Newspaper of True American, November 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 25, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTS. •NEWL ORLEANS MONDAY .MORNING, NOVEMBER 25, 18S9. V,..--V3 N. J062. Terms of the Ne.wspaper Press of Newo Orleanns nnnlllslnlslnaY gresd to at an aeli*unMtl ileirlne n1i tile I'rtpriletrhlrsshl on at It 13th of lrsh. 18:17. Su scuetrl*t s.-T'rwlve Dollars for tim drlile pa tenllll Iavhable aelti-anltlally in advance: ten dollars fe the tri.w.ekly coantr (naplrer, pnvayle one renar ni Ia lva:e, al citly reerence is given. Five d llars tar Irit Weekly; arveale it. navassce. NaI 4 Irbteriletinl will lte didenltinaed until arresraees are settled. I cas e of di colltinlaeer, one week's inotice in errilttt malst or' isvreslb y liven, previlou tto th xpiration of subscription. A dn nrtstra.--lln dollar per tafor tile firt nnertien, andl'ir thtlrt price for each tehaeatLrtn a One: ant material alteratiton fro thie origi na advert-einosee will he clargeel asa tnew onle. Ye.nn.r ned 'T'ra er, arty dlliara fo Enq;i'ih alone, annt s.ixtv Fr tenth loo llgsAg Is(tanks, Inturance ODitve, nasl other d iniar pubrli erntitltallns, fRite nllaer in ERlllish ely, anre I tlighty far both Illolanu eiie; Ship and Steaml.,t Feae ors, or C(o i nisainr mnerchante esety dollrrs inl I'legliahl no, and eighty fir Ieht langkanes. RRIanrt:ds, O(traatsr NOTIces, and articles rall lig tite attentionll of tie puttle he Sales or Iprpertv, areds of pasrellgers, benerfitt, &c. &Le. will tee ciicr1-l ral dollar pes sqaare for the brat insertion in each rlan et nwlrrscarloe,. ar Advertisemontr, elof any pecreea at stetre, wthen udel,rioileo, shall bh chargeld delulue anil ial alvaone. A dicsuetiu s nf twenty-five perrent. will he meIr teo Auctian,.ers, esr:f, rIleisteersf \Vills, anre ,llarshalsa on sales of real estate, published illn otIh lagnllagee, and 50 per cent. ils English alone: to per cenet on sahls o3 athler ttrtlterty. AevrttaTil t'rs out of the direct lilne of hnsinees of the advertiser, such as legal, unetion, etltc pIlant era aun leet, rnlnnaey slarea, ntrnav nilnlea, &r.( &e. will te e:hergeel leer sepattelty, ant etc the rimeicery rcnces. Atrllrlsr euNis nr nlti a rereifiect is et tine, will ie lmh:li.hred ole in montht, andi ernr..ed accoreltnIv No advertiuenlets of hankrnptcies will he puhlislnhd n ally iuase, nllleArs paid thill prnviouls t ilnsl'lertionl 1 pa sl'irnr tsltrnoteed ry ten resplntlble peron inll Ihsai ('m re audt taher plnes oren a vtelnn llat ;idveriill inily .tr the senleseo, trt ibert .mare .11 felr lrallirl n-s lauee, aind lets n both ltongnnses. Allt ner ,eers e tsra Of e tC lnli'tieatt' leer pyleit:ral cftice's will le charged duhlertire erice lef olhier everteeinr .llYntt t)wnng tr tile.i iela.taeeelm ee ietselltalt e t 1 nsr lll.r prreipielre tstV tia.We cmetr to tir rllllssshsi nll h.cer tieh lie 1lee ola peresna wlhose aecltnt r eva tier betnr paid vi rit s ao te onth after rreeetatione shall e e iuc knw.,l (a) sr arc prneticable) ter rech other-thiey arli. geaing thensahraxt sot no asteerti~e or ariet efar stath dhenlu,.ntt unless in case nt advance epaymcsa. tiigned) S.C. I)c Se. ef)MIEc J. RAYON, P. t'. 1t \. Vse /dy Press--We. the ecesrs.; ,","'! e ;; ee ' r"~,I,: by thi above comditonset a, e-r' ",, e'. le o's fes's e wmemly polters. Seeed) A. 1. tI, ll h, JE4 No enhscriptions aro takentr hI the :llle . l.etters Inust, ill il, be aunat i . HAR.OWG&TE SPRINGS THIIREE DAYS JOUIRNE Y FROM I I ORLEANR. Il itt proiprietor eI ithis estssilietheeeet hea thie It' cs reo etacR llnting Ito his frinds+ sallrese tie: Isbll, in genelal,tht lie will ire ill readeline shy tire first dlee of Nirv t. receive rititer+. lie will als oaste fier the lee: nerit oltfhte set ta eIi-aisee, that there lean sbelr helrect inl nVI' mtnol mIade, Ld lohlJlerS nw geoing nle atl ill rapid lrecetreos fir ee niletirls which will enesible tier suller s err to ncomdnlalldelte a mIlt lelnrcer larstnumber thlan IlterrfS lsr, ealld t tilse rnllall tiese iuch is llltr. Fes iie callt l ncale tlelnllllllr edl Wilh geed.l( IIIIr I , or tllere who prelor cann ave large eanbls erlaelltl frlll tihe eall I leileling .y It ins ie ll iln ceslarry Ito say anythinll inll ; rliee lar of ti e clhar ter of these ws-ties , R o, it is g teell'us y blelieveld that t[hey are nut intirilor ie usv iln the South err Sutlsn . All tie n tsaelee r lll tht t lcl tsee L'ellt'ls'tý' fonactat WVatarine Itlares, willbe leeasl at ti. '' e best ielluic that hirs part of th- acoetllrv aldtierlls Itr ringsee dringn ah wihole '1 e s c el will l elf of othi spo.nlnety n re.turnriu Ili ualeiried thanks far he very lilberFl suapart :irell bi lesl t serlaslon anllk hopesd.l v the i'exr-. ti e in tlatl hlav e llleen l in elllllUt ror seeand exI ern the ar.l'ol lllnlll tis ,to II i t a libell'l I patroIn, lll l leseat s.ellll1. JN\I tr i L.I . nevi I,adlJ iiii lillSl p iand ,lll l(b .nit yueITt;lld eidd itf . .1 l . llLt, Y . i . d 111:t rII er111 manu di, di eel alle e lle d d do I AI.. . d tdie Amer. d, . e's1.a ro glish i dl e d,, Crele do A ser. aee [sngg. hirdhs. nd hieil u it.