Newspaper of True American, November 23, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 23, 1839 Page 3
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L20.&AL 1TrTZS.: :+ Charles Parlango n"tinttnalt ddltnu contie sos .Crdancirs.. . PTAT DI LA LOULSIANEr--Cofir 0Ii Prom l ir District Judiclairo-Il est ordonhe qo.d los ordanciuer to. p6titionnaire. Chtrles .Parlenge, soit eIi notfids6 do Compailtre par deovint In Cour, tMrdi le 12 Novembre .ptochanl; ,'190 hturosr du dot tit, pour ddduiro los raisonos, 'i ilo o t, pour luoquealtoq s c e Ise dit.ydtfitlenairo no ejnoirtit paus die hndice.dcs d' o ois pands6 poour lesolagelbluti does ilbitcurs inl S.i solvable on arrestation. I' ''dmoini 'I'hli.urahlo A. i. .Budhaoani, jugo do ]lI la dite Cour, ao 17 Oclobre 1).889 "Sigierd; . JNO. L LEWIS, Ati QTA'rE OF l.OUISIANA-IFlrt Judiciaul D.I- tEl * Iricl Court. S'The Stuinf ol itorote, ia i oil tolht.tortc pt. entwe shall cote, .greeting --Woereastt IEtNIt \II. LIAI PAI.FiEYI, havig ourchased at a sao e madei tt iy the lherif of trie teoll . i. Jit ir-ittt, ti.he al....... . It, lescribed, his applied tt. he cleotk h' Is i t. , Court, it whose cflee tth dea Iof oile woa ,cet(ed idi otn 'he seoveteloh day oy t lcho r, A it. 13:i, , l rit t "ll- I iuon or AdVetior e llotitl cofrrity to ato :l't i t(lt Legislatur of the Sdiole i Lo~tin ilett ent tildtl, ".'.tn .t foa anrtfurther ssureonce of iitttesi, a pcincaets t- (in. d;oi ei.nlo Ia pptroved tie tenth d olid f : tilrh tl ll, 11: Now, i erlt cre kluro yo , I tl l til llrllttR n i ntllt .t'"ed .t erin, toe It. rrehl y cited etti Itlll tlnit tli i ll Iti' tmte (:I the btilo of Ioiheialle , oa d of the Io il l StItt .llt h i I I) - trioetCouor, wlt e0n cet up eny ritlt, title or tiItt It, ili and to the property hereinafter described, ill rase quences os ev inhilrtrnlity in the order, c( Pcre ir jod. inent of tile Colurt llllltr wllceI the tI h o 11111w d 11'l or ny r regularity itr illRgtlity iu the I l ttt 'lis leleis lIII . advertiheseltei, in tito, or mtnner of ,tit tl , or 1'r Wlty UtIeor defect w ullnt.ver, It slow caIse, wlthil ot thiyi days route ci day lils iMonition is liht to inserneihd lla t' I public p ipers, why he calte so made shcitdltd oo it ctt- 1 Sr-rnlt ae dh omologatled. Thise sid properly was sold Ib thio sPittil" of ih lr- ('i ish aforesaid isi tet twent ieolltlhv (y f rott r- or, A. I. i839, by virtue ofe deeree of tlis t:mlrt reilde tllol Irht , eigicieesnIt dJy of Aterch, A. It. IS1,9 inn suit t eaied nira cecil, wife ofr Chllrlscof rlwer c lld til. '.o. I ' minor ehihlren cnd Iteirs of Charlhes t'ctl, .No. 1i,::b9 I' onf tli dmkut of this courftot,nt hich siotielt, ilt l od Illit oy II anllrey hetone te lo t'lrn .'ol ie r Iiothit price of ibur hiundred oild tlirito-livr dotits, Ilnblr aosh. " I)scription of propertly, ens give in Itle Jdi,:itIl ('n ot veyaooe, viz: At oniio lot of groundl, tIrhe t e whic tun elt i lllli- l1 nated to William Nio:lllso lltll, t e t t o lle oht t" bt I oantie i. M anI'y tonietitrt o f i it , t1y f Oltt( torl ,allt , ion tiode evenIy March 1coo3t o int vhto ollit 1fc I.ot I to cr oi tt i rs ontri el h t ttl.tml' il ,l t'' lseciga d eorlsills t f loltply witAlhle hlrls aSlill A: llenja i lt ui. soaJ , cu l,'y.e'or lel aid t lril, ht tlt1t 'e tw e ln et Io l J n Oc u ry hq3,h n inod d pelI t s' ill it h. ~lil. te l Iu . I c Co ell.i, o t tlllr y pu nlilt' o ltlit cot ol.O uring, ti AtlneriAln iretitlre tt ltt t't¥ ft t il, ronlt ion Levre street, payn flr'y" fl t ,hiese illlcllo ,dtlll /roont l llurtl lhe street, lhle hunlllllfelldli ed lhi,Iv IIn Ii, h'et in deph sistd front ol Jcirt ,le ,t lld Ithrpee Iltult.l1 'Uned folcerl6 inlothes nd ii hlf o the t int at'l,,iyi 't frout lt No. Tlhree, tgollter wilh tithlle righllt, Iptvih- I ges &c. ithereitnto blongitg. JWdVI nes, th o Hhlootale A. MI. Bnevtlhanm o .lt, ,oI thei L. s Court oooatrid, tlhis itcl dov of No~ct otlr, 18:13. on20 P I.E I11.ANC, tDp. ;lik. TA'r DE LA LOU ISIAN C --Coord i l'trem enu io s dietriet Judiomiroo--I iEtito ti lLa Louii, ane S toeis coux quo cores h e OllncOrllcett- Salut : Attendut quo HENRY WILLIAM tPAIFIREY ayant dchetd hue lle vont l a fbi to r l e S!rlll' do l paroisse Jeffleron, In prolridtO, ci.citrs dit 'crir, s'est aItroe6 all greflo de cotto (Colr oil Il , it .ente hut oonrgiettdo lo dix.scptihlti jeor dtilc'trlle ls Iaeonnde 18A3, por un tiua coultelhme( t t l n It stteo, do n Legisla tre lo 'LEIat de Ie, L.u nto, i intituld - Aetc pour on frmer lo tic tlre dc ncalne I rcun er uxn veto judicianirs ;" qproruvt ic 10 lMarc, 1834. Qu'il oil 0onnu, et toteis peorsontne ilittl(.reso s oent par cr procsontes ectttt6ud, tilt olll det I'ltliit doe Is Louisiane at do la Cor d I 'remitr I)i lcitt Judiciairo, qui tourroaioent