Newspaper of True American, November 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 18, 1839 Page 4
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¢tfliw-tlfreoltty Y 7'~ I I! f 1i ýInit ~ ~ ,ý)'r bItIt ng f Cloith t r o#jlit j intr 'iin htt I` 2 , 1 Ii 1),I'a;Itujl Ilinp, Gnnnl ar.W.t ;T '; n oPlf & CtOOPtak, " . do.I)I thaaoIta IN IIgCnOVIOtt 79-a P L8It Juin hieet, New Oin I IA UW1oip no.1 M pi~lyaoro jut u op. 1i1 = LOIiI..A'.. - --. {; "R1TIZTU'RD WARDROOMS 53 Nnj61, flit nville strnet. ; ' ." rln hirs'rlidsend the pubicti e luit hei i o i" etl r r'i~dn CAIlEsro ewrkad rep actt in' n\ ttAiV.:tinitVid.romk New York trand irta ti with geoll . Ainrtt' i'Iurntfrito ne, li uc nL H notLt glv t'letir.. "' tnil'eýýei l'er nirn.'nne;ttn et painted chairs, mnple and . aert'e -di'tI i., ntiher.nv and cherry tabrl e of ell t ,"itet e, r , ais ie crnrYLOIL, IAitiDDEN dol "trhrtoret in ' andir cherry, wash NIt.. El' ,eiitkn n pricked t fa r t crainesot ti .ith 'oiatti _r "_i. e. e c'3r FASI''1iONADI3LD CLOTHING AAYLOR & MIADDEN, HA tt .aeiimatantapay it' nerv atticle pr t tintn_ to glticaioe, i tar i 11te ti l the Infest sylei, at :Now Ylt EST'i HLISHM ENT, No: 53, Magazine Street, Oppositie Ilanks' Artndo. P1L/t.i) I 1RiEttxIF, PRO()PIu:Ic'ou B ANK No' E E-NuIlAVINO' RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & ED)S3N AVI.E ileutld on offieo in N. c t'lalll. l..lro l elpal prlvet tagr* t ihh their h.oule in NSn Yo, k, r he pritrpon of eectrleuig and Co piming htuc.k t., Phed, ht ult. nf Eoinctr igt, Ccirtfi'. l , ol f l'Repsilt -•thl,7 +tnnl other illul ltrtrillr pIl l·'r. rrrlluri,^ _,2+r,, itv ogitit P'orgeries; anid have nle tij )il iptr I fr ,,r e maf keepirly oenll patie and im tessl e t r lr t " ell to tllere are; lheii"l" eln,, en elhbratllle th tre s of Ieer fie lhundetd lnthi~ne inelittlltietnn, antd oer.t ," wllt hei'xenctitht ,?, ui nrl onth:1 nt twine. Utice, cortitnie(lnoynl & Curtel sr. j,; if BAZAAR.. SBSZ & ALLrEN, NO. 1Y, 'XCIIANGE IIOTEL, .'orer otf (':rles and CotHeei stl,. NEWV\ NSt.. SttORtTERSnnt Decalers in lF"re'nch ni l 1:n i. lPrfmn irr; lre.sing Ca .e e an ble " . rk. S (Cr ntlery, lmii-ly, Gloves Shirts, S.ocks, Umbl,rellna. 01.e AiRt L &l Fnacv Articles. nd otENTUCI(Y, Illi, oi,, ntol ildiunn +.nk Nomtes K for modstole byf o IIr, t, J WEI.I tY, A" I.E. W T f. JIEI.L, Nu 16,:' sit7 It~ h + ogl y re - . ra e eivr ,l t an ll ihe of \Vnrrteo , .hor'e r-, .pn'on s, mpact les ill Ware, y t ill bI ,t,1;'"-i d at trhe loweot drke . n mold I A.IERICA.\ ' NOLIStU CROWN .liASS, J RINT.[NG. j t F .F E 'EtcV D'teeII'TIet. irnchit tlinuzrLY .ANi)D tItI:t'LY I:ScI:'ruTIi 8 OFPICB OF THE .True Jmerieani , ONs toive,, al t,, i' . mit.. onconctcigm.. ! E CTSTLhs e sul:..r r, NEret Ihoav . r.e iON--I0 Coks Ihr am-y 0 y , a+du. Siuad s 5 do. holders, in Sterefor Sale bIy J. THA I'F . & Co. 71 Povlrca sFI. OMAI'D &, CO'S l ca ne Bost ad New Orleans Lile of Packet Slhi s.--T'ltt new line ofstips Lhas been expressly built to rton hetwaon tie, ittho portl, and will bo oundt of suitable draft of waoter . ccommnodations for poetlsngers, and oevert etlltrt ,. . r's.. I-m-"- r , .... T l tis!h etione 'It. t to. is omposed oftire fo lowing shgips: lCherokee, 415 tons Capt. .1 lhtrditg, 'iCarolint. 400 dto S L"meis, SCllRleson, 374 do 1) Eldridge, e .Columbianta, 625 do C Harker, i itl a soeparatte lathes cabin; every attention wiltl e - Iid to iassengern, and tthu vary est. of stores nro vided for them. Tile packets will be ttwed up hond down the tMis n. c ippi, and the strictest inlctuali y observedl in . te r itime of sailng, anod tml t theo rige lar ves eilt eo detained in arriving, ither ltip euallc y a good - will in a ease be oebstitulcd. A tlmro of patron page itsoolicitte, nd thio agonts pledge themselves ti aoneln lodeat ats iuch at procticable, to receive 1 i-mald forward goods by rid line at toe most iu~ier. I' ate ctharges, and to adveance all c xptoee on goode ' i. stipped, if reqoired. {I n The ships will leave the let ied 61th of every _'. i " ttnl. For freright or tiseane, ntppy to ttIe igeents. o " J A MFIIITT, 82 Compnon st. " 4. i. Advancem.ntosltalIde Otl " : M iMrssrs. A. C. Lomibord & Co. " , 1ov27 "r ON' tItOOFS-Tlheei o ttert hi v Vioi: uroTih . a.t rltta city. they ore I inttel) r d to IIe' I , aidtne,, w relhot e , ndrrt t.e n triva t tlttdelli s, a ne e iebin at tnce clhrnPor ess and dltrnrhlrtr ndlr -. ai p trf:etly fire lld wrtr, r tpro lf. 'm'tirmlit nar IV tknwti andtt en dcl t re t e t our neste lirhllttt1rr, poi. t S. -Mf ,ry'n tit'r'i'r,'t'iottpiro,,t,, . io..at2 " E 1 t'rtWERt. th Co i.- - il)t t ilS A. wIIrtlt'AtmI.. - 0 "1;7 " .r2 ri, - U tIIt, Not 5-I C ttld . .aTII -I...e S o et hllii't t, t i , o h ll, i llto llrrtttr , il,: totc 05 II tiOr tlr ,,IIItrert ttlr nrroniior.t " t it i en it itt. o i t vwhcr ii !to "i ll d.. ,-,e u -ity roelrrai ttti,-,.s. .. n Id te ol ptns rtq tt',,n ,i sen ng , ,rlr t. '. C ,,,, t f - arir . H. A'- A "r. . ttt tI+I (iR Ih d u Iag m itlir~ Ctrt- n allt I.vlot o i nlll I t coor t l. ' i' Iiit l , ItII ll)prioer .itrI nor whitC ihey I otll etr fir ...1.| ii l1.,a !o I Sli 1 Iurc,. llbl-v is. t n Ah6, expetcitied the lire arrivals frloltl Fanigt "i S' and i attt North, ieinnfor tlhei, e nirooid 1'etrlo k n phaptr- rtbe pr i'sly tar hInnstt y soe:--ail oif Winti ' . willnlasptrt.I ofn [I e tiln t mi llolr e t rle..., ; lei ati Iheir ofiet No: 5.d Ahenville st. tairhl. will be piuuitillt atlended to,. -t' . t & A :fli':wi . P i tie n Idia i it t roen wI.hoerw. ,t s. e .l ,,ot. il talait hr all .ll at s atietr clfe t ile 51 fo tytraidn tie o irn otnroet & g rout, nt vp;rif fm tnr are, .',t olaint~t. i'' tle eS whi h s ,Utended iii'v at ince if at labia, lhl s stnm wherev tr iC ho t been ito btlieii.01llcd the conflldencaied rlec (nonccda rr'^sbl. lvyeiniaas, for the re of he de tf restsitting or bltt d, 6 rvitatgy concern. Th'is is to certi. v tat Cernt "'" In.. ... .. itm "' I, r, , i atke r v.oirt and S tl uarl,' nlt , itihtul *,I: a l rlat iso fý,o n ro , a ln l it +r.arr ·II.C·;if "-;.." iKw I ve I GOOVLASiliemnan Htint -en are stow .1'e -,ith, (r..flioiri, from Now"Yolrk, a greatl variety o - ge4e tnithsihie tale whileh together with their lortet ,OnlCbrk ttlttflt `,-jflib'es theti' aasrLa eant very Iplete. Tlie follottine Eumnipse asn rtt vvi: ' ell t it,.,,a.., te, t:lk "lil ire iaacnnli; , bajai dt ofl daaar-itiairra, In N diea ruber, silk and worsted elastic aarter, .cananon & fine elastic slspentders, 'ro, fic.eo mid Lue:ilhr mnathes, leidiz litaow delr,apowder pitlf and bhxes, tilert owder, pocket books and wallats, needle books, shelt, pearl, I very and 'loronct, ,-n ud eswar , head oearllalllti plain co n! bendr tn'eklnrva