Newspaper of True American, November 20, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 20, 1839 Page 1
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0 "i 41, lam,'"4 11O2 PiIICE 12: CENTS. _____-V T .7 iT T 2058. N... --2W- O1LA SW [N S)A O·IU O EM I1 D - Terms of le Newspaper Press of. New Orleane unenioulltlv agreedl to tl al ndj untonl dllnli- of tile Proprietorho old on the 13th of Marchl, U137. SuscatnIPrrru's.-Twelve I)olltrs for the daily lo inunnut, paynloe e.elni-nualliy in advance: tell dollars fCr the tri-weekly coutttry paper, pynltabl one oear in advlalce, where no eitv 'roreneo is given. Five dollnrs fur the Weekly; pavnobhla it. dvadnce. No Stllrsription will he diiseolttinted ntil arrearoces roe soettled. In ease of dieontinuonnce one week's untice in ritainrru mnne o- invariably given, previous to tI xpiration of ulhscription. Anverarvstro.-O)ln dollar per sqoaro for tile first nsertion, and half that price for each suhsequrt-t one: Atc inaterlil alteration froml the original adverti emnt Wil he clarged an new one. Yorc.v5r AovretionSRtt.-lerChhnoto ond 'tru ces, orty dollars fui Enrgish aloneo, and sixty for a th hlo gon 2A Itnoaks, ,nsisen Olt:es, rrlnd otllo r , i:niar public enotitilotno, fifty dollart in Faglibh only, aol eighty for botih languages; Shit aind Steanto.,t PoFie ors, or C, ommeisioi Inerclhots sixty dollr* ill English he, nad eighly for totlc Iguangaes. , MARRIAGES, OnITrARY NoorCES, nod artilcos eall lng ithe attention of tihe sutles o propearty, cards of dlpassengers, hbenefits, &c. e. will he rltr.lid one dollar per sqare for the first insertion il elch in au cre. Coattoro'eorIl%, or Adcerttiemnnts, of nnv perton. al lnatre, when adinissible. shall he charged d otble, ndl in advonoee. A doduction of twenty-five pnr ent. will lie made t Atctiulcaers, Sherifs, Reciorc of wVills, snad lnrsholo oil .lies of rel asnate. ien iudshed in bothl laon:oglt and 50 per coat. in Engitllh alono: l0 per eoeat on sals of other poeperty. Attven'rno eoerra nut of thc diret line if totiiteto of the lovenvrtiser, saeh as legal, nc:tion, ald Iallt ion snies, rno ry sltnves, stray aniLatls, &C. &e. will bo eharged or sipn.ately, andl it the orldillnry nu s. Annn rors SMeTS not sperifieo as to titlle, will he pu!olished une Iconth, and chared lrenor dlinuly No t dtvertiseorntsn of hnnkru ltcies will ,he lished n nly tase, alless piid.or previoas to iaanrtion, tr porltreont gttotntceed by i resnaaitelelo p)or ill tOw0.. 'l'nr.teo and other plot:es ltt amnrnsrn ll, aetlr tilln daily or the rIaone. to he :lIarngd $i01) ifar .llglis.o a liu, and $15i0 in both Inncaunoae. All naoeunce lents of cet.sii:atas for potliticl offi,.. will te charged dotble the price oth r at l vt iso - o)wing tt the itnntoose lbet sootaiued by nttwa pa!.i r pror!pi tor, t ony ave cm e lln o ill, nneos of i.enarna wiose aeconta t havtnot Ilonl 'omid withii a o eontli afer preoenrltiot, shall he Ildr knowa (reo for s practicablel to each other--lhev