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November 21, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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" nP:nC ke i;PW P. M. ' . . " 9 .mht j .i 'P.'O~M'aie mm an- ruelTlthnk emr,_ " 9 i OK tASN pCANAL AND HANKING ACO.) In 'E eIrn I eaum m t lnteiee will ietve ith. Bl in I' at the tre rf the New Canal, every day, (except . " kynl )-fur tihe Lke, an follows: . Lutrrt a A. M. Return at '8 . M S *iA P.M. " 9P.M. P And on .N1AYS:- -- " NASHVILLE RAIL ROAI iln cunompliance with the wiehen ofe t Iarge number efnnletnen rleirneus of' nulting the,nmelvrr uf tWe flne npor-tnw to be ha t on tlh.G lt Prirde ; the hours ,f ntatting W1be as ,ttlows till tfarther notice-. Coa tieing on Saturday , 1 9. CuI t A.uu . M . t M. wagx uars. Dparture,. Return. M S P. M. 5 P'. M. 8 kNNDAYa 1 • A-M I n A M tAt I -l , , IAl JAMES H. CALDWEL.L, ni12 e . President. S NRWORLPnENS &eARROLLTON RAIL ROAD. SNOT"IE..Wi,:ere Aa",tnnneTe. Ta nmuccene on the lte f Noermbner, 1839. nean Gar at 5 otlut A.M. Here Car jit ti'cler k A.M. t nomltive,. - .. iu lomotive, n -r - 10" - .. 5 ar, at 9,. I orn r, I I - The earp will leave ru tht same hourr ae in the week day. nl I o'clOck P.M. when t uorolnutive will leave C.rrollton every heer util 7 o'clock. P.M., urd Nuw Orleans evouy hor Rri e d r au Ci .O td8 0 ., k P.M. HO . - An e VirA UDn Ctr can be chrinred beforre It e' lok P.M., by puyrnc 5 dollre ore the Trip. After IA oclrk P. i. 10 dollrse wlii hie rthdred. SPhiens goile by tihe tewm Car mnut pwrovide thelselves with Tickete. en the coducr hrie positive directiu.s 1otr to receive moen r in lleu thuer teof. TI#N JAhKAON ANDJ-ACtOURSE STREETCARS t.veu the heed uf Jieikrn street at I1 rei'clk A.M., Crni .treat at"o' At htlf-p.t 7o 'orrhi they rmmnrere to leeae cih entisevery hall hoar, rt~i l rn'rcloek P At, except Inrrthet, instead fleaving Ctrnal street at 1 o'clek, the cr will leave thee . 9eo'circkrP.M. " particularly requested that entlemen will not putu their feet uipo tihe cuehion., orsnohe in the ears, when Ildieu O er-st ,+Nt r,' & C, ltot Roed Company, SOftobee 9d, 1839. JOtIN IIIAMPSON, Chief REngirer N.O. & C.R.C HOTEL. C .LAVAI1) has the honor of infitrmeing sn friedu and tho public -ir general, that Ie hres reken the ilotel at Currollrte. where hr trnust he will receive the call eon his old friends end ll lovers of erio.L cheer. S Prialnte tartire will he eerluri rIv preoided cfor by givina latllle urtire hefirem eb rd. He is willing to enter rinto errngement with femilries or idie idlulu desirrus efpasning the murrnmer aCt Carellt in. 1.i 2.0 ·tr: .lud~... ml F~t,'Lr lsElunsr Charles,.", Nov...:....... 10 fchlrti. .. No.........9 Neio,,, N ..o . .. .30 inllon ,d ......... P9·,opl I. Nov..........0 3.ooieoil,, lo . I s3,l., do ............1 11 S. 3.ooi.. 4... :.... .13 eeo.annh. do....... ....:I .lo laluol Oct t........ 3 Ho..slo. I ...) Ott.... 31 Purl. d n...........01 Maximl. Nov........... .. I ,11511, lo........... 3 h..ellile, do ............lII Hvre do............:; 8 FORT'' OF NEWV f)IFAN'S. CLEAIANCEIS. Novemiler SUh, 1839.. Ship Chatham, Richardson, I.iverpool L II Glob Ilrig Jo.. Cucl1.31 ibrniI, J R.ubhrlss & S1,. .hill Nespo..o Pennoyer, GaIooton 03,1.3. .0 9i.rre. 0y..T.mp0 3.y M.j J Colthe Fcll Ao,,o... At1in. Mohil. Maine, Bch S.I,ina. Young, Wei Iodie,, R Gro.iag 4o Ptlser Wi~vn Robinson JrGordon, Im Bayou·Sar· Rayn e .orn.......o, 0 I I y S o8 015 Ir.cElo. Cicinelati ARRIVALS. N'nvemlrrr0h 1935 Tow bo.t H..,3.on. Deslo, fron oho No,.Ih Ea..3tons, having orposeedd to Peawith her om, rn,,la oo.o Ih.. city wito shipsl Lunill· and Havre; burgtie t itizen, end ochr Ca.,iUm *'0Wrd .,s over the bar Texia,.oh3,Oo.uslo. Lef on th0e bar i Willitsk lng I1..qo. I:idirr. Hlach. f. Ne. York. Stleamer 8hokepoer,, Ilo3Iooo, fIm VICkoObrg EXPOO'I'0. 3.l0,10'oLh..Per ship Ch*3imbe..10203.3als cotton Wrz Iooio...Per eod, 8hlIr ..C..'go 40bh. pork ond I44 hirour GD5.ULT,1..Pr b'rigJu.,n Cuc00 ..Cergo 76 holt. .bo. roll splr., 155,3NNal cotton. 1,950 eIar.. ,13LIowroO..~Pr ship N.ptuno..sLoro 10 h,. tin piooe.. 300ehs sheer iron Ilpop.. r. vol0.I.pig lead Slh hoasckerel 4 'hMcandlo s 11 1031. colfoo3 keg butter I bl bralndy 04 pkg. hardwars 30.i i curo 10 boale. hy 5 b.3. ploltl I tee sod Steas baono TAMPA Blho..Por bh .Soroh..Corgo governooesot (tore... sorted I.Mm.L.Z.I'Pe .h Annoon.. Cogo 58 bi.ll sgo, 332 ld. sugar. B hd. hoo. In.1bl0 lo moass, 10 coils rope 00 bhi pork 2197 lsg. earno IMPOIRT& NEw Yo,...Par .hlp Ohavre..Corgo 800 b.Jr. hay. 14 ,5*51,3h*Olhw10, I cask oil, and 1.1003111 paring sones, 20 ............P',rh ropCilitoo..Corgo paving1ol0an1 hs7, ,1ilh 40 31Ihs th losrogo. RECEIPTS OF PRODIUCE. Vkk.hnro..P.r steamer Pbskhpeor,..C.,go 040 3o.Ioo ol. ton A 0 J Dounoolo. 002 Iyly ia 0o ;344 I3,1.03 I'er3.rooyO 4" 93 9rk onlin i Hebdo3 on 5... 50 M...te a Illdgrl :103.o W M 14al. 30 Taylor * Giardoer. 05 Frier.on, DUo! & oo. I1 A Polno"4 0o, 6 3M ,1enoont0. PASSENGERS Per .hlp loy,,..Mesa0 Mill.. Perry. aod two in th0 3 te0r. Per reame1 9hakepsos...r Brton o o0. 93r Aroher ond ledy.·Thol.sono. 93.6.3n. Lyoohl., Eio,. G000, Am.o .lead. Gibbon. BReosons. GerI, Polly. DBlLlot. Iborloo, Cohen Wllo,,. I'r3..o, T·a3ll, Wadley. Iolmlo, Coo, SOIarp, Bry lick sold Paget MIEMIORANDA No furtolh, noo fro.. the rivr. NAUTICAL. INTEII.31ENC12 N. York,. Nov. 9..C3d .hip Memrphis, (pck3) Nichols, Ne. Orleans. Paoobae1Woodbhury,.do. Arrived-hbri Coohrto0,Ps4I.Iwy. CIeohoogo. Oct0 0. Phhiwllrlphio, Oct II..C hI shiift Niagar. Colo, N O.1.,.,; C3..whio,Clark, do; .oh lidppdcoos, i, fool., G., aullo.30o, RICH JEWELRY, AT No. 36 cIA9T,3:l SoRo0T, A FULI.I. Amr.,rtoeo333, j0.1 replipplci iong of ear riump, 3.,okehl. brooo,'ho, FIp.., tio 3303,3 I .it ..lrr, t1i o .3ncilo. e..1 f,1 ond gu00. ,3.oin-, 00113, 101d ky.1. 1000101110 r01nr0, ,l01r00 a01 d k11 oi,.p, 0.33,30 o.n1d plooet hook., loir, Hl,. ', toothland tall3,., (uch plated.easel oi.n.ll. ro3le30hoo.k 101f niohnoket3o. ct.r!l .,oekladoA mlljI eadls; all 33he Above, articleo oill ti oflrosI,,on thooooo0. r.,aolool, too,,,0. N. 43. 3 lbrae fron01 glooss wilndo110. Side. ohelvpo ond l.ow, caer, foroole. 'lease coll 3t I33 Chaortres II}I3'g''..3-1011 hogs weO,1ln.1ller111, 3, .tr ui B fore.,!e 6. GI IboISEY, *l% 44 New Lever. ~~UtN3 UE-o5J 001100 1.0133 0ulp3313.0 ofl quinine1, . lor 80 ly JAIVIo' &AN33313&hS, .154 coooer Commotion ,& T''h3 ioIoouI. .t9 C A2 0I( I -IL- 0 lborrrel soest Virzi- i,, eolor o il. C hite And cloarflr ratuili.galo3o 5 (Li IPI Tllro. seera'o~ aiu3, 'd quoaliiy, far sole31 q AIIVIi do ANIIHlEWS, n0l. cornerC.....m....&3o3l'3.op;.lgloon l AIt A sItNG Of BALE ROIPE-:150 piece citpon " hoggi.g-365 coil ,opr, ail olfKr,1311boo 3110nu: 01.1,0,e a3d our P03o 13 0a01,10103iml0 1011trm by a114 S (3 I13.AN ADI)A333. 3 mooier at Wv HII-6LAY-50 brfrrio,,lnd, in 0b1110, Our Art L y 1,12. G I)OR 1E' , 44 .Now Levee PI.( UR-3(330i hrbo, peot BOkero' hro.ds. at the la ding, pecr flitr boat f~r oa!e by 311 I: tDI)I(31.',43 No. Levp. ( A''S-L300 arks at tile laOuiug, per rf.133fo3, ar 0,3le by ( IIO3ISI.Y, 3113 44hew L.even ' ICE-4O 130,0e, pli3ht. new Iticp, 30.1.313.3300 brig RHir.. front Chilolrttoo .and 03.r P03e3 b0 03g S (1 BI.AN31.IARt. 33 (,.1v;er10 I HAMPA3IN E CIDER-lll 311,1, iI ,3.l0,,(l ,'e ~.ibv 031 3G D()R9Ki3'.44 New I.,.,o ' LiH--IU 0. br. .iperloe, tor Pelt by LE Kh G )O0(3EV.Y 44 Nrw Leve. ~K7HISKEY-lU91h6' reclined, loroale Iby WV lid G4 1)0(3EY, 44 New I.e,, ARD-'A -133 egs Iraf Lord, in store. oursar Iey o l, G D)UR0EY 41 New Levee OAP-21.0bo,1oii A !doooho...'s yellow, lu3d:og 005h13 hobo "air and .or aler f.y toO . 3( IO LANJCIIAIOII. 33 Iiruovir .1 S3IANII.ES-311 boxes Sperm., of Shamow &0 (orre'o manufacture, la33ding ex oI"Int John Hole, o.nd for sale by all S GI HLANCHARI).33 (irnoirr at * .3iOAR-06 boxes While How..,., 30 'lore ohid f.r s6d $41 IO'I.4NCHARO3, 33 Grolier At dai 36 ANDI WII1SKEV-24 3rI Fl3r..,, 533 `Il7i W~his1key; loMrnp Inci sa aohoel bnat eeo leP µ1p , ,.4'I G IIIO SEY.4f New 3.03,0 g 'm PAPEKS -Super l( R.val.,Ole ' l. tead Psache3 Posl. JI,.l.raevi.vielnl (ortsle by."