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November 20, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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ts praJ P Ltters * . s t rl .+ P.·. •a I aept at S A. M. Return' at 8 A. i . titl. E.. , ..Cash. SDeparu i, N Return. M. $. " P. M.ii i 1 5 Pa. M. p ORLEANtS A.M . I turN RAIL ROAD. A:Mr" . I" Ac M . P .M . P.M.P, P u 51 . 4 M Tar aommeo 1 $ A of Novembert P 18 . ne lul r at r M I a C a o'clk A.M. " s vi-tR RAIL R I PM 2cotlrpince wilt the wichfit a targo rrwbrr An l ream der lr tol.av )in d theotln irraes t t he fe rhar will he . ra theomea h ear. tt week Alys ntl o'Clock .M. he hern a Lotohe tlve wil i ave Carrlon Cealr hour natll 7m'.lokr P.M., and Now Orleans tvery hour ry taying dollrs for I the Trip. After 2 o'elck P : O A lr AM t w ill he chrp ed, THE ACKSON AND H. STREET CARS l.,vr te d of Jackso n street fl o'clock A... C al atresilt,.oh at k. t f-pt toah t A.they cm ene to l bethiae,8 4 t l .blntreet at,. o'clock the r will lea at - 9 ce l .. . er aNerr lltstak t ar doarl& r I on, S"Rsea Road Coha.9 y " Qbteoir 5 tto to. th Tr. JAOb Ii aON-HAM P . ON, St h th tChier mgineer N.O. & C.R.C -!LAWAUD has din hoper of informing his S t and the pulic'l nn gltu ral tnartl hirs dirrac ta t the sir.t r at Crrolt , whre rust he will reeaive It.ealls oft his dof. friends nd aeit lon.,e of good cheer.l finglet a)t4itlde rntih beforehand. He is willingto ente" it rrngmntu with falllta es or individuoalos desirous hifpasetngpo the summerho at Curroll i ton. .nle).I Dale,; ChaI..9..ho N,, .......... 1 I ..,9,illnn No .. . 99 New fo.rk,99 .......... 8 Cincinnati, do ..... ...3.. Phil,.,.9.pb, NoI........... I l~ouivilla, d, .......... . NIttm,'rer In ...,.........8 19t. I..lui.. do ........... 3 CPrvannuL, do....t.. .,,,. 8 1 Liverpoo Oct t......... 1 Hamilton at exn. Oct 7;..31 IPuri, do.;....:....16 3996... Nov........ . 3 I mldon, do......... I8 N.hvil9. Ot 0 ....1.. .Iluvr do.. . 8 FWJI'I' OF NEW OIRILANS. CI.LAI6ANI'9.8 N9ovemer I2h, 1839. Rch Eliza, llteelul, Carron, Pensacola. Mailer I99 Ch9. r4981, rh999Po991col., Nesto 8Ithrque Hercules, Phil ll~lphin, &h Al.ex.nder, Lind, .all.tun glte ARRIVALS. Novembere 19h. 8939 Tow 11411 Moohirnn, Healisl,, tram the Pns·. , having pro vesdnd to- ... with time tow-, rrlurulrd to the city with the skip Auplu·,·. Hrementgn So hie nodNlmred,·nd ichlrAmsli d. Lc the pas. ul the 17111. Tn(w boust Shurk, buIlmr. , fm Northl EI*L pue., having cn9.9ve d It sox her 6ow, retlurned to ila c9iIy wih .hips LhA091t ,..and 'So9. . ypuni.. Nri I,,. Y..vo and ACn. br.g ToS hoiat'rpnne Ia 9uldi.., trio the8 99W Pass, having proceededl to see with her low, returned to the city withr thee .it.. Orleans·, brilisb bate Shnkkgprru lend Austrian brig8 Orriz ShipOrlelsle,8e·r, 19 days from No frk, to A Cuhou a·alrovd Illdaa Ship L'Attd.I~u,Oualoin, 52.duya ruln Havre, to Ilallellarl Y.i,9rr & ac Ship Augusta, ;,i,,n,9,... I.verp99l, 23d Aug to J Robert. & r.. Bsrgea.8tlk~pwro Henderann, front Liverpool, tat Out to I.rqun flhh, at.p.., L 4...99909,..(f8om R, to. J .1 0, Barque Z...p., D9;..,aign.. 9.. Nu..9., 9919h Se996899,9 to J NM..e Faqu Iph..o.fure 3591.h S9t to S9.91911& W,',tor &Rig Un.c.h.j.., 9.9,h 5 422, from llt·.u, to R GLnning Brg rrizzoule, M..llovir I, till Joys fru ill, Lund,, t~ tobl( full h id0gg,1t rlln~mer Adriatic, Alnlltb olohil 19,9lro .,,ana.... ....,.. 99F.. It, A.;.ul. rtenlnar RohnI. 1'nri(gtcu, feel- F. tAdam, Ft9l99mA Al '9ili9. ....9...... 91t L.uu.j lrteamar North Anlrricsn. Grice, f. Vicksburg. St9899er A PIrte3, Due9y, A St 8Loui, 19X909.T9. Pr,.w..,A. Per s,,,9 Elii..l'.rg. hll..l ............ ea soh (Ilharlulte.. Carg al.ottd marchan die, PHILADL"LPlt1A., Par berg,, Ilnrrule... f'ilrcn8 hit. site gar, u3 h.4. 9..9....,2996 pig. led, 3360 $.k. cot,.·d sundry mrch~lo~h.a U..L99.90..Pcr 9.h Alexandrij..Cago a.sor.ed In. r ,h.udie. IMPORTS. MrTNo arrival facto sea to-day; conregoenll lye Iu imports CO I9ECEII'TS OF IPROD)UCE. MI.l,,i, o Oh9io.,F ,r ,99..,,, Ad.riatiC.. Ca.g , WmI II,.! 103 bale co:.,:"i Mr~lis PleasantI. A Co 29; lounral While A" co 125; L.ockhart. Peii a Dn19.999.4. I4 .la.; Rosser , & As. ,1 8 feIel.. ,ul.,.,; Dlbh,9,,lLnn,, a Hill 98 J Botha., 99 (113 h 9,9al 9 Y 6utman Arto 9939al.9 ; Fri,...,, . 1Da9, 4'.,o; Iii , kman AbAe 11...y Henna b5; I.awr.,, Chalmers 5; 92rik,. Juhn .994997;99 Forsyth & l.iurik 15; 119... A & renh:., 16 land 6 his castor oil; W J GOa~Piet h co 3 n s; Cnllor a tkI.Iley 95; Lock .P9rt. Per... 8. D13999999,9 2; A & L WValk ]1R; L...rn..,49I' A Hurd)- 74: Key. 4 Nor.iu 391; 9o,,. ..,. ,'KI6. .49 Vie9. 411; 81 9I)Coultr 96; Franklin a Item' elf .98; Hyde 4 I r .9; A F,;9,. t99 Ad ,99m9.. E..9 ..r992, .9,' b,,, 915 I,,9 B9uck9r. 9 4 w9an8 A co. I IIaylor C,.,rduer, If- J Ama,7ur !'0,99W'8 .5 -1.-y....9uln. &.o I8 I C999 , ;. 24 91il, 789 1Y ,9,9.;y 4 'c.57 W.99hold· . BIyrn.999c9; ."'4 G ,9 .9,58 - II 8ti. iI.4r 91 xcn.I9P9. Ii8 h.. 3:99.ill:.29, &l IL I1.,, 70 Ad~llllllld 1V l13Gllr 0- 1 order 89I.99i~..I'l9919.99999 A Pur6.;.. l.899..1.'89,,icoi,'.... 11 Mili l.4kls. pes 11 Fab·*. 3:1, sock. iýlallI liI ,,lagh &9919 :13 h9'o99,,l.9Fri91 , 19a89a , :69. Il., lint. I,. h.9. Dower; 21% burs92, I11 9aand99y 999utah99.9.199,, wor, oil beaird LitI.A 88..P9.99989, A6 N Phi..l...3 99",r . L ,,, 4...nn A' ca 9 is I~O, 1l I,1. bnefJ ltyley.(ilIll· n··ur to I~lr prk 4 fem. IoiIo D1or l llrla.J It Lnvfrir.k I bar ,sad ris·. I.,.ckhnil, For. 4 Duune~au 14 balerea/nn 11,',i,,. I Is tr~nlr· a lot Allaiw. Look. A 1\ .Iknr; Q Y v , 7 W Flow. 311 pork,, Watt 4.,~ 1388 W 8.ogt I3-M i599,& Arcuell. 9 .,;ll II I d nr 99 r i989 9948.9,, pnnte 599h9 b9.n99rws,.,,i We..a,. 45 hI. 8999p..9 .lad 9I999.Ily 9get9199*tl9d foully. 99,widliuh9.. Per I'9,9 fin9r 9.69tn99.9 19591591 k1999 coton IIln..,,, F9rrid9, i.j,,; l27 W Oi1 Burl. 2781Hrrill J.1.li9991 & 99.9919. Nuant,99, T9999.9.A 6 y.,, 81 ,..., m l9 In V 0Ohry A 1399919999 Oudoo, 12316 ,.,kh,,A U9.Igr.999.41 29999 893.9k.I,,,..L., 8..,,,r AluhAmn.,..C.,o RI9I9y II.,h 8999_,99, 9.c99; 99M99999uel1 I Partiali.y. 9946+;9uck,99 A 89,,,9,,l 117; W 091.99614 89,Ki9k99. Abernal99h 8 x Hal no 11-4 I.yblls. llarrfr & no 18; J Arauur Ol; Murk. Watt 4 co 98. 8;..odgp,.. HIn..i.56; Fruu.;k9 A4 II,..d..,,, 30; 819rri. A.9d. IPearson 6 99u27 Ilaud.1, 99cK,49. it W i9999 27; N 4' Dick1 15. PASSENGERS," PI.ers.eamr N.noIr Al494.99.. .11,..,,,9,99,9, J 88a . .,. Ja. Battelle, W.9llu.. , J'W R.tll.9 . C 22.iv..,, J899.8..d 9191. PI.tenom,, A 99 Phip1.. II..,,. R,,l.9,o,.. I'arry, 11,nnt nullbr. bhlastl, Solana, Riah.rdsun. Cegwa A, 11.1. R~iley. M i tc h e l . A 9 9t l 9.9e . A r m i s t e a d . W r i g h t9 9, F 8 9 9 ,, 1 ,i l li9,, . , rhblnuen 6 Irdy.N*,lll, Mr. E,naauul. Misaflarr I'er stelller A Portr.. Messrs I'lrret(. W~gI. I hnwnr. Goo C9Ie999.9o9 188 w.9.. Dudley.II9oyle, M121. 91,8,,, 6989,999, R O Nullrrd, Uulru,. lady steel .i.1.,,W Tait,'. rear at .mar E, ho...Mes,,. Turner, I. (;a la. 1Y Iluuters and on.a on dec¢. 31E310R,8NIDA Rover is "parted to be still falling. Noth Al9,9wt cam, 999 9999l9m 999il9 9 bI" trE99p9.. most )'a 9nyra I.lu9., c.rried991ray 4,999 of th 9.q.,.,r d.-,k. .`NAUTICSAL INTFII.9.IOPNCEI Auuu..,M,94.. No, 1..1CCIJ h Natucke9, Dily. (89or N. New Yo)lk.Nor7..Arr~hip, Cheater, V.,,dvke. Newr Or. 99499. No9,8.., A 1 N.9hvillc, 9ll89..., d4.; 6qu, Wi89,anl and 9ran99.9 Havan9 Sl'lu... I69rq99 81rle.. 9ar, Ry99, N,.. Or9,.. N o9 II.97Iyy ., hip,9,Pkln9.. N 99.6... ..o Clid b99q.. Le.999.. N Oh,,.. NafulkMl)v A:.SadeA Bargea SI.,y frm Raltilorrlrf r N .Orlelae At. 66 J...'i9691 S1ept S..8hl. 9i,1t9. f.. N 9rl99ur. S .ip .. W94n,9b. ("! A ¢S Q I j -1 emt,:in .lore for uie b J So VER4r C~o. 14 I'nydrul al Y IUKP' , li$= UIP, r-ill bnxee calibl jar, SantO b~ng~l, 9 999jar 999969-; 180 9..,. toma,,o keeIup;-0t bn,.9 pep99r sal- 9.8 990 h'Ilf pound e.nb..,r H#,.'.rd i, .t91r99T2r -9ale 19 n10 I JPI KET I 4.. C... 9:4 I'ovdy198 et' S:Fig 40 uaak priuw I uittlilte Rica'~ inl store fur 3 ms iihy [,2OjJ TIIAYF.R & Cu,741 l'..dr9 at I PIHoUBRMEPERS, HOTERLS. STEAM , *MOATS; e1d COUA'TRY DEALERS. " ~SHI1 999.ClrclbW',p&9 11W m9999 99999 99999 t from99 (99 he9 .99t998f99 9i8, I4j 89999lir- 9 f (ln",,.C.li999 and EunA 6..,e. w I 099kt919.AA,. 99,69 t 9d.9I $1r 9are. Lap °4 19I.'.. 9,pau-ry. Kit~ll,. 