Newspaper of True American, November 25, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 25, 1839 Page 3
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.:: ; ZC rAZ. NOTICES. TATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial District Court. Charles I'arlinge, un insolvent debtor in actual elln. tody vs. his creditore-T'lhe credlitour of Chllnries Par lange, are hereby notified to, he, and allpear in onli Court, on Saturday the 7th of. Deceriber next, at O1 o'clock, A. MI. to ahew raelle, il oy tlhey. hrae, wliy Mpaid Parlange cioild ot Itvre ille Leroil of ihe laws made. lihr he relie.rof inoolvet, deltors in acial coo lody. lBy ordir i ftlh collrl, thn 13t1h November, 101319. n'.--crl&7tiir l 'LE BLA'I(;. Deiriy Clerk. Charles Parange lmainteinlalt dtleitu ountru e Crdanciers. dTAT DE LA LOUISIANE--Cnor du Prom. Sir District Juticiaire-ll eat ordonrrf que los ordanciere tu pdtitlonnairo Charles Paritlige, sout notifies do comparaitre par devant li Cour, MRardi le 19 Novembre prochoin, 10 hleres du matill, pour ddduire lee roisoni, 'ils on out. pour lesquellee le dit p6titionnaire noe jnuircit pas du bIndfice des lois puasie pour le eouluagenuto des d6bitoure inn solvable on arrestation. .Tdmoin I'honorable A. M. Buchanan, jugo do la dite Cour, on 17 Octobre 1839, BSind, JNO. L LEWIS, 2 .4 oot-3t in 30t GrCrlier. " TATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dir triet Court. The State of Louii.ano,-Tro all whlom tese pro enlts shall colle,- greelin:-\whercas IIINI'Y \l I. SLIAlM PAI.FRIEY, havinrg urrlhrctad lt n sl , Siythcelherioffr'fll o paisch ri Jrtllir -ot, thie rllwitil lhroinaftir Iescrihbed, harpelllicdl ti tihe cleork if tlic Courtl in wirore ffice lilre 'd 1,1' illlr wal recr.ordlel il gthe-reneo eentlo eday i October, A. I). 1.3:,, liar llllli * giu r Advrtiierriot iilln elinforrnity io , Act ill rhe . egiilatureof lth Stle, ill ,rLoriiilrll, eilritlll, ",: AI cl onrchofurthi r ossotrrlllre l tlr e to i l eor i llurctrlr jll d;cil oalsr;" rlpproved elt mrIrller diV of It brc 113.;l3.t: S.Nowi, lloelfln, kow voy, rnurru plrrsIiu iiirelll. eoiie a lrekelbrlh citeo i .d c l! o eia, iicll urre f ilil IIll ' the. eef. of loleidisaa, clllld rf ihr ,ir0l Jlrrilri]i hri. StrictOnuit, wthe o.n nt tip ioy riclll, ihle or ulhin in sad to the poerl hey ilmoatlr iecr.rlcrierl, ill I1s qteonce of ano nllrllality irn tile oirr, I irre Io jlllug mert of the Court lundr ilrhlch tllre ourlilre ss 111rlr rl. any irregularily or illeog lity ill tileii lrlrir.lrrlll crlull ln d .dveotimoeore, in liieR, or ,meorrro .rir tl., ior lltr .. other defret whietonvor, tio fl wire er. Oilli I .hrn e yrltho tile day tdlles Mllitio i i ln elit in il Cl lhi publi palatre, why tile sale so m idel hllnllll oll c i armed and homollcgatedl Thasaid.prollrriy wars iold r Iho he roll'of Ihe nr-. n1039, by virtue tofu decree 13 ,his y :irt rrollfer .l (jIt nI '.eihielort d of th e tiri nrclrr, A ry l t. ill3, in n r.r , .itl Mlrern Ceyti, oirt do llr h C lrsre ir ialll t. v. ihl, a esinor ehilrm ll sd Ileirs olf C'.arii (rl uil, Nio. IAtl1lh fithe drilrh of tlei ue rli, lt iilr ih ll teiu illcr l I Iell . nar Wilsian mle rey lorieal ie I o ulllr, henr hln ilice of four huldred d o r l rirllc, poynhlh cash. es leriplios of propel ely, s gi iiin llrc Judliri:l C(oil weyace, vi. Aceisain tot io goutall the grrlr e l wichr wa lnllli -sated to Wtilliari N.chilo.lrr tilrrl, ut r saler r ir Io Isaac L. Mcoy, autlilllrerl ol' th v r of irloo)rllurim. on the leventli Marclh lH.'6, hSy virelir r of rnll el ern( ,I hii 0Pcoort in tire thirtieth Jelli le Ilt ':1;, nrrI id Ili.ll or. S ordered Itd rrliesid crrirl oil t eitllr!'llllr iu lll,:u l Ir;:!'I, I lI ie reslllil tiile risk o llrrllt o licrrcrr I i .lu ll, 1,r , decting and rofCriusil t ,IIoromr with r ih (o1111wllld InIm ulitios on lcid adjiuldrlicaion. nrril irilrir heili ilrulh'l ill tie parislh iof Jeffertool, i the lourw If ' rllrlllllll l llrgl ed II as nulmhe Fouriri equtreAm A lilr llWti bly iBenjamin Ilulsron, sirnro y fiO ii d hl riih, "n