Newspaper of True American, November 19, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 19, 1839 Page 2
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(., iK14 ite- " "lahiAu M,. Return o t .M. , , " . . 4P. . Ai.. • ep *t 5 10 M' I t rnIat 120 P.1. M 4P.M. 28 -"s ". CHEW, 8AHVILLB RA1IL ROAD. "t In coibpliatece with the wishes of a large umhber gaantlan i leutee.i of avniling thrierle.t or othe flne " iport now to be hod ot the Gregt Pririe; the hours or Starting will be a rotllows till further notitce-" Comttencingt on Saturilday I t 9. i Departure,A . Return. t A. M. " 1 A. A. A A 10 AM. 11 . AM I 1 P 1 i PM M 5} PM JAMES H. CALDWEI.L, 119 ,Presrlent. NEW ORLEANS &CARROLLTON RAIL ROAP. NOTICE..WINTER A .o*R IE.NT S Toeeommenee on the Ilo of Noorlher, 1839. PROMo CAoRL1051. FRMEWn e A Mrasm u ar, at o'clock Al. Ho Car t .;." ,IS - P.M - .--. - - b -- l horne CI r, II aorea Car, at 9 . rllo RRARGEMETT OOR suNDAYS: will leave as the same hours n in the wekh days * _i "vlolck P.M. wlhan Locomotive wil h1ave tCarrolLon . _ ..hor' u"til ?o'lock-. P.M., and N.. Orl...a every hour An extr H6rse Car cn be hl,linod hrfore Ii o', lork P.M., by paying S dollar for the Trip. Afer 12 o'clock P. M1. 10 dollLarEwill he irhrged. Pescons going by thle trenm Car must provide themslvto with TieketI, su rite ondutnor ha Ilosltie dirOctin not to1 Sreceives monaey ill lieu thereof. THE IACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCA RS .lsve the hd of Jackson street at 0$ o'clock A.1., Cinral strllt T o'clore.. At half-pst l o'clrk they cAla ne to SIrvs hoh ends every hall hour, uotil 0 'clock IP ill, except ill that, instead of lenvihi Canal street at o'clock, tle car will leave there at Oo'ciooek P.M. It' is partiullrli requested that gentlemen will nct put their afeet'ulo the cuthio l, orlmoke in the oars, whou ladies anh preseal.. Omice NewOrleonnl & Carrolllton Rail Road Company, October 2d, 1839. JOHN IIHAMPSON, ChiefE~giner r N.O. N C.R.C. CARtOLLTON HOTEL. C LAVA.UD hnos tii honor ofinlrming his friends hnd tin public in general, that hie hts thken the Hotel at Carrollto,, where ho truts ho wiil'reeeiv.e the calls of his old friends and all lovers of gnod eher. Private ponrios will be haolsomtely provided for by 'ivinf alitle notice ef rebohndol He is willing. to enter int1o rrngemenls with families or individuals lde r00s fateat .annte.. Charleslon. Nov ..........10 1 .lshinnt, Nov ........S Now York, do .......... Ciinnati, .......... 9 Phllsa l phla Nov...........S i I.ollisville, dn.......... I l im re do ............ St . ois, do .......... sansh. do...... ... 8lverpool Octt.......1.. Iioustn r oe ) Ot l.... 1I Paris do........... 1 Boltonl. Nnov .............3 I.oudonl do..........IS Nashville, Oct ...........31 Illvre do............ 8 F0I1'I' OF NFIW OIILIEANS. hip Yaoos. Trask, New York, smith & Voorlee rigl Granll T'rk. WlUlOw. Jo Maba Bchr Elizabethl Carlisle, Downle, Tapatllny, Ala fer ARRIVALS. Nosvember 181,, 1630 . . . . .cdj . s d *m y. + lo,,r. ..+1 a .rary, w' an. ElStlra; WllIn i Freln mA fesr 00rlk, 0 ae; Goe,; Tbompeon; Rreee; Irlon.'r 5t.c'lla: T'ooar: Ad. ems; Cochroan;Qlla; lughesba Dosrey; and ei ay . inRea. Eabill nlnldon deck ae wy Per streaor SUlla n..l I F and Iod.; sir Mlyli mslLady; lllsdro. TMtoll. Pr, l.r r n dLady. Ro l. lloiMaonPlo lahrry;¼ iro Slrkar ,ad S Ogde,,,., tlie,,sn',uign;. e li,, ll,+ hrli, ,Swn, , Jarvir, C Bell, ChbI Starkley. MIEMORANDA No furthr news from the rier. NAUTICAL INTEI.LI.(iENCE S Tow bntlSlmrk coming op wibh PFr barque and r An bhrig. Tow hlot Mhilnra coming Ull wilh As ehip, 2 hrem lorquels. Am chr. Tow bstTsennesl.en coming up witl nn Ameri. can ahip.suppoaed thb Orleans, h bllrques aind one lohoner CHRISTMAS'AND NEW YEARS' GIFTS! Verandah, St. Charles Theatre, Campt Street Theatre, Caldwell's SI. Charles Arcade, Ho. tel., Stor,. Dwellings, &c. &c. . ..CAPITAL PRIZES ! ! ! Lauisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Loltteries. By authority of& law ofthel State of Louisiano, 6th Morehl, 18258. CALDWEI,L, OAI EY& PRITCIIAI ID, IanaIgers and Proprietor,. The priazes are many pubnhl nd private Ibuilding which adorn ili rclty of Now Orleans, annd are tile Ilrid uof its inlthabilans-lthe Varnndl.t, St. Chorlis Nlreel -theatre, Aioricon Canop Strel Theatrre, Caldwell'. Si. Ckhries Areadc, with Ilteios I)oillion, Mynre.., Iluildiig I. tr. nllinsiy rtie rllnres oif Gro.,nl, &e.&e., ar ,redy foIr Ira.0.r Io ile ilolder .f ulriz, tcko:e. f , IIAI.F Mil .I.ION, `OR AMi1EtlQAN t'A.Il, S'TREET TIa' ATRE - . . - ' LUTrr..Y. CAPITJAL .$540,10 It 1091 P ataor. ! , l . Will he Idrawn :1/1 Decnliler, New Yrars' For, in lWNa.uOrltreaim aail in order to gralifyv pnreoh-er. If tickle. Ithe i.hbatlon dn is a idpl. i,,r Ihis lottery wheno by it jll h coipleted i ons dnawinr. 67,115 thkete at '1 dollar, $6751250 1i491 PRIZES!! SCHEME. " Ssr 1 l mt.hlsre and Oromnd-prize to the a1fld aso Sdtrawn numihre, 150,000U Thlal eubet, tnlil follr story brick hnltding cal led ATiorilgb hotel, folrmlilg Ihe coliar Sis llinp andJ Natcli Streetls--lrize to th1e 4Lh 3th dh& 6hl,. 40,1100 That valunblo fivre tory hriek stolre on ond I.r - - etrrer, nccupielbv Melmrs. HIP W Hop. .kint--prise t ilte lih, l8laond 9ih. 35,000 Tl'hat sle.anr dwlling bIoueandl lot No 71, S koyel.notreet, nclupid by C WV t(iIril,- p. ae.ot' srl.neO t lIh, lit, and ll , 2,5,000 A- .+ . _Ills . . elling and dInoble lot JIGs Ao 'rso soccupied lla, J 10011i 1 SItntllelpilesof ,esol Estate, Inking 30l U"al:-sta e,-,isa u+. Sctnks, and ll;ny pri.,s " + Pck i= in lthe Two lliou Irbtcr .. " .:THF GRAND TWO MILLIONS LOTTERTY. S Only 9 Blnnks to a Prire. " oiii " P1RIZ55-Of Two Mjllions of Dollors. I Drawnon t.t Pld plan of RBlanks andl f icrsa., NO CO.INATION NUMBERS. 3 10,000 Tickets, at CS dollar,. $3,000,00 Theacletre an eeliiig price Ih rolme. "le rexpen . a" a . prsoa.a sOs a&wIucIun fruot the vaoluoio roset oin + , 1property ils in prizes. z OF l)IIAVINGC. "' "0 '1eNor. I to llill eo IpaPd i one wheel, , " wheaalaao nto of Bllanh ok nd Prizes n another . h4 eleal drawn -tl·)aIo are drawnl. "' dsja a drawing in January next, ulner rtr. ollr iulolr -oVItfwo'Jndges oft(,u: 1151' N I Ilea0r. -li- . : 51d5. 01PRoz Es:)G I TlihEVernndatajl. Ground. vhl,,~d 0t *500nI11o k r; TitemS.C .oheo '9hralee,grouord, toen, , 1d 'l[o tl.'ChaireoaAetloSidngo.Ctnp o ., With f.tlreis, Dwelllog., entiro rsqeros of Gt't.ttro..i, Soy. 4cy. 050,00:1 51'trtkot sfor reole I tIhe conelr i,f C,,nal and Si. Charles .