Newspaper of True American, November 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 21, 1839 Page 1
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SPRucE. 12,. CENTS. * - NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 21, 1839. - Terms ofk e Newspaper Fress o-f Newl Orlnce . ,r-e.,nn.. . "Terms of the Nestrpensr Press of Neae Ortean uoaoitnmoulv agreed toaa an o adintiind onmtinig.of the Propretnors, hbld on taie 13lh of Marci, 18137. SSu ciptrioas. s.-t-'welve Dollars for the daily pa lnnnlo, panc alalo in advnance: ten 11oliurs fo rtl .hetri-weekly country pUper, pavyble one. ainar in nlalvance, where ola eitv refhrence i. given. Five d allnrt far tli Weakly; tvinblal i. aldvnme. No a thca.riptiona will ie discontinued until orrennroe ntre eottled. In cane of i .contiannnce, one week's notice in arilmg ailas on anvarlth.y given, previous to th apirtnlionof ultbscription. Anvrnrrsile.-Oune dollar per ullare for the first nseriono anl lnlFl that price for each sualaleque.ta otte: a nn material alliration fromn the original advcrtio.ment z0 will lie clarged ls a new one. Yoi.ALr AtIIVy.RTLsRa.-MeCrchants and 'Pra ors, anry dollars flg English alone, and sixty for both laon (;et'.s Ilanks, Inslrnoace O'fi.esondl otlhyr siainar . iullin Initilatitian, fifty dllnrm in llnglilsh oly, and .ight faor otll langcuages; Ship and Steamonl.;t Pac arm, or (Jotaaiision increrhtato ixty dollara in lEnglish no, ondeighaty for both langlages. M.aRntnar.s, Onirersna NOTIcSt, nnd artiles call ing tler attention of the puilia to sales tn property, cords of pnssongern , laenetlitsc. &eo will Ie t rarh Id lle dollar pet sqoarn for the hrst insertion in each Inn urveo. ComInaicT lons, or Advertisementi, of any peraon al natnrn, wlttl ad:lnisnilr. thnll be lhargeod dl*ull, stid in advnte. A deldotian of twenty-five percents, will lie tmade in Auationter, Shnerlf, Itlselart or W\Vills,nndl Malnrshls on s nles a of real estate. iplulished in hath olanguaffas, and 50 per cent. in Fnglah alone : ll per cent on salole ni other property. AiVtta.RTInEa.NTa ollt of tlit direct line of businels :i te advertiser, such nls legal nuction, at oI plantt n- saanles, runatay silnvest, tray anilnlds"&c. &e. will lhe clareoad fr epll.utealv, anld til the ordlinary rnte.. Ai.VLTInSMENTSn nOl| 1apaeifictt as to timan, will be Ipulished one nmonth, nod chlnrled acenorlingly No nalvcrtisoae!lltos of Iillkruplcios will hn piublished n ainy enae, lllless paid tfir previous to inertion, or puvlaent gauraanteed by n responleible person ill Intrn. 'nrntres andi othiler places of mnlusemela t, advertai'lni ail t arthe seasonl to libe charged $1110 lor L uglish a lote, nil $1311 ill olth lngaatllaroe. tll naauoalln a-tneat. aaf' o lfaaliaiiaotq for polit:al ollieesa will It e larged double the price of lter adlvertisn allallti, ()wingl to the ilnmense lonIn ostained v newspIaper prnrpitor;i , tIley have come to tile conclusion tlhat Ill non ian flf persons whose aecauts lhave nnot bletn i iainl withiu t an a u aloth after resenttaa tion, allnlie 1na11e klaow, (no far an )rctitablC) to eac other-lthey obli gating thenseolves not to advertise or print for auch dllllla suts ,illless in case of adlonce payments. 1bigned) J.C. D)o ST. IlOMES J. IIBAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOFIN GIBSON, LUMSI)EN. IVeekly Press.--We. the undersiganed, ngree to abide by tile above conditions, as far as they are applicable to wearlv mlpers. (Iisned) - A. B. LAWRENCI, )SC No subscriptions are taken for loss than 6 months. laetters ill cases, he v.lnt paid. - AnOWa GKTS IiNGS--- Nloion t tultery aa tliv Allllllll. THIIREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW I' ORLEANS. rilllL proprietor of Ilas rtalbliahment hasn the plea _ sure nfonnoanacing to his friends Ilid tIe o blic in general,tliat lie will ie in reatlile-sa y tile first day of slay to receive viiterro. lie will al sno ate for athe'h nelit of thoseat at distance; lthat tlerc Ilnave Ilny laltgl ilnrovemnts Ianlde, and others now gOing no lll ill raid Irogreesn for compltioall, Wlilch will enlale tale SRIubsli er to aIcoI:nai odIato a much larger nnuaerl th uIn heretofolre, and at tile a l tillle Imuch better. Fnaltilic caio tte ancolmmuodatl d a a itlh good rooma. or Ilitoee whlt prelor can have large cabins t retchet 'arol Sti. Ialoi building. It in lyt'elled Intieceratry ta eay oavthlag ill pirtian lor of tlte elanraotr ol these Woteres, fua it is gelaaillyv lrlieved tlhat lely are not inferior tl atny in thle aSot)nl tr i Slates. All tilhe nlwnllslnnts that nrt ga-'tenl' lli lol at \ Valltering Pce, will hbe found t thii. 'I e Ihst musnlllic tha iR art of th- country nafTrds, he Itea rulgaged.anl will lbei in colstant allttldaunceott te prilladritne aainithe wahole tIeuso ' lie tallloribta will avail Himelf of Ihlii oppnrtunity in rtringl hlia unft'ioaed tllk anafhr the very liberal tsupllrt ivenll hi Int rentsun. ud hopean hv thlhe a exer tionti thalt have been inade ill ilqr'Ovilg nanod extleding the ataoumnodatious,to mterit a liberal Ipatroungat tih praesit sasono. JNO CIRtil. \ ll)DI.11R \VWARI;.