Newspaper of True American, November 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 27, 1839 Page 4
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mlmhsai oile c,; ijr l spoilit trecc s Lt pcicstVh nal' 'a tt 2 ll VoO 19. r il i alls a n w allcdts; c hit.l ticlleso n g a t incer m:ntelie; il-u 1a nd ,,g dtncai platse s.r ctc einor tutw op trsin fit sit toit, o urfan, m -thi t ath rk n c,. raio , u h:on AICOMII ANtI Vm A le--'rerlio vcriher Invt re , at,,lot on Ioa d, a fill t of·rilca in their line vin: weliry, bronhle. Ia'ilng glasnue, Streinl in part an fo.loows: S eshsllwanohl aned plain tanektw it, ,O N ,drcsng, er n sidr aItl erl alnd I of evory deersctotihk enlofofstn Sl eitkaen attndld po ntt1s, Ivory ccre ntrof evrrY r o m jlosi .n igu n dl p, . , t. l c.tol r with. i gn.ono,1r, i hnrido, honry, V 1 3l1wer 1 wafert of everiooal cles tn 5 iiro xtra ts ' of thr nldeO , n cr'tn,',n.ti.grc d in ctkes ned po; viz wei' lnle hair u il, blo rn nngoc ean Le sal alto, plain t tuiperet p ed i a dssnnrr. atn oelCie toothi as h mhorgetal noeetit aesetortc entnof entemren'tine Aerican. M roo do . h, ug, Land stou was peged' honry, h l-,n oae nfthe latetnltd , llf t fccc l hollci n i a ann irgns, he.basnt pil ofa gre gogcn-, 1 ech trtlnn wt ll ans, t e and silve .steslra, n rl J ltcl, f hpi Iailadnd gtllund cproineo tUle l E lo t h' air, lunt. lerncnlc,lrndblcht,Ioor, 0 t1t flesh, anti , ilte, crga:tn, Nal, saltu ing, neto not bI poi .et h lAitr -- oratteln. no s toih, t gleelts t labgtt o-ing and F hre t ictteainio" gh0en n, Iu0ll ho tIe tllti enric o fiv e otlelr kialls an r h rnl, r e . not Uo FANNY A'n.) VARIETY ART'ICI.CJ--Freochlc jet A hnr pea lt m i aeasi. Rwtch d chi l d reg si and s c es, goakn ( foAttceirto u ertdnihdla work dchst tlltud chlrs hb eaners, tnitl nt a witll o utl Iesic. Iul cl bhCluS,. a \c clrdoles o Ratoua kidst, orictos ail gaeitenr, silvcer andu 5 plated peneil ool l cnradwcod Ijcct:iln Ilcr carclctltcrrs nod ernyons,tl tabelockgnsgnnsaoct pisthls with 1cud wittcit, p6ortenoionan ceas, 'peroeoior eplt Cn, lopII.e nrcchvinrrs, lhot beltsgnoue hs paste I ld .ctoioen tatits, indin boes of every kidd, renc llh s :nll illl sit ilttit an o-e ra hoeccenit an d l oalcd I Nil VtAulel teI , oteer ai P.ltIln llt sller ales, ponk rt boh o alid a-llct.ol r t oriillc a hIls vicinrc cnran d A n aor tases, e ,,'ing al ks ' a 'rd I ip l (cerllsls ban , pAnol'tato noauonn a hi tdeios, quclichcty imtliocc orul Emnaerooa'a, rlillm aoain.uhd hlaltki'a r,;e.or strapsu Ico metallic mhoneidlrkan, ancy bend nchkl ce,n dirl th con drnpasltoy ateloue, peiarl ntt ns, alowters tohn, out rand plain need cli~d gilt and silver dc, gnum elaor lie anll dresiand ttc'te, plaltnsul sworn caes, hback gno ron boalo, dice, ptioelvincnera ,ja snlnrt cn lcoo io sne matle an end drinkig eu wihll a renat variety ote other ari aiee, il ofwltet.h will be sold fm r ina or cn it u cctetan oesen2aamonthacradit.