Newspaper of True American, November 22, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 22, 1839 Page 2
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.ar alt· : a Je tI % t'e hie 06 taOea ririe" the hours I1,4l w h til o uithar notic ol-l. r ,ý ""ta,>?ltu day oveotarl9.' ... t i gtlil ho lh O p l . o r, . - - ow toll~p fo-o nlp A 1. tQ' A 51y `;r` ý 1'M°ý' i . ;P- .,'J 40dAH.EA~ oWL 1AL 4 i.: ý,s~sw O·n. heatof Novembor; 1839: OI · . ItRO3 NEW0% 0 .I'If .10i - I It -i the mme ners as I the reek day, b .4.i,; ood Now (rloso. ocoop yofn ;"'Al` Ie O To ob afd.oore 9 ool.Ioik P .M., . ýdle. l ). the Trip: " Aber l'o'eioek. p. pl. PnaCo, moat provide thow w.clin '1 M}k'ri- dl4 Rtedmtr has Iloairodlitciirn . sotto Falsities mooo)Ol loo tereof. TNHE.-JACKSO?$AND LACOURR- STREETCARS M.Ooote theo hwo J.o hcpol 00, otree t "1 'loiook A.iL; 'Comnoo leaww slboevry hll hour. untiltP o'lok tsI, except Io9tj9 booo o looo (opl street -o ,1 ofi ocloc,-L 0·10 rr' ýI are4to'ciric P.M." i M..lal teht pootideit til not phr -` cnpenlh.cuePipeel ernmoke is, wheu lediea h'N' NS*Olooe~ &irCrroltopo 944, 1530. ' JOHs IAIPSON, Chief ogline N.O. & C..R.C K.L L, LTON _ 1I OTEL; - UD has 6h01o oor oifiieozting :hi fuieado - ojihepubtin go wrrol, thai he, haso.. aken the l rtorroolttoo, wpere hot ruots, hr. will receipt IboC ;dt ~olo hold friends and all lowers of phod chear: Pepa pottier will be handbomely provided. for by f 0.01k btle nolaeboeforehond. -He io willing to enter v-.ooiro·gooioswigh fooilieo or jodliduaols deoloirloe . sisttinoo I'llrsuiooior At olar oo. mSS MIIAYURALTY OF NEW h(lI.KEANS. roll E price offlour being this day 05 75 por loarrel * a occordinhg tn' the lari;l tllodehkers will give ,5 oqeree oftrbrad for tin cents. during th. werek begin. . ing so Monday next, the 18thl itltant. The loaveo of eouodojuelity,orof three for ten ceoi.n shlll weigh 25 ' joy cent nimre, elk: 431 minces. .16 h . GENOI.9, Meovr. HIOWARD INSURANCE COMPAN.Y, .:NEW YORK.. g, . '"' -DlRECTORo. A. HAVENS, PRoEIDENT. C 'W Lowooeaoc, Ferdinand Suodum, 'YI O, Ta her' L Woollry, IR Tucher, M Baldwin, SJurrison, _ JOtio, 11 Lee; J Ran~kin,'' J orfe, . M Rioolo CO Haltled, - Weeoo, * W WTodd. Lznaw Pwt ItLorOr, secretary, The oooleroiRgpeql, at nfloeal agent of the abhow Coto Pany for Now Orison, will receive pr:"pusa for inbr iuR House., Buildbagn, Stores, Ships to port, Goods; Wora" and Mehaodise, from bons or deoooge by fire. olR4, JAMPIS H LEVERICUs, Aorow. OFFIce o'Tu0.FoIRzuo'o INSowoncE Co. ot Now ORLEANS. . HE11K .Sboohotters of thio Coompany are hereby ow. . tilud that the timt instalment on their oochk iw dun aid payble otl the 5th or October nret, oh the office at the COoopa.s. . spt 1I EL THACY. t atltt t11aaba Cba raip. Nov..... ..I9D Wpbioot oNo .No ..... i .10 or J bOi~ooitliio, do 1 4%tl lpkii N. ...... :..10 do n .........03 IYH~~lpI Llw.....i.,O L·MI~lll: d~l....,....11 N.1k...... da t,.·...·.....:~ ~oi l d.....1 .sotsooo. do.....:. . 1.I¢ovrpool 0ctl.........10 t juuon. Po/ a) ::.31 I'OO. dn..:...... 9 ':Y~u~,Nor..r.;,A Lo~ndon,. dri_ ,....IA Nolooilo, do . .... . ......11 I do...........^ HIH!-l' O1 NKW (JRlIJIN. . CL1AIAAHCEO. Novomhbr 0t1, 8039. t ip MoichOgov. He.olt, Haovr, BIonchrd,, ESilo & pp , Caledoolo. Potoer. VerLnCru;.. If ildU midvols Poky Woa. Johoooo, i.ivo.too. HiL.eah SldpColuaomba. Pooh914, Iootoo. ,, ~ ~ .x..AIUItIVALS. ~ua~ oo cdrs. Nooodoo il. t " ""'"Yv.O hoodnl 2f , 193O *lton, oo blob fl09e..h:.: ... tioul.t ofiio . 8t; s Imiwr 8.kiu;ý j;, fa, hnrld~olvii Ile Ni..... Bta. S N S ellsek, fm Port 11,1.,,, 8leamer Dup..: it -Gordon, fm Plaequemitle. " ·ll aedP dlei;.,,,.oe. 0 .3 , , kbnry. *1coeoov 110100 -C Osl io, fom Wnoia io Vg~t CAVS..8a rech OtlldoniL..98 raw dry goods, and immix'ldOfth sebr Wava..userr4, ra ukra. M Via.~ ov. , C8o halR o O.iiodvyno udry 0*J Inh.olelri. taiIOood.o umoC00rrs op PRODUCE. '"MUoe.kotfhbo .o.loomovp.Coiuw·ro. .tCoo 3055 hobo f vle.o ILoobovt. FPoo.& A oi.,,,.o:; I4doCoov 1 iGOridley; b ,Kseser & Ashoer,,it 0J t0.,oh . 47 Ioo '1.ot. & cu. 48 O doe jt llllo& Worigh. 4081A White A .;19 A Iloody '1.,. t< JI0D Cooper U9J Aolnuo. 3O:4"Aro. Iahe & Vlkoho 4 o'dio ?,,00V Ul ,ot ov :`F Jlio& q ;r, j, ,0 4 flW Ooioy,. ttLAooooo 41 Choolivo,o. 9 Ifjai onoo. Al~o.o lr' ihvoo Hann, 11I 0.e,. lil pki.. ,'nForI;th j,.iei,oo , 1:1 {V.vdo )i,,o47olo Iimbholi ,t" Thouopoo, -145 dIu u1,. i.loo. Dbouodooo.., lo Pr.vtoso, P kil.h ..C.,o In Il;;.a . rol { t.,oojoo 4 Qiordio,,40 do. 0.3 1,,I F11100 Iam o, 4I Thbii,,o,10 *4'lU . nIOiPaao4s"froouo sWtJ .0oIer,.,,.,o- huo·.,,I I -' 4 .' ; 1 bap ,' ide. 01r Koooo., Woph, Y ~r n tjtO% o W vito O l4 7P oordJ o0 s..0 are , D o ,od3 , o . o T h"6fip W4,pnJit"'[",ud-4:t .w` IluJxdp .Per dllanier Baton N..,, -JOul loll· ratterl " "b`A'^Le 4U'il Flteyr tn; 77 du Iv' Fl.. s, r, ; do S W ,Oohoy~00i 74 do.A OLoodovoioy; 73 lotoju}I..s .t00r,,, n& 0 6idoA ~.ohoux 4 co0; B Ihourk-{,~ tol &n; 5:1r *;,h & Vvhohpoo; 5A Gridlvy & cu; 40 9oynold.. .yre r 00l0 418 000001an White of CD; .7 I.aml.Ololi4 TiIIooUU. :15 ,Avthboi Fallon4 go;YdJai.ou i ihr ' Th... Coooloy; IS P A {aIrdy; 84 Duo oo . oicoodnoo; it3 PFrnklin r Iitodo o 00µ; 14i..Oldwell At iiohoy; 14 IV A Ilea[; II Oioorret, Jon. I 0e4Ra a 84oi I.oyo~tioa o loioqg;.t Luyolo. Cuo & co; II blf- ·WUUIar. N D Cbpbatbedai N,. 'Ptdjoooawo Pv.rooooaovJ li ov*..i'or9o i9Oiohle ctlon. C T..Iodooc r4do1 Olihvbra. ml...o.. Pillaiad. Hrl:ovio Da Eoolu; It boiodoolaon.Laoura & 3ootlvol; Idoulv,,,ry rin h'vdhmoo.i 12 hiodooogar J 9K Zoohooote &oo, holao e. c to Bad .ou try,oondoo.u.lqoiood. ViOhourgl..Her oloaooe P Ailloi..Covon 747 hoio.cation, N. ovqi 42opbo * Woo; 00 Wodjooo hO $.,k. Woolt ca; 4 Uouilod1, roeooo ool 44; Taylo. iOrdipovd co; 115I Slonvom&4a. o y a W M Cohl;7 WSAWO , oy 4 o. o .....0.Povooor setae.Ioo..L'.vod ,i- . 1.1...& Iln5Iahl., 4oC~too. 44. tos oniobo. Moovo r Oloith; 10018' . oh 4tf Y lot..1 E1· ooooi:iuolly l;doer; 1975 thoooorn, Iloilod Nor. 10.1hoiuooottooadl ,Couv. ti.idihry & o; ,10 A Itivordo " vd31 oide4 BouO .lJO Louo..y; 55 W PFlooor. 2I-.~ PfUSEiNG3ERO ltkl.w,.Mo bosoo. D Deopio ; Ifl Suoto. ME. ?tralck; P_ utrv W..oio.Mr Vttaoop& UGody; Nodr. 0Perot; Gioeri. boi mal; o ohnos, AtkhlqoonTdaOoo; Fooler; Sloucho; lo .08 ri ullt O iBaaoooui;RBich;ordeooo;Eiooois; Ailole -' r"" ire, SgOtvK..Jlo *olaouruo, POileia, /I'on; ond 8 tw'4u0..o8 RE llJohooo BRoye'Peyuoo .od lody; 1IIiooR# i'too, hEio~ Mlurphy, Luno. Ooooiooi; ,w $' p1A.oaV 9 o;AiIouoo.o; Piohi; ONor Woot·worth or oooUhpovobwk d;D Wtlodo;Rodge; Rube-0J WovertvDood;T . MrO Eyn* eyR:.r Wardarannd ' ! Wrewes S ?"` ý A UoRol;o; T T 1t FbeKII· 5.L i or.Epl Youo Burhe0 CapE. R Qqog1i Jv Pio ia; PCoi.o; :hu.. JgoodIasi C Wa1.I d Ashi; 0Ev ýw1 Dil.B udarnr~ b,8ersl· ""_"* o MoNooo, McDowelil, Eolkoe. Eio0iooaov.J Moocelo. + .EaOd.ozI.bod.R.;oo. G V l airp;D spne.P Hafi IU1 mio.A Eipon..L.11 81.. pad '_ I1MGRANDA' - b ErirE0 E £00tBa~r 04.ý~Z tEv*1 0Sib. bo*lr. ,Y.CCr.~iEOloo (wgE 4, 4 ~ Y33iJOEsl01i.O0irbt l/ . .-_ o Iq'biiidlng ,:itiited in a central , thed ciy. 'The bino is 8, de.ed by themaj·rity of th(citiaeni , who e i'6.lbd spon to serve asjumrore or W'tnesses The ijnonverniiene m lossof tie, ,esulting f. m are so scatlerd; hnd so.lati; p all that plhorl our atturni wila be ourced to provide themra 'vea Withl Merchiht , Cr ine tiey mad appee ardin cotur, houldl Thlea Catnotb i laken tod a place so r ditant asi toi iwhke it extrembely inconvenientjfnr their cleres to infT mthe niee o nilporlant occurrenes, and r. eiom are 'ed to a piter son ar o rt of tie chircit oftheir busttrinaes Illf the forjudced to provide them aeepon proper coeatign, we think the legislature tho ld be called upon by petition to interfere and settle the diffi culty. Steam Boat Disaster and Lose of Lices.