Newspaper of True American, November 21, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 21, 1839 Page 4
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a tttotary. ," OIIIAN I, T ta orell~ae ~reltt d to takea :" N Frt W alloon at S -'~ lllt .ltttt'a ienville Ctlree t. S 15_, , I . a I St ee. t rY, ti C 1h1111 boo , iw dr 1 rep tllo by as =u ha a rgaVw, at ___ _ n d. litp,0 le' trta : 'thei lo Tt s frnin &e COOr E llA I foo 5eU~ anet no. ' rninle rsu s. h anhres, ao E.. Elt Aplll,8I aINtRO IO S o, PE A E F IA L Y E f Ito VmpiP d 82 Juia attettNaw Oeeto tak. IDh lts dsttEfll t nattily tarhes put n2. · lu crilA tLu TR BieTt, t Nill, eetr, r. 2Llými, In n rter, would retp ectltly .ie m nlt e l to EV ri wtd rel mtaatlev:ti tttaNet.,yor1at d tn"t a Gtand C o uttmb aia e, aact maatl igay oire, eI a, tA en aloiuplaI tinted cL O aira, tnt tal a .Lm e . •datlllo, altaga alttdtll itEara tattaes t telle od~orittliard d ileui anle ac t, O ritlea S - t.o -. taie lle e tto ee . olnlt i ol a t latt taha , b.iaVy, cb to n ers A . G. p. brd &to Ne olork iandn ieto ag. s ioRf E 3 a.n g fplLlrda ine tretch , m lh n ookr, .rr , Gloe I Slilr, Sdtcks , uIyob sh Ct. aet tuepaf c ( vcki r tuapd nmtttn wt al ra, t. t. . Gles tt S vlel... . .. )el Ar DULEIN, UPI KDH LY nAND SO M ELY 'AND C ttEAP t.y EX t(,I : T iD ST. CHAILE KI -TREE, NEAR POi'DRA.s L OM DARD & CO 'S Bostan and New Or a portm a nti will ets found of' auitable draft of aW ier: elomlatnlaa'n lirot' fr t ..late, anstyld e, ty elYort SCarolina, 400 do S mL S eam n a, 240 do 3 diow er, tC of l lat experience, hanve large tc tlnowtiotans vidd for them. I nf p T he pa ket a w ill ho tow e l op and I ow a tt e M ist Asmaipp, and te tractest p nRtoa Iy aervrd nA.n the titne efoaliag, and shaould the raalara ve ksse agin solieita, te a the agntov s plShrt tolcksaa lra to and forward goods by s aid lint ath to at tn der. t J A M ElIIlrr, 812 (ounn u at. N.'B. Adva oFe E madO O Tnigme.ts to ARD CO'S BoMr. a nd New Orleans & C. e pod otho lowig hips: v nov27 IRON 1ROOFS-i'he lleell elo-y at a great uxpense, bhe right of p i ron roofs in tills city. They ire adopird io poio' bulding, w relholser, d private dwellieseaand le bine t once henapoess and dornoblity, rnd h re perftcily fire nl d watei)rp.l of. Tr r nt lu w iV Le known, and en model peln at our estahli honeni epoIdite Sc. Mary's morkeirTelispitloinl sit. oct2 E [t COGSWELL Co L S SEGOUIR, No 54 Conde strect, between SDomain and St Philip, kee,eo constanpy en loald a extenisive larsorlntilnl ofioois noll brogane, nd lhnau,n New York ianllfatlclre, for men. wineni and childrlen of all aer, whiei he will dipuote oe at very nmoderate pricer. - FiAtilie ofhis noP inonece on senjdinnn rrlerd will have their wishes nrttnd-d In L hi SQEIOUR "COAL-TIo - u-ibscrittrers iavae cistanly on had a large supply tif Cdtienel and Liverpnool coal. in bulk. of euperior.ij.ulity, wli ci t they olter for atle in lots it suit p ordh.nirr s, Also expected by the eirst ilrrivnli from Eit, land enid line Nuril, Can nel, Lehigh nid Penchl Mountllin Coal, brroken Vl d asrerned, put ip iul hopehead. expressly for et ily nt-nil olf wlhi they will dilpole of on lhe ist moleroe e trns. lrders lalt at their office, No, 53 Iienvillu st. up stairs. ouill be p riUplly attended to. ot B. & A S()ULyr. TO 'TIIE LADIES. )R ti ULL', UOrfato AIVDO*tINAL suLuPnnPr 'E TfIlS new instrument for the radicoal cure Pro Inpl tr Ueteri, or Falling of thIe Wombr . oy x nt,rol npplliclttin, laperoldilg Ieo uone of iNhi tbh jeclioltnlle d.,gimry, is confide rceoil lllled Stohl uilleic'Hnidlil thin l oeuo ul eit n perl'ct relorteein eo Ilnlth, it never having f.iled of perfoiiiiing o lre, event uider tino :Out lggPlvteid eirlctiiiiani coe. It hna received the decided pprlinhatioi of Sir A otley Cooter of Ltlon l; Sir tleljanlin C Irltrli ; Sir Jttoames Clark, Phys ci an t the -ieeo; Dr Alihwicll. Leciureir ai. t ldwifecry I, luy' Ilos. pitil ; lIr Rigby, Ieiuloie SI ITarliloln as I )rn Glrilttli, lecturer to Waestmln.tcr lonpianl Dr Ritoebotlhaln, lecturer to London ihoepitl ; Rolbert Fergtson, tleturer to WVeietnilster hosipit, al; I)r Swetlllunn, lecturer to .Iidcdluox lospitol. : and oseior uceoeuheur to Qulleen Ciarlotte's lyiing; in-lhespitel; also by Henry Divie., ConqulestIi Blunldoll, Lee, Merriiinn, surgeon lientes, &o, by DLr Morrteau, iroeidlet of tllo Academic Rolyale Je Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the D)uchession II IPOrleun ; ;professore Vclpeou, Mlrjolin, Paul Duhois,Ba aon and othlers--and in New York by protehaorJ W Ftrncis, G S Redford, M I) profrs. ror of mttidwvifery in I!te university of the city of New York, profto. Dtelafitld, and Fcrancis, U Jlhnt. ston, prec ident County Mid Society, Lourens h lull o president tned society State oa N York, piolk Jo I McNaughton of Albtiny, prio M:treh, Cyris Per. kitts, Duane--Dre Tho Boyd, Gilbert Stiith, Ileosck, Stearns, Ludlow, Ki.nao, Vuelhec, Power, Grayson, Valt Rnosaloler, Ati(l ittit other distil. gltitehld physicialns in thu U Sttea."1 oA G ulull Offico4 Veseey sat, .tor tlouse N Er A onaitant supply or tie tboe itnstruments, with Dr Hull', improvaed Truossa for eillrnia, will be kept by SICKLES d& Cu, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Nitchez; Stonte & Muruls.h, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Monphip ; tW P Wil!;;n ion, Somerville; flal anid Waslhington, Naslville; INMcalray nld 'Halmiton d,,; R L Sliss, Florence J C Spotuwood, Athens. A Ulfed BS.Se' Comrnuisiouer. Appointed by the Federal Curel tit New Orlreana. OFFICE No. 109 COM )ON STIREEI'I, I (Exchange Hotel jtlhilligs.) i) l Q All) Cocuodtioner tlake afuideviia under oetlliv Pt VItti o tf Cle Acta . of C greue, parsed 2ll4t Fetbrt gi ey, 8itlh blatMtnleh 1817 ; IlseJutliciar Act tf 1781it qn.d oter acts of Congrets, in such coon maieoiid of Said Conmtenleaanr hba eonaiderolle experiene ; rnd nuses Ih eiti t eptiln and elriitbate which tI.n t aloud thle aaereal scrutiny of ,le ablplt Lawyeas. prill ' __ BAZAAR. CorneTr of B. CAirde 4r. Commion streetC, fl8US1 & AL uot reslp.tfnlly cel the at n Mdetrn .il nd.Itgrrrg Iothltireiiilltle n t.terttliteitr 0l linen .hirte, dt cnhere.- PI 3W Its m rus m lea. Is liten trot: line ciclu l Ier: sil Sultt otn. ilnder alhire anit drawers: e ;canJrti and ailk' ilet; black nd itncy ct. 1 rw reaes fr viar .. eve v description: emu n e suesard m:-dl.mC oit.. threua ti 'g .loo .a o ' a aend ennes ou t 0 to 'ladiesutsod seit wri. it 6 tVfr --I r - ,tri eloo, ear e-, cit. i el ir a r doei. I SDl tt; a repiitir ont.*ii it. .,tib nit Wi at--' Salt Itrooed Paranuid Mlour, it no "tlo~r-len.. I at . C.c, abiul, I. ati.iun tllc ,e. t lr -Cle Iv ` t M H& F D..Vs)tEUX, Ji u) "| 1'8TbCpituulla as i u OPO1tt3 Simetmta lcrtt & Co arno aow rei L d1t `plebe lno tip hil together iwt heir formee L liil er their ass'iti et very: a plette. o. m Alpesea poirt, via: " cll|'twbat L..ri..,dde, ekihl`lrooei. Ripts, ern o id o'nl dnerriptiott, h. N: Sl'iu;t s lliatild worstd gdavltij certnca, comnmon . . nel'fiietednlndertt lolcrli, o antd Ln.ifer mlatches, sfeidllelpowdr, owar derp ffs d hInnxs, toilet powder, l w Spo(cket tl .ro ttld palleto, needle boobks, saelle loti, oa. g norydand rmoeeboa eases, head ontwlents, prib eo- n cai "rt W.hbesd, nerkls n mligees, bebd ch ins, nad * eeklaet, cuotiones and ploin ,eed, ilver tnd gilt rends, nidllan bihads, bello ond plunme' pitlol oand large onw Jerfliitc,htot belts, horse, belt. poeket and dueIling lstole; double and single bnrrelled gons, Bowie knives, aid dirkA. scissor, Shears, pocket knivers, gnard clhin| and rbbomne, wnistLbo k it, cloth, lmir, tntrl, A nico, b, b ,rumb, he"le, Itote, door sud tit n brushe', Cob)ognIe, d Fl'ordlanlavender, rose anli biy w'te'r,nisrted ssenere and extritcts, N.tteacssr, bear, iititq, enudl Ward's wo- di getable hair oils, srhaing nai tolic oloaps of all des oriptions, hldien' lnd gnltletnsco' desks and draessin ol case, hair rieglPts, frizettes and braids, plain, fanmy nanl NI musical work Ix~sa, plain nrd Cilt, Sri,seot aonda rest buttoot, prior and ivory shirt d, shirt stndde gol r and silver penil ctses, tooillthnlia ndl tweezer,p,lateoli and gilt locket,, t'iniatnreo tg, silver, hrans and steel aL at -ti imblteso, toks htt i eyese, tair pin, Iitetioi frnit,blk luo redink, shle blacking, violiins and gaiters,ribted o oand plain pirntinon