notnehligern, shead erlina,tbend eeiklnes, acut cirel and ithai,aeed,siltvr nd gilt ienrlds, antu, henais, bell id lahitartaos pistol nd race tne.w er Itfasks, shot belts, lhre, hel. pocket and tdutiling ii;tols; dolte nd single harrelled auns, Buwie knives, nlltd dirk.scl.. issreshe'i, plkea et knives, C.tirt ehahtls, nnd ribbons, wllist bug :klre, cloth, lnir, tooth, ntileomnb, ,ru shollge, Ijg, atr goar mI dlotian Igebrtusho Cologe, d ,Ia ridn , laavr jer, rase rlll, bltv Wlateelaa.l rterldI esa lear Rand cexmlet* ,t bl:(:c: lr, Is'alar, nn liuoe, ott Wir'd'a ce gelalalG Ihair a iiai shrl uavia a:,d I 'at lnnia onf all res criptions, hldie"' Ills ael ltle nrls' desksa I nld dresiniI ausesg , hair ria'elrtgeg friztc unali brali, Ilinl, fancy and m tlsical v rIk" hnaa s, Ighl i ' nd ilttli urecalo an ld vest buttlvca aa g age., ' ol'di iv m i llitt do, shrrtanlerals, al and silver pencil cases, tooehpicks naul Iweezrs,plateda 'Iad gilt 4nt.lrkel , lllilniltrel do, silver, braa s n l rtelel s imbilaes, hool!aa 'ul a d ee -air pi, imita tion fruit,hlka ald redin k, .llal a Ihlaia",l;i \ailins Ia lld fitare',rilbed alut plain peruaition etaps, irll'n t iltSlelllntedl tni aeri .'oldllll a n ilt er and frge, lllter gpapLer, llllle laegs, ridiu eila i l ai n, playingaUlaIj,a tiha gld, alga. alt;vIli jtar.llty &g. "" iae abrove, tl ether raihl ita reat variet of other arti le aare a red at w hoh-tle orreetail o ao ut ndar llllatllilig a I.Y. n M , tlaa, neare, erll S1) 'ainters, No 3 Canleld aajlaat, two doors alrom In. i Crtaalstreert. Im Ilfions of the flllhowirg woods meid lrt:bles,ex eauteI t irl a %iiaTrln mannaer. Meahog:ba, Fgj pligi hlnek aud gold, la Oak, " (ti ajnd! l Ai. ic' , , ollard do, 01'itall or vertl allilage, i Curagled id , ,ajaleer, _Colthd Maple, II'h. n Slone, ,lv~ e a, 1)mlyIrar i Satin Woold, I',l.uai e, I lair Wood, lanse nr Ilurdello, Yen "''tf , hIldiar While, I a ( aw'Onl uite n' a lln ok .i :lllll i IAnd ct. la, srl< Wo\,t, Anwri :n Grey, I Ash l\hite -)nk, `e. k k. mI ( l aIl 11110m, pal .:! in .61 ':,. Ill' corl :, iit,, soIpg. '.,ots, oils, Ig l iss, c pal nr a"ish, a. . onI baoaa ail!- salr a a l -t l ,tae'':a:a.l . IIIa'g\Va In;aa1g S-- lag , llwe . I a ,l aal il dl a II'lla - aaIa. s alat Ir II l, sa i s t~ rdil ¢irg n, , .il rol ds atl l ~ i hl ICrlln l r ste a ali oll arae, lat na I ra ht a tsianl spikesrn s c ti-hinla, bl-ark ln, a a iall a ll i ena l .a l o I, saIIIt katals , hhlllai table., rlchirs, hot i r l Waire, sheat,pig nd hlr aa lead; Whr t Ar Ames, Il wtladil'sll lll . tdt sp: dles allo shivels look aulo Its hinges, door and window hooks C olll s, IIaltsi, hlp.ln ll:l; t ' ps, a illnd the es Ia'nr'aand I tni ill cordlagr, lines and twine iolt rad slc:dathin. copper; Niaall stores a Pallilt, . isedll ill sperl m oil A full :issnormelnt ol hla'rdwalre :ard sllhp chalnltaarh, laya)s oil :nd, analt which are oaltfred flr sale at awhle sale I1r retail, ol tile iosat iravli,:dlle termS, hvy l4 IAL'AYTLN k Co. 53i )llevee. lItlaUl'li N I:i, NN.., "k OI.HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1:2 ('nl strer r. Wholesanle I)ealer in I'aints, Oil, Vurioarre., rh'ushgca rang-:111 Wit fainaa bed I'iaaea I .l te. rv . Sorndd'fir salebiy SIIAL4.l Itl(tiWNI,:, mar 29 . 9t ltrgaziner St FASHIONAI3LE C LOTTING. -onF-seXm~7Ai~r cno'rnaw. I-v ROfIuSO.Oe iA' GOOD IPIA, ! No. IN), ('hnalren Mlreel, ,' laaao arnr elot iienville, S!TAV'V: conntnitly rn hIld uvery artiele appeitlin l, I illeg to gat-rllien's dress, matde in the heat on wereandl aot til.hiontablie atlu , h"laicll they riler ital - washI, l reduced I -riet s. A NEW arteile flr persnas traabld wiih deaj nea , ED (calledi II nr 'Trumplr',) las jllust bev rreeived, by the i tsea .t arlia a, atil a !;! et :artie intio ol' heII It laxll voice ir is aia t:l" Iai-:n: at:'d to ihe l, 'ar. Any nat a air ota, gvea llaa-fa!. all - ra-lg l lirt r. llesf l l tana verya dain I,,r.o1 nI,,ltl he. ftlliv s",tu ilde ,f ill, d llre, v It hi ,ti. Ir -, bli ralaje l.e lue , boeiaia ha Iaj v ieanalga aana Ill lin _h, hiinlu so L-n Illinlllrlllliillell nlllh:Id. Ill v te li1· i"I* t n I 'nr 'Tr'a lpct laa llis olha j lia , r'g1gar'l Ir i h . f i a IIo. S Ie iscpi re al l 1a i ul as l I: llr'ed il r - lorarlv rr laa t. Ilsvill used I ha 'l' rllllltI. For Solnll e , '1' I,(IU I<IN S, I n I; vn, r aggI': I latga-a I utr l a t a r a-rI.' i ... -Ir: y 'ert 1 lL':tstlishlil orel n thm ndr e sta .Til. l increai"; I' ltu , lla ajl a al l h lr j Isi a c allril' -lala.ll ' r i r gaarlllirarnd life illlir it It, the lllinl oll l ui Ibli. A\lr: m elrnel'11 hLv cnlli dl, I supp : .11 _ i ",l .lllt ill lll 111 p Il, iulll "i ito . i ia i 111I . irjs i l ilt, the Snitd S thr , a l+ a ll i phl.i itra thle ' ll. I I IIio l . I lll r iiie a llk. l Ia ll n at-al I e" -".." "en..( p ;lf Inld III I lll. li i tllllI I.det i y.llll a, ir ht l 11111 I I , ialalir i l 1' al r ibneil l is, lllar Ia reliefl It al' arrl , .la i m II 1 Ill del'rtiv ll h, ai liva i I I hi l sllilla e s ta hichva-a le j o ar ll t l I) rI l, i a agdIrs t anla lia ,.,aes The aipplich t r al a 1 in1 retardv iarl e simpale, inaa ce . nn ant unpleasant; a a the Ilarge ulll tr ll f .persi ill a di 'rent ercti a if lth r i eo ulr- , that have alr -i expa rieucad auch deli'hlatfan uir llsa lta ura ellbets hlri l the In iof thc gig , liare r aady 1ia to hear (Ilbr the pblic good) their teslimonv tm its l hialtd , ,alitese. It is t i e ldian raemedy, oitrinl ; i(s e llntIrlv IIIl.I IIiI· lt I trdlv, uuld illnot he. r;:ilrltJl Ih; led a le catialiacd w 'rld -ts the nr ,.llra valuable discovre on- rei nlll i tllh e w otu s. Lo ' ice $1 fer haitle. Sili byr o .JAIVlIS & ANI)Ii.r'.. ivo inr 5 ( 'or!,nn1111 ,e 111T1 h nii)t oinsi .,nI. od l l.lI.I1"'ITL iArl'iIIt-Just reeri..l a r, w iL rasar ofllthle rnll while woveiuled I.elter 'ila.r seng le' v-rav rar pria.,a, Irl all,' ba cry I)aVIr l arI.'a' & . to. N'Y Stlatilonrer' ail, ent. area L, 1 Cla.rlrer. t at. JARVIS -- I- - li: 8VII0I.E.AIALE AND RTl'!'