hli gtrion themselavernt not to lertisne or prinl for sue telinquacr Irtonless in ease ol adlance paonilcatv. ,Signed) J. C. I) S'r. i1tO1ESf J. lAYON, P. P'. REA. J. C. PREN)F.liEGAST, JOHIN GIBSON, I.UIMSI'iEN. tVrekly Prers --We. t:h. undorsigned, ree to abli by thto altae otodititous, as far as they are aplpliablo to wotIev sopters. (tdiged) A. R. t.AWRIUNCI, J No sbhseriptions are talken for les tihan t tnohlths. lettters rol cases, ie fsnc t Praidi. tgmn .ry : tlllllV, AlnIl', a. 1'IIREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM P ') E I' ORLEAN VS. FllIE pro rietor of tist etlhlinlttrtte dto - . sure tinnoI lltcitg tlt his rio htt le lll tie )llli in gertaltlat It ill I it rnr lin-shly Ito lilut do of nlv t rno eive visiteri . lie will elso slle fo r f tan , t Ic lelit f tthtr o orn ,li, ance, fltnt there have clo lart' inprovemena Idies ead miertuts u slw aoill t Ptlllt ill raid talrelsro fori, omiltionahich will ah h,,ra tttrreirher to acmiotll tll e a miut Iit'i netl a trl l tll: 'lteretoin: anl, d i t tIn e l lll lille much hlt ln . Foltiliul' coo l l l he dI l I I t I InI; o I'LIIIIo er t rho refier c)lll R ave hll'.largo c lilst'l ttlleh f I) the, Iatu a.i t i. coltui tio It irs toeu,mi u eIattce.ryt: ontt ntlv lhimg i lmnrtiels ltr of thie c llraet rr al r tll elll I it ibs gelln le Iy b'linved that they b are tut ilf'tliorll tan in Iie Sri1111t - e trl Sta-.a. All illl a Iut11. t nlet tl:t r ri n l g v II.1r found at !aotering Il' er,s will lo: folll lit c t: lS. ', ' : oa t ac toi t tl l int tis arit f t t , aeOn llnil lds, ' hes l'orngei, and wtill hbe in ¢tct:ol't at.I:danc t tet Sprih.c durill: thi ile hole o - , ' I 6 h Il Ilcet s r llhie nJb Yhlll Io f i a i r hIhi -e o pl) p t lt lll ' ef relurll lng hLisli lO inell tI han sII ll k fr lr th," vry lil..ll 'UItorl riveI iit hlat season. i nd imopel by Ihe ixcfr llnlli tlhlt have llltllll: ill inlltprovile n l ltll exteti l '. I the GIllnli'OllYln d WAiluI.' -l:: it t liltnraI pattl ' lit uredtt aslt Jolt tc'ntni 1o 4 \A toir -.t :0:Va t.ekr- , - 11U.1 (il 1N . :i·,dl u nt l hre lv ill , I' r . ll IrI. i P 1 r tll l ' , t it .l t l l t I i I I ) t o ,b l r f o r(I1: r s ttll l . , r l , a I i Ie X l ,n - nt\c lliassorllllll " et Ir F ltcl, to "" 'It. '- '1.,, Ui1i*<-1, , 111: ItOe l I tr olli, o ii , I , ol: l.,1 ,.I altld lll.t '+r I'II;III iellll tt";',' ] ol I [ I d It1 o tlot_ , . , I , l ' c, ,'c o,::,:oh:,a ,:: Iit + .. .... It:t io t o . ,, loh toI, f1 1111-h InIA In h itS iN .h n, Il rl lrleth t t.; .1ilt ll,, |)fiv d Sizell ad ] l/l dTI·;ll l t.- ic "t,,tir l teP. ,. dtatol Ibios; coac h, gi! , . s .tlhrv, v, i I t.! 1, , a, I,, dcall d. ,t iee 1 , ) Jut111 L, I t and ira, he• gtr, llt e uioi a ; asth r rJ. n, al em be - ,l'B ,,t: slrap. " nl .v erseel , n 'veh; rh tr and to.~I aIln " Is" B d toolecu c larc."o1 ;:t1 :I tittll ; ,,,.' ollr;r,)r sale oo Iloltlllll i,,lll tllto t{rll S. III 15 Canal St. NO Ctioi t I ArO P 1)i1.JOIINOOOI'4010e1000iiheiiio'otreetI Iglool'o jot 1; Il l ,000 . 