Newspaper of True American, November 29, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 29, 1839 Page 2
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4-, 4c, *irtl 'eery dy,, .( cI I? tIhe Lakj,,le r~,Mbeeh* "' t 4`4 eC.M. RniriitBt: I.. Li4*h :ht ura, u1t4IA IN. ,' ,= tlat 1 1h M Re' n, t 1211,.M 4 .M ' i' 04 '. ' µ 1 CHEW,4.b `TTW. 'ORLEANS -A3D M VIlI I M. ItOAD a w ri'frI(t ARXNGE1N rT °" hurry Retun. .t _ A. I 11 A.N. 11 A.- 31 it . NI. Vuitdaj 6 A. r.I 10 A. DI. 3 t . .. 1 INew Orteui, Nuvenber 4. 8lBS9 JA.SI II. CA1 DIVE!.!.., 4 If,~ President. WIV c51 lIAN'S & CARnoI.LTON RAIL ROADj NO' ll :.)i~;.1 A2OOOGIMEOO. 'lTooo,102nmg0o, t1e12It o1 Nov02b0 112, 1032. -i $' ºbN OAokOLira; FRFOM NEW ORLKIX N BHos. UIse 22 It clk AM. ,Hoaa Cur at 1'1 ol',ok A.M. 2taim0ll2.%'S -- Ico20000vo, - C 2,ll I I - P.M. * ' -1PM. o- ;1 - Hors. soti, U .M. 20ose Car, 1 1 - aRRANOEngNr FOR SUNDAYS: The rail will'leave at thin tameo hours ns in rho seenk day. aliiil I p yfhkltlll. whet. a Locomotiv wdl leave Ceo-ellirnn ever, hou:utitl7 o'clock, .M., and New Orleans .ruly hour .81a1 9o'olb'k P.M. "$0 extra Ho11w~ar caIl be 01112d12or 120,1,2 12, 112 itk P.M., by) pkying 3 dollars fr Lite Trip. After I2 o'clock P: M. 14 dllareýill he eILerlnd. " Perseus going· by thle rxeam far must provide tbnmsrtlvc th1 Tikolet.., as th1e 2l2,.2tor hhI poanivo dI oetio,,. lt Il THE JACkOSN ANDI.ACOIIROOE STIREET CARO Carve thea hood of Jacksont street at a} 'clockk A.Ml., Ct,,,a ,tr11t a 70'io'l1u:. At holf-poo 1 7l'rlo1lk lloy 11111121 to I12er btlh endh1 Ivry hall hour, until lo'clock I' ,)1 , exlcept file th1t. inst102d 10 lerjn ClI stre ohOIt o'clocklIth 222 2ill lIapll2e 0 thIor qoilo2Ek P.M. 1121 O is 11 1, par 1'arl2 r1quo1te.1d11 n ll r m1kn1 will not, put 1 p01ir font am111a t. t eneha, or, whet l' are pnresent Offic NewrOrln.,nl & Carrolltoni Bail Bondl CntnpanJg 1001ber 2241, 21:00. JOHN I IAMI'JON. ChiefItl22511 N.t1..o C. .C C,% IK ILOI . ON titE ' tLVAUD h1s01h1 Itr o Il nn llisn io Iis frien.d1 mild the pu"blic 41 general, flint he hII Iis i ll Kol.ti Carrolllrtn, where1 ho, tr 111h1e1wll receiv th1e lllls oo his old frind11tie 0il l love21rs 2l',,,I che1elr. I'rivate p1rti1s will b1e hlllndsolllly proIloilod for by Sivhl1 a11itt11 Illeoice beforehandll. 1e i1 willing1 to en12 into 1r0141110201 with fllliei or iI~llvldllioa deosirou ilfpassing tle rsunlmer t LCalrollton. 1119 OFIICE OF THE FIREMAN's IsuRANCpE Co. 1 N 1EW OILEA1S. T lHE Stlockholders of th11 Comlp121l are Iheeby n20 .l tifred that the Will~ instalmencrt inr Ilcir stor:k is duo, and Payable o1n Ihe 51h of October ne1t, at the o11ice e1 ?Ihe Coinpa"ll'. Sept 12 EL'l' IItc:Y' YOUNI MEN'S-HIWWAI(I ASSOICIATIIION. A (1211211l Mleeting 2, all the membellrs1 will l111 pIlace 0f11 Io morrow even1ing. Wrldlesdllv the 270 in111111; 217 'clock, P. NI.Punctual at'en1 n l nrl0 is re. Inelredl. D J BUlt'AI:A1 , n°.6 Secretory. $20l BIE1h'ARI)-E,,,22 11 it,1h ltIN NuII. * en11112, 1i1e 112411 l'1111.(OE, splIlooin Enc 1121101111 Irre211111, agd 11111111 I11r I 110221ar 5 feet 4 or 5 'illnhehIlighl, Ill allllni l(k at 810211 ey72, prominent forehand, all open an1d flree gat h22in e 2112 o1 1122 the f 1 teeth in 2 I11e u1per jaw 11211k111. 112110n,went he wl'Illwoswy.01 ajpuir o21 1111111d2 jnt:-li. Iconswirh sllmu l blue :tripes, andd a gingham shirtl~l said u2021 w001212d i lung wile 2 itllh 511. Wi',,l. Stui00, bricklav2»11 h1n'd. B11,RNANII ,EA1(y,, t.9-if No 2:13 I1201lline at MIAYIAI.'lY OF NEW 21111.EANS. ri llE rice of tulnas eingl this dnv 45 75 i1pr ba1rrel rlro~ttling to thie earthi; the bakerrs wrill giver :,5~ ounlces of brllea11 1 f1 n I Ion so ,, Ing he 1211k beg1iIn nin02o2 oll r2,,I 11 nex1111e 251112. 