Newspaper of True American, November 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 25, 1839 Page 4
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pGir.kirt al I iik olltii-iin Sll !ttl e lt Porrlet Sit s, lo : t+Ycl A +» .bid ,fushin?.' a+d h il ITh a ' ainblder m snpc d ý f i l :e a c v.'l.s anoe- alnai a full - it r. m ii. ihe Itn; len: b n.essll , Inckingd glasa, n, n A i lgi lprt an l nlowa: razrnht and plain tck,twilst, dtleaiOg, aide .pal; curl and car. ery comrs enovermn S thl ike tngclher with a 70 tiine ; Fleridt, harey, -est i ohl e of la erya size anl dle - ialr haig diw in elkes anail poten e tie halil, heBra ansi an mtOelt niutA, plain aandl erfulced dte eare rppl a-lld .nzes pc ia and oltarina tooth wash ala qini eand red rnealian, tonlirne i Ar]p heatp b palins oef gprena se C [ to io wg and glard ckholis h i dust: ie,cralb,liearthifaoor, ianr an di i Nail, laving, ali ald S sn lmt ig ru riutia and toilet rf artie fggeand a h<q draei gor glansses, loalf lniidl not ennmnerted. a"nd aalad oar oablre and dore aing easnes, asoe S id feinely faret work bisi and dres Tc at aailrtm itill usicelni.shun l bomea. Ac tin, itni oa f tvaina dsiaa vii6llns ad guitar , silver and Sltnaoinidl anldlea daiwea pecr iln lr carpontrs and nraynina.iaiii14plnclak land piitols with aitd without n o lae lerc lslifre maipel, ' esriaepna cilap lih ger, noipple a rn ; , v shot bnellIet'i, c lisrde, c stae lcnkinig, tay leaIatta, lisdinala na il cery biari, Irells and i arlna, fl daia tat- iva, eanzors Sild sCissorn, thiaiailrlr, aalldlina, lly ta , steel anid onrumanr ,Fetar - eaaijna. k Wil~lea atof v arinaluia. Iil, viaitag hLain, dolls, iaitation frit, soua f klid',i e.mdn ra' Pomaroy'a, naaiand Hawkia razor strias lad rfahy bead neaklacee, do with r-ac ijNfl earlhuttnGe, pawderfaniak, ana toadl ama ana& anad ailver r d, gunl elastic auspell nde n ira'lpintand awanr callen, backgaemaon iad1feft witlalndiaeejwaharpsi, local oboe atch iaadd lg varpimlila witli. great variety ola othiler ati lcat enfwlaleh h sold for cals or city aeccepan eana na12 aontl lnr enit. B II SIIMMCwiS, & co. * <"· - r 70 Chartresaa. ::R- lh t 1i , shot an, Nn pMastlae alackti, ar t eaiw rsetsinian~g Ibnim anps Nashind lle, Lndiaville, Kaiiiielhe W~el.iai oliher late arrivals train .he· . }" .'11esndcnt.'auto sd raz aenirted s ssortment -*,' nf!t 30ll. Shoes anal Brogans, tua alalali 'ahblll.v tll to wi an peggeil bouts a as talilln rgti; nlli calf seal" anii Maornnie ala oraiapad hgaiA bakskin shoesa, brln'ai ani I llongaala hanO eoi; da siFi( kilpnal ar, pxlegged ansele a k hdbl i; entlemen's htqualiiy caul"sewed sPhoeys . Ia eai", ' Mantin Hwowaia; lb calf nal Mitoroacao a a.tthlinnia al . biganat; n call; deal a.lal Mrtanuam i n Ilfiallnslia liilllt and Cailf, bullf i asnall waig; "a mew ni-ale; a llne walf,od anid macanaqinen S sal; io', mihniei and eleil dren.prpgaled aial mwd lans, a Ral whagsrof everyialaietya n ind Also .a gnneana ile al or men'sr c aolal waani pe lanr- nnt i h hoe. tagetber weith I0,i) paire f+ "a~nn n~a qanity, maalt hro~a.a, imailed ih ib. arnmelil of mnai tofina enaut kip rusactt brrmall, a Iw a-iale, nil' a an-ge quaeldity oaf I a imNrior lual ily i cet nlal wan brogans. fjflin' fine" lf, fanl, mrocc anad grailn eltsi, anll ta mp a sole ahesi na ala oinenireI MrieO aniII kid tin en anad alpleitia do alranidloe wita lie anitllout Iealsc i calf, seal and a fitn leather booteas; do tiuaella slaces t all kida arnd an qalities; do lasingh brgalle; lia gaiter n*'uad lxelan it hanee. Mli i' asiiiiga prinia slsinlnormtu an sgana Chilnthl.'ie cred al iomaca ailtl lasilg bno Sroanal oots, &s d n mentlemenoafilefahionla bllck ailk mati; do black an Idea beaver cdo "f a laiiiaor qlaalitiy; do imitaiitai Ii reamldo; broanl n nlarrlow brim meal'a fclle ahab airil " r a lassiama ilil brolnsled llas, a new arielen. Yoaths' hi ;e snze liats tli:diffe-ent qiualiie i n lie ilhlrec'as, ,,n' and c)n'i hiek and de a r wol han s t f i'u u lols Ala ea, aith geaneal assonraneiaf men' syt' and wal and ' ii s io n ill be reql le, inlii id Irg the arrival af .a Ilesankealtmm itl, orar ind..mel ciwe , all oaf wimll al.- kilibe anlda qaceoalmlaiig olltero. ang I-'if 1IRONS, &c. TIIE IIOWEI WORKS COMPANY, No. - 38 Water, ar Beeknman street, New York, have received the et season, and are constantly receiving large and.lonsive additions to the stock of the above goods which now consists of the ollowing assortmentuitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow v.ure of aierior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 differen.tizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, ft m 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons. Bakepans or Oven. 7 ditffrent sizes, r, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do SjFlat Spidera . 6 do Covered Spiders, do Oriddles, . do ,Fire Dogs, de Wagon boses from 1 .4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inehe.. '$Wood Screws, 20,000gross, iron and brass, from S 8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9.Iech, No, 24 of a superior nluality and finish, and je than Janme's imported piices, Sad Irons, assorted, in asks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailer's and hattor's Iroen, assorted. Sah weights, 100 tons, nsorted from 1 4.4 to 01be. - +,.. Bells for Plantations, ste. beats, ch-cthes, &c. made to order, Also steatnobeat and other maocitnery mude to order. 'TheI.pave asortmoent o l odo is particularly recomtneondcd to the attention of Southern :ad Weasternmeroitants, and aremoffered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ;it it he. leved to be tho largest endfbest assortmeot ever offelred for sale by any o:net tablislient in tihe United Sfates. Merchants, by forwarding request by mail, canr have a prinl'd circular; witltl oseriptton of goods, pricesand terms, from whiclle no deviation is ever 'asde, furnished by return otmail. All orders will receive itooldiato attention. New York, 1838. X je3 Z 'KEýhSt GARDEN S .il--T'ne sulscenrer Sbegs to express his Isro ul thnnks to the pbt Itr, for the liberal soupport bas rceived since : ronotoeneed bsinoess in tl city. Being sole pro irilet rof the seed store, CmCoto n treeutr, he : lll ld never was ael for anlly norlthern seed vtl-nder; neithere is lie rcoti iie with anoo hIoure itn btis eolntlry--but le a tes the public thls hils ltnot ctions in every dep rteent of the seed bus:. trse, .lethe diffprent coil res of Europe are eqatl to thate o" ally ,uase in t United States. He ist. perts sede, plants, &c. orn the most extensive and respeetblea urseri and see.leiten in France,, England, SeDtland and tihe ito thern testre--ind ite will aot ll times he his inrtero, as it ios4-1 stud ,, on ree{fe, its addi ln to hbe presnt "aoe+t;:R, earsivasl0ol every description, r, ally the Sreaifs 118 S also, engrafted frutit re s, of all kiide The poblit .tny rely on lindtng a till ns .ortieent of everyairucla in the seed lin , of genue so qusllys, a>d imported direct by , . We. DINN. ",NDR * MITU & CO., -aspectfully iotorn eU irrLfriondl'and the ipublic in sancral, that hspe occeJ y hlrssnew brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas at , whele they keep constantly on hand Copper, in. d*Sbeeto Iron Ware, of every dercriptaon, aeh a popper stills, kettles, and pimtps, tin bath. 1e OW tdl oii l aans, of all sorts and sizes, and all erbs og.a ne at shortest notice. O tso ~h~ii sf sivory" ideecription, such as steam. Sobet stoersp, °g ehoteains, acrew holts, andl other ad. aspebat wesh as obhimneys, breech. 