the twertioeh d January I7lI1, aolllt deroitei l i Ith lie":i! -of H. l. Ceseal ,atylry plrllilh oIf hli l erirla ten uring, in Aomerilean oeenur', filly Ir l.n elevfli n icllhlel (ront on Levee treie nll forly feet lhrlle il(call so IIu tfrshtO H lullthootree three Illlhldlle IIan hilrV lnou teet in depth aIld olirl o JeLfItirl,oll lllrn th,, ri wulrrlt i andeoer eeoot6 iohes inll rr lirlir h lf n h lile .iilnvrnl ii rforin 4 No. Tliroe. togeiher Willllrl Ihe rihlllcsurivihl ze onA ichercuonlti irelligillr. W iSincss, the Ioolnirblc A. It. hlrhlrlrillll lerd of lrhP L. . Court luresrid, thli Ilthr day ofI i.llirirhier, im0 P I.E tII.ANC, l)pr. Clerk. 1 E TAT DE LA LOUISIAN F-Cour du Prem . ier District Judiciaire--IL'tut do Ih Louisi, It. ane A tous ceux que ces pr6sentes concernent Salut : 11 Attendu que HENRY WILLIAM PALFIFREY Oyant Scheid h une vento faito par le Sherff' de la * paroisse Jefferson, In prolri.lj ci.apres derlte, e'let adross6 au graffe do cettl Cur oil la iteo wlate fut onr6gisto le dix.sepibiie jour d'Octobre Fr deo 'annda 1839, poir un avis conltormdrnlnt ta 1In scto; de lI Legisltture de I'E it do 1i Lou siane, intituld " Acte pour confirmler Io titrec dles acqe r. tours aux vento judicidiciire ;" apirrou.v I 0 Mars, 1834. Quilt sit connu, et toute. 1lersuonne intiresI. 1e mont par coi prea..tes sOlci116~di ll 1), 1 II de I'Etat de la Louisianle et die la Cuonr ti Priie'nr IlisttrlQ Jutdiciaire, qui pourraiont nvoiir droit a" n pr - pride . i-jape d6crlte, on consclrucnc d'un d6 c fa.t do forme danls I'ordre, In deret nu le jlule I". envit do Il (lour. on velrtu dluqull lA v.t.en t" ID ii fait ot de 'cn c i r '. liri 6 ,i illc :thii I '..timtation, I'avis o. temps et t mode di I:1 I v.ent(-, o, our ll(u JiI cataste (ln . pl ty:el ,)IneI, d faire voir. trotl ,,,tl r. A1 d.lttr do L pIubll0c - , tionll I:o Set a0il0, p)ourpi n is VenI tillrl m ineri t1 I.o(S: - I rait )1 c.tigh'ruie (o hol) I .t La dap nIrolrpro' nft vent.uc par hit Shdriff .isu -I dit, le vingthmn jou, de Sen t11mbro do lanuute 1839, on vertu d'on dtl6ret d, cette C.ur trolu le .dix-huliteiom jour dei Mars do I'anllli 139, dans 'alf ire de Maria C6cil, 6ud.ce deir thirl,- r war i & al. vs. Les 1cEll.tu. minicul ti hIritiers II Charles Cdcil-No. 12809 du l)tcl0dt hdo cc0t11 ('our, Ia quallt vento Il dit Henry \Viliunl PIdlroy 'iEit rondu acqudrcur pourlr prix deI quatr Ceoll|s cinll tquante piastres, piayable c.ptani iit. D"criptio l ndoi' d plrop itc d i prcs le tran-fcr judliciah re, savoir : Uncertainu lt do terro, le m.nme quo ftil andj A Wil jinn Nicolson Hull, a olen vIi.t I ait it lisac L. Mc. Coy, ten0nateur do li vill do laIn Nouvelle Orldecl-, le 11 Mari 18:19, en verl d'un jugeuoent do cltte C ur dul 30 Jan.vicr 1736, et quo la 11 Mirs 1939, la Cour ordthnl:na d'itre re vendtu aux dopens et risqucs du dit Lhil, t cail.e de sa negligence et do sIn rfclsl rI mplir II. termes et conditions de la dit. adjudriationl. 'e lot do terre ctt situ~ dans Ia Parols tio Jef Jrsl'ormn, I, dans la villo do Carrolton, it esti(l d6dnid p)r Ic l. ' morn qpuatro de lild t A, sur on plan dres par Benjamin Buisson, arto1.tcur die la dlte paroise,. le 20 Janvior 1836, et d6iposd diisi to bur.aul (d It. B. Cenas, notirue public te ctte, ville ; il at (mesure Alloricainle) cinlqll(tlllt dcux plids ccin pouces do face A lo rue do la ,ov, qularantlle I i Is trois pouces de face a la ruet Ilurthe, trois cents , trente neuf piids de pirofundour ut face a la rue Jefferson el trois cents quatro pleds six pces t ' I demi surla ligne quo It divise du lot No. 3, ensoii. tile tous lus droits, privileges &c. qui y apparitun. eneat. Tdmoain I'olenorab:o A. M. Buclhanan. o ' doe a Cour susdite, cc 16 Norenlbrc, 1839, 1839, P. LE BIANt',N rdO 31 in 30d Dl)eput Gro fler. REPUBLIC OF TIb:AS. TRltAscunY I)EcPARTMETio . I City of HIouston, 17ti July 183 19 IN pursuance of a requirement of'l law pIused hby 1 Conaross of this Republic, appIroved .linuairy :SIst, 18139, anking it the duty of tie TreastLry to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CII Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice dis oeroby given l(ia the lots in the City of Calhoun I 'will be otfered at Pulb i Sale, on Moidiay, the 18th day of Novemiher neot, bptwsen the iours of 'len ..oelock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. tel of tbis Republic, upon the tori's set lul'th in the following cxtracts fros.Lthe law aubae men dlofled SSee. 4.