* ntHnp, s tod e tliniiselt e, do d.,a dc g.roe ihe do Dro I, cart l c Iiwa n eat ies del-lite , a :., * I Ill l ahe dslld. i el,; v'llleces; ith e I dr Pil I, : Ie 1e, i .e+ It s s ~ rpel rt-L sh t. l l h Illl l le ill . Loden iien le, ;oes 111alh8 1 el q hlr lljl t is, ido s, Llerlel size s alld varis Islstyle, ; be lIs lere lt i pi sto hbest; Co.'h, gin su!ke, twig e iad pearner; crate w.ed t i: lll, n we trsce d, sco lt.e aneld I ielller gprlhs and rursindles; adlr utl le'h r" lrllllnk l rrs IisI wlasll r tirr n web; cheen sand hscr t h ic es; hliued bredles and linees; it re c.t lls.', bress and ."eel bridle bits of ev ry descricplin i, plated brats and steel stlurs t ovi rey de r c'escrplen; plated, lrass teed steel stirrups of cevcry descrip' l',egetl.-r wilte a cncplete assortment otf every articlis la - ithir line of ~scness- .ill oft whichs Irc) oiler ut sale on c Cecl este.neirln rrntesc. They will niso coninue tee r ceivu tIrough1 tiel year, by peeckete Ibon Nerw Yorrklt, lesh s:pplis to keep triser st ck na;tlel nt e i ll r l ete, tis D 15 Canal st. _ _ __ I NO CU Ae NO PAY 1)..JO3INSt)N, t)liee l1if lienville street, con l linea his- practice to the tr.atllut ol Venereal Disineae, n all ilt dcll rent I)r. Jnhraan, Iar'n a re-ihcluca cl unv .i'ears in IIS peitals i Ill urope, deuv.led to Ihl tr tmtllat; &. .4 VhIerea: l Jiei aas h.,and floll 111i nliacint af tensvlll .ndtl c o. e ini thlt particL lar Or.nch oil the. prolestion, ulranttles L rife, speedy and ll etmutl ture to au'hll persons as are th ooh'd lny of IheJ Iidlowiug disease, ve.: Loinl, Urechrna, Prstra (illlllt and, Swelhld I esil, Ertllaiul ton tile Skill, Sor T'hrulat, Pains in the Aid the niauterounsynapllo:n which generally follw I Lc :cnt ases cured il two or thre-, days without the i se c ".lereircý inteirriiption trom sihaiies, or alteri - A llcicn to plreveni Venereal Disease canl Ie nh ta; edu l' Ir.J lllltnoll. It is ilroln the ilcipe of ith e llarunll Irrv, a :elehbraled Frrelll .jurgerl, l an ts used hv hilml dilring iit aevelal ci,,pinilli it whlich lier servede atrnllcaI.Genelrai ll arlilt realh A.n.arn+ Sold by lr. Jaohnson, at Ihas o!ice. 'I hor;e plrsons kaving any lly n.tion of Venereal lriseasea and vbae t taki.g.ern voyenag. or renloviul tl the toUlll v bould do wa all by giriu tIr. Jolhiatan a aall, ais proper meti eilln"s fr their lre in tlte shortest tun cat e pit up with written direcitins fan their uise. S),ie ou:l nltl' 7 It the anorniug until tO o'luck rat night. A .IAB tNETIHY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. Dr. Ahbernethy, the great at of Ellghah surgeiaons wc - oplillinio tl a n.lliU-telts oif lthe that aniThe naInkin lirimagein the stritch. Tl hi+ Ehxr wu. used ty hii wii the maot unplrecedeited uccess in eu private atnd pulne pralmtice ti r upwrnardt of oirty years, far the of t le tillallain, daenairsm ach, Pain in tillhe si Ileviness of tie Ilead la11 iidi nation to sleep, Irregtlaritya o tlhe Ilntvle, lad in ill .anles where ltdigeag n aranstioo , habit i. IbunJ ol exist. 'flits medicine must not Ie numllnle,el .alllnll the host -of qiaelk nlltrumi now before talla ich al i iaf tlea oleo ilnvention of Illt ablet eail mlsl Na iclltllia nlrg.oPn Elrope ever prldluce.l, and thi secret of Iprelcaric, it e purchaslned by thel agent tr a vety Inrge sualil. l is agreeaole umil plealant lto the IL-tt acts isn ai mild iler iellt.iwaya kielialhth bol)wb i fnl,, ilallltart Vlfil llal irelighl t Ioi o I rlyttl, nlnd e.i l, r. tr tlh illillell alnd few aiti 6 e rtl lnllt the tIll I i.niirlal cases oil )llvcllsita or lndigestion, aind prevenlltst return at any nd New Yonx.,t7th Acuslt, 1838. 35 ltdlasot- straet. San:-la conequencaOflea.ding a selentury life, I have been troublled, lle or t eis, witlla (Ildiectiarn for ten years; lhr thie blat tllre yearsl ily sull)rinr s hiave bteeli islpptaartable. I hlave tried several Iphyiaicius, and a ua lberrnfi ack nedicines, with ,lit deriving nay benfitn i de.Ilailed of ever btlacaint allcy penr aeult ,~eliel, and ritealted ilyselfai thnle tn ,st oli lens daa +air w.a pernuaeld Iby atnny friendl, Io try Aherlelhly'r vnaile.iic t6lisir. I have new finiiated ltha Iatah It t.l. .an know not unow to express myt at nairation of its wonllerful vrtnuet nal . Ile airatle it hlt perfurmenad in reetoricng Inc ht h int bhalh whinii I , gh, llnor fir a ead Iln ae ihalf a dozen bottles n anlld rexrce by thanks tir tin blessings you lhave i erred by re storing lta to pl rfuict neall ih o Lra rnin t.ors, - C()Ol Mt)ONROE. %N . PR t.:'P oat11n crii.h .inal lite cf tl retrd ic I t ie. general lard .nliare. l'ric hed a ai -tranlatre ath n reaol-linni at ihe llse nl` elrasentatilvs, pas t. ail.lvd3a . i . few ctlpies iu-t alecived and " l ALEX IOWAI, ' . ' 49 Oamp ie .11 II.