1 ihea Ip de`" 1 kilds of out door work, phCs or o4 titrfioing and guttering, i ! sad I other'kinds o work in f the" will exccute at the dee27 A$ (osde sireit, , etween y cnkni a n- eeaotly on hand an"af hoot ad s brogaftP, a,:d :e~tso,. +'0 Ufaoture, for iten. wootren wictelth he will diposoe el P tf panq sodiag so order eltillftnyý 'ts q e tl~t iLatlEGOUR e twtra to the citi. Seat'Ier ,i the pian ieak~ oLf l +a ploy- d a scarr.r ltt- 0 n#s:erlt ) Ci .C*lii itltarles It td "fe IC 1b'ty e jlp,"1 M ,.Io St'.roiO4 laisc il she buuookstore of *Ah ' 4w er; + nii : ir ue- t 2 S *.ui|' ir. o rle LtN d t nŽ I e J n ite dobdl atIp dlnr nothree odcck. npti-js US At41j1 boat tf nd o i e ny h t c ytro s'itro.,-ut ince rout n aac Ip'`iaP:lsrr!-1l ett r Prmhtits to .T rekriyi'4 ) toandmclt i resermoed-thence eistee iton w lY it ; Fil. Rtinetidre, '.ydettnrthot 1 elrwt nvillze. anrolldrville & Lrnie. .til te s yttgtnut, rGa, rnnrneting reeolarly with fS, ilol ,eord ear' to Charl.stone. Ant iha e eteon oets re liNotw York, Nortolk, Pitiladoclthia, etc. 'I iipleampsorr e asre the best for the service, and the nslavition presents more advantager than can be fitond upon any estam.oot route in the south ern reginb. The great imtprovements in the route have been troi.lced by ithecn trtcin lion of fifty miles of new hn.!, by thre, vie : frotm LoGrarte oit LaFa.Y t'e Ial, l anlsei arm Io RSanta R Bay, to Rrpnnt's Ferry, no the Chntlnhohitre river, ten vile o a ethe Cowtlord. fr 14 above Cedeer Rlluf~ wherelly ltte ntvitntlon of itc river, and the con sequent dotentions, anod mr e recently the incon venient crotinor at the r owtr'l, are entirely avoiddl, and a fine road Frol Marianna direct to Bainbridne, antisehd oI the rIoundabout road via CI C ttaon tchre, lessenino atrliancen about forty m ilts. nod i.l:reasig tile facilities more than once aday Alro. th. erenlhr line of rwin ho're artr n every "ther d..y Hatvkinsvlle, via P.rry to llMaoen, Ga. lonnecting o ith the line to Saovannah and Darien, .Ger. A maoil atrlnmothnt lia rego.inrly betlween Boinbridge and Aplnichiioln. 'Irevllers wishing to reach any point on C ,hattahtoochee or Apalanh. co 1, can htake tecolnat at Brownsville. liMobile to Pensacola-I nlre Route -I)urinn l the iI nle tccuped by the repalrs of uoa'e, the proerir. tors of tthe Flohrida lne twill run a line otlt horre post ronches every o:ther day between Mo. bilea ttd I'oseal na Passreners will leave MlIile ot 3 u'tlick, p nm, in tie U S msll hoo, anbd pruceed to liall's Lind ing, where a four horse conch will I". In %at ing In conver tllrllhem to the exellient bale o iMr.ii Charles all.' I d4 mile disnnlt, wlere tley will find lea,, l't neatcdtnodtltns for the night-ieav'og tent ore ioapg, they will rrt y it Pentosaol early O"11icu oI It M oansion Iota,e'. Moil, andCol lina' l roel, Pensacola, where Pea t must be h ,11 rot. SI'OCKh 11thN & '. noo I llhtYtL o MAY, Iloser, Siiogn, ol ttnntll ula D ainters, No 3S Catosllelo sttoeot, two dloors lorom sttal street. Imlnatiolns of lh following woods anld tttnbles,t ecutd ints nroastel rattctor. } lOle V.l InR~eyI 11dhotgoy, Egyptian Iblack and gold, Oak, G(i:dla and A.ticto, Ia to, Oriental or verd antique, Utited elf, Jasper, Birde Fyry do, jarboy Granite, Satitt WVont, Potomac, Hair Wnoll, Dove I ord rlello, Yea T'aee, J Itliott White, Coromaotlle or Black Sinat and Brecaells, Rooe WInot, mAe tiarn Grey, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Psints, sils, glass, copal varnish, ke. on bnd ad for sae. ml CIINA GLASS & EAIRIIEN WARE STIORE 36 Chnrres street, New Orleansa. W M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of Frenelch and Ensolth China and Eartlhen ware. are n1ow openino new and rich patterns of hreakflra, dining and tea services, tiiilet sets, pitchers, te and coffee cups, tenmomr, ecogrs, creams, howleer platra, dither, toreoms, waslt hasins an. ewers, loot hblte, etctt'.t Rich cut and plain French and American 2laca. ware--go'lesl, cehnltpaigne., lemonades., jellies, clarels, winer, cordials, centre Iowlel, doclltllera. tumnblers, preservedlshes, celeries, pitchlers, lanmp, latp el do asld glasses, candle shados, salt eel lere, etc. Sllver plated, bronzed and britania wares--eas tore, liquor eland,, cake brekets, emndlestieles, branches, splotns, ladles, coffee and ten pos, sug:r., creanmo. lolops ispannrd trays, astral stands, and hn"ting lamps, fin rcutlery, Gerlmn silver s.ponsa and forks, togetlher with na ret variety r'farticles fur.rftily tee. Mlerehants,, plnnter Iotln n and sleamhloals, f++rnished wth goods nt the ntset re - sonnale pricers, and parked so as to be conveyed with salety t, nns part of the country. Also, apnileenries'c glassware nrov 2 COAL -Ti'lme scbuhert tavs r ctotanrlyp 'r hand a large suplyv of Cannel and Liverpn l coal, ia hblk. of superior qualily, which they offer for ale in ot!s to suit purchasers. Also expected by the first arrivals fronm En, nndl nnd the North, Connnl. Lehiigh and Peach lMontain Coal, broken and screened, pit op int heossheada expressly for family use--all of which thrv will diepose of on the uoot molernle terms. Order, left at their oiier, No. 53 Bienville st. up arnire. will be promptly attended to. -.- .. " A S-ltL.rr. T'|o Country tlelchants and Planters. Negro crhbs, blankets, flannels, hnsere, ,ewell ehiriue, checks, lie, inenscalicoes, handkerchiefs, &c &c received and for ale rlow by the subscri. bers. ROTTA & Co. net,. corner Canal snd Cbartrs ei TO TIlE LADIES. DR IIULL'S UTERO AII)OI1INAL SUPPORTER SIlIS now instrument for tihe radical cure of Pro lapsus Uteri, or Falling of tihe Womb, by ex ternal application, superseding the use of the ub jectionablo preaeary, is confidently recommended to the afflicteod as the ncars of a perfect restoration to health, it never having fililed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumlstan ce. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astloy Cooper of Lonlon ; Sir lunjalrin C Brodro ; Sir Jaines Clark, Physician to the Queen; Ds Ashwcll. Lecluoer on itridwiliry to Guy's Iloes. Grillili, hct.,...*. Voici.rmio-tr lieiti,,r: Dr iansebothim, lectclurer ito ionron hositii al ; Rtuhcrt Fcrguson, lecturer to \eVclhltmistr lying-in ihospit, al; Dr Swratman, lecturer to Middlesex iro.pital. lland senior acouceur to Queen Charlotte's loing; in.hospiral ; also by Ihenry Devier, Colnque.t i Blundell, Lee, 1Mcrriman, curgeou Keoates, &c. by Dr Morreor, precdent of the Acadremie Roayal i.o rMedicine, Paris, andl Accoucher to tie i)uchIs D'Orlasi ; professors, M:lrjolin, Paul Duboir,Scarson and others-and in Niw York by professorJ WFrancis, G S Iledford, 1 1) prolesi . sor of nridiwifeiry in Ier university of the uify of New York, proft. Deldfiihl, and Francis, tJ John. ston, president County Society, Lrarens Ilull preoidlnt oeid soieity State of N York, prols Jasr McNaughton of Albany, probi March, Cyrus Por. kins, I)oauo-tI)rs Tho'os Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Houack, Stearns, Ludlow, Ktlsamn, Vaclhe, Power, Grayson, Van Reosraliaer, and imany other distin. guishod physicians in the U States. I A G Hull, OfNceu 4 Vessey st, Astor Hlouse N York. irr A constant supply of the above inslrimenls, with Dr hull's improved rl'rnses for Hernia, c