Newspaper of True American, November 25, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 25, 1839 Page 2
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ýi ,-.;T f .A li ( O (tl lteae the Es sin Sh r.t r c ry diAy, (except k ks 04 .1 4 P.M1 9 P.M. . .-i Reiurn at 8 A. M. 1 o AM. I6 1" 2 P. M" 9 P.M.. S " . CHEW, Cath. IA III%ýILLE RAIL ROA). b';o U onx ig(nco with the wishes oft a lrge niumihr H lemhe desirous of avatling themselvesof itt, fie S ioriolt to be had on the GOrecd Prairie ; the hours .wiell ba ~filowe ti I firther nltiee-. C.ontecic, on Saturday Noveni. er 19. EEUrDAYS. u M AM A M 1 PM . P 9j' 5 " I'M JAAIES H.CAL VWEI.L, - tLANS CA tRII.LTON RAIL RUAI). + N+OTICh .iatinor OAoeeo oMiri. To .txtotnfec on ips lIt of Novellber, 1839. Paolts CARLOLLTOn. IcOM NEW ORLRAtx. AM H M. . 1 P.M. li.xe UiL at ,o'lock AIM. Horse Ctr at oie 'k.xkA.M. 4 - -P.. hO I o c at . OtLo. r L - . D s hal7 ho norrx rPoi n fo r nx ikivs: r moTh. rl wi leave at the elo hurs as inl the Week datyI antiI oe'loe k PM. wheln aLco tive woll leave Carmrlltol eeiry hoir eltil 7 o'clock. P.., and New Orleul.s eelty h.our " Ot lcE iiiiHE hEMA i', IACik PO.1, I An extrla Horie f+ar can be lleilnod hPr+ re 12 0'. loak P.111. m by pay.e. i dollaci for the Trip. After 12 o'clock P, Et. 0"dtllae will Is, ri he.ed. Peron. oil by the renm Char mtii provide thelneOlves wtht'.hrnice, of tl r heilOr hcx ultilv direct hll larret l rOain soney nea thiu 2 Tereof• tIhe bad of J.k sthreet lt fin o'clock A.M., Cmal Sctreit mtlorex'ck. At h3alf-pxst 7 .'n:lo.e k Lhey clmlllce to " r b. al ia.gsevery halt h1 our,ll til Pt. o'cEoekPdI except S.loLtht. iwtasl oflenvir. I loal street at Pi o'clock,l te ,lr ""wilt lcav there at 9 o'cichk P.M. , t sx is partculxrly requested tltnt entlemen will not put S, riºprtp iL the ushions, orsimoke in tile ca, whe* ld"ie rt" "- r ngO r e e d/.o ssns & Cerroili l l )ll ol Rood Company, ) O heabr Si, 1839. JOHNIINAIPSON, Chief Elgineer NO. a C.R.C HOTEL. " LAYAUD hbo the h.nor nlinforming his fi ier.ds Snd th 'pblic in gen.rl, trathe has taken tilhe :, Holel'at arrollton, where ho trusts he will receive the calls of his old friends and all lovrs of oad .c heer. Privite tarties will be lhandsmely provided for by Jilinga littleanctie Ieifotehadl.. lre.i willing to en0er into • errgelnents wilth families or individuals desirius nfpasring the summer t .Carrollilt. mi0 OPFIC F HE FTEIREMAN'S INSURANCE CO. " ' oF NEW ORLEANS. T'rHE Stockhollers of, this Copan y are heisby no. SJ titled that the 1ath inslnalment on 1+heir stilk is duo end pyabhle on tie 5th of October next, lit tile olflice el tile C!;mpany. Sept 12 EL 'I'RACY• $. $20 REWARD-- Rnnawav oe the Ilt No " .vember, the negro GEORGE, speakilng En. lish and Frxnch, aged hlliat 18 or19 vIers5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, slhrl and thlck set +mall eyes, prominent foreheadi an open snd free gel • asintt onecf the front tresh In the upier jaw lroken. adel on,went lihe wentawiay. apair o ll cottonle inta lxxoonwith dwillhtiie stripile, and iniighali hiri - xid n.lro worked a long while with Mi. \1in. Stone, bricklayerexlltand. . FERNANII) I.EMtOS. n9-1if No 333 l)apllhlline s 'MAYORALTY OF NEW (IR!ESANi. T lt E price of floor hbtin this iav $5 75 ier harre " . rceoerdling to the iarilT, tlei bikrrs will give :,5 ounce ofi bread for ten rets. lduringl tie wiiek begin .niag o1, Monday next.ilie 5!h ilnstult. The leaves of ieond e uholiy ofr(if three fur ten cents, shill weigl 25 ler cent taori, riz: 434 olnces. nf4 C. GCENOIS, Ayolr. "OEIVANT FORl SAI.E-A most likely miolntto Sgtrlaged aboluut 19 yours, a ,erv good ciki. ro: peailo. washer, ironer. and tolerableJ ualmnslrers aub Ihix servant.solmer,cbedlielt And gnod tellperedl. Tit saove servanlt would ihe n acquisition in any family, oand is sold iecaue her owter is drliroiiu i;f S payeing his debts. Apply• to tirx Editor if tle Ti're American. . .,.-5 Lj'OR"eA I.Ei Hati ndlL iverpoeulret-0 hO Il.or hao v +f!n. ling at St. Josepl sreet harl, apply ito Cuip!ain lussel on board or to - :nll P IlAIIlI.AW, 51 Camp ct h{ The memlners of St. Patrlickl' Congrdg:lioin cre hereby resroittuilys nolified.llthat Ilihorrice will lie 11r.. .e formed in'hue of 0Mr. E. E. Parker'iii n..w huildi,,go iii Julia street, butween Meugazine nud Fbouuhlur stroct. until further oliee. - nO • JJ I111 LON P'otnor. l~niral unto.,. PhIrl. No ...... N 15.4.4 I.1Jin. Nov .........14 S3 ,, Nd......... 1 I.Cincinnti, do............ll .hiladetph. Nor.......... 1L . .44,44,,. , d .1.........14 IWaillarr ,Jo ............12 1 St. I.uals, dn........... I: " lasannrh do....... .19.l I t tvttrpuul Oct t......... I8, Norman IT altol) Oct .....31 pans. do............ 1 Batton. Nov ....... ..... 6 I.olllfsl. dn... .......18 Neshvit4, da :..... ......11 / Huvra do............... P.FORT OF NE1V ORLEANS. CLARANC 1:S November 234, 1839. lo1.44th4. ,.o, Joseph, M .ann, m-ic. 3I. vrpool. J 141,Arhitcll; Ak,-,,ng.Ri....r.1l.,.,,; G ,. #ri(Kborteo; Skllutt, Hevann. G...thlB A- Ud /ehr IlaJd Mmr, Rome, Penaronln. llarl~r las Vr Buren. Babcock, SPt Mak,2e AR1RIVALS _ _ i341..'4l4114I11411141' Rg·kIirrs OF PIIODUCR 4lu4t4.IeyI inty,.. 1.. 1.41( m1.l.,, of Ohio.' sW .,2r ..N..r H4l, I.nw1ll, TI...t.p...., N' YaarerWm Wallace; dully. from etl Loniv. " h Sc, 24, 1S it. Firsty... llig44*,,.& , , tMhort 7 d.,,, Pot 21. , W,. it to Vj1,N4,, 3Ss.16 Ga 414rk4Ity, 4114 lrier fC...rp mo1E... h of L4,,,'.,2 rrta~mrr Daniel SS e. .tor, Kelly, ill V'lekrbu g J t"mr .444444(111lU. Kr, fr.eal,11411Si,..1. 441,31,,, ".pm " r t;.ne.,, P4Wil4.n. 41, V4aL,41411 Nlaaner, laxiutlun Altar. nn )hush .foist,,.lill " 1*4la 4mr Au.u.M.(i .'..f& .'... vi 413D Bleaaw Wlk,.,d44,4 .. .....& 4..pi, .4'..... 11IPOI1'1'S P4~w41..Wc.4 44.41 Y...,,kIli-M4,,inder-Carg em,4y 4.,,., polr "a; nail omun.;.Lawir and mll~c RLI~kIPTT OF FLtODUCE .YKLctnrL..Per r rte·.r Dan W.... r..C...o i77 I,.l.4 4,422 t. .4*... .4. Ok44c,51,16 Wlucuer4 ,4 l, anton & . i (1,1 Mark,. Wait rea, 461 W ,,..rl; 136 8 W O.ley 11'1 Frank. .,,IiaHsndsrrwn; 113 internal Wltyhtl 81 M. sie & R8midgn..t; 7:' Wrle. Ncut .' rot 63 S Thompsovn: 5J upellt JTuipi i Watl;493 Armaar 00 II1ndor, M.· ,elll t. \Vrle il y tmu.Hauruaca;llM White a cn: iS Wm 8 Me.,.; I as L . . , , r ALher; 1 2 51 5 Dontlirtouu; 5 Henrylr Kelly Pa, er Gaul~n~ It··rirnil..t'arpo 45 bale. cotton Ar(rmour, sl eke, it W'alkr; Rutkrtlsr Mr~llol 4 WYliht; 561 Con- twr A' fir ley 12 N Coopaf; 2tt Forrylh A Leveirlt; 71 5(hb.4 5ee ..s a.2m.u A.... .2 Ple. ants 41 co,. 