Newspaper of True American, November 26, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 26, 1839 Page 1
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PaRIcE 122 CNTS. NEW OLEANS, SDAY RNING NOVE 'erms f the emspraper Press of New Orleans -. .. Vor.- V I No. 206 3 Terms of the Newspaper Press oef New Orlean;s unaninmunsly ngreed to, at an ndiaunrelt mtrin, nI the Pr.priters, h:Id oln the 1:3th of narch, IB117. Sunlcltepriois.-tTw.lvo Itllars for the i dtily pa iannltn, pavable in uladvene: tein dollars flr the tri-weekly eutllllr piaper, pvble llone -ear in avLance, wlire 11on city rl'erlrenc i glvoa. Five d idlrm foir tlII ,Vuetnly; ilaval i:,. Nt a tbscription will be diseClllinued until arrealroerr ,r settled. Il cane of dircoultiiulnce, oI woek's IoItio in lari i .me i:vn. i rm!.y given, previous to th xpiratiln if sibinrilition. Aoltrtnrstea.-1)le ldollar per stlro for Ithe first nanrtin, allnd hal:f thlt price forr each 1bserl:.P lrlt mnre: as material alteration fromll th, original advert-elllrlll will be charged as a new one0. Yo.ttcr AiteoRTte n.-llerhit and Tr ,n , arty dollars fu n Erglish o lnth, l a ll ixtv or btth lae phulic. inltiutilons, fifty dillers in English oldv, no.. tlght' far both Ian napes; Shl ". n!l ,nd qtrnl: ,.e Fac. ore, or Comne.tuijRn aerhaln ts sixty dellsr .ea E .glins no, andeighty for both lang'rages. MnnRRIA.s s, OHIntrarn NorTcrs, and artieles enll. ilg the attecntila of theI ptllil: to sles t' Iproperl.ty, cordl of passenger.e, hieottc. & e. wiill Ixt aMtzr, I ene dollar pet square for the frlt insertion in eal. lan CeMItinlrtloTOi|or Advertiieemunt, of iny I.n i It.turo, when admiesible. . halel be clnharged l.hblr, ad in advatonce. A dedutctio. of twentvynle percent. will be elna:l to Auctiolleere, Sherlts, Ineistersiof \Wils,nd Marshalsl ont snles of real estate, pullished in Ioth lalullim e, and 50 per cent. in English alonee: 10 per ient ol nsah:su oi other piroperty. AhunETIMaNT is out of thel direct line of lbuelu]in of the advertiser, suchll a legal, autionl, and planti lotl ales rullawayayslnae, 1ItrY iie s, &c, &,(. will ha chargod for eepea.ately,n and it the ordinarl riae-, Al.ERTIEMENtS alEn it ipet iiet9 to time, will bl puhlihe.l onte ionth, ald elhared ccunrli h' Ii' No mdverlieineiits e ' lmaikrulociis till obe iullishl i n any elase, uless paid ferll previoiusii ti iriii , or paymvlent gulranteed by 1t ie.poisiilie perrn in llw dail rtlthe tenahoi to ible clirgeil for l'gllsh a fole, and $1501 in both lenagumuu''in. All aniiumncllaumtremitl of c':,r'lidi:tti's for yep!::h'l o.'ii.u tiill ie chlargedl dolmhlo lthn pirici ofithir nudvlitiie Owing to flae imnmense los s ustained by I . t pn o,, prutrpitors, they have comeetee rim c attiluu io tht ], lno Iie of persons who.e aeccount have nllt bIIn Ii within oIlO month after |lreallnuollla iPll, ll he, IIo:o.1 k.:ll .l (soe far as. practl ll tI l tl h OThilhl'-Ihly .hli -aaismlltemlll es lll it ton auvtri oe r prib tniile suchl l toy nt i . ine1les iin caIen I idnll ,e pltull ll l