111211112 211Ite lenIvrgil 0econ2 lquaity,122e 11201.111 fr ten centl, llsh .ill weigh,,l p0er cant wollri, vir: 4312I ole e.. n`.4 . C. C ENIJS, Ma,,,or. SERVANT FO1R SALh:-A 111112 likeoly 10111011 girlag112211 ut 19 yours2 , t2 0 ery goodI1 coo2k, 21n: I o ' w12 ' 1er, iroer andtolelraoble l,1,illnlrep2 II Ilnuse ervant,"abet, bedient and good tempered.cll Th1e1 abov '2e 1 llvn loll b12e a2 II 11111j11i11111 In 01n fmnily, e,,d is soldl because er my er islli desirorls ill payiog'hi. debts. Apply to 11h2 Editor ofthe '1'ru1 Aftlerlnal. BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles (t Comimono 01reet, EXCHA1NGE )tt 11 1.. SUSHR k ALLAY 1011ould respectfully call heII 1 Sffntillnleoloiz2 nll d 01111 2tn1grr. thlleir 1Ilel22111111 assormlelntlll III (iensle,11 1'o linen' .huts1, 1111 01.1111r e wit1 1802n fronts. f02shionabl0 linen Ii rots: linen2 c1111 are: silk, co1tto0n and 12eri11o und1r shirts andll,1 draw21r2 a11brll and silk banlldkleo11i22lc Iblack and1? f1ny72U 2181 in grout vari12y: st1ck, 1 ol'2ry dlescriptiollln: g11111 'maic 111141 cotton P upen1der: silk, coton adhe11 ad loves: glelnollrsokil glovool umbren'lloo ond 1ca1e s old moonted. Also,-Splendid 202ort2101e0nt2 o2 121es 2nd g21r e ri li.ig desks, dresoing cases, port oliot, perl'ut eery, cut lery, 1s11 rich fulloy goolds. n 2ol4 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WUIGUT HATCH & EDSON H AVE 'Reted o n toffce in Nec Orlen o. se S equal advnntage iwith their hoinae in New York, i fnrlhe lluiitoteofoiigraving oaw pilintig ounk Niiiee Bnenla,JBlilsof Exchange, Cerlili airo of Ieirpoiei i Checks and ,olier impirtant palprs, req fring eeurltv agaiiist Porgeiiee; midt haven. ui de in alepvi ionefor h eIale keeping of .ll-ploto nand ilorprenoies entrust ad to theiroaoe; their epi'oio re enlmbraoete notlii of over five lundredl bookiiig inlstittions, nd fill orldrs will beexecuted with o prompiold, andl on Ilhe usual toaria. Ollico, corner ul Royal & Cioral aitriet. .-Naw Orleano, Norvei ler '20, 18319-tl 01.0 HOUSLEKL KR 67O Li ,s7J'I'ab BOATS, and COUNT'RY DEALIERS. T ~Hif aoloirilnra aooooia reoooioi tiao~ lle fralo tlie tiianufoftoiieo, large eoioplijo of tUlooo, China ind t rthenware, ILnoking .,bares, Plloead and Silooe iare, Lamps, CLhadelierr, Jupaierv, Kitelir warie, nanl hanui ltorniahiott goioto genranlly, w ich they Iffer ofi unsoually'low oe pariee No. 17 Cnilip arirel,ol No5. I Cuimiion rtrert iil.-4n' It lt)WERX( " Cii NOTICE. ' rhe meibliers of St. Paii oln Coagrogoii' o pro hiere if reo ploiifoliyy n ifield. llti l r io e.o i*ei ,. w ll hIo l eI I aoome fIn R title f I fir. E. E . ' ioik.roio .i' l rl l g , .ho in no ero koteiron Otoonjire ultrhrIpe ullnil Itu'roai iIce all its J J9 11(111l,flN ta'or.i lofollanr, I,ote~t Itrair4. * trl'nnlt.llii .. N .. . it l....191 Wrallooio r .. ....i ; Now luirk. Ii. ...... II l.. ..o e taii ,ao n....l .....:1 IIlmllulllpurll Nair .... ....1 .5 -l.nlllrv lie, do ...........I IIlr llullrm du ............ 15 I St, t l.. ,. , o,... ,.... 1:1 U.iiaiiuh, no....:. ...!8 t ori t ...ii, Hnnsluu " ran.) n ... 17 t'a'r Htao la i. N hron . ...... .... le I ·1IIu . .Ii ... ....tit Nn illi.. i , Jo ........... 