoreuie cccll ila third llotlo the wan perleetly reetnred to the Stnet of hoer the dId tgecltltllt,-ien +truck eeeh' duct tice lileille of Weterlou, 'nlll hr, rbmnlqlod so ever filnet, dter ilh Use oeouo bottle el' Gutta Volentncilti he wce pyrnfecty EUrell. tIrAtteen ofC hlllbnerwttlltwhochu icol 1 yeare deprie.d of ttceeeenetboiceiitgmctqtcllienceuedbIy ctiigiu imctleotil. teI echt~oed choete octet enunteetmly ntllieted uith deefntt, ec Ii~ It"c"tee'etltetl millJieteuOd crone u blbc.iltgeut it hIcu Tee. en tittcoty ntd clbevrccfneette rurn nawlnobmpnntrl~ unnnoel; bu~d [l boll ullnttnleltce ordtrivetd lccnl othber neiec. * To tlcnce lintclcd wit ct ce etn entll n rln I'r. colid,this rtep erleticn ll.t Icv inovnuiueblepndwiillrecereo thenlui tcecT- l invl ill eln etmes ott ele tnll. 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Inltiolry, whlicnh qnnbu e hlllk nullcll or cure," ilnd Irulecn r t I i" tic eli.te."lit hc e t Illut-ch Iuntllerelln qunclte ceJd tttuige itipoyttoer Ict1nllithnlc. t tlorintecluctkhy n cly Illuroeoiniiully, imiocce blleir vile nlld dnhluorout erlnltrntioll on tcie Ionihtic, enring nncblhiltn; flr ttt Cllutolne eqleuenc, that they eau" oly tUen-bt Ih~ir .nIlo~l~ Inls.l| Itiee fIlet--+L.'ht the qucnkc cud fore;ei imposmtort who cow inbttl nurcionetry knew n.n.gmothe naeure, uf Intdi eille+ nlhLh h~,.+ Iluhun adc.aro, 1~' the: Illltlml+ syittm, te ir c l -ct'lthey itrleet rliclllrly nlnictieloc ill lcu follnw int ,literlns, eil ol c-hcln ire illirit or tlitt cesedni.cuy imtrltic inientcete hl ciltiniiiic Itllll tlltus cnttitteeottn- eo cen lilheUtllltllllie tlclioll++ Ulaerousmllrer nfthu ulee thlroat necltifll.i; Erycijinhie nlli binlyn Jntlldlcn; ilt:orthurl; Socly ertlyliclla unlld blnichb~- ol tisasces uclntb liver, ukibn, lio thin; +- - ncotclginn uctlud; DIcy elnd mhter miii).ue, unli Pnilno fiblellun·e It-onie e hn n)lnlllten l thle finie nlld oe huclctlld onilco, ntllier the te llq, IV egelnil o tho hlien ccud ltotnrellle rinmentrlci; Iltllnsl hi .;wblling nlld d herdelnllg e~t' lie Inwmnrd tevert, bd taste in glrds u' tdhe neee, ic ihe ll o 1114)11111, ibUu lirceltl h rin; lrinebtcl, ron Fbl.lltcniiy. Ittin.eulcat; Oittitiiniith couhelil; -t Wencftllllf tilnct- Lntr'eumplalnot eour eructiunl nlld au:idilee on" thiecoeacnb; WnlorBe'necbe. 1LL;COlIJI& NltCA'l'uRX FACTGS It II a fot-l'hotoly proprietlor atdl ooiufotour. of tie Soasaparilla IbIood pills. it a regulr .'pooty'oit twll ao apoyth beroy, ijiosiot by tho toeolobrutod plhytic iaottilw United Sratos. litoctoo.I hysicI, Chl1p man JacsIOn, Gil wt, Dowoell., !ue, Jomet, lloro.,, CxOt, thy. Ilbs cluit-'hf of the Sarsyparilla blood pills el.o emloyed in thle prac~ticef oIIoypithyooow. olil Ito)' Ii ooIy 51111' 1ttdo,1 by gtuty b.rou' hot the U Stolew. (Sot ditlijoilo owo ol.ingeachII ox of pills.) ilo.'t ,Ia-They are wytwered eotirely of veoetables, adi tley aoroe .'ots dito ontain o nick curt' or ,biolut re It is a fort-Tibty itty Ibo tatben by tbh mott tilictie, end at oll lgltoot rsttraint ttoccupotiot boo obitaiantsj ithout ofito cold;i without change of dietor restaiot Irom It it ni',i· e-'_IP h will not by tlhir oporation, which may b Ie mild or active, ueccnrdlmp to the quantitly taken, weakenl i hll ay stem ro muchl .rs most of the ypoguito dio goiwo. oily do. It is s fact-That tley to theo,[ o.touthit P0dllIlIEIIS oi' OLt: BLOOD. KItNOVATOR oF THE 5SSTEM Eter diwovooedt AtLl v Qustit ttnual dtkrmsho, proldc b meotrcury, r ( this miners i~lI ., 'sisote o'tf sypbillit, loos; vettolo, It s is fart-'j'lut never it singles inarliaab'idsuo o the I i,"n knbot twi'it-J, [litb. 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It Ifyoles. I \Duifura'tsiitooioon its .i[es;'i thoeoiyetnltn totl'iy 'ttge e every aewrrpuper is filld with advertisementst oEfrrl' a !tans of L~,rlintspri to extracts, srups, &c. i ýt W il ll has dicoveed praes. kne aony t imti* %lhpreb it unb'pe Iitl) l,.r a'tLloll k no it enail et alyl iitbut~ttl ooroyioo titts virluojoftto *ortplttik, unitd fiotol; fettprtihi oro Blood Plls. With tlb. ti. ioytoillcit cons. Iu aAtsattmobi todgande ping tlvp, which by its elfetgradual. 