Newspaper of True American, November 26, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 26, 1839 Page 3
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T 8TATE OF LOUISIANA--First Jodicial 5a Distriot Court. Charle r Pnrlnoge, an insolvent debtor in artual cupe toady o. his crsditors--'l'the re,iiLtor .i tI.harles P.r. lange, are hIrby notified to I he, od npllpar i iji, n aourt, no Snaturdny' the 7h of )tecemler next, 'ant 10 'clhuk, A. H. to hew calle, It nay thry hanve, wl ald Parlunge hould nolt Idve the ,bheori of lhe lowe lade hr the rclief of ina.loe, Idr elrlt ain totl cus odv.. By order .[t ce tllr co hti I 1i 18ocalml, +9.' .I25--'t"7lln P LK I1I1A DNC )rtoot I, i-(,k. Chlarloe Parlangoe maint.tnattt d6lenU contre as COdanciors. iTAT DE LA LOUIOIANE--Cour do Prom. IA ter District Ju.liciaire-ll ept ordonuO quo les erdanoiers tI pdtitloonairo Churlon Parlung6., sntcl. notifid6 de omnparaitro par devoat la Cour, M.rdi le 12 Novembre prodhanl, a 10 heores du matin, pour ddtluire ls ruisons, w'il uonout, pour [lquelles le dit pdlittonnaire nejouirait pus du ld6n6iceo des luis puasae pour le soulagemoute des d6biteurs ins solvable on arroltation. Tdmoin I'honorable A. MA. Buchanan, juge do It dite Cour, co 17 Octobro 1889. Sign6, JNO. L LEWIS, 94 ot-3t in.30d Grfier. I . . . .iO TATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dic trict.lCurt. The State irf Loisiana,--To all whnlm ln se pr clnta ehall aeote, greeting :--lWhlerei IIIENItIY i, LIAM PAILFLKY, lvilng inrn Ianed at r sale miade by the sheriff oattie pthrish if J,-l'r-n, iut,+ prie. t ihersiaitlsr dtscrieed, hap ap led ti the nl, k hf thii Court, in whnoie b ffice the died Iof sale was reolded on the seventeenth day of, A. I). 183.1, ir nI Molll lion nr AdvertiRsllelt in conftrmlity fi nal Art of ilU Lgislaturo uf the Slw atef Louiniann, tin e, entitledl,.n f.rleiepf"urther asnureanee ual' title to iurccitn ort ji d;tal seles;t" appr)ved lit teIthI dtiy of M(-i,, 18:1i4: . SNov, tllerefotr, knnow y, enit all pr esons ilt.rte=l ertein, are heemhy.iled nlid tol ttitiehel iti lthl nlillarme oi the Satle f I.nauiiaea, atnl-uf tile I'irst Jllidial Ili SIrie Coitis who can srol up asy riellt, title oir claim 'in td tltom propert-y ireretilllr te leucried, ill -iiltne qtene- of nyinlllnlntly illn tile iorteth,r PiateB r jlllig cneat of tile C.ilrt undedr l lle tii i.u aid -i Illlldt , a r "ay irregularity' or illegality it thle eipprs'rne lc inii d d tiverti l itltIe, i ttille, ior rtattmierr ilf i I l, r in li V dtiterdafetl si lnteeover, tno s lw rlllal. wlhill n thole daey from tle day a thir hlilioat ih listt inarliall ill il'. Itublie ph~mer, wity thle ualne d slllid Ilul I n a ull Erltedl and hItaotidoalltIl. * Tih;aid property wils sd hlti:lie .hl;riln of lie Inr ilh *fureanld Oil tIhe twlatiehll fivid t.hiil ti i r A. I). 