999re and bqb.. 8w.0$8 /rse ge...'99..99v, w9,1.9.99,. t a. y kyIgwj ' atNo 17 Ca--,I, elro fiend N o.3 !! PtBº, 2'-4w HRil)WER,& Co IL- 1I*MCY-1.Y511 I.11Iat the l....8..r, far .ale I,v ý ;'019 U 1.. 9h,9 EV, 49 ,\.w I5.99, 17iiOinR-6I9819r~ 9,99199 999999999. f 999 98991y U19- _ DnI88991'. 49 -'e. 9I8)ll)6.8 I9'9LIr' IU2,F.-41 99,il9 C(.9.99n 19.90 Ito li, land:,,, Gam ship tlcnrle",.a _n-, or ealr by 1: I'EThR I.A66L.A O', G ; (OW,..3 THI TRIIE AMERICAN. PAIrW.BUt AND BOLD. ftfialt oa Jooetar ijtjs l asf funtrtpality. D!ly; ITrl-PiWeky & Weekly. 'NWfr* OR LEANts: wE DNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20,1839. Municipalfty Printer.--The measure of the ietil vengence of the Council of the Second Mu nicipality against us, is filled ; and the doughty Doctor, John David Rogers, Alderman of the first ward, until April next, and the brilliant, wise and honest, IIarry Lockett, Esq. have triumphed over justice. and the interests and wishes of the people of the Second Municipality. Some two weeks ago, we were dismissed from the office of Secretary of the Council, without trial, and without a hearing, undnr the-flimsy pre. text, that our conduct had been indecorous towards a committee composed of Benjamin Whitney, and those truly impartial and -eridicul gentlemen, Harry Lockett, Esq. a two penny lawyer and converted Loco Foco, and thatcpattorn of Alder man and Gas Work Managers, Dr. John David Rogers; the latter of whom, to carry his point, had resort to" malignantfalsthood, for which, when called to account, he refused to give satisfaction, shielding himself belthi d bis cloak of office. Not satisfied with working upon the shallow-minded. neso of a majority of the Council, in obtaining our removal after three and a half years of faithful serv'ce. they colleagued toigther, with that arch intrigeur the enlightened and witty Recorder, to get us-removed from the office of Printer. In this they have also succeeded. .And in this case and in thle other, they have exhil ited a low, dirty dispo. sition, alike unworthy of public servants or high minded men. We have been deprived of office, aithout a just or public cause ; arid althoucgh we are nothing, we mistake greatly the people of New Orleans, if they submit to such arbitrary and partial proceedings in silence. The fate of tlis Council is sealed. With the exception of two or three honest independent Smen, they will be visited by the public with meri. ted indignation, or treated with deserved contempt, and never again trusted with the management of lhe affairi of the Second Municipality. In a short time we shall give a correct history of our own affair ; a history of the Council; aseries of portraits, &c. &a., all illustrative of the men who have governed the affairs in this sectiotnof the city, and of their tools in office. LOCOFOCO TACTICS. The Locofoco editor of tihe cc Louisianian," can not indite an article or scribble a paragraph on tice incidents and politics of the day, without lugging into his lucubrations tie U. S. Bank, Pencnsylvania. In estimating the numerical re ults of the New York elections, lie couples with it what lie consi. ner the explosion of that Bank. The idea ofa bank breaking, the ruin of enterprizing merchants eerns to fill him and Iis clique with delight. New .we are no advocates for overgrown banks, exces, sive banking, or overtrading ; neither we or the Whig cause wlich we advocate, have any inte rest in the U. S. Bank of Pennsylvania ; nor are we thc advocates of state banking as it now exists. But who produced thllis state of things ? The heads and chiefs of the Locofoco party ; the self styled, the democratic party, Tche past and present ad ministrations by interfering and meddling with the monied concern and currency of the country, have caused the confusion and disastrous conse quences we are now suffering, while the leaders laughc at our troubles. and denounce daily, tice work ancd offspring of their own hands. By auaking war upon the National Bank and causing it to close its nationalexistence, the present overgrown sys. tem of state banking was brought into operation General Jackson declared when he removed the public monies from the U. S. Bank to tbh Slate Bank, clat tlcey were safar as depositories of the public monies titan the United States Bank ; and thatthey conid furnishk a better curreney. lie on couraged the states to increase their banking capi tal, and held out evety inducement. The conse. quence was this-that the state banks increased immmediately between 1833 and 1837 from 312. the whole number, to upwards of 800 ! Even the capital of the National Bank, instead of being with. drawn frot bank:ng, only changed its character, from a National to a State Institution. The consequence has been, excessive over banking and overtrading ; and now that the ruinous effects of all these Evili are upon ris, instead of providing a remedy, the administration comes forward with its odious Sub.Treastry scholme, to perpetuate the disastrous effects of its own wicked and cor, rupt policy, by leaving the people to struggle with the over grown and unregulated system of banking, while the government gentry are to Ihave an ex. elusive Metallic Currency oftheir own, confided to their exclusive and holy keeping. This is the sum and substance of their policy, and if it succeeds, will cause more distress, and retard thie progress of inmprovementand ameliorations of the coun'ry, in a greater degree than a seven years ear ! But the Locofo'o editor of the Louisianian, and Ihis con frere the Globe, sea no trouelc, but what is pro- e duced by the . S. B ink of Pennsylvania; it is their themo from day to day, and fr-am " spring time and harvest" onward without ceasing. It is the racw head antd bloody bones that const ntly haunts thleir guilty imaginations, and which they seize upon with so mucch avidity to hide tlhe guilty deedc of the adminotratio anld tIhe general governmentc from thie hIotest indigcntion . I thie people. It is thlis wicked piolicy of the governmenot, that Ihas; caused all tile distrust ar.d eovi's whlich now afflict this once prosperous country. NVew York.-The administration party are full of rejoicings because they have carried the city of New York in the late elections. They will disco. ver that they have but little to boast or, when it is known they hav oforeer lost the State. This was tr. Van Buren's Iltt efert. The city of N. York may, in ftht, be considered as acquired by put. chase! Tihe public money has boon thrown into it the past season, in vast qltantities, and freely used. Something like a million in specie was transported from St. L uis, (gathered in the diffe rent land offlces bordering on tihe Mississippi) to New York : and even Philadelplia was made trib. utary to the empire city in being compelled to send thither the public treasures. After all tllhese great mcnied operations, the city was only carried by about 1800 votes majority ! But the honest yeo manry of the state and county were not to be ca joled or bought ! President Van Buron made the tour of the state last summer and fall, and went from county to county making aspeches and using every art and means to seduce the people into hig, support. But all in vain ! Even his native coan. ty, (Columbia,) gave a whig majority in condem. nation of his pretensions and measures. There is now a decisive majority in both branches of the legislature ag -iost Mr. Van Buren, of at least 20 ! This will enable tlhe whige to re.elect the di-ta. guished tand talented senator Mr. Talmadge, to congress; and also to pass a Registry law, and such other salutary enactments as may bhe required to protect tite rights of thie people-the rights of suffrage. It is believed and there in little doubt, that in cage a registry law is passed, allowing none Iut legal eotere to go to the polls and vote, that the city will give a handsome whig majority at the Presidegntial election in 1840. The State is safe. Newo York.-We receired yesterday the Albany Journal of the 9th, containing the returns from all the counti:e, exceptting Broome, Franklin aind Cattaraugns, which g re pretty certain to return Whiz tickets. Those returns give the Assembly 64 Whig and 6 Loct't;'this includes three from Cayuga counted Ibr thie Whigs, upon which there A still -,mn uncertainty, 'he following are extracts from the Journal:-- t Tl'tan DInaTcr.--' 'he lulitonig ttat.leenftenll:a. forties it this Senate District is believed to present the t very Wiorst aspect of t uestion:- Ltr Fcs. Albany . 