--.Be it further oenatld. . 'rat the lots ito said town shall be offered and sold for no itlher cur. rellcy tilan gold, silver, audited puper, or the pro. raicsory note, of llis governmenlt. Soc. 6.-Be it further enacted, That the said ;ors Irhall be sold on the following terlns, Viz: Onc fourth part to be paid down, and the other three (forth to Ibe in equal instatlmenteo six, twelveal 1 eighteen months. SSee. 7.--Be it further enacted. Tlat if any rerson who shall purchase any of these afore'aid .ots..shall fail to make paymant of the several iin stalmente in eonformiity with this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such stuts s tlhey lliay halov prov. ansly paid, and the lots purehased by sucll delaul ter shall revert to the gouvernleut of the tRepub' lie. See. B.-Be it further enacted, That all pIeraons, sliens not ecepoted. dhall shae tie irivilege of per hashing and liolding the same, andi the President in quthortzed to issuepacents to them so soon as the last in* stalmIot shall have been paid." The s4le will continue froml day to day, until all of the lots shall Ihave.been disposed of. Calhoan*is situated on'L h, IEast e.d of Matagor. da Island, directly on the Main Pass into Mlatagor. Idal Bay, and from its advantageosa position, will probably become the principal commrercial city in' Western Texas. A Plan ol the city may be senc in the Cocneral Land Office. I The several papers in this Republic,the Cotmmer. i, eli Bulletin, Puicyune and True Aiseolician, of N. Orleans, will publishl notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STARRI Secretary of the Treasury. H.A'rI'--T. h subslribers hawe rerceed id at re re L ceivisg bly every rockhetu thrg! , u P'lc ) ulu Ilavrr, R ussia, Fur fnd M o heskin silk 1lif ts, eIuthe in-at.'. lIsh, ion and best mnnellufactu.o, whiticfi they ilr iel llstcl tin to. ithe izenn and pub:ic Ie.yrll v, For ste by. i .e . d j. i. GulS:uIi. 4Co, S Naval, i litary" & F.shiunble, under olJ x' l"lhn'. Hlltel.0t Charles it oj " "I TOVES-Now receivini fro sialls ndee &0 r.n.cis D5lh1U, ia spiediid iicsrlentmet -lcuh as, WVilioi's 'tpatenlilrtcned Pyrasid love.=, Iitiac.. 'tticle-l-Pr. lpcur, teibeg, ecklintc, &c .'. c Foite by" "M I & F DEVEIttEUX; 9 ..". cl' st Enartsnn'a Razor Siropso, Thiee dcpcis of the " ti.sici articlennjt te.tce.[lt by . 1 i • .-;t 3, R' E3: k D'r.. G,' L :,0CnitIp s -'lia.,;uri tpi.-50U coil' Missititui blte rope, ianeih" .p I " a ' ll' i' ".ei t r, qila d r. elc i.b - BOOS &,XMU3C. E.. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' HALL, NEW ORLEANS; T i nisortsllrt of pposo bl eilg slts COs tplteed, tilth soulLtcsit fl'o 'r Itt! Follwing list to the partl cullr attenltionll sI It'e public. l'ices. ustllual. law. English Drawing Paper, (TWhatnman) D it 2.(1 . l'B iche bylo ,while wove s-ledit , '21- 1 s de 17j. doe iois l, i t 1 to 19. do ISler l yl, n do J do ittpsrial, 31n do I 1 di Ileolll lll, 2it do t 2 do All tli' ltin e o xt'o tlhic', rough g rs'nsl . Americat n tand J Ii.ofisle lare lindinst 9551/set'r /?st' J Ilst o t'tt) r. (Whomhle n a e ni un. , al John (lIrw'hh , , Flt Cu p, 1 Inchbt, I lue , nd hill. owo v 1. its ot 5 1 9 l siid o n Ivr y oyal ,- ; r do gi dt A ll l gildt, di xt tl i d dti For ,ýtei. Le/er r i a /'srjl. (.i...I tse' oo s o o "'i r s sllo ,t do oil o st's o I i ors,) . gt lish Noy t IIp, s, i o. and 1 h w . i Ixtlra toli waige(hck tet d gil ait t tarteoetos'l ; it. g oglti t lioled il\ ; :l ., G ib . t I ssoss ',s'iiiltsr ew <o r, I s hI s r po 't It a gilt Srl ,trld s II kd a It l . potli.' , I t ls t lo t ,1,d 0. s ,' hl 11 11,11 ( u r l ll~il l''i post, A. s1. ihi ste 