1 , I , i l I II. t' ol 000 ' " tJ fll oLoAo, i h| f oII o , o oI'o'oI Ot jll, .(I ill.,.ll.T I.<lj· 11~:.~1 11+,'.] +.t'·ll", A".l~ii). y.'l·~'III ]:] [ l'. lhi-rtrve· , IlI ll II; ' I I lt llt r.\ t I% iI 11 tr iii f oh. oll l rill; ll il .ll ell It" pol o ml0h0i0l 0 o.ori: i n.',o i .ioosiihoroupolyoowllooolod too' Itotro-ooolol tioolohho wilh' o olo " thbo lo olo \ illl ooise't . I i.:- illito diiollooV oi'o.h' l o t iol of'the lo l uhllr, KIh.01, Il)llln , Ur thra , 'llP lllt I:ItHut . l , Sw+lh,,l 'I esli;.ll., IErufO lllon I tohe Skilo, ttroo iltl r , ooo inll Ill lol A I~ the numi rnL+ol synl11tsuf , wh l+lic+ i ge+net'ally El'oH w his lisra-.c. Irtec lt Cl. t rollf.0 I ill twII Or lhlr.0 l ioy),o o wO ilhllt t lloo i tier isll hl l IIlltl O 1li(. n:+. A Ilmelllcinlto l oIuot oor.t'lori o Di-oo-o lono oIe o ho sainlet ofi Ilr. Jobllon. Ih i' fr,.m th,. l+ec+i ip el I!I+ th I arnl otorry, a celbt l r h i.l0 l ll'.o. loll, I lll W0l0 used hl lil llllring t'.le rverl': l la l c pitzllus ill which hIt l,.rveol lr .opir.+lll (]+tul. ill lhP Iltreml:hl ,Xrl. v, hoain aoy noion of e aliea, ,aotoi o itoi'to +tion . to 0el0l0lto 0l llj--.o-, +il I plll l:lkiln fiJ vyll , o r l0,i ll t,0 itt. u'nl ? ,r 1h do well by? g:iviu.lh' L(·JdIIIIP' n 11. 11l, ,t,+ 1r. &'r nIIe~ll si Tll or telr ellre in rlh,' rh ,rttlo tinl-t. canb, e p t uLp Boroh wtLoen ooir iooollon 'i F.+,h'r Itoo, O)oiceopiOll fromo 7 ii theo molnluilo o uti[ L) o'lock at :,h~t. l1r. h0let0' , to. J t r, tiaL ofho [i 'o o l tl'o. w t Aaiooov0lsTo~oir'tOt Vooooaooooi tlj;.so'o t piini thg i llollto -tgulkth of the o ILoOll 'e tho t o ill lee enkilid ori tg iht in L Ihb o J toa.. h. 'hi o lhxir wal, ulll ito him with the llm)t lnli ol 1rIodl t ei.llt00 0tu0 , 0 l s s priv.atet Itlnt publI]'lic p-ciel(, thlr upiwallld. oft .forty years, for tIlhte roIo vatl ( of oe tollo ,gnillo l II leoI oLn: " o. ou.$ o.otite, tlt ogottto I oi-t.l ootot h .too hPihljll iin to- ,oiot, l 0'l\-Ines f oh o ioo ' I l l lito o randotiuma~l letep,1rl gi'rtdlity e tn h ip welsx.,h,an .i ! in dll a whiere iuidi~tstiu tor ui tustive ha. it i l,)lnJ to Th}{it. medicilu, int mut not Iihe nllunbe.el , atn11 tht, hofst ,el'"ltaek lo, tllrllm flow h Ibre the puhiit, as·it is ithe byle ilnvelion oll he boltl land mo1o:4 ,ietl ill .ureonl yl, ro, ever pridl lte l. t lo l th0 e ' ecret of pr'.le trill it e.Vl< pulrchased[ by tihe afgeln I.rl ai Yltver lIilr.s mal . It i++ igree-oule tolt pi liil. l t , l the ll te, tsut I a i Illill uIhr isntal. wanys kee' tlhe [weloYi rli'e, iill ;rt.o \o lor tnd ltrenoIi n to o lhO l l Y' l n, III o herll tllnlso . tlo he o i'nd llln ll few but"be , m. ovle..l I lloPt c nr, caiilllltl (·Rsed i1i oyolsepsi ori illdigeotiono, aid P10revellnt I etur1 at lla Illllli oorooiode 111r. 1 YORK,1 711 .I llt, 1838. :oo tt it|lIo II olo l oio t-lnoo o ltreg t. ImIi:--o In onelltenollo f io dio g a o eleolltlrv jit, I invre beet troluhlel , ino- ro lo ss, w!]it I.,digellion