_ aw e A'I'WAL,49L'o.. paI 'do AIUI-BIMon kegs 53Oriir lesf lord, in , ,rr' and Li L ir.adehy G OI3i 30EY. 5900 44 New Levee b HI$i -'231I5 Ires ,rec,.4.o 3, tie adi,,,', per 34 Ill 31r"aole by .,13 i 'DORSF.Y, 44 New I.t.s. 7TU'". IJIRIl.1.l0l. hales Hmlilton ndoo blite I  'li3s,1sl.iolira fmoth.hip (Ibsrleguu.. for sale by .30 I 11(I3IIUE & C 0,0'O. . 34A'r4. i n oor.-!04 loroen while Woo t'VI ael.for ale JOHN II(GRAIHAM. eg 3 MtIE TRUE AMERICAN . feta E-1 JOR1t n N, the PUBLISED h all.r, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. I N1ESQ OlR LEAN: a* bir THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21,1839. as thi SSecretary arnd Printer to the Second MJnici polity.-It is well known to most of our Citizens, rd that for many years the inhatitants of the upper be section of the city, now the Second Municipal ty, his euffered-greatly in their interests from the mis. ,ee management of the aflaire of the city by a Council hit and officers, a m ajority of whom appeared for ne yea a to strive only in adopting measures calculated fe to retard the prosperity ofthis section. The streets hi Swere left unpaved, badly lighted, no facilities were offered to commerce, the police was wretched, and r ° in short, although paying more than a fair propor- i tion oftax- s, the old sixth ward was neglected. In of eonsequence of these just grounds of complaint, the citizens made many efforts to free themselves rl fromin the thrall of the old Council; and among the first who combated for a rodress of grievances, and afterwards suggested a separatio-, and fought zea- I1 lously and without ceasing till the battle was gained, was ourself. We.had the gratification of seeing oa5r wislles and views accomplished. Im. . edately after the organization of tihe new eye. .e teim of city governmeut, we were unanimously I' elected Secretary, and organized that office, ao sa I. well as that of Clerk of the Recorder's Court, and systematized tihe whole routine of business : for 4. two years all our time was zoan lsly devoted to the Ii interests of the Munlcipality-coommonly spending as in its service, to the great neglect of our private s1 affairs, antwele and sixteen, hours of thie twenty es four. The two offices of Secretary and Clerk Swerer nally divided, we still continued Secretary, I and in that capachy, in all, served the CouncilI faithfully, and as the CO ncil lhasfrequently ac t kuowledged, with great clriciency for three and a h to half years; during which -time, we were absent from the Council but thuree times, and then proper. ly represented by a friend. On the 15th October las', we attehded the Coun cil at the usual hour, and- to our "grert surprise, found that tihe Sergeant-at.Arms, whose duty it was, and had always been, had neglected to copy the Journal into the Record Book. For this and o her neglect of duty, frequent intoxication, anp ,v insolence upon several occasions, we made a formal complaint against him, and for which, as Alder man Freret at the next subsequent meeting, gave it as his opinion, he should have been instantly be broke, as he was an inferior officer, and almost I e altogether under the control of the Secretary. r The complaint was referred to the Police Com. ter mittee, which meoton the Saturday following, and 1Us at which we appeared to substantiate our charges. SBeing under oath, an assertion we made, was thrice flatly and positively and most impudently o con radicted bytthl Serguant-at-.tms the per. son under examination, who was permitted to "13 sit at the table between two members of the Corn. .tr mrttee, although the most honorable tost he was .rc entitled to in tirhe Council Chamber, was at the door. Seeing no disposition on the part of the very correct and highly honorable Committee to protect us from insult, our feelings overcame otr breeding so far as to tell.the Sergeant-at.Arrms ae that he was a liar. This may be considered impro. ls per on our part, but even if it was violent and in. rks d corous, as the Commtteeo term it in their report. .er Was not the provoc:tion sullicient to excuse it 7 more particularly as we immediately arose and apologized to the Committee, diselaairl g any in tention of insulting it. At the meeting of the Council on Tuesday fol ctyc lowing, notwithstanding that mant of our friends o had interfered, with the view of arranging the affair, and offered all reasonable disclaimers and excuses, tWle committee made the following scan. dalously partial and false report, drawn up by and Henry Lockett, and read by David John Rogers. rac. elr. tRogers, Chairmana of the Police Committee, ges made lth illowlgir retort, anecompanied by a resolu inS tion, which, the rules havmg been d.spensed with, was adopted. Sfe IREPORtr. The Committee, to whom was referred the charges a. madei by the Secretary of this Council against the Sergeatlratat-arms, have the honor to report: rds That they have met in order to investigate and in ort quire into the aforesaid charges,rll parties being pres. ellr. The Secretary was called to ubstlnltiatlo the ar. 4 rcusations, which he proceeded to do Ise, himselP, being under examination; but in the course of a short time, the conduct awl behavior of that officer became so or, an proper, indrceerous, disrespeclfui and inmsul.dintt to Sour Comlllittee, tihat yonrr COlrlllitee tlhought a proper respect for tlhemselves, as members oft this .in.ought oadjonrn, and di adjourn, and report to the Ito Councril tire rearso wlhy your Committee did not SIT fulfil the lask intrusted to them. Your Commintee are of opiniom that the conduct of the Secreatov of thinre ouncil has been so disrespect ful, indecor,;u and insubordinate to your Commrittee. and acti, in dischalgerofthieir dily,lrat Ire oight to be Lea. removed fromn that office. Your Comnrittee will enter ,hen into no details, but remark, that if oficer of this th u cry- ricipality cannot perform their dutl repectifully, and unless rhere be piroper and respertful subrrdination, then, thle sootner tills Co.omil gets rid of them the better. Your Comlmittee intend to carry out the investign. Ne tion of tle. charges against the Setaeant-at-Arise, and, ifthey are prtmed tiibe true, yourCommnittee will reco.llnend his removal likeaise. nial; Your Comnmittee re olnmlltrnd the adoption of the mna, following Iletolutior,, all of which is respectfully sub lilill d. Signed, DAVID JoIIN ROGERS, Chailaon. II. LOCKETIT, 1. Will '' EY. Resolve'd, t'hat John Gibson be, an.I he ii hereby rellloel fr·em Ire office ol Seclretnry to this Clounca, and said tlhee is hereby decared vcanll. After the adoption of the resolut on, we retired from our reat, stating to tile Council however, that we owed it to our own self respect, to diselaim any intention of having insulted the committer, and advising t' em that'wo did not consider that our dismissal without a trial or a bearing was legal, and that we should maintain our rights by law which we shall do. During the discussion on the question of the adoption of the report, Messrs. Ca dwell, Peters, Lockett and Rogers spoke several times, and each of them took oceasion to speak of the services we had rende.ed the Munic palty, and the fidelity and efficiency with wlich we had performed our duties. Previous to the meeting of tite Council that vo tedour dismissal, we were informed by a gentleman that Dr. David J hIn Rogers had reported certain expressions as having been dropped from us in a conversation with himt. O the spot we denied having made use of the language, which had beet, put into our mouth, with tihe malignant purpose of injuring us. Aller the decision ofthe Council removieg us, eonsidering that what Rogers had stated, was extra.official, and not within the cov. ering of his acts as an Alld rmtan; for which we possibly had no right to call himt to account, we sent two Iriends to