'slo, v toe sts ievsi ei \ n:rll' nir ,. o t l l do g ilt t t s Foolso , nod U c N ro. p o ss, w ite g ite |'lln Ln iFol]+ l'. . Piol ; d, , g It ~l'hllld pi t Hle; Ph. -i .til o t aIs lsssr e rI sh , It tile, als sto mlll l dro y o',1d sli ' ellt . li lisnt , 1111 i t t11td .l gilt ior' nll ls i llll i l l ishr o slsd ssts 1tl d ohz illll ll l , o } t I"li-b~loll c- I d I "t. Silk utro lrr, whir" or lint ed l ltl1 gilt dJo d llo d l oll e ri h5i w i stiutl Amtrsrac PLPers. Ppers. Asssrss .rol sss.''a s ton ssl flos , s ll rss' esl sltls ' v lol oo' l'ac cI' I I',al. i 11)ri w o .l Illli .. (ido l wlll it I dhi do oh) 11 nI hl ,I1uI rl'.s (;clard~ iu. I ' s, t ill I in', itnd oi l l o lher gold mills ill thE i seess s " h Iwe . "Fllll. colored miet I" & frl 1olo osst, t . f ', "Isl e ml sl ltur Lve ,n' luh5, 1's N's. ,1 ,1 'o l l t ll e o 'V-iter lilld llq-t, s I I. uhll , lill+ Ilt ' o ul I hst ,i.s l It'sts s ,l. s s ss . . s l- l . I .' h ssl t.' : lllWhO I"III' s ,IIIII-iv Irlll eill o ,h ed o ss t iss No. , l wove r111OI l Fuelostl 11. Pot . Ilto/sd Paters. Iovid, s lss l ii 111 s ely 11 dos 'Is Folioi ,post, Ih lt I · ll llr w ,lr.. w ve do dl ) tII rrotI(tI I l pIII III tI11' ItIlclI 4 .t0llOl pa. iel, loot ltllt l oi d 1 sodles .lllll stlll side do , ll lvaler ,1 l c ou1' rl l I, s. . biot Ii so's ti, Ni' .. .h II dl d ,t i st stl sltolssste i'ost o'l . i o C " with II orrl - r. iii dnr fr -e ,.. (i-rthrints I ajlavs' st:'s si's. - 1 "is 'osisl -. , ii sttstss -i ot '50550 I s:: rsss l .. ........ ,,,, G ei d, oil C lo ,N' lrt I ssprs".s Id s ; si s i i' s is- t ' p l ,sst+ .it. .... s. ... .. -,'u.,. s',, .,ssss ....tes , , Iilss' o. ill s . 11 I Is,,,I, i si Isi,'s-, or iits, suted5 s'tsstis I.''5 ''t l,' . s _ Sl,.-.i i. l~I. , i~ý 1,htl,. ,,, " "+Vili t,+i'IV*' 1:1 h. · " ;..... Ii,;IIlll) IlP, ",:i r.......... il {-.I1,I I,1I ,,1, rlill ,d , t.1" , J 1110\1' , 10, `' t Il', l h, , 11 \,",' . . - I ', II -~ 1'1,,..' \I h, 1, 1 \\ ,I t'' nl - , ll.[i I.. .,1,e ,, J J II.\1 \\ F:l.l. ' 1., ib1!1 w1 u ('l,] lt i d [ J ' i I;' I' I I 'I" 1-:t . It I 2 ' II Itol I t lI ] l .I 1 h I hl . l 1t ,\ 1I l 0lh h ll i,'" h' :,, 11 1 b i 4 in llel Ir m.h11" in l l l l l k ll l' hl v i i I ol ro o t1 S 11'111 'd 11 1 Ih"ll 1 llle dorot ! .1 - ltt, ie j lu l l d 101 .1 d1 u 11,. I0o000 oIOO 'oIt n II I 0000 In do 11111. n: Iles n pen, 1w'anb 1eaut ii . Iesm aIl n i ll, 01-. h l . I II0 I ll l ll'll, l0l 'o0eho -. 00 0ua00 1 w .l 111 111-1 hwo 1 . 1 l t mi"n ,in -20himt I l nl 1 -,~-, 1 lth0d000 0 0 101..0 , I I o ll o iii I 0 l0lllkl0o0.n t . r, , l ' ;e Ullll ull I",o h r' l I , 0 0( ll ll llr Illl lltý; I,1.-i no ll, 1 I . .",con t l ll lllll, l w ho;1 11, 1110 11\ eh-l 1h ; i (r, I " I IIII.d III1 Ill al r" ,l)lW llltL IIlti'hit tl(9 tCan p i;,,,,, ; d-1,h I e'o. , I ,ll'll ,il\· ,lll: " .1· lii ,l'l,-; tll.l 1 ill \ I(,,, 'uhhllll"lll lt' hll --I' 11( IC: Ii, lI. l: I " \l II Ir p 1, . II' pr 1 , . . ll.\ NI IIIIIII I i? I I l' In'. 4 ld llt l\l \11.1;" l . ,loio I 0. 0 . I .v lll , illjlo-; 000'0 r,1 110,\ p le I l i od, 00 onI n1'l o l. l.o. e. t ha 1"- 11.11 lo iol l M pr , le s. ,11 It l .o l , aol h l o lo oanl ;lly lollo.ho o e 00" T o K ,,0:10. f10 r ho , Ill o it,,lo I ho I t.o l E .' lur. - N\ \nr o e 1,11 I l i lnon .Ia, IIII'.' - T ot 0l . Io[looLo WIo" luo 11,,Ior lo ( llililloo hiVll y IIIaIn I 0- 1000I1 tu0 1,00r01001 i L, i . i \f.+ins". r 'lahi 70 " I0 d .0 l oioi msl o ctli l n by I. -, Iht ' ll , I, 1-- : ill tlootiolll S011-t O oo.i 0 0l 0I00a Iot]r ale oo a 1,N L1o I loo'i O t.o lli.. l ill - l , o lllolno et A0loooool llII oo.nowl oo t he ' II001000 10000.0 iL o'ooooioo it ti 0 %I1 i i " I, 1 0I'0eato-, \ h00 l 00( " lollnoilon 1 il\,1 llli t l -l Sl'aike' I~i,,, I 1.' bio . o'ook-rl l I ololo.' 'o t ith I C(0lsle b h AII otIollor il' h 1 4 C. i te-ll i -tlo..l oo, 0il : ,ll ..:0lu1 0 0llol l , n n' u 0 -0-00 ·-00 P y lltt, - ite ll I t.I, O Id oooootorPaoh Pi . i fUl,,, a i I t HloL l ''e 111 r llll 'lll ff/llrll II.r IIII+ tl'.l , l l E- 1: JUINt oo ('11- 0 0 lttloo o lh ol, oodI 0 o Iooo rllo'l"o t ('lorl*', 0 llll l t oo lllllntlO .l Ir' al: .Ihl't I 0 00' t+, b1 J 0lt 11 C t ,, lia r Ii I I t-I.,.o 1 lll ll0o l 00C(ib*riooto o rIo o.0l'.o Cio I t;'ll ho I t"eY Jolh n C'tlo kt. 