1839, Iy virtue oft daecree of ti li :llllrt taltgar-no i lhe: eigllesalllll ty tof Mloril, A. I. 13l:19, ia ,-Iliitelllt'Il inri0a Ceil wife if ChIaes. Iliiieee, aI. ,a-. h elnarchildrenl and heirs i, CI hiI s I lc' ll, \u 12,:i1,9) iotfhedoket ttlft iaulit cii ch sth the iiad iro ry .W.illin e l'ulttey IlO.entie lhe i Retli r i,,. ,ade oif fJur-lund,;ed ld Ithirti-five dollars, p..nbil uash. les.riptien of property, no given in the- J'iichil ('uni Oeyste, y. : A cernnin alot.lf geuul tl, lie s1atite Wili(tre as Ijllli tasted Ito Wvilliam NichIelstii L1h, it r sI ,Ioh lase Lo it. Mc.oy, astllllerill, Io I t ir'ty i Ie t hllll Is 'as the eleaventh Mrchi 1eh by6 vrlea e IfIn jfi' llOt iI Jhisaiourtothe i tthriaietit. rv i :3ioi i ehidh a ,s S enrdered iy eaild cu r l toi tei.- t-tu l .it i a Ir-li lt .h t,, Ite reetllnt tlhe risk nltl cxl {.tie , idil . .h l l , ire. fletine and trhfouei tiieiaiilyi illl th IetI s ld 't : 'stlione ato l ItalIII ion. l 6.ail LI h iln "la lr 1.1,i i S lenjoitlnl Ili inoll, s" ln-tv llr i I liri , n th,. tiw nteth l J nota ar I ;l . r l, l . -u I r -tel h, lh, ~dit " e ml' II. II. C(cuit ; l, i noIatr l i v~ i-S a, ,ls , n e . . - uariqll, i Il A t.lio.iIn ItIi.'Iri , li t) t u l f"Ol. on e.v stelel 'l, Itl lorl e I'.+, t ill, ill'h, I.- lI-r frntol n llr-le oet ' teet, til he ii-ltllh'l it;-[ lh- Li ii ~ iu feet hi dept hnid lrat n aaii, . ,le h hli"il and fthtr reet i( inehea, I t e ll'" Iif l i. d vleli ~! i, fromo lt N,. Tuctrae legehlr wtag )all ul ,io1 -, foil- - gee d.e. thee-into lnut-raigilal. W iles , t hIte liainelolrle A. II. ii -i , , I i"lu la . 1,. Cnirt Maracrid, thie hh dlast of \ou , rid re 18.19. n-tiO P1' II Ill..IN , N11p. 'Vel p TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-(Cr ... I ',... ier Diitiriet Judieiare-L'u t t C d Ir lo luti n l S t e ls cEux qlu cels itdellrte eOllet t c lll-i -SaNlut : Atllndr qcntlIe ItINY n IL . WiIA IA.ifriy 'e -yant aclleth t n vlenta fdleI plr ti SI' l. rdll iiA I paroiiso Jelferaol, In prlopaidd caiii ,!trner , test adrenad ant grlfFu le ll dc .sGtll i lit lt, "s ter tut enrdLisnt de ao dlX." llll t mee j,,,r ,'t )ilre do I'snndo 1839, polr uo iltv r.d.ih~rl.+t tL tion re, die lIa Legi.ho ntir e i'El aLt I I v ,. iae, inLitud * Ac.t pole nuirer hat titr le dryl aini . reurs atx vnlea judlieiaires ;" iaaarou..h It i rll-, 1831. Qu'il souit acolnu, elt la.iiuc lrcnnlloe iclltacaaie s senllt par cer preoantla ualtmaiu , ;iIll a I.a111 d." Ii' t.ilt do- in Litin inllt a t tie a Ia o r (ill Prntellure ii t irt Judlai.ire, qui pourroieti I,,el draft a h, pr - prid.t oi-.p.ens dlerite. e n coa.tiqaenco Id'u~ d eaut do formthedati i'trle, Sr ,icrel il "a ,i-a etell dlIn I('ollr, on v rte l a-ai tlqiel i it v.IP i- - - fait ,tl tIc tloa ta Irr alcari 1 oil l ,llde ld I Id , a'ie lillaiut i,l, I',tvis oil Ic Li plils el I d.I1. J 1It . I."b.