Newspaper of True American, November 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 20, 1839 Page 3
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LEGAL -NOTICES. 'I'ATEI OF L.OUldlANA.-F-'irst Judicial Ditlic Coart-Chorle . Iet rlauoge, ilto aclul eu.lcldy, w his Crlliiors.--No. 18, I- is ordered j hartile e t ei toes of Cbhurles Parlange,thle peciciiner, hle noiied tc be and appear in op)eucourtn 'luelsday the lhe of .10 venmber, at 10 o'clch, A M, to lshew cllSe, ii' ll tY ic', hove,uwhy uaid petitiioer lMuhbl h ot have tilecLelit o ; the laws timade Ir the rliel ol iasol vent dLebtLrs i ac. lual custody. Witness, th Hle .l uai AM Bulohanll, .ledge ef anic L.S. Court, n lii' 17.1, Uctcber, 183J. o24--4twlBu JNi.I,. Ll .WIJ . Clerk Charles Poirlange maoinlotenant delenu euntlie see CreBancier,. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE--Co!r du Pre,,. j lr District Judiciairo-Il cst ordonae quo lec erdancirs tou pdtitioonaire Charles Parlango, aont sotifi6s do ceompatraitro par devant li Cuur, Mardi le 19 Novembre prochain, I 10 heures du maoti, pour d6dlliro les raison, 'ils on ont, pour lesquellel lI dit pltittonnairn nejouirait pats du bhldldice6 del loia paada pour le soulagenoect des ddbjteurs io. nolvable on arrestation. - - Tdmoin lhonurahle A. M. Buchaonan, juge do I dite Cour, co 17 Otolbre 1839, Sign6, JNO. L LEWIS, 24 oct-3t in 30 1 GrOflier. --'N W PIANOS FitOM PAlliS. T' E sul a ribria have jost received ershLip Chirles Sfriom Ilavre alUd oilFr o i r sille a b.uitihl assort antit of iannol tes conilthi gi ii;-l'iaoiio I, I'icolhs of ltouaewcod, Cnracns and rlll hnalogany cod. Horirotal Pianoso of tIo dlhelsar rosewood aed ilaho ansy. Sonei uprighllt Pianofol tie do Io. 13'"'lIete inotrue;ento are all ciiaiuuaeouoered Icv ite *ulobrated makerr T' PLEVEL &. tCo. of I'arieeil cce, Osio6. (61tolavee, ore ofL Ialtlnt nuperl'ir ellish and i, nleeredl ex.rely for ito by Mee'ra Pleyell.& Kullbrecmir, which fact can uvenotlhing to desire in regard to timh beautyoftheir tone. 'I'lT allateurs aid1 professors of music are rellect a ully ilvited to call andil examnine the semi ulsight I lanous which are entirely a nev article. E JOHINS & Ci,, Se. Chorlee It, J4 oppoole tile Verandolah & Exclange hotel TOL- . MIll--Orders received lee corn ciilli, ic npl 17 SHALL & IIOWIN, 96 hiaGle .ie HIALO'I' ,1(nl4--i hls., l-d1 g fe shem.od mhuo al. Iudollph. Forsalehby A l III , ay 8 h :p4 (ior vioccr N t Deer fav 5 halfre ohnio iionsotuei hionnd aldr .t ahd B "eef, for tale by ( LDORSI"I' , , jut~e27 41 N'w Ilic'e D OMETl'tCS-2-2hiea G0ra e all ou ho-1 tIrv AsCelilogs and 5 hals10 Jhckai di 4-4 hier,·o aheeings, hlidiig froi stip Chriarcl Ccii, Pir rl lrv ull " I ItIRII}GI & i,";o BANK NOTE ENHILAVINA r SAWyDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON r1 AVE nopellled oan tifo in Nonv elOriaton. leloci ilg i equalt advaetogs am ithl tieir liiease in Nw To I., far the ptrpose o tetgrovifig oul piliieg hecnk Noe.ed, I)ld. ull of Excohange, CcrTilicses of Irpihite snherk and other a impor tlt ipalree reqm ring osecurity eminbt orgeries; aod hive otade ampie pviscinion Ir la a lae epiIg ofull plots oid iipres n eLrt ad to their care; tlteir apecin ills elulhrocicuhe aotee of .oar ftive luhndred haekiie iaultiutioni, nod ii llrdcr. will la eneuted with proniitin aiiii i rl oni te usucie eACre N-hiO Ctnh s -ilnuono lde. tSidon, va d IS iii.. Off ill neorl Trot'Roal anlst. ii .oe , itsi it Sora for Sord iy t Jllyt idr . TIIA .r.IE, & Co. 7 Itov t.rir St. EXCFIANGE ON PHIlADELPIIIA-fIr sirale byJ . AIDAIIS & WtOltI'T'AI.t., Jfl li7 (;rlvirrct tImIlE Oenuoiie Ledltait lsonoro Ii.crw.a i aiic l+L.ut. I ooundois pito p iah bilaies lohe los lipieo nf 5I ot sear hos, Contehilig tle otreoglh ofi tetin'alllry Livaerwort, hesi.letLtue irieIi mv oin iel)tie rotaie Isrbs kaown aong tle ldiii as CiJCiL ioe ill Ctril pulmont ry eorntleaiints.otl The uoc'tiollrd suecen whilch c oRaltended thoe 'tee cl Altis ietettittele Illecalsam wirerever it Ihs blces ih,'i - ouocl. tloo otltoineil tto confiie d rcccii}lllelld tions ofioslpectaltle dllyeicihtc, for lie' ciiare of clcci, ,eolils, I aluit tlue, side, woaat of" rest, sIepiticg o bloccd, lirer eonmpleitit, &ei. To when it eat eoteernt. 'Tihis is to eerlily llt e have i eonr itraetice frqiieqaitly presceicedl lei (orcicc Ser's Indiaaillt ...i.I.. fI.ivetwcrc ...i Iloerlec...l, wiil, a dilcidedgood erid ct: we c'lle]'ic Preiic ' roiic the kicitwi teile ofthe iaterials it is mwtio fecccicclcd cbiecvctcicn all {. x perieuee., reeolmnlen ! it as a sll mriu·I'.' ,re a" "l Inr Iho eaeoeaoeeof the lcitti iCr f" ic" ii ii ite "'-nocie'e.L AIlil.Il' lVfIII0l31S, NI l. '" CAIlVIN E .l.IS li. . Memneit ofk', Iinsot MedictlA d, ctoicio. ilotten, (),:iober '25. nel.bhy iARVIh.; & ANI)RWVS fril1 '+, *l'art ii l'chk ( )-.IJ.2f t Ff1 l' 'J'lf' '011. V 31 .llldeiiciolor i rejitiittiti ottilcacte~loll ~ai l .sdrrative el" tlit, ttctil, s ii dicc((c h i slc ibe r offer it ii tlm Alcictocoxt Iitlclit. At'eollgellitiic tot' Itell Illlc Iciic t oh iICIc i'v al tlhitecllle plllcmillll Cifie acl iroicllec ill the Corited eltee. oo Ito aO clile It ithci the rloclil c(l tictee rllclcriiic. cltlodiki-yIc iit iiiiup this clct lmortccioiigicf aliilic IlIcci 'ls'iotk.l' dicittie, it l:.:IIuccccoietilied cIi cc.ii'i ccclui atii l ,ilalltlllt rl]i,,+' ht ab11( ++rl'm,. clF. ([h'<+av I1 dlli:(:tlV+ l· 1( HI t, I'·l 't'ltr~ atIlll{l ll.+ RII·I· F T il:llltlt) I;ie( tllltl\ Iol~ll~le l+6 .-t 'llnl. r-lllh IIl~clPcs '.[+. all) il~it'tiul lll .| tib' IIId.1,,[1. OIt L ) *tIH . illdil:.l'llt hLI.t tii)lt. ot th .lnd.ltllllrY effi( lh'llr I(lI C)Cihe ll.r P.",.IY·,L dgl't'.tvfll r vllalletl q Ii telBcr.Iu ttl tin I111lr iiI~ldll, rt2mt, rlhtin ,.nlu lru larrly nuex .ect*,dlv, ucdll ITLllna b¢ r;,arh, by1 rlie c:i iliuzed worll( as tire 1,1+.t valuarble dis-uro.'ecy ''ica : $I l~er botlel. ,'ccl ccy J,\JlcIioVcc ANI)II IWcc. i mr iidyo r (toeettcc a allt l "i'iiiclo ihtlllltc i t ULEDL rull. A'Rt AIl-Ji,. eed it few _Le as o Aelldl'l d ll hie woal rul Illar I'ajio tenlen ve ry low pa iced, 6w .