S.ig ed) ,1I. C. Ilc Sr. IiO I,111'i J. IliAYON, P 1'. Itl" - 1 , J. +'. t'!,'I 11 : .IU 1iST, JioIN GIII.SON I.I; ltSIIN. WVeenky Press. -We, the umndersign 'd, ogre. to abide iii hi theoabove etctnlitieis, ai lar iatheyare applien hehf i toi W-eiele ptperl. (mined) A. B. IL.AWRiENCE, ~i No sun scriptions arn taken iir leo s thaln limonths.i t.ntters must.i iil caseobe rus nn1nid. SHAROWGATS SPRINGS TR ltR Wnlliery toa1tv, Alai-oo, THfREE D.A .fOURINEY PFRO. l ) NEL iV OIR/LE.INt.. Ti7liE proerietrr of this estal iI mient has the' phia t Wure ol'lltll lllll ll g t) hie t'rieukll nul s1111r i m lh, it improvmentls tlalUle, nall others flow gltit i a ill rapid .r.lgreas e tr ru(lill+lleti, .l ,h will tll i l th tubscrler to aeeonllltllodat ta itr hirer lltlll r thn heretttitre, enll at the atme tittle much tl hr' t i'antilie cn he ti ccontttdated t ith good rtonle It tihoe who prlefer caIll haIve Ilr elabi:s eluchd flroll the main building. It is deemed IInnRcesr.ry to say ntnytihill ill tilti( lur of tilhe charaeter of thelse water:li , tlt),' it t genl i'llv brlievrd that they are, tot inl'triir to ian int tlh Soi Iit - ern Stalies. All the rtrllllelt'ttls a that tatr grclil atl ftetttd t \Vetaering Pl'cer , atil hle (ooms ta t tltii. 'I" best Inlla c that this port of tth ,runiltrt alrailtr , st ibeene gatgei, and will be incoustntl altendanei.tCt t 11 Jpr n.s durigll Tile whole slea , on. S'I et duht.:ii l will ite i a t li fl r f hiar openrtnIty n returning his uin aeited u. thnks fir th1 v . rl suiport gtivenl il lat sellsoIlln. a h (opes ,v the tx'r lioln that hav e been a dei in i )lprovl Ila t xtlldinl hile Rcol m ol dation Ttoi nl. iti t a liberal patrnillnlc. 1t1, pres:N"t sea.4 on. JNO) CR {1. 1. \Iti i.) .EtY \ A.\lt: .- I ' , it,.it ir t-,' ,on a - SL icollra e s nod wholelrlP dolls III ai:ll'r t ale, i 'l ,+ fta ,/l* I .:c mrlsals hl th, n i ,e n l o r i e o t i , . I a r l r I+ I , h e l l : . , J 1 ; , l,,dn" ,,old .lo -s,'. 1,L.h+ ,,.- if tol I d , .! I Sn h A nrr. a I i fEtn . brdll, an i llltu Ill lllnat ll t Pind.t a es; titi, abrl ic Iat , tt a t tI l, ai.; S til' li t-r . d e It , , ' ..... Itt d.. I)bra, cart atntd waitio do .+d l ,+ll bat s, I :!I a dll.l4 t I."; v.tllv lces; ial Ic:i s1iitiat t , c iras ' . t pet hos; rae In i te in h Ite loir o ltlt-it i !it t oI i lt talitr;l i i . 'i tl t I ttll t , do,, il.ortd sitet. atid I.ti- tal -el) : bY irh, a lt i pist alt ch bit g, sulket, twig aNlO A t , crop %%`-w hi, ,h l w .s ;,!, otVlos and l) thie r 1 old ie and sur ,ing s; slr l len'hta d llh h s ra im s nIii wolrstel r. in \ l,; thllr n itl Id r t It l hbollln e ; blind brllles i llld Ihoe ; ' , t l t a,.d ih . n d mo le .....,d a,,, d i ... . . .il .. s; ritcel eck, h.r.ltheean:I uuldnl ilnt; flad i braHs oand treel brio, hilnts ,, ev ry d I ' tl;ttl, ,t, , pl;teld, hrats an, s(et a I t lUeid t i ev, ra Jl ,r ;,,;:, ; - I plated, tbrast and steel sart' i I va; tit riei.. Tll' logettq r with ia e allllete assttllll l'I - v, r I ottlrforiel .ni , ,l +tirttt :n .aunlo t ,s. 