71.Jy'ao 1lnlpst l~aya1opghty ~lim tie oil te gross and morbidl iuhOe.'OA o, rol. 1 ti blood by thbe onuparill.. -Thte. . p11`N o (IYP goot viuioutiy as ucwt Iillt do, which pros. tratb epd uceths yste. ratitlaring It mo. Nbiohtsto his. Twinovo pdoeisyjthrti.ooitiern. tito iii m . ltl~eil to tak stoge'ol iih illing dr destroying, thlous, This in`.short 'Sc mood beniktietwthat ptrqltgo ot ololoitity ooth pilliodo ithots s tumuf otota by qitniir' ad Piot eift ioit.'ro eo a timchooulos ioowi$ .' ottosotitbt as Moorooy sol nibsh;yot.u -I. ,?4m the ucmitistice of thesarsaparlla thing I ltlldtas9 0 ..',y to tb`to twiho d ioieolttfor ooioybfg ii 11 pocketqoy for ttsetlowi1 tot Iootg liable to breu.'tbto, tot'e ,the LmtleioollorlwItg" pronpyoitiut; ofiith otoopoinithl 1.7lo !ihunt Vtnlooilly take Itl pld of' Ot eskir plreprttiono of .0lO~y~llOlilt ooth lb. lbogotiug hooe e.icitodattlOwooo .epibooisS lrot ophyooiato sod atheo., wltith taootomay oooo tbt. tiuoii oitd artoottpdiely .rectwwttd td bo woitotc bgkioeito tO.'Oli.rtyoipos,jao .ittcolloolbooi. disooof oltbt liiop.' :kio;ltoo aoiýid . ldpoUt of'( bide Along llta tIoblrnd spree offe the reion o the eat tsad so tec. 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LE CORDIAL, DE LUCINE'OU L'EIII lit DE L'AaMOUIL-The Unitiled htates Adent file the Lueaeit Cordial or FiFrir of Love, returns his gotriefni uieolheot.renti for lne fl.ttering Introoage wleilh ete has alrealv reti yell, Anrd aiso fir the naoy tleti Joninln whleh hinv been Snt hiO tEouchtilr tie thie l i mostlnirncloas efflioac of tlis ilesttitalte mnedicine. m The well fmunded rcpantitionr at tihe Lecin Clordial t'e .trran te ila r.ent ile wtllrwien his log andvertise- a motte; but for tie hetnefir if those persoret wh,, may to R TI whbici hacreated t oet.d tti a Th0 tteoticli:t it i speedlly restores th' vor;it piRwlr, whlere'tiry ihive M been exhbauted Iy liasUheo onrth.llaire, asl read earu-ot tirnll reIIoItte. ite lrmert nlfttetie that it io irire a if ecteol crllro lirthe illr t ltoibo rlld ahllve Illitht it it in the lirlentedy ever arl ovetred fetr t eu rnlrovtnl of inpotltncrv in mles d nlte brrenPesr itf o .alee. e, Oigh I itoes vn tlv eoVilatli ltnirie ver, it it n laI e 1ighly e re- igy eul in glee., Itruietrto dliffi elt or palfitl nelPltlotlt D lill nilllctilnl, ne o'll ur o le s orin tolllev dii+h.tlr tllref, chronic. eruptir.u, of the iskin, iroicitil hlc- a1 ltion of tIte nled to. t Io ertl.r thalt el iatsspte of sorietyv aIty receive ll cerlit of i)r. lsanie' ditistcover, tr the Arlerilal pro. to I e tllr o n itr ih e llytdr i ti at thle Cotdiul sh ll'be srtil it toellles f tsix ealc ll l tiite ricedl orielge l$3 t whlcl ist te aloin odilo half the price clargmd frr it II IOHN WINTi'ERS THOItTEWFeI.i.. ,. i. It U rited it teUlo Pdro)lrih at . S lheabode N medicine is for sNlnoit ioilriu e ant relail rt Nt. , fitt N.goazit. aeua (itlll olt Jtr, New irltltillor . ai' is IIr it RAI .DNEIS. A rAUTi FUIL hend oflheir is the erandes orna cntitt Ielontrinr tthe hoean tttmo. tow mrlneoe tIv t1i toRtit it changte tire eeleIrtlllreesand irorna o ilrely I,rines on the appenrCne of ol'd are, lwhhii c II Ie illr to recil at heit e Itne tvoeryd. rld rtyoPtitltn it even to Ilamrer eietv to avohid te irests tatd onoer of theitr i i tlotlnel tlnw roemaindr olle ther Ir liwes rre sit setqugetly spert in retihement. tn Ehirrt. irn t even tlre torsltf sropertv ille ite gernee r th Ilinking vlolh with tlint eenvv o inking elnilm t doeeb tlen lrs of t:ie hair. 'ITo avert oil tlleee tnpllelretnnteirrtlinmtttaece,Ohhiltlue' t lolll prof (llltabiia tipr the lhair frollt ftilline offronn tie hiirtotappiic'tion; ltllt ofer hrottiles reenrre it neail. It likewotr prOdllee evebrow.r ond whiskers; prerents tile nn(r frnl tlriino grtov, mokle it curl henttinlllV, aInd , frees it fron teurf. eerlitieetere"l tin first i esltecatabilitv in stpport of thre virtues of Oldridgej b ittolm, ore ltnown ty thie proprietoro. r b 1D Read tile ftllowing: ]l.bhrt Itherton, EPrq. lite ltavol of h'til idelph! lha i'nrtifii i asnv tiIe seenh below, ti tlhehighl ellcri c t ir ofhrie tllowinL enlmnu. 