131441.4e # *ltat; $21M 1,14; 12 9Ch.Nm..g. ('476 114 earn44 41nior " r 43. 91 It pn*aIs sed Adml· a If crrlnell, 5 be. IouL* ýýýý` = "Y' liar at·ru.l:·ra Gnw Crn167 holes cotton N k-/,,.4444'17YA 41(1,Bl.144.&.o: 116 V'Do 411,4&,,B,4l 1111Jegt~ja Y aA a; l~ml~etb A co; 1i6' Key. & B&.dsi48 nd.h.Nennn/a Wright; 36C~sri,.t \Y~lilra+ . i 1,1. 11 Ynktia a Hnntlu "ms; 13 G M I.,,'; 4414,341,44).44.441.4 4 4d.r.; 641 44,.l 7 II44144 W34.lo1, 7 K4ie1? H1,1illlj; & Mert Jnig41 1Vla3JF a901olea ennui. 531tep. white lad 03 bits #.ho' A*le Krbar; hlif. A lit).,, F hI..ndtie 15 4 *L-.411421444.4..tAr.,1.j. Red..C 41 3;t1 piei; 5 lad 45 z ~~ It head oftllls 31 bllr loeIf IIuua r"+ .141jJ. *412A1d,&d 29 ,1A Iw..k an11.i ,.,., ""'l m.4.4,444...44. , Leingtn.. ,Cargo 569 41h dns Jop 5444;452J 44i $ IV COOper±$1I 441ks .4. CAl.4 43 T1 77 k evella Hllrk, Watt S co; 2,h h··a. cotton. W ý2l cij nnd in bitch afrtuck. .ha a'ai brought ilia VW .I.Il. Per ttodhlor Auluata..O,,cd 765 bates emir, t.4 R..ra atd.41. 4.4 ANu II., T 24,,,,W..l6 .; 2 1" tltLt: iux c; 4811 r...,.. aco; 175 W Ilouilr; ;168 .t m4.y4...setc a rat 5 .,-bat Guodi614. 4l.4,411, I (1rri,4 &.4 4ry Lt 'Uhr)* cc; 1. Lamb sp.'4 1 41, 4.344.4161,4144II 61 1Adt rbat` 4 ouear" ridley 7? Prmllrlli d a H~ndrl~o.; S ''' ?Wlry0*Ypmc. S Rrautiar; Hr~sllu 4 Wrighr; 5 Ullddur~d. 114443141 eTR 4113, ll lyrp tFr4_Pinar ustome Wm Roll~inron..(gro t..+8 hilt i11S' ta '10 Lhddou· At cu; 'tt l'r5lor or Gardinerr t(. ,iiK :l it c6;41 1arrl 4 Marcy, 67 A I white a arý'ayta"4Waien 66 Falcone. Amines 4 an; N1 Bramlq-. 1d a A Wr1Mt 7J Plauch.; Ili 4 Acher; 13 at.. 19A Rivard. Arc.61'- Attlls .4 21.. "4'5I .hv4W lpounI Whie Ifcu; l hate algal :i'J CO 481Gt6EEB 31 ýfa as !I., oa Ilorrriral. Ilium a an. r. i 3 - i·F;' i S ENO L RSE~ 34by., {ml. · t.. drrkt,. 34& 1,Ll4 (44.4t 144(1 444.'41 44 3lsl8*.$lt.43 li. Bat, in.. 11 d iLatdr 1Ita ? .11rudMr I~cil·.lld sore's Ndi c~t lllaMdot Fageu . H cdiet, I .,; s. We 9k . dl y Udaldh m.Prtte.R x laall~.'" BlJayr"Nttpik n r bl 6's,1k 6-y'". k'SýKy .ntes, r" yiutIt 1a. a Ial. ( ý! d4 !F~jt"nzt arshItll #ttij,11,6,.. :J Irv"" · ·:.-. ·6 IýºIttih rivets aa l~s911':i .fy7 iaA'' cd° rAlf8A Mtk AND BOLD. PtrULISHED 'aily, Trt-Weekly & WYeekly. V M \\t flR LEA i : MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1839. 7 A NEW CUSTOM HOUSE. It had been fondly hoped by our merchants, and by all those who feel a pride in the beauty and im. provement of our city,.that the al proaching ses sion of Congress would provide for the erection of a new Custom Hlouse, on the square of ground where the old one is now situated. No location is more fit. Near the centre ofthe commercial pop, ulation, on the way to and from the shiping,. it is convenient both to the merchants and to the maso ters of ships. A sp eondid building on that square would really be an ornament to the ci y. Fron ting on the Levee, it would command theatte ntion of every stranger, and would aptly adorn tile fine crescent presented by tihe curve of the Mississippi at this place. As regards real utihlty, it will also be admitted that a new Custom HIouse is necessary. Tihe increasing commerce ofonur city reqtires ex tensive .Government Store Ilouses, and a larger place than is now afforded for the keeping of goods which must remaoin in tile Customs for a limited period of time. The old born, which now answers the purpose, is a disgrace to tile city, and the Go. vornment of tile United States; and the impropri ety, nay injustice of neglecting tile erection of such a building as we speak of, is still more evident when we rccur to tihe immense revenue derived by the Government fromn the customns f New Orleans. Millions are poured into tile coNflrs of the S ib. treasurers from the duties collected at this port but, alas ! they nill not leave enough to build a decent Treasury house, at the place from n hich they get so nluch money. But after all, perhaps, a portion ofour city should be aus much blamed as tie Government itsclf, for the remissness which has been shown on this sub. I jeet. Instoad of seeking to encourage the Govern. meantt to te work, the first Municipality sets up an unflounded claim to thIe full ownership of the square between Canal, Custom house, Old and New Le vdo streets. That Municipality has memorialized Congress on the subjeet-appointed an agent to prosecute its claim before that body-prepared every thing in an artful and secret way to steal a march on the commercial interests of the city, and make Congress believe in their false pretensions. SWhen these are admitted, they expect to sell the ,qare into lots for stores, pocket the proceeds, replenish their empty treasury. and patch up tiheir delapidated finances. Hlow successfulthat agent will be in his lobby membership, at the approach ing session of Congress, we are unable to devise, we ido not know that it is an easy taskto make members of Congress eat brickbats and stones with mud sauce for puddings; but we know.that if they do justice to the General Government, as well as to tihe commerce of New Orleans, they will brush aside the Delegate; and pass an act to provide for the construction of a new Customn IHouse on the square so absurdly claimed by Municipality number one. As regards the title of that Municipality to the ground, let it suffice, for the preesnt, to say, that it was filly investigated in the famous suit of the United States versus tile City of New Orleans, de cided by the Supreme Comlt of the United States, and reported in Peters' 10th Volume, page G(2.- There it was conclusively shown and decided thnat the old quay of the City was dedicated to public use, and, tlnoughout the whoe argument, it ap pears that tile general government is entitled by precription io the usufruct of a portion of the ground for a Custom lHouse. This point on the: argument of tile case, was tacitly conceded by all parties and by tile court, and conclusively demon stratedl by attorney general Butler, in his able ar gument. Municipality No. 1, must be hard pushed indeed for cash to attempt so desperate a chance ; but they snio are falling catch atevery straw, however weak,--such is hunani natu a Thle Mut. nicipality might as well take a ticket in one of the Grand Real Estaie Lotteries ; nwe think its chance of making a fortune, and getting out of the o-crap would then be much hotter than in an effort to gammon tile general' government out of its just rights. It is to be hoped that our representatives in Congress, will give no countenance to tile protoen sions of the Municipality, and will prusue tile even tenor of their duty to the