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T l aw 1- 0 tI. t l i:, i." •rr o ! r - -. -'i t. loe~ nn, 'oo dro ':oO ol0 0 rho o111o1 l of 10oot toa itoo at boouI'..,,, a .g-a'o0 of u .oo 1 01 000 a Y I odaao1, oor oi o 0 1o'hiioO !n a nti radi re t amn11non. oloastraooron'1111rn tf N oin ho ( __ 1oh0 Ao r 'OWAeRt .d 9 Carnoost SEIZPING LIST. Coastwzse, FOR( NEW YORIK First Ir(Aulcr PINcket. Holmes' ILine cf Pcc.kc'tc. U.(Y r. sail on tire 2·.d inlt. . ''he i~E t sili ( p cket hiPic C ciicl Ui , Ilin er ncIirclllc, cIiL' IcJci .n ' ci II(I llM iU 'l(. engagede cllol. : ,l wiikll anll.lll· neashe Ve, I andwar g cull (le cl.llllllalli1) 1 I-I' Ic io - iu ll--llill c-l] uSn glucI cccccccci ccic-cnine cicicic- c on h1rd, tIwr tiers IwlIw t We V gcLceli Itc c'.c-. r IllI A c-ci llN, c l -(cc ,lllll .II n li Iiw (k n cd (nw (Irl:(e lh. T n h I llc i k'i N hI ) Ad'1 ' cc-cc.-I I. Ic - , ' t-c w I ,Ic.m , t ii ((ct.11. I Il ii Plllt i l hI:l ' 1. II l, i lill. h, 1 ha i . I I I-cci,,, ..-c c.,x , ccic I cccll-,,'c i l,,,-.' ,f t lh Slltt.l 1,1 \(tih'l'. +tllel h II +ill·'llllliill.l~l.Jl- I',1+ I)·l<<,'·lll't'le .O 111 1 l l·l 1:1.1 cllll c(Ns l r I li l,''ir IirI,;'UrI'`·nl~h f.+l<<l. "l i~i ,Il t,)('Ij ,hlli ilLIii I, UIftIl ror the Inteioru.~l~s 1 -l ni 1 ,'i. ] I·I,. F1) 1.11"11" P -Icl CI II1r cc. It) I i - lll~lr, 1] ' 11 lllc clc .. \ 1 lllcl ilcc 1"()I{ I llqr l ll.,l l+Hl ' ll~( l I -- .,,'. 1 ~O TI1.' I'-- J~lii'lC II)(l+>' r t n o-i her-iilgi elit e ,l, l w ll . i o1 + its ll-li s us ru n idl th , ic(e in t lp l), ll t , I,,i heizl t pi , a++i£. , ap ly on lboa:rd, ,.lpn,,+le l,,,- 1 b l io i c i p l i t y o r o N U t 1i' heII all nlllr .e w 1 \ 4N,P (· taliinl.1 k ,tl c-cc| llill'l r.l· + llr I lil + h I" iA .1 lrll l+c' cclllccccc'-l -c ( (lllll i l or th- Interi. i c r. I, ckR I . i I c1 k c . cl. . ... I. . ..... I.h . h lr P cf cgc ctcil cji\ll l .lli til\ ll 1ll ~llll. t 11 -.'1 ll (r.1l(h ll i c-I n.l &t W Ih ' h I lT1.1)J li Til . ITI I11 Ic' ,\. F II IH E Su s . 1i i ..\ 1 a .. \ or.. l ,,',i ,., i· , r. l- -- lc-' 1.1, ic i,,, r, ic , i ... .. .ic. . ...ll i l 1ilhirnsa 1i, h it Irut w clll c-c-ll ..l . t ( ii. dccc c . lc- l+1c ,, . !. l llV . :1 .t- il c - c- r I. . ...ll . i . c ii. cklt ct I.\ c c. (2. I . ((c i Scccc -i . '(- Icc, c|hc- clciii l ccc-ict. i. r.l-,I.. l Ie111t11ll Ill .hd+.: k c . cl fc-c-cc ir ll-lc clcic.aI "' cl c cii r .illlll ,l~l\. (.llt III ,':Ii'kl +i. I ll ik~j ll l. t'l l'II l'+I .O'll ( II· llll o11 Ih: . c, c Iccr cc c I -ccl i__ l l.' I h\ r . Is l I cl cm it c M. I II 'IaI cr ci cr l w'ic 'll c ccl \l.-' l ' i. I. i l Ic i1- . l l+'i'~l. I lll' l 11111 ' l' l ll :'.alil I' It I': T I'It,\l ', (ll'l'll ) l'l'l+l IIiN11' C1h. rlitr lsi I l ot~iil hi , illili i ren ,d Il clct i ct, +-c ccll l c c hclv icc .- . l , c(ccc tic , llelru Ihcl cc11" t t rd, eilI b l rhll i 1 rlinti l lrc.ccTi'e rc crcilc t c i cy Ni-l l j lmln c ,cc (N , fil,.i hh cl cchc '+ ~ rt o"+ i cci , cr ciccc I c-c-ccl h- c h, -i c 'c.-. - > * I I cccl.!i . , h- I (it ii, ..(.i .. I'-lcclc... ...... h,,lI-c .... - .1811 n scc cc c I c1 c c l ci i 1 i.. - eloll T l.c Il cc nic i t1,1 i.1. IIc - ll' II'1c - - - ll l' - lllllllllL l X , ll l lll , I ll' I ll+ llll'llilh lllO'L 1OIW E l0thh"- (l'REW , l)+. V. l ll~r1. rlll++ llll' tlPll11i'*i (1 11.· ill le,.' ,ll1 il h1 illrl /I l'h.' ((! 61il1,+e· lll+,,r h1 'r~l (· lll. 1 h (l~ t1' ii++\ In.? ,,b~Yi·llt' II I lllalhlrll Vt'llilllli~'p i11 L.PInh~li-hill C Jlli IIe-litlllil ,il rl·,ouh.1 1,rhie.l" 1l111( +'.her,· ll' r1.+r.. P.ill )),+ 1tt.+.d1~· d t,+ ,,I 1·v,,rv) Ill)lill of IJ c'illcccc cccclW 1 cc cAlhcY, c cccl.-chl.. +| It. llhl'llltrliar 11111131.(, ( II1 IIII+tl ll~ l··l J llvll teII -I'(i'EI rltlwil(" El fwit t ill E' (l(NlllllP X Y Nk l)ci ic- lccci nnd lii.c" In I v Alic- io -ccc to -c I h - lc (cili ,I II cccc;- ' cc.