Newspaper of True American, November 21, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 21, 1839 Page 3
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LEGAL NOTICES. Charles Parlange maintenant ddtenis contre see Crdanciere. 1 ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-.Cour du Prom. go ier District Juleioiire-ll est ord.tnle. quo lea ordanciers to p6titionnaire Charles Parlongo, aont W notifido do coteporaitre par devant .n Cour, Mardi Is I2 Nocvimbre procham. It 10 hduroe du matli, 'by pour ddduire les raisons, s'ilts on at, pour hloquelles Is dit pdtittonnaire no jouirait pas du btd6fice des Si lois pasted pour ls aoulagtoment des ddhbithrs in- hi. solvable on arrestatioti. Tdmoin I'honorable A. M. Bdchanon, juge do la ditse Cour, co 17 Octobre 1839. • Siond, JNO. L LEWIS, 24 oct-3t in 30 id CGrllir. STATE OF LOUISIANA--First Judicial Dis trict Court. K, The State of Loisisinn,-To all whom these pre eents shell cone, greeting:-- ereas HI EN itY Lb I CL LIAM PALFREY, hoaving crchased at o salo ecde C byV tle sherif of tite tcrilsh ol Jefleron, the Irperectvo hereinalter titercribedl, hana applied to tite clerk ef thls Court, in wutne lfice tlhe deed of sale was reecrded on the sevecteenth day io October, A. D. 1839c, for a .Mnci tion or Adverlisement in cbnformity to an Act olfthe Legislatureof the dSato o Louisiana, entitird, "A c Act far do further sruralte' of tllles to parculcses at iu Jhoisl aues;'" approved the irntth doy or Marchli 18i: S Now, therefere, kneow e. andl el persons intersrced herin, ore heltreby lcioe ine teischer. itn rdieo e ef the State of Lotutisiana, andl of the IFirst Judicial elia trict Court, who can set up any riclll, title or claiml in and to toe propertly hreiaofier deacrilwd, in conse qauence of anyinilerelnliy in the order, c ecree or judg nent of tile Court iandr which Ihe sole was eiede, or any irregularity or illegality in the nppraisemecnlt and advertiisements, I time, or manner of eal', or lfor anoy f other defect wihtotrover, to show ceuse, within thirty dayefroee theday this Molition is first ictlertie iin the puali p1cer" , wiy the sale so made should not be co- fliltet dotd ldomlogatel. ' The diid ptroperly was sold bv the sheriffe of itl Iar ish ofitesd ai to tw isentleith Joy of Sesteditert A. It. it 1039,h by virtie i decree of this Court rendered on dthe eighteesth dayaf imerich, A. D. 139, in at sit metittled JMcia CBeil, wi.e ef Charies Irewer atrl ac. 00.. the iner eohi irell eod heirs of Charles i(cil. No. ll,lilil r I olf tihe dket eof lehi curt,ot lt wicth le ltetl aid liear- it ry Willinm P.lirey Ieecaonce he i uachno er, ei r the N prhce of Nour Ihondred andr hirty-five dllars, ptynblee cash. Descriptioe of prnperty, asg ven in the Judiciol Con- - Ceyssee, vat: Acernin lt o fground, thAe ease w u w adjoli cnated in Wiliam NicholsEo Ioll, at a sele te Iseac I.. Beley, auotioneer, of tite cty ef Notw tirlctens, csn tie olevrentih March ll36, by virltuee eo a indelhcttele , uhiseuroitd ilte sicrtietht Jtlltarv Lo3G slid teliich oe ile ordered bIy aid hourt on the eighlee th Malcll 111391, to e resold at te risk ud exl eare of nEid llall, fir orte- N lecinog oad hfutilg tor eteicply with tlee terols ned tot: .lition of lsaid ldjedietlieatiott eied lot bleing letuntedl ill tile arirlh of Jefferson, ill Ithe tOWt oit.orreeIltete, elrsige oAted, is Iunler FuriY cgole AoLLn I planLdraw ly Benjamis louirecc, seerc.yor oIf osaid eleriele n te r twelletteh tf Jauery I.131, allll de porited i th, il o flc of' i. It. Ceiar, a ntoare y pIilii. rofliht cil sat ieoitc,- c slring, in A ulleiieea l.eeurr, fll two fCetr t elee illtche. Iruclt on I.rle streol, aode forty' fi t thrt e iollte also te fronton li urLth treet, three IhoEtled. cd thirtl y ian! eet in depth cnd Frot t on JelTo nro l and threeoa udred and four feet 6i inches and a half oc tihe line dliding it iroln lot No. Thro. together with all the riglhir, rivile ge &ce. ither.unn, beloteongi ng. Witaess, the IlonronblsA. m. Ilshauon, Judgea o IlIt L. . Cotert alceesrid, this eiuih day of Novtemer, Ic n20 P LE BLANC, Dp. Cletk. Ti TAT DE LA LOU ISoAN E--Colr do Prot j Sier I)iattiet Judicaire--L'Etat do ic Loisi. nie It. toes cou quo co Iprsenctes concerne t- Salut : Attendt quo HENRY WILLIAM PALFRE.Y eyant aohet6 t e onte te Iite par le Shoeriff do ]u pnroisse Jefferson, Jo proprit16 ci.tprbu ddcritee, a'eart adress. a greffo do cetto Cour oh l iteubic vetoa'uet onrgEistide to dix.ceptihece joeer d'Ocobre I do i'oeds 1839, pour on avis eonformtmete t t on teto, do Ia Legisltoure'le l'E at dIo a L u siace, intitulo " Aote pour confircter lo titrge..os aegue rora aux oveoio judieiairos l" opprouv Ir 1 l Marl s 1834. Qc'il sait onnou, ettout.s personnes icntresches sent pae es presentea oei6or de al eeo lllde Ido Eta de Jo Louisiana oe do Jn Cour do Premoier DIistret Judiciaire, qui Ioourroient avoir droit 1t le pr - iridit oi-ap.Oe ddcrite, eci cont-6qucnce d'uo d6 foot do forta done Pordrc, Ir dclrerl o0n J jegs aent do I o C eour, en e-rcti duq cl la vents c t t-c fait ou de too o icrdgulari 8 o0 illlgalil6 dane 'eatilottio, I'avis ou le tnie Jr et Je ieolode do le ventl, oU peur ouo autro cause qcelCoequ, dlo Cairo voir, alus ttrc lctojeors i dater do a It lica tion do eel avis, poortci e ir veotne aiucei,fluilto to - rait pals eoNcirmlt et hllnologuote. Lu dito eropriill fut vonduoc par lo. ShIcril" .nes sit, is vingtietoe jtour do Septetmhro do I'u.e 3839. co vertu d'O ce 0Iret der cttee Cour redl Ic dio-huiliioto jeur Ie Mars do 'aunnoe 1839, ,ione 'ulf ire re 1 Maria C1oil, .l1ousre Charh-n B' wter & al. vs. Leos s mner et hcric rc riliers det Charli Ccil--No. 12809 deo l)otket deo erttu (,our, t lit iquelleo ventlo dit ilenry Vil.iaoi Ptll'ny d.trt retIain acquidrecr lourle prix d1Ic 0l lto otsR oill II.cllto piaCotres, payiJble colleleectsct. Doo.crltieo dt: li prop itt tc dlyrees o trc -fcr judicioal re, covuir : U certain elot dec torte en.hinec iue lift adjoge AWIlt iaU Nicholoet Ile ull, ee nae v' lee no ils e or laac L. lMe. Coy, rent. atcur tc lJa ills Ita! an Yaovelim oir.M-, le - it ars 18 .9, etl cvertl dtin' jlgoeiorl t do cettn ( our du 30 'Jecvie 1736i, et qle ic it Maler 1939, IA Cour ordotoi. d'"i(re re vcnil uoo dleltos cct rlsques hl dot lo Lll, I tilloeo si o tl e iegligteice t. dc iaco rci'u to reetttclir lue ' tercra. ct cocndltltiut d& l ditce .lljedtictllien. ('o Lo.t do thrro tot oItol dusoio Perooii dec JoEl'ersNc, ,to es ta rilla r .e Carrolto., it ao t l0io 6 patd r Ic le 0l mncro qelitro doe ilot A, oar 0J eploat drestcod par Blseljamnio Buisoo,. orltoelner de In dltc paroisse, i le 20 J;invicr 1836. ct dfpos dolne kl bhcroolt do ii. B. Ceune, isotaire public do cetIto ile; il t (meaure Aeltcrcoaittl etlilqeton delol p.ids ocze pouoes de ace Ja ruocse In Lovi.e, qooarote p itcls trooi pones do iore Ia to ru Jurtle, trois cents trnte neouf pieds de profundteor set ieee t la roe Jefferson et triia ceuta qoatcre aiec six pouces et dctliti our la ligco quo le devile do Iet Ko. :3, lClli. belo los les droito, ilriileges &c. qui y ullarrltcln. nenct. Trlooin l'locnurublo A. M. Bielechaoa. Lcl.g do In Coutr usodilt, co 16 Neovcnlhr, 1839, P. LE BIAN.. cRO 3t ino 30d l)epud Grcfller. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING no, .AWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I' qAl Pd t aetul ag tieot tehe Ilose in a Yk, r ,or t te otgettt se thrl t ll 'll ctin illllllegbllllk t .eel It, I londs, nills o' I.xchlttg, Certilkettes of I4 uxitet i:he tks atdl taler il orl, lt ltpa rrc. .q er ac ttttt ggotacI Fotge t. ; . . .i ha . . tot t .t.... Ic i. ion, for all th.e safe keepling otall ptote and it to esst ns elrnll .,ll Io rteire ate; ltei sllpll eln oli l , ll IIto ttt (I"O f o ve r f le Itu n d d I ll hi Ii l . illb l rli nti llllt nl ¥ w a ll e rt-rs i tf ll w ill ý c e xl cn e ld w ith p r -up li t de, ia 1 tin th e i tus l ac e el nrs. Ofice, corlner lof Royal & Canal strle . If PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. DINNOCK'l IIMPROVEI) EI)ITION OF SGoldsmith's Arlrilgnent t the lstory f at it to which is pretixed an Inlteodution to tate tridy Rllotan Ilietore antd a great variety of vlualbl linoer [nation aderd de towghtt Ihe work, ati the ye oeiett i iastitations ittl A titlnities of the illlanlP; witlh nt inerolis bion rill l co an hu l hlstor ica N otesr ; a uNt eu s tilnl efr elotntlatiolt t thle ted of each seCotion. S lttsttr l'it th lt irtvtcel'it1 onU woodl, by Alhenrlon i'ttcoea's Incproietf Eilitinlo of I nr Coldoioil.'ol Ilistor lf Englanld, frT Ihe livarioi of Juliea Cics ter i the l death of IGeorge " with a collititotill to thle yeil 183I. With qlteti. i ll for exaltllttiotn lt tl c'ldoll each section. Beakles i variety of llealuble ilitforul tieu added throughoai tine work. Contistilig Il' tble of calltlcTeraay Sovereigns htll eultinerllt tpor Copious explanatory u otle. Reilotlcrks on le pot ties, lannters and literatre of the e. Aill outlin i the Coestituliotn, oc. &c. ilhlstrated by iotuy elgelr Giuas' ELEaF.r°" aF Ahraont ov, aod onl Atolidlotel ofKeith's New 'Treatise oil the Use of gillleo. No Atueriean editioe, withi additioos a nd ia lirvelueln and all explntion tl'lhle astcroeolie l pIrt of tiHe Air riean Alolultne. Just receivetatnd for sale by IV1 M'KEAN nov i4 eoarter of Camp and C(tlilllllnt tt T rle: JUICE, UittN'iY AND I lilTE WAX IiThe s'lt ttlteriber Itt r eived toIt invoCe l ItIeC haboe Illle aricles from il avo llt, and tlllers tltl tfor ale utn very reasetlthle terNrt. atl7 I BONNA EL, 43 Tthaphit.u I O.INr lNG I'A.l ANDS PRINTl'eR!.' INK- L Jo S treceivd it quattity of litlal and dblnlei l ,t 1 iluranl'tl'rinlhlg ink. tltd blr sele ty l AI.KX TOW A 11. 4 C49 lt pt NO MEIRCURT NOR COPAIVA new Orloas, Nov. lI, 1837. A uOLT six tnlolh ago Itad tlte ntislinsiute ti gel a secrelt dieasc, four o iticlt I iltle apllied ta eave ral doctora fur a cure, ad tlhey did not cure t le, so sow on t le above date i 1tit tttcll tndler il ue oittlltf ltoltlol lIuet, and I expect loitt ttt eltre ttte. Sinte ttIat tite tie diseatse gut worse, tI) na to break out inl large ulc ers to tle natlmer of six or cight on It leg, In a ittll ovee ily lace, and l ore throalt and iot able to work lit hie present titet oil aeluttll of tile diseaseo; large oler on tile illt ilte of lin tltroat. Itt asnor-lt llitll tiyaell'et cotllietlallly ttttdcrtlte eIcw)r. o f lltet, etPris to be pereltely otted JOHN DEAN. feb14ly I Iu) CERT'IFYt t thtt the aohke tenttoedt diieate i quito well coredlto tty own satiofaction, for whlcil I titailtk li. lldu t;ail tt.tdoee lbrI o Ilte t illht thetteni citte I hltae tahketi otauoto fet, o,,dtlitl ttdtt ittjitrettty tetltlt at all; theerofur I advise tttt f lowe ottlbrs to loae ttttliteatl a ltdt'ly to Ie A. I tter, 111 Cottol Itractettween, lltttht tl ollttrbot etrtecta. ir. Duet is lt tttte from o'clochk, A 81, titil 4 It 31. I'ley willfdda ittirte dltcltor tr tlis rompluintt. JOIIN IIAN.4I, (iravier street. If ntv one wantsl t seae tme, call at Nn. 411 ihoaviot "tllN Iia;N. New Orleans. Feb I, 1838. iti 14 ly Ill IIU:l" CLANN(1N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I; (onlt street. Whotlesale healer in I'uints, (il, Varnishite, Ilrtalles. Il:I3I Wilndow ald Fic.trn GleCs lic. &t, BOOKS & MUSIC. S'ENGLISH ANNUAIS. Tr ll BOOK OF IIEAIJVY, edited by thie Conn Sles of BIleseington, wit, beautifully finashbd el ,'ite Keepbake for 1840, edited by the Lady E. Stuart ortley, wtlll twelve engravilgs. 11iat1'l P icttlree tiu Ar nutticontiinilg histamy and de tript ion otf \Vinasur Curtie t d its envirns, ediled by Leelch Iiit-hiie E ll,--I; dlstlration. 1 Aler a lurtlter el tpli of Iut sphledlid work the hak.pea e Gal ltry wtlli uittern ew and valnable igl Just received and fIr sale hv n13. AI,I-;X. 'i'OWAR. 40 (Cnlp st L At1 IROKJ--A uew sily lf the Itlllowing wurk, on, i-tr r-ceived ly ilte tubacliter. TItotia-ts Ckel,,i :t vole Montatde's Sniumnriv of the Laws of set-ITff. witih to appendi , Ketl't CollltitltartFi, alridiell Itv Eiiastmn Johltltoll vells' MIderll Etlllries enid IPrecdeCnts of DechaIItitn, Pi eidints, Entrieand iWritts Coke'a thilteen biook of iltports, abridged by John A Ingerll's iManu, l of Mariime, consisling of treatises o Fllships, freigthlt., id tinsttrance; tinesla ltd Irurn the litob of Itoccus, a il noie. Olivers' rights of ani Alu riel ititIto, wilh it h Colten itry on state rights aid no the C.ocstitution aed policv of the U. 8. Ser. eant' (Clonstitttilall I. JOIHN & Ct, N 0 Stationers' 11all, n8 corner St Ctlllrlen and ('omtmon stc I R.iENlII 1iiOK SK-Ju tt received per ship Ind. u a, i m HCi avre 3d voI Alexaider Dumas 5thtit ,al 71h Souvenir d'un Enfant dul Peuple Pes~os- whon hove (tought frfn uie tho fiit volumes ofIbeee worka, r,' reqaested toi c alt l t, r t e ili ve. i1 JOUIINS & Co, N( Statiolnerse' Illl, Inl corner . Chalrles ad CIo nlllt n RI T~O I.AWYEI:S-A new supply of the following I Standlrd Flelllh Law Blloks, jlot receivedl Iuramltull~ Coalre o de dris racuis, I I vila TIro plng, Vente 1 vol lottllier, I)roit Civil frarcais, 10 vole Puilliet, I)roit Civil, 2 vole SJOIINS & i N Ol itatm,'ra' Hall, no coii rll, r t t ('hl les nd Cltollll n s r TI- Dint-el of IDarien,2 ruls, by the author of the 1 l(t- Iivrrc, tee iNan [itt ,l 1 tohe ilis Mothlller, by itheauthor of thle tit kill d Ills1 I' &ll ir Advehtures ( f a iAII,-rnley iln pperceh of prctie, by tilhe aiolhl lftllJI :Adver l.ilre t If' a (etlt eI ll m ill rit earch Nichlas Ni.hl."l, No. Ill-antd all other new novel., Irr sale by Ig J'OINS & to, Stationer'. Hall, n7 tunelrlll tl' C" (Jharlres an CI l lllllRl l 11 f fle Poets of Ameri.n, by John 11eee; sple.did Chri itlt llet , eake for l;lI, by Itev. John .3 Clark; {'loi Illl m ll{rtoll blIlmi t Religios O11tlriug fur 1340, by Miss C 11 WVtaternan; elahlls~rd The l;em for 1810, a Christmuas and New Years' pre. ip I r spten il ebosti set I ito 'l.t The Pearl or Aft'('cla's (Iiit Ior ;I;t1 The Child's G{Ie for 1130-Also, The GifltIt10-The Violet do, and Literary So3uveir, 18411, tfor tale by SJ()IINS & Co, St'ationertA Hall 7 cllrlllr S".t (C'halr111 alld (.Commlon eta EW I.\LAW OtO-kReplort of the Presbyterian ']lth rcl: (Cillse: the Co'lllllllwealt:lof I'PrnnsYlva Ill at th,. s ggationll of .I,.· lleX ol .dd m lld o}ther vs. Aahllt'l (;Creell u dothet, -by Smltlll Miller, it member o"f Ie Ithel ddiu~ ll(a IitMhl gragi on Alton{'men and Sa larl.e fwtie, a e ito , in oll t t ohItic, oII CI o l) llilte 511 .ludon editiion, with atlmero corrections and addi tio'i. Just received and r sal e Alt. ,o'1( 2l\ A T(baI. 4.9 Pumlnp tst Nicce ov NL w OT tF . illci '0,' ~ o Lil:5 I)HlrIB at o k 'rl a -iccc lccccieict' a c toliii i ncc tc t onlly lit- Thl JI i;cc liCi hc c/ llh i tiCcPlll I lllh o R 'cl'pTT T cimu c'IN TiiR V icc 0ill I Ich III i icI -A cccccccIci e id i' sAvec T im Ca cula 44cc ld i tonlr , t Illo lilt+ 1h (iss m thods the11noile l th i ll vie e: el I I he t ;lo a n, nt s * o .pI 12' cii I' g rc hc "T h t chase at dw fferens £11 n les, i dirq t frent chedhits~r, a n r- | fe r ltn arrils . 111'mounts; I ll a rll, . t and omle the t, nkiy, l Allw sh| Ti cc Tci, I tl'c' be I h.b y II'cI' ' II iA I.A rI t i ,I .~17 liti th11111 m s compa l Ji'STPUBLIStItiP)I'RO8i STicRicOi'''!'