fil au yeiars; hi r the Itlrt three yooro lo y o loo lhoi .s hoIve bleeinsu.puloralible. I hlnve trihd arveltel ihy.lscis lus, ayd o utnlt .oo r f oiorek netodiciles, withll.t leriivoin a0ll0y hlenelil. I ll~llilil. i'et Oi" everT oll~inilii:: alily prrililinleill rclic! lul rulna, lle il lye"hih ll ..ll~lJI hoI* I1PIOBexi liecl:ti r wall pernultdell b~ inaily ['ri'ntl'. t, try .41elllle~lliy. t,;. rlod kno w nlt llo o lo o ireoo m, . i.iratiln of il. Fo0J+rl'ill virti[P.+P+ t, ile lll·rie~l o it h:r ]lellnrl'trl tI in relllliilrg inr;c ..'. llr hh which~ [ iuIlht Io.-t fo~r ever. ,.ea lT.he blit1i Hd, iZI.,l llotlr4 , II) D . lll. (I.Cr +1 my thanks ,r ine bleminllcs you lrve t . ierrd bl y rz st oNrin g Inm 1o pe7rh t h loonllh.8 01001 ts bloo otiD T olo'olE o o N AIIST00 \R0 T iof lthe nliilo l titoloo of reeord ill iiiihe geln~rall l d otlhr'. oritteol i facoraot ce wtlli a reoltlino nof rllhe HouI.o' of itlororentltl. oo, po .edI2t Ito.l18O . .\ few ct,pes ilool leciv ,o.l tad jr s 4y (0 tp iti Ja-1 i3 ooooyot II l MO RRIIOIDS. TAY'S LINIMENT.--No Fiction.-This ex L traordmary chemoical conpos ition, the reIult of eailneo, nd thet invention of a celelrated tneli l cld mann, the inrodutl S of whiell to the plbhIe ' was invested with ilth nolemnlty of a deatilllrle bequest, has since gained a reputation tnllparalllecd, folly sn.taining the curreetness of the lltnented Dr Gridley's hait cnt's~ion, that "Ihe darned not dio without Riving to posterity the beuefit of his Itnovledgeo ol tli aolbjectt," and heo therelobr,t hb.lquat.hed to his flnad anti attendant, Soitouon IJays, the cecret of hi, discovery. It is now utred in ten; principal hospitals, and the private practico in our country, first atul nmo certainly lil the O cre o tthe Plhestl and o ento n sivnlyand of l, 'eI lly as to batlle credulity, unll, r where its tlleo.Rs arett witnessed Externally in tlh, following complaints: For Drpsy--Croeating extraordinary absorptir:o at one+. All Swellings-Redtllueing thlem in a few tours Rhleoumatismt-Acute or Chronic, giving qui c Sure Thront-By Cane-rs, Ulcers or Colti. Croup and Whlooping Cough-Externally, anod over the Cheat. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burnsa-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Uloers--Whether fresll or long standing, and ever sores. Its operations uponl adults and chilren in redue ing rhoulrnalic sweIllln% ialnd Ioosening en.ghlls tand tigihtnl ss of the chelstb y Itlaxation it' the parts, ltn htbetn Surplrising beyond 'ontoeo n tint. TheI'l cotntron rearnklt of those who hIve usodl it in tithe Piles, is 1 It acts like a charm." TIE I'll liE:-The price, t, is rerntd'el to any person who will use a bultll of Sloy's Liniment Ior ill Piles, antI return the empty Iotttle without heintg cured. 