- B II otIM.ICt'S, lu ,& . 4.1 , 7kl (dt r oreokn s t. n LeE Il en, du nk'iccgccie oloet, sct boxes.-inetreebo-ariousnkin1ds, yaclel,, lIe ,i l "s Em-.inerson's.Rll t ad,. n'-. oile l e .n ivuls irps :and +ppittoy waetile, ae iar.t ll nlow en, ipell asot nidt pla ne td B ead lnsng sci ne ca" ctroetic cIols _; lty, do bulfcl, scld steat w0000 prce'gnc Icocs o ttounaitimelt ptca's vics coll soall c,, I II oico lc. . 1 " Ii pnp and bolognns, tuctkskin al.ocs, Irog .c.c.c.. ea metadeifile cedif andc killecl pacggtyl olcsoheract onlto boontl do . eat h ip cID ........+ Ic nealcsl o... , e c11r getlwiement's cesaIib l id e:flre wo r sclt c Cian. - *lleslclcrnaekbrowgnos oln occtF, sd.all" ol EcccLctocccc 1 tian t h moeantdipp n tlo r sld , seat. cl nIcc to-C,,& cc o, ae, i witleet i v ine fr o c so i d' a ic e oui.l laiti iotl .lboy' mhsseagle ccl childrenl's pengell a imccct ' i, agone ant nheettof every qualif old l oc icbc AlI. an genereal aoertalent: p ieil'S ancat waO 1il t. Ic aoga nd: trl shoens ttgclber chcit lo,rot ,lilc Iogro aLLt ouabity, kIpssst bItogcas, nailed ic tine S l itb exleresmly for ldtqualitcOII oltiSl gnncl :iso flntee s lfd sel nenoroneco old grclt c hn c lcct c S tdlse lshoes; a cn cle Frencht cclucccoca c and kicl nrn teid illp lesi lo roaneslo, soe Itw l atil withcocl cl cls.I; h claifsl sollld shc ale athle ery lIOlest and kll.llleln a"I tallktlalm l g cpaliliesc do lotticllg lo'ccgn' cs cc :wcicr-an ? anclt oxe tbo llc . tih e etr Llstilolg lllrcick l llc s:lii io . olnca fhilcl' el i coloedt a ip o ccscl r tttt IsillOtg oct a: csntlboots, sng. si;etle scloc'a ofe s iioollhn lhcG silkd hnb s; l ,octo i ll lck I d c m nlo Ibpper;l nd ni ch sc l, 'icthali'l( citccitra :,1ctc ait: alns. i ilboy 's lalloed haIct a c lccv arti cle t a ti i" YIt na aond b and blank slid dlln b arOr l b lill$ o' r :lrilblls ilopes, with genelal alsolclieit ofl hlc)s' b liil ilitln's awn calas. 'lBh asomrtnent will be repcllisnlc d Ii thle aurtcll ccf I ollh packetshrc theloe enanedlc it es all o+ ahitih Sill be sol arto lccomnno dalhtil telro s. nl. I-tI HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. T ILE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly -eceiving large and extensive additions to the tork of the above goods, whiel now concists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow wareo of sporior quality consisting of ahout 1500 tons, viz, L Pots of 22 diflerent sizes, froom 2:8 to 50 gallon., Kettles, 15 sones, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakrpans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, CrTea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do ) JFlat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orddlese, . . 