voir droit h tl. Il -I nIridt6 ai-; d corile, ilt cl ulldllllct I II r o fotu do forlle duns I'ordrc, It dtcrel Ot I: j,:I anent do lI Cour, on vertu dolpllll I: velll, ;t tet fnit ou do toln irrdgulari 6 uu illtgalil6 dtl.t u'estiomatii, l'avis ou to temps at t IIt),! udr: li Vollot, on pour ue no ltlre ctt:lll o titti('.)Itlt1Itt, d: fairs voeir, dans troliojmrs tI dlt!tr dt Il cJtlt Lt Lion do clt cvis, Iourutoit it vl:loti i tillc lu Ifl tmc roait pan eonfirlll.ti t L cc , I toli, ugltll. Lit tict propril6 fIlt veodul, paI r le hIri"itll .. " -dit, is Viltgtlllce .It, do titpttltho tl' IJ ' "it '' 1839, olt vertu il'ulo dieret do t:eac Ct,tlll io i it . dix-huitictllle jour ico Mcer Is c c1't ltt 1e, i l.lsI ,aflr,ie de Maria CC-cil, dlyoUtte t'harl, w1r tit al. vs. Lcos l't iti)tioCurrt IBIilittrs dt ('tt rl.,. CCciL2--"Ni. 12809ihl otlDocktuit, I ,-lht ('our, t t lt qelltls" i.ilolo le dlt lonry Wilbiltcl I Ld' le.o t . i rondu aotluirelr Ipur li prix octcCttctro cc llooo IIo qaellto pioitres, payihlC elt'tptitt. Deort.rpttiui to i a prop iet0 d preeo to taltn-l"ro judiciai rt, savuir : UIn certa.oilt dio terrd eo mime gtiti tlt' till ilj~ A Wilt im Nicholaist hail, i 'tot c ttttt tilt I tr loanc L. Me. Coy, lnctn:lteor ,it la ville 0 i I;l NeuvcoIlt hilldii-, Ic 11h clc I. 9, v. ,I'io jtlg.tClOt dti colLt C nr dt 3tl c ,o icr 1736, t tt -1le Is 11 Mirs 1939. Iil Cuor UollJuill 1'hl! rv vond aux odelons d t rcioltt.s c'ti ,loillul, a tau.c oht sel iegligeucc t it t t it,, crt'inpft, i r lllhr I t.. Lernoeot 0 ctullillncs dit I i lt, ' oj'ld;i ,llgyt . i lot d ticrr ,.,t situ(; dlnl In l'o ,L t-cse o .!Ilr ,Ist, ,o, .d nc lh cilit d t;lrrolloun, itI ,lut l;tiin 11p r h i il mere qIatro do lilet A, csur It, 1p h lll cP- I, o pr Jheinjamtii Buitsoo, uroti'tir dll lit di t, : Iat,:-'e, do s20 Jonvicr 1836, cti od C ico- i, e t ,Ii ,,,, o ho .I. B. cnas, IlOotrl.1 public dtI otli dlill; t ;t (sones ro A lorio ailljo Clllqlltlllit' detIt pr'tdi II) uouecs doeface , Ia rut. do Ia Levice, qoarallto p ts ad '.oiis pOuccs do Ittlt a Ic rn' Il ollrlit, troi cents I tren.e neuf piode do profulotititr ct flhe lt roc JeffUrson at trois collts caotro ittc six poucco eL alomi cur li ligte quo Io divico du lot No. 3, enson. -,e ti s loas droits, privileges &e. qui y uapartiltn. Wntl. Ttdnoin I'lsnoranb'e A. h. itlichnato., Jugi do to Cour susdit, cce 16 Norobtiice, 1839, il 'i in 70,1 h)cluctd (:rittlitr. Silt) IL in SUG rdpueu , a REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. Ta.ssc:r D)E'ARDTIIa:'r, City of llouston, 17th July 1c 3 9 3 1N pursuance of a requirement ,)I'a law pIs ecd by tn C Congress of this Republie, appVoved Jamal y i2st, 1839, making i t he duty tof tie Treasury to advertise and cause old the lor in the t: 1 Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice is hereby given that theltsa in the City of Cait ihn tt will he offeHHd at Pub ie Sale, on Meoday, the 18th day of November next, .etween the hours o:' 'T'c o'clock, A M. and Four o'clck, V x, at the -.tpi tel of this Republic, rpoln I: h ,e Irs sce t fcIrth in r the following extracts lrt'm the ,aw above tI. tioned e See: 4.--Be it ftrther en.ntd.', That hite t s ots i, said town shallI be tlred and sold lit r no: tllc r c or reacy thant gold, stlver, audited Ipapr, or the pro. i Ie eaissory notes of tihs govcrtllcett. Soc. 6.--Be it further enacted,cl Tht the aid lus TI shall be ao'd on the following tartes, viz: mi 'tI fourth part to be piid down, amud the other three I T forth to be in equal istalcmentsol six, twelvel.i t I' •eighteen months. " Soc. 7.-- o it flirther enacted, TFlat it any person who shall purchase any of these alrorelsd lots, ashll Iii to make paymant of tic sev:,l in stalehnotse in conformity with this Act, ihe or th,,y siall forfeit all such sums alls they may tlav preve. .ously paid, and the lots purchased by such defaul ,tar shall revert to the. governtou t of the ltepub Jic. Seo. 8.-Be it further enacted,cc That alli persons, I aliens cot excepted, stall have the prlvilet e o pur- 'I chasing and holdtng the slte, and the Presldent is authorized to iesuepatc nte to them so souc as ihe Last in, stalcent shall have been paid." 