*ElOIRIIOIDS. S'AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex Straordinary chemical colnp,*ition, tihe result of scionce, and the invent )in ,r' colebrai!d mnedi clt11. man, the introde,' n iof which to the pubhlci was invested wit. 'lie soleornity of a dotlhbed hleqlet, has since gained a reputation unparalleleld, fhlly nlstaining the corroctnens of the lamonted Dr Gridlcy's la=I con)felion, that hlie darel d not die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on thins subject," and he therclbrr, bnqucathed to his fionld and attendant, Siurnion flays, the secret of his discovury. It is now used in the princiial hospitals, anil the private practice in our country, first andl mote certainly ie the culrr of thl Piles, and so elren ivlly and eh, etunally as to balll, credulity, unles. wher, its rlrfeS care witnessed Exteirnally in thl following comp!nants: For I)r.,py-Creatinig extraordinary absorptii: at once. All Swellilngs-Roducini , thle, in a few hours Rhlicaatismt-Acute or Chronic, giving quick Sore Throat-By Cancers5 Ul:ers or Colis. Croup and Whooping Coughi-Extlernally, and over the Chest. All Blruisis, Sprains, and Iurins-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcors-Whetlhr fresh or long stanlding, and Iver sores. Its operations upon adults aml children in redue ing rheulmalic, swellings, and loo).ningr coug;hs ; n lightness of the ellestty ilaxoti'n il' thto parts, Ihs mbee surprising beyond conclptiin. ''. comlrlo n remark of those who have uI d i Wiles, is " It arts lke a charm." T'IlE PILl Sl-Thim price,dIl ! t ' person who will uae a ut it i ., s l Ihr the Pilesu, and rel':, ' , I, .ttl being cured. Thuse , c, der pricprietur to the Age ' . , i, t ,, .. alln s rold, lint one han . I.: c NV, might insort cerV, 1'1 prefir that Iho - who sl', .e ,e l. U hihit the origioal to pure CAUION-None can.. splendid engravi , wrapper, , ' .,, od also that of the Agents, Sold iwholesale and retail, 1 ') Co, New York, and by one i)rug, .< tm ,ry town in the Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agentril&, ,. o : ,. Coinmnon & T'ehoul)itoulas strerI, nl' ,. Apothlcaries generally. STOI.ItrS & Co. N". 30 Cha-.rns . ,,', , co , ., rrcrivig nd opening riohi most -,io i , ,ind iihnllnli' stock i f Cn" of Chlnl. , rv h cx lted iIn his mlarke ic, mnloo , , , , ,h wi ariles: blei , lt e *I . , i..' : b)row r "'lu', ,dive, hin dr, r.,,. ,' A, ,: ,." r,, I dre.- con 9 1.; , gh n . . clrl . , . ;I, s ,r " . , ... ash,'r r~ 'ii lle . , , ' I ' .' '"I I ' . SI , . 0 ce d Ni te lies , I i' i , lIn dt ll rl i . , . , the ' , l l r ' a 0'lll . nd l.c l, c tle , ilr e i yCi i , Uln agl.l er's,, .¢ c ,)lin ' l lllll + rl uP.')l I'., " i i tl+ t t.I, -nil l'1 1, irlrll II . ,. .! ! Iti , \ , , slrv wevlde\ ,1 , 11 1 I.r,, , ,l . r h ,I' ll l o."h.,- and r tail at . -1 ,, h,,,,e ,. P rie i . IT'rolt Mohiie I;.A ilt hll a) to .it', s II ', SI:.\ 1'.. lN Mobil:.e other slos, ui, : 4 thle i asrris li I )he from NewS, s II sislsolissotss ssltt , Its stskslt, lloahs slt luteanl eots ( er el'elsvlm h aI ,, St Iti os -,..K o i .t" , ',.,t. t.had:ue lHiier and liar) to 141u:: , ,cý via Marsinosa, .lhts:nsisl.chee, (lformtst ss , I., non,) Ilains llSige, l's vlrtos; Ilail kins'llr : :i. ille, tol Asugls:l. A ipsstesgcertikihl,; Lsett a ..V . , bile is i ssn ' il ge" of" Ieig tL'h wn os ; o,' : i Io'l.elreoc by Oltheo nslslictitsK iteriestL, a- -Ie 'I IJiOlhs 1)A I.1N iK s but t concern, and ndts t , tl- J., throughout, aunl alsll Irely wIH I'l'rAlt I up , H ' trrial h t All sr't:l s llIts tl he s illeIi tl', tr lo h l -s ats. er and :t anyv season, talest sine omos stlureseen cat-u trophe sitohil occur. The' ('eat New Orleans 1ai is ealr'ied I) this r slout. 'i'h Agents for' ac5, Itsodi. sp tion,'Te1is, Cacl.h'santl Drivers art: not sur ased c'. thle southsern iolutr'. The s;Voth, hard, natual roads, the sal'e Hd inter estii t m isiliigatioithe time nutll s accounoodatlon,t aflll 'd the tlr elerl" se+ ' 'i ertalint t, comfort, iiltl s ,l*a ilg v:Iiety; connected as it petse uitsiihle Itail I: ,"tI L C.iari'lestlll, S. C, anl tilto e: s: i packes to New - r'velelrs cl,' ren. a New s\'ok rllll NsIw Orl. LEP THAN II n-isr-\\asslhingtoln clt ill I.. ''From Chattahoochee, l iorida, we have a I Lius vsa tuinc) :sol 'ls':lallassee, to St l:i'ks, 4 1, post coaches, atlo two I'uanehos fgorn IIankins ,l one to \lilledglrille, and one Il M nae.., light two hue ellces. ST'IOCIK l'L\ & Ol. AlrrcotrA, yts¢th Jun. I1835. Illeent iMaision Ioous Ie Mobile "llisteits, Ne" IOrtsl sl to s solih', 15 nil Mobile s ts Asyssusta, 5in ** Augusta to Ch,'lests, It '''iston to sew sok, . ilt- t81815 Time, 