-The steamer Paragon arrived this morning, reports the following iiteiligence:-aw lthia steam boat Witl mingtun being towed to shore by the Marmion, inear the mouth of Arkansao, the boilora; with the exceptibn ofone fallen in the ladies' cabin, b'own overboard, and. nearly all the social hall and cabin as far 't.Rsa the wheel house carried away.-From 15 to 1i persons 'a o supposed "toh be missing, .ainongat whom are the Pdlot, Ezigincor.aid .the Master. The steuamer Marmioo is hourly'expected, when ive shall be onablud to give a more accurate statemdnt. Nov. 20, 1839. MAr. Jouh Gibeon.-You have thrown out a great many hints what yy3o1ill do, hut b cautious what you do, for .you will. vot -always find a Rogers to dool with ; and you may, perhiipe, meet with your deserts little too oon for your comfort I 'say.. take are; JohnnyIt.will not be eody to. m end your skull when once broken ; not even Dr. Machkie will be of any servie to you. R. C. E'A weak, invention of the enemy. At all ebents, we are prepared to meet tie consequencos of any of our ats, in whatever -way we may be called upon. Anonymous letters have little terror for us, and cause us but little uneasiness. To tAe Owners of the New Route from New Orleans to Carleston, 8. C. by roay of St. Jeseph. It would no doubt be a benefit to the owners of the above Route to give in t the travelling public, by way ofthe newepapers'ot this city, a detail of the whole Route-that is, to inform travellers how they are totravel from one place to another. Say, whether by steamboat, stage or rail road-the names of every village they have to go through- the d lbreat h6uses they arrive at, and leave such places. We candidly behieve it might induce a number of travellers to give this Route the prefer: ence, and we have no doult you will think so yourselves, gentlemen, after a little reflection. SEVERAL TRAVELERS. From the New York Gazette, Nov. I2. NEW YoeI ELCTIOEIIIs.-Tle t' iomph of the wligs ieeon1rmed, and evenconceded by the Albany Argon. 'Iher is etill n doubt hanging over the elertion of General Root, in the Ihird enltoerlal District, and one whig in each of the counties of Cayuga and Osweuo. Hiving the dobtfunl to the loeofi .oe, the Whig ratluriy in the riennte will hee si, and in the House eight. TIhe firlloing ins from tle New York Courier sad Enqu irre of yreanterd morning, received by the three o'clock train of cars flot Pliladelphia, in aodence of tel. mail: Third Senate Diirlict.--The retlrns' (uofimelil) erol the several countle, showr Ite followinlg relitai Whtµg.. Locof co. Albanv, 6111 Delcware, 678 lienaelaeer, 615 ttlroli ic, 3101 Cotuntin 70 'Greenert 290 Schlecnertady, 29 S 1362. .1 Sixth nSeinte Diasrict --'The retarns, pecertnined and reptrts d, ore as rullowa.: Whig. l.ueofleo. ivenralon, 10011 Steubren, 9it Aleghl nya , 3(10 Che.ung, 81i Catliruugas, 1(10 Tiogo los JIroote, 122' 'f'ompkind.e. 130 Cheilonge, 22i ()tur mijority in ll he lite ics' six, nod relosonbl eigilt for ieofr elatio e received ycier. dlay frotn Ablhany-i-blhrnoloi fnurnieshd l tr. Weed, of tle Eveltilg ll ornalt, very few milute. hefore the I out left-slates that Gudnreci Boot was eledted in the third di-tricc by eleven votes. 'Thnt tw of oulr eor di ales are rletted reseenl to le roncededI. If l(it is electd, oertnajority will Ie eigih ; if he is nor, it will lie itiI eix. In ithe iousee of Anellmbly we shull pro bnbly huve r mnjority ft f velve. From the Courier and l nl irer. 'THE LATE ELEC'T'1ION. For the third.lime the peopl ofNew York have on-t' ed judgment aguinst Mr. Van lhcren. Tie olpposeiicet it now forlilied und eotlclicshed by tile perfect po.set'lliiln cl the Stale AduiiciPtettilnc. A Regictry Lcw will doubtleso bie passed. 'Thie bhnking rytlecl a-ill Ice os: tiaioel in its tlicy of nnlnlotnlnillgalClcie poayrlulta Ral there will Ie nn oUtcemlptt to liarr. tile lcnka or lihe l'eol'le, Ily ilyppresing thle issue of e1call pills. No cotl -ecp ie'u he vecees'cliclly ccle lt retic' i e unction i rlcccctcc)ccc n, hintl tihe ehilt abulirehedir. lI' ioleccullgc. witl lie re':dl.h't d to thl' sellte of tie cllhcctnd ltittcs. I It. t'rillcr will ilrtic ll" lice aivIcrt.d w Ic h rI al etc t: clity icl ceh'ccccctraiccg Ilk faitli in tlc dh ctricle of il I slrccotietc. 'I cowh Ic thel cricttlrc licrcc no pr cc f o.lic I beiie:,yc if Mr. %t ciiglc heliecO ill it, Ihe i, sureI ens i, structiwna in TIennessee; .nd it ielcrd ltl ct Ic glcle WlicicIIti Ilnlrtiesicall hiat hollhold Ie cicn coclioecd lycllllc . I!ncr poicy ol iternll iilcprclePmceih cill ihe eproSeclctell witlh rceetePIc cgor.u S W elletiui'cclce ir, Iprolelr. tillc Ilic cI. cccccgI e lCcc I t cftlce ('Icln e," ti lC t II lc ig' Innt W i' ill crclcba ly lerl itc f tI tcc d clllt'e I' tI cllce ncllnlcltllcnetc thihr i el I h ole . 111 cIc ffle,, . elucctiont, tIey Cwill llohahlyeo llcn thcc.t Fe,lc.cit tic, ernacttct. to ceeccre Cher hi "cc ,hn c hncr othe, ccc avails Flf .eir i...ere.. in cth Public I ancll. All l.'tcs' I beuclhial rculctnilil fllw tfrom t'le recenltll tig tic Irtal v ellc of iliger l rnlt ita of New York will elt iinown.r fr tLhe cllctillce cf tlte Hllcrrisllurg Coclelltioc. From Ille lMoile (lChonicl, Nov.20. tr.EcrtoI.-r--Tl, ing are Ic romplecte offlicinl returns oflw teelectictt fccr iccrcpreentlive to thie I egi lctcrs held in Iis ctouny oil ,llond.ily lirt. WVhig. l.ocnflen. Erwin,. Cao,,, 11. courtl etrce, .557 536 MIei oie lllpi Iltctl. 85 111 Vest eVord iltlel, 51 25 liruit Hill, 3 Alvarez'., "9 5 I Vheeler' • I ' 39 Vacghcn'r, no eleetion hldth. ierna ialore 11 15i lelrcge', 4 30 loeut Vernon, 28 20 815 786 786 Erric's mjoiityr, 29 ~LATER-12II NOV.-3 o'clock, P. M. New YoRIt EIor'ItoI.-Deta.ils loe sometlini ot their interet ic Ile aae'raltre or a splendid general resull, brt a gold deal tf 'anxiety prevails nontlg the Whiae oflhe city in regard to the riesult in the third anid sxthtlreate distrirts, Frnatnlhesithdistriet we have, hythle Albany Jour al oflaet eveningc, returns which very somewhat frcm thbose in another Eolumlt, sand which elect tie wl ig ceall. iatat by a tepjority ofthree votes. By this aceount the whig majorities locnunt to 1860, and the Lucofpco miajtrlridl to 1157. Clone work this. " O1(i'neral Root's ehslnce. in the third district, the joumral of lanutaeeoing tay, that its hopes am ennd. We learn vsehally. tIhlt au the'bhat last light, was tearving Ahbany, l'telligenne was reeived from a relihible omran that stuet a ear rtained majority in tihe di;tricl nu ymaeen etes.-N, Y. Cos!. , gu.. . FREE BANKING LAW Op NEW YORK. . The fotl0 iag artiole, trom the N. York Comr 'al, giues a proper view of t ilt dea iion.of Japree Couort of N. Yorek.i Illgard to the iBsaking Law of Newr Yoe . resh . Of N. Vesrk Ccomtercita Adtertiser. itlY&mu.r BANKS AND THlE DECISION. , otsal pa to n'o ear undaetilathdingeof the esattL ttZit me. neeur# I to ae .ihe naure of ,i6 el.y! hebefomtlieComst. Tttsult wank br.ocht on thrs drlletideonnltad ly'thr Bank orfCoenlrtl h, YTrk, and nct pidl at ngLtesiitl te Itlltoltiff' hbie 'ie Prnsidcnt of lhsjItauk, a requIirod by lthe law. . o deelire "piiiion that the fris aniL:r aeo.rpieaionse. l tnht at he Ledisnlature sy ordatesa indeflnietonutmbr of corporation. by ones saue. Th it onay bi.Obnrved, were the two poihte actually raised by the pleadings. 