'T'he undersigneld hId hereby cert.'t thlst wehulve seldi tie tltttfn ltltf ttOhttbia li.tlovered by J. Ohhle dge. and ilrrt frltrod it Ilhigrlv oervtirclrlle not etbly to n pooiPlttiVe tetllnllRt ite fllillng roff of hairi but also e certoln roster live. iVttt.iA 11 "t'HATCItER, Senior, t Metthodist Minister in Ft (temh e eoeroe.r. No 8R1 North Fifth et. r -O. N P INFr I. ISr I Aich street. b - JOH-N D THOMAS, 0 Mi, 163 Rarest JOHN S F'II.R1 lfll.Sprucc street. JOH N GAR sJrI, lAr ch o lreet. It is knowll 1tr t thiree of.tti iletave srinllero tre trort.C tbll t 50yei y trs of ageud tile OtldrS noti les thanie 30. I[Frot the Mayor.) It Comnonwreailh AfPentm,vieOtnia. City of Phiilatdelriit, I, Iltilert tiVhrtnn. Mayeor llf tlrt city of Phiinde. pini do lherehv ertif Ihoit I ltII well acltirlinled .,lh nloere J P Itglic, Jllthn S turt, ltttl HIgh l i 'Curey, vlttoe'ntmet.t toren ifned tn tn;itht tto eeorticte,thutle Iy e are gentlelner of limrater and respetaohilrit, anei ir erch ftll credi hirt iti tI t iven tt tihe saidt corlitfiete. t, In witnersw reofrl havlie hiereonto eti my hand ande etrsed Ihe seel of tihe city to lie aflhd, this o fth ilti of Dce1rrlner, ne. te..5. OIIElIT WIIART'ON, Mviyor. I OtSItIlVE thnit eoh blttle of the (iGonuie nBalm itbao r i t the Folil jfNigerar, &ct Sot' tIleseolo and retail by tle sole loeent. for An r rice. nl Flelcher streel, tit'r Maiden Ltlne, one dooi bei ' Pearlsreet, and by tnot druggistlsand perfumers t' ough hc country. JA ILVIS & ANIRtI.Wn , Om9 Wholesale Ageitte, Tew Orleaas. noI \V oolesnle Agents, New Orllane. li At.RIAGE PHYSIOLOGICAt.LY iISCUS !V SEI). Tranolated frow the Frencl of Jean I)u bole, . D. by Wvilliam Grertield. Part lat. 01 the titte'sitv of Marriage I Part ed. Ihttucioans in courting, with a cure for Lodre! . " ,Part 4th * * Mnrriage Physiologi:ovlly 1)ieiuased is th, ni:L usrfil(, and d.:id edly tir muiostintereosing work %e eter read, It will break uttp more rakes and spinluers, and make more more married men an womru thllo any plthliotjlon that tas everbeeo sanctiuocd by thie court of ,iynteu.--La Moatalare. . 'I 'hi is a great b,.ok, and wilt be prolductive of mtoih good ith ctintt lllllitv IL io'truo it enntails mucoh r Jaom..Y. Uage, br i' tl'tmnvti a u)t n . i5t ecuso, jIlytftlmt Pope hod wrilira on it,le tcoul fi t0uvhaoc tremoidttorme tielicatey. We efspecially recooo0 t,", itsi InotrtfiiouaNrit;C.,urtng" to'the tetioo i of il boIhn i.ex.e'tid se, .temn n that may be in w otiner.,.-Le tit 'Co h riier Drs' Daei . Fur alet tleat no5 P.,yd,+ i.t woetwecoalb . ie ar, (lntp ttreel. Price 75. . ND)UCATLw;N-b Ni'H ond Eý.Giotl SMr Juotes, reonltyt:,iv t d itt) be.ti . t' itightrt ihe ei re d 1o NwOlatn Otie-to thoe w l1 il, an ncadet my , ni t Mrlondti' e Jlnuige a1 No. 19c Tivltnae etrICt, itor htts ilntr Flo ot t~etth of both srxes, in Fcroml airl F htlitb in wbiech he will.bae ibly asntisted by tirs.elames o ml Mrs.. Meiihtcr, whtI, toeak btlh te l,,anerelztte;S with Arettl. lltrtc y eed tturity, annd.o.,, ,iLalot.. harge aO the trpet t-tt ll .t the yotItg laditer : .rit J ueno ell gievp bit. whole sttnluti,, t i the nttnuo brnebhed of duednolin, atnd hIt-,l II il;ht:le: will give onlitre ealittndettio io l"t,,e. al.,l tin, hltttr hint withSth tircntr idente. nv NU7RIS C Lit Nit Cit ln tt &agr t a t' ,t ctoivittt !ll ficeltt ltt n toe smi nP,lla.ehi,.t S'egent aid comtllle Iss ortirellni i ll t dlldil. atpd lhtooliltiblo. lothino., L'illyitivte tllth+. ao l n- tt161td-ta.c...jbic, ,,C ,hecv ae worro,)l'd in c ,,i that elren lgepttlt rtitoens anUoti freuistl t.ilot .lIvre mto adchetitgeously ii ".y 'cnt. in tiia N -N3B.` A lew d tzatl"l.~t .cr) itutlnde utn-t brolin,. Iliii 3' to 3u inthe. . 