Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1839 Page 3
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ITATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Di - trlet Court .. " 'Ikhe. Sli lfLouiiainn, Ten T all iwhrn bhere prr ren.t aeliU "altne, treefita :--WhlOe'reit I NKa WI.. AIM I'ALRFItEY, hnaJie .purlintaell. at a'rlob 'made Iiy tihe lherilff.lf the taritH .at Jefflerpon, lhti propCert .Ihreinafler" de.lrlted, has Apliedil tao "die ' this .Courl, ini vEi0 o ili.e the I edl of sale wanll eetldetl on tihe: evnt eerttli bhkv ol tOtol.r, A. :1;83!, le AnO Mlni tinh or Advertisle.r.ntii .conf:nrthily to an At of t'he Leg.iltttreo Itimlo ail L.otitLinnuoentil e,"Anisi ct fir ill. torter a.snolrele-of titles to pirclhasersalt ju d;ciel anppn;' lpironld dii Itenlh ily of MAnrhb, 18:14: Now, tlip.i'nreo know to, anl all. poisons itrlerederf" herei;,urn hIereby cited tintl od nilshed inl thlntle of thi ntte of Loltiiaea, and of the Iirst Judicial Itis trIt Canrtt, who can set up any right, tile or claiol in and- to toe prop erly hereinafter d.orihedl, ir l ni e tgenae of any lol or.arnly in the order, ceree or jud, mcnt of lihe Court undler which the sale warosn oe, or •Oany irregularity.or- illtglity ill' te . tpraiseelieipts land advertisementsl, in time, or tmanner of snt, or for aily tler ielect whetbeever, to sholw enuse, within thirty daysfrnll the'day this Malllitonl is lirst inserlted ill It.e public papers wily tlie sale so oalnde eihold not he con frined tnd homnillogated. l'the aid pr.operty was sold iy tIle lsheriff ef tie par ith aforesaid oin the twentieth day tit Sepitevitar, A. t. 1839, hyvirtunel'u decreeornthlinoC.irt rendereln tlilhe eigleoanthl dayif Mlarch, A. 1). 18:19, ina *stit retitled Matlria Cireil, vife of Clharles Brewer and al. v. tthe minire hildren ald heirs efCIhrlers (CLoil, No. I2,ll8, of Ile docket lltfthii court,L al atwhich slt the said Ite, ry Williatn tlifrey hecame ithe Ioivultnr, llr tile price of four huondred and thirty-five dollare, pylly le It)ocriptititn of property, as given in tle Jud;cial Con .eyanee, vie.: A re.ruis lot of gronod, the Clime which was tdidlli cated I, William Nicholeonr Ilhull, ft a etde miode o Ianec I. MI('oy, oa.itaneer, if tilh :ity of New It )rlrelo, on the eleventh MarcI 1036I , Iby virlte of a jnllamentt -1f Lhia.cortol ithi tlthirtlielth J.Imrv 131i, nllb whlich Wtli ordered hy raid coort eil lik eiJhltnletlli oarch 1839t:, to be re.tld tt thie risk tandet eenst of said hull, tr tea. leo1ina tlid rnwl'tthlgtt tettnt y withl ltte terms tint volt: . si ft nsidt ntpillontion.r t1td loI Itbeing siilmttdt int Ile nparish of Jeftrsonin thie town t l nrrtltott,.lesig llated nl nallm r Four inll ears. A toin a pihu lrawh, Iv of II. II. CGene, a notary publi ofIIhsi cit ,and men - rtl uAllnterilaa tlltteaor, lifiVllt r t f-tl elev ll illeh: ruttlul Iv e a lreet, and firea fret Ilrlt t lleH II r t front ,n Iurtlale street, ithree tllllllrt l te tlt thlirtyu 1alt1 feet ill depth alnd front on Jef,.r ll , auwl three, hund,,Iredl allI fear riethi inches andl a half on th line dividi e it fronl Ilot No. Tlhree, together willh all the rigilts privile ges &ec. ther,- unt eletongilg. "ViOea:, the Ho-ortahle A. MI. Iu.lano, Jtdge of ie. L. S Cotur aloresrid, tills Itl day of Nlel , i" 183'J. 1120 P IE ItI..ANC, i)p. t;lelak. ITAT DE LA LOUI[IANIS--Cour ou PreI Sier District Judiciaire-L'Etat do la Louisi, £ne 0 tons c0ux que cas prsenteR concernent- 11 Shlut : I Attondu quo lE.IRY WILLIAM PAIFREY F yaant acleted ,uone ventol Iito par le Sheriff do lao paroisee Jefferson, la. propridt6 ci aprib Arite, o'est adroel anl grfolf do cello Cour oil In to va0 Jul.t onrdgilt,de le dix.septideao jour d'Octobre . de I'lnn6e 1839, pour un avls cotrolr dlnent aI n aote, do hl Legislaturo de I'Eutt Ieo li Louisiane, intilul6 " Adto pour confirmer lee titres dos acque II ao n r ux vento judiciaires;" approuv6 le 10 Mars, 1834. F Qu'il isot connu, ettoutes porsonnes intdres6des I1 ont parcel presentes sommdos, aU nom do I'Etat C do la Louisiane et do Ia Cour du Premier District Iudibiairo, qui pourraiont avoir droit a la pio - pridtd d6crite, en conldqooenco d'un dO faut de forme dana Pordre, le ddcret onu l ju.c mont do la Cour, on vertu duquel la vont a ts oi fait ou do to1wo irrKgularid6 oi illggalitd daes I s'estimation, PIavia ou loe tmps at lo mode do la A vent, ou pour one aulre cause lcqlconque, do C faire voir, dans treoto jours A dater do la publica- F tion do cet avia, pourquoi la ventle aioi failt ne s rait pns eonfirmnd et hornologude. It La dito proprid16 rut vendlo par Ic Slhriff sos. dit, lo vingtrnme jour de Septemlbre de I'ann6e 1839. on vertu do'n ddOret de cortt Cour redu o le dix-.hailiame jour (ld Mars do I'andoe 1839, dans I'atlfire de Maria Cdeil, dpouse de Chanrhl- Br.wer & al. vs. Los Enfans inour oe hdritiera de Chalrles Coeil-No. 12809 du Docket de cette C or, It la quelle vento le dit Ilenry Wil;iarn Palfrey s'est resdu acqudrour pour oe prix .o quatr: cents cine quante piastres, payable enllltant. Description de la propri'.i dapres to transfer 'o j uodioiaire, savoir: Ui eiariali lot do terre, le mome que fit adjug6l I a WVlliamn Nicholhon Hull, une vento Iaite a I Isaac L. Mo. Coy, envlateur do la ville do lt Nouvelle Or n10-, le 11 Mair 18:19, en verl d'uo I jugootoat de cette C or do 30 Juvioer 1736, et quo to I1 Mars 1939, la Cour ordon'o d'tre re vendu auor depeos et riiquJs (i do t hlull, i causell d o os negligence ol do un a rlamphr les ter0mes 1t eoaoioons do oa dit.e adjuodicton. Co I uot do terr ea-tl sillO daos lall, P.Iriss d1 Jetlrsun, I d ans lit vills d, ,Carrottoo, it est h(o J nd pl l t n0i more qliatr doe Wlet A, sor on plan dread par (0a1.t .+!:( :(l-.0-ln( lol0 r de la doie p lroitse le seJ Jaln icr'1d 3fi, L'aiJt J 16 dI ns, tJ " e.' m." :" i1. bI. Conan, nlotito pubell doe cettll vlle ; II I (losuro Aallericainll elqlqante deux llt'df otllze lotuces de face t la ru1 e do la I.revr , qo,,rantl p a:ds trois pInll e do ten i ;la runt Ilrlte, ,le cents i treute Ineuf piedo de prot'ulldelr ot face a l. rue J.tfilrson et Itrli. ceots quatre 1lOe slx pl, llces t do lu, sur la hgnll qua le d iv, do I ,l . N o. .1, susse s. de te00 les druits, privilJeges L, jqull y opIpirtOm. '1douin J'lllnorab'o A. M. IbeLhanan. JIgs de la Cour 11usdtu1 cc lie NooueImthle, 1839, P. I.E III.N( i020 31 in 3011 Ipitd (;retliJr. REPUBLIC OF T'rEAS. City of louston, 17tl July 13.!i( IN pursuance oft requirementl ofa law Ipisoe d by i Coneress of this Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, making it the duty of the 'l'reasutry to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY al OF CALIIOUN, on a day by hint fixed. Notite is hereby given that the lota in the City of Clihoo ut will be offered at Public Sale, on Mloday, the 15th day of November nert, between the hours o!f TenI o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P , at the Cal tel of this lRepablie, upon the rterms set lfrth in ,, the following extrets frotm the law above men- bI tioned S oe.4.