true interests of our city and its population. A petition counter to that of Muuicipahty No. 1 would not be inappropriate. We are requested to ca' holders to the following 1';. ' e ,' Second Municipality. ' to perform his duties sat . that the provisions of th . . . larty in regard to oftfl, sh .,i POLICE ORDINANCES, &c. OF T11E SI COID 3MUNICIPALITY. Sl 00-rl.G Or tet'OLxet., " ' June 1Ihh, 1836, Secltion '). lHe it further ordnioied, ''hat fir the more eft'alull ex' I c ltionll il oof id duty, hI hol der, , Ilanllt ' i it iers, shall tu se is poi. tin t t r rre l, I , or 0 i l aII a m t b iy i; i'c lt .8. A. I t., lr eve l ; a nTtd it cnse of I;,h aUe, rute:l h, u-elroddf r., tr':lla. io J no ,e e " h lll I he Ile be ton' a tine of $I11 t,h i ri (', l'r (I, Ir' ialy ti l o iof oi ll) tenl t j riedrl tieli , Ibe thi ' tl lit r1 theli ,tltll aI n Iii . S'e , c, I e ill loftier r l(rIml l I, T at it '!,::Il net l e lit,,Illt t ilr nl ,, Irnsehohher or t'llo n ll)t t threw rat all, S,.rtnhllb Inllnrlthw, tl{'.;tl, of u: iltle . I Llldlll; F; I I. 1 siill. it i.,' a . til to put I,. te n'.ctm, or on tnee Il. ll a.r. i tc ellrl ill il iii, liitl. i o lr IIIxes, lll f Io it f .P alti vegie ielli t Illlt't. iil ne I kilc .l- ii t1., it itiiq l~ llJ e iotihr th n Ilan desCri bld in lSee. 5,1 der p'nIII v $71(h to be tronvem.e revred beeJlb emtlt jurt riLdictiun, for the be: etli; of the; ,1h i jnaipaity. JON iCA ~AI. (7N, eccrdt., °.r At ea hic ilh f in e , I (tohre o r 17, Ibf t7. lIe it ird n ined, 'l'b t f d l iter the . s ,i . this orl i Irre, it hanell nt Ie nlwful fit r anyk perlt ,o t b ien tie. t rs of this tla nlce i . lit il i l d u inl i y obstruct tite frein liasoa e and tfliw .it wa r il to r . :l enter bhe peli lyf tI enii ie dollarii for eiai h of. frrtee, it be prosemed and reoertred b'efire nne court ofeoi.petet juriisdnitin. JIOSIUIA IBAI.DWIN, Recorder. EITTING iO CorxNrc..s ldit iipitivJu lner. 16th, 18h8. eTo irt rdutinr any, lhirt or ilneprhaill sunot ~n lfi fti oy pe. il tlr t i i lalre in ar, , c it otherwi .d eilltr , iby a , lie n'n e'ltpller' IS d n It Clutni i l ily t hliy ltla sllltuh.lltll: e s tll h is y brofkel ( E ms r , gl1 7, isu ioriiiseld.uintialuer uitiu ustage uIfuaii oriina, - . lieo, brick-x li or ilrlnkie n ltii r, Undl i llr tie p nlty a I nit dolli.n for ia ori ill e,ti lce re',' vt tet iro: ae rIlorflr o( mpellltenIIt IltrI(dllclinl. ( nIalflbVlait the beneftll o lhd apprillren lr ter, ild the oth Jlll toe I nti. it ie s lirin. eren ir i ll. a r inrd i nrs, ' hat heopll Iru inslstull,-s rhalllht in b e arried tol tlile n the bkea cr' plat, trbthis lur npleitpillyati such alens liadie ini poiited out by the SulYeibor. S JOSIUA BAI.DWIN, ltecorder. FlTTINrc Ose CoucIrl r Jlonnry I6th,18'8. o AN ORDINANCE To prevent putting niy hnrd or iiperishoble seubstane with vegniole iitltier, Akc. tViherennor, i all ordinuoce pocssed ey ie Celonil of hi i tetiire, in, the r 5ti ity lin ie tne, 10:37, i ie ordained.othntritr tic lt, iCege itnaid uniuota nee1. It shlall o t be Cl ll "fio iny peron l.I tt'¥-r to cu: r lboat ofitin li ot uuieitaliv tiy hard soll-rniee, tloch a broker, glass or gleant htiiles, birek-bas I us r e keln briclks. riiter the ienaltu eli$tl Aind theren Iv the sixtlih echto, ofe-n ornioulece tolneiil by hlis titueeunl, od poitetktveik euirte itulh ey of' 1836. iis entrlln. t, rhuot t ell hoseritder, tenlosr; or ither ens, eh ll'uot iturcW lino tl'l streeit Ouy vegetnhtle oatter, .lltiun, or tuilen stucro ft tierh It ,ire reqlhre td pi itucirsortrlees intu tub, b ixep rir barrele, lll joiisip withiuthe tsime therein speifieeru Arir Wlure.r., it has linen fusutud iii onInIp iiatanUse, thot motple put lobi, toesel or barteie. as sforesoir, soih osuiatanos its orre .prolhibiterl Ii be parried tn tIse osssengero' boat, teirebv urrasiqg.,rthe conirattr for Coleaniug the tstreets roble fti stir pensalty in rases made and pro.ided. .-tur.netre, be it edoraied, q'hltr after the psirrge of tehtrrrdinsnse, itimlt irot be lawful tn' osy ItOtSehsuedor, !IS' itt sir sltibe.n-enis, to[eel into oub', booxe., btrrelr, crij tmt.rif-'ees.iitnll+ whieh rny negelsbltc matter rrntrbr Mnkishlen slsff.'s pii, s'isd tlstned'upus tie snde tssy':sisilt i lets ts se- ari prhitbuted frim tliing carfsiurt sl.e- -usess' r bat.. sisiunster rise penalty it trg frýr .;jtatI ..ieuin'.f il"a :e ,eneit, -'._tth . Sj L R: t ftfN5 Rcvlenlro Congreac-4tia' first esesion ofthe twsntvy.aith Congress, cnaomemsces next IMnday. The bu-i. , ness first in order Is the election of Speaker. The an Whigs, we understand, will suppoit the IION. Ia JOHN BELL of Nashville as their candidate: i and there is every prospect that he Will be chosen. !l He is eminently qualified for the station, both for n his talent and experience in parliamentary usage, " and devotion to the whig principles ! The Loco- a foces keep dark on the subject. It is rumored d that F. W. Pickens of South Carolina, nullifier iI and protegd of J. C. Gatlloun, will be run by thei;d. Some say tile notorious Dr. Duncan of Cincinnati. BI it as it may, the Whigs have a majority of six or eight members and can elect the Speaker. Next in order, will be the election of a Clerk of tihe lHouse, who will doubtless be of the samen polities as tile Spkener. This will insure whig committees in rvery delpartment of business ; and which is important to scrutinize the tile acts of tile adminis tration. 'lThe abuses and peculations of the officels of the government will be a fruitful subject oarin veastigation and exposure. The famous subtreeu. sury, with all its odious and mishicvous ramcfitna t:one, will, it is expected, be presented as the lead. ing administration measure. We hope no WVlhig will give his sanction to such a destructive engine ofoxecutive power. There is already a law requi. ring the goverment to deposit. the public money in the state banks. It is truie tle pet bank system is no favorite one, yet'it is far preferable to allowing the government gentry to kerep tile monleyr in thire own-hands ; or granitirg the pr vilege of issuing scrip and bank notes, thereby flooding tile country with paper money. Th's session of Congress may be regarded with unusual interel , both ls respee thile etasures pro posed by the President, on ti lie ev f another elec tion ; and also concerning thle great ques ions of national policy that will be brought forward in Congress. We shall watch with a lively interest the proceedings of this great national assembly, and expect somie i flicient remedy for the depressed condition of th1e various branches of Industry and business. It belongs to Congress and the general governn to regulate the currency and protect i tihe nai. .. interests both I.t home and abroad. 