will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orloeans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marrh, W\oodl. rillo; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; \\ 1 \Wd0l;u aon, Somerville; Halll and \Vashington, Nashvilie; McNairi y and Htamilton di,; R L Wlils, Florence, J C Spuotswood, Atiens. N EW (GOO)S-SimIrmuros Iarit & co ao now ore. criviing from oul beard hllips 'azoo, Rnd Sil'atoiga ond brik Concordia, from New Yorli, great cariety oi goods inl their lile, wnlichl togoilier ,itll their rller atok on hl.ld, mlakes tllrir ansnruenterieo i perts. The lollowiog crulnose n mrt, viz: 1 oil twict, r:.r,1i, tuck anod rree"irig Ilounl,e, hlor ido of nll des. riptiotr, 1 it die rubbrcr, silk curl inorstid elastic garters, uiiruomnrH & fine elastic .nelosiders, occl flier nd .aifcr llltches, S.idlitz Irpowders,upowder pifl and l boxesr , toit powdelr. pocket books and wacllets, needlie booiks, seol, rl ral i eads, necklaces anl aregigees, bead chills, bead necklaces, cit glass niid plainrrcdieilver ul gilt bheads, ITdian bends, ,cllr usit plumres; piutol and large pow ter fl.akoerelot belts, hrse, belt. plkeo and duriliung Jlstole; double and single barrelled un s. IBowie knives, and dirke. cisslrs, shears, pocket kniveo, guard chrains, aid ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, heir, tooth, enil,culb, runlb. rr, pl, lato, door inl dusting brushoi, Coligne, Florida, lavender, rose arill bay wattir,auorirI esseunese, and extracts. bl.aceaosri hear, Routiquet, and \IIrd's ve. getable hair oils, ehavimiiig toilet sotps of'all des eitiois, ladies' uand get Oeurens' Cleosk anil dresing eaoses, Ihair rieglete,frizrttes Aid brois, Ilsin, rfancy and musieal work boxes, plain and gilt,, coat ano vest buttoac, pearl and ivory shirt ido, ebirt studds,gold and silver lenil rcaes, toothpieks and tweezers,plated and gilt locketi, sniriature do, silver, brass and steel titimblle, hooks and eyes, haeir pins, ihiltatiou fruit, bl. and redirnk, hues blacklip, violins aid gitars, ribbed end plin perrcussion caps, lioes twine, scented euash aens, gold and siler lace and fringe, latter paper, gunes baofsrhling wlfpc, walking cae,playingcalds, asc gold, plated cad gilt j vwllry &c. The above, together with a great svariety of other arti lea are offered at wholesale or rstril on aceommodatn-g terms. N B Shell combo repairod I-hE Subcibers, Agents ifur the setensive ouaae of W. & S. Untiber, Sheffeld, Enrloand, Ilare just ecivedi a very exatuflro set of ili:.es1 as, corsisting of Table and Deasert NKoives orf ... dscription, I'ea,, a rkeSi- illr k, nd Spear pinut nrole; IEnore, is-ic. .ern,ilegr- 'lols; &ci. 5er. cfe. wlich thely oeirepls.rled o exhibt to i trahde trordeos. Terms sad coudrtioisa own at the titua. mol J. D.BEIN & A C.()IEN.90 Coniion st. I rt r na ,atimore Packetis FOR NIW YORK. O S. ' LINI OF PACKELS-To sail every Tlhis .ine is enomplrll of six ships, vis: Ship VicxsBuav , Captain Bunker, Nov.S25th , ORLEANSt - Sears, Dec. fllt ,I'PANTa , - AshbI, , 2i,1 ,, ARANsas, - eii, Jan. 6th . NASHVILEI, - Qoo1d, , h ALABAMA., - hrrv, Feb. ,3l The aihe ships are of the firstel , cop -ed. anI rc.pper faslened, and haring been built in N ia York expressly for this trene-they are of liiht raulht iof water, ld altnmost invrialilv cross the Bar wi hint ant deltetion. 'heP e packets are commannded by Captains well erxwrlrrlied in tlie rade, and will sla iva exert thelnelves to aeeneimodtatie--they will ala av hbl tiow, up and !Iown the river, and will ,lompily s il as ad vert iod. 'IThey hive handsomnely fnllihed actnm inlntints, aniloitres if Ihe first rql:alily will alwav Ie u lrn li and evry lltelltion laidll to tie eiomflort anld tisfctio afpaefgsiere I Tle lir cr of eatin Ipafnge is fixed at w , itholt wine or liquor. For faltter pnrticulfrs alpiliy to 02 A COilIY, C0 C moin m t The ship nsre t nrot ienltae fir briake of ilisn, hollolw wnre, marble or e raniite, cooperag oftin, or .n.t Iofi.on or strel, no rrreri...ildle in rn.ti rCrkigei or I H IS LINE willhi, cinl, nsdl nof seven .hli!, wth'ili will suceed e h oler I i th o;nrder, viz: Slii St. . tare. It N' Fo.ter, ait,ter. Ship 'tiny. II. Ilr ckhiI ill, iifnster. Shil Ilerplublica. JS Wiloil, fiusiitteir., Aulhiftii, ECornoll, ,elltr. i New siip Fraidifort, J Ii Ituisell, iisepi'. New -lhip Mary KIinr-Innd, It M CtCrrri, nler Nl tw ship Fll airlild, I V I. ILyonI tisteru T''hese Aiips ire all of Ihe first cline, itr tei'.inrAlnmo ,dutins forlit plnsengrrs unsurpatssed fir ' fort and eeonlenince, nol ally coem .ndit. 'l he 'realtesr i nlllrality will he llobsrlvedln d.pitch iltnt na adverticed, and evw v riesna.thle accL Ilitliltir' extind'i d to stlippers and p),eili t id'r. I:r freight nr Ipai-n ite lltpl lire n21 " I';I"P171 !;II. LAW..-i Cenitiet lI-'R NEW YORK. [Lnoisinna and Now York Line of Packetrs T'll I Ships cimpolini this linle gill snil I'ro New Orleans and New York on every other M'on day--co iiiiiiiecing on the 20Ith Novenallr-anid to insure the punctuality in tlh time onisiilinig, the line will li-realter eonlsit offive ship viz: Ship Yuzon, Claptai Trask, to leave oil tlte 0th Nov ainber. Ship Louisv.le, Captain Palmer, to eave in the 4th Detcmber. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, tI leav on the i18th Decemnber,. Ship Vicknburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leavoe on the Ist January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave onihe 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first Class, cop r da and copper faLtened, and upwardl of 500 burthen, are of light draught of water, being biilt in New York expressly for the trads. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: tpeir cabins are litted up in the most improved ard convenies t plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quality wi I be provided, and every regard paid to the comfirt and entire natislactiun of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured ut~il paid for .at the onlce of tile consignees. Thesie vessels are conmmnanded by eaptains wbll I experienced in the trade, who will give every at tentlion and exert llhemselves to aceninndate. Thicy will at all tines be towed up and down the Missa. sippi by steamboats, anld the strictest punctuality observed in the tifes of sailing. T'le owners of thlese ships will nit be responji. ble for any letter, parcel or paekate, sent by put on board lof theln, unless a regstlir bill of ladil, be signeid tlerelor, at the counting house of thli agent or owners. For liartler partaulars apply ti1 J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov21 30 Common 4 I . . . .. -_ .. .. . . ... NEW ORLEANS ANo BALTIMORE LINE O PACKETS. This line will consist of the fulowing velssea which have been built or purchased expressly fo the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Cap. Mner, Bark Mary, , Nickerson, " a Irad Ferry, new " .tevens, " Solomon Saltus, t. bthan,. Brig Architect, o, ,ray. These vresels are oftle first case, have hand some nurnilhed raccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of thtir receiving andj discharging tlleir cargoes in Baltimlore, at the city.l Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeako! or James' River, and forwarded by the agents,. Messrs. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore;! expenses on goods shipped will bh advanced when required. The priea of passage Is fixed at $110, ample stores of the b. st quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississ ppi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov91 22 Bienvil:e st. NEWV ORLtE/ANS & CIlIARIISTON PACK ET'S ThIli li' consists of lour vessel, all lo the first class, coipered and t opper Ip el. eeedt, and of about 200 tons hurthen, with halndsomne acconmodationts for passentgers. 'Three vesstels tr eyn mmandt, d .y enptains wel experienced in the trade, who will give every at lention, and exert themselves to accommodata tih sltippera. 'Tlhey will hitI towed up and down the Mliesissippi, and leave New Orleants on or before the 10th and ltth of every month. The followilng vessels coltpn-e the line, viz : lrig ArnhinOl,CIleles Gordon, malter. ltrigC ,titmayn JB. 'I'hnmlrPl,n, master. Brig Almena, J. DanRe, mtiett r. ,Bark Rger WaIhiai s,.I. A Ilibers, master. For Irelight or passpue, allplyv I. J. A. DARELLI & Co, fil (;,Cotntnt st. Neow tIcans, or M . C lMordenai,Cha lrstcn, net I -TAT'.E I"'t LOULISIANA-1 ari-:t of Orleanse Court otf ..l tr ptatt, a I'-s art, ta may coucern- (Greelin+., Kn. Anotlher Pa 'm lacker, a res n, _. . any S.,' F v., h-i atipee ai lite ITt _ivl'r n, W'ills, II tnall or the pnrtsh t, cPn, of New ( s, and y\ ,lli.'i~ Ch rk of the re.urT rise lai.T', itttsatl fI',,a 3tr NIT IIONo r ,- 110)I'ERt I'ISe.rIENTc , itt onht rmt ity to the Aci of il Le.,isialur of t ihe Stai 's . nIthtd * Al acl for tl, lrther nsw ra e l rilehs it) pt rcihasersa t J n licial I said ortit al pro a i es, i11 t and for te parritt and 'ity l New O leans ,heortn dafe the itird Apri a, S ltp , hO tiald eight hundred an i e.i', and rea dered in the mattlter of I Ntrlhanla I i 'o, ii the petition o l Chrisipa Ian s,jun.Syndic f th.o e creditors of said ltn oll N alhlnel C x, det'censl, which sale was nlso granted lursunt to theI deliheratioý s of a wete .ng tof e eamreditars of the decsd duly' hheld a ti 'oevtvaed na the lhirdl day of i, rl-r, ei lllte n hutll red and thirty eihthibef re II. II. lEsq. Noaary Pubhe, asd se ailter Itc Ile, .i and ucsuatt 'paLbhetint, had been made, the RIers isver ol Will dlid expnse for sakl - y po lie auctdon onn thie ninth day of May, onte tiohnand rthl hu ,ndre sd athittyeiget,for neht'e o t t he aforesaid ,ttcession of the late Naittlaninl C--, de esrd, the ala neTliraperlyf i a eretatOl descn bed, b.h loo in tt o iit said stucersiton, '15cih pro aserlv was adjudicated to said W'illha'l .\,ackec as the ltat and bi ht reit-, ti i on, Ifor ta e Ihh the o:l price and suomn f sevellceen thotln l sand d tr Description olf the property is given in tie Judi cia All und s iln.1 v, r two certalin r a's 'f grtnIul tlogesehr wilt ilhe hiladings anut ill tnpro ements thereon, tad aIll iho rights, privailee es, cus'tt mettc waye, rerviuttdes and advntaela.e Iteretnto he lont i e, or in ally n ie appsrtailint , sitlu eaIl tie suburb St. Mary, of this cityal , ill thesqutrae hound, ed by Paydrta, .tag azine-, nl ayete, an-1 Cal r.ts, mild th e enumiels seven ald eitl vttn a etlitn plan drawn by Ftedt rlt'k ',lt amteson.o I)eoury Seveyotr General, under ldae oe the seventh dlay of Aprii, ne housand eight Ia ndll ret soad hi .prichr, and deposted in the ollice of II. B. Can' taesqi. noteary pblic for freference ; whckh awc lots adjoin each lother, and measure each twenty, ane feet thlre inhiche and six lines front on oaid Paydras stereet, y ilxty.three feet eleven inches and six lines in depth, between ar,. allel liner , Amnesriean measare.] Terms-ane and three years credit, ftr appro red endorsed notes, secured by special imrtgage until final payment. Wheretre, all persons who ear set up anlY right, title, or claim, in and to the Its of ground andt and buildings herein described, in conasequence of informality in the older,. decree, or judgment before recited, and undetr whichkhe sale was made, ors ny irregularity or illegality in the sppralsments or advertisements, in aime and manner ef sale, or for sany other cause or defect, whatsoever, are here. by cited and admonished to show within thirty days from the publication hereof why the sale, so made as atoreeaid, ashould not be confirmed and homologated in accordance with the appheation afsaid purchaser. Wtlllsa tmy hand and the seal of said court of Plusarle, r his ;.ctnd day ,of May, A. DI. 1I39. iL. S , W. V. C. DUPLE.SSIS, mOay 10I11 inn Regitaeratl Wills. lLaULt-aJ bhle altodftg tt oe steamtneoleat ltalah SRoulge, for sale by G DORSEY,' may7 44 New Love JUSTPURBLI.UnEDFROM s.TRszoTr' f LjrsT . hie FYlt Rditior.n. ROWIETTS TARCESOF IN'i'RF.RAT: iT O whiob isnow aded an Average t'ime alrtna-. .1 tor, or easy methods nlator fitfling the avvr..aoettme mt stoe.ts, notes of hasd or bills of goo.s, when nor chased at delifrent dates, nt dlilfierent credits, alnd rnr variouts nmomlltrs; hesillesa.sefui aml completnie r4anttki. "'ime Ta'tle, the best that can he contrivei. or tlhatfi gures can pr duce witill the same enauleaead compass, anti sale tf'type. An advertisement in thebook is in neatly the follow fl'hehigh dltintion this work Ias recelved th t"atg! the telt legisilative actsl pefinel to the title page, is are commendation in itself', so ancommon.,, and so eoncllt. sive, th , nothing is eeessarvy more than by way of ad. vertisement, to given coodenlutl view of iso.e of its pI. cltiarities: as forinstance, the Interest has tb.een Eomp a. edll fromn, and compared with, what is equivalent to four. teen setsefealeulatione, examined in the press thirst five limes, andl pirinlted ram n ,teeotype plates tested thirtv-t-lle times, from all which it mnat he evident even to the skeptic (espeeiallyon the e sonl of lthe de ota tn phoaf in tile preface) tatt the we k must nie tnilt t teticall ilft.llille, antll io eonfirmatint ol this heliofa I irmiumt of two huttlredl anm fHfty dollars, is now oe tr= ed t'r tehe deteetion of an error of a eent in the prlesent or fifth edition, an expressed in tile prelice, making five large apretioos .ffered for the samne error sicet he first p hli eatinn in the yea .r 1 0t :. One ofl the most eonspicutus features of the tables is ltit ee th Ttoegttemtt of twte 'lime tod Aotttitt whic for exnpedlitios, roferete ontliperspieuity, with the el I.fthe side attI ittex, caoot be excelled ;i: lnol tt. soty It acttt ease witllh hicOll the interesl can be Ifount tothei Cextet of geteral business, without daoublin of sumstt is besidets a convenlience a ) essential, that in the rlhnn tion of some oi thie most competent an:d practical busi. ness melt anlni ibie officers who have nt:le e rgeat tse of t.e work, it Itas Iten drtiisigtied ha tbe I aonoltable tl.pellatimt . sfufa 't aster pioce". A-ncd tCOtsiering the infallbility of the metho l ouigbindly ainped in aonllnosioleongte wol , maithe o extraolitry uaey er t aled, vartiety loftle exani ihns, an tests ol'ever y eid i ion it hasuplS tsedioth se rss, enthihstallogheed wtlhoe Oiso stereottvye, ontsitlrtftg. in sltfit, hie positive accuracy seret i oI Ib.o the IllreedclottelI meatlls emltlot l, thet vo ltmebhas s Ieen hehldtti, anlt emphaltticl y styled "the mtost WenltI Ibtok im tie weslk;" ilnost ckeli"ntv o mn.toa ionltr a figure work ofthela sae e teot, thichl ailce tihe tegiilnlnt creait tioln, has had ti e somett e nn her irtl variety i" tests ill te b same tntillle (ir f elitors; no iitetrole, i.te lte ito bnItt its cletrly showtn it the esidesr, an test tanl rstro.ld, hit nts tbt.e tt edi s d lpeed ilk skt arl toel Ibeak and thtbc uldcens in the Ulilt Siotllts, attl y the lubllic goetallt', dling th~i hong peeiod of ohirtt-fe ie re les, y et no er r f iie vial ctl le tllttt h istit ce t tidt 1 ilyl itn, ialit. gll t te s a -e ally eeallcged byi the ofer ofi ve r lage oemimns. oflaw o c sevtl l of the S taes :ri tie "tt e ol aten ,lel.llot tltn tlatnte intlcr.