-Bo it further onacted. Thatthet lots in eaid town shallI e offlred anld sold for no ether cur. reney gold, silver, auditel paper, or the pro. sniseory notes of tlcs governsellt. Soc. 6.-Be it further enacted, That tile said lots shall be sold on the following terms, via: Or ' fourth part to be paid down, and the other three forth to be ii equal intaluuonte of six, twelvea ril eighlteen months. t ".Soc. 7.-Be it further enacted. That if any persol who shall purchase atny of these aftoresaid lots, shall to It;ake peayua.t of thei severol iI atoalrtnts in conformoity witlh this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such sutms as they omay lhas. previ. ously paid, and the lots purelhased by snuel def ul ter shall revert to the governmenet of the tRepub liec. .--B it further enacted, That all perslns, aliens ot erceplted, skalt haveo tile privilege of pur elasing and holding thle oalse, and the President is authrized to issuepu:tents to them so snn as tile liat is. stalment shall hale been paid." K Tkle sale will continuo frolt day to day, until all of thle Ints shall Ilave beenr disposeld of. C Calloon is situated o thoe East end of M ttagoe. da IsIlad, directly on the Maitl Pass iato Matagor. n da Bay, and from its advantageous position, will ptobably bee the the principal commereial city in W'stern 'relas. A Plan of the itLy ray be seen in thle General La 1 Oflise. 'rFle several papers in this Republic,the Comiter. cial Bulletin, Pcaylyne and True American, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until tile day of sale. JAMES II. STAlR. Searetary of the Treasury. A'rS--h'rb salseribers have received and are re wioing *y everl pasecetr.a lurger otrply It" hlraver, Itasita, For aid Mlnebkin silk Ilale,uf tl t.ieml eat flelh iron rol Lnst l rtllrtuluru'. whiroTrell the .ar her ioslrtc itso uI the itiaeos aSd Ishrli gruei amlly. Fir saJe by Naval, Milihare & Fs+hiaahle lsteirs, under oll chain;e IlIotel. StI C'harles t Ai 'I' --iVow receivin; Irto, abipsr Sea &b Francis s ll'pu, Ia splcxdid assirstment, aaucil as 'oilson'oS glltetrlltrllto-,d.Pyra oid YIStuo, a sew etIIch-aer SItia Cooking, Frakloia, Sr&c &r. For sale ee M II & FIR)EVEI o.ItUX, nl9 Teh'I'lkpitoulas at ltllersrllll I lrt Strops-Three ctoes of tlle Ienuine articlr, jI't sreceied by ot 3. ItREES • & D'LANG, 18 Camp so Ihis,,turi LIRaLt-5h11 coils Missouri tale Icups made oall lf hrmrp, ton erto, and for sale hy n3 tIOGt.iRI 63 GrSin-r l I1 AL)1IIt.--dki ctrib i ator, tr tal bh .l n"1 J 'THA REI CL'o, 74 I'oydrays at 1) ICE-310 casks tew Ltitr, iiin lere url ler rale Iby n6 S G ILI.ANUIIAII), 33 irtoier Pt V 31AS--rl cl'htrs Pehrboig, l5 dir Souctlteg,nd. , Ssixty 13 Ib buams Gunpowder 'leo, iti sitee for snle bv e 'l J THIAYER &Co,74 Pvdrles st - PEIRM IIL--'iitrasks ill ioree, Ivr 0ils bly n2 J 'I'lIAYI1l & Co, 74 'Iiydi'as Ft vt)AP--9I0 aoxes IRulobins 1 asapt, iii srure, for sale by l J TIIA VE R & Co, 74 I'oylrasat EItFU.0IEItlES-A large arSMtlltlelUt e Frenchsr Il'etfumeries, received by shlip Lufayettei, for wlholesale orretiil, by BtIIIINNAIEL, , n2"l 43 Teo'pittmlo.o Ft SUPPLY OF NAIL,, well assnrsed,'oe hand and A for sale by ADAM & WilIl t'AIL, Stil7 67 tirnvierst .l-UIItIKIY T'ltEKS--l200 Marrrs :ilultieanlir l . I'reesfrr sole. Apply at 509 Cuniri, o rit sn7 H AY--hthO Iblales prine New 'ork 1ay, laoding Sferrol ship VickbturE, and fir sa!e ry 31" h COHEN, No,9e Common at" . TOHNS &CO: WFTATIPflEIW' RAP., NEW ORLEANS; H i ? suortioo't of "pporo being Inbm toolptolted,. 1, thec coheerolotto iA'rItor Siltwing flto to the porti culot olteoltito, oF lIht p01,101. Iue.'. u0 ouout. low. E. lisA Drawing P5aper., (TI'hattrauo) Doomv, '0 i1t heo' YIIA jlitc tove Hod onut 22j do' 17;' do Royal, 24 to 194 I,, l'otom Royal, "27¢ do' 9i do lttnpottol, 311 Ito 22 do Nlcolntoo Ott do 0:3 do olottioter, 35, do :'31 . o Odorua, ta do ut6 do 1Trotbto Elepttehot, dii do, 27 do Aotitooriao, 53 do 31 3. Eworo, alilt 11t 47 do Alt tht n,,ove etta th1ick, rough groiltod. American (10(1 Eotlis/.' /alare linding papeOs fiFfr Z3/arn/,roor. 33,0 3'ojt, 1'?1 itot. tly 11;, ,,t,,,o a I~toIy, 22j d1. 171 do, do Itovol, 23 to 130 do Sttoer Rtoyal, 274 ,o 314} to do :""' llll do 22 d o d o j (II Eniistl, : L. tir Papeis. (!Vtlot'ootl lt,,so at,,t Tlutttor', no,, Jon (Grosl,'o, (~ 11111 11 .: 11 ir l u ds. Lares .ielukt tous, 4oo, ble nd.,ohl.vv, omo u do to do to do :1 lti, too ItnO,, Poot,o f. thtoo 000 I~l".to1 rge. thtek ost ;'~ do gilt 31110(0, lIn~tllrlI. ItIIIP~II 'I'11, () IuIg1 goat lot 31 gr it Tiul 111;dt gl Foiio Itolut' *olc P"tIcro, SIto. w o 3t ," " (ta k, limit )1.,1 IlltI k II07 1 ·l ·11 (I tounIUll ) t ust ISIIIIIISCI liT (· IIII) nu ll ,cn11 11 po.t d gilt FIt,,.oo1p 1111 013 tot1111 Idg00,tk ot 1111 pa' 13bh, i I t,,iu Ivtle ,,up." while warn ; I" ill ·1·11111w1 do 1111I I":xlrn 01,1111 1111 Ithile·.lblled andl gnil Silk 111 I)II)pe( , 0111,1 or tint, d anld gilt CoralIi-11 to d 1h,,, ik no , i, Am rriurrns Letter Ppers. s Ami,"l'l a. f. (!,'I 'I 'mini Poo , I)11( Wl· blue wo Ilu4.rilk s I' rl ris' su.Ir lIwv.1 COl'sn Iailrc i?'. Iwhile .nII blue wonr alu ale do Il ' flld-lblu the. IrosdISrN's.! persp:r, 'ns, N-'.!; thmuon ds Fllrv rol nee ule I Papersr S*,li~rr sll..ri urrlr· (. el;.rj.*'r.IIP IsrrIY Rsrdlil Follio?*r oot, N. f. a 11(((h e llu(·d Idnr w ave and laid I·1 o I, s r' ., ri a s Ie nail it e woveI IriS.. linsid rsl t, srI r. and ' Isn Arniea' and sllodlfi ,ll IC,, oral rap, lla f. I,. I' . rgh II I s iS isi r'sss srsdrap d, lr, ph Ar'srlusl ss(;lill's l IIIIII 1 rs 1.irl (lli mIerlss.rjs rI. l e III ,ls wovd, a d s Is. 1 '. I r,) w t rh r . ls Rsri r M'site se I l ud1 n1 ' N u a 1 1 a p I I . I n d o I ' N o . ^ w h i l e w o v Fooa(n, No. 1 F11 PI IF. a'4 fir No. slrr"' Mush'l Payers. Leteron erii lrindll rlili:r lan I-iea lSlrurstl, Salreobwi asrl Easd en Paopers. I:o11mt alo do very 1 Cl1n ( e r111?. Fool-alll, N I. Wilt lined, - do Na.'11 d I. ales,, 'a i n, frhad rewc ot Ite ur arLa wl l, lelial litw l'd 111111 11·ll 111 C I Illvs/eq Papers. Music paper, Royal,~( yl I! anl II lrCr do du do with 1(·(Iii)~ill( 1I1IIr.