640 Rensselaer 6 5 Columbia s0 Scllhleelady .27 chbllarie 29" freene 2115 Delaware 700 1,:65 1,275 A Bank l a es been passed by thle Geteral Aserm bly f.Rhode 'lsland ,ualdln tile Banks in oart fro t - their seresila oan. rie rovisinaanre ibeee:--In alle tions against tle Banks, it whie judgmnent tioes by default, no e sts shall be lased agi iestit letan taend ; all aotionsbrogilt against any bank, at tie same term of til court, ehall e cousolidated into one, nd but one cost ta r • n heriug the suspenstia, tlhe banks are forhidden to esell tlteir ballances in other States, or bills of hanks ill other states st a preaiuo. The dIarages ott ionlatd bills of exrchene are reepeled, so farRa coneern bills dis. onletled by te !anke ill this ioate. r T'he Lani are emptlleJl to receive their own iills in apoeite, nd allow 6 per setnt interest on suo s nt verl$IC,0,5 per coat tn sums not oner 10100, ifdepoa t ed by individuals or corporations. Deposites over 7005, iowevnt r must be for not esa than 60 days. Wient such anloe-ite, brv ne inrdividual or telor ,ptio l, exceeds et lt tolt be Itaid i Iontltr t inlalmn te isfc25 per cetl!--thiry days Inoice of the firt paysent. ilte I'reaide;ts eand DLirectorsa o the Hanks are made personally tapuonsible for the paytmentt ofthee depol. d tlea. Eaci, Bak is required tIn receive its owet bills it t payment oftaycollecticn due said itank, whectever d en d or oilerwise itianll rccaive no benefit fromu tile first pre i-i nt, ofl'tle oct. GVc.RaMEsT e La at Io PCULATOre.--FA rnla upon d the idilns by It le higheat officers of . overuoetlt WT have nad toccasin heretolore to Iglace befureo Du ratders, the names or the imoa praomitnent nmoug tilh g'vern:ent officers wtrt were tle the tijectrs of dd pt-I at ricetor of ll.c American Lsale mav" twtCon tl satndnlg file ns ealdicetiu nof tle egrarihn hocfe .. o u r ll" all olt-cul(rs, Ithey t llen theltw elr e s to lte let 1 eatirels by a body of speculators, who aret ew tile ag atares ftlite uorofoen party t e St;t--thes todck. holueay of le fAtmericn i.anl ni Coeany-n comnp Dpt h ntw ownling as large an acmont tf territorV as 1t1i or.g aul pia entees of thi+ u co tli ent 4 eld u nde • tihe crown Sof (ireat Britain.o is 'l'lecttlort.raof the dlc Englioll proprlilenrs to tract of tand, tote ctlltl.llttitg Slaoes. were nct, t lice litle oftlhe grant I v the crown., equal it valtue Ito Ilte Ildsct e. now owned Iiv the American ilan t:op oman !--CGrse wrell, Wright, Dix, lutller, Cortnicg, Ollht, JohnI Van Burern tnd huntl d f otlrllr omi:e colclrrr andi the 1 .0lel ral tguovernlent, ea, ill r .-cl tle lnttatees; utdter tc t atnotieP of llte Amee'icaut I.nrdl Cpl, ny ; midll Jlk Penn nnd Ith D)nke Ih Yollrk, somte flheer v ill vet ie thelltir o nllnne to new .tloltes, to he ctrved r t tf ttlceir posses cy, and Ileretlter to Ih. odtmitltd into lice Union. in rto nt slllr:e tlhat ran hie relied ie, t e have learned some n.w halcts in relation to th1ele specultmOrs. h The first iomnlanv formed was tile + \liessioi pp Ittlld C.opttlp , It in th splring o 18:135. TItis Co.• patny orgitllrad t i Ilt , rover g rre.t offil:cers in Hostlon. i. l'he Inld to be spgeeultett in, by this comnpany, wels the Indnhau lands-thleC Lickas.w ned Choctaw lndiuan Reservations. 'o ohtait th1e title to these, it was ne f ceessary to obtain the sanction of tite President to tihe contracts made with the Itndians. ilence it was of ictlpertance to have some peeson crnt i neeted with tie compaany who could influtence Ithe I President to sanction all noenracta made in his behalf. T'r senre this influnce, att agreement was entered into t with Anucs KetIJallt (tnd as we are ilnforned byc Sstlockholldcr,) under aend and seal, bv which Kendu! was to Ihave all thle prfits arising froml ftiry thotsaoid donlars of tite stcc o icthe cnt;nlny. 'The effect of this arrangemelttt upon tle interest of thile Indiaus was ltanifeet. Ietn emigrant went uopon the land, and contracted will tle Idlclans for a iortilln oftleirlereitcoryotc fair ric, lie wtold fail i coi l Stntting Iti iatitle, br useaue tle Present would not sane lion tile eale. T'le eoltnetcuence wlts, thaut tie agents of g litttand comptny were wilhout comnpetitors, and were a. enabled to purchlsce the Indian title at firom $1 Io$t 50 pter : ere, when it was well worth $ltl,uand woald have comllrardeld itlt price, lied it not been lir th itcfltetce ol tlhlis laud ctllany and tlhaese connected wilh it. I(leldall was coct by nanoc a csthlckrolder, hill held his conlract fLtr a divisio of rtie " spcoil.-" Thle clttctane, is throull their naenty, purchased up the Indian titles, Sand KKdtrllul pIrrc.eI thle sanetion of ther Presildent to evily Irclhaose. Aniel of Ithese lads, thol ht ghl tt $i and $1511 per acre, sere hmnmdiatsly d!isppsed of at tn Saverage price of $10 per acre; and shares of the cam puny that cost the origincal proprietors $10.10, were easily actlt at $2000 o11 $2300! a The Altoteey GJetereal citler, leartcng tie Ficcea f this clollltmtaly, atld tI htappr y mtlonner iwl hich our clnhiuet Illtlilstr wastllrninr l inluene nt oc Is Couct,coneivesdtd Ie ile tlu tore extelded and mllg niftceent nttlnopl ; oald - hlt inteaded tlat its operntio'.s Ishould cover tnolt filly Itd ti reerrrationt , bet extrll o Goverllncentl lotad, Ice dletermited tllt its enlte h slould be Ie lAtlerlclc Lacl Co(tpanyll y" 1t ac conlinglr cllletd ~Seatlr Wright intr the onttnltt hion, and JtllitI VcIaIt rer, as lie relroseatttive cflCis ttller. Forthllwitll aert ci l or ascciution were tcctpaured, nmd all tle louitllfcIl cnice holdlers incorportnledl llbemrelve Sunder llhe namer and title oflthe " Anlelicllc Land Cotnc SIne Ateornoy (e;ccelul stipulated wilh his tassociat., tC lhtt tile tresidcullly fthtele Cotmptay rhould be cun!oeirrd onl Iais blother irorrle, wilh al amlnle salar, whillie oUt Ullft athe unt of echl sucLsetliption was to 'eec to tlhe Bhtlets five ,rCelt ! Tile conltlcoV thulc s ,tgtcc ized', ils agents ]ulrlclclaed largely of thc, cldio reet.. v ticlll ill A1tlctlccctc. TrIl Ptr'esidccnt snletil td all tllteir clrcllanses o tlc Ilntlinltl ! The reider wtI ll cnccive, :t ILow Ilimrllecble u Ipriccr ItIhos pi or ttllioni wcere win died tll ofl tllcer latnds ienIc u beis itttrcltrln tllhat so it. vorahCe were la terms ot lpurclnse, that shacres ocf $10, with bhit ttn per (eut pIil it sold for SIXTY D1c1,. LAI{O per rlharm. lice itius plct (: tie cansocialticn feelin litotle OteSCiPeuce rtlltijCekcltnlIt rile illllilllct Icractised [po Ille pocr Irdlctce, erlcct thle ciorhtc of ileh firsl year's operatlitn, .t tc almuacll meetillng of cotcllty, hleld at thie Allb onlt enscto, h)stctct, tlcctClcred tICe ill-aoge o" t ttresoluliin to t np lt, irialcl0110lO lic thte purt et.i Ilic Lee Irt be dlistli'nted r t alllnng Imo heig lted Intdians of Alaobahma nlld c lslissip) e i !i 1icSu c elcaraium cl tlftlthe Americoan Land Cct. ttrcay Ir tihe poor Il.lilcl, after dupintc tltm tlc tler tune cf Ireldillby a MIttl.,tON OF I)OLLARS. inc a e series of tost llnrghllteous bargllins. T'hird cBlemirs Distrirt.--Tl'he itelligentce frcotn Deli wae is of tlhe nlst clheering charatclr. 'halt cou nttt il wll ble seen, ltn airve only 7101) trajoriy aoaicnscet l it 'hisis i reoult Ibr whielh we dared tot Ceeril a el lot. Tha'llat alr frinds would ttake Il nole effort tlleta .n knew, lbul ill all ltlr stiilule.s Delaware was notl ut b. le nalow cherish a it pe Ihlat tlhree Vllig Senaleors ae ielected in tlce third i)istlr:tc. Blt we are not withoOu cnptlreelletsionr tlat Abolition lhas defeated Gea. Roult. A |ew genltlttPte in tlis city oeltIt to have supporsed tle therir camloe wallsl le brelhberved t t allrtwini n Van Shiuren hdelctrlto be elected. To oclmplisil this they reofued to vote for CGenr. Rot and took Itloecllbt c s to te feat his elcctioe. hcltherth!ey succeeded or not re. inainqrtcllc er. wie ,oct ' eicecerelv Ihopelha t it eI p Iltvu notI acded to tlle Ins of three Whtig melerce irs I aCayuga, he dcleut f a Witig Sentluor in lhis District. l ndtHE A Ws ciMaiv.l--\\' aive theriiturnras far ns r, Ieeved, SleMheral f A Iisembly, and add the Ce,,ntien in reltnat iin i walclt Ilthere i.r nn ranrllanlr dkoubt. T'te I cultilt I~lionlme, Franklin antd Cataenagttns are not Iheard Ihna. We trenlerin conihlent iilpsof teil elec tern of th Whig ctntdidates in each of tirae etrrItine. I khr'n in aicerind.