'tAt-,.t"A larae I,,t bhite pine ta-k its_ 'thnta, urin. sizes;v o O t 1."' I tODiD's SIU'.DEiNT.o MANUAL L1 'odd'e.fihLatl - ltohool T'eaeh'r - . Abbot'a t et'nre Soti; AIbot'sbeatotily tt Ilome Abtblt'ie Way to'do .lood ;'lleora' lulrtductioti 'Abbot's Youn.g Clrlitioa . + Diek'h cemplete 1Var-ka, 7 volume - tlilnnith tll.hre' Private Dhvu tld e Iorteale at 49 (aetp it, by etby I ALEX. TOWVAIt. I browtan .i.ojrigos,h1) do Great Westeuna dt, 50 do • ret Falls do, for nlte by r.t7 rI 'ttLDG ji . r Cieh,n1. Iragaino c B RAZIIit COPl (Phl;l-Jt.t rcteivcd, in: j toi I21 Schse aasorted tr 111 7 to. il llee3Ld30 w. I inichet .S LOCKE it Co, mit ..If 8 liot lavee 0XCIANGlI OUVLLJ4I) L.%I LI'fA Pnceaie to L ii ti9 ' E YUIt{E,i5"Compsat TO I biicre reperotV "o I nad that Int ino tluoi is ert'p.ied on'o t uet0 tOimproved pla, e airy pluttl uoest: ih n hlbtetinatio.n, i ilt fatbutoi I hip upuitlie raihouIl, oar Jie Iron .be ,liesi 'Iieloiiditp;JioRiefge: aenji iilineoalyoiittiedu tlleli aeiifaetrie it bappki hq(i4 tkiliut e, Ott Nloptteu . eatot.le *wg.t;i c~ t:ll·e-l: a-.: til i!`gdtlliý ý ptw lw-tv1!'i "THE TRUE RICHL8S OF LIFE 1S HEAL'.I _ VEGETrABL W E KNOW that health. and the ability to lailor, constitutes tile, wealth of the great mass of the peop'e in this, as in mn st other coun tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu ral mean+ is a grand, moral end p litical scheme n to fulril which, requiresn eu utmost attention The unprecedenteI popularity and universal ap aIpprohation which this mendicine has achieved throughout the United States, tl-e Caonnad, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies, fully justilfy r. Peters' in warmly and cotsRe otieusly rccomnenna dthy them to the special notice of the afflicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi Is ar tao safest, ilaout iffee tual ond economical relmedy fn. diseases of the humaln eonstitut.on, that h nsever been discovered. Dr. Peters, tihe invenlor of this invaluable medi cine, from Iin kunovludge of the I uman system, derivo.l from a long and extensive practice,, has arrivedt to thi concluion, that the great and pri mary causes of mott diseases is a d-raongement in the lfunctions ol the liver, or in other awrnds an in. creosed or diminished secretion of the bile. So well is tins understood, that it is coinoan for persons to say when they foal-unwell, that they are biliou, meaningthat that they have too much llte on a tie stonmach. Oo the othter hand, when thle flow of bile is diminishe.ot, tine process of diOes ion is imnerlfectly perform e, too patient bhecnes weak and emtaciated, because untrislhnent cntIned in the lood taken into the et .mach is not properly ex. tratedl, and tihe food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that tihe famous Hln)gean 'Theory, no called, that, " impurity of tihe blood in tie cause of all diseases,"is a great absurdity. Every one who reflects on the subject a molment, will perceivethat impurity ofthe blood is a secon. da-y not a primary cotnplaint--tlo effect and not i the cause of disease. Wloen" the functions of the liver are dneranged and the flow of bile increased, it in often taken up by the absorbent vessels and carried into the circulation, and becomes ming:ed wi h the blood, as in jaundice, when tile patient shows it in his countenance.o Nov this imnpurity of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to remedy it, you must correct tlhe secretions of the live', and restore it to at healthy state. Dr. Peters has spent much time in experiment ing with different vegetab'e medionmes, for diseases I of the lover; and now offers his Vegetable Pil., as the best, most convenient, and cheapest nledi. cine that canr he prepared for general use. 1D. Peters flatters himselfthat his long exaeri. monting with vegetable medicines has enabled hinm to discover the true and only substitute answering aI ll the purposes oe mercuria s without aly of their attetldant evils. One great quality ofhie vegetable 'pills is tlhat they have Lne altrativo'principle coct. I binted wilh thleir cathortier or operative quahlties, no that they not only cleanse tie stomach and Sbowels by purging, but they regulate tile liver, Schange tiho morbid secretions, strengthens t le digestive organs, purify tieo blood, invigorate tile circulation, and give tone and energy to tihe ter.. I vonu system. Svoas system. 