· (.'nlnrll e , " I.'· "I - and Pinery P111 ip11 rs Fe h i yall l ' nd ar y, l a'e' I, all Colors d.. Illn-ll li pa lire, I1( v1 1· , a1111111· TII?·il and wall do In "ann wo,1 prints I' 'si I a sd 1 c11 It l iV 11.11 I' -'aI ii p'pSI', 1I:iS lLS hi p,.-I siss I L 11,1 pa1!11* illr lgl rlir 1r 111·l (I a., ·( F. ill- -ea Si is.I Inn1" iaser s iisnd11M " Is"" 's. r ..., i .. 'I nraper' 1., r pipe .l'i Is ir I Irtl Il 1. 1;1:1;11 S 1,1' ll1;' 1;11 i Ill '' 11 111S a. et o .a, 1, d,:." I.. tII) 'Ir a , Z' il,". ,o " ion. . ,.1 ilia - ,. '. v al I o 'l ~ I,,_ " .1 J II Itý\1:1111· Ylrsl.- 1I, I, Ill: lie llýi \\\ o, the W 1 of a a a I" "''aI Il e" ~ I'"lr .a -:, 11'1 111,11 111 1; \\' \l t atil rllI· \ , :Illl 1 . 1 51 1 1 " . '1 ! '1 1 a . ; IIIIt 1'11I INli.~lt -illlll·IC 1~-,hard. l'r ( n1III ) ,-t II ill(··· pr, hip I Illiltlla, Ir n Ii· lll..l~ ,(an, nail ll-(IVIIr do lla lll YII I1."-\ 1( II) I r,"a-; lnil. lu _." hire w ar I"" [site, I'Inp, \\·" lle .Y 111\11: ll , In alo da Nate f alCIJI~lli ~·ler·il~ e \ l- I n do n,',-,e pap er" 1 '_' ~n,1 11 .1~e r-, a, ,,: 11(,11 )1 Y tl- ll 1',,,Va, r'.~t nCnrn e it .6, rd ;,l ad~ 1lann1 olrln r ror SN hlt.a. ANNI.X AIi Ir l kl I11 1K 1t) F . \IJI", edited bd,.idy the C ua n . Ia l' Ille.;- ,be l, wilt h beautifully lic lht.l d rll-t "'r: , ke.,.po Inr ]USIO , dclite, Iby I.ahdy ). atuurl \ctVilv" ,l welt Iwelve c ai. rlllnlll. Il(ll' - I' H.r csqa Ac N i Ire t.illill naitioy aillld delnr I io, n ll \\' (l':1t + aliea d iI. environs, edited I A .., a I itier s tpp ld . l thrt slendid work the hak lpeae (;.h arva w hllll ter new ad valualble Engll' • lish uonk;. l I b received alld fir fale b h 4 t u13 A'" .L'.X. I('"\( AIl. 41, ('am st a - wrs, r in I .e, jd t ed by tre, aibedp id t A ,I.l.l. all. ll ' Ill, the all s o(f 8.l1ie c ,a with an Ig nll Ll.JIHrn otr f a Ibati e L a a t, " ccr i.lsti l II I atr eati e uon Ethipr li(teL,d aran l' lIaIIFI ; trali sl-a Stnrvdi ll rt;ltll Tri haind lri tl : OIIJ(IIUII( III gild oer bstlnl' i bI o :ll1titUlillt'bll t r IdIa g Pe 1 u i , llt .ai - EI JOHNs N 4 C, No Stratilonera' liall, a l lihe r lo t hef . 1, 1 n d t 1alll t i l11s 1: P(et's I f aAmerica, by wlew aspllnll did ta . I r 4, by Mi11 G II WVdrercan TIerll 11 b lave C rit l a a li llthe Years'l O prIIIII e ftre y c c te, reU ti tl rhe a ll, ra y IE JllNS &I Cu, N &) Stanilearcr Hall, FNal Il rl. ro t % AtN r Ma, hr ba Jhny l ieee u o l edid I ..rla.c, ,epllle i,r d ,4ill, I y Ilev. Joln A Clarkl n - 't(laetdldr In'lbCa IIlIIl1 / T'he I edii, ol'l, 1 Vill aIP dir, icald 1i JuWc Ncr e aAr1 t 1TerOa dllPr l cllr ctatc r tlbii l ll c rEilf bllet .r collal,e b Illrc a clll cI t r l tr N lpama wi ll iprail ve ile iI; i vIutr, by r 11 cr uhaveaa Iwork,, ll ere r ed t acall o r i pr ao ti e !'E Ja il by Cli, N O Sratli llrs ' Hall, / Sna catrner rt Chaierl ad Calamcmn aI Er ( Ay ' Ii ( ORe, iiei Na rliaetra lt a me(;ipr a ttier, by lle r utclr f rletid tlrinlcc and tile 60,II"1r I C llIt'i diiite, AtVenia t aEe ttr tc 4 enleltica tll i larII f pNiehoh Nidu leh y, N ). lB--and a other eco nnvels, Irr" Ie le by if J01Ng S 1 :4,, StatihC1er'1 HIal, at n ( orner St cc 0 hrl C s lnd e ollllle eilll .SA TCo, 49- Camp a; d I.W IO A\V BOOK--AR ept spl tfhe orellhyterin t m a : at tl e s1tl0a sll ll J,lnea 'I mid and otl '+. v1. L )a," f h Irta , c de a Bar; Ma uiee on Atoltel.l I id Sneri'leo, n mewC ediviOa l 1 v(llli nes, || vii rom tile 11 tiI1. L IIiii ell l, nitll, ilh iiiile rlua c liuns lllllli tions, Justll received u ntdfr sae hVI ,t ne St CToWaR, 49 Camp St Coastwxse. FOR NEW YORK. LOUIIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. .. (To ail every other Monday.) - 'his I,ine ,ii o:nj . ed of the fi,0lwille ,liw, viz: Ship YA/I)P. Capt. Trl.-k " MISSISSIPPI, " P Ilillrd " I.OUISVII.l.f, Allel " II. KSl lll l': "< Itrttnl " IIUN'15Vl.,, " EIlridae " S AILt.OIIGA O , " It h .way "l'h( r love shie airlife M a ll ,' Iile l .ll.1:h , ,, iop e Id nilth il :,ew Yolko r k rx the r l I r 51oilr II d , with ,lrn; ll ' lll t i nlll I " pIlr I llP, l i111I., c d'kd ii' S'111p111 cr lll iin d m tr,,er. The I,'rice ,,f 'i a lll li fired t $9? 11, cill st1 wI i e er arc a pl tor- iliil w hry llote.r pnlst:c lar wi I Ie provided, usra l ev i fin~l s "u I ~I p,111 r lmote Ihr emlilbro i of these, I, ", :i rIl IIII nIh inll Ih linh e 'i'0 hlpl, Hill a t all allio"- he Il up studil , IIdlalnt e lh e lil!, ,ll tl the Il¢It, t+ ltlitlt l uli h +,he~'rlll l ne l tll.r dic ,fll f aili . il. Neither th".. e o i.'unpreins ~flh,.e. .hip' ~ill ho ci,. iiiii iii,'c ,i lll.c illlr, ll, ii, ll.l,..l , l l i h irp ehtld r li 'l elr ill-l 'r h hio w, pr-rim -lo , IIl r of lhe,,nl,,,11 e~ regeula I ilk llinl me tken fof i re nulle, ilnd the vulr e herledl'exprel se~ld. for hfeight o / oa *Ie n, &l C t 1 T , I1+ I ",lic)K & (', ;l1,T(ll · illlll t - NI. . NE, YO1(RK II,:.uhlr Pa,',kel Iilr hlinihy, i I Dle ieil r. Ioui.irrnr nine, Seer Yo rk I.' lr. lie, MISSIr II'I'I, i It ilh I tKi ., ho,vi. Ill Ilhird, 1o lheri earl,) r'llalllll_"r ,f null " iu' on hl blllr, ofll d+hill t e llll Ililt Il N+lirr Ill r Ihl,l ii ll Ii I iillllt .t . r ely li I,, o ir "he hu 1111111" 1;'lA I i lI lillEN, 9 The lllt'ek.I 1 chip i-vill", iinpl ini Aliu, Hill noil II lli NIEW Yi'iill Illl s' I ll' i f I i P Iacket l Ica.l h lcllclk l..i h ilevehi I r. a d lw l oi+l lo . la , olr ( -i,'r, l lho > - I,,h . Ke (11. 1 k ý, .r o rle, 1 .in-l e . ( II he d u hl w, R il,--P, I. r fn liht ,( r u I all hIllllala ,,hr , llll aeol a~l' liu oll1H P tlll.yt111 I hl th r + ll oill hi :u~ iI, olla, Itier below ll' V,.\ , ;,tlp-,. nr1i.' k,'l orl h l..f1 A 1, I I )lIEN, lJ '.ll l etl Th11'. P'a l',,l e1 ill P~otlh+',' wil 'n ll thl ,l~e' ale, ll elr w+ill lil sIi h r regiular yIhil. Fore , i h-- lrulglt or as.s@+, a1 rIv io w W.26i I I,,\ll1" A\V W .5 (A iniil FOI N1S lW ilt, New ' rk nltvl Nt w ()Orlnl s II I Thil i iGui't n dw puckO t ship 51nourr, J. I(. I -t II, ll ) m ter, will llll.ll. l ln . i fl u I hIn (ls ad haven rly d. - bateh. Th+ F. has beill h slll expr;+essly fur this tIradi ', iPs ilf t li.I1t drnft of water,nn a bll h n ononnodI tio sLrI t passengers ar t.or the Interior. FOl 'AAYl()Ii1. A. S,. t' hIII ce ombrck .