4 do -,Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 incites. lWood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior .uality and finish, and less than Jamce's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 Ltan, aeeatetd fromn 1 4.4 to 20bla. Bolls for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. -nade to order, Also stealnbeats and other machinery made to order. '1'i lhave assortment of goods is particularly recominedaed to the tellnt ci11 of Soithtli'n and Seoatertl nterchatles, Iand are ollrcd t'or salt it ilw prices, atud upon the miust ichirli.r c ; it is ice. ioved to hbe ile largest catd Isct is.l.riitcllrllt evr otlired for sale by any ocn ec.abtli'oiclct icn thle Utlaled States, lorchants. by lorwardin i a regi.nt hby mil, ar have a prin'*d.cJBecular. wilhi dicr.litn att oml.i,, prieicsnad terllsa, focll wh:t Ic n dic iticolln is e a r tolde, furnished by retleurn of mail. All orders will receive ilicllediito :attacntiun. New York, 1(38. je3 I' ga , o ,xa prrss f ll i ccc .I rI tllci, ls . I c p I , for Ihe liberal appoilllt da Iif rI\cd clcin ' er cinrmedcclcdtsiaes. to I ci> aly. h Iln .oe loo plrit tr of tile seed store, 17 C olichlll Ci rcr, IIh. I. cc ad anever wao a19. hlc r tc nlllherrn Scedc vt-lndarr nl either is lie Iia in rlted a itlh ancy fi tuir tI that 'ilu: tryi-but ihe .tiirs tih pub' lic ihlriii r mue.t'ionsti esery departpuc..t of the. sIe d bu'i Iss, in Ihe ditlf tele l etlou lles of E lmoilpe are r 't .ol to Ihat r iilly h use in the Ulliled i ti ts, Ii. Il. 1.r,. prlass. eds, pilitSe &.e. frn thie aosf etselric e and respeclcl.le nilarselres aclci seeJaellrn itI nn'rilcl, llidand, Eoglcnnel, Suatiand ll tld i.u ne c t srates-and it will a all tIc. e be his cicnee St, in it is his ectudy, to eceivel atI ai ddillnnl t.. I pr sctIll stock, large arlivals of every duscription, r, ally the gruwlh ul 1838; also, engrafted fruit ire., , io all hicilda, Th'le pcIl u l m, rCly oe , lildinilg a fiIl sI-' e solrtuient of every nIicle iIn :tc eed Itic,td getnu iou qua:aly, and inmported !irect by Wim. DINN. ANDREW .:MITII & CO., rcrpccifuily intform their .ipends aid tie public i Letecral, that they occupy .~ new rictk ahop, 219 ''ccihupitou lu treet, wh hy keep constantly on haId Copper, l'inm and SIbI aton Ware, of every description, such as coppaer.tills, kettles, and ptcps, ticc bath. lng tots, aou4.ol cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass asting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of every description, sclah as steam. boat astirrups, bog chains, screw bolts, and other kind ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. er, A"sle pipes. 'T'lh.y will also do all kinds of out door work, such a ni cn, copper and tin rol.fing and guttering, &e. They .above and all other kcnds of work in their li e of business, they will cxecute at tlhe shoatestlntias. dee27 aLC. tec lt R, tl 54 unde streetl, bnetco, D~ilia Oasid 0 1'sulllll(, Mrhry:r lto x11111 all !,ant p elaxtettlve naSortllc aoc u.fhnoie sac d c rc ons, acd lnltll att .Iky · Yt.rt mall ao |cl tIu , 1,r Ier Im ll. wo111lc t als rae llndr uo alil age, whlllnla el: ill dispose ol at very amodecratle pir a. I ca.illiit4ol ics as qciaOcre, sa cen dnc nnc order will I.,v. rheir wlslt1ef nri.rcdil d ia 1, L c IfGiOUIt Piaii u borte l.slcutcrlcte . t\ iisn .l Aual n N l vh i . Ill.t ' e.rvials to the ebbs, *A,.