walt upont him for personal satisfac. tion, which he cowardly refused, under the pretext of his being, forsooth, an Alderman, which office, it appears in the opinion of Rogers gives him the privilege of malignantly celumniating a man, with impunity. We were removed from tthe office of Secretary on the 2nd uilt., and without any other cause than to fill up the measure of the dirty, low and coward. ly spite of Rogers, Lockett & Baldwin; we are now deprived of the Municipality printing. Vae have already ext.,nded this article too much, and will wave eotmmnot for another occasiont. In tite meanwhile we ask the public if they have elect. ed these men their representatives and agents? or, ilf they avo conferred office tpon them for tile purpose of serving their own ends, and gratifying th ir own dirty spite. One of the great causes of the frequent defeats of the whig party, is their fool hardy re anoce, and indeed preference, shown to their converted one mies. Some low, intriguing fellow, treated with deserved neglect by the administration patty, feel. ing his own insignificance, and the utter impossi. bility ofrisaig in his own party, rulls away from it, with the seeret tihat have been intrusted to him, and roakes a merit of his treachery with the oppo-ite side. lie is rewarded, and those who htave foulih ly received him into their bosom, seotinually in fear fnew treachery on his part, are obliged, or think it policy to grease him now and anton with the party. favour. This is the secret of the rise of that otherwise ipnignificant bull call Lockett, who C Ise not only bode elevated to office by tihe whig p party; to the mlice of many honest and capable F' whigs, but w veno wormed himself so far into the D ffeoctions of King Peters, as to induce him to vote J I him 82,500 compensation for'legal services worth t% a straw, while the same bull calf was a member of the Council. We have known this Lockett for some twenty Pa odd years, when he was lawyer Carleto's office boy. Thefirst'time we became acquainted with him, was at the door of the l'robate Court, when a very small, but a spirited and talented lawyer called hint to an account for some of his usual importi. nonce. In those times he was impertinent by re flection; from his uncle Carleton, who elevated him from a stable-boy to a law student. Now it ri - se0 from the money he has made by doing the drud gory of his uncle's office, and the countenance that A King Peters thinks fit, for certain reasons, to bestow - upon him. We intend to give his portrait-it will be funny if not h indsome. Rleeordera OmleF, sconld Mlunicilpliay, Reports of Day Police and Night Watch. BRn, arrested on Maeg arine street, says he belongs to WIi. Paiello. Dennis Adams, .nurecce Dn)ggett, Owen Doonev, .arrested on the Levee forr fighting and disturbing the eac--to kee;pl tihe pece in one humlred dollars. Ciarl,. Smiih, nrte ted, auy lie hlias i, plae of re sldence-disclarg'ed. Henry, arreoited'on lorronne street, says he belongs Mrs Sn;il--No pass. enry arrested on l.evee street as a runaway, sas I lie belongs Mr. rlonial. Jhmn, nrrec.d corner of Basin and lnMeinestrseets I at thie request vl Wi. H. Mela, fi c. charged withn stealing chickens, save he Ileagsg to lrs e rane. TIr VALLEYV OF THEr McIrISSIPPI-We have been suoch grroiiied and instructed of late, ii pernsing several works on the western regiimn of the Uniteld Statles and their reasnurces. Few persons. ce suepre t thoroulghly realize what are the capabilities of the valley of the Mi.issii ppi, hlongh every bioly Ias been wrtiing olout them these tweity years. A writer in tie New York Review sets tl'e marltter in a focrible ligllt. In hiat valley there are one millimn four hun lredll tllsnd lqnare miles, oir eight lhundired and nmln ty six niillimii od'atere5, amlile Great Britain with oil it Islands. co linsl bm t eihitv!eight thousand square miles. or illyv ix aild c lhnlf miiliom ofaremr. Andl what iv iht chnrair'er ofsliei vcst region 1 One third ofit at least, iscai InIl of cult'vatio dand thii:k settle Sment and- one tlri is foIr hilvred and sixtyrv four thiousand square miles in extent above seven timei as grent mc ara as all the available land of F.ngland, Ire aiid, Sctland, Wales anid the Islanlds. Look at it more minntely. and you find it, fronl the cleared fields of fhio and landiana, rthe edge of the barren praries lof the Missouri, and from the wild rice swamps of the north, to the cyplress swamps of the souh, fertile be yocil examp e-i lnr most levelor slighlily " oolun lati ng, and oiesvilils in evory direction. Never was there a y finer ctoitr for the agrlclturist; se"anodi.g at his farm lhouse door in Ihe interior of Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois. a Iholsnnd miles Iron tile salt water, he may see his pr.luce afsoal m iti way to New York or Europe ; in a very few yeas, five complete lines of water anid rail way conmmunication will exist between the interior of l iOhlo and tie ocean; founr are now in operation. Nor is that valley destir.ied to be less eminrntly nmanuface turing than agricultural. The states ll Ohio, if we mav rely upon her geologist ir Mathnler, contains as ly meh bhtuminoos coal of ood qaality and easy of ac Scesassll Englnsaodnd Iales; andOhio in tis res pect is, he thinks no richer than western Pennsylvania, .o western Vilginli and Kentucky. Judging from tile little tIht is known, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, are rruhabty underluin to a considerable extent by this a some great iinecral treenire. Nor is it coal alone, that lu aboulds in thie west i from the head waters to the Coin bhcrld river aeroes Kentucky and Ohio, extendsl a ied io if ironore twenty miles inu width. Tenmnessee is filed to with iron; numerous heds iwere lately opened itn In llaI--nnil wlo has not heard of the Missouri imountiin r of that most precious metal? AIready do Pittsboirg s and Cincinnati yearly manufacture seven or right mil limn~ ofdollars worth of iron articles for export to other pointqi; nd lead a'osI dsin lso; s0it is met wilh inin . exlnistiilre qnantitiei ; line is universally ditribnled; Sand thle finest freestone iound in the greatest primf' sion. S Ilere thln is land, the soil and'climate of whichl id favor lillage in the highest degree, the interior of which is fir mIl)rl easy (if nciieeei than tie iterilr ao any cout. -try in Frlmope anid filled with iinerl' wealmh. Within its limits, groiw miaize, wiest, hemp, Slx, tibaeco, cot tII, onil augur. It is i land which scarce ineils foreign mnieresr-e-i1t is a world wuihin itself; there is scarcely do ine colvidelrailo article ofeommervor ifrwefexcmept cpimo' fe nfe iii somede iyo oioln, which the Mississaippi vasllhy e cnnot urnish. 'The first flint glass made i America, cd was at I'ittshlrg ; the piocelain earth within the limni. ioflhti regimlo rivals that rfClina ; tcie lkes aboulnd in S nfish; and the Ibrr stone of Ohio, may be colmpared by with the best from France. Now, what in thie common course oftiingS, must be ". the result hof ilis weaIhi nd capability ? A dense po, nuiiIilioii o pom)unlation of not less tlaon one hIundred a-l tWllt n inoillios of people, nay, if e lbae our cal as eulotiois on the present popnloatio of France, of niot less mlan one hundred and sixty millions, that is to sy, a popinltion fretor lihan that now liviog in Great llBritainr,, lrclaid, renee, lHiolland,Spain, Poltugal anid le sll Germany. This picture of the future greatceas of Ith west will probablv le sootier realized tian litany ii. inmugine.-P-lhil. S. Ch n. ýs. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, IIAVANNA. fIIE aidersigned, present proprietonrsnof thin well known esltollishalent called he . Masion loes.e, situated in Ohropiea treet, No. 119, have the honor to anlnunce to the public, that their gretest care and at tention will be d.dlicated to render comfortable iperson.s who may favoor them with their patronage. The nd vantages possensed by the house for travellers, for its locality, cooeniencce, &c. are so well known that it in nhlnece.sarv to enumerate them. silt --vly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION HOUSE IIOTEL, d la ubaona. 