1u\%, Os'Iean to Mlli .,, 2i4 ol's 1l.obile to Augith., ]' " (Ch:llestoll to New Y'ork, l iS- 35R M'akiilg I s miles pe'r daiy. or 7 liles i." hoIr, inchI sie of aill stoppages. " lY N. Ii. l Isi g Ic:se to i5islnm the IoibliCtlhit ihsl bridgesi elsover the Clasluhsoioe rswampl ai :lard I:ll creeik h'ave Jlt been cilhlpleted i) tile ene.s.l'll go'ver- I mellt, (11ith lly olbstlcles Ope'itlinl against thlis fe a: d s 's, drivers sl is are "of tie first ode'; and als io the Iwnt:l'er ollte ifroln Ii'ellrnslla iH Ce'llre llldl, it is admiti led by all who itlve paissed ti.rough it to be s surptsse illln ellies beauty asI safety. The bridges sosus' Gs o'sgi have also lbeen epaie' . J s Is 1 iC I.IAK lit. JIA.ES'.4, Ca'ls.l'TltlLlLl.sld olther NtsVI.L'T'll'i (Ch rle. "1t rr",ll.,or the lilto r Iilo,,ll , Is J:, li, s s. 5 0 Chevselal , Ior the rMan ol o11,or, by Il:ulwer. L. dv' ltv, le'., ir the 'of IInir, t, Lady L.srd Iilsglhans , sketchebs Pus' blc Cls'ster 2 voll.s IIi tsriets Sketcess of S st lies o it the time of Is Nislsloss Nssl'lsvl r o I tO rll JI. ss"HIsn1 . Nio I t.3. 1, ,lla lllftu tlhetr In ,n(f ehllaraclter, by Jerrold. L I;l,el I'f Sic:iv, by TickP iier iiin I ' Ia. l eel," 'I'lt Ic T urlrber o) f iaris. Con eh.hetll, new No"el il 2 vols. Frn'lis II Rein rl. tlenolr i arlidlg ally~ Piecils , hy Sa, lini . '1 ie ile .tn t, t aI tinlK yd, ew s u l lies. C Iliellelieu by II~iwer. - I. Is.II.., &i Cos july 31thl-3 w. csr of Sti harles & Ctonsons Iss 't .11 I NU l,\sTs Il Wli ashi ngloii P .riot-ss, s ill, is t .11I fulee +iiic of ll"hi- pu tic :teeonillllQl Ilring liel hIo solhl lt essl Iritr, tlhe Ilrlll.lell. ,I f Illl plulbllcation re tol li d.lo tstsi s r tlsI Is lt i ll' n \\t' o A i ll Il lt IAL I r Sch,,I iind tIle Orpli a's Asyviunu. 'Tlist Itly nItional Wlork ou,.s t o be in ihsl hails. of -severy i i rianl; lr l ,slors of tIe City II.5id country papers will conlributl to Ilnt bIIellentvlll object by givilgl this advertri.simeit it l'V i 51. Asn. t, E JiLN."J -. C)., \enlt, a'g. GOth-lil. Car sSt tlsstarles & It'nisnsn.I \ I MU-'IC-- , Native \sliti'; 'lhlo ilConvtisl lit 1l tl'm I roliml, rovin ls llaish; ,ools'rr Il.pairsi, shssyis res oosts h,.r thli bsiststilsl 5.tuis ii Its )rtlo Ito.nians;' "lie White IHose of ltie Pep pers; 'l'hsn ctisle itld ilivelrhou art .air lsse, s s ng by liiis S t ri I in tiho glssl ltsmaisulic Olpe'a Ausili; isood Ni I 'li'iinrs.ul'lsgs sl paltiiis; i cai:s 5ot5i Isor ssjlilit 5n 5 fikle winp. llv II tRuttrll; Iolne n ollo, Illilimla in 0oo Srow; .\ I.iI lll the OeitIIn wYave., by t IRutlssll; Sthe wnrileiel for him; to mle Ilt faill a tsri;(, Cmlle e to m nla lsrnisg; r'er the wdsrrs hv Iuionlilht; ''isl.or'st no sims like Isiw sit, itslrsill 'for tl ibrp Io 'I' lillllsrre. ILoyal Ia\ult ,lrus A Flth;lol (ssitllisilss Vitllori' .Conri udoosirillo. Juiti r.roved Cudl lir lt llvy 4|9 1 CII V" W,'19. Cnlp st N I.W PIEII)rI' Iili.TlIONAltVs--hirntlisnss'sl N New Meldicail Iliti.nary, in lllnesitlser RPs-l 8vol e Viii.-Duiugiiints-on''hlerperlirsi 1d Husliin Phisl ' nllv.--llsvti, oni Females, I Vuluite.--Elsis lhllher. New elupplies jut received by Alex 'TOWVA It, aug 24 49lCamp ltreet. P1)21 VOPAI''IIAA'AAAIS AN IAF.AA.I'AA Al: ILA)IEI,,A AAAA"A AAAAAIA A.-lAA.-'A IAryAaAucA.A.A (AA, 'h Ila~ullnll ellthe IJpphea~itiull0tl dI·Ilj·vlunblle relllc·(I ill ,erns I IIdJIPI cn1ca i ill" WIP.ullA,, IA AilAn.AAI (Aor AalaraA,.'I o IIAI. eve TAy, .1 AAA','Af.AJAom A Ah ,A.,,..,A ( * vena',I,', nlld till:AAAA IISA, thy, Sir AA.IAv C., 0, ', Ur, Ito-t-, Drake .,id 1. 00 Fl.Jig, Alri. Sc. our I otheI~r arlji-t. and ,u III'' IAAAAAAr to none..IFA A AA AAAl rAAAA , w .' ll I,' uAtd :..AAA r'AAAAA llaA. it. ThelF loom Ill'thlu c;utll~ Y'"gcu A"" t thdroughout Trani..- 'd AAAA".....A c.lAA . l it A, 1 A yIA AlA ti,'l 1,AA0 1A.'A . 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II ! i lg l .t + i tiv, i . il v .l n qlll i llllinle,,t i n i Ile . 11e flli iu rhi., oblIrrnu'-, dili'n't ( or painful lmel tinn. li ' , i ll nllllnil lll-e oIl'eit Iurilne, or invll olllutll ary .lil· hlT· r e Ih,'rll; hrllll ic Ill ptlion f thtire ki, ll l ;'ical uln - iIllnII tJ he tli al ct . .e. ir r e em rirtren ', te Ir .elt r a.- Ih sente:l ethat tihe 1'.erldil shall e sotl in IliPl il~l"ll JIh'i CII rl~ltl: flnllltol r Irhe y e , lnrle l t , ll, blllll.ies f s'ix .Ill.l...... '"et h, lit the rdlhlU.ed p. li.lrl lo :$3 whicil i- 10-U than iiri hrr1i 'h111 pricm Je.ll.1 thl r It in JOi .iN \INTIS lotR IV.L. Ilo 't11 l. D.. 'lhr. hllr irrl cinlre id fr .iir, r at . hi le+lr. nd rell a I' il at N.I. j, Yn .;ll, st streellt , tw el· ll nlllll,"i::l unll (C; 1:l i e. Ntw irirellan. :m' I 4' -+. =+.11 : l - i' I , . IY th 11l. of it hllnllc tlhed oCllllllnl ll Ce, ano prl'olll t mlrel rint s o1lnn . thei .'pp arall e o ohl Iae,. . l hiw r . . their niplOieil e.I I 'the relinnilllerlo! 