'coitwithlla:tading the bhad weather, the parade yesterday of the I-'gion and tie Washington Bar talion proved pretty goodt; with the exception of our once company tile Governor's Guards, that .nurnberedjust eight. The new company of Italians, commanded by Captainsanetangolo, looked very well; old San tangelo himself looked a very captain. As to tile Montgomery Guards, we thought for a while they had come to arrest us, but Captain O'Callaghan merely placed us under martial lw long enough to go and take a drink with him, the way they manamuvred in front of our office, stacked arms, and filed off to the buettlle was ex collent. The Montgomery Guards, Italians, Ger manl, Swiss, French, &e. &c. corps are really beautiful, and maka us think that we are in half a dozen countries at the same time. Supreme Court.-By a rule of Court this tribu nal is to comeicence its regular session on tbe fourth Monday in November. There is at plesent still a vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Judge Strawbridge. TeiI Governor we learn, has sone difficulty in finding a suitable person to fill tihe vacancy; and In conaseqlence of this embar. rassmont tile court will probably be 1fostponed a t eek or two. It is much better that it should be suspended a month, than that a bad appointment be made. We learn that Judge Eustis will be here in the course of this week, whirrch will be in time to open court the first we k in December. We are perseuidedl the bar and suitors generally, would preftr the short delay, to secure and able an efi. cient judge on the Supreme Bench The St. Charles will open next week, and with a company certainly strolger tkan ever before was presented in New Orleans. Among tl e Stars that uwill visit us are Sinclair, Balls, Dan Marble, Brough, Jones, Mile. Otto, SValndenhofll nd daughter, and the Barnes's. T'le stock company at present consists of Bar 'rett, who is stage manager; Barton, Pearson, F: cl, Morton, De Bar, Radchiflb, J. M. Brown, cthe not to be criticised Kh 'ppell, Sart Cowell, Ar. icher, Schooleraft, i1Hlntley, Boady, Paret, Price Naylor, anld a number of unatmetionablre. OnI the fairer side, we have Mrs. Stuart, in our opinion better than loe rllf theI stars, Mrs. FielI, fiormerly Miss Riddle, Miss Meltor. that we all recollect with so much pleasure, Miss Verity, who in truth is always at homae on the stage, and knows and performs her business most cleverly, Mrs De Bar, , Miss Melville, with whom r we have not yet made acquaintance, but are told is very handsome; Mrs. Smith.i who ri rr- ally knrnwi, r ".er . C,.ll ., a l "t',, tI I , [ ,, 9. V; ni. ') ;.. :l t: abt , e. are of opinioni lthat Iried Caldwell has made up his mind to force thIc peorpl of Noew Orleans to occupy his boxes, and indeed if we were not souno .ell, we should write a puff in his favor. / i Another new Paper.--The first number of the S,, ;.to our Ihands ye stoerday, and rthe only olnetion we can find to it iv, the anti Th "'' I roneg," in our opinion, would habe beel :ppropr ate; Ihowever, we leave bhi to be d d cectd by I)r. McFarlalne, he can use the scalpel and has ta f r colle no(.--All we have to say is, that Pickett & Co. bad bettor goi to the German i school to learn Enghlh. itaon ourr Wtcekly Edition of Sund:y. As we anticipaoed, the mail failed, the wing, blew too strong--lut who cares-not the Wit; they have gained New York, and are conten:'t' the Loco's, they have-lost New York, an? "r their prospects of suceuss. . : Der Druthe.-We received,or the first a number of the Now Weekhy r the first a man language. It is a e-J' printed illt paper, and contains a - .ceedingly n, a and domestic news, I u variety of matter Thle publcation oaterature and poet, induce the study of the-German lan our population. A Germaon school . ,. toblished, and bids fair to be a moss .,n.i iun tion. The English language wil' and a knowledge of thie laws an imparted to a class of our populy ignorant of either. The Courier of last night , . 3d Mounicipality caved in 1'! y ", ,nd that Ite of theo wharves i t . , , I we lave always thought tL . Ic,' ce a:nd the municipality was very t0 ; "r, .:,, -n a view of them a few clays , ' : wore totally abandoned; for I : ng or orusiness did we sco, : . !;. to tile lower extretmty. We have noticed I ,!,y r cupho. niously sty led "Dr . " .0 ', . ' ely one of' the dozen new o, " . .ll i. , . , Ieos Ifrward for patronage. 't " o th:umbug; and ,o well convine - itr so n ' rbi r, w ones of this fact, that they :i vu." b· *tetr foundlings tte Anti, lHuh :. Fnrotane . i .. ;it o'lhe otclrt at one ol th arere ; o." ri. sty, ttwho daitt wl oiluef Pear,-.. .;klwt" .' li:H.a do4 ; lint It Oat re inll-ked t' , , ;l,, '- , ,t ",,ll e ., thile nllillla %,&" I)ing it htraro - i : ui , n: 2 iittig itt rie to let the f ,, .. :, 1 I'mw lday ago ae 'he was r.tairou ' ...", ti ;: i .tc wio ra eating part oi af . . 'o iit r'wtlttai!le trg,al reing suree t' , iblktet cl,,ser, mrd di-er,. vter, fitrO;' hi.s f ed to. starth, EIra . , . :ty- fli lk hInq ,r.r he .leved.. ,,. .. . . . i ~,,.rinft it r l l. t :rttrrr ,ll lwed . ,ltrtte of ft it, aur tctied to - t~trorn Exn.trcva PAT'rnotAGe.--A Loco Foeo papertFman tiune that tile public fInetlonaries apoimned not.long since, by the King of Fsattee,were 138,00N in niumber, and their aggregate pay woa anbot forty, million of do 1 lore. Now as the population of Frene in atonut drublie that of the United Staten, the Van Burreh paper seems to think there is no just ground for ohjection -against thr extent orfExeautRve patronage in this country, while it is net nore o thn ohn e.,half thnt of France. "Ille hue und'cry ou this subject, it inaintaiua, is for te sake of ( more party effelt. The inductions of this Loco Foeo advocnte of Exee utive patronage wotild te fair eenough, if it were cInne dedlthat ro oarcliont France ihould nerve as at modl lil repuiblican America. liut that assumption involves the whole question. The Executive iptronmge the' tmoan bh t dlerated in France, would be intolerable in the Jnited Stater. And the Loco Foco friend of"euot patronage" Oay rest asoureed th', let who will be Pre sinnt, tirLe )pl if r this coUtttry will never cn'rel:r that the arytn ol onloie hollder--lthe piltre rtltlbtisnrelllt -- hill be put on the sare fouting ithl that of the old tonarchv ou Fratnce. No lnise of timer could serve to reconcile them to thin wrong. Atnd