.2 PLJTiS1 TJ I P ' • l Ie' h +.'ditto,,,,: I Ni c in1g i~ic c iC sI aI''w Ic' ' - Iwods ccci c p., i c itc inii thi s wicc hs r e hIIiCc c .t' w Iiic' gec h c Ic , ac s i'cc iiccia'cchi-cg , site t, (n otie is neesofh s'. rt milore toods by t~ mwa f - Riltsii c:icc I cicc' c cclll ll I cccc clclic'cs clcrit' s ccc iccc, " ic 1 1 alti nll gll i es a llcc c is cll I 'c i11 O lliet o I tkilcu - A 1 Timle "1": ie, lilit'nce, the llIt ere ise has am lhat si g e s elm nulr cdu are d w ith, ithnl is tile ma llta lltlll :l(l no 1·ui - A.h sIIn sez+tsel h ltinvxniali hry I~~ii.. fell h+illi t, ~ivl(t:t+II1·)l't'f mej o lh. Ill (111 Iv1 |lt* S R e- AtllO t lf llll lll'lc i ll i ll', i'c c ic llcc c llc iccci r c'lcci ccd 'c'llic'1i1cci- c i r ' ' liite li lln ,,thioII Im ll tled I r) tra l' ltelr ,llates | tebtal thi·!rtlr-n timles, fromll all whlichI it mus11 )t he eidenlt A\ t. m't cl' l i renftll bl i.e, nod l: in c ast' ant " iow of thli, 1"ts b lie- a i( crmi l h om, t wod hund red an i fth, w ollt s , tisa'l now |'ilH- A hl he''l 4csll t':elltith of ' tlliterro o I a t ine )eth h prese ciie illi ccccicccc' ccccc's'i d c'cn cc'l'e is'cc i nlc'tic c eyt-'cc o hrt\ -lle liu m tS , {'lle tll lt the sa e erill ro si e ll llll tI tfirs(lt A tall ·1it".0 ll' " +II illr "':lbr et) lI theft tile W lk luust11 lie llilll- .t Lcc l'c'ccc l"cccc twc hucic h'cc ccln c c c1 l ccc d ccii'c is .)W clf isc i I'c r i l tll " .T i i, cI I c• Iccccsii i 'ci iiiii'crle'it wc:llclhid f. the iiseae i or in ' sI t he c l cs I al xllen silf:I( generl·X husiness,1 with doublelingal ofl sums~ '! chc icflecict c aIccenitch e seat cs cpnt i c, ],ccicith cg'cc'm I tlono i s m i ch c Ccc l ie sc ccccIE cc' cc c'ticccluisi. cII cc c i 1ellc n c l' d s i llci l e fcs elllcll' IItin ciit ellrlisc l n t e rl~llgelll~lti)1 heTil ltll~li A~nl~llell'llltS+ heh , 1 t (lllicci c~ci lii ccIii ccccciccccc l'ilcccccc'ccc i cleoliclr isis Ii t the i. lc lilit ,c f tIc ilie licci ob d oligi'ellh wthIll'otei icic A . comeishasm . ilh<'or, +usu l the extr ellenal " nand ei r saltd i v i ll e(11 w ti x11ih teillF Iel I~( HI( bl)1 (·(H Illlllitlt• fllllll(e lo lle is Iriie l'y otce cmumci nlcc' i s, t' sll tsts of eersce lio ll it lo i pss sic clhille i cll 'ci'O.i'nllst ,ii'li llcti ii1'ii ie whole is i n ' Ai sclr llcevlc, c'lllnilc llcciic'ci iin iii Iihe positive 1curacc i iie ol+ Iell~el Wlu·g h~ hllsll,lrelkllt IIIg S llsel 1 Io hOll~ lllle VO . ,pllelhei< efr81Wi llnll. "ms er m+++".: 111 Amlyl "thid riu mllost w a~ndled~i t k al t ic'. w llk ost cirtiicil noig tae I cal n i hlimt f tlre mek fthd e p s orig i ellyt, whll inh c ltilcc ciclii ciic cc+ it' icc iciicci i ci cbtgll icca'li)'ciiiciiiiccil cI cii Il'll' a clcl c cari 'atclh ici i cic cLld t ests i i n s e vim er yf elllitoni I hoa no on+el half Ihe' number, a l~t i~stcLelltil shole in ih n tel' ,e allse+ Rltest and sl'llnrd, it Kh bn etried and rccccini 'cc1.ncc l u'c e i ank a1111 i lcn lleic sieces ic tle cc iciiiciicSlctecclccicficlccccicciiicicicicignrll~syl uicic ice Ai IlOnt \ i o 1'L lthirtk J ll..s, w t s lno eraor of illye Il ,,v culaltionls (tas e\C.(Cerl Ibeen h l in wllintr although:( cOnlinlu flall cl sev~clal clf isr clcc' ils oI e "cLIcatue f ctellntliohl cccccccll cic;c' tie lccciccllc l lk ci s cIciSc, li|lic ccll i c iciicciie Act· I11 - i i c ' 11cc ic l c tl l ' Ic ' .clas ol citi el's ill e rll i tlcl iSi to of the Unit edl States. N It is iclle ic r.cwll knou 'n tiats is i its rderly ilhek, or spde{ , eve bytemosterlid ad mos} compeeln" ers arlithmeatici suta isueules n th bolt e ]eeu ilg It r it+.s tlnsu hae been xtfellsi vely insistell uponn, e roe Cenll T ill'iet al ie l eCk alelli i|ts ilicatac es, i llli its ' vitcc c Siclati nci l hcci , thc cici gcc ilh', iti cc'iic cithe A I . wlfe i ItioII .II 'l-+t .u I'n. ill |I '1"iIt+ a~ultbeF gi sc01lnu tor) Ikv e. l.c epi +s were sougl, f'o,. s.elne to n gre t ~I~ i~d the Inuesrd1 YIIinstanc partieviny ha ving at thel~ s~c a me 1 c- iilg'e boikit.isl t I' e oY h i o d gilc i i se, 11a l e orsn Ic sf cil' ciu cs .. 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'o.r-i:5ffPAT ElT i:1c1 cccii tccicci iicl }pc r shiipc lccia-isicici |lici'cccl 4e~ c1cr, a lsrvccis ,cac , 'cc ('s b.I.*IP si i i. cit tIc rle..i Ibidl li. s "'i'cicVE'--.\alW I'ccccPiniic I1+11 ctlci s Scic & [nllc'cccs Ji) l~elliica cc cl~ic'iiccll amaltcicecci, 'ccih ca1 .ikiisclcc' PaiciPI Ilicc1acci IIcrcc'cil Succc'cc,~ iaiciccicccv lc -'-Pae 'cI. larie Coicaicg, FidbiMi., &c icc. Icc reclc Icy ,ill1% Il & I," [Ii,'VIc'IIEUX, I Y Eciiccsi-cim'cRac- itr,,ci--'ricei- casca ccl ciil ----I gecauiii arciccle, i,,cirlei'iCvted y cco's 3. ' RElicSE. & D'liANt.i, Iii Caccp c, Nuecicai, iUc" lll,-caill colsm c~lllscatlis hle upIiic iisles, sicidniiutichtuli' iuiisciccaclsndtormsale by -3 cIOubuRT & lI~r\ TaIORN, 63 Gtser iii LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 350 Sautforitv of tice State of LoufUiana.. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. IP- The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Tweo Million Lottery, are respeccfully presented to the Public. TI e IIAI.F MIL LION LO I TElY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LOIFTERY will be dral, o tihe iold plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheel, and Blanks and Priris in anothler wheel. Both Lotteries. under the suporvioion oftwo Judges of Courts. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II 11 F MILLION LO f'IERY offers cllhance to 1,291 Prizes, of which 33 are Prizes of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besijes mnany Prizes coni. posed of Tick,,is in tlhe Grad 'Two Million Lottory, affording a participation of chances also to the holder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LO I TERY of Two Millions of Dollars--10,000 Prizes!!-to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prizes of Real E.tate. Only 9 Blanks to n Prize!!!--Simple Noi 1 to 100,000. 100,000 Tickets at $20-2,000,000. Scheme and selling price the same. Among the Prizes in these two lotteries are many public and private uildiings which adorn the city of New Orleans, and are tI" pr: e of i is inhab. ilnts-tlhe Verandai, St. Charles street Theatrei, American Caitip strec Theatre, St. Cha rls Arcado Buildings, with 'l. els, Dwelling louisel , SII tore Buitlditng Lots,oand mnly entire rsquares of Ground-besidus Stocks in Banks and other institutions of the State of Louisiana, amiounting in tle whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Alltlhe Real Estate and Stocks offered in Prize are owned ty them nnd in their possession:--he acts nofesle, with clear titles, are veeted in their firm, and recorded in thie oftlice o Adolphe Muzureau, Notary PuIit., and office of convoyances, ready to transfer to the lo'ders of Prize Tickets, rxeoipt Irout inctlltnllrace: The property is set apart unalterably to that solo and oly purpose, and cal, in 110 event whatever, be conveyed otherwie by the firm thlan to the lholders of tle Prizs Tickets. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRl.zes! Will Iedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, tihe purchasers I)RA\\ oftickets, t'.e combination is adopted for this Lot. tery only, of 1 to 75, whereby tile drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing o1 The 12 Numbers frocm the wheel. in this 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each---$675,250. Lthen pr 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCHIEMIE. TIlE I CAMP ST. THEA'1'R.E AND) GaoURie, Will he prize to the aolder o' the let, 2d nd 3i -o 'That Chaietotcool irr eIreIctiiccik bi!dicg i" Eanl enalldl Ara tlrlccIcr 'e Iotel, irrllllll the t cure r ol :.ica lpIccd Natlche n s .reets . 