'ir Ice. rre e 1 eqllu ntlly sP .ll il retilementllll. In ollll i nll vl.lln thel I. ;I..,)f lptl.t. dilll the C.Z IIP rlll q IhlllkiulLe iIul l wtillt II cI Glavy sillki lln RIeIre lia dIoe 1th Il..s f Ith i hahr. Ton-itrru iaill tririre illlelPII nrlreieretllrllnrllll, ill "C R lahn ofl lhltllhl'r ·t,+llr II1p h h:lir frol., follhlk. oflT.,i Ibm r-I tlpplicl itiol, d e.wliy u l horiles r artlllsr it I"m in. It likewi.e produces e'ychrowa and whiskerst pr-. ntl tihe nt ir rom i..rnin. gray, mink.e it curi ' autif'llh, nail firee it 'romn .cm urf. ' hTNinerone. i rt ifne eri ate f the i r res.lectnhlilivty in sIppolrl of ilI virlil . of O(ldrildge'L Ilclfn, ar e -hown by the proprieturt. _7' Rend rilte f rlowing. r:- Rolbert Wharton, Esq. Iltn 1luavot of I'hil l "lInh has tertif-t', ai- hL i rPe ll b ow, to the l ehgll charTI Itereo I re f rlllrwillne "'lerllr ien. Thei, ulnd,. r l, nrl l o herl ire reltif tintr l wehurl e used the i.dh l of 'lllllli:l reitc, ver.. It I e )leridelee" ntd i WIIur ti.el TIIrThIIER, . r, .Illr N P INiIee.. '..' ! 1 e , e, JOHlN II 'T'lll At .. . ; , I lillN S FiIElY ' HII l I 10 1 '110tI'% . ., , J1)2' GAR\itll) i i " "1 ~ '+i -I i ix ki.iOi Ihnllatte l .•e u .r aerrlio re tru F. turn Meer et ed ict r eifer .r e i, e te t e t ie S lii r ....... mire . "ri i' '' L' irl'r i i J:t ·I .it 1' 1 AT5 iE .".l, S J.t let nle AP , rI t S :, , ..i ... Jilt!'I i. . ttle i nn , . , , litre the edteeeeee en, g e ,. ", T. l J.Ie.eire leti . ec.u!,'.;r :)I)OGICALLY I)lOCoic, tI, le.. Frmlch of Jeal lbu re. lMarriage I C ,oartitng, Nith a cl0re for aii. Ed .r; ) oklAci.ed p is tIle most EE', Emillr k tIhat 0weE ( - rakes I dlt splinalers, O In twomen thlllan alv p" 'b+".tI,, . oled b, y tlhe c urt Id'I E , E a i. ctiv oFlll rh gto . a t , ll ni l ,a .. . Slit E ol ry t su Camlp strt+ !t'. EI)UCA ,, - . \11r J n , ai ++ to ltolh r'l tihe ,'. '! +, 1p|)1 nn acad,,' . . 19 T 9 hul e s, iothll IE x EEl, in 1 rel, . wlll be ablt as ' Me t~hr, wil s. a k l .t rt l dl1ency and I a, of 1!.e dpnrlll Ilt , t , ,ir J ll. a wII sw' + 1- r, v "wintu branchob it , nt')nl th ath w ill ,n ; l. til," , l.,l. mlliv h,,,lur hilln wtc h lb h.,ir .. .. NRRIS & Co, No. 3,; . liid fdt.hl,lnla le clothin.. ' N 'o1 , 11o tihe phlc, as Ihey . -r , .0 I- l ra.l, ro . rsl, d EllO zunI s EE IEl , A srlves I uo a ,dvantlln eoul sly ll 1. 1. V. A fete d %-i eleanlt i. o E brelh.s, from o 2 o il :6 cllhes. Al I whAIe p'I n l l -ckil hl. ,,( v ir 'rb , ,.+" 00 l row7 dIraf .'1Fall. - .i , .'. . ey i ! o.... li I i -+ioi o, ,,. EI ooltxo a ' l., It'.. 'n. ). clal iEL ill \I . le b\ ' mC 1n L' lk'CIj\ , . , t" 0 RANI3 IN INFIlF1zl r I.. P. blic at , l \I ru !k;iu, upanrthe. r ,ci , ne n e : -! . .i "::ll' uildhng iing, en- tr mo1n-h oit mc c,. , in - nie t: l.ita, fuor I_- 1 "' ctlepantltt. It r -,.l .... an, I at clnt t +t . l ..:a . altte' n"dt no k, :.c.c ', c n .i {I: I riot . ."a 0u0t 0 '0iln 0 'L_,.". Prioot ,ouollo I,0v 0be b .1 hb. 1 .le ll0 It + ' 1 o o vo de, Isra per d 'o . io obodioo, ato r 001,-,Lo'o ., a . 'ro lo i0 00 ln u00 in0 r v w,l0,!0.:1 t !: : • , 0laves ao so two doli 0 . 0101 1 Pol 00 i ' 00 ward, firE doll. t. ''l, r-qiien n. - r !ed e I:.I : I i ]i( I\len:n iA, , e n tu .m foi r a r l b, ih .a d+ ,r I ' " 1 - \ . ,.O . . , "THE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE IS hIEALTII' ETE EGETABE LL TI': KNOW that health and the ability to rIb" ,r, constitutes the wedtih of the grOat i a et ol the peqp e in thlis, aI in ii t other coun. trisa. T''o prer.srve, threl;,re, IIa it Ihelth by ituau ratl tn:li- it a irind, moral and p litils:ai chem to j filt which, requrires au utmost attenlti'" h'e llprecedenltl t iapopularity and o,l verIal ap. apiProbitl nl whichl this i dicite has atchiteved Illrouliout the Uiletd States, tie (ICnad.: , Tlexas, Mexlc, al d tnhe WI t ila e I , filly jusa,:ty Dr.' in waretl!y anl. couas etllltuly I .o at' t ]in:! Ith:en to tIhe stuler ', Illa i of ic I 1f i : ,tlllited. P ,.trr,' Vcgiitab' I 'i , t c itti. st. I t elt iec Itu l iand te no r e " 1' dine.;s.:s of tile llllll n11 ll c lllul i - ,:, r b ael, dIl e. w red Dr. Petersl, the t , .. , tb.. a. di. cine, fromt Ii . system, derive) frt n, 1 . , ; I , hI g arrived to ,. . taarycill- . tiae bal tii eti it iI cruased or dismniml , So well i this ulh , , Ilersocns to say when they it , i . . illohu , Ineaning lht! they hIa. i i ' .. ilthe stoitach. Oan thel ntiir lhaiti, LI,, i, of bile is di hnii siti t, i ,'i proieos ,: iiperlbectly Ipertori ti. te piu'iect ibee t,. andu emaciated, bec.aus a a mIlhin*hll In te' T , . the loud taken into the st i1n cl is not proper y e. tracted, anl the food is ejeclted in a crln state. )r. Peters is confident that the fatmus llI ygran t Theory, so called, that, "i impurity of the blolodi is tie cause of all diieases,",is a great alsllrdllty, Every