we lont therefire tafely CeCltlrtde, hat tile tennple ol' tihe U. tntoes will never eottaeutr thatr tire ri 'ers hon dintl tit tin. ttttn tttl exetrtltivee,'hall ire placed upon the FrenchI t estallihmlnt-tlt it is, ir the preoent population 69,0110 office holders, with an ng gregante anlary of twemt mnillirons of dollars. For otrdes nfrorret tusege, i regnrd to executine potron ngr, this republic will ltuk to enre t epublicae s, assets tof grrnertttent tIron rho'. f tourorcfeor mullirc, the Prenchll, r in ltheir chIonger, even when the Irlaotrto ture of constittutlls etns ut at daily pastmer of her philosolphical siltoateoen, wre never very parsillonitou of executive pnwer r r t nicial patronage. dA °. - - o . . t Ie c I - > - ', e d C d ? ALIANA C for the pregsr:e rt W Calculated for tlhe Merrli, n r0i i r -, D ay -t.v _ Day of Week. of ,r V, ulrra' t r. I o .the . I:,i (b: ,: tIle next ea nn. ( , s ir of Mayor of the (.'i;y ,, "tt ,, ,-. M onll somltllnP au -u . . I, , :'& lai r ea · trois . l. i, llt l . t " -- lllil lie , i-. . ,s a.rot I icip r lrir ; .r Mr. W . einti it re Ir," .rtrtr come n 'ejir : .. t ; i ' ; ' "cla y si his ret at for the I oftice of l layor o l t : 71111: $LU I('. I1 i l!y inforims his Sfrindrl , u i ulic, that being ohlged to irt ' . ,. t ol ill health, hIe las, sold II - - llri bwell, ralrring-tin land laiawell I 1' ,, I". Vvl,+ . ill heeafre r ' on. dut tlhe i . s 'i i. : nrll ler tIhe name ofJolhn J. IluwellI .r I r , -are i reconrlnding } ,hth m to lht Ii , ." , "1 ' i :,J eusuIlniel-S t n.5 . I'f)WVAI 49 Camp at ! L't.. & CO, St '... - I- ,,,ler Towar 49 Cainp .. s ,,. ' I,. 1• ..dttruing the cu toi ters of Ili nh o 1. i,'J ,<p .! I l.'l-'' gre ernlly, lllnt I h ving phitrchn. ,,t, , , ... e l it, a ,- sollck of booki, par , 1, Ic l additions i.q will make t heir . I ,ei. 'They will alays be I shti : ,~i,. , mvilhirrr, piper fornewap.. , Il- , , . o. ,.i every descriptiu n n tile r.'d, ceountry mer. hantswill find, h,-: , q, ruliv,. lt rl d price, leether . , Iluebk, ('ustoen house blanks, 1.11 , ' 1 rti;lea ofsaltionery, sually krlpr ill , .yi g priesee, copylnh in N "u'.- ! . ,,? I i Ine nd lae.k Wliting fluid' ,lle .. . .-, pocket boolks, & .c. A generca, Sr-tlt, ' in all the departments of sci^uene , r, . ,h tire ot elscniiv e audenplrrr ree - oI oks eier offered in New )ileans , 1'' "t , are irepare, d-to sell to colntrv ;er J r :Ir t tle loue~t wholesaleprihel, .y, sume p , ureieture, whie w,, , .,l W o - n upon one is hou e i aled, biu dn>- ! < -. loa forged advertilseulent in the I .v, t is certainly a mean and Ilir y inel .,' :n,oil alight play-that no genile.. ,r1 ,ol ., of--evilcig tlotu lack of senPe'- +t Int.; , $100 REWARD. i e abovr e ieria d w ill be jI aid for i fi rni n.tll n, that S ll lead to the conviction of tia ('eras,, or per .,o-., ' he causedtl tin adverelmIentleti o be i:,sel'l-d in I 1h i \,-- Irli lre IS urumeresul Bulletin, h leti, l ci lltl trr ,rthint that the s.ibs'rriber hadIeniever in+o cr .. i+hiii withl Jrrhr liarrett nd othlers, uniir Ira so il ,.:I'orav, llarrert & Co., fir the isrpos .r f eatl.l the bllsiii'e.a f paving-no such connor io. Irr I..r .en formrled N. B.-The undersigned takes his sin o :unlir r ., fI rilag tie Il ii, thtie e i· no eonucted in blrsi I s f ny kind, erxept eitt rlia l:rtherr. tll2 rAlMUI 5, L. FOILIAY, 39 .3I.i;l l ,e irrIN rr eoirt sip 1'i'r,6ru,'rrlIree 'srunrkrlrnr. - criandie, triol kdJ It Ii :rerauin & Uo, P1ris: Tenn. and fioet lhipl Nalvirle, shree h Irrels, marked P & 91. Ally iperon heaviinlihe ame in their psses: sion, will pliese give, illfrllrAilnlur t(o No. 0 mmon ntreet. n14 ;i A N''Ell-'Three or aeir lnritltiee to ro on a piat ra'iltioln six milt. fromIthe citi r therere areto Rod eomr diou+rlc irsr., r he Ir,ldiarrtlfrer dv en er v eirl andcallriirnr afairir i1re; .enl:i fr rilyr wrir Iltr vp I ll privilege of cultiivre a large plreel of frlulnd for numlrer of yearr., aI runing 's huchi trnherr li t, eeat, wnnr, willo: rirr ~ lur Ithinl hI p:'y it 1 tille , agreed upon . F . , ,. iier ril.h re,,,, piv to It i'trtiN' jiOL, nl r .r N, , -iitn% anl, T'i .,apltiflo as, ale iI rr~·ih h , nerr I,, I" rirn rirrlee rn' plovnlel l'; . ii J IV eL L I· l eiepr r1lrr nr F.l.OIll" . isl ,< rir lwr S" n25 i " ;' i.t",44 Nhiw Levee ý<JliIt I I d , ir shite re,, aule by S rIf~ ' 'l' iY, 41 iew L.evee - 97 iCnlp irrtal jýO`I -S)' rnurri , tssR l el _ie-c,_.n2. i :'OMlY, ,77 _Cilniet B IATEiS-l fi teres Pt.' tl'arlrin idrade det, t.uue, for ale by NFC t I itA lyCA(t, I \ r litO1VlS`.Y'l o t i ·LOTTZ.EZIS. BAXKS'A CADE, CITYTIOTEt, &c GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OP PROPERTY SITUATED IN NEWO)RLEANS. SCHIMIDT & IIAMILTON, Managers. Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of St. Charles/ o and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, betrween Conti and St. Louis Streets. I WVI'TH t view of tneetin. ite wihes of our frind.. we have Ihe plraureo of nnounlcing to thIe pubs lie that this Iottery, by outhori:y of thee State o is iann, will be drawn at the City Exchange, in St. Louis in !New Urleaos. The drawing will, without fail, begin on the lst Dl, Oar ogenls thrloughout the union, will ceau e the nholve to Ibe inserted ore illn onef the newspapers of their respectise residrnces, and charger te enllses in tn16-tdl SC.lMIDT &' H 011MILTON. CHRISTMAS AND NEIW YEAJoS' GIFTS! Voerandah, St. Charles Theatre, Campt Street Theatre, Caldwell's St. Charles Arcade, Ho teis, Stores, Dwellings, &e. &e. CAPITAL PRIZE ! ! ! Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Lotteries. IBy authority of a law of the State of Louisiana, 56th March, 1828. CALDW EIL, OAK EY & PRITCHAIRD, tManaggers and Proprietors. Th'lie plize, are alsny ptlblic and privalt buiidigs whini ardori nIh ritr oI Nev (Iylrune, Id ae tihlir of ito illhalbitnltso--the1 Veranod h, Sr. ChItrltes s'tee Theatre, American OCarl Street 'IThrntr, (Cllhwell'. St. CharIce Altade. ilth liotels, i)n elli Ihlouc-, ltores, luildinllg 1. to. l yenlletr e r quares tof rt ou d, h& .c.., are nrdr for rllnsfer to the lholderl u' prizet tlckets. IHALF Mll.I.ON, OR AMERICAN CAMP S'I'REEI' TIIEATIRE LOTTIERY. CaPITAL $/40,001t ItN 1,91 PitIZEs t!!r Will be dIrawn Strlt lPeclmbr, New'V 'eIrs' Eve, in New Orlertll; andl in order to gl atifYv prllllt rs of tickets, the rrr biltltionr Ipla is alroph trer tt rlis lottery whetlrely't i2 tor ill k ro:nrlitrd int tnrr one rrawrtin,, 117,!'25 tir'kets it tdorI/or, $ti67,t250 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCHIEME. Calnp Street Tlheatre and Grounltld-p-rize to tie Int,2d and 3d d I r\awn Iumberll s, 15 Thllat sul taIlltilal t r stlrty brick buldding ca/l led Arllmtronrlg loel, follring th, corner If Canl and N1 chelr srleels--prize Ill the. 4ti 5thit r tlin , r0. That valulab lfive lory Illbrick Fiore on t n()l Le - vee strl'et,reotrpiedl by fMeisors. II &. tl& . kin.