'iThey are mild and pleasant in their operation, and c nvey lhanost immediate conviction of their d utility from the first dose. They can I e taken 1 with safety by persons of any .ge ; and the feeble, tile infirm, the nervous, and thia delicate,t , ei strenlthine l by their operation, because they clear the system of bad humours, quiet nervous irrita bility, and invariably product sound health. " The Vdgetatble Piis are a sure remedy for lJun. dice, sick androervous headache, dys epsia, costive. I nose, sickness of the stonmach, heaortburn, all bilious complaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken at i1re cunlrlnotoment will invariably check their jpro gross, and save the patient frotl a protracted and dangerous sickness. They are invaluable in nor vous and hypocondrical affectinns, loss of appe. tile, and al complaints to which females elone a a subject. Tbhy operate as a mild and speedy purge , c n o a sale and certain Iclnedy for worms in children. Since 1 Ihave introduced my Vegetallo Pills to the pullic I have received nnumerous certifiateos ofttheir euperior eflicacy in curing diseases, a'no, many letters roam respectable phlysicians, who have used themo in their practice with the best success. I might publish a small volume of certificates, but consider it noneuossary, as the medicine will rnconmend itself'to all who wi I make trial of it. The above pills are in boxes, eontaing d40 pills each. Price, 50 cents per box, Druggists and country merchants can be nuir. plied, at wholsualo or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi pal ofice, no.65 Puydtas street, between Magazine rad Camp ste. New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. N. 1Moriison & Co, 11 I Caeal street: P P Berlin, drnlgist 112 old Levee, between thie two markets : Mr. Brochier, druggist, at the Washington market : C J Trincharii, drug. r;-t, corner o C tnal.& Bourbon streets; G A.I iwl:d &, Co, druggists, corner of TcrJrupitoults & Sired streets : J Riossi, druggist, Latiyettee city. l ul ALLIGAI'OR LINE. t; . Augusta, via Florida- I ..ev'.s Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. , S . : )'... . I,.. Saturdays, per tire :ýý ,pi- t ,li i! t nnio.r 0tamlpion, tex. i stuo r f. ra ^ng , J :t i ,,. to:i, ri r' iriL' r a, n t1,Preg ,..e . .ertu I, , P, ry, rto , 1. t : thie ,,, v ,, a i rt ,' to1 \ ,. ceeotpunbdat. ,,. r.: . ,: The be.aufi , .. watelhlp Bay prellnt tce!l:r 'I :": vigatiot iS ate .!e perfectly land locked. 1Itht Tenl are urIstorrassid on any route m :r Country , the deraers, to a lean, carefill and attor rive. t'hoire rldg.,tret.ore d.angerous hrave b en . newlyto*iilt, so thrat.righ waters do tnot intertere a T'llooauiiglrtougus tlhve lieert IImstly chaInged, and are nowa s good ( on any roed in the Sorth . It is krana that the exe..elnceu and hardnres al th ~roads Bnable the teatntut all sea sores to make great epeod. Tlreir smnaothneas e- r cares tile traveti'r ifro the -ruin.rt'fa&tigue of I stage travelling. lThe Line is now c rrvyirg Itopasaengrs from ii Aug.lesa. Mobile in leoar days ad I tetelvo a ur, or to Nraf Orleansr iO l leor days and twenty v ra.- Augyuta, the liou is six days beo ou ehours. 'ithe t,'n: actatlly employed inl a ling is re sramer aer i., tib ether eireoction, but tihferance of timte ol r, the. , te, is cauidedtby a' day being leost in e.~, :ei, wricl, however, is welltropryd by tt-he. I" enty it gives ofnreie.g .th!rNavy Yar, ti,,trn < ,i'w._ ,I'orts, ete. 'lJte traveler also skenps ar e .,. rand a-rin at War. tenctun.-. T'hls ar.a.tnget'n will oiftinar till tbheR trayel Lurn northltard, rhen theL i ine wilrsrtkno srane frmr Mobile t. Augusta, sait is tew'il tbr other direction. ' SThis Advertisement conrta.l plain stat-menet of fLats, thed accuraacy of with thtrt proprietoroi gaurante toeac. papsaongrirritr penalty of ties stage fare. . Maps of the Line may be seen at tire xu hange Ilntel, Naw t)rloaus, taid at til:. Marnsion Hoeus, Mobiln. Fare through front Mehbile to Augusta, 847 S0 Tie line extends, by a brirtnh to Tallahasseoe. 