1 OS infrascritos nuevos proprietarioa del bicn I- conoeido establecimionto notmbradlo MAN SION HOUSE, sItuado on la calle de la Obrapia, Nuot. 119; tienen el honor do anuonciar al puhlieo que sue mayores efuerzos ,ttenciones seran dedi eadas I comlplacer t las pInsonas qua le fitvoror can can ru patrocinio. Las ventajas que poses dl,. cha ceon pars los viogeros, tanto per su localidad, comtodidad, etc. etc. son tan conectdas, que ao inu til enutotrarlas. lt set-ly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la Haeoanne. L ES snssign6d, nouve.aux propriltaires d I '6 lab isomlent situd dons la rue de la ObrNpin, No. 149, connu onus l nom) de MANSION II)OUSEI, out I'hotineur d'inforlner le "tbhlic, qu'ils luront tous lours etforts pour se rendlc agreables aux personnes qui voudront bien los favoriser de leur confli tne. L.e cuemtnltdit6s qu'offre ctleo e1ai. son ottx voyngtours ent assez connuets pour no toit jugur nd:csaoiro d'en faire ici In detail. 21 sep-ly CUNY & FULTON. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, F-IR FEVER -ND AGUE. F EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the higlest reputation; and has sop. planted every otlier mIedicine for.the Ague, wherev. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction thiroughout the United States, and still realizen tnree than could have been anticipated by its tonet snguine friends. TrIousands of persons Ilhve not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. ey; and they now cheerfully testify, at every onp portlnity, to its detided and supreme eflicacy. II is composed of such medicinal principlos its are calculated to renew the healtlly action of the stomn ach, over, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire chlange in the condition of tile system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of thin affection. When the Ague is attendqd with any other complaint, the employment of tie Tonic Mixture will not interfere with tie treat. ment of the other disease, but wi;l even affuird as. instance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body durintg the course of treatment. These who make use of thios mtedicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Harks, Mercury, or any other article in its composition unfriendly to the humnan constitution; being entirely a eegetable extract; and they mnay have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has the ef fect of a gentle laxative about the time half a hot. tie full has been takeni--in conasquence of which, there in lno part of the medicine left to linger in the bowels to cauin obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it Ias invariably warded offthe apprehended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satislled with the unparalleled aitd universal success which has con. tantile attended a punctual and regular use of the Tunio Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, rbels warranted in engaging to refund tLe price to all those who have taken the medicine in strict ae. cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty eatse of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the manufatoured iprices JARVIS & ANIOREWS, Wholesale Druggists, oovr27 cor Colmono k& Tchoupitoulas street. CHIAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS AND DEAIERS IN PROVISIONS AND FEED. No. 79 and 81t Julia street,New Orleans. y'Slip and Family stores pet up. mar 5 HOWARD '-INSURAN.g coMPANY, r, NEW YORK. . " -DIKro+IS,. R;, HAVENS, PsaStUZnT. C W Lawrence, Fedinand Sudum; OF' NTaylort B IL Woolley, J PPh t, " J B Varnunm, F C Tucker, M Baldwin, J Murrison,. J Olin, D Lee, J eanklin, td J I) Wolie, i I) arnjamin, bel C O Ilsted, WW eed, - LW Io PH.Ltelur, secretary, Tile undersigned, authorised agent of the above Cmn-. pany flr Now Orleans, will receive pronlsaIs fur ilmour- Ii ltg Houses, Buildings, Stores, Ships in portt Goods, ant Wres and Merrchandise, from Ios or damage by fire. in nl8-4t JAMIRS It LEVERICLII, AosrT. i FOR NEW YORK First Regular Packet cell Holmes' Line of Pockets. T {F I'o sail on the 22d inst. [11 The packet ship AUBURN, captain IDorfey, is to discharging oppositelhe Vegetable Iarket. Conaignt rt n ees will please attend to tie receipt ol their goods. nt9 P I.AID)LAW,51 Camp t "c e The three story brick slor No. 87 New - Appli Lee eel; i ,*essno riven immnediately. Ailpl 1118 t R HYDtE& ItOi'Hft. t GRAND REAL ESTATE Bit LOTTERY OF PROPERTY, tIt Situated in New Orleans, tilt TO BE DRAWN ON THE let DECEMBER, 1839 of IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under tie superintendenee of the Commlnllisiones ap """aled by the Legislative Assnmbly of Florida. do SCIIMIDT & HAMILTON, M - Managets. 109,000 tickets, at $l5 selteme price. $1,500.000, se Sellig prite $'0 per ticket. nla SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEW YORK, - Sole Agents. Q3 Tte receiptls of the sale of the tikets will be de posited in tite Ctana, Union. Carrolton, Citizen's and L ontolidtedrt ilnke, in New Orleanl, in the name tt' Louis Scrltidt jointly with J. U. Perrault acually 7 Ctlaier oflie Citizen's Bank, and A. Baudoein ase 7 It tually Cashier ofthe Consolidated Itank, no 't'rustees, - as per act passel e:ocre A. Mazureat,, Esq. Not. Prbh. aon te 2d May 1839, atd the proplerties tlansferred to the above tnentioned gentlemen winrucunbered, as e Ttratees, for the security of tlhe fortunate prize hol deare. a Int New York the monies will be deposited in the Phloenlis Bank to tite tredit of the above latmed b City f Banlks of New (trleaus. s The 1Pittlic are referred In the acts passed hbeftte Y r A. Manureau, Esq. Not. Pub. int relation to the propl pl ertien which etmbrace the respectite prizes in the ottery. 00 PRIZES, as follows: I: I Priee--'lhtattttgnificnt tllree stary brick betsilditg, knolwn as te AiAIIADE. ad in Magazine street. measuring 286i e rd feet 5 incles 4 lines on Magazine lt. . 146 feet 6 inches on Granier street, te and tIll feet 11 inches oni Na.ches as st. Thisbuilding produces now a rent of$37,10 ierannumn, and breing it in te nlst foourittng part of the Is frty, three hotnks, and in en the itmmldiote noetthborhood of. the he St. Chtiles anl the City Hotels. Its rents will, in a very few verrs be S increased to fifty tolatnand dotllar dtnr annume. l Estinated at $700,000 i Prise-T''Ihteletant four stry brick build. is, iug known as tile Cl'tY I OTEL, ie trformerly 'Bisllops Hltel, situated al in the corlner of Clla and Cumtlnon il. neasnring 162 feet on anommon at, ot nd 146 ftet Ii0 inches ton Camtp st. r tThis bluilding rento now for $32,0100, o attd being in the most central part wof the city, call shortia be increased tuo thirty ttousand dtllars per an nul n. Eatheted al $500,00 Prize-.The three story brick dwelling o, ouse, No. 30 itt Natchez street, he adjoining tle Arcade, retnted at 12 re hlldlltl dollars. Estimated at $.0,000 lit PriLe-'l'e three story brick dwelling tot touse, No. 18, adjloiaing No.20, o:t ,~- atchez street, renteld at wetve eld hrtudred doIllars. Estimated at $20O,000 led I rize-Tlhe three story brick dwellinlg toi l. oue, No, 16, adjoining No.19, on in Natclezst. reted at twelve hundll red dollars. Estimatedat 20,000 eg Prile--The dwellne hou e No. 23 norlih r east corner of Basin and Custolll ouse street[t "esuring 40 feet I i ont llo Basin tttet, 411 feet front ltn f Franklrin street, bIy i7 feet dlepth on COusotlllnlllaoe otrert ; retted lIt Of. it o teen huIllnred daillaa. Estimated at $211,11.1i it Priz--'i'he dwelling house No 24 nouth weott'lrncrtlf Ittain street. meas ouring 32 feet 7 ineles on Blarin st , tn 32 fett 7 incihes on Franlklin street, go by 127 feet 101 inches deplit on Cut el toelhes as street; retedr at fifteen hundred dollars. Estilalel st $20,000 l Prize--The two storvy brick dweling house ir, No.339 on Rolyol" treto, between nits Ursuline and tIosplitul streets, maso urint24 f eet 8 ilcilelsn lllvnl tol, by 17 feetl 14 iln 'hen ill dlepth; rant rd at $10211 per antUlll. o Eatillatedat $15,000 Prie $ce 50shnre Canh l Bank sttck, at