-le by? DAVLD IF C'L' & Co. N Y r+' Ball, jaer. l5llrtreis NEW III(II;HTuS 11()"1 EL, 'ASS C(rSilsSIan. .\II. .1 111S well knonII s eering llg I.; nloop fte tee he season, undrer thle inllll)ttlnel uUPeTiallnllll·1 II tit .Ai. Jolln a lM)ionn.. Tlthe ealllieil Ah l ha. ieon wary cvieiderablly impiaoerd by, adi litieeal I,(llles-e Dilang rusm, ball rlelll, hilliarl ra ltle, nia. I'm allys, etubles, nod bathinig I e lre.. Great -rxerliinls hve herels made to reader tIhe 'lae. colllforlIble 1.nd, a. elceslle resLort. Thee J t, filly fie , oa,,li tar tuimilhes, ad eua venient out lhlusoesr rragedl fr Einlglille lgillen rni. sail, and fishing haat are providedl, uud at1I elegant huedl of tousie fur eitjllinletles, & excursions on ho. cul Thatn part of it which lies illlflldiutelyJ iii frontn nfther Ihotal is land locked by seve,,tl Ie'.utifal islands, all within a liew hlaresaiamo. r;le whichore Let I lalaI, Ship IlnIonIln~n i 'adlus A Letter Ileg ii. at Ite I'er o1f th Ilexcl tel,N.l3. which isill relevoe illily ..rmaiie. ul)IONNIL:.L& \V.\A1I"RILIAN, junellEv-uit oe 13 EFRIIEIAIO'OIA2 IV'ATL't JARtS-ti IL reliipertleuri, peanltd Ii, 'Ii 14 guII 711gaAlii ai.,u aeel Ca li N3OS& J1' t II ella su - y [F t 1IOl :\ : I: k.V . Cf -V ylli 1' LE.I 11-A i, 1-10 I n VII neiiI; -- - IV41 kze , 1001 ' * Eng~lish 4o-25 1-4 lille-. u111l ' 110 f1aint Ilrshec, sari us sizes, 21 bIcteCe1,aIllII; 4 " CeevI. 0211 pace. Gold LIeuf; 511 In i lv dc; VltNl1V C(lASS, Aieeriian, .1 gliaIh ad Free.. It I 111 tlb.oxe, vSalrou si1s aid qualitila. IloI,,,.e tra,,a do.-1111 boxes, iisigill.iievl, will he oldt lee. Also, it genertal ssorltament oft atilts' aleloas anIdII sale, for ule bytA 4CAl KS, N eo ,t nblltret. N II. Alabama notm s takle ell 1at I iiil Sla iediai1ii nlotesal rIec seeved Al I liet per, die ichLt nt uII r fegIe, rl ia. e a I efdelile jr. l l [APeII--\lllliting andiInterl. leper, liii sale biy p all SllALl. & ltIOlk N, Ii Ilig e It I) it111 II 1(K. NOVE.L in tls. yli rHiar iet arillnrai 1eg Algic ReseaIrcll ,lllllllc,-uri, insi drile cAieerlaa Ildianrs Illest retie;leedian 'lll es; eII el Lgedsba Ileery !I nve Schnglcraft, nlltIhu; of )'ravels t1 11! H~rl les of theOlieeiseicpi, &ei lee Alsa, a ..ew alpdly cf Stevene' Teelees i. Egryp Arabia Patis, flee. teleIS'J. tlhe W'allnderee; Elviie, ly Olisa II emeg Erneset Mallralere,; Alice Ladty itlLyias ; Itlineli. ; Crieiti Misr Shieraoud's Wl'ork, Ike &e,. ja-i receivre unil or sale Iby ALEX. 'IlilAI., .ju.. .7 __ 44 Cei,npe LAl'rIe11 LIl'EIIARY SCHOOLCIAFT'S lud~aii TIoles a I Leelllad" So Mism Osartiniau's eeaelrebuk, a nma nei'l, in2 vet .lame' cel,.151elol olllei The Cropela, 'Y the O'all,' Famiily Marrvatr, the 1Pnt1 Shlipl Ilaak Ili;llie, Detlletlsa Iats Oaniege - Dr.Llied;t1 lati lIay" olumel New nuu;lply uf Jitlis; Thle I I llgleell . Ilngralhama CaplalillnKid- ,ulwar'a tlieItilii E JOIHN & Cu7. eoreer Stll lhla&eas i & ,ninie jý XCuAN(.E ON l4OJS'Lt7.-Ier 'ate by JJ mur23 L 1Slll)DGE, 131 Magazine s(t T ENTUCKY, Illi oci, edit Ilediea Baak Notes, K ~ ile ets lby A P1RI 171, cony 7 74 (iruvter st JRWIIIEIY, ArTT 11IuLEAAI.E. 9M. II(ELL, Na 16, Chan,,leee sl, htr tltis tny rel W eeeedlatellaallirt at of Wilatches, Jewelry, donaas, Speiiaelea seid tilma Ware, theya will hleier. edarNIm lowest llliarket price. iiItI - 1LII:LL'M NEW WORK,&c.-Thl e Amelerica A El daa,1, by tilta autlaraf"A Year ia Slain," ie Nohle Deeda of Wom,,en, in 2 .ole.! The Ylulg- Wife'a Book, a ,aaaael o 'meal cl' n iac ull dmeneatic duties. Just reeaived undi faorBate by WMVI. M' f'KEAN. O 011' liedieal B3,'iks--lea os Ptilhiaia; do. 1.4 tlulettliuea lee supply, reeId be f14 A 'TIOWAR 49 , T oNSILUEIS-:lti caekr Ci,.eciaat.i ,sou laedia ; f ism.r'msle tee.ltsaa Eeaa. nod lter late, BOGERrT & IIAW BOOKS & MUSIC. IC,ýNiLISSH ANNUAI,S. TI:I llO0K 01F IIEAiY'I', editedllv Ithe Coonl Slesse of lllessington, witlh eautifully ftlnlshd th ' I'et Ktepske ifr 110, edired by lie Lady E. Stuari \lloroley, itltl, ivelve eIlo,.lotoii g. lea toll '. Picturesl A llal o)lltliltning hisltoy illd dearlptllt l iof %Vinlaott r tc-tI:.a *d tie elnvirons, te dited by Iloicth Iitbhiet IElq.--5- illustratione. Alon iu llther snpllyt of thltllt splendid work the linkltra c (ill.l ry c Iother new unud viluablei Eng Jolt roceived lllld fi-sle iVV n13 Att:x. POWAR. 49 tomst Ito ,_otls .Sait , io . the Laos of setolff. with an * l'hill lli- (o ke. i i, Keill' (llt t ntiltt lieo, by Ealtlnln Johllnllo oVlittli I( v-Ihi vtm id tevt,diicitos of letltotoiinl , Evas' llll'lde, En iries and Writ.d ts ecli Coke's tIitleinll bouk j ( I rllott, abridged by John A Ingereslll's ilManutl of Maitinie L ws, consiising io treatises lon Ships, fieightl mid inlalt co; tl inisa ted from the lt it tool icout, .itlhvI1o. Olivers' rihtl s of ti AoIII vn citizen, with ca colmm +en tlry on state rights and on the Cionltitutiou anld poi'vy of the U. S. Ser canto E JOIINS t& C(, N Ot Statiolner' Hall, noil Coler St t hll rles and i mo l tlll s IItENINll IIO()KS'-Just received tper .li,, Indlut.a, 3ld v Al 1 t.tulder Duall s 5,11 i Ib 11'z 51h,ib ilh and 7h Sulvenir d'ill Enfant du Peuple 'Pelallo who hIave holglt frot t illlt the tst viil lIes cflte.P works, llrle titoPo ltet d to (i, t f rtiebill ir hle. E JOlt.NS &C,, N it) tatiollers' lhll, '1 It.A VYE .