5lt-Chaltattooche, to line connects witlt the steamboat catryling t4o uail to .Ap anchioolha ai St. Jose,.~h'. Oftiro at the' arttsion iouse; Mob .e. ml7 ' ' O -tit'rtWIICK, Agetta, Mlobil e. Wi' Pit'tVgtgtlla.-t rnetr e t stilrns r1, a t*i'rti le ij re erae at the taarni-. "9a.rt. atAt 4h T ,T great celebrity of·thin unrldll~diC0 t position, especially in the Northern Statdrites,.11. the proprietor but I ttlo need. to say any thi. . its favor; for it has been enorally conuCded dto t. thatit is beyond all comparison the b at reost ldyo for external acomplaints that has ever been lifiba vered. Indeed the :speed and eortaojn! ;of itea'o I rati ns have the appearanco af miracles; tas ot cri 6 w undo, crrne, fever sores, chtidblaltia, ihite rel. lings, biles, piles, spidor a-d snnake bites &. oime. diately yield to its apparently suporhumon infiu . a ence Thus if properly appliedit will remove en; inveterate corn, or break and aeal at hin in five days, will allay and perfectly cure an nIcer in two weerk; and the mout desperate caiso of irsite enelling that c~i be imagined, have bven destroyed c by it in lese tian two months. I:lothe its ofpa. a senus reptiles its efficacy is truly surprising, ian even il tlse bite i-fa rabid dog, for if applied in lime, its power of lattraction arenso wonderful that lthey.will at once arrent the poisons iand tltas pre. vent it f rn pervading ti usystom. 1t is liikewise greatly superior to any mnrdietie heretifore disco. verod for the chafed backs and inabs of orse, abre tetters, ring worms," chapped lips. and in short for -very externs!ar odrly evil lijut lmay flil tO tIh lot of matil tr boa . The propri tor has received at leint a'thluesit certificates and oth r documents; in fav r *oflilt: ,, S,,ee fie Ot.rinot," upwardls o a" hundred ofl which were written by rospoctaible members oftho Meldical Faculty; all breathing the santu eulogy alnld atisthotion. - Pro arred at 129 Liberty street, Now York, an4 for mile at CS Pcydraa .trout, Noew. Orlians. titar -i I" nt 'CaiU.,ic air attr _ ,'U.A.t t CIIN . 9 ltHO tN'S Coopuand Extant ofCopaiha a Pr tilha -A eertitnil, due, tun Insmst lio t~ tutl remeit dv ever discovered for tit: cuire of Glonorrhea, GIlectit trictlures, Whttiles, Pains il tllr back and oins, a an, werakness, atectiiols kiduier, gratel, s.Lrbutie el'pt i ntls, te.C tll tie inodluvdetlio of : meldicion possessing the ulsefi and active virtue of the onie now oi.rd It he public, tile lopropietor has but to referto the numlllerous roein nllellcations receiveld lm the tllot emllelll of the oite ic:l tf:eulty in I;i Olpe, belireving that it will lie dull ailpreciutul ltlell its mil eritH ire tmlllorefilly kntlwn. TIohe lIalslnl o (C;opliba, soeen\illrltry sged, llhs lost maich of its credit from the dislike which patients tlorlerly exitpress d retfogling its disagreeable taste, disturbance produced i tiltie borwels andl stomlrh, nd its helretotbre ierffiillenvwllen iosediel the IIt:UltriattorVY stage.'1 Tihe Ioprietolnr has inide tn nlymsis of tile Blasnti eoneety ig that the more nativernalities would therby Ibe much monole rolcentl'ated aid orte useliilyv dinitiaterli tlla ill tlie presetlt state. The above metl cine colebilles in gredients which are in the igiheit repute monlr the mrost soielntile and learned ill the professiol. th irutg in thoe eomtsition of thisl prtpalation Increases the ellieney ofite other, pIroducing an operation truly noiai nishling, anld surpalsitg the most ictatlous; postossitngat the isamre ti e the advantage of its irehig a(cmiistiei d with perlret the dillttlnt stages of the above b diseaset . The most eminent phiysicians and surgents of the present lday express their decided, ap Ip'obation in favor of Sarsparuilla, wlhlst its euse in tile pineiilir hospitals tiand llpublic rediealoo instittions has be nII, all still eotill rtinres, velr-'yentelsive. It wa a lt'v Ortile remedy writh tile celebraterd Ifr Abernrethy in all venereal affetiots, and in obstinate cutaleous ertptionls, arising from a disolrdered state oit4hedigestivefunctions. Having been submitted to the test and experience of the most ceelebrated among the fatuhy, tev have expresnsed their satisfttietion of its ext+nrtdin.y ellfieacy in every ease under their llarge, by adopting it both in theit tublie uni privatel preaerie. Their otl ervations will It nseried hereafter. Prepared by J B 'Thorn, Chremist London. Price E1 .5 llper' pt. L'ESTI'MONIALS. - From A I Salmon, Eeq. It S,' Sitrgein to the St Thorms Hospital, ruand Le l.