(t." as also byct la Ialr bk itt:rest, aCcolonillg as the b.ook is ulSed, avid as way be seln in Sllbselm; llt Ith llte llrl l 'ls, il tile list at the clla of Iy e .,a k, itt in t titcll fever. tloss of etitizeir s i evelt) tua:' to of the Ulilt ell Statls. It islnoreoolerwell knowtlt, alv its ierlllyelheck, it has o ofte to letectedi hIge errors, Intg after tlhey wtet m tder even by the mnst ltotelil oad mlst ot eomptet aritrmeliclansu t'at its sefulnkess, and t heabsorln te le cessitv itr its use have been extensiyely intsistedl pullp so evildentt, ineeo, have beeo its advantages, anci its saviags, that, severrl yearstgo, whilst thefirst editinl wasenaree, anld ot of priit,a great t.umbicr of ceeonti hand copies were sought fota , some to a gee t distance. all ] crrased :it various ap ices, as they eoldt oceasion ally lo picked ajpt iofiom $tlOt $25 per copy, atl somepersolls have reeen.ty declaredl, and illstllnet could he quotedl that they would pay $5tt. $t100), attl $5510) ot- a eptt, I'notto te had for less, aul in i lividual in tile ilcter instance particlarly, lavtttg at the sane iie rxhilbitedl satisftaotory prioal; to severl persons tre setttat ttto lhim it was reatlly w'th tlhalt Imoey adt more till ouzh the sving, of hlis very a:dn:ahle tite, he being t verv inicht oanod ill pblic office. It is liktwise worthy ' Io loice, ttld indleedl ptropel to imlres, that asuch is the nature or figue wook geoctnily and aspecialllv when of tile extelnt and imporltance ol theseti los, tiattlad tlhis book oeits like hbenl Ireiot' edI illthe Ilsual manner \·lolle, bIy the Imost comnpetentl ealcotlator in the wvcorll, attlo- ofteto.tteo pitedtlmst eaotionlt nodler hlisown eorrection of pirof lheets, it would, tlmnst to a ertaitlvy, have bell nsafe i'o lire ferellcoee,aod dlear at all pricC, as thle Irefitee cdatiicn lallp explaits. IBut so lt l tctt and taiuahl hoave tlhe atereotype ptatea of this woorklberen m :c, that toseetre ,hem, witlbleir Ilnlmereus and( ex Iaod. in]al.v examlna t'lts, against fire, fon the getoret benefit, Ite" atre (by -dvertlsement) eonstantly kept in a place oif special satt), excelt while tset inll pritittg. Amplelditeotious to finld both bnaks attt ntattute intlr est wilh useftu otes, fIollow the Ipretilt , wic h it, i, s fith as it the two ,prteedlig ediitions, eolts al t u il tl lelotation eOllccrnilig tile too lill t. l ods oif oumput iug iotter ots, tee daycs af gl aee, ce. It ettt;lllS ollly to iootlllt k t l oti, tol ihst:utln t n this oncoomonoly cosatl work wich was t uilishl d I.ltler int:rest tables werl:,ilulItro uet in d.ollas and cents he yellll aootol:ll ,al has eell so exteosivelh all so liberally tatrolisedl , it has tot et tso mul as aid wail h intereat. tee Iheay vloss of Iluelrlv four thoandl s hdollrs, heside six e:ars l titte fronm 1iU'J to 1l805, susioe iotil tte first edtitiotn of 7610 aopies,:eisi.ig chitllyt lem its utlica tio t IllaIt thnt te, at awl llladel. + lrice.) to sav nothi,,4 o, cotllsllill or- Irlo.(it fior al most an lilC-timte t nc, ,oil alot Serrifce. W the rlothi r still rilies on tile tlisaeetllmt~tt atid ge-nerositc flhet Intplic tlor a colllinu: auoe of polereot. rl t ,ati trcage. Flrtl s:te iy thet ......... /:,,+,>; -,,-+,. - . ,+,,o- -,--,.++,? 1)Ol.i.:AR'S Sci.c. of >o'rnia.lbip.i received,land fr Iale at their tierlllnnellt WritipF Acthade lii r No. Ii hltreo streni, New )rltolr , iir t Iritlallwany Naow tork l)lothi.hhe itr., t nhltil. II ie alrlileohul desilned Ir pricsate learerte, and cllaln, e is carluolanted for Iersorls ofl ,tilt l~adlies ald genllllellltcn ale invited re call nd ielnlli e the ystern ihr trheselvetns. shleenle m r1e civeu) at sel, houes as Ia ly trait ilia cltve'irllll o all, alnd to claes liltoed l ilt y o llr f lth e city. rade also )refer it rcit receive e nt tteir own rt sidencer, c-'eroans paying, s rne llessons aro ds o re Mo nttoo ""'" t etaell aisthey wish. ' n ..A 1 R0r 1lly III, . V bushed nvnrniRYO slt bll Iunnl lhe in totYellea, io ready In sl y l toher pinters and ill ie public gon er, hv alnlelu itr retail. Ipii prices -e icmoderate , and ttihe +nlity of lii prtdocos ilslp.eri •ti y fever itrolt hs pl The gersoinittiiea il C tepl. o superint dI I fmanlllrlitlosrv Ianlit it th bet d orf ai roxtctsio.n ertnhlietiient i lfllioi.ri lld in roIpe 'lihoie dirpl,s-t iV cll at Ite corer of lNatchoz icd Tch uItitoul it oo,, shall hie prosentd waitlh a fir saiple, of nlly vorliish Iltheyv ltoa\ is i t try. An ngst the varnisheds lr. the oateh N 1, t airllrr tend not to gttIgo ico o ilit ,w*ter. The tltlock varnih ftr st ores at Ieam Iine htiteisoc. Taho transparent varnsh a.t.,it ,, & ifle. a n d ," Ht \! l3. it rath , i and i Ir e utilllng Itb I," , i, ; I r' , l, he. coas, .... lurllvhll ilh." l ..... r'e.. ';. ... ] I uiee' seto to l eo o ioltwi l l tmt , u I thj ! ', , r, nlllll il iflanti --O 112e i er 1 pol rl lllite' ill. ire ll cf ro sesnl ve tabl e r d ro s IoIf ro ar , nip ulve Oit, ii lirvt t a dii ,o lt, i lin iiir itd fit tex rutiarl I' chrli , le n ef i ly ptill up exnl re-l oN r IIh real s tria e oal; ot re pur oooth m at, rhld r rp, naire ciog a vtr el oftyer Pott theo it,illor, r t r,- ty l

totS 12 RIA) &DI D1ANt UriNI TURll i tlE L oREtslllrl olS * It!S. MNARY KIRIiLAND respeotlullty at s tntl ounces to her friends and the public gone. e abovC i establi shment, and hiopes fr rit tro xorrtioos to render visitor. ctotfortable, to retiva t nonotituittco of foriotr Ctworo. Shit foals conol. tent thalit persons viitiallg Govi!tigot during the unrilrilolt, caot find bntter accotl llld tio thau site can afford them, ol mnor liboral torlas. er house is pleaosaitly sitlrated, ai winl suppliedu with every onvenitetoe; tho tar is furnished with ti nlt choie · iqurll , a&i . iinol short, shet proiuiso t nothinog sl hallc beo wating o her part to give itire satisfaction to all tho ,nay p.ttronizo the isisippi oand Louisianta btelo j3l ... . L IV -Ilcoit o i' tfjiiuc ries. Idton Dyeo, tor coluaig Ith lair ; Ilear'o Oil, RUtiiats bcr'ooi steesr', oilet"'' Mt ,hn .'re t fmee, logtltail rtcit, inle oe rose, II) salvet itlower waoet, podpt, aitdndti ot-i tt Atil, t r, harot ad neatily ilt eo in iltar ooal e vial, Prt. iito , lins eili~te, k reu.,te IOlt ache drops, hair Alruahie E rlish oiresiio aii tittnt dian hair olr it lt a Vaitiety a l otter 'hit itr ors oVie.ot sale by C. J. 