-We eripy ii twn frllnwirg pI iara llr. nl Irhe Cininrnti palpers The lfirct isa linln thle II\Vli--lhe last neli tile Eveailg PI'nst. Whtiat 1 is the lr ltler !-Lit's hoi r it all. irom the Whlig. A Iutllon.-- e hase heard a rlmor orgreat crime in nLallellr tll wirh thenan llll Ill Oe a lllang l i whr, harn.r heen n hig"t -tatiinh Until the carnr, know.ever, lhall aau eua iiI( ollllluth:1tshape, we are oti at liblaery to any frtlhere I'rtim.bly thre .le ilrlrati aaertlrru o lir tillny In. abhi Zn ltlltirnw a sne light leon tile hj'lci. Fron lie Eveenig P'ant. ' It hiras beer' iriiedilhrdtl.c n tita raenit and in oar iclh'i . IlaiIee nfor several dirtnsliaei, lt a:ule lIc" f atellntir[ Iil the Ullited Saites, is hctirged wi it crimes, liar whit it snhluld lia le conlvicted, rite pelitern tinry will be his artiot. W\e shall look not for further developments. T'hr minerican Character in dep'eted with tmuh( mll-r fill.liy ltiih i irs ca n iitI l Wilth roreegill writern, hl \t. Ch; ,h.llhl's'l.etters on N.orlt Am1|erica; two rtflru lstiuns i which lrve jast Ibee publishtd in this conea. try, renir Ihe third Parls edlitimn: r'lre Itairers anid cutoims are alnogetrir those of a workinig, musy society. Ar the age ffilteen yetars, a ran i"engagrd i hl'atiaeta, at trniaty-onaIe ir eanrth. lm ',shed-hrn-c mis harm, nais wnorklhop, hir cournting rJoll,, li his Inflilce-iin t word, his emplo elll, llat ever it ie. 11e Iinow aims takes ia wife, and at twetlly.. two is ithe filt r ofa a family, and corrnseqaealy Ihas ait owerfnllatillllllll exite him to illndutly. A Iaitln iwho ha. no prlisaiiln, ni, which is nearly tihe ame thing, mwhir ii rirt arrriers enjie little. crirr deerilairl', ht, wiho is, irti iar nl'irel Ini lltll trrlleafber orfeoiei tr, who coan trihrtes hiis hare tOlmsmeliet tihe national velthit and increasen tile inumbers l'f population, he nlv is laooked iuptieiith respect nnd favor. 'iThe Arnerian is educ ted wlittire ilea that lre will have somIIe plrtireular nr" cu iation; thnt he is to ben farmnrr, arlisan, lunllfaltu rer, rmercehnllt, speculator, lawi era, lllsiciain, r minliler lperhapn ni li nrllcesior, nOll tirat ii' lie is active nlld interlllgn, lie will make it fr.irllllre. He hac no elr celptin of liviire Wilholllt proltaioln, event when hlia family is rieh, iir he sees a, b ady holut hint whoi is not engaeed in buiiueska . helll aln f leisure isn ariely of tihe maan specrie.,of whi.h the Yankee d aoe n ont .I. pent the existr'uce, nitl lee knows that if' rich it-,iny, hi liatlher may ire ienPed tormarrow. Iletides, the fllh nirritinenac teinak a dinibuirnes.,iR Itiam tone cllra rim ilne' ilthie soi wisihes to have olne at plrenert, let him laake it iinie l: 4 The lhuits iuflife are these of an xrl llsive working iperopie. PFroal tille antUllnirIt lie gets iil, te AlnieCanU a at |iti work,.n ihe in lengage it int till tin rI er f slee p. Ileasure is never pliertlinle to interrupt iis bu ieis; public ielfaliri onlly ihavre e lright Iit ntcupy n aew IIIeIIIIIIa. Eln Iean l time is nlrt ier iatl a Itil).a nlfrela.xtinn, in whilh Ifis wenariedl mind eli ks rCelpoe in the bos.nn of his frietnd.s it is only.a disagrealne inierrupin tiof l.u sniess, nn itlerrnpli.n to which le 'ields, becanse it Cannolt he eVld, but which hie abridlcesese aotch at much ls.qlossible. Ill llh, evening, if lhe pnlilincal mPeting rPqtuirte hils ateldance--il'he does miol go to disci s s.ole i(queitoI n llof ublic inlerlel. or it a religiontn miletll.rg he sita at home, thoughl tji and nabsored inl his mediratnliln, whether on the trams eclto alo thcne kday ir the roecld s oftyle nllmrreiwi le refrains frtm bhusmt,.++ om Sunday, because |ti religion olllandl it, hut ii nlao requires him to alelnal rlt s all al.usement and recreation, music, eurde, dice or bil liarde, under penally of sacrilege. On Sundae, an Atmericanu wollld notl naettar to rceivo hin friend. hIl servanrs, wolld not consmnt to it, and he can hardly ai.. siure their servic es for timielf at teir own hour on that dny. A few deve t ince, the Mayor of New 'Yo'r was aecnrat, hv enall of i'e alewapaieer, of I'.aving eter. inlled In Sn.rllllvy rlre Englinh illiemectll,who camne out in their own I acht in give the Amleriean ildea acer a slralg ilen if (lritiith tnelea. T'he Mayor Imstlned to decnrre publicly, that he was ton wall aeuqnintd qi Sith.t the duiLrt5y Christian. to enterlain his friends t -I the SahbatlNothilng is therefore mort meil'icloly than the seventh day, in this country o. after such a. Sunday, the laborfMlondnv is a delighltlsl p(athne. " Approach an Englih' merchant iis his euntireg 4' rotom in the' moming, and you will find im rte t'f and dry, aaswrrlg to only by nu.oyillabiEn. sncic a i.n at tite hour o clueing the mile, lie will b at no mins to conceal Ilis impuatienco; he will disulisr yntu without always tkle ng are todo it politely. Trne sunue tan, in hsr ihragot rimom i the evenithf, or at ihi coUne try hoube iii summer, will lie ntll ofeoultsey ano alteu tlon towards you. The Englishman divides his tilla o and duee tut t re rhilg at onlre; ill tle. oveonlr he rruvo the lan tl leisuree reposrirg and enjoning lfe; he is ia geonleman having bfore Iliaeyes, rin tie Engtsbh arias twracy, a perfect model to form his manners and grace. 'Tie ioodern Frealchnlan i ueecen is a mixtula uftle Er.lishoasn of the nvening and thie Engtolhnn ol t . mnorni t; in the Iornung, a little of tihe firser, in the evening, a little or thie latter. 'Ihe old Frenhle or was tre fourmner, or rher, to do eeach one Justice, was h the original alteor thicnt. tire Englih aris atocracy is formed itself r Tile Aarerina of tihe North and orthl. weit, whose eharourtr how gines the toule ill tile United tatesr, i petrulanently a lnu ofo business-he is always he Englilshmnln orr fio muoruoing. Yiu fiud nmany of.l the Engliasnlen of tie evening on tile plantaetions of the Solth, eald some are regrnning to he met with il the sreat citi esofthn r Nerth. Is l'all,'slender, and light of finure thre American beels built exptresslv for laubur; lie uela n equal for des ! lialc ofbusinere. Noildev also can conlirl so easil Is to new situanioins ar d cirrastance; lre ials iy rerady to adoptlnso processes and irdlerm.cnte or to change hisuceu altun. H ia a nlechllnier by lnature; a,g its Sthere is nt archeo.l boy wiho hate rot made a eaudeoille, fa h clluid, ora rcpublin or ononrchiul cn.sl8itutirr; iin uarnrsahueaelts ord Crlnecticut, there is rut a inlour er whio htas not irvented a rrchine or tool. 'r'hr re is cut € rea of ouch considerution, who hcs not his schele foir a nail road, a project Iar o village or towu, n and who ha nlot in aelrto wn u erand specnllatimn in tie - drowned lands of lted Kiver, ill the co ton lands of Ya con, or ir tile eorr fields of lllrnoi,. Elrinu.,tly t rpiouser, the Amricann, whu is nuot more or less Elro pearized--tire pure Yanks,., it a word, in not only a - working uanbut lie is a migratory one. He han no tout to in the soil, hie rts rir feeling ol'resrtene and love Ibr 'rd the natal spot and tire parenlul rnot; Ioe is alnays dispo. to d to erll..erte, always ready to start in the first steam - ar tohat colles alolg, for tiloe sot where le had brt jlrst y row landedr lie is devoured r firhlarssp i for hlel.r Stlin n--he cantrel stay ill Ione plui; he mut go and ncolle, It lut .tru.elrt his limbs nod keep Ilis munclrei play. Whlen ti feet are niot i mrotion, Ir fiSngers munslhe Illr Snotion; hir most ore wlhittlicg at r:ee oifwuord, c attill ri. e Iluk of nli clair, Ir artheintg tile edge It the tuh!eur his Is jaw are ar t wok griding ubcca. Wllreher it be that uoa cntinred colmlpetititon her gr ven him tihrsbit or tlhat I Ire has ntrl noxgerntrd estimhue of the value oftillle or that the unsettler rtate ,'eveory thing around himt, keetrs Shin nervrus rystmno in a state of pert tulnl acitoltion. ur that hlie Ies lme thus Itr. tihe handsrr of nature he i nlwvo has olren tlhiig to bie dlnle ha iS always in a I terible Ihurry. le is first rii all sots ul work,exnept thoue which rqnire sr)w and minltte procedsea . TIle d idea of these !ilr him with hlrror. it Fromnt tihe Pllildelirphlia Saturday Chronicle. A Glance at Matlera end I'inga in General. n THE COTiTlON CROP. The most itportant suhijet presented annually to re over'r Americao, i a commnerroil point of view is natu rally, or cotton crops e and their value. We have care Sfurlly exanlined tile returns of the different ports, and 5 find that tile wholne crop, fnr the ysarcnding September f. 3,B1839--was 1,3i5,698 bales. to For tire year ending, Septemnirr 30, 1838, 1,801,497. Deficiener ofrop in 1889, 485,799. I Of tbe abonve eriS, there were exported to AGREAT BRITAIN. 