'Thi Court, however, went a step farther, and raised the hies. lion weother a statute area irg an indefinite aunt. baer of.coporations' mmst inet he passed by a Iwo--"; and this they decided in the affirmative. But there wasno evidence before the Court to show whether the general banking law had or had not been passed by a twotlhiids vote; and the Court than raised the queiston whether it could look be yend the statute book, where the law appears with the regu'ar forms of auilientication, and make in. quiry into ths incidents and mannet of its onaelt. mont; and on this, question it reserved its judgment giving no opinion. Tie counsue for the bank, however, consider this point to be clearly in their favor, and entertain' no doubt that, whenever die. tinctly brhught before the Court; the decision will be that no inquiry canl be made beyond Itho statute book. The'opinions that any number of corpora. tionis tmay be created by .one itatute was held by two of the judges, Mr. Justice'Bionsoh: not con cutring, lie h.d advanced the emictrary opinion while attorney general. As the Court has given jndgtmrnt for the bank on t',e demurrer, we cannot but consider it unfortunate that it has thought pro. pu: to raise a new qonetlon,-by way of obiter die. ntun, which hIs haod the effect toerside doubts of the coonsttutioeality of the law, especially as the bhnk, having jidgnmentiu its favor, cannot pro bably bring a writ of error, and try the question before the highest tribunal in-tals cause, but may be obliged to wait for other suits beloa e it can carry the question to that Court.. From tTe P rNorthnAmnerican. WOODEN PAVEMENTS. The shbject of wooden pavoroents.s., beginning to attract a well dleerved. inturest and uttrintion among the. inhabitants of our princripal citius.- Their superiority.uver'the coinrnnot ones of round stones is so great, that they most bhd.dstined in a short titme, to supersedo the latter- every where. Almirng'the aivantagces whicl wooden 'pavements have had coencded to them over ston,' I halve not observed a very desrable 'on,, the greater quiet they afford thle sick, by enabling carriages, carte anlt horsesvto pursuo ! the noiselass tenor of tieir way." It cain be aiprceiated only y by tiat' nfor. Lunate class (one of whom it ars mly lot to be du ring tihe wil of lut stummner) vio are confined to l.heir chaombers couitiguos i to the public streets, and who harv to undergo such .dre Id'ul. and unin terripted annoyance from loud Iattling wheels antl sounding bars, passing in rapid pace just under ltheir wtridows, whichTirom the eat oef the'weathor have to be thrown open. They are harassed, and their disease aggravated, by: this incessant inter ruption to their repose, and the privation of ,i that sweet restorative and balmn ofnature" sleep, and of which- our stone .pavements are the fruitful cause. The.wealthy endabvor to-obviate the ev.l by a pro. fuse layer of.tan bark, but this cannot be extended to the tfrthest limits of the source of (he evil, while to the poor it is denied altogether. When by tile strength of constitution and the skill of the physician, tile patient e.capos and becomes con valescent, and riding is recommended, that remedy is nearly impracticable, for who can divine any satisfaction in riding over a rough, hind, uneven ourface, as painful to theo horse as disagreeable to the rider, iin danger every moment of being thrown down by a stumble or a fll. iThe comparison in favor of wooden pavements is sounquestionable in every other respect, that the only question left is as to their relative cost and expense of preservation. If we Chn show that proper wooden blocks can be obtained nearly as cheap as stone, as cheap as the present frail wooden material, both as regards the structure and dura tion, every objection against their use must neco. sarily cease, A very few observations are required to afford thatdesidoratum. The main point is to the durnbiliiy of the material, In t-e calm enjoy inent of the present perishable article, the populi s tion imomediately interested seem to be content. But I do know a species of wood, not more costly than that in present use, ten times more solid and durable, which if brought into general use, wovld rbviata every difficulty-I allude to the pitchi pine of the voutliern eta os. That timber well saturated with a natural preservative, turpentine, which is superior to any sulphato of iron or other clemical preparation, is never known to rut. It will last in the form of pavement, until actually worn out by attrition, I have se en garden posts of it, that had remained in their places more than 100 years, and were as sound as tei day they were prepared. . 'i he timber gro  s in the greatest abundance on the eastern coasts of Noith Carolina, South Caro linsa and Georpt , and lies so convenient to the port towns of Edenton and Wilmington, in North Carolina, and Darien and St. Mary's, in Georgia, that it can be there obtained elieaper than northern pitte in other ports. I believe it may be obtained by contract at about 4 cents per square foot. The cost ofa good sized stick, about 2 fret in diameter, stripped of the bark, and 60 feet long, would not be prebabty over seven do la:s. By calculating how many hexagonal blocks, which i tihe best form for cotmpactnessand duration, of two feet in length and ten inches in diameter, such a log would be f und nearly as cheap as the wood of which the presorc blocks now in use here and in New York are composed. But in point of solidity, strength and duration, it would in a few years save. more than the difference in the first cost. A novemont of the pitch pine which is now generally preferred for rails, as it would never rot, would require only an occasional repair or re-adjustment, once in ten years, in the most frequented streets. Even stone pavements require repairs or replacement more Irequeotly, as from their shallow position, and spherical form, they arc more liable to be disturbed and pressed into the earth or removed. In every point of view therefore, a pavement of the pitch pine recommends itself to the curators if our highways, above all others. THE DUTY OF NEW YORK. ' We can never," (exclaims the Richmond Enquirern after pxnlressin conlldence ill the Preeielelll'e -ealrvinr New York ill 11141.).' we can ilcer helieve tlhat lrew York. Mr. Van lurea's oa estate, will shrink fromn her duly to hliln." 'T'lhete e1,oke lIthe nlhjet spirit eif gentine Van Fin. relint--slae wh nltt his dvotiuio Io arty aillld powerI DIp'lvs lhf, wi Iof II'P o 11 cc mi, slovethe tlw, above ti courLli'uuil, nIbovethe t.egislat ite, hblove thepple)I anid then with pro .tele eeevililv c etlrnl lie will "-ink or rwillu" aillt Mlartlu Vanu Unrelln be ll-um.eacu'e Slnatl they linn ! ' lhie Iniatlll illnd lep.lcicof Inte tmee in ower aer " r.ine g ia t evplolttin it thle politit-al etrt iity of ItI, conuly, as well s in t::e thliar.tct r of o-IIr . tulil u no , A genertl t aehn, of li-gtst was onue .eated t iroeh o t tl unionll by lell o ll celhriation oft a tInen- terofl . frott Inldiaum, hat hlie wasrcan older chldier in tie gernice if the Ad.hinlltrntli n," Itan his eompetitor for nlmet li-l,. Ald .,t almrest llnneresal cxpltesien of acorn and cneltpl fhlhowerd the boumt of' uother lletl hllr $fro-o..t lh s.: state, teI-lite was a collar dog of Gtrnetllul .liluekolon." 1 1cc Ic.o will tile people of this great end i powerfull state rei.eive the I gutlae we hlave q ,ted from oi n e of thie flli .i I organs -iltho.e govrlnmen: insultine to them ai it is dlogra .elful tl o la it lllthot 'I'll,,n mllOst tusl shrink lltll Ilh'ir dlt to Mti) let Vent ltaiiel! a Iueo upon whomll thev halve iacafel beallefits and distinction ilena. inerblc- e who owe all tile ionsequlee e he possesses Ctc Ite heir liberatl suc u, io d their geonercue, ead, ets ilep res:dt haIsa sug, tno Irodiga coatfltlece Tlo ti k of theirduit tohim! TheIu dene ol'iicec f ilte re'iallfk is a+ ireet ailtiuenlelien alnd dehetigntervllit: . 