411,l0tt ci rimze t 4111, i5th oali tlill .a 'ltat v llocile lire trrc v brit:c k SIu re in h I0 d r. vie slUeC . oc I)ied iby 1lea s 11 &%V l' o oIhp kin . 3.1 )000 Prize ni ith 2718 1 il aB;1e d th.i 'Tlit elegnct dwelllcg hiuse ild hit, N 74 l3hi tInel Sireni. iriiit Icy CG ticodicit \s cull i'iglenni Prize to the litll, 1111 and 1211. The it 'Thet l st a strv dtouble dwelihng andi double hIt le tre Oct It. occaucpiedl icy J .t h . t 18,01i10i occte triz o ie I st, 2de il . o one ,g An etire silncc ifgroutd iil ofaolorg Arnuc. da rioliJ'ih d 1. Ihuollded le .ilcerty, Betton, b Dfc. Meld cuclece U i nd'I'erposithlrt. e. 14000 IPrize t , I l int 51 he. two milli Julia s lr t,aucc iied cy ti. trI. ..aut hirefr oe y " (ry goods . . . . ... 1 ,00!! i'rlxe t1e a-d nIw,1b a rize to lt, 2.1 and th.r A teate 01. cii.c$ 'hut ie story ore anlot corner of ISt ary Ic end Julia t. . . .. 1ili , I nl urc r szelo.let Sda 7ti h. e A ertifreiete lic 5 01 tickelts i ilie two million t lotcry at $20 each ... 10,11011 'lice ftclleItclc t llnder of tlcis pirir.e Illl realize I;1 th iza tio Ili.eld cl i o 111. ion ?' c n " . r il g l e t n ive IoI in Ih 3 citll cita c llire-t1a tt, IIII11ct )lcc I civ ll elllcici,e crcer gicacci \Vb ccliiigt. at'nd Chilc ,iwa aeol. 1111 by SlIli if bio ieeI 9,01 1111 t,0o Prize to l t, S a . 101111 iilu e AiThll ll cII uet cl .llitng h i ,i . 1ic Iee, 1 lNuad v, l r. eal o dol lt rer f tel. 1 c l'. i e a cli, i ll I i 0 c ,b10( st l t eell: ci, ll cc a uo c hca tecc i n 0 r0 al, a G,, ic h li ,,c A d , e . l l i ?l I ll i 1 - 1 V II t l Iv st . 1. d 1 , 1 i tl IIrml [,ilt forillire; sh rrnr o f Po 'Enic rtre- n Iic c o . 6i i20t11 .il 11i I'i l.o tIo , 1 c i rdi '. 111. ht A Ter liillle ' r ll ekel rs ill Ihe two mlillioin ba ll tltlelrV; atl ..-l! 6~l,000.t g I'e rie io Ii 1,t e s td r ct tllhl Iec IA 4oh o d gr9, ti 4 Nivnla. al. 2d M. being e the i lhi I Iol Ir rlll oll t .. IIIl4.l'l l 5.5111)0 1 Prizr n to It a, : eri cad li t l '1" \A rrlt . meiik hllle fio +! r k ts il Ihe htwo million Illil rarh; ,< Ion ost t u )I 3! I h i +'V, fit $'2 e 11( ll , 4,5111 stree I luhicn ac at tt nri l rorce lt of Vicia tory 4. 4,000 I.tee,, : t elriz to" t i, d it'I 9 ic !11e t c ' I 6rh4A c hi alc' l odnI 1n'rti' I-ic th . drt I l, aIjIlitl- 7 et II la c r I oe oiit of NavaoYhs at. • 3,5110s n$ C e :ze to l -t -r, :hi II 111111. till c. r ,_kly e .d t, wiling lot or, R,.li..iis. nit Sri ah.loti ffom thaeto ioreec Lilt' ,s JuIr ,t:. l t 3,0001 Ilei' IIie i,) Isl, 3dSadIchh.lI S i e Sislig i li ate fr 150 tick ets ii the li. t Illi e ll Itttry, it $'i) neUCl 3,00111 tte, I' crize it Ice, illececl 1211.p A e ( 'eell" ir e s cire co(lt g cla iSt cercru f ler AIl et ncitlirl, 2d I cccii . y t thrrv, Th - he i'' (I rceI tll eIe, tlltd ''rat bile.. 9, I9" 'iz•i.l l o I I t, I nod I·Iii1 1 . i..e iA l s t.i Iihcliedi eg lo, 311. 11. e ,Lrner of Slt lre' Irecainule n lltc lcgl i' s et. t 0110 cli i Pri in A dleirn l Ie ilbJhig lot "25) !ne oen 1llrtegul Plr S t . : 1 . 1 1 . 4 1 ~ r , 'im , ho r ' ol n i S1t . 18 1 1 00 0 e ll riit ize cst, 4th ceil 7th.1 in An rIc e Sq10aLe of griolllll d, . dIIeolnd.ed e Icy Icy lio', Peaie, I'r, clllttl dWall etc. 1,61111 boln i- Prize 1to te, 4111 UdIIl Ii.n 14 e A Irctin l f t. re ofe groie l l inaIlic dIll Sl, rd.1c ete n ectll bv I':crt' l nld Ealigl' st. .r0011 it ict zra ito 1s, 4teh anI 9h.t i'A eqiurle of ' .lice l i c 2d I. bollde'ad by s t' Ic hPc, Pithe lald Clih st.a . . I,000 Le r I iz. M IISa,4 h li ul 10 Ii. All ellglhle ibuildl 1! lol, fillllur- I.iv~atllaia. ctv ity 1" I.aliltrtl.e, :30 fet Oll \\'ashillnghll street, ' lr A dl tfr "Chic t lillt t eetii 7t5ll't. e cPr lze 1 stIs lit i1 . the A b , hil tclo c ogeceIIl CIty lc'flyelte,3 Sa the "t ao \VA lshilltl1e l .treet, sud 4t111 lot froln 750 l u- Chitpcw I reesreet Priz c to Ia, 411 acil 12th. ars Flcia IcilG Iitl it cl' ocI c il cite Lafle ete, tI'( t ea :I 3 Iitod411 ert richlio t eea'l 'h alie' ,e liai 4Ot1 I.0 eccfrom Iciteortlt'r c ic a, l ar',' ' ,$111i1 ai rh 2,1'0i I cin P rice c 1st,"oh bil0t h- lo i 5 It and cc h 2.-1 tic I te t, 51 i d Hilt--let, .Al ani.i lieu, $1:110 Ire ik, iiiiich li i ee l nt , I i fr'ain lot cornei VaWoliiglton sorret, $310 ,1100 cck, eerie, ' 0 r .i Iu tz i tt5111 ,I ll" . Int hl-- I.,, 511 udllth - I'ie 5ic Ice1 ii i toIdi t 7hit 1tnt -ilta- thln jetl ue tI i cited '1. tll- le r erizcr. rp ,ll c tra lifc'tllrh i llhe ti wo iitllioll d , lottlery., 3110 icrIcle, at $2lll c rlii 6,M1(I an 'ritac tee Io tat l ncit an 1211,h- ls, 7th and ilio i 8tI--lat. ith aneil 9111--l t,t l 111t m 101t. no wind Twc itriz.e, maih a eerliic:ao tlr 1125 ticketh a oe. i0 the, twea Imillion Iotely, 253 tiket, at $2'0 5,0110 ri el,- 50110 neth, Pttu catit Ist,fs ; I.d Ilit,--I l t, iniltttll - - I e ir c Fivi eioe cit r i Ih esrle c l' if slck il mho" $0)1 I l'uclealt aia raitala 1 coIlccpaly, 40 shares,. idnal lt $lilieachl - 4,(11)0 or lrize c t e ls, 7 I at nd i ltl-lStt. 7th oat 1e thi--Lt, 8111 ilcd Inth--lIn,8it and 9thn- - l nd Iat, ltll anfd Lloh. Fivnle rizes, eich G sharles lf l'ontclartrain roilroad sscak :'l0 Slrctr at $111 3e00 i Srize t ee l, i. alnd i Ith-l .t, 10t11 nll at errto I th-ls , had 1ih-tot, Ol1 nd tilh-ltn, ly 9th S tilt e r lle. at e oc Eighllt prizer, enach r erreifilote fS0 ticelet in the at ei tv'- twoa millilonl iotter e , 30:1 iCklablt , i $2t each, ,000 relent ize e i t I cli e and 121h-lot, tih a"l J 001t 12th-O11, 3.1 candi 4t11-,-21,d and 5ti,-2d, 3d at t is, it and1--eed 'itlid. 3 il t-ll - l h-3d acd 81i o"re- 2d,3d anti11 nti. O e ,lle- Ten ' rinr.illSb 3 .haren olfeteck in tlhe balk e te of I. Ueis oiaa :311 scrl rne. at $101, 7,$1 . 1,01111 m ,eere IPrize 110 i,1, neet d ll tli.-td 31 anice1Itch- B Ili co- 21,.31 n.d lli-- 3l,4l h anti 51h--:l,1'.4 11i4ih i i(y 6l-ld, t, c l ei m th-O2i, 4th and 8lh--d, a 41tl and 9' --Od, ilt aind 10cI--!d, 4th1 tand It th. t Tia- t ' iwe 5tv prizea, llech a mer ,iSt e filr 5 ltickets inib-s e 1n Oar . Scwo cciiin I I e-rcr 5 S0 ticket, at $2I 10tt 10 I frizt s t Il`- l l 1, ,lhi mad 12t- 1 iii,, 5111 ni u in 51it il neil| tl -Oil. til l ld 7licll-O , i 111 t in h i 8th I--Sd1, liii 'iedl tlt''.dct1ltltctilh a 10dh- ltre. B111 ile cccSb icirn SiO lythree ;lrtleec each ICmlll oere ie lhe ItO i3 h I I IIII ecceoder rcii ciiit'll icece, 03llnr!a l $5 3.1:50 1 eriece hli li~ttle' h IIaci. |1 alt 1cc tee i'rires to ieto h g yhavegtre+. dr ntolncr hcdre.dncile ace,.ninteeieenchthlee coried aihgre e ielile onw i )rThncirt g~; li t n11 310 ice tie let icinl 0d, or 5', nicet 4ti. ieOt floe lcre'd aotii eicIettlnic-liiX rciei'aeac two nltneen New )rlre.ue go'lllicltl aild hlltlking cemec ony, e 050 hlterl'e, at $:3'i, • 5,30 ' P1 ec I' riZn . ito th i h l id e101ihctl fth ndtltt. c-Par - tilirnie ,'i'l'ol r tiCketi ,i u1fi leao nlilini lt-c - tere, 1uin lickn, cill $211, Priera in,' ,h lec inl lth--ilh intleee niih--c0h tilfeanefor :ti tkecht', i illt Iwo lioclioll hto Pri.o" to tot "ed dhi B and5th--d- ond lcpe, 61h--4,h a',d 7hth-ilt and811--6f11 and 9th or 7th end 1til.. cFive Iunndreeind fort Ithoun r ,d deoitrn. $SlOlit)0 - - - - - - ----------- - - -- - --. -- --- · _I _ GRANT LOTTE - TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, I)DRAWN N THE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND I'I{IZES,--NO C(OMIItIA'TION NUIIIERS. 