111 18383 797,r506 bales. n In 1837 8 1,165,155 " FRANCE. r n In 18389 940,446 hsles. In 1837 8 321,486 t °NORTH OF EUROPE. of In 1838 9 21.,517 baleas. SIn 1837 8 60,0993 " i0 OTHIER FOREIGN PORTS. Ie n 1838 9 12,935 bales. e In 187 8 25,895 HOME CONSUMPTION. is In 183 9 287,99 hbnles. In 1837 8 2.46,963 'f Tile crop fir tie year 1839'40 hbos cnmulerleed ver si nspiciusrIy, and itgos ibliered, will producero fra 1,6.7 000 to 1,790,000 btles. re OPERA lousr.--Inorr eaes nuci arbolt a project being on foot for buildiing n opn era hinuse lpn a very en large scale, tIhe reprt bril tht tlhe erllllold sPeleCtedl r for tile purprose Is thle solrth east corer r l' r'r*lnlt And Ninrth street. Th'le rI tire coiner,wil thre circus nod neveral of tlle Che..ntll street houser to the rmet uward, it is said or," to rrlllle rU'n, and the woi e gronund oiwill be occurpiell trrltll (?esnul street It IbtrIe aly IrOn R dirg thie rUrrnll nllnl tire lh northr. It is edlded lh't lrge c- ionns--rolle ay r:1100,009t--re frrlhrrmuirg for tihe nr p Irrrre-rra te thie hr'lren L frlnronrl uprrlr tie mst Irr.rfectr In:rlel rhat Call lie divi..el--nnl that tlt nruei r cr n or tenh uiclll e n lrrn lgr llelr ls ill be uipon1 a cal'e ea prlrnttlrled t Itio illrrtendll nlraglfirenCe f the i lreruc - trre. Sllch are rie flyirg rterlotns of Ihe.ieo.--Perr.. dn leeotloda rs Omc, second ] [unicipnly, to Reports of Diy IPolice attdl Night \\r'oatch. r .l.rrrOcrrarv enred in A ,, rr -,it.P!er, fir hr-tirg it hs wits rlld d-t rtblr lllie I lea IllCe-r-seurity to keep I|.e lolrr , er nl hhrr, se thr.rlrrrgrerireey his ' ler ro r ahnir '. keepinrt , he,,,. n r1r. Show." 0, J. trone nrreerlId il 'I'coopitourlra street, fightng nuad di-lrlhilg Ittie pelce.--ni n be voulhrd fur. Is. Mt.l)ullnrel, Joho Kenny, lrreored for figCtin g I noad disrrbing tihe peorC.-$i01 ReCrrity hrktoep the o pe 'ce--dunchar~ed. M. l)rrvn J. l.eeeCer, orresterd for flghtilng and din'turrriig l it prece--din harged. 'Ihos. 5,hortoo, arreited I0 o'clnek, drounk and dis ir t hrbiie rtirie pee--di.itlrrgrd. of J. (. 'I lrrnmnnl nilrteled art Ithi request rf ftr. Elliot Ibr dlisturbnlr Ihte peacr ofilhe 'IlTheatr-discharged. I 'IThormas lirberltarreeerrd on NNren st. coul not give Sa sntisirotory rccrrrtt rfIlisrirelf-dischrnrgnd.

l'nThomas Initl wasne itrrd lyilrg drUnk--dlircharged. J. Canla frlnul si.tilg ill Clnstance street on the nide walk-diechnrged,. .a Chrles, arrested corner of Saint John the Baptist alid licinro stlrurt,bhargd wit tnitiommitrig nuisunce on tihe side walk--says lie eluorgs tIl. rGomdrna ''Ihotnus Clifton har erlell ou Levee street, drunk and disttibtng thr e pence--dico h urged. STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis trict Court. l The State of Louisiana,-Te all whom these pre is shall come, gretlig:-- Wherena IIENRY W IL LAT l'AI.FREY, having" irchlased at n sale made Iby thie sheriff' utf ile parilh of Jeferson, Ihe rproerty l.ereinanher described, has applied ta the clerk if this Court, ia wletee ilfice tile deed of sale was re.orded on the seventeenth day of October, A. D. 1839, for a Moni lion or Adverlisement in conformity to an Act of the Legislature tf the Slaiw at Louisiana, entitled, "AnI Act tier thi further neassurce of titles Ito parcehlaree at a d;cial osue" (Iirovs d tihe itenth day of March, 18131: Nowt, tlrefete, knw re, and nal lerstons interestC d herein, are hereby cited ied admoonished in thie nmne tof the SStae ,tf Louisiana, and of thle First Judicial Dial trict Court, who can set u p any right, title or claim ii andI tI ilte property hreien nalier .crihed, in coea-e quince f av.itfin or:,,aitV in the order, t Ceree No judg0 StieL the CiCker iietti ii~lelr licht tlia l tllwas Iliidie or ally ie e uarlity tio ifl .e lity ill. tle atnppIra:sean etc n d dvesrlisetinlels, fit line, er iltltenr o'lati , lier iur cally uiherdetecl Iwate rslerr , I holW aentiLe. itHlil Ill lntV day te r tiler da itf i qltioa is first inerltlld ill ll pofItll ii paper, awhy tale o miad shiuld not be con litaled and homologated. T'he sallild pro,,erty was sold ha lie sheriff of lIt ier ish ufirerid co Itle tweetielt 'Icy ol Septelllbr, A. ID. f1839i by virtlle 's decree ou'llifts C nourt reIered oa Ihe eigllieenlt day ft Itolar ch, A. D. 1839, in a suit ettitled Iirin Chili, wil. ft Charles Brewer nd lat. vs. he llinier ciltren antit heirs oifChtrles Cecil, N.. 12,809 It" Ite dlckerl i Illi callrt, u altict salesethe said leLR - ry 'illliam lal rey leetam ce ia nurchaSeer, for t le price of iaur iua,/died and thirt-lfle dollars, payable i)escriplio of eproperty, a given in Ihe Judicial Con evacest , vaz: Aereltill l nrtlground, the satue wlhich .eas ndloli cnod to IWnillicaii Niictuln Hull, at a sale tnmde hb Ltein L..I1 'ct lll'o, outontirer, of tlet C'y of NewOrle es, on li ele vermeh ldrclI 11r36, It virtue oe t.jl0meit ,i" this citlri oile thlirietlh Jntulirc ld36i, aid w hich win nrdeittl said con t oIthe' eigiteReth Mintch 1839, to beresold irt tIe rik etld toenrire of esid Hull, ter Ineg lectiLig and tcfinsulcmlply wih thie term tand eian: Ilitis ol said a'jurtliea ito, Ia l being situated it e ritl l i Jef. a t, it t e to i arnouerhllte, dlsigo twtitletli t Janianry 1836, asui tliepiaed in lhe oitle al11I. It, CeU iiitctynoalry publi of thlis cit ,atd anme. flrilg, ii Atmeatien Imeaorur, fiiy tdt, feet eleve inchert teint in Lv. street, nail trty eal t tre inctes alse feiul on Burlhe street. lllree Iutered antd lirty nldne Beat in deptl, ad fI'rt on Jeffert ou, and Ilroe tiaderd died otir eet 6 inches atnd a half al the lne dneiditce it from tat No. Threa , togelier with alt the rights, privit'e gee &c. theritllotm tuetinhulgg. Witlanes, ile Iln holtihle A. It. Btrhnnan,o dge o tile C. C a arl neoresrhi, this 16th day of No' caber, tl:la. n20 P LE BLANC, Dp. Clerk. TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courdu Proeit J ier Dist)iricl Judiciairc-L'Etat do la Louisi, noe it I on ccux quao eest pilscntet eooternentl- Salot : Attendit qum e HIE'oRY WILLIAnM PALFREY ayant achlet . one vente fuhlte par it Serliff rlo t ; paroisso Jeleroet, ]I properidt6 ci.ttprbs l.crite, s'eat atlrelcd all grefo dte celtto Cour oh an tilo eI neat,, ltul re'tist de te dtx.eptibitlte jotr d'Oatabre de I'antleo 1839, penr unl oits contrmndment t tina acts, de ]a Le slatclaro a ie'E ltL de la Leu siate, i iltituld " Ante pour cnnnirner lIn titrel clo. acnoe r I oeire lla ventte judiciaires ;" nipprouv6lo 10 Mars, 1834. Qu'il soiteol coanu, etl tcourtee personncs intlrecdes i noltt par ces presonteaa ollltciloda all nlm do l'Etatl da la Louisicna tl da la Cout do Premier Diairict Jutdieiaire, qui pourrientl avoir droit a In pr. - lridtd ai-ap.e tdcrite, en conrdquence d'un dd ;tit do foarms dati I'ordre, Ic ddcrer ot In jags neat do a teour, en e,'rtu duqoel ta vents a 6td tail ou do tou . irrdgulari 6 ou illdgalitd dcns 'estlinmatlion, I'avis on Is temps et Ia Ia etlite, on pour Ulo aultra canto qteloattquoe, deo faire voir, deone lreatojuurs ldater do Ia publics tion de cat avi, pourquui Ia ventle aisiulfaita no se- - rail pas eonfirmdo et homnolopu6e. La dilo proprid6 Tfat vonduo par tle Sh6riff suo. lit, le vitngtbme jonr do Beptembro do I'ann6to 1839, en vertu d'on dderot do eettllo Cour rondu ltja dix-huitihto jour do Mar, do Icannto 1839, dane 'afftire do Maria ('deil, dpouo de Charle- Brewer i al. vs. Le Enfan tminour t It.dritiers do Charlres C6eil-No. 12809 do Docketol do cello Cour, h l a quelle ventsl dit Henry William Phlfrey sceslf rendu acquadrour .ourlo prix de quatre conts cin qlaite, piastres, payable comptant. Description do Is propii6td d'apres lo transfer I judicial. re, savoir Un certain let de terra, to nlomo qua fat adjug6 h'Wil inis Nicholson Hull, tune vents faite par Isaac L. Me. Coy, enonateur do I I,. Nouvello Orl6an-, Io 11 Mars 1839, en vertu d'un jogemnent de boett C ur du 30 Junvior 1736, et I queo I 11 Mhrs 1939, la Cour ordonnh d'etre re vendn aus depena et risques du dit Hull; k cause da sa negligence ct do sun refus it remplir toe termes et conditions de la dite adjudication. Co lot do terra eot saitu dans Is Paroisse de Jefferson, dnns la villa de Carrolton, ii est d6signd par le nu maer qulatro do lillt A, sur un plan dres86 par llBenjamin Buisson, arpontcur de Is dite paroisse, le 20 Janvior 1836, et d6posd dans Is burneau do HI. B. Cenans, notatro public de cello vill e; it a (nseaure Amoricaine) ainquanto deue pieds oune pouces de face f lan ruo de In Levde, quarante p cds trois pouces do fhaee Ia rue Ilurthe, trois cents trente neaf pieds do profondeur at face Is la rue Jefferson at trois cents quatre pieds six pouces et deni sur la ligne quo io divise'du lot No. 3, ensem. ble tous lea droits, privileges &c. qui y appartsen. nent. Tdmoin I'lltnorablo A. M. Buchanan. Juge de In Cour susdite, cc 16 Novembre, 1839, P. LE BLANC, n20 3t in 301 Depoud Greffier. 