.1l, lICAILERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS ri Ill'E STL'UF . D-II) II17.l)O1' (;I/..,SS, ren Corner of Colnnl llnlll n: " !llllpitoulas streets,. N.kIIAHAN JARVIS. no.ait lN W. AN DltI\aS. A large upply a Ga rierr tls, i a nir'Ulted tile gr r ,t - NI)iLEW \V MITIl . (:., r- pertftilly rt 'ri. i thelir friedlI and theIIa public in aeniraar.l, that thley occupy the ile,' brick elsho, 219i Tehlllr aparlltaliS a street, whelae they eaap eansaiaatly on haold I'ppr, S 'l'ie and laieet Iron \\tar., of aviry d'.escriparae. S eavcll as ialacpar stile , kItllae, and pl ps, ilr , Ir aig I lt , taird Iil h a I-, of ll .lI a oarls .tinL . .es, .il ud 1 t ·rother r s (t',iy doi ctng t dae n i a vohrte.t allt t :gl | i ta a ba rs ov ' ean vaa ry daa i aa c lll ioli lll a, a hall l l.l a- al it tia lltips, via c'h' i ll'a gaair r v . ; - l- l Iav rl llari l.i a ia gtglaaaiaral p rpis.a a vThev aill also do al' Iia g+1' oalu ealairara-,a ll t har aL irr , aopler lnd lin rooliag-a aiiii a a-tlajrit-s, I&c. raiiaal' abahraeand all other klacdraLrr wr l, Itheir lire a1" b aia-nrss, lhey will e llr e a t thj n ly laoratea il rrilae. il,,a.'7 .VI:IV 1111`l'1:1..l~· llS lllC1 i lr a 1(l) 1 11111 KISS ~ ~ '. (':r IsIt, II I s is "1 , I lr lll ii,,. *' I ,rl, I ri,1 ,fl I1 a r ii± ia it" sl.wp lntnln · i Ir. ,I.,h1 t A)(1 1111·1r. . in" rsinl,)li-Itonv.l iIt il' / beet. i., 'j /i i sC l i oho 111 li~ll '1;1 1 1111~111·)11111( ushlr. r Ill11 hntligl It)n.c'\ !aIva! h rrlif nF I Ii n Q15 u ndcld IU I·PIIIl(· the ;dnro ro Iiollllrlill r mid ,,I rl1·11·1111 r(-.,nt. '1hI1.·nrr li ltl 1; I. 1 1111 1; niI-.llll.l ll (· -,l I ruivul nut l w-llZ I( II i-ras o-r i / ,1I1 mgi 11 011 all. In.E illl I·IIuI snit, andil lilr rl ,o boat, , ~II,: 1....1 is 1. d, and n~ l 11 1111· 1, 11: f f usic fir emill 1,,is i ;, i ri lrinn. , n the g Ill 'tha I turlof i . ii I s li, n 1 ,, Il rl ·· 1iII'·~ll,"l1 i'i f lit ', Iln" Si l' la i h n,1 lllr ll I-I;II i, a nrll~l 1I1. ·I l ll i i ,a S161 Isrllnd I 111t11 1-b oll !, 1n1I III,- 1·11:n(· 111"-, Irl, A. l). which wll il. rtlc , nil,' aII1IIIIII1I j'rel Iv ifl;;f\ A. IltI) I )IIP I:F'II(;I I:Ii.4I'( )I(- \1'.\i'I'·:: .I ,\l(4-li-6, I·. hr Iteanv? ntliircrrllur- -, ,' liainnll do, Ii 1 I gallonl l 1,1 4.1 \ J 1I' t>; I I II·.\jij 73 IIIIII c t salt by IlIi~' · lts!I(I l11l1::,\il, IIII1II I·P( .'l. (II t,~~l 21111 do\· : Enelivh o-2S I-TthI,-.o sl " "fiji NO Paint iirn hra, vuri'.uUai 1 i 1 cae ( rO-ill1 -bf ii Sl h. lC Copal 1'a. Pni OrUri.Y IIIIIIIR - n pnellr Gold Leaf; 5(1 to a illlr do; Ii. (III o isif1, liii '! I'OVI\111 (f'in.1:, A,, rrrirr , r sdlih Iiii iii i11i111 hour, 'ir i' "iir',' i roil qui M .ton 0111 oi-t oat en!, wirl~l'~arl~ 11 Il rll he I Afl n georrid o I Iseid iois,iia.lcsi'i'y Ny If)nrli Is I.:and e 4 11. E5, e ~ie No If Trniii Mirisr.f e t4"' -=1ho is. i'.l lv ilr and1ii ilf ri or Aii*"'ao s.h' . iio ntl -i'flw,, for goos, P *irisisli 1: hr Si iol anidyo~oo ' Iih~sii ii'ii soi Iinrsl Ii. se . ii if rI I Iv irS. E-n fI w . 11' ,fs,; (I (ni~nalO oHar)'( rii - of -ti hs 1 tr (:i' l (.I Ardorn P Ire, &r udyt 'of' Lei!+ sol'lnl Cr'rh~os iir '1II vy ILEX HAIUIIAI. us.) ''' 1' 44)(: I NU York & dBaltimore Pacliets NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE tF p PACKIETS. i This line will consist of the following vessels, I which have been built or purchased expressly fir e the trade, viz: p d Ship S..eaan. -Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, - Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new *i Stevees, " Solnomon Saltus, " lattham, B, rig Architecet, ý* Gray. S 'rThro vresetls are of the first class, have hand. rome furnished il ccotlnodanlions, and are of a lightf l, draft of water, iso as to admit of their receiving anild dichllarging their cargoes in Ilaltilolc, at the city. s- Freight will he taken for ports on the CIhesapake i nie or Jlames' River, and thrwarded by thie agents, f Messrsn. CLARKE & KELLIIGG, at Ilaltimore; S expenses on gnoods shipped will lie advan:ced whenit ell reqaired. The price of passage Is fixed at $10, el ample stores of the b st quality will bhe provided. Ilk Slten tip and dowan the Milsissippi will be taken ill o all occ;asio N. - iFor freight or passage, apply to Ge E. IIEDFORD, norv7 22 Ienville st. kI -'lRl NWIV: YORlIK. [I lisiana nadi New York Line of Packets ] 0 -Illl; Ship. cormpi ing this line will sail frtm Ne- n Orlle ans and New York on every ther Moen ie dja'-cotnlt i-nlllg en the 20thi Noveiitier-ai t to insl re the punctua I lity ill the tlm olslililng, tile line. will hereafter consist uffie ships, viz: Ship Yzoo, (Captain 'Trask, to save oni the 211h i Nove.mber. Ship lt,uI.ttlIe, Captain Palitter, to leave on the 4lh )ecelllll er. Ship 11ttiti ville, C ptaiit Eldridgei to hl ave n lihe I 1Silt I i'-i-ta Ittr. Shipi Vineheiturg, Captain Waoodlhouse, Io lenve oni ifie tot Jaiti,lry. iShil iici s , . pit. in Di avis, to leave on the 151h if Janlaury, 'ei :tlare are ;i ll notw, of Ilte first clats, copper i ds , Ti f el cOippr ftttened, anti utvtardis of 5tI ill Ions hntunll , are utu , light it;draught l Illa W;ll r bei.g built in New York expressly l, r 1h! trade. T'ih price of p:san is fixed at 1(1 dofllar.: their eall s arc u'0 lilhd Iup ill th1 IIosNL illlproved Pld canvenll ietll I iptII, a1i1d eini lhed in i tlIat and elegant style I -h Ample tr r- fl the first qiality wII Ie provided, -i i : td every regard paid toi tlhe citlltrt nod entire s:ltisnacli l o t passengers, who ill pileasel take .o. Slie that nil hrth cat n Hie ireured until paid ftr at ih i 1II:ee ,of tht coil.1grc l's, T'll'ee irvses i are coilnall ded by apains well exprienced in he rar d f, whoi will give every atit telion aund 1 'ert theli selves to e lomu dite. Thev will at nil tiuts be tiiwed ip anld eowni the Missis sfippi by steilbloats, aid the strictest punctuality oe.ertred ii the tnite of sailing. hel owners of these ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or packnge, sent by or put on board of thler, unless a regular bill of' laling be rtig-!ed therelor, ait tile countinsg Iouse of tihe Sagentli or owllers. For frther particulars apply to eJ IIEIN & A COIIIEN, nov27 90 Colnnon st I I\t1 (iRlAl-NS &CliAlIIl-:S'TOIN I'ACKITI."S This lin.e on-.s., of lur v sele , all of 11 l ihfrst elaso, eeolll .I ietnd roppelll lIa . l lled , 1 llls l llllllll i l S i i l tl - ti,. ahri w 11t ltaadso n ltiols for pit F riyti . t'I'lltre ve ss-,:ls i r t '- 1lilllil ll, dl hr lpliilns Il i1 e 'p I n. n rlllll 1 I l rtit1rLd , w lso will live every It t lli..on And l+]-r' Ih llrte r lve, to -ec.lin aldar. Ihl, 1l st shtilper-. I hive will I. 10. I ,. u iiill d lve I 1~" - lls ls= tylpi, anIId Illare NSi . ()tr!,,ns ,n or behlrw i lhe 10lth na 15'h o. f evn rr n-. t h: . The hllow II g g Ve r colnpome tIll. liar, I\ a : lrig rabalsian,Charle i rlon, anster. / rirg C IapmalnJ. L. Tioiilpson, master. S Brig Alntelin, J. Diane,nislltr. Ilrk Ror~gr \Wll lliae, J. Allibers, master. IF-r triighti r iepatsaee, at-pyi i J. A. BARELLI tt. C.,. l (:,Cll otli . Net OI e aans, or lt . Th e r, l,l " 1 i. Ch the Oslo n. Flln 1 " ana I . I lu fI 'lTI A tu!. a l. I it t lit-u I. "t !l t' l.. ..I . .1 Ii t .t11"4ll··r \Illl'llll(·il'llll Ih.,~III.,hl',,, iiul I I,%t n ivtti+ ii aI Thn lriill,l' N 1 av f r th, t'llll ' l'a .ily tI" inr r e:t, lint tth I thl e v r a i. Alo ilt to o It: N fl. i l, tatili i n I i I\h i - li Alg.e r r. mIeadt; tn i n t-t I o lit c ero n es e f Iit t il e i l h t i ' ti I; .ij'i" l li, Ti: hil n ic-l ~-',ilt e'll, ('tn e n -llla l ii" -'i diSl-ti.Iti ed if eII(Oit)N fitrat the I tolPieftoe 'if. tI tne recipe hasr fIIIte inilituced tlrltlfr itat i uth ui. i llfI ti , fi r ' it in It i lirll t, o flOt a itt ltayillfh t tautlring un C iltle Cut rte to ortl A ontir.i t i. lC ale Intdep. IUNIae'in IrgeaX'ir'e, nlld ,l -oell eilal ccordii t Il tiion lrthos never unild fef i rficli tent a clre, even in the eost o heninate tagro of the mlit+, r cltio. i[lnte-a i hieall atlenlt , an ti p n oe te hte j"eaelt tFoicha ndchilhran aily ita e it witil.i" itepitig. It strengtlieiso tihe digehtive ior n one" or i obsntinate cease, tlso bhitltt C s rtofitcl a clnre. 