caps, liuin twiae, scetted ersa 19 lens, gol ndand ailhr lane ard fringe, ater panper galne bage, riding" 'ninps walking canes, idaylng cards, fia o old, platl n d gilt j awellr- . c. " Thfe shoveo, ogrtlhr with . great wriEtv ofotier at - let are offered at wholtesale or retail on aoincommitodating N It Shell cntlts repair:al 'in- IOYTLE lk MA, lnltea, tgny, d t)l'lItIt.tioinIt :otl aolersa Ni 3 Carotdoele stcet, Itn doors from fNnn (:lom street.. ire, Inilstoionta or fhe rollowing ano,lbs ell mrhlelr cx eelneculed in Ia mlterlI nlalnter, 1 .all nll n r:tag ardt nd+Ir sale Egyptib n blank atnd gldd atl (uk, t(;ridlla ln,! Antiso, P relollrd dn, ri.d r d antie, O rled Csreo,, SI Curled Maple, Iod t Ptone, Ililt, Eye *do, rlltby Granitc, S "1i't TI're, l'ltll 11,totnodplo g ork ILto E Woodl, Ani" 1,', A (;ey I AshD Vile Oak, Ito. Ok k Speitnlr lo in be c at tel sit o. l 'ae st,. ile, ite gl:asi, copal varlal, bic. on :,k I,,i- or sotle. lilt 1 it St N,S'r'E & Y (,(..' l); -flfat, sla.,e t I I tind bnlletI iron, nell aetsstlir.l r nlotllls r t Castl Germann, shlie , blistertvdtl, sIin, het ISll i Crawly stlhel wi allow wlore, cOlll'at lllltlt w o t ils a spklllto )i C.lin cables, ancllors, Ifws li lOx, lkO, ttg , itotgne chails, corI t Ills Ir e ,ks, Anvils, vices, Hammer's ora bellows Lei s, ire, sheet pi, andp bar led; shot bi Coal, tand coaklling stoves t Amesl, Ilowltand's nd otlelr llspades t shovels il Hok anpti I hte hinges, door snd will{ oilotks ob t, Collitns, lnd Sharps, aor ot l'et as l'ir'd anll i Ma clie eordage, lines and twine bhi roltandl sheathing copper; NKayiv stores pu Paints, linseed said sparm oil be A fill assoltmernt o1 harldiware I slid h lchandlerly ago always on hand, and which are off'ered f+r saleat walm. gs le or retail, Oil Ihe most fiaorable terms, by m4 LAYTON t Co. 53Oli Levee. ROBERT' CLANNN, ' HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. U. Cimlt street. Wholetale I)eleealer in Pillnts i Oil, Valrn"heI lllu . l 1...30 , i,,dowvian.d Pi.,ure Go.,s at,. Re . ps IOUAF SU3t1l;-vonriiuts qtlitira, oosnlll,"t' ill Ir O La store anid h;.r sale by SIAl L L B Itit NE,' ten r. mtar" i lagtriei 51i _ FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ,,,, ROll.O.i.x e GOOD jPi., I ne [ No. *U, hbnrrlrt Strree, Uln Door belo,v ,ienlvitle. _] A V E constal ttly on halndt every aril , tpp ot lisl tL ing to gtlllelo leca i ire ilss in' i 'n olt l IIItt lcr oitmost leasiitontnittl stylere, t hict lthley onfe f11, 1 cash, It reFdm.ed IricI s F A NEWV n rticle fi r persons i roibled witl deafessn fA (rllted toa Ear'T'rinloet,) hs jIsttbi Ire ri.,'et , -i iv iee aft, tof inti, Ith liglitest atrlitclatlion it hn Itc l i nan vloice is dislinetlv cneo,+e,,i to hie aor. Anl ' sOe ltlm Itao ever Ihr teetbligca. it, onversi with a ert; den i real i rs.n li must Ie fuly senl,ilte Ifii ll diliniultli aid intl taIeo Snrrsoienitexpericai,te ho hbv nlemelves fid tlce in- vers dividitotlse o unlrtlltit. lnlietnorll llv iit ' se t. Ito i " ro s r i ) mInos rtepiea Ivulh e Slwsn e l" lir ly Oll heirlo1I. at) ' r"* having used tli 'l'rmlnpri For sale at 1' 1 F " T I" ION'. ( b toon r'aney streclsrner of C,"mmon no S.t lcs tla ,ue s , such Under tI Exothig o ln el. fb lit theit JARVIS & ANDR'I rs iEW , ie VIIOILEEAIb: ANI) Itt':'1It fi)'Atl,'l":fS IN athfe MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS a nit D I't; S'T'lU'IU'S ,INL) '11VI"oI01' GL.'?S, aeo Cotnear nt CoIIII Ii,n i t'el pllopilonl a sr0ers, t uilere NI.o'i U'.ion:A, of tlI NAtl'IA N .JA {ItS. !prst .tlliN \VW. ANttE\S it I thPte A largo ulopy o Garden Neetl,. a irlneidtnl tIle grewtlhi orga nof 1l:37. and NDREW PMITII & CO., reslpoetfully infrm nd their friends and thle putlic in ceoriral, that ie' they tcetpy the new brick shop, 219 Teloupitoiao et, sreet, wr tlhey koep constantly on Iandl Copper, 'Tin and Sheet Iron Wort,, of every description, o ch ans copper stills, kettles, and pumrps, tin bath. on il S, aond oil cans, of all norts and sices, and all othe~r brss nasting done at shorteot notioC. Grate liars of every deecriptlon, setch rs seiam. sod boat stirrups, to, chairs, screw boltt, and otlier n kind ofsteamboatwork, soch as hlmncyis, breech. eo, stea iie pipes. rder 'Tley will also do all kinds of fout door work, )UR ucl asn zinc, copper and tin roofing and glutterig, &c. They above asd all otller kinds of work in tbnir line et blssineso, they will executce t tlle tl, lshortost linticn. dcir27 WILLIAM l . CARNES, ancl Crsi nb rto I"U Ir . I R e W r i IOuSl ir .od ofiIa.N; g Is n r i Susi Nt) 1 I, ..i' t oco "R " t ions fo eann. so t I{L t hN t.nd o N ea iot . bL eN o - r- o k It C: UIrINSIreURp VAIttEtIOUeoU I: ont; Na. fllst~rte ... y tntry r e -- '. -- 3. -- l-- P M+ ~r NO'ia'tIrr. . r, i Iteo-- noevro icootieto, itttt.Irrtto ni sit ,tiett .raee.I,.r ,-ot ftotttnrf C | ·'ll ee rmw iul hme ul 111's Ir 13+' r p~·lllr tpfk , -ln l o tht P..-~li t -lv -' - ae '+ i I tl TroRO , ind o 'n'k PM ra I Liesroion -cPOLI. iut orecsivors Cn troifotesatetby WM M'KAN , n 5e n eore Irb a cont r a o t amp Ii sk , -IttII fy i Jlll. O'dollars' AN~r tbl r .A~t~,t Sfer~ Ti ii'c k1,1 Wl 'lnttoitteot LhnrytOllthlnatr hatoSit t' f lel'ttln lin t, re P '.J. y TItt toohrnCo e ANo LAt. ill nte th b h. rost of Ja ktt llano tro ;taIoa . olo o.M t tt tll noto' , YItre O·I~etat Yo' lo. k II. At ]|tf-pa.17 ' o'k Il~Y e)'r lllJlll i I* . o Y h1,a )Iult lljL Ik)ti evntv . I II( SCWr Ulleill ' lol C( I Y IY , P I JpI tothc'.ahs, ettia o.tI. It I0, istrl lCllr rm * e-ir eoIh nt nl I ir eu b I otl iTntcltltu , 1 a w -. p Jtrtt't' ILt;.ir n' , ONiLA.v tl too i ti torel noeif letnrr l R!lR., C nra+ I - iCI Oei obur Corrol t Ji,,,, e 'lJrrii keiroti." Ii t ilAiret Ltoe'ol i rt lOfirt ldfr,,it lntdtr , o ..f .t'ien'lrer into i+ ogArtUI Is lit fot i t iitdid, t d -,, • i 45llpr allr It.llsr I I)Oo II t"~ a rlll S filet s I u fp ri alnod oeo taihllln uo rlll'l' ir IIP+ s wlle i the PINOCE ROME, Ste.l Ipnhi atll;lo ErtIss ITLO I hh al fhs o idgonenil, ofd tho htot, r of+ ,eler Promeo Ilryh1s, wilno IgnIeh orirty orniolnho ofth givnesahttles nitdod kriic zhn le i .wlltw irk n ,oi eIntr Inoarrois inoe ond fAiht ies of i o toodt, dilt morons king ooptlilt ndfill Ii hlr· OIIooII. e ooli 11t oliesmforhesnAlnrndoo ent th od f 0009 |lorate u tloorn tdwh itc ii prc otltdro Ioeo 00 cto lr ' iono rir tod - IPincloce' totpmnrd Eld sitio ofl hara Coldo~otit toittor; tir ofProgn d, fIanir , ikn Inroatvarn titety Cloleotot Itr i detion aof O trce Itfboot wn e a r o nt i ioooiio r i llo i 1832. iek oinibinos f or oAnitios of tl r.ii ao p o 'll I" I r cookerine. H..i. borheol nrd strii rot . lo i a :d iee ti nsfaordedmngtkAon Liattr d ork. Caeh iotiogof ntl . .eomannitrooy, and l ltite nfit... . . 0 I ii;", A ai i, mction,' adelltt roved+aliot tile wof rk (ohtn t' Il~ell'.+ri,,', ,,r IkCostitneino, otnvaion& of tillnoesodify mnysar no I hr Smto; n O i teor. Ao w ar oltinoaiol o t· 3e + 1os ir t e lnd stio n for oats-he eWM o ft'{E N iftit tion ded 24 th mnrgotrntCs wor.tod C tisto talejan I.optgln4ous h exl n vatiory notes ·Re li. larks l ou I t/ po l . tram, m.I. nil emloti ,.n Fof tile .r .. n nlir t.,a Ill eli u tahe contttion,&4. &c. tlhtstrrie d y manyI1LII ea,,r t t I'r ATotme~rianv edton, Wi Ipdtlls and emnll ,*troyceI an, at opi an epialdtiony aofthe. KcU~llllnkal par ,Btllse +.. liearn allnc ana c. at~roftl J.,t .... ei,., .d o, satn bidlu.. l WM .t'KE.,,,, · I';] any 24 epontr ot'Ceulp and Coilomuu st, to der aaltimore rackets e of . ,. - NEW ORLEANS aD BALTIMORE LINE UF I K PACKETS. a This line will censist of 'the following vessels, twhich have i orn built or purchased expressly for t the trade, viz: it Ship 'eanul, Capt. Miner, La, Bark Mary, N ickeerson, Srad Ferry, new 't Stavenr; Sr oloittlldaltus, * Latham, s Brig Arlchitect, it Gray. These vessels are of the first class, iarve hand. some furnished aeconmodatione, avnd are of a light le draft of water, anso its to adrlit of their receiving and iltschiargioi their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. ne- Freight wwil be taken for ports on the Chesanmpake og or James' River, and forwarded by tie agents, l Mesare. CLARKE & HELLO IGG, at Baltimiore: I expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when ed required. T'le price of passage is fixelod at f60i, ael mnple stores iililie b st quality will he provided. Ik Ste ll upi iand dowl the Mriss