---A lew opipply f llle ifollowing SfI t laltrd FI+i lnh Iinllks, jti+t received R _oi ion,5 ('odles llnlll:b , I1 ol Ilurto nloaC s r lie thois frti nct is,i 11 vola 'I'lm(, lllig, V nllte I Vtl tullier, I iot Civtil fra i unit, 1O vole Paic ivi, I oit (tt ivil, Ii "oto Itogron, iCodeo dle Contl i (. , I Vol Nouveau Ilri ulll l e dti Notlarnit, I vol E JOHNS & Co, NiStattonaro hall, n rer St (ihaclet ed Cvovvlon eit LATEST I.UHLICATIOINS. rItIi I E Da i el of D rie'oI volic , by the aluthor of the Nicoly Nickiv., N. -il l olr c n our Ia ir y , tl t Nie & ,,' Mo tr, by thoe thollr , Ile t117 1 t it o ul toLrk Ctt to1 oo cit Colricto cepstbke or c11400, by Rev. Johtn A Clark; IAdvllelllt o l t-ill ttgior 1 i 41 rh by plic C II cWctbmot; Tite eltr fo. r 181, ai Cerio tls onlled N u Yins' pre Thle Ciltdy, No. I0 llt-A lo ,llo r sale by E NS & , l ltioer'sl Iall 117 ot At tbtoloc ti Cotoooolo A NNIIAIS tttiti- ty . h i l iWi r.. e 1`111too rootte of Attl eit'i n btt J 1Loteco e teI splendid Christian Kep ikvolle ifor i l rt cy or li. Joiltn A lark al en. dd to holll r ol, ill oot lo w bt c It t lietd oill, o ltrino for t1 ), by+ o i C II Vo termynt. , JOlNA & (o, 'The (Ic or 1llr a Chritnmcs and YNew Years' pre anvKing H; e d; li rotoietol i to c, Ntillr", t ot t Ii sttttlltt to lllitt ,l o reO o ; li , rr y Thu ettr, ortit ittilll Otto ts eit to o i t4yi The ItItttlt-I l The Vil t dltiol , tllll L i t ortry lloVenlir llt r tr, ftr sltylatt by ot0 r t o t oot Erlitt1t JINS & Co, o iitioner's t Iall i 11 cI llRl C I 1 J rletisI lll ll 1and T 1 1too - I AtIlt'Ih'S ILEIvOt't'S COttN, It I y J it r 1 n i l hirvaii son f I t . h e . ot trleanc ti ar. The \Vo~k, oe e, lt it U NN i o-snhstrbvrs nd iotle n f,etlie Io.llr fgllo i ttg i lt l J l ic Ioo a lle o othislll a, Lot thn first vti holl~lle is+ n iow r y for disorlbution andd I atl. Thbe, ihllll I o wi)ll(, i ll t o lvthi , woo l be cttt Ipliated onI, r tb lltIoe t tli ] ll', J Cl IItoto r lloIy . . ,19 corner St i htrle and Common si. i Ki ng Ih) r eu r21 in |liotoriil It nii , b s. . . . . ' \V I, 9 .til lt o d.1 '1'1)W .0 It, Jd9 Captii Pit \xNSION IIHOUSE HOTEL, ertait . I aN. ti i al tI r It, /iý1 il~l I; th'r: ii ,( IInlr popietrr, of II .r trie well U Nt. Ile.iai ttll ae.h0l0 (,ls .m d l e .ial lo , dolaI I a, i a. d raft tI e br l t - rll,. N o I tair ar t ui, ,r o 1 tli lC. o thIle lir, t11t II-ir l'l-,irga te-ti ti le I nott 1 t, N atio llll t I l e r (dv ic tlll o ti clle I t te rir;a eata al. ,t flolo r at q ; yhe il r a Inorlw th il'ilerc t eat renione . 'rn' ddI v at iat c pl. .t.d a Ice h tres. or qr.te lelrs or I tt ch, h lr ,c ara l virca age rra. , ta l .o .tel muwn tlha: it i, .1 st-ly ivUNY & FILTON. a:,lll II,,V Ill t ,r'r tN II efI IlIoII-l MANSION IIOiiSE HOTEL, i la lrbann'. IS iEllsralserils neVau proprietarils dea lbi I ii. ,lnl.ido ,,stuhlleimie,.to nom. r lo MAN aION iIt)UE, s tuardo ous I callu dt la Obrapia, Nat. 119 ; itllllo lo hllnor e ar t aa Ii I iN liON Ia tISE, 'al 'layores eltalOrzs y a'i ncirmer sr.ul l dedl tcruats h cotllla;tetlir las persollur Ia tlee lagre aler - call cnl ,ou e patrlai iat, Las vtletjat. qttet tl c a di. illa ctsger Itdt los viae d:rs, tit e p r an lalldad, 1 saet-Iy CUNY & FIULTON. MANSION O(EUSE l F INTEL, Eu 1 I Plavanne. _i- ES sussign6.,, nuuvlc~tx plropri6tairos te 1'6 tall istreneliet ea i ti t d ot rir eli e a n Otrapi, No. 119, o LnXu Tous l R nuln do MANSION IILo USe , riant a'hl le d'tinllt rni r le 'p blie , Io'lls l lntL i tes inlrs e tat'rts oetilr ta rceall agreabls arilln dI personl lri vaudrent riell aos favortsU t de leuroa~airtneo les clllnmolailts qu''ohfe :etle Wllilt. oan aix vioyaglurs onllt rsZ ollllt lia [oalr lie pontjlbger nd elssairt d'enl I atire ie It deta il.l 21 sp--iy CUNY & Fl'UL'ON. O hLiFCE (iF TY :INIE) ' I' IItATFiItS' : CO. ok" ..EW tniI.EAY"l. I j L U t' I 'lokholr- of tlis ('titar Ii tart hr ."ibr nn lifted 1nt e ll hl 10th11 iIt'll iPatu lleot oil Ib l .tiuck isI ltll al' t ipoable ' ll Itr s' II' I 'ta i llt ber lert, Lrleo tr atll ': at lr tile II tlil ata itn Se 'i 15n Ir. 'I'I eAIY' - •j .I.+\ tlt.1. j.llaI';:--\ Ia owI1 1 a I ' ,IC 'ertlll e I O7 I;t ('I IIRI) SIt I .1,. I CI . tP'P. It' at re11 a r A1 \ I IIIt h lar'-i - % t ' a sl h lttl otherr r haor rr' t r rictv atf ctd r1 lu f i" rfo tie a feh 1 ir r rirel ,s rritr Ilat ' ,i, a ullN t ae fiar t r 'E7, r a.r, a I- t hle a trl't. eat17 II lNtN- I aIIll., t'.nII eail t' rte an IraIN IaItI IeAI'fIti AND PRIraN'I'I rtSr' IN K e Ja lt rerrti vl'll ia tIt artl ity of lltll llll di r iore le rl:eatilllll a lrtlllir L 'tfhof ret Itti it Sllrr llhtLe o Irk J ohn on tall ld StElerrrfj'ar' ta r Inr k oraora, baraeA t ra al AI.EX'a V11'.\R, 'fe Crr mp t JCAN +IARIlN FARINA'S COI.LOGNE WATE,: j Kateitts N· o- this fnptrieor Colloglll .Rater, just rnceived alt I'r lao l, the dtozei oar iLelt 'l ttle.-A AlIo Anlerican r.d I:Nneh ll IIwdes, .oIWIIA r SIiit rcil lllbl nlxs, slavillfg ld tol e lno IVsM, uos t le aNl l buolls, lllilk o1 II'e, ofIn atl cold rt.iOln extrIC O usk, kr l . ul,; \\-ird's vergetlart harir r il, mite atuma reerllle oa F.Slo Iidahtr, lverll ll.rlOe and biai tr iltStrd lgaest pi's t all, .Ilnrseilles r r rfintIa ry in IrllIta . vlle i Ile I; li ie, rl agr16e Chharlne nti Orris taoth a1hIIe St a dtll iilln tl sllu Ily of itshional unnl e and shept co rs nu t jwel rlirtl aa low art wl olrts afer 'tilcrtat by SIMM1ONS, HlARTTl' &CO, jc!y r i 7r 0 tahNr artrderet.r 1tI.Ue far )Itll l.t .- -1' i l e t -h ilto uiditet bl - S } hills, htlting from sthlip ('fITrlesta'na. for ' lie by Hiatas,ltlr rale J)ilN I GI C(rIIAMr ,n I, tPINtNO eK'S RIrOM I, ac. te PINNOI('K'S IMPRll{OVEDl EI)ITION OF tiold'' .mlitllr's tli'lrd. art oft tile istolr of to wllich is preilxedanl Intronuliocioll tlrlit Stludy Rarnmn listtorv, and a gl'nt variety Vf 'illailaala e lafor Iliitaelr alhdd thrrOlta houl' t afr WO-rk, on thie .trllllere lnstitutions and Antiiluilias of the Ronm):s; with nos Illlcrtls It iraaltlhiroa l a nt histnrical Nlces Italld qa lr [tioll-i forr exlllin tItiatrll aIt th r enlld c" each seclrt all. usrnated with F hirl enArfrarits orn wodt, a Aeralcrto ctktaoctt's Il aroverd Edition of Dr Ghlsmit'lts. Nr) of En~larrllad, ifr lll thle Ilvltrs ior of Jillis Ca.rt aalr to tir death of tielrge 3211, with n emltimllliti ull to the yea I t. \ ilh e llr lst ioll far Ir xilllllllaitioAll at tIe end eac Ase'tinlli. Beside. a It varty of valrlablle llforlla lion added t arllll hlltll a the ri. a laColAsistiltg of table of conteullicra).is\ .or'ereignii. aod ellinent il: .l-.nti Copioals explianator noltaes. r Irrlanlacks the afl tica, anlletll and liteclatrr of Ille at. An al tlin f the pontitutin, carate.