-.' ault An U ca.s as II learlner ,,i Ihe pcnn, lusre. .lit S a1.II. hae r cc d. cd s. vereel ,c coca ac. cec u ec.lcatno tcaoccu c tact 0os1, Vac lacir, ai lllto I h ito hl '!ce to erie il eirci olidc l I at'. (le li Iaelcilto i. I. Ic, N Ict V I C( ..pp, ctila. ,o bco.ncc d A,. rc c, lnc r-.c..a &i.cctc'r. Hi..r i' au., .e i.nli . .af py aul ie buukofs re oi Aliau.nerT w5a, 49 Caaipae out 2 e Fm Meblic I,, Augflsa,Ge. f eec Mobule P.'.ev dry tlr Jfir`~tlle)l'&rLdtyg, noee.,e fIlr:krly,--.t' rue'.'~ tilre uterhi Oliftlteiii Pree'.ir~d-'.lrIwr,' .. ·~l,;lt totgrrttr'i.eehere ii, Iced eruir leeia, ii holm~II~nor Fllta¶f~n iarie'.'·IRllend Ir~rnllr, Frr. ll( I··irfI/C ~ol',rlto ut'r e, ine' c·,i,en~llo.' S ' rl'n,,,re'jlr~ lr·n,' nile cclll rUur~ttil Cr, C11lu1ri'4ir1rel'.4t? ll I S)( frT1 i 'eieilir pr'or libe I,', c.., l ump n irne in ci,,, I,,~ r I hr .e l~ h~o~lI.l In r II·III. 1l~l l~ liet\ yrrrrieorr 4,, I1 . e,,t no]" l.. e iir'. . 4'.,I ,1i,'., iii n I·.P (~b \P\ Dalbi le II '.( A lli'.i'i'..,*i'I. II '.Ini] ~ r~i·l ili~eI · 1' Islll- 11 1,1'- ~ r ll li 1, 4,r l /1: 1. l· I Il) I i 1I i :ll i l ' il( Inn III In' II. III I ilt',,,· ·c' · iI.,,., l. I gh i'.l:~rpd , ' l.trd &'.i'.r,,.:ii. i: lrn'cel u la tl.s il F Ici l '.4 Ii,,' i:II·I! ii',,i'.'.'.,i Cnlull 1ii'r I e l iiili fl ~~lrs pT~lr SII, n- I 'I in, I ~~~~~~~~~V ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~i, 4~,l lln~l lil1illlI:IIC1~lI. i gnl ~,11E iija, :rlll~b P4: .d e:Asnrl'S III>1II 1.1 t tor, M e. l l'w al, it.nd P hlrr. N '.. Iobs,blanket, 11 1:m tis, hnsr laws'l erllon s, checks, liens, eai t' , h l.lrt' hlf ,c &e rteI'c e d anid for sr!e hlwu by lh, .ti l f s crl.. fe s l)'l': ( o. irnr rCowl in ht"i C t ,s I l'i) TH '1: IA.)IES. - lit IIt I't. 'S I "'T'I'C f +liti IflIINA 1,f ' S 1' :II t'l,'l:i 11'S new instrument Ifor till radical cure olf 'r lapsus- Uler, otr FIall.g tof thu Woi b, by ex Lrteal ofllicatOll , l lters ,,dint g the UIIt e l' ' ti'c , r b jectillll; l e pre ry, i co; li lltly reco:lllllmended to tilet alllictedtt as thie i tmeans of it perfect resto e f tlollto to hedltI, it never havinlg failed 'of portrming. a cullr, evlen under l the mI ost aggravateo d circuI .ltanl coS. It has received the d uledtd approbation ot Sir st y lloper of L.undh : tier I.llillllian il (1 Ilrothe; S r.blies 'lrk, P'hy lici Io the" tQurr Irh Ashweoll. iiLecturillr n lid. iry I (toI llll . pit, ; AIr Itigly, i cturer to St Iilrlholl nlllew ; I)r Grll lth, lecturer to \\etl lllln- ter II, pitl: rt IRan..eiha ,r, hrcurer t I.o'i ol It,'i' l ; lto ert |ergu11l , ,* lurer m " estmin sterhl' in i Ii i lt, al; 1&; 1) in li :lti, h.t:r. .r hI ~i~ll &te"x ilpiill. a dIIl1 w ol ii tllal(hcl'oIcIh r to Qu i .n 'larolttc's ?ily _; it-ti. litil; i; o by I enry f i ),lvl , (t' nqil l 1'hi1' il' , L'.i , p t'11'.i I :t . , 'i ; ," t11"t , ii, i'l<, & I i 'r , ' ill, aft tt.lta ,t th . 