lppi will be okaen ed on all occasions. ;h- For freight or pasaage, apply to le om7 GEO. BEDFORD, ,i nov27 i22 t lienvil!e at. FOR NEW YOIK. " l [Louisiana and Now York Lile of Packets ] an THEv Shrips composing tIis lne willsil iom x e S Orlealns and New York on every other Me - day-connaiencing on the 20th November-and to ilistre tih puiillhoJity in the timle ofsailing, tiro lilte will hicrealter cnllrit offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Capitain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Loomrvi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4th Deceoboer. Ship Ihltinsville, Capltain Eldridge, to leavel on the 1] i D)eeellila.r. SI p Vicksburg, Captain Wood houe, to leave on 5tll ,if Jan'uary.i SThe aovce are all nnew, of the first clans, enlper S x, o ad coppet r fatoned, anid Olprarids of n 5U tlns I horilhne, re of ligt l rougv t oftr, orf bIuilt iln New Yor k exprtssly fn r t ad he Mice. It oIserved inChie at 'Alo ict, •une price Ie tit tnse, is fix... at 10 dlollars: thelr l abii s arl e fedu lin the viostiivliltIvId and conveniena plan, o . ftnhd in a qaillt yd elegalt style - bAle IA e stores roof thse first aliy w illnt be pronidd, it alorn - pa id t, , ku y or lie irevidrd, i acd v.tiry regard p lloe elllifort andl eltire Ia iet o oi piss grs, whou ill laseo taO in. ie iat I rth ea e cireod ontilid o at w the fll'sof , tire coma onsiees p ratn iease vessels ire cormnal;de by aptanins well ex perincned on tile trade, who will gpv every at tention and ee r'tl tlhm..ves to oconl,,mater. "',.f wilt at oil tiies be loowed up nd down the Miais. rippi by, and the strictes t te ohervtd in the time of sailing et pUnctuality hila owners of tlhoe shitps will not be responsi. pte for any letter, aIarcel or package, sent by or ia t on b d of tiem, onless a reglo r bill of lading ho eigied tore for, a thie nou nting house of the agent or owners. For further particulrs apply to n D BEIN & A COHEN, -----___ 90 Ciommon st i aF:MI' to: 1/Ihtt.> th.II AC AIft STON P AC&x i"TS fa tlinins class, roiopered aod copp'r f a I i od, antd of ablit 200 tons ppurfi. e.e with ii andaioe aoe nIImoII adamin ea fr Iase er tek.r ena l tC raoi wao will jddrive ever ale teton, anod ox ieni elhresrto rcetos nodsa 01mm hllipopr'. 'Iliem will ha IOletd upa ond dtwn ;ile illtllaldhit elail leive New Orleans il or ' elore rlee lsh llltd lott,f every Sti, it. Th'e ellowgew I vessels c)mnp{),e 'he lillon, viz : O IIli - obaClileo . rir0norn mter.. S i e CU. pni l a, J. 1. tl'llon l.tu lti, m aster. th Brig Ahloene, J. l.,altimaeer. to S R iir gr \Viill e. i. Allihers, onoeer. Fo b h oCli lP i" -tenloly to J. A. lIAltEI LLI oh hI Co1 fi o Coion, Sl. NeW Oileano, or 11.. C en -f 'ii , ro li .rto I t S RlUSHTON & ASPINALL'S COO POUND TONIC MX'IXURE.- pecd and eertlin cure Ibr the Fever and Agueo, remnittent and interlotlenot tevers; preparad ioai tiiii tl original recipe. Used wiLth eminellt and ni e i verosal ucess In 1832, by persons ol tile highest " respeetabilitv iln this city, as stated il the innexd Icertifcatles. a d This medicine is highly recommoended, and lhasi I beeon exloneively ursed in lI te above dieolses with sacli distillguihed siccess, tlhat the iprlitetor of thie recile Ilas beel indulced to olfer it to the pub. liein its lLresenit forn. i thie hlole Ihat it itai hIo lIn ini Oc f frelirnag. nianiy of thns) who ore stororing undar theI scourgea o i ouroo tryy. It s o naieiinejitnasessillg great vituele d s llW n ltse aeeorliigo to Ilin direetiool. tts tInever failed of rltretilig a cire, even in tmo nost obstinoata stage to el the odisorder. It i not at alol diseagreeuble, ttd alht Ipersons of tile veaket itoniach, ld children . ay ia take it with impunity. It strerigtlhens the digretire 'Py organs, creates all appettot, and snldoln reqluires gr more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles ' to effect a cure. Tlhere is neither mercury nor . raseonic in the Ie dicino, nor any tlimg injulious tg to tlil hluma conisttiution. The lproprietors are so well convinced of its elficacy, that hrey ngree th to refuadi tie price at'ofevry batte whlich iiao been cia, tnkaon in aeeordanerv witl thle direct;oaisne and hlasn not erffi:cted a a perfect core of the fever & ague. cti A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at ad his wholesale anid retail drug anld mnedicineo slore, rg corner of ilienvlle and Chartres atreets, fiv For District Agencies abple€ to tni je5 T. W. SAI 'fTi, 48 Conti st. L S , AGNER LIQUII ODIENTI A.-Jl at it ll nn{i r l lh.-teenf. r ct eanin nd in hilenin tIho 10n,111 lIndI )tI~'I nL n t P I,, I IIInche pnT servin the on,_"u prihini , IIl ; i realOt nnd rn ivinle 17oin diseaseaIn whidch he 1 t1 oito I is linble in either II e adlit or infalllt -Ole tea sptoniul, miied in a wine lnassfii of pure wn tir. and ai app n lied ii the teethiI in usual maIinn. wPithl a bIr b, will efl'eclnallv pre. vent scervye, and ward off than cxcruliating pain, lie tolh ache, I` TE ti ll' iiS0iANA-'arish of Orleans ClColrnl If Problate. TI all W' lllm these presents may con.iern Know I te that whlIrens Willintn llineker, n re i ineiin ill thle. ciy of Maysvilll( eI K., hni s pllied i t Irh ! leis<, r ,fI \W ill-, In a in f rlo lr l p I, & a cu Si Nel 1th.-)I , null e ,,llitil, I.'! e tllr I, i Iao n' Pr' Ia n aro nl Ibr 'he IPari h i IolI il l"v ol N, lirleani., lhnr, iadt, oer l \: .NI fI I N or :lU III IIR NT I hit N I I oll i ' riliyii v Io the Act io thie Ie n rl elrl I eih S at (e nttlle'i d I* An act fol r ithl e Ib) Sefu r h ,r a s rn : ,'t Ifi ti 'le. to p oiri e ril l aIt. . i ltn lichn , It l'0, ,ill pproveld 11h ,I 1 lllar lit, 1113.1, notice i h r r c iv nr o oil l i rn tt l lI hi h' I i it i iltn--t" l han , iJit nee i n l ide.r iofl e Ir d ll,) ir Islidroot I l of I r ibalhs, in noli for I, p.e t ri-h an-I lllty l INt w t)h, ans,h intlnl dal th r sh i rd (I; )' rit i llt tea I Iiietl. ii eilie It oni rull ille itie le o in t, and reind red in the lm ttil er olf he Il Ni lhanil (ox, e t-et tih t p l i n lion . l'htris tolpher A tI AInsj lll .s t m-ndl ie f thf e re dtiro I .. os a ll su lces . lin iol N. lli tl N C.., derl'c leSd, htelth order ft I r P stun em l- grantedpuinrsun n tit lltii e iihrntion Iof a r etl tin t of ilta credlli rs o lf l'lle de ,ised ie d lly held nod onve il ed ti ll h th Ih rd hday oI Feot-l a rn rllr i, htl,.n hundre d and thirty eitt , bl fre t C ln II. L. C( .lLIa, E sq. No lary P bhbe, uand also a'lft., s ho IeeIli and ullat l so h'tee d ben manic, is ItlhelRel <ist r It W\ill. didP . op'x ,se irslio s b ny pub hc t n lio. n ot the it,,h ,h, y ,,"of Mat, ,oe th,,ousanld lhlrl uindred ni lli thirt.loigel l for llnl lnt of the it aforesaid suttjc .litn of tThe late Nl lhai ntiI C iox, der a tl.el, the lande tl property o eain ltir i h scri- at Ibed, IhInel hlt n lin cn, sli te e.rsion,l weil e l pro- Ie p'eriv " was djldi .cat.ed it .id \l rlliteam .\lclo .s so the hIst .d hi lhest bidder rhet reo ,i lr tlhe Ii- all p*ire and s oo lllll i t ee S nllel i thousand doll rn. Description of lie prIope ly las iven in the Judiciaal nI conveyil ca e nt A'n l nldt sing ul,r two i rliei lots of li nd a Sraethe r n-ile the buii dintr "ae imprtehn ents co iler onl nale d all etc t el eOi hie r rivileges, c ste ln s f ways, servitudes anid ladvaneni .ues tleraltor le- in lond ing, or ittto nys on ppretaioiy g, seitc lte i . ti ll s- lb lrb St. i lnrv.n , ihisciip. e Ih squarehboo , se ell by Poydren , il l ,il iiet, t I.Lfan year. an p ti t. pl t ni I'rda crs, . l ,l 0 ,vey r I se c e neray iil and r dale of rit,,, or tiaJt' , in antid tho slea ih n l eliun on. If . B n . noary p1 tlc ,,r reL erence ; ll eI w h lwn iri lla atr,ldeceli e ,h dther a dntent s eal tach cw ilrll ot hi Ie lernalt lnot. i a si x lit s w' t tlronl ort said P.aadr. i strea, da sixt.larelet Ii Iele .n a cher en.lac'r Idee, wih ,nIi epr, ine ru. t y ,ed n a nc t Aerican measnr.o how cie hy set id erpst-oethe antd hret why rho, nro lhn edarnaoreen, alpter.sdlWh not hset nir ihtd a flt rnin, et rald in llatcordaineo thi he application s i Witneas mne hetitnd the setl of i's pncrut iof nine l'robaiten, i has ec .ond daytoi f i , a1 , I). 