\. NA.f Arliy 'o ,aira Atkinr Iyitd g at the whark A. Ii ttktgtt l'e'Ii'rsi st fet wl. l · trig tll: r it N e i h. £ i aove Ialn Il the r1 51 rCI tll e l". rir l i l a-; g., II i 1) & J I ,l oy n t io t th l l pnterio.I FO 1 "AYA)I' S. I nA rl io I t 'U/l ( ne r al ck,,in rle vd rin i t Inr 'iln I e tt- iet. "I wit' tl' ips I;,tli leat il. d S --)b -r +' anL wll I,!thevr v . "l.M' r beall + e lvrv t lh r-, I hor i or nt ti r : rd 11111) lt ýi I,'d<ek .1 I t. 1 lN 'i lt I ITtti,,.'I11 t. Til L'. " n ,it ir l ht' I'' t-'' tl e l Ia l -t' , I n al Iii sur rnnu o.' ll t fJu l,;inn ,'d witre, such ..s lhulk ioxte dle.ntlll l- r IIhI Lia II'its lt ki ' ieI' n maktct i I, , n\kt lt l.Itit i e' t - ini-t Ili it ti 4h.. tI NAVl A. Sll t'lllitl u i lh II. lit h ru l I . I"2 1' o 53il 4th l r, 1. , fcr-i et, tlt 50) ht t ttth , nh rl lll .lr 1'hIt I '·I , l{ lll t I I1I ' IIIll h , +ailt y irv A1 nc114 1 11,,l hll' ht <: Itw-;l ,'ta ha l+e+, I t + ; llltI - ) I r tllln _1 HI n P-" h lo+hl n; the atr l rl rl r' h s' .'tlll£ thelili- hhsU k (. ot, I tn i II I tlll mu ll ro·ns" ie , l , lll rllhe am 1. hw%, s hI· l " I' d ls lld [<ll It' Ill. ,atl ·r ; :la, \ "I -c ll ohler h,',,. ; .it . h ,l - ,',,;l un,·h 1 h talllel . r ll).i. . IIl.: h+ .II· T r Iredh u l :o.+ Io. l :lor ; i, a ne-; ln, ir- ca nsl ll an d iilnA- rýli " +thw h' t --,t- an.. Itoi, al l i .a llh ' i n 'lanill P ll htL acnd'tl -l , hl c,, curly -Ig e +h a d 1'slhHo, t'-a,.ho-t 1,,-I' I,' -,( 1' rt'' m lln ck tl,,l's hl-Ild Slol, h1 loraI Il Io + .L n ellh In fllllle., l U 'l . , !, l I all kilh ., l- ! I. dI.(sldsst l a ll.. 1sung r art 10il . )(r y c ,,I lu ,;ee od;3d " lis o,,l,- 1 . . 11, + I; i r II' l t l ld l llllG s n e nll l'; l hfl , o seo. , ,f ;- ,L nn ll ,t llr l ·I a4 i io r ll~lrl, ll l "Ialr ·ll- " hy lid nl i', t'. rail 1 -r I, a v - l, FIillll e'ni ,,i + 1,hoo'; brand Cr.wl 1 i ll. 5 -,ý s r nrld l di".' lltl-lc ll'l .l l II I( , r H atlt"' t y tIt11e'i B ANI Nt)T E IiNH:ItAV1N6 RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON R 1':oee l nolie in Ni, Oreas pusi. I '-ii equal II~ivultaLec*et their I ii'iht Nes lNrk, li,r the p I"I'.c of "I`P'l fag a t 1 pitlllaug ltillk Jules,( 1 II(--ll ilt( It '' F)x· , CI e I 0Sl .-Id i N)l I f llluiite Checks and llOutbeTil t p.ll*II1ut IIII·uil r, reline security c nigiait a. le'; s Itu ibrn IIIaleI aluplC. piu+ trite fu Iii;. 'R ile b . ii o al l t ih -aiy s u n. l b IIIf C N rII II I lts te ( 7 02o I r r ; ther i I II I L, A R S - ii e n s ,to li e flu tesi o over fi~el llllldorl bankiln i fulltouuun-, uud all 111·11·1· w ill be executed w·~ vi lt i & Cii.m Ni1 1 (a ll at e rIIt el M A N )) r i i t' ti\lil i l i E Sul. i E I - I(, ali ll. a siie dill andll I'uc.. P es. I AIII II't ru- .i iid C sl for s le ' I : I A N ; iC Pa i hr`K bri e F l a 31 brie \%'It skey lauding Ilrlren steam bea~lt Oconeee, filr ii 1)0)ll(0EV, 42.1 Nee. Lveie N I 0A hli.:iS-A Iarge ni Liiieo.ia per oLi bal, el P lJSib Uutbrellmllilaf fll sizes.-fee s aleh Ise G;OSSIP &r Co, Naval, M Bilitary S," E'alliullulll (else',p oil1 Exchangert Iloo"1·, St(:lrlllee At 3t Hawse~r's n Rope,(11. direct f on. fil Induccllr, war. r (do11a e11 of u qiull it eidI ng i any is (bCiC C IIty, n i Iiluudiilg told for sale bly PET EliI.A LAIDLA IV o 17 G)1 ) ulnK p sV COLT'Sl`' PA TENT FIRI:IIE ARMSld-Just received is I.i)ar (f d lto it o4 Ls, rs le ire u utr Y R -G O S S I P & C o . S t Charle s ll otelt 11 IV lau,) t s-irsl) 1 bib 7iiid inichs, hiii ole biy ; 2)01) 44I(S41 New Levee n;( II IIS-I'11) tuE CI te-Ill) luiileN, per NuICb, iur lý stiale by U I ORSKS I', 13 44 New l. ieNe L LOR-3f(1 ndin jr ,II steamler lndepend H i sac, -i) le re r l S,h tI iiI22 44 New LeeIsei O ICC laiiding tClaisteamei Irwalo, tat 116 G DOR1SEY,41L New Leveer N ig Cull,-50 brl. d cii fiii Ni, in stare, fcreate by lt 1 l a 4iL 4CCi ii iC N Ie l.P t H.\QMI'.\(; SE CIDER-11111 b Ioxes in stlrr,lfrarle il. / L oa (: DRSEV, 44 Nii LCrre ll I i N Is'1 jiiN- kegs westcrnlutler, ii Cilirr and aý fr .all by G )(!RSEY, D12 44E New4 ei ee Nih 3 lUOIS~O iii Iillaid i; 5 uNlilr CNINIiy -5 ous ec uIpa fqinindie, ft r sale N' JA I EV IR & A& C ii IO 1112) cnl .:cr Crrtulmat & 7'ebapijlilmdas xis1 the d'l()t ll.-10 bIarrels best Vir rilia castor olil, l v when, nnll clear for retailing, cite ibis Te norsl. the ens rrtsf tr il,'id quality, fru stir dSII(EtV the n121 conterrUlumlloiu k lrh.llpitolul·~ rtasl tel ^LOU)I(--IUO uric superfiner I'r sale by et tll G 1 001(SEY, 44 New Levee r) ICE-10 casks ,r pims Carollina Rice,.~ in store furl) s r ettly by1nlil ('I'll Y 1YE1 S Co,74 1'nvdrnnaat_ fan ~J II SKEV'-1511 (,Ills at the. lanldingF, fr sale by and -- - - - - 'tb IQUR5- ppes Illlund (it ;25brls dn anti ddli a A Gat also, 25 brlJ domestic Brandy, in r~lrp lui rt n. ? 'I"IIAYER & Co,7l Po?·cdlns At LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK a Nuttljtorfty of tt. +State of Jtouuf|atla. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PRIOPRtIETORIS. lT' The First, or Hllf Million Lottll y, rind. the Second, or Two Million Ltultery, are repectfully presented to thIe Publir. The IIALF 1MI1 LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. 'lhr TIWO MI I. ION O I'TERIIY will Ine drawn nn the old plan of Blanke and Prizes-NumntU in one wheel, and Blanks and Priz, s in another wheel. ,uth Lutteries. under tihe supervibio of twO Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAW\VN IN NEW\V ORLEANS. The II: LF MIILIOt1. I.) O I'ERY offers chances to 1,291 I'rizes, ofn. hirh 33 ;rce Pnrz s aI Real Estate and 335 of :flack, besides many Prizes cornt. uosed ofTl'ickers in tr, t;rand T'Iwo Million Lotnry, albordingr u paritnurpti n of chancr alu.n, to uhe holder oft a Ticket for Prizes in Tihe (GRlAND I O 0 T 'I:It' of Two Millions of I)ollars-1-l,l(II P'rizroe!-to t he full almourt of $2,,00b,000, ol which 7107 are Prion of Ileal E.tate. Only 9 Illanks to a Prizul!--Simple N, I to 10tI0,000. L00,01ji0 T'ck'ets at u2i--',itl. Sclrheln and il ulhng price the sami. Amonll thll Prizes ill thIese two lft rirs are manly puillle and rivialte Iltll'lul.. which adorn the Irlt of New trltean, nr an are the pr de of its iat nb itants- thllt VY ralldu, St. (Cllaru,' sitret ''ieatre, Anmerinn Cartp ll 'I'hleatrn, S. .('harlues u tcde IllO I It gs, with Ih tels, I) .ellig IIues. , Stores, I Hlildling Lots, and Iimanly entire q rellltr, )f (rounllld-betsides ,Stcks I1 In llkt s and o tlher inettltvitis oIf the State of Louisilana, almolting tol the wholel to TWO nMI LLIONS FIVEI: IIU I)IIE:I) TIIOUSANtD DOLLARS. 1I trhe leal Estate and Stocks nferetirr n r rizes are uowner by tI un and in thei'r possesonu:-110 acts rofo sle, with clear 'itles, are l ested in their firm, and recorudd in ithe otlile of Adolphe lzulreaut, Notary l'uhl u, anrld nflie of cnuvo ( ully.unues, rTlldy ttr rnlitfu:r to) the holders of Prizej' Tickuets+, exempX t tfromu icnllthIra e I u I'prorlrsy ctoet apart unalterably tot thaLt sole and on:ly purple. tand canll, rti noa eYrvent wIhutver, be counveyed othlerwisel by thle fiatl than [a toru truirlu ers f tIhe u'ror 'Tluntrs. AM IJ R I"C.