'lThie are the positivt urdoers t of the to the Agents; nlld ut of nlany thOU. u~ndlls sold, not oell has eI v nll nllul:cc"sill. tVu migh' inoert ertllneic tosr I ly letn.t't, but prefer that Ihloe awho sell the articlh, slumld lno hltbit the orgiinal to rs. CAIJ1TIOtN-Noe tt!an tte gaentite withl-t a sptlent dittd erttravetld wtrapoler, on1 tvhI I c is nIlty 11a11e, a.ttl also that of the Agents. SOL(t 1)1 N HIAYS. Sold whovlesalo and retail, by COMS''fOCiK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in thel Union. For salo by ito Wholesale Agents, corner of Conn:non , 'I'Teloupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries generally. eo31 N .OltRS & ti,. Na. 3l1 Chaltra s slwt,'tt ale l wte receIvin nd ol prenin llll mloi t preln did, sll stantial and tllnshinable lck (to hof Clohllnr hrey havne ev r xhll ibItcd itn this Iar et, to ssllll ngI part o tll t th oll ltg aortlcles: h le, ilu Ihlckrl ,t blnck, lnd< tt br It, 11 o '110ll, t 111ve, londonlll tllll and .olden oCi ve irack and dress roats; beaver, Iable i a d , larrlid on Irtok t oars le I l' li'rn I is 'l I; ari ev a d pIt .in black i as--it I a[d ctin 1ant lll'l'l . I l.hsh ai r and |ecl ll h llto y a dp1111 Il i' Sil t and Satin v'est ; rlt l I eo II I I ll ,t l I ll'r. Iiw h ll alllll ;l 1 1 l w eit .h ic, 1 1. S ar111 a , "i rt1S a ld hIlk tS,+ ,l-fem ,Stil t Sk -weh lilll nd m ll... i- llc susLI p l l,.wdrI III rlb lllnoi"', ntrlli( , Im s I llt ,-l- l, - i '" IhIi, wl,, anI l cw onl wet hlbrI sarntd r al r s'r ; l i, , 'I -lh lla dl ,It ,he tei;lllil. -' ,l !l air I r illed; iv rv p a l a d l, ,i l S! r . h.i lella "i t . i -ll' t. " 'l l m ;in ll',+-- i. . NI a L d I1 l l o111m11 ,i. . t.h i,1 :ie, fo r. Itl ., ,, nt It' I \ lit li,1 . I ti t.i.t. t p i,. - Ittli titO e ! err lit ýI trt. ct t t .c r '! mcnlle I., ib fall -,. 1 .11e lt .li, - n i ll llllo. t llI. Ctl tb'i, a l Ie.r , I. lll ti ". I, Il'I. i ) I I,. , i. , Plr'lli " . l iu, I,,11 !k ."u I " I )ll l .i . t'' I oh h' ; ,i p ,t wti .h ,w IN.o it k Cn Nt, I eIa. 1 o.. e .d..h ,ll ll l. ,,I : , e t I.,d ,w l l ..... I in wriety conne e ( It 11,11 w wtt t ht Ilr-lt-I it I, llt it r, I..t ll t he m l I .t:. , 1 1 11 N il Y (:I el oTI, 'n h I , I lll wli IIa o k w l s osI' : CI, r ,, tI oc ls orI lII,i lll lllll t II .IIw , :, , a J,,;\ Il , Lni ,e,+r. I , t1 a , a 11Ie, N-- T etl - ,, , , .L ,, aS d.m, SI l I , ( [ i.*, ,tlo I, (I t , t c" + . n , , t,, l' 1-;, t , I.,h , , .; ' ,,. ,+ tl rl, - ,i I --II -, tiel ii..t ' tilet I, l b't . a or 7 o 1 In n otr he r' i,'1 p rIIi , "'cc, bJ o (: l,'+llr il i ,l\) c , :,i ' i e l i , i i I :i,+ii :' , it a t l a t , +,ll ,s I, t I I ' al< I vt+if. , , I, 4h I I i itu'i t I Scre k ha :,l .Il s , l I IIII te I l , I I I L I ,tl en l g 'over I a , th l ,-1 , m i r t i n: t , . Ih i sso h nu, - " u,' 'e. ,. s . .. .... a .O . . ,, "e t:.; sd,, s l .. ... the s... t nerh, ho. tollr . ,Itot t e ni, i ',ral I a Ih o l afe ,Oit i it tdll : al\ o h ce+Ped a: i. r . i ll, ll lle ..i ll toa iCr1 S ltl . .llHli Mt 1th :tw ,. is l 11, n., \, rlvlk [.M}.IAI + TI, Lmil.k.t.