1 l9. ctal olTbae .OSdt teand ndw c teutna s , an, u ' relnlvardrl' 0ll a q eaniy of Int aepial ,an a edu t I r ctna t d ritlogl . Ik, ad f hoor atltn b ty y ALEX 'orv At, 49 Caamp se purl Royal College of Physieans, London. i HE origmnal Vtei ahle H leian Uive lmenli cine, pre gletahr y W t|tskihl, ltrl. 3ltmod eii iso Roval College of Surgeons, Licentlite of Aponhel - caey'ls;ampsany, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Itoyl Union Pension Asocitiun, L.oneas. r SPlaee, Waterloo Bridge, andi Perpetual Pupil of Guy' andl St. Thonmas's11 ltlltls, London. This valuable m.esdiine, the result of twenty years' Sexerience and ultaralleledl success its the cxtensivt rned highly eiseethifroe stcice of the proptiety, intro seId by ihe fieult nod lnoiilitv, and is now iotrodlua& tothe notice of thle Amerienn public, at Ithe e..nest so licitation a.f a number ol'gentlemen of lonIg anl high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a Ipelini nary step,. to cheek the evils antd tital couosequences arlsing irom t~he ue of tile lnerotus and idelelterious Snostrums finsted tpan the ponllic h the aid of .'bricated tt proofsof mir.culousoure., and athler fCraos, hy a set of d otlelreenll, Iunprinceiped pretenders. so totally ignorant . of medlical science, that it impossible the monstlroas a delasin en an y longer go down with the intelligent l, Ieolrte oltl co lllo y 1 khes) iills, mild annl a olenble :in their natureslh d lie keplt in every foailv ill cases ofslttidden illness, for, thy their proempt administration c olera, cranlp, spallus, e" f -s and other alar;i n ontaplainta, wltich too often prove tital, tmay e splrtli ly eturtl or prevented. In lahs, all those wito value good n health, should never be without tlem. T ey are soil' in p acket st 511 s, $c aol $2 eiteh, by every respec table hti gis.ut, bhkseller, and vendtlnrof medicine i thla United Statesi t II Ie Coonadtas, with colpious diectiois, t. ogethler with: estlnonlils of professional abilit fromt. the folio ring eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley C tlier, J Abernethv, .atnes Itltmil, .I. D., \V. Bock, 31. 1)., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. II., and temerous olhers. The origitnals may Ie see nn possession of'the General Agent, by whoal the medticine is imported into thiis elountv, and to whoml all applientions forageocioe Stmust he radie. IJNO. HIOLIEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, to Sole ClGeneral Agent for the United Statee, ,ec. to or ntle hby alpioitmtnt of tse origilttl tl'orietor. iy SWotns ..a, )ruggiets, No II Coal strret, Lit Cs-se Ageittit fr Stttisee of Louisitni. jot ') Ill SillY It LEE Ed no", No d lagtoiortttot, ar-t 1 1"w r.reeivis g from ships Nshvi;lle, Louisvilih, ken.altk), Iagle aid other late arrivalls tremn th eo : .tel cisties,. i .geo andl ew selected assasrtment i. ds, Bools, Nhoes nnd Blrogals, onnsitollgind ol'g lelel' fine clf snd t loroino Ioeots do .'tloalit. ; do bu'f'd, and stout wax pegg~l hots no t n;,.ltis ; men'sr fln inr en l seal atl M(nonl ! Io o ll n ,.I lrloga.ns, buhckskin sloes, .tglns anot S tlspeols: m ren's lrno eal i an kipped egd slit Is lod r rog14ns; to. boats.o tn o to e kI att we,. legged shioes sp il brognal; entlelleor's edt M ,otrccy el'l"stie shoes, It I~lng.lms ;n:'lifack mh)on.llle ola cklk hgo I n 1 'ottck t i t tekle shoes i t.i.a 'y no e:ft , se;al : n of S loea.c eI td(iau s oes and sli,)l. it sIn clf, bl, rIC nlullsll wilngs, it a i ,ew ar ticle; do tie 'tlli 1 s ina. lln otto quilarte lts; Ihys', minsses' andl childrel's ilegglldtitd t suitet Ihan taot s, :all shesofer, ,iliIanII kindlll e Also a gienerall assortllnclt of ottn'S sit wax mn t P.'rwll 1.115 111roa shif(to togetigeti wtith Ittt)t Ipair u. glo boat Ialptdy, rlSsteit In-og.niS, iiled i tthe hllls, Imnnlle exp'essly for4t tilaittiln t se a gaotl s. otfttl 01o uItnII lii'B t d stout hi rt nintt ts, Ia itw article, anti a argo qlantisy of ah l inerior qlalilt rlusset oni wax h.ntgnnus. r Ladies' flue calf,;seai, moroece and gran welts, and ptmpi sole shoes; tIn ilte Feolion Msoroec ati kit -in slippera; do roan shoes, with and ithlmlt heelI It calf, seal nod stott lesther bootees; tio litunella ssoera )I fall kinlls anl qunalities; io lasting brogao; noi gaiter. SM'and Iboed bootees. Minses' lastingnsltug slmesanr, Os-,gana Childrenllls colored lorcoco aloUst lasting bhro tr Htllt boots, &ce. tr;entleeier'aihefasIlionolne blhack silk sts;4 to black -a Idrsta beaver do ut a superinor qalityido inmitation I1t ram dlo; hron ld ol 00rr0w brimn meon' inc dlnid and klt.Lk Rinssia short iailuei I ats, a new arti:ler. Yooths It';e size hats of literent lnlalities; dr childhens. slnt'lulltd br)'s blackhncI dai b wool he at of varinos slu pes, with gacieral assortltent of boy). anIl mll's luI calts. 'lhs asnltlOnteot will bereplenisod bh tie alrrlivo of et Ilneackeotslrotl the atce inaoeiod cities, all of whic Silli e sol oil neeosnmoindating temas. notg -it' Nrew t trle:1u, Niv. 1-, 1837. SA BOUT tix In1lh ngo I aod the niilh1rlll lie Ito got a n serel dicensap linr ]ich I Ihave nadell to sere ral d,ctors for a eure, nnd they li Iiot cue te, s llnow otn the hboor dato I put toProl ander tit cate o" I)oDcl tie, Ii ex te tetl ir 111ti atent. tilee I tilll the dienelae got wofae, n, un to break out il lrgete ulcl's r t oitreottof tht. e i.i.oa.e;.. hih e ituler1 t. i eonlitliitfy undtih ri tire of afr. Il oot,' t r 'it, to he prrlootlo cured JUIIN DEAN. j t d~el tlI -edv DO CE:RTIFYr Ithat ,ha abovee ,; enned disease is .i ,l qtite well curlldl to mly ow t tttisl t in t finr wici ,t r liha . lt I Ill r l reover i a1.3 s, l illt II Ith . n d i Sine I have taken ni. r Intc ltpt, ah I( t ij-re ay in a lt tttiti tallt ; Itirel e In I s i f Iw s rrrs Ao t l ilit no uittIt apply I t o iI n i A. n tert, l i Cf astl be~et,.betw.ean Dan thineand Iio! rbO street.. Dr. Q ui et Is at h lle aro ,1t e l .1, 4 11 mit. ns I'lc il l find n it'e dotI 'lr lilrti , .i cnont l lil t i "l JOII) N I)I',AN, Ifi iraviv s treet. rof If lnv ollne .ants to see ae, call at N.,. 40l t;ravie J)IIN I)I.l N. N10 .w uttanl m. ltt h t 1ti . h ltI are JUS!'Ult,%J1i)h'[I:I l ý':R:OT1!': l/,"ii T ute ' l it tIdi/int liu mIm ituiitptitnn [seal RO\tI.,ETT'S T'At,I:.S 11"` IiN'Ir. rS'P 113 wichl is nc llew alhid ll Av t+.+ge T vll (:alrll t T1 ror, or eitsy Illlethod ttinnitinl e It. in iie ti ge, , sor:age, mres l' Ibslrills of goods, nulitf tIo. o id clasel :t t itlfl llt d: neI. -al 1n ifl.rr. i c"eril sst s '1" . nitfi nulutiun a .n all ,ttm o, nuiiktngfnill ir l t tn size of' , thie. n 13 in A.o alvertist eat it thehook is in nearln thie Follow fFin g w o rFd s ar hehgh distinction this wmok lens rec ved through 'rye the tell Icgislatee nets prefixed tl o thle title page, is it re IotI nulelllmt ate its tl ; Io uncon madlo, si so OlnelU fit sine, ih cnI hing is neaessilrv tmon e tlnan by I a orf td nfli i.ntnsmoIt ile co ,tnn - , o has vel~ttsem unt, agive tl henasel vl ofinsome oi its ley . cllliiti:nr as forintl lhs lne, thin Ilante est hias iliee onlltvn iat ell iottk anld enm ired wit, whglt is eqiv lentt It tinll iro, te l /selsn eall: ,iOll e, ex.... iue. in the I01ss tll ir, fie ina-ti dl prettied fromni ttit, tpe piI late teste niirtt-onitle t-f les, intm all k1'ch itianst bi eidet i i. even to thle slit leii (c'ptceally oil Ilia pe~sollal oftele lie aln l iof ttiooftin tlae tire nte) tiht tite wekust h n ilh -a tically infallible aa im o nli lf r iontl of this lti Iprmim kolniiflt-.o htujlricn I nIv dlollarls, is l ow olfr in eel or he dletcetion of an error of a cen in the present in t i- fifiI efionan ailulvl t l n le p'lt ce, a lkingfive l' lar.e ipeminulls Mret filn-I the s l .n fitor , ilaet lie i first Ino phlieatio n i f the year Ii0a. One oif lhe most eonspieauous fe lures of it|e tables is iiinlthe i nrrangemet of tlle lintiie alA nmo lts whkoo S for expeditit. Uis, rfrence o l lespeiy w the help ofthesinle a.ln index, cannot ,ie excelledb sod the alak, in tyRlt-d n se witllh whIc tnie laniinegl eg b; foen l,nto nln. extentl of gri l binlltsis, wnil iln ling t1slnis i nheiltl';i ct venitenee s, esselltial, than t in thie eshna tiolnof e onf(fle i al, n t- eomn, etaltn adll prietigeal busi olss mrels alll plie orators whlto ale madeegreat use of the work, it has been dltlui ning In a tljo hootlanble i1 in jeloaitil efut om.sto i peu $.-i n Ani rildrij II nni('ltotte xnati osmll test s lle.non j inlntile it I iassehi ,i t th r,. , p ..... eotw ihll stdl l io II th sw hai s in .