'Tie sale will continue from day to day, until all of the lots shr I hare been dispuosd.of. Calhoun is situated on the iEaet cotd of Matdac r. tc llacl, directly on the Main P.iar into Matagor. Ao aay, sad firum its didvtntageousc positlctn, wcll t.prcba.blyh beoema tlhe pri~cipsil conmcercial city in LVestora Texas. A Plan of the ctty Mny be uon in the General Land Offite. The ss veral tapoe in this Rocpuclie,the tCommter- p cial Bulletin, Pieostncc slid True American, of N. Orleaes, will publiash sotice until tile day of sale. JAMEd II. STARiR. Secretary of the Tressury. T A''.S- 'he suschribere have re.eived and cse re - Z . reivii g v ely a p agcket,larglarge sup u h ' of(" te ae e , Iniat , Fur andt letoskiu silk |lats;a(t'il l- ltt sr fsh. io n a n r Ite t an all t.m a 'euil , w h ic h I h eV o lyn r to t h ts p eC - ie to thteei izenscstc. pub:ic gelleral, ict'.r sei by, - t. Stl.l & co. Naval Military & F1enhiinaLile Hilters, under 0 o31 ' xFcice, IIctli, St TCharles st (AISINO, GRiAPIS,FLidtS &'ctLMJNi)S-2i ``44 Ilers, o10l Salf oi e 3O10 i quarter dc Bhuac RaKl" I 'eos; 55 boeas Mlucaertel tci.iccc; 303 Oie .;kc' 2 r 5 s ld "Ier ' now landincg froccccschlcctecr Levict Jcces, sccci hir ti' icy 112 AtlIJAtI tisK4h'd"'ccccctccccc Cc US |' receivet.aed Ibcr eide, a lauge c itl grllelne a ar asorstlent of Jaipcned wacre, llt'i os Bailk boxes ITea Canisters, Lslnps, &e. iMAltilIN ii & J I)EVIIII"EUX, 26s - iihifchapitoii ts c ct '"T'OVES--Now r'eeivic. f'roc'ships Seu & Fracccds D t)riu, a splenidnl asslortmenr, cluch as \Whilson'a Pnaert l rntzed Pyracccid Storc.c, anewtnllicir--Par aour, Cooking, Frrl' lib, && ce. For stile iby e19 26 'I'cbaitltlcas st "-E mnc's stucr Stro ps-i'icee cascs of thbe geouine arlicle. o-r rCceived by Iy ac3 REI3ESE & D'LANG, 10 Ccamp se Miseocrc Itop.-cUt ctethi, issocl hal rope, made all ph hremp, tll cl,e, ancd tor sele by, S3 B GER'r & HAVW THORN, 63 Gesvier at E. JORNS &. CO. I'AT.lonisCO' iOA1,i',LyYEw oRtIEANs; SIT E ansortaPcit of l Bpnrseillg now completed, cultr attcntionol tile wpublic. Prices.u s uil. low. /English D)rawiwg Paper, ('Whaltman) Deoni, 210 icheds by ,2"4 white wove o 5 .lleodiu , 2"4 ',l 17! d-ea gee Reovul, 20I do 4 do Iw Soner Itr yal, 274 do 1I) do wpcccrul, 31)0 o (2 do - h t, 2 do 23 do Colu, lier, 35 do :iJ34 do AtIla, 31 do 26 do Dlouhle lllephant, 411 do 27 do Anti initraH,, :5 o do E nll -'m", ilt do 01 .7 do . Anll l he nhle extlil thick, rougl gracihedl. American and Ing/lish large 1inding .eperse, /%r Bllal'rn.ork. Flo C.. , le21i h .. I }4, wo l nd Il. wcr .e,r lalid D"IC1 d1' 7 d74 o ddo ('coccI, 21 C 1941 do dcc I ell tooy I,' do 1'94 do do lspo~ur l,- 3l do _. du EfNlish/ Letter Papers. (Whotmooon's lao e ouu 'lT.1'c'ra', nod John (l ee.n's I.oargef t sia e Packelt Ic , , l and hitc cwc I vc c',. 1. c(cllll l (I du h do d _ il", dt lo lu( le luid Iinok [lcc i , e. e , le wI1veI I xlrl ,alio, Inrr.e thicc.k l tice ; do gilt TIi t, d hll-.eirg l ; du gill ITLrg Ie iv p sl; t do il l Flr lllSlo \p lil, n hi n tl l wore l cachk bil.rdered, (m,,umi. , ) i)1t 1.llills d hirg,, i nd enll ll 100.t dIo gilt Illcci-cccl 0'ncc C1ht 1 {'001 .0d .+Ia ':d veht t tllum post, oi l b th sides lll an \i0V ullr ,c ge Iel En..llish .ute Papers, S'o. and 1 tmo. ]Ph1 i, 00,e 0, paper, wltitr w... do l,,d h 3 'n1 ,.01 ,o 1l00 ,', s e0ticll l dC whr ilc t e ited und gile 'I.c ccl c c d . Ili +<Ilk icIt," lllirl' 1 0 or ilt, ed lr l gil ti gll RI \'0nll Itlt.lee< eI . o Amr/i,'u Letter Papers. 1 I c lio I' c0 nod I 'cnl a p. ,Cit- .f. (',,, ,,ril'ost, wht+ IIlEd hh100 wowe 0 1i Ih ~1'1' 0..1 k '.I . hle w ,,. C I I',ii 111 , bz. . 111c.l, i , I ll ' lll lue wo 'n Si ,'ut do 0100h 10 100:, 0 IInd ccc -c'cc IubI d ce8c coc C l di 0ch~cc hi1+0', Ic hdcnlhcn .r 0 ( ilf l ld in'l ( :ill l' =, iid ti alll ullii 70000 Iiil:l hi C I' I crc c ,,c c cc . 2; i ,t.Ih r p.O ~,, N00, ".; 11/ 0 ,0"( 010 i, c 0,' C c,, lcc' + , C 0 IF0,hr 10.t0. 1'. 00 il IIccc c' Ic(n' 0" c I hclad c c o 0 C N, d,. " 0, I ,"t on tCC' ogee , o0 ccc ; o cct)1 cc1 cc 1 c cc (I ce ' c'I,' l \l tlter li . c, l. 2- . .. 4, ., c. a d .'' Ci c00 i, c' t chl ,,il 'cCC - .c0 It c.,, ' cap, '+c "'C. , rghI'. et. l, ou nt drl,1, droll 1Il:00 enp ldu n, lgl m edge \m~ii . "1 1 1 cop ('ll I himt- w1,0,,,; i"0, i 14 Il t l-0o .'I. illl I 1ItI· . t. tl0 " l' dd 0,0 +No. . . wl .... .... .... cl o rc ltlhh u 'd' , ld c :d l ,tle r 0' 0l0c l i - Ic :I ,. I',c S. Cuill l l'uclý.u1). Pot dhu cllulec Paper. 5 ul .c rc ,'11 ,1 o I.tcl. h, l an p ll llcta' li't, C tII r cI , llh ll I ~ l t l 0 cl c 'l0 00ctl 0l Id .. I d t1 . I1,-lll hl l".. ·l- It:. 1. 1Ihl1 lined • I, N0,00 N . 2.0100 I/cocci II c c with chcl-. & '. 11. rlt I , 010 ,I, lo1' i',r Ilttld l [iI<LI 01 0ItttlC ii iRecord ir a, lic cip, ie e'C I l c ic 1 l,00 ./ wlr. , Ic 1,e - icc 1"'n 1 th0 "0 d , with voub .y h ih I , lhr. (te d , \1: ,0010 10 i. , '.\rl % (,,,H , 0 tt0,0,, d i 00,ll ) ( a es c dc 1 I0 (C C 00r 'c0ccli clt C (e I 0 ,,IC cccI 00cccc'ic ;.1l e,]< . rSoKe' , c l iccc' i , J ic cncr> t 1:01. 1i, b ",~ 0 +IC, ;00, c, 0 , d, oap dec l C 'ij ICC cc C n c , ; '1 ' ii n ' ic h 00.eC cc I I t I',Ji ,I lo N 0.1100. , 0 , loop )i t i. -'. IHd . ' ,iC _ I00 c ceCh0 . l i .. 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Joh. .