\ N C.~tIP STRiEET' TillE'TRE LOTTER Y, C(arirsr. 8540,000, xs 1,291 P'aiizns! Will betdrawn in DICCIOilItEIt NEXT; andtin order to gratayn, aill curly period, the puriltansern of tickiet, t' a olnination is aidopted for this Lt. ery nitly, of l to 7t, whereby tho drawin'I will bie comnpleted in a few minuties b)" tlhe drawing of 1t Numbirs fron the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each---8675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!! SLI!E~l. . CAM1P ST. THEATRE, AND GOnulan, W iltl i prize n titie holder l'the l.1.l and 3d drlilwn iioil rs . $'1 :10, T inrt m llliit tll .aill r slorv bri'k tiubriiliin call il. Armatralaa' t hotel, foranr l l teiorllnr ,lllof thu p i .,d lleh zm tlree'ts 41. . ,000 it, ta lih, 1lii ar Ii it, nia, ' i il Pu i to 7th, 5th ant tIth. rThat v bl6td l e InelstoryV Ilik Ltore oen I I.e vee stretl, occlupied ily ,lessrs II W IlV IIop kilns . . .i i n; . . . ,0 I'ri',ri to li hi th, h u n itd 9 i. 'Th tl elegCaii dwl"leit hblolle uii lot, No 71 Ionynl str.ul, ,,,.,euiliml t V h : \b . C ; I,+llll llr ,3,01)f0 PIriol. t ll tl, . lhh, I Ilh nn1l; 12111. in 2,1 31. roca itiied by J l1lill . . 18,4)0l 'rizr Il iltl Ist, 'd and ti h. An eltire slquliare Irg(round ill flillln lrg" Ann.l cinto.n, 2d Al. honderl byI I.iherty, Ithntorn, Mel niitntlllllie a Il'r l uIs l l t . 14,0011 rizeito lst,, 2i and 5i i. Thuat onle u torylv -teryl llt hlt cotrnIer C(omiti ndlL Julitl nlreel,n llnei a tird Ivy Mr. MI. titlllllar flr dry niodst.. . . 12,000 "rize to an, 2"1 and ith. That neil st.rv otowte andt lilt cornelrof Ht Mary nud J ulita st. . . . . .. It.1i0T Prize to Iot, ii" a i,7th. A certificahter tor 511 ticketl in tihe Iti w iillio n ot +rv, Fi .$ 1!) ·e l . . . . . 10,l(l T'h rtunate holder of this pre ill y relalize [tie Iia p u d ilnv t o l to bta l poS. e .' l,tihrougoh Ihtir medium, of t to' .rny cille p rtn i the'rkn lS s:pl.en dh prizes in the two iil on altter, mill libe a Pr Ill Its, d,1 ind 8th. That Ihuge builih lied evlcnsivr lot in tie rity fll .lll tylter,a lnlr tourg .iv,inllr iti, I: rI \l04illl gtF n n d tnll itppi wa as. tilil by 'ituil Il. . . . . ,0011 rize to st, t1 ani 9eth. A ce.rllfi, m l, l' 4fs5 tickels ill the t,-, ne.l(oll ilhrn e , $ 0 e hlll 5,01.() l Prze tI.a 1 ,n tltd and 1tl.. That one stiv idwelling hinse and ollnt, 2: 1'. N g, ou .l o lt.tnext to doibl, lot io.U riwr of Mel 'iz it i,?d anitid 11th. A cerlifi lat i lr :t1' tirkts inll t t two million lai al:rv, it .1 each, . ,50 Prize i, I. 2I1, and 1th11. A dt llinitt o t aidt lot oni Victory st.3) 1M. tIain l d nrto llot frllling lornller of D'tlIt-n I inm to I st, 3t unl -I tih. A cPrti ietl tr0111 li tlketai in thi two million lotier", Fit .i t0xa0"ch Prose to Ist, 3d and 3th. A lot iI orrouid ,,n Nii d 1I. being the tlled hll , Irltll l'Il In,InIIII t. - 5 . 0 Prize+ to ls, :II till :1 1th. lo te r i, tFi l $ t20 h" . , 11 1 i'.r . it I,'.h ind 71h. Iothery, it $,' 0.001 , 4,.1:111 1'f,.e , I~t.l ps|, ;111 n, h. I. ,r.' tI1o t ,llt,1 h,:1l _r11 ;illli i t, 131. 1n .i An l)l.. Le til . 1nest th clorn lr ot o1 VitrloryU t . r 1,00 0 -l e, tli',iz , t : ll h. 1.1 .,,1 lint, n I e IIIblc i ,', ]t.I I~ N, i l N II llV I rl t 'l. 3,50 ol Jaii ":t. 6,00 y. ri/.ze to l-t, 11111 L,, i l l. :e lll' + ,llilll,,i(i(I II tIdII i too, A ,l. Ize I eon'otn hL ~f Ie',, l t l ,0 ik A ( I~illll . l I ll lild i ti, h1 l ' Ill ll ,.ltl i Illi + Iii I i lh i i 1i111iilli. ii, 1 , 411 linii l i iii lehl es i II '1 i Thl l ft,',i l l,,t,,, rss As ,sn -u.iueei~u~i~l~iii I ' l 01 f ime to st, 111 nd 1t,1. 1 11h IeA o iI I i l -I, phure of gron' h n f , I'ir - srI A i s rini s s21ill 1 l thsbsIsi.e, y, 0- st . .,l A I'i e x tt i < th it iauI 3i1 i. n s , stree A aI,.< lrl n Ih t I hlhl hil o -:, fe-t o1 a lldhinto ti, l t 63at r1. 1 th (riuui l, wa st . 4, (00 I A b riz, . I- t, llh n ,t it ll7 . O l tt d n enurf e t l on higt o n " , 'r t M. bud l 10tl ofo, Y ('liti, Pea, Irrit,, i Wlie M . L iriz r 1,, l.t Istn ,i slhd 1 1. o11011 A p-, t I c lii q rt, u til g o i -1 |. bi)oui . slo 01d 1 Ol, ritiutil I IE agl" e t. 1 , oon I riz. te s is , lih t asun, I i 9th. t h stol 4 A shl l', r i and I 11 i uh-n1. bo ii tte y rth- , 01111 O2l, md tl . L 'priz,' is ls., l ah id 10h.sof. o theenk is0 eli hIIiiltl dillon e 3 0 , s litsu' ir. 1 .ivt$10 , l 301 si ' ,,f l,n "l e,9ld aii,llit o, \ i nittitiisu eel, li Ol, at uio t (1h-lp ,4ai street id i l l liu y I Iss . felil i \il sitln dilt red, orlit l olohtt from il o, Ol s sui t. 7lr iiOl o.nil r i tor-il (ti l t,4t and 211, , I l, rlie to I tt, and Glh-- .t,5thi md"IlJ ,lh and3, 7t1h si t '11-lsd, .th ia ln th , ,filt - h e OilIdOl, of fs es lS t -trse r W oi a t :t.'hing to :h a sin iii tis is ,511t 8idlln l 6,.i;u s ilflll 91asII a, 7tho and t ll r, . 1,i 11 Tw llo ril',,r ,'le h rtilh t nt , ' to 1 llll2 l I n ' lilthe l t lil u Ill loiitte ) 2 iihil I Ss ii et l$"B0 2 li y, I ii,.l.. 100 Prizeoissi Io lt, uhsnn 10th-aist,ig a hnlils Ih IIIO tiili. lliu tn ilaridl oimnn lllllahv 4i .h"i , 4 ,100l1 lit $ it|1 e inch, slr Pina- 0I I t, 7t h al .d I 1ih- It,. 7t t l nd slI h--lis, Nhinl I Innath--lsl, ilt tl d liL - 2il- ,- a niliwsty, :01 shi" es, as $11 , . . 3,100 rd 9111 an, I l th. sup S Eilht llrizni.s,; each r cerltifi late f i,'o ti' -et' nll tlh wo inillieon l0 te0 v , n l011 kt . o, nt $21 ePnch, 2,0ll50 el Prie In 4st , end rih' -ly Ihh a nd il sad liti- th31 nd 7th neil- , l tand Oll - Fi, stcl and 9the.s e h T ien llrizes, each 3Shr - lres of ls k in the ok i liTi lesof , oilllll atInshar at $100, 3,0110 lerize 1o nt. ,d lll ll1t--O 113 I a ull lrIlh-- s a h-l, O is-4dth ald 7tli--t1,h ndih - tll sadl "th Isa ih s lilt asit and ]0ih-, t1 , amt liill| Frr 4th n td 9ss- ,4 adf lnd 0Ith-:de' dilland 101 'Pe. 'venlv prize. , eac. a . for '!5 0,1i.k - +-inll hwo mlu lion Ill-lleryJ. 0 tickh s, tnl $'!-- ll, !,ih M rizes, o tlio 217--J, 4thl l and l kit- d-- ,, 5 th 1. 11 an 1 9 th--d,5ti , 07th-°ld, h -- alln d I 7,I, lo 81h 11l an B -ll G d - sale Sixy-tlree plrizes. each olne hlhare ill the !C Ou.i.i e llsilln collln. unl viIiii , f' -h ,, ,it $5 3.1:,I d Pries tio lick,'Is livingll h 1111 Illt I JIll. Ol nel hndlrelhd iaIniI tWentyV-lsil priz)% es, i.earl, a1 relifiut c fi r 11 f ir kclo tit the vo li lit l ' h lll hlltoei' Itl8ihkel+,at $20 - • ..5. line, t'rine' to ticketll hv ing any three drt'ol t O ln O h Iho dred and twelt.