- lt iottlln i,llttle on r lllg." inti ll I t llue g t p iithvi na ulit tilt-n a't , I han Il l l I,lIt-i l i a tt ilt st ntln 1 ieir • illha h eih hilulllr, is d e u .tic~ ylu~ll ;, . hr aimost wondrfilti lhn ointil ,tiew.,lkti niost cnrtt-inlv in, an Inel Ialonmua nt tyllre btok f n ic same exitn,r ic siotn:nehhtuginnolnngtniy , non,l all the s-utailelll - ni plulitin. Is rrIiiigi t~ionf,0 nil nlitouhulnhtannnht, I~llil nInele in llin oa e Vof til , olkslkn mu , la ta I lmberolt nt-otts liitn g norooe hnlf tn'a bner,n as is ele.t i bs Ol in the tth iaR'es ies ast n nitttatlln sl n It tihas LI i e re tin of dhlIl ii tranued ill , ll s,' ille binn Ihit linl g. lice i f esit A I fiOnili S lot'iin ditlll tihe Ipubli gon t'll , jg ttbI t, ll I Je fnto toii tit.-nive o retrn yin nlf onin of tih a ingiltitons its in, r bot' ilty aig int-n, , P an. tng on ally ih lallellgei by the olll of vI'y uge prll Iu ms I fno h,tko.itlyl il .uo. . e ly atkU ldptedb ill htIne icogrtsl nonotinnuotly nnii1-l milornkn-h aunltutjilinii mum~J llc, .aiiw cnl sevral onnlle States s etnlh nroaic ot'elu In a th Snforlo, iole iti est lni" int iso by iaw for bank inl'ell, -eai lllltd g ll- S t he biok il- l llf , i lt as way be se ill nilait, by ,iIiC 7 IlnIltesnn Ii n subscm.lleryls, lii a few of ne sutbnstiqtellt t itotilifn mthetlistt ui ellllnro of it book,i gt-s in misntssnti gtneveny nlash ofiiizn es in teniry qtar itoe of Ih Ultlh itted S0 n lls. It is uneoitr weoll known thati , by its l early ll ecik,. i 1il O soi teUllINIdeeted I'i .Itslo gLnlt ernl Ihy werl iade, ever n n hy Ihte n st j are, f.ul m iu lokst omI enent a ri llhnies 1 Iualulr its useuln "1ess, sund) t he absolute lie _ essilv ao lit its us have been ex t, s yelly illnistel u l so eylludllln illnleal, l 've b its aI n g s,",+ ns l l" savingthlin, st..errl yrI!-sago, whitilthe fillrs t ditlon Was slwowee antlllt out Of Ini a .ltlld Igrlot I)r of sIeconId halld coplies Wacrnelli ti Ifur,. sele to a ge·e t distanle alnl lplrerase I :it pliees, as thley tcould occa soo o illy bs picked lap at front $11 to $25 per copye nd salme lerS lls have reeo.,y declaed, anll llhlsaleCs Chelneqolhetqluotd that they woul pa $f5, $1011, i.)) for 14 eopy, tI'oalto be hnl fero less, mud anr hlividv d al ii le 'xh ilellyd sui 8 hctl oi ll rt "I Ito ': +.e ltl personsl' Ipre senlthall llo hin it was renlly wo.h Ithat money anld more thotigh the Sts iig oflii', serv valblelittle he. e llehll very rich uanaldl t Pll ph li lftfae It is l Ikleie worthy)- o" raitee, anl idee, pnroplr to inirlllm, ; hlhlt uitch is tile natula o"fllgi ue wo rk .elec l ly and asprcislly whell aft Ithe cr seat and ot paro ale (if those , tt hlh l this i n a , 'its like bcon t c at - I ell ia the uilll| ilanlller bolte Ii) ihe most eonlptlen, cacuatll o, ii tle wolh l ... Iafter ....Is iniltd In..... a t o }io l it nds bI S i' , co"ection of i lrllof heetls i s '" wou ", a ho t° ao t ,e,,a,,,,y,, ..... h ...... , for re ' "elllet III { elear at aya prIcl , as the prlaeacev d avc, - Iarlp eaplains. Bllusl .Iaerfeel and vaiuahle have the -ster'eolyp pu lles of this wo .clbeet ma:e, that Ins~ecure fleeces, wit ahei tr un rcus caul exrardnay xtnson IhelI wlhlhei: 1· oIiiCplll .iI l rlkll lrlll ,(i16~da tl il lionmusnghist fire, fori lth geneidlela beit, fiey ar r(by ltherti.ncmlit consaintly kep t il ao e p llace f speeial aalsis)., exel,! whiileueae fin hi eaing . Anlld redhI tions to find both batis and slatlue iotor. elt Whhliuselo Isa tes, follow Ihelll lpr lrx' whlhil n this fih1llle, asin the t lwo li p dnllg tldtns mueh i fer-nla lul inerniig ale ,wo laafstinll of camput ug iter alt, teItr days of l lice, .lr.c s It n am~tlS ll l Io lllnhtiil.... notwi lhstanding this rI lluneualnelly costly work, which w;asb mlllb hctbre i ilnerest tablles wet'! infllh c inil dol l r yetdn ........ has la ..... eeextta l .... Iv y a elllilseally a ( ill~ ofI'·fel~: le illdIl~ler~ll~e yIa I~ Illla.S allll (·llS patruisiid, h has not yet so Oulieh as p ali w itit tiSole.r tee hellS) plols of nielT tIIt' thousand dolart belh l p I lh s Pix ersol itinle firomln"7 I.o 1805, sustained on lhictraa edition of 7 U10 nfSies,:aising ehiefly frkon its lpuldllc lio"mrrlt a TItHtht ina on under price,) to lty nothingeof a a ifie \ her-for the au thor still rxlies oI the disarumel an genrosiy of hheIpthlic I a' a eouldian "rc o oetce,1cadptme arsl yisJr;ia al 1;ook.rel/era inI Mte Una led Shaftrs, C~l~1S A'll":Nr (IREAlIU1--Just rcerised ai i per shlip Misriasi`1pi, f~rom New 1'erk, a 1, rife Ils- In aiortmenlt of aleileu Ilife iiilil .t~I lt Pisthls, fnr s,.le at ra 8 GOSSIPI 4 Co. 31 CIe"llrlel Hrotel i * T PE FLORIDA LINE Fron Molibile to A uoein, GO. lea'ves Mobirle every day at tIree o'clock. p tn per U S nnail hunt for flliIl' Ljl, aBbve Blkely,-uttnca fort. It, el coachsll to P.enne' .a-thoence aranhllatntit l L.grlane, where hoilnnd Ilnto is reanumed-thencLe a' vaniatolnt , rand I.ra.wneville, Finl. iBinbidge, Pes Prlerrno n, [irwl:tnsville. tinltnderevillt &, Llnis. a- valletol .JrAugustr., Ga, colnnecltig regularly witll o, her;l rt.i r,oad crn tor Charlerton, and the rstern ,an. .ketr t,. Ntow York, N,ritolk, PFiladlelhin, c"c. igi Trhetentlcarth stare the rest fotr ite oervive, and l- lhe ,vigntlion presents lmore adlantages thalln "anI es he fulnd upon aily atelnboat route i the south. aorn eiroi tat. reihe renat improvements in the rot toe have bPn Iof prolducedby thelr construltion of fit tllilepr of ner ntrnd, hby the proprietors, viz : fromll LGfrnne om, Os Lar'avlte teou, on arm ofSntn Roan Iliy, to Bryaiti's Ferryt, on the Chnltnioneltche iver, Icn .ile, amtile haovet the COwlelrd, or 14 above Cedar ea wherebCy he navistlllon of thr river, and the co. an seql'ent detentionll, and more recentl' the inll.o el- lveent erossint at the Cowfordr, are entirely tol aVoidell and a fine road from Marianlna dlrlct, nlt' Bainbridej , instead of tihe roundabout rad vin c Chatrahotheoe, lesrsening thedistance about forty it miles, and irt.reaing the facilities more thi;, , ollnce a day eta Alrh, r. ,nh line of two hnre steers everv - J other dt.y rr.n lire kintsvlle, via Perry tt lrtllo, i)., G. tonrecaing ittll the line to Savannah allt ous DL)arienl Geri. te A ianl stenmhonar Ilit's regalarliv beltween to Blainbridge and Apaloelti.:oln. 'Iravcllers wiishipl int to reach nlly oinlt ol Clharntloochee Itr Aaluac , cola, enn take selrokbt alt tl Brnlwnevlle. Mobile to Penscola-o-i atnl Riame--I)urin llte lr time oiel lll d bl thel rptlra ti tt ,l: tile proprlle. itrs of the Florida hle will run n lite of four t' Ilolr ponrl I.scehtr every other day between Mc. tild aod Ptoanloln. atre Prssenters will leave Mobile at 3 o,':clock . I t, ile, int'he U 8 mail hoat, and proceed tio tlttl's lnld :te int, twhere a ltur hlore coach will o in wairing int It convey lthem to the excellent houlle lf ,r. Charles Ilall, I I 4 mile distant, where they will fiti ils lesant neI IOllllllOdaan f tfr he ilt--lteaVllln ar taext morningl , rhey will arrive in Pensacol earl' 't tretre cl,',l ..thus avoiding the dis.comfort oi Olli'e atrthe l n l im llrlise, nMobile, ani Col. line' ltel, ensa , , ettr t w e mos e ra :ta S'I'OI:Iil'ON & tt. lav I anl acnto lA Iastlrett la. S1 W1illia a lltlh tendoers his n.trVit:er tt ithe cii, tot arnn l New rItleidre ao n trachlr ti IIIa I.lllllt Sfort,. , b aovi r l een ellat.phe yrd svern lea tirt t oitiler er rt m iic ill Irivale fitllllrliP t i n B r8inno la nl+ illtl l of the 1 'it" Iiemale sriharli(s in t1. i he vic ,rt , canlot bu bone to meri ll ,haitr ,ti d eri. 1ie li i.r ittrd tot f1r to Rev Dr Cla.p, ypl, ts Stetson tt Av'r)y, Il;'lnderoll n. altai'ls. A1 FrI Itrnte-, tl piae anpply at ite bookslore nof ity AlexaadrrTowot,490 yel t e Ir Drugs and Jledicines. ,, J .6 .'reast hsn locatled hillselr I this city for Sthe purpose of transacting a gelnral Whiolsatle r Drutg business. lie is now receiviag afull suipplyl it of Ishl and genuine aniltees, wlhich he will sell - on libhern rm To city druaogi.tsle, and Ihose o the interior, t pllihysiciane, merchanlts and planters, I he will off;r inducments: such as hnve never be. a fore been ofl" red in thlis city. liis irinlion is to don satrictly leitimatl busineiss. lhi strock will .soon le cnplete, and in a flew weeks will te rets. Iy it blusines. All orders Iron the coll rrry, n ll a from rImercilhnts of i .ily, rece.iving such orders will le promptly attended to. n' 2 No 30Callllp it - it i 7 j ,+. AI, NtI- I -I t'Aitcti It ANtI VA itIIITY Sd'l'DOlE-oa the sign of the gtldert combld Io 5 Clhartlrs steert. T'ihte slorribers hinvo re ceivrd, ihll :llitlol to ens sllock rillanld, a fnll iad crunlet, ssortmn l artiles i their linte; o i -coars, terflllor, Jctwell, Iloa hes, lorkin gl sseor, fnlnc artirlers,-a ncta rti t rirtit Inlart all : I qilled to.tck, to rclll, drer pusi trg Id tuturl ord bay, roserllh orant lo t dlwr waferk' ot'lCelv ize IaC ot-a l criptionll, c mllplhlorallted Colgnre, ep+ctr of' IIPlatILtt, r trrlletllttwtlllta r,tPilnrla Cllrtll aod r r t tltotrR t tti l I tlot i lots Urto rr oorrls an chorin ll0ten il wu a 1 t towd ies, wilth tra llera ltl lsort lltm n lttrtit J/ rv \l.lli \I1'--so e ofLihe htitl itliluni t ost f il hliioi . bte sat rs, cors it t t c, ir tl u lIt tarhrlol , it Fe ill IIrI A hIril b Piu I n I A rirt l.rt. Iv of t tliltlrli wnt h y t idc de i gi ll an r it, Itors tilt trlthimtl , tilvet r wa d t olrtilll ,hitc s nd ga unta . t iid i allihllor--r lolhl, I ir, oI.,t .htoloo irtotli.r, I tcll aof.:ao..