- fhe susucrters, au S lfcturerr nol wholesai ole dellrs in saaddlnry lgo ads, ear io o rl itelvin o byIv tlre nrrilllns tIroa l hel h rds, 1: oddiottan to th ir lorte r stock, all ext en D.ltve- nasolr1tornl t l aril Its t1i their Ito ', anlllna a' t th are Iat. (Bl i iIg, vir: l. ltr a Ii' tll, st s l I ailtl S au ail ted s ijdallte, iidi uidi d 1 ,I iuran do dd Ctrraol doa ia db Amr. rdo it da Engli'lt do a11n alt Opaouth do A II re, n f , rdl a and hulhl: mountil n s, lad .do ICiitall oI.I. l' ned, blatsi, nd apla;aeaol coan.h itortaes+, It, ol o rIl g S ii a i.I a lleltk11e , 1do (II do Ul rulhu e d tdo Dray, eart aand w l.tnl do I S a,,blilie;a2s, do ble allds aule; va;at ces ; tit a Ia sbtl: blla , ltoliS* s carlpel l .s; Ie t troUll ItIoi In tath ir I llu trunks, naoi. s d; leather bout tt I d'i, issorl(ed s zes ha d varlllll style-: hlSn'ltts n. d pitl ieln'; coatll, .fig, sulkey, twig andl pd llla ,r a (.r,, W to--: *l, worsatd, con.,l and le:lher girlllts ,land UrSlllreit ; sa rrup lea'hl r-: :untk antrap an l water- n rt in we,.; ohaniu and Iolok hmue.s; llind hridlrs and lines; S uta h ct illts and h .uall na d mule icollnrs,;ol a'l ' lla ti, t ; ill . rc ll,b , 11buckl r.sll een aid butt'ill skinsl ; lll .od brast and ateal bridatle lats f ev ry dlecriptio, palte, bras. and el lspurs it evlorv destllptlootun pinaed, ras nlld steel stl.Irrups t itl evertty dtsla erllta Tel'ehlr with a complete a'sortment of every tartll it t n iirt a lrin f busineS--:all at which they tler tar a tl n :tIOIInIointtlIIIg terms, ThI t wlll ,Iio catlinll In r etive tarough taet yearh [, Its pckeltfrom N2" York, Irb sh, suepl,.S It) ke-p their atock tmplt and tco tnlitet. KItUE, DIAVilDSON & co, lft 15 Canal St. --- CU t l:U:E NO PA Y DIaR. JOillNSON( , Oilihe IlO I litievill- streot, can I lin ll,-II; lr:lctice to 11 lho tratu lllt Itf Venl: real th ,ttm,,, nil all tit hlt"r, nt I'O.wns I)r..lohnsuao, fr'.ll a re-idlec of ma.ll rv yearsill s Ito pilals III t.urll'p , dev.nttld to tll treeta tlHllt m f| \en+er:al Il adrul. , IIIlI frotl his pllltle t \tet ,n'l ivt pra'cti( e tit thaI l lt.:htllu r Itrellh of ithr I)rteh tron, guar-.urtes aI fuli, I e,,dy and llbein.lllal rre to srllh pars.nPs as are t ublald wlthl my of t'h I hllowi), diseases ti: l.Ulnonrrbea, tile:, Slu.tllaln es, Cherell.lhl's, 'tuIIn, renl ilI \\'lr knil ell s, ,.|l I'".lioIsl ofl tie llnddur, Kidni.ry s Loin-, Crelhra, Fmrillal t;hlnd, Jwellld il esliclu+ Erul.ritions ,I the Skit, Sor, 'l'lu'uut, l'uins ill the Joints; AlId the Ilmuneroiussynt;,ousll wlice generally fellow his ,isea-c. ItRecent eases ctllre l it lwit or three Illys withoult the tse ol'lere1rv, iutrra ti1n froml bu tiness, or oltera tiont iln lhe lmadl o +'Ill,4 A edlll(eille to pre'entll Venereal I)isease can he oIt taiedll ll I" r.Johlnsn. It is lfrom tIhl reciple of' tihe Itaron ,larry, a hlebratled Froebh Slrgeoll, llld was Usedl ht Iil;l dunrtog ties, +,vera Clll llia .plt ill Which lie served us.urgleonll Gerl'ul in the.Yrenhll Allll y. Sold by Ilh. Johnson, it his office. I h.-e lirsots hoill mny anfe..tion of Venareal lisease, ald lvblt tarkin sea vo.'yOgte, or relllovnllg to Ihe ruullt v, wnlllll I ddwell by giig l)r. Johnson a call, its proler inedi ins fr thl r cllre ill tia s tespto |illlt be put up with writtea direction at. intheir ulse, Otfice open from 7 tn the tauorlillng until 10 o'clock at jght. ABIltN'IT:IY'. I)D PPi' i,;;.. |)r. h; n'tltyth, Ito? ;r: asts.t of Ini f.t|..~; s. tr, teasl w t opiluin ati nillne-tenths of the Il*slicosP s that aUlhc mnnk ind rigin:tet ill rte stomacIh. 'T'his Ellixir ias used byv himl, with the mlst un|precdented sit,-ress inl ,lls privalte lnd public rallcliC for upll)wards of forly years, for lia, thlermova of lheioidblllolinll dtste es: Loass,,lileuelte, |Flltulrlelrvy lUi-telllitn a the..~li nch, Pain ia tl. midh,, Il*eraviness of Ihe 1lead ard iutli ltintaclto Lteep, 1rregnnllrity U tile U.nvwel., and in i all ruses where ludigestlol or a t.astive Ihabit i found to I sexist Slis medicine muslt lnot be numllbeledl tlaone the llquallk nollstrullas now hCore flte plublic, as it is ile pule inventiol of tlip ablest anld lmoist scientific surgeon llurope ever rtducedll , land the secret of preparinu it I.t. prcltased by the naeat lifr a vent' large sang. It is reer,+tle uIi1 pleasantl to tells ladle, tints am a illil|d lpesr cut, ultvyue koelm the bowe lthfree imp.arts Vltgl and trernh to Fe svysteL, anlld chelrl'uluess toI the und (t I a few hrlUles relmuveo the tIOst ,t ltllnirnled cases .I vt pi r IIndigestioun , and pLreventsareturn a ally ture period. NEW YOIRITKth Aap'ust, 1838. :-35 ludisonul-street. Stu:-Iln conarequeneoofleading a sedentary life, I ave heeln trollbled, lolra or less, with I[.ldiestion for nn years; tlr the ltast three yus e tr t sel it/illgS have eel inStllpprtlble. I have trled several phtylicivu., lid t atlllberof' gn:nk edJirines, without deriving ally enefit. I tlsplred of ever Otllining allU per ]a ent elief , nd resigned myself to the n ast ho plets despair waI peraLaded by Illmany friends to In try Abernlet y's yspe tic Elixir. I have now linished thl e fouth but te. ul.l kllow not how to express jay, aniratilll of ils oad-rftl virtues ttn1d Ihe mlraele it 'h t perfurmue in iqtoritg iln e that heatLth which [ t aught lost for .var. Senll tile, ali dozen bottles ti t a sund exelut I; thauks i;r tre blessin, you have : n erred by re nrinllg Lou ti porlret heallh. 1 remain toturs, ICULt IO()SlROE. .. .. .. -,'+-.. x.L) T I'I.I.e.. N AI lS IRt \tit of the original tithes of recotd in rh oh general I,,n l lec, . Printed is accordance nlth s resaoluin l ol the h|ill+ of lteprersentalw. s, pu. d"Ith .