100,000 Tickets, at i20, - - - $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMIBERED, 1 To 100,000. The pchemo and selling prices are tile same, as no additionL or reservations are marde fnr exlpense, in this lottery : thlsu contingent cx peses will oleratae a Ir la t. dlodutioIn lruo, the valuation ct Io SMOD (IF DRAWING-T Nod L --.. ,ru .. e in one whIol, alnd the sume no bet , Uulnks and Prizeu in an etlhr wilel. wo every Illlllnl droUwnH olll Io whrIel, tLukc fromn le thlumn anod Prize wheel will io drawn, until thi whIolo are drawn. T1IE rIInST DA.Y'S DIRAWING Oill TE11 TWO I MIL0 . L.ION 1.OTE I'aY, MONEAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. Ierly ir Each dil)',. wing under tle supervision of two J.Iiges Apollo of (iuiti nII New Orleans, and tlle whllcl o pened and l aclulI h Ilenn. 4 . 11,000 PR ZES. I. The V' liiill u11111 Id grtiuild, ilvl od - $511)0,00' WVl.iii ' iie:, s v eiiil all i) d .leldlI liiic e is I; o 111, ifei fic i hghl, r ind Iireeliii eI Irunt of 145 )1 f i. l t linill[ (ciherles slre.i, lad II)d fret on tIUiliinll strel. The iyprnci.l Iirtiocn tf one front the nsek- 21 hi i nl nthr coUm love itnlige r or lco: Iiim sel e I ui l d ig hed Slr r e.nd Iwo rlln ellire lt i t he 5ll elt ll .fie i lnld a is now i icATiE.- sichir renders ii I nhe lillc f hii sh n i ni e iie o i n.ll; hle ui;111 l tiersmetl n te t on e lihle e i onvth - it en lr ihlly d luc nnlldn eir anle l 0h itlwine rinl s, prit5r 2n.r ndld bed r(Iin+ Tile iTprellet rnlll11 1 (11eili ies $l3:1I, 1ilil lirilllelllll , nd bec esnl iii i ey . III 1 II by ,rs his or the leases to $311,51i. The 1 1 supra 1ot thIle Ih kmfnt l eniders it s ore , ll5b 4 . .f atlment rlh 1~un$ 5,00(I hI the fntlll le hol drt t1. I: l'lhi.l prize. tll u

rllrll, luli , i . el.lillplelte 5. 0,00011 :1" I 'This n lngnhli.ut structure es r. 'otlt of 1:111 55. A I te oen ri 'hadl es slrCIel, with u deipiiiih &f I n if 7ii t i. SitCirlrs A rc1dc iil The til lr ii- hi I. tv nd rel vioinllll rl.dtns withln eI onresvetade 'S, A I.ih the mgltihlde qof its exterior. Theg trand silo lis- 25by 9i teet. c lhei tllrti lrs h ic Iof boluxnes alr .llr l2uted rwith exutsive tllO- 57 imfi. Inthe i enoie oiq, e doi"niisl n iii r ',li n rs 1 1) rn nIt i h n e, '' f in blg t 58. 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I ,,i r. e i ,ii i i , I ii lrvi + 8i , 00 street, 2 iiiim iciiivipl c.ty, ioflii bile, beihiildcdIi .l. lheiiiiuir seoq [triiik siore, No. ()le l i . l e s iir, c 161 tllUli l iii eiigll also tilU b l llTOll istr,, i ii. i 30,000 li 7. 1'1lit oe r lory n w.c r ine k dIf ellml. house 000 it rt r C t, esqe'tl' l 2 r oni ui h l hI erniire lii the crlner i f c levier sre.. 3ic. I|)) iiiii It . T h e cile stlre e f grliieid on t Lrvles 9 street, 21 t ite liall, eonltainus I:1 ~los, |Ito.u5- 1 le 0led by Euterpe ant Ilercules streers, llnd the stree lliii il'iI i 'e ia ll erg. e. . 2e 8,0ci 1 0. !I "'h ee lin tlil lltre of ground tin Iercules 111 1 s lreit, 21 cln oicip liy, of Ili h, t iii huniIii . byi 51l li n le str,- , &vc... . . 5, 11O 10 i0 . Ill. Thei tllc e etsquare itf eronu lil Ile'ules s0 Iee, e ?d Illnieilllii, ui f i1 lilots, c ie iItn ed I y ltei Etere, Term-iolme streethy 15a e.. 25,000 70 II. The neltil square lof grlnI in te crnvier bli1 DI, i ' Ii i e str eet, Id Flici tilly ctlll g l. 71h 00 III olllined by . 0,V110 bu,001 17. Tlhe 'nireen Slreie l ground ol e8nton se re ilreet, cd iimunlcil ity,, cilflt 1i Ilil hl II, ciu - i7 10 (led by Euterpe ilad rerplspileore reltetl., 18,0110 11 ,0i mene street2iid l.ieipic eticoniinihll Iii utis, 75 '0 oullnded hiiy .lh tnllll ''er .si . eh sre els. 13,0011 , (i 14. 'hll elnirrecqnefg groie iilll e Oilllellln lee streetl I , 1 iII il hlitIV , Cllllllliliu III I 1 0 lt 00 DI) l uy bound i by icc, llc eiiTy lirt i etltlll (11 aline c i 14,000 ile 15. lThe Io itlory Ihiiiiu and iii lt .il ii Nei w , 77 SI. iveo lirietii mII ,unicilpiliy, crner ll f Ccubini l11 nIreet,: ! by 105 feet 12,.0100 71 I2. The wqllhre of eroundt on Ipatiles ster, Lou 2d ilinliiply, hi c ( il hi I iinnlnded It, lhlelrCoL 51 leto, IEmiirge nlld Felicity slreets 1. ,01110 7! 17. The q nreloylgruuliltll c3ien ilehi ,eee, tl ne ciiUllitc IIue f 14 hillslillllnlleie liy lel- 81 ipini!ene alnd l.iberty streets, and the line hlof the e 50 ulhlerllr , ll ert y 11,000 8 18l The n qluare of lrnnl l in Meltileieue street, n11 .....icip nli ., d I if Iilnl,; II,.bui nded by oooo ".iher TcTierl+iunre anihtulel sd ,eis y 11,i000 8 til l I. 'l'hit squnre ilfnii lliil iteI 'Iiiiliilele tiet, II o,1I nIliCeillahty, ll" I1ie 'I , bilI hd by Me .llon. ..ene, im .rd anlid I. riels r at',ois 11•,i00 1111 911. The truicgular igree e oil elii id on ien i .o ifee t, hiic5u sod iiy Whte L c ,tel Ite 21. The ein,. souiy ilheling end grell ond cc Juli elll t, nll in . thee o le t l C . 111ii street, of. 5 Ilv 7 .El • 9,1;000. 2. The esqerec ref groed Iin Thalia lmtreet. , ni , 2,.3,, I elfh,, bIuilhed by elelllouhie', Jahob euanid l cwnlh streeti . ,000 1, I l 3,0'r hu ' line story buiihlin on Jeli street, nnxt to te tr.ner o'f5t MarllV itreetl,uolllniluiug o it Il.tkrv, andill lit vilig .,. l 25by'7 i l[el 9,l01 24.1 Tie square oft1 0 1r1unll 1 n M'elpotuuene Ily 10 h10 ar.eeiilolis, honnded by Ilowlrd,'Terpslc~ llhre Jliln Jeleih stret'lR d 1. In. 9, 001• le 25. hele in elte ll griiiiitll ( I il rlin itreet, Vdl It. oif13 lelo , heounled by c'l'ersicihote, ISc w b r a en d un I<etlei y streets . .111c ,000 The Iqeare off grounid oil Ilo streetic,ci Od ilI. if7 lots, bouuiu ell iy idWhite aneid 'elpo .llieie , ue et 8,5110 11 7,T e ... o ti y bue iiliiiiib " n l c. l rnCi on l i i 1,001 Juli street, 21 tll. being 3f lut fIruin Clill 0 11 lree '25) hy 78 feet 8,000 o ,{ 38. Th LquLiare of groenul oti enle nlle itreet, 3d itn. 1 Ii Il ue,, lIueidty J heb, Solis Ii ,001029. 'I'e one story uiilelind' ald roL hndn a 0 Julia street, 21d tIt. hing 4t11 IoI frontiCltLup h S reel, ieviellg 5 iV 7cd ieetrei 8,000 b 311i. TI'lhle Cu re if grolol ii 'I hlTlia strPel, *'1 In. Of IGt lois, houndled by Jacob, Solis lnd It ielillllle.lhle slreets le 7,500 I 1,1103. 'Ihell squfeuo. rollild on Tulelia sree l )11 nc. ceci8 tutle b IUM1 ih byeceefehi Siece) an0 hy I1 a ti)) iii te. if 1t l I t) leuiiiiold iiy nice s, h 34. 'I'lie lIot of,,ry hlulilli,,+ n'd l ol Nayet- 21 , .1 ill. cornller hfeMelpomene Shl, 31 1- 1.7 111 eele 5,5 iii eUl 500 1 35. ThIe squire of ouil nd iiil itcu ti 'elom niIeI l.rei, 1lee, 1 lec. 9 o , b uded Iy 1 oClhcli, J- I auii n liiiiiiie t e t riic •i5,3 0) c 31. ie he 4hoit irfiould o liew Lere slnee, INo. next to Ihu rustler of llMllhl slreel, 3. by ý 1 11. g t ip 7 t 5,5011 :i. The squnre of ge rllt iiie I'ielleu tnet 3 d151 2 .ll n. Io e hlt, bhollllde d hey Clhteu, ulld]llel, I I5,36 M, ,PeinII vit S11. . . . 5,0.0( 48. 'T1ihe11 leot n (gimtl ciiN I'eene ereeCI, Del t 2i1 eI. netine thecot reom hioclig sdreet, hy. 127" 251 feet . . . . . . 5,000 4:I. The squiare icf grllllll ein I:rrhllil street, 2.1 Iii. f 18 huns, hli.lcnd by Clurailelie, eillpeni lidellnl' linie stree l~t, llt ,P). 'The'I let ofeclllll lleii e le ifve Itreet, en 1i . 'I'lie square le .t", l.ld llon f.rcelel street 2d itl. 1'181ot, boullded by whirrdl,hd ulell 5l,00 5 .1 i ille streetls _ - . CALDW ELL, OAKIEY & PRLITCHIIARi)D, IMANAwGERS A.S PROERIETORS .eto Orleans, Aug. 30th, 1839 1 dli. .r ...l 21 ... .. to toe, buuuded by h l"li, i.. loU l I Illd tCll stlrtels, 1llld olher lo-111l - I, ws1., h lI, p ,ly 'O 6,11111 t pli ho1lt', ,ll. 'I he hlt of gr iound f rma iig the ore. lr .f K, I il l6 w h. u Apo lo u. d 'lerpll lel streets, o 2d I . lol n .1 ly cro.s 127 ee.l .6,0111 1 go . `d .o l'5illt-, hogunded be \hlInun (,'lit;it an. d iop- , ,1-00 Fei. i ,,....' ,vo.,011 `.rt,...1o. 4I1. 'file Iwo : s i y Ilhoick hou l nod lot onh". nod W ashington .. . eti. . oi ... .. I.