'They will nin clln ltnae to, r Ce Lve tn rugh tL'. keeP their stock ntita le and optill l e lil te I KOtUI':, DAVII).'(O N & eo, ! itan(. lttle , i NO CUntIl No PAY + Il II..JOHNSOON, Thlie IIll Bie tirle lt t St ines t t practie e toI the Irt.iatin- . li t i t' ltl bliai.eae, m r ll its d al r ttftlr fo-ul-. D)r. Juiohns, frlo a retihdettce of lntly yars inl I, tals in Eur ope, deva te. to the treat. 1t ilt' Vn t reai )iLeasesand fronm his pr'es1nt ixtIAivEie IUli( III that particular unraine of the plrotleitlll, guartree, , safe, ilsperlv and -lltlual tre to a ut tit h persons as areiit tloltlllee fillr ile h Is '' ill' t, l ifllloilt ( li . e. i il:- Selllillln l .VatrklUtts, \r.tlrionla of Ill ltt :r, i id(i.u ,I klills, Urelrllla, Prlostllrale llallnd, swelled I calit!es, Erup1tionl Iri thte Skii, tlte Throat, t Painl ill the Joints; Auni tthe nmilerotiu sylttl:us t vihc, ga unalll y tilow his dinca-e. Rlcatt tc:tses crealtl in two or th,, daysb witlllett th' tus oi tlrear llrt , in:llllrapllltiol f rlo Ia tli,ilu s, or 'lltr - ti in in lhe i,lod ie ol'liiln,. A medcilt.e to plrelret Vene-real l)it=ea t can the ih t eett fl ltlr.Jou .sni . It it tit an the t tie "h t t, Rttre Latrry, aI cyatlerated l 'reth Star-e o, andt l wt< i sred y riarat.u ict tca era it Ilrl, tht us ih tucr . late d by DeIa. J I,) n..u It I l, 'I he; el)r.ts h v.inlg anly alf,.tin oil'f V n r,~rU et iliati(,- a lll t ' oot t.lking sea voy)-uo, or removig rt he t icl out \, t wotl, I do wehll Iv gii:t g I)r. Jt haon a .:eall, ais proper t Lttdi t ill, lu t rh t ( r' t I tre in th tett h h, lit n l e c tn he put up ,r tl writtet directiun,t f,, theisa use. t (ffice o;itall Ii it 7 te i tth l.aarnilt until tt t'cluc k it night. AFI.ERNIE'i l)NDYI'l'I'I C II IIX1R. Or. Aberllnthy, the 'greutSet of ll:ngi+h su.'.to)lln . wI , opiio thal t lllae t-hlllh of the td .teases thitt all'e i nlatllkilldaorilltE ill tat tomai lh. 't'hi illxir tt as useid l hiti with the m:)ast ulree jeth. ucactetsi itn eis prtivate and pilic ruiteclicetr Iup II olforty Lets fuhallltitn, Flletn ll, )it:tlhlt of tltihe Sla "aci,Pain i tht ide, lltavinesttlof the lhetl aid iilili nation i o sleep, Irreg. llrity of t1'le .wel~s, andll l ill all cases whre nLa.ligcstlioa or a ostie¢: laliitt i- tountd to 1 exist. 'xhis imedicilne mt nt n be nlllnheed lamnlillo the hosi o qlt lek nistorum notw Before iglthe pbic, an it i, tihe sole illrvetion ul' tihe. i lest t L il ti - a ieit'lifiCt si rgetn Europe ever roduced, attd till- searet oi rep.)leill it wlNo p urehtaed by the lat t follr Ia \,t iy g lil tout P;1. , It i+s ienlt.lways klheeps the LowEls Xr, ihpa tw vio1A tlluld strenga n to the! ryst , and elltrtiLllt s, to the lnr and a few bt'le. l r utltls the leat a l!tirrledl Casa, . l I) llep, i,' or Illdigestioln, altd prev. sl a returnll ait anlly futlre period. NeIw YORKl,17th AgIIlusl, 18-J3. :i5 hi llison- sreelt. aln:-Incolr slnelleurunc iea;lin a sedenlltary life, I have beenn troubled, it ,re ,or les' wilh lodigetie tlr ten years; for the Ilast three eos l.,,y SUI,'llbirilns have, b neeliiUn pportable. I have tried sevett'l phyv-icitnl, and n uiouilnhral'yquck ,edicin.s, wlth oat deriving any benti tl. I d ll:spaitd of iwoer o lhtini tii n leilrllot.r l rElist, aai ) r:"si ,1ed iiyself Tto the to ,i hopeles lti' wet prsuad.tld by many flitnds to try .