-PiT. +,,,m Firl ltirce] ,achor. blot thts AiIIILhRY , cpthill Itiirfy. is ¼. dJpwsl.]. qotliab V . ...ll. lil ,,, ,,..C...o.ign.. 1 ,, , s, A. O- .ampr o g hsttoo· i yO~i -~~ FAiT~FUL AND BOLD. *gficiut 3noocnl ot tits "i Afiunicipolltga PUBLIS.IED Pi Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. B lh .,1" OIRLEANS.: l TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1839. o Distinguished Stranger -On the list of arri. t vaels, putting up at the St. Charles Hotel, wee see the name of Louis Napolean Bonaparte. We lihad the gratification of looking at his High nose for a few miiiutes, last night ; he certainly has very. much the appearance ofa Prince. He has taken an elegant suite of ronms at the Hotel, and the many admirers qt the great Napoe cr loan will have an opportunity of paying their ry pee a to one of Iis illustrious family. . Murder-Two or three dayv. imee, a murder was committed at Pica ~QC.ttan, State of Mi!nss-. stppi. We e n," ' oemn able to get at t t parti culars +I, but as far as we iha earned, they ean by tio name of Bradley, who about two years ago, shot Captain Baker, mistaking him for Captain Swiler, will whom he had some difienulty in Mobile, shot three or four mules, belonging to p M h. F;ly Hearn, of Pass Christian, under the ,et6 at, perhaps, that the mules had broken into his enclosure. Mr. IIearn obtained a warrant M. agaiost Bradley, and Mr. Batson, to whomn the warrant was addressed, went to Bradley's mouse to arrest him. Bradley seeing Batson approach in company with Ilearn, threatened to shoot them if they advauced any further. Upon this, Mr. Bat. son turned to lle rn, and told him ; I have a fami. ys ly dependent upon me for support, and I cannot risk my life by proceeding ; saying this lie turned to go away, when lie received the fire of Bradley t. from a musket. loaded with buck shot. Hearn who had a riloe with him, imumediately fired at to Bradley, and tbinka he wouded him. but the asnas sin escaped into the woods. Twenty Citizens of this plaen, with whom Batson was a favorite, are in to pursuit of Bradley, and will take him iload or alive. i But it is very probable that he is now in this city, preparing for a French leave taking of this coun e try. Mr. Batson was immediately put on board of a steamboat for this city, with the view of obtaining c. medical assistance, but we regret to say, that he died of his wounds in a short time whilo passing through the Regolets. We trust our police will be on the eook out for Bradley, to the h ads of which jp Lnust be well ive known. Cnamp.-T-hat beautiful and most particularly well educated horse, Mazeppa, proposes for a ben. efit thlis evening, and those who have witnessed Ihis excellent performance, will not only say that he is deserving a benefit, but that they will take a ticket to insure it. Mazeppa, has very judiciously selected for the occasion, the splendid drama of Joan of Arc, the first act of the play of Mazeppa and El Hyder, three grand equcstran pieces, in which ihe will himself perform the principal parts. Mr. Franklin. will assist his horee Mazeppa on thile grand occasion, nid as he has done every thing in his power to please theLpublic tor I few niglht past, the public in eomnmon justice shouald try and gratify him to night. T A BIGGER GUN. The mail, yesterday, brought us New York iapers of the 8th instant. The 'Whigs have car. Eitmpire State, by increasnd lmajoritiss. ervind organt of .Loc-fucoim, is ioe them in eatenso. "r-mes Nov. 8, 1839. RY. its death bltow, TIe interior have thrown .mi or ito recreano u'" rs.'ý , .* , r;.. . t ro ' icieat t assuor ii a majorit inbothI hiouses Iof tlle Legislature anm show an increased lnajoriy in the Stite. Int thi Assemnly, our majority owtl beatleast 12, bu most probably from 16 to 20, and in the Senate, a least6. and most prhably h8. The third Seolat District ihas done nobly. This is Mlr. Van Ilu reu'a own district, and elects three whig Senators and his own native coun ty end r three whig meim hers tn ttime Assecnmby. Where is Newo fork's ' Fa norite Sun i' TIlE ELECTIONS. New York City.-Frot thie reported majorities it appears that Brownell, Loeofoco, is electee leg;ster, over Gulick, Whig, by about fiurteer hundred manjority. Tile canvass for Aasemblymen not yet conplteted--wv hope to be able to give it entire to morrow. KINGS COUNTY. Each party has elected one of their candidates The auiae was the case last year. Jolhnson, Whig. Emmons, Locoforo. The Senatorial vote was not entirely canvassed. QUEEN'S COUNTY. The town ul Jamaica, gives John hunter, the V. D. candidate for senator in the second District, a majerity of 66 vote. over P. Van Cortland, Whig. Dogarl, V. B. has 39 votes more than King, W. W. V. B. Newtown, 132 Flushing, 1 69 olster Ity, 90. Hempstead, :52 .hresa, 39 N. Ilt-nipsftead, 33 VT' hus county was wis rpresentled last year by n V. B. man. Since thle above was in type, we have seen a In" tar from Htempntetad, dated yasterday, which states that Johln A. King, Esq. Wihig, has been elected to the Assem ily, 79 Innjurity. WESTCIIESTER COUNTy. We have received partual ,eturns from thim count', but not enough to determine the result. Wo presume, howevef, it wrill give a considerable majorityi.r the Loclloos. ORANGE COUNTY-COIMPLETE. Minisik Vlgs. Loeofocoas. Walmill, Warwick 2It Goshen, 12 AMonroo. 9hi Mlorning Grove, 2.t Cornwall, 101 New W\indsor, o Nuwberglh, 132 Montgomery, 5 Crawtord, 120 Ilarnptunaurgh, 47 Muunthorpe, 8 Decrpark 90 477 Ioctfoco majority, 146 SULLIVAN COUNTY. Mr $t.JJohn, Whig is eleteed by 50 majority. l'his is a agail of two Illelnbther, and wtith the coon. ties of Columbia and Gree, take a gain of five members. Last year, whig ni jority in Assemb'y. 36 l'hs year onss, New York 13, Rich mond 1 14 Gain as above, , Loss, 9 Leaving 18 m joriiy, without possibility of being overcotmt Iby tl:he tos, cod with th pirp-ct ol gaining tllco it ,stcuben, one in Ctuiln, ana d Orle .r uti ego. Fromt the Columbia Republican, Extra. CLEA Ttlla WAY tFOR OLD (:OL.UMII.