'VI1l doesa New York owe to MartlinVtIi IV lren? iHas he nlot pursued eiloliey; oeaed 1o nill her slster elllt-d ald floudly cherished inrllciiler;u aniit rlluinousa ic all ier illteril.t? Haclle nit tl nc all i;; ihis power li destroy her eolnmerce. prostrate her inlilulliols imltpair iher cedit, defeat her eterprise, embarrras her )bus nes, and poison thia very sources otlher iproperity? Han Ihe Iint, by hisi aeeursell. intetntr.aes bIrnight dis tru.eiald ruin upolen thousands o' helr beet Ilterchohtn, inaulcarturert, htarueran, mechanicuae, and .artilns, the i fatnilie:,fnd homes? Hai he not tuened aeside fr om tile elunsels and lc ;tn. icns cl'the Ihlcleel, intrlli,.tt, and pltrittic- n gIncc Ilctue whn elevated lil ito the Ilit.h natiln hI now cillliPe , and thrown Ilimeell itol tile Itncds ofla crew of agrariuan and dealructivesa, whose prieiplec aire alt tle stbvei sien iof c i c riial and political instlilnlin.? Did he ant hnrl agaiuni itie pecupie tof ilis coin. a hea they nnpoaed hit rnetlutioheary, disrganieiing and ruilln ouacis hele., tse ignomnia uus elrhre of hrering beet brih.d aod ieornioptedt by tIe hnbnko. Han he nill selected ealine if our ient acl purest e'li zell., ic learkh foe reckliess ablre and ealaumv,--to h. lloted down ca "aloe atutes." illnd ' Irilorc' cby. hll hired asaa.suis ofi htract r. beeiaces i they would not change Clii pii h c cph i at his cnmnand ? FPheca area few itemi crom tile gCeat eataclgue oc iris doinga, for ahi,:h wa ceppaae.the Ricitc:hind Iccqui. rer believea New York owea her sem grai',ud, and de volion. • We can eurce this aofficial nmutlipiee .cl an ugnace ftat and unprineipled iolitincal aldventlrer, dnt Ncw Yerk will do her whule aduy. Site ten already mo.t uhbly ietrfubced. in cllt, ihe high ialiigatin Cestitti uponi her an ai eclighteled, palriolte, and powerful nielner of lite Union She hac given her vardicc. fkt the third time, ·agaiut tie taen and ccuure of the edmicn+atnian. ~tandindg Vtetorinu over tliecommon enemoi of herpenple and oF uod goernmetp, the Et pins Statle is alrcady Iuckling on rsnorfor anoth er and gauter cotest-he decisive struggle ntf '1840-.-o which the detiny of the nction depenit; acd we may add, Americaninjncry iipefl. At tilah time'ehe will trot shrink.-sl- willfulhlhbar duty to dhe letter, aatt ili talci hr attiude ofulncmpromnlling hotility to the ne electioncmernin VA Bun. - . . SDest otfthe..irve.-The Philadelplhia United 3latg Gazette, scyc:-"We loerrci with regret, that .oC ce9the twonlteutiful Girfl.e,.owned he Mcamre. We;ch k Cc, aidl exhibitedt in this snt ' year cIpt. 4lied iln ".'lcdy, in NewcLk, New Jortey. tel e emiula Oust abut twenty toun.doa., ,to '.rli - .. .. . ii.E tluojiirv no s st$tf of a itirpis t tlr:, .Jdd be ibfsieirem, wisely. lithie. lkereipn',lleit. rThe' idea of6A4ihe eo., ologt Ibhap ttdceeoiNa aiiebr omight le jmeets~ert,1 M ludipun lnsnia atism itenii;,iiplet' Colod he ant ruhnesh iher nblim wtirk .oynet'.it C q t:tlie samlua ise'thaLisatreanilntred flmorigin.t:toMt. 'faI ladg~Ie A 1 bl. snvmsienit a a apltry-enej itred : hndautsci;; fie ofth rmiaenble policaeine, who hot nt-the nerve to sieri tIle.p iovap .,whia h his b wn midnraid resd gge in"I achieast of laetraflectio."--.n Y..7iii " TII'E I.KE OF WELLINTONi . ) . The follbwing areedote of the lDuke of W.etllingtoh, not generallydkno we, exhillts in a strong light tie in ditfauigalae perseveranceonad fre ight if' thl dik, and repecially exOnerate ias grace from tihe charge raised ngainst him bvhomano writers, if ella ltog himstelfto be ourpaendbv Bondnarte while anluslng hil.s lo, at s nt HIin asel nt sphe linmb retfrred to:-At a dianer, a short t.nle s.oe; tilt duke wen asked, "Haa your iratn~e seen the p.olahlet'publin ed m in Amerita "by General Grbneliy, hi aniMer to tieCeral Foe'a hltack on inl re spothe oi ntine ts oeavren an the day preton.ib to Wa; terroo"' "I havre, answered tll dkate, "andiGrneciy ho theh'beettf it; Hte :ould not move wlthout oriersi toid orders ho certainly did not receive. As to lhi. lean. reuirol kliown"all'neainthem. I wwasna winlees to them." "Y*u''exclanied one of thl:pkrtv, ieveyv nete tholahlit youe grace was in Brnssela. yhI kobw Ibl did: bettllserwore wrong; Ir on tmhe evaeihg, int quesion, ti and Gotrdon, (hn was killed at Waterloo) leit Brlnseaols tooik n aqoddion on loe as escort;no one knowing lie, ti anl ioinedlhe Prusslan head qaters. i i;ansd tlh e wtlte ol'tha' nigh,' in eionlerenine mitlhluclner, ulow. t'Y ,rk,and Kleset. lo tile morning I oloerved tot Inlow, "LHI had an l nomh army in the iositien in wahich yours now i, 1 should expect to be Itshot eiun; edly thranaesli " The attack of Gr(anuchy soon alter rlllntnel: eed, and tie 'noPrilons were defeated. waited long eoauEh to see that eveat,aodd then I tlought it lilne tno the off, ant on time 17th lpnierie made. tlat Im,mtrlnui nvement oen l inflank, whicl wasn the emnnencement oft ne batlle of (Voterlooa "--Voer Chronicle. Corerpde.pnde ne ofuthe Plnilad..U. S. Ge.. S Nn.w Yona, TIreeday, 4 P. at. Ther has beon very little fllctuatil;n in stocks to tiny. Snae-olf the fnllcv dlcseripti:no declined a ittle, iot nuthini 2 . I onseqIence. At thIn second brllarld, )e.. aniare and lldsonn wnee dnm ait 571:2, .nan Morris' CnalI, a t21 1:2. At the board of ookersn $16,6(ll. Enx ehange t vllllnr city wele done at 87f7S 1:2,. Boltioule 35,, 1110 a lie enline rate. In dlonc.etic dxcleln.oen, 'enerallv, there is no vari. tion' ,frlte. 'lntn t io t ichln nd ion in same doaned at "'ll tenth w lnr bank nodes (ri d backs) welr raineer day rusefae bh tine |lokels. It is,llowever, a eoneern of o conesea leaCee winotvern.. - Aonlt 7ti) In hles cration trove rbeen soli, in emal lots, 2 price' rati,.:r in a'eor ofi thel'uyer. llhlers cf flaar are' irln lit tlne oldvn':cl i prices, proh:b i.l coin e qaol:C o" l '1elock for ine season, and tie ap.. *nranhingeclnse a fcf nal navigdtidn. Matters in the nmoney market generally remaining an faorale an whlen I wr,,te yesterday. 'ThIe whigs in ward nmeetings, la-t night, apllointmed delegnt-a to nolilletr dlelegates to tIhe npprtlaechil Presidential olnvelltion at Ilarrihsburg. I landerstond the appointalents are all undertenind tni be in Ivor of individ.ols who advocate the nomination of HENRY CLAY; sbilject Inwevere to the fital decisin of the tlari.bnrg convenlion. , 'The stock for the new National Theatre,. Indei the lireotion of Mr. Janmes Wlllok was ll ensubcri jbed laot nihnt. Tihe edifice to noe erected, itis odntepplt-. tedl, snall be onl a tlvle of reater .intenntnd preternsion than any yet attlem:lted; the spot eticted for its site is ore cirlnmllndillg than any in tile nitv. Saleo ,f t:tonk.a were retnaterd by Ihe nebord to day of U S. .hoankt 72a7'l; IDelaware nid Ilnloan 56:4s57":2; N. A. T'rust 3ia I 1:2; Keltlleky tfin:167; Illinoi. 6oI; Canton Co.' la:lO; Marris Canal 21:12 l l I; $b00; Corn poralion Boods 9aill:4. FroI, the Plilhdlelllia iU. S. Gazette' STOCS AND RtIMoEY.--II will Ih seen that there Was yeeterday an Pdrcale in manoy kitds ifstock. Ginrrd wenat up Fromo 37 to 40; and ilnited State. Ilonk also rose. TheP was a manle of Schuytkill, only three slales, for at. We may remarkn , that there is a grow ing confidence amnag the aeopte in Ihicr nnnied inti. lationes, andla firml helief, teat with the opein g of the rivers ad r;,ilrnlod next spring, there ail1 he an excellent busineno, fur which our merchanto will be pr -nred. SWhether the stocks of our bhanks will rise nlmch nmore hbefore the views of the Legislllitnre erre known, it is difficult toIn tell. Certain it Is., tici other causes than a want of soundness iilthe hanks, affect the stocks at the present titan. 