%+ I ,aI( ,CIi , i", 1" I'T. .e,.l I S1'.l : , (1)1 t' l 1i1?. (-llo , t l+, I': I .IInr I 'a, ,ll Il i S nlct h uchei - IIiiii id 1t,', |.1,+, I)II.I I C i. ll , il ,tl I r:l_ liI " b A m' tloT' a "l 1 I rll 'l - Ill h, LI . 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I lWl lClI he tilnltiosll the liver CrlC tetflll'*tng( iin S1C low oC ' bile icllc lllsllE itL1 is of1, taken u1,i by tl l absor I:it lt.els andI i 1 arrio11 1 l tI I C 3 It II,1 r .lilglcd ICoL .Is tllCiII'd III ill the blOd, Is i ll j ltlldclC, Ih ll tie :patient ·'s 1l i his coi ntlalnCll llll lll. No.+v this im l rll irty al blood is caused hy an inrer*asd thow o" blh,. alnd to renledy it, yelu lllut correct the .'ecretiolns :o lh li-,, lind ret~sorettlton u al~thy, state. IDr. ]lt' leri h spelu nt t· i) llll~l illlell illc i ~erllllrn lt in:. with (lifitrent v..,:tah'e mnedw,)ne, te" disealses o1' 111h hvor ; and now wl-\.Frs his V,+:.,tahh. 1'1 I., as. the I.,.t, Imlolt .ohlvIenilell, andll ch ape~st IIned tIl< hat[ canI he prepare'd l'or genellral lu.e. ' ri. lPetrs f] b an elftl haltt bll' [lllg "(x+ Iri utl~linlg with ve,.+qtabhl tledticin.+. 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Tl'h y em .'l kn \ s'l~ :llfb y Ibv p l i1+i 1" t+.4 ; u1sd ilm1 I".+ , . , bellity, anld InIV rsil ~ y |prmllhl. tu d e th The Vt,.et'blleh Il .. :rte a sure reLnewly tore .]111 d,,,s'k tund nervolus headachectld sII'~, <i ,-fv. t;, a h k l s, oft' i; stm ch h. rhl , l lil. c~ltl.Illll, h\'~r. ,t :d k u~..and It" taken lt, .r .,: ;l. ;,I v he p.~ lt ¥,m irtr le't d anti a+ll an ]ylocondri,"l nil'cti.n , hoss of alU,.. hh a . d :1 I Imnl aI ntlllll to w hi,'i.,rl Yo htis 30,lt :t , + 1l.i''. T he~y ollper'itt I tl l [ tl It , lr , ... .. 1.alh .lr ' cert in1 ltcll,'ty thrI \vormls l M . al(+ I have in al'.rudt ' liy Veg ab'|lel.. lPli to thel pul he I Ihtvl' rtltd Ill~ll~l;itllll.t milany hletter* Iroll. It...l ct~~.U le hy~l'~lsi t l hbuvte tuste thleml in thei'r p ar't{'i' \lI Ilt ~'~ Iuc Mnh pntbish a sm.,ll vtlhnvl ~ ,llluh. h)tt cotan.]<h r it ilnnl't.4essir\' y h ! ll.]til+ \ l iectom n tunci itse.ll ho all \\'1o wi I tr'ia l' . 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It ,u ,"i'g , lI' . ah't , I 'rrion, a ( all.t ',a l' ray, ta' ,Al ,rn Ga ' ; ahe.: via .\lathi de vle, al n Sp + rt, , to Wa r. rl ali, Ol i :II I"all;l llll a. 'i'a -I'd h ' ,o,\" ll, ll.ail Too il (lo m i ll i ii l 'laallh lll Ird r, l'h Lew SIlpltr b tll t r ir .l l,l.l ', ir l d I: alta r faI'IsnIII I d. 'hn Il Roy ,,: been ltho.oa ghly teplirvd, hI er T hll iv bll I tll ' l,,I i o, a 11 llll d, lll l (av ltI . wliltlie Lavy prea lhe vinol . terll ng l ' . tril I~" Ivih la g I ,,ir Co vit rl ~ar t d l any irouta in go <ouitary ; the d vu Io, ,a, ial and attlen i ;llll 'll a Ivhv.Iii I II l . lll . ill l h .I V.'l. IIvi l l vi laaali l ll i T'1 Ii, ll, ,. a vil jlle al, aI l at!I ly ciaLlngi I ,l lvt is generally known ralvt thIlila cil... n l i 'Lk.hll ll iv 'lalw vi itr ig iI pIvIlTnr. tova (ll l ] Aagv ai.llav lat l llv ll vi fva 'rlld,l ayar; viall l ta'-I raLll. lauraI "" i thai roads ,laa i c ih l ea i li l tIll a 1lia). sons ill tlllll gl rell t sl d. 