11 I Ri vr do...:.. .....4n I0(iI.I' IJI' NEW~ 01U1l W\\ CLEARANCES Nuvarnller StirI, 1159,. * hipb Lb*amira, Cloiie, llne,, 0001 ti lfioa" 19pfnltib til;onSioouey, H:...... Jlutoir t& cao ARRIVALS Nuvetnber2Fh, 15:11 tnarnq Nary, Olareiobt.fltimaoe,, a,-ter. -trignainileiet, Oitaphna., Ooih, do. Hoeqo Alaor,. ihinil, liinoiii' 1(11looox'.nIt art Sill Honda. horder Hevnut. Durrlvr A't bitiueqoaoat. iehiilli ttaoo 'ship Oliryrr i Elid.n, OIir.finll. urk'j. I.oaJd. *e tLitr Lioui.a, AlitI, Nolnelikt, MIito, thilr titialhy. Fotser, nyew urn Oltli U~lnniotm y inte. Poa eaiy Otiutl Sioiitear hiaot Htone, Oallfok.i i Bayou inr else ow Reserve. YL~urrel, fin LBrr.· d le EXPOR'Ieo llaaa..Pe. ihip SL Lae,.nco..Cnrgn I(Oo hue, ii Havaine. .Per .eoita brig itdu try-Cnijo 303 Ink, of cotton J Roberts q cu IMPORTS lIt;wYgo..Per shifp Al 4 titkooer. lull 11-5 A1nt. Y tUha.nndheod 1 eg, I cot., I bo.x, t i.lo, ita If. l ·tavb .3Apn ahk gea , 1it v r sall ajiddnn, tulf i,penuu portr, hst riws ipWI(IhP pat i.d lullll Irclrllldl~u wa IYIdJy tEc oIP'rs Or PRODUCE - .$r dAfiou..Pers.oennir Brnin Rougn..C.eCr 138i hale m Hla I, M la 02 W mtnioio, I4i 0 W Oakey i lit 1' t-IW o;Il; ill iofiblthk &r )p.Or. 2 Aollnaidfret. jir.iriite -ýISA tndnuuna atiI Eth 51 Caldwellt& ahiooy. too. Aaer *qtlr iy.oftn'dei 30 Reyiolds. Oyrii. & n0.o0 Oj iiionr y5' faTer *..Gdttr.l7na nitb Voonilno. 16 01 Whlie.Ii hobs( Wait ara 13Arthur Fultrnr; 9 J nlPIIIm, 6 celllctl *'raiday.* on 4VtfHa'po. Leattill...P'ar"tmta r Rieurve..Coraa 5110al nob eor. .ýrlQ.h iekarxnt lbtltar lbl s le an, ott runtiAl Co.. - jraIAWAA W hhN. 6 Pleid n I:.Vi on. 1 tOOV lb Ouey, 5 . Lntrdg. .7 CONSIGNFEES -nnt t~i~Ao ltea{. eItao in, 19 Non,, Normn.inSti e gel l alvIP 00idk 0, r htire 19o Blnrnuido. It 1 W. j j Aladel. Anaheee. SlatoinOr n9oo Afo.ib alitr tiA C %V 19W04neit l idol.i iCnoer k Itiecohi., s A p. Innytp, q(Iui, a Nylll r NSjiaanna.Jet an II ti o. dh4"Jntyrtqueli·; na' Yt lionulull, INuyellt. l 'urpprrt Waltl W PT L-4 R~aa1 WdrullLtnl; Ranaunl 1V W.'hi~ III Viuwyak l Yyslnle:Jar "w a A n 'rr... PA5$FNGERS Per.OISut e kotoi es ,UMeae 4eaahotrnn ,Cnodger,, Ine nneb. *i~h i~a~nA~iley. floaa.e, Jines, Alar~to, Ar Mrh·~th 1Iy and In , ·It·rNY. , ls. . IrllA AoU.yod M'IkQRANflA 't0,.nl..eteru n hOahi. h'reefitlin4. WeanltCOIrry Bald rE' • Mh.?tL AND DO.SZ I We ave been tried for libel for telling the troth. It is possible that the Attorney General, or thl District Attorney, in prosecuting us, tholught they wore right. We think thlley were wrong-in error. We detest libel snits-they tire anti-repub liean--they are ca culatod to cause the suppression I of important truths; against the pubh proess they i1 should never, or seldomo iever be instiluted; for they cannot but tend to take away from it, its freedom n and dependence. Yet we are constrained to con1 feess., th occasions of an abuse of the press do occur, when even to our mind no sutlicient remedy presents itself, but a suit before the judicial trilbt sale. In all such cases, however, if we were the pa ty aggriaved, we shouhl much prefer to have reonurse to civil tribunal; if, indeed, we did tint, under tile present maxiln by which our courts pro tend to be0 governed, totally reprobate a suit at criminal law. Those remarks have been tsuggestedi by several connmmuncations we have received, both written and verbal, in relation to the charges, openly made, against the Managrr . and Proprietors of the two Grand Real Estate Lotteries. We would go more lengthily into this subject, ilt it was quite late before we made up our mind to notice tile remarks to whicl our attention Iald been chlled, in a new paper styled the Anti.lhlmung, against Messrs. t Schmidt & Hlmilton--and Messrs. C.ldawll, Oakey & Prilchard. In saying to tlose who know us, that at loast, we have not been bribed Iy either of tlhese