-,( ... ,.ic .... .. i ........ i . ... . , ,I . Ihii d l .. n p pike.. \Py r .+ih. hy, f10- (l l.- l ·I '( ,.1 l.l',ll~ l IZ--- ,rr r~''il l',n \| i~l·I. Allh'1, ii111 lh.1··.1 ii. d. l' :11(11Jillli k'lBr ++"I )I+ I IIII1;,rllu It'., ( 'n illr+ ',r .l d l,.-(1II III l \III I1I),:ll no1. llL it, tilL: Il-r\ t1,+ 11 a+.· I-[,+ 'lll - JTIIIII. '~1111 1 it ;.II ,i I,. h :5'r >l eti vrl~l,~ o31" ·;i T, I i~ll.I \ 111 '·1, !) (+ti lll > l/. -,hlll+4 1100i,. f lrlr Ill111il+ u .r','v . Ihjl·\ h I)t. ccli lcc cc!J ccc-c Jlcc \ l,'lc.ic l . ,7l l llllciil cc- I c- t +l i lc-c dci llcc i ir c lllrc. It lw cl ln l all llllllll.lloin ii .hllnlt t sluillli bri l l hr e ouCh Utllt. Ihtrl ill Iollow of superior quality consisting of hbot 1 ;+Ion ii" v; Potl ,l . " . ....,rlnt sit,.Z i. ,n .r: to JIr.: ,.IeJ ne, is'ltls, 15I 3,us, Ifron 3:os I10 l g ifllos Blak, p ,is or O)ens, 7 ,htalrnt stzes, ''na I. l ott s 3 is, 6 do Skill,t., . . 5 do IF'lit Spidrs . 6 do 'o sr r 2 do I)r11odd!i - 4 do ,rTv I),s, . 6 do \V sI } s,.xes from 1 I 4 to I3-1 inche, A St' t do. 5 t ,,, . 7s \Wood Srr wa, 2it 111 Rrvs,, iron and bras=, froDn : in" l,, No I 1o1 ::!I t11nlh. S, N,,, lt , Js1f ls :! ior \ qnllily nlld finish, and Icss thoan JsnI s i,,pstLed Sad lrons, assorted, in ca.ks of about 500 lbs for t), retaint g, ! Tailor's and lottor's [rol', ,assorled. Sash wiglhts, 101) tons, asso,,ted fron I 4.4 to I 2011,A [Ilols for Pl'ltalioons, steambeoats, churches, &c. mado to order, A Al' slte mbeats and other machinery made to The aios ve asionrtmient of goods is partieulsrloy ol recoUsllllsesdd to tI,o atltentlot o Soutlern and Wi'slorn mlrc'hants, ad are ofl'red fr sale at low prices, and upon the mosI t Irtl termlllu ; it is be lievd to bie toi largest and besit issortment ever otlered for sale by any one estah!islhlnnt in thel : Unhitd States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, e~, have a prined circular. with description of go, o-. pricesand terms, from wlhich no deviation is r made, fnrllished by return of mail. All orders will receive limonediate attent:l:o . i New York, 1838. 1 TO 'l'llE LAI)IEs. S DR IIUII.':S UTI'EIt .\B.111)OU N.'!. r N ie' , .I; d IllS newv instl rumcn:t for the c .1 ,: , ! 1{' T lapsus Uteri, or alling f , ' ,," . x' e ternal appllication, sup)erstl , I i - , t,; u jectiunable presoary, is c , ,n..( l. , e:li ,., end I.. 1 h to tile ilfflictd as the I, . , , it;o ! I-ct'r ':sil to health, it never h t ,,,, r , a cure, even ullder ' .,,5, ,* e...¢ all cos. It has reeo ,v:d i -. t ,l , o a ,on of Sir A:\stey Coo, :r ,of !.,,(,', ( i".ja,1nin C Brodie ; Sir J . s t'. ::., s ' , the lQuen; Dr Ashwell. i ,t .': , Gu(y's 1Ios. pital; Dr Rigbv, 1, ;, r , t ab solomlews; Dr n, Griflitl" l i , r ' r - 'Hospital: Dr SRamsbothaL, i' 5 ho hospital ; Robert ' Forguson, r, r inster lyingl-i hospit, of al; Dr Sor'a , ' ' t ,. o Middlesex hospital. and nior uc,,s i ,' , on Charlotte's lying; Sin.lospital, ai b I~.laury Davies, ConquesstsF n.h a Blullsd6ll, Lee, l'r ''i, argon Keatos, o &o. by od Dr Morrosa, pro-!,' , ut tioa Academie Roayalo Jo Mediiinal, I',r, at ' to:c,:ler to the IDuches s D 'O rleans ; r. , ".l' ", . '" "',. ..... M arjoli , l'Paul Dubois,Surson '.. . in New York by I professor J t .- rd, M D profl's a, Isor of midwifey in t, ,,. ty of the cily of Now York, proon. ID,!i, , 'rancis, U John. I lton, president (Ci. ,' V. 1 " v, Laurens II ll president med so, , York, pat's Jas so MoNaughton of .',, , "tl,, Cyrus Pr. kius, Doase-IDrs h"'o l., 1 ;bort Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Iu ,'.. ,, o V. .che, Power, Grayson, Van RaRs.,l.,.O r :,i mr.. other distin. guishod physicans ' U .;tal lA G A lull, Oicu \'0: sc) st, A ssr [louso N Vork. rk; A constant sua [ , `o ' s . a ln, lmr'" llrnenlts, with I)Dr lull's imprv ' . s f',t Urnia, will b;e kept by SIC`fi,'' -. Cu, N Orleans, • 1 G Catrpenter, Natehlz; 0 ~,"s & AL. I , Wood. ville; Booth and Manllort , It, ,pl , ; 1' \VIIi;n soo, Somerville; h[ ll , to, I 1ltohis,.I ,', N.sltville; MoNairay and Hamilton