Newspaper of True American, 16 Kasım 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 16 Kasım 1839 Page 2
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uk~ebkulPtetratte ?t iaure of Aplpemls for 1839. 7tiii j(Vel.' ame.H. Ijnverich, 0 it. . 8 mack, At'yah FiBk, 0 A,,ab6. ~aheiieI Thompson, ~tW ORLKA?4A CANAL. AND) BANKING CO. $ HE lens ti ,boett RetinAa will leav, the liatma ti hnhIonainsf tho New Cenal, evern day, (except Ip e ire rooke, followistt " .. ýMpart at SA. M. etoret at 8 A. M. 19 A. M. 0 2 P. M" P. M. '. 4 PM + .P. M. R'ad on MONITAYS. Deport at 10 A. Al. Rrntl, at 12} P.I. .21P.11. P.M 51-P.M. 9 P.M may. 28 B. CHEW. Ctoth. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAI. I.Pt'l conotplt.lce with thle iwrhes ofs Itorge ilmtlthr tur on[riotlr en dgiron of oooittg ttot I r I tl, itfi ofr oport now toýie tad on Ite Greatl Praiie ;i te hours a" f alerting will be as follows till further notice-- anl COpt.Oehilng on Settrtaly Nov 1:19. Iont wEEK lAYS.. the Deparlurte, rn. AR M. Cn 8. A. A.i. 10 A. a. M " 3 . 1'P.M. . 1. Ira a A A M t1O AM it AM 1 ') ,P 31. P j P AM del JAAMES II.CAI.l EI.I., c n12 'l.rer ' "NEW ORLEANS & CARRtOLI.TON RAIL ROAD. )I NOTICE.. WINTER ARRANGEMSrT. ' To coalmenc on 0he lit of Novr llhot 1839. FROMrAR¢,OLLto. rnO+NE.WU ORLE\AS. wi lHrse Cdr lat o'clook A.M. Hora: Car t tnooo' ck A.M.A Losomotoe; 8 - | toomotive, 9 oe - 10 -- 11. . -- da IHorse Car, a - lHors atr, I TEJK NANDI )Uell STR- TCND".: Tile ears will Itavo at thl psore tlrs a. i ttl weeo k tk ;lt ta - tlol oI 'cloetk P.M. lhe a LI.oco .tive o oltttiv ll I v lollt it il vearoy a or ountil 7 otlock, P.M., alld N.w Ort t eclt y hour t rr nnti 8 ho'irork l . .C Al extra Hdrse Car can bo oe ot iud thT p, f,rf 12 o',o h P.c . 1. . br pyorno 5 ottaro fur tte Tr p. Atoer I? o'c ock t . k . I • 10 dollars w ill lI r hhurt rd. r W with li'kit, ans the eu(lotutn r hat s t sltove direCltoin tut to reaioe money ill liot t ihereof. I TIlE JACKSON AND I.AUOUItSE STIt I:.r T CALLS t r 1oar nge t he t.a of Joumaeor '.tr ret t ia oih,tok A.t., C:ttttl illert a7 o'eht k. At i l. l-peat i o5'lrk ttitv Cfmlonte 1,ui t le . heito euds evrf tTooill rutrl tllt totll o'rla . e 't t t, ttt iil that. illltad ol e h :ne ll Cal stret lt .?L! o'cU ck, th e ius e t will Ioavn tolere at It t'ci,,ot k '.'M. 0 llt it iartlltlrltrl reqot tedl that gel trtmtll will o pt 0ut their feet u ptoll Itoh custiult, or smoke in the cart, who ltudie, dt Ollor eNe"Orltio & Conrrohliou A l . ,ail R11o COllllntilyr October O2d, r83O. JOIIN IIA11PSrIN " " ChiefElnfup er N.O. & ('.It C. CARKOLLTON bi C C LAVAUD has the htonior oinformlg llo is t oends o oand ttt," poullit ill generrl, lthat he tliot t hlttt Ithe " Hotel at Carrltler, where hli trusts hl wilil receive StiR calls oo his old friends hnd a itolvr' of Fot1 chIrler Private pntrtirs will Iobe haidsoutpv p olllide tll It givingalittle notiee Ioforehalt. lie is willing t enlter Into orrnglsento with fomilies ior itloividuls desiros I* fpassing the suttllter at Carrolltlon. tlI RS ,aeat Ini.o. 1si Clabrlesat,. Nov .........h . 8 I W.rnsll ll Nov ........ 4 a, Nw rk, .......... t o Citoin.ti , r n......... . P Ihilndcl phll Nor ..... ... .5 I.ouie cllle, d o r.......... 2 I L Iltnlt Nro do lt . No. ....5..... . .Louis, o .......... :1 c Sa otal tb, do...... t... 8 l.verpuol dOut ......... 1H o.ton xa)O t.... 31 Pri do . ... t o s01,. No ........... ,o , tdo.:: *o,... Is Na+;hville. Oct . .......... 