\ few ctpies insrt received and or s h tvy ALEX 't \\A It, S ý- Camp t IIAMOTRRIIOIDS. 1AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This nx traordiedry chemical corn ,irition, the resllt of Feioncs, and I the inventio t a t eclbrahrl mtdi a cal mon, the introd'l e n of which to the ptublie was itnveted with the oolUmnLty of a deathbe.d bCiquest,'lhas sinOe gainced a reputatlion in inralleled, rally nstallaining the correetness of the lamentcd Dr Gridley'n hat conlaatsion, that " he dared not dir without giving to posterity thei benefi oft hi knonledge oat tills .llject," and Ie thleoreforr bhqueanthedl to his fri'iend nld altterdantla thiolnaon linas, the secret or hiti discovery. It i now lsed in the prinrcipal Ihonpitals, and tite private practice in oar countr.y, lirst alul moi rertahrlve to the anon ol tii Pindi, and so oxatr'n eively artl of. rrllnly an tio eftl., crednrlil, runles where its offec.c are witnessed .Extertltly in thi following cotphtlaits: For Drloipsy--Creating extraordilary absorpti',: at once. All Swellings-Roflcirning tIhem in a fetw hour IllRheumltisln-Acute or Cirrorice giving quick ease. Sore Thronat-By Cancers, Ulcers or CIl'n. Croup and Whooping Coght-Ex~ternally, and over thie ChIsrt. All Iulelroe, Sprainsa, and Burns--Cering in a Soren rndL Ulcors-Wlhetlhr fresh or long standling, nod tbver sorea. Its operations rpn1t adtllis artml children in redtre itlg rihettrltin swellinig, and lonrt niln nouihr , t nd ligrhtless of thie chlest ty irelaxation of thie parte, lan been sarlrisarig bIeyotnd coraner!iin. 'iThe emtnmon remtnrk olf those rh hav:i used it in tihe Piles, in ''Ite acts oi a charm." T'It PIL' ES-'l'The price, 51 in rrtieotded to any r w ho" w till se hi a b ttle of llry's iliilrnae t for ilte Piles, anri rletrn the cerlpty hrttle wirthoerr being eriredr. 'hltone are tihe positivie irlers oft the proprietorto tihe Ageats; ltad tat of lillly thou.II at] r sold, tint ann Iras neen nsutcessf|l. W' night insert critifleatrie itt any litnt., but prrlbr thaIIt IHior who sell the articrl', lhitnld ie rhnit thie rigitilt to pitrchre inrs. CAUTION-Noinr canil . genuitnn withlt rrt splendid aniperavrtd wr iiir, oa 'llac!r is aiy lanare, anrt nino that of tte Ageots. SOLO,)MON IIlAYS. Sold wholcenle anl retail, by CO)MS'I'OCK & Co, Nerv York, and by onn Druggist in every town in the U.tion. For sale by thel WhIolesale Agent., eorner of Commnn & T'Icihotpitoulas streot, and by the Apothecarica generallv. je30 ORRIS & Co. N,,. 3811 Chailrua st,,., ire ar w . rceivini aend opening ieiir mrroai plonrlidi, s silatinl and rltishloaletic stlcrk of Clnthin thiey hiv' ever Ca C iihelll d Ia I eliS arke tllr , crnsistirgf it. iat' of tle rOtll~o garicilnen: Irtir nlrrrnrkilo et titers, irorrand i itirriwn itiroo lvlno nlid gaulden olive Itrle ;lld inn ilena. _llr. hverr **,blhnat~ harrint oritrlIrk iraei elevanrly lirnisa . id; farnlcy ad pIlnin l :ck nr' l clrhc pantirnle.l a elolish and fre'aIh riCry and Ilii rsilk ilunl salltin vests; real ile Itlarkt eolfor's; en alish l erd Ir tirh trlla y nl'an tinar s-ar llld I hdkl-; ciarlnir , silks-werh r a d ear lll. a ie SiP. Indersa; ihniure, i'ireri r, tnmb's l, "e .h flan nrlI, silk rnr I rr' , ,ll set shle and drawer ; i tin alill ntnd ctIItlr chiric, with linln boS,,le Iplie arid rttrlll id; Ivory 1a11 nalud Phinllt hand! s it i brlh r ; . ,re itittiti (loves--dt rt b ennllll* .rtI(l,,, . l hts kI l, hur n edld I n ,2.l bralls. hr.: Spr.tlllel ih silk aod riodnna hdIrtsll plain i211rled and e,,, ,reil ered Ca l rr r rr lr.; sa k, Itamb wvoo),l*, rllllilln l n~ l ,lnailllltla c anid Iroit l lld W lle e cn ten hall h nse;. ll of wlh 'h he·. Itl.r I',w olr e n hli. tt nt ual emI olll, ellP rS "a ois. l Nov. I t·cadqt .aacri re e tllllllm IiI UId 1·1 Il unit'> a ,I .Mrl dlii IIlI CI:h lll '.E 10,, Iunleeld r-vaitvlity, lrr ill r (,ih rc' ;ld Tl e i Biffanlttlte [)aI ll' o ; W he e t i e I lir tI, )llnli il: i ,'i1 /i ,, 1·l zl12 11 !1 III Il/.l,>ed IIII' Ilil lllt'lv,*¢ 111 l,,,lv· L. ', LIIItIr rir i. C IIIt IIIII I lIIII e Is'i lr h l a or t rtiall Itrl h i l, rll dit lrl t.k r IIhear. nit ill .y, II * Is of tr i nl , I hc Ie ' illItl illl·lllll¢ . I Il StL: / , q Iii lII l e lotetic nl . II is (', ,rnrr,,lld d r s ,I Ofllllllli~i~l ellitVlllff rl)1:.[ 1it 1·',HIII)IIIIII(il NI iI. fIIe. Illltl1l (llt I~l'lllllll'tl' y l~li P',l )lt..l'll~ll. rll I\,;11. area, lee s l st ~lr'air thIr r ira ni fIa'I iii nu irrtlranirltr2 Ir'l rrlri nrlloe r i,'i (·,,' t ir i e* anti np tin ir' rte 'cu i tie the tcm;h :.iot]. Tlhe aria ,,c rate, sh.' ., , e , u 'til i i e.itn ie ' h, t 'I, is w i " , i I ,,,)usnt,11 rihl e l t, p~.1· i ri. I rIrrIt ''' r irIrIrI r lll t illPtI trll ii, lii i u, , Itini IIIl r rll 'h, i ll t' Iiil i i ' Il' lllll r,'. bll.'F l" i ,l )11l IIII. [*'J% rlrn 1,. liel,, .re. .qirt eve, r\ n :I) ir C,,I 1tl,, btll 1:\¢;IJ 1tl !tS Jll',dil[ III'I Ilclleacei.% l.,it wiaIr -dl t.'n irtail at N,,. 