'Ihe citiine are not alone in tlheir wants for mnney. The estate iteeli in defieceiht in funds tin meet .taat may be regarded an the curre't elatenses of the year. horw bthis deRfic en ta e he oeplind, e nlo not khnow; err tainly it canot easily It without tlle aid of tihe banks, or a resort to direcrt tnxation ; a I eanrnrt always to be ldreaded by o t'elnsylteana administratien. THE MARKETS. NEV YORK OTOCK AND MONEY MARKE31'. The New York Courior a.d Enquirer .,sry.,rday eornin say.:- f ourli.t 0tboe. qsagain .o.wa rided improvement inllal Lrite. Operti jso is them were. besides, large, tsdlgonnosIi .peki.g.stheu ho se.oer. heaoy ho..... Th. fooriIlr, re preeentatioosnrthe liroapedta of fiqle money mar'*al ed affairn generally. whichbfor flon day. mail, we have had in ou 0r to make, is fully bon not lly. our prelvlant itubtioll; 1n.ItI othelar favoring call.. may now bedded thle preooot result o the recent election iI. tlisb. st; whichb by ..movian oil oppre hen..iontofary rod asatults from the biod of ., oil credit YsIr.os ara oth.ea curity of propertybhbaoothsFofor wardIapeital ft em the retrea it solugt bhile d.angr was ht Our cily bankb, wibh some few exception., are now as liorr al I it, their .1, ro10, os can rOanla,.bly bhe honed. and te. ·Illount alrprecleronti orm to tocres. l'lb. Philadelphia lin still daily M00nu1s sI.wn I ty or thirly IIavand dollar. in coil biring. bodoubt, that lohvo ,lao ruldted ini th- e yl ateo, soh of b

whicht hore suspended speccie p",ymenlt, anld which were no t allowed to issule ,manll notes, Wye mention this as on Illuotrn i lnnoflbe esfeeb. of bihis ,bsorb prolhiIbiti.on; of thl folly oflb argO·umenl tl the tIay-i which the abnsene of smallnlote brigs ilnlt. rire1,Illn. Ibecome nItoaja (what is Smeant byy this it is difficult to conceive) on which rests II, security oflb, theeintlh credit cur.ency. When this is it danger, the .l a is immediately gar., away, or is boarded, our the edifio is left to stand orfall by itself. L There war left. oquiry f.r e.....e on hlbilaldelhia tlbossh a brisk dlemand ooinued oa New Orletno ,ied M--bibý ,tour a1151 quoIIlationll.. *2,1 .m PbilaIdllphibi.resold Otib, No .d oflteobeot, ..t Ooi(1ol, gad $4,lI10 no Slollimor.o t P71 and TreOaury nolts of 0 09oll. Al the secoond Ioord. Del. ware . ad aludon CanIl COb.pany sold at56 j c.h. ,andl 571; I; day,; HIrlem RIOlroad 361, this weeb; snd the Conlo. Coo. A convention of dnleg 0.,..hor the Country Safdty Pa.... Banks . bilow f tingat Aburn1. TbrobjeLt, we undfonota. i 1311 .nbtaasuh brralnsgellolI. monoo hemselrRs no will pre f vent their note. fnding their way to this city. The rates a these andallother uncurient moIey is .oiling rem~ain th Tb'here olin little stir today in general b..,.v.., Ihougl -,ra.rtIonl. ill pr5o Ic are necessarily limited by the cam partitive turn 11 oroeko on hand, owing to implortlliins havmfI nIleonllflrailedby the late a1 b orr otmente. A fve sl e. cotton werr madl. to the rlernul.f..h-erat rria. p.-] of Ilisr. Smallo gfableofpo LIr. ,,t84 511, and yor,2.t $4 8 (y5. aoiders .fll,.er uo ,in.o a,, asncr of twenty fir, cent ,.opon lost week's end about 510bl.. orste..-. a Ssold at $5 75, b ning an ' .i,,, of folr. 1:1(1o diP 'eots Wen hbav doe o r ile f..llu iYYRla of vwheat to re pll, 4,11111 bu.shela OIis io 1 t. t $1 }I II'; ..0l6Illlluoln w'nteln $ 11 1 'Ii 3~i 4il south~er $I ii" .oors. 1.1. blubels No. (1rl,,., U1r1 o ,' 00, h 1 11111.blo Vegpini. 6'd n 114. a cargo of N. Cora Iloooa a O:l;llO IIl.00lo. Jersey y1llow at 70. Wtbe r ne nulllbrisr d to announce at,,l te tllhl e t r.liji lotion of a largo numbeI1Ir of thle citizens of thell thee, AlNltlb.10l.ites, bier.l.WttLttlt IFrRTir to. co.n t.loed t thle presentation ol tf 161 ,,mireh to hill fellow, ei~ixl'0a n t!he neXt oInI,,g el. :inn1, as icalldidatee lior fle u.11 0 o11fMylIoy lrlr llll L.ily .f Ne1-w Orleans.a. 93' Nuts 3011o110es aulorioo 0I taollncer qu'lo I. Iolllo llio ll'Oll grnaI I.llbro glees riloyrns des troll f Munioipalido. Mr. WILI.AM F0 ERET 01 COotellti I s protenlor con001n1 cCOdlddt i In place do M tir. I 0s plocllainl dioclion. LD 1.. U. GaIootrlet 1110 rolicitolion obfoanoy of Ill. frioode, ihs FoIleenIIlrll 'i, becomIle u candildat for lb. otfice of Mllyorl of lhi ily. - ERV4NT FORL SALlg-A.,,,,st likely ntllllsl t \_ girl, aged lbo1011 lio..rse, n ery gool cool.,su toriolr washler, topper atd tolerPlle oelO, ia IOlr a h-puoseMvlllt. Olahr, oblrenlollli golod temp1r1d1.eoli r The abo,.ve onrvs l would be art aocquliilto in an) fatoily, 31ar1 is H1o1d Ibecause her owler is desir.ous i paving 11, debts. Apply to tIlh Edilor of the 'let., jAlorerl..oa. Nl'I.Ieil P'AI'R S'rATl'll)NAllX-TIle e an. E d.rrig,.rtd.Iaive justt receiood peor ship RHalto frot o i.0111 nd011allot foir slelli 1011 traOP s la8ge bluortwove Letter Paper 50 do dl do toid to 511 do do while wove do 2: 20 do tinlod gilt iancy do 21 lo do .lb Note Pope. 10 to do dtiloti oceqoost Ill . do muoIc paper. 12 aod 14 stavbe, ornamen gal-all \VlWhnoltalln' Otanltbttllur. 1t ink cantd, gill and Ornftlonsnlal* color hoses, roare Wiool and tniltbpf y, brasa tln tlltaý,dlegsn l atrtice Color bores, with slider; ol.or'( it cakattf oll kinds Ackrrman'.; camel iair brasies, superior quality Inkslft.t, oiEoe, r1oeool,In hofolty antl ebtloy; sit; sto bronzen hlr office.,.., olegan ... 8liol; ,,Odi I lit c.l~b~lee 11,1 qrm LIlally. ollao ttlerol ·titep. 8d utdia rubber, b r.+t qualnity. .(nape~ piece.*; drawing Ibooks, suirntbe for .eloloa; manildtl writers, Welg gold and Aokrtlnatt'o Cspying preeoes, folio t& qortoo copying talk, supleriolr qulalrl ;Sephen's changeable a pelalroent bIne Writng, 11ui3, in jug.; Perry a pent o1 allokinda, be. A-c. s EjJIIHNNS & Co. 3123 Stationsr'o fIlal,StCharleo no I7' Yentordloy,ootre po~rsroeotltro, wito wishod to. rant Ill rlslrl upon tow tholo he Istetd, bat dared not /ice, isered forgedtdvertioelmln in tho Bulletin 1otird holowv It is certainly a lnan ,uld dirty nricb tha e.nv fool miglt play-Ihal nL gOntlelttna tould ho guilty of-noinoing Ibthb lark o.fain and lack oi courago.-Blalleli, 20tit isis. $100 REWARD. T wlHE above renead will ho paid foe inforoation, tait I. will load to the ctireniolienaotbe peron-or per* voans who cnoed no dvo ns bns nob r lanor in th. Nesw Oelrans Cormag rolallnas, of lb. lot1 Isstant, puirprtiag thot tlh stbrcrlber hod oUlgedol into cottart arrehip 01lh Job. lln rr rrse gotlelrro .nttnr Ihl..tyie of Pugny. Barrett & Coo fo*r the poll a of cnlryinl on ih.hunionoa of paving-no s.oh wasnaioi .hning Iooan fon~ d Sne N. B.-rtoe atldrrdlgllnloi take thidnropnrtoniej of in loruong titl pdllolo, That hoey not coowetod a in busirni of any bind. accept wilhlho hbrother 0321 1 v C. P1(MY, 59 Uobalo.rl' ' qaaiee the '1lid'ee&, Crete of St chafira 6eiaota GilwaNd . .4St. Loa. Stret.: jItIH A l steelin Its.ike wthtt wailbtade we have the plctatoe of prmouncing to the poibl ite that this.Lotteryby autlirity :of the Stale of 'laui iane,.will Lo drawn at the City Exehange, 'in St. Loui in New OreanS. I The drawing will, withoult fail, begin oitthe.lsteni camber next.' OUlr egent throughout the'union, willenauetlte abotC. Isto i inasrted once in oine of the nes.spapert of their respectire residences, and charge the. expennee in aeenunt. n6-tdl . SCHMIDT & HAMILTOIN. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS' GIFTS! Verandah, St. Charles Theatre, .Campt Street Theatre, Caldwell's St Charles Arcade, I.o. taos,.Stores, Dn'llingn, &e. &c. CAPITAL PRIZES! !!' Louisiana Grand Real REstate and Stock Lllteries. By authority of p law of the State of Louisiana, 6th March, 1828. CALDWEI.L, OAK EY & PRITCIiHARD, MAlnager. and Proprietors. The prie.e, are many paublieoand privatet Ibuilings widon adorn tlte city ofI Niw Orleanc nod are tle pridhl of it inllnbilanil--the Veraldlhh St. Chirlcs Stieti :Itheatre, Atotiienn Cuittit Sireet 't'heatre, tolidwcll'.e St. Chitrlee Arcade, witlt Hotels, DOellin l oltouec, Storem, Building L. tar, manyv otiie sqarte tllf Grotol, Thec.., are ready for troasfer to the hIolder of prize tIlke:a. iIAI.F a tt.I.JION, OR AMERICAN CAMIIP ST RET THIEATRE TLtOTRI Y. CAPITAL $541,0 l110 an to, IP.1izen ! "Will, he drawn Stat iecenller,.New eanrs' Ee, in New Orleans; andl in orderito cratv Ii rc liho.erh ill tikoitso, the ccnblunioi pilani ii aioihneil Ic himrk lottery whereby it wiil I'hotnitiieit d ih o1ti drucaine. .67,025 tickete at 0 dollarln, $675,250 1,291 PR IZE$S!! SC.IIGIE. CaotpT Street Thentrie ol (;erolnd-, rize to tie Ir, 24n l-d 3ed ,;h'U, e n m t nber g ' " 150,000 led Arlntr.lg' Ilorel, forminog it colioer of ('nllr nlld Natcilz-stroels--pize to tht 4r t 5thil l 6t, ,i ' 10,1o0 ne stretrei.ct.pir;l tio ;V o S,,. It 0' W top kin--lpize to tcle 7:i, 8it nod 90th, 35000 Tlhat eleiant Itelling ilolmenonl lot No 71, t%,al oc flediedllC WV I rdcici,- prize t the 0lth, [Ith nil iClh, 25,000 Tihil two ntory diolie idellillg mil double lot in-ld oMu elii ly, oncautied by J M I-.l- retitlte I At, ld niald'4t1,. t1 000 \ i28 8other pIrizes of irealo Estate, tniinn e 3l ol Real t'ttcl, and 315 of SlIcksP nlld many o Timcketa in the Two Milln I.ollttery. TIiE. GRANI) TWO MlIt.,ONS .'LOTTERY. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize. 10,0111) PRIZES--Of Two Millinia of Dollaris. !ltI)rnwnlo t tldl plpn of Illanks and P'ilzea. I. NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. 100,0110 T'ickets, at l0 llolhr, $2,li00,000 The ncllime and eillilig pice tle TI'le expen . see o(pertne as it reducIon from the valunlOnin set on. the properly nofcredl ill p izes. SMODE (OF DIRAWING. The Ns. li i t100,01111 will hbe Ilaced in nile wheel alln the same nieln htr lf |lnlnka andl Prizea in anothlle wheei anld drawn until iil ace drawn. 0'The firt day's dawing in Janmnry net, Ilnlder the sllervieinn of two Judgeu o'fi ourt, in N.t )relaus. I0,t00 PRIZES!!! iet. fThe Verandah and Grou'nd, vanleld at $500,000 Rd. The St. Chorlel 'Ihentre,goundi, seeon erv machinlry,&e, complete, 401000 5ld. J ie St.Cllarles Aresde iluildings,Camp street. 1511,000 With Stores, Dwellings, entire squares of Giround, &n. cn. 950,001 10,(:0 Prine nemoniting to $*',0i.000 'licket for sale at the crner of Canal and St. Clarles atrwet. tI9 GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY, Situated in New Orieans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE slt DECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under tse auperintenoedte of tie Cotrnioirners ip t pulted by 1ie Legislotive Aossenbly of Florida. OCHIOIIDIT & HIAMILTON. - ,Managers. 10R,000 tickets, at $15 scheme price. $1,500.000. Selling price $20 per ticket. SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Bronadeay, NEW YORK, Sol Agekntt. I The receipts of the sale of the tickets will be le ponited in the sallal, Union, Carrorltn, Citizen's and Cunoslidnted linnko, in New ()rledns, in the nnre of LoAls Sehmidt jointle with J r. . Perraul1 nruully C.lthier ofthle Citizeni's Btank, tad A. Baudouia nc tuolly 'aslier atlhe Cnnonlidated tfank, as 'f'r steea as tper act paessed eture A. hlnzureau, Esq. Not. Pfbn on tlie 2d lMay 1839, and the Itroperitieotrrinerred to tile bove mtentioenPd "genlleme aincuanmbrred, at l'rt stees, for tie security of tlle IortuUate prize hel ders. In New York tle monies will be depo>itod in the Phlenix Iank t tho ie .redit al the above IIneid tPity Banks of New t rleaus. 'l're 'Pubic are referred ot tite act pIasrert efire A. Mna.oreau, ERe. Not. Pub. in rolntion ta tl.e rop erties which embrace the rspeactice prizes in the Lottery. 00u 0 PRIZES, an follows: Prize-l'hatt nagiisent three story brick building, known as tie A t:AtDE, in Magdzine street,. ine.luring 286 teet 5 inelhe 4 lines nol lagazlne st. 146 feel 6 lleo ls reOn travier stret, atid 1tl reot 11 inclire ui NIa.hea at. 'Phits tilditig Irollces nw it rent of037,0lo0 periunurtt ad being in the iost flourishing part of thit elt, oliite tirree lhunks, and itr tie illnrodiot ntihttlhrhIIaod of tIhe St. fLliarlee aid tilhe ite' fotels. Its rell. will, ioln very feev yeICr b increased to lilly tlilousanl dollars per annum. It t rinated .t $7110,000 Prizeo-Thot rlepant four iro v brick hIuild iug kliowr as Ihe :ll l' IfI(I'edL, fIor rlio rly Binflii'r l liel, irirlolttl at the conreranf talmp nci Co,,tnoa sis ilmeasloring Itet1 Ieti ('lllUonl str anld 146 Ibeelt 1 Incel uich,.s tm t'l11+ sI. llis IluildTig leln. ilnew for Nw5,O11(I, mId botinrg in lhe Urtott edtolt ptt rt oftheicity, , ran iarrlr Io itttrtrared to tlilrty tlloutuml dillars tir an. nnalr. IEcilIlnvled at $500,00 Prize--iTh three tolry brick il.~l llg honoU, No. SO1 an Nonlcez seneet, odjlinig ithe Arcade, reot.rdt 11 h dc~nd dollars. I·:sthonnter d at $Cf0,0ifl I Prize--The Itree sorrv brick h welling itouse, No. 18t adoininl No. 20, oa Natchiez street, reuted r t Iweke haldred otllarrsto. ictllitmttdll t 20,0l)0 I I'rze-TIte three sttlrv tichl diwelillg houteo Nou, eidottaj'nin lon1..!, it NutIIt' aSl, rallied Ul tw,+l.l h lrd red oiles. Eslllscloaed at $20,000 Prize-Tlle d.rellnel bo se N.i. 23 norlh eant nare oeaf ltaoia andI Cu". too hrise nllteto, a,nit urltig 4(1 leet fen1t Oll llBan stree, .ll feer frionl iln tiannklil otreet, ly 127 Ioet depllii (lniubrInioU e stretrt ; reillted it fil'. teen bulntred dilltina. Pstlinated at U$20,Ii00 Prioc-I-he rwflling tourae No 24 .onth wel tclrner of Ilatnal srnet, teat. tiring 3d fcet 7 inchles n Iaeill st, 3-feet 7 irlraes ti Fratlkliln street, by 127 leet l01 inches derptl 0n Cos t.lohause c-trcel; rellred iat fifteen hundred dollors. I'liitaedi at $20,000 Prie--'t'he two ntor brick dwellintg hitoae Nn.339 on Itiyol street, between Uirsulie auld loslpitail streets,olres. nriag 24 feet 8 iunaaes alloval rt, b; 127 feet It in fea in dleltlb; rent ecl at $1t121i per ennual. Relir.t.d at $t5,000 Prine--l50 alrires-Canal tlank strck, at $100 i aCt, $2•5,000 I'rize---l! sharer Conmieriol IBank'stock $t100eaeh, $20,0110 * Priao--tlf sltares Mleehanic' ianl 'I'ea diers' Baok astoek,at $I0 reach, 15,000 5 Prizes of t1t0 alarereash, :ity Bank, 30,0fl, 1 Prizeo of 50 o' Ehlloange, 10,110t 2 Prizes of 25 "i (tl Light, 5,000 SPrize, of 15 ' " lehanlios' and 'Tritlerm' 3,000 80 Prizre of 10 " Louisiana Statole, 20,lO0 tO Prices ot 2 0 a" t0 I iglit, 2,000 00 Prizes of t a Bealk ofOrtesne, 20,o011 241ffPrizes of " 0 " Unit,n hlilukf l"tridao, 15}000 II shall be at the optlion of thfi winsror of prises of bak l toolkl, either to take the talckitltelf or tIhe par aloluelhreol o csh." MODE O R.' oRoi N1G. 100,000 tickets, from I l Jti0,i0, will Itbe puot in one whlt.l, and 011 PrizS with the blnkLs, in another; ts. every number a Irise or bloak will Ihe drawn. intii ali tie prizes ore deteemined, leving'the bala.oe of sum bers in the wheel-blanko. Orders forthsl aboves Lottery will he meervell at the offllice under the yerandah, mrner. of St, Chorles and Crmmon treetlls, and at No. 104 Chlartres street, New [rleotls, sand promioptly feerwrdod. Ordero. liom the wuultry. footM paid. uootlaniag remilttancee IFor tim m ber of tiekef required, dldreeaed to "IOCHMIDT l HAMIITQON, New Orleans. II? A .teamoat willbe psrovlded to take too Florioda oueh lnssengera as may te'desroUw. to witdeao.the drawing. Jaoksolvills, la. ApriL 1i89; moy il LUK l0R[LlSei4O0 ble i amsltot adigo ao I .