'IJlNC-IA!ID, eot. 3 ornr ilt Coall and tjoiriiota vts 1,1()1 ISIANA FUUNITURE WAR3EOOMS Nol. 53, diienvtlle street. m ILIIlA. R. CARN. . ol otl rmsplethlly lni T firu t, hts fiotd tilotte tiblic that h is otaro stantlv receiving trotlll New llrk ler d Boatoon a goin assornnloet of Fl'liluh% mllch as mlluiogvlll ch:u,., aoofliaed-tedas irolle alnd painted chairs, titaple ilel cherro bcdsteolc-, oallih.nv incd .ierry)- slatts ,lt lecrilpliona, bIureuu+r , ot iltth, seoretaryr, ori;,; hisks, watrdroles of utholgoly and oiherry, a11 sandil, looking gloas.s, ftrtlher, beddinig, &-. &,. NIl. Furiture packed Ior trunsplorltatlo with griat care nlv 13 IRON,S'TEEL & HEAVY (t0010D4la, .oltyoe paud ihundletiroo, oell assorted. Ibl-l, stroll ato red iron, tnail o.taind pluhl :i Cast, German, siter, blistelod, tsritu, sllet ac.d Clraley steel Ilhlow wiare, cut an)d wrougl;t nails allali pitCs Zih, block thilat mill rdllgnl . tas, all leikc;tlel. C.llhit catblls, atthors, haIs Ito, log roll ltace nltaits, ono stills Anuils, ic, oI lltanmner atld hllolws Wireh, sttt, pig and bar lead; sihot C.mlol, alld coOkllg stOaves o Anula, 1owhaul's aid other uluplidelsl shlovels Ilok dll plate hiigels, tioor assl willdaiw Iookli Collins, |llltis,, al olthlr antos fL'ar'd and Moillauill ageuill os aid tlhire Ilot11 aitl ltatllilog opllt;'i tilad stoiCs Paints, linseosd ad slleism oil0" A hidt nssottr.ltt o iltrnlfliw andil tshiop chltdlltv always mit Iml,5 ole wvhich aetss .d Gr iod atl wo,.,is ale or retsail, ao the tost faoolan bli terms, I6 ms LA.TIY t I Co. N53.t(1Ltere. U'IITON &/ ASPIW ALL'S j 'rmTq - 1 OMPOUND TONI t 1IXTrUItE.-A speedey and certain curn fi the Fever and Agup, remittent and intermittent fevers; propared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal sueores in 1839, by persons of the highest reospectability in thiis city, as stated in the annexed certifioates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has hetn extensively used in the above diseaone with such distinguished sueeisns, that the proprietor of the re.lpei has been induced to offer it to the pub.l lie in its present form, in the' hoos ;it may he the m'ens of relieving manrv ,, those who are suffering under the ser!rge of our eonntry. It is a medicine possessing gro.tvirtue, and when need aceo ding to tihe directions has never failed of affecting a cocre, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at Ill disagreeahle, and persons of tire weakest stomach, and children.mny take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom reqluires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is nilther mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any tiring injurious to tire human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, tha.t Ihe ageree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directi;ons and has not effneted a a porfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OL IVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Ilienville and Chlartres streets. For Uistrict Agencies apply to jo5 T. W. SMIT1H, 48 Conti st. Drugs and ,Medirnieo. J e.eriest hI"i lenrted himself ro this ri.y Inr the purpnne of Ireanacting a pererntl \Vholesale 1)rue brusiness, le is now rereivino a full supIph of frersh nd ernuine articles, which he will sell on liberal terms 'Tit city drugitre, and Ihoee of the interiolr, In ph ysiciane, merrhanta and p iterprs, he will ofl'-r i(levtll-elnt snch on have never be, fore hoeon ofiered in thiis ihy. HIl inlenlin n i io do a strictly legitimnor e bisheiee. Ills stock a ill oon le eomplele, ald in a few weeks will be rei . dv for brsinres. All orders Irsii the iounriirrv, airlt frmnl lmrchnllte or te i- i-it. rr-eieiVilvg suech orderes will lie pr,,o pily etien.led oi, No 39Camp at Royal Col; .ge of Physieicns, Lorltloct, llt. nrlig:nal Veetrable livgeiae Urriverild 1rrli the I.oval Cohllhege oft+ S;rheons, I,iealiate o f Ap< t e- i caIrt's t ,mllri', FelloV oflr re t Cote rt Soiety, Stlrgrern to the loy;d l'rrrrn le'nsion Asociaeirre, ih Pinrc, \VWateroIi ridir-rne, rrrd Perpetral Pupil vI Gy'p' !tei St. iThrmls's lloseiials, London. IThis vailtreltl medicine, the result of iwenty veair' [ experirvtee Snld irellrtlelri d success in fi- extne c sive allll rltn-hv i-reertable pr:rcrien of tle proeiriei, earr - roisdl imte tlitlo ean ,an d isi row inu o dreeed cv the niri ieP I h AmnericaI rn lili, at tie cla nst so licilation .-f a inmber otgernt.emer of luln annd IrigtI slnig te pr t lln te rofessio. t is Ioped is a preliti I nary step, to ceheck Ihe evils ifatoeeal eorserqueces arisillg finm the is n. f tile llltrreretnr r ler leterioes ostrraums uoisted nlci thel puhblic Iv tihe aid of flarincate a proofs of miaitulou scnms, and otrer frauds, h y a set or lertenary i retes,nriipl iern so e totally igllleo te i mtedlcal niienre, that it impossible the monstrous laonsioan oansry longer go dowen with the intelligent people of this eountryi. l'hese pills, miild anl greeable in their aturi, slould he kept in every fPeoile in canes ofsrdden illnessn fet, pby their prenit admniresration, ) cholelra, elnr s, psslrrs tnfers and other alan'rling I complants, which toi often pove iTital, vrny lre spreerli hc currredrteveortened. 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JIM'OILNGE e ti 'elt:--fltiLe I nrt iership fn l.lie, i n l t ll&C • eof New rirhpatui ; 1s. , rri. &C . f N te . id Iharris, Kelhy &Coi., of I.ohdey, wae di-.-dye, w i lie21st of lnav last, yli the dr t .aottl el A rellaletn, the 0'f t Iroartners iiifthe fhren. '1' ii un ersined,.vi ilivinig piatners. wi1l ho c;lt.i with the n wetiu inud eiint ig saiiid neines s frllw. T aevit I fH ri will attend teti liheerIe buies ouf rstoe isalr; lC . iot N tat i'chez; Ind iterris , Kt el e &i.o. lot tedney ; a nd hnldyeve Kellev wi attevnd oi lie nrttling of the b hitnest ofK.ele , mt li . ,i i Niew Orleans. The naines of lie serecratinis will bre used in liu oidtio noul. cnee forward and Iakenhearlh seterttretrntnet salo tH ett povior wh enric fo noe i fiii eh t d having laims will please. pre t tht withit t delay. C "Orleans, JUne 27, 1137. 1.OWANDI 'ITONIC ,IIX'.'URE, wi t. 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' TREATiSR Cn Vsnrasl Diseo, Gssonorrhsa, Glents srid Stristurs, isssi.ssig portical pbisrotiso, ss o ,hsisll Wssaks'sA, urisillg frlll norly ekuesh ; o that i ll personit a ssstoi s sll ilimsssslat i Ure, withasesb ecrcy s ly d asfoty. It is i slsssnchsiy islst, tlst tishs.u.s~ds Fidl vistiss tosths V.s sssrsus DGlOs'., swilssss o s the snssilsiills. f illiterati Inlt .ss by tis' sh use of thss dedlsy Isoisnns, srcury, rsis the con rtitutlon, nlttl I.P. uleerasis ls sibth blotshis o. the ,sends,fssc RldJ hodyt dlimncra'il thrertght, noise Itlllu th er~s deafilers, ob sti.:e ilsesty, sldslls ,sdis <l hsihis, sissheles, till uolenlsthssss.s sirdlsdehliiy and dsEsty Os tfis snllstitusiiso.nsues, nnsd 'S isacholy dsti y iutd sl perisd to their dreadsflsiufferinsp. 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I- dI og c.) wP ' )lllCo d o ArIDse uocionooi,, rmnloh,'. ,.ieIooihst lrto pe,' aorl b Ia1` IISI t Ill, tllllllt t hJclr' ll h Ill?; llh,'J lo.dici Act ")r P1 73 ,,ocd L',',. t.i (t.,ntonr 1 bani oo - trihc.,l, '..c-c..i I)ilTlfI.O ý.;I,;I: I.i IIYAtI:IAN HIERIB lPIll. Pi !osr this le : em t-tt l nxtlr lll l linn ent' e ,"r mppl t3++lrx lnl try ii1 tsm ,f tlo',p,'lhile dql-eu.l nnc the Inalu o hinlrdord al.IlllI fr P, ,lpllll't;.ll, I .I"n ttIatnnaut. \\ ilthe'u'h nlut I. giVell utr-sl t On .l"llnr nl; nd nyl his iti, Ilacr s, tillsltll-l rvgltlo d . 1+ Ii1lrwakirir ll. e,, Qr . con Mttillg hsIir worl Itlpowing by thl)A . w'iO ae 1 .43 h iC . bcu ;tu' i, I loIa 'idarbahllullll n ,h;IIIII,. Hl lloltl:,lak. c ir Oaell sll ollllUn-to Ichrot rll' 1oothnlo.1 tonhot bia SIllld r ar . 