93 Cu-,om 'JlinG~t IN faVE AN a usdDA' From alobile (A tllllll) to .cr iIeagt 'r.1 ) ' Ihe :writalnt i the iltr l )1 N wI r erit 1 0 r . IiCIn II, It urlllm):lt I' .rt tcLrn, to ll;liItr. nel:tnCnro n to |I lll:e: st houmnd lats ller I'lltscori Hic , ll t r I o so IS m anilli h - :rltbrhllr Iiret r c, lll. i..r t r Ih t.c dr lellri· , cirrl:leh s l hCr e via Ata-iac., hln ctu, (lr i la rln a Mount Vto . rnon,) ttainlrhlgl , IhI,, I o-r Iliwki-r illh a i d ,lris. ailh', ta Augusio. A hissrsogeeta'kirtitu|ri sinat at ir-. bile is in no denger of hbei.g throw u (,t or losing h is ie's.Cl'ece Ir lthn e lltllictir' iltetlresria i he I"I.i (O! thr gho t, atn t iiiat r ly w ir] Iti ''-i Ni i tty I hlit :t]Tivalnt Aullglsltl i lttiml· e sie t(12·CHI, trI h 'erlc we:a| (,io, alll| la|. i111%" l l~tl: I Ihl tIOII )j CI· U l 1~ilI)SI I ~i'ill'U CI1 lllf IA mlt "'I iens, lair car ms ufrece uls lltolhe sior l r ir l . Tht tea, New trh .tai s caTried Iry this ro,' te. The Agen' s tiu. a rcmiito' tiola "rTiedI. leuharcelill !)rivCrs are illlt .tllrpllase the sonlthl.l aair irr . The smooLII, hard, natut]al roe.¢i, fie salt. and in~ter estilig Water nati ioi , sthe tine rirl ailoirmiitatiol alliard Ihe travelcr Sp~eed, clraiini., oemfori. aid .a pleal. ilg vairiei! i colnnectedl as ii w r.i.e witlh llle Iail Itoo, C.harllenan,. Sc. C. anl tlhe sti apik.rera hN ew h'rk.l lrrvelh.s .c.1 rla. l New Yorik leoal Ncw uOrlc ran LEssn TIa.a t'--\ ashi.n.tona i? itl Ir . hlice, tiirhertdralee, FIolrida, we li-re n Iirip I.ine vi; a ryiry ti i T"uil- iRIIsrte trl)1.oarh .s. - I hall.r plit cltcllhes , alsi Icrt a Ilrnir chil es l'to il aut iils\,i lle c a tli Millcgenille, inlntite Ii laticiio lighl i tart hi, che ~ his S' l t r.S . eS . Autonrwra, 0tllh Jllr. I a :n15. Ollicent15' li sin iie lbl ()tit' l lllli~ll·u l<i 1~ il A'lliatane, New n to l .ilr , 1 il .6illi l ci t, .t t. s , Faic nttiurri a nt CNt-a t r irahirrile, Ch:tl.llson to New hrllk, St- lair Tine, iNow rtl .i: it I 'il r l, I ,',i.U .tl ibile to Augusta, 3: ", Alil r ,r ·Il :IIg: dlrHl V 5illl l n.h l'~lll! .111 /dlUI i Arirstis rO Charlesto.r 19 C*r ihalrlestorc to Neaw YVerk, cii-- 1.11 stitkeit ills ri li per day. or niilits per tlhlo ichl N'v . . Ii Ilit r e a in ri he t lll o S tir teI In'l ges. 1e' thle nlhr eswrna a'ic hied Label crellrk havc-jurlrrctlre cil ieleteI.l ) the gee.rilrt IIovi1.n mIrIit, (itt Ilyoeaicst ls ore r tinnrra. .gai s ithis nalitr S eanedy ioul ire ateth 'sh ti ly re hvtlu nt a d II hveatli I l|asu lll'c llol ill l| g ' ( n lm travellel .Sthn the coachee or. S ' drivesaud ot are oi the sctit tredtr; ani as to the watlerl route |'riom t'einsaeol.lrt. a edlav Ilif,' it is odmiil. led Iy nl w i 'te ,'ssea ir rotir it to hIe ll',sitl.r rser i uinrirellies ir'rrrarrc- nd sar i a try. ''ire Irnidges ritroiigli ('traigia lrite aler |ieerir'rii iriivd. 4 .I1 C itAKICIt. JtI It;ES', Chine. 'T YtlIL. und liiht'r NOVELTIIt.' S Chiirloh T're10ir. e tll e l iner iuhllnu, tie Jailii.c. hIaelirea er, e. tie +hil ritCllnol+ |+ ll lflu w t.adc 'lehard.e, or dln hA'aia an"i'tt'rtire, cord tlrtaleiheani, ksetrheorf Puirict'"trertert side.. t r tri-~t 'kelrho.t a cf ecratras li'n in h lit.' t un of Nitholas Ni.el, Nhu ' o Ii i. Jtcil rhepp,'er, Na 1 t. ;. hithitli 8tri 'run * atier iii ae rt reharnceer,ehy Jeir'ol. PanI ,\! K.ctk :" Th,. llil'rbr of Paris. teorre limi t, i new Nov'l il ? rils. 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No 96 Customl Ilon-. street, Nett Orlea.,,. d-3 Tllose afflicted with Ihrlalll.l.l scrorula, eruption of Irho ,kill, sewlllllr of the glalnds ,,ercurial dlseases, &c ,lly s -ur. ,many udvranlteg .. ..d inll,osiuu...l, y apply tg tn. nbovn, w" Thlle nttrndiu.g Ilrhliian may hle oinsltnd from 6 to I0 A\ .11t, ald t+oll e Ill J P AI ulld f.oI 7 to 1I a t:lto *ve::i;;g. lpr it , %at i ll,i ': AltlIil.S 1,1iiln I,,,ill-.,,,il ,\ioll lt • All (rltlrn," 8 II A.-..'tilhm n th ll,• Liri.:en.1 if I.otlin.niH n tlnd lh,, inllalitatall. ul' I Uniled StIev,,jll, l I ulll 'IhrI .n d rI. salhD hvFEIT , Cn, JI~ 21 Clhartles Ft 1,U UINA CORDIAL. tt 'tORDIAI, I ,t. fiUt sN ftt In U tl t E , t L'il.f Of tl.d_ t'hetta [l'd sitate Anse nt lit thel Lut'ina Cordin[ or Ill'xir l of I. vep, retturlln Iti grnlrlll I'knoh deenort ft r f it. 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I ll"a' l1p" It Ite llo of it Int l lews the it oillntitnnl ,nd proa Srly I Lrnefs on tlhe anlppetlrae tie n i .mr, whlia nt eheir g hita .e[ tie reindte r of t er livet t re tn sequettly S lONt i P leti Late nlt. Ai+ shot, int even. the I" ltri ert11e ' ll31 the Ierll'n 3Sf thinkin.g thn with llIt npllvv nk1ingl lnn'a' r don. thhe Io'+ t t Ieis 11nir. tr sit. tr all thee lllIlI. Ant enlrllmstnnr )leOhhhir' Ihlm oer ( llo in r lon. the hlulr from l3nl ln o ,in the. rt appliientihen, ar d itnfew hotelli rsIrttr it enl i . It' likpewiso prnllBel evehrowr nnrl whikers; iprevents fhi stlir rol ln tllrnin ttiv, r nlmak er it eurl bPt l nlf'nllta nid ree. itl tramcl mllrf Y.n11 ll e eorliferntle 'o l thle OraI emhelnlilitv in n .ltport of the e ' irtur of Oldridget.' Ihnal, are* OW l I.,y tlhe proprietorn. ITi Rend the fiallowing:- Robert Wharttll. Esqq.Intaz Myotr r.f I'hilntt,lelph as s .etti iet,' a" itlv II- sel| b low, to the high charts erntf hie fa r nrwilleen r enIfI n. 'e'lh, tlhr-ae bi d e·l eb 1 IPvP-'tir(iv tlait n.rL' fP umer theP It.ln, of C'ohmbia di+(ji',w red yh .1. Ol)lridge. andt lavet filnll ih highlv t·rt itu ble o to nlv nIs preventiv .tgalinstthfai flingorl; IAfht VIrl & Also.erleinreI a WS Nn lae , N'rth Fifth ant. JOIIN p IN(:ioS,3"!I Alch street. JOHN D) THt)1IAS. "! D, 163 JOION S Pi'ItEI,lfll ,prllcu treet. 