\,oot rah ard' ra ltri cla alntll t t tll, w lth Ilttrittr ofr lh ltr kinlt nr t t .t m etr r tiled. I '.\ lC' AN ' A 'l'lS.I;I - Irrn,. Vto rtl, il ulltan t lirell.t lit;ir t .tl I l.xo , Ina l o it rro - eol l cass with mtlld w ithout 1 i[ ,12 iiii boasts, .. rcordtrtlt vrko i .a j Irlt violi s lilllrg n ga n ilt (r an0 .rin I:Ln 1 u. itll ciocKgl~ i nsllmid pishol: willt unitd 'illlolilt oleattrllwtrirt, sott bltrrnldtamll Ita tytt Irttr Loin tor ter eltls, lotin Leats o l'ro i kIinIbetad I o oao U, fine Ildlll clnll ltl kcnifi'Pl,.?. r is nIt ors, IoImbiet, r,..,,ih.., pins, sifer ItIpcI, <.tttIel 1t11 si ill, Imiomo spew. l c le s, i c keli tt Ib u c ok , a llll( w a n , i f v r ki n l i v .t • cltrdsl;tiid t'itrie caisPP( l la. Iillng 'card lio l"'rich, l titm allnd A mlri cnl Inalill.ltldi lls. , I mI1.% i tnatill t' t .ll i I[txes, prints of vl'iOuas khilde Snlul ,r..' I))'ml ',lI' EIlIllIrsol's, Ilitllr m'S and IU1 wki's razor straps n, l dropls, to¢y nitcles, ,e l ht tt ., plow er Il-ks, et. nod n plaln secld bends, gilt ,ind.ilvelr oti, gum ela tic al slelll ders,.tno garters lllaiu r akgd aied Clues, InckgImmII '1 boardl , dirc, opliclll siet ql~ l s,jew's hrllurls, l loc o InIIItc h es allnd dlllii llg cups, v ith a g'eat vtariety el ofllohr u ti c le s, tll of'w h it h w ill b c so ld fi r ea ll o r lc i s a c cs ptau. o cesonl 1;' moih credit. B H &llii.o U 9-d ...... lurt'_2. Blea tellu l aler, PIIrnllerl , i+( ,-A slielltld file ariiCle co l c tg ll, put up I xrllv r the rl a i firt tr elld ; slst Ibte purestl 1 clh. IPrl umerv, tmbr~l ci c every variety lur thie ined , for sale by i te:,, RIest & D 'I A Vn. nl'y " riitillld a arlllsi lllllf'I tr n \i ow lrleanll, in I I ll I l 1 1n I a Il ge till, elltlllinll l 1111 1-1' ith re y to lt inters ll te ic n ier l ns a l nlt o" retail c . l I I prIces lire mo dra tn a h le duality ofhis prducs s peri tsr yen rt a n Id tie is 1pl hi R ai~ ' e n- 8 ll uIn eIo te Lila Ite llld ni e r e h3 l i' ra III' ha r innil byto te ila 'iiat litor v Ieed ben ITl Citt! an Ii ril . t.. o sthd isi,' el of this ki in tii e uoe. 'alhes d lll a i s hall 0e peen d wit3 al fitr a1mII f IIIa iar l I teyllon llt wsh to try. Ald ls, tlne vene s s a e he * ,1,dIt3E N . P, arrLlli,-l ot ol , .it , ,e ,, ill n ,,13 V, wnhr. The ude,' vDr ns 1c,, sor t C lehar tn u si chilout ir 'l', l atno lnspare1 v ea1 r t l a iv'i l at iI .the p I lclci oi ti .dg ll', 'si Inr ln I rt tenl ona! 'if ani)n e ntllb i tloltaa ' alts wlic ..III. . .. . ..e e;ta . .an. a o.lil.a hi i• .o. I s an d erutaapelniav b-in a nell ateq'uan Iw. t l the tIst i r coll mold a n .oi - esin lllin-- Idre: lla tan iln it 51i11tu llr I t I nll i tCL t 11rl s tI LII II. II all IS Ila aI ly HII1 II( I 3I111 a', II~ Illr o 11 111F. it ~ d II f 3 nhe l dl o II ll ni ino ll e e, in are a ilnd for sl, yIIIl l h ndn .3 lOla RI' & IIAll ill )t' NIII , 6:3 tt. S ,.r r ei e l tmi I O til press hnInI brastnu IlLanks to ll illna Ip S aIe , for the lid erial eupport Ile has L ived ine e S 'CotllllU C ed bu h slln id t h illts lvt. I i)in , a Ie ' cthd e rrai e pr o b o Sre e arnt llldade r wd s Sbe ni Al 1y a n rlhinlil s led tIino aunt' p t NO. illItia c Le sldepr t lnder s drhe lr's.alllell le t' lout in Lp is ilp tialllrY- ut llIe i s ulllrs, ito t hie lea t is I c nne rctildn it nevery tei ts llaf, t f taae a n ll htao dnas n ls, i d eret llclllrim t o I lltlrod ul1 ar ite u. Ia to I at s nls llc l hltaiese i tt ltl l ed Sltl.eI . ti le ie a . ri p llis a n lds plants a,, l& r 1Tia1u tile nlu.t x aleinl I Pitsn a respectable amrsr dirs l i al see catlie in hadc I, l ola n d, n nd lan d, S1 ilaeRd and w ie nL lhier itstates-and Cit wie att all eloIe lis bt rl't nl it d tSli7 large arrivals 43 T hvC ry da wciiipii r ale l the b lees "an be gahc c .a y Apply at Nla.Lc,, t hll s- a it5asortme t t every arac Ile ttllat r .ILcd tlia l in l , a I E q u a .l tiy paId C am l ip r a nd niaret a h n ad "lia lii1a Pals7 &CnT. 1 tiCil ditadtw , ann g al -tlha d under Dr. Sn l idt yl'l.rl'll atoi S ttt - Couth C i ,arlna arshis aisiitantiiai lie i plractice of l edi cie and sn rgit i ry,I bas th hIt l or Il :to oier his proleasin ta serv'ce.. li this city. wl t lanssuret tlae lad ,es and gcntlrmen tdhat Ite Rdtna iI 1 may be C mtaltadine; and aloilhrs his s trvices tt tend I I nholderIC e 'clves, being t crc ll aiquainted wit& tC e Sdiseases cOllmllOn to thmn, taving attended themLC in + ie tramous, anti.bilious pillls a i til. n oImlrlo It n .a, Professor sinlllttc. with directions, catn be l ad ' I produced in thtlli and other cities, has been attended 'elitiraclls can be given. Apply at Nn. 1e6 Mq .ia . Sains reit. JNO. It'Ls.cadING. I i eOTICE---Ths partnership oai'l Kille , Mase &Cl 'll s ('a of New Orlcaui ; t aiSc L ,tearrs l , oftNat2ez; I id Harris, Keilley &Co., i dIN eLy Ald Iths huissld d'A nit he2L1t of a ylan bluei y- ihe lideath l S nam iu e t 5e . San1U I iL e u f t iLe p a rtn e rs Ill hen rh - l',ir s . itlh tl he settli g and c hosing id lusine ssuss ollo s : I ,re IelvCo iarrll l ied to tltend t te settlllg af the bnulless t l ey lne C ,at ttodaev' amnd ila nry Kellty illt attend th a hesottling of the bu'siness ofK elley, MItL-o & Ca., at j tNew, Orleatnls he names of ,h several firms wil beI 'tl'hse indcbted to eaid firms are earnestly requested | st' eiacov e f Crw. rd and makede arly sttleet;t; and those w naving cla' ms will please present thbm without delay. atallen, vcry rcasotntabe ternd.. ie 017 li If l(' NN3 EL, 4,; 3Tehspi toll l It ".OLitAR''.Seienee of Penmatpship received,and lfor.,rla at their ilcenanent WVritttg Ai.dtlemica No. o8 (htnres asreat, New Orleans, 189 .lroadtway New York, Dnctphilte st., Mobile. It is pirtetliarly designed iri private learners, and schools, andl is calculated far permnl of all aens. tadie aiild gentlemen ore invited to call an eaamnie tile svsletn tir themselves. Loeaens are given at sactt houses as stuy siit tihe eonvenleee fulall, and to 'lasses lbrmetd in nny part of Ine city. Ladies whl prefer it ca receive 'essons at theirown ref sidences. i ,'a~cr pviavay e o i l oflesons are desired o ettansI .-: ''e. ' " ! well astiner wish. .3ARi BtROTHIRt. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FIR FEVER AND AGUE, TFEN years have not yet elapsed since it wan fiarst regularly submitted to the public; but it has atlained the highest repiutation; and has sup. planted every ollher mncdicinr for tie Ague, whirie:v. or it lihas been known and appreciated. Already has it bean carried in every direction throughlout the United States, and still realizes i'3re than could thave been anticipated LIy its imoat slanguine friends. Thllousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t, Ihe dhli and vigor through its agetn. ey: and they now cheerfilly testify, at every op portunity, to its dec.ided andl spreme eaficdacy. Ii is composed of such medicinal principles ts are caleliated to renew tit.e healthy action of tlle stoim ianeli, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the intmetdiate cause of tile disease. It is apparent also, tlhat it produ. con an nntirn cehnge in the condition of the systetm, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of thel affection. When the Agne is attended r wtth any other enmlplaiit, the emipllynent ol t ile 'lonic Mixtul- will not intererfere with the treat. mteat of tie other di'-ese, but will even afftrd as. ltstanee by fuorishing strength and vigoer to tlhe body during the course of treutmeint. Those who mie lrise of this medicine ially be nassured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mlerrury or any othellcr article in its composition unfliendiy to the human constitution; being entirely a eegelable extract; I and they may have additional conli nce in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has the ef Sictof a gent e laxative nbout the time ailf a lbt. tIcl full ais been taelken--in ronsaqaneen of lwhich, theor in io plrt of the ncedicini laft to linger in ithe bowels to cause obstruction., and other evils, arising from the lice of nny n cyl'the re.ntdiers now allrcd lflr tie cure of this flucetion. It ihas beel used also as a preventive, by many who were stu ject iton leeriodical recurrence of the Chills, and it bhs invariably warided oll the appreohnded attaci . a Obserr! 