\l T'tlE LAST LINK IS BROKIrEN!! SIHE STANDS tt3tED)EtEMI Rh! "WI have mret the eoney, and they ate ours." Afler one of the hard.e t battles ever fought in tile Couty of. ohambia, the Whig, have trtumph. cmd by a ha.jnreery. '1'h" pellonml, Inlaoelle, tie power, -itd the 'tny of te Oilier hl de,rs, were all nroatyht to bear agai nst uu; and inul..m the iiost gro~e atidi 'itticaail iee orrup mmiii, time Whiga wren COlimpelsl s, coUtetid acmrast Ic a l il zed band of rtfians who thronged the pos, anld prevented in utm ron, instes, tie f eecise at the right onf tmrage; but a redeetitin eliecitmu at-lad, sand thi PFopl hive eapreused their 'sober second thought' in tonaes ot thsndler anti iri tie 't4 ofhis adtupti .n' Martin Van ~tlren has receci sed a second rebuke moiure terrible to him than thie +ifm t. In thie ity. of BUadapP, th Whigs had a major- a ity o30 'forGtOirnor-ir n838; they have now a port majority oFlGUi'XY-TWO. . for ttSet dow oldold Colombia for 200 Whig ma- bovq ority. Ater Frome the Troy Whig Extra-Noe. 7, not VOICE OF RENSEtLAER. tilth Theo poople of this city and county have a-ain rel proclaiotred, IN LANGUAGE THAT CANNOT tio" BE MISUNDERST'OD. their oondemnotion of coi the measures of Mr. Van Baron's adminisarntion. fort At three suc, essivoe lections, the peopleof Renseo. be lear Ihave declared by increased majorities at eoch opr trial, that they are tired of government experiments Pt! upon the currency-thalt they are opposed to tile whole policy of the present administration that they are determioed to rid tile couont present rulers-and it must now be a' e by the "arch intriguer" himsell-, TIIIRD tlhouglrs'-whetlrl.v , are h- most certainly, 'EFFIC"T l Wy have only ti" '' ..aur, to con gratulate our 't - . . tle glorious re sult. It . -entire Whig County he Tickl ,Jrity of over SIX HUN . e Seonatorial ticket about the CITY OF ALBANY. Senators. Locofoco. Whigs. ti i be - ' we First Ward, 514 513 515 762 754 767 for Second " 412 411 411 430 517 526 Ity Third , 279 279 276 449 436 453 SF'ourth." 482 483 482 588 584 591 to Fifth " 383 385 386 422 408 419 the nto 2072 2069 2071 2761 2701 2756 ant Assembly,. ho . e to `e _ w m O't First Ward at. Second 419 l12 414 512 521 519 i. Third " 286 277 373 440 438 4:11 not Fourth " 489 489 487 585 573 584 Fifth , 398 382 392 400 507 407 ied Tile Albany Argos gives the following reported ley majorities oft sevt al towns: f arn Beotlichemn-72 Whig majority. at ( oymotnns-225 .ocfoco majority. Greenbush--lb1 do do as ecltodackl-85 dle do of VITY OF TROY. Sin RWhig majority, 652. ve. COUNTY. V Whig. Loaofoeo. 'ty' Troy, 622 Greenbush, 177 In- Lansinghburgh, 115 Schodack, - Schlaglhticoke, 84 Brunswick, 10 ifa Pittastwn, 95 Grafton, 90 Sandlake, 38 Peotersbu ' 152 ang Nassau, 154 Berlin, 12 he Iloosick, 65 Stephentown, - ng Whig majorities, 1203 Locofoco maj. 441 for Locofoco maj. 441 well 762 Whig majority. The towns of Schodack and Stephantl.wn re main to be beard fronm, which will reduce th t ma. arly jority down to al, 65n0. art SULLVA COUNTY. .end B. St. John, Whlig, h.a.. le elected to tire As sed mbly from this countly by 109lmajority, bePng a that IWhig gain. e a Four o'clock.--By the boat from," Jrny we are ualy enabled to give the following additional n. Sof From the Albany Evening Journal. . The Conflict-The Victory.--Tle Ex.RegenY tppa mado ai desperate effort to reo-.ver their lost ascer. in dency over the capitol ofthe empire state. But arts. thty were gallalntly met and triumphantly beaten. l on 'The city and county of Albany stands Iup proa'ty an nttamong the strongest and truest in the state. l'he ring Van Buren party hlate witnessed the first, setnd gtlls and third "sober thoughts" of the Freemen of k1. ail bony. We now boast a Whig majority of Se.On Hundred, which in 1840, will be swelled to a tyeu arnd. TIIRD SENATE DISTRICT. The majorities, as rreported, for Senators in car. Whig. L. ition. Albany, 700) It..Rensselaer, 6511 n is Columbia, 250 Greene, 200 a. Seblnecttdy, 80 160 TIe Delaware and Schobarm, tr be heard frdi, rity. in together will not exceed 10110 Locotoc. ' th son. "'To ate ~ifalul la.lcefed by'a large tga; t Jurict!. Soni SAtRA'IoGA. COUNTY. rent In 1839, Whig 325, Locafoco 68; in 1838, 243, and t ocofoco 31. OSWEGO. but A letter from Syracuse, in the Albayt Evoning , Jourral, says, that the Whrigs wera sure of tvi, ' nate i COb.. y y300 2rjlreIty. Itu In Syracuse, the estinated Whig mnajor,rt was tors, . . .. .. Tile docket of the court of criminal sessions in Now York. opened for the present month, prosen. ted 89 cases. Among which are killing i; arson , 1; attempt to kill 1; robbing 4; forgery 1; ourg. lary 6; grand larceny 15; petit larceny 14,; as sault and battery 9. &c. Ex Governor George M.'l'roupe, is recommen. ded in the Milledgeville Journal as candidate for the Presidency. Abolilionism.-The Ticket set up and supported by the fanatical faction, says Major Noah, all told, counted twoo hundred, in a population of 350,000 souls. A great fire occurred on the 27th alto. at Chiea. go, by wlich nineteen buildings were burnt. Some attribute the fire to incendiaries. The loss is esti mated at from $80,f000 to $100,000. MOHILE SUFFERERS. A. a meecting of the G:nteral Committeo for til relite of the sull-ring poor by the late conflgra. tione in Mbule. C. iW. Cimn ieCk, Treasureer, reported the fol. lowing as the result of the affaris eotrusted to the l Committee by the general public meeting of the 10th Ultimo : Received at the ditihrent meeting, of the General CommSittee, from its mere bcr, $6,710 24 Cash remitted on 13th uit., $3,000 ' remitted on 15th ult., 2,001 26 " paid for produce remit, ted, in obedience to a re quest of the Mayor of Mo bile; 600 50 Balance on hand to be remit ted 1,108 48-8.,710 24 After which, it was Resolved, T'lat the balance on hand,--say $1,108 48--be forthwith remitted to the Mayor and Aldermen of Mobile. Resolved, That the thanks of tie Committee be tendered to tihe Press of New Orluan,, for their very liberal anid prompt publication of the proceed. ings of the general publie, and the proceedings of: this Committee. On motion of Robert Layton, Esq. I Resolved, Tllat the thanks of the meeting be accorded to the President, Vice President, and Secretary, for their prompt attention in carrying out tIhe object o tihe original pub'ic meeting, Reeolved thlatIth tihe thals of this meoting be ten. dered to i-rall lewlctt, E-q, for tire use of hisi rommittee roorrr. Resolved, That this meret g do adjourn sine die. JAMES. II. CALD.)WEIL, President. PETI a L Irrtanlw, Vice President. C. W. ('ammachk, Secretary. ?NITEI\ Seroer IlINK AND rime .lFs4RS ITS. Ror ! CHir D.