1111' l1 .3lC(ItlII ) .L':I 3 rotI+1+?d at. JOIIN (;,tRI),Jr, F.:{ A"l, ..lret. It i, Itnllmv thims three nof thr n h o" • si *nrrl nl marl e l futen .l years Ofmoeg, andl tlhe otlhrsm not less thanl O0. [Front the hlynr.J (?i'v if P'h'iladelplh1in. hi,]+ , (o hertrhv eariift' that I not weirl ItIIc ga:a e v,;L1h , Isie s ,1t.I Inglis, .s F o rte, anal l le" 3ll h t 'I V. v hose filll r1.lll rte.ignlrllr l Io thea t )ve ertil cnle,thnt thtv IlPc - l Cedt hol Insllite,, I" t.e .+ r id cert if li* tll] "(It Rtlld l.,ttl.Ol Ih PI+h seal of'the city to be f.0ixetd, tihi 6ith ,I:LV Of l) mer, tLthPr. r. OtIIS I.;I'V that each botlle t'lh., (:tntuine Ilalm has a splenddl el,.rnved wrapper, oil wllirll is "epresntrr the I+'.l I.lNaglr, ice, debtI holt-e.l ' amlll retail hy thle sole ienlt far lll. rice. n lt F| let er' tL'feel Ie ir, n Illi,|,+a Iden lane ,l IIo)e ) I heI v Peatrl are,.t,anlld by inl St tl r.l .t+ ini dtl Irrlntl'lluvrs I' ough hI country. , ,9 Wholesale Agents, New Orlenan. P JAI{RIAii E PHYSIOI.OGICA YI.Y IilD S S U). "T'ranlalilled lnlp th Frelnh of-Jean flu hoiS, I. I). Iby nVilliem Grlee iieli. Purt It. iOln llth ner'asilyv of altringe! ! VPart d. Irsluctlo.- illclurlillg, sithl a cure for Part 3d. * Part 4th c * 9. tlr tgr. Phvhiologl hill' [)isetatt'il is file n -t tsefl, anl di : inedy tile iiust interesthl4 wor¶ that we eatr read, It will br.iak ilt u orc rakes aniii dpainlt, alllllol kll se itl+,l~ lllelre allrrie i 1I fll me In an w mPn lhulil ell% lullllblllicllln i lllt that hlne e i t.m- tll S llau lOt letd hy thtl Cellini olf I v hln.- lla uniatiiure. Thits is a creat ollk, and will be productive of inluh good in the Cllinllllil. h isu 1 e t onMtahinll much rl111rn111 IJmlll: I, lln ll'hna the hI jctn iis i. NI I I e nvI ol re11111 h I ,,o e hiod r Nelwll l uiII hl l i e c llla It v t nr,'lt d it illl'ore liitlyn 1 i , 4'e l'ni ill "i u a nue a ,I its ", Inlexi u'h + irn C.,n h " fl) tilh,` nll.,ii ic allh ywmialtlb.e a.l, .andssi tt rily. Jme. iln q rst inrhlaer.--I e pelil ('anti Dr s I()int-e. I",r.ila i, l.r, II uJ ini , a1 lit Iw ill angnzilue armd Cnlip psli'eI. Prihe 7.,e, 1ir JIul, weil- r llly uI -Il iII lthia nit. hin ei nave lirii' innilrn hej tiiznlr o1 Ntaw ,ii ian flnli hie will will he iiv aihishie Ily irs. i n Jlcell nind Mrs. Ni.iltit ill & pcC, N ,i 3lmhtle h lnlllnres wllh o! t le di tull irllt ol Iil- V-unig Ina i.. A\Ir J iii.a will give hiie a.hile lieltiima in lhe vaniis ba ,euchs ,'eminchiatl, annd l iitiiis liihiiu lliy h s hlllllin wtllh i heir u.nll idrnce. Inov e divii 3 daily froin their Ilho; in Philaalelphli, aii e ,eg t al clllmplee asslortment ofi s lllallnlltin a and f.ishionble colthilnl. They invite lice atten tin ulo the public, is they arr wnrrintid in siying that strangers and iil l.:icns i nnut lrnii h t in.l slvs titnU a advanlllilaeuly ill any cary ill the Union N. 1t. A few d tn ellenannt ivory ihnndle umi riillus, from 3lti iii inches. Alao, ii Inre lot while plne pclkinl bI hes, vrious sizes,I veryi Iw 3 1OrIi's STiUDiENT'e MANIJAI. STdlI's Sil bhl i h nclnil T'l'eulir t! hIl ' Corner Slim"; .lbbot' ll lmily at Ilolln iTh it s\ay to dun Giini; liorne's linrudutlion I',, Ik n . u , \Vle'mki ,7 vii lllles 11 I i !'i ivteUDevotilons, for sale al 4 )? 1' ALEX. TOWA1I. A ii'.( ,Iii . J, "koI , In dian head .l irnt wl t l ., + . < .h t l ster, do, U do 1, ri (st e. ; n _ I I ; f' '.,l i . l. I l ai ", i ns sl 11) dII, I;> ',l I lf c t,, i (I- I , l t ' y19 If Ill/ ]t Im . l il l K , IK , tll. , FRANKLIN INFUIIAMRY C llE1 iulli: p lia ar el j tntiif i nllritc d tIn i t tin. : Stutin is erected on tiae ulmostnl im d p.. , Iia an uitv luid most aidhirable stllhution, in u ti , all ,, IruilUhlil, upon the r nil o rd, one mile iroml the 1l1in, The Ite ilding i lcarge alil moasneomnmodiuslv dividen intio iiurtnis, for klellnp aelanaratel dill'eretl cla.uts, iud ill elnt i'aliediea-c. The ilinetulionu i.s uppli it wilhe nmosilt kilful an, lttentive iale andl Ilemale nulse,and spiiaking an va rious mullers Il nguiaaes. Irivat rnoos may abe hhad liv gentlemen at five dol lars per ilny, includin, ltteudinlllce, &c. 'fell anls ilithe t ,ilnry wardy.tta o dollars per dat Slaves also two doillur. Sma.ll Pox Io Ithe ordill u lrds., lll dolllars. All canpital surgical operations extra. iThe:l'-_ -ileut phl sit-i.n. is in r iVellelu i antne Ino ippllhiion lor adllmihnionll i11i m ladi l,. I llr C A Iazemrbcr No lit Rumliart treetl. u I v SýXCII.NGE on ncinaitti at sight. flr W.le I-v XC nI'I A tKRIERl , II G;ranier e "TIlE. TRUE RICHIES OF LIFE Is IEA.I'T't CSIDiCS 1 ' 1PE KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of tihe great mass of the prop e in this, as n in m st other coun trie,. 