lotteries, we shall be believed; and ot r opinion, consequently, will have memo weight, when we nxpress it against the charges oftlho Anti SIhltmbug, and in favor of the fairness of tlthe whole Sproceedings of the lotteries, lmore particularly for I that one in which Mr. Caldwell is deeply inter. ei ted, and for whose honesty and I onor iwe, and a large m:jority f thile public, will readily vouch. We may recur to this subj. et. Tihe pecket ship St. M try, Capt. Foster, arrived yesterday forenoon froln New Yonk, whence she left on the 15th, bringing one: day in advance ofths mail. The British Qteen had not arrived. We e wore unable to procure a paper, out understand that tle St. Mary brought no news of importance. The Salem, arrived also lesterdny from lavre, siae has had a long passage. During the present week near toe thousand per 0 sons have arrived in our city. In the same time, et about twenty thousand bales of cotton lave bees received. The consequence is a groat stir, but we - are afraid but little real business doing. m If the waters above should have risen so as to it enable boats to leave Louisvilleo and Cigqinnati dur ing this month, we shaIl ihave an early and most likely an active business season, otherwise our mar. -chants may again be made to regret that the Nash. ville Rail Road is not completed. No na ail again yesterday ; are ot fully ap. i prised of the cause of this last failuro, whether it belongs to the bad roads, or to the high winds, or to thoe fewness and badpss, or bad luck of Mr. Breedlove and his boats. Some of the papers have boa-ted, that the pre- I sent contractor lhae failed soldorer than either of[ " his predecessors-may be so, but mte tlink, the mails were carried muchoe more p unctually by i, George Whitman, and still moro so by 'roumS and Beckwith. Perhaps thL tihe present contrac. Y tor between tills and Mobile has int boats enough I Wo shall enquiro into this ma tter, The St. Charles.--This temple of the imuses twill opelonon Sunday: oest the let December. Du. ring the sunmer it has been comrpletcly refitedI. The color f4hro r xterior and interior oft tire boe-es has been restored, white and gold andi pink. The1 private boxes have been blcautifully papered-tirhe wholre house cleaned and put in perflect order. Many now arrangements have been made, to in. crease tile comfort of thle audience, and wmth tilhe present numerous and efficient stock company, we may reasonably expect that the St. Charles will prove, this season unusually attractive. The Iouiiai.oia.-We were surprised at not receiving, yestcrday, this famous champion of Loco-Focoisnl. It however appeared in tile afliter noon with an apology ; and announces, that for e thie filture, it will be publilshed in the afternoon. Of all tihe papers of the party, to which it belongs, it is mnost assuredly tihe one conductod with the greatest talent. Benefit.--Laughtir moving Holland is up for a benefit to-morrow evening, and tnaugre the bad weather, lie will have o bunttner. On this very pe culiar occauion, Mr. George has selected five tic kete in tile Grand Real Estate Lottery, which may turn out eventually, five stars of the greatest bril lioney. These tickets are to be distributed among those of tile audience, who may draw corresponding numbers from the whlll to the checks given at the door. Smo the advartisemeot. T'lhe etertain i ents, besides, are good, and lts of fun may he expected. nThe lost ew anys, have been hlonk, coid, windy , a.nd think how had tile weather was, it nsp',iiled Mrs. Stowart's ben lit Ion Wednesday night. It is a tiou tIo try 