\ ('lark4 .II .i id m o I.... . l b,1'. l " .. * ih fu ll alti ,i aai t f 1 .1 ur ._' I,, d a 1d. 0,I ( 1i ' I V 'l'hr y; q I' u ir 1( lloi hi.i l Ilo n 1 5., e l1 l T'I'h.I (inhd, (b m far 18 )-A.\Iso, )I,\\'IN i li;\ tl - . lot of ar le, , . I, I 1), .,-l \m , ,, . Am tl.w aud lihll , ,13 1 ,, (', . " ,.,tl i:' - ( . ul '. l ud ita rd'.li I ill lui u3II Il ih.It 1l a Oa( t ® T 1.r.) I\')'l'-.el-\' w offlpp lyof the S Strul d V.nh Iawv Ihokii, 8jusl revei HI, ,a t peattt, mta'oaIrn p Nl,,t ll tI 21,1 TI ulitir, v,, t ( al fi-n:rcai-, volv e PnilPl1 I)rl l ('livil, 11 voIE I lio,.m,,. 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Jaust reDivn d and f ,r I.ale by f ilN I* .tu i YAl"IS NIV NOVELSt -' I(nttlin the ~Ie r, by the aullthor fl Peter Simple, Se I ill `_' o-l; L; . t,, , , , r , ,t.. .. . at ri, lt. s 1 .li ,,|n I L. Cr v I Stv ald". Ih ('C I tain Uroil Hia ll, I(u,? ·v y, Pbyvv. F.vl hy lrdrl Ioldau, a rmnuce. byv Allan Ul nnnllgholu ,l I un. - e ('. l.eudim: llistorf of Italy, Irunsluted front ee orihi.;d Ilah , by N 1thnnil (Greene, iu I vol. for rli,.s Nro. 79 of L.arper's IEamilv Library. Vols. : 1 1 of 'he new complete and uniliran edition of Ilnshingoton Ifrinu's 'orks. Roger's French and English Dictionary. in 1 vol, 3v o. Atus N4etl's F"reneh nad EhJ.lish Diletionart. ' fiw mnore cpi'.u of lCombnle's Phrenologient "HlehZi. LNTri ? .linrve·eyur'' llllll)liFjeta Uo uprii)Pn Or ri ill[ itr, with ehuin-, B1illiard ilaliof -.1-4 and 2 1-1! inichee, G illot', imtpraveduietalic Pensjap~aoned paters, weight,. &c. &e. Ct.. he Just received, a.ld for slale by _5531 • -' BENJ. LEVY. -)R LNTING PAPEIIR ASID PRINTJtS' (NK-- ^ Juls reeivt d a quanntity of l,erial and dauhle medium Prinltin'Papet sals;o, aslpply ufJohnson pad I)t(rtnt', Biatlng pll,:r'. 7'. -ril, by 1 ,t .ol ,. ,F.X "i'UW:t\ , 4. C littp, s' Ali Coistwise. FOIL NEW 'ORiK l"Is LRegouht' 1aket.-.. I ulhmes' I.ine nfl'lnlekti. TI.n soiling par.ketlship VICKSBURG, 'Irgo ellot lla , twill uitus MLIve, anl .%,1116t '50 ule t Ioton. !'or eip It i or ll:nI-ng , 1vi1 tl - gnut .oeeinnlt daltito-s lilpply to tIIIe cltlli on I l urd, iwo lcln I. oIw tile \ Ve'gihlt olal t i or l to 11 ii!) A (: ) III"N, C-) ifI nollnlll sl FOR Nif1V YORK. New Tluk an:d New (hrlea its tii t ' 1The teleg ant new |i k' ]hip I"IAN(eFoIur, w iJ. I.l i ell, ILa t er, w ill ,o , i11 "n e I I. . li day a nr ho 1 I L 1 ti) Il, - I I, F. I hl.- 1I."11 till hf exprr: !' ifr Ihi., 1ralr', is of n light h f y i - Il l h II i wll'ir' olllll " tll itr | r p -) - en l, p, 1 1" 'tt ' Iit I A . 1 -I l g l-NI h l, P\\.1 \ l\ \ ,T 1' plaiu A kil hs, it I r..Ito'. h i· l th,. wharf ,,, ,,.ritr .hr,f l/.rh - llrq, Ni o L ill te ot.-idv, h a '',,e a ove ip r th 1 I5hl IIlo lil. oI" ,r I".hl 1t I - . n aIe , ,.l1y t 0. 1111l liE ., B11' l. v ItllUg\VN 1. (' t'utin sI N 11To11 & Baltimore Pack.ts o I)I.1'1""' I.INE I'" .CI'i:%:.1'To sai I em,? )1111·( ,1· l l(r - ) ii ~l!.. \ .. -- 1' i Iiiti- i . i i T ,,l; I' i A, - A hb, ., t2 1 o ,, (I1 . N ,ts , - lý" r, ni D.. h.l ll S t 1i..i ,i . - lelrry, I.h. 3.! Thle al 1lll,: , Je of hi. firal nlll , ii oppered. iandi I .opper t..ilned,l :ld Iivl"l I.,. i n t llotlt in New Yoirk expre) ly' fhr this tr, le- they ore 1l .lain ,I l.Lhl i, ,'I I, tot, I i t i aill , t il.; li, bl, Br s:Ii. u I ti I ." t 1:y lh l I. dol r llioll Ihle I ii'.et-are e ol' llllld l. l l ' il r o IIIII l to. Ii Iii e llx ti n" e it ll i I hl , nitll ,i, Il u.,I :. O io i-tld l .. v tl l li" 1 aIIIi , to ill lnlrn.i-hel, and . .1,' 'll " iou pi an I ., tile a '1 ll. .1 uII , al·-illf1 1.0i .I l' ti )llr llpr ieo (,,hi p ai l 1e l, i o i d at t $'I)I, jnillou t ___ or liqor ) .io . II ht Ott 1 il jl:Nil t on s 'i h s . i,- Ic not .jcei t aill l' t.l hraktn e of el o-hss, hollow "nae, nr bllh lrle .lo ll lloo lai, llalt. , ill, ,I]r 11 rust oll f hufl' iloll " . r,-'r( t .lo,,,.i uIhh n nfI ll 1.. oIlirl . p llaris bhul o-p a ýilr o 1. I t .. l . 0"' :- n h.1 w",I _\libh I o 1 ,"I e.i iit. e, hurll. I II t ll h ,. or r, vii: s w lit. I~ t. \i ,·i 1 o \\V ['ir:er., /h'r.. ,b p To"" ,l R. t )ckio , I I; 11 . l n r. ti ip hIlpuh, l(tlJ t io.' li o or, t li-,.r. - Ship .'ubtur., I.;('mndl, m..,.r. -ew s i, , 'r.i .k riJ i - ,. r. N.w ship .i o ,'jt i,- \V I. o.fill,l llr. TlNi,.vlXp, u al l jft lfit.i it.t-te ,t hri .Icii. i rtrllo nvei. i e llC, n d ul , 11 lllllla . l. 1 he enlll I p iti otl.l t ,, . tilt Inl duoll.p llul h ,ilhiiiil ixt-ilyd I., - i . i i t jt:ol. i. e ing r ft eim it or 1) --er . l, l h .'I 1'I:1' hR " Tll LAIDI..s'WV, ,t; Camp -t S"l- h NW i K. [louisiana and Now York line of ['ackts ] Tfill': Mops colmpo-ing thi. lh will .al from Ne i )rla i and Ne'v Yo.rk on every other ,Mn day--c llnlecilg l n tin ,fih Novntllhrl--lulld to Sinsure the piunclt-ly in th,, hI u ol 's.iI. , thuo lin, will hereafter consis li e shls . Ship Y zuo,, ( aptain 'rank, to lo o,,'n lhe 20th ! 