'ia d.m, l b.I, X<: U t ft!ti , i5 t -llll lndll t h,, ,I-.Ild iti llt`l, 'i o i bll proel'ssir'J WV F'i-rancii, ( I l 'or I, ,\1 !ll0II p o ',. -or of ldwl 'r I ll til llri'll I o" f I'm1ll .1'i y of N ,w Y 1 k, llprofs. Iit i fti i .' i ,II Itt .,'tlini to ll, p l iti o . . oint (' a l I .it : i,' I t l tl, iu, n I ,111 pre+idi i rt d n llll'l 'Slt Iati I N Y ''It, oll' .I s1 lcl'N' uli tonl o .:li ,.1, , il w .i MaIreli , ('vr,, l','. kin-, ,it . --hi l'' s TN < "i- . 1, I ihteort 5:uii,11 ol li ll t l., lt ' ' .i't I i lil'l t l ' I'i. ll.i. flIIatc, N o arst , I La.. , Ith m ,t Vt ch-I, t ,i1'-r A ( i IIulI, )ltii ,::,-i y .t, A, ' tot. r I ouse N t lit 1)r H alltc ll ' u11:; v ' rl' ll f' r .lim , Ii i , it ill hliertll, hiii Il,' N i h ii 1t' ll i t l l, ( l ll- . A u; ('larl. lt'er, t.a'lhl; Sto, -L &i ar=hl , 1o00, . ville; I.,u ',l a, ld ,l.!lury., 1,m ij ; \.' l', I :.. s ln, Sillllervi!h-; 1!.111 anrdli WI ; hito.lll l 1, 1ir <.v In l , .ln ailrt ,llt d il iia, ' l't .i oil t 1t't tLiat, L I ttlit',n C Spotso'od, \t oo. t Tilºlk.|' lll"It llu)Ll-511-. etl-llIl Iliar'd \" ' ii, '' Ilial" r'." au vivht lit'ifi fltl I',. 1 ilt l.t .'i. ll. t 1't "io, 111,i ,, :.ll.r - TiIhliW ('lollr -l, liloul \ t',1f rsk, n ci il ,ihIV of The h1lh0~ il, moe,l al r iport, ,ii: I ellr,1 hi t, 1 ,1r:,-'dr, ttlln k lilll ,Ir, 1 P ilr l i .hilC1 t 1:11, 11o -,'r' 1 ) b ,riliI -, In - litl, r 'lab r, ilknal l n ot ,-Ia el'+l-1t, r-t 'r ' n .l f & rime 'eh ti• sol pen'l< r,. lal i, Iii 'l 11;l1 llltcfil.=, -eidlitz llp lu!et, .+ll, l llt l h11 toil'l l,,l lh ei pocket book aio< ie u t w all ~t', o et l, il'o ll, l ll NirorV nd I l tlro trl cr -,,, "l ral isn l trelr- lek,, 'e1 l A a no'lir'-, ite'la, l ,l ano', ii't In'dig 'tb r y,', It" - u.itott'en t'; a it,, mum!! In. terilt .-,Itht ,'lIt, lhore, p i lit.o !'r o,'t oit . h,-i .i.tols; hdot le 'itlo ' ih l', t i t huin t' ali t a. lit, llIl)re d Ir t i _iili, i:, O, i- " 'iir ti, ii I('lur hid , hlook al elr, r ln r ia .iiI , =o ti l rll :, Il -l·l-, . andti l hlai r sl on ,Iv , ,,g, ld (rt t oll l ,, l all' d .s lerip t t hu, h.'l oi rl tlunrnl ir ' dihr lh l ih-eri a nh !! iuneit . k 1 ,pihs en ue illh, fill' ur ,at 11i), ii v est abto.s, tour! wiltl hr\ -hirn to, va iit otuhedr coli lanrd it ier at l wil a let , t oo r retka il o n a lcc .ol- lo d terd g it , ll i Io'limos Ito, 'iil,'a r, bra s 111,1 itoel ani vd r viyk, .l hhltk i , ioio. n il e 1lt.l+<,n b rlth ntld illDhi serl'ii~n ,1t lp., K hive , tu ", 'scripti.ol tr li i cl e d ,1, I a|n , and Ipar p eini knii i.1,11, p l , ,,i l1'he ubuv,, Iofrllll wit h a great variety of 'ther ert Is url n Jil d ut &illuh..le A r rC tnil u ol tattulour ith li1,16 J. if.I1:1. . A t 1)1lll ...1o C++ii~,n1 li st. L. Tork &L Baltimore Packets JL AA A FOR NRW YORK. , 'tOI.MESJ' l.INE OF I'ACKI'F'S-To saeil eve ryci I other of 'onila .v. "[, 'Ti'i I.ihtc a emn O..ed of aixr hipst vio: | $iiitt Vita .ctcci'o, C'a~ttiini | tiner, ,Nat. 25tit | ,' ,, ntKLANs - Suirt, Dece. Rht a1 l,, I' ria, - .r-tihe, ,. 