1O RENT. The thre three story brick store No. 87 News lt Levreeaect; possession iven imnuediately. Aplply ts nill T I IIYD1 &. BRIOTHIEIt. HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK. --DIRECTOR1.- n R. IIAVENS, 'RES.IDE.T. SC W I.nwreno, Ferdinand auxdum, N ''avlir, . B L Woolley, J P PIlenix J B Vernul, SFC' Tuckrke, Ilaldwin, J Morrison, J (Otis, D Lee, J Rtakin, J ) ' e, Il) I tjaln, C 0 lalsted, WV Wedl, W W Todd. LE.WI PHILLIPS; Secretary, TIhe uandlroi ed, authoried agent of the above Com Ipuony lr New Orlenus will receive proposals for insur sog lonases, Buildir.n.o, Streso, Shlips n rl, Goods, r nrs ad Mercllha.dise, fia ,oos or daoage'ly flie. nIl8--4t J'All:D; II LEVEItIlsi, Ar.oTr. FOIL NEW YOIK Iiret Regular Packer. Illohes' Line of l'osekts. 1 - To sail on, the I'd inst. 03' The pnckot ship AUBURN, captain Iltrfey. is discharging opposite the Vegetable maorket. Consign. eels Hil please attend to tht receipt ol their g todo. nli9 . P I.AII)LAW,51 Canlp st BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY r OF PROPERITY SITUATED so NEWORLEANS. SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, lManagers. Offlcr under the Verandah, Corner of St. Charles and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, between Conti and St. Louis Streets. W ITH aI view of meeting thie wishes of our friends, we have the leeasure of announcing to Ihe publ lie that this Lottery, by authorily of the State of Louis ins, will lie drawn at the City Exchange, in St. Louis in New Orleans. The drawing will, without fail, begin on tie let Des cmbher next. Our agents throughout the union, willncause theabove to Ie inserted once in one of the newspapers of their respective residences, and charge the expenses in n16--dl SCIlMIDT & IIAMILTON. I We are authorised to announce that, at thile solid. lation of a large numlber of the citizens of the three Municipalities, lMr.WILLIAna FenREtT his coent.ied to the pr.seltation of his name to his fellow chizens at the next eatning election, as a candidate tfor the office of Mayor of the City lof New Orleans. L 'o Nos somnmes autories nh annoecer qu'n la demtand Id'un grand nombre des citoyens des trois lMunicipalitds, Mr. WII.ula a FERET nr cOnenati i so pr6senter conta candidat It la lace de Malire t In pIochaine Election. Sj .. t U:.tGAINNIEct tIhe solicilation ofM nny Of his frietld, has consented to become a cundidale for ll, ulicte aof lMavr uf this city. The Verandah--S, Charles Theatre--Camt p at. TI, eatre-Caldavell's St. Charles Arcade-Hotels -Slores--Saares of Ground aJre CAPITA L P'ILtZt% S ! L O lIlIANA GRAND IREAL ESTATE AND ,l_ TOCKIa LOTI''ItIY, oliaie corner of Cliettt and St. C(:artles reets, authorized by a law of the ISlae, ilt iltlnrch 1828. THIE IIAlIt F MILL.ION or ('amp street Theitre Iotter, I1291 Prizre, draws on New Ynour.s Eve, alld finilshed in onea drawing. TIHE GRAND TWO'\ MIILION LOTTIERY. 10,000 P.tzv.E!! \ill commence drawing as suon as practi:able there, after. [UJ'Note fI any banks in tre Untio, tattiat are gen. erally ltbankailer in tile Stolel t ey terr iaesllrd, will e rrecived ita pavn labt r'iTickls, which are in tie alllf Mhillion $l0--'rTao ttititn $20 CALD)WELL, OAKEY & PRITCI:ARD, nel2 Proprierors & Mn Olagers. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS' GIFTS ! Verandah, St. Charles Theatre, Campt Street Theatre, Caldwell's St. Charles Arcade, Ho. tels, Stores, Dwellings, &c. &c. CAPITAL PRIZES ! ! ! Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Lotteries. By authority of a law ofthe State of Louisiana, 6th March, 1828. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, Managers and Proprietors. 'Thl prizes are inany eand private btuildingis which adorn tite itey nt New Orlteans, and aw the prile of it+ inhahibittlls--the Verandl II, St. ('h reins Streeo Theatre, AmeriCan Camtp Street 'It'hcntrr, Caelelli'. St. Ciarles Areade, wetllh lintels )eltitg aeers, ltores, Itlildin inlts, ainI- nttie etsqtlarta ott Gtittttt A.ele., a re anly for trelftrt to th.e Iluderl lr Iapl.l." Itcke:e: IAl.F MIt.I.ON, OR AMEIIICAN 'AIP' STrIEET TI'1CATRE 1.0 I'TI.RY. CAPITAL $549,000 In 1,09) P'RIZsa :! Will he drawn 31al December, New Yearn' Eve, int New Oleans; and in order to gratify ttrclasrrs of ticketsr, lhe cotmbtinationtl Iant isadotittt Inr this lottery wllertb2y it will ha cotlpile d in one,. 67,.,25 ticket, at ttdollars, *i75,250 1,291 PRIZES ! ! SCHEME. Camp Street Theatreand Ground-prize tlo the Ial, 2d antd traw mc aumhtiter, 150,000 Thrial stthstlrnlihl four story brick building cal led Armlrong's lHotel, forlnintg te corner of (tatnp aoiid Natcheg streels--plize to the 4th 5l &. 611, 40,100 That ivaluhulha live olory brick store on Old I.L yer stret r,ecutied th Mesnrs. H & W iop- 0 kill--pize to the, 7th, tit slid 911t 35,000 ! 7Tha eleal nt dwelling heu~onnd lot No 71, Iaenl plreet, occuplied by C W\V t(; ,driclh prize to the 10ih, lth anil Ilit, 25,000 That t, o story dauble dwelling tnod idoble tot in td Mn ii alltii , nccu i ied by J h . Hiall- - trier to tite It,2dt and 4ilt, - 18,000 - Wit 28 oither Iriznt ot tRtal Etale, irllking 33 of [ana Etalte, and 3:15 of Stockn, and itnny prizes ofi 'ITiekets il thle Two Mlillion I.ottery. TIHE GRAND TWO MILLIONS IOTITELY. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize. . 10,003 PRIZES--Of Two Millions of Dollanrs. CIP'Drawn on the old plan of Ilntnks and Prizes..1' it NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. 1l0,0110 Tickets, at S0 dollars, $12,000,000 The scheme and selling price the same. The ex ren. es operate is a reiductin from the valuations ltl o oiln the property offered in prizes. MODE OF DRAWING. The No..l to 100,00n will he pilced in oni wheel, I tt Ihe an ltt n 'etaank i ( k lnd Prilzsl another a wheel tlld drawn Illltitl all re draewn. l[' The firSet day's drawing ill.I alanny Ilnrt, Itndler the 8l ervi.i: o ttwo Judgers ili ititla iII N.rleans. I 10,000 PRIZES !! Iat. The Verandah and Ground. valued at $500, 100 2d. The St. Charlea Thelatre, gloud, seen orn, Inlletlinerv,&t.. con tlllt, 400,000 3di The Sl. Chales Arcade Buldingl.Ca.tamp otret. 150,020 With Stores, Dwallings, entire rsquarea of Gatround, &c. &c. 920,000 A 10,0:0 Priren aimcnntiag to $",000N Tickeet for nole at Ilhe earer t f Canal and SI. Charles M- AYtaltA.I'Y OF NEW III.EANS. rIIIlE price of heing this day $5 7.5 per barrel anecusliang to the tariff, tiea bakers will give :,5 it eounrelorf readl ftr.tea centl. during thlle week begin-. h ning oia Monday next, thie 18r instant. The loanves of secounlquality,or of Itree for ten centsa. hall aweigil25 0 per cent mlore, viz: 431 ounces. at Ifi C. CENOIS, M aaor. M ISSING from ship Alabatan, Three Trunks mer: Selaeize, matked J II Orgaitn & Co, Paris: 'Penn. end inm shilp Nahvnille, three barrela, mlarked, P & 5i. Ally peson Iaving'hla sane'in their ptsses: sien, will plearse give infermatiao In No. t0 Common treet. oa 4 `tANI)LES--00 boxen x ledt l'n aperm, landing ex C hO rig R Grining fromnt New York, aild Tfor satle by t1114 O IG BLANCHARID, 33 tsravirna CANP STREET` THEAE; E' ,irst night of thie WATER WITCH; Or, The Sktmmer of the Seas! This evening will be iperformed the WATER WI4TCiH. Capt~i.dlvow, (uomd'rof the Coquaite Frigate) Morlon Sendrifi, (calledl Ihe of lhe tses)- Mrs Dte ilor Ten Filler,(uniling ma l(r- f the Water Wild.t) I)eBar Frlancois, (vulet to l belle Berberip) S.choleft Cupid, : ''.C lll Alida, (La Belle Bunberie) Misc Verily PreviIous to .lhicb, the ill I' I1 LION. Toni Moollre, : Ar Rndoliff' lIrs Cerulnll Fizlig, : Mrs