1 November. Stll) Lo, isvIle, (Captain Palme-r, to leavo ol tle Ship lurnt vllh, Captain ]E]hhidge, to leave on the 8lth J),'cenb* r. Ship V .0sk .ur, 'apain Woodhouse, to leave on I t . t .I i ,, . `kShip \l "s-llp'. (:.ltain Davis, to l'avo on the Thu :h:,c are all new, of thu first class, copper d" and copper 1'a.ltened, and ipwards of 5!!0 tons bu'1k,,l, atl f light of waltr,being huilh in New Yolk IlMr tho trade. The price I l pau age Is lix dl at 1(O dollatrs; their cabinsure fitted tip ins tin most improved and convenient plte, , -d ill a neat and eh'ganLt srtyhl -, stor.s of the fir.t quality wil bI e lpravided, sad .'vrly rl' ,s id to tile cmilnfrt aid entire ,tll~l n sl .ii pal...ll 1.., ''ho till please laks no . t, 1 . lhle~e 1111. I i ll, ,, he,-tculed untel paid 'or at I [ ,e vt,. , oar c el,.llo pa d bI y eptains well - ex p.' rwriceo in ilh, trade, whco will give cvely at wvll a1 nl illt S ii.. thlowed up and down the ,lisnis al, .ip l hl' nlralilheats, alai III," straltest punctuality observed it. tle tioe of Aa)blg. Too '1'c owner. of Ilhl.] s1i, \%,1l not be reuponsi. l'd I loo hor .tl\' htlhr, ps .l' , or pack.,ge, sent by or t l put on u 'l th at,', u.nle:s a regular blol of btla ff , e sri ,,cd tlwrlqlr, at the c,'unti ' house of the agclt ur o~vrers. Fm-r I rthsr par11('.il'. apply to J 1) ll'IN & A ('OIIEN, I nov21 9) Cl;,nn st NEW OR.EANS A.N IIAI.'IIMOIE: LINE iOF A` PACKEI g'AS. This Ihno wi itil consist of the fllowing v s A d which have Ibeen built or purcharsd ex)res fh the trait, viz: Ship S ninanl C iapt. 1 iner, m Mlirk Mary. - Nicker. on, ' tr ferry, new , Sl,:Vens, a Sollo llo Saltus, " Latham, , Ih'i Architect, ** Gray. Thllese veisnel s are oftlie first class, have hal:l. A s-ome tunrni.abd Ieoe nimo dationIs, and are of a ligllt I draft of walter, so ais to admit of their receiving and disehargigl i he ir cargoe in Ilaltioro , at the city. Xn Freight will hi tlaken for ports ioi tii (hesapleakiet ur James' IRiver, aild fl rw arded by tie agents, Alesrs . CLAIKE1 & KELLIIUG, cit laltimore; AI expenlisells on gorods shippel d will be advai.l!d wili.i rcqiredl . The pirice of passage is fixed at 50, ample store., of thll bet (1 sltilly wil be provided. o t a 11p and down the ?,lissi.slppi will be taklc Oi illl oPcrIa siil. For I'rc'ight or pas:age, apply to GEO. BIHIFOlll), I sav2l ra Ihb ivil a s!. I iisi K 4 11' ( I.i \ X i\ & I I \ IilS'l'iON P\CKI' li S It~ Itfr i his-, I opper,.d and ,r pper tasi. eiiet I, amIt of nfia ouh i 2 Inns l t hurllien, will, Itnndso to en omani ldatliY os for 11P sIelnu rs. "' ..,, v, sets mre cUmanndl i d hby aptains wvel or\ p,'-, I ,IiI .t. t , 1I . .1 A 1'!1,rl, i·' r'.It! I· . I , , ~ Por the Interir, I "1ic ilit' ,.f. Th l u l-l 111 i·..i . Ii e il - edia h e h i. hi- . ,u i , ", i, ,1, ' t n - `ty I; %, 0 r di Sl. rl la I T,,:, It ,,! , , i , 1 " ,n, on t ,''r e .. "b di itr.Ti w ill .\it ,c i , L D .. nI) t ici ia l ic," Iii ' ..h .. i. %1 i r l , e v Iii . d Ihn · ·! i· , I . ~I", 11.i i Iic t'ic A i s i iicl. l I llS , A. , i ll i ,il Fou dil ng e I b'lor ) ! i:,. i , .: _ 1 ;; 1i~ I, " , ' II, abov tciiiiie rcl mr h ''.L UIi' i olp : i . ii :'tc ,I' Il, -t\ti -\ i li',;iio il- "iil w Tt l I Dtilli N IIu II a n itEr cccc nat ii iiii l lw . l . t. 'r. li ill ct,- IIrltrl A. c? l, l l, , IDb Ir o iI , l'ic , FIL d ltAl douri Ib r imcach t',t'oi,"' rort"cl,' i, fites ' ,, Cos -I lle h'lllg ilsor Ih l 1,," , f unit ,' g ill,, Alot', VIt'" or. FItrhir Il fI(t'o lh,I 'nel toI ,It ~ l el "ol,,'l bo r . l'rbe l ef. It lor e p rXtnma t IDl- l'.1 t.,llliii, 1 3 I oil d,. r he I i n e f- " t ' t Iho i I'. t i nT e ulishu ,Icriber IoR A' , !e . h ll El"ltl ra\l te lt I i hl. / ri es, sill l waill x r· I ti. de ma" . 1 A61 i 1 l11 lll-1w . r lit ll -lll I Cll D ll i o 1117 IIn"' ,ll'l, litN i'" 7,tL In " Wr-e wher-lhev a re n dhl .Iab RuI, h, i t , r ,,i , l t. l U,., i l h hsle ! , R 111l: r , "u- ., LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK p Suttorltv of tge tate of tLoufWiana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'TCIIARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS} 0U. The First, or llalf Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respctfully prsented to the Public. T'ip IIALF 111 LION ,O I TEIIY wil! be drawn in I)ecermber, and finished an one drawing. ''h TW' O MILLION tLO r.1'wERY will bn drawn on the old plan of llanks and Prizes-Naumbers in one l he!l, and IBanks and 'rie as in another wheel. Both LottcriRs. under the supervision of two Judges of Courts, WILL lIE DRAWN IN NEW OiRIEANS. Tl'ie IIhIF Ill,I,ION 1( IfI'ERY offers chantces to 1,291 l'rizes, of which 33 are Priz s I Ieeal Estrte and 335 of "iO;rck, lesi les many Prizes comn posied o h"T'itki ille lra' J id Two Milulln lOttliy, affording a iartllipLuon of clh,tocs air , to the hoider io a'l'icket for Prii'lzs In Th'ie Gl.AN t L.) I T'El 'Y of Two Millions of Dollars-iti,000 Prites!!i-to the fuall amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are PrtVzs of tReal Estate. ( ll' 9 Iti.alns In a Prz t!!!