'l'ioeir slll ol ss -nt t l, - llires the traver ol from tha lll rdialiry ali t vi ollilf ntage travelling. 'Tih Lino tl now c rrying ii pa i ii assl ngers fro Augusta to Mobilh, in four days at., twelro lhoutrs, or to '.V wV, lO han in tour days anld tw lty hours. Going to Auagusva a ' a a e lha is six days n ven aho satl.ll a''v I a t I acillll llalv 1 r yed i i y travelling is th,.Lsa In .a i, te, other di r ctio, a i l ithe dlivi renct oi 'll nll. l ' hl t , l tt is caued b11 y ,1a day being ioa t ia 'v tatcvl' , w' icla , however, is C ll reaild by th, oi rtun' ity it gitves it I eing the Navy Yard, tl v. vai Slfanlvv . FoIrts', Ietc. l e' travel.r ;alst) nhelee at .M1aco. , and agaI u at WarV tl'ltu . ''his arrang ntl will c .otiu t till h,, travel turn; northward, \ihen the lilU will bu the ,iIe limi i +\luble. to .ngl. sta, as it is n w in tLe other dlrlction. ' ita tisAdverl.olni a Lmtins a p' ain suat I, tl of 11,ets, ti,' accurl e,' of whih tit; !,rutop'l-h ri . gaura.te to uIchI assng,"r Io tit; pInltetl y of JIs stla 'a v a ar. Mapts olih,: lanev nv bta h-, aaat thn 1l x hani;i Faro throuh Iron 31..iedo to Anut,, ,17 :,0 ''ll,. line 'stel.os, by abranlh to T.hdlkin.s.ev. at Clhattabol hre, t o hine connects with the lealboaL carrying thi u t aa l to .\,a a aclicohla aiad it. Juaseph'a. i tlte at the. '1 Liaonl llun., Mob le. al17 l IL)'nT'\I(lit , Agent, Mobile. I. ll t'' i l '.. it':!i, ';1 (;ia te, ni avav". 'aliva',vv"a'atatavr vt seti',ar, 1.111\'i -1 Pll d liIt', r \I l t ior n tl J1] twll'17 "I.I Iki ' Itlt' 'l'kl\',7 I' ,:ll. lit' i. i I da, ..".1 b,,ad=, 1.;r I p!e by tl a l l 2i it l i ,. co |I '. ".:'i, - l 'ia r'vth ";, , I1 .li,",,. 'iaa I 1:1 lia. 'a1 . I poc~ l~. Il~illa~l I1 iii So iic lly v:ii li iiiv i l lo B"il?' i ii?" tI1· IV-It: li' iliY(1e1: l vIli'itl.l lI.'lhvih i v'~ lllr~~ iitiL t'IIIiit 1 lvTIIII) f cl i ii~l cllailt ijpviilyt ''via . '~r Illlr Ile, '~rd II III'C I' vil11:! 11~ C:ldlt !lSIje illv il it 'tivtlCII ; i t lxl IN' 1,iitvi' i, .vl 1I1 I lr? ti11.i'3 lv [CIi i iii i' "vid~1~~11' iii!·lgtrc: '9·: 1nlrn 'it' I iii' Ii iii"! ' it i ii u ie i I'L'ii~l--\ ·~l.itll *itl~:l1( 11151;.iv .Plli l N~ lH i lli l iii· \\li'tbIiii lit'iiiIIi iv iLtvi(L piiiii I) .)(li l iv! I~i liiir ·! ii "i iiii i ii i I1Iici( itl· Iii 11 11·111 ); I(I l lr 1111r I ii ii~ c iii IIL!U\· ii l~ Iii:: 11, llI iE I(·~t)il i iii"I'' i'Liii~ iiii'iI iiII iii' i'll 11·1,:II ' diiiv'Dii'ILL'.''* I(Ii'ii~l' IIi~iiii' L\~i i I (l· hij l~ ii'iiti'i'~l bll't'ii''lliT i ~Ie il (lijlICI'C 1·l lii. iiitllll; ii iiivliI Il 1. I iii 1III I)II i' I I 'LL1C iitli/(l iii'1 ~I I·I.,.... 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And htow t I r"h lllr tr+ll' t i tt tht w .alll t ot A oerian Pltysic.ittU looksL it, fur,"lln ¢Ol:lltrte- ~r lmto Ill' o lilt omiot .omlt onn and a0ces St riy ll, per nnt*:l 'y • i;ingi l i t a they are at'the idiante i tof t1hloo o tlot o , yhos o oo otro ooott t i li oItso aI epuntry wOt itht ,lln II'III, .O prlt oottlll t' rillt It l t .totth. .tOlilttl t I tol wworony I ,.rltr:'lll: II. 1 ls,'u:, tI t In l t B Icureenv I lls r:ble lhsordai: ntd jnN I ill' p I;r ll: "I""d f virla xnlnd tty tan sail at'lC 1. 