--\\-." p t.1i. th rt n i e r ll Iet r . toh t i t1e 1 I re r~t t. ritt (; .. r i o \l ,ednesday, ltll c t . lllrmir, e .t r cr r.lagellents entered itl- , by tlrr i ar rsi Itthri- hl,l and \It..Intlnh~n, rT , 'c11F ill'2 IhP" Illhe n wls , ruwa I c' tv (ihinllle ,rare, Ink Boo ih,-eoo Ilhttmrrour dt 1"u., I-ena cad not un :e pteId by' that ho t-e,.- .\. }. Timel s. [Tri t, sl.An jS.J PAIls. S.tpt. ?t, 1.33. 7" the President f the lt ian of. the United States, PhIladelpht ia. Mr. Presidelnt -WVe have t. h honor to rn, nthat we have alraltel wh ~l r. Jndln to nrircelfr 'your ccenlllllr, thre orn,it of 5,)0,00)0 tranCs your irrfies on te Irluttit neh ra n ri h h rremasned o ill sprospno. We kere i firgranted, Ihnt 31r. Jtl dr.e willb have itletrtrdl trtri orthr aertcierlt.s entr erel iron ly us witll Ililol lo p uh;. perp)ose,'( IIandI eel rq] tenIielily ro - sidI r it tllnreti llr v i t rl.ealiitorlnto tieml erIlere, I.t itinr eurserlvres t frrilih ou, n rlit her s a, a i o oallr!Ull 'f ouch of tlurc,rrlft no l havre teI left ill our bands to ay robe cloih, d with our an eptrarree. We are happy, Mr. President, to bhane found an op- BA portuootr tog'gve nou ioorrof of oura high odtsiderption'" for rthe.estlrlihrlnt norei which you preside; and to havebeen ableot the asme time, to arrest the disantrous effect whidh this refusal of aecepante on thie port of lessie' Hotringeire, was beginning to produce in our place, as well, an inl Leon, by ny Iolders of.nar ills, whio pre. Red by their neceraitlesr toll i an renizationr of Ihetr 'firds, tore ofnring to tart 'wtih hese seculrlier at a oBss over the discounltt. We shall cotrropond with Mlr. Jnudon in everr thing conterninollr aceptaucesrono ollr nacerant, in on- no ftrmity to hi,' request :malde to u, no that we rhnlll not i Ie obliged to.-rouble prou with detsils relative to this operatIo' it in case of new instrlcations on your .rl,Mr. President, assurances of our :eeld cn.deration. ie r DE iD.TIISCHILtDfrttreos. A. liE Itf'HSCHILD. From the Mletropolif cen Take the Ruby \rine Avay. - Bring me forth tliorclrrpofrdlgl to (,rha-el by Druid'r hnllds of Ilt, ry Filled frdn voender frtuntain's treart, - \\'here tile walter are rat rent; - IC This for le--ill j Ny)llo I hur, e This liar ilr-i-i henltt'se bower, This meor ill onnlhot.d's prime, l'lTis for oe-inolife's decline. Bring me forth the humbler horn, tat Filled Lv lhunter' hand at morn, 0i From tie crystnl prin hthat flows til lndernenlll, te bhloor!iog lote; Where the violet loves Io sip, Where the lily enonl her lip; of Briog me Ihin-and I will say, Take the ruby wine awny I 7 Take away the damning draught, do 26 ttin bteolnhanlian qlloffed! 6 rake ao a the liqd dileathl, Serpents nestle in its breath, re 91 Terror rides upon its flood, 19 Vice surrounds its brim of blood, Sorrow ill its hosom nstings,i 56 Sorrow buoyed on pleansres wings.. Dip the bucket in the well, fr Where he trout delights to dwell- of iWheer thre emrklingt waters ings, As it bubbles from the Sotrirnr- . S Where tilebreezes o HI-per sweet, 0 Wrlre the hopmry chillretn meet, Draw. antd let the draught he nlile i9 'ike away the rosv wine i 131 Wallshigton, 1"39. 1 94 107 A G(oon AnnTrnrrotn.-l'won men had a dispute. Ldwich rshould ropt' ir It lrliitrlrn fence sepnrtl eir t frelds,ntd trlrllh rb:o h thler (cRat' I round thlir wr y.-' I After the nmsol prelimiaories of deolandt, refusals, threnats, nod nintuatl recri nnittion, they resolved to try tile gloriols ncirtaitV orf thle law-- tlhey welre, low ever, prsuadLhd thelry i frieIs, to' tIhe nort, al trirrr I tradt OfSbntrliotitng rlt quetitrrlte frnlrledeetleirnn tiun nf IT very wolthiy and Ilolliaellat neighhol, who i was forthwith oathlted to thlle -eene of r tro'hle. t lere, I r ailer rhearinlg thIe reglltlntr on both parties, hlr told them the: thle slject do tllnded great deliler.ln' . ln(I o. an it wotlld take il llrontme time to,, p;ie, ie t uld jest 7 cl7 o a few pieenr of bItned over the. hntlet; and in ten - - it toun oroirenithl his oat''lrln",llt he 'fferClnlly clooetl 10 evrry gap. The iprties silenlrl retired, and the umepire 90 has never been called upon to pronounce the final 152 iudgment in the case. 12 MONEY OtMARKET. NEW YORK STOCK An' MONEY MARKET. 441 o .rooer 6. It it eranlti nll ay that ton 'r'nrition of our nly olly 0nr inorr eonoetcs ot r thehlt : n tote Oerlntltey. Spcile, orich still Iflowst' ' ( r,1rotrmaotlinp te s al treluln . is poi IlrtO the I,' Stor'ks r ett rnirly inltordtr l, th I gl h nelver rofe r reedetr. ntnk 1fto I5l e l r fitt rs o alrd,. s which wal s arm lernrd setl- rnttlo at ti.:tays. At te1 lotier, trn.nerlioo , Ir ' inl Irlelnware ed Itlldron . t 53. North Anetricnl'n tkrm . Co.6.t noext Suttdrn. Sales ofaterrli r e . re lt e tor at cnnotdrrnhlt m ty tohe, wn d re ill. On I'trnc. roltt As-geerally to 5,50. and nn Iittollhu 35. 'tre IeW pckert g a rlip I'atrick lonry. wlich sanotlir ly, ('rdry) Ito, o rperie on bord nd is pira o ltie 11t u The T ere Ia nllleh fIllrv e mrete on OU nlo . 'rIl e dl.count on t'llihotmphla is I:' 00l:; New ()eritt. s : Mo bllo 15U:.16 I lan hank post itort 3!n 3al. Sanlc uf'l'ro u 0 urdy Iotn e a i.ortt g No to uch t hnltl in i.n rterrl I tnloes. r oii .ry' fety fllnd e t .l.o' t e n rl n l a r t 4 tr nrt rttt lll ditrrrlll' lll red hack cely orer lot.I. thl. yrt, r t Itolli t'llr 'soe , by thte jud tetr oftlhr Sr - pre le Ct n lrt no tiel cllltrt ltlll ltoht of trr ile (;,OI. Iibnlkil l t, ullder xo hirl l ttle o Ith rto lr'f l teo llillr t' la I;otlr. lr, Ilg:lll 'w'lye a ,Sli ruI h toll's nl at ll l, lit' Ihrnkr ir taoke them,,i nllilrl ,s binler. 4 }Io Ilrreillc fif lltr weret, b ugho ll it n S$3:'; t d th btler price Ic'ut fora s"r ll irOlttorriont e Correspoodelrce of ithe rhilrd: U. S. (;razell. inwt lom.o Tnlere.-r, r I'. 11. l'llings i rtr:vlr reppl: ttimt'llrn Iot lolt to l r'olttller os yRlerltrt, trXI' p it pll IIIII(P, IIIId ill hose te re ,I'm .ltey!S hlbrittll, Witlloll:t even III0 c1lllljhllilln .",. 1l I{) ullr-r eve in Iorlllmr y lers of Fandlllrl P t vahllst. ] weathe r, for we. Ila,,I lion, We annl llll ,n n r lie t J. is IlttI Ihe wondereL 11I1 Itlh t tiC,. alld ieglnl-:ll;t· e .e' I *, trer trt'ltrm ntjlilt oe t e r -it C-. hostes [t itr.t i' t r ot t' eterri r t. J . 