I $1I,) each, $5,600 Prizeo-lliO sltaren Coutlercial Bank stock nt $100 each, $20,010 IPrize--S150 shlares Meedois' ond Tra Sders' Bantik stock,at $100 each, 15,000 ea 3 Prizes of 100 shares each, City Bnatik, 30,011 an 2Prizes of 5 . Eachange, 10,1111 Of 2 Prizes of 13 Gus Ligitt, 5,001 ny 2Prizres ol 15 ' " echanics'and Traders' 3,000 0O Prizes of 10 " Louillnoa State, 111,11110 10 Prizes .i 2 (;a Light, 2,1100 200 Prizes of 1 " IBa ak olfOrlean s, 20,t1111 011 Prizese of l u Unlion iallnkof roll Florida, 15,000 5CC, It atoll he at the option If tthl wiltn'rs of pries ofe ll bahk Itncke, eitler to take the stock itself or the par at- solae thereol in cash. od- MODE OP DRAWING. its 100,00 tickets, frolm I tlo tl0,tl0, will he p1t in one t is wheel, and 1011 priz'e, with the hilanks, in alothleri tO rvery nulmber a lrize lr blank will he drawl. Ilutil alI 6. te, prizes are determllined, ll.leaving the balale.C of nI0u hers in tile wlheel--blanks. Orders fortllme nbrve Lottery will be received at the ion office under tie Verandah, corner of tt. CIarles and ., Commll.n atreeta, atl at No. 104 Ctartres street, New pin, )rleaot, stIlt promptly forwvardhd. Orders from the lio alltry. post paid, containing rmittalnees for tle tIU di- bersftickets required, adldressed tal oa- BSI lMIDt0 & IHAMIILTON, New Orleans. la, 1'A eteamahut will be proviled to take to Florid. such passaegers as may he desirous to witness the e- drawing. Jacks.nville, Fin. April. 1839. mn. 1 $20 RE RARI)-Kanwny the let Nn. hvor, tO e negro'G .ORT;E, speakinlg Fg liTs and FreNch, aglTY IDt 1eLart , ,5 fit 4 or 5 in ch hl sartl sltlickrl, small evers,, pmmvoin III RtRr anlripen and free gate Iavit Ioie of Ithe rint It e.h in Irhe uper jaw ahrk..- laH In,w tlll e wet away. a tair ati' trle ltrl - loonewil. sall blu tptie, and a gingh nm lhirt Said nera worked a hmg a, hile wlthMi. Woo. Slone, u a hbricklayers' aund. FEIRNANDI) LESIlOS, t.G--It 3.31 Dauphin e Itrept TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STEAilM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. TaIE suhscribers air e r.iving direct frao the mnnlfactnrien, large supplies of Glans, Chiina and Earthenware, Ioo.king ',lses, Platdd and Silver .aie, Lampn, Chllandlenrs, J fineryl, Kitlchen ware, and to . furnlishling gaolds getlan ly, which they offer at unns"olly low prices, at N'. 17 Cnalp strel, and Nor,84 Com on atnet. t. 11an .--4w t II BROVErt & C SANVASSm D IIA l--Itt casks in siore for sale by r. n20 J 'rlI Ayke & Co. 74 Pylaydras t -IJI.hKLt0, ir. K'TCIIUI', c--5 itlel gnll.n Jart 1 iand 5a boxe~hall do jar pickle.; 100 lboxes a t nslo kelchup; r O hboxe pepin er ataule; tl do half pound Calli.Pr rlustlrd, is t,nre Ilr esate by .o2 J'I'IIAYEIrt & Co. 74 I'oydrs st SCE--40casksa prie('sr olina IRice, in store Ior i let by [n20] JT .I'IIAYERt & Cn,74 I'nydri ast ,ut/ HISKEYa--15 bit at tht lainding, for aile bn n19 (; I)OrtlEY, 41 Nuw Levon. s.I r)l.-1-00 brls a e then Ityiding, for sale liby n19 DOlRSE t. 41 Neb Leae (ORI)ILA 1t()IT' IROPE--II coils Cardila ioll Iaope, mdin g fiom shtil (hrlinannr, fitr alt bhy oa31 I'RiTEI(. LAIIt.AW, Gil Caii. ot pI ENlYe It I.eE o cIn, Nn 3 Rlaganrla antrnt, are rnI arw receiig frntom ships Nashville, Louisville, ktitLhtl. Eagle, at otiler late anriivals Irsan .h - "er-· cities : laIrgae oat lew t elearte assortment I1.1ias Boota, ihoes and Brogamas, tonsiilinsg ot'gent.lese's one calf and lMorcco btoot 'in G4d ktalhy; do buhord, and stout wax pegged Ilots a n srinetstquaities; mein' fine calf uaie aad 'Mron, the. timtps atdhl brogans, bucklski shoes, bhogas ou alppeal: men'afine calf an ti d kippe egged lshoesnd I rogansa; do boots; do stont kip an waxn pegged Ishoes Itd brogans; getlenime's best qulality calf tewel slioae, irogans and Jack Dowtnilta; do calf and .'Morocco , takle shoes and brogans; loo calf, seal anll aornece Stdian shoes natil slippons, do calf,. boll anul neat wnlgs a aw artiicle; do Olte nali' se,.i satd morocco q.lartet rots lioys', misses' and children's pegged aid sawed bn ogans, anl sloes of every toalit" anld htld. Alo a general assortment oi men's Ilana wax anl rests lrogais aind shoer, together with 10,0Wt aira a-ro tist qIality, rosseta broaHns, nailed in tht hImks, tmade exnressly for pintatln use; a genii ats- I Slmetiett of men's fine and stout kip ruuett bhrg:als, Sw artile, an!d a arge qIuality of at inlerior qualiti i ltet ni wax brn ganll. Laline' fine calf, aenal, moroaeo and grain welts, anit pomp sali shoes; don fine Fretch Morocco sand kid rnn ,m,Id silperst tdo roan shoes, witllh ad twithnet etels. h alf, sal tiul stout leaIther bootees; do Prunrells shoe. I fall kindrls and qalities; do lslting brogans; na gaiter-n n antl Ibfoxedl bootees. Misses' i.saingsnriuig sll.mSat, agmet. Children's colored Mlorcoo aid lasting bno . amandi boots, re. -lentlemea'sfi.efaloshlnabl e blank silk hats; io black ien Idlrab beaver do al a superior quality; do imiation it ram do;t braland inarrow brim men's fine drab and -iht a lisia shmrt tapped lass, a new article. Yothsli L:a;e amie hasl a tittfferent qualities; do Ehilhlren. Al.'s and bc)'a black sill drab wool ltlts a variotL sins pet, with gelneral alsstsaent a" boys' SInd Iai's 'I hia assantent will ahe reletidtdh b. the nrrival ol tl jalsrkelltsomn the nome slmedl cities, all of whicll Sili be sollt sct nlulnac .lating termi. all 1--tf A! KS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. CA 'GRA ND D eco REAL ESTATE LOTTERY O.'PROPERTY SITUATED In NEW ORLEANS. SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. Offieea under the Verandah, Corner of St. charles and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, betweea Conti and Nt. Loris Streets. . 'rin - - Val I ITH a view of meeting the wishes of our friends. we have the pleasnre of announcing to the publ lie that this Lottery, by authority of the State ot Iouis inna, will he drawn at the City Exchange, in St. Louis a p in New Orleans. Sea The drawing will, without fail, begin on tile Ist Dts Fom cember next. Cul Our agents throughout the union, willcause the shove to Im inserted once in one of the newspapers of their respective residences, and charge the expenses in t acecant. nl--tdil SCHMIDT. & HAMILTON. DI[ We are authorised to announce that, at the solici tation of a large number of the citiuzns of the three Munieipalitiee, Mr.WVILILMan FRERxT has eon-eaned to tile presentation of his name to Ihs fellow cilizens at the the next ensuing ehllion, as a candidate lur the odlicen of Mayor of the City of New O)rleans. 13' Nous sommes autorisd ba annoncer qu'P In l u dotnande d'un grand nombro des citoyensr des trois Municipalitds, Mr. WILLIAM FnnreT a Consenti B se pr6senter comnme candtdat I Ia place do Mairte la paoclaine election. 9[ L. U. GAINNe,.t thle solicitation of lsmany of hIis friends, has counentrd to become a candidate for. tie - office of Mayor of this city. The Verandah-St. Charles Theatre-Camtnp st. Theatre-Caldwell'a St. Chsrles Areade-Hotels -Stores-Squarrs of Ground 4e- CAPITAL. PRIZES!!! ga LOUISIANA GRAN)D RIAL ESTATE AND t" S'ISTtCK .O'I"l'EiY, oiliee corner of C(at I and St. (:lrler slrelet, lutholized Iy a law ul the State, 6th larch1 1028. THE IIAI.F.MII.LION, or ('nmp street Theatre I.olter). 1OJ1 Plize! draws oil 3Ist I)ecember, New Year's Eve, aid fiihed in one dr'aing. TIIE GRAND 'TW\V MII.IION LOTTERY. 10,000 Ptzose! ! !! Will eommPeree drawting as sOn as practicable after the First Lottery. I 1l3Notes of any htanks in the Union, .hlich are gell orally Inukable in tllae cir lterv are isseltd, wirl be roeeived i tt llel tfr rlTickets, which ale in thle Ilialf Million $lt(-'l'oo Mlillioa $20 CALIDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'l'CHARD, n12 Proprietors & Manager.. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS' GIFTS ! Verandah, St. Charles Theatre, Campt Street Theatre, Caldwell's St. Charles Arcade, lHo. teis, Stores, Dwellings, &c. &c. CAPITAL PRIZE-!!! Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Lotteries. By authority of a law of the State of Louisiana, 6th March, 1828. CALDWELL, OAK EY & PRITCHARID, Managers and Proprietors. The prizes are manyv publii a11d private Iluildilas whlill adoru tetilte citol New (Orleans, odll are tie pride of it- illhhitals-t-lie Vernald ,t, St. C(i iris eI treet d Trlieatre, Aterieian Cotl) Street 'ITheatrc, CahiYelii'se St. Chiarle Arclllde, with Iltltole, I)eerlile Houases, S(tres, luilding Lo.ts. mn(yll, enlilre squares of troull, l ii 0 &c.&c., are rIady for traltlr to to the holders ol'.lrize etckets. IIALF MILL.ION, 00 OR AMERICAN (CAIP' SI T tEET TIIEATRE CArpTAL $5411,001 INt I,291 PtttzEs !! 00 Will be drawn 31st Dlecemlber, New Yetars' Eve, inl New Orleans; andl ll rder to glatifv uIlrcha<ers of tickets, tile clto nlillaation plan is ctIl are() tor this lottery whel'lby it aill he ellllpleted i one drawine. 67,"15 tickete at Illccllare, $675,250 1,91 PRIZES!!! 'SCUHI E.ME. Catmp Street Tieatre and (:round--prize to the let,2 d eed 3d drawo t eltllhers, 150,000 That subtttantlI for tore hick bhulitli ri tl led Arnl-trIngI s Ilotel, trnming 111th ellrn1er of Cooat oani Natchez c treets-pllize to the l 4llt 5,1 & 111, 40,1 0S) SO Thati! valtllllo ive sthry brick tlore on (l)it Ie nes sortet,l ecuptied blih tm. I. W 35-000 king--ptine to tlle 31h, heBtd tlth, 35,1)110 Thnt elegrllnt dvlliltl . al n. d b lot No, 7 i prize to tile 1(111h, h lit l n;l 1n lh, 25,000 ha lltl two) story hleonid d e.'lling mild dolihle lot on in 2td llllil jlll l e lllltid by J Ml 11all Ilze Ito tile It1,21 atlld 4tlh, 1800{1 10 Vilh 20 ther prizs of ,, al Estate,, allnking 33 of Real Relate, mtltd 315 of lttoks, and 1tany prizes of T10 'ickets in the Two Million l ottery. 30 THE GRAND TWO 3111.1.IONS IOT'l'EIRY Only 9 Blanks to a Price. 10 10,0011 PRIZES-Of 'lTwo Miilioes, of Dtilars. lJ['Drawu on the old plan of IBlank, anul Prizes.ltm 10 NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. 00 100,0110 Tickets, at O.0 dhlllrio, $!.110,t0,0 11 The schettte and selling price Ihe same. The expen sea operate as a rellluctllln lfrl the vluations bet Lon 00 thle property offered ill prizes. Mef)ODE OF DRIAWING. Thr 'he Nor.l to 100,0011 will be placed in one wheel, and the same nutllher If llmanks and L'rizes ill another whee drwn unl a idrawn until all are dtrawn. t] l Th''le flirt day's dlwiolg ill Jauilllry next, tider tile sltpero i ion of two J d r' of t 'martllst ill N. t)rleans. a 10,0{) PRIZI:,S!!t It. lIe V ,erandlahl andl Gr(iundc. valued at $500,000 2d. l'The St. Charles ''ntearet , ground, seen err, machinevry,&n. eolulpl'te, 4110,00 the 3d. T'ie StCharelen Arcade IllildingCaomp Id street. 150,000 With Stotes, Dwellings, entire squares of he CGround, &c. &c. 950,00)1 mnt 10,000 ',riaes aClnOllln to $',,00l Tickotn fIur .ale at tile croler of Clanal and SI. Charles ItrPets. 1(19 MAYOUIAI.Y (IF NElW ItlItl.IAnS. rIT1lE price of flour Iine thins day $575 pe r I.rrel I n-cordin, to tthe tnrif, Ilul bakeirs will gie :,5 ones ll ,freld fir ten celt. IJrilg th. atek gaIln ohF- ul ntoday nePXt. he 18, iltlut . The hoawi s of sectnd quality,or f three fir tel eelts, shall weigh 25 per crent more, viz: 431 ounces.. hlfi C. GFNl)I",. Mtt or. ,I"ISSINf; from ship AIubnua 'rhrce 'Trunks nwr. cieh fz,"ne mlcdJ It 4tl~rtAin .l" Co, Poris: lTenn. and llm ship .\.hville, Ithre hrs, Irel-mllarke, 1' & Ft. Any llperson llhtg'e se in ulltir t II.mes: lien, will please give iflltfttliao ti No. 90 CoUnint c pIANDI.rS-l O lbxes Jlr I',s sprIrat, ain ding la. J ltrig It Gruoing fhioun NeVw Yoki, a frll, sale ly nl S G IILANCH \tIl, 33 (iruvirst Hy IEFSALI.E AND RT'I'AI.CO311B ANI) VA r rIElTY STORE-a- t t.e sign of the golden colnh,lil 'r Chartres street. The rsur cibers altve re ceived, iRn .-lition to theirp reviaus stLk olo hand, a ull and complet. assortment of artioles in their line; viz: collst, perfuutiry, Jtnecllrv, lrlshesl , locking glosses, fon Wvrticles, ome. ofsisliug ill part uas follows:" COMl S--torlcolse shell wrought anrd plain t oektwist, qilled hack, loni roundl, dressinc, saidlne in, orl and rnek, Brazilian :olnsh of every dntcripltion amongst which are some Mexican ptcters, lurvr comlh of every dascriptin, Lhorn, dressing nd ll aket, togclher with a general nssortmelnt fFrrelli and Ateinrican. PERFUMIEIRY-Cologne, I.aveltder, Florido, honey, bvy, rtse and oinen flower r wafers of every size and dres crip'tion, canmptloral Clognlle, extractl if Blrgamnot, lancy soaps oalall kinds, shaving do in cakes andt patsa, -ream soap, do, Ward's vneetlale hair oil, hears and al tiqundn. Preston's smnelling saltn, tIsln lnd perfutmed tilet powdtler,pearl powder, tn lerltpffst andl bitrs poa natln in Iots and rolls,orris and celorine tooth wash and owdens, withla ayginrl assortmlent of - JEWEI.I.RY-n ome ofthl latest and most hfahions hle setts, consisting cof t itie ad red cornelian, top.- ' et eardrolp, set ii filagree, hreast jills offa gre"' sip Iv of lnterns, watch triutniuine, gilt and silvy dckles, nilver thlimles, silver and gtld pt ,eils lad guardl rcailn IBI.USHIIES-Cloth, ir, irdust. g,crunlu,hlcartlfloor, lint,r.esh, tooth, plate, coatb, Nail, rhaving, shoe and whitewansh Irusta s. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet glasss, tagolfving and Frencll dressing glasses, hontte doi with a narei onfl tlier kinds not enumlerteiid. 'FANCY ANl) VARIETY AIITICLES-French and Amnerican portable derhks aid dressing cases, sola very rich and finely iished ladies work iboxes and dres sing cases witlh and witlhoti music, musial loxesn, Ac. eordiens o lvarious kinds, violis antll guitars, silver rind plated pencils and leads,wood cinils Ior carpenhtrs and crayons, mnatle clocns,guns atni .intplols with anld without cases, percussion Callls, ptrrcu.isitonu clp chargers, nilppl s enw drivers, slhot berlt,gainc Iags, paste hlacking, toy ten setlls, Iindian lcls of every kiind, Iells and ltutmes, finennd cotmmon knives razors andi scissors, tuniihles, n.,edles, pins, silver platedl, steel and coltllon spectu cles, packet books and wallet, ofl varitous kinds, visiting curdsand card cases, playing cards lof Frenelh, criltan anlll Atmerican manulaelore, dllls. iaitatin fruit, snu bares, prinlta of various kinds, Stundlrra' Poiureroy's, EInnersrn's, Hillnan'a antil Hawkit's razor straps and nmeltallic holnes,dirk, fancy bead niecklnces, do with -r dropn,toy watehes, rpearl hitiois, powIder flasksa cna and plnain seed heads, gilt and silver ti, gum elastic auspen ders,.nad garters, plain and n"irdl canesr, hckgnntinon hoards, dlice, optical viennes, jrwsltarps, ocnlioec match eas and drinkin" icops,t with a great variety l olther nrtni cles, all nfwll h will he nold for cash or city acceptn-. ce on i12 months cradit. B H SUIMMG.IS, & co.. 1 70 PCitartreasl. Cologne Water, Perlumery, &c.-A stlendid rlice .tI colgne, pul ut expres-ly lot flIi retail Itarude; asi, the purest F-ench .rrlumerllro,'r., cin everry variety lor tile toalet, Ior sle iby tat 2 KEES & D'LAN(:. IASHIONAdRL. CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEIN. No. 14 ('Laertrea Street HAVE ancithltepntlilly if every aticle pelta.trli on grntletien's dress. of thle latest style, at N.e" Ytr prir a dec Ol CAMP S¶TIEET TIEAMI'E. SE Second nightl otAe il WATlER WIvrCH; li; Or, The Skimmer of the Seea!.. tak Tali evening will he perfoirmed irno JOAN OF AltC Il The Maid of Orleans. " Prince Charles, Mr De Bar Valianlo, Franklin A JoannfArr, Ml's Stuart Previuas to which, the da S WATER WITCH. Ins Capt Ludlnw, (comed'rof the Coquette Friente) Morton arv rSeadnrif, caled the skimaterof the seen) Mlrs De liar v 'I'cn Filler, (viling ac tee oatthe Water Witlch) Drl e .ar Fran cis, (ylet to In belle Burlnerie) Sehonlcraf Upyrid, : 1 Cll owel Alida, (I.n itlle larherie) Miss Verity Il Doors open at 6-Performancee to commence at7o'claok.8 .th WASHINGTON BALL ROOm ST. PHILIP STREET, BETWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STIREETS. I llE MANAGER of the Waahinrct.n Ball Ronm respectfully inflrnl his friolds nrd the public, that the. above mentioned establishment will olier for the on reason,nn Mlloniay evening, November 4th, 1839, Iy a GRIANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, no and wiii continue throughut tihe season every Monday, 7Y Wednrsday and rfturdyv teveninag ofeach week. Admittalnne far (GeIlemien, $2 0. New , rleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. bHIPPING- el Coastwise. 