'lcro is steithr i therury aneare eo t t a llim ri t u.i ised ine tiO atbor y titad g i tjuhrisi It" to tClhe distinguinhed ctitul ihat. the proprietora ar' sn itell tonvinctld omf itl ielillcy, hell tt lt iy igee il t rlo. ..d th. price mfelivi rg man. y of thl .. .. Ih eren eit suntldrin hl ndir the eourge ofef outniefhitry. a ais `fric ahato in icolef direetiis thas never 'irctoen and ins i ti cletinlt na ire, evetl curtie of tie fevaert s&age N Athe disorder, It isole agent f Ne Orleans, at Ilesos of lsle acnd e rtail drnlg and hedilin oren,ty corner it IltUinvile nid Cmtrengte t diestiv organs, cret A ppetite and seldo ruires lre thn n or i obstinate cises, two bottle i" to effLlct a cre. Tihere is neil l J ibrcury i,, lirfililt ' the nedire llhior any thing ineiuro "to the hunlman e ilulihi he n prop wil trrl li e . ,rslr noJ we(ll col ilnvinced -" its eie y , th .t I 'y algreiei 1 to reuld the priceo fl every tiittle which Itis li en ti: allan in il cordanti, wit ith e iret lons ad i iit elt:ited at- it llerfct cure of the fever & Igu.I S A. OLIVER:, sole agent fur New Otr lleas, at il i ls wIlh ale and retail drng and nJI nd in stohre, g corner 1,l' Itirnvllle aSd C liartres streets. For Distriet Agees aply I oi el t~fy lt t t. _ ,e d t lei li lt Conti * t. rm .NS.1 J Oi .tX ll. tilt1,' i!. O I Ir a IrtEi: " (T T V r. I rtnlil -lfC till Iat aoi t llh ainri, i iiv' l L !s t Ire I I f l t - i u r o ii-i lll el t-it i t as; it l tiu e itit ti 1 t. ,Ihltn ll.' 11 tln .'\i idl fueierrt, e n N 1 t1.r o, 1 , ar hu.t n illor-11Y . worsPenk stiallabe Ianll d i1. Ir.II ii? ul llllx l ' 11l .il s 1 l fill. llo 1 1 e1 ,,, i I0 t 111111111111111'\110 h ll n_ hil ,1, ",e w ill be bul i ll , alll fi;it Geit Ih- - ' .itt ilt t- en e rltni t fotr thei , ,. I'tir. i , i iill t . oi o ini ltnh a in at le ae tn, ue , Lt. I . .ni t, lef I T.h, 1 , f L ti I i) ¼1%I( I'tl 11'V R : hunts twill re , ;ttnily ran fron. i)khile ~ll fllt I'en= rlll(· Irenvinr' Mobile and I'lrnsleol; a vlrr Ilullr lnv eaht· the I" ol' el1n·. G." A l.·~* ill nl'ýuv·ii be: ;Invidrr~t ~ý Ill, .o lehlrdl llr r [o he s ...i lin esls to Iake~ I~nat I'rll- a~ \ It An~XflI, .I SiN uiir M r' FILINA'S YOlOIGNFE WA :1(r XII I+ XIII. Imll(· WI, III? X rtIogIIIIwn water, jlUll ..,-IId j.'ufir,-ItltI 'th znolth ige oll l'I l .(- :nrrt: i Itvuiditilet Iii itvllr iltX), ha) lls, milk of row., rnp I~ Inutiv rol~ll serum, IllxtS Iv o jll'rcatw', 17r cilntria. I life, I ;l 2'lX2 It IIc II (11H toodith viw-1 lby f SI NO IN II R'I' Idl W(.'O uI 1IM I(;. C Royal College of lPhlysietnos, London. FiNllB" orig-.lal Vegetable Higelan Universal ed-i i - cine, prepared by W Mllskhi, Esq. Mcmuer of IG Ilevrl Collcge of Surgenms, Liecntiate of Apothe cor.seoqay Pllow w f Iolt Court Soicty, Surgteonu to tihe itoyal Union Pension Asociltion, ULncastcr Place, Waterloo Bridge, and1 Perpt.-tal Pupil of Guy' ald St. 'T'halloas's lospitals, Iondoln. This vallahle medicine, the result of twenty ea~rs' ,exl er'ci ece i anI tttatralluleul success in the exctlsive andl Ighly p rcsp t Idle pirnlacth:e of tihe ipropriety, patro- v ilased l lthe th o fl t' and tlthilit v, oRt is n ow intu o due.-ti ! to the uti.te of the American public, nt the ip:rlt so licilatioo .f a llnumber otgeuntlemetn of Ilo ,,,l Ii. h simtlid.- in the profession. It is ho . s , i tnary stitp, to check the e tils :ttd ettI'tll 'oi l .. ising li oml thle ei f tie, llnBleroul iionsns taineisted t. 1m the public hy the t proo'l lli mi u et lo S ,rsea,:ltd r r ful' "'a, , h, a set it • ml rcl(,l y, llm rlin e lc l siNlt`+etendrlslhl., si oll'liY inLat. t 1t u. o lmtltetl siellltt that it implmsible tile imonstrolustll te dhl.inu cn anu y longer go down , ith the it.ltligent , people ol'thiscu ntrv. Thelselpills, mihldttu andSgrne:d.ule t in their tutre, shotuld he kept in every fulilty tIn tcaes o1f-.alIn illness, for, by licir promlnpt admniistlrtion, 0, cholera, lt:mlllps, sllpasms, '"-s iiidt othllr t ai ril ug i complaintsu,, hlcht top odften prove lital, aty !ie speedi i cured or lprevcnted. In flat, all those wto vulo e grundt In calth, shtold nruevcr he without theI . They are sol in pnckets at 5t clltu, l ull $2 each, by every trespeli taible It rggist, Itnksell:r, antt venuorof mledicintt in tiu It United Stalles I I t (:nlladlls, with coluuis hlo'eItionUs, t togetller with. oetlnuoials of pIrstn'trAiol ilitJ luronm, the fi'llua ing enlioeot geoltll cn: Sir Antlev Cooper, .1i iberlethutb taes Iltu.hb-ll, M. I)., Wt. lck, . I .I..\stot iey, A. Iranpton, 31. Il)., and t.mneros tilhters. The origindis tnt be sieen n possu.oustio of th I G'entut: Agent, t) whom tiha modii.hc is imporlted intot Itn mit ltllue made. n- JNO. I1)LIt1:tIN, 12t9 Yu'naely Place, N. York, u bSole (enC.i Agent fur thli Utliteid States, E&. e Fr cale Ii r apilinnllt of the original iroriletor lty 3sw.v, lItnrult:tt, ltruggirts, No II Canal street, I .11 : - t A i[en ll r S tat. l Lee lt u L o i ta n t. j ul v ti St..(ll \ It 1.1'h1: ,a on, tc d Un:cll ' street,nre it ruw rueerieing from ships Nashuilir, Louisttillr, Kentutekt , It-- ltuu otu hr late nrits ttaut n ,e he :-,thrn tE s, :i ilargo. l ntcw sef levtl assortment !.it, P nolo, Nhoes Ilnd Brlt.tsl, il l annsilil;i ofnl' ll'lrnwll's ine s ,lt' milli .lorcco(I hoots O In rl, tltulit; l. t bto tltiultand stotil wau x ut.tII ,g oots le "ariuti s qlalities; men's liou calll stu ell u atulu(ylulI SpmpIis llll brglls, it.iI. kin shoes, lnotguas llmul .r ulllper: Imne''sltie ci andl ki pped Ipg-.d suhnos;ol I ro :ons;dolo; dh h uclllb h slll + I kip mdl wax peggel sholt aP IP l'oh1an IIIIs; gent lrl cfh'llenll :sll gol I ri f "lls'e1 ll'i sho s ll I 'ot m-ans P JI .tack Ihnvuihgs; do volt :ad \lnornroI ce I i le " lho lll t and r$ t u u : s; :11 a t lu I ltl ·...1..ln' I/ reI dialn shoes :Il slippts, do call,; hoti un stelt wnugs, uot Ia ne all tic i lillt: ieltl; se:.l :,n ll inc Illtl'part rot;; bln s', mli es bus' t : hellll'lld '.'