&c. allastrited cby iality rof l.eithl's New 'lTreltise n thie lare of Globs. iNo Anlrriaern edition, with e additions t ndI itIac rovealatlr mrld atplllntir of tIhe raStrnigiCac prctt of thte Alt rienn Allilltiulu JuI t receivdd ti for sale y a ill M'KEAN noti'·. cornier of Calmp and Cnlnlllon st, .... 'I'N. IOI.1.ARJ RE\AItD-. ANAWAc i fi'an 169 Caarolrdelet corner of Heiat a l.trra ls, o ie 'light of 311i Ilf AU lslt, and talu nem,;d C'IIARI.I-8, abotlut ]? years of age-, ortl , fief /laenli inr his speech, one of his lens is sere, ec-aasi net by a receut hurt; li Ihad oll when he went nway a wh in c.olton or linen shI anld whilt e ottolln alntaloons. |laaItrs of vessels and sleilln boats are cautiolned a gainst receiving or harborilg said negro, as wall as at other persons, as hve almost rignur' f the Iha' will Iw enforced agaillnst thet. 'r'h~ above rrwdld will he limit flrdalive:ing him into any of the jails of either of'tha municipalities, or at 169 Carat, delet, corner of ilovi. steee[; lept LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 33v auttJoritn of tj Sttate. of . Louisr ana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PR.ITCHIARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. I- "The First, or Hlof Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to the Public. TI e HALF 311M LION LO I TERY will be drawn in DIrccmber, and finished at one drawing. T'rhlt I'e O N I LION LO rTERY will h, drapi a o, Ia th ,hi plan of Iloaniks and Prizeo--Nunlbtrs in one wh.l, ::Il [,ankls and Prize s in another wheel. 1utli Loltolirs. lalc, th1e Slporcisioo oftwu judges of Coarts, WILL BIE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II -LF MILLION LO 1"1 ERY offers cih cces t 1,291 IPrizes, of vhich 33 are Priz,,s oflReal EsLtate and 335 o Stock, lbes i los mrany Prizes corl' posed of'l'ici.,s in the Grnd'I' Two Million Lottery, aifordiung a participation of chainei also to the ihlder of a TickIt ifor LPrIes i Tl'le GRAND) 1.O I 'IERY of Two Millions of I)ollars--lc,000 PriLcs'!--o I-ie full o amount of $2,000,000, el whicv le 17 arc Priz P s of Real E t:.ate. Only 9 lIanilies to a Prizer!!-Simple No. 1 to 100i,0010. 100,000 Tickets at 0 20-2,10000,10. Schetme and selling price the same. Amonlg the Prizes in these two otti ries are many public and privale hniiling which adornl thie city of New O,lean, and are tit pr de of its in.ab. itants-the Verandah, St. Charles strcct Tlheatre, American Camp stIre 'lheat!, St. Charles Arcade Buildings, withtl Ilitels, Itwelalg IIou%-, ,bl -S Building Lots, and many entire squares of Ground-besides Stocks in Bankls and oh r institutiotns of thi e State of I.mioiaai , am ninoting the whlu to TWO ]IILLIONS FIVE HUND(RED THOUSANI) DOLLARS. All tihe Real Estate and Stocks ot'ered In Prizes are owned by them and in their ossoesio n:- he acts of stle. with clear titles, arn.e vested in Ithier firm, and reccrdad in the office of AdAlphe Mrzureau, Notary Publ.u, and office of convya.:ces, ready to transfir to, the ho.ible~ ofiI Priz Twikets, exempt fro incthr:ce: I'lae proplery is set apart unalterably to that solo and .ly lpurpose, and can, i no event, be conveuyed olt rwae by thUl firm than to tim holderIs of theIo Prizs Tilkels. AMERICAN CAMP STREET TIHEATRE LOTTERY, CA'.TeTaL. 8540,000, IN 1,291 P1atlzis! Will he drawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at on early period, the purchasers of tickets, t' e combination is adopted for this Lot. tIry t ily, of 1 to 75, whlrreby th drawing will be cotnlpeted ill a feiw minutes by tihe drawig of 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at e10 each.--.675,250. 1,291 PRIZES !!! SCHIIEME. CAMP ST. '1-ITHEATRIE AnD GRaoND, \ ill hre prize to the holder ufi li' e lst, id and 3l dtlalo I 1,r... . . . . . ..150,0011 1'lat I u taltit l. filllr stora y Iric k building (tiled ArLasiron 'sa hui :l, lillllllg I ll' the e r IPlriel: Ill 41Ih, 11a IaIal lat I. Talt valtable 3eritioy .brick stolre oni Old Le ree stcet, oatcupied by lMears II & W Ilop kil.s ...... . 3500i lrize to the 7th, 811 anl d 9th. That elrgant dw.irlling hitsea and lot, No 74 liovtll strelt, ai'. llpie' l ey IC (iV oudrich 20511110 Prize to Iht 10th11, 1I l n:l 12t l. That two story double dwelling and doullble It in 2d Ii. oacupied by J 1 all . . 18,000 pri.rze a Itstr, 2 11 anll 4th. Al entire sll'tr! ofIIgrolund inll ftlbotrg Antlut aitinoll.d 1. hctiude.d by Lillatvy, lieniton, Mlellpomen and iTerpsii'h)Ire sts. . . .11,100 Prize to lst, 2d and 5th. lhat one torl stlr' anld lot cornelr Caiip and Julia slreet,uccupied by Mr. Al. L.atlhier fir Ira galos.e . . 12,000 "Prize to I14, Ud and Ftlh. Tlitat ione story . tore and lot corner oi St Mary and Juliast e . . . . . 10,110 P'lze to lit, I ndl 7 111. A 'ernlficutefu ibr 510 tickeos in the two nmillion The foluat holder of this prz Intot realize ,00 tile a ppI iestioily o tainlpal se ssinotlhrough Ihrh- t il , o1 f the principle portlion of Ihi vat ita s t p 1i {le el pa izeo ic ie thtwo illti nI lottr'v, will I c l- . I'riz to l t, It d ar.1 81th. That litrgt' buidin'g e lt ci xtn sive tint isthe city of I.afty *lln, I lubourIllg I.ivolla ais, o rll cWahtl,gton and Ch ippt.wt i its. 1100 by 201 fret tjll l t d11101 I u t I'rl t itr t .al aond 91 th.' a i That onI story d.ihlein, houe and lot, gl 11. Natyla s sit. i xi t to d Ibl, lot tLrner of ltel Iltlo l~lne .7 1111 cI tze lo Ieit, dt ad iih.l,00 A cerlieitlt lti 3 ,3 liek O s i. the tilwo t ilti0 1011.. y, atl $-.'0,.l ,'ocheG,.illt li' hi t I-11,2d as I 1*i th. A dt'tllin hotIus ali l iot t Victory st.3d Si. lIing td brent lot formning corner of I) Lo , lhirll at. 6i,'111111 I'. iz,. to 1slt,3d adn4dt'h. A terlillca le fa 3011 tikets in the two Ililllt a lit 1ry, it $ Illie n Ol,000 I'iZ In I t 1 IIIa I Ia l. A lot l - of lllld n ll ayandes at. 2d M. being the th d inht Io. I l hlponene sit. 5,:'11 ells'r ll ,d i i ý 1 llt, l .; he611. A ter ltllnt ' ol. .7i r "2ll - Ii ilt h the Iwo t illl ioa A h1 rlhlrO? ale for !!.i i .