'I ll I'nrt riling pnekPe ship VIC(KSURG,I, Banker trnlliter, llvine hllve felnrtlrof llr *:rg, enrragell, will elill s ablvPe anlll caItrre :St litrle. crtun. Ir rr freight or pas=nge, having ele- c g"na Tccnrlntldalions apply, nr lire eiatill on rolllad, n tiwo ltllr Ielcw the Vegelabhlt rnarkPt. or tor 1119 A i.r fIEN, 9:1 ('mnlnnon vt FOIl NEW YORK. New York and New Orlen8 Line. fIre le g elptnl new Ip.klel ship FRaKrxonrT, J. G. Itllsell, an ter, will re ,mrten ee trroId. i r.this dtlny arld have early rdeplml. . 'fhle F. Ilas be en ,ail explresslv fr lhis Irade, is orf a lighlt l raft nl wtler,annll iaell IIrCll dtirtll l il)loe fir plr.assergel Squl to ally vessel sailing oralf i'llle Ulitell- Stclle. Fo-r fright or possngapp, lylly toracrllain Ruavrll, on bonId, n l On. Joseph 1sllt whnrl, or It 1118 3 l':'tI'l LAII)LAW, 51 Callmp r STIhe: .seliolnerrANlAWAN, Cl ptninAtkinls, Iilirg at the wirl oarp itriiil. Jelferont streel, will Pall lnd ilvle:ly fill. tile abDove porl on the iauntlr. or f'reiightl r ip:lteanr apply to il HIERtOGEN C O I VN & Co,9 - ontl st NEW YORK AND NEW OIIIANSLIN E. r `11I LI NE will he composed of seven shilps, whih'h . 1 will succeed Palr h otlir i Ilin fullowihlg order, ti : lShip Troy, It. itrckindc tIT, master. Shlii Rlleublician. JS W'ilmor, master. Sthil Aullrll, Ir: Col nvell, master. enw shilp IFrliaktort, J G Iusslell, mastelr. New ship Mrlly hliernanlld, It AlcCerren, nnsler. n New ship Firlieili, W I. Lyon, nraster. TI Thiee Shiprs re all oif Ithefirst class. Ihve alrenammno et dalions flr passenern unsurtpassed for collllCfrl uand 's convenirence, land Iit y crlllllln andell. ' lire f.rearesir rneirltreiV will he orsered in irplerprtrl I, ilg themn as adlvlrti-ed, and every realsonble accoll ae noiRilrn extendeid io hir ppers lnd ne pellgpers. or freiglht or paPs.gIP, l Lpplv tn s2I I'E'I''IF I.AIlI.., S!i (Ctlip Sl FOIR NEW YORK. in 11OIMI I' IINI OF I'ACKE'I'-To sil every ofI5 otherr Mondhy. hliri lle i eot lr a, ,rd of six ships, viz: chill \i cKsucno, Cuapein Ilunker, Nov. 251th ,, aLeANs, - .eara, Dec. 9tir , IAN"TcEA, - Atihbv, , 23I " ,, AHKANSAS, - Dcnnis, Jnll. G61 ,. A I-unI.EL, - Wood, JIllthI ,. AllAna, - iterry, Feb. 3d O i 'te lrelraove rslli le of the lrsat class coieredtl. rndr lpl.lert lhsaene a lil e ho l iigbebult illcrNew Yorkj expreslyv olr thinl ra,---tlhey are of li'ht llltha girt of w.teralid ahnost invariabhl .' he Bar withomit nny 011 delemltioll. 'lear psrckeln s are crllnlllr I Ib llrlclres t ell dr l e rilcPI: - l In che alorc', rlcd rilel Ilccaos exler thbemselvesoi c r 'irn nnI IiPle-ther will alwys le tilowed 10) up i nndhown Ihle river, anld will pllomplly sail as l verlitrd. They hlnvr handsomely futrnishel aeellindltimns, 10 l i n hrl irs le f fl irr lll y wilrllrr ll leways lie flrnished, ll every nIllentliln p naid t' the col ftioi rll f illrelihionl 01t '.lte trih i of crrin passage is fixed at $711, witlhot i Fcr aner r particulars ei at o I SA C(IIIEN, 110 (crc.rinrrt rI The ships .re not eac-irntotr le fior blreakegerl elcrrs, hollow aIms, marble. r gr' itre, cooplergle. iflti, or rllst rei ircot ee orr'rhl, for tecirriblce trior.e art kace or parcel, rnnlessa i renclcr bilrl .fulnic rg in nigrled tleeficr. SFor the Interior. Th .Amr'',Il'A'-. l~fup arrive,`'-~·l,.\.' will deport an or about Oth1 ·11) meta nt11. ýl'or frntg ht olr pa-sate, toI Ne·w Iberria anld all t f,.l rhe p Inn) 10i FOIl IIAYOIII SAIRA R'eul.rh Pecket. lilt11II. N).\\1' Jesse Inrt iiinter, Cdwill ioav New Orleanlsevnery Wed aian-d at III ,I'clock A. 91. iri 'ila&eCvery Stry tIII, inlek A. 1I tkinn It,, c..,n- do. nn SIIIIdyI. ForI Ill egt lollpnglie alply to (Ca pt. 11 rl oil nard Ior In (WI1 i ADAMS & WHITAI.L PLL til lld (I:C (iFIIIIIIIi', pr ilemises, No 21 Cnii, stre I ill ahe n ireIeIIr IInIsIrCte OIffice. no j I.It lllt ' I'lli E -'-i. 0 II3 ron iilIi'nulli 31fee ie'sae Apply at 1((9 IIIomw ilail II I illiI'iIt iiIll bgivel'.n. 51 I1 t I l"iVK:IIEUX, 1l38 'I'cl.I~upilntolunnnI \LOU"i-:i:tll'ils loading i '''"" "''"e" S""""l aAll I IIREi',!) Siw Levee 1N~~)) 3:InIne P1" udfrsae iI II SI i ll Ji Iill. 111111 ~ 111;,3il3 IlClajnni lla ý) ('-:0 ass e~ Rte i euP I.IIAnV foI I'iiw be Iotmed ill lying il lte. K K, Itiriker 111 IaIply iiiap tain TJIlIilC (iiiII~ '1SI.A CCI ',:I I Itleil~re CAr n U. III.. l~li iiilv ll OAi) ivlpelILA). l~ E I~lE N))l 51(11K il: 121. ITFI-It, Cll RTU(InIlIely BIil 1C) Iiil) tle Ilu-lei on hIlneCd orIi to CAeII m ILn lAK'St. & Pa'k's CIOI'rCreai t tDre InOlev IetpeItP'llyl I nifiilenl'IltIh thesr SIIe will ee plr.. Jelin stale.,, be tart AnIS Mag r & nVITALI n .07 raneet itY J J 11(11 LON, I'pslnr. CLSiISINo. 1. T Hr Idf nilli ll), Io Cllllt St Il hlee Class of STOCc'K Ic,'l'I' Lt.e C ill pnkitively br drown n the Mat Ien le Ndeleellew n'dnr ' CE lF. CAI. \VIlI.I.nen,' & I'nnnIllC & (tITCIAR nd nfi inIlO)IiI1IIIce c I I'a11e I l10911 and lS 1(1hale90 kv i;(;ltI IAlNilil 5iES-neC)II) llmil al tiiieuLve l ilk UdigibrnlllnlP, llliIinerl etilr fr nIle al)I Naval MiiIaeJAO FnaISK. 57 lneinnt,,ud o31 Itixa 1, , E IlubII1, St l;Iarle at rr \ I'S-The an belscril~rer have received and arel re- J C eivieneIly elery pucklt,a larg Ien sepplg oefeaver, onll nllleIi) llC 'iini,.ii\ nilne, hey n ffl r (at itn,,bnem lien CloIlhe liraes ad pub iL gnpe. ally. For sale by Naval, Militnar & FnahieTnaIle NaRErX, tnder o3I ExL.anS lIE HoAelII St Chnrles Ia I[ý \ISIN, RAI'FSFIGS &L ALIIONIh-2400O Le 1 lnd,11l r'er dll nlldnnb lneR, Cirki 5511 bo.,i Mu sIcIat, ,nhin,; too drums'e Figsi; llp keg I and201'll ts Graplle; 25 bass matt slellel AlCiylnal., N.uw choll oe IIIIIIcI giIl llevinndn ane I,r sul by Ona 9 AIDPART FIIIIIT OC.lie nt, a. J USTI rheeived, ..and foir aeI, a lare aICO d genenal s. (.n..led t iIn.l)jllleleld are,ieue h as Bae k btllgas. 'l'ee Cmli IIerti L ICplll C &c.y 51AI3'I'IN H & J DEGVEREUX, a26 26'1'ebhlnpiluul s a persoin e wheo will Iiea to the rec I very tanlll boxe, ma~rked diIjipnond'1' :11, whichie were hau1led trop, shipil CnbnI,n by delny No. 1736, or for the1 recovery of five IIdee no,,ntwe trun- lmarked H Iin, kAlled by . ray NoI. l141-n-llme oft he shover goads Ilavingcollla to tined. Apply to No. 9 W l CSernn street. o26 GASd LIMIT'l A ND BIANKING COMP)MANY, Gas D,:euaenrNT, OctobeIr 2Iet, 18:19. ('1 OKE, & COAAl,-rhe price o Co~ke has Lrrl fixed,' IC AC 'lth eilig Rlleun, t fiSty cent, per birrel, ill t3e G1s Work1 vnrd~an 1, aken in quantitiNaIesof u) hundred bcl Iarrels, will leelrliverrd free ofcnrlag.. 'I'tia aupt~rio, ilk of th Cake Inc Fuel, 'ring easy ofI1 ignitioiln and free loah~n anly ulll leara nnt mell or Fltuke, shodll~ induce every T (RIIIlIa to make u se o it. Caual will be furnishe~d us usual to TPrgulTI·1 nalll nersR ()ldeT. rlceived at the Gas .