3 . Ilsr . do ............28 IFO{RT OF NEWV OiLEIAN- . CLEARISANCIE.,'. Novo lller 151, let9. hlpN a lnt' m, HambulIt'rF, iverpoolo, (i Orel A. br l 'cll Didoill, LD rlLng, (iroad C otuill , (L.) M .tar r t Bohr Alto, Iutrrl, loltlro, J II Atltrtdge .lteam packet olumbta, Wtindleo, Galvesonb AI3IiI'ALS. Novemher 131. i:3!1 Tow boaot Porpoise, Davis, fronttoe No, th East 'uss, tnVlllg I fcetded tosoawlltli r tow, returned t1 tolt r llov ft o the hil sTt'l'htlls d Georialn sould trqto r tior t.uo Jet l the I tlr t 14e LatI 07 6'cloCk p oII ltepori A l1) Jno l lloi od insde the bar, i Tow bstl Iudson. Davits, frolll ttit North I:slt pas, f hariot prtoCeded to sea ttll tlert tow, trtuntd to the Colt i tll. e lp Lafavette. nil) llarqel" C(a liloal dle Chrvareu... lP/t F tiloe t E btr oil the 14th tst, oott4 p in. Ro ports olC t' atld ollr ill the lriver. S lit,( eorgllla, 'l'uolc, fUom I.olvurlpoel-]111h SeplrP tbel mr Cob Freacu, ttrque I.', V'olillt, i7 dnays fro llt ar.eltle, to Ship lrtffyette; Topsellt, froln llaovro 2.tll, SOptottIrt, to A i St Geowges= 4 a~ tun Crdna De Chtotreotoot, Cttmott, frot1S LtoVoroo.L..Per ship NUootaum..Cargo 2597 ttals oft cotto Inli. j GiAND CAtLLoN..Poer sei tidelllt..Cargo '2 bIt pork V 4"00o woood et. 5.o0L.... per Oetr Aun..Cargo 4Olls plork, 20 dIo oeof 12t hld b .olls.,4 do sruogr 11 ItI floor 240 -t n I o eorll n, 'blu t1o lasrs 3 tpe Oill Ill 1t Ills h t e ioa I t tks w uto, slllol ots fith p-aa. bean, brllody, vinegar nottd claret. GH V£STON.. Per.lealnrr Coluntlau..tCnrgo hut clfrfe hum hardware, lard, sugar, fluur, glnger, powder, s1ot, bread, rot. aIttn. furniture, wione &0 IIPORtTS.. S itvsRs..Per clip,lyette..Corgo sorted tuertchn die to lllndry Cnritigees,. brque Cardioel dIt Chovrrotox..5 ergo I w int,lJeady, od orditnlts, tad oaotIted il(orohmodito, to ouodty I.tvapooL..Per ship Getrginna..Cirg, «7n Ion, tmiloo t.lsalsck alrt. iolt hallporl pototoes. 3 aCrtillontad 24 bllltt i herrlnoS,3o dried hlsotpr, 30 boPediura d tgt MAIstILES..Per't bitrquoIo L'Lruest. Ca, go iooes, liquo.a and assorted ioduo IECItI'rTS O1' P'RODUCE. OTto receipts ufprtduce p Iront the cut st or above to-day CONloIGNEIES Per ship tefayotle..Roers o L.uobatut.,o ; Marlel, I: IRev el. F F lori'. Otooot"tk'tero55'Votte 4 Slle, Chtllol:llat J A l Flilol.T. a ;t & P tiolon Itnl.ard lso ouvosil er r; iper, ItA Lefebre, 'T lrowu ASS Geourgo, talter, aod 1to owI..' S on hoaod Per bartlue Cardinall do o Durel; Gote-r. .Fill & Pouverin.' . It Lefel ,e.; l'ouoet & o.I toel oig & Sroo, J Miger, lrltoull Prleeo, J &LI. (i;utier. Dod.out & .'ulede.lterbelonoosoi.lller. P' Prlre, A V J datalloter Clire r..Vrer &oo; I' Michelle, J Rubarte & co. P l000 0 0 'Capt l ' It. '- Psr b iSo eo rnle..LSr telndt & \ern-r, 0mhode Ao Jo qoelitee. %ihooy, P asroot, I. 5lltttoo,, I. ooLtabet & lo'Ite'm to. i tohaotb.M a d tlsotuntsodt Olttot. 'Ir Aliert, A Pledo, S oahrreo. tran C tildetmeslOr, toruetie & Petrm 2- • P.OS.I.lENGEIat Per 1.t rlr.C: oroto If.ouut .l.. oori'"t A Prode, .o.. u . pordit#', .lX.,ita I•looho, sd •i l I'ooror tO -, l 'ir tuo, wI. 'l, I l lo too 1,c, Glo r andt " swan-M.lle t io s,d. ouut o llle th o, Sh ro Icrrerut, )IIEMORtANtDA '1ds 1 l ltre news froh ,lbe riser. - o t4r-,otol(, e. iA looat'iu .,llol.oo, biodog ! eth; tlloJhlt IHnle, oaml for saolor lv .. , 016 ; . IILA\CItAI(lhi 3:3 (;ruvier st (('iANI)I> E-50 bitsetn Sf050, or Mutou &t'Iuorlo' 1 1lasnf1ra r IrIooJduag ex rohit Joho Hole,.nd o oi o . le b;y sl S ItANCoHAlit u .i . ;a." A7 ?" ltAttL... beuae \WGite Htiv.t ' , ,,. o re :, • 1 1 tosttidlno 9otjt ls-r ,: "ye . oe.ile .,olraeaor o toil, o - ral ro' h'oo . Il ..te, odr "" ".I " Exllllo'oge Hotel, t .Ciorle sto "USItCAK,&o Jlrt &lodio frhto ahilp, CllorieuIgs", r .L a hootil pliqly o olTrtlko. Volises ont at tolal.or, .r isle try • (;O Ip (. Sa C ae b MI&ililnry & oshtlonable Itaslerr, under adI 1 llotoge lotel, i Ctoorlter t tIul, lsnodtrg oleta ship Clmrle.,e, so "oi r Ito M ANUilS • ,)tPlIAlTF & IAAWoiII p.4 anu" ..J 191 hunolerlrle rirA nlIt 4 It'7 inheo 'II -hott 0v , ( alA.AIPAi;NECII't.iEIt--ItOO