I R Il, U6i., Florence J C Spotswood, Athkns. t IRON ROOFS-The l ,-cr5b! c ha1,0v 0 I 1 "ured at a great explrn e, I ' t 'li r _ tron ng rootIs i this oiy. Ty 'I'ne, l., at, I, llplloli buIldings, warchuoise- ao,l'r, .'c , I,..,s, o :nd ce,.,mo inte at once chbeopee . ..J ,0 , ,nd are t rftroly fire and ivantl'( "" 'o'.r,o.. I(yv be known, and a midnel seen ,t 1? , t, opposile St. Ilar.., norkv.,' ,o i . o, 5' oct 2 1k I ', l- , ('s LAPTI.AIN 31MAl4tu 'ATT'1" NI '' \l(0I., Rattlin tIle Reefeir,b? the author o eut pe . , 1 t,0 . ,f b ( so ptaia Basil lall, li, si.,i N;.,, F'. , Il.e - , i ll I lo d l llol.l lord lb o r i rl ac' .v Allan t Cs mby'hl. s' t he(i ,h pard Lee. w(ri1( ,', Iy I,nso eLf, 0n . ,,t.. osh A o m p e ad io ns o Oi JOltor y ,tatO , itrsoo lo t Ire 0 orlhoi.0l Iiill So ot' Nali tei (runo€. leto' i l ming No. 7!1 of I:rPrIlrs Eamilv l. nr.. Vols.e " 4 of the sur rttkpl oa.d( ts so, Ot 1 l so.. is of IW'soihglool Ir-ril0 v ,orks.. hen Roger's Freoaoh il o Ilinr Ubltionaaryr I los,:r , Isa- flcgenrl Frerch aod ol/ ,/l . DiCloo.r. ALOIO-A few io'le coi0od of Cotrth 0 I50 .hl'li,, t: ! obro "[iooen:'o i'bogs 000, is'-M ile 50 , ,00 0

t1h e(iolo' i Ilprove Iltcl Penstpliamlned paIld S di t-e di e ed . fr al b. Just receivrd, a I for sob. y . eo " . PENJ. E ,E\N I , LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Upj 2utttorit't of toc S.tate of tottuiatta. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIIARD, MIANAGEIRS AND PROPIIETORS. D' The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presentod to the Public. I't e IIALF 111 LION LO I TERY will be draws in Decombkce and finished at one drawing. The e TIWO 1L LION 1,0 I'EIY wilt be dra,,no ntthe old I la of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheel, and Blanks and Priz s in another wheel. Both Ltotteriecs, undi the supervision ofltwn Jultdes of1 CoLrts, WILL BI: DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. 'The II 1,1' II(.,TIO\ LO I'f EIlY tfibrs chances to 1,291 Plrize, of which 33 are Priz s o Real Estate and 335 ol .Slock, besides many Prizes com'. p ,oed o"i'licklis in th i ('r' wo Mlilliun l.,otiey, afforeiol;, a partli epl tien o'clunaie al tos t ie boiledr o a Ticket fior Prizes in lThe (RANI 1.() It lilt of Too illions of I)ollass-- .,000 Prizc-!!-to the full amount of $2,000,000, of which 11,7 are Prizes of Real E.tate. (Otly 9 BIlakis tio a Prizo!!!-Simlole Nos 1 to 100,003. 100,000 'lclkets at Ai0--2,0(0|,000. Scheme and selling price tie same. ATlori thI P'rizLe in Ieu! two lotti rice are many puhll andl Irivate bi!dinge whclc adnrn fhee city of New ()reann,, aen are the pr de of its iuhab. itlr--llO Verandahl St, . C(:hiar!e street 'IlTheatre, Anmerican :ap trce, ''heatre, St. Charima Arcade tliluiu.s hlit, i ch l, Ita Ios, t , !lllldilln Lots, anid man;liy entllro ,llp ares of Ground-- besides S locli;s ll d ()tllld InSllllllS o|' twhe StittC u|' lOlli.i: tla, iloqllllll'r ill th l e to , TWO MIL;LIONS FI'VI, iIUiDOH..DIa. TLD 1? iJ 1.iý, B )OLI, AIRS. All the tool Ertleaul SLoclks oilfredI in Prizes are ,,ri w ,y thl(im anl ini : ie ri.os-ieei:-,le ieta ,ifsole, with cear tit le, are vested in heir firen, ailn| rc irded .t t otfie oIf Adollhle i \, Notary lll ,ac eli.e if caiuci;yauucs, reallty to tifer n thhol ers io PrizT 'eel'u ts, rx cit frioi 'liTe propiccerty Is snt ar altnIerably to liat :UcIl intd IlulV purpoe, aid alu in oii ivicct wihtevcr be conoved oth.rlwlse i y tII flif than II thle holders cof the I'rezs Talkets. AMERICAN C tIiP' STREET TIIEArIIE LOTTER Y, ('.Pitrr.s. ti50,000, IN 1,291 Pla)IzI ! 1\11 bhedrawvn in IIDECEI111I1tR NEXT; and in ordtr to gratify, at an early period, the purchaserr 1)11 ol'tickets, e ct o, iation is adopted for this Lot. tary t nly, of 1 to 75, whercfby the drawing wilt hI completed in a few minutes by the drawing of li NiumtIrs frtom the whecil. in I 67,525 Tickets, at 010 each---0675,250. flt' 1,291 PRIZES!!! nr froa SC IIIM E.. C.1MI' ST. 