llie w a reflecits n the iliubjil:t a inotnet,a , will perceive Ihat impllllurity oli tbe lo od a a sec,.n: da y not a primary complainti-the , IItct and not the catle ofl' disseo. Wellen the atllltlntlln oftle liver are deranged, and the flow of bilh increased, it is .ifilen taken up by thu albsr ett e.sscl and ,arri.d into the circulatlln, ;,nl beh~cles lllg ed wi 11 the blood, as in jtundrIic. when te patient alhows iti in hits cltUitealitace. No i, this ituitrity of blood is cair-ed by an increascd flaw of Ilh, and to remedy it, you must correct lhe secertlons ol'lf live , and restore it to a calthy st.ti'. Dr. Peterlis h ts spetlt tIUc tlll in et"p-rllnient ilg welt dlf.,rent \vegcetah'e ethl nme, thi diseases of th liver; and nIow oti+hrs his VegWtabile . I , as the best, m ot convenient, and iet e.t ullldi cll.n tlat:nll Itn prepared thir '.eral use. Dr. PItlers fl.ttvrs hiae!ifthat hie llng i x eri. lmenltiilng with v;gtabh.lle iellcne's has enlllblled hln to discoverir the true :lid only substittlto answerinllg all tle el llercurit ai-aathtlt ally of their Itte lint evils. One great qu lilty of'ltis vege'table pills is that they have ta e allterative prirlhciplr , coln. indlll wi their I calu .rlie, or operative lqual ties, o thot tlley nolt Ollly clealnse tel stllllachl and lowels Iby purginll, but they regulate the tie r, change 6tie moerbtd tecrletionll, strou.uhens tIle Ii. estlve or rans, purify the Iblotl, invigorate thel clrhittlot, anl I iv tunle and energy to tliu lier.. Vo'l. syntelll, 'l'hey ale tilild ant pleasrant in I'loir operation, iand c a'y Iahllltst iulllPdlite iollv'ielilti of thiri utlihtyt'Ol tllh first ldose. 'Ialy ciaii i taken withsati:ty by persons of'any ag'; ; and the ilttle, thei itfirnt, the torvatus, anld th a dehcate, - c :trclltuhernel by Lther I 'r ratioll, Ithey cloear thie sylstem of I al laiuurs, quiet Inr uts irrita ',litly, andi icvtridbly produce sinitd Ihealth. 'llo Vigetatblo Pil s are a surc retmetly lor annu. ,11(.l, : ck and lurvous headtchal.c, duys epllla, costive. '. , nsso|fthe stomach, he irthurn, tll bilious S : i vers I ' all kllbnds, anld il'takell at ,h S."on .;*,.e , 1ýi,:.; will invariably check thaeir pro S'atint from a protracted and .l, . .... . I," !·..1: , : ' They are abl in ner ,. .1!I,' , I ,,, , allea tiaelis, lost of appo . .. . . .i.o to whic: femalea il ..ln a e ,:,. ' . . . ate as a mt ild atr l speed, purge , I htv rcccived itll rutl s carliticates ,or tllfic,:cy in curing dhineses, a ro, respectah fllhys tcianls, who S',r practlie wit: the ; , t , , " , ' , . . .licin. h ill a t. AL; Canal strae, . betwcon the two at thie \iashigto i m.. girt, corner of C it, & Rlad & (o, druarpits, corner or Grl rod .treet : J IL aSdi, druggist, L.. • alill I Mbille to Aiuuita. viat Florid I. r- a.ra Leavu.. MIlrIe 'Tulcadays, Tihurs. a daysr, and aturdays, per the " pi. n led iar'-rrt'lll ;lrllt LlI) l (ex. l ta ; pI' t ill e.:sa o| of t,,rlni,) tl) Pa s:lcl; lL; t11cn e per ae'illlll r haoy )dt l a lr, anld thecea ltour ,,,rIse p ,et coacI ier s via M ariana, t,'ibri !lge, Pma n ,:: , Ierren Ot ut '., aa d Parry, to .1ltun, (; : tllhele via .Millhd, rvinio , iil Sparlt, Io \lir. , thila c per rail rea.d car: t Atigu..rleta. ,+ . ". Ch.unl' 1n h Is in splendiid rder, with new , : boil r::, clpperuld and :a pper farstgni d. l t ae Roy has bat r thlrotrla hly repaired, hier Sare ot ,re as handsos as ally bea t. Si,, Ulaa r ..,anta R1 a Soun: d, and CarLeta-; Sthe mI ost a rt arating stalmn naa. . ', -.'.rmg at trhe sainet ,s ar ,,,t .,- .- s o1 illy rv lllo t in lltle a,, a, v : a,, , tcalitrll a lnd attllIen ' irr ll, are d· -" r.i:s lave b l Ia .,t ih ra ' .ta. - .. i'" nt raaarl t lav * ('rar;arUa. . ' ' ''a ,' vr., ,\ctu, and a ,ila .t \:..a ' ns plain slat .mea: S. a ..e . ., . . ieTny f LO I. a star , , 'J ., c i " . : - e,.r . : It th. l::., hang l I . , . i. c 1i.rn " lo It e t Mlobi Fataa r, $,- . 1 atblll t Apa ehin s. St. Jtsep' Ulltiar at t . 1.: atl L. 1t7 " 'ge tll C a t 31Grn sI 1.T- lyd -10 r * v I artileuli -. ae I I, e s11t ALLXN; ¢I 1I 311t. t . . , i, .. t It L 1 1i t tr a a 'r '11 t, 31 .Grara irr LIT l Nittlix n . strpi ' rtlcEN I liar:. ala-c :. ire np aari r7 "il 'J(l 'Iri 1.'aIin esta Ltl a . cikstaa irrtr.l fir/' h A re t ', y lqavi rtrr I ARltItlON'. SPECI,'IC OIN I'1EN'T I l.e groat celobrity of this unrivalled (. ,I ponition, especially in tie Nortlhero btte:, loa.vr tie proprietor boit .ttlo ieced to nsay ally thiog in its favor; fior it hao been cenurally roncedied to it, thlt it is beyond all eomprrisro tile b sl rcemedy for external comploaiti thao t rls ever been disco. vored. Iodeed to apeed anrd cerrtainty of ilt ipe. rati ma olve the appearlrere ofnliraclesr; an c ra, :u-ends, oornsl, Iovervorel, clrilrblaine, riite swnel!. lings, bale, piles, spider a:.d selakr biter r... imrlae. diately