-',-ri.i l " *I'etLrIa cI] qtlr.h',pil, do fahire voar, lnna treiutejlrs a thltlr ;ti It i ,)ii h ,_ tion do net avi, ptarlitliti ha vllta il d 11 ilhe -, -ai zait plaaoofllnnd.,.t hiulclariliu. La diteo prolrilti fiu VueItIa + par hI FJl(r. -rl it, le villlto tlllto jolt' di ilt i Fetlillir e u h IIr d iem , 1839, hll veril ti'ull du c-ret tli uu.-le (C-iar reiidill lu dia-shilip.te jour di M.,rsidt I'o,-i ]a3il, l,'as ' i'aff ire do Mtarit Cdcil, iiuse ie t.'huarl,- it wu-r Sal. as. Leos I':I.naII illleur,.i- hdrate rsh (ih,-ll. dcil-No, 12hi0 dti 1i:l)el t, d (:el,: ('our, aa Ic qunlls enatols d Ilt Hnry W;ilh-m- Pl'il.y .,',it rendu acqudreur ipour It prix do qgamt cr -las cl. quanlte piastres, payabie nuilmlllt-t . De.triptiol do Ia pro1p iet d alres In Ltrafcr " judicinirca, savuir : Un crtlniain lt de terre, i lile yin q ion fuL ndjucg i Wliat Ncltnhoicat lull, a tiiie vnt, i laIe iar Iseas L. Me. Coy, llagacaonr do la vnub I Id a Isaac L. Mc. Coy, e.olateur do tL vile du lao Nouvellk OrlIan-, Io II Mar, 18..9, en verhil dM'o jugeooent do cottl C ur di 30f J invior 173,i. ct que Is It Mars 1939, la Cour ordomon., dl 'e'o ie averndu aux deopen et risqes du dCa Ilull, a ,:. -en 'de sa negligence et d. son r'lu.o o r,'mphr leC t conditions de oa dtlt,. ldjolldicat moo. 'e lot do terre cet sitlu6 dns lal dC' JColCfrsooo, dn s la illo de Carrolton, it ost cdctCou pt or 1o, iou' mare qooatro de lilet A, our un pIda l dreC6 ar Benjamin Blisson, arpentelr de I la do p)rlomse, I. 20 Janvier 183Ci, at d6po 6 Jd ls 1o btr...u d. H. B. Cenas, notualr public de couc vill ; it a (meaure Amnericaine) e)nqoante deux p!ds oll pouces do face i la ru, do la Levee, quaraout p edls trois pouces de Chnoa la ruo lhlrthe, trots :.cCts trente noeuf pied do prolfundoeur et race a la rue Jfl'orson et r~is coots quatro plues alx pouces et denci sur la ligne quo lo dlvioe du lot No. 3, ,!so,. lie tous Cos druits, privil.ges &o. qui y apportion.' Went. T6dtoin l'ilenorahi A. MI. Ilchlen,al. do IC Cour susdate, ee 16 NovembrCe, 1839, P. LE BtIAN , 2O0 3t in 30d DoLputi Grti "r. REPUBLIC OF 'I',:XAS. 'Ti'ea.!:cac I)EtarrE City of tiHuston, 17Th July 183 9 ( iN pursuance of a tequirelltet ofC' C tw itlCs.oCd by Congress of this RopuboCC, approv.dl J.anuary l1st, (839, making it tile duty of tihe 'Treasulry to advertise and eause to be sold the lot- in th, C Y iY OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Noet, is hereby given that thelos I Lltlo e Llty of Calbhounl will be offered at Pib iC sale, al Mo, Coay, the 18Iin day of Novoin'er lext, betweenC Ihe hours of: T''. o'clock, A M. and Ilour o'clock, P 'C, at thle C:,i lt ol'tohis Republic, lpon tile terolll soat Corth to the following extracts froum the law above o len tioned " See. 4.