111.118' temlper. We witnessed a quarrel lust night, and fight certain are we, it all arose froml tile cull, rainy, nasty weathellr. A g tleman, (collector we aailll, yoUr tmsI t be poltte to those gentry enor.n.daly) ullluired ofta ecrtain other I gentleman if it wasovenlonltllt ;--yes, says tlhe ac. Scoted,--l'll take a brandy toddy-I, says the accos ter, will take oany. In such weather as thia, says the formler, a man nemy take whnlt ie plase e, tiere. fire, as you are not dlslpo.ed to treat, 1'll take my lcave of you--adi, concludes the otuer, go to Ih-1. The coliector lost his temper. SWe were rather ildUht-ions in othking ui our yesterday's paper-it must be acknowletrged we got up a pretty fair stuck of editurial, without aia or aissstance-yet we must confess, that we were hard pushed to lind out whetiher we had written tie lnore nonsense, or our foreman commnitted the ; reatest number o blunder. Ilowover, Mr. Gria. ham as new in our office, and our hand writng, is lnew to him, e wsill become better eaquainted withlr both in a few days; in the meanwhile we beg our readers, to, undurstand us a bo mleant, and not as we said. SwEDEr..-T'h i gholll tli kiine-s of al friend,we are -supped wlit souse tnterestinec inliiomannticoteenlg , Sweden a e ounlry whose afairiartracr lt lll tlllenion din Engeanld at Ire.ellt, but whlliLI oil thile deaRh of its r present soveleiigu will proably bIeco+g:ise theeahte of iy lmporltantevenlr . 13arnaodoueat tlhe ago ofssvernty.fivewith wonderfid vigour of mod nr.,t boly hir such an n g, in still ruling' the country alno-t asholollley occrnrding to hin on e whins. ie ir t, ', |)itl to iril aged g it e ir tlr eset-arice w- A rsembly sach as it is, heth ltle reiffralnt; anod when a diffneren lis ariten, Ilr tins dorecunred tteir risi in.r. tile has ogreadually tiormteod a ioitireedr roet iniitl e rnt pIersLons ;n, and, lInig really til eleeriesat Rilllni is tn Cllncl ite iteiit ie siighteht alti.nia to e n ronii oillnieor advice. ore IaIenO ll- ilr hceOf lnlllver mIUistrie. erstisced itir i llire nlnnsgerellrt f eflail; ut1r, 1n atelnht tof Iherrdtiredll' tllitaloy falle, tie vnlretrio hkiidnerel o 0his neoioirs hIrivlte, ai well es his cdr, Irire o.wedes wild prutlaily as oIng its helives refruin freru taking oco el e ll Illtasnrs it altait greatly nee i d sre r rni in the ale rer rnle sal iol, ill crilmlanl olnd t il Igiartiune , ii edt tIcatirn, an itll lradet. For n iuarter of ir celliry toi eyel tr- re.l Ils been lidlwed-nothig hilt Pltlchirg uos and in; glling rid t t il ticri es lur Ibe rromernlt inwicl-.; rp U pnt, erwedrdlsll legisltion aIrd government vtry orch d rsnpibh!eor ow. Distltrbanee broke out Ins eear at Stuockholnl, in consequener t chiefly of soei -Ministerial wamerin g w sir Ihe adinlislrahturn (,fjustie; and ithe reault wis so far good, that ii is likely to drier nies in le ower frfoni again rlreddling with jauties and jlldle. 'Thes to Prince Royal, los.r from Ihat tiles eeanle o bhave taken hispardi. fill thee, PrineeOgcsr was known only as I geod husbal, a vereiollns man of pleasir"ne n er.. and ateomophihrel in lotiratrure nd the arts. Few h: d ny ideailln iht. liubet prrlscilee. linenvtiided irditicnti -dja~i.Jqt:1 td ilkrd hs .ldut" +ttir;8b ineifs"with pe"zoe:) could not fall whett jO'iot a r 'Blorint alarm arose aitodgmtglhn e.sedadoft lbllornodotle.dy.netl fori: war0' eovident thaf.the S*hede. iworld tint frnom nypung lr oenntna misgovernn ntlwliichi-lhe tolerata'ii the pro :oent.Riho, PIhiooeciirbnnwrver, sonoliniwn as the amithot of Iwo vdry lib.l earticles in ti