yield to ito appatre:ntly sLoururirr rn ilol elrrne 'Thls if irrrrly applrid It crl rerrvee ai irveteratu erni, or brek ail ire.i a hl e ill tive drys, wil alllry anid erltetly cure aI ulcer . n two weetke; a.d the Iosl d.ptratl e .lr es r ,f" wh srrtrtlllllS i a cr. ll Ire rSiillle, lrl'V I. r.ll Lr eXtrlrr rdl by it il to le llll t i'r rlolltlre. I trle b:ti. If pm el'llus r rptiles il utf~icacy is Itrly e lrlrplsino all uvllrn rIr tLe blte ,,r'a rrlritb dirl, e'fr If llpured Ir a tileallrts Ilower ol' iaitraIeClioll aro wrIri)lldlrill ih:L itiry will ait oicer arre.t thre poiron, rrrt tihs prr . vert it an peirvardilg tsyayoi. h . lirewi e greltly superior tr ally Il:edlcinro hreetrf.rre disco.e eredleer tlie chlrrd baick aerd tUlrrlre ii horrrs, ahr retters, rorg riorirc, elhappr.d litr, ill hrort irir .very extrnr.l boiddy evil tthal lray r f.'il to ihe lot o' elrt beas. I'rl Iroprtl lor hads received la t oriot ;l ltllos:llld ert'riciiter ir d oe h r drcureoreerlrrr, in I, r o l"hl * S erli. trllllltlrellr't," lInIarrsL f a l ULdrtlld Idf which wilerr wrltter by respel:tlblr lllerllllerLre OIthbe Il",hrlh r llhy, all brelllllllg lie arollle enlllgy I111I .;liSl~lr:iilll.. Pro aced r tlr 12{3 Liberty etlrli, Nr'v Yorkh, ,drli fer IIdo alt (i5 stroiet, Ne" 'Ureials. irlar -(i " " rot' (l*.J'rO*y |I iii'; I".\iLi..t (:15 C. rili r()I'S '. C.inopellr Eltralt of'Copribie a I pn.ill:l --\ ceu tain sale. an· d Ii(se t lil' cul r al y e w..llt , _.elr discoveredC Iow th cur ofi1' (tl jlll hen, G.11 e|t, h % ,,llll's! \\hites, lPinl. ini the bac:k anld oIlns, senulll , -iici rors killld ar, grl r rel, surlrbu LiC i ll irit rr .i it ai 'i , lll Petnill lw Lbri Irh lnt mcii , ! . ,iI , ,s .,i ii 1 1) I l i ch piu C le i L'.r I s lrn i -l .,.1( . ' . I I ' 1 · ... l'llll, ~lhul IItllls Illllllel~lllL1 Ih." IIlS ,·I i , i~llllt L-il ·t iiiii1.. Clll~ll klll OIill. TiIt i."I' ",,a, ha ..<'\ rernii, rlrnr.. ',.I.sge Alienc Irr t / I ill jliw I~ll llc' is~ Ili'li· IItit'LIIU II Io L' IICi| ill.rirlrcir r s il l e tire inrllln, reenl irge. rrel }1"o Ii'iulllrt. ilolh~h .riii :i·llll;ltiS lilt' wllllf..~ll JC·LIY el~llle ingl thai the Imolre at'ile inalulities woulhi therchy% be u ech ImoiireP IOnc enllelltaL' i n rd llel uselirire rll ailliseal.l.l d lhar inl the pr ll sIrnet. The r'rolr ind lir e cmbinesm gredlien~s whic~re inl thle h~ighe rep amunon~ tire llllst sciellltific anlll l l2ll'llt ill the Ipl'feslsioll. E cll h d .r hi the ioio'itioe e f ' hisrrr'r epatiol iirer ses thi I eliiccy If tie ortylern, arodllcii g iiII On -'triiii IitrlIY irtIreto i.ishhilg lllll a 111· Isu Sing the mlosl sallRllni e especttllus ; toseinr getitire"aeerime die ilrennirgi e its beile llnlilni stoiel witi pellthitc bllsuccess ill Ith dlii.' t e lil \I1ge! of the bho1rve dinrear'. The aollst eirri it r'r si ian s In surgeo s i " tI pll . |.etll JII E xPll-l res ir's iheir' dlcided ap ll'll·atilo inl I.lllr of r.elu tll lb illn l il. its se i hE Lincill t ll rlitlll r l iid ib i elic e ti lt' i tiLiio 1 li ! iinry, arrl111 ri llrtair r ' eri iret, llslli ell . ir' i ll.'rr iliert i'rr.rvillry with riIr irlrrhl-rlid Irl Abni .ir hy hi' a1 tlwei.alll aleti onl is, amlr 4' i rr obsiirtrcu .iotsi P ir'i l .ri t r'il lll.'eatIrllirf ilirtlrlllrerlr J it 'li erll ItII trin lit~eiee. Prtee $1hinite per'h pm1.n xerec o h rt iirirrsatisirrtri l ,rrt lts etira gsry l~li .Xrroirrrtr y tl.sIe Ilu lrrl Iherirr II r . lld lti' il ii bLoh Li hlii i' blic i u ii' rriE:rn prrr t r ilrlnlrlt. T leilr r i erllil tinlrsa will - inllserl~.ed her'edli' rl erl'ed by) J T'hoerii eil hemisitr I eli idorli i Pri'e r1 . ll e.e, p rrr l it. ETtI.'' O.NI.\LS. .1S rhllilt hal, inld IIle l lee -i e (' An am.illlilll '. Th t lllll whi h I tiavl> nlmade ' l |l l teop| ioi hi ai ill.oved s hi hl li.ll INi nwii l ,l t' hial I iIo no.t hefitate hi I il'O l nll l Il it a to i o (if t h ie Im t' l ,:du" b le I: l l tel~ i l c io ul sL sren iei esel. oil .red to ihe pnhtlill , ani onll e I in lLhil:hil riio experiece, r e I ee lacp eery rliere, nltilst it I;,s ol tll ild llrc h ire a i rel rlllllrnloali ctsil' t i r itrlrrtto ex p It'ie rrcd y'jl'm e tlih iero, G It ti..e:d, .1 ' . S, Phydiean toithe ih t reaberr iirrr'esonnyorerere'pa~'rtiromnrdrisng yrnu tire enlaht i rro i t . rirr. yr e',#il 'il'lll ritloeirrree e 'i t frre -(lireh suelses \o til o OI"ll% deserve, ill 111 amplel roear th-I ir thel nl~lil~l elxp lse ii.ull'id i re rilrgii it ro rinret cir ei becol \' O tC,,oper, F I S, Snri'geon to raI's lie pil. l . i'h un:itflrm sncenss . hih Ihas ai' t'ded he sI iminis tcrinl, ymn"r m.e:ic::t\arl my paMthens .m"icled wsih tol b l knowilnll to e Irluly a;lj I.cllll: l. M p thl e sluccess o.l .lselll dessil e, am:1111 and speedilyl repay ou for yutr 1vauable prepl ra.l io . From Sir A .toiper, F It S P 11C S, &~. ke. Ilang been. in,,lced to try your