-DoB it frtheor cnoatd, ''lThat the lots in *said town shlall be oi cord an:d soll Ior 0o t,,loher cur ranoy than gold. silver, auditel.d paper, or the pru eaissory notes of tills gkovrllllo t. Sec. 6.-Be it further enacted, ''hat tihe -a'd .i,. shall be sold on the fbllowiog' toroIns, vtz: Co)o. fourth part to be paid , loao, anlld the oLthr tlr forthl to be in equal iostal enCta ofr slx, tw'lves t I eighteen o Iolths; "c Sec. 7.-Bu it tfrther Iinacted, That I t any person who shall Iurchaso sary of these oto;)ro '.00 lots. shall fail to msake pay.rant oof toe. sevrtl n stalnlunts in collforomity with this Act, Ctoo or tilt,) shall forfeit all such uins a they man.y hav prev ausly paid, and the lots purchased by such der:,l toershall revert to tile governineut of thle Ie pu Jic. Sec. 8.-Be it furthelr enacted, 't'hat all pIrson, sliens uot oxooptod, shaltl havC the privirl:'o of pur phasing dad holding tole same, alol tile P'resldoot i. authoerizend to issuepntuts to them so no n as thli Jeast in, stalment kshall Iave been pIld." SThe' sale will continuo from day. to day, until all of the lots sha l have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated. on the ra.nt cmdC of '1I tgor ea Island, directly oc the Main P.los tllo da Bay, and fronl its advalotageouls polsilonll, 0\,ti probably becorne the principal conlturnrcial cl0y ill Western Texas. A Plan ofl the city Lcay be scon iC the General Land Offiso. The reveral i apers in this IReCuhlic,the c om.ler. cial Bulletin, P.c;yune and True Aello:ican, of \. Orleans, will.publsh notlice until the day of sale. JAMES I1. S'I"ARR Secrotary of the Trreaury. iL A'IrS-The surbsaritlri hav, reeived nd oo rue ro • I rl *.sjlng by ievP.y. ]cktet. .larg,:upp *I1)It oL iteaer, 1suria. rIur Cod ,thyleskib silk Ihtsoirgo l" iat~s forsbo ilo ald best Iodnlihclllurc , which lhcy olkr luo I m<IPL. tion to rlhe'citizet s and plub;:i g< or'r all'. Coos ' le bCy . Naval, Military &'Faohi ;C u ile Ibo, r', under a.I Exchors e olt. o l'I,_ Csth 'cales : L 1i' TOVCS.-Nuwreriviorgr re,,e ships ea0 & ' rFroo, . Dpau, a:ploeiCidid asoritmlCet, ouchb Hi Wi,s'a o Ponteir trrtzerla I yro trd. SCtler., 00 0w ni 0i, ce-Par. lour, Coonking VaCl, &-c -oI'oe. For rule o y - Al "" 1 F DI,;VtI`U, • ald,. l . • 1 lT liiV lat at Eruirerauow corC.a1or O1rout,- 'l.,c cases of Cbr geoIUre' orolteo, jrt rrecrvlo' icy Co o,'t 3. RtOF, $ i)'L...N. , IS Ca.Cllp a Mli-r.tar Rpti-C00' Cotils, Miaut'rt o rtile rope,. pn d" oI-cl Chcl't, 0.i St, ri, ood er;r or C -l ". w3 O&I.D(RT •. . 