-six prize., e lel thlree Soil , ho ikeng eonlllv( 1373 Sh,+ es. ill $:3,1 11,310 One h llllllretl aid lllfley-six 1lrizes, e tR JI lwo 11 com ny m .5y"! .hIerry,a $:0, 5,360 tee Tilre' hundred nld f iteen Ipri.s,.each, a err nVa n d 7 th-- 7 th a . l th a nll d 8 11,t + 1 n t 1 h. en !ur hin |redI |til a idrl l-O pize ,telsh c far terve 13.5 tie krttns t $201, r celo IIle--4th nld 71h-5hh alnd Rik--6lr ind 91h Fire hundred atd forty )Cloel.ell dollrr re, $510.0 S St 0R~ANý LOTTERYY TWIO MILLIONS OF D)OLL IS. 10,000 PRIZES AMNOUNiIN(. 1) TWO M1u I IO\N- OF D)OLLARIS, I)IL%%N (ON TIIE OLDI.I 'I.(\ OF BLNK AND, (M I 11I ,-N( (flMBIINATIOrN Nl-IIluIl[S. 100,000 'I', at 820, - - - ,2,000,000. SI II'LY NUM IIEIIEIE, I ro 1100,000. The pelhere arid seelinLr price aore the. sarer, on o additioas or reservatlons are made or expdense in this lottery :~ thouse ennliogeut expEenalIIY!S will operate a~s a lire deduction trom thIle valuat~ion snet onl leproprerty. MIODE 0F IIlD(RAWING.-T'hl Niher s Ito 100.0110 will her laced in one aihel, ad th rh amo ormber ofIBilankoarnld PerIZe ir, anotlherwhleel. TIr.'vrery numer drloranrr fror one ewlheel, a tiuker roim thie lllin aidl I'rio whirel wll bo drawrn, until thol hole are drawn. Till': lFlIS'T DA", III i\'I't.ii lit." 'lltv:'Iii I NI1.. MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. 1:' E:n h.II ,hI '. Ilr;:ai lng ullllePtr the su rlnl'ri ciln oft tw ,Il.E s ul" (/'urt, ill New Ulrlellal, lllli tLu wheles, ,pnlld and sealed bly l.hll. 10,000 1 PRIZES. I. The VEI. %NII ) .l l lt l gr,,tzml, vnhlnvd. 1nt $500,nlt( T"h1 He s altull1h+ all -1h1 nllh I ellli .," I' Ii 1,lorl,,. I.i h i, inm I prie-enlt fi Ira1.nt 1f I I I.ft oi SllI l t'hllrls sr.eet, ar ll Il:; ht l 'Iiii ,llllll -I)e. Ti pllrincllp l ll.rtion Iof hi itl. l'(llll hItji - mi nl str or' nl'll ri-i Iarge blr or coff ll ll I tnll righlt s.torles, nul ll ll wo g ll.u l ellirks.t Ilith hotel, t- whI t l hr wh it'l i -r r ltlllIlltr lllll i. t l)[ 'lple d ellleo I' dl".ie,' lll,,: alld n F. ltll Is now ecl ,li renmer.s it tile lIlst 1 hi blhhle' hotel ofi ie Routh; 110 eilll) irslln tnl ill vt le lllo e hLe onllltl . i Inmotlly t ulllllllla·ted i ilrb d rawi. r olll s, pl r lrllr andll bed rooml . Tlhe pIl nllt rent vera- es I*30,IINI ellr nlllnr and been(. illll llrewased byI, promisions in the leases 1t1) :4,+7dll. The stoires on thie ibaslllll t'll o r .l it . s r. p tible of nlllunlll ltItlon Ito $15,0llll it thIe II ttlnate holder li+ ltd I IrNI, Witll the Cl Ir iiri, it' hh lierl wardrobe, l sIlcl.4 rl . 'I tll lt e 51111,0110+ This llineniirint t lstrlll ovr ht n lriont l 130 feet ,it St ('harhes st.errIs, ,i111 t ,a eplth h ti',nt of 17 11ire 1n 't ('h. rl'. Arctle'. Th In,,i tv and aca m'l sntlu1 ionll. withln corrsponll grand maloln is '1.i hy ] " fee,'t. The font i,,l + rof lllutls l e l lllltlc with e lxlnive g.ile-r r In the rene oll f I h ll llllle is su ien. d'Id n l inagniftcent elanl d lie., I: ,el in hclglht, The scenery alnd mlchinhry are unequalled in the enlt, anl tlhe wa.hroie is l ltin elll. Tlh . wholeesthlihlllllbnt llt o he llensedl i ti1r :1 b lars. ait $51,ll p r 11111) p lll moonl. 1J. T111': S l'. ('ll \Rl ,t+ I ll AtiE IB ll.. I11.,(; , 15 III' <, .\N I (itllo ' 1,), vale ,w lit . 1 0,0110 A eI .autiil blok of : the ('rinthinal order, ;54 leelt olt ot ( l irll tlrt, Icy IN ' h 11, trons I on the S. t'harl"s Arllly, 4 l.tom- high. Ti'll 1., 'st bilh ,rd r m- n, i thi Ulnitel Staty. The oi ller s.iwes ore ,It . )dedl illto l'2 lodgp - ronll and parlours. The who+ l cnrtd for .15,;111) lper I tr l 'tI, houn led hv .lp IMonlt....., liercwles, nail ,I,,·,·, 2d ,,,,,,,; :·;,n; : ,: ~ ,r;;;l; Ili b `i;\ i nl ilr;; l bits, bon 11, 11 -,] Irv E It, 1 1111 lieI Is u TI. b II II ,,,.*,I1'', i oe :Ire- t II. ,11 ,iI- 17111111 , oe," ullI'tll I 11011' (1I,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1,1111111· ~~·'( ?IIllll~lill?1IlllilS I(I( by''II lIitI..' I,,11·1 12,111111 .~1;.1~~ """`'; ~I·I. I\ :ll 24llll. II Cs'll l w al,, ·l,; ll 4-41,11244124 41I TI bl.ue o wI s1,1 . 1..1 I;7 41o .I rlb rt. :3i1'114211,4 ITlO lis ] t Ie '-le'4'r lul(: raiser .l reel. 311,1111111 lI.e ut. 'I'.'e Iiird 11 44lnne of lro1 1 ...Dirt l,'4011 b II, 1,4ll ltl'4e s .4 I 411 3e1 t41' sl eel., yII ,ui l he ,lee rf~l. "I Ilylll~llll.uu, 274 lllyiilb 1:M 1 ~ 2,01 .ine JuuIfi te ll . 3,1101' 1711 !1. 'I'sle eIIIIno w l~l-l l1) of - mood o n I l11(n 'I(1II k m, s 1re et 1 1!.I 1 444lllile '1llll r 1 II C s, milled 1q .tree 2.1) .u.h 'It" l,.u~,Ie, I,. sIutI ud 7r, rlj 7 It~l. The Collie _qllnl e of _.'' nil on Melrose. _ IIIII stre,"I, '!.I ,o un·YrllI I11I t, ",f lIII.,IS, bonn led by ,I)U ',I' l t72 e4 s. 8',1111 0 2I. II.. uqme ee u~lo ut _ro.,,uI uu 01e41.uueu u 10eet "u I er'4l44"4 ilk, ' ou 1,111 11 lossu 1100 7. JouInIuuted 4.'l 4'l - Ig jl ;!11;41 o1111u flul, 4114 tl _' Thet, entiru sq r of X- llo~l on Ienson urw III.,2, 11w v11 uqu tu4 on .4 s -ul I n os J n . 7 £dul,,f Ifrllh nlllI,1 l-11312ll-beets. 111,00 L I I) 011" h ellune.ureug4,I,,.. of-oas4l 7"O" 0s Ott- I un ltu 2d.ut o nit.4 ut 1` 1 , 041lnllll l) plts, 7 32.u] TIBeunetuonl III"hore uiItrll u 16,0001 ou 114,, n o Is,,t bonwd rlr l., l Ierp 11' borel, 1.1L llill .tl 1r· t",I,lrIv Muuuelttt. Mu1,0001o 35. The 1,w , str *ous wi'llu uot o e, I tree. 2.1 e rne.o (lb o l street, 1·1·.~ 11 by I;(·l IO 1 feel 12,1)011 I 7;11() 11( :45. flu sq.quu o l gruu ..,s Olel bo 1 III. I lrul; ·s. [ and I'el 111i · y sure t. 12.1 10))(11 .Tt et2I I u .l 0lul t , ud ,I e uste L e.2.u~u1l~ieliy 2. 41 141141,11118 It Ilt. eut d y 111 1',42 4. r. null I Iie . t, ",nuIeI le I.. 4,,,, 44, o rI 5rop rt. I )l, u u l()0e t I;I I;1. The sg ware of Grow ml on Niel i i pl(·r l· F1 hot street, 2.1 inoni,'lpali( , , of· 11; lul)·iclll~, boon,5J si 30 P,1(w( 41441o I'l'e rp lu re , IlI 1111 x1.44t1l4 444C( .011 11 411 Th IIe 1u4 '4 g swum'4u.I i l ,, \, eeI , .44. 2.), u yun 4 I4 let p It'l;lI of f;1, IIIl-byIIIuJlelpu - .olrfir, (bear,] an,! (1111e 111 streets I1; 100 I,,,,11 buu~g~ 4,47.000 : IIjuI u44ll4UllIu 2,1. ['lietrc ~ang ol ar sg~otr e of gro TI) don Bell. ")I .o, _,I 15 lots, 4 Ioeuud 0t.44.4 Ill Ttllu u~ttlt2 4s u'I Nuu. 7,u~t 0410 h 21.1'1(. on stor boild s7 wll crne' o Julia..uFg uo. iuI hrt jut h.omuuu tI L. street, of _5 by 70 1 a ·r ,:100 ) 1 The ·PlltIJ eolr erorlult d on Thallia street. b a4lIIf ',owa 0)11t1. !uu uw.