-Simple No I to 100,1000. 100,llU 'l'Twil.-, at 5rt0-2,0tI0,000l . lernome and sellinig price the same. Amn, tfie Prlizes in these two ltti re many public a private uin hih adre ntypii ilrie ni ic rn thre, city of New irlrns,n aond are th prlde of its inlhab. ito.l:ts-- ltl V ralndah, St. Char:vs "reet 1. 'T'heatre, American Camp cslo' 'Theatre, Si. h'laries . lrcado l It ldings, with I1I til, llwrlling Iouses, Stores, Huldlld loto , ant d ilmanlly e e laCres of Ground-besids Slocks. ill Ilankls and other istltutints of the State of l is.oolatla, amountng toI tII he whole to TWVO .lLLIO t'S FIVE fll I)iii:i 'HtIOI'BS.AI)D DOLLARS. All Ih lIt , l:,latel and .Stocks oilbre to P i rizes are own.ld b,' tlhem anI d to11 Ih ir !pos~ h sitn:- he act l' sale, with cl.;l r tles. are eosted in thcir firm, lltal rI( tIridi t i ln the llic l ofi Adolphe laizurciau, Notary P bl ot .m , a llil:,n of conveyitine . .s, r:,idy to tr:lns!'.:r to the i ll.e irs of 'rizet 'icikets, exempt ifrlom ilntlbll; lll:: property is set aY part ulalterably to that sole and l o ly purpse, an:d I.II in iIno :vent whatever, be conli. e l yed otherw.l by tile tiraI than to i tle liiiii'tler lItII I'rz Ticiet.I AME R ICAN C.All'P ST'IREEITY THEATRE LOTTER Y,

(CA rr.01. 35340,000, IN 1,291 P]oi'zl.! Will I tdra\t , in )IECEMBIER N , EXT; and in older to gratify, lat on oarly period, the purchasers I)f ofticktts, t e combination is adopted fir this Lot. le ty rnly, of 1 to 75, twherrby the drawing will Ioo1 comtpit'ttd in a Few minutes by the drawing of 1I'2 Nitlbert f.h'oit tie whe l. i i 57,525 Ticots, at 010 each---.675,250. Li 1,291 PRIZES !! SCHIIEME. t CAMP ST. TIll i AT Ilto ANDI GROUND, Ottl:ol to ittoll 1 v loin 'W il t I ri t' tile howl,r oi 111 ile t, t2e nt d t I Tl rlll , tooltl 1 i 'I toor ot oIl k ulihli l P II t l i,, : tJh old I0th. TAi tIlt o l, " lite t.hly t o ,,l tllt toro t toin 4 , lIe 6 1 ,w it, 1.At 1ui ed by 11 be y 1. 1 ', lilup tkin, . . . . . . . . :1,1,01t it oo lh,7 ,id 9th o T hit 1 tl I .t toll l noI ], d.,, hIIo lld I lu lle 1ht i Otte to t: o o-, ttd tt t.tith. Sl rtii .t00 1 I 1 1 11,,r 1U o11111t1 t i 01 to11 nd ll e1ibtllllh 211 l. 101ffltti tto rotl . -lyit fIelllop 'llll l ' l lll i' Iz to l-t, .I nId Ill'th. T'atttll , '. x ; IIw -toI I i d l ot o rmer i f, 0C 1ry 0 .y I nAnd.1 te .-. 11301 "tt l .r to 1,, '.I o(l, 0 0 oh. 1100 o .\ 'Ittt fo r 5'' 11i ek11 Ictkeyin tihe two bIillion 00 l ltl. oo t $2 run < t I tt. lI(11 it 'lI tAle nrtinentu tpo'l id prizes in the u ". mlliou totlt 0, ~.ill he a-o of 1 Prize to ]ot , A t 8th. 00 'rhatt lugo btuillh,. illlll P.' orI 'e llt ill tile rIt ,f le tt f hotl)llr" Ii olll li r \l',lo hiý,gt ,'l 0 and ti0 llll.\it i, l 1111 by 2110o o l 1,00 11 I te Sio, Ine lt, "d and 9 ,th. 11 l I'lt to 1,1, lt l I ",'d 101h1. silo(, "ThI t o1'r ,torv dweollill,,, Ihiii nle lt h t, ',1, 1. 'I 1'Oi11. 7,5(111 The 0lo i r:, Iy, ou . I t ot tl, it ,.11 l -. , i ýtd en i otoh.l o A .O do l hllo It t ht , oo t tllt t ir otoi i Vt 1.y . . .lo .\ Ibei 111 t tt 1I lot O rlllloI t Otlrll r ofI I)0 l nd Shi . h,. ' r,1 2 1 tt' fli, I A I' , 0 mt I1,. : ot1 , ol t in. ' 11.t. ft\ 'et lheu+lf, :.o1 0I, 11 l t n'I ' ' ll t e two iil0lioll , ,o t Slot,'' Ito trra ttotot100t ot hI teri, tot ,utto it ,OUO Olt IP ize Ito to, 1 I, otoll tot to. A hIt00, grollel[ llo NIt d 011le. 4 Mt . .t l .beinlg th a oht ifo iltttll nom M ll,; 1 l. 5.500 mitt00 SI'lize to , t, I 6 o ll . .ilt . of t A 'fuv,, It 11 or roo to; 5t,410 ,ooo tit to tlo lootn totttl( too o i r. t, a1 0 1 t II. S7I'rle l t t., o oI t t a ob 1, b 2 01 , y, ot . Ht' , ';,to l 4,5e, (100 u 1 l:o tot o I 0tol o nd ;h- . t otth. bt . ; , ,,, 0 h,010 ,_ o mot o o otI lot, :b i 11. l i I)'lt:olall tttl. I t 0l0, l ot AiVictory to t 1i t ll 00 it rill1,00 0 t t o O crlll orr l i l , lI, t \a,0' N ad,',+ t. . t3, 51 , 1. Piz, tt I.t,:ti Io d Intl, ofhh 00 ,I, , ,I, 31, 11 l t11110 d ~1 ; l I ' h l0 lli 1 IIIoot lotlo l II' I eIIf 3o10f111o Ii IE Ito It I t I, t -Ol oto I - 1, 01 0, A 6tr . ' u .-tIlt o, ,o tonrt llo O tto. , ti - (I n soft , , f lt/to of 0 r fotolin rto ko in th ch an tn It lio , , , 3 I00 l.oulorl, , by (t ,'I ', 'I a llh- 11 li.a, ('11,-l t ott d Iorolr O to- i. 2,5 0 0 0 liz,. t,, I t. 'hl n-d 5 .l . 11 tA ,le o Ir o, o uddinig :,ihi, d, th' c o htooI' $1 10 * t n . h t 1 . 