\e.ll e, ilg Wi. " ..t'lt . feet fo l Chippewa stIreIt, nll hv ing 40 fet uront,h y20 feel lit depth 5,000 hot 541. The 'I'l ,ul re ol grnllllI in Tihm l l -treet , S... of I ht111 l% I ... ailedi by Man tinl nd J\hI .... 1)1111 ' I1 l lr e l . .ao llul h lllll b l U 00 ,tl l IIO o ls.y , i. I 51. Tn: ile store iCui!dh hg r nd lit ofgroeu nd o. \Nivdes street, being the 3d lot Iron Teri - 100 th sihore street, lnve:32 by 17 feet 5,1000 and ph 511. TAe sqluarelllrollro in 1 rytt o .[r1ee, 2.1 An. To, Ill. o" 13 liltso,lolin d by ,lea lill UHll Tllhlia nUid It1, 5. The A i IofrgroUll In A lo strl( et,2d u. ill phlt i .((iii, the resideiie ofJ Fielh Eby.1 being t Ite "L,1 hll Ir lla iTerpsicihore sleelltand llinlk ig 11. I 3'! Ili, 117 Wel 4,0(10 '51 clls il, ct Ilt lleO; odlllll (fllloded by E gle venlu., Tl iII n (llll \ llllO afeet l . , 1 n 4,000 A 2A5E. . hlt of rllltlll|llll lIlolh A lll r s e et, I O. 'lil t111e h1g (7:1 tIro Ter llieichore ostreet, having mio, 3"! Iv r'117 ifet Ie l 4,i000 let;lll t55. A o it olground on Ai ollg o h stree, 2d . tril" h tine thc e h ll m e' l rllll lr icho re street, Iaiog 32 andli I1I by 117 et . ..,000 05.1. A lot fgrlo' n ld on Vic.tory street, 12d nh. Ta0 0 n, i l ig t, 2 di' t t 01 (l a lining the l ol t 3fr ing Ml,000 l tIm lllaicrn l ler o 1yi2f 1 CIr ll1,eet 4, ,tlll I 1 J ilha ,57. A ht of grlloun ll1 by o I l t, l ei.'ing the eve1ry , ill Ilt fro . n t whEich l rms the. ..o on...,r "of kild Terlpsichre s ntrleet . 4,001 1 531 . Ile t of .l und c n f Apo llo A i00reel, 32 liv (19 . feet b.eingte-,l d loi mll l hlllllll w ll I'01111114 aind wlithe c orner of ,le ll llllee street. i slrl. l 3,100 allveo 593. A It 1llround o( n A olela ole streel., :12 OF l .I'm.17 Ir t h: w'iaa, Cheroylng e corlne ofl i t·s .l el u, a st..r.... . t ".. . .e ,000 9\ l stat 601. A rl""it ofl gr'ound .,ll I Th l 5rl0.9, 2d trct, conta;mg I I lots, bl ulldodtl by c s la 0 71. A Itut f gr o aoln d o eIn el 1nlt0 a Isreet, l nJ l tt elllo , t n d .trl hs e lo ine l 3A,000 tlloi 7.e.q, rragraa 1 t7 .Ia, n lo a . 3.510 a sai t(7. :A h fll r llou .us aleind blrt iillo + .ore l e 0 1 ld I I h.i5: l 3.1 hr"n n[h eew .ri th t2 d ro ln ( rthut 2J1) 1i3. A tut o' g rili. t O ll a e i nle lloeni s reeIt d OF Ill. A squarl e of ground, cni Terpsichre 1d sl street, c uytWIug .5 lots, boudh ued by Jaclb anr ous tl he 511h frunl, fllllta[ whicIl f IoIrms thIe+ b TllIuer f St e t1,500 q ,75. A llare i gronIlld lolaing ,1 lotlll. of il.hour, .d by Cheoerry, r ratom, Ce. ,and bCli o (0 .1lee1 1 a 1,5()11 1 .0 A .s ure 1 fa ground cO ontaia,,lli g I7IoIs 20 Io,u ded by Eagueh, eloalnre, alntll0 1111s2 I II y li lrcei a, w n fl 11l r t 1,501ii L00 81. A squareo ofground, ellm illillg II ilot , houndeId b1y W a(ll1, Clit, (berry antd Carrllo fou 0 10 1eel oin ahil l', l - '.oot-ioingi b o ta i'h stlrel oll ner .kt2,011(alt . I, if 70. A squaiL of groiund, containing 1i lots 1 1 pr Suellllll d by C\Vlhul I Cierry a dd li 'l III 00 [10 . A itlllalre, ofgronI u l cn1tining 14I ilots, 0ia l 1o .ullldd Iy hulutllll, Errtc aoigd herry ,a sl strenet., , 2 1,00(1) t 7I. A sqiliare o f gronll lld, ctallUillln Ill Io ts 1 lltlnd ll by Allrue a, nrll i, ul e ll ld Marlt alll s000 u rl l 1,800 to 74. A square of ground, l on.ininag 13 lots 1 )01 111ellle.l y . lsnul,, l'o aulu, lprC e tiIi , rrc l 0t t)ou l streets ,500 1 75. .A aureof groa d co nt aining 2 lots , o hllnlhlldrd by honlult, C rril, ,d QouIall ndtc l C 1lioj , 0. A .rllre ofarouare oal e rol g ohl lllllod dI nll y lmrii, FI'elii l ,,d UllrPllech d Cl io 0 l00 ll 1 aJcoh ,t, d Tholia s treets 1,5110 17. A Liagulare o r ounrill o alll oind 6 loid bll IcrIoi by I prI e Hu oll lil stre elo 81(s I,,00 houn dd llyellch arafelllo Pllt anl d 1 llio frteets . • .]. 100 9,00 02. A rllu larre of ground ctllli.iln ! Ibo u ded hbllllyte ly Wall, Maad .Il a il, l slrlets , 001 r I0. AThe riaingul ar sqllare of llolll d bound l,0 by lloercul es a n d Pe h eello n tr 5011) 000 . A s lla r o'u n g lloal eo ,lalillilln gn ts o. ho e Illl d fly M ale, Clio, T lle Int ld Calr li s ees,000 1o o w' l . 40011 1 8,000 of t pewn s( u tree, bei,:g 'n by , 25ehet 750 07. A square ol groull ecollitaning lots louldlled Ilv M1ea.Ir , .d elaros lle, anae oa 1,2e11 - l,00 ho nlll, E nll e t Ii . tllll II e, lt el. 1_'51111 00 , 01. rA Iraiaul r qlllalre of grou o d oudl t by .011100.el: apl ErOata s1tr0er1 0 400 6 5,000 1010. lot ll ground Ilrlniing 1t coorer of e 6,000 160. A lot iqu rall a l rl tlo llhlllhl I 0 r llter of b rndel by anI crh ant rl the unmoll lll udrt , haiv g .bled by l. o ea .or erand d 115 P el.h r Ie" t 5,00 . A lutre of rlound olulie I , 3501t 'l I5,l r of A gran r n llle r o ll rllnd I. . llh 3 0 It e11 aI, leang I t c8le, fr,,,atho r cors ol( 0'ali' be ,llll llnl btliGilV .l U,.r ofrecl OO 8 /1 "90. A riaihul r oqu are o f' ground bolho he or n0ior llJan J .d'l'h lir str rets 3;0i1 a 91. 00 A triangulal r equal e oflgrobUl old bOluded ho ' e or adErrad Soo l streets . . 0i "10:. A Iriallrl.1000tqll e Ill~l iif rillld ollllod, bh 1, tel woi lelle v l l d Hernlin l elt, 8lll o , 011 U 19:. A tringul arsqas e o gounlldl hounded 1 y Maple i ai d Vl'oe ,, streels 81 . I0] SOlIt9 I,3 110(1ri1 I haEre eacth Iias .i8Eht sot .4 l l A tqarer of gr. 0 cnl0 taoinio g 10 l 21,106t 8 ,000 n h Irltl lllk h l • 1• 9I.:). A lll ,f groudli ol \Vllarhington stet Is t i, n I . I 1 f ,lin wll ch h lrm oll e IIuI r oll fae 5,0'00 Ioao II iwk. , at 40 h bh Py 185 et 15000 177 IA lot io gi tld lh l \ tlls nih stes anareet 8 ,o,000 tal e ils lr le \ll at$ pyo k, 1.V5 f t 7, 500 97!0 . A slu grollll ul or t slll oill ; 1 2)O r lots o .ounded lty Mapsh, "Et.t0yl n Po. In .md 1`e 4,5 r i tsl ll. 5h11o1aThII0h50gll 00hlls 5000 39i A I t sl hlle rIoorl, '1go orold loullded Iby to,, el and Errsto srl $103000 , II000 . A F ia lo gro1und i0n(al1 g t lhek , c. rner of o, 00 he Ta, nln, ofd I I, la ha lathert30E 6 I, 11 1l. All loltl'!rllunl farmgllh . Ihe eorner oll .lr.t rv and Fourdt h oelsl . il the same sllllul 8' are, having _5i test u, th foqll rle 115 fteel r i lel i 5,00 Intlhr 350 1 11! A I I grnllllan OlJerelr treet, 2:ll 5,1 by 115 I h leel, the 7ill Ie11 the lot l uru ng ill he corner 5 01 I . A Ilhn lllhl Hlllae ll grO lll, blllslldtrle 11. Ih. loll of o( I r le oll Jer.l se b tj e I2:, b 5 "5041 10.1. A lt aru lr aq. a+ . ro'und boun ded 200 b i e'a.r n ai rr llo .tee+IS 20 111.1. A t oigeui a r sq rlle Iof grolundl hosl'il d 5,50 by t:.ll.,e, I' ne and i.:ophro.:ne treet 200 5501170 085iri0e I shllre erich lears llightsilld Iloilk\Ifg ll io .y tlock, ot $:i0 - . 281,101 000 6 prlzes, I e ,'ha ech. E hange snurankce ._ =. m _m .a . m = nne _ m ..... ... The D1.uL Paper is nealy "lprinted wilh' srunI typa on an extra, double shoet, at g12 per annun, paya;tble, as annually in udvance. 'The T'a.wEI.Jr Paper, contluining lha roadiog matter of two dailies, ,10, payablu in advance, where no city reference is given. The WaEKI.Y 'aRUE AERICAmN, nmade Up from the lalty papers, durinig thIe week, will be re.nt ro sb. ceribers wsei pay $5 per annur in advence, and to none other, unelaas ln acceptable city r.l folrence i given. aSubscribers respectilly selierled. JOHN ;GI]SON. NEW OIII.ANS. MlAY 1839. A OUI'P1I.Y OF NAII. rwell nesnrlted, n hanll ,nd I ifr fsala by Al).\31.s & W I I'A l,. . .117 " 67 (.',avi7r . ai of1'. f.oUls 'i'itt:; I' it IidhI' a I#tlAT, 0f'I'OaTF'. 