\herlnelthy' )yspelptic llixir. I hNave now finished tlhe llot1h hut 11n. ulll knllow not how IIo explre.s nlvl .I ttirttilotio its wolderfll 'irtnlea tlllladlhe I aniic le it:lrr i erltorlltla ill eiver. SellI mni haf!f 1 it dazl bosl h leI · . tlol exce.;t imy thalnk- fir t:e lle Sings you ha o n Lerred by re ithr'iing ul to pere,.f hiultih. I rullain \yours, 9 N All I'L \MT' ofi l % l o rigoinal itlefs of orenrd in .- 1_1 tIh,, general land ,ldice. Plinterd in accordance with a resolution ofthn lilotso' tl epresentatliv,' p. s' ·,elll .i ' ; .1,33, fTw copie illst iecrivtd ant 'r!," "'y ALEX 'I'OUW r, ,49 Oump at IIAT)OIRRIIOIDS. [ AY'S LINI.11ENT'.-N, Ficlion,.--This ex 'tr.nordilnry chronic.l compi pition, tile , rlsut aof cionce, and the inlvntii i ia cilerated l a ,di iclt ramn, thei introd,qn' , n of whichl to thIm hplo -was irvon te wit. !he soltlntlly of a de-toihlilt heqliuest, has gained i roputation outptralliled,, lally snLtainiii Iht1 correctIness of t'ho niInnitd Dr Gridltt's. latt cifoncssion, thait . he darod not e i wilhout givinm to po.sterity tho binoellt of his knowlelgo on ilt tlio snljont," and he9 Iothrclr: bhioealthed to his fliend and attendoanit, Noeiuno flays, the relt of' his discovery. It is now usel ill the principal hospitla, and Sthe private priclice in our coluitry, first altl nost certainly Iti the clro o' the PIle, ianllld nso (x oivnly and efR, t.lly :s to bailli creduiillity, nol!e .vlorn its offTe-s are witnessed Externally in tit Foll'owing . il o mplaints: For i)ropiy-Cralting extraordinary absorpti . it nc'. All Swlll lings-Ro ding thies in a trew hours RlhOntiontii-Acute or Chronic , giving qniglc ore Thiroat--By COtiners, UIcers or Colds. Croup anti Vtlloolittng Congii'-ixtrnihlly, and over thL, Clrt. All lrulscs, Sprains, and lhlorns-Cuoring il. a , and U.c'rs-Wlhetelir flie'' or long itanrodi, and e ever sores. Its ptior tini s i pi adults aontl clihilron in redor gll rho iuni 'lin iv.llingo, antid It.los cii. C igi s nl tilhti'oes. of the lir.chest y ,l:tnxatiin of the piarls, hoes bIein sll rprsll i.I hIrynd confll l lliion. [The TllhE PIL ,-The pri, .i r iriiluded to anyl plrsoln whol will ust , a ottle" of II sy', L t:nlintr. "n!rtr ! i rlis, :ad r.tll 'l ih t n mptyi, holtd wit ihllmo hei curedi . oI . Ii ren thl poisitivr ,ll ' ,rs Lo th i pr, itl ilor to t w A-'onto; and iut of tIU o Woih t ight I l nsert c 'ii" i cl.'iht ti , ll hiul ( reflr that hf ,. whI o s.1 l tN ortll h !, >hlullll 'a. CA\UTIOIN-N.. nd lip l, I nini w.ih. in t i;i 1)1'"1 it r 11 rr I r, 'll i hi i i nli l ' nl e, 0i, 1 also thaitl o Ili" Ar1, lll lF. Ioe o . ,OLO11) N TTl \Y., S d wholn;I . oanid ri.etail, h 11l' I'IT 'K & ho , N , +w Y rl, alnd by o11r 1)ra~gisi