1,(1111,1( o Srizo,, I1 , ,tot o totld 61h. i I ,1.:3.1: 11. -11, ' Po l no oo'oo A 1,00171 i ~t. '-lo, toh f r dllo Io ltl , s t. oo 0l l'rioz, -' Ito ot, io111 t 1 1 00 1000 d:oA soolooo II'' lolfd ill 2d o1. buuuded oby M I 1 04 n~ tooo t Clio f. 1,0"10ii I1'riz0, lo l St.hloh oold 0210 oth. ooo .1Y. elizlble hhiohm; [(Ah, Ibholor. IlinnlnLi, ,, 0' city ol'llnlif t.m e,: 3~!1f It , ,01 ,l \V ll01gt3 Stl ett in od ')t 0 ChilllWlt sll' , ot 751t I , rize I lo an0d 1 Ith. in f+t oitn \Vashn..Ll , , and ioot hot htm 001 0, ('Ilpi1a s +treet, 751 I) if, I I'zlz h Is, -lth illt 4111,. l tIztil te 1or l 't O o I to O Ii l tiot to l illl, ; f t' e tIl ii t d Isr n 1t1e " ll hfil clllollt r h'r ev sll hl iogll s'treet, $ ,11 11 11 , 1 , 0 t 0 I~t,5h d th- , htrllh 1 illth v1 - T-1,511 a nd Lh- ft,- i l, rod 71h-.etnh sicrr I'li o11 Ito, ;rll anl hlll t 111. TI'P I( o -- o oi., rt I ol ll o--ls i n t eoi two mi00 llon ,1 Ilz, o Is, lth and I8h-- th and 7,ad th- . 71h and 9tt-lotn, uth 1 1. o~. Two rriz:, a.h tit o ertilinl. zll 1_5 t ack el r in Ir t wO million kiotetel, i251 ti oke its, t lot' wl" 5,(1110 ,1 Pri0r'o Itt hntand olllth--i0 , 6h andl h111- 2 ll Five u'prix,. plu'rh 8 slhln s iiof smItI[' ill ti, P' 1lnta ut trai I "ilrut~l , o lnl)mth , 40 shares, _ Pizo t-1st, 7th h,'d l6l0,-Ith andh 1 1tr,--ltr , BIh n o-d 111lt--]l,O81 l and 9tl-- io S 1t0 h f t s.1 dollars ollllo. 1 !Five ptizes, rlch f sync,', II" I'ontclhartrain ri-lilr , otIk 3( sl11l".o o'teF lll . 3,1100 J, i',i/.tl t"t l, 1, h "And It 'l- -I.1, 11111, and l s 1 lth-- I 51, ., h nind l'qii-- .,t, (111h11anh lllt-- Isr, EigRht pizti?. 1, e1.11 r er rlifeate ofO ticket, in lln lit t1 0 n l Lolrv :3111 tikek t, at $.21 euch. 8,000 Prize to 1,. Iti1lh n+nd l 2th--1st, Ilthl and J 'ýth 1 '1 . " ',1 mid 911. _ I. :(0, a rt $11(, . 1; ':. , . i .-2,i,4th a l 5-11 -'2l,. hl l a ' :I - .1 rill :'lh-L-7 ll- .111 and 11 _l?--:2.: .r .- : ' . I ,,h . 1 ,, , 1 , . ' .t. n I - 10 1 + , TI O MILLIONS OF DOLLAhS. 10,000 PRIZES A.\k)UN\TI\( NG T TWO Mt LLIONS OF ItOLLARS, L)RAW N UN '('H LD 011) LN (OI BlA.\KS AN\O PRIZES,-NO CU\II )1)NAIOIN NEUl Exls 199,090 T'icket4. at a,20, - - - 'ý,00 ,000. SIMIIX'1 NL'MIIIEREI), I ii, 100,,U0. in tillI'~ OFcry : tII1.X II I' u tuuItuuu;c \Y 11 OjCill a iuui it buur-c d lU~ ctiti hu,, t!uh valuati o ii \I01,1l OF I)1:.\\\'IN :.--'l'Ie \uiilbors I to ]1110,0111 will tin, ,!arrd ill (IM! tlPI, ill(] tile "nmw1O uniol1111 of 1 31· D: iill and Pl iz'l"l· in illltll r \\11·,.!· ·I? ( .vII. llllljllfl jlal.ll from on'. 1· \ lied, a i1:VIIC( 'riii: i'11L " I .\y'., DII.i\\ iNi, (iF iii11 Ti\i i 11. IIt)N I.iiI LitY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. "·1!C ~ ~ ii' I',·" i _ _~ / II Ir t1' " , (ialllll.· i ull iatl, i., irll i .1 i'· h eli( m I Li'i . I i rlri Iriit 1ese i'. ririqi hi Th nt 10,000 1 _Z 1],-. fJ Il. 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FUISIIS AGAINST FIRE. ii,, j , Ii iivii r lsissei' 'iovi Il IA iiiioc iii istii No. s 4 illtssu ' Building; Canal ltlee i. FURNITURE WAR IIOO1WS New ttlrrr~·iv s, fl9nv 15.1030. : 11111 c11 etn ry."~ toi lt Cite Ii ataint, Oti IV rnllespeiuif sheio d~k, n;lln i sis iiti.iiisspiiiiiisliot C in.. , roll It ( tol ituu .itss nd I 'III s , Ie lut l stl i t &c. i c. ('hatt e Sierra skis's Iiisii'ii , ii. iss''isiui sIsoit~ anille.oi tir 'nloat l Orhn bisi -, t lei, os hck theyo thr skob, its r ed sie pi it s. lisis sd ii, l --1,t'tiss iS rare' trovId I'Rit,,,i EEit & iii:.\nY Gil)eeti--lint, squnare adml hmiele in0 n, well ,ni-i'ted. lHoop, sroll and rod iron, n:il rods and plough Io(Jllcl s '+ a(':s., (;'rnmln, cshear, blisierisd, spr'itng, sheet atnd Iollonlln, cuelt arnl \wro tt nils :cad spikes Zine, block tin, mill nmte grind stones; salt kettles (;hain ,bles, anchors, uOes tOx, leg ,i d trace his, corn milli Ati is, icles, Illinmlrs :ml bellows 'lr, sheielnIepi b slnle d shot Anlc loE, lI:inl' anud other spades ae d C ovels Ilook Ind l litte hilltes, door and window hooksL Colllns, II I i' n tinht i n oter .xesl 1 :' iici-el Iletill rc'ot l hige,lines an ll iwine ol I in ecleinter Naa"l stores A i'll acnsornent Io haldllarete and ship chandlery, l ea) yso ha'nd, mil which ere oeth'ed l'f l saletn t whole sale or Icail, u e.thle omot leeorahlc terms, by cl IlAYlS &x Uo. 53()l.l iLevee. I 0i . tiltlcin-S-hiiee llllett & eo are now re ciinC from on bt ard ship i Y'zno, and Searatoga andlerlg ColnIcordiallllrl aiNew- Yorka grea t variety aof goods i the ir line, which tSenether ithc their forneer sctari on hIcdl makes their ia-sore cit verve t plete. The tolhled i me booee it art, niz: - et l twne t,c tin. r de. I Ice' ace rllcSc- rcclleech, horn do eitic ll decrictnie.s,.hie dia ruhbr, silk aed worsted elastic eriters, Ieoutlon & fllle elatii scspelders, lore teon llnd Llucifr matches, S,,idllitz potvdrrs, .owderu ltfl; ialld bolxes toilet