0-,-'"~ -(", . tolda btrllr in li lil'l , it w;n Ir t al i til 1t1 it tor iir s tnll sllll i'lr!t cill rltrt err her h Ir t ' I c" lt thn 1ie 0 1' ..... `\ IgiLIllIjl O rll ~,1'o i c Le t lly.e. I 'r I.lir l rtl' f io . son. i ts I lh a,, 101111 f II, l)ir hl lrP', Ill*. hlomel , In lt51 l!: , R ecol r of 1 't nt:3 per -Inn,; at 111i ieerot111o'1:1o lfri ,,, r. lllcr r ,llrr ill: ' ' it r w r I ''.rr; )ll r.r, III 3; 1.1 i- al l {o. !.':..; I..l'nhk 03 611 $-; 11111 rlrng T I llr l ll, I-w. "n h 1 t' ''heal ir' rin m lltlrr a Ptte l, rt -r for f or I t ort lrerxr lolgt , horlrhrrg l t,, o ellttrrrnt trll hl ll'le ome.lll . l rlli onr IIIIt Fioa lebt:llt. llt3 . r), t 11 ) r Irr lnh t r t :5. h ,ilink. a.v, e bo se(1 llrttg Irrpely sterlinig Iltrtllll i 5 1:' II i le-eli7ndi? e I h d.llv nlloing o l Ir tice. ]\ll rs in laS:.r ions llmv, (recllrrerd, wbre wilhotlllhe snmallersl n. vriation in pricer fo.ri forlllor days. Thelc in n In totrie irt'llhlence that you are nIort 0l .on ready in posnrsion tl.I turg. 1,s" f Rcro' l, Omee, Seond tIkuicipalile. Reports of t)ay Police antd Night Watch. Jshn Fo rlnn, fo snsi ,n Deltsd street, Iavitg liter. n. silly usod up tua the ot e of 'ci 'krh.-l)ictsegcrd. dos Marin -I arcested fIt the rlrg5'oie ottrhlsWo) l enn fo rin ofac.upnIisdo, tte onr fc al ld (!tendd street,, 12 Il'Cloe·k.- Discharged.~ W'illiao tin) b~v, orresatel on Magazinle street : 1'uunll drum snit woiol ld gto e ot n o mtn of hoitiself; also re. futsedto gi "' Ilia name.-ttisetntogd. d, l'atrick 11n~lulkean, ''llhomlH CmIk,arrl~sletd on Front )0 streot, for fighting sod disturbidog the t'accc-Ctook ot tetopled to ote scu the peristnecr.-D tiscarged. Harry, is eo edt do Edwaddt estr; frtond drunk, had no 111 it.; soya he elongp to Mlr. Itsetfre. Wi(lliam Otcttt, eeeot~d on tihe Ieve, ,ttee on a . pile f wod '.-tot to priseic30tttvo to (diliam ~orton, otrestedt so Itonjnomit stcr t, fr boong drunk and very abusttive Itothte wntctioun"i..ia. Edward -arrested in Juoiio sotet; ,fioud drdok. GJo'gt (tt rllfi rund I if itt, i-eYeelintt ott Xirt, .- Dias lo(elmrgedP.I IQ Jahin n W . Illl·0cirr nn,~ arrested an the I.I 11 ·V'e, fIIP );I..e ('ec p Ksng , oo. ,lctl otnt thre L'oe t sand biclg Frlltd, oe s t, l ,,( tsp scoo t o s ealteb aeisog p. ,I.Csotn if r lle, trs eted l o tt I n 07t, ns a nget n o t otO Il duty,-D i tchn (N t o 53J th d4 n -tDtothcstgss. i(c, 'E , 'pstet, snys lie belongs !l Mr. I'erovilIdihad "sxd pa. Itt c-to' Ya; three s.towIbrsk atmttNo. J 7lrot ~i2K (told"' (V'". (V 'lid tcttttr Ntto,,tttt ciii giveenits iute dito ty Atotytoo nitt ft ittto YtDso Iittpo k011t IHOWARt) INSURANCIt COIt AN0 NE~W V()11K. C W I~n~nmc', Fedinnr, Soxdutln, N 1'avnrItI. sIdev it ""ttsc ."" r F C'1'ar ker, M R nldntn, tLeetJ nki3 r tllaoa tttt \1'tt o Wci I''\ \\' \\ kssi oldIS PHILLIPS, 1U to 'I %11 fj TNI)u(.dterign dthooo c.ed aget, of ihe ttOvt ('Iti colenu r Now crlemta, twill ttyrnivo propoaels for incur. MEr Ilnllsra, Ilmlllili·Sa, Oluree·, Ships 1, rot.(1I (i011d1* , \\an col ft er hOtto , 3 hutt In-attt otd tttrstt I tyfie ¢ n1I-d AMSIIIEV"RCIAF:T THE peenrlcl of fllltrl brine t his Il"t $375 per burrs! aocund quota~lI., fi (r of three for tell CIIIJ · shall we(·iSI 15 Sper cent u Irlor, t n.' 131 ounlce,. fill C. MO S, \nvnr af lt Ii I)t llC(ititt dIGNrn" llcvr U i thfto..ti i;1kepsteal 1 tollo, 1intt,. fct s0ile bt J _Ili i It I )Il5t.l", dl \."w Lr Il:Vri fI"Inl!: limn , tip \l hai t,' I'hre 'I'rnol,, 1er:1· mi ti n r I ,.I.vllr ne his. tel., marked)1)- 1.~ nil, will pllrnal c Esc' illl-lllnlll l I n No. 90 ) C)oIIIIIII old ne ' \ tl),-ill (.mvior at~· 't (.\P- °_C0 In ... A \lenchant''i rolllls, 1udu g e nhl'nttIll, ndlo il, , fit; ·llll 1 It IiLAn CIIAI, II , itCrn I r s GASt)ifl.: -50 haves agent,,n of Sim,. .l I'lll-l'a : mmtufaetttre, flooding no ship John Hale, an~irld Iflr sale by L'G R-U hexes \\'hite Iluralsl, it)stare and1I Inr a far sale by G DORltJEY' 031 44 Newr I.etee BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c: CA GRAN D ItEI * REAli ESTATE LOTTERY OF P'ROPEitY'Y SI'I'U.rt 'ED ri NEW ORLEANS. SCH: IDT' & IIAMIIl.TON, Monagrr., O/ices under the Verandah, Corner of St. charles and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, between Conati nd St. Louis Streets. Va 1TITFt a view of neetinr the wishes of our frienda. we have the pleasure oa' announcing to thie publ lie that this loltery, b oauthority of the Staine ol Loui inna, will be drawn at the City Exehange, in St. lunis in New Orlennas. th'e drawing will, witlhout fail, begin on the lat Teo El cember next. He Oar agents throughout the union, willcanse the nabove to be insatted once in one of the newspapers aif Lthir respectite residences, and charge the expenses in - nt-tdl . SCHMlIDT & IIAMIL'TION. 117 We are authorised to nnnoauce that, at the solici tation ofa lurge number of the citizens of the three th Municipalitiet, .lr.\WILLIAn I'RERnET IIha con.rilted to tIle presentation of his nnme to his fellow citizens at c the next ensuing election, as a candidate lor the office of Mayor of the City of Newn Orleans. no [i Nosn somtnes autoriasts annoncer qu'h In deanande d'un grand nombro des citoyens des trois Municipalitis, Mr. WILLI* M FRERET a consn ti it se prdsenter conme candldat i lan place de Maire it In prochaine 6lection. SI7 L. U. GANNmE,t the solieitation of ninny of his friends, has conent ed It become a candidate for the office of Mayor of.this city. The Verandah-St. Charles Theatre-Ctamp at. Theatre-Caldwell's St. Churles Areatde--lotels g -Stores-Sqtarve of Ground C.PI.It.ll. PI'IZE:S lI r'OUI1t4AN-_. iRt;1NIt REAL ESTgATE LOT] I 't'El: , unithoried by a Ilawt the State, Gilt 01nrch 1828 ofltle ucoiner of Canal and St. Charles rir tilrl HALF 311,LLON or ICamp street Thentre nir 101trv.. !2?ih'iri'a-: T, tiE GRA ND N '\t) t 11aLt.ION LCOTlIItY. 1 try 1 I0,000 PI1rsn!!! ! , w;' Wi!l commence dIraoing as tsno as pructieable eltlse tIe afitr. 