3 G-. nsmts ros B.OOK & M asI. SE. JOHNS & CO. STATIONER.' HALL, NEW ORLEANS; JIll' assoritrlpntor opio Itern beieg now ompiered, tle elubcriber. ,tiler i e lic ll.i ng hhso to rho p - i icor l crtiot iio Io he bublcbIj. I''iies. a iusul. Iohw. r Eiglesh Draitng Paper, (Whtatman) tDy, "i Jb itis byli wchile wove i!edin a. 22j do l1j do it oI! lI 21 It l9 ho .u:,Pr It.yil, 27+J 'do I1 i o ItuIprrilt, 311 do 21 do Elehllhnt, 2 do 23 ho cllu s, 31 o d I)u leI Ellli ant, 4II do 7 do l' I\I [It lllly l l , r 5 d(o 31 du Ewpon.r, t;6 do ,47 do All'e extra thick, rough graildl . lAmerican and English large Binding. Papers Jftr Blankwore. Flhlt ('up, l- i lchi . iih Iid , l i ih. and hi. wove, do laid IuPoiy, i Ithe,, 171 do do uoy,,,, 2.1 do 1!, niru i ol, 3't do 22 do do ii h 2 do tio English Letter Papers. (Vhattrmao itieo nda lll'llrtro', nid John Gitret' oegc.rIc i ici irleeitthii.i ii i Ltrge-t.rize Pucket Por 4., blue and whirewove,.d, f. lrg UIo do do dI do tl o p hi do blue laid I:xtroo "tl Iol',gtit k l eost; do gilt 'I'rith lh o' ir t tdui git Tfinted inm; Fho gill E,/olio iti, w'ote PaJI Stol rd m .wov rloll sci l I ., arid n a ll pu do gilt I l nlril d I lk d vnel lu p O l o lbotl ruitle dIl aiiii d Viori tpo Eng/ish note PaLers, Scuo and P 16to. liai t l ii IhIi r, whil, wio ; do, g:It I'tlllltlo Idu h ,l;x , ...... b , ,,n dh. ited a d gil "i k mn, il l i iit, ir illt,dr t g il u I ll 1 olflll l d1 oo \Vlot,"r ,d . tlk Nob,, hi u <lif I inh rd i pllitntio li .l eriran Letter Papers. l d, o lo 't'o und I sal'eol l .. (',". ,, ,e , rin l Pw -t , d whr a n d c en h w ove ll ,,d-, .'v ',,'., i l i,.t, hh o 1. ,, , ('uuoonl' , rii .1 l,i-'r ...11 .1,·( |" ,,,, iltllh' UIlt,' woeI .:u do dl| h b i l , ine ir I u< ti l d lonJ Ilrhard , Itlr n r libr I.'l.h 1 :" i 'th', +it,,k u I~ l. t. \tllllo .<+ ",I Iflufftll'+ ,r . f. ,,all . t <. f . c l Inf, l h ''lh h l l. .t. 1' . a on ,nd' Inltr w' and '1 o ',' Illlr tl ld-I. f! ;I eI I m prl ( ,+t, +. r. [l. I'd; rl ( t. \ lllit'.l I .lll tll11 i no 1 o , twe . p ' i,v, et II do ~h t eo1ll n II it, I - p to ) _1or11 N - a ) l ll. :, , .to rl eup , It I,i I hlllm d '~t , I, + aloe1 Ul , h, lnlk tII lr.tL,,r llur t411lll Ih:lud n.t "1llIl 'l side+ ( t , 1 I tII l -il n d tdo r, n dl llle n - crlll u n h d , d o d . l lotn l r I ard ~vn, u t ou tn u t , . 1 1/,usc Pa-ers. 1h1 h 11 er, 10, ul, lll l T I t stILrPs+ Y (In d " do w h I 'Cr. (hered, ilerbe/ and Jeance Peepere. i(.''Hh·l "' i"l. rh] f1,II. .1 11 1 I,,+Hitn II rll ) .I 1. I {'i yj anodl yndu 1;1 'C , I ,,' I *h, .rl Cd t l , ll' C,, l . II I, Cl , e, I, <' ,. r '. e '' '1 i C 1 s 'l ll I l~ I.++CII ll(:-l,' (· \llt r 111111,d II I11 rI t ep l nt, r ,+.rll -eeI ee,-.1de1n1 e n eeeeeel eie , elboed e~& per'el. IjIllInlll,+ Je e, eehilli 'en 'l I TL I 1'.11111 .!l\ 1- 11'· '11) I IJ I. en e n\r e!.eli J Jie IH ll g T ( IIIII ll · 1 11111· & 111 I'ilTHI N 1( - h C' I\"lCl ' (lllsl.., I'll b ii. "l ut ti. llr'ltlll ,',,er S II , I IleeC C,, g' t a, ty i I lr. " " l ' rtl I 1'C ,h' , l a h r an . n mihc- o.l:, . , ,,'r I. , ' I'h ¼ a ll. I knl\ IClne a i r e e eleel' art'ele~d a -I. 'di. k T . a py.. eeej- s n._ , e' P- lh , , ZiII',,..h111 (1,.11 l,.,.+ .n--ilIf n,,, il,,v,., (1,v \\ 31 l111\· h ,eJJ I \N\\S &. II. Ill A iat lle. '. Ijll o I' ,II le I C A VII' l .5lh '. edleli lete' .... Hien ,,, , wi, h " ..... y ti -h ) n pleefeehelt eele'det werk 'I2C''r pl " n e'ne eenp eele te. e ' Illet e i ee dnr le lealel e - h Io lC:: lll ee'e '" / 11 n.. 1,ld- Kilt (111~ Orlll~l l rl U ]I'hol '% rH e 'L CIat"C lete.n+'% I l. t lh l ell e eII ile einl e s'lllllll .r € l t lll" thei ( l a IFe - ; t 1,ie l Iea e l' s lenih r : .hll el; ,+ i '', en I eel''i''lle tIIInIII(IOII eea .ild lllle " eete Ce''e.C<I ),ot{ bre. d y oh p,.r, les h; d u h r llle lr ,llh w'e-. a=+ vh' ,ol n a nrt g h f.; .J I''C ell h l el aeC ! t quI eIl l . le , w .libl 0, mlltmin 'IC a eCCt UrI) n m h o bu r n blllll,-.s, .nlllllb~11+ (IHF lh.ll+ -(·lltlllh] 11111t ++fIIPt~ll~ \\lt'4b'. Licat' enlite taa a 1'l IrII!IL: lllkS, .ll/lPri ii +1'11\ ) ; -;hlllh'll(. tI~ll~llZPllbh.. J. E I Jl li i'I. J Lee I e lei' '' , I,,\ 11'1 11( I. 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C &tee. ieW iLe r C eere'yera IEl C LAh Cite: d Cn- p nw alt de Ie'aleeeiet Inf t tie' eeeeeeeeleha teeleie gneee Ieie etinoel rl e 'n I 'e l ita ir'leelne ieie lhllien'l vt lunet lea l teeev ie etlw e 1'e h - eeee' Itnlae Ie t hee t ee r ,e I uelaett lt)eaee the f Sile11 ,,f' ll lll nl· w kP;, ar,, rc. izl.> .d t (I1 t, ll fl rC.Iir hPl~hl t. I ,. - l ) 11% " .'.lr i 'hlli)( YI Ii..L lltl++ h , eeeeljeen.,'teeeeeet .\,eeereneeeeeea, eeeeein te .eet a dnd et ld ni IIoO All 4 allrmp 'aaceiie i(rli R 1 Chita, 'onl.+.t 'h cIt;411, by tllvv.~r· John lark lllrl !11 m l.t)111,1111·1IlJI 1.1( ~ LIII l.Yll TI iL -tJIl'+ll lN: I R·\~l'+1 n. l, r 1,11 y Mi+¢ II C ...,',glu l t ll n( ll|. I~iel, ?i:..+: hy qh- nl,' 18-l,,s l+,tll nl kpiH ·~ nlell I'1, iol P+,'. 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All ord-r I all other kild t of at ork In shtr) alit 0 trtoele l r27 f imt LADIEs. 1.their r ie ds and tile ) wi e ll dl, i t : tei Itt r ',e p r "I ilre , kettles, ul 1 , , il bath. ing tl srr Ild il l t , ll sorts a s, and all coS. It bis e, h. rlrl I..' hbat tItilrup, A hog iha s screw o ts,'n other pit.I; lll pipr s. I '.y r t il alo do all kinds o'out door workt isch af ziro , r o pprr nd e i roo'tng and glteri & r. r y .'.. ,. all ote r kinds of work tIort , .,,.., they will execute at the t Ilrrrt r ee Ir, r ,,27 rn sIrort , o ih I" LADt I x+, i', tl g , " ," , . j ',, S ro,,sy. is , ' l , . .. en l to mI ho l a:' l .t, 'lihe imo'+ , .r to hodell , 1 , , 'er r. ,u . . . r.+. t It'.r , .. e . r , 1 ", h o Y , i .S ir cs l nL, i t o so l,a. 1 t , ,,I, , " .. . [Ir... ; . ': " ,',, , F:. .. . l), Ao.i vla i; I lre ' ,t n , 'pit ,ote; rr ,, , . c t"r lr , . " alro; r ', at, rao rt, r,rr t I, ' r t Ir ' orl o tiO acr lcltt r to ( i [ lldu +'+1 L -,ic. ,lie p,' .,i+, .' • zl 2". , i. by I)'O ,Ihll s ; prufi-," ,n .. "+ ,,oil, New Yourk, p irr 4 ro l'. D'ti r , ;oh ston, presui k t I Cor nty e t..,l I r"e Iiu iprreident ed ociety eStatt ,o , is MecNaughto f tl Albar t ., t r tr I kens, Dauer-Drs Tho. Hosack, Stearns, LudA~ttr ,,nr ... e . oswer, ' er rysol, Van R,' ossalal i r, t, ,I' +, iet.o in. gumshod p rhy rte al s in 11 I . l, i A G Hull, Ofe 4 Ve , , ' 't r lrd Nr [rer y A conatant supply of r t I a r tt s ats, with Dr g lull's t ur proved r ' t:... e.r,. r. i )e il be keapt by r 81rI .trCl'ril r:S rt. \ - eaI olt arpenter, Natchez; Std , re 'ra tit ,ai Me ,,j rson, tomrrville; r all and t Va.o : I t r, N..'v1;!;,e McNairay and It amihton dr ; I I. le, t'ercir ,e teroloive or" tt teceth, hre intdleed t e t. otlbr it to the American ublic. Arr,, .s . 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Bothl Lotterilns. ullolurtllnnlporvioiollt ollwo Judges ol Couri, WILL 11F J)IAWN IN NEW OIILEANlS. tr i ii kLI' 7rLLIO\ LU rI' ERY "flera i olrnc to 1,0i91 P'rize,,~f hich3 'rlo eal E3stat and 335 :stook, lni st many Pariz 33 con posed ct"l',ek"-.sin the Gr (;rand 1'a o M\illion Lottery, afurdtog a paI""to:Ip1tUI 1 of Cllitll:1· ate , to the holder of 0 it Ticket' fLTr PrizesY in '1h10 IIRlANI) LU I 'I'EI1' of 11011 Miiions1n o: tiolioro-1lii0ii i n!!-.tnu tin f1ll 011 1 of 52,000i,000, of wi,' 1007 are Prians of Real Estate. / Oly79 Itlliloh to o Prtlz!!7-Si,,Io Nos 1 1 tOO,0liJ. IUO,11h(lO 'L'latlnl s at ;,>ll) -LJlll0.,)0(), ccllfee and mu~lling- price the same. Allonln tile Prites itl Iwo,' two illtl ~el are mnty public ve biilds which iltiilil lC wilicitadorn teo Ncity lfiOrleans0, andare l it pride of illba . itaotintle Vorat11i, StiI. (:lIar eo ntrl 'Iatl, Ametrral Ctllp ltn Th eItilraeto. Nt. Charlesrn Aerate Iloidinllg. oInlt Ilfl. r, Ili0'fll,,lg loan, Stuns, Al lfaddlllb Lots, and rllatly e:ItITO (llilTPB of Grounld- bosido) S Stocks in Books anild other . T IlttllU 11(111 of the0 Sl,,te ol" Lo1:ll,'taor , :Ilno~ing in thle wilolae to TWO ?HIILLIONS FIVF : UIT TD=ý io>D 'rum mx YDOLLAR. Aliithe Illea Eltate illad StOcikOOneloed Inl Pribesar owIniedby ti1 m till i1 tllhd ti1 -illT llllnoI, llllir.lrtlen, ar rrotodlrlti e firm, Q arnd recerli.rltill tilne ofile of Adlolpllphe Maz lrerl, Notar y I'u1I1 r, and ollil 1: , , d t .Y r tollll I thiililb Iho lld 'rlel' 110 CX r t Irutll ,nemtthra stepC: Tire ropety isset part naltrah!yto tut suL" ad onl p romeand cn, t Ito ventwhateer, e unetudo·l·ew·auby th fir tha 10 thle hIllbdlers oI) tile Pli liohtt. Pllll Tllk'Olets.llL·I Lo d OlaL il) In A %I K I? 110 \. 1 AMERICAN CAMIP STREET THlEATRE LOTTERY, CAPIT.u.. 8510,000, IN 1,291 Pianzs! Will bedrnawin in DECE11MBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, ut in early period, the purchasers orticetI i e , oJi hintltion is adopted fr this Lot. icry , nly, of 1 io 75, whernbty ti et drawng wil I" oomlpletd in a t-icw minuttes by tile drawing cI i 1 Nu mbirnt fiom ti the w'hel, it 67,525 Tickots, at $10 each--$575,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SCIEI . ll I " C',il P S'T TI'.1 "ILATE I n ... G......n, r-' i\ , pr ' to ItI, hold,.r ,ofI t e 1-t. !d ald :1 it 1,1 1,00 r, I ,,. . ,, hli .l, I .i $ :,0i U S] ''t' l"·1 .ttoilll III"'"I h t'l? , li"o.,n;; Ilir c rI." 11 ('"llni' n1'1 n 1tci . .r l . 91`,i001 1 't1 v,. 11n t d llth.t1II w +iJd till . 1 h e. . . . . . . . 1 1110 , Xl ....." ' I..iiii, titnniin biint 411' , I' i, . It, 5I0 0 h l t. 7 h. A - 21 11. ", oip, ,i b1 J )I 11. ,1 ]:he ttll ' ha ,ti ne. ln- i ,lt il. ' .\n w e1hili- _ ` In . ',. e I, t nin I ll illlh l )t 11. A "i Inel+t d \. a , i l, Ion Na e t. d 11. ei ng v .en i 'f ,.:,,, ,nil ' + I 'n'd l i.1i 1 ,0d I.. 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Arcado. 1VIJ.LI.I:11 (,/iLJ:,YN_ , f'lt01°U1EOA JARVIS & AN1N &WS, , % II)I.F.-IAIS ANU IFTATLI, I)r' VERS IN MEDICZMEU, -PA1N013 OILs : I)N. fPSTUFFS .IXI) WINDbW -.W.A&% orncr of Coaricawn ed 'r rapitoulas atreet. NEw W11111ANS NA'I'HAf JARVIS. JOHN W: ANIIIIEWS. A largo upply a Garden Sreo,ewarruaoed tire gruowth CIHAMPIN & COOPER. OGOCERS ,?!I) IiEAI.ERS IN I'ROVaSIONU .AtPIO EEP No. 79 and Juiiwa~traerksw Orlew d, jand Fe~ilatoreal oja. marl FASIRIONADLE OLOT~uIWE TAYLOR & "IIAD)DEN No. 14 Efrarltre. *I teia' HA a I": a onetaultoprly t.l' evCroaunpcla pea'ati, to 1' tle 'a's dyres, of aie latest atyle, at New VY I_______ doe20 h)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN A. ENGIASrI CROWN GLANSS NU. 3 Coaaaanc)Lae TREN4. ' a i BAZAAR., 33U;;]h d& AZLENF. NO. 1', EXCHANGE HOTZL, SSIn i' ,(`I o anod ('nooan s,. NEW OIRLEANS. Mi'}14'I'ERS annd I)si~dcrr in French and Engtislr 1 i',"rl'uIIu wv- I):re-i!)D· (:R.B.· and Portable fleck., " ('aoil'n-,llri lr (:1,nepa Shrirts, Stck s, Umbrellas, -i. blUEI, 'l4(11V - Zferr-r,,,·,·/".' Cb .'rr . Coormissioi Merchant, Ill I0, tI',,r, p .-Fortrh praent. f. 1'. F.REEMAN & CJO,, CVIaroasnl Clotlkalg Ealarbfsrlaas No :3, Yln,,arnn stre,'t, 7.7 A1 'Ec, uon ltli on hand lorargolply ' Cloti I in, . tlcul,,n'd Ir then 'ooo'ntrv trado. Taeir a,. +ortllent Iel~ll laoge. ,.'areh,,ti FrSo tii rountr, cau allo anpi~lied at te ýllrtunt u 1:o . ni"Ia ('Ot Rllt{,AII',N' .. INSUltAN E COMPANY 1OF NEX OR)I.EANS, 'Thir Cr amltanat art nowur preamred to take RISES AGAINST FIRE' oFrlICe, No. 04 Mu tsot't lunilliag, Canlertet. N a 15 . EL 1'R(AtY, t Ne, tlatatra. li --tt ,,1.:t8 , tta l'tar. Iit El I' tInANN N ,a I I1HOUSD AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 n(:altp areet. 1 h1: ,1 Ie1 llrs'in I',tin t, Ot)il Varnisl O, BIrushes t ila o f aa l llt , ,t t a rt P i -,_ n i , G i psa & a a. % .e . 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