e. ' overnmept ,papet--the onll liheral ones which could have beeti in. seried there. When tie RKing wao aberint last -woihter Iur ix oinotiiltn'in Nmiwae Osnar, at Cile ieoad ofIhe (to eeii iment, exhibied ilite'll.nslihfitiv-nrl gooil rinceini. He declared hi ellf aronag ly ain t all n xeopilioil oawn the lnie hent ie no of 11death corpel rpunihmnent, and relriretions tin ronm ce. Ile lins dilelarded most of hiis in.ignifientn colrlherdlnd replaered them by men of gotold replntiol antid ihrluoce in sooietl. Tie twon llnt Chnmbdrlias arer bam rou riedJ anld Catlht S.erre, meort'greet learning to dilnhleminhe liinthter. boon den indlleos in pIleanin anticipation of lbenefit from the ieign of lim ndootte'eo slcesntlr; anti the only fear aisres ,from tile knowledge that the. fair prominses of p trince heir-apparent are ;eldom tolilld by a king.- sperrctator. Vorri. Pit evomoievt.-Mlreosionr, Sicily, .nutulst Il.--We il've herer a vocal phenomenon, which is i er giftedrloitln ,o as voie, wrliche for extelt andpl power ri val o tint ,dLllate,. Ih ir nailme in Corielt Seneain nelli. YeterdIY Ihre mnade her debut at the otpera of 1res'inn, ill the p. 't oft rovistml, ill Rellini' Ntolirllln ond wasrpcived wit hl errat ftvor. Her elterres it, how her vwice, )oher method of singing is nas et very inm tperll. Mlllle i uilant , whl o waIoi born in the villnge olfl;albi. 'near Sycll'll's, oy le termedl a rlnltir healty; slir i tni anei IbrandI [Iohhlerred, ald her f antures, wilb [erlree hIhck eyes ami long nod thi,.k hair of theI rlanme hltl, dellnlot n "inrllline antlli energetic tempellt The -nlniipn l nothoritie- of this place iltendl I, prm tullrer ernhntliio0o inltthe R.Ia.l Conservaitie i(f o31 - sic at Naples. WINE,-fiod wine is n rnrdlinl, a lgood !ordlial, a fine stoma'lhnie, m sto tkl, kn tit its proper s1 na10 ;,ihvigmite:: milnd nd holv, nail gives liti an ndditonal ,nhain. 'l'h re ntll e olllld Iin Fti -ltllte ft r the lirinentI dl l oollllrs t lt eranl .'nnldle IntI.l Ito mPeta:lill I me nlllP ttl . and bonily h,1r whi'h tie iortifittind hbito tif ittiyl o . le t!lllljV del llll . 'T'elr u ani-re n l ioldlnraltion r vtr tllem Pr..e lsly ill n l:ur hnltll iPn .'% but ai fl~l 4 ab.lma ll t e fliont Ie rllnl~lll'illm ,vlnrh tee bOllt¢'o, llnd of ll t lre haIs provided, is as inlW I- ns it i dig'ntelfill . I", n111 the woe i d Il, dI i| ell. and sonIrrowl III 11 Ih, I thw la ?Zs, of nIeoholic ligl ore, innocent snitv, nddirional lstrenlh .oih p wrroll'llll , niid i rlllto:l l l nl ;llJllbililty ofe rlilllllll teri the evePr vn ' in r!: itnl i l onf dili-, tre n lmn st tIh. glittd re ol h llll h ,' in, lillll It well ra ll|la ted ihet, in w ll the alcoho.lll rlnl i o nrerai s b Pr lltheir iit pro rlio and dlnpnt tion.-Dr. Stll r oll. .1)Al neSf A-r (0 IF-ot igtl olor tPhrn I11 (ll The lQloehb 1 rnadella slatet, thlat on the forenoon of j the I tt ( oh r. i tllll lkness slt lled l) i upt I I tin l t it which tre-tred th, Ios of i tndlesn lrl.u rv lre <everlI hour, it thelforenoon The wind bl.w from thr 'est, hut the nletkenhd slosl l ole lnP frm the we.t. The 'll 1 8r m .hllWl n , n ii11 -t. T h'l " 11 IIIIIIIIIPIIII III'(+III'I c n I l the tt t t lthte, 1834, ntl o i. o i -lIt i Ctithir, 1785. \1ln0l. Il ll "lv.