·i (.iee, Haink Alter. oils E W WE.I. S, Searrea.: p31 43 I'clin~itn lll s it SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. NOTICE--The ownetl of flats, hateaux, &c., lan I ilng bri:k, imlber, or otlermateria.l.d , ilhin the limits lo the 2nd Municipa.ity, are hereby notified to take ornta licence fir such croaft.conformably o the law now in Ittcea, at the expiration of ten days from the tlate ofthis notice ; all bots lfond in contravenllon of lhe law will be seized and the ownernpruoecuted for the file imposedW.ct DvIA.UN, 1114 Collectorof Levee Duer, 2nd N. AVIS aug propidtairen des- bataux &c. ddber quaint du bois, lee briqes ott sutree matdriaus, dans lesa limites de Ia Municipalitd No. 2., cat leI donnd qu'ils devront procurer one licenee peor lei dite bateaux, conformdmont i Ia leo exitealeee, avant I'expirntion do dix jours bdlter de eat itts; ot tous les bateaux trouvaient on contravention dtq la loi, seront siais jusqu'ah l tose at I'mfendo soient payds. W. DEACON, n14 dit " CoIlecteur d:s tlaes de Levee. AS I.rougbt lto the police prison of bueld Maloi eciliti; u negro maon nmsed SAM about 6i, ynure of age, says re It longo to M r. Caldwell liming se the Ineou IRoad. Tile .nner will please calel at k prison, prove property, pay dchiresa erd take him eawy. n p i HAPI ARt, " Cuptain of thi Waech. New Ortoans, Nov. 6, 183.0. ILa did talend Ia gIeoledu Is Smconde Meatl S1116 u negro nos ard SAM, agld do i en.i ea dieanst appartemr M. Caldals l, demetranto our Ia route'luynu. I.e prbprid:airo dau dit eaolave rat pris de re sir Ie rcelater on prosivatt en proprid6d eaten pA pant Iea fraie. II. S. HARPER, nG i Capitaine de la Guide. Li, Nouvelle Orlaans, 16 5 Novettbre, 1839. NT 6id u6uene b I't elloe'du 3Bme cquritler de Ia Municilcalild no. 2. osur e It r Novemblre, . t niecvunx Osuivnnts : Un clnv;,l grsend, naorqud par It collel, eriniee et qineuo blancote, yant 16 mains de Ilated r, Un cliv;n boi somahre, roth pieda blancs, I. pjed drnit de devip t tnotel6 en liesr, one petit dtoilo saur tle fronttt, minqu6 ion lailel, crilnibreet queues ntilre., oynut 15 mainas et demi do Ihauteur. Leo propridtaires ldes dit.. leuolavx sons pride de ose rundro B I' enclos do 3etse quartier de In Manin ei,.alitn no. 2. siltu6 a coin des rues Robin st An. noneinlinn, set. dt ler retiror on paysnt' le frair. nur on aviatt Hamedi In 16 Nnvembre, on ila seront totandu h P'oltgian Ipar P. A. Guillotte, sengnteler Iublic. . . J. L. -WINTER, 16 o er Lieu. do la garde. La Nuuvelle Orldanas, I 5 Novtalbre, 1839. t6 nid Hmn HA IR gElR adtao lec disnderii ,icl nlit6, lee esclavoa suivant.s, savoir: Una ncgrcane notm6 LI'I ICIA, sgE 45 ane. se ditnnt alplartenir B Mr. Ntcnud. Uo negrs nomm t IIOMAS, ag6 50 ast, en diaett apltrtenlit h Mr. Bertrand. I.Le toprdtaires des.dirs ecclaves ota pride d t venir Ira rotifer en pnyant loe.frlns. La Nuonvlln Orleans IoiS Octobre, ti H S HARPER,-Capitaine de ra gorde W A N'T.I--Threen or ftr fmilias to go oa plan •lotion six miles from the oity thlere are gaoal ndo commodioua hmuse; the-land inalread. ¢hltivatedl nd call bring a fair income each tamily will have he privilege of cullivatinn a iargo parcelolf ground fore number of years. and of cutling as much timber as they nayov wn, wihout having any thing to pay orlthe time grioed upon. For further Iprlet lare,npply tu HII BINNAIIEL, n5 eorner Natheltz and Tehapitollas sls IQUOIl-t-7 pipes olland Girn;a25 brisdomelic l In; also, 25 hrls domestic Brndy, in store for salet ly ,2 J THIAYER & Co,74 Poydras at T EAS-'ti-lheworts Powchong, 15-do Souchnfg,and sixty 13 Iba boxes Gunpowder 'lTea, in store for sale by " J TiAVER&Cno,741'Pdraget t PItM tJl~O-.- castts in store, for sale he n . J 'IIAYt,:i & Co, 74 Pydrueest tOAle'--2110 boxes Robbins' $ I Soap, in store, ,Tr n J TIAYER & Co,74 Poylraust JJl Altl) R-f-irnaks in store, fr' sale by ___ J TI_ A YER & Cn, 74 'ovydreya st IJISIPHORIItUS-211 lbs. Ionding frmn IHavre, far ule by 11 IIONNAHEL, o31 43 Ilehapitholan at. E. JOHNS & Co. STATIONERS' ttALt, NEW OR.ItENO; T1`1 ( i cl"llt blllo of papere being now ceo.pleteds _ilH" solh-ceiba. llr the foliwing liot to the parti.t cellar attention f teilt public. Prices. ans snal. Inw. English Dr)awoing Paper, ( lrtatrnmaJ t)om, '20 inches by 1tt white wove Itnvl, 2 I do 19 do Saiter I "tynl, 27, do 191 do Ini rial, 53 do 31s, do tIlpntO, "28 tdo 23 dl~ Colunrhier, :15 dto 2:1 do Ahl, :1It do , 2 o tl)uhhl Ele hplant, 410 do 27 tio Aoliqoptuo, 53 I. 31 do Emploer., I; lo 417 elo All the aiove exlt thick, rough grained. American and Egplis/h large Binding papers for BUlknkor'k. FlatI tat, 12l ich. b, i, wh nod dl. wave,d laii It)all , /2 It,. 17 do d, Ilvnl, 21 do 19t It do S , w r Ihroyal, 271 to 19I do dom Itoperial, 30 dlo 2.2 do do English Letter Papers. (Wlhntano's IRte and 'Torners', ando Julohn Gree' tlaltlhectures.) I.rpgt', lize Plarker Post,, l, blue and whitemwore,. . ,Hy11 ,Io id, do do do do do Ilue laid IBork itl, v. f. litt wove I'xlrm snltil Inrge thick post ;tdo gill t , Thlled Inrge post ; do gilt T 'linted s t; do g ill l.orge Ivory post; do gilt Folio post, wit e tand ,tlue wove ". llnek, b:nle wn-+e tlack bordtredt i (mvroitg post ;Ih),, ood large nd snmull vost do gilt ('odred nId glazed vellum post, on both sides lllth and Victoria post SEnglish Note Papers, Soo. and 16mo. lain nolte paper, while wove; do gill o'l'ted dIn th I0xtr osatin do while. tinted aead i vtorry do and gil Itlnck bordered do EmlbUssed do Silk Ile )aper, white or linted and gilt ('oer llra( nmpe lio Watered silk note, do do do printed int itatlm Amerian Letter Papers. Folio loo.t ald Flolsrap. A itir f. .. f ClInlnl'rritll PI)t, while end blue wove lhlmlkon'' l'.rkel 1'-h bill) ,,re Ion n ,tivze A.,ie,' P. f. letlt', whilenend limle were do dl do, lltd.n's, Hlubbh d' l,,no ns. i(il iu, and of all other good mills is t Ia,'rr; Ne. 2; ("nomnlnn od lilk 41 pelot, \Ilnsr' and Iludno,'o . I. Fncy coellllred te paper" Folio post, s. f. while and blue wove and reid dlo Niii., %h l tail Illue wove Vetler lirned plt, t f. and bine AoluiPs' nd lludst' tetrted cap. o L . I . I'd. rlh & et. Enelistl ,ttorial, ,mvy aend cap do roughedge Ami t's a nperiorcap hitlc awove; cel do , f. do white atll bll wove doo do No. 2, white wove Il uhard's, finl tfall olther good mills in the U. S. o.f. .and fine No.2 ondt 3 Common Foolscap. Pot do Ruled Papers. Soper Ryal balance sheel paper, faintllined t ' Royal, medium and Ierm do do Fotil post, white nulld blte wove do do Stclttllen riper four Bantka Letter paper, taint lined, 3 and 4 sidey A evoun.t sales dlo with dollarn and cents columas Cuolln' do do very close ruled Foolescp, o..f. faint lined, ado Noe. 2,do do do do , with dols.& ela lines for aen. dI t or d o long for hardware accoauts Recorlor Law vap;i ttint lined Alusic Papers. Mtusai paper, Royal, 12and 14 staves lto do do with border. do dI for scores, (partitions) 24 slave do do 8vonfor guitr Colored, -Marble and Fancy Papers. Frenh, royal anl decmy, glaed, alI color. Grmnan, do and cap, dl do de M orble paper, roa, miedlium, demy and cap do Imitation nfwooldo and prinlt Mornoco pnpers, all cllcora Colored and rmhossed papers Gold, silver, copper and lead paper Ploin and ilncy Itatne paper I Suidry Papery. Printing paper, all sizesC nld.oqulitie " Vntippne, Ilrowa, hardware and o.ttn ampling do Carlridele loe. . bite ; do brown Post-oflite ,elo low envelope. reyal and cap Coplpilg paper, Englisih lte do " packet Iat size Illoling papler, Englishl, hile tdo Aierican red BlurllleInilln anld rUVoa Oil peruiClrPt CEplVg presses Rite tied Iodia plper Bank note paper T'racitng paper, large anll double elephant Glao and sand Fper EnvePlpea for letters, while, tinted, embossed & perfd. Log paper. . A '--lr I hllps prime New ,yrk. Hlay, landleg n fron lip Vicksullrg, iad for sate by o31 A C(E HEN, No.90 Commn"l a ILAYNi. CARIIDS-A lot of Eagle, HlerR 8h SIl)eenlnr, Merry Andrew and HiglnnderPtCeia t Cards, of Bnrllelt',Creeilr'e's and Fuord' malthntti re, wil he solnd very low It, clove conainne'nte, if applied for sason . 3 __ A TtiWAR, 49Camp st HIlR'T'.", &,:--A large tnd eeeraal aeeoylmeat - hllirts,, S1ock1 t - Htlnkeehiel't, ofarilrau kinds, jnet received anod Ifr le bey G(ei'IP &I CO. Naval, Militarv & Fashildmre Hatset., wadel o31 Eaetho-ce lctl, se CharlesP ý9 l l .4T in.. el,, Poor alkej u+

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