Extract in severa:l casesof iolent (;lnoi rhi ., hatd hithelto btllledl tenr.'rS ription n titil'lntred ny mei Ihaing itltt sure and spll.d ctltre ulfected by it, ill a fIw days I ;lee.l mIy sel'ilfl I duty ho tnu d oast tin that I Inow it In) prae ,U lice Ioth public and private recumuilel l lnd use lnoll other. From G \V Blair,.I I), Phy-sciae to Guy's Ito phld. The strict test whirh I have given your Imudlilille among my patients, ndI its illva ible Lsucest tIhis ti"., will uilace me i to Inersevere i iits use, InI I deem it but an act of jlstice and of duty to add my feebhle testio 1 'i:al in co nmemlation of its nirtues. -l (I. Thompson, .lI 1) F If S L. ii nt Ilnl, slcnin re thllnkst I.e t valuable p e Sfor tI.." yure of Gono' t rlhma, kt. I1 ' ' t t'iat bIrtought a mndicilld n " rat ' n"nid tnt.'ll t'1t sOluhlt Ial , t.t, , it~, a. tnIu . n, ,l,. n nit r nl 'leasurl n-, a n...:.ttnnn 1't In . ,i ', +ita tni L, · .. ... . 1,,"nd t tttttt, ; ot ..I tl our e n ei II 'nn'.'', . '. , Ins-tl .r'l ',I"II, es heci, | I ol tlth tinl tlis toin n vlle. . it.. ......... ro.s,, ' Actmpanving the Aledicie is mphet expanu lilt of 'hie di1lerent si gto s of the d|isctue, witholllt an, a Il nF I .I;ttn 4l·, Aail t i|. nrentnt. Iý )111U' '\ Tt I NII. s-t'. tti,\ lit btI '-- v l nt 'l l no in rulll, 'n r-lI,. li'e, co, ktey bl i { |, ;,r'~ key 1, 4Tl l t'Itl'lt t e.·lih it tr e,.r. I, ll and full bolan , ; V . nol l c, h'hl 'F 'rench t :ln s lu ar n F 1 ,,li': ut ed iog Maalll u ) i okl n [ l I'i. ]' nrh;r:;,th.--le prit ll it the Inerves :l . '+ ore " \.'i.. ' ket1 l. o,,ok irI rnI ' I r" I pr k ,-l book A new aln: bro pu rply olf the ablov. wnlksl just ' c,"i"t, ani d openo.I for ai],. oi g l) lbras by UPI',dt)I.,T.EItY & PAI;ER IIAa.;iNtG S°T;-ilý IIenry Stehrecht. (hormelrri J. C. \Vtlsc . ... a r m his :lien l S. . , , ,, l ,,e .l,'r, ,. 1. holord :.wi" n s n,1 In .i t 1'.1 n1 o I . ,ol'1 te,, cott s (1, p ryll , ,lo.i ns,''Al~ no, ta+ilted, . l ed colos, low atleol :l e t i fo"h r s+,la c o i'. n ,, I , stoo l - r1 , '&c oev. .tile o b,,ll p ,|.rrs, ilnle d tieurr 1a, "'h::1 ,: t ndow orn mr'nle ts ,, all patternl1 .,.,{ t. - g,,l s.laes l bat;,I nd ,spo rs, fa.l huth , . '. s,,. coolers, hair clo.h, lif uretd and ~ - Ic n i o. of :,l, t, , r t'.lr.,n; lo) 1 l.rt.' \h - iu·'.',k. ,,. + 4 ., , t r 6 Tc l'..,ey r' or ara.,, ,. ti, .., ,. pea, -, and lak rlt'annrs, " !ookadr ACVli a"A TUN'AR 49 t'ºstxtnt ILi_~.---- l. IADLA_.\'a AU62A..s (our. .4 Natohez soi Tslaospiloul·tshU 1-~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~l.' Ssill gnuyyu, mllu caLs·wt rraut·pF *r~r.....;,III ..r · pI:ra. ot il puot.2. U'*r urly~~.odEe oiu..,.I.gruomooy .ou1·n d hb·Y o*O·t', .Io pi·, t.l br· uol 2...0I. t,,.d. 0....n~ byr ·c.jodSliO h..o..,dr kl( i .1#..ot..ftl. .tioYIu..y2.. boi IO.·I.. ...· orr-llllll Ilollu. ..Im ..ooll oh.ul . ou.. ..Ct.ty it.u I.. oO..e ,o ur,,.,lll .2,i~lrlir .ii....drui...Od Otti · "'`1· lluo, r· ~~l~iu.ol ...r 2.puto.lo~·ru·* orob oru I,. ,k l· lll~r o. l~qhto~j 2. iin .,o I~llr \:I:1;z2,11t72' L.I.YLA t r.l,.g~u..,.Ii boltuui O· tot,,lrowl2. i, .*o.,ItL ti. "hid 12J. .lo.V,.22., , 2.uo2 ,nst~ plyI"..o .IOI.02.bo2,..,. .5' tllr ~ ~ L..o.., ,.,o~ni· 1 rdr~uiu'd rcri~y.21t~ut ..o ..w l~l rl L ~ ,,l..l, ,2, Owl, u~l~l,.. In l~birltj t "l~cbIII(1. LII~l.jl II1 o I,.l .12. .~· ,o.llyio.· .62. h ':"i r~,I.)llurig.2.snl"'..'.. ilI.. .,o· ei~lo..Ii~o .wpl~i.2. urt t..Ii,, our.alu 'oiriy.1 tb,.,.o1,t...ur irlo ttall~·,O2.dl,ulo d l,,o,,,,.,,df,. ,Ihe2....~eflgk. l tl.Ilctlto,,w.I.~l,h·.. 2.2 12w p.2.2.l~ .....2t. ..ttdn ulj u OooI ~l~lll ~llilllC.r.2oditool. rYib.·L .boulI..ltu ilttr u~n:·~ u uolll.~rio...o·n~t o ~ 2. ~ o,,IItnd,,. tloII"'i2e'u.~.i owl2......22.· LL t·.poupuot to, .122.,,? tl~lIlI!~ eu~l,·ie t Lt it~.:ll p.62.., .2. wllF III ly...i..i...i oi.., 'owy( on..r ,Ow.I 2')io.2..2.go, oill,.,' ..I2.,III.I,,g ..,otol~r 0..d p. ooE'tYt oIl obetiot.. m j llut o. il. ahilr. ~hbirl.,I ii..~ Ido.2C alrtiiuode. Liii '12. 0.0102 tt1. 111111 2t02ld ItIJ Let1~II i. I~ tbtntlb...npiLr o , orl l.l.·t..rro I.'.tlyll~o irr 1,, ,.,t(h y,...d py~thiploIIu, Li. .pp.III l l tllf /·.Y ,,o,,, 'o..i.'.t wt,,o. 1.2,1,ILII hew iluPI riL owlllirlu .,,,tbltui~t.uw'e rulotrio..ll r1jb..·tl.~~ IdIl i ,.oo,.t, .l' ,ro ot or,'. oi'uol.lJ·welnld iu·Ll u·t hwo.,.., .,1 Fl~ olr~dl .lo,12d ,.ow.lo WI..rrho',doillrin Sile'~to.o utrtOntr, ottl~l· a .1'i h.,or..t *Iioito' .62.6sti oI2. 2.llr,lo pro..ol,.,,tu gTiru..Iodl.... ibuontot oIrlwt.ili.,. ofiptoo'lttlti II, ·llloo lotIll,.Iooiouwrth.oe,,,w...2w e..pouioiit P.'al~~oo~~~sru ul 411L 01' r Rttutti u.nssr. a CASES OF RIlEUIM t1'ISM. ClhErletCo u. Nur . IJ, 18K I 0. Duriln thl lust winler hod spil, . d I t u.rnflicted nrthavery Ievere llJ i diaitraE, anl rhulllati lll, ,ccuoiu, l.d bI) txloure ii. Iad w ntlllr. 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