-...ri.. too. tIe tlrh, 8th and ithSr, 'I'lhat elegant dr wellinrg Ihou an lot No Rornnl stireet, oncctl;ied bt CV tiode o prie to bl e i ilt,. Italld . . ith, (th, 5,000 1'hat two storyt double dryellinlg and dontr in 2d Municialnity, occllpied byJ 1 prize to file ist,2d ndll 4thb, J' 18,000 Wilth 28 other prizes on f talt E kinll 33 o Rea Eotalr, a rl3 5 of Stcksb, y prizes of 'l'iekets in ithe 'Inwo lillion Ite THE GRAND TWO -llL LOTTEKY. Only 9 Blanks t0d arLze. 10,00/I PtRIZEtS-OfTw ' li"t o "sr Dollars. i'iD)rawn .o the old plan oF. .nks and P', NO CO3MBINTY ~~VUMBEIRS. 100,00 T'ickete, at 2 O l ars, $r2,00,000 Thie rcheme and seliio ce thie sne. Theexpen 1es operlae as a eductlo from thie valuations set oi tit nroperly offered in prieen. MODE OF DRAW\ING. h'o N:. I e'tit.;0,00'l will be placed in one whebr , e h~1 10t.oIot ,lherr llf Binnlks alld Prizes in another h i el r. t o r., , ij11tlo l are drawn n. I. J ir", .t '. 'n drawing in Jnlltry next, urder tooe >il,Cpeolootoo+ to, JJludgeR of (ClurtlS in N. rl()enris. 1:. Tv', V-" rande 50110,000 ,,.. Ir Aonade Buildings,C(normp 1511,0bO g ' e, entire squares of ounting to $ 1 00o0,000111 l tllellcnr erof Canal and St. (,Illrlts , , " .. i t I , LO I'T1"l)'Y OF PROPF ,ituatled in New Or lll.,an hio - : hI \Wu' ON T IE 1 l it ll;,, I \Yeg '";:NtoA,1 LL:, F,,,: . .":Ihcr +~a" " -n.,e oQ f the (ot, ..ll . ll T & IiA. ON, .\hlM agers. I",,'00 tickets, at $15 il t'I.t e prict.a $1, ;0.0ti0U. Si P li i pri e $'. IUI per tir .kri :l. t ESTI'EI & . Co., 136 tBroadw t NE.'l Y(IOiK, ,J p' Thle recipt.s II a tlln e sltt e if t he t ifckeats ~ill eI, Ined it the finia. Union, 'an, lir ton, A id l lr flz t le (:Itizel's unlik, qI.I . INI. ,IIt.d i lia l .o I II l t' ll V I 1ki, in 7 ldl (ul ll. in Ilia, k .lnl ( I Itlle ilbov , en in Iorn nl, illl n frd\. ed u i m lblr-ed lBan ,lks of N n aw I llleans. parties which emlly race Ihr.e, I f o ie o I'ci ll 4e11s I i the Lottery ll buiilding t s the . t il''111:, Th l hl Ii a , , uring afii t A. wa in lld l l . PI }. " " Ir cel l t, a ita . 'llt" n ' na, -l' a l vl ,' t .tPr ijeT l t t i i .rrtr. 0I ., eilnt t.ll i, aa' tt le t lld I ta inlft. , ,I dl i , $ tf lt l nity y, c. n I hord , l unit in tth r t'lll ,." tnay tiLlak da'll er Sinthi a . t' i' "a ,- rNt e a . f tl t ts riet ilri, iEt ;.'uni 4 L '.. ll 00 I Prize l-- int l e ' Il fuor Fm v crie!,i uin .,'iga i.lli , it, Ig,=,a t ( '' M 4 gitl ati .tii t ellia H. tel, at illlt " i , a, 'lirag 1linI. r'ag P i akltly a aIg a,p I "1'! - b,:,l h Io ;; ,.1 1. l . A ll ,andd ,i +1. Ill- 1 a u 'i l'a re e o gr'l aabr i lck l gl $ Nuteon.o1 " i rtan airanited tataa ,ia "r";a' l ia ". t li g ' a " ", i ai a e i t ga g , ' ,l tln . t jvl "( l rlll, . E i I lll L a IIan ,a l $nl 0a 01 P lr e le 'tlh ". eY tl, horli Ibr i llck lit-r 'iL Ihtr t reet , tl a ell d t; r "n ', huPrize- 3 ,oi ri Ea .ln.,, at ,$,0,,0001 Prit ' --'- l !e ih',tf t soy brick dwlli .* rl;, tll,:n3 l r, iI 'I twelv,- ez h -l,,ll, hrine h 50 harana Canal Elilan aed at $15,000 . I .- . -~'i' b , d IF, haolnunH No. a o3k, ni, trize Ui S Commer asial Ba nk stock" $"5,00 dal u s th e sirer.,, Ien tdn ai Tce'e P i itIntor .'nad n .'InEa .'' i hiait Fant-,' IIan'r+ aabkr i kt, nr l IltO anals , b d 1010 t Paeina' t oo l danrealln a , L'it Btlenk, at 11tl t ,C, ,ah?25 -e Ogl lla LiTt,a 5,00ea t i t irit l3ilt1g, 7 i4.o1a.ll 1t 50' "ian a? g .e t Il.7 "fh l llant.'atl a stre tt, iF? A 1 7 m oat ill nh " dell lttllled til- rd i lorlo e , ahnr l . i $ 1anai B d ei ll tng ho se ia n it an-- ilia apeltn t ,uigla a Ittl, a llt I in~k taa inln ga II Ink tlagaa atlellltlN a.' .100,000 tilkeat, ra ll tci g, lllit, al l 'trea it, a n 7al, loll faln-a inthl e i ndltaleptglh;, it. aatI t-glt t on,bri tataa ia e , t I,e anal ed'- gl, ilenlat,. a? d t rtil.e $ n1 I Ir sita. tirn O aallIaahE maatllnled at $15,a000 I)rl e-ann, 5 a rlll p Cnta anal f BrwatlgiIk a a 1s.i Iulll ua c li.r "r, $ (1 Pri-il... 1 . huirets Commercial Bank stuek a Prise- ar1panglpad n i Me ahan tig' ngil 'ra.l a er. A - Btao tikl on p iaa llgtg ga1 n e .' h 15,000il 3 Prilno.s of 100a hare a each lla da anka ia l ,aanglgr n,,n-ns of 15 19Mec'l-'ipi. a ld - S'l'rndt.: 3, 00 fI, T-iom~ntst.'o Ithfouood floor satithie for - 'I i k-coapplo t q Illy promises, Not 21 Coimlp tlrcelott the Fireltoe ' insoratnce tffice. 2Od C v '1he ihrre story brick wtore No. .7 New _v t I ( ee re cOto; I '-ooeitooi or Yen iUottediately. \iPP'o to t18 T' E HYDEI& ItOTHERl. TOo RENi'. '; Two gonod and well inished llione , for F yr maI ll nilirs, lld' aevero totenrooelto to let, o A filev ity oAY rf 'Tivtoolti iroblo an 'I' ion oard S Joseph ottrrot. Apply not the corneor of Delord stret anod Civoli il . n23-l-n The Verandah-oS. Charles Theatre--Camp sat thratre--Caldtwelsa St. CharlesArcader-Hotels -Stores-Stuarvs of flounad de- . CPIT\ L. P'ItZES!:S !! S011 'I INA (It.1NI) ItliAL ESTATE ANt) I.A S.'tCK loTTIIIY, otlice corner of Cao l andl St. Chliles rlrrrlr, r ntituizecd by a law ofl Ithle Statule, (ith \11tarh 188. Til' 1: I l.F MIA lll ION, or tamp stroot Th0 l tre ltntt'ro , 1"91 Ptizs! drawrt on 3st tI)ecembeo , .\ow i'ear' Eive, ltand ftoii-tld in oue drawing. T1111E ,LINI) it'oOli') ,I.lttIN LO'|TERY. f,011 P1'ot zksoo !!! i\\i'l ut l0nm0p0 e Irat ig as soon as practicable after I [LoNo tes t l Ilo nkt l in the Utnion, hi'h'are gtP ernlly lllkl eill l in f Slatt¢ tIhl". file , i ":',·ll( \iild Ih r tceivod io o, o 111 e fr'L t,tO, which auotoo the tlilf 0 Mi, Ioo $1lll-- tot Millito $020 CAiLI)\I'Il, O.\I.EY & PRIITCIARD, n2- Proplrietort & oaongers. r I111t lin tf Million or Ctnip, Street tI lltre oClasss tf T ih- Loismiua G.OANI) R11AI, ESTAT I'ANl) 3 00 I'( 1)('K IA t' toliY, ,ill oo iitively be drurtt ont the list t),'cotl,,r, NNw o'cars' Itotr. CAI.I)VIrt.I., A().\KEYV & PRITCIIARIT. 