'To preserve, therefore, that hiralth by nati rail mlna is a grind, moral and p liticrl scheme it j fulfil whieh, requires on- utnonst attention Tihe uiprecedento I popularity and unriversal np. approhati.,n which thin mndicine has achieved throughout the United States, tre Calnada, 'lTnxas, Mexico, and the West Indian, filly justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and coast niutiosly recomneno thu therr to tihe pecial notice of t111 afflicted. Peters' Vegrloh!e Pi Ienre to " -rEest, miist Ioff tal and r eonomlical iremnedy f*. nlisnnai of thie holnan ennl1utlon, that bt s ever beon discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of his inrvalnab inl edi. eitne, fron his knowd h dro of thie . I alln system, derirrve 1 fronn I lor and exensive practicet, ha arrived to this conclusi.n, tat thre gtreat and pri. nlnry tautes o'f molt diseases is ait drangeollnt in the functions of the liver, or in other words an in. creased or dmlrinshed sreirrtinn of thfe bile. So well is this underntood, that it is c-rrmmon for persons to say when they fi'el unllwell, liht t11n arrr himit-, meaning that they have too much hi, on, the stiimait'. On tie other hand, when the flow of bile is diominlahiu. Lte process of dies d nn is imperfectly perforlbr n,toe patient bee.omes weak and enaciated, because nourislunent contained in the fnond taken into the stomach is not properly ex tracted, and the food is ejocled in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that tire fatnaus Ilygean Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the bloid is the cause of all diseases," is a great alstnrdity. Every one who reflects on the subject a moment, will perceivothat impurity ofthe blood is a secon. dary not a primary comnplaint-th eftfcot and not the cause ol'disease. When the fuinctions of tl e liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, it is often taken up by the abor, rent vessels and carried into the circulation, and becomes ming'ed wi h the blood, as in jaundice, when tee patient llows it in his countcoanee. No .r this impurity of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to remedy it, you mont correct the secretions of the live., and restore it to a healthy state. Dr. Peters has spent mucll h lime in exseriment ing witl diiffrent vegetal,'e meditmres, lior diseases of tile thver; and now oflirs his Vegetable Pl',I, as the best, most convenient, and cheapest nICedi c ine that can he prepared for general use. Dr. Peters flaltters hiiafll'that his long ex;-eri. meeting with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true and only substitute answering call ue purposes of inercurira s without any of their attendant evils. One great quality of his vegetable pills is that they have toe alteratlve principle com hinred with their cathartic, or operative qual ties, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the Ilver, challnge tile morbid secretions, rsretlrthens irhe digestive orrans, purify the blood, invigorate tile circulation, and give tone and energy to the loer.. vorus system. They are mild and plneaaat in their operation, and e nvey almost immediate conviction of their utility fromn tile irst dose. They can o taken withe saiety by persons ofany bge ; and the feebei, tihe infirm, tie nervous, rand thir delicate, e strengthenerl by their operation, becauset they clear tie system of had humlnurs, quiet nllrvoua irrita hilily, and invariably produce sound health. The Vegetable Pita are a sure remedy tor juln. I dice, sick and nerveoes headache, dys epsia, costive. i neos, sickness ofthe stomach, Iherthloi n, all bilious complamnts, f'vers of all kinds, and if taken at ihr. eormumeontent will invariably checkr their pro grers, and save the iatient from a protracted and dangerous sickness. They are invalnable inu ore nous and Iypocondrical illections, losr of ap;lm. titl, and al complainls to which, females alenr ao sIujenct. They operate ns a mild and spened. purge I - n .n r sal found cert.I rellledy I'or worms in children, Sneo 1I have introdune-! my Vegetable Pills to the poulic I have received nrmlerous certificates of their euperior efficacy in curing diseases, a no, many letters froml respectable physicians, who have used them in their practice with the best success. 1 muight publish a small volume of certificates, but consideir it nuneOessary, as thIe medicine in ill reconmmend itselfto all who wi 1 make trial of it. 'rhe above pills are in boxes, containg 411 pills each. Price, 50 cents pir box, Druggists and country merchants can be sup. plied, at wholesl o or retail, at Dr. 'eters' printi pal office, no. 65 Poydras street, between Magazine naid Coap ate. New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. MN. norion & Co, 11 Canal street: P P Berlin, druggist 112 old Levee, between the two markets: Mr. Brnchier, druggint, at the Washingtlo market : C J 'rinchai., drug. gist, corner of C nal & Bourbon streets: G A Reed & ('o, druggists, corner of Teihoupitoulan & Glrod streets : J ItRoai, druggist, I.afyette city. ill.1 ALLIGAIrII LINE. Mobile to, Augu-ta, via Florida. Sn, lrvs Moblrile Tue'.days, Thurs. . ' dags, end Saturdays, per the b p'mrdid atrfloorrie apion, (ox. capt in case of it rml,) to P,. sacola ; rthl e p,'r steamer Le Roy t L; Grange., ual thcllce lour horse post conaeihrs via Mariana, It.rirbrirdg, 1'i. oarton, lerrien, Oulraw's, adt Prry, to Macon, Ga ; thecr via Milledgeville, and Slparnta, to War. rentonl, tha cc per rail road ars to AugustIa. Thl Chamlnp n is in splendid order, with new i pper boil rn , cppired rlld a pper fastened. The le Roy has been thoroueghly repaired, her comumnodations are as handmle as anlly bo,. The beau ilrl Santa Rosae Siund, nd Clrneta. watchiie lay presnt thle Imosrt i llerest.ilg .tea 1.n1. vigat.iol ill the S.LruI-:,uirng at thi saeneut.Iln perflictly land locked. 