-a., t. Anatomy. 'Tle ti:a welilh I have miade ot ')o r preplartiron in a vari-tv oneresis, both male atll fe'iale, in its results iauce provell so highly thronurable, that I do not hesitate ini ronounceing it one of tile most vlahtlllle and eflicacious remedies ever opltired to the public, and one in which, from experitence, I can place every reliance, whilst it does notrloduece the soame unpleasant effects usually ex perielnced from colniba " Ferom C H I layward, b1 It C S, Physician to the St uttylebone Disptensary. I take great pleasure in additg my testimony to the hvaluble proprn ties of your preparation, Vihilongyoo the suecess you so fully deserve, in an alnmple rew rd tbr the labor and expense incurred ir bringing it to such eonm plelt pellfrotll.'.. l "perom " Ii Cuoper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's eln tital - Tihe tuniftlrm success which has attended itIr atdmhini iclrilng youlr medicint e antrlllg my lmtients afflicoted with the abouve ditseas, has titlly satistled me that it has only to be known to be truly apipreciuled. Maly thie success you so well deserve, amply andt. speedily repayyoo-for your valtablre IrlSeplsralatien. lrom SirA Cooper, FItS P RICS, &s c. . Hlaving been induced to try your Extract in severel casesof violent Gonarrhtuan, which had hitherto baffled every prescription administered by me, hesing fount sure and rpeedy cores eRfeeld hy i.t, in a few ays I leel my sel .in duty bound to state that I now it my pria tiee both public and private recommend and ut e nuo other. t irom G V Blair,M ID, Physician to Guy's Ho pill. The strict test whieh I ihave given your medlcine I among my patients, llll its inl:v:ible slleest thlus Iar, will ihtnduce me to eIersevere in its use, and 1 deem it but an act of justice and of duty to add nmy feeble testi moinll inoo lmc urdation of isriirtues. From LC Thompson, Ai D F It S L. I rcturn ynou my siuecre thanks for t e vahluable pre sent of your Extract for the cute of Glonorrhtel, &e. I feel gr.atefil that yolo have at Ifst brought a medicins into use which will prove rI desildeiaton long sought foi i. the mediea wonld-s-a sure, speedy and efectital Cttre in eases r1f the almve clase, It ribrds me great pleasurte ir publrishing to the world thIe valuableb qaalitieaofyour Stllmct. i.ric.t. " S ere it necessary, the proprietor could here fulrlishl omaiy more testimonials equilly as commendatory as the thove; but trusts that itsgreat sucaesshitherto theuctre & expense at which it has heen r epared, will provenls greatest recommendatiotn mong a discerning )public. SOne retommlendaition this Icprepagtiol jn .tys above all others is its nett, polttab e lon--plt up Is potis-tl mode in whichl it may be taken, heing both easy enul pleamnt-its tastely nature,with no restriction in diet or confinement fromt business. Tiraellers especiallt wourh fired thlis medicinele highly ttselud, mad ought nevr to be tmprovided with a preplantion possessing the all rvaitages whieli the ptreset ono combin - Aecomlmntloug the oMedicine is a Ipmjhlet exlantn. c ; nftlhe diil.torlt ustiges i' thle risaer, withut (._at fir. 'ti . tctt a g Stall t ot a r- l, tpl t e tnoketliy us cit i·y'i t t ai i yu i 1Ptt re tf it FFETC it PiRol ull tla - t -t..r S cibre Cirt ci i.I 'eC . W" ities tt r m o unhAl ri c iro er i ernlih .i e ~ ,iis Ileno itrc itt-tii a I e s and i.n .,tt ll@ E ,qn latis . - t_ ,,r-"(Eir &. i'+ i';:!l A-.