hox.r i strt,,titttlrh -" Itby "31 - ; -" Dttl'l 44 Neuw I.e .; - . ttreo holr, AorltrrPu' olldtHl ihllldorl 'i, ins • .l o:rd'. of thtrtliot'.l%(: imrv's oruro oi,.r 1.aulfiur;,', " 0lt| 'te 'tJtlvery }t. to cll+l cA pte ]nlst -Ir , il" nool h0d I " " lsaS, Mililorv & Foo ,ohialoe Itnottl', Itlth'ro . "ot Itol. ollu, H otril ".I C'itrtur n t --. f+ INSEIO 0l1--ls jogs orld Ioirrelo, looditg ood ".4 olr.' t I'V H Sl'B NAlIE I, "n| -Ic- r : "4 4l otllluooooorehi zluh ,4l tItb I.,ee Sfeeltn, o llalt t o e York h Ie.w r o vhrtorltd hQlo brlitidr ,'tlr , Slttoot. Atti:! t- Coalls Jlochot. trl , I'F'I'I"R i.0ll'l1W,ui i a, 01011 Saot9 i DORSEt, I No ti..c j 'PE 1'RUE AMERICAN." FAITHtUL AND BOLD. Qtfficat ¶aToutat of tile 2b .&BSanr latitp. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. Ni In )' Il I I f Me SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1839. No mnil again yesterday, so we go. To day, in duo course, w e should receive papers of the 7th, which would give s coun-iderable icturns of the elections. As an illustration of the regularity and expedi. It tion of Amos Kendall's mail arrangements, we no will state a fact amtong thousands ol a sm.lar na. t ore ture. A letter was received yesterday y by a friend of ours, post-marked Jackdon, nMiss. Oct. 12; and I anotlher Grand Gulf, Oct. 16.--just a month tic i one instance, and a little mocc than a month in I Ith other, form the nearest of our sister states.V Can any thing worse be cited during all dminios., trations, flom Wasehington to Jackson'is. Rain.-At lost, after d Sys of snflolTcation, from S denso clouds of dust, we lhav been blessed with t copious showers of rain; and now with, the pros - poets of the weather chinugiig off wi h a no ther \)" and frost. The city is as healthy as it is possible for it t, be, with the exception of slight colds. lundreds of our runaway citizens and strangers are returninoe P daily, and all is activity and bustle, and hope, not- , l iwitllstanding tle money pressure of a good busi ness season, which ilay (God ellnd. The Attak.pas Gazette oft lie 9th instant stater, nb'althe Planters for the last two weeks have been our grinding cano, and that the qualty of tihe sugar i,, mad ie of tlhe best oualily. Th'e cae also y:clds . well, and the weather is extremely f.rorablle. . The cellotton of St. 'Martin is also described as of' ito the vary best quality, and tile crop abundant, at least one third more than; last yer. :,,l i The Editor of the Gazette proflcses to have made an opproxiamc to calculation of the value of the comr r sugar and cotton coop and sale of cattle for this put a season, and estimates it at .;,000,000, to be hdvi die ded between the three parishes of St. Martin, St. Mary oand Lafayette. t. ( [v We have to apologise to our subscribe:rs k between Canal and Poydras streets, for not being served at an early Ihour with the papers yesterday; ds ouar caL rrier wa taken ill, acnd it was late bethore e ithe could supply his place. reinP Something nrew.-A. It. Cheney, sherifif of tihe parish ofltapides, announces inL tie Alexandria Rtepublican, of the 30th, that having served tie a people of that parish faithfully for three years, it is his intoention to resign on tlh 5th DIecmber next; u and as ha is of opinion that the will of the peopll tl should be consulted il the appoinltment of all ofli cers, he gives this early notice, that they may have time to make a proper selection; to which Mr. Cheney recommllends, that elections e hild in clact n precinct, for a suitable canaldi te for tihe ofiice. Now, Mr. Cheney may be a very exxcllaent sher. itO but is crtainlly very ignorant ol the letter, as well as thl spirit of our ;law, whicll gives the ap pointlletllt to tthe Gverno r anld, aind co-n I0 sequettly