-- \VIlltn is t l ,1e.uil1 I, " Rfti n bt 11h n hlrr llv helth.d wall pu1111 roal ns ot'iatns! \\'h t ish I "ils- } e-" iP. 00(0,11 o' lltlhll'.,l 101 ri(0 tI l9 f toan llan Ilo n arl 1"" rllll l't;llr tntr ": I( 11 .1 Je0lS htt Itll t l l l 11ie lurch lbrthlend.irainof + the ,w'rhl Amli what urn tlo e qualiti+aol u bon tin rh rmt lr rw tch are tre lruln ip in Il.e oirmirs aud heart of natiols-tIhr ,hi-czof ..n 1 vsul i- vrliwn au l exultaliol the themes of cele raliOti , of lue p blellt r knd the leCtnl of tlllg, the.ll n Sprilell i o ollllf hl nldllllll oll ll Ilove! IAr t t i nl' tim en ois, plllll t oh 1t0 , diii tefrtzedn f 1 , 1 e C IS of -lor of Ihe Cilo of N-w Orleas. j7 'e ale aohllorised to nlllhtlne laonct, qt the uliai tdorandof It Idlrne grandim of he docitizelns the thorose Municipalities, Mr. WlI.InIA FRlonET Ia COoIsllrlillt to the Iprsi l n 'i ,r o Ii t ole li is tellow on il ign l Ut o rithe nlet eonllsl n etioll, oas a canldidat e lor tlo tlice C o ln, of M llno City of New O)rleals. . No i onrlll ll. nu ilori ltf o a annonoer qu' lan donauIde (o'n granI d o lmb ro des citoyel ) des troilt l unicipaolih, ir.p W-ILt.I M Fanetp. Faconse, int l o prIsenter lloiltn e al lantidal A . opliace do sir A hi proehajoh, leoution. OI friells(,' h llls ollooslllll Ito - ,o llle Fa Cllidtt ]o l ike t T'lo ' arndl of n the .111 l)elrlol lmo lr. lId. ta l . Itr l -.1 . wil l sail bos rb v,, Im i,,g tlllt.ll It l lrllihell l:Ie.oololodoiIl os , apply I I hoo op PaOi n S0. Joseph street or to SI lA \V, 51 Camp AN WS TAh'I p llliaket b io oSIt. Mary h lr, o. dis Shalgi.f t, ) ,or holspI ital street. Cou0+igner6 ewill Iplease ,llt o nll(ll ILo . e to tbe rel:eilpt olftheir golullda. I IU)1CINI"S, lc.--l. lding from ships ,. I ,mis, . ' ' Iln lherl , l,.TI villr, JueIm , na and l. iu- IIIAV. rl llber ilbn caIet 1. 11)0 :111. ill ill :(ladder i. o'a-k., ,Irrel.+ od kegs 1 -oh putre i1 h kegs c FlilorIrS Aulh i,, barrels lR .e .ilng r inll b lgl. In(obenlrl 111nIn elmh S Pnintano vrn ishl Tho neo l hel ion and llenhal. F or saet ly N s JARVIS l ANDIIREfWS, n029 vo·rlnar CooIn & Thkeprl itunlas at ( R11)11N L lSn, lalnding fln ship S;t.Ironk ,-lur I1,'so le by oa' I 'IEl LAIIIIA\V, o CASKS pure , ) e Ib roeeo, aetc, I ihJor sale tyI IltS Agellnl JARVI.J & A ,I'RE\Vt, Jit29 corne r (ith ln 4 'I'Trlpnllllllo ll t :or 'l i t i ll. 1'tolrn.s nfir, I qualfy Vicn ,tl m0aea. J oil, l0 bids \Vesl or X 0';IP , ilf, No.. 4, tor Pla by JAIRVIS & A\IHIE\V:, JIII+I\VN ( I t .,r I ngmloSI .t, slip Ct erokn e,--t0 L II , 12 x 1, ` x I, ,New Englland crowu gla . This clans wanrs 'rhaletl tro h redued prices lt tlho wilitdn lp of h llne llnthlll relgllr nd colrlll y, nll is nlow o.litbrd yery low. JAIMV " k & ANI)Itnre S,u r H2 " crnelr Caml & 'lc apitulntln at '- II -, I(o Ioeplpn ur nrlr', llto r0 i lly i, e 1rI - hs flie nd+ inor* lllll I pall diH, ho the pubrlic, thtll a eiig pobled t~+ v t thre from l stuc shws on account of ill h akeath. lheI lot , loint+ sftock oI lesr . a swelll, rin gton nad l lntwll of l'l iladel lin.l who ill lP ral.o r non 11 tl 1IIh b llS. l s i I t ll' IIty - it, d P Iiiena (nf.|lhit J. Ilt-wv,"II &Cm. Ile a I ausure+ io recommenidilldn 1 125 t . _ T0l O\VAR 49 o'amp o st JOii l .1 IlIAs\\'EI.I, & CO, l;t ';S,~ o oS o, n .noioxtoAe 'o'ow. , 1`. 'a0p Sh I l. i, , l tl. l ,hl- llr, ill ioo ti fo r 0u ll t n rl l of Stll Ihll,, "bo-l" tlll II,' p lhlh+ Kile rll +, III Io Lo:Ivilg Srllll utllll l.lll'llt kerl b , re . fo, s k of bookll, e r. l 11 111 n ; tI illi h on l a. l ts l d htl t. liP : 1,w ill0 lk lch aI+, Irllll l jle vy romlt lh'e. They will tl i I hv e aITble. , Op y l',. EtrN+ w wit h plapi fohr h ln i.,p r bl l a:at l ea s. 11 Nily w 00 1 11 r 011 1 o, re ha ulswil l line olred ln uo I loko oI rhel illb od, I bu illtl I, p tietl. no. ,Mrl ila chek boItl o s ou oe an, bills , w h il l r cl.t l- l dlo ey sll i kl I In b1. k ho .ttll 1 olTlMS, i l N1 n It oin , S ", - '.