'II\EA''ll'E AND GanouNt, a own 'I fiS . . . . . f ..10 '0lol .h. Iif h rst t l t h oll r tr h Ist.r i h i h i nhli r.... , lh l .......0,rimu... ".,,u's l ,I tit' ..... . .. . rner ol (t'rip tii \tllhli streets . . 4110,1100 IP,,,. t.. llh, . b5th ll4d th. T'f t t.,lht tth, lis sttorv kI store on Old Le- 4 sn! atliel ) copied [y l,\les'r, 11 0 11 11\ op- 1 riz t. the , 81h and 9 t d. jlt tI,0 . That ii,, .i r ,'.l l I . s b eid lot, No 74 hI Il ... .. to . ll Ilhh, I I11li , i 1t11.' T'lt Iwo, 'tory do.ublh dhelit all ad double It 'PI in d M.c ied JI allil 18,0110 Anr ntire sitt are nafgron'tfi ill fa flotrg Aln n. fat, r'i ltl .d 11. hounted fy h lihe rty, lenton, edit t\lo lllllln and n rt I .r l oret sls. 14,000 ed r izto f , 2'' ittf 5ilt .ll Thai IIioi ory mtore and lot corllner Cnnap antid ol Julia ttret,aoccupied by 1r. l . Launthierfr for e: d. v goods. . . . . . . 0 12000 l l'rtzI to Ist, 2 and ifth. hllt lonte tolrvy atore and lot corlner of al Mary IY I and Julial s,. . . . . . 10,0100 It IPrize to ist, 2,1 and7th. A certificate I ir 500 tickets in the two million bteery, iat $.1) 1thd . . . . 10,1100 T ieitItt o(linn t hIlder of lhi' pritr Iay realizen tler hippy d'stiniy to obtllt poi sesin in)ll,ttrougfh Ih u"t Inllelilo, ol f Ith principle portion o" lth various splendid prizes in the t o mnillion lei' loterv, ill be a- o Prize to Ist, 2.1 nod Pthb t That I ,re, Ielihlilg and1I extel ive lot in the wit \itv oftl. tiii 'l ibtr t l tiv aodati,ernlr grit \ a li,gto i and I:llllptwa I II s. I10 by " f in I 'ri ir to Ist, 21 ,l 9tit . 9 ril . \ crtlliI al., of 4It2l lickets in the two million 5 .01 lottery, t1 e noh 5,O000 it' I'rlz to IIst, 2'l and 10th. t I That one story dwelling house and lot,2 2, M. NaO lll ,ti t. nettII toI doull lot I orner oi f Met to" *lmnll a 0 11 int'l f iii 1 ,, m It, ild und ;i lth. . ,'lielt' fi, r11 :1i lickets ill tI the two million 1 l lott ll . lat $i0 ettl, . .00I IPrze to is a211d nda i".tth. A d un'ling l Ih s dI lot on Vicory st. 5.32 M. bting id Ire tt Illtrlog corner ofa'En P, iz. to 1.t, :3l 1a d 4i h.' S 'ertile lr 300tickets in tihe two million f I' eiz I/tlo ,, ,3d1 indt] ,111 . .\ lt 1 grmi l l rlllll l a ll 'lll 'il t s I h11.Leiii tin Prize to let, :,1 unld th. I l. t , i t, f t. - 11 ic k -I S inl t tw o i lli o n i I t t to I Irtit u i tl hton' ,Th. it or' tivke in the two million lti'll' . i 'l t lT' Oii ba t. A nto I Ill I,,I ol dllii a ' h tdil d cllot , :l i M. io 1 l'l:ll, ._hltl +t. lnext ti1t e ltar'r Ilot o l'"Vic ory I t pl izel to Ist. 3Iitnd 0l th. oi "it "sitint' I' tt I' T llitrtt ilt t-1. "a 3.,0 itt ]l li l f Ir Ie r 1 tail i l ll . ih -,t ,aIlle:' s l I,.ill 'i In I lri el to 1 1st.1 andlll lt itl.III ll S - t n lll i Ih r 15 ik A t i Ir r ,.l ll: : I,.lion l o *l h h, l i t 'r a1 c h 3 ,000o = 1 ri'ze I,1, 3d itlll itlll . 31n Itt ,t'.i' re t o roa i ll fitrafbota ,- lort 21n11 bof Iintl, nitoai tit att -,, h ... l t r stitt t an i ' t t' t Al. I2,110 Ell aIt',. lt it, ill. it and . 'I ll. I 't II : 'td itotitllll llt . ,1111 u Irim, to l , I 1bttl o th. A ,e~iral , bluihlinl ohlt 2"i )eet on 3hmt gut ./ Ir 1.:hi t . 411. li lt l l rlourtl l st. I ,1u n 0 ldt Prize to 1Ist, . tal, Si r 7 tth. I .41 .... •l .......r of gv id..., `,'.l of . ded m:i" Ir m l o . r ,ti i Eaghie to. St'10) 11 r ' It at'ti thi t, th r 4 ,000 i ti aft... l-" .. bt n ttded by i t. F3,000 d ý, . ' - a . rish. and 1 Ith. - l , ,t ali tton 1tre, tn 111 i lot froh t il, t street, • t itt- o , 5tit lai thr . Sf0- titt'a' tIh7Sf ratolt, ft f P it'o la t th ilt n 21 1 t, tuiti tf3f t) s l't.r .l ch on S h retlt e . '" to 4 I0 t each u: o n rlt siraeta st, t , a iO at l tut c -rn'r Ocre l stlne atai 0 cO 11"et " Pri ,nto i I st, . th t tl tl th - , 21o h ll cl ito3 lt- r5th and Tith--ltl, 5Sth an1 thi, 30000 each, ati f ! tli-lng tsh ofs roun d, l .ituated, Sl I to a1i Sfrolt l, 'orit wrier .,': ashhlgtmill sIreet, $i3110 U each, 1,: ' :1. i IatizR t 1O 1t t, h 1 anti 10Ith-I-r, tilt and I 1 J -1I, Shift n it ll, I si--d, att tod I t I-Ol, 0th I s a (ift h , IOlhft-O, I nll. d !lhb. 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