any clectiou of the kinld sggastled, would be an impertinent and illegal interference a with thie executive power, and a dlrect attempt to bias his opinsUon. George R. King is nominated to succeed J;anll. Morgan, Esq., as represeutative of Opelousas, and t from what we cat learn, he trill he a ceted. Mr. Kirng is astaunch wthig, and a geltlel1an of htgigh standing at the bar. We had a peep, yesterday, at the grandiferor s Wheel of Fortune, 1hllich is Lbing madet hfr the drawing of the. Banks' Aresad Lottery. It is the largest and mlost splendid thing ofLthe kilnd ever made in Loutsiana, and pe haps in the world. It will take a little steam e.gine to turn it round., v Result of the Mlis issippi Elections.--Bv an ac-t. eident, cOilloon to prinlting oflices, the returll.ns i the Mississippli electio:as lero left outof our pa. per yesterday. From the addition of tllh returns, which wmt have made tf far as heard frou;--aineteen couu. ties, tile vote stands ; For 'Tu oer, 8426. i McNatt, 7501. 1125 Benjamin, 8276. Davis, 7940. Blrown, 7299. 'Thompson, 7;23, aggregate whig maj. 126,4. 'iThe part of Ith State hoard from, we are collt stlained to say, is the section most t favorable to the Whlligs, ad we are fearlul that the Loce Fo. co's havo triumlphetd. From the .lmterican sentinel. BANKS AN D INITERNAI IMI'lIOVE MENTS. 'Ille existitng dsarralnglmetlll ofthe culrrellcy is imlputed to valriousl causes, land especetlly to the Ibankig system; land for slllllIo three or h1,lr yearsT ontrtrlr to 1837, the batiks umay1 have beehn too prodigal with their loaus, and the prevalhlng e IlmO etary ol tinbarrlsatsllent toil'y, coneqlllllf I i llll0n sure, be Ilattribuhlble to thatt error wblich hIl. not y,.t been alt ogether retrieved, though It is to In I-I, to objcst so doatir.,ble wii Iscn Svery :hort tlllle; but tito cluT I a 110i01 Itl, tot " , ' - reig s' .." 11r ,t ta t i.. at, tt, t , o rt .I 1 t " ., . ; · .., O i ' s o :,,i ,.,a '. l.yr r a, t hatIlls i ,h I t.Ills .1M1 lli, ". . ",,, u ,` 1;·4,3182,868. A censtteraril, i, { . I : ., m il : h held in Europe, besldes a large am-o of, loalls Ilegotiatc, by private Lh:oriloril ':;.us asl well its stocks thcreol; slnd, it is saltd, ukid suppused trlily, that tih debt Iroll liht to sources held in Europe, is not loss than $ 17(1,' 00,0.O(1. Olne nd lhundred and sevelly milllio.s of dollars derivlog aI illcomell of $10,U00,000. 'I'null llhon, of dol. .h rs;, should there be, il the tpaIt of ti IEuropensl, t a displition not to ii.res.e thli dlebt bty lurther e illvestments in the securitics; tile illmlports must er not on!y Le paid fur, lut ell millious of dollar1 imore tir Interest, on the diebt alrtead o t s existoun' aid, if tlhe elported p Iro cl llt li ad Inallll. 0ul5'rs uiull not constitute ian eqlnvitlent, a drm oft spet:1, will be the illevitable coellluene o Ilto ake up Ie le Ir fieciocy, wIhich Inst I evelllrtuiliy lie slpphid lby the iudebtsd specittceo. i g laollhk; Ltl, should IhI Eu111 * ropoans eoWtue to increase their itllstlllls ip of petie, but tile dt1t,,t would illlceie in tile ratio - of compollund interel, a1nd, in 1 sr 1:2 ears, \wa If dai .o led; but, sl houai thle Eturor n hlolders I tilte eltles tofLthis country reduce tIhlle lootit by sales here, thle otlei wouldll ltsera us inllded: for e tihe principal so aodl n i, togethet with the ten -I tiholns i t dollatrs Illtcret, or thitlatoerlltolle toutll In. tiglht be, would haLve to b paid fiir fro thile pro, raids of the exported producLts and maullofaeures; ur, and, il this evont, unless the exportslof sucLh artic rd olashouuld be very illolerally augllmellted, the tlul Sdoney to drams away the specte would beexcessive. of A-, however, a redempltion or pay day may be uts ticlpated to takhe place uolner