t III eviry tn ill i ll, l l. Ii .h l l i ic 'i , o r ll V' I. l m 1 I i li i t: ,. ii' 1 i - ' iil, I ) I .; l Vlilll I t[ ; n"I C , tN ' I , - n 's'r . , I .; ti i. ll li sm d Ill imi iii i 'tro. l~,si. il I,, ,el ,.I I Illt l h,,, 1 .1+, ' rllr .r ,.: I l", i c, (i'rl ." , ,I, 1 I,' , . ' c h '! ,,' ,, ,,w ,. < i, * , 1 , Iv, , ,+ u (, I clol e. ,, ,,+ . ,,, ..... J , , , Ic s ,,: ,, ,I N ,t I1 rto'l I lolbhl ( .I |l a oo ,o,) t1 A1 '. i (1,) 11 I.; \ n '-;1 m e.\ (h 1r t . I., h r wel' . 1 u.n, t N \o t.o ; I an11 d nI a1, ll h'rn ,I T, I T u: n l.. ' ',l ,I oalo o 'ioo t ll nl t.n,0 l Ist, 0Io. u:o. h h, 1 1o : , o 1o:ololto. I ,,,- I tnol ( lro I Ollo',ouo h , oolo,,oO . ooo/ I. · .llI !11 i o11 1 ooo-, ol t.. % ) thi i mlml' I1II· T h, olo ol ( ooo tt . 0' loo-t 1 1 110.t. ! ,) I ON I I( I ,F11 , I il 1 i I II ,I th e Iul i i., er 000.0000l [o 0 oII. l oo.1 . o . hl 0,1 o1 1.h Il 1It··( IIlI: c 11%llll,.l.l·( , o 0Il t 00lll 0 ol, l(o. ohio Ii l Itoo' t i. It·:l~ll.\ l II, I ·F i ~ Il~lhl~l'l 1:·):IU{I["I II lll ll~ l :hd''( "I.III ll")(· : ldhl d tll.illi:trvll e er e:elld 1 l crt aI nt'l I oII 'I'II. %T ¥ anLlpleU. h, Il'ic~;) llll[ .' ll~( l l~l~lillllllt' ll' leI Ii( ISI JC " i l . I tllllil r l 10 n oo. loX o I oiI , tlllolhC oo lll fo.ll , i0.11i t Rl fo . a d1 il0 LI~IlIIil.' l h luld nl~.U". l? Th .r fro.l N e.w U)1"h':111.. ..,lean / lIi\.lt llI ' \l't+1411l. (.)t'I'i~ll I1 I)·llni Cl' Itl'U iii)IR :1!1 ((15'ik :I I1e 0 00l 01 h u0rll 0 0 0l0s 010. 0I00in oil i it . 0 li0t e 'a l,, r lhs:l, ll tT ll0s100 I00 . . .11kI| r llld hllla Itil o I u l I llo illlll, O o ln o OI o, ll i ho O Anuse4, S lOGan. 1001 :I'IH',I (IIII: )I Ir~ :t'l~l"pl~l I l~ll'l~l:Illl 1 lo1..I , I~ ll vl;:II .i ,lel.' O ill i fl'iel) t M nlllllrcllo ;i. II Ho 'ls e .,l I110 :i l1 o ml S(.':II 'I· ,,StLIn. . 5 (.:. illlld t.il2 S.I··,i l~l il~klVI I.I) z'.e\,, Ytl'@l, I:·:ll l ili. c;iii iI..·i~I 9 ,Ii 1 Ne .l i'k |'¢ll Se.w Ul' altlll I.E. '. TIIA% 1 II L,.W'--\\ :ishllIin tl11 Cil? ill I°,. 1"ioiii ( N 00 0ll 0..l!l rC, O oI o W l' l C .'illl I b..: l otli");. T hM, os..e ,. ~t's Ills cl, ehl. I 1ls . \illc·il · :1 10( . l l~l:Elle 'lll) ll~llt Ihlsvill) hrane~ l·, 1:ll wd)I·S:S ine t., .\( lutdh. ,l ob a id on t o .\ wcm li ah suic hmu s h1O1rNve:u a ur I h.0 u I ,er I,, b 1101000nha 000000a10 00 JA 2. . h. .. \, .I ,ir . ,, i,, 1;olio·', , h ra t o , o oly Noiooloto No t Wo, No 0000001 liuJoo· tie ll il p . , lo i. to Aolooo,0er ,oOI o,0oIl o,, o C i oooo Io 0) , ol.oo'o 0dam 1 . h ' , 0 0. r . .. . 0 m e r irlrll. i'-i.(Iloot _I lib lht es,, Plo , O :nOoooo o ,, 'hsS I , oot 00 moo l t , . 'oroo . o to 00.0,00 . s PItiao~ol 000,00 01su [.0 oev. oi, S Co. joolot1ito1o to o asoooooon'oollooolo om&0 flO 0 I hwa NIn of i ub t Aoo ogo to drI n I~ ool ho ,oO"r oooI o Ol ooo) 0 , o! •0 ...00000 |, 0'h00r1 t.r , 1 looloo i'ooat t r.o l o Lo ,o\ lolo .o So ioo to oh, llboeof Thisualvl: nai.' l We eek.. audi sobeinI l.n I 0I 0 IN- . (Idlllr1 .i t' u ltl"t 11lf( l . 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