'i'le lProprietor, fully salilciled Aitll tlie , nparlllelod nad universcal elecens ,whicl hs con. rtantly itleoldcd i pinctiual and regular use nl'the Tonii Mlilxtre, hi all eases of Fver anid Ague, ti~els warranted in eliglging to refund thr pr 'ce to ill tIose whlo hlavO telOll ttO the nIedicinO in strict tiC, enordlnto with the prescribed dirictions, without tiaing been perfectly and lastitgiy elrrId. The subscribers are tCe whoiasalo agents for tihe South Western States, and havu now on hand six ty carLs of this Iledicine, lwhich is warranted frelsh and genuine. For sale at the inalufiacltlred pricces JAIC'lIS & ANdititeWn, \Vholesvile i7rtr- ." nov:7 cer Conlmmon k 'ltlhniU itlulisrJreet, Mississippi fnd Ll IouISilnllnl Hloel, lERS. MARY KIIKLAND re.pectfully an. Snocnees to her friends and the public gone. ally tlat nSe is prepared to accommodante thlelli at lie Ilbovei estalcliihoicntct, ndcl ihopes frnll lier cxertions to render visitors colntllr;bile , to receive I eontinnuanc of ,rcaer favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiling Covi.iglon during the umimer monthl., cainnot filld bCtlrr aicconinudatios than eaci aiford the, oin itorue liberal terms. I ler house it pl:asantly situated, and wel sipplicd with every clnvenience; the bar is lirnished with ti un iot choeice liquors, &c. in .hort,slle troiliisea '" t Illltthilg shall iei wantinil clli her lialrl Ic gcIe itire silisliclion to all oy ltronizec ic Ih hiesissippi ranl Luisina n Ilotel. j'3 IIUILLiW W\VAilEt iii)ti S(:iEtVB, SAD IlRONS, &c. /IIIEl. HOWELL WORIKS COMPANY, N,. ' 238 Water, noer IBkman sl etr, New Ylrk, have rece'ivedi te past lseaon, and aire con.sta nly ircelvilg large and extensive addtions t ti the, stock of thivelaove goods, i wih now consists of the allowing ascesitlleni , scuitale c ,l tfhe southeilc'rn ai'd westerll llrliets, Flallow ware of superior qualiey, consisting of abcuit 15011 nsllI. Vie, P)ts of 22 dillrnt sizeis, frn,lII 2:8 to 50 galllone Kettles, 15 s z.e , i'roll :8: tio ll0 i llol, si licll .s, 1I sizes, frol 3:i to l Cgallons. Ta c'tcct IKte i ied e 'kill'l-, . - 5 rlo Fl..t Sp.d. rs . ; dto tCovr ed Spiders, 2 do Ir,, D.. , I l \ o\i , IIIhSc' fl' i 1 1 l to I3-4 inlhes. pui lily and finish, I nd less l thi Jamile iiplli Lred ..i Irons, a.sor'ted, ii casks of about 5110 lbis flcr relhiilln,. ''. llorl l hatlc Cr's irone , acoertecd. is cll eighlts, 11111 olS ciioe, c a icoitdi f 1m I 4ll - tlo0h thelei for Pclcntatio,,ns, slteambrllat, churchles, &e. recouinc nindd to the l nthllll nI' SOicrll 1e Cr a ii lWestrern erehanilts, and tlro olff'eretd ti' ale it low prices, anld Ieupon the mit iberal terms ; it is bie. lieved to he the argge'st ailld best assortclccle t ever oetri for sale by any one establishcenect in lhe b Cueidd States. M.rcIhants, by ierwarlling al requiert by liil, can have a prin',d circular. with dvescriptio of g1d1i, piriccsacl tlrcns, f-OI l which no deviati o is ever millie, Iirnished by retulni i" mail. , Al orders awill receive iininediate attention. Naw York, tI38 . je3 oc . IV (;lenu's P/'fmceis.c leicrctn Dye. ir coloring ic h air ; Ile r's Olil, I cnu c hett's ~rete,, pi ' inal, e11,'ha,'c Frc c le W\ ,s'i, superior p .ril Ipowder, hi,, whii , c rc , I k i t c1 s , cr iwa 'ih waih, c.ihic , c d c oi e . i c g I] ,wcr wa' , r, pccc"d'cic'c lu ', si d ' - A cr cin cha'iec'oai, ncciclly , ti ic icucc oeLcecic'1cl, 'res. I in si, r" i],iir, cu,,ih a,'ho dr1csi bcc c irll-hi.-, I I ihl-h irrls~io rum, s i S li he' r ,i :fr Al' I - 1:,.nl e.e rnh Rusin !lm.r i " ii , I I o , l ia, iaaal:aaala , ig .n.07 +, n l" " l l I ;II 1:I1 i,:, h "61 'o t elq;7131 "i(: ' t " .I., "fNew l'ov \lc , . 1 . ht Ahh ,a. a I:ahellill Comlna' rl l, ae t .++er'+ ,clt n very exhen.nire set , nn , 7f . ll ,n.ciras . of ij a nld Ib l, l aSrt Kaln.j I ae e .," e l leela Ipnts, Ill ul \'in I usul vies; Ivnda n hala a' ·ls latl, .ajand p ;I ,l S'o.krt. whill. . I t r al . . .. Ina I .... I t"t, a-a ow.r, ,:+ l i ll:-'To , & . e Sil;. sw i1c sth in " nhe on r re T lexhiblt to thie ItrIa or n . to . 'r Tr iad lolnd o s i aIan u l'ae kaano aa h,.e, t, . ioll; IJ. I.i F.INUin't i,&ll .1:\ .so Conmmn lt. j S J lr IIAlTI' & bO.-Areonw ' ea . vi t 'von e, ni't-i- t and r(:lrll'i ( oul a l ead b illa S a' teusri ra cas; e i hu lers ; si& o s, itczhrs, pen vs (illo' 's ta er an, d i O r steel p le ; aV "s; Vin;. sl'irlll.; shell, an'i' and h n cnonhs; wt||t, s; R ak, bc aa nd anil : l trea oi; n lale; ir h i Is f al, t*llt ,ll ets;ll i;llr' plltl'm Ionaa, n lmn .e [ cln clie ,:sret,, IIIwhuln c di naicraesre a oil, mia ( o,'o o i a Iqu e 1111bl.e llrsoilp rl le desks ed r esi cases,: am st I laIkg; staian toile glas'a :; a a le s a e lmirrorst o I . I l'Oll de whir ,, wilit oilet :ntl shayvin soaps; tfilet owlealta, n a l'aaie atlh ba lls; In e saa .ahils-ll IhIo pooal satniaIa leandIslf a , e shi a llln bai ad hainhlll s al tl a ae· klnces; billiard ball, nocklt I anks l. . wal ets; l nkra plaa nt branza l on I agrla n.iR wonr n-a n ; lrllll h Iler ·; il r:l llll a a1 anl aa o n gu1 - l olti ct cl l IotIndlS , tI u lt o; .Sill I a l uih '. , mulcha rstl ; si - verl pea Lils; a (+I ann" aa la fa. , at. I t The' albov ill a d. itio to on, 1orli na g aok ao ta oa baai, 'a rnra i sh aaa Oadddn art h-l n, aakesa, an . nr] a , a + a , tc tlet. Icov a sal W oesah: or rea ily pa h at . ft he a, ian e. C ra , 7' I 1 . l;I..-.11 El Rr' s& ll IN an , an I IUIaa, E a' :ie i lrlcl rl;k ý n ellr s. ic e , Nra n, ( h r li 's lanaaaad a a laa' ia r an e r ai a ara, a -s a' . anIea lacu , ' j Io f ale ,e " nl a ados, tea. lae. 1a; Icnh cur nad p'a :n FIencah ind . mric n Tlm I .'oaraaa winlapa Oarl i a tal lan -, hlow In ( tu•u I teos , wlll aallaay t aa any p ar t ~1 araeaa ury. ('r T '. . .. 0 .l.aa l.aa aa.ala ,ll a.. PI an>",-, ' ae a.a a . d ma[il aegnlltiean. The (Great Eastern Msil idelosed every day at 10 a'clnck A;M. I9 due everyday It 4 I'. IM. d The Lake !fail (via LC'ovington, lt.) is closed avery Mund·y,-Welpesday eand Frinday, at 'lk, A. M. It due every I'uetdna, Th'lursday, mnd Saturday, l 5 The Louisevlle or River Mail is cloued every Mon a."1 Wednedy, b nluld rtnrdny, at 1 P. it. I sent and rreletrnd bY ateaboatnu. Arrives irreguiarly three Slinel aar week." The Bayadu Sarna or Coars Mail in closedI e.erv d Tuoday satl Friday, at P. ill. Is asent ald returnelj Iy elnrlllntolas. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is aen irregu Larly by ateamolats twice a week. LOUISVILLEe On IIIVER MAIL. ' V1edne dy and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. it .mutrduy, COAST Miil. r daerd,;y a, Closesot 1o'clock. P. M. d MONTAGUE'S BdqL.J FOR TI.E TEETHI. rih ltEestabplished repultnlin and econstartly fncrastng I demand fur this efl'cttold remely epnln and proe relative of the teet!, has induced the ubsicriber alter it o tlle Anmrican publca. Arrangeaentsan hat been made to nupply n[ents n all the principal Eilie and tonw. ill tlel Uited Itale-, e as it pllce it itlil llt renacl o thioese f fferiPgte anudikrly to stffer this t m CI ai , ofrll Welrc ' n'nnth- . i . Wvrn aoplied ucrtoding to directions u iven on h illet it Ilr never failet In flirdJ immediate and m.nent relief. It alsa arrests the deaer in defetivol teeth, ond relieves that sI.renels t hibk 'sa freq uently rollers sirmnig toot1, e talr t ens Tle papeli catin ant r 'rrerd are imale, ianorent, an not unpleasnt`n and tie large aiorerio r ntrtrutt in di arr, Clasationt of tlb cratry', thast rate nlr naly' exper.e.reed stuf deligllfrid and aluitary eflotI.