or later, thae suler e prepairation is made lor it tihe eller, by the ex ere ro o.fa strict ecrnusy, as well ill dolllmetc as lr o publiti afT.irs, anld of a rigid absitsence ifom - boalrwilg money fioln foreignlers; speidintg ione Id but what wtllh, a duo regard to colnlorl, may be un. sloitdale ; and rrli'ainl unldr any circumstances, to rutll intto debt for luxturies or even fir nialkitg lti. eprovrellmnt that can be well dispensed lwith. lTlhe iilluwil'g sttatmentlt taktLn from thie Anae rican Aluanluc, of tile illlpor and alp, rts, will hO give iLt mdi atLsn of thio period in whit the bainks d loaed to liberally, asit demonllstrate, in a esa. eure. by itse dleficiency bletween the Iagregains of 1 tIl lh. prls anid exports, durlng 15 years, tilo S >illili o tlhe Alllr.ctut det ield in foreign cr u ri tries. For the year ending Imports, Er.ortsl. lIt 30th Sept. 1824,' 80,549,007 $75.986 657 We' 1825, 96 340,075 99.525.388 rOe, 1826, 84,974,477 77,595,322 le. 1827, 79.484.068 82,324,827 I 11!28, 88,50119.34 72,2i114,6 6 Fre 1829, 74 492,527 72.358 671 ,gi 1830, 70,876,920. . 73.849,508 s t.I 1831, 103,194,124 81.310583 . er 1832, 101.129.268 87,176,943 rta 1833, 108,118.311 90,140,433 ,, 1831, 126 521,332 104.336,973 I1, S 1835, 149.895,742 121,693.5577 ui -1836, 18.,980,035 128.rii3,.140) r'/ 1837. 140,989,217 117,119,376 tvl 1838, 113,177,404 108,480,616 It t 1608,132,329 1393,13.,600 Deiciency- in the pro....ds of pis Exports, 214 999,723 a o ,e dhe $16 8,132,329 of The lllnk Di0ectors are not a inure blameable a1 i it than others of thrir fellow-cit.zens ifor this unto, r e ward visitation ; and tile. drehction flr tIich I .I t ey are at ilil llIm licated, was Colle itted 2 everal lt l y , are age. It Is thau I gislatures tul several a d statrs, and the eagerness of the people general y to d go aLhead, as if'urged by a spir t, crretplllndt ng I' tl rnetlac.ty with btelaLI ., i:ch they wlshe tl w tllut i loss of tlllu to vail themsetlves, tiar -ts ial ¢~ !t profitable pturposeas, have boon cecrt i aitnt . r ot es. mental it Iproducing It. i Th h ttlk. a n r ,,,,, Iltl ly Ihe ptlric tr ri oils of the ec h'-leer me on elm it ~ tir hle .; kin pn, t ine au s w Iht Ipeitt, hlh rsll ul ll.l i~-lill , itf litul h i "it l- lIIIt h ,h'ti IP II r o -l' t onll s i ill II ts bian i . tlll an, l nl y i llp- ,i t f i rttt at hitdtt f iric s it lt t l ,,,,rr t -trt .-; t i en . .... ..... h. . to ,, .. ll fl~,,- t i.... . . ., l ...l... rks a ,p_ U lt. t .,\lc ,r ',iel.m , u,.at edts t} ll -: , ill ot" Ihe b nd.11, 1· --ell|I Ilhr l h lr(t or.: cal ,lltl'; e l thn wt diIl sl itoli P S h .ll f m i ,I' , ll e' :d-th t rn l. l ll , lmn ill I , yo11111, wlt llth u II o r r m ll the rsd IIP I n mllu l io ltslll t Ihlal·l m lade ! rin thell 'e i wp , et cpllrsti , \Vill holtsuch di,, l iT , . hi is, ho -. I it.r, 2ren ; ,, ha rl 3 Iceh yn.e a,"I " th , ,r:ll rt r, 01 ,hI b r to e till lll 1 r1 i i ol ll Ui lk 'i l edti ihar d rt. \,"I ia istr r fi r t tht,,tlit ilt ll s 'y le.i Slt i h ,vo utltl lo ablld ill nee o1 ha h er illa mPr i htl rl lh onv t:,- hllo( a tll ,r stilti s N a i, r ptlr riiea I th l ldi lll ' i lloInt, a lll r tll a s' l mlallll h thtII,', h,,ll hl n 11.. . . It- tai o.rc trt-tl llle in ,a a tl he tol ol l: i lllg d tr ,llll l ll ll l a iI lt'mlllll it at) ta il t trr hh, tlllttt Itto f al ke I rol .hol I.ttis lt a i a a illll n l 1 t, tal i. , lI ll t el thei' III' y h o I ],I wiholt irio, buI t hi . c aln revh e ir I t tll t, itt a ttl t al ta i iita t, l rho i )I tt bli tyil ild I h i.u l+r i It-it i t lral , -a t 111i " l a lh-lar Ia- Ic hard t ,te iala l oatg t htrtat lte ltrllt e I t tol ta tai 11111a Itt-g htatiti- tLi a eI (hor has, b titansaoated ittea yiatitia ai h cu 6 an tae ltaPl tio I tlel' i tt t l