11 'an- l'fNoten of any hank. in the Unin, hich are gen- It i*h erally bankable in bohs lilr thety atre iansud, will br ,, I received ill I ut lllnl flll '''l$20et. ild j tIltl Millitt $10- 'ltto Mlillili $20 til CALDWI) ELL, OAKEY & PRI'TCIHARD, ast nil I'nl,'rirtlrs & lMaaagero. snd IlICII JEWELRY, ire AT No. . t CInaaTtEa a'TRcEET. ial A FULL Assortlena .ltrt received, cmll-iting of ear rint, loekets. ltroallhes finger ilags, gold thimnbles, do ptencila, gthi lh and unrt clhinisn seals anttt kehs. warrallltrle raeors,scissors atttl knive-, wnlle i ndl pcielle books, hair, nill, IoOlll alnd Ialeht bru-hll.s; plated.l orl iland candlesticks lnil fruit la.khlts, corllt S lnecklaces nnd hadn ; all the iatove oarticles will be tr- off red ll tile 1 1a I..a Inabile ternl s. Iny. N. I. ! lamte frllta gloat witlndoi. Side nnshes lrs nd anllo cael·c , for sale. I'le se nal tIt ll (ilnrtres tt 1' I -1e10 hkegs westatern butter, in atoerr al oa forsale by G IIl {Sl:, 1 ehlr -I-I 'no teat ,ttlit t5 i tt -hl ntte I -'t IIt out~s Re luct, lttt . * klnt '4 loa e bIIha JAiItIS & ANItIII1\\S, so i l2 corner Co on, & ThapIll ulu s al s ITho A STOR IIl.-10 rllbt b1't tir-iiiri lu ai ror oile Mo- , white a ln lehar !.r renlililng,also.5 bhis 'Tnn lefIos esu- see eantor ail, tOd quality, lor ale hvl tot tnJAR VISK & ANDRilEWS, k'.- Ai" " '' .. 10 "L -O - -"-0 .ies en i . n"gA at,,l .cO: fi rKil t pe, ol'- O .,,',k i I, *. e ll-t I bit' tLE. lO I ' In, d l.·;I ,"4 I l;r 1II IlA 'ittI; IIA{l)l :l , r 1'11111 IJ - (i tih etta' ,I tned- alNe . l" I 1.'ll 1 it-1 10 Ibat, lie-t Itnkers' nlllldc . at the S In)dIglt per tlat boat air sahe by Ic "1i' ants by 1 (s e Io Ii;,It l .I tir' la i ll( 41 \,'i Lter I S1 nlt i M r: III.\1 I 'IIAlID,), 3 liru erst WiAN) R \I. I STI\ T IE LOTTI'IY B; PIROPERITY, Ie S atiated i,. ' " ,> , ' ' 1 Tt it I ',O WN N Tl ''f r;11ll':1i , 11; I [It lindo -Ihr ~ L 'lih hmle , lOf id ('l ll,, T ;.i nl , II S t t'll1l l i 1' .. iA IIJT I, to101i, 0 iickrt l, at 15 'liiier ie h'1 . $Il.- .01 .ji0 rSell lling l pir $20 per l ke., I S.t - Tu • riell ps ,of hr t ,e ofsa he l ike \ ' fll he I. t o-I i ' t' lo & Cii., C2111 arrlt,..n, NI 1z 3, 11n,I ti tifoul w ie elr'the t'o r.esih ecd tank, ,rIz 's 1in . l) a tr ha' iper ' ic ii' h em . Ma i 'a, :, 5. :a I N I t' ' rte , o i r the e ria f , hl ale pin 1ii New Yoilrk tilhe oia lie will a Ie t e taiip d a n I e P' l tllix ' l nli ' I ta e .dait o t at lll itit ('It' t. Ba s of \Nw I Is " i t., , .. " - Tle IP'lilie ifre rrtlrrlrl I tile ln, i allsel blf e r- . A a dllr ltl, tiNq. lol. Ii. l a rhtalllo t to t. ro I er tie whichl elimbracifuti resictii a i rized ia ta 't, l.otterv. S60I l i P tI I ilS,-, ia foll w,I : PrizP-Tllh tiilugi trt, llt lrte sorI a brick tll uildillg, knwal ns e It, laA i., e. P ll`i T illP ee ltery Iee I~'I dlrin 2lli f 1 5 ":ilh: - 4 lhiles n MIllz'liie sit. t 14r 6 letr r ioeils oil rnvi hr street t nlld r1 ee 11 iat , r l Na.heto a ees i re lt aofl :17y) i rnnn ali ll bl ing ill tile rlust Io rish tlg pa irt atf t 110t la ll't,, o ,i t r I e bollll kf.,l l nul li t.;" mm.dimml"I a- hbrhl- l " the ir S I. (;ha le. nol lla tii'h Iltaii . s" Its rnlls. will, illn i Erv fen' rePs It) lir lnlnt . IsiiniiluieI ai $7T0,00 i Prize- I li ntt fot r 'o sty l t k ltil .ii s +ll.l kllo'wn\ l a4 out ( 1' 1' I' l ''I1iT I.I, I Pr iat' ' erl"t ,l-t ol'e s ilel, Unl d T - the P tiz rles `r J l'l " in 0 li 0 (a ,, il l li or ' r I' a " st r 1n nlitn. I i nonC t nid 1 4ll tta"u IIaI ll aell oini ( llilt .t. n al l ll a aIII i ail ah,.m llllil I'II a Tlisif ldni Iti llala nrllwl ,lr 1 i I ll'l, Itntd h abe la it i tl h mIh iii nl ml iil i ofl Ir ile, can shorh e ine re se tila lh 0"ir'i, " a , 'ii l le r oIi e g nn IlH, r rla illltedl tI $00,(10 Priz 'llO"aIrthll ae aol hri'l t haa a lat lin r dfriahll e ,IA rct e , I aartle. i ,tea I12 iO ilnnh dlcd t dllnVars. inllllhhrl ed at $._l0,e 80 I Prize-il'hO lie il o[l i cii k .Iw+rlling hii iise, . Not a ll- aat aoining No. 2, Natchel tr touted tia I. . 1, h0i IdrerI doall'a. hiII t I ,tn t$_(,0(100 Fre1 d dPi i'a II s I al,'lilltih u $20,011. t a st Iorn.r of Banin nd (.i m , !It au-i ll . , a t l ,ta ii I Cli alri t i 40 [le'e i I i fr 3n 1 l1 all',, till4 ft.l t loat Nn lllllkihl FIs eerl l ILb 19 li`l ltak hOai a a tern Ilhundred dl .l? ,s. Isthaled It $20,000-· wlt'.;t ,rner ol Iilt-\ii . m11 eI a sil . i wring 31. Ifm 7 ich-h ollhiiiSiiio st. dI. fIIIt 7 iah Flklie ,I ', Niu sI alu t hb 1'7 IP, l 10 ihch.sdepth n ('in. a i at'oag'at o a "t iaay el e tItaa antll a. t lltllred dotnrtes li]gl.lll i t . 010) Prize--'l'Thl two. ol v brlhk dwellin hu,,ri Nn. 339 on lRl'lyl itnre • I, betpee t lriillt'.4 PIet . it- , tR e. tr ay.vl .r, hllA 1. 7 fIet 1D ill 'li at i i at', dp i alrtri- It d nt $1020) ar ll 101ihn telllet $15,000 Priiz--e=5 shares )'a nal Ihls k I ,lltl I at ` $I11)rm"l ++'+el Prize- 1li5 shnus llr lltalip c' n rl ' l't =0 I 01 ,ilhers IlnlikStck, at $l (.() t"lnch, ' I'l'I-isrc. 11n-11111, • + |raha 5e , 11ilillll, 1 F'rizr ,I - 15 " lechal,, and 't'. n, ,r ' llf01 1(11', P izes of I ,' "' ]Il , ,f ll, ro, 2 11,111 I Il i0.1+tPi lc.ts, i r ll ii I I I ; 1 l I, "w i' e plil If. e - Ii, I 1 l I'riz.::. ilh 11t 11 hl. t d.',,, it atol l ·e; +r" ev,"l'V nm ,t111 r at IprzC <,I hbi+ik wl ll I.e 1 if" nl . ,ooi l u ll t +` ltzra re : ," I."I, d , llell al h' il e Ialallle eh of 'lloi l (1r),t'l. f,rtltr 0-%-'P l.llrVr \ lil) r', " r d tit I hr III (',+ll' l +,n -ll I te mland uii \o. ]III ('hl[tln r chart, ..'\. Iv , i 111: lrlel . andlr· p lil fml w CIro lllfly III.r . do,, I!'. 1 • -'ILMIDI' & ll/l.MII.'I'O-. New Orh,-lo ,. ![ .1 .it - lllr h l wvtil hle providers to tike tr) F noria r `ill'It passe.-ngers as may bhr dJetirols It willegs hIe drawinlg. -.'le, ,,nyti r. Fin. Apri!, 1139. may 1 IIA++1..;Nf: CIDEtR--I1O0 boxs in st r-re - r.-le Ihv y ,31 Ii -; D R Y, 41 Newl l.rvre IkENEFVf3l' AIRI.XANKI.! AN?484 iIi HORSE hie-evmenng will m n SlJOAN iF ARiC; the Or, The Maid of Orleans. toe Join of Arc, l'Mrs Sitort. Vainurtd, : ir. Frantiklin. Previous Ito wiich, thi fr,st nat of A AIAtZEPPA. do zeppa, : ; tr. De 1Br. do Aleor whicth, n E1 1 IIY DE ! ic El Hlyder, r. Do Bar, . Hufez, Frankliii. so a ]T Dnors opetn t 6-i'oerfrtOnnCea to commnace ati 7 'cloack t _. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST'. 