23v. ,1 ,, .iitaa .ts, - lani., Ji ... 6:h Ic ,, 'A-IIuv!I.x, -- Wooti, . .20ih 1 , . .n i - Iterr, tb. 11 cLI', ·Iln~r lli~ll lqd, ihl h'It.'i~ llV Ill,,,l uiltI ): 1 i lll X l lw Y Ilk qi xll'lf yll r . t, I-- h,' aI oft- iit -ht riii.I :lllll ill l wvl,'r rell l molil t ivIa:rli tblyi em?< t h [ IthIr walillt tinll' l" '1'1 st· l. 'I he r."I 1 . n1inarl e ' l vllhlll vII :IIl I nInilllsl wei I lxl.rlIoure inl lit" If|iblt' and wlil rldpass exllrt th-m-,,'l' l . . . 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W liv ,' ni l f,,,,€' I - i-+ c J+V, Y tl i ti,. \'1 ic .'-\\ O i i'.?.. i.r -- - I will . ,'l. \ :'ltk h. 1 h11) 1 ,11 ' tilL:,1r,1 vi. : S lsLI I ii teiv, iii lie tr s evn him. whic eeclli ci ititi', rttil.,.l~,tgiift,'ttir, hetgh. i h t Tri- . il . t Ihki th IS ll. til-uiorl i iittar ;4hu tti',, oitcctiiiiitctlu,, q\itItii,,iy-tiiepcvii. d .i- .llt-lcl'clt it Illlle ic Ie, t IIe oiii give el. vt NIor w hi t cl n i tc i Jiit i io ll,.e 'ertt i ti tr. N ew i'ii to , i t h.a3 .cci r.e iete 'i : ii i t v.llll lily willt e cIa i \-t Ii i lto ttIc hlut rl.tru1eil r litpa t- e it' .r11c iltacpil yi illl lR1 T illY I. ! 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"t This medtlicine is hiighly recomnmended, and lhars beeon rxtesively ausedin them above dioseas.s with I suclh distinrnished sueccesrs, that the proplrietor nf r the rcie Iras ern irnduced to offer it to thie pur- It lic in its p ires s tfirm in tile Ih,. :it may he the In-sslla ct rfhervinp mr, .., thosie who aro sllfririnr rndr r the srlrse .e0 af nr corntry. It isa ars rrtiirr.isHn poss(s ines.t sr t virtrt,, and when air d ac ri iirr tr Ihr riirsctirrr has t er vr fraild r lf effleteya a e.nre, oven ill the nlost nbstinarrt st:ger . of the disor l. r. It is not at 1Il disnere.'fle, , and ltrsrles s'f the we rkoest slo in: s, ald cehih!ren mayl take it with impunity. It strerhrti ns trr dirr rssiv's p ors;ns. ereatr s ers' apper ite, and a ldom rllJires I i on l t. h'n onet, or hi ohstinata ae.s,., two bottles Ito terlret a 't ree 'Thrre is rssirlr.r crrcrs' nsr ' arsonic in he medicine, nor nrry lrrins ilrjilrllns a to the human constitution. The proprieto:r area so well e nrvinlc d or its eflae. y, thr t hley Isreer to reflnd Ihr lsr;ce o rlvery ottnl whlirll has beenI taknn il n¢ecor' with the direction.s amd hat. not cltrl'.Itld aa perf.ct ecre of ihe fav-r & a·rr. A, ttIViR. sIa e r '. .rt f.r New at his wh holsale and rehdil drnug ani m,.dicine store, corlner Ir i i- .vlhs rr- tsr (,h:lt I rtrrs SitrCets. FI'r r )istritc t Airencir.' allti!V tri j5 T. . SMITil, 48 Conti st. .)