'T1KIE XUII ANIIE:. T HlE I .lP , rilbr has =he hior ol ilform l his frrllel ul itellh hl, a ll inlll a rilr , thai ie will I'P, I o II, I Iilh i111411 1, II Ii |lPLllllll Wllrsw he rerlle wl t iii II P L . rved tlcllor lhll lgl I he bill of f'.e, I P r.e hr Ipril' , vC l : a Sifty p entl I helll l rll e a I tll lll, dlld I UPHlII Cl0'lll'- il• Olll. f i aIInIe lrl. T I'Ic Irealli~~at will ollie l ft"i I 5" 1' - ' ilt eats111,n III at[ a'lc I I;' tih ini k, halt a I ii lh " ' n h i tllll br lland oll d r i .a I. ls'' i Ih f'h dri, er s T it lsl i of hie slishe| Il' o io,, ai Snrls . hal ie bott'l of wine rnad b'rll t llliosrrliol. lA r lnt I titiblr oill per ·eolllr l v tie ll cornlirllllla fir lr rrllla tin rie i n'aall' ll eilcl Iall d IIlalla 'hl le , U'III AiF'tIN&U55,~ll N1l 1,1 5iIPItU PII)II " ll' lays iat· Ihlrl lh li r ill lilnalJ I blla I rehlll lr hl nsl . 'Tli obl rlib an rl hatll e.a h pl - ll hl i vi i 1 hl - lllt'lle ion et. l hhIlital l t I "da 1 'Ia rIlllll r a risl e. r illi rIllillr llo wil l I ntll'' l t i'" lt nle'' r ll'l IIv r hir' ' 1O' Ihl l ay, i It i ' hlnt lr f i tlll Ith alll '1 Ihe ble dhll l'~I . Ti I hll anlllll h 111h II nt1 eliaai l h ln hu'it fr 'a tla ' l'JH in rl i l. l nilla ' wllll lr;ll ' l l r ll l.t lit 'sd' A tllhl tio thllr ful er .ock, have I. rvanlillY1 illlr l Ernl n.1 55,e rr % . f ....... t' 111. llo l. nll (lll L 1' II 1 'lirt ihns, l ol rnlf l gll e aIhI r, e pi I X I. h :LII hey offer tol e III(' ll IItta lllllel'll . 'l ler l ilt ". ii allll on aIII cr~c ommod1 111 a "tlllti tll ii :(l - llI-l 1 111 ' ii15 i '-; r . I i - ll CI IiI.... i Ii Ull) Pi toll S'' r t ,.i5' 11111" 1 ,111111 linel r lll'* ii'te l'' tIiiit'' 'Ia santae'er ika on bradh Aarhar'nll'ahltl.|~ a.l/ l lf" IIitt ik ltl'l sriin -h Iiiw. IiIIPII 111110; 11" i 1· E~l% tijle% ." II' II 1 21 n Il illd .II. inS lll e ; ll 1i t - ll'k 1111 1i l xlli ' a 'i 11 I lli ' I I1)n ki~ p (lllll llilF. nt aI h'-it .1ll ii it 111 l~l 1111 II I ll n (IIi' - { 11V "ll f'\'l I !I i tnl .I~ l '' 111.1 1 11111 tI lllltle IiYP 1111'li' ht .lll ' 1 l- 1 .at CU a ' III p~lllidly I n 11ll'llli tllT sil b . tll' br l) illl'' I 'll; : i gun maker. IR N II . c ntre mn bllel Eliir . I.) i 1i11 hli orer wel; Ih Il a dew 1ti la yt e wt h ltes a , & a.-it' , I l , ir; Ih e l l re I i l i l CHAi IIn.11 s R .iz - II.-. ihLIir, kind just revive flll~llrom Phi nlade lphin. r 1,I rlll Arlllll rlll· 11 II sh l*P ca t tel lll II I'll~t ll e ll 1 tlllr:I( II· ,\IIilI ,.;I 1·11111 .1i1 .l~lllgll ll'llll' III l .lfll, \ (;Il~ ie " "I;r I do h .1 I , h Idi.wr ,'d, l evi ; IC |a! l Y :l i ' ki.;lldijlla, zm. ; sh..etd I·1I I',,l~ d.ld; lm,,l l =z tIll ASI) NAV.t. sr FORES. W e ,rh r naelt tI ell It il; 11 1 l 'lo.; Itat f l;or T 50 ic Ii;w III tI;I Illi 5,. |hE1 cla.· llill r,,(Il; :)1 keff PlU i s"l' (I I I I lillll lih'r. I tll~lr ; d'%I ~l. i ll FIITII ll; ( I tii r ll ,. jlll lllll ol'l; i|,lllilllll(li i i- p lltl~ml' wllly ilt I 1.. t. .IIVI .loln ft l-l llll I -~l)11A llllV 11RL't. LI' C O Ti.XAS. vaiec, I T'EASI eY I)DEPARTMEINIT. el City of lihston, 171h July 1830. \ iN pursuance of a requirement ofa law plsed by I tontrerss of this Republic, approved January 2lst, 1839, Making it the outy of tire Treasury to adverlicre a.d coase to be sold tie lots in tile CGI.Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is hereby given that the lots In the City i (:althoun will be orlel'tr at Pub ic Sale, on Monoday, the 18th u.rr day of Novemet r next, between the hours o Ten a tera o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P' , at thie Capi. n tot of this Republic, upon the terns set forth in For the following extracts fromt the law above men- all c SSee. 4.-Be it ilrlher enactled. That the lots ion ir'. said town shall be offrred and sold Ibr no other cur. o reney than gol,. stiver, audlteol paler, or the pro. of ere messory notest of this goveralolllot. See. 6.--1o it frther enacted, That tihe raid !ors I shall be so'd on the following terms, viz: One ro'et forrth part to be paid down, and the other threeo ,rr forth to be in equal installuetts of six, twelveso I cono eighteen months. ot -h Ste. 7.--ue it ifrther enacted. That it' any eel person who shall purchase ary of these aloresald lots, shall to make payeant of the servesl in- P stalments in eonformity with (this Act, lie or they too shall forliit all such sums on they rmty have'previo frnm ouely paid, and tIe lots purchased by sucuhc dteftl- i rl ter sllall retort to thle government of the lrepub- ,t l lie. itlt See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persons, I It aliens not excepted, llall have the privilege of pur- g e ne chasing and holding the savlle. and the President is 'tro authorized to issuelatentsl to them so soon as tile thee last in, stalnlrct srhall have been paid." I. The sale will continue frors day to day, unti all all of tlhe lots shan ! have been disposed o tef. CGloir is situated on the Ieest end of MaOtagor. I da Islanld, directly on tile Main Pas ito l lMatagorg. h da Bay, and fronl its advantageous position, will .tll I probably become thle prinocipal cnnur ercial city in cns Western Texao .h A Plan ot the city may be seen in the General e1i Lad dOlfirce. , TiL several opers in this Republic,the ommoer. . ,r ciol Iulletin, P,eayune and True Anle:ican, of N. out I Orleans, wril pubhbll .i. tiri untti rh,,day of s.'ei . e. .t JAM ES II. STAlRR SS .cretary of the Treasutry. 1 ' TO TH' E LADIES. inr I'R lll.'S IT-:fiti AltlOm)111N.it1. St' rPOr'I'...R gee SII.111 new' rtUllle:inent r the r ereil cure rr Pro par Ia rloUs Uteri, or 1i'alh.g oft thie \ tlllb, by ex, re teurntril applictlon, t rlpntrsedilr thr ur lg ' te hee It ex, j jecttanblr pressary, is confidently rereornrrmr led il to the aflllcteId as the rmeans Ir a Iprfeftt r.s.tlorr troL t i to health, it never iharvg fatled of performting atp, cu r, rvel under thte im:ot aggravated circaltan too eeo It has received d d he lcidrd approbation of .tI s Sir Asltey ICooper .f London; Sir Bf.njamin C , Iirodu o; Sir .i.rtrt.s Clark, Physiciant to the Queen; ':i, soi Dr Aslhwell. Lectu-er on roldrr rliry to Guy's Ilos. v fpita, ; Dr ligy ltctur'r to St IHrtholrtrlews; Dr 1t Grrbrith, lecturer to Werstri-ter llospitabl: Dr ( cRaonsbotharn, lecturer to London hospital; Robert Fe rguson, leturer to Ve\tlminster horspit, 0ll l; D)r Swealman, lIcturer to Middlesex Ilospital. i nd senior accouclhenr o Queno ;'hari otte's lyiug; Sin-hospital ; also by lthenry Davies, Coequetot du Blundrell, Lee, Merrirman, surgeon Keates, &. by Itir Dr Morreau, prerldent of thie Acudenie ltRoyalo T le Medicine, Paris, and Acconeer tr t the Iuchess H) i)'Orlenns; prifessors Velpc.,u, Marjohn, Paul Dubois,Sa son and others--ad in New YoTk by .1 ;oo s profeasori JV Francis, U S iedfrd, 1 Ir prolt's. sor of cmidwifery in tiet university of the city ofW New York, prolt. Dllirli. and lFrancis, U John. i i50 sto,. president County MNcd Society, Laurens llull Il I esident teid society State of N York, pcoft Joa i0 cMNauglhton of Albany, lproi March, Cyrus Per. kins, UDaure--lDrs l'ios Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosackb, Stearns, Ludlow, Kltseatur, V.tche, Power, 5110 Grayson, Van Rensralaer, antd many other distin. guishoed phiyicirlso in the U States. 400 A' G llull, O1lco 4 Vessey It, Astor Ilouse N 00 rk. . 4 i0 dAA constant supply of tire above instruments, w'ith Dr LlllLo t 11rcoved Trusses fior 1inri., will 350 be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A IG Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. villc; Booth ansd Mallory, Metmphis; \V 1 , Wilk;s son, Somerville; flall and Washington, Nashvilrc 350 MeNairay and ltamiiton do; R L Bliss, Florence J C 8potswood, Athens. lo00 T W. COLL.NS o led St.atres CG errrs ,:tonrer. 