'i h, 'Teams arer noti surpliass, d on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, caraeifl anti atten tire. Thie iridges heretofore dtanperous halvo b en newly Iuilt, so that high waters do not ilntrer er ''Thoa rting hlous.o have been ostly chlanged, and are now as god as ,ln any roaed In the South. It is generally known tirht the excellenca and hardness o' the rorads enable the tears ut all sea sons to mlake great peed. Their smlloothllnar se. cures tlhe travei er lfroei tile ordinary fatigua oaf stage travelling. Thil Line is nomw c rrying its passengers frorm Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve hours, or to NI w Orleans in lour days and twenty hours. Goinig to Augusta, the line is six days a nd sovln hours. T'It: tinrre acltually employed in travelling ia tire erirri as ii the otcer direction, iut the difference of tnao on the iiute, is caused by a day being loat in lPnsacola, wivich, however, is e0ll retpad. by the op, orlunity it gives ofseeing the Navy Yard, tle oid Spanishl Forts, etc. Th'a travel or also sleeps at Macon, and again at \\ar. tenten. This arrangemeolnt will clntinua till tile travel turns northward, hIron the lile will be thie slane from MIubiaI to Augusta, as it is fiw inl tile other direction. This Adivertisaoment contains a plain stat r,ent I of frets, the accuracy of which th i, proprlelors garrantectoeach ipassenger in tifi penalty of hisa stage fare. Maps of the Line may be seen at thie Ex hange Iltel. Ncw Orleans, and at thi: Mlamnsion laouni, iFare through freo Mitila to Aulustia, $.17 50 l''l lie extaeds, by abranch to 'l'dallas.anao. ,,:'lttrUlahoce, t!ea line clriuctoa with tihe m!,rr:i rat carrying the mail Lu .Apa aclicula and Skino at the Mainsiou Ihnus. Moub.In. m i 0 LOOSTIWICK, Agent, Mobile. I ICir-30t aices e race l,,tr nale -lv - t n" lat A 'I'il.'lt, 31 trnvienst LIlL' PI.Ft.:RV'EhLr ar- rucerved a euper .r Sartilee ul'rfr plea.snrs at thell Iclear, a-: li1LEI , ALL\N LI-1- rit alask ''hinutola Line, leadinlg troa iEship Pervirin, rIr salte bI S19 S J P' \VIIIINEY, 73 Carmp st l tli.1 'li'-tlvedulic atn inum i.ltr sr!e by lIur 7 HI AlIl. h.tiRvIrt'Ii,7lItai Plhr a tsorld bhalldr, r t1or b:tl r by a r Vwkunr ,foabarrdale byTIII., J'IIB 1 I 3l Iriin er l I AI ARIli.,ON', .P-E:.cIFI OIN I.M ENT T 60 groat celebrily of this unrivalled Cint position, espnrially in the Norlthern Staten, lneav. thle propristor but I thte need to iay Any thinl in its favor; lfr it hno bcon Lenerally conceded 1d it, thatit is beyonld all comparison the b st remnedy) for externil complaints Ihlnt hts ever been diso.e. voreod. Indeled l i. peed and certainty of its ope. rlli ,ni hIave the app,tran, e of rliracll ; an ic eirs, w ini.-, co.rn, rvetrreo, c-hildblain, white .iwe. iing., biles, piles, .pider aii d snake bille &0. inma. diately yield to ils Apparently slillplhllnt influ. 'one Thius if propierly appied it will remove at inveterati corn, or break and heal a Ibt.e in five ditys, will tllny and ptrfiectly cnra n uler In two weteks: and tie llmost dtspeoraln cases of white istelling that can be iltlagille., ha'Ir Iebio dtistrnyed by it il less tlan two months. I I the bites Iof poi lnllol reptilehi iti otie:cy is trttly surprising, ait even in the t ie ofa raboid dog, tfor if appied ini gitle, its poweri of atltrartion arcI ) iollderrtil tihat they will at onee arrent tiit, ploison, and thus pre. vent it f cln pervoading tle sy.stin. It is likewiseo greatly nuplrior to any imndieinu hteretoftre dliseo. verid Ior the chaf;ld b.icks and mltlun of heairs, for Letters, ri, g wormsn, chapped lips, and in short tiri ,*velry exlernal boldly evil that ialy 1411 to ithe lot of or beast. 'T'to proprl tor hns received at least a tlousantd eartificates aid tth r documen nts, lin div r oft'hi I " s eeule Ointmetnt," uinpwards of a hundred ofi whl o were written by reopet-t.ble miimlber. olI'the lidienl Fac.tlly, all lleatthing Ithie uain eulogy nrid Lu-tisaCLiOl 1. Pro ared te 123 Liberty street, New York, nold for tle at 65 Pyidras ntreeo , iNew Orleans. PIIOR llON Copnilllllo I: itrctr of IfCplilL ai 1 paii ill - .- elT0illl, lae, ,l Iist l ea iuuCll ui Itr!Pit it ever likeeretd m the' ale o f sihowte, Iileetlh Stricturesl, Whiles, Pain. in iti blark eid oinll, wIsta, iclak les, allilrcitis kiditll r, grlt,cl, +corbut" et 1ioli1t tiitn ',. o thliet intritiction of a mediniit posseshing the thx and active virui tuf th lone uoiiw tlared Io the Ipublic, Lile poprl.itl inr bas but ito Irlertl hl lrr n ero s rico-lll riltntlationis receited Cron ti oiit eiinielt Iof ithe in dlcill taulvt ill EUlope, believing that it wall be duhi anpprecilledl when its mil t alre more Illy klnown. 'l'e Ilni.iso of 1iipiba, soeilotensiieit osed, hias lost much if its credit frot dislike ohih patients formerly express l regrllding its disagreeli:lll e :taste, (ldisturbance produced in the-ol bowels ld sltomacnllth, and it helretuorPe illeflotieno Ihenl Iiosil in the inflammatory sitage. Thle proprietor has ltle tn analysis of the tiallsa, EnnIciv ing that thre more n etivenllities would thercly be mucll more roncenlrnatl and more usetlily alhniisterld than, in the present slate. The aibiove llt cine combinhes ii - ,gerdients which iire in the highest repute uion t ie most scienlitific anlo loearned inl the p1rolessionl. Ioac, Idrl iii the lompostitiin of this preitrnationl inreCases tile ellilency of tile llothe, iproducing an operation truly t.o nishing, I snurpassiin tile most anslgiie il ctiotii s ii; possessing ito the sae timte