+s pet leld 11,1 wo:\rl t, uogtuls, t ilt shoe's ofetuteu t alitlnu d 1. et Also a gtue, d r :tsulilnentI u. en's uttt t :I t uu o. ."ll I lllog L vIs and sl5ur, nllllgetherw)hl IIlh ll 10 1 r Il ,at Ilgro t I t I ality, rt' u'srtt " oga s, itedr iti Iu t t e l 'lltt of I s t flar Ml-d stioutl kip ru t Is htlntt a t u i I t rticl,, 'unt I argi 'i tuntiu of ' t . ilbriut or atllii,) ;I r s ,1-t:I wl t.uSx ll.tu.unS . "Illlihs' line callt, setal ,u t 1roco anl d grain weilIs, anll lia- p1u1Ip sole shoesli; in lille Fil't:h.h tlllrl:cgo nl kill Itu-n lly tld slippers; do Iroan shoeill, w;Ih llall witholll Iheels; I colt, seal :lid stol11111 lethr IbOlte.s; do Prnclill shoes si. ) Ilall kinds milI uialities; eto lastingIIroIgans; I o l aeI or and fl(1i d ootees. fiSiCes' ,lstin;llspring shoesoloj:ll O ntIgaIIIs. Clhildrlien's cou cll i.rc:ulo and nllll istlillng la (the 6oIuallnltd ott .ka. i ,lentlcma'ilslilurfashionsthl c lack ilk hats; udo blackt SIlurtiioah hteaver do of au stperior qiu l ituy; do nilniuni I Its llt mindo; broad mad narrow brin, men's tfle drat Mld lI: 3k nlsill shorlt illllCped halts, II IPew larticle. .ilIh.s It ,lueo size hats of dillere.l qualities; do chi idrens'. f i 1 t' d I 's i bla ck :i l drat II w oI n hats of t:itis li. ishl pes, wilt general assorltlent of 11t s' or mni i,"t caps. 'I Ills assoltnneat will It. r epllislwel b1 lte , arriva:ll Iof te- uk t h lackletohto tlh u m:lled citie', il (.t which, a il e soldu oil at eaoniinnollltitgllltl-,n s. ug - NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Ii~, l iet... I l, ::7, S A I -T 0 ix mnonths i; I t:ll+ i the lmi :l r • 1 . s:,Crel di. -,eals,,, Ifor which I lh ve alplid I. Ito I C S ruis hetor'+ fi n eatref, anti thty did not <en ,, .ll+ mu tlhe . vre dule I punl m} sll under th,.i'ase tof vlh a'l, tha~t, d I expr him I. . | , dj; I:: 0.ll w Se, s I,. I , t I ''J 1t i t .ol. it ': 111 tiht numbller of six or ,'ight oli ol h h'., nlh 11OVr H lly |ice1, ila d l re throml, illl l 1 ltd* h) work Ill II' L rooe ll at uc rlllltloft h t.h. ii ;l:t :tre "lrlll the righlt psld o' theC I~lhaii.t. I t I111 Ill. ' 1,11ilillZ llI.p"J c on ldel tlt iutntder Othi "t, e ,, of Dr. Untllul , i. ' toli ,, + be pe.rhectly etr'ed Julll. | i. i',]I ly • fl it.' we'I ll ' cur d ( lilay o)'+l ..alisthe'lion l'qr wnhiili nlhPak lDr. Itais;.anl d mirII PII\.i+ I -*ir. I t ul the n. di ('Jlll' | halel tIl.lll 1lll l 1I. I.111111. lt'l ll Ith d 11 , l jl*) ln .(. II,, l e:lll 11 .t ;. ; ll.*1.·1'" ,n' Ilvi.,, 11y f II w)1 .II)'T.flI.J I; I lto.e no tilmW unld lip) l to lOr .. -I' , Ii',.(,i will linda I t " tran ote an rI lhl fr f . io'tovk itr t i t- rI rnn orIca ,.i on .tll .it I t i .oo it , o t ; J - ; .ito ... ,. 11 I 'll, e 'I: , l (i e,, l, · i :l. ...~ l~ l , II ,7 IIIi~~l 1· 1:1 ingur[ O +..hs: n ' 1I . . I . Ilo ll .ti lll "t . l S t cl t. o l aalotrl a i iL"1 o "I' ~ ~ ~ r nls·~,i id ch~i~ l edi b I' nt .+ r f r rri lIt tll n byI thil~ e mosEII.t S" I IIn 11· IC( n t can p I( thlll i lSll ) r s ill t ,illll r ti At= d. t ., , so l : •I d o w i ttoIt 'ol t. t ',t r s en l +th t r hi i wlla raill uh e i th.k that rlI : l' h f, w '1}'! Ci,,g li·P ..... .+.: l~mrc ,i orT tin.+ighl dih i.s.tinn this wnkse r , iibl tm, h dI L • + It isrlllkelwllli 1 wlorthn tly o it , al lll ed pllrll + iv lte1 l] 1 ll eiv ' lh ti ly ls r hi son is n eet ' lrV n e t ,n th oll i l s h ee i F stellnt1 -e p t is a f r k llichn i ,thlllSt beenr ei'v I e v eml, Isthe rkctic'(e n l'ecr ; ls t e hlexw tlin,:w e i u hilsa 1i" ro fire, il.elicith ) t lt e hei 'k f it, 1 h e ( "it tac Il~ti calll y i~l'allildl e,: ll :. I i. Nllfiltll:itlOtl oI ll'tis l,,,liLIr lae.ttiwle cor stlw o h~ll 'edpl i fiep i lae . iof f alOW I' kedfirl), e |lc ehliln le " in •..t ' I"11 Pen! ill ll i Am°l'| it tdirehtnetsl'l''r toi a th binks l+'lt stat 11+e irstr |I ,.., with ,, ....... |Ia ,,le ,,, f llo .. ... L .,:, w ic, in,;. hi/. It hlieasiln t itw thI ceR an .. a . 1 (htle io f honv lnost cot e ,i o ll1s fltlhlln .s oflhe :ibIpt,- i |nI ingl le ;tldllrl y :eln;llt rlf" file Tle lllll llllr wll fo , Lr expl~t+ lili. l,+, r·OferuI·' l lt,,,ohd eP..+ fielilY, wilhl lhe hel· ol llle sille illlll /lllleX, e:111ll(1 I.. t'xtell e+. • llI t I1 • + ty rud ense with whi k. the i.:C ll ha ,I In th( i r n onasexltll1 n . lly w rlk, |lls hlcs a wa lih edtl ll, i ne' l'tois d, it hla ol tTir tll sol It'+ mlal , s lhpit ill int e esth. | ol -llol oi ut nlyl r I tINM i ms( 13 t' ! wl be side ix.- ners o tIrodfp I Ti¢ t 1,fill er l. Iallt lllr .ine n i se li. st borf ahe work, at ha hi,|.er tli e, J l..i,.to hs o hoting h ll t'h iil' 11/:~ )111 (l~fo a lll~lj l r |ill I~ll)l~llcu,9, \ S1d )('o (.11.ieli1 atk i onolid oillilh ( h il iral mo is, i f ti ne 1h , t l + c, mot oncrit,. h erel :re the amber st'll,: v tel on I h -:rlty hew i 'xnot :g w roilmli sth p h l .-Ic _,hr aco ilol i: Prci:.1 lll at l Botokir* s e+ '(ill .rs nl s rull lleL l ta~ \h teis.i AI"l'Jt averasca ( r' t I i* l 11 +++1 I, ll i s *1 . IJllal, ll'l "I m s.. . . i nis s ,h u nt L :, I . IIv s le'"l i I(I"' .l~ l dl lf Jr l h I .l III uI thp w,,'.Ik; " lhII lt L I:) I;,hd S·l II I '1111';1 11 1111, lllrs 1 1+ PIIIII·II·I ·S \ l 1 )l' lht, II li.(x , i ) I :l I 1()Il, l~lll. 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Unilhidtie, - F 1,:dri to w n , lI w . . inc t illpe , t t u d e r .v ille & L o u i t . e, r ifer" \ 't ltr, nN ( tll ri lg regtulrly with tlol a i ih, 1 i'. t, c utrs to (Itharleston, n tu I iie s u!alI _ \, - .. w " V i Y rrk,+ Nrhtlk, Phil delephia, etc. n ,it s re the hot he l hfor the serviet, i- d l prei ents . t ore' i vnH it in't ge- th l eiH i li a', iy sr l uXlll ulll route ill t11 i uth. ' ile ireat iS iiproir.ent5 in the ro to have ftein iu t o h llli l h) Ie: ie ltl l rh ll o liltly m iles of I1 w.t it ai , h t e.I ii ii viz : tron ll ll n ra n o 2 Laar i ellnvtot,- allr:n of SaIla it wn liv, P o tit tltyn .i's Ferry, a ' he e Itr, ten it tili saboveth ie( t'irii ,o 1"1 I t uff, S eq nIt d C tn , nt in ttie iI te i ilti ve e t crus n ut the 4 ei i, t ll it it ll.u lninb rid , iista nd of the rtilni'1ou1t road narl I i.c llit'l r , 11 lessenl l n Iite i l-. Itout v tlr I:silt'es, and il'ri ra'l.l g the fwit 'ilitles l or It I t In Alt',+, Is ,.'lo h line of two hbrut sFtn;!e evfrt . n i s 1d. ,) tllnl il i Ii:c ti ll; 111n vin r ilt i " 'lne rlt he A i lnutll stlllm oat lllll li,. rep1)1 trv.s Irg 'Pr ,I, t io liillA lidae andI A ijn+'llioln. 'I rnven,'ll rs t ic'linie coi I io1i, i ,1111n 11,i.i l : "ol it ar .h lit i. ' I .sille. - Aohie,.4 to I' ;nsecobs-1 nud Rosee+-Ih.ring the t Iiln ime l oc (p e'1 h t h r. t i llps It I , ll,,l prop ie,. I,1:, t 1M S of the Flhr li h ilar till run l line iof olur 1 h ", r a pI *t e1 oe' t F " r e y y u th e r d ay be twee - l ,. - oe l'asw.,, '"S w.rill levo, , M ,l ilt no 3 o', elt ., p lo, h.., hl the U n S ,l hbI ) ,oat, tpr,.cceed It alh l's 1,,.,1 ', e t't + an ti 1~ I Xill, "el l lct hoeut r oit" .1 . 