1 I t (00ic ctO l'or o(t llo l anti St Il hnrl es nsO . RANK NOTIE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON r 1\ I : L I PI; X IIrIdtot liloe i Ntew Olrtlltot It o ll Iv\ inL t f Iolo al lt athotot es t tlt their hou" e in tow otk fo(r iti ptrllOl s llic Ifr li1a llo anlll C lllfinllllPlg Bllk Nllnivs, hoodlittolo, Bi of [to .k .I Co l.I ,o otto of llhO.tnolo CheOl ks ho l ther lllll pt mlalll t paper, Pltl o il. e(InIIt uinillwtl y3tCl iee; n h vlillle ' de tallll ep lll vi ion forllli( Ih, ' Ont fl oi all I I.les and inmpressions enli'l d tuo !lie.r t.he Ilhir spil ePI PrInbrII h lntes of ovor fivehundrr d Ia kilp e in tlrtlliols, loi all llorders will be exeehited wilidl/!ltolpllritul , anll on hi r h nl t l t oll' ho oI c , oot ,; o'oh, ofill ooY l nI al stlletre s. n21 (t trtviet At oN o oll Rin 1Toio'.l tl h AND I"itit. Uittf : 1 fi otolt triO h extt i Ititoo rooA t LondonT , 30I cask Lot8 ,totIo l me Stou, o o 'ot 111 d t ttolnh rgh tlt 1 ah l O,t i nfI caiks o doznto, 0 0 e7rir larticle, f3 r onlo hv ( / C stor' Oil, r nt0l d hlol lir I hti llesle or retail b," 1 I St ).\ 1 1 1. t 1.., nO" :13 T'I'chrnlitaluli t wholesaltl cr retail by II II NIINA lBMio, rit- 4-loll o 3 t 'lol npoto,- ,l " o I irn, thron ('hnIli th , and tir sale by 18s . Sit tiH I. N0 H'IIA ll), 33 Gravier st I1 nli i; I I()I;EY, 44 Nsr nlevee 1 )-- S--810 kegs lea I. rd, lnard, , l iors. ll V l nits (1 I) iiSIhY, <11 New h;,eo OAil-- 0IbO V- I -0 A Ml etieaO yel l nodiln g i I' .ANCIA11l1), 33 Grtvier tf J 1lllli ti 0 lr t lh o oeaodng ex sllip Jo ale, t lld a f o c 00 tle tio iOF Io fo(o.ntoltoo coter s i . sale by ,lit ; l, 33 ( ll ( , :( er t -1 l)--10. ; e rir heaf lardN in s. . att Sfor sa - lt i 11b1 (t I)() I I: ."t 1 ..Fl 0 -l1o III1(lt rectifi, l t i lt t dis, pert to la o o b y IIo h 'to, o n13 i I'I(ItS\i ', .tl New I iP I0 e ] siIttoe oo-0 o odic- oijol otollto tot t 1ro o he 01 0 I t - t l ot. l o - tO o v i r 'IANIIIIS-0 0 1 ot,,n ot 'tdoo'. 0 et hodi,,, to / liri It 00 _ 0.... i l N1 iw ,, o,,an, o f ,' nl r ,,v . ti f 9 ' 1_l \:10 1 il , l il, 1 i:i ,i r _ io r0 ( I.\I:NI' , \. 0 toI I ) I I"I. i e i p I J IB ."- I.--.t. I'+T('lIlI- . .-- h". allit jar, o,1 , .rdl, in -t ,10 0'0, :, 0v 7 , ,( I . IT 'll t \ ,,.;. I' +lll .,t hI ', I.lll- I-to: loiotll .r l, u lI' l il , e I( I 1, I l1, ) I t rr' l'li, d :t llll, l C o 1 1. Ol , tt l Io0 \ I ! \ 1111. 11] - \VI1I I' l l.1 ,6 . _j .il _ . ,; l l,\Nt'llllS$ r.3 ll .r + t it2'l ~ ~ ~ 4 . . .. . . 11 v¢,liui - . "' " I' i'I'I.1' 111' 4.4.4.I . ll a ,r r1d1,, hand 147,1 1":11111 4 ,\4 'tt yt- 14'4 ,., \1'11. N' 1.1.,4 67 t4'.;I.I Ir N i I: t lil' '1`1(C: 1:: -.111 Jl nns li Itivao4lli JjI14-( II 4 140 4411'.lllll( . II'.' 14$El I C . \,", 44 0)1-E'I4', d.11 , ,"~ JLi'~ 4 h :11 1: 44 1 >1;s1: "It ,' I' 1'11 1 ý;";-"- 1 " ' ~nn "'_ 'rrne I, *~ · ,, r of n:,.inr `I 414111 lOI ,-] baris est .Ii i i,,4111,1 III a 7.l rI',vd., l S * 1441,4411 7 . 1 11'IS & · J 'S, 112 cu ," It I tt N,x11 '' 1. Mi , n i F 4 1 4 1 (. 111 0 ' 1 b I's 1 t- )p 6 .. 4 4 t 1,1' , 4 .6 4 4 4 . . 1111, (; I11 I (411 111 ) ,1 A ll'4 Nee,1 ) b 'I:40'' P 1 prn (1 ' s-,' 4 l4l t ier,,, 4n tor.. II,, __11 A;,I [r6 J''I 1114J)44A14..1J r~s I 1 I 1"1 41 ll'It~tl E ', 4- ;\ bt I' 11 Tit-1111 40 l ls ln, i ll, ll44tltl BI, lfo ' sal1 , k 4.l4 tit 4i,. sl, .. -a, I.r b ilt "144,4 112 ,I '1'l .11'4 It 41C, 41 4'oydrnys ' a f 1(1(i()I4$ -7 I I' till',,! (ii ; 2., I don l s " (in,; also;, :5 kris* domestic c iRraody, at starle for 112 _ J .lr\Tt ER 44 (',74 P1 'I ydrs I I,(ISP IIoit(;S-114A l.. I. l~ II 444 11n , a.4 for C O RI ) 1 L A 1 4 4 1 4 1 4 4 4 l l.'-,i 1 44411 4il 44 111 I lt , n11d1 n 1111rl4n, shi (-l4444ltt- fill--ale by O Al 1 .14 :'I'4 R Laeks 44441 , 611, l t see l) i()\O\'S PAPERIS-JIIJ) r imid, Hal~ill . le £1411 dPt-1 4'st .28t rof'4anl for.4~ saf 1.4)4112! A1() 4- \\ A It,' 1144 4 4ist fists Whiskey, l '1411414-' 1 to u lt 4411 t O1Icotl e fo44 se11N I. II(Y, 41 \e~v I 444A1A4 U 111111:I.L S-:1 qrj~4 I' silk iltnbblrllaeyoi all sizes, fu4r .'al4W b GiOSSIP & Co; Of 1"I:x, linage~ IlstII· , St ChIH Ies i Ilnw s,"r' h and( Rlrll, direct i', out the IIclnrlrV war. landing anllld bu)r sale by If'l E y11L \' / per shit, 1 1Iis-issippi, f',,,, e k, aTl( 1 Inr;,e aa tUIIIwul , f I'tuill e, mid Iwl,((Jt )j l i- .·Plll lr a b a I` ·Inll"nIr 2x , SIP.\ t , I t rn ar", Hote ,' .111 't 1l LAI E . If k%% E1 S--.tiineas so tle nt n ur, 1 41+ a ciet l ·r al b ":it _ u Pp : u I:It 1,.11 Hl,; · \\' 8.1 Ilgnt, GI 1113 44 \ew Levee-· (11 1) CO!'1'b~{-:91100-the ol Co}P;rnfr sale by iý - ~ : ' -- 26'rebautanlas sit O-IAF SUG4It-vart,,us 06gJitit'e, (;dits·innlll L str*, aid pIr-raie liy 4(IALL 4.:`l lr((!%yVF, E7]Lý) EQ04 IATS, fit reass 1- . ·ilr eti: riBite. IL:An i"ý"Hpte~fv~sia tO1N t GKIUTAM.. ý/ 11 0111{ý ?y0-.: ý; Jim )fig Pto ;j)'pi« tnd..indejn-n . " e ·nl: yi " d aOR . CAntP .STRE E THEATRE. This evening will be performned . NO, Or the Glonriou Minority. C~o hmodore urricane, r MJr Areher Fredenrk, De lir Andrewi Doublaloek, addy Maria, Mrs DeBar Anter which, NAOMIE on The Peasant Girl's Dream. Dnuke, r Pare{ Loid. Chamberlin, luntley Frederick, Ve lorton u Dmlrilesse, t!las Verity Nao,.ie, Mrs Stualrt To eoilui.le with the BLACK PIAN1'OMi Will WVatch the Bold Smuggler, Will tWa'tcl. Mr Die JI I.evi I. lsi " !larlly! Ilegh MIlllirenl, " Morton lRob It h erly, . " Radrlfl. Mlry, Mr S!uhrt . iIE I),r- r In irt h--l'eirfiiianee 1i0 eommence t! 7 o'clock.. "`" WASHINGTION 3AL.8 ROOMas1 ST. PH'ILIP tdTI'EELT', .( IwrTWELN ROVAIL OouD BOUckaOW STrEE - r llE I MANAGERL of the 1W.ain.leigtn Ball Rom-.. rip're spectfl ilinfinls'isfriondeanrd thepullie, lit the naove mentioned. estlblishnnnt will open for the .eason,nlf M91nday.evel:ing. Noverirber 4111i 1839, by a GR ANI) DRESS AND) MAIASQUEItAIDE BAL.L, . Iad will 'cmliiti' n tIoghout tile season every, Monday \Veliuesday anil Zl'rilnilay evening iof each iveek. Admittance fir Genllemen, $2'00 Ne'w Orlienn, Oct. 241h, 1t839. 11GA0,1) PiULL DlitIS, BAL, " 11 lli .ansler.i of lhii Waehlijlton lall Room, re.. SPsicIIth Ihi ilfillls his fhiOile and the amaIteurs geutr'lly, Ills hel ha been idllcld to give few FUIL I.. tItS BALLS, 1111ll tha the firt one will inke place on Thurrsday Ere. Iituatd in l O pIi i -i trii t. " 9 wslths m oyd avoCY tllre-esi not be i ll wllweP l r T nogi r nlae. ill be pereiitled ill the hliil Roamel with his hts oil wlieL nePer dannlia. tI" wot. ' qi •Admiihi Fli I l"ladea, l 0 For ielltlebmieh, $2 00' n23--3t em&t It\NSION HOUSE ,IOTEI, O T1m l11"i thursigornnel, phersent. dI rplieired this well . knwern reslnlislleaenr, ilyd tileNae ion dle, silalnterd ill ()lrl)ii a strie , N i. 119 ,lve te hoilrllla dO aliiUiii " io the publi, thal l their ghreinel ears and lat Sl i may fvlriirthim ith Iopir ieiiifico. The dr - E I et itgls phne ee( lllby the lhoiuse for Irseller, fnr its hr climiv,eovenienle,&c.anr so well knuw Ishat it in i iml enmrarol Enlauzs. rut them " 1pti --lyt CIINY & FULT'ON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la Habanna. LOS infraseritos nuoves proprietarios del bier cononeildo eetableeimiento nornbrado MAN SION HOUSE, a tuado on la relle de Ia Obrpia,. Num. 119 tieonen el hlonor ds anonieir ia publiieo qee sums rnyores elucrzoe y itencionel s era dedi--' eadan h nconplcer h Is perenass qua leg favorsez ceu con lu pntrocinio. Las ventanjs rue posse dia. eha son a puar Iosvigerrus, tani par Io les oidad, rcomodidad, etc. etc. son tan icnecldae, que es inu til eulnernarlans. 