'IillIt' 'tLt.TT, pr ETwErs novYAL AND novUanoN sr.sTrs. rI ~1 E MANAGERL nof hlle Washingtln Ball Room - respectlilly informs his friends ,'ld the public, that e Ihe hoove llpntiolil ostahlishmnot will open for tIhe ;t ean,,n i Monday evening, November 41th, 1839, bIy a Le GRAND DRESS AND MiASQUERADE BALL, st and will cOnI tiuooi tlhroughout thie seaon every Monday, Wedaesday anld ,lturdly eveniug of each week. 0 In A,,ldmittanle for G(;tlemen, $2 00 91 is New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. bHIPPING. I Coastwise. I~ T h'e1( niling Powkel ship VICKSHIURG, d llllncer Inmlser, Ih:vina thlere illrtllh of helr s torg,' engaged, will slil as nbI ve, nll aIv III at 50.5 e1l cl ron,,,. For freig'ht or pct s-age, hivinh el ,l· gout ecollnollt l'tlllil III IO I lsl cIpttIIoIII n11 blartd, two tielrs below the \regltbl A t nrrl. c ,r to ll 1110 A I')IIII:N II m',l,lon it FOR NEW YOIm - New PYrk nvd New. 1(, h l it nw tlll/,,., tlllilp'IIAN T'OIoT, re 1. l.. tlij -sell, 0 .1:1 :P1 ' w ,,.olln l I Id : - i ..-Vi ,l.,M d Ilt I Ally IA AA' lu 5h1 hC I it 111 lit liti , l yI b n bullht l fh h .h ,odte is ,it igin 1t 1 ..ill n: I t o tI,, e .l , , , I ,,t e for,, p",,rn vhea 15S n ia p p i tA 1it An , i' t olt l , ll t i, o , 't t Ill 3I : It111.. lilt Il I NI il ) I'pl lots-i e s ire w 0ll =a -l iosi6Yt:ly f tr the Iho- iort oa t! 15th i8 li. or f reegh llg ning ordeprly v 3111, I willl ? lllr lll III 1 i, ot r ii m 1t ' illw g ond r, viz:. S IIII tI. llInrv. It \V , -te ,r. ild , lllr. Ite In S l lroy, It. l.cki h I). - asI r. Ship A ii ,l ,lll , I+ o11 11 l ll,, -1. 11 IP . New t , hil Fr klortl, I l Iusslll l,,t r. nd New+ hIll \I1lr Iillm in-inlll, It .C(rrnll IIIlll'r. New ship F'airli.lM, \WV I. I,,n, uI,-er. These Ship;s ore IIll t f ie' firi clns-, eo l" Ilen, ner no dlioni for pi ssenll l , nsmpll II sse1 d for ('mttl i rt and inV h I uh l s iI lIerti-ld, a 111d trl. I ill llllll I11 o III(, lllII Pxltendedtql Iii cltlllpprIt aind II .Il'-edllgels. Iex J'lr I'rtl bt iir iit.llF 1ii I XIII ly I, 1 I'l '7E it I. 11 .i .1 ( \\'. !:Y; 1I'11 np s S)FOR) NI.\V YO)RK. SI .3115' IINI, + \ 11 -T1o snil every - I ih ," r , pI r, l f ix 1 , vi t T ol 'l(+l"llllllr, ('.1 IIIln Illllk Ir, Nv. rl hll / I 1 I· I .b -- S tlr Il r. sth ,i w I x llt r , ., _ \nhad w J nI, '!: rd 1 , o~ w nt ,, i .l- ' -- lai-lt, u . ;liha , I A I. \I \ - l t l 1+, F I, . ;h, ! 1, li lr T i'lb, .I. .. ," -h l. , 1,. f Ill-. o 'l'11 -1 i'll n', '1 . moltl i r l,.l r 1 i ll IhIb hii\e I. hi'll ill mr .Ak - 0 lllal\ , ' Ir , )lp l-io hr l I II "-eh vlll " , e o ' I"'hlI w bloc sL~··:. l. l ll Ililllll-I Im,:, lllhl , 1 ti II ,r n'llhlll lt l.n , dl'lP,"Irlll il- be-, p ~el. hl'l,'l/ rll(lll 1,b d y 1(',, Illi·ll It, , ·\ Ilii th Ii ll , nl odl. ~ll II Ij ,lll.V >till ; ad. r ']'h ,' I l\ v,+ al dcll t-ll +,,,, fill ilI III;.+ It.(+lillll ldillý lil ll1 :11, r I1 .'+" -ll ,bl t, pIal-xa l' iii ,ilt $i + 'h '1, willh~ - rlll ,d'illt l h o r ..teel,I, nIlr re;Illllhle tir' .:1o, ''tl ka.v o~r RIK, pal el,\, olens a r,"nl", bdl ill td L :lt c n signed thtertfur + r or the Interior. of'it T ill; V Ii' \ K 11 1 . l- 'f I 1I'A1Y.I. t 1.'l· ill ,.It1 11 it ll. l "()th '' i Si nti t r"4r h l i h or pt u I' 1."~ ,l i. t r n'' al l einr'. 11 & 11 0 & 11I TA1 'l. I . in a r ""iiie NM di o 110. 1n1 i it`'', ,',, n1, ih, 11, n iiti l l 'l i l'r I:It l I.i , -\t . \', ;l Caiol., S t _ _ lFO HI'1,1 1 N wS 11t.% tit i . tilt 11 & ' t ' n , ,i, ,,,' , it le m, ,_ . ,_._ ri ,ly 1111 .1 t, 1 'I 1 N, i ' t1 - it r lil lrSIltitl--\ * _ I'tII EI I tI: 1 1' i. i'i A1u tiennli. 1 I l It 11( te t IT'C ARi ,7 Ijn trl t 11 1 . Il.' 1 4v11 ,. 1i' - u t ta (l fi l lit i i , 117 I1,/ 1'r 'l i l, lt hl' rls forT r b or r - r .(' O ii+ 1')11 1'1- 11. , lt 1~"-n ( 111. , u l , Jo l -I ' 11 tt tl'II I i II 1t1)tI 11 l . n, " i wll arllI i O111 ht I nO d e Ih r s u .efi ll S _, o-h.oard h e , h Y n I , n I " Sri ell I' t& 1 I Itt ,It. l - n ) • 'rlo o"di1 ,rone o Ill+.11r. 1: 1 1. P 1o IIr nlil" ~ I I d 11611 f inll h,- r C1 \SSul l \o. I I.¢ I lllllll e ______'e EVl 1 REn II ii " ! I ',\'I.;RE \t (1 A1 7 l\rrI.h, ' 1,1":Y \ )lllhll hl . + l.II .I -- r ml l il e (h , nh,,,.,, fro St +lrlll r s sRetl O to"F for'I'h, 4h y' ,Atii.,lh!uo It' i N;,rew,, .-rl' i T ..- u,,I't e ,a d •J • llt d l'llll")ii'v'i I,,r 1 133 t·.- I-at+.e b ne 1:3 i', '' lllah i i 'luc ,ll Ap ol lh a I ai k ull'Lynr t . . _ini d FI t m t. Jll .,- \(', t ll, i' t o ten : ... r io , II { I ;l ( -m'I+.'lls I rl . aII , ll I vl l al hii p i I(ec 1l 11, I.I1 C eI III. V 51 n Ii l 1n nil nde I llr I ?. 1} Th,) A n 11 plnbe+ n+ 1 t.1' 11 lllr..k+. s . ll11) ti) - ,n {r h11 h t-xs.,t h i., li-i, l do, 1111 loo -'n !,w"llh, It Rios ill onw Ih l lllll..] n.11 ' o nFl' l er. , ,Iri ll .I, 1,e-, "1, I I, .ý" l, 'Ilitl MI'I AI' l I-.r l Cll i : 5;o l llllwr rl,"1 O if r ".'I, eI n odI ; t, r v . ile, 1 :, ,, , IIrtl ll n :. n s lg' ,I .I .1"oolll ( \1 , "1~1, n;1 IfI Loxe c s II 'I'ra I un1.h I-, 1.1,m IF, \r. III .h .ll Kll ,,1' C ,1 ['-ihp | , r \ ' . 1 11 li, I - w 1 (;. l . 1 1 - \\ l) 111 I •1.1 • v I .i h ," 111,1 I~ Q 'v . r 11, h: 11, l ,11 o.I 1; ::; r lo l., Il 1+,p)Y. lr.! o n tilt. I, ,ý, c o I 11 'l ,n,,1 l r , l ,1di . " 1,1" d ov (1K1: \l h' 1 rill . h n'\l\ : .1:ll 1"-l, W flly ve i ;s r 1aleir ot iii~ II K 1 l uhr, 'l, r,f f. .... Ihr-:d. I, .m. -. 'C t, itll ani !I l h'h'lr it ;1n 11 , , "t1 'hl or e ' 11 S loll e rrcl ivrl d at Thr t-| s I .aiee, li ' 11,v :'r " ,  (Jtaulel It 1 1; (\11, 031 _ _ _ 3 Ill' at hlrllpwns st bo .t builder $ailln '.i.. . Apply to Cap. , N..--'ken. o , h ,,rd li)r hllhp (1,,f dt. ]lllll rp0.j + n l I `.SCOW q 1jINICIALITY NOTICES. }ý7Jo:rt~L 'rlha ooainin of Quirr haoenur,'&r,.,.ltrn !N.'idniurichklir|,er, rother.m'oeriato, wihin the W 5lli if, d, onre hereby .1rifid to tnkr oilt 'licence for dei crll;ofitonirrmbly to the law; nlwin uii'rei, or the napiratimi of ten days .torn 1ie Inte if lii niaotice; all hloas to nd 'in eriilreoentien o44 ihe. lai wil! laeizedird ot the broners prosoi eifoiri ,lelir, lrpoidirerd. W. Dfl.A.:UN, gi4 Colihctor of, 2nd 9t. A VIS aux propidtires des bhateaux &e. ddhbar -.l quant dou oin, lea hriques on naulres mnldriaux danao los limitrs de Ia Municilplitd No. ., eat ler donnd qu'ile dovrunt procurer uno lirenee pour les dits boteaux, couformlunmont la io existantes, avarnt I'expiration do dim jours fIdator de cot avip, ot tons les bateaux troeuvuient enl contravention de la loi, seront s,iIsl jr.qu' Ina taxe et I'amende soient payds. W: DEACON, n14 1Od Coflectoeur de'taxes de Levee. AS I frought to tie police lrisen, of Ike 21 Muni V clili, a n egr nero n eierd a1t1, hout fifO veers nl ag, oear e n irlongs to M r.cCanldwell'lirng on ilne Iplryo:r Iairdl.u T e owne r wil please cael at. he prir·on, plrovne proptertyv,iv elarPir go..ttke Lhnway H lS r HA...HAIt, Neow )rlnon, Nov. 6, 830. f Wa a atd l oend .I Ia geolo de Iu Snocnde aner. ltla un negro noerd. SAM, ong deo o em.ire,, 10 rlisent uppartenir . Mrp Caldwell, dme.trs 'u r our ia route Iloyntu. I.e propridlaire du dit nerlave eat prid do is. nir le reclarner en prouvat son prupridt6 et on pa yant leo frais. II.r S. HARPER, enG Capitaine do loa.Gide. La Nouvelle Orllans, Ic 5 Nooembre, 1839. NT df 61i nrer s L enclos du 3fne quartlee d . In Municipnlild no. 2. sur in ler Novembree lea ehaldtvx s ejants : Un chioevl grand, maorqu par lo collet, eainilse et qiueue blanche, nyant 16 maninree hautesr, Un chevol boi sombre, trois pied. bians, le pidet dreit e devanrtioneoiitd un ieir, sne petit rdtrle ' unor in front, moratqud pnar In Bolle, Crinire et qgut Snonirco, ayant 15 roains ct demi do hlaterS. l,cs propr6itaires ds dits inevasux Pont prids do d, oe runire l I'enil los do 3lmo quartier de Is Muni. ci.iaiti no. :, itud anu coin des rues Robin et An-, neuiatnion, afli de Ier retirer en payant les .rsist. sir on avanotil Saiedi I 16f Novembre, on ihI snolnt uis li t l'unoian par P. A. Guilotte, enganteux iublic. J. L. WINTER, In ]or Lieu. do Ia gardo. p. La Nouvelle Ori.anr, le 5 NovnOtbre, 1839. II n 1 '7 dtiiIii . Ha II gapitedo i seconde Mu •s l / noite plh., Iea oaclaves. livants, aavoir: Uo Une negrene inllartn .I'I ICIA, agd 45 onse, so dlsant ,pparltnir a A1r. Nlrard. UI ncegro n amid I'THOMAS, agd 50 ren, so disoit alrirtenor hr Mr. lBertrand. Itn IruOl'taLir..o dedits l oscrlavel sunt prida do ' viri lo relarer in paynrt lea tris. , L.a Naoewl. )rldano e I. 28 Octolre. r6 II S HARP'ER, C;apitalin eo In garde It A N' I' -- I rro or flor familieso fgo ona plan I. tal six milbd f.rm tle oily; ilhero are good andll e nllni dious a s;lill shll tih; Ih lnt ) is rll all t c hivated anil cani hriu llglifir ill(,Olllt' tich ailonily will have aiei privil g'r lf t'llltivIllil.r u large parcel olground form nllimbr of yeIars, anro oi' .luil g aRs nmuch timbler an they iiiiay wanl withou ll l vi, i l thing toi pay for thelime oar.eed upon. Foir further igllortielrr, alo pl, to SII INI(NAIIEL, Ili corerNot.ifr lor n riooT'. piaiouto rig 15 lllf() I l-7 lpp' o llan'dlilol "ii ll; 2.5 ila do suloie I I (in; llo, ; d bes donoesti Bro ady, in aore for I lllr y - 2 J T IIAIR & C1 ,74 Poydros st rril.\o-- 'Ili i ..t I'oooil.oog. 15 do Sooornog,oa"d ifx tly 1: Ill boxes (;GI powder Iea, in stuor for ,2 J TIIA11 R & to, 74 Pydranst . i, J '1 l ' Y lt & 1( 1 i74 l .l ' ydmys I I '--'lll hlto Itoblins' $ I Soap, in sore, for a.l y II I INNA L., ,11 1 d4 l Teh'looior lo.r --t u T. TIONS'Ii)I IA1.I,, NEW O r 7lIEANS; r 'lll ti. o iii i ll l Ilo~. loo r ,h ro ii re. oli Ii Amli sh ,1rtl. r i gloh . I .ltlo l ,si t n) paprIlls/a r Il l.eakwor 1. , u , . in~li h w v f t, .11Il,, ..... O NIi,; c ol 7I r , or i . a . o o . I 1 do 1 ! I} d ohl0el nt, 274 do 19 } do nor ioro ol"" .. . . r' o . d 31. d r do (holnion'oo0 d Tn r', ond John Gre)n Amer icza and Isr gisi large Bineoeding 'r i oapers /e;, Iolaok' ora . or Fornt iap, 2; ircho , 1o m o inell,o o si dow.e lai flood. ] Rooo l 27I1!.d dod olpoI iol, lot d . do go o nls. /i, N l e, / rr Papes ,. S not(alltaten Il, I ToII r '.tnr', l ind John wGrent ' l' l p ro- ~tr io whi 010 i Srlll h lli lt o trf n di d u ri t W r Foliolto ,rr brilnote , lu o all hite . do . 0 us i nted inoido.don A for,. .oo.... . Ar . i....or r,to p i w. o I < o n do blue ]id, I ln ik Posll , . f. ilbot a rr s. d 0x0 iaoniio forgdto "kiro o st"; doogilh Ti "il, Iri r n .o t l Is t gi'' l 1' llel o d p ill lm , o bole n t Ion" .lo IdVi k or woviep inogl i oE Note Papers, Sin. apd 1. . Piin nolte piaer, whi oe wo ve; do gilt Exln, saLin Ino 'whih r tit /cac lu is I l,'k bant.rrd 110 p! eilt' ioo oao,, dt do d 1ilk noto P aler, whots or lint edanld ilt i otrd I ro tenll do \'n ·lrltl'et nilk nl tmp " in" do dI. printed imo oition SAmerietan Letter Pas., . oolio rl ons and i'no r mop.. i Ai vin.' i. f" ('&IlII1 ri' P i " ril arld. i , ,a "nde i-oilo l r l.rtrrW iiim,,,, i Comlrl, ao i Aolieo ' r . I; Ieoor .,"ood etn: - wor0 I , I doI do blylllo e 'ai I it O i il.' ol'ldl oio o 0 hoodnoordg 7 F lio po 't , i. whitellir anil wove fa d i ai-' r Aoo N0.1 1 o o.1'o s lt Wet ove. g Al iln' onr oiil RIlreo.oaI v oion cop do' rouglh e dg , 00pnl 1i 0 n blue 0 atel r -o+'rort 'h o. s. . d whh 0ia0 lo wh le ood . iwo ns FmnI. r. .oo I laohnrdr' r an Iht o t ill" rdoerr En ll mill " in ftkh d sl. f. nnd filn wi le and l 3 Ilio lo o oInoot n Foolsp. o doi Folillo ol,, nOir 00otl b: o o'r wove dl dlot nri oorooll looteP r .or, ItIlns ,LerI pirIro 1erallol linrd. 3 noldo h lrre A '000unl sle's Ino siltlh loollor, anoeeisnrtclumn a rron to co vrroert cls ued FPolsrcp,. f. ainr linod, do No. 2,do do t. o . oo mitt dolo,.& , li,r'l s for gar d(, . t olll I lo I for inordwgie osaI l reo.l.olr o i. rphi leinl 4linel Alusic Papers. SMusicf operPI Rlyal, [lansd 14 staves Ido Io do wiih per. rIn do fr sores (pnrillonl)l .Ils. do olo . 8vo otr Colored, 3arble /and Pancy Papers. SFrenetl, royal and demy, lsarled, all colora Grnnlnl , . uniri crap, do " do o Mlarble paper. roylll i n mlt 'L "demj and ca ) do ht);ln 1, ol| +,f 'ood and print ' I od(rocln I'pllir' all p lot. ('(+ornd nail ,'nll~osset loopers Gold, so,'rb , = Dop r ond .allt Parer ,+ Plnin onl in li.y ttiomll. lllper " SOndry Papers. ' I'intlinh I aper. all sires e di q uriolitlo.e i o.,) '..1 100000 ,i .r , I oooI oo po srlmliogpd) (,okl'rori .;o l" ~hire do brown *i -" Io'scll-II o yelllol pr, r'yal d" (oil, o:g --" ,p r, Iý:n<'lie - .p oIi d,+ pcket potsd A . I "'O I l ual",r, t+ ngl-]l, white do A eticailnfoc toie mi l n0h ro"o 0' (lit11k 1Ir fr, . p, r rv re o.;lin, p~averi, Ilarge nn] dolb~ele lnlnt (; a, nird ti.ldd i-p der ' ' h e I ,e. sol. le wIto , Olon t ,lgimlosoed & lerfd.e -] ,0 bhaloot" rlimie New or Ha y lad C0rd;.I. tonlloro .ohom r.los e lead ord ' r. i. Ifa irt.iod fur. Bonn, o31. _ A 'To -WAIt 49 ('sop st S 1t1:itiT , &or- :Y large and fereoir rssrorolneo of I. 'hirs. Vonlltars, Hoc.ks i flod ,krchi le , ofvorioUo kind,, Just ree oiYed alnd fir sale hl "Oodroip &fon. NIaval, Militllro & Paolrinln ,l.r Ilatteirro, under o31 Exhlilqge Hoel. 1, ('lo es lt n/ AN 'I.- III)A F I-a ('I,:- A B s. ¶JViifornltloinr AlEh " 4r ot" isr'LorI roooeh tI+ll PklE'I sll. .IhIfI.AWhbt6 j

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