'harJ+ls Ilnal, I I 4 m+il,, ,I. nont, tr w huer,, th ty w ill Iini o-s plen-nulll aer lmall 'I 'lm i n for i th ih+ h ilt--hm 'lo'nio 50 xt m1rn:ULl IrV wrtll atiriler II l l'Ilt l I aill) Ol l e. a . the ',"l+ +hon 1hu 1~,I3l I1,, .a ]C( ,. i:, ,, W l 'I' I'I) f',, . i ,.,: ! I~~~l ' *l`,; Ils. «;;;;II ! o s 1 \\ i Iil I ~ilk S ll 11, 1.." d, ,: f 1, 11.1.8 11 the rili e,'1 i loot', 11r( II ·U :,rII ,i 1 bev1o 1 p111: r, d 111 111 1.11( +, ..,s ii i, i i vI,, Iinii II ii ti," r In II - III I3 s~oo 'I'ýV* o L A+, (Nl.ol rE1oi1,i31 N ~ ;alIe' I,' :I Ils I"ý ~ns ,- i 1 t /ois 'r ,11 , :: : : :,f,'' ' t,,, -11 'il 1t1' IndI J.i( 9 ,' vast It;,, ornled fI lsP. Itthin rite for nu, the urpose iltran ncttn¢ i ýrrorr l \\'hules 11( vv- I) it,, husjorss. He is now rlecei viIT1 lil L It lull )I1 IpII rF of 1 re n * wit L Il'lilill'll "elides, which 11" will se( I(·ll r~ I nliberal trim. '1'11· "1111 ui 11 druLPrists, and thoe rin IIs 'It thei. lll 1terrnr, its (II tsi TII mar, hi nts an(.I( 11 .1 mo rs, i FII wk~t 1II~i !I &e will 31' r Snd : ill 99' l' a have B ver he fort. born'n''oe'.lil~ l to this rl~ llllIII Il/ile. Hisitile tSI iIt, I iii ,m1, ! som'1' hr .'1 1"". pl ete I ~11,1l Ill n few weeps will he eon.!. illll IS d ln it hol-iiiiv:I, All or~ IIII it, ii- IIII, welI e 'po,, I tl-, aI e " oI* ~ ~ tl' N' :39Cm,,s I. I Vll~ill IIý lll.1j": l.\Ill1 (. 1III. I! 1 r:LII\ll-tI 11 \ 1 - IfI· lln/l' 11 :'1 hi I hi e It 1t1,,1 wh I t' 1111: -(li ieu to heirprr S:os 'Florci!: o 9II1II , fiul )Im I'1111tllll - ll rr'L .is( L Shell, ro ~ll-i I, a d pain ilkllltl .,I' '.: I l \ 1: ; ' r'I cn ,I:1~1.?F tl :alloy song. ul ::: 'II '';"'''`, sl u 1 - '" 1 · it ill C I, I· ·r, i I) tit-, War d's vr~1 11 rtb: . hair nil, b;, j1r1 )Se 1Itwi·vIIoI I.(lill's st nol1(-~lil'_'Fll;, plain '. · . I4 toll illllutpowder .Irn l p".+ ·1. -o · 11 1 li: 1a1111ý /.i di- manual ill pas and rolk'(wlS= anal h·I- II (.il.will loot .1..: I;, .11;1\'!".1! 1;\' In- : vr:,, II 1P"· ,o 11 ul11 1 1 i, \ s_."",,,,-.,rail !- _IoII "l11 ' I I.- . v:,-,"s. 1~ýrý rý,i1o rap, ,, r, " IIII)IICoII \.Ip , I, IIIIII ,CC I lll, · I1 .111 ~ . " h; , 1.:.t."I ( tr;; ,vii.,,ll I Il~illlll e (.11 o" ,, ,",1 L' .lIil , 1 1. II·1 u~·· I'll Iou-111111 km~ I~1f· .11, n111 .. . . tlic c "lP: nl ii Ilic r toyr Il lc v ui 1 I.1I1II :III- o ,r o lo vo11" kl ' err- drops, le ":Itches, Icur ; l 1"1 t "or '''Iln r 'vrl I 1:t 1 111 I seed b e n d s ," . I t i ili··l l+ll l I'I curd v .. ,. de- :kiIl~ll ,l ·inhi?· yaps, ~Il ls n illil r ; .11 O rlrs, al ufwh i, h ,sill 1\ 111 n d I11. *111 1 o 1 cvs ou _ "Illl'r credit. it 11 1;1./ I ii r~lll I1111 L". I\ "1,1 :n 1 file ( /. . Nprri l oi, in 'asksmud II.I ,, for _I, hostJ:1 1' S \ :\. . s s , -1ee. Soh I'1 o c \ el r, 11, iu o v )' +'ll' nrIrl of r11 oce l, pal ol, I11 iil\fl 141 s-1, ~ Ilii I' lll; also II ll I p urr-t I' eo 111 1'e, lo in is v t "1it ": F I Is- j sI I :> -''hr ru I1r, hll Ill1: is i 11111·(111 Ilse ® di-bed a anIIlll,ii il .Illc.U! in ," it ' I I ,. oly. nl orrv F:,l I~r ~li- pro vs non It. '. ,· S1 I hI r ,lu:I.I u': ITI' Iis p( llll illll "'Perim-)· I lo LleIIIIII at ill r tm ~lii mvll 11 Ih , ,, I ll I 'IIr, " ,n- skull hr ply-,III)I1 O t 11 u l) :, V111r s.,mpllr ut I1 il I Ih " It "ý II 1, Wh to hrs \: , ,. ,t ill' ,nrn I,r: r , `r inter. ills ;I lil v LJ· s rrritil l "r - I'1: I illy no'~ III e . t L (II: *i : ding It, Ill e l: Yl I;III , nce, "h" I lilt ;-llIIIII·Fltlli,: 11 11. 5lll ili * hle I.PY I· llr aryl Iv, 1",s, 1,e. iriilld 1'v ,"~ d. .) 5./(rr :l~il 1~11 ;.,11~ )« e,,, lq .111,-,"I I l.11 1 1 Its r lt all' "I lrlF l Il·~ll iltl ~lll)ltl-:I· . CýOI.ITEAR'S Sciesurci o anlnfhll al eivsd, ned II For sale tit thel r lpertnixne ttt W ri- \ lt . ACademies 1 1. No. 8 Clsttree relt, New Orleans, , Blsroadwayi INew 'orkl, l)ailshlie st., Mluliloh. It is jseienltsrly lesigned fitr perivate learners, and csholsa, anil in enlscsilnlnstfaetrsperent afnll aces: Isy ladies. atl eenthualuti ate invited o nCall addl eramine the.vr telll fatethlltii taret. I.erssuns re telvn at n.acit heiose ns Hiy sunit the 7 onvenience ofull, andi to elanesa borined in tiay part Indits wh tiprefer it c: receive s'e..ess at their own ref I'sils prlein' e" e o;te of lessons isr desired -io mite.',- " ' ' 1" 3 ei ellv i stev' isls. . .dY ..i. ltIOTtIilt. ROW AND'S 'IONIC MIXTURE, rTEIN years hate not yet I.apt.e sinen it was d first regultrly uhlmnitt ll to tho public; but it lilts Ittained Ithe lhighet relliallttll; alld lias sup- i iplated every other nIdicein for the Angue, helrtev. I er it has been nowt andt alppreciated. Alreadyl tits it. enon cearried in every ditrection thrloughoutt the laited States, :tit still realiea are thatin coitld have heon allticipatesd by its teta stsitngine frientds. Toisnds lof personis hliavri not only benti relieved, Ibut restored t., lhe.ltli alld vigor through its ngen. e:' andlt they now cheehrfully lestify, at every op iirtlunity, to its d esidld land supreme, eflieay. I: it; s col n 'sled of such ildii nal princi l epl s t:a are n calentated to rernl the healthy acliol ol'lthe stolll ae1 , lle ] lverslil ld otheri i isportat digestlive orgegss,. ltto loss of which harmony is itht itimiliate atnrs of the dLisease. It is appll arent alsl , tlitht it plrolu rras an enltiro changei toi the condition of the isr rysi , mtil certalilly destroy' s l the it eive liability to ieilo - i sies of the atf:etio. Whten the Ag.e is attended with iny othiler complaint, itho employmenil it iof ih Tonise lixtulrl will not inlemrtiero withl thei letrt. iImet of tihe other ili ase, but wi even il ilbrd us. e Flstlnle Iy ly turiishiii i.r ,lligthl anitl vieg r to tit. body dttrigl the evunse of Ireaitilent. Those who' ,,lnke stils oIf this m iedi in maly Iie iisurede'l thit thllere is lno Arsenie, Ialrks, Mierarty, or any lther Sarticle in its compoiusition unfrienid y to the hist ia Ia conslititlitn; hheing entirely a elgatitble extract; I and they miiy s hao addiltlnal vonilllelce in ho i use theriuof, witit they iperceive that it hais to efi il fect il'It gentorl Ilxative' about tim time half a bhot ii Ile fisll has lui n tal en---inl ionslleuillitoe e of lshich, there is no part of the midiirnlie left to linger ill ther bowels to l ausin iiihstirsiniir, nod other evili, i arising lrt r hn I s'l oflli Iity iiiof h remsedies nowlll oflrd lihr the Gure of this afltltios, It has been Susedt alo as it prieventive, by im iiy iwho wesre sill i .i'et to a perlodiuel recu' rrn l ii thi ll l hill , nIII ii Oblrner ! 