200 Ap rtrled by the Federal Co urt alt New Orlrensr | )I'CorrerIr N. CtlrlI' t)N coSmr REIET , `'t A ll) (1't(moul i oner takes utlavi s : ender amal by A00 so oplnf t ie Act t of I es, pa ns d 0 eti I' r iu sry, glr ; It, lanrb 1317 irJh eJurtcirry Act orf 00 200 o in llt:rl restt of Collgresa, inort utes cases Iatic and 200 Rvaid i ollitor'ntscir har cbroe.idorcawe aexc.riece; and sl la i rills tof carption alll ertiOalr hllt h to va 100 is:ord sIr.' averest scrutiny el thfr a ble st Llwyers pril 1I ........ " - ,.0tm . . . BAZAAIr. 3,250 Corner of St. Cbharles g Coucnre street, B XCrUvoNUE t t lt • .. 1,001 1 Ue! U & ML.AN woulhl repectfuilly call Ihe at sgensiir of iirhzens si c trallgs r I tlb I.'t ,:,tr icter 2,300 serrtacllt tenrrtle 's lineln rb ll.b-obr w rn r It:u trrrts. fashioralet linre ,',..rt: linenr cil I 3,000 lors: silk, erc atin t oer io drrMI iri s asl nd drsws or ra brl io: anoi silk h nrdkerchiete: Ilortt n t fauet a. i0t vats i great v ietrt : sttlcka. o lo every ' ll, Lreill : g allc eI lastic ti'r cotton er s 1peniderst: csilk, tortrn Drl thbre.t 0,rr 0luvcts: gents hetkcin glcves: urbtr'llcs anrd t aOes gold Illrtalled. AlA,,--Splredid assortlent of' ladies and elltS wic - ra tisg desks, dressing cases, port olioc, petlufterI, cio lery. andl rich fLt:y boods. soel4 MHEDICAL CAiID. AND IAWIVXASNT WEE. TILE AI'FL~EL)YTEIEIh P18 - A TEIEATISE ."V..'..'.i&L..eGr..'±....LUIIELEL'.1 a ·I I. I.. d~ yiE.,.. n~r IE .iqI, ,ai' ..,a a .,,. EEl Ii,E.'uL..'.E ESEdE.EEi uyi mr E.E....y.Es,,'.i~..It.EEEE.u'.EE..EE.EEEEEE LMithEEE·Ilsr,E,.. l .1.1. i I,,yd1.. I, L.a.I...'. I ,.1* cm .W 'I.E IEr y I~u E.ELE.'.EI.'.E. i il .I,...L,sA,.ltnEllti,.snEE~illsLElIErl. uL''. Ed .1.... I.. 0',.11 lul~ ~l~, E~yn. ~..IplEC..a .E..~ '.ME.~uc~ S.. SLM . , ..Vr~llr Ill i.'. I'11.. . 1.E )() Ii...., ) S.' rIirn 'lbel, el~h, EIEE IELE' s.· .'L.'E&ESEEE Np,*IE).I.'U in .PIEl;l. EE~LMEE.fL'I,.di..,....r.b*,EE.L.iidr..~L..E.EELE.EL LEy P.'ES'.E,'. b((1IY .S....'.i~iE~lrg· LE'E.pELLL~ltlllLLLIk 'lE'EILSE.',E , Iy ~lu-llillYl~iflIIC(y.)RIe EEE.'E'L'If. ,EEEsilrr l, cl.,. EEEI ' t .5l~ E,E., El'.'yII~ll d. h r'E"E"EE~'Sl·r,ME I,E, aEr.',.,Eai,.'EEE5,E,,dESL,,El EEEPII.~l~ ryll EEEEEEmll~llr! vll: ~all ~d. lr lELELL yyrllvll IE*~lr· hllEnv 'E'. IEY ,V"l 5,.,. EE'r.'l~a ie I~ihi Ill~ir Illnlrr~a Ilillplll jllp·tL·J~ilt E'.''. l . . I sIdIE L ) EEEEEEE,.'.'EEEE'EEIEEE ,E('~ly EEEEE5'E,.'E.lCTti~)lnt· b· Il~ir I~lr..lrIIII1T~li rlEIEE.'.'E.,.''.Il l.iElkEl~mEg. LEE *EE I1.31IULBe~ d(l~llll~c~r~ u lb~l'EEEEIlE EELELErLEL tieptcl t LEE ,.rld*l*~l lir~·rpn~ I'',.y' V.'g.E.E l~.'1 PIE.,' '..'EE. E...'s, ES EE i I l . '~:lEeid LEE'.· EEEEEEEEEpEE. peueE.E..''E,.,EEESL E .lvl~ LE, pu~~l~l~l illltl lcOLE.'· EllllI,'l,~ IIUF.IEEE.' ' ,FI.,( pE'..'d''~l~ ILLLEIELEIIIEEEEEI) l\U.'EL' .'EEl.' .'l LEE,,, l.',,IIL E E llr1. li·.li'yl .'.EE K tl~lp.'dlEil Alcr v CErylEEEI IEEE' EYE. IEEEYl 5,rcl SEEI:IULE ES rlii IIEEE ALn AI l'.r ESlrll .IEEE: l(EINI.YIE.ll )IEI.IEDEE CLElalE ohArcre L'EE"bE D VilE ,,,,,lura .IE 1IEEIXIE I EEEli~tI ItPO EEENA.)PI ·LEIY P EMA,.I EA'. 'll . Ir E~lI lyEE'.' EEDAerrlE ',,,~ rptl~rPlX¶.. *il,' ..,vl E,,,,EEEI'es~ilily,.LE cficu l 'I'S"·11 ,l rnlllr rlaltn.~urllEE~I'EEEE Pll,,,l 11IIIh~ . IL ,,,,,l.' . a l. C llllyl E i·l .'E..'EE·i.,JEL rhE.'IE'E.E.E.E.I~! 'II,.'.'' .'··~·.'e,i,.'I, 'I'll ,I'M'':'' EIS.'l,,.EEELEIPI~EE E1:(;.'i.'g'".'SEI1111 EIEl,~I~(~ sa. ,.',.'E EEpE ·~l IVYIL fl. LI. lIyEEE ~lEEE'l'S"E*~I '10( ,,,,l-l'..'~ Slll~E EEIE.' 1.. IEuusIEE. IE.'.'E 1'EE'LllllUIlEE"EUI. E.c ...'. E,~l· II .,sE'.' .,..111fi'E Yl.tlllE.'lEEl E I . EI1 EE.IE lEE.'Eil C~ll bCCOI~II~l'l 11 111 l11 1 I Ill' )(l~il\·l$I·~ IJE'EE,. Eily l'.IU E,,IIllllllil~.lI iEE lEE"''SrC.'ElEEEE:ll~ hli.. I..l~~nli LI,'lnl rl SE 'ill EIE.'jrl,. .'.'lyl~ E N.,.lllll IC ...E.'EE, Y SARSAPAIRIII.LA PILL OF IIEALTII; OF, IIlIOD I ILL. 11111ii cxe o llrh t ftiolt y tdO tool I n oduo:inte of I n:oca t1 .d rsl ._ .cyv l(,r cote:ting lltdhh td.otr l fr 0 t o'lt aou.oltolul dhI ow (, teU II I )-,a .yoflli e s o lll t ta let.hac . e tai itooPt.Is, lshloteo f;lllonss aftor Ineals, ,llzai te .i of tioc eye., dtrIootitase and ; olE t it t ta etonl ooo oli o a 'd iowe., IlodirtloIttot Ioru .lutooo a t or b tofth lit r, ' r nd l i o ll a.oo ' e Iottlote vl V nfthehrw • al·, e l 1.~. Jldl.{rgFll .1| 11 of' nvery, fanl lnfa f ihe flallse, i.. ll int.titan.,,i iy. s lels. pr nratl·u by 1t l ittle pe. uver Icn am b to ell' ltttallr' itrl.., t.. to' oor tihre do ..t . will s ll - t1OoO Jo t I ior l tii f io ioto o lllto r loto lO-i'.ot. 'lo t o.toath wsill sin t in oihio~otliiitrrofiooi oastnary o' "ooooti' otttO0 I oeo i t. ro1pitii 00 01110.0Ir00 ; u teil:thv ncton o l'th.|oort tr, hotw e6 and ki else, ill role illy' takeIlaeid ctt. lald nllm o'il, ores heat, pa11 tl "Iaatld.ctd ii pp lr ur-e , . l'l'111th, hctsl..l selu roenell,!'' Il.rlhi oI oll o 'e th' Ola-O111 re-alt 0el tu,lln ,' hti loe driolo, ncc llrH to tl e 111 1 roo o el o, t Co'oloio ) isot ,I Iao 11t bO . The~ poIrnr Io i u'nriY l, m ip.ll hlr '..l tau lot lamnlllt c.ghla cold.,t otlattoe or ils ll.ooiifooioa otll, altl od,+trootool a tll i i tt urf llary, pQ-;! l oudtHI( if b,,ele.n (tor 1 luafire antll ldtllell'e at , table, thpy quickly ratola lt e tl tott lo It. ouoot at nltto l at rai.oto ..o. o otull ot bito l w... .. I PaIe t tosij t ti t h ldr.le, iddt - arto ¥.t- it ll'..t llt .ottleoo i oll tO e a .t ;telillt o ta' ratbyl t great jIlia of bhodoI t, o le o h -,. hoad oulot tooii sr I he I lth thel1d1, -a n:...y ll llV ,rrnu +'+lit,+In+r will lhe c tirely catrrld ll by tlluls i~llnlllldilllC. U'P 1" r "pn rmal theseIP pIlI6 are innert !"'ly rexcelhr.n, rrlnovinl ait oI .tr tallon l, th liotlt'ooointh ta ba O lce al u very prottllnt with the.l P.l ; dl r-itriio O.s of |lirito. dilltnei o f nillt, a lertout .nltiTl , Ioooos, o h l's. 111h't . ld nI l 1llwaiorto l'h tiilL kt, tLld giI Vl, t·le~tvl ind? 11 I%'olIIIP1 )·hH'1'1l I° thi el~l. exI1 J n.XII T' anotlhrrt they Ier ot, ooldalil oly reconmorottod Ai, he belt m..hII, nII thal rna I. toP nhe 11, Br lreg~ancYH;and I,,, hilden it' eil nes ah1' o" .roo, .o toe flrasll.d. A. nIlp.i ltI ."I.It.J IIPa .)ltnapeet, they nnllite flher nmm n As.,1 ,rf is t ulnd ,os .ro,, n t h the nott 0..P.0|,t -leet, .nd reoqutlir f it,)o ire oa ttlr ,li'all ' olIoto. o.+ n olllhtl tln f duing thlir uae. Itov"tirth O ~l' arll lortlng 1lalhP o I, e el..lld o stogoh at thei shto fet, l.+ btaonuEo t'it.o ollr rt , t ootorL.., ale; herPsa,tltai o oe re tuir oo, nettnd 1or 1 loerly'p o i ts witll ,e fouond ts e The. no t.t c fillrotr to oo'dioo lit' ioohothe'lo prta sred aold -t Noo.!t i.'atauat htotrc it, New tisOoIatI. ttt2--at --l- r S OFItI 1SOIt SlVEDOItR'S IIYGCIAN1 ItI-l{ PII.LL - r ertiol'i o ,l;tual exatttlPit n oo f ever y a lo Cirattlllo t mnll, etor II"tloosphilltlC o i.Cdlaa a ndth III n t dltlt od tatadessU tl I -ing ftl'ln thtll t is ll pre get git u.ll n - Vithle-r hba, 5ivn0l otretoat an tOntoac l anid sypIhilitic d1i.eal.e,, willi llbu.yrvatt~llm i11 e au l otaon b t, 4 . ' slh o.,asel t aig hincu1"th knl~awilag hy ))uti.e aile n.. or hlve bealt el , to bir h to o dfollo n o ,to. t .iltt iongl rat ln1oalt y. S Dr |), i1:ollullnlle. to dlrlct h I- nlieltIt II In tlose di. I 'drr aroo io g fro t ooo+tt ' d ill rill idul -g. ce f tl,, a...t e.,l l 5l l 11oi folly o tultt"iojlm a lumeroul t Ira.. oftort iensaal t .l'rto a, o 1 ctil.t ~.l ils voter. eo. a tthe ee rroSt . lll. 0'tliOlll00 )fOtrl dloge. I llttit diotre5silltttatt id eiLl ltp sn1 alr l,.k IuLllrer tie cI l'an clureiIlc of. bnl l e flothull, It i to ot 0orttnv olll sr tira i oo Iy.h h Ihs ta " p assero. 1",t-t c'i t.toltooa ltoon lotlr ift, o t, hr n ttr-o Nrll f. 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