lll' ,k, tl.r l olt rtit ii -t t- rllalld. v it he .lt t ai ' ii t h trt l t-lis rtic.t o tdl r "ts he rrttis lx ; .tool. lc fhtc rm i c o sill' !mol , L. a 1 ,li, St me tu lt a .nd i leS harto bhen made dct rines the te ail IpI retit li t 1r t Io NICa s iaalltt dd tI u I lhts, ata l ,d t heveritn, de , IIt;.. andeeth'. "aminl ," tt " tly i hon i ( is thoi" ul ~trose~ who ue lhmri Na holllo s dde, ai S Whein !lie banrs ofst rhsume d, sth id tht it in as pIre. St. ilra : ltre, llrl thlt ailllthi r dliatin tecr llChtt I i-a llt- eir Nicholas Ihdllel is c ilar l'the , ouncster," and of all "i onste rsa " great atnid small. r eitht r banks, nlor poht icial cann o y tIo ther, 'tia- didst itac The llintl lphia GaOzettr rt rlers Ia iit ti r eseto t t i tcu . cng tier, tl o rcr. rliddle the It lutla :ltg it r ais:-- i c . 3,' ' Gaz. 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II lh"-t 4n],,:1 "iiiii .il4 lllh l ll 444 -? 1 w";41441, lt11I,1 .- II i t. TI;;L:; u? il Iw ir 114ll1 Ith l 1 ''' F -FI"- 0 1114' ''' ill 4F't ' hw n Fh44 W4l. 1441- . nIE ,,IIh~L, u lll \· .l 14. 4, 1." ilie:l IaIPII(llll . I: l i+ tIl F'x 4llt,' a, ,'l? I FF,4ill4 'n':-11 v 1111(F :.11 h 'I1,,i, 111'h 1F 11 11' ' - 'i' "i'i ,II 14i"ll l liV", 4h 11,l 1411 + l 1'' 4 .L .lll -, ' Fh h 4'; Iw 1 iiF,' ,' ll ' 11, 1lll'4 14'11' 11,' 11'11"F, 14l 4 FI+' I " -, 1 F ll F ' F4 lll o' ' o 4llll . I l ' ll4ll1FF , FF,'1 I•, .lF, ll1 I.FlF C 1,~ it \ I+',alhl ' 'll Fl F -'l . , ,llF1 'Fnl i C'll F l ,rp ,l'Fi Fii n f ,'l -" ii4 i 4 1 14 4iuet I'll 'vi F''t, iF , .Fi F .F4 i FF Fi4 4444 i t '4lh 4I 44'~? ..t, Co('Oulacil, Stceonad Municipality. 7 iti)oINANCEts & C. ,trt.LI'lis .tt)PTI't), t. Resolv'ed, That the T'l.resurer pay to Richard luorrockhs, on tihe wtarront of' fitf Mayor, Twor hundrtfe ,lnd te, tyhOve dollars for paintintg and I. rvhitewastt inr tihe Io't'dra market. .i1Sll .A .IAL l)WIN, ]Reco'lor, r. Sent to the luvor Nov'. (ith, lI39-n-ot It returned by the 12th of Nov. 1839. Resolved, 'Ihat thie T ,rer rpaytoJohn Ioluy, nfi on le warrant of the lavor, 'Two hundred and filteen dollars and thirty-umu cents, for caps 1ur th Il of the Wtatch. J'ItSIlUA I.\LI)\VIN, Ii.corde', oelrt tto the Mayo' Nov. '1th, lb:O-not r'etturn'ed byv the' lth of Nov. 13f. r ,or lved, That l the lilt prI'o nto t by the NSur tofo r to l tr o a nn ,adri.h poc lO to l the nipraches t~ ihc l' )dnad s stre ct.uket h l, adopted. JOSIiH A A\LI)\VWIN, ictrthoLr'r. -tint to the Mia'or No'v 6 1, Is:nt 9-not, returned by thie 15tH of Nov. 183. R.,s lved, That the Sturveyor be, and he i h , etre b y ar oul , l ' i ll bl l"'if to rb l e i tn F " sll'ell(+l Iif I III~kthII ca rr t(d I nto+ tllto1 . pr volh' e I tIll w'hlo cott shall not etxccld lneteetll hlndrt d a lld tiltl) dollars.. ItSill'UA AItl)\WIN, I doiuler. Sent to fil' I'ovur Nov'. llh, ,39t-rot nrtit n d bi y tilft' tof'No ', . I. For the imortrem'ont or..t of l'odras 31.rriol up to 1 r,- .trt' ,t." I. t.Side-,v:alk to he wo d ,' ,d, ctl, got. tot, a d Lavd ll l a1 d Io ',:v r S pool tl t , oug", o 51t ( I .. I'.*w U I 111 e ll , t iOftl - I.'nt",, lt.o d \to ,Utko ;r ther t t ' l'ito It t -L il ol y thr eat' Ql o~l, IIl - rno Ial ., rot t Ie t-o.wr'lk r.ot . f 3flit t 1' M arket O+If I o tt'd In. thli,.s woti,) " !1S ({)) it. Cm rig ,ol tle coltiualio' of thet .sol walk on th o 1st ale it ' ILI 'I" 11(.i.rect. oito llo tlto h r l s .of. 1',ydras ftrleet uIp h til l{, ol t lR ad ear hun't', the -,,I; lll ; ,lI u~t , bv e tioilt it ono I oto he n.'d 1.1 that wf f!lil t 1. To ,over w it ht ll all the, s :u frutl 11tronlO street do"v if thet .ti,l ]tlef 1I 'i) 1111 5. F 'r an a. nhig, cmIn'prIing the 't olto is and wttood work wh ich ale to to oupport it, ffI) I N 1 f r , o i r 1455 to G. , 'or tvwo hrltged to itodgto, oi( it o ea l extruub ity yi the t ast .strcet of Gravler s.qare, 4510 o0 ir + .