'tannin w t -ll ntlrt oeol Is-tni I tll. e tr.ootr too~1 oo t, t ho ve. ot otltl l ttll.lnt Oat ilt: .y-.o tern are mto pI1or --lthle of'mr \Yn-l, I ll, A a., V. ll ' 'J|i rllr kau ort thi l ] .rIt. a tldi oll -t In r- t ril . e1 tt1t 1 1 1)·1ry illt. mrti ulel, wtet the Irf::ll It Ialle IIll . 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' otot o rpr . 00 tthis p t.patnrrinn to tho public., wltt 6I.ct co tn-tL+, - n to blll n oe o phltCttg tlolll their re sch a re Sillllliy w l lllllh r nrI ,I u all llll. L I ledlleIow Ib ing.; llh : ull** s·lll(tiell 111o, t(he yall r tllg n n L o I o hIt O sooiuto ' mlollp Ih Ino ll+ tu I·I He. i t is o lpll . 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Prot. toot tototo~ 000000ot to~FII~)` otot to 00 the ,, pr I. ,:, 1,1 it. pt'ralin . may Ir.a lll ,gtro 't oiot,- oIito.i tto1. L. ol) 11 too I ltt It i - llyo -lal i .no y rt 000n,01 00 ..toot, lio t 6lO., ,pifird, :,I it l ttoss wit 0 t+ tgrit[pu tul r intm. . ii t ll;-pa -,( un " l , trilinrr ta h e tahroa t t " )r.ltt to 000 'I0000 ,l00o 1 ' ' tl. 01 t, a td wh 0-,t otti o it+ I I- onI otilr tttl0+.w P +l*. ,.!or Io lljJ IIpu.,tl Iwal tn uset 0 000Itt 0000000ttOttott tot 000000000aroah, rl'r t, ort ito to ts ltt- to Iw." l·II ort l., o lt . . , O.ilt, I rnn ,n r Itn . a nt drll g lns tl",lll u al l 0t,:,l,.-rp: , I; n. I' rl.n I4 l' t 1 llllc 1 a I 't l:n o 't oo' ,nl o taro t lore 000l0 . lttt lOu ltlll llt I lhe oliiitIot ti dit ''"rtot O it[- toot inr, n f ý ~ 000000 ottioot r tonototo 01011, sotleuN t f 'Fit-follo. + Irma g i, lt, 0 tt, i t tln- o ooo t o i r t Itdr • ,','I l '.l , " tl hl"v o tll io ,'l-lll I o 1! tt l ntr ohlll ll tllll l toa totlt' oon ot.ooto;'t ilto o tto tl 0,00 ill '0 , m0000 -t .;It lo 00t00r ,t :ni t ollO r, it, i it rlyL ASE t it ll ItttollM 'I M. raga, aat,,i.:' r n~l prine1,Ia " ah. tit rd. wnl. uIS . 1.3 It 1 r c thd l li+l lo:it H I .llo l c000.00 ll0 l Itlt 11o I tlololllllOl t o iito h" ahl trl. itht r. ] nlt o to-tto i '+t oot , 111'l o l .llll ai g tha t .1 ".tll,'+ol'th,+l h atltn .1'nll + i ý"Inl' r red ar( to) I t Iprrfb 1+ bLc.t atiL r J o tlloh I Ittl' l Iottll l l , 1ig. : o" Cht.. 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Ater, Ii Blanc o ml t2r snit b 4 1 Wi St Efi f Cv ma I S& A; P WI' II''N I Y,f3 Casi~p at I) UI.WtEEI'.4 IlIplil tF~t'. iht. r'lbrao"I IPIR7. cleop 'd;tion aod no asnorsno'u~nyttbo 'nri Eele broodl aCting plays. E J018io'5 &Vo, 31 "'w `e sortFt o.r-IA. +. t o~tit'on nro j) -41 hs~jr ils nzme F V olr ,rsx;.l by t:, t~i i tl a IF Fljmt h jnw 4 \60 ta sa %2NA ~ n~l.,n t. l',i a f:ý-45 IlnIC._Isea Mw I Frin brig Clorrir (,;r . NY A tlu )n I I Ad'Gvaar..

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