Stuart [7 Doors open at 6-Perfolur nces to colmmtn.cer at7o'clolk. f WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PRilLIP STREET, BETWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STnEETs. r i11IE MANAGER of the Wsllingtrln Bell Room respectfully inforlls his frinds and tile public, tllhat the nbove mentioned establishllllent will open lilr the season,on Monday vnlling, Novnember 41h, 18:39, Iy a GIIAND IIDRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, andl will continue llthrougholt lle eson every Monday, WdnellsdaIy and utlnurdy evening of each week. Admillance for Geinlelnen, $2 00 New Orleansn, Oct. 24th, 1839. - SHIPPING. O. oastwise. The frast sailing pncket ship VICKI B URG, Bunker mnster, hlving three fourthl- ofher cargo t eallgedt will seil nh ed a eaaill neolla -l5In len ooltti n For, frerghl uor pasggll e, louina ehl gant rneromnclelatietc apply Io lre eclllaill on banrdl, lwo tiels below tihe Vegelable Io. u19 A COlIEN, 91 Coinoenm at FOR NEW YORIK. New York and New Orleas Line. ul The elegant new packrk nlhip FRnAon.OT, JI G. IRussell, nlaster, will co nllni.tve lInd " il in y h niudl lhve elurly o pll:l Ih. TIIe F. kis been built expreslyl for thlri rnd, is of n lilght drnft of w.lterali hais n€ellndlllodilho!n tril pasentgels tqurl to rny vesaelnsilhlig et of ike Unilrd .lates, Fr ftriglhtl or iessege, apply to :rllrlailn lirllr ll, il is haoalr, nr t. Josepl Irlrel wharllflr olr o t I'rI llTERll I.AllAlAWc 51 Cnirtp aI FOIO ItlOSIIE. . e'ln sehoonerANAWAN, C.ptuinAIkins, lying at tIe wharfl oppsite Jefferson street, will c ail poirilvely forethe above port on Ire 15th inslant. For freiglrt lr ptsange, apply to ni * IEIIRMOGEN BIROWN & Co,9('oni st NEW YOIK AND. NEW OIILLANSIINE. r HISll8 LINE will be eoni ponslt of seven sIlips, which will sncfeed nt.h Ili tr itn tile following order, viz: Ship St. Mnrv It V Foster, laster. Slhip Trl'y, It. IDockirlh rr, mnsterr. Shil Ilrlellianll, J Sj Wilsoer, rrnoser. Sliilp AulurnIll Cornell, naslter. New shin, Franklfort, J G IRussell, ilnsr er. ti New srip Mary l irg.llnllrn-n I lcrerrea onaler, New ship Firlirrl, WV L Lyoe, rlltallstur. These Ships are all of tlie frlrt clans, lhave arncommo a datione for passengers unaurpassed for comlnfolrt nd onvoenience, and ably commraodd. I 1 tin preutest punclrlnlity will be ibserved indsnlatelh ilg Illhem ia advertised, nud every reesonable Uenor nmodntian extended to shippers iorl passengers. For freight or pssnge, Pllpply to i si l I 'i+ rI t I o a i r, W . ll i , Cta a p sp t FOR NEW YORK. i7IOlI:S,' LINI OF 'ACKET --''o sail every This, is ,'onmpoled of six ships, viz: a Ship VICKSBUGl , Captlain llunker, NIov. 25ii to , ORLEANS, - Sars, I)De. 'Ih t ,, 1'A rHnEA, - Ashiy, ,, 23d ,, ARKANSAS, - IDelicis, Jan. CII ,, NIA>HVILLE, - Wood, ,,' I11ll ,, ALABAMA, - Berry, Feb. 34 "lt'arlanrsolrilpor ale of Irfllncfralrois, oeppered, andl eo pper lhsltncrl anl having Ibn built itn New fIork is exprusly Ifor thin trlr.l--Ilhvy ar of liaebl 'hnughl of wItr,and nalma t invarriblyl cross ilon lir witlhoult any Sleeilirllon 'r I hles kerls lare t'mnntll edllll bhy lICapinis k well exr rrrein le inll h Il rrlll , llrl ill Ill vll exert tei sll ves to l culllutlllliOlellh- t-l I% ill ale ni s iPe Iowea ip aid dolwn the river, ad ii i"llplupily sail as ad vorised, T it htilavie hand'momely fri s nl'llnishtl ll d*llnlllltilln, ndlilr storel the filst n ,l litv will Ailhlr vs bhe furnished, iandt every ahnsii piail tlil the colilnrt arnintinsfaetiol T- lhe rie of cabin parsagen is fixed at $ll'i, wilholntl It. wile or liquor. Is r f Ulnr laer partliculars a l.piy il na A ('llI:N , !lo I'rnorI ln it 'The sllipes re lint nelltnltllli I for breallage of clans, hhllow rcr , morble or 01sihteroperae.f tin, or ruost of iron or steel, nor iresponsile lir aI: pi.kllc e or rI parcel, unlless aregrilhr bdll ofludnlg is signea d therefor. - - _ . ._ _ . . . . . . For the Interior. ot o 'iol ttI t oo rtlte or 1'( I1Ol i tOC 11,o dllp intot Gilletto lnow dtoturly xpc- t, - `' ,wive, ill delllllrl on o lr chum !0thll inlstant,; Fur· Ireieht or pan~slle, to Newr Illcia anld all intunnedoo au~ Inn dines na lse 'I 'w tolp)( s111l? to it18 PEII L. I.AIItt.AWV, 51 Catop at If FOR IIAYOI SRIA ReJuleql Packct. Thet. splendid nssrnzrr stetoidst _ .. RIl..-o, LtLI1ANT1, iese otn matr will ,ooive Now Orleants ervery Wod . uedot at 10 o'clock A. Si. Ior Baoyo Sra &oeey SatIsrdoy at It, tirl ck A. \I Inkitig Itoo cooo.. down uit Sindty I:or ftright orSipa O os t apy tot (Cupt. Ilat oft hoard o Ir to ldt25 003IS 9& WIII'I'ALL )LI't5) 1.1.1'. Tiwi o tho roms o til zeeol floor suitbl,le for r. 9iJc officro; aplyl i tleioteittis, No. 21 Cumip atreet, tile Fiortoono' Ionsurancs' O)fice. od22 M ULIISIIIRY '1TIEES-tOO Mntrrs 3nticltulho 'lfres Iur sale. ApploY t 109 O'totosoo at u7 I,% N pE)7w ool ititootlh.:iutv cratle " finishers, to -h eel gal wag" oHC* hl l C)IItP1m ellt iloyotouto illhogivro. N It & 9 EISRVEI.I'X, 17 lO'l 'I'cboltslua o t Jj.)UI1o-3110 bilo loudinjog footootoopcr Stoolloto r (1 G i tlRloE',-l INew Lever 11.-'21 raspsrl~r .r Lii, ilolioIing exship John ý .ý~rlo Ilule~autiol· reo 1 t111. IN(_IIAII, 33 (brntier ot _________S_ . ilANCIIARIhl 1:1tltir jTZ lle-t itolllr tIho jo. Inti' oonr~i~ .nr ORS.1tE.IiPlllirl y null Ifr~. irepool ate ll-11111 villIPe pbuy 8 fuJill flue ItbI.Jsel a1ret "ho pplyInatainolr' V It II-1 oIt liadj roitl, loeIootiootdotto Isrtlr oll I' .AIDISIAW, 51 lonmp at I *·lrCE. O5 Ikootolmember of St. I' ot'o CongoptimTor heey p lb Ottifiod. that the.a ototio' woi lle oer.. IoIot'd itoolr of (lS-r. E. I. 'otkr'ooio nwbuildings in Jolbt 'srt, bostotro 31a'o',ie indIw nU.sres til futhr nooitce. at J J Solo d:\ LON,1'astor.invir b CLASS No. 1. THE Huilll Milrlion or ( ampSt crt'I heled Class o 1 te Luisan GRND REA ETOA'TE AND STOCK LOTI'Litnv 6, will posiiely L e drawn , it the I 31st December, New Year s' Eve. . a 3lAtlteo io ln ~lolaroo lroeo Iluto '.~dn,;~e I CAI DW IIII l.O (OAKI II) & I ftITClIAR.I 1i6 Ofilc orneor (',toootistilSt Chainorstn. S G t AN D ]MOLASSES-On plaotatjonsaov til to wn, for n ll Iubi all·nl l · F byu~ ; 15 AISAilS & \VHTlrA1t (17 (;rooler at AI t]EI.I.oii-A lorgo ossooottoot of loltootto oaid Sel oreln,oufoU Rises. fhrmotelby (11)0011 & Cot, Navol, Militlry JIr Pohioaohl a Ilotors, ouner 3I1 loix ltoLoge lutot, St CktIlle. of u A'S'S-T~oohe looei~orsohave reorivedoaodoieror. kkooioioooby royitioiroockeiot-gio oopplo ollloavSer, Russia, For and \1t, 'skit, out. I Ions, ofthe" grtnt fuel]. iooosood leat unono fotoitr,, wohich thliroftillIonlojttntp. lint rlh cititnlo otind piuh ic g. ttlit. FPItrl bool Notol, Mi~li tary &t Poottiomstll Haotters, nderr t13ill Jlotlootopt Hottl Slttolatot A-ll iN, GIIAPESF P11110 &ALONDri-2100 RIboho s, 1100 1lotf dio, 101110 q toot tr tot Ito,.i s lotro 53 oxs l stot otrl Ilonito; ISO0 dloma' Por 25(1 kegs uud 011 puts i rapes; .5 hmin sit shvlie Abo01 .1 too landing ltiog lsilloto otLetin'J.t-ie s.,osto ottlfrstttb o2t93 ABItt.ASI FISK.57 (omm.ooono n UST b tt ',l ,oottol e ardl ogenerol 00s. ") otototit tO Joitiiots 1 l o t ae such loosank boxe Pro C tottt, Iumpsto, &r. 3tAtICIN 11 &J DIIVERtEUX, 's31· 0el~g~littjittlootS N` IF'I'Y 1)0t1 1.ALt:N It wil osb b t]to -o, ,ittohtol'liostmoiolt' :t, wh'liolhowreo Itoild fod hi Alolnio iy driy Nit. 1,311, tor 00li Ito reooteryotf fioe lottoooudtwtttso ntttooksmtketlt ((IRIL, httilood iy dray No. 1142-ttttr ofthso ootttgotdsdolttissgcotto itotisoo. A So Nit. 90 CVistts Appl ts No.90C treet.. 1 G AoSt Doron'oorer, Ortntttot 2oto, 18359. (I OKE & CO~At.-Pthe poric os Coke toe btron (tired, fo r ttoostonuilgsetonoats ofiftyoortss ptro Itootlits stir Got Wtorks otrat, atrd, tokensin tloottotttito oP Otto - Isuoodttd barrels, still Udlirtetored ftrr ocaP ootsgr. ltto supesriorityo it thto Cotko tsr Puel, bingt cos iol igntttio n tho, lrotio tttny onpletaoass eoorl orottioke,J ollteot id tsuce every familiy Snito ak' noe of it. Ctoa toill tio&aroiotshd on nosuot(is orgurtttnottottuooo. (l)tttonrooreiord et Stot Gan (ffice, (look Alloy. o24 E 1VW tVILLS, Secretaq. 