1 set--ly CUNY & FULTON. . MANSIOIN HOUSE HOT1EL, I la lananne. LE ne souesign6, noveasux propritalnire do I'6- tab aise iesrin ito6 dons aI rueedo In Obrnapia No. 149, cosiu souJ lio non ile MANSION. IliUs i., ont 'honneur d'inforneir ll oublice. qi'ils Iersnt tous leree ofris nt pour no tedloto sgrenbles ux personenes e qi vadouil t hien lee favorise r do p Ivor cninli;ula,. Luicomlrnoditn s qu'olfro e.lal cti. toll ax vovagcuis sotrt onasa colinue pour no iotlljuger n. sacairo'd'eni fluro ici Is iletnili 21 CUNY & FULTON. i TO IOI.S'iKEEIERS, IIOTELS, STEAM 'BOA1)'/', ad IOUNTRY. DEAIERS. 1 W/·lll- iE ll( i r ii.- ,r.i ren i mi - lu d-ile from thell I ri. ~l 'p ll'rs, 1- - r a p, e, iiof illl - , ('\n o and 0l ,s,-e i'Biv n . rb r(ber.s georep ltly, sohichthey.fl. r at aHnIwm-Illi lo piieeI', Nlo. 17 l(i'at sIrele nd 1o.84 i1' ;Coo ýt.EA llOAr--,lTv II II(()\1L.EIt CO e,1 k ,-. . ol The ,Ll raPiper is iilln l prlintei cilli small! tli o on an extra, douhiua ieidu orii sIi Pt 912 S e'dr aua m, patabhn ss alls i alll y iii ailvance. w lere nli city ruf riiem in givun." ''hu \ViJ:iiyi 'lRii Ansltcie, mide iil from rhl daIly sal'rs, dlurine Ilr oweek, will ho e ,nl" ' ho.sub. s iribers wlo iaiy 5 pier iuiii ii advance, and Ito inone iliither, ilu-s oer acceptolie city rerclrenee is given, isubscrilers reslpectfullly solicledl. JOHN GIBSON. N wi Oi()r.EAsS. M.AY 18I39. . EAT IA iBOA'l BILLS. I • f V',I ' ci" U" t'AINi tf'STEAM 1'io Is'C ,Ti hnr )+Is e u hsir Biii s struck oii in se, o I'l -nl-lrh , ,rrl oil /roernbh ''Terms, by leaving line" I(,ll rliaaTh111I . tlllIhlICAN OFl'FIC'E s-re'" b i ( i'}ir cin. 0't11 . I linaleste s ('O"14ON CtI{CUILARU , (L:' l' i I) will, lh (Geeas.te Ee:rdlieen,and /o ea kels/ rn.suspe.sed in NEWs (OLEANS, or elsn wl I~ re. nIl'uv ese , hfl at (l ovri+I R, m in StI. Charles Ex hanl, (Cornler f (:ralerSi' S). ) of ae TRI R A : l IR I C A N P' II N '' I N OFFI CE, aornerr ,I 1P,,xledss and St Charles 81sseis, wCill be prmle, etts,,/sd d eh. hIC, JEWELRY, AT No, 16 CHATREaTE STREET, F I[I ' Iat te'eiv/d eessist/rg osf eIal r Tll', lu]l. t·-,i Irlseesw 'e, filger siegs, gold t ei.ieh' - do p' ses l-, gp l l ,:b sids guardl chains, seals ullt k-.e ,'ileilreelI rlol,, aeiserss snrd kiver, wsllets ss k I p;lt luk. , lhma g l ie, e ooth est tIs bllh heLaes, Ilhtie,, a -leo atal e:mll.isliks ansd faull baskela , eoral i,, hl, , les'sI belds; all the ahove articles will be ,N. It. i. Ii_ f'n.u hntes e window. Side shelvea lnd show ones, fIr satle. 'lese cull at 16 Chartres BAZAAR: Corner qe : "t. ('harles .,% Comaon street, U ,F i.i E nA TorEL J Ui [i' & All.\ Is unmild reespeetfilly call the at se stisssellslss'LssLsissen ail . lli gurl oejr enplsts wii lll )l nv :rloll!. ilshioumble linen froll t: linen cial tlirs: sFlk, h.o111 Aini lld il.ill er hllldY T shirts snd drawerl: siells ,: li il. elk'hulnde/ e heletl l es f black lind fanllyes eves '. cls' ls grledl 's:llipi ' lsulck.,l se every di seripi llf : gum I llese: enlllsloskin gloves: umbrellasa and canes gold. Also,-Splledid aieseortsieint of ladies and gents wri". ling desks, ellso. caInses, paret olias, perl'llaery, cut eryv, id rich fancyt goolds. LA el TIsN & I, N. 53 Old L.eae street, in assdi Stions to thir Illner sloeek, hlve rlecived Irtm Eng lind, per hllip Chestoer, Elwi aEdw lnd l.nanumlul, ans-by recent e. rivUals from he Ilorilern cities, the fdllwinsg; nssorlienle t Iof irdwnre, lroa, Steel,, Aeborse, ('hai/s, (;irdge, Leastlher, / ile. &. hieh Ihee oirer for sale oil ccomtlndling terlus:- HARDWVARE. Brigsi trace chains; ox and lg del; cane arrier chainse, aid claisa for Isaw sIills Ieriglh Uarolina hlse,tWoodst auld lI.ldllns; lIrightlri cast steel hoes, and slaovels ansd lpade-,; Iri/les Leusllinn hiaes; rabblbnag lieas; black CUrdhlea l|ues; beetel'Arietne' alvils; blacks nti's asel lese, l emlners ad tlasr; files, asauted, t ler all kisle, Ibhola.-a's cal ke; suckea spades, aesauted k/ilds-/ lwlnd' lld a m lll Iie' lasil sleela- t saeeel wbhip l) oeass sI ss slarosea hw d ii rseaweEI ipp .eki ilsers as ~ ladilers sleele/la; tlnells; lias sere mells; curry simle; wssas esrPes; Iesan hlks; Aest eae dena laksh ; eistalneks-.e bin lIm1kh nClenrdie ; eya ;lsh Ilhd mallpaIIer liixep" augers; e sitill ces;anl a genersalsee ortmela t of rible cuEtlsery anl shel goods " S AXES. lHunt's eat slell nxes, es.a, tun' pattern; Hunla's hbread mel/l heeeesdaee,/ ith ns l saessele e li Ilaeae l Inetee OSal; Col iars' tie; sned 1t) dozen sast salhel uxeE, made by otlers gllNd Narlil's.l 500 eIso rlat, l s'qr sal easel isss Bal5asnrse boilee a it le Ielht ese ires all siZse IIS S eesa/el iren; Anlricnl, ndo; shtciast .y~eells d ea-1 PIep in squibde Illlt fal ie lree - a-asrl-tel, sallnder sllt'a inska ; Crawlis eseriel;steiln lae ei; he- (I.) Engli.h ls .lbsersed rlel;Ila.sae tinpllallle zinc;shleet uu.aleg lead; siol,eell'sIaes. NAII.S. 50l klglra naails, sell sasorted, from 3-'s 6 inchers; 50 sasks wls ghtaoragls sw ide clasp n dss.e; 511 kegisu gar hils ilbid .sas;5 akeses fsie herse sloe n itsa (risin's, ANCHOJR "'CASTINGS. &c Ashlesors a CTll sieas; elei ctsaier -aa'; I1ll0 Frenah p oel , I nsa I.aslepalersa ad skillletrs large.assert snesll is0 sale kehsles; phleegha of lltsrellss uaip aaete" rite; wilduw glass. 'll saes.a Nesva Set-ia gsdnil alye ahd 6 Ilarge'aisak Cutle/!la isil'lasar ,asserltsuilleal: SHIP OHIIANDLEIIYE ,. : "'Te.ied -rspe adil llssidgs edls'elidtd laretgiud. atl ase/llseaspe; ,of the bassii lind; nad fBtlsa beellsuaaserllt lsseillnaL-hel resia- gai dplaugli liete'acsl r:n Va'/esyaa ::+!'cyd.aiicle in Jhovthip: lisiit (. tier;, Jeatll.r.i AL s-sa ra/ lids h insreas hepr sessoedlss y, bar'ls-a/ses.00 hba uSGs i;istiss l seIssertd jt its It ir.eltade a linis e tIli 3do -=a ops5sl, t las Ia bell S/dhl; lstciril I' 'liii netilld- te /tb ittirlqsi-'ssl ii assal Jese dee, n es-esebeass sId; bb .b--s Aslietsr'lvl a d s jssl sade &t . - -" +d H,"gs • . ." + , , "'a ., wit Flý6d; "~.. _ + -,+ -

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