-v.1 il l (.,t nil lion JIJ ll ry, 1 $1I ro ch 1 ,5011 I'"::a t, I-t, I1t iand ;;li. .\ a. c tolry detietit hoosec t lllt , i ,1 f .rl. on IJ' lltglaih o st. l t th e 1n1e h c tll "ltIt a l Victory .t 45,000 t3,511) Ptizart 1a t,:hb lld tt tI A t elhl bly i lta 'ed ibllling lot mltl li li Silus s.I d t 1. 0'd h I,,•llt fo ro l hat?. 1 l or,, c r of St. I'lize l I t, :3d atl i Ith. A priz 'ln istmg oI " a erc tili ate I Ir c II lick at:: I atI h wo miti llion l ,ttery, at $i . ,ettI 3,0100 I'rize i t I t.i , lll 12t h. Otll entire i reof I rtal d all ll o lat f All ll t Ioi , o I, 2i'd 1. .ol 'dted b i ' itairr ' 1," l li. Chtesulti nd I:rrnto st. 2,300 Prize to lat, cI h a ld I i l h. 01 A dsirable tn ibling ol , :d. LM. corner of 110 re: talld le t sis. 1 11 P'rize Io1 Ist ,11t a 1d (i.ll. A desiral li b ildo lot 2 feet on ilt oni' tt st.i d r 1t. 4tt i'r, I ,cd relll sit. 1,811il PIa ize o i ts, td I ii d 7th. A tic'ton idia slquare afgrcutd in dtl 31. hound, ell by I:rraIt and Eangle tats. 100,0( A syeare oti6rmand in .d Al. hounded by M1a. le, I'ni1 ' Ill Cli t. ,10, " 1 )f p ie itt t d is, ll at d 10th. iII Ali el ife bui ling 101, thubmurI Livauldai+, rite " I,nf, Lvel.e , 33 ,:et atn W a lhinlgtonlstrh'et, 'lot from Chiplt ta c s 1r11t 7511 A i) ' i5 .t ot'grnd,lcts of ifivete, : iu 't Oate a hia;t' n str,,ctr , and lth lot trom t ' ila, a li 1 eet, •i h t il 7 0 l, z't a Ih, 1,h all lt.- d ::I ' i lr i'et. eltrln c cetii t Ite' 'lre5 tI.1 i , in tot',, li titlatir . le titrv , Stll tiketre, ittr 50 h 0 1080 i o, 5 ilt tilt-- . 51 1111111 nd - Lt, 5111 d :tl ll, Idh 0 -- L- .th l t I ll, eah11,d i l iFIo I loP t e itor r t Irtt illlta Slll rt , i 3110 2eh, .)u)l th ta 1th- i P. iz' t l tr i, 5 li l an,il t rh-1 st, 51 ilt- i tt S d Intd tt1-1u i lilL. Iltd !flh. Folr prin .'r, ar ll ,i t ltl ll, i ntt11 kt , two $milli 5ol PI'ri, to, lsl,i ta llti n 121h -- -t, 7leoand Prize to Istr , 1'-and 10th-?-sis pi,6 an 111ild I ,,Oii( Five price., each 8i shares of slok ill the t . atlait ruti lroa I conpny, 411 shares, 1 1 nli $10 t ea rll, 4t,0011 Prize islit, 7th and lith-Ilst, th and 1l2th-lt, 8th and 1 lth-Isi, 8th and 9t1 ist, .t il a lld lt ith. lalr irod sltr1 k, 3t ltlc'lS, lIt 111 3,000l Prize to 1st' , 1i an d ll tha--i st, r ll th iand I I th-l sit, 9 h and til-lat,O 91th and 10h-Ist, Eight rize e al rtiate of50 tickets in te 1 !Ih--2d, 3d and 4t11-2d,,3d and 5t1--:hd,:l3I alr, 6th-11i, 3:1 and 7ith-2d, 3d and 8il0 2(1, 3d and 9th. 'Pen Orli'zs, each :3 shares of stock in the balnk tof hiiltui a i s et l l3 't, lt $10t0., 3,00(a Prize to 2, "id and 0 1th--2d 31 and 1tii tll 2d, 31 and 12-i2d,4th ad 5t0h-'.0, hh and tth6111--d, and 71h--t d, 4th and d8th-2I, 401 and 9th-2d, 4;11 and 10th--d, 4ltlh and aelibh.idl5th. 5 Twenty prizes, each a certifi ate for 25 tickts in talr two milio nth aerdv, 51)1J tikets, at $1 0 t 0,000 Prizes to fl thd, 4th nand 10th--A1, th and Fire huadred and forty thous,'nd dollars. $51 ofil9| ýJý.rý ZiTTýPT TWO MILLIONS (A' DO)LLARS. 10,000 PRIZES! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLiONS OF 1)OLLA1TS, DI BAOON ON THE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND PRIIZES,-NU CONIIINATION NL.IILE1LS. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, --- $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMIIIERED, 1 'n 100,000. Tihethne a nod selling prices nro then same. rn amddilioin or reservaetimnPrr madnnet er xpensesl i thnlottery: lthose cntittgei t expe nse will operateo an i, lane deducotian liiio elan valuattoiniit 0n, tlhe ptnpeiety. iIL)Dt IF DRAWING.-Tthe Nimnbers Ito 100,000 will tie planed in one wheel, id the nteme nuiibher tf Bllaks and Prizes ti anther wheel. 'lee eveiv nul tier drtwn friomvo e wheehel, i tivtitl eion tlhe Blank ti Prize wheal will t e drawni, untltl thiethae ire driaw1 TE11114 FIRSt!' DAY'S DIRAWING I T1 E ''1'1114'1'10 IIl LION lTT'rI" a'Y, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. 1T Eacll dn', dr.wilng ullder ll. -lperOriuo of two J,,dges uof C(:-urt ill New UI-eaels, unnd tLe wheeule opeeUd nod seae, by IIeli. 10,000 PRIZES. i., The VERUSII.\II nod grond, v'lued t1 $500,000 '' l's vluable intd sphl :dld ed:ifice: is ti sEto nes Iigh, ,nld pre.rents ta Iollt of' 1.15 fet oi m ilnt (ll1arnes street, a 'd 1 8 li'8el on Coillltll strcel. The principal portil of the front il' the bIst, illent story cillll ies tla rge bar or c P 111111house edifice..+ id <lenigJ,ll 1d n1 u such is now occtuli renders it thl Inmost flshiondble hotel of the o ; 300 perrll. clll it one limlle le col vell ietlyV aC.mnnioii lftem d ith dawt inl .e otn. par-r ,' and bed rooms. The Ie'Fent reAmt o !.s $:10,1111 per annum l, and becon mes. i ell rd by provisions m le e111 ses to $ ,500()(1. The s:res o 1 tI bas,- nt renllder it smll eptbll e Iof mlgl linlell tli to $4,00ll 0 to tile fll an'te holder fIthisl prize. Tor S. T IIE T 1'.CII 11RES T11.llAT:5, AsI GI.I UNI), w hlll the e lle.erv ll, lhinll , wardrbe, unsic, &c. complehte " 501,00III l111,i lllll l ilielient stc1 lllll ots to' f 1:30 +et oi" O h'trho boot, with n dopth & S. t of 170f t....... ('lutrl,+.:o r oAlreln e. The .. . .ci ty and leommdttlll los wit lld orrletspo)d ,ith Ih 1111 nit Illtils e teior. T'h. allld e I'O ll i s l'S' byl 11- 1eet. The C1"our, t rlllrll of boxee n ury mu'iated willh extusive gualle i11is; 7 of 1111 boxes hl ve boudoir ,, r It llnetn oIs111 i illt e ke111 of lilt8llle o i is r 0ll 0ll ;III 1 88l n84 i rrl e ;e ',ighi ng 5111 I. lll lue, with 17 11 g o lioh1181 , olld nl $11,l7511. Il'h1t1 8188'Lv 1II'II la ll liilln ry11 11, i iI It, t5l l1d e whh s blihlcnt cohld , l :eaed I'Ir :3 l I o t y $3 ll,( i8 ll.lll I' , lll8l 1, 8 T 8 15,01110 188 .I ' ll.S, 111181118181 811881, 1u. 8 ...1 A hbe u tlhl 1,110 k of the ('orinthia,;order. 