-u4 uud hl..uur g 3' 4,1 47 23. Thole ost e rl h ilim llJui sret naxt to the earner of St Marv .yews, cuton t ln- A.O ll S te d9000 4' 1 , 4. t- 1: 1 4u 44 1 -tll. luIelrlpsihore, I l ow ]0 and and I- rrlol~ity ltn"~el-I 9,0 110 ' 2d In,. of 7 lot,, I C;""'! Ie d Icy While oars M ·O 1 elp )II' mrnr .Orel :;,VIIIkLLI(~d'YJ1\LrdJ. I~t 00 "1. '1'111 oar story huill 1111lR and -mums on n L lu uft- I,,".I'.u 41 bet 8,0u(1. NI.'l. This, square of (.round on ul-o .020 15I rdI1I (1 L II1. of Its lets, bounded 11 Jaco, Si,!,, 11,r 110 an d' ·lPe111eh 111 Plreel 7,00 . ;11!1, The one vtorn 1huildin_ and ground o nITP.~: I Julia street, 2d of. helot; fi1 Ill Is from lamp IIIF ~o street, having5 by 78fee 8,00 o 411. Th~le square o7 ground at '.'baba imlllLln:P( L?( nt. of 16 lots, bo llllJ1· d by Clllri , Solis lill I,, ,0 Mlomnesrets754 31. TI'l-r quar, of glowed of \I)YIIII. -*I (C1r "I 32. '('h e one ;lark J1 III,, IiII w·ll lot no'Soya- L) ,les ir'"t, 21 m. r r 1 r"I '.rp' hf steet ,00 331. The sgo,,re o:~f grl~ltllI n,1 IPrcpslier re J 1110 street. 3d it. d 1 Iwo,, hound ed rl r Solis, MatrT:, ,r~,nll rl and 111"('oo 6 1;1:e1. 6,00 3-1. The lot of e~re ormi on Al o;lb u street , 2d j in. crnerof Mspulnuo steet,31 by127 feet1 515110 stre t,2d ,u. ut lot', komtded ly Hut 1 trd Ja CALDW1.ELL, QAKEY & P RlT1'CELARD, MA A6LRKS Al tIOPRIEtORS 'n.w Orleans, Aug. 39th, 1839 I 45. Tier portion of a qua". of K:,., ,,,u,,,,I on 1'11eli .t 1". , 'I I, of 11, 1111-, I1)'111)(·11 by \lluu lr I nail l; 1.11 slr..llI i.., I:mo o . I. Al I11 II, 11 ,4 T rl,.llrllllale Arne,,, 2, 1 1I1 :3.2 by I 1 l l ld 2O1iul1 it. of I; lot I ot pl1111..4 ., II...,. 1, II1 Iit1II C Io( .lirt t. . v n L,0011 18. h I.ll.., oId lo i l· 2'."I ti: 11 ( ',.il11lo. ` t 'It.'.'!, 11.1 b et 1,. nlo Iw ilm, 1 I.Y '1 1:. l lcll, Ilpll, 5,1411(1(1 4:1. The "pot". of g noltt I it I·:(, '111 lit, "t I) 1 hOr "I 1' ll Ilbobmd. I , 1 I 3 o olb( n 1d.1.11 511, Tor ono I n111rrr llull d0o1 110,1 lot >f g.?'l 111 51, The"t~· 1Ir· o( ground in IJ Fiell utPtr Ilrlll tills 2d lot fIII Iou, )*iv(llr ale lteeI, and 1lurilng 4,111111 53i. Th"1· -yul.lrr llrounlll on 1 (rrlulO start, " d lit. of ilIII e.Iw dedby12. 11 Ite,'Ph ll snd Widow r'C1NI 111 II1.I) II(I s 4,10 101 11 :32II IIl 127 ,.' 4,000 I i l~~" .1 lot of ItLIIII·U ,it Apollo wrest, "d it.ilC :I 4,000 Irth t guoud b : 1 12 H 12g theI,1. lot i Imi 'ltg .t 4,000 4 1 1 1 lot from 1II( i lliclh lorlus the cornler of 'I "lu.u,'bo , I1,u. tl4,0011 * 0 Id10l1 o IounI ...Apollo. 1eet13.2 :11 *": I.'. .uleu. 1.11.1111101 boll t 10(10) will .orot ,l o ;.....uo e cee. _dt. 4,000 5 I, A lt f )',).ItApllo '0- 32 b ('!7 titer1, .4lonoo; the lot ( ''' '' g it,,- corne~rll r 11f al·11," p 11,.11 . ll· 1. · 4,000 (il. Iol..un 2.), .rul 3l00nlanoe, 0l..Ino.Iut' l.. t~ 121.. e b27 1.-ol . J 0 11uooel-t,",t . 401111 11,"x1 In 11e' 11~1 1,111, the .511 11011 4 w Ap111 llll J....- 7~~ II...i.t t3.500 "'I110.: 3"! by i!7 ;·""t, Ii llC th 21 bolo that M1o 0 -lu11' III ll,- Inevf u.rIra .1 , ,I 1 I.:3. l Ot 1II91 _ lbtoo 51 1 ' 1)1n: PUeIl, 4!,I m.',l om~1 I l o , 1 11,1 11. coiner 1 ",1)(11 :11o. 1 I1n Ioerl, bri ng :32 be 127 f eet 3,700il~ Ii I..1 .,1,111 rr 01' c1lolI rIi~lll 111 Te I t, i,. ho I Y sin.1 .11,:11 mt g :, lots, b. I , it led nliv .I v".t+ 3,0011 25.:\ .eo.os 141. Ji;. . . Itmlnr, · 1 1 l in C 3'! itil (0 f 3,000 11)1o4(1111 E:I by 1 7,.41,, 15.,.11, ) \\·ilu l and ('It. noeel+ 25011 117:. A square of gromid coio t(llli~iil''I 171 InlsL ·; Itllllldld by Eale, ,lep11\~, 1·:r all( 1ll·ll andl~(~I 2.;.. .I t,, f !il 1111 cnn~i~io 111Iota :;1l lest oo l: Y \\i 1 111 I It tell .n Fourth nrrl '4,1(1. 111) 1, 11ed 11y \1 pion., ) 1·:rral o 1114 ('hl.rry I It o n, led I. heThalilTholl ,s and Jaeoh strue e 1,300 O 1,o0 11 7... AI re of c l.P l.Ol , Clltaollnlla g 1t lotsl8 , ab bf 11,tl I,ý 1 ', f ut'l, lr l ilu ltll llý p , r a rtd ll E n - I l1.A.A p. int r vir gru m l ConIItal i g 6 l.l 1 s1 I ' 0 I75 . , .\ , r' of ro'lud (llllatUili.l. u, Id , ,d9 lI ded bL. (hU.nola, EIlroaL, lalUe and L CL - IIU U ;. A qumre lof Groundl, containile .'? Ints , ounud I, Sprh cell , E.lra , leach. and ('lio r1,5011 77. A s rl re, ,If g' 'lf groun d i ti ll 16 lots C bI y d Ion, Felic ia uud L' "+l reh arr rs 1,500 U s 78. , ·'1 alt.L ' . gll alll ,lu d tlllaii ll. ..0 Illa Ir, I0 . .1Is l i nd Iun i U i , i riaA ritte - antd li io l 7'.. A ajaan .la, Iau. .... .'ndittat ll lots 1 O by M 1m.h \V' mll. , .1i dlt: '.a1 a ltulho . tnO"81) i 11. T.l trllln.ullr squlre oIt ground b ound ed b liL a .. leual pe n t.llll treets3d aI i. ot lire o"f gll roundtll laa ntla ingilt. 1. Ioa Il 'd,, la.y /'h .rlry aod ll i -lr,','t+ i l 110 .:1.. ohi tr grotunlllt t4 hl l i ftl ll llth1 h houI del by olaple. , ,i ant anll l \\ dl l tre le'- Oail11 (I0 1. trug ubr. q are of ertll. c oo aiui . . ht lo t hau I.hesum , n d Ile,,,,. .tret, , at~ I by I t hl.e ' rlll n la nl 1 nal 01,20 tll 101. A\ Int of ,roUnd formi ng 19 c or I n d ll llltll8 l IIIo I 'iI ll ul s treets ,tle1at. r kI S lilnai h it 'ol a ' s i l f larm r n-dl a . fet, 3h pt -.). l tri ,lb'talhr slll ll oOLllll d ,tltil ll,' i by , ltlh t, rI'oi u n.l d tI . r lel stree t 100 3 .l 11 A I illlalll r I'll the. curll tier i1 'llo I 0 a t n 'i'hulio str eet 1t101) I 1. A I rellr un qul il r e f l i" Grol und b lou nded a +1 o a l'r a.r. Lre ullnd (0li+ -r , l i t0 J. 11n tlla, ,l, 1 n laa1111r11'll t 8ir.l blll.. l' 2 0 I Iy lli ,and I lach stIreeIt latt.t 80 h 10 ia tta 3. 8 00 r " i. A tt illl grI nd o rlle alc h t al Inu ra"nsee c0 In . A n ha ,coatal a ar m nu c at'ip , I t.en h "ca e 3 b 1 f t0 o11, a i t ol k rtl r l each, P ch train l it 2300 96. :\ alllot ofirou llld l ia.i t,' ell tllt. 8 00 1 . 0 tia re of aaltauuteoafgrl 2llladIaada .0 l C aii. nt l', ld ' l'h a1h1 1 s ,tre e ts l y . 4t 0 0 a a l99 A lr at.l lll.I) r ni t Ilgroll d t tltloutt 10 1 0by ,l 0un',.l ul alll .' atl lilo treets 4. at t 0 iHP..\ lot of grt ld Iformitng l corter of s1 IJelsrV hatIn\Vanll . g 1,5 fIeet o -a, he k. ill atll ,ld 11 on t $3e I ter r . 3100 1 Jer., y IIInl FOurAnc slel nts I to tC e U llloe li0re, I 01i.r fe' ' . tille tlrner a.nd 115 fet.l lthe 1 13i I 7. d. h Irom he loi t l orr ,ing lhke corner 3 i Io...-" rn .t. . n Jrrtttreeet 25 . 0 .00 p.' aat] o tr at ,:. a e000 r- .all . trnilar, I a Iquarofagrlt oattIllrdouna 10 h'a 'lat a ad t pru'e "a 30 .' t a"10.. A 1,ie0,.0ulr 0qlure ofgrotnd hounde d0tl 4by Poaar loll( Iarrht l t s treaet a t •t .a "10.u A$ r -quire of groun l hounded " 107. A It iUisrr I wllh, r ll ground, ho nded 2 001 "9,70 printt.s I slta re each (ti ttltight liatn I!I eol.-I a lalla3 t v tuck , atl $310 311,100 2 0 1 l lpix iT , 1 : hih re e alc h Sle lcl inn l' i E· - 11111 ,lutn; t o'k, it $75 1" ,,000 082 F anittla atlcak a tu$50 . 