1INSEEII OIL-In jugs ood Itotorolo, alotitig otod 000 fortaty II IONNAISEL, 0tSI1 43 1gi'itttflattt Itoo t Issilslro Sotosts hVitsto0. Apply to Capst. ooaksots '"'uud Itoe ottit Chalolotit gttr, t'tsooisoe IlrstjotIt. * (j0(jE] Lotl) A\166 o; 0.r1 SEPCOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. NO'ICE-The ownPe s of fats, bateaux, &e., Inor Iillg briok, tdlerr, orhtlr omaterial, within the lioits I Ithe gI d Muni.ipaelt., re hereby notified to ake otuld licence fir so cnforelnnltrmably to Ibelaw now it Iiree, at tao expiratior uoften days from She date tl'his nutice; all btrI louand lit cotraventon of the law will be sreized nd the o enea prosecuted for the fint ipnOaed. W. DEiACON, 014 id Collector of Levee Dues, 2nd' M. AVIS aux propidtairen des bateaux &e; ddbar tr qtuant di o boie, Ieo briques on auttre matdrioux, dons las' limile de la IMunicipalitd.No..2., oat joi duonr qu'ils devront procurer unto leoineppoor lea dill bateau.n coaformdmout d It la i e intadntes, Iuat l'expiralion do dir jour Mdoater de eel avin; nI toul lea bateaux trouvaient ea e onravention do In loi, eroult eAiso jusqu Ia tos nl et oPnma soient palydus 1y. DEACON, n14 10d Coalecteur des toxes do [vwee. AS I.rougtht lt tite police prison of the 2d Mo. e siity a negro mal tmend t l SAM, abou ti 6 years o' age, aoys l iellme tol r.Caldwell Ilrieaon the Hnyes RIad. T'Ihe owner will pleaoe crllat the pt iont prove property, lnv ch1rrgeas asd lae hoim away. II S HAIRPER, Captain of; b le Waleh. New Orleee, Not. 6, tRIO. EL a.6t6 tuenOd a la genie do Is 8eeonde Muni hltd ut negro nomn;6 SAM, age do 60 ans, to disant uppartentr it Mr. Culdwell, demearaml sure I route lBasyuu. I.e propri6.aire dtu dit enclave rat prid de ve nir lo reclnmcr on proevant oisn ropridtE et n pa yant lea frnis. II. S. HARPER, ni O6 Capitaine de II Gatde. La Nouvello Orlans, le Novembre 1839. N'T 616 antend I. 'enlos du 3meT quarier de'i ila Municipalild no.. 2. sur le lt-Noerombre, Ia elnaovaux uivanles Un cleerl grand, nmarqud par I collet, cridibr ot queote blanche, ayant.16.Mnr ai de hauteur, Un cteval g ai. snobre, train plods blance, Is pied drtit do dievot a enoucio6 on no!r, one petit dboiln s-ur In'front, mnltiud par l 'aello, crinibre t queue noire-, nyant 15 mailns e demi do hautear. , Los propridtairce s es dits henvaux rnt prid do ose rundre I l'enelos du 3Smn quartier de Is Muni ci,,alito'no.. 2,sits6 ou coin des rues Robin st An noniatilio, arit dq lea reiiror Sn poyant Ins frail, sur o avant Sanmedi Io 16 Novembre, on ils seront tendus It l'ongan Ipar P. A. Guillotle, enganteur Spublii. J. L. WINTER, n6 for Lieu. do Is gsrde. La Nouvelle Orldans, Ir 5 Novebre, 1a3d. SNT Hti tt A E, IC pottb go , do in 1e89 a .rd - tic palit, las escltaves aliivant., savoir: t Uno inegreao nonmt6 LI'I IIA, ag6 45 ans, so disant ipparteleir i Mr. Nsaud.' Un nogro notmmI THOMAS, agE 50 ans, am diraot alpplrten. Ii hMr. Bertrand. Los poltrdltaires des dits enclavel sent pride do vunir le rottrer 0n payant lop freis. 0 La Nouvnlio Orldan loS2 Octobre, Sn6 II S HARPER, Capitaine de In Carde no rir rA.nrIrc, _.C, pitaine de la arde SAN'T'ElIl-T'hre or fiur families to go on a plan ration sia miles frm tlle c y Ithere are good and oullteodtlau housse; th land is already cu.llivated and can bring a fir inomle; each family will have he privilege of OulLivaling n large parcelof ground forae nudaer of yenrs, atl'iof cuuig as much limiter P asthey nay want, witlh"t haring nmay thing to pay for the lismt agreed upon. For farlher patrtclatreapply to .lQUOtS--7 pipes Holland (inl; 25 brla douestic Git; alu, 25 btie domeslic Brandy, in alore for sale by 12 E J TIAYER S& Co,74 Payeds at rIEAS --0 Ichesto PInwel ong, 15 do Souehong, and Ssily 13 lbh boxes GCnpowder Tea, in store for sale by '2" .J TIIAYER &Co,74Poydrao st I'.] IM OIL-a-ll in-ks in mdre, flr sale by n1 J 'I'llA\1Sr & Co, 74 Poydraet s OA I 1P- 0 boxe, ilobbins' 1i Soap, in saore, far ale anby En " JTIIAh r &Co,74Poyvraaet M Ai)ID)ER f fiakl ini sige, for sale by' 1'2 J TII AYn lYER &Co, 74 L'oydreys at )rlIciOSP ciiRUS-2( lbs. landing fom faine , for nible by It RtOINNAiI FL, ol3 43 T'clpitnoulae at. E. JOHNS & Cl RTATIONERae IHIALL, NEW OhLIANS; I 1 ,111 Ons.ttimiiti it of pnri, being mnwe celpleled., I ith , l , -, iler-. oIlhr lle follwit list o the perli-. cololr nntolnl l of I public. II Prices. l e usual.. Inn. "English, Draie aeng Paper, r(W dV1nse) S)eo, 20 etiles by lhi aitie awore lhn i'rial." 311 a 22 I' :IIIh a at. Si) tio 23 do f'lrkdnIe; ar, 3t5 do 2nd do 11 -ie, :i1 ith) "f do Witerl - Elplkant, 1) f 7 d Sl prh teud. 5:. ito 31 dl, EImlrllllorl C o 17 do Aill tie Imve extiai t llik, Inugl grainerd. A errian and Een/lishe large Bineding papers fie Blankiur,.l FI1t"lit (up i , ich.I,., . and hl..anie,d lai,) IA level 5i fi 171 hi dov S Rlovn, 2, o I, 1!11 to do Ittl ari n 0 i t 2h r i l d uii doi Rleglish Letter Payers. (WhlltIalls Iu n Iuse nei 'i'llrlltrs', naid Jlohn Gren". l.argpe Ptize sckel lot 4whv ble and wlolewo e.. L cunt la to hdo dd co e ro I d de l hlue laid Bank iorsIl e. ' Il fbhh wtre 'Tolllh]d Inrg, pal1st; IdI glilt Tinled poie; do gill II arg io poury pal; id., gilt Folio iesd, wilte and blue wove Blaek I,,ordered, (mirutrtiitg) post Enbonnsed large and senall plst do gill Folloelrll mtnblonsd Co('nled anti gInzd vellum post, on bolh sides lath and Vicloria polt Eng/ia/r Note Papers, 81o. and 16mw, Plaii nots paper, while wove; do gilt Tint ed do do EItr satia d white. tihled ats g lonk bory derd do and gill Ilehorlseed do Silk note paper, white or tinted and gill Coral BIrotade do Walered silk note, do o dle printed it itatiott American Letter Papers. Ioanlio eaOs anil Foai'tlap. A Iliiit-' i. r. ('hii'.rvil lot,. w tsitened lt. woey' ]lllleonll'a IPlla kel lol. rll t le n,,lve oColllnolln stlt Allt.' , white haJ ble wor , d , dlot blle laid vot h i r ioh d rialeI, Habbard's Gl in it' illn, uld o tel r goaed i ie Letpler 1sirn:. N.i. ; Icotllnondi I 1 kAnlicn I)) rIt1CR af I lt IIWSOlln', f. s I Fane clihrlled nio lnlper l"FolipIot, .f.t. nlwhitea 0l IbIe wove and laid doT No. i , nils le eiil Woine wuv r W1tPer E litCd poW, a f. led llse Anise' amt Idm.,'s Ile rp. a f. il. I'd., rgh & c€' English tlnorii.1tt llv atott ecp do rouh edge, Attles' auperor. ctp bllle wove. llt d o . F. dit whlte and blte wore llud-oti's Fo tootp,p r. I do d, do No. 2, wlete wove Ftotlot,,, No. 3 llluboerls. and ofitll otler eond nills In the U. 3. C . It t and title No.I2 mle 3 Clomman alolscnp. Ial 'du Riled Paye'rs. iliper Revel Ilanaee sheer pIur .r laint lined Rlollly'lmedlium l anlvd tImv do ido Fell Slet, whlinle.dl Illie wmre do dio SlntIenlPtl iriiporfar lnalka Letter paper, eaint lined,l 3 tIlltl 4 ides Atcultit otllis tin wilt dollars and cenls eolsmn. Coltonll itl) to very tines ruled Fooloinp, . f. faint linedl, ' It No. 2,do Io di I, a witlh doln. & isl litra fop sof li rll d i lote for hardware nceolats tRecoul r I.nwt cpl, felnt ilhed JlIled Papers. I ieic paller, Roynal, I2 and 114 atones lo Ito n wilb border. i i,,,, fir .oren. (ptnrlitioan) 24 .ay,* dio 8vO fri guitar Colored, liacrb/e and Fancy Papers. Frenchll, royal utlln dery, gllaned, all colors German, ido, tnd cap, fio do do laltrlle pal.rr, riyal;l,litillit, dea and tsp do Ititttuot '.twoidandprints Ftnmetlt rlpers, all es a orl Colorled anti emnlossed papeas iolll, silver, copper nod eall paper Plain ald tilletevttile paper - "Sundry/ Papers. Prinling paper, iall siiee tlid tI littitirn \VlaMb'ing, h ,Ila, trdwa re a entlll clttn tpling ido CltrideP eapope. aaite • do brown Post-office or vellow ettvelolpe. royal nod cap Copying pa'r, En~gllish ddo ith iiiet liote ritea ie Bilotl' paper, Engli-h, a hil tdi Antericas red Blue letlif ll anllld rnvllIl Oil pnper fir eoipyin ,ironeea Ilice uad Indi a Ii;tip er Baslnk noteapiePr 'l'reinig lpaper, large andl doultbls elephanlt Glo.n and nsand I:por EnvelIpes ftr letters, while, linld, embossed & perf. Log pultr. LI. --Si- hales pirinit Noew 1ltrh Hay, Indtiiq Sfront ship Vicksbourg.uttl fr stale Ibv , o31 A COH.EN, No.9tCon.imoa an 'LAYING CAllrIS--.A lot olf Eagle, Ilenryalh P IDeeltur, Merry Andrew sad igthlander Phlyaag Coards, of tlrtl.'t',,'(Ctricre's and iutI's lanufatlarn, ill Ie.suld very low tl ellcse eonainlensat, if appllsl tro, d., ..... A 'T'OWA R, 49 Calmp I_ SHIIIITS, &e!-A large and general atas trnwl " Sh1ir t, C:ollurr, Slacks Jr Ha.dkerehiefe, 'fvilasu kinds, jist received and for sale by G(liealIP & C. N'eval, Military & Fiorlinoale Haltters., udder 031 iaxeIlneIe !lotel. 'tI Chales at M A.Nl.IA t( I: R I) A ll iAtStt& FRi--A us -S. eS1 PEI'I'tI I.AItl.AW, t',5 Cnitatt 0

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