54 .o1't 1111 1r m llli1 ( lr eet, I'll 11 d leln , tr1 nt 1 ,h 1 e. ' l. i , 1 1 i 111n,, & , 4 t I ,li l '. h i T h e . rr t111 ise ,lwtphd by b 8l 8 Fr o m , h181r18 s th si o t. . the r- ,00 0n c lr .ill T ro' o l i lthos e UI : "ll .1 rTl'i",, s.l r t, li.' tl+ di'.id ,l i,,tl, '2 h innd z ro .nt ild n 8 lorl , . 'I ' r: l hole ct or1 $r1 : ll , 111 000t' 4I. .h e el ire sl gll lr lI of gr'lond 211 I n'lllci palmliv, o I iahtlo,, Ibl ildi, * luisllm. I)r JIUhI n1street, 8bo n 'td h11, l t, c ni8Te lleto h s, tll1,1 8lor l y .:t 11 ad' stre'let. s. e s . 7,11011 5. '1'1i r ullrtil. o lltf' r I rolnd oin l lr lle 811'1 t ll77'iItltll l l- l y."'t'O llillI, 111 b1h1l88 15. I'Te I8vo 8tor8 8ol1e nrd i 81t i't N8p ievle, s et,, .d 8mu 1i m l it , 1 Ili 'lRnp 12,000 l8s88, "8nl, 1b y .I e er s . . 8,000 e s d G. The four stofv b lku s ,o , \o. (tre, . h I e Ilvee .l lwH i.-tloll lllld e ilg tl].o iLlu 8. 8 'h, i ilr t1,1v 1. lbrit, k d1 elhd iy 8 1 1te It111l(n.Il' !rI toll 'T''rt, it4 ti 1 l0t0iLI hel litll., llthg h1 88 irt or8 t'r1 ir 88r,8 1 18 . 811,001 II. The , ull,, .I o' t, ' , :.roun d ui !)r de·l s lia str, e, , 4Id mm11118ipic| I1g 111o t . I8.1 73181 11 I8lJ ol'P]h bY I r t , ,, 1 ' hd H r .clle ' t lpoe he II. 'Th i rII. t il 1, Ire 8fr l d on I I1rclh, in, t11 I111 811181 8 7,5.oll lity, of00l, s, bt , d by 31,1 Clinl'll 118 5 it1', , 11 8 . . . e+. &)c., l) 11 1. Th,1 ct1 o r -ll ll nf,rotl aun lhr 11 l·lr', 12 ,t111i :11d , f 8Ili 14t :ol h led by ,1 00 "1n8r 81, 8'1 11-101114 sore-l,&-:. `5,000 I I. 11The one q o 8 r lllll id IIg o on 1 i ll vil Inext "1:1 th nun oi dllali v teer, cc l tng 1; l ,, IullreIl , Iy 87 I1' 101I ,018 1I 33dc . t I'Tr 88pr aw "rp1ich ore s. r e,. . 18,0100 l1be lle81t , i 2 Tll.8 78 l t t8l 811 d Jit naiil it; 1l1, 8,,ll8dF'81i,,i8w s tre ' s . . 7,3300 6bol nle, 'I re ,'€ t 8tos 01lld 'r ,, Iels, . 18 ,1101) 3I. The ctoire squaory b fgro.d aot Bnon N st. , 211 qIl 1 8r, i 110l'y Iur ull og III lot.e Sbounded I, 'rlorlsich. e, Litrerty 18and 81 t Srl i. 'he tO1 storv house ll l nId lot i, N 8.ew Liven sneet, 2tl ,uui :ilality, corn,, of Ruml]i. strel, :li i by 105 leet . 5,1000 41. qIhe ullr e of1oun1r onl ,8bLev, street, 1.4osi. hex ru le orneruf aon set, 00. ,00 4d 8ni810htv,-f 14 'o4 l by y Me. potll 'll, alll I.ifJrt 0t10t,, anll t fie lia or ftlhe attire properly ,1 .10 . I I ( 188 . l h , ,l1lllo e gr s lllo 5. ,00 t el,1 1I1 tl1 1111 0 1 " aI 11 W ho ,8 ,,de hby li ' '1'1"118 8 -i 11 4(1111 h,,ll , d 11 1l8,l1 1 1 1,11!10 2 1 Iu m llel£'i p h f tih tb.i;,- l, ud by s1te, m u.1 i I relo o rnnlr , It s1l e (388 lliI)es 118e - Irelrl, L I II:. ' l 015 los, l,'iu dedl b,' Il\ V to. 2'. 'The, ur .0110' u, uildl ig an , fr\ lld nnll IP.|)| J lia s net.d . e xt to h ltu I cowir h e oi ner "' st I',eet, f :25 fh , 71; fee t . r 9, 011 884181 8 8.8 5,000 :. Theg s+ nine of ,ur d ,nin T Tilia sltemt 44 0I..I 18 11 , Ibt nldd h ly 8(tl 318,l, Jacob alll Il rlO . an~tr s 4 , 10 80 23. hl'eo hit (,(ue 'v buihlin, on JltI + stlreet, nixt to, th lltm r of S, Jl Ity )" ci I a+ m ree, cltaming ' 1 Ibaketv, C Il hlVilg ';5 by'ZPI fe L . 9,000 213. Thesq ,ualre ,,1 lrolln (1llaldi Beto street 21 I.11. f7 lute, boullnldd ly 11'I il alnd Slelplt nit'-lll stre t • . tl ,5,10 27. 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T oti- . . )re 12 1,ieln , E rt + , 'I.1,10. :I1.u ll. I)o o r7rotllld all a pollo' se ulhe. i3 l , 5 1. f e i. bengd h I le lt I .l te Th ruln I hfllut 5., d lot by ' <rou l ob Aello,, sireet, ,, ,1, %! . Ill, A -s it felo forh ' I n 'll i. I cn C G llr f . un Jce "y . ple, Clo, I i l tu l I,-ll ,0 1 40. 0 p uri44e of4r4nd (,Ttuiali a uep dih, cuc ii r Ih a loll, htuuded by Juu cb nd· b' .4 lot 1,000 4,3unli 0t r eel' 4 . 4l,. n llll 7 ',, 2lltl l iL,, ,OO b_ d u by 1n'127 I'rit bng .rtp'he Y d flot bh o 4e. .' 4',. L4,,u l , r0 i0,4.4 ,, ,1 3044r 44 0 dr,,, b rund unee 1,1. A , l( r C uarground , n . rue 2, - Il Ml. ! , enII 11 ,,1 "hie,, r. lnl,," t e taller s l 0l4 lil, ''.f,,, beingb. :32a 4l 2 ,3 1,1. 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A' +q u re ofL oeCl-.m, ' 1,4i4,' III buts bounde .(l by \'\ ~illL', ( '1 , lln| .Alain',hu. l 'l 1^1111 &J7. sq ire1 Ifgluon') e(l ailn| t nlnt I)) lots+ bounded by Cli ,, I'er .nd '1'a , reel ' 8011 8:1 A Irnll l ihll- t l lllar squlu d tifr OtIuhu i| by Ihen lon, t I t, tod Ltd I m!r s.hl eelets 00 911. A trialu -sllulrl', igln e .f-'el.uln d it file cur 91. A Irilnllllgll+ sq l Ire of .rc rind boulunded by 'rl+r hh and Soli' iIt'r.lts .;1111 "2. A tltlln qlllnlg n b (|'lllrei ". l llllll d 0lulllellht b I'y Wlnl e -P adIt'Mil ani ur, ee 'I.s L(,J 9:3, A i', onlar helnquare of grouLnd UUluded by [llllleand !met el't.t .is 8110 94. , sr ne of i bl l,)ro t eiaiug L 0i ll. s 1 o bundvdcl bry Ma )Ipt> \'oRals and llO .,,'et. aud veal uit ,;1)0 the I.'romt tllh ll ]lcl l Jh al lfh, collletq C'hippewl't >'el, beliig .1II0 i1'15 f'eet i) 90. A hsl ol l tll' llin ( 1} .\'a lll.n tn tl'ec bouuded h".e ape e , 'uir b u.hio-+x iw, line and Ve by luC lo and Thluh l.ilalle i -s 4,1)u 10U. A ,h)t ofganrill| foii g the. toliner of Jt6L, s ,ya l. \\'is i.I ,.i avhlg25tfret on1i lble 11111111 . and 1 I.- oh fl[e [ tler3 The D.uY Paiper is n;iatly Irinterl with smlil type on an extra, doubleo med. un sheet, at $12 per annum, ipayable sunt annually in advance. ''The Tr-a. EKL Papelr', contuaining tile reading matter of two dailies, $10, pnyable in advacise, where nocity rea.,rence is given. 