'I'lie Proprietori , fully islts id ItI ilth tl hI ,,;, )parllehld nand ulVerIl enll es.s vihich has co,. ris Itt allmilded ia piu cttln maid routill r i ,lin the ''onie llixture, in all cases of I'ver andi Agae, i.iels uv.irrnlted in lnggilig to refuedl tre llilc toi ai tll i those who bovt tato te loLomeheit it, hstrict a1. if iiordaille withl the prescribei d i irel ions, without -aviitg leiist perl'etly iaid iinstlii.gly cured. i Thle rubs.crib'rs ares the wolesale atil gentstie tli tie South Western States, antd lihave siso liiiin Md six or ity cainsE of this iimedicine, whlich is wnarranited fresh , and llgenuine. For sale at tie houalUaittured prices .lltJ:111l% 1..1tNill\EW'S, it I i iti 'iii' I Irliiia a'e s ollt' lh'sit ,,girasa u Milnss issi ppi iuld i.salillisa iotel, R ,I IV\ .;l O... t Is RS.I MARY ILKLANI) respirectflly all. ill nontlices lo her friends andl ithe public eBsone. a ally linlt site is prepared to accolutoda t. ihet l iat I e.1 illov~ Etl rsal.ltishmcn, pes frioli m ier Vi I ixasrtio stI o renri r visitors eomiflteriLile, to receive Scontillnuance of fltlrlnor lirolsa. She farls confi. SIalent that piersons visiting 'l'ligsllen dlris.g Tlte - I mer iimii renth is, canot find b ltter aeeommlodations rthatin slie ca n alltird thtl 1il, mtil mllllthe rl tIi sli ",, Ir house is plasantly l :itl tid, and i weI ll isupplied l tlh every onvenie c; ' tihe bar iii tarliethed with Il most choicil e IlAor, &l. in ihorl,she prmtiis. i ,ait i tling shall bse wanting on iir part it give tir i . rti'is:cl itl i o io all \t]h, 111y pitll oizI th at, lississippi anl Louisiana Hi otel. j3 _st lI.ll "LO WA1 ,- o ) 11 ';'I'':VWS, SAD ,rrs. 1RONN,' .e,. sht! tI1 11_:\II.. liV, WVIiiiKS ('O1'I'AN\Y, No. lliit I 'ii r tIIIeave r ire ifd twi pat taesiinII adI lostlEstla itly recriving large a d ext-si .tr s to t, ,W rk of tihe alme goods, whil'h iow eb .ll of 1the nllo\ving ilasi lll itilll, s ullit ',le I L i lllllt:l n' ,nId eotern 11t1i st I lollow ware of supurior duality, 'iisistilrg of ' about b l 1511 1 ols. vis, ", Pis Il" oI dillbrenit sizes, from .:R Ir 50 gallons, .. Kt(iltls, l.i s u,., froil 3:8 to3 :1) gallons, St ! lls, l ii,, 's, froll- 3:11 It 1 gallons. I tik lis or in oVi o I7 d il It ill z , II II,, - ''iet Kittlie, Ai -a, Inl1's- rareus,,I iiatyI 1.1 -ti, s 11 , r lmach'iniy ma-e to 1.1 I i, is i;tit, olir' Ioi is l f r salll, at lut I- t st tl,-gal te ts ; it Is '. ''largest and best ui rl| 'sit evler S y all y oil ete ill i s l uil ulIt in tsite r. 1 IIwarding a rlu, 'iist by ' ail, ail . tcular. ill l e c iript in of goods,ii i -. ten -als let no devi'ation is ever si 'uti of nasil. S riectiv' iet dl"i ttat ittltioiss . J3 (i t"l s ort i lll s il, rI1. ,i li e"er's 5 l, 21ees, i' W o .i··:; ii , I 1" - d r p l 'tl l, d " I oli 'i i I 1l-, I;i ,1 !1, 1 x " , II'- is , tii ll,,i i l ,ila-is rt.r-5' ll, I ill .11 " ,, \ ,"~ ·: I· l ni' lC ll l J. 'lll, N-itlll( ltt vt, r eI dr-i - r -· , it s si l t tI 'is111 li'1 ".. , ll .- Trrill 2 nili t nill ,' ,. I ,. . : 11. j 11 1 1t. , ~ u r I , i cl·l1 rlil. 111 ,I; r ;e i l pe s( )i11, S ' Pe 1 ,( i ltllitll llll ll - sie -ail ~ e- I S i, . \, -li l t iue rIs sI sIh ,i; , e II 711 i hills,; Ie dIih essitlll i on t , 11 7 ( , ,,·,·i .lt -ll -(p lll '. i-'s Ii II ,xI' , I l tlll l S , h cI a 'I it l Ih il It ll·ll -, i :tls, nl'si Iu t I· ' :I t i, A-Ii's 5l15'll'S IIt'.; h itl LI II tll' li hIi CI bul-lk; pock I books unit w ll- Is , {s , -c . .it l I I,,, , ' , < lU111 IIon to 1 v 11 CI f r Ie st k oi, f,1ne I '· ·~l~ i i- ": h il -t l i e I haitI 111" , u:,,is1 - it ii i ,a rr xlI r,.,w lrr ,; i 1.SI"::I:; .\N ' A 'ýI, 1nluIr,.rs f f'rr nel Il i I," I In\ n "IVi'x'" ich .i (... . .1n" I1 a . "IV'r '=, i"i~"t ct., I'1 Ir ,r, t, I R:~ I r ii cu, ;I :lilj in 1'1.n." an~d AuIl· rl ý:I; 'n~e . 1I V, I I. . Iililll s!I I llc au1. .I I/.-i s, ltll n r lb. Ihla :us, a ill tll.' r'z'd ol vlr i w r r- :I" rrir-, I v, s i -·illll. I:I-11-,I I f Vanp · C~nilllll -:1lrlih I, ~l .. 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P-11o18 231 12 ,. tlUnionias, Gan. 114 E ] 3t,.m t MIilledeevillh. Ga. 72 135 144 jiotr Joa d nu nU. Cw . 40 at0. 1 63 174 io Ji4le ign Nhly5 21n 5 22 El I arren n, V,t . 12 nt. 55 It l It'hnlgi u, I'n. i| pll. 83 10 1 On . 'Fredh'rieksburg, I 67 7 i. p re Wslhingatoe city, 24 La. 6./! 84 a . I lhlnihdclplria, ; ant. 100 I i New Ylrkt par. 90t 4 1:105 13 Iai. or 5 22 - Northwarl. (' elie S rrt'wrd, tele iis six hoar ,;il I dent ad 17 atron. ITN DOI.IA IAS *I I",'A/iD. -. S)A'61111 ' frtl, oil (irr'relrlet cornelr of llevnl Itl s r'- tll n h i icia f 30'a1 of A anllr , an ill wei ent:Ile Iot r in i n I'rvlrt ". street it nrgro boy t enrTur a1,1.1ý, alaa ll7t yearsr of age, nl 5 foe r therenlaiuts il heir l t, orv lak, ani s a ta roped. itnt in Ili. eLorhli, one of hisr loee is ore, nrcnsionel ;! i lyratml hart l e lhad I, Wha n lie wetntaws a. hita Sr toi.rrsri olverrarlr nlll P1e:il Iioalr a nr enrlialrtl t i: :l r(rtlll eceiv,. or harbrntl g sati neero, a wll an fA ,iborler persaoa ,,a.rta ,iarr st rioarrratf ea, lw .,wil' ha i l.rdliIrerht I llnt ifnI oray tf tlo inil f "rlshr of thla mIuniCipaliies, trr at I6I' Carroadelalecner aa of 'levi. SI r'T 'I(:-'a corpartners ip erratre reo inating 1N I cae hr &il rm o( lt tb trnetl Garles ntin beear SI lssi vear. Th . sI,l rher' ror I o aidat the ai ll ral t- Ie! t.vro in tlhis crv., rd reqires oil p.rsoOn in.eb o ' I e e,1 ' i nIla rnrtrl tot hlin olyv, tain) all tlaoers avinvs tires, rto lra'oriiirlhelrI riaotare trvit. , tl 0-;7 t 11,19II ( TSA.IIT ON. )t Rallin the e I er", b the atrhora I Iorele Sitple, A l.,I'd ll. n n releira nc by Al ll, I l: nning s, l F o S leh'ppaer lee' . rila tir. by liinr l;, in _ vols. 4 61arnpejnaiaes llisn/rp if Patc/, Iraanslalri fron t i ln' r ll I al'Nr, f ly . 'rii ir l Greelh it I ral forL Il rt Iir'shimainu Ir r i '-', If'o a ar.o. llerr.'r's l'r'"r'rh arr /"n..lish Dlirtioatary in I vol, "r e, a tsu!tr+'a 1'r 'eharl Care nct/ihicrtioarraq. At-.aso-- A fiw ,nr rritesol'I" Collne's'Rl'renDaog I l icLIP... " I.,lll c rvyeo r's i'(". . 1'e or. rq iC itV, withrlt hin, Balliard Itlllrrft21-4 tan.l. 1-2 t inh s (;iill'ttts imprtrp edrmelliclottr ,japo ltraa r t tprlrws w igbtt &c. &c. &c. Jst received t a.lcd for atle by 't m:{1 BENJ..I.EVY. . PIN.C.CI(,S 'R.M... &-. pITINNt)CI(', MPIIMPIRO, IID DITIO)N OF " . (;hlsrlrilh'n Ablrrldnmer of the Iii tprv of t I,, prefi ll ei dio l a l I rat ll lll:r ita to thlin t Sd fr i/ IIrrarr Ilirlaorav, alld nit grela t yITt re , rvanltir e ll for rr malrlral Ilillhted thrtll hO l r he work, ta tle Alnnllra 12 letilllit1nlnll I~tll ti A i iroS lo l Ithe R arts' wit aU , i. 6 m00rns haiorarlphiI and hiso'ial Notes;rand qgea ' S o l[Olls fin rxl l at 11'it ent oftl tract sectin '; lustrateil wrtll Itlira' . ltrtravitrs t n woo by Atherlton n Ii talarl 's focrla I:ltliO ro fit f Goldi tar'sn Histor a. / i .f l" lll ll' nnlll theoo lth e lirlli of Julus Cesar to th i ,l / .I+"I d u1' t;frge nld w lih a t ri ti ller to the yea h I . IIi:3". will, gm scions liar exail ti n t nilth end o , attll ForliOlr. Ih.