ti e . I. liinge lit its lbeing adminlistered with pellect sluccess ill Ih ditibrent stlllale of tle above disenc. The most Celihnt phy sitians aidt curgeons of the preselnt ditay express tlheir leidd :1' proation i tn itt i, of absiuprilla, whilst its mi in the prnincip:d hospitlls alnd public ndietnl institutions has ble ii, l l still cIt iitulll l , very extensliu i It was i fn r - oreii reely et iti itlthe ch-lea ltn 1)r Aite- lthy in all venetreal alKectimon, atd in obstiolulenti anliieraladions, arising tfromnal iisordered staie ol'iheiligestieincticons. llaving beenl slmitted to Ithe test ad tiie xpterience ofi tihe moUst celebrated animlg the fauilty, they luse expressl their satistilcion of its extlanodliary eticaci inll every lse luldei ItheI charge, Ii. y adopting!l)lill it both il their lulllic And pritvte pracItice. T'lheiu oil eirnltilns will he iiscried hereifler. P'repnred by J II Then, Chemist Loldoln. Prtice l, 511 .l pot. TI.ESTII MNIA\LS. Floro A II Salmon, st. t ,Stegon to the I Tht'l'tnt ln spialj , Hillni'il. , oil .\natinuy. h' it i tl, iot have mi 11:e it' 11r p lruttlilon in a variety ofeatse, both nmadlain feale, in its results hatle iprovele so highly ti, anto llh, that I ido tillt hltite i proiionncing it one of the ostnts voalulhe d a flellicaious remedies ever otied to the publih, and one in which, Irolm expleriee, I tril pllice every irelillance, whilst it ltrs notprodll lc the sae unpleasa nti l etl'ecl usIuully ex perielnced 'romll colpil:lb. Ilrom G il IlIywaldllI I C S, Physichan- to the St taryltehoe tispensiry. I itake ghr l l.:easure in ahddlingi tm esotimol to the valhuable prop of ynr preparatiot, wishing you the ueccess Ilon \o fally deser,v ii l an ample r Iwall tile the lalbr lld expense icurl l iIn bringil ite i to such cloaI lin U \V . Cooper, F ItS, Snegeon to Guy's IIns The uniliro',, ltees. which as n,'tended Ifhe. ,lninis lerini your lneldicini :mnllt y patintl s alfihlle d wil l theahne dis ses, ots fi lly satisiled ine thal it hats inly to he kn.owu i te truly atpreailllt.l . 'lay fit success yon st well dtIsol lv , :onlilf aind speedily repayl ou for yon valuable prepart e ionn Frm Sir A (Cooper, F IFtS P ItC S, &c'. Ce. Ilaving been imoicl to Irev our Extract ill sevei: caseslof violenlt -oorrluhull:, wlhich hlil hithllllerto blled clery ll.r esiipluion administertl. elli t I m ting ntonll sure and spe~dtl clres etlecled lI it, inl a ew dlays I lel myself in duty bounh d to stlle that 1 un1w ill I pa llce tic bllh plublic lld prll.ivate rrcl:onlllllll and use Inon pilnom G W Illir, M1 1), Physician to Guny' IIo pital. The stlrict test which I have giveln your melleicin among ily patients, ndl its it riiale suCLss thuls lro " will ilduclee mle to lcrsevere in its ise., aud I deemnl if Ibut aln acet of i'jti.e land o1f ihly to b lat a feblle testi n o I nll il commedItition Iof itit irtnls. Iroo Li, .1 1) F It S L. Ilretln'n ytll Ity sinere Ithanks ftor t e vnlloble pre sent t urn Etact for th i eare of titnorrhoai, kett. I fel gratetll hat 1 11you lhne at It I.broughlt a mledicine into usie hiellch will prve a dIesiderallln nles; sought 1or• ill te nellict, aorl-A- sure, spelly alllll culr, in eilc.," the above cless Ih alildIl+ t- great pleasue." it piblishhig. to thi world .iie ..luable qlalitiesof)olu Werel it necessary1, thle prlop itor couldl here trllnlish manly more testihmoniel: nally as ollllelllldtolY as the iable; bllt tollls that itsgt at sucless hitherilo ie i re & expense at which it n ihas been p e piared, will prVeits ilgreatest all ion I di'serIi ing public iOne recm tmnldatiot this prepatmin en.u. s above all nlh,`tls i its awls, por tal, h fiorm- p lilt ii pots--ti pllen -:nil- it ath i 1., with ll re~trictionll inll dielt II. c nllllillellt f l illess. Tral' ellers s ci ll \vo ild Ih dfll lid I.l,.dicil,, !,iI1+I) l i Il.lil+l luid n i . 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'OII III·IIltJ I huI lil~llCnlin ilsd nd· .,b):Ilo t e e hlillc l d, l l h Frll lO u .,l,+lltor* ,:Iollen r ,rn oacnr i itlo 0 einri, th l l, ii lll lll l ,ll l e o ic loC. r n rhrinorr 1 e lrnl,.iltI· llrodln..adthirooatht,-.patlxrno & r-roov inr-r I o~ru rh-11raoanioroorrdooort too L orir riroror yor.ohlroorra 'c'nannr n po CASIE4 OF 4II4438I.IT4444M, 144rin444.4 44.. t aer44 4pri4444 ,44 ,Itnel4d w 4, 8very sevcrre nlil Jiatra!,.ing IIl."llnui~ n., lccnninulr d by exposure inr 1"wl ..antherI. I now~ tnl~e great pleasureI in .toting that six I~nttir ol'th.I dmn'.Panace rr mre ilia t perfec healt an~d Icolllidrnllrl recuululllcld it to all .I ilurl',. liclcd. J4II4N F44444414844N. K4 41. 1 Inrlnsrl,444,,Ar444, 44430. I was 444444.4 .4lallt I'Io·FC i her 44.4i4.',4with4 " distressing h n t 44444444rd 4 b 44444kl .4.4,44rrr to4ll, 4lo mller 4.flb, encee of Ilrrearr ...i .lo, hl Ilan i lilerlld the from business ve4i pid I have 44en 44 4atien n, te~ll.rin llsp~tl, ",11. ciy upard of I'nur months, and nanny ~ lltr u11al: lellylll of time in the Hirlt ilenle epital, end tr LrdIPLI .,t everB~py remedy..V· ill, little hvnnp6fi . On the 16t of 12rlrunrr- la,,, at tll~llllli ·crcoly able t o more niout upon cent...., I clnll!ncr l til ae too f the !::.liana' Panne... la oax mothIuntnrslrrnhrry fre Iralil pain, and alt now hap flY Iu stteIla 11 I cc,".idurlllF.r.fCllrlfsil ly ell. 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