'The \W'Iaxl.v "''ltU A.allgiCx, made up from the daily papers, during the week, will be rent 'o sub. scribers who pay $5 per arluill in advance, anld to Ilonll other, ilulea anl acceptable city refereace is given. Subscribers respectfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEi' OR(LAN:.lS, .MI.Y 18:9. T W. COLLENS Iiic'id Nil~i r' Cori'nensmnivr. Aploi ,I ' ty ile t'liral Icuci i at li ew OrIl,'anII (1x1hange Ihotel il'dies.) "At ll) C.' lnnisiioni"i takes atiirtvins onder ,,l he' I v IrIe of the A 'is of ,neresi, ipa.sed 2 thi Febren m'y, I82 it; ii larl. liu17 Ie eJudicirv Aci t of 1 i9 aid allet al, of Cungiisi , i lm' ertj i c miaat e al it SB it 1 mII lael -inerl hl ll nsid rshle e xpr:ence and uses f r al e I captiimn and ce tificute i h1ch h vtit shood th t, severesl scruhny of the ubled La.1%w er IIAZAAtR. (-erner' f St. Charles S" Corann street, x sl' IInA t E ; aIIna'I. i)1lr' N. AlI..\N would reslpcfulhly call tIheIllnt i erre i'll iilo iiiiat ll n l and i triants Il til' iren lpi le ofsor l. (1 (of ien lllnonf lineh n shiris, do rembr e \tallil II-1i IlOl laot. til' lli(on lie linen I'llllt s: linel ciol Illar: silk, *'l(U11t11, 111 Il' illll t0 tc11 r sllli s llni rlwei'l cnllhllrl,: nlllld silk Ilhandkell ie(l:: bl ',.L1 a tInfllll.'V CI0I varI i-tll 'eat variil : sN ocdi ot every de'scrip lior i glll alndll i ll ctton suspenders:ll l silk,. cotllttll ad thread gloves: I tlsll[hlkil gloves: nll brll t llU nd CI S guld tingdia hIe alrII ca.Ies, p rtl oliuv pe 'fu.oer Illl le o, and rilth finlcy good:l. ENil Iitt II A it l iU1'i' 1 Li NAIL-.ii -l I niiir tdu, l 11 howi an d l r satel Iby ,131S \V1 I'AI .,. S11" ,7 " i itlli ( lli i ia . ti ii i.t I II i It e'i I i IIt i' ' iCl1: e . ST I. LOUIS S'it.i Ic' t I .t'1'i \i l IT , i (IPt'l ITI T ll t " tH E\I . C t I A N I '. , r \l1l: lý.bs li,'r'e hos t Ifor honor o iohlr1Ilhi. Iri,. dla . i d llh, p blll b i n e eill al, i t'i ii he will piii , 01 iilh, 1 ,1 ,H i l 1 11r,a ItllR ll hlll 'it, e ll'la s IItI ill bIe Ielrved iullr lu?·, u Il ll h Ii ll o' fl eri , , l l" i.ries v': LI'yll e tiN ii Illl lll IiIi II .d(id IIIV .tai t, fut I)llner. Tic hr, kl-c i will conlsisit 'iai' tha-!i ait lnt lidh ilt to option, a snap. Iall'a bntle of wine and IA g ;lll i tllU elflll" perl ht eill hIiIIi c li' tl' 1 III FI r a iw o time of [h,f I.icunvrl.( I c11, 1 .T u, tit) 110 t d'llh I .., w.hre I v li'e olig.d tol be atil rol ho lls. The venie n craslablishbig hi t I sln 'al ti re.ntlar prices, nd lhere person. will Ie att nldl to i eIl, ivi', lacur f Ihe dIay, at a chllltr ratelll thI cI il la; I nl dIl 'hi t.ll , i Tlhe subc, ih,,br has also 'legaue t salons fur plivate palu ies, and 1 ill executle city deili I.. si l 5--2w AIIC 1 II. A)OUAEIS. Il tliolll theIllrlhl rll illk,hll v Irc iv d hllll hIl, p'r s· I l Chestl ,, Ip l " 1 11 n d ll d .Z ,;lllllli 1iitii 'a llsortlell ..l of i (l ardware, roan, Steel, Nail A thlllllle : ('hain, Coldage, leath"i ldis, c. lNi .ch thel oatiT fuor sllll ui ree mmo'l dlll ertll msllll ' ll: id 'lu.,, nlIdl'11. II; 11,h_ h11 t shpte hule., 11111iii l eln and low , ., m hl·l uill ul' rol llet; Lh, J, ssuiter d, Iof l kildis, IblolS~llo'S Iloi1;lo, ; .Iskre spdil es, aIsollled kills; hllliaton belllls; Itdin ii oi milcl; c1l r0 cla b.; wodl screw<;l Ia lo tk<:A tlll i n do r loci ks; pilllol ks; le hin ihi l 0t :l t slt fell ixes,'L o tin' pullt n ; I'lui' brod aIiI l h llc ivIvI e CI il ll a d iic"n !!1 11 ; 1 1[ ilo~s' axe-; Nn1 1 i, tdhz ou II tI Steel axesl, iald, other IRON, STEEL.&,. 11 Ii l tn 0 i, . ui e and llll l iilll io ; I ilct ore oiileri aiincl ishlll p r o; iIlll irt ill siz siia sheet irr,; A ?()rl+' dllllll b e ,lll'l l illlS I steel, and coast slei hi .11nr ria i dl'; ll It Ilt' ilf l iIa 0r,, ll l Nl{ir 'll iI. e lllulltnke; i'lw .f'el; iennrm n du; t edl (I.) thllh-h blistered. n el; 1uncu hinlli1; 1 10 z in; shlleet nulll pi lend; b uoot,ai ll siz. ,s. 5 I ke" g ,'c e i t 'ils, ,eIteA s e1llil, fo ilni 3 t C in he. l i~ll uos - \vl lT llllid , h Illt lo e iot....- 5 k el, nl- u g C, hhde iailty !5 of,_s tline hn rsesn 1 uk inail, 1.rilii's.i t ANtCHOlR', CASTIINGS, &c. t Ancl hor if iCI lll ize, ; chlu l teell ets se;t [c11 iFrelch Ilte li lll , i g tncllhr nocll fui lic have l.i'n lie; . 4.-t 0 it t,illlleitiev i c olnitld, ' Ittle m lslttl iI ri Ic; l inlow ll l all size.; Nova Scgc lia v griid . elt-; "i.rred Ij t e i d tifrllltu clu ict,- l'l ll arge t ant : lt ,l llel opSld cc , ls kind, llcd iog . tviv lviall Ot,. mlultill vt bd I' nl nisad plIog nih i ll'ld c tl i e I'I .t Vi a lc liacl i i hth hlp u hu ll ld ; i o.i i l i,, ljut l t l i Ii ied fr, u iu II ' it'ci ven'ttlit ' OIl, AND NAVAL SI'i Rfs, .I lsks pure v inter strintel oil, 50 A t dbis d,;li0 tl cid in td, llhy hlmp oil; 10'i tircts htseed oil ;:3 1I s. sa p; o l tar in half tils; npiriis of tirtenl tine; tAright arle ; ti nill ti tisel ttll l ; ne' aic utl uil 5111 kl e n \\elherill's white lea d, it i ei c ' t 4--Ic REPt1BLIC OF TI, XAS. City of lhouston, 17th July t1830, iN pursuance of a requirement of a law pas.ed by I Conglress of this Republie, approved January "21st, 139, making it the duty of the Tnreasary to advertise and cause to e sold tihe lots in the CITY OF CALHOUN, on a day by hi fixed. Noticty in is rby given hat th e lots c in the Ciey of Calhoun will be ofttroed at Puib is Sale, on Mouday, the 18th, daly of Novemler next, ill tw ous tcpwthich ofuli 0 Tell o'clock, A i,. and Four o'clock, P' M, at the Capi tol of this Repiubilic, upon tihe terims set forth in thle l lowing extracts frlo lllthe law above men-I tioned " Se. 4.-Bo it frJheSr onaIted. ThS'i the Iot in said town shall he totlred aid sur l fur no other cur. rency than gold. silver, audited paper, or the pro. mlissory nutes of this government. See. i.