*iles n viirittv of taluabtle if.arara e ii liii [ ti rairiel inhh s litrral i l . ConRistintg of table i' a"rt'lll Si'ertigalltr ndin ei oenti persoll e/ ( a'nlrllS xlplll'tri y lllanle. lorraaltnrka i aie pol I ics, mIannelrs and li trattr of the ast. An o lttire). l/ t Ih (:Otitratoin, A&'c.a&. rloasarte by Aatn elgrt (;I in' E.. .wtl rs at, ito 'rIraxy, and tan A ridgmee ' l Keilrth's Sew 'I'realtris n thiii ineot' (ilihea No \ nri atart dtioua1toitl atldldititiand aI iarlrooaaement rl,/ riclll mll 1well lllll l Ic' Jost receiaed eal idfr sale by t'3l1 MIKE tAN d IoV n -| t'turne+r i 'lTalljar tiaii n tli Aat 1 11lll tl .'.\ 1] I(AI. tIt lI lt ORll AUCEl.h s,. .a Ihv I']filhip It r F ueLi I)), with IL an appendix, e'.llhllillill n linll aslli) l ' of varil-t" 'ta,,lesr &c. by Ren Ihllnrtt, (ricw lev', 3liltrI, DryIdor, PoIpe Artld iet, Soit" Chtlrtioeitti't i (. \Vkke ehll, Iiaro ,u Blll"t ....a. a ..n .. a e . .ofite .r. r.. . .in, ,,t l..i.ts o,: ' I I(lll/llS, wtith ilh e ip nlldi l.rhihlar toIaLst I l 1 lII "l .lrlrrtI (ilira t iti l I.ibirar' ' F'hv a cittltitn of fIIl 'I tIltl i: ' it RN0 I.i, byl ' a tlla.l, all it, ,ih , t ,ail tjr al'ahe \,'tint l." ' I i l sit 1 'a at .'l,. I',hv t1,, h L "Fti, t , 51arv oil' a' .lru v ,"' & c.,' t "w iedititiao .. teas st , l.piw at I I'IJ ' _1," ,"l . pl' eo.l I , l. llllltle 11o or ll a t lt.. Bill,'" II \ll '. JIIYl l'', . IIt" .\I C )N . ltH t;S -- : ni ,:a -k.. t 'it tirn a li sr ;, ii'a .'li. . ' ..,l I'i en,. n.,5I' lo t 1 st) t itit4II ; ,I, I I, I' , . . . . 0 l,.t iii, ,,, &,, ,. t., ',t,.' " . ... f| '1 I't .: . I h, 1vlun, rcro ml ',erne d bosinree n i1 t Ilrll e 1.r lan A orl.l ecl art in ohe itoreo I, 0 It' o 0 by 1 1r. J 0 I ,I+ . 1 1 t' Ih in rn (l erl Tivol al to ,11'1'1 ' an l''r II, .!II'lk, Ilp ,I sabeII 9"+Il I119 a share Sihr ;j 1 '' , p ir),li; , t ill;, reii Io, o lit l anvOs It l r Ile. f il -, r I , ,lll ; j ro ( fln ire si k oll t Irv ''"7, .s, n lei s l,+ l ol eootol arries i l n reds an. or luhlly .-Oslo t . o 'i Io ( o:l'winog Oiuuy are par e. "+ ,1 1zte1, viz : 1r I r e " ,d;o=, ý , h1 i a ,O l o a r ,t . a 1 P o w d e r( , t l o i' +st \', o, I' , . , I,, ll, 1 x rI a'o nllr ol elegoa L S b l -ll - 1,-t aIs;i Ill r. lal 'Oo lc'oi, bu kd aheal , I" ; I'n , Ir, rvescn lt Magnesian Apper:et:-a or 1 o n jo a , P ol r iv iveill llyspel(lO or itndi. 0s ( ,. 0 0rvu( i.o o hlo o 0 iddllooerP, lieadaolhe. ;11'1{ 1,l h 'l, l ,I. li ,1 11 tcotu t7J ell aolle1.I , cu .l . Larpen'er' Vhold l'xtro t of saremparilla f I 1ir + 11i o ,& d i d o nod enbrh, e. i ,<w a; ni1'- l' a.ani r0 sIld V onr lllfug ; Bl ritish a sn 0II '.'r o 1,1i, o0 .o,,l hll00, &.c. 11 e' I utiner] a ],+qýitrwe, ji jll+ nod Guamlnnve paste ' ',r' brsl ,hos,, N N Prenrl ,e's nartoniedentrir I tie.,', ch..hris liootI ll wash, li o lder wiufs andl bexee, Srm1., etr'P 'i deln t r Tier, P tlorlne tooth wash 11 1,1ldao h11,"( l~1, r, 11...h~ . Har n rr,,nlp de Perse, 17 lal +, Il ,ox 1'..r , +m , I ,vr11 1'r and l'hridol. o era, ,1 i 1h, l li.. l 1 1, i,,t ar li' B 1aeasarOil, Old. I d +, ' m 1, (', 1 n 'l l ll l' , 0lheal' nil0 , vlarie y Oof I "I ,:'1 Ir :n1, , h r . ',r ,h , r ,1 il i, lb le mao hl~ i g ink . " E,, 111h',+, JO INIC, S1 0,i i (.li1t's , i (T ,' l i x' lt ilii, 1 Il .\ I, nll, 1 -I ,lllllht ill ofl I'h, ,r l lmr'n- trdpn tine 11+r h ,alm0E0t oel arurr f tho Ferer and AInr. S II o e r .ri l dil s ,otlvoleo oi o (l"d ther TonAl Mo{ix f I I tl io l oIIoi. l (o tit +tolo e'(o io o rv oollool oiif treating, rI I 'i+.+1 l 5 1 .1d 1 o1o nlio ' othn n ot l 'i engs tblratVe . o ,'n i l. o - l'o oil oooeoi i oo oot l yit ninr all ting ,f it- ir rrll l llr ls, it In n ,. be n rl .,'u wlll sl , th e lnlYll orl , e n11 tloi tend lt oliard l l, l a it ree x1±l+pur~of ' llhl" diilrll..1I.Oll.Pqu te dtltllt I l <+ll re ils its l ntrot le to',i iu .+a " . It eel ob. 1 I lh.- a -,1 udlld 1lrfl~ltil elcl, by invig)rating ]i + slr lnlh oilil v. "l+ .+, l| l o thlln lme ll e nsolnl e. olo.iolrIl onlnr. ll ll Iio( I g o n . l lo hoply nJ lre .la a AiL E,+l' n Ii l 'Inoom diCordner, Orlonersat sthc m o-sllto., oll h bu e t ,roe I lnllclra ife the on ree anliln o oi r lioorlllllon to fAll r t bolels t nfitll he oonierens writh elllilvr ourh st afilt iln it o un 1y e ,oppres. t d.r I1,n 1`11 110d0,1 I, all ti nsr.l l'rn Is . aof t n d.n ora aod horP ar:i nodary & yrumtlie of return; wh teras by eltfmere;- d oIieOiln tor n ulomroner andl Tlo danger ohe I~'t.l till uito Iot lln ioar in, in 1 alo t rooooto otwth o di,'ini , ::od soloroitly fall vic 111m 0 0 - I on to' _.ioloeo 'lTho Toolio flixlo r+ilj ol',,l io t 0elt it ro:oto nooooih i'c., toos plot t i thin to loli of eilry on2-luO hok il to orII tl t etlilooe :lre 0er y1itoi oo. eiio lh lo fr et drajeeolicI n " ih o i ol ,l e rdal r e which0 I fr0 que0tl denied t0. rloo olo 1 , s t o veryieel ctantl tle t nowed. i I otl , i or. , 0 !ork •On tror ,t'h ilu hold lh in . I'ho eo;lioablbers tion lioohotinl agents foe the t re l "late+o anl wrilloei .by the rinse, a Ihhi (0 0ice00. 1.o he ha d at retail also, a A l oth c.I ari .,e ito I t y. o i y. JAILVIS & ANDRR*", \lonolnsate i)re aes, roe , ,'Coioi &L 'te ,toi lets 0 U AlI(BIl CiIIMKNE.Y PII)CE \Vn*aonoeeo naoonn.loollso n sorL, orlolsitL tho Poae'oe,, lThe suolhoeribnrs or, itow r.cnivitg lom 4mei; fa.o Iorios inoew Yiorl, oio1d will lrlteaonsetiply oa - band goral anssuortlitnt ,f obaorblo MoantlmPiceas ol'nsuprior worklliat.alop, anod of lio lbltoat pjttmeen oI ido of itho hoest lE!ri Litlll, ltalian. oIrils and A\loorocro tlolrbil. Alo., hloiilionelltt., Tpmaie- and Ilnoone .tooneo, airulolool anod jolain aillse'ttndti l'1t(.e olno.trnlc liill, ath andl boundary itone, pl'tae ,of Paris, ]mltoiot & lydraulie (ntnlllnt dll Plaster, i g olair, logetllr with a s nplrndid a lortoe t ot b aiss oInmunld and plI iln GrlIns andRuoiea Iroa rates ofloh nowerl and ioat approved patterna. ioltcriuni dolloa iln tllh n.aetlm nianiaer ld at kathe rt0:st nol1b1o . TIhty bona lirsL rate workmen to 'A A" "IN k. STROUD, fj I t Dtl.'S N..W WORK. & '.--'rhie Am-riran io ?laod0o1 hy tlhe autoiurof"A Year in S11ira," in oloh Iocclldolof Woml0ren, ia vol-. - '0 Il Yuan, \\'if.'.. Iloo., o inon nl u ol tnal ral arlti s md ld ullcl-tir, duties. JItt IoeCtl r'l lvlda fitrale ho by WI. SM'KgAN. ' 1 \ I't ll' ty

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