- 'ntm the use af ire f aht, ere ready to bear (fir ithe ublic good) their tentimnny to its tin- rivalled qranlies. It i an Idilll remeldy, iobtaile nngalllArly noJ unexrctedly, and aayv h e regarNtd Iy tthe iiliered wvrrld as the ilost valuable disteoerh rellanne of theile wand.le o r Price $1 ter bottle. bSohl iby JARVIS & ANDREgVo.. tir ' r r Continoll annd Tehapitonlt ill.; CAPT1AIN RItbl'YAT'I"S NW\V NOVElSr Rn)tcit the ieefer, Iy lhe author el Peter Simtple, &r Cnatalr-tg, or a Winter at Selols Illat tfe a id Lows rtani, by Captlai anesil Hall, loyal Navy, F.. S ., i c r] ll. Lord loldan, a romance lly Allnth Cunninglaml ro Shepparard lee, wri tten y hirmtelf, ir `_ vle.. A C penrrdiouae Ilisory~e, od al, tra s ated fro n lricianl talran, rIrt V Nalksiel e treeee, i vol fur tiillg No. 79 ilf liuta er'e r trriluy Ibilrsrvy. 'Vol. :I & t4 tf lhe erw complrete nad unilform edition rf Itt'ioarjrg larvine's it'orks. loagrr' Frenchnh orl Inglir Dic'tionry, in I vol, 3i Narl ant's FIrerh arlnd Inalis t Dictionary. Ilo-t-A fie mtore cilries.f Corte e'n tPhrenolog "Rienzi."e L.are r re rrver'. ('matut raes af ertor qra ity, willh ehaic Iillirrri' t ison'21.4 and 2 1-2 ienc Gillett' improved rrtetalie Iens,japoned papers, weightr &c. &c. &e. rItlli reteivaed, ao.d for sole by Orln l ENJ. LEVY. RIEPUBLIC OF TEXAS. TnEASURy DEPARTMEAT. City of Iltlustot, 17th July 1830. I' pursuantce of a requirement ofa law lassed by SConLress of this Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, ttking it the duty of tihe Treasury to adverlite and ctst.r to be sold the iota in thie CITY OF CALIIOUN, on a day by hIit fixed. Notice is htrlbiy given thOr thaie lolt in the City of Calhoun will be rlriir.d at Prlr ic Solo, oil Monday, tle 18th tiny trf N novnrr'a next, Ibrtwoeta tlre houre o:' Ten o'clock, A M. anrd Four o'clock. P M1, at tiLe Capi. tal el'ltis lRepuliec. upon ttie tcrtms set Ibrtn in lire bllowing extractsuroni fr he aw above men lionel SSte. 4.--lB it firthilr enactd, 'Thait tile lonts in anid lon srhalrl bie offerei d a:td aoli fur no theor cur renrey trhan gol. slaver, audi ted paper, or tile pro. Iissclry lotes of tris governmnlut. Sep G.--Ie it frtlthur enacted, Ti'hat the tald lota s hll be so'd on lhe following terms, via: One lfourtllh part rto Ie aid down, ad thie other thiree. l.rth lt le itt t'arl ilstahuicIts of' six, twelve Uand igtttln'ltt IIIOtrlire. "l Sec. 7.-lie it lifurlther cnclted, Tratif any peCrsn whJ 0;ll prrchasro any oa tleo fafresatnd lels, ain Ii i It nllltte p)lylllmat onfl)r ie tteea' in Ianl, it ehrltuin 'ar'rily with this Act, Ie or theoy hall lor!bit all s l o . nlticey ray Iarv'.previ. curlyb p+41 nd ;lid Ie lot, pnreiaoed by ocllh defaul Ier shall rclt rIt to te gi'arrlueut of tire Relopub Sire. 8.--fl it flrllhr enaitel, 'That iall iersone. aliens ,.,t .,xe,.lpted, e.hll have te rivileg of' par. I atttt ll tr d hhit , hw l Samelt . It d Ii e PresidetCnto ir sleIth lIZ· d l Is l le,([,lý:etslteI . ] nI o asoen as the lut i. tla nn t shall bovc been p'id." The h;,a will loirlilce front I dtt to lny, unlil all , Ie l, trs vi,, !', i h th liel hO,'. (',i r .| s.llir r nr tli tilt litt' I 'stl ern i olM atngor. 1, I rta',nJ Ia i ts ;, rvi I nv'trt e s posirol n, will I'l'l,*hi t Ic' t h, t, 't't r 'lriotl c t'nt errir l city iit A lIt I rv e tri or rttry be sr. oll t'ncile Get''ral T rt, sv iral .slt' a n lit,0 ar'il hlielle rre t' mmer. ]Ililhiin, 'ie:,tIlocr rind'l'rntt' :1ktt',ei , of N. (O)ri tail.. Oi;l pul ilh i't,, -!,,v Itt 1l lIre tay f sat e. .Al'",o 1 1. "I 'ARilt trot, iy the 'I'rettaty. j i... .... . _ _...i, ri illy I 1the Trea'n ry. Tili' i" ni. ('vii' (i .Iec. jun i l < I I 1 i l II ] i c lrle. n f I , - or .Pr +,1 : - 1'rt l I i x H ' z t V r e'·Y o w ter , juer . Va t t 1.11 Inllll l, l'r1 llrlll rlltl.. fod a l e l hrrt' g lrti le t khoe o l egin ot o rPll ! er, Imil hl .i. l vii 'r ' s terl a r ill vIaln Y r s" n u Hoo t,l " I, .nhlrn, \arn' cý ((tInIrI l r h ir 's i re, e 0. - dI. ei llliqld too-,, t' lrr c Orris t roih b as P clotlbar. IrIto ft, e I r Hul c.+ ! nruches; together will i, rr,·e rlil sirmie is aesor edan * 10u ic i iiiiciisi ris rcsvioble mari ind shesr ... 'il: ,,y'slh .. l I,: '. ,he l,., lliTt n m lly ,.nscs us" n a pe uon n11 Ape arby in rice sor e ,,t ril," . u ,,.I t" ...tir ,ll y i, anod s ren, wl"tv of lhe favors eiii ,r. 1 entire steok o I)rpso, l''icir.cs , ii ancv arricles is creo senti c'ir, fully sl,.tr.!, The lulolwing only are par' '" s I'" , rs , n w loles Ie and elennh nI.." Int". lor yt et iai p sb bread, buckisheat h pr lgeecs' . f, o bhadstnn Apperi et--s ,ias nrtl ieiee piril iis dyspepsia or indi. estl omn. Irourve ...htrloo., pidhlite .. post...dnce. (',n pc,,+ a ge ..r assr :x'r,,e .,( M".rsant rilla f A ,' arblhe,,'., ,A .to,,M;o m d e ulnt ls , T m a. I1 I···I i· l l o r, , f rr, Iii,:,d I. qs,, ,ri, ilbi'nus ('n rlsiaton ve paste S, ' h i P , ,e ,s csrbonie r ,n r' r Ii .'i, iri . ' I Piih p.l , de r ,ilmni nid bexera Igtrhir , t s r;l, a t, i (l it, toothm wash pwdi r lulls s R Id l oc, Prcatie . a scrented and ,a tot l l r, ' iiwe pomtII Cirolllne de Perse, tra flin er, ro r ,,n, ero mitlr liFrida waters ti th hiel qili 'i., Ii"" lsvud's ti ciroonr Oil, Old. itdli's ifiii .. . C..... ''ia, I,,,'s ,,il, . . variety of i .to , cn ,r mles in-lrible marrking ink s'ul,'r r Ilne k ivl,, i .i . Spr fi~l l v s iri iwhle il. l Liento A Is chic uss"etME ol 's ilr IllrloG.errii aT rSee -( tlItWl,\ltr'S 'fIOIC MlIX'UE, Foc h'eiairrl nosd rire of. 1iFe -e salid Apse. Ti'will Ihr cl,.,ill disvcvreie irlerlcnb e''ii ri e alc I t is iiticl..riso, tohe .ir liurisy inde of treating leli'CI t,:ulin n1i 'l. In the Ifil'i orAe be ng aVlege Ilhl,. FtXlict. iirtlrd fiS . liy etileOrious and po ison ug. inrrdlirens, it u ie tak'en withlo the cintast sfo vin l it , tc eri aidliat, ot even i aclid. It pre tiOall ilion i t+ i s tm wioitll nsclls tii actvl i t. r t etla - SIIch I/ ailln I adl lll l iparl t tile iite, Ic y invc - ratin.c - S s.stl.uih.+ii.d n relish ullieenjeoiymett a. tastt I klngio r' ill" l r iI llngiii .ll , n veq slatyitesnins rholn3 bowl els ' Il rle llde thin disorder, r to create olerirseise.., hibill hi.irougly clanses o iesa evera or garlls o r:l'elio, and l oll s i el eitars te ytempi ro with tel tevir orlhue aollctivotos it vvy be oppressed, ,lrividiulalo afr te vine or hieT ''oui" 1 ilttre, iavee ihreun texp tl i all tbe uolsl cauise or rho dltras,. ssil huve e-iupeto ty sviiipllgl of 1et rn; wtereas by hlli' . fn.' 'lire voucltli rekivllt, bhere' is always crcn tcdli :i lireeiud lliatlity to rire'i'rene. Th're doanger .dif fteult ucrlues vf ihr Agirr 's very evhilntc, for lie volie ,,tcs r tbi reii, iie, :iod speedily fall a vle ilo l t r II IIes tial "*llelrre 'the 'l'oi Mixturero is ured lit ich a reisoob o rielo ait piao it rc i hin the y li lst r1o pour an destiture ore har o' famihedwllt ni0listsncewitcii t solictslng rile i:. cl sir....... e .. .lth is frequently denied to , vtse veri rcelsl sulcll o'esocv'wed. T'lh l ul.liice.icrar v ioiu oot inee oginst thae spai ralS, .itttii ns or f this mnlediie, that re dl ily oifaered It .premldonloti he Dr. John R. lorwand, at him Tiia suhvrrciheros tihre o lielolevle a tovlso fo the tiern trt'e, cild witlsll by ahe ross, oat lphia prives. ''. be had at retail alsase A pottoenri.cs isl ti, city. J.lRVIS s ANDREIVS, eini C mi11nin & 'l'ehopitulasl s 3'1 ARBLE CHIMNEY PIEC1 AEssOeay, Thu Fusieriboers art now roeeiving fron their fael boees is new York, and will keep constantly on land a general assortnel nt l arflrblo Mantle Pieces ofvIprinr isv'ilerlsllinhlp, and of the latest patterns, nade of the het IlEgy.tian, Italian. Irish and Alnerean Ivarblv . Also, MMnnululonls. Tombs and ;r.ilvon Sine., niruldid sand Ilain sills and linteol 4 tit0 lli | i.cings, hl.;-rtlls asd billondary otone, plasltr of Paris, tu..tni & Ilydraolie Cem nt l 'la ilstor. p llair, to.slth,.r vith a s plondlid assertmnt oa ass iit.nIIIuhiI Lad Iplio (daest ansd IRusaia Iron !:at,, o,, Ivve Icwi,.t rind iost approved patterns. ;r,-eril_,don le t ti. e neartest nlallnr and at akn .-t Hluer:'. riy hove fiirst rot v eorklnan to rA'-r .SIN & SIlROUD.

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