9,R50 (1: fill pri Twa.l aIurie e ahi M uer fa llats $ I $r 10nce l Collelll s ck, al t L O $30 I,800 4)) prizes, I sllnre ,ach, Exchange Baik cotm puv stock, .t .0 • . ;500 001 3il prices, I shlre eanch, I',nchartrnin Iill IF o ml etn lmlpl hll ¥ o c k )!.k l $ 10 0 3 , `00 ill pri ,es, I s l re each, W e ,-. r r M arino sllld J 010 tFire I slllllrale i:ulllgn ls ck, $l5l 0 500 ,1);10 Tau tillionso / .allarl $.,1011,U0ll0 .. . . .~. ,..r r- l) l~ll'(.l-C l'?T U CSSC~s~t~i'.8ir; JOB PRINTI NT I'N EtEI)IJu.Y. ANlI)$OWEIY ANID erIIP Arr.r EX.i. I; AT TUN OF'ICfl 0? t RI. True iImerwcie, .. rT. ClfA It.LES STIIET, NE:AR P oYDtA$:' 031Y.3*1 3 IRRPIOP1, ORLEANS LITBOOEd1AI Q PiAfIC I, No. 53, Magazine Street. JARV!S & A ntREWS, V. IIf.ESOAIE ANI) IRE"'AIIt. IPrA..AIRS IN.. MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS " t;,,rner at Cmnnlun aa~l~lt'I'.:lllullituulll* 41reeL;1 A'I'IIAN .JARVIi. .IOJIIN W. ANI)RIRE)V. A large I1I)III? a 1 a;B r7I u Seeds. ,\ll Tr. unl I , . .~: of 12.7. CIIAMPLIN & COOP:W [Tj R 11C 1' 1IIJ .%'%P I.*I)F:1 F:R I 'lllp· , .,". FASHIONADLE CLOT+'WYi'Z TAYLOR & HAI)DE III VI"·: u raa)IItaII I *III)( , (e cerv 111111 ·:'· :·;: N.. JrII e.++, of ti,. latest ,I. , le --111LI: & ., Iia, I)K:AI.K~it" IN AMEIRICAN & I; 1 LI-ill C WllIW .. Nu.: : (JIII,1,E1.:l. . Tn bTR1E BAZAAR. N. 1, EXCIIANOE .forsrofSt. ('k Ties ond Conln., NEW (i TI(RI'E an ,,,, er+i I Al - 1.e~~~, 1'. lao F 1'aeMANd &' 5:11 I,. 1f C 11)11 A.IYbi, .Ilerrlrnr..l;xr limkrr 4. Carnminiion " " :. O)RnsEMIAN & 1 7 AVI'" ,.n-'1 l, an hand u I),,))n II b~e Illlll~li ".1 ,,l the -II1)Ttut nutlre.e ".ttr INSURXN4 E COMA' OF MW,:t ORILEANS. T'his Cnmpl, u nmr ow prelond t RISKS AGAZNST FIR: N.. 24 Musson's Building, Cant E L New Thnlrl a Maty 15. 12311. ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAIN Na. 1': Camp street. Wholesalennin Dealer in Paints, Oil, Vrni: 11+11 Witnd: and Pictur 61.,it &n FASHIONABLE CLOTI RODI. YSOX .I GOOI N.. O6, ChLartc Sarel One. I)D r below II t t: ntrrlvt hIland etervYartit 1 in 1 n grntlrnlell'., drew., IliadO ir arlr and Iroos lit-hi'nable style, hialcht eed-18:18 * 'ilt EXCIIANGE. rIIIE Sain tilw, hnash hontr Inine t1 a Id tlela in Genernl, tlhat-itawi cllj:nll, l fnFý cup l'lotltithilmllllk, anf tior i~ha it ptona naup. halfa Lntt :1 'nvut, mher ot pe rsnan laveren c, ibny lite ot Ithe incon. vntince erlt when, they~lha ar eealiged to be ateah ttnuInce 1I aliil-hitle hi Itatntiunat It anda ber re-on al b attended tott the fIt, It n ll heaperrta tthan tthe tab. 1' cte -nlhlcr 1".r hn e al-n P leennIP Pith., part s, and .11th ex ete citydeenll4 at. atja-'ew NICHE) RIlCit JEWELRY, AT ni. Ni CHtARTRF:t 11111 + FU ll. Aa IrtmedI, "lu t recAntlt 1 \ ar rmes .,kisbtnachar, tha alht krs, nltta,-ntana"or,ttlnnra ant al poctkeltlahnlh a . tailtootnhl alt ItJcntr no aunl Is tc ahand n init n,'laklnc3 nod beadi; all the n(at. a if-al a ld o the ao aIast en-n tern,. N. It. Imes' tt HAR indo and -how r asra, fur -ale. li I'Ie lse 'all "· stnn ·l111cleI,~* et.llll eTIP HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCE IRONS, &c. .IIE IIOWELL WORKS COM - 238 Water, near Beckman stre have received the past season, and racetving large and extensive additie of the above goods, which now t ollowing asaotminent, suitable for the western markets. Hollow woare of superior quality about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 ditfferent sizes, from 2:8 Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 g Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 g Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sit Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire )oge, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4'. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron .. :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2-, quality and finish, and less than J.: paces. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of ,ab..' 5 retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assort, Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted .' Bells for Plantations, steambeate, mI made to order, Also steamboats antd other mac: e ordar. The olave assortment of goods , Srecommendedl to lth attention of W'estern nmrcants, and are offered Sprices, and upon the most liberal t In lioved to Ie the largest and boat a.. offered for sale by any one establi . )II United States. Merchants, by forwarding a reque . )0 have a prire'd rcreular. with descrtl 1 prices and terms, ftomn which no deo m ,nade, thrnished by return of mail.. n All orders will receive immnediate s! e.nt New York, 1838. t RESIi GARDEN SEED-Thi b tegs to express.his grateful tbahela 30 lh, for the liberal support he has ecri commenced business in this city. Srinpsetor of the seed store, 17 Cotnm.-, not and never was agent or any . vender; neither is he connected wi Stills country-but he assures the o, conrnections inl every deparltment Iof neIs, tn the diffteent contlries of E. 0 to that of any house in the United it . tporsseeds, plants, e. from the rl and respectable nurseries and see is o. lOU htlland, England, Scotland and states-and it will at all tinies be his e is his study, to recer;ve, in additin , 310 stock. large arrivals of every dresri>:, growth of 1838; also, engrafted fruit Irc. kinds. The public mtay rely on fihi:ndi:. sortment of every article in the seed ii.,". iau quality, and imported direct by • ev . . 4 NDIEW SMITH & CO.,rel . . . their friends and the public , they oeeupy the new brick shop,21 : street, where they keep constantly < T'in and Sheet Iron Ware, of cr such as copper stills, kettles, and , Ing tut , slid oil enas, of all sorts i other brass casting done at shortest Grate )ars of every description boat stilrups, hog challn, sorew kilnd ofateamboat work, such as c es, steniam ipes. 'hey si ill also do all kinds o .r work, ,uch l zinec, copper and tin roo, fi -..t guttering, &e. They above snd all other.hldes of work in their line of, they will execute at the shortest ntice. d".27 Plenr 14rce Irltrurtsen. W illiam Su,,eh iIeInus iia s vrv ies to the el.i/ zens ua New Oriens a as. a teacher el the pian, torne. Mr S hiingv been etu pil)"d several year . ,,i h. r .t utsic io privqj itilhes in Bsbo.n ,nd :i.. nl . ,a- ral l llte- lelale F. i einarles in its I ,II.i,. c IIInn hliUt hIIIe to nrit their cntidi ne,. II, , is htai e ld It. t-ir tIt KrlV iCI..pp, Mesers SSetsonaI & Ae. r). Mtl . rit. do. ot;.,,e. For termsn. &c i.Ii use apply at le1 b.ekltear. e Alixander Tower, 49 1tup at nut 2,

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