powder, (eokelt Ilhooks and ecils-t, tlneclle books, shell, pearl, ivary adl I.rioF :ncIad r(coesben ial oriaelceect, plaineco cral h leads, ncCcves ril eeglineeheetICd 'lcisslsLnbe ceck hikets uct glenluc anll pi idli,ee , iliverand giltenads, I iatl, tLceds, Iell.isand Ihnlilet picsol annclarffge pos er lskls, shot helte, hosde, bel i. puclke and dueling .,istols; doulloandsilnlle barrelled ulls Bowie knives, nud dirks. scissorsr lltlr p.,katelkives, guard chuaiae, ilil ibloin1, wl ait lI ctlul.kens clth, bcir, itoot h, neillcomb, .lulnnb. shoe, plate, I;oor ndl dlusting brushes, Cologne, Flrida, lavendler, rose anld e'y w'ateLssurilted essences, I ad ecxtructe, i..cctaonr, belar, ntiiIe nentl Ward's ve gtn lle I:lir ilsi slhacieg nsd toilet soaps of a des ei'lition, ladicc' ncde goeitleluess' doeks and dreassing cases, hair rigletn,fiizetts acnd braids, plain, fancy and nmuicacil work boxes, plauind gilt, liured, cot and vscIt iibuttoi, pearl lned ivIry shirt do, shirt studds, gold and silver cses, oothplclks alnd tweezers,plated c uIIJd gilt Ioul\! C, l eni ccture do, siler, beets andisteel tieicenlles, hoose ulce l er' es, hIir n illc , jeccnticn i leioit ,bilk Sand redinik,sholl blackin_, eiolius nld guitrs,ribbed landl pdin percussion caps,. lin;t twine, scented eush ,tcl telc, i tiil d siher ]let andi trtlge, latter paper, egaeo isIgcc I'ldlice t-iec, cIl cnc c:i ell a.etplaule lgedslt, fGinu i gol-, clciccd ilcl -ile its l' 1ircc -1 c. liTche abe e, toethl'er with n grenvuarietvof othler arti lhs are oil red at i holbe alosl r ireta Oil eo ulco!n!odatiig teriii. N Iccl econih. recieur.d IT . 'RI S c bleS--'e ' llcihliber, lhaving lani ly eina - hh.hecd t c.r cich mal'nactore in .\ew tirleact, in re c hi+lelel th e , sinterl anld the pi bl ic in genernii, ,v w.hole--: lo rrm,,il. is price tare icoderate, and tll', luhl of leis priducis superior toanlv ever brought to i tls p c'c. Theea gnleetll emplored' to stperintes d th tnllillllllor hal been at thii h aod of lan extessivr lrllh'l.lllt ,fthif olt d irt I durotpe. T'lhnse disposeed t 11;l att the corner llof Nat'hez lend Tehoupitalas st., I shall be pisentetd wlith a lair sample of aty vrmiisl they nmo whih to tV. .1imongst the vnisher s are the co .lh No. 1,w nt lll d noli el t, tg enre iin boiinot water. The llhwk varnish I;r stores anu steam ho rhincnie s. ten . pent v..uis willthc Smccll, & Ii . t ellllil'sNA3EI. 0 TAGiNlRS ILIUII) OlJ)EN'Il --It lhm bhIleeen ec i esed. Iboth IIere and it thie nor is Swih ilnl,~rll 1,LtsE Ioe Cl.Lrlcille . ain d whicenin.r Ihc t-eth, anil prteventin - the tothachet preservces Ihe- ie ps, pmcl lt ccc il r I rat't, and relievieg all dI Le. sL- 11n- cto t\acb Icl e io t I llll c lichc t in either Ill c adult oer inclnt --().e ten pooctlllul mixed in a winte , L'ftl f l t pure we:, r. lland so apphled to the ltert in Iuselll ilianell wt b lll it(I h, will setl ic ily p'e tentl scur'i , and w\srd iof thai exrutiating pcain, ti elot ch ct he. ICoeoee aWter, Prtucmeryt, &c.-A splendid anriilesof r-loene, pil up s orerely folr the retsail citrade; also lle plurett ' eech Perfuinerv, embra cing every variety lur the itile , for sile by act 2 REES & D'LANG. liasetlssippi assl Louisin au t Hotel, S liRS. MARY iIIIILAND respectfully an. I eouncos to her friends and the publio gene. ally that she is prepared to aeecommodate them at on i te alovo establishmcut, anld hopes fr'lm her nxertions to render visitors ctmfonrtable, to receive i continuance of lihrmer favors. Site fuels confi. nt lent that perons visiting Covington duriing the inllner months, elannot fisd hetrer accommodationse tlhanl she can afford them, on more liberal terms. SHlier house is pl:asnntly situated, and well supplied with every conveniennce; the bar is furnished with 00 the most choice liquors, &e. ill short,she promises "tat nuthing shall be wanting on her part to give 0 etiro satislaction to all who may patronize the ,oleisesissippi anl Louisalna Holtel. je3 ii'0 1 - - '_- If Glerneltr f setrties. I .editn Die, lor colorini Ihse tleir ; Bear's Oil, I Ros; R lettsn iar et1ee-e , psollltnem, Mniehsa' 'Fres cle nlash, su;elilor p -art powder, tilr , while, eream So,,f roses, Ivegetable troutt, ltee of r5hee lip salve, O kre Islelc Le Is syncwah, stihotlll dentriliee, orange I100 llwer water,'er patis and he*t., Ainertras COO cllnareonI, nsrly Inc u;i in her nunllcnvtiale, Pres. ~,,n S:lt$s, rlo.,. 1,ralsoic lutIh ache drops, hair 5f0 i r -h I-, E i'-sh dreassine censit, Itdlian hair oil, I ttill a variety of other perumet rie, &r. Folr sale ou'l Ly C .J. 1'RINCHARD, aet 3 corner oliCanal ind hntreon s a it UR-. ble landuge fai-ium ti Baion S ou, l r e sale by i oanslly'a l { mayt] 44 emlva

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