$1!115 ti0 o ,(>ill 'A I:A l)\VIN, Rcordehr. Sent to the hlu'yor Nov'. 1th, 1"3!)--nlot tirtir returlnl'Ied byl the 1th of Nov. s3".r O R eolves, That pertlision be grantid to ("ire S(tm llpany N ro h, 'l erect ta shoed to keepI their urs ; e in, on the ground helon,;ng to the Mfluniciplahty I I th. retar (of their rt'ngi house, on ;trod street, l provided rthat tile .ime he rr t Ioved ototrir v r, vy e l tir +d by the (c ou ci l. J(J~~sISILUA* ' H: XI D\, IN l... .orrlr.' r tres olve r ' Nf ., . 'r., S. , t t ' i' ' 1 corder. tor " ir ' 40 '0or oto too('t+Olort .or Sruoor Nov. 6th, 1839-not rrttrnd by tIit; 12th of Nov. 1 39,4 er Resolved, that in the opinion of this Council, there is .o iocessly for any additional laxaLioo I .on the re '. or p r.. nal prop , rty ,,I Lto ci ize..s of t trn this .iln ic alitoy ; alId, thereore, it is det0 l0tl I iltle. lt lo ad,,lpt t~het tO lill n to i tl lg 'or t )f11l l. Ii (G n0ral00 C utf il tot imlo .se ia 'wi rlge to tax on articles landed in and shipped fron tins J()SIIUA 1A Dr\VoINo, TIecordur. iclt to thte tla'or Nov. O th, Io 39-onot , I I returned by th e 12th of Nuv, 16:0. i MAYltI .ilto' o.' NEW IoltrerLINS. "a /l li11 ,;ic. ,~" llhnu Ihtioe Ibis da\y $5'+ 7."-Iplr barrel -" entt(I l ho , to hle omt'~l, mvU+' e w,;~ +ill go+, ;,5i Ounrrxn ofIp J'r..+ g Itr ot t o c dNortolg ote ll, beh in. ,( o (+,1 tl iiiii1'1. ne.. t t t ! II ti o. ' e salons ifii' o; 00,01 oi e for ten cens. shall weigh 25 ' rlli o ' + ('. of . r ;E 'r s, M lo or. Il I>ý nld l+; 1)()tll'E¥, 44 ,\trw"I~,l"e+( . fl:oot'\- 1'111 ioi,', oeili n~l t or-aleh thv .... oto (1000 o ) '. to0 l":ty - r l\,,v I .r ven. ,I A l11-Wht;{ k.,"g, lt,' a .. d, l snare. tilt in'~+ I~v I 0)1 8 0, tom "hiuk p g In Th . . 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T,'vhal noH]n. ln i. o ClrIor rt WlrorooTo.o..1--An n.of .. rtoett . .o f ot ,I, - S s res kn rroi ftdll oe t oiech i r ' rfl I'.,,i= ;thl rtit al r t ole Ir' 0i rott\.,\iI r.l., , ~31 13 TehnIihanc t of JI. 11. & J. )IEV'ER:'ITX, .ry \1 . iiT. imn' I racle ,I t In ::.l, had TI, A ti:A Tl' ti o'it I '1 , T on, ( u r and . thel tf Iro W urlol ve il o lore, atlhd uoll r hl siat',, Stills, Sil W .A o r mno ar Ketltlesh. tladhest tc. P A1 Also, in hold, IRom,-i -veei, Cut'- Ihn, and Bhll ns Grates; P:arllul and ('iuollo g ýilves .for umli g w id l.s or at, aido of The Iat 'Ie ,mI t ond h', "Ipp ed l itt', lIN. t ai Ihn i'rrlilg ami dhlil a y shale orlp tienn. ..... u,-er; anfdir .1l , ,,, ,t'lnt of IiIres.T'iln or ('upper ii p! e or ). gul tltersi, Imiyi l d l t t I lleir-urh'an~tge Ito e'ad +" ruf .{V le] w 'h ' s:lC',pper o+. Ziuminan pL l. url n- of ,d" e elit.' on thenuml r,,aslnsh!e trlS+ +i,,I Alanl-o ha,'llld ag'neral assortlue t,+Jnl| ul tl, Fre BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEI,,&c. CA GRAND HEAL ESTATE LOTTERY Paul 01 I'ROPERTY SI'TUAITEI) i NEWORIIEANS. SCIMII' &ll I&IAMILTON, \lanagtrs. Ofliees under the 1 erInda' h,. Cornea of i1. a Ic lrs nad' Coaaanoa Slareets, and No. 4tl a chartres Si,'et, beilawen Cwoli an1l5 i$. Louis Stlreels. Il uOa [i '1'II a view of im:eting; thIle wi.he' of o5 r friendh, we have the ploa, re I.. announ. ing , 01. . Y, u, t li Iltall thi Lottery ,I I, Iihoa ril of the lal c t lolt-i 1t iial-na, w aill he draI n1 u tih Cth y .'a lI':x,:aU e, illna. +,,lti, in Na-a Ir. e I Thle d1ig will,witolua ahil, wgia a n g the 1tl l ir d lw tI a'' Jiaaa w Ithan cahier 1n1:1 t. . Our agetiallas tlrougholl tI IIae 11 1 a i , illacnthl e lw'11ahalml'. Ito he i aa, led 1111" III l" 1f Ihr a''p allpr. at I. ai-1r I-rslp cih ' lsid Inc , a lnod IIaI , h lla i x[n.n s ill I tdl SCHIIllI' & IIAMI!L.ITON. 