\ ... ,-rt llea t y t ieb, rerht a dt pr ,tc v.l. r. Vi, . t. t fI, inret reglretl t i :a - bined , I i' itttit pt r it t rli rnor ! wrtll id, aI i til tod i ot, . ci trjcur r h ltl uictt?..r C 'frht4 i rp q 111 tlll t1 pstl of hit creelr, trut wh to l'rs lir i lt or erlt, sale.or rteil n t tl otut:l ac.othncudatiil8 tmo, and. plninted ndo edo, .rench liridciirntls -toards, -lte, t d ,ivelvet .so wrtrer`ti d i.' r tOore-tci di, r.lles, siltk riooe oid "ciigontedt colittrr, putotrro tnd prices, u ctetei1 tt c rpvo . .. .i,,. otint Ano ertred. i o, litr.rý are y style ;lain alid eolud Otierd, cittOlrst ti r • aualins piain niL wrilled, no-nrirtd g;ao;np,:or styleof neetle workclp.6tot l cnahi;s a e ,lrtret,r l rover", &4C ,e i ptyle of bell jlaerl , ici rec Ire i9t1i it. till wind ttrrgorocutenkis 111, l ,id riaee gilt eagles hoal ,ttol peara, brthe't,' ec -las i knobs, atelrel; hir'ahorb, r i d: gttrrd int!, lare silk curd .tnd.'.,,±rd sr d ,tal. t ! sels, a xeneral assortment ,of uplra t '"l't PHI ir't.i Ihahinge constanrly.on hianld lsld h rsie at the tlwest prices itt Nec 41 Rytal.naud 6t4 C.l.t, i IN i-- PersOni it tit e city or-fir tt e c , trv, are reprpelully inmited rw s awj ni r .rn mne to.r i.'msetIvet." eGariets atid, eurt Ciios Iroad to i:n SetI sd cu.rn ytg l. nlromr pr o.l t 0hequrt" 001 st rig<tt f.hutdave teoy tueoei1 I ..E 4rco-.c . "" ~d\P,.-` · a'a;leattraa lafa "liovpiomiri 4t. the a. iIue t 4Trrt aIIOPtI(Ni afhe. p *taJ.ý itanr - - - iE24ad , hia.. aI~adiaa vhaJ( adthe ad.oraY aRh; At I Waes davd.L It& lbad i hit tnrl Thi la too- r~tiaa - tuaapataafs aait~y~ a _th H -T.he *tplia hal f Mwnlitli N!!r r mu911,.4 'rjile '$Ilý, uhna11100 .ll qi YtRS1 1 aaaoavt;.. tutba q }aap .entiapraafllahi aa di ttp a.$ aaltym1.Iaatalaaaiahaaah. sadaaa ati7ftl aj .aaa uaadpythat.sWy pMAir Itbaqp -ce., ato iamlIL, uaa * bd tbl .1A As aaiay 0 beaaaaatatneiahIiab..a irkd II b da the laptatad ad t It teia alyalta~otab omte na~ii atatadr tlat apabtiti sat bdtada. i a @eee hTltatlbm say baMt aa d that* at i taaaa..fiulaaatiatadal a. p aaadaa aud,·it aaar~cL,:. Wlrnav. ie, thal da.~s at ala P ttta~i 7""taa.F b dis w ith "nnn ttuNc miiigk n rludl and aio aaedadlaaxaed petu~e 1 ta 11T bat1 `,. b bag ai b fr Iaoatpfaa aia atiila at., -aa e chi'eljowit ýIrrtot ow s ýk5iali'r . aI aaalove, lb..Tbaa;loIIaaa1 ptttiy.c.baache It iaet alapbaidetba, ahal a Ia abat atha,, au di iaam .11at4 the ate aoll i.1 aaaL. pa1 aat 2 -. ti it rur the Pptopdylu lomeio er'a lw, ' i tdrotlatuta ead oh,.to. aataIa Paaatlhpaaiaa.aaongna howya a. a lltbaaaatlaeald ae,*da a1i& ttaa har~ehcriasabagia·aiat ented;  th r ttood pjt in tlD;·. aba!,,a iae.ild uahtaae,, araaa!~.,r ~td 'f'ile preat. t t0a taaaap q a'et tiae ru.aapeuria aT atat& t'dta meat eatshitt ofr) i tla la a ctai ,Iaae}aa Eaahoaern aa'dl r aaaaa.. trki.y . i tnIloaaaaear i ietlp pa ni 'i.b Inall' a.i faa u t a. ', Ibatld saadaeatli -in '" irarenl~s. 'ro01 Jh i lu lhl etatdttt. . tl talpbtl a hpa aplclri.ia Ii) PTeeaaeraibaaaae ~r aq~pl ltata Seta d tbaayaapoa )atJ J010 other now ( us Udtas n~jtUaI`I a nhj ·gp'eýIat.N' a Ilacinae p t ilataaiataaaatapaojd a~nbti *aaaaaaeddtataa~aaabeaat paadaedodvateal Ia ~ta 1n liftaarulr~csi e aadwaadareala.,.aaaafointat:*lattt I · lbut a'ruv lop w1. CAE Inre ShtCh · el ·tpsiS " coming ninfo se;nd. thi sýodrh n s yinc pg proocoft4 i nrts: ; .' . 1'h vaueof hePs nco l tnn Idppf"" x sta dingsyhilitiandc ,l lo sUilf1 n cury has ben so lvishl lud,"to tn° td k 1e helwe. 7,dg, era al ,iar,,lmlgoitil " It enirelyrudtao gs( iw ,ltttau od it v,,oles hecontiudoiavd lavn t'ht ap'nf In rheuMatis, et n ooadtpaoi (,to asaunt wlur avu ( ,00110Q'9t ihS~od m itspindc aid ndilmoysnr 3 1s necite uocimtiW the glapd tho-e iu t pe r tsperbituttll gll nme hu, 9ddA. s W- WiTU1$IkEL CASES OF Thi. may cmlify, tht In th 'oll ofi phymcians ill nudvpnnae, nanai Pl myselgnnrluoann f{.thvývý repektiid uliVrlionstu# eftl F Tinble. .tsr**y C L'a.poredei o! ba \y t.' ::tSpI· myan If up t d p IaNýY y of hnudtg, naa ap aI IildV .Hi: h.U ýW1 , aotfrag }B~r e /F-V F"Y l~j-l ' a1t' rI'si1 Ua~z s nm., ,tnt ufli ,v eo

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