--drills, Iandinsgfem clhiip'ChleaMsonfOn ale by. asI' * " . ,KIDGkI &'a -[ nr lE . hin..lU-I' " .I F ; -"i e m l, . 'I icegiod in pam for Tickalwhich ae in ih ll i: .F Lr iWELL, OKEYwl . .Ra I --AR ..oi i Ral . e , Pdmprie k t. & Mianhgers, lCF Ose..inyahq foak h.i Sht , of-mu are e.,-. S LASS No. 1. ' F1IE H lf" Million or Camp Stret 'I heelre 'CI'l of . the L.misinean GRAND REAL ESTAEI AND S'I'OCK LOTF..RY, will'positively" be drawil on the 31at Il)cenier, New eetrs', fEv CAI.DWELL, o(AKEYV & PRITCIIARD. .nO . Ofi . cOffec irpeiCatt cnjla Sit CharerPtc.. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & RDSON LIAVE opeed anit offie in Nlw Orleans. poiosesoing Seq-ual adintigeoa ilh their hIoue io New York, fer the Oprpncpe ofnegrving and printinig Btnkh Notc., I!otds, -lUo -.of ERiehatge, Certificates of lieposit,L Chetoks tail other importtant ilio, reqtunring oaluniiv against lIorgetric; hnd ihave miepe aIple pio'iei6n ftor tlhe aTo keeping of all pluto atll ilmpreres ol eltrust ed to:their eare; thir eeir ens elbrAoeth e n e.olsf. over fie hunllrirl lianklti inltit.uon, and allr trdere will he executed with irinnptitde, andl on the usual iatnle. O-ice, corler of Royal e& 'Candll stres;. ' " nr i22--tf O A O'-t' cackshe uSis I.iv nlao l Sit,, per acrgte I' . Ciizen, for ca e by AI)ABl'S & WIII'rAIJ N. HA R 67R Gravier st LONDON S'UlSI'ERl ANDI KIIHNUR(IIS AL;: JHnt receivedl ex-slhip Rialt. from Lonldoan, 30 ~oeiks I;ltdon Inrt c Stout, l 10 di Elllburghl puie nle, In easko of 6I dozen, a Moperir article, fol sale by n' L EJOlHNS & Co SClit lrles t (C At'lt5) I ,1.-A leit Il]wlc ul the heSt iil ii cis .litcator Oil,reeived aml fir oIhoIlesnl or retail b" ,II ll)N NAIiEI, . 'r'- 43 T'ehnpilul.i'etl U - ES " & ol, eS-ll Itee avedi fi to Fra lle for 14 . " 43 '?'tilpitiporle a.I IJEfllE'JedE l;r--A laro c.scu ttmreltl in ' French Il PltumeaiNe, received t -o r elip .Ifvyeetrln , imr wholesal or retail, Iby .I IlNNA IlI ,I " 1l2 433 'T'lknpitulas sit P L. Ut--A,0t Ie[, tle-t Ilnokte'e brindt, tit to t landlng, per flHt boat I;fr san! by lnll)t3.'tEY,41 New le ee• IASI=30i etchks ati the lauiat"g, liOt lioat, for NsaIle by G t s, -ne 3+ " "41 New iceree (al5-21 Iik Serm X110 la c nd g ex hip J LI linr, li ra: li ('h tete i lal d fI r atit I iiHlKl.tllc--I Sl'es rctifiSd,lornb i o " Sl1 1G I)I)It:Y., S Nilel N L.evee " OAP-- 00O boxes(; S Mdeaccloin's yelloi, tund:i.g - ex shliJilJIi Ianlh, and lit til, biy 116 'i " IILANCIIAIII) 33 t;ravier lt CANIILES---0 boxes Serl, of Shaw & l, irle's monuftc cture, landing ex hiplt John itleI tlld lor ir S y G.AN IARD,33 ,rnaier st IJAiAR--500 boxes Wbhite Ilavaoai, in atiiire ati fir n6 6 IG I L\NCIIAID, 3:1 GrCtvie rst 1 1-i 0 kiegi sueieit laf ihrd,, i St o ptSan l tor salel Iy SG I)OiEY, ti"2 44 New I.evee f HISKl{EY--10t Itrlh rectified at the laetliop, per V oiat bolat, fLir sle by o13 t; I)ORSFA'Y, 41 New Ltevee I 'bali iiol--33 coil llpe, all of K*ellltuky miunu: faetlre lnd for usale. ii trrln mh by 11t4 l (; St.A Nt H.\ARD, 3; Gravier.rst ISSINSS from ship Altilcmua, T'hreec'iTruuk mar. I clinttize, maotkod J l| 4f )rgain & Cu, 'Paris: ilcni anod fotllll shil oaolhville, three iorrel, markedl P w& Nl Any person ihainglhe samte in thelir posset: lirn,il please give inflrnmatiun to No. 0O Common AN'). tS-o,00 bIoos Jtiilo ofpermi, landing ex C (rig R c Grting loi New York, and ftr sale ly o14 S ; BlI.ANCSHI lt, :13 iGraveretr ANVA~LSIS5D lSANSc-12lcit ickai.trefsaralnby A120 J I'IIAYEI &. Co. 74 P I'tvlrsitnI II1KLI,;S , KE:Tt'IIUI', %c--.5o bon. , IIlII jar litil 50; boles hi ll dlo jar pickle-; I30 ilt*s S tai itti kelchllup; Y0 boIxer+ pepper .aluce; 20 dIohllhli" nOand cuatister .tI usturl, ill ct ,re itr Iby 'I IISAYE R .e & C'. 74 Pyodrae at L i AY--'0 alest pirime New fork Hny, landintg Sfronc ship Viekslmrir, .ill fir esle btc o31 A Ct)III"+N, N..tli Common aI 'lIISlll'l, &r'--\ Iarge ald generacl amnrtneni of , Shlirns.(,ollarec ScIks. o I.laulkerchiClIor variatu kiidt, lust r:ceivetdiad nIbr i.le by G(OSSIP & Co. Naval, Militarv &. Fashliotalel Hetceri, under _31 _ I:xi sllutge lintel. Si Charles iar UGAR ANt) tOIAShiSi'--i tn plactncliuni. suve totwn, foir csale bu n5 ADAIA S & +WHI'rALI., I67 Grvier sli (I)L--S 2I t'aks SIItiirm Oil, laudling ex bship Jioh SHalth, it al t ir i tlo t iev 11. +S ; I.B1.1+ _' ARi 33 Gravir ,t I, i, I ICE 3o . .lt . tuu hlic , ilt .l. . . tilll Lfr le Iol nL et530u sacks fie salh, tI Iulnrdhl the hip Frank fort, lyilSg it St. Jusepl street thurl; alpply It Cptoain R ussel e boaild or ito al S.ASI).A\V' i t.., NUOTICI'. [I7 The members of St. Iatr ek's Conigregation ar I=ertlv respect lly ll tifetlolhlit t tliteoerviclt w, l i e I e.. itne rmd in one uof ir. L. E. IParkenr'. c Inleildings in Jonlu etreet, butwtoeen Magazine n ld Fotlucher streets, until further notice. nS J J MUL LON, Paslor. EAS-20 cheats I'wchong, 15 do Souchung, and sixty 13 lbl boxes Gounpnwder Tea, in atom for sale by S J TIIAYER & Co,74 Povtlras st SPI'.lM OIL-tlt) -nak in ltote, horannl ht I' n J I'AYll & Co o,74 I'nydraso t 1 OAP-`2Wt boxen llobbins' $ I Suoa, itn stor, for n J TllA ERI & Co, 74 Poy.,rsa s /AN\TFD-- Io good tinstithstlt. , to.o.oh grate pit ttho hr h tb htbollt goo1 t &ae- alnd clshan olIX [ C Ime at willb, given II & J I)It:VISItEIR X, " A| Tchalpnhlas at , 'l't) 1, .'I'.T ." , Two rentmo on t'e etiotnd flioo sttitable for sltreet',al rle 'olrlnlla:.s' Inla elrt lle Itileor. n r ' hr three l t'rv brick stat e b. ',t 87 Nei lt Leee ts ee.t; pn-eP:iol gisen intlifed ntely. ppy I t tilv Tt o '1 It ltE& 1IlltO il'll,.It . % I oI'.I rt { "r t .:1 ,~E-- l i0 MI rotn .ll cti -nc 1i t l't osfur se.lo, ,lpply lt 109 ('tlllll ,11 iti i I ~I~-i -:10 brl lauding fromn stillllr Swallow CiG I)t101 Y, 4l New Lorte ,IlV7 0:)l Y-5"0 Rlrln r(lt I , in t-I1, e tntty S ii (l I)ttI.l'EY, 44. New Leve (Oill o1l' 107;NE CII)EIlR-;it hoxs'in store, for atel I. b It Ii ; ) tIt 1{tt ,.41-,,,w Levee ' "jIt 'r' l'lIt--l O k gs ottbliit OttieoIr; i 0 tot' nd E D far sb I)tblltSIY, - 1,l -44 Nw.e vee U NI \ 1:-451) Outtuls I:l nclh 1ota .p er qoiinie, oir nide lby JAI'tVi & ANIOIIRI+\\S, Ill tellrler CohIiuon & 'l'olhapitoulas sis -.1A..p Rt ! .--10 hnrr+'h. bt Virtit it catirt t il, - whte nad oe en',,r ret'tliS, ialsot5 ibls "l'tnl)Posi sine ieator il, 2d quality, ftr+tlt Ihv JAIRVIS & ANI)It.WS, nfl2 orner 1 ommon &1111 t Teh:lltitola i sisE F LOUIR-1o003 brls- uifi,', -tar sle by- nl6 G D)ISbSEY, 44 New Leveo _ IIE--40 tnt.k lrine ('dntli ia l ite in store Itr lýl... n al [(lniJ 1J TtAYIII & Cn, 74 I',tdraa st S./IIISKIY-LI la ol-at thi' lauding, fo r ailte by S i9 G I)Otll Y, 41 Nwt LOUlt-1-o00bils at the laiadi'.,.for gale by • SA DI)IER-.i Irakt i sltotre , fior sale hv nt . J IIt'A'YER &tCo,'74 Iloydov'slt I1QUOItS-7 ie ..lholland tiin; 25 brim don astic A (iin; also, 25 birlt domnestic Brandy, in store for sale hv" en2 J THAYER & Co,74 Poydras at P IIrSPHI)RUlS-20 Is. -landintr from Havre, for Ssale by 1H BONNAIIEL; 031 43 Tebapionulas sri -- ORDILA HOL'IT ROPE--121 coils Cordila Bolt lJ ltope, landing from hlip. CL rlse.l ane,for sale by 031 PI'I'ER rAIDLAW, 6R Camp at i UDSONV't O Pm+EL8-.l,, Royal, Roal, Mo dit, and PacOketl Post, Just r'eved and for oale by o02) A TOW A R, 49 Camp it LOUR) AND WIIIKEY-4 .Yrlelt Flours ap36 U brel Whiskey, landing trom steamboat Oconeoe. fr odts by .t." G; III)OSEY.44 New Lavee - .T tlI(EI.LnA-- large nseorllsni of'l'laflb a Silk Umbrellas,oif-all sies.. oralrle y - GOSSIP & Co S Naval, Miltary It Fashionablh Halle, o31 El change loai , r iCharla at :ANII.LA OIIoDA.L-A 'eomplte assormenmnl of i 'lawae' and Ropej direct from ithe otry, war-. .teld hs be of a qualily eqoalst ooay in the rosy, nao udng adl for sale iby It'l'ER LAID)LW, a017. 