+ all h ah. uuldl dorl lu11ti m eii 1,l:-k wrroin. fluids; 5 I llljkrj1' I-It. h-pot l ooko , 0t0 010&,., ,\1 scl.,00, ,it D llll llll. l lohbum- III hr 11,"III ,0 .l i::l,,ul+ o f s.(i. l ulrlB l nr l , f "m l llf i l.ioo ho ,ok 'l r lltli in \', 1 It 1 l 10.l 1 '1tA APER-o y landinog ima thip 1 ' NL . 11 lllt 'I r. N ol',1110 llll iIn lne l iioret ltld I fr all ' fur , lalib l ilI, AI .SS & .1 \ . ol r t s aie by JoIIN1 J IIo&T\Vh ,I. & no., 'LO 1tlI ,lNint o rs , o A 'l'owoll ooi , 9 Co no)' , l I (1 dm lu0 sized eIl pper r I II Dlllltl , ., ,,l h41 No. , elh i r o ______ -·---- --- ________--~- - £ 100 i, I)ml.s. n l lal 15r o t 10~U duI( c wae.'l l Itcall i wlll ) wllkp ill + ILN ,I o olllc e .ll t+ s. t ll n,,lc nl, e ur sale ,' I J IIAE J HAS& Co74 Pod an, i", "t·e ors to A 'o r 49 |111,1 ., (A lOT ll -l-. lrge al .n 1 l io stre .i hor O aslle b r a 1'I 'lt c d i .rall t & , Aariou s u lite I 012 ornroIt lll nT& I iIount St. lanais, o.r .+ade by I IIII I IIG I" . \" co, L lmy7 t plOl31 Maghnzine - otlol, or , 001- G l-I0tlE'L , 44 N v Lever a -s ll* 1't n I; 1'I, r-110 L... i a. ., 1, fr toole -/ "I', l " | : I) SIY, ,tl Ne dw.. le n I LOURINI\ 1 'I ou dinccs lore n stlnls e or Sininllon n ID G lI)OR-S., 41Ne New Le, e sale by I1 odaebnO )R E ,1N- +, ANT)ItTbrhhoo oFouirn lieooltn Mo go ontpfan1 ' V. ]aimal ' theo chn -, thewe tre oy wnom.i ivnodidu h otts; r teerr andl. is ohretio', eitnote nd oolontbrign' eacl boIt. wn havitt o l Npri'lege of.oltlvatong a lrge poarnoi: of goiivit:forat oliolLber of yreotaondo :ofnotto(i g ton uclttiinbbtr a thley oiov'wanl, wilhhlrt hbning Ony thing to pay i Itla tom ln agroetonto[o F. l.rftl er f articldt r p roi lily o o.o t ' yti' : '"riter.N lerz roil'l-_f ".hal ux., St, i at . cornr Nphtree noa ', alitoopotnta taio V enn al, f.mily--One ho canonn awll n"n oe, nt t cndaed, eanl get a ermanent iaonlx tl, by npplly ne' oi t corner of Nt. '[thonrls and Edwart d Streets--A ~llite .ootlnltoi wonoldhtepreterTed. . ot n26 IV`/ANT'EID-lTwo good lionouoto;: adon, 00O grate S tliosltoor, to whIo earo. i ,I ,g t L COllnstll l t clk plovltentowill too given. M [1 & -IJ, It.VEItt' UX, it 1oi Il.I, lty il e co foti rattta tolnes bat Noile SALE, ay a ndv I.ierpis nlt-110 hm illlrl Nt ld 5tlnosnehkctile slt, oan Ialtnr Ithe t ltt iFrnko - f ot, I og n at St. Jo.ielnh atret wharf, apply to LCatlina Ruol onn buatrd or to all P I.AItA\W, 51 l(amp nt ! .haTnn.dlze, h riku d J It () Irnioan & Ci, Po ris: 'I'o'l., loid tltonl o lolp NnAtcville, tohree blrrols, manrked I' & IAt. Anlly perso Ihving'he anlle in lir psies: oion, witll ueose gito ilourlloion to No. 90 Comonnot A3'lI" TCN I Vl(NEE ic I l oox o csill o I e-e, Ilmnrked ., l It dalnlllld-l I ox,a tlollloceo, narked Jamoe, , ollllll ' na l lld o e:les an. r, tllrdJ o H, receivted poropcket ,hio llI.eilsvilte, tro No YonTk, te rn ih ot. l to cnll, I tay Ireitl oToo r .noaooe, nod tokehooor Sn,.,,, 1W It F ISlIICK & Co, u 7 70 Camp rt Satreaoon)yor T.loeat oooolorn. oe..ooco1onsnho Ito ;(1lt hi, , llran, m ayl IeI, wh theh t t ( 11 rader red ii ot ' ', ill'lrle o Ir o(llre oI , Trt ,eollll t in oth Itllloe tioo co)d ohelo, It i o'ctot a noclean d o' irollo y tri tk Ihe clilftv of-orl .vilo b;t lack of e lse and loak o1 c uI rI.l'ge.-- [ letia t ,lll hII; inst. $t1o littWARi). (1't[11,: nalove, , a,'d will he puli for iafiortnntion, that I will l el) (cll to ( t l o vi,'tioa io the peoel' oirlp t. o who lT ed a in e olltIl l o II e lll to e inerlteo Il te N'w (Co )nrcai on I Numlerll u ll. e n, l nll of the 1irth istlu nI