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II0II)k I & IIA I II'I'I, N.11 ' 1' rI....nn. 11- 1,; and Il0,.ll, 01. b lid er", unr ,, ~rx o bm, il l d.- .nri I olliý c ul i~i/!, Ilt aran \ co ernlt. .hatcmi CA.iP STREET TUHiEAT'RE. 'I'his evening will te pelfnnied SA U I. It Y. foul l'ry, Air lrHolland CoI. II .rd, hr 'Ir'al\, r 1redbur T'rco ln loIde with lhe Irmrn uof liso II' FOR'TY 'I'III.EI'VES. I u arnmr , I1), Ilr All l la rgi, ]e udln r liP on opl))/n lit --Ilalrllllllmun 's to coIInIII ceI WASHINGTON BALL ROOM II1 PtAT r \ I1"; .I .11 1 i; l i ' t .lh ' 11 lin t.. n hall Iluolni ri.-c pýi fu lly to; i li , Itii s l-r.-,ilý d dil lil' t pub!1," hl the allove mllltnllllllllý d e-Inlih-hllnn t , ill open iul Oith Sl.(it- 1, t11 sIiI I., , c. , . ... b. N /Ib I, 1 j3 1, l , 1 I (`Rl N ) IIII ;SS ND 111A,11i"1 1IttI)I: 113.1,1., Snn;! iuh llll al d ,.il llll h l l' L -IIYII ] )l, ev , I , cllil t il llll ar' I. oII 1' 1111l 11'11, $U 1111 l N w lirlnus 1 (, .1'_lih, 1I;3,. SHIPPING. ,i, Coastwise. Ft IN Vl AA NLW ORK-I)'d 'Nthr t I Ill . Linb . 1. I'.wk v T 'IIIh li-t n- IIIN. 1 11. . -IhI \'ICK. URG, I I r 131,I\I·r· Inv::: rl , 14 I55.. 1,':1,1 1-l 1,'fy t rece 1' N I I ..1111 mll l -,I.l i"ttlb IIt'l nl. r .- N5ld I " <',II I/. hu1 ll 1 I I,.. ' ,_," t1 1 i. 'tlll ,I 1 1n l ll l l ,llllllill l u, ' ,1 l ull Io h . 5 1" , il 1 Ito . or 111 ' Ie 1 11rn t :i I. 5i51 1555 1"'- rl"11c NI 1 " 1 " . 15.1' 111 ~ 5, r l,,,_h ~II ýn1t NI 1r" o 1r. N ' 15 l11 11 111 \ I:i IIIIN1 1L1 , l. ', . . . I rll, -Ia Xl I\ I , I t N.. . : 1 1 1 .. 1"I."."1 ll l I: ttl h : II I+' lllll p1 l1l 4111 ,. I" 11ii 'i I' lhl In rlI I". Ir ,hl ,r . I lI III'% I 1 ,""'. N-II '.\ l. 7II 1I l b I" l II . \\hI. ,155,. 1+ iii . .Ii i , II CI II l hii h tI i ill l1111 1 . ll II, \ NI: ll l ,'11 \ ,III" I (sh t l 1 .l' l .ilr, II" t; 115 I .. "11 ,111 5555 r· n, l i 1ii hipx11 'h111. t,) 11 ' '1 I .iI l . i i I. 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N IO'lCE-Thie owei.of iw i s Beno henrnnn &r., lTn-. ,line rhcrit :k, i l bir'ori, l tr Illllne il.oati r , m iltrin I limits of tih 'ni:t dI uii iio.itly, ionect by eltifind I onkyl t Ilnu rt relitu.rI lr It I:lllln cl rlnn l i too fl o Itl wr a vn l Itl'exp, Ill tht xpliration do ftei BohyS front ihe Illlt olh I lllaaint 1ic ; 1 hlotl . ilfol I l'lc llt enllon Ior ihet law will bi seaitedaub d trd le I odne pr.crionen In do I tic ccc i jucuPced. .W. DIl AtIN, I14 "l Cotlector of i.veT nnuen, Add Iv. A VIS ixo propi.tairis dos bntcnux &c. ddbcr L lt do Oin, los briqe s ic , n tr u i n IIt rnldrinlnx, dlne elus liitindr de la Mouicipllitl No. 2., e ici t idon qu'ils de rolet prtocrurer unoe lienoa pour les ditsl bet elxx, con irlt n lnont Il loi exitnntlee, eavcctl I'oxpcrcliul do din jors it datTrin do cel nvte. cte fun ITls blteux rn lvtietlt oln cetrnlvention do t I, lroent siies jurqu'S In lieonrt t l'uniodo neiwcc piydC. W. DEACON, gill Itl (Collectour d n tuxls de levee. cee Ic rc. t I,, ice pidice pricc;eoi' the 2d Nnrui It t il erlit, i lliro n llll l etd SA3A , lnie l (il, I \ll-. oif" l,·', nacrte ter h o clgc tic iM r. Ca ldw ell liteillgnll o e, l',,0,e1. r Te liu'un.e ier ill leose t c ll ti tIh nl-tin le on pel r ,er,, n pr v n ,l s llrdri;ldlilt swa.te a III ts Ira i.~1 . II l, Ni 'w relle'o .o ri , l, (1 No0. n r. SI" id (16 ile11 l a eeelit getol dit ila econdn -Muoi 1116 ill nellro ellllnd SAM, gde dol 6(i nne, 'e tnle plirthet cr aIt Mr..Ctlde cll, de lneurant - ir Ie routni 1lit eil. I. I tro.'idn.iru du dlit ehcteven rnt prid do vo -" ci lte reechnier en pruuvtnet ae pcoicridtd et en pa lnt In's f i..i. II. S. IIARPlg. l, hIt; C litainle, dTln I n .le ld r. I i, N vi lle ()rit iln, to.5 Novlniibre, 1839. -ll AS b,,,:,,-'hl t-ilt" I ........ 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