66 mp st '"oAT't*PATNT ITP 3E ARMS-Jut ecieied \J 1~~ }®Fr Misllr ippId hlat (eel York, "a Ir.r'lp i Mrs lPaweor Rit.-sand beli Piuoelsfor iladst mril - " G~ OStIP&srCo. ItC harledlHotel WA lli.A OORDAGE -& ILA AW F48-..A 6us-. ,c1 e .rtment in ix fs 1mt.da' inchs., for sleby n,31 . Pf I'EIIA4IDLA'Wt CampsI H M11E.e i lah li ,|Hrl IINIMAER orf +te WalnngtI.i 3aIl lao, Srqnsp.lfutly ihforms hi frieondt nad lhi publie, Iltat tih; albove mehioned -eitablislnnent will' opl for the" season,onlMunday voening. Noemiber 4th, 113, by a GRAND DIsILS AND MASWE.ADE IhALL : and wil eunitiue tmroughou the..e·aon eoprgy Moay; Wdtesdany ihd .aturil.ay evening bfleachk; o : . .hdmiionnie far telil lmo,, * 00 1` New Orleans, Oe 24ltli, 1839. A lr ealr by t '11, ADAMeeneced I . " t17 _ i (lM li - " "" , _`a. •-- ..:'..---.. .+ O j11 tdrsigndpreseni propitin arihlt pNa well .. c . o knwi ev(dstlabllonell called io Naraiie MsAN.rth situaOnd Ht Ohrnpitiu trel,.NTo.. 11n hlase the lMobr to ou.i9ne tolheiublien li Ihoen ir d re annt eire eled atn io will .b dedianter i reader cmromirihbeiPermeae wire n ay inhvur Ihem with Iheir pelrnei'u g. Th$.-0 vatinge anrlssensd by the hoee te tra1sllmie, for idt loealir. cy.eoenieAer.alo res o aoel brt lonhalt ii nolnecrniry ct s atnuo tdrale tem... MANSION HOUSE .HOTEL, ula letlabne. i OS in I ncritne oa pnoue preoprijtaelio de biwea Lce ocid, enstablocimninto nihmbndo MAN, SION HOUS, a tud doen Is calle dolea Obrapia, Nui. 119 t tienioni slou leno de annaNar al publito qu Emune n o ne uliros; y atheneir egrr'* i. dedii., cadin Ii noiaplcor Isas peornse ~tib:lolg Iei, a. oni cn enu pitroedini, lted rendoeltu.qupablee di -".s Vinm csia .ioraos aitvgeru , tunto por-en le faolidrd, ·nlrnod.ilad, e. Letc smun tin eoneclrdi qcttp e ainu onil ro wiuaioeueilia. c nt I uge r ndee are d. em. . ' - "a . S.nt --y CIUNY & FULTON, . MANSION iHUSE. HOTEL, St.'la Hain ane.- . U OATeSlnand rOUlNTRYDEAER • L ES sosuecito.s. nouvovoi iropriaqircs dl bill No. I49, rontu .ous'I"n nim.ido MANSION IIOU.SE 1, hli o'neinr dh'infor ole iublic. ap'iW rani toysnnr Iures oio;rt pour an tndi e nrsariebled nhi personins qui. viodranet hin lorb' fvosrear do leorn coufiiic. Lscumnmiodila qn'oneffrecnot me-i. son ron vovngonrea so anoen eonnus pour . n po Dutjngyr iierenairo d'on lirot ci li detail. - 21 _etu-ly CUNY & FULTON: Mo Au SIEOKNFPRUSE HOTEL,3RAij .BOATS, ond COUNTRY DEALERS. TIHE nnluacrn.etr ore i.i receiving direc fr, t thei m nnEfiuetiriea , la;ge sueplies do v Uiili Clijla end Etrlieunnrw, In.kihiv ,ltndensPled r end Silver rOarne,, Cleleiliere, Jampnoery, Kitehtei ware, and Ih it- iurishiig" gicisu gene-n lly, which Ithey offer .at - N.iii , aolyl.wi IperiCs, t Noi aii srend No.dN CimOoE, otroet. ie1tit--4 n llBeOW itr & Co Al'r.l --ol'l re or lie llrlaoinli es gle on a plan rin in rio miles ruontlie city; Ihere are gonr oet C Wlo.SEiooU lIIIIIe ul.E tiUlandl. o inadre ti d coi ated anil ca riirie, fuiirinOne; .uCh il wl haresl I privih . ,,f colllivi.liui Ingar pnreeluof grntu d for agto upnon. For further i'n iirietae ieppteal - A FULl. 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NEW ORLEANS, MAY 1839. sTEARI BOAT BILLS. hWImVNKlS, A(;IEN'iS, or Cib PTAINS a/ STEAM Ilkys()A'I'S on tnee their Bdlls trehoJ iwlees O tore Cltord Inks On.l'loi, Or Colored Paper,bhe fehrepCha.nod on. foeranle m ories, ba leie tm. OInucs d u' iLt-U:II AMEICLCAN OFFICE e.r'v lndwsr w an m f St. Chlanre etiretet COTTON CIRCULARS ty PIeIonII e tIra tible medliulmEhzpedihin, at1 an eryle utmnrptibld in New OuLIalyi oa else OcEcs leftl l Cowntrrn Ro. if St. ChtrleeE htinee, (Corner of Grrie" SI. " ni nt T ReU.i AMERIICAN PRNINTING OFFICE mrater of Ptydls aend St, Ch1rlae p Blreti, aill e pironyplpl , ndlenrdl. t L AYTON C'cO), No. 3 Old Levee trelat, tn uadi tin to to limir former slock, lr ieoi.ed Iron Ei land, per shipjl.lC cstcr, Edwini anduNonpntam,.and' recent arrivals from the norllhern, niaes. the followiuF as ortment Cl tlhrdware, Iron. ,Steel,, NailrAnchore, ('hatinr,; (nrdage, Letrhr, 'tile, &.c.-h:ob.shy a,'n for ol.e oen uoenliteing terms n-," " A t DWA RE; Irigt Crec chnins; ox nnd" lng i.eannt onrr i cloin., n ad ;ch ins for sew millse bright Ciarolin hael,'Woodl .nI cchy'lde-t'; briJ ht cart steel, madd hnre .t andc -spaded' b'ri-l I.cisnnae .lets; grubbing: hbrs;; black (:nr, iln o Il Trl c c;Arelnhtg;' a ye'tcibbltckonuIth'o bet- 0w+, Inmmer: l dtuuondg; roes, tnsdertptd; f ial kinds. I lh rmn's .selue; Xckelt spadetR, assorted kinde;. Itelcnd'nceccl tice'. mill ca 'rweast eIel.AM ip-.en crlns cu,| s ; shdl lWi a ;e pper Bhimlotlre ad ladles; I-iillhl.l n ulls; lllldian corn till; cllrry e.ttl; Wnde screws lee Iurks Amricean door lecks; padlocks,-nbin hcckch; -.r irtlc,'; ,--pkh .td ; bl.;e.icers;chisels; earp'rnies md l manlls ~atods grereally; bright staple vi ceg and a geneoral us:orlmltt of table cutlery and ebpllI goods. " . eAXES. Bit0t's oent uell nxres,'ll.uyte' paeterr;H-ntl'n broad cclld Il: cl axese jitb lln eclmllllltenet f Itn'sitoo'fiCgQI line' ux1-; .rld 151) duzenl cat sreel axres made by other gucot' mlk- re.. - SIION, STEEIeNGe; . I110 ton, flat, c.l ,e and round irvntBalr.leanobrler aicd hle itll; hooep icron, all size,; Itu0sia l Frenhlu.i Amcriaun d-; slaert sust.traeel, aid cat strel in -isuare and fl-et-hrO. ansrnrr-d, SWndernn.o.Lsa k ; Cro-c1 PIPRl lnn Id ui; ct(l1.) Enelieb blinrlrcdrteat;Banoa tin; iltre zinc;lsheet eud pig lrnd; 1 ol,al sizes. - NAItLS. .510 kes c-ct unils, vell'esuEried fromn3 tn 6 inches; 50 eskee wnncghtl nei,. finer clasp and r.ct; 50i keg, au gar hhdes sils; .5 kers tiee horse shoe unilt, Grilfi's. ANCIIOR1I, CA'ST'INGS, &e. Anehorc fnll sizee; chain enbhle, do;; 1000 French po1n, I t IO; jints; r;idrrs and skillert"n large asesort sent; 11.0 stlIl ketles; ploughs •oitilfTCeret manuoteco rio-; eiedon.glassr all sizes; Ncva Sentil grind ltones; and u lerge nteck Cullen cill lcleer a, orted'size. 'SHIlP CttANDI.ERYT STanrred raie acdlalcdIro, . uesprted; large and. ismall McanilIA rcps', r.c'lhe st ckindil, and Ilostui mnqufacjure; 'lrunill bod and' lic er; and a vnrievouf." every arlticl in lie slip chandler- litsi; leather oiglf kinfccjcst received frnc Plhildelpha. . OIL AND NAVAL S'I)RES, - 0 crika cpare Winter ntlruilrc oil, 50 ilbla do; I0o bbh 3d ned 3d qeulity'lenp nil; 10:1 tieresa linseed oil;adio olier.oil; Ito bild ins, 50 do'pitch and n ind; 3 'do s1 Poap; ccal tar ib'hnlftdad; npiritn cf Iturpr. inet brighl - vorctoh; cntant nd j,.pm dot nIneft nei il; 51kma Welherrll's white letd, &.. "24 oiled Stcntes' Cwsneioe,,.. Appointed by the -Fnederal Cour t ngNOnw (rl.oen. OFFICE 'No. 109 COMMON STRR.'r. S (E-xchngi Htclel Ilttldlnglj ·AID Commiione Iltaken nfldarita tat l.I. n kl virtue of the Acts afC y3e, puid eMd Roth Feb, ary., !8x0; Ilt Marh 1b 7I lb Jdi.Lrir A el 'l1l nd othelr ensn of C-ngres,.n in nuh ase toadsa provided. - Said Comlstisslonei Ist consirlrenble zper lene cud ttero licrins of ptUiol atnd cenrdnlea. u b hil Cae ., m.t CheAn A'i Cna.rel L " . - U n - AjA wpnhljgeg aciyebX Mll I, --.Irnlhmmr at Gath|iae'a Bles l le Ik amMr , with Iban trunt- . funinm.ala Slapinen NUwIela Fare; itlk, ronnto and nuentau undeor hirty lid * raw ci.ubri:i, nd rilk h ,dk.erekdrit: Irtl.ont. l, ,. .atuein'gret vatet;'j etukek ol'tvery Ot IIII._I :laia and -cation -crogn ndnaoood th, copplth -e·(h d gloos: riloLbusingloesU: nolotttltnc adw anep th nounied. " Al a,-$pleadlid ansortnmnt tol'ladn.n'u Iglae ntis ifig dskt, drlbeigz m.ene, port oli, pIrtaaru), cu. tery, mn.I rich futcv goods. - m nl -