--13i it 'thlther enacted, 'hat the -aid 'ots shall be so'd on the following terms, viz: One fourth part to Ie paid down, and the other three. Forth It be in c'la al ist.:imll utsof cx, 1t1 c 'lv and iiglhteel rm ntlis, " Svc. 7 --be it thurhr rmleld, ''ihal if any persnll who 01l,11 purchll.sary i1 these, al'uore:;ml lots, . Iall 'i to 'o pnynlit of 114 seve.ill il Se:.retary of the Treasury. TO T'I'll LADIES. Pit Il 'I'dLS UtI'IR)O ABUO11INAL SUPPOIT'RI'IIt m lls new iustruute:tt for the radical cure of Pro 1 llpsus Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex ternil application, superseding tlo use of thle ob I jectionable pressary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the meanns of a perfect restortion tto health, it never having failed of perlbrmting a cuore, even uder the most aggravated circumlntal ces. It lhs received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjaomin C rltodo ; Sir Jamtes Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifetry to Guy's iHos. pital; Dr Rigoy, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griflith, lecturer to Westmin-ter lHospital: Dr 1 ItRaobothalm, lecturer to L.ondon hosptital ; Robert Ferguson,lecturor to Westminstter hospit, al ; Dr SNwentmarn, lecturer to Mlddlerex tospital. and senior accotlcheur to Queen Charlott's yIving; in.hospitol,; also by Henry Davies, Conqueota Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon lKeates, &,c b Dlr Morreau, proeident of the Acadcmte Roayoal Je Medicine, Puris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orleans; professors Velpeau, Marjolin, Paul Dubois,Sa. son and others-and in New York by professorJ W F'rancis, G S Icdlford, M1 L proites. ror of midwifery in the ut.ieroity of the ify ,of New York, profs. Delofiell. tand Francis, U John. ston, president County Mad Society, Laurcns Ilull piocsidoent mud society State of N York, plofs Jas McNaughttott of Albany, pt6b. March, Cyrus Per. kils, Doane-Drs 'rhos lioyd, Gilbert Smith, llosack, Stearms, Ludlow, kotoatan. Vachr, Power, Grayson, Vail Renssalaer, tanld lmatny other distiln. gutihed physicians intho U States. A G Hull, Officeo 4 Vessey st, Astor House N York. '' A conotant supply of the above inltroumoltr, with Dr lull'a improved Trusses foir Iitrrnm, utl1 be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleato., A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stulo & Marho. Wooold ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphiso; W P iVt:l,.n sool, Somerville; Hall astll Washingto,. N.ahlvilec: McNairoy and Hamilton d,; R L Ilhs,, Floortoce J C Spotswood, Athens. MEDICAl, CARD. AND 151PORTANT TO "'Tlt AYJ.+LLTED WiP.I, DIM EAESE. TIrT~s rrvElb.... ,l51lll A REATlISE n VeI ntrll|dlec, dlo.-r' a, l lll.t ad 11trictur1, illNluGhlg Ilraclh:pl oty.pprpi oPIP P lllS AV,.lses,,, ,lrl, rr,,m .trl y ..l Il.t th:ll u yslsdIIY Cal It lir a ntrcl~llebl~lg 1..o· l Ils Itlly l Iy+ vrctllar I*d. tLr 1 Iterael D£.+,,t, {swir LIIlalllt ll ,.la+ el+ aIhl.llrlII rtltulltlosllntlll Cnll6m+ Ull:,.r,+f .dil .w~lh hinn I hei rlu lIIC .I*,lelder- ' lld Iloll, duhllllb bllAl lida II dliu-llt' ,y b LIIIIIIlIl , AL lllt lllyJl.. t Il IIi a rllhbl hlmnh. tlll lrl.tIllh aylr Iill~liOuly d;thll.l PUI · ;i l+Cl i,,d IU lllir ld ltI l u rlfll.J I'I:IR''+ Pu IIrI.' IIN UI'EI)rtlC FI.W; IJ $,CHO I l +8l llllay llt" Ildl alh"l.ll ta.. pbinII j I11 r if lIIg st rhtIlellbla fI tlleS l,, llr lllll l beo vI£ ,I ll Itl Ily tlfl(ilt b ahmt b lb al.gals.' l lJtIld, lly llll I, r ll,'. 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(it' irrcr) , readers it illprrstir l. n Thane pilr rin a portionllv, tlll~ll of ,it medicin rtiesti b Ie n 344d 4 loud, 443 s 44d 4444u 4 e. .. 44,wite by4,14444 nayper.444., ut~g. luny v'r rurigb 44 4.' . 4444 -,9y1;41 thei . 4I4·1i1y,4.4.d net14444'4'444' co4d4.4. 1444 .,'.4. ,,4'4 -1'.hei Gol, 44441 revent1 h. ne dm"e"'le":inh th n Binn. it u, ion. h's Olen. 1'f1 MOT IPORANT IýUM N DISC 444444144444444444', 4444.444 elpcrlt'ie c 44444. inrtis rl lrmrrnal .n sllld of urd luutself of a er ·rsr o 1444441I Con,44.4n,'44144 of 44 144'4 444n y 414.' durst 1444.4414nd ,,,44n yvur. Ihavm lueI ail, ve $HW p~!loot., eagrll tit- hoe Id w 4 il.444'4 : 4444,'4 . 41 , t444 ',1,1, os Ies 144 411 ten,; rnllmr than gam. to en'rrplrlln Isrt egbuis u duleu da" Eaiclo p noel uxhpnxthul t d -ern in 'bon blood to the bead ne I ego, groundless Ida.., failure of mron ry, incapacity for bon. ,.,nlrmol y r irrrrluldop miuni , rwretched, . ,iedr o ehrio, nr llion e melancholy , tholfalhe ( of self d Itrueniausl (44}'4e4.'14''4,44444,.i'4l44' 44444444444 dicovry 44444 II cover nlue, oils weeks. il nniltiu Emd· ~ Apply o No 6Cu~ta I,.114.4.144413...s 4444 1 A4 ' t1I.4444'444'14444< I w,,' 44 4141 wr4441 tow 1 S td, still experience has Leaved the fact. kallthuel who are attent 4441e 444444 14png4e .444444 441d1ho44l4 144p11p4141d44,4 preere health, prevent dise ase, and selnirlyUly dlsn · d bei[· cheerful and healthy oldcl ag e; g rifle, ulhev do aer opethetl pi lmsee mtaptednhe g prwparrt},wrtn hsg~pbutecof quinine. and aperient drugs of he *hnuld ' n Lcdit . 'I'll ., kayo I. cres, prayed superior to every other medicine it, the cure ofl wanton and liver comp. laint., toes of apptite, or iseataw dl. 4.4<,4"1n an , excellent r4444144<' Ory satt 441.e good14<444 I4<'414,ldI', 1.4e be with 44t4414 m 1414h4y4 p Uv thc bloo, rnsdr obntrucieil T end gve theskin Inlkt fi ll , 4. 4'" 44444441d4lo om4444a444.0444144.444441444.44 4!'hri hai.41444 wh.414444444,4 444. ff44414'. giddnes di4,..)4 444'4<4444,44'44444 444..4444' 344',4,, or h 4'I4'4oigie44p1..'44of bl4od t th ladsoldtk ,e ro qu rntly I E la ap pelq n 7" y mercury or any ingredienttht requiraeoalMeo a remedy is eaes of .udde illes i'orlby theirrrampt adaw 1.trut, cn lurht mpr us '.ends, paima, fever and ther Sold at No. 9H C4444I444oe stn New Orleans. T \l M OS N IMRPORTANT1, U DISTA IN P ff CO T or mo CLlErYmAN I ,nI' C4n4l4144Cl414' d441444414441d 4n favorabl 4'4er .4.4.4444., l41 *uft, 144144444444! 1411U.4.444,4'44444,4,4 444~%0 '4141441444141. 41414.~ 4.444y,4<a4.' 4<44141 al 4 444 oxrrN 41144441413. Uhain.,L AI l 44s. N4 Ce44e ./4444 14444414.4 SR) 41444041'4Ri.. 441n14e44o4444114444414441and444.4)1C*4I44..414. 44414., we4.414.414 444r1.4441441., 44.44'444 44.444.4 4.444. 411414.1344.1411.444

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