1. t'i,),ll the in ntn l I BRI I F llI . Cl.rllllllll ,lltul g;.r ,. ,,f'th p~l, lt slitl, whuihlrlsn o mdlI rre:a+lnl + It inull rous! trolll IIof 11er'+' ltl. LII]+ H' III.II 1)01 111 t n ol ·:ll +( II is, oio)[ri":, ni tshe u, r V tl Mlllb V, i t o" h ,lll : ng,". Its . hl 1,,t rc l mulleil e I ,i I hlly nlll I+h, lilrlncy, O h ll he er I i,,- e.nerll e i ioifi U I I I hi tl+,,l l ,- I rIIII lt, ;ekiug, orany tlllh reause by 'llclt the 11++'.Ve- oi" the PnLIlil tl., ll heetlluem llfel d Ir ll n {b1d r tl rlll, .n1'e. nlll pr,l.d, rrtnrarlllon It) n.tllold nillod ·l+O TOI -ll 111h Itau mallhneholy llat, tllat thlo l l .l.I+ , dllIi 'tilu , LO ve nerel dhi. ea, ovtll.g to Ihe nkl ru ue I PIIn o IlliteJrnnlm le ;.ho, by the u-. of thll t h-aolly .,,i~n , .r uv rui ~ ce i ntllution llr 11sold +,hor he eclat itt +ced1, r breah I stsh Pr. Ifr+l,, • ill IP'¢IIPII |hlivr-Tity, bip (co)lsl.'rrP d tll In in ihII At IseI _ ft upon I.:dtlkilld IhV this i .,i 1, ery of I~ ill .] rl illllhs ' .a fIor hllh, sum ]" thlx ,h. ,h1rnhle ii i lint. Nrtrr ii i h t arp" ;, .1 Il'lrter, .IHI.Ir o1; it won. sollght ll flrr with nt idityý, ai11d nerl w.11h I I ellllt i ll ti ll . lno" x l). m ii Ihi. i oi t . I llllll tP stld ih'lls it l I e1.n'r of IhP 1r 1licah' C~lllllolm lill lt, Iflor the cur E' t ,i "- i! tihe il'. l, , p o an lo (,e r P irltrntrd. T o fIllllo r of tlll..p |1'1iIJ, bth; nruterlllln. tlt.orl tlnri i.• l ,' l lol lrod cll io into alnlO l .v revI countr/ll v, '|'lo-errlllt' rlll o rt| whlic'ht· l V sl ly re. . 01y n~lmlnintrn:l,+ canl he nlt1`tr., Ifi ulllsll rIt l,'+l d,; inf t, ur ,dg li 11 n . Oil.,i oi nt al w a r they. wa~re th ii uanpmuhi~£]le <'.ll tigfht r-t I I I eltl,{t ,l o . ell ru I'I. a ionI \1-+1. lr ll-ll I'il" '`"l Ill+ Illlre ounce. ., 1()1). 1 tl , , tll th 1t hw I' h :1, b n g ll .,lc ""'ll ','l , "nlu rlieoll 1'IcIhu . gI i s | illll I'l! roullm l ut e.r . J,,rlhle i I 1.` isl sass risii .-o011+ Ill l' llhg ill the r " r4 . "ll ." who] e.i slll"J ii|' ll'h:d" ;: iley v ant onity rr. r," f ,ll , .rT ,(, r- vr, at,, hltheir amt i, tt + Ir l :1 r,.nt l' ul,:tItIon, flhT hod Is = nvpn:iliu. this rr Is'; nLu11t l s,1 n iii rr ii lll. r amt i "ll. ,.1 tlhle II t,+',,+l- lt r ho , IIIt iI the. C(,ti .: , l"trlrl t soiCl I n 1 i I·IalrI ptlnw r-; they I ln,. cls-i lhsrc I d iiiii ne ulliv,,th r Il snnlit nll ln t pl l .y l ], i w ionI t lllp. aheh llolll l, p, alllmi t ,11 - 'lll llr 1Y'-- Ihlr relg clllr u i .lll lllot if t. llhl. -i, time.P or1 h+ld, itnll., of I, ltul,.., nut rlfrP{ I . I+Ollphlo lr _ur withl n tI hr hIll-I ex llltlrl" t. ilh,- p ,tilrll. AI Iiiii pheriod x e the is ll, IIg 111r au, It e11u IImnv rix ll It rill I," wv,"tl, ntr, rrrour. toll I ll%.'m! ! ler ) P:II.l , or whllrl lalo"1i llll, before tole dotells. Wvlollg iulh hl tlllol y . ulln lnltro l.l lli t lly gBe deploy ' ll wit lmloulI erl-iii h bIl nll or n, l It:.i i le tl l lhr p ) Still ii llll onl.! I hr pI+.lll I 'l L hr Iilslllu lLm. t It . d YYlIt4r u i. S jIIV I 'M, y hminl Also.ll . oto nl Mo mg1 , l ou.d ro e .- or journ -y; t Iirp s1ire. Br n,. th t n~ilher ho:,t no~rcold lw nllnlme huirq ily, ), r liretellt~th r dolefl'+ctL-n the cmtll.i Iioft, t nld lit Neo. a1s ltlmtOlll 6nlsor nt +,New Orleleatl TLTIE OiTJ'I' IMI'tIL'O ANT IIUMIAN DISCO j Vl'l'ViY. .t 2 ine dl o ...... .. n ...... ho i ls r f . i ..... Ir(:oz',+7nv or Mn hd Ctpop ui· t, of tune.] cell probe.,' , nr sf rll co d tl f our ed r .5 elltt Cfu -ll d l oll.lit or lhllllexcr tl lvr$' lnms d r Ih lll rro lalnc rut lllV lh+tu gain; . t nc ll r of herl. i l, o " ,il" , mell. ell dE eI Wlil) t'll od Ism! cv hatoo llsl, el"ll i n tiut+I l t I v vt o1+ 11h bFdlll ,lOl Sl. rllth+g thlmllcs I' r, Iilurtnllolh, rT s r .ell l o u si ir.. lt edl, Su , i rlu.anrrs, ire .r lllitio . of b eooll to -II I ",l] III-,1+ rlllllll.:. I+Pal"+!:li lr. Jllh IIII . E 1r. Jil PLh I Ui o "4 1"4 u l.lio,ll. d h,i,..> nl. nn"Ihsnehtly, tlO gllou hr ofI ,I f dr.Iruction I I ail, y, &v," ireri. , l.ublc by this iII.. .. it..... COo.... Mo,.t re Apply to No !l6 I'tutolut Iloure ,11 Ncw Orleans. II[.ALTIl AN.- I:EAIUTY, S"|IACll tPIL.LS --AJln lronelltlmedic:l writIr hasIrn "t.1 ,ST etl. Ilnci exprrirure hatl prove)l tolo l+t:,e Ihtlmtt Ie It h.ore altraole to kI relllag Else *ItllllilCh 1I1 I III Rl il, Iprnprr InldCT) i Iercrnre hrvltlll, {o l Fal litl nltotur robes], ceh erful mllld hlealthly old age .; r tilll rln iraihlc purp .e three pills Rr l .,la ua le llld, i l rriJ m ire l l ll w i ll llhllhllp llr oIf lqu O, olllilal of .llllllllllll IlllwerP, illlI o IIIllh l I nu ie c €i n ae lie in, sliperislllll rus of thle Ilhllrll Pillm. rI l,. The Ilrate. ill eaves, proveJ Puperior to every nlthler im(r'fic" Ill the ll-eal of slslnlell a,,nd liver elllllihint, loos o( p1" prtlle, . ligr.+ o enralo n ol fulinnn alllfll O pl)])e.niun tl';r Ineanle, nlortnoL Of hrenth, ad nn1 exeel!rlt re.altttive afi raollty Oxce, uil te tl Idr, n, thlieg llll l. putge ndh cera o Cllr oowcla, aIronllgllrl istll..lulrllP, u11ill nvigo l+ Icito e4om tituti ll. I'ellllrl oh, rlllu! gOad heallh iIOllld Ll'OPt lie ltlhllln Ihlom, Ira thley puri i 'y tl~e Ihlu( ra£ore obattl-UliO uli tl givle I ,killl a bnauli fll, el enr, len:Jt!., ii Ialld lni llg nl iiurnllrel P.orann of llethltrie halt. irlbiare. ul hect to llelttl ache ." dd'necpn dllm iess of niLght. :n,-rl+nrrP, to have ton P t n flow of r1[" to Le the th ualsl.h ulJ ta:1 :ih t, illrrel tlll.tiV. C+.llilltn andO pcrMn _ f131" I1 go.,"". It . n U l i~11 tillIl at ll}lue .. +- i a t il d e lot ll] il alny Iiipirr .yv o1r llly Iiilre llent tllak I' gqllltl' cnuf ,, et or rrInrie-tlon nC dil.h Tirey rhlllldd ',k Ipt ill orery "11rily n. a remledyl$ iln c'ars- I1f ,uddlers illll.; fill" hy thelr irompt dn t I llll i inlrltiillnllhuilr. ,immoh!lue, trolms, ,, lilplu , lever,i-a uto elllher laf~nlil dg ollallntpllt. nlnv be ct,eedlly cnrad sr prevented, ntil iq Alt IJi Clttnll L".nlB L a NowI Orlana.r T W. COLLE- NS-.- -.. .. L.ited States' Comtivainevr. Apllplo-hed by the Federal Curl At New Orlaos. OFFICE.: No. 109 (:!,IMON S'ITRIEC'I', (iIxl llrgn e Hotel Iltlllt iin. ) All) (.ouinisioaPr mtae.s n!lidils undler niil hb Svlrlll·(,f Ihr Aetof rongre$±, prased "!tlt Fehru arc. 18.u'2; March 1817; lhe Judiciarv Act of 1;18. and tlhler acts Of Congreume, ill altlt cses Intootle lnd pros id,ld. id Colllllllioner has enluaideraile eoposrienlC. alnd nises I: r:o'e olfcaption Rad etl'lihecle whllieh hbvd shatl Ito tll soveresl etllnligY of tr abCUlel I l)O.yetlr 1,ti11I' " ).-INTIN; !', ? I'. , AL PRII'I'I.N- INK- . JItl'rPatVairled .optiy of tlpll|Prinl and dot hie wleP :'ll'll PrillililB Ih lp r i l' Ilsr, as sul l !y l'Jolhns lt and Iurontetl Irhimhing in¢..'anld fo r ale 1o'h .1 AL+X 'TOWA R. 49 Caotill P (] A'.'--I3 cn.. drab RuL.ian blratariols qualilies I ] hiroa| hb'inmil and Int, ewrnn Innllin fnom chip' St, Lnlli% for sleby I BRIFIII + o &, y17r._ '"t, ar,----· · ~r 1m1.11 henlaiaala. Tke Great Eastern Mai ii eclosed every day at 104 o'clrck A. IM. Is dneteveryday at 4 P.M. The Lake Manil (ian Covington, Lt,) is clased evpesr Meadley, Werlhesdyr v anl- Friday, at 0 o'clock, A.4. Is die every Tuesdy, Thursday, and aturday, at 5 P. AM. The Liaiseiile or Riser Mail i el6oied every Mon day, Wednesday, and :'tulrday, at 3 P. M. Is sent and returned by Istamboats. Arrives irregularly three limes a week. The lBayou Sara or. Coast Mail in closedl every Tuesday alti Friday, at 8 P. M. I seale and returnaed by iteilntiocir. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is sent irregu larly by areamboats twice a week. I.ovnaV.I a O RIVER MAIL. Mtodririe, ) COAST MAILs. atur and o Closeast 8 o'clock.P. . 1FEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2 coess more of this auperior Cologne wlater, just rreceived and ilIr sale hv the dozen or single Iottls. Abln American nlld Plrench toilet powders, powder rros anid boxes slaoinsgand oilet hoepswosalehc wash ralrs, milk lof r+ses, costoertir aeel teams, eirase o mlnsk, k iphtinlm Warl'r veg:toiln lse alr oil, pematum, fr d ers, Fiorii!n, leeircndr, rose nnrbay waters, ires,' ss mreneriles perfomery in trieonk, segeto rie sei liroid imoer, Chlorine and Ortis tootrl wash. clote,haoir, rooh,,neil red tflesh reirslh; trgether with o a dditioavl asppv of' finlbhionaleo horn rd alegnt coirbs anil jcwelrey,(ler sale low it wrale or retail by YSIMMON', I'AItlI'1' &CO, jldy 76 0 Clirtres atreet. liE iiUersicgIeiid Iihvlne revoll arenced basinear ie a iDrvui i'r er'1 Aoh oreeary, i0 ieh I e r.s orned by Mr. J cob Olt, ct the coirner f rTiroli 'ircle andl 'ritei Walk, respctfullly solicilsa asre if re ihlic pntrle dl r and ric alor of tihe iavors Sf' his f,,lrre it rernes. I Ther ne enlir clvterk o Drugs, mnediineeard foneve aricle is ifrns an. cnrAlully shlartiedl. Th'ke irl'wiig aly are par tieularized, viz a Pre, Sorin, S'illi'z an i r a ]irirn PIowirdera. Y Ll s I'lorl rr, lrrlais a iwholertlinr an elegant isrrice l'oryreast, in raisin bread, bruckwheats Ourli-'i E]'arvi'-eerti Manireiin Apperient-a spleasar) nd gen.i i mmrgrivein dyspeppsi or indli. gevsiri, nervors r eluiliy, pilinie-v, headache. aciiiyr if uir Illlnrhrr s habit ual COsiiecVrneer, cnas. rerur eruplilons, Ic. Cslper''re Feluid Extract e arsenparilla f ubrrrring tirelodv) &c dodr sinr ctrrhehkle. 4 ,nie eus P snar r lid lrlirTnlege ; Britlish an llneiler erril-, Orrrllrrrr, &e,. Refinedr L:,,qrirei, j:jebe ad GuamRnuve palgn 'rrlll brlllr.hs N h Prelllcr's erljnic desnrie fier', 'hl,)lrntorlh wash.e owd r fsl. ni'd bevee.,'- carhlrnc rr rlri e, rir,,r i-., nih wsaths prrwdrrijreil- veil br/ec, Pseenrire's sceiedeIs l rrli llht l pvwier. l)nltoartn erimle dei'rnr el'anpe 1wcr, r-ar-, I;,vevrner an!d ilorida waters-, kf he bevt qolirro. Ilowland' I Mcasesear Oil Old. rid,,'s ahlllal Corriumbiia, beat's oil, a variet ouf lucifer and oihrr inticlsee, indelibls marking ink . peri,'r black it, l A &c. :lpermi and relined whale oil. Hay's Liniment A Ii sh assorrlenl of Thiurern'seGrden See oct 2 GEORGE JON ES CROWANI)'S TONI(C MIIXT'UIIE, For remateat and cure Sf tlhe Fever and Apuae. I 1' will ire realily dii..irvered o terein tile Tonic Mix Stei is superi)r to thie ordinary ledes of treating I i-cal and Ague. In the finst Ipacre, Ibeig aVega able Extractr, ad free freo iny driererioua aud poiseon ile ineredicets, it mn.y Ire aken with the ,must safe evrn be the tender irfInt, or aged invalid. It pro veitS relapineofl the diseasire,coneenquiiy tire conrtita lidrrl iicgrnir eii iwontediiito ld i Ctdcitr . It restb hlhrr 'mrriorl acnd rormnee npf,tter by irvrigvrating Ila stirrl:ral:,d igivesl f relili io tl eenji)ireia of taste. I:eilrng peulll il, hraiuig a p"iiig itr qualiiy, i remains tire rAe ls h inirease tlios disoleri, or to create otl,rrldiseoeas, but thllrouglllv clrannre theseveral or cans a digestiol, 'tid thus breeflts the cysyem with whbatever olthe) ntl.tims it oner be rppvres ed. rIndividuals, cire lre Ilne io tIiiT I'rrrii lit iurae, have rr1il IXplrosed tot) Ithle lulal eaURsen of the dieeaas,. thle lis pdllse Criniuy rrmldiee, thcear icuin-awy crea red ro incresed bi'idiy ti rerrirorre. rTbe deeger i f tireqernl ril:rres irsfike Agoe, is seery vident, for i rne ie im wiillsr, .Ir b.oi-, iro ml; prosr ate in ire al;le to ii wi llial ii , r, er s iil sl a ci utirr i -ue] inceaoeuri violere, The 't'oei, Mixture is dliered tlt r st ai racisiririle prie as eiIt Ilace it sillin tlh reall t'ary doe-le--eo fiIt tii pllor slnl dil rtitue rre ier, r fcrviiis edwitisiveio.inir,wiiui isolncitiig the nie ,dtltecllldnlrr .hir h is f'reqenilltly denied to the;... .II"- velryrrl , b..towed. 'II elri. rre re,. pclii clot lindl u mir t g iiei spap iri i n. ..lian.ii thi nlu rdiciu,, tlrat . .. doily iflreds: F irr r E II eltpnI)IPl(' nts in) I)rbyD. Jai, I. Rowud, et his (Iil, ai r,:u, ,\lnrkel'st .",u,, 1':ild )rhis. Tlie aotuhrrirullrers 1ra tihe hlrisrne aielrits fikr th (,i-1` 'inc. dlll) will sell Iy the rr.)le , at Illlirt price,. 'T".; Ile had at retail .l*o~ ). -\bN od .'aria in i ll city. J-\111.1 & ANItREbVrS, \lrrere lrugreei-e, - ~ ~~~~~ riCrrrrrr rhoi riro,,e es S | 'urtouehou:.e rtreet. jlfosite the poet-office. IT: sull.ribles are..ow r ce.iing rrom.. thleir fans Iit'.o tl towC York, i.d will kmei e constaotlly on. hand a togeneral srotlwlht if Marble Muantle Pleesrc ofupeinr worklnit hip, and of tihe latest patlerns mal,, of the hest E.vptl , litant Irish and Almerical nmlrbie. All, lolnulents, Tombs and (Girave StoLne, mIruldii and pl!an sills and lintels, narhlc llcige, heartls and bounodary stone, plnater of Piarte, Roan & l ,draulie C ent ad I laster. i (lair, together with a sphrdid asnrtmenlt oi San olllllel and llan (raoes and Russia Iroe rutes oflhu teret intl losto talaproved patterns. Ci.llrinlg doll in te lticllst Inner anmi at tih rtlest iolce. They have irst rate oorkmlen t L -i'a, wodk, rai AIN &. STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA New Oli4li ls, INov. 14, 1837. 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Ilaet is at hImln frl, 9 il'clek, A inl, util 4 P 1i. If Iici tn.ti to ace lir, call at Nc. 413 tlravier ew r . FN DEAN. tec Clep. Pci, 3,388. fob 14 ly LOMIIARI) & CO'S lfnslon and Now Orleans Li o f Packeh t Sn Is.-'l'lII new line of ships huil been oxpresly bcilt to roll between the obove porls, and ' ill ho fmald of suitable draft of water: tacotlodatioll for pacsengers, ana every effort will be nueittO to give geteril atiaiertion, Tbh in is conposed oftlho it lowing ships: Cherokcee, 415 tona Capt. J hlarding1. (trullio,, 4011 tie S Lemiest, Charhccion, 374 do 1) Eldridge, C-llo"ibiana, 625 do G Barker, Setacen , 4i0 do J Ilowes, Ic,l.ltay, 625 tlt D H luoplhrey. Thle above ships aire all iem, of tihe first nlaes. copper filat elotnd onpeoppered, eonlinlonded by ioms of great experiete, hlive largo accommodations, wilh a selratre loldelt clbin; every attention will be, aid to pttaeemgera, anid tile very Lest of stores prm vided for them. TheII packet will be tawed up and down tile Mlo sesiplpt, and the strictest punctuelity abserved in the tioe of sailing, tind should the regulnr vessel bI dellainedi in errivilg, otler ships equally as good will i11 all cascr be ubstitiaotld. A taro of patron. ago is soliciteld, tiid tie agentla pledge tbeomlvors to ncotlllmotlhilt as much ac prctlieabie, to reesive alid forward gotods by a id line at tIhemtnost modeor tn chliarges, and to advadnce all rxpotaee on goods shipplied, if reqtired. The nstips will leave the lot and i6th of ecotr montl. For freipgit or passage, apply to tho agent. 3 A 51 PRIIITT 82 Comonan at. N. B. Advancements made on eonsigusmeno{ to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nev27 IRON Il.OU)FS--ITh soltltcribers htre procured at I erei exipenle, lhe right of pit lig on iron rli in this city. They lie adopted to punlo hubeiinsn, e.rr.u.,.r.., slid private dwellitese,aoo colllin at nngn eilirrnpleas and durabtllity, atIt are ip rfceih' lire nd water protf. 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