-us and .nldilcirrs.a r ] r'J .r . .'.r s ,1 hi- ,,.aH.iI hHH..,.! t. H~is oily i r i its rr lrr ass,, -a I. ' " sr' r-sr.' sr r-rsrrsr., -stir ,h,'ssisr Jh ,w(easy i 1)r: 'a 'e trr. . r li, is m .e w ro ':vii, ' n 11, 1 hi llllrlr [st !I sh anlll (ePInuinP nrlidllles, wh1!m hP w lll s,11 the lintoar,d to pha si °I n, oui r.'h'.,nt.s a ll pl,,,., t,, llll, iPlrl rlor 1 I, li II \'Fi. : ·lil qI·ill1.l' hlllll9 11tllll ·1'. ill? 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S This uIal lhle Iu li.inl, the rCsuIlt of twe ylll y !c:us' c ex lp i .ll c . id n l li l ull':" llhel . sllcc tsr s in thr e xl llsilve i .ic < ' ' of the f1me I ubl e, a he er'h s s.ilil; llCI i - I hc t Ih, i lr oifi ll lev e oii lo ali(l it/'. .l licil:,lio l~i ,1 f I a II11nlllltT 0 Ill.'llllp·1 lIel (i"I ml: lnll l : IIIIligll 1 rl` i r i ss'n h rai i. t h l l l :i :i l. hil - Il te11 , |t1 chk the e ils 11 Iaa :l lllf clll.' tll'lll l ·ii 1 .II·· L·I:I" \ t'1')11 [ I[" I1 ",t"I ll· IIIII( I l. I l'l'(·13 tllll : II:!l. qi~ll~ ll.I i irnirrlsI r ' .lglrd rl l rr hi r p ,Ihllic I(r s I l llb urn kre irsrrrr rsr la 0 r slll s'rII l llll . o 'risrs. L trll'Irr r lc ' I I '' ll.iss enrs ti r- tsLs. ' l s'tllr is'. Ir' srtr' llClll. t s'l lls, s iii l :i i l: l" a I"hsI' is i ris, tir la tsre "shs'shis cis sirst sin urest... t os srl-nl ri i I ill t 'iss, irh .ii tlllr s ,IIrm; t lis l li'tsil, I ) chloleras lnll,, c m s l, spasms, le **(s stal( other· I :1l:ar*.·.in • comilli ,llnt , whliclly 10 fien I Po~l (thtl inh n Ih e sh' elli .'oIv eveh or pl'lrh til dll . Ilnl tet, aillhs e m ild i lll llog ool. l i sl 'hhill-slthr, I 'hl,5te hr hts isrs iis ll, llT ilr ir i ih a III tsiir-skes ins, rssrss.,s,r r'-r'1 rn-sn Si er-s b veryrep thoe hIl'aninlin l glnll tlllllem. : Sir A ihler Colhe" , i, S .1 A lels stsll-rs .llllchs Iii...ll.n II, i1. I)., 1 i. Ir; k, s1 . II. 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At lIIII:T' I{'lltjl when th( .li·hll' t.llglir'ltll ~il~ly : , l tII I .I· IIIII:ll.ll w,'l)1· I i h lve rl '~ill i'p tlllll .~ I lle II]1";~~~ I~IIII" i+ r . .; hPlIlil i~l.PIlh,!l.tllh~l~'lhll.I 11 I~ll2l~llh'it llRllll(: lCI 11((1·l.l i . l.rillll 1111··1 I Ii' ,lllll~ll r IIIT.I ill 14 i ,llli' illul c .l~ll hllll V l u I -l ".l~c 1,Il',r v I.ll'l· I I: lllll., . ) l l · (I 1 1)) lid *1' lll'!'Sllhlil'.l l' I'ltll'll'.I lrlrl) · ll ri'll 111?~11 .- i lll l ·ll. tllilll. ii" ih r.' , Iiii , I+ III .111iPll tl '' jl i t~llP I 11hP1 Iiiidlll 1?· .e ,,,llpllll ljl.( lll l'J h1 I "II1 " i~ i lll l'-'lll.I tI. ·llrll, li 'I'Il· lll I IIrl' lllllil' ~i · llhlrl- ilii*,nlll . 1 11 il~lnI +11 ll.lli ,I/.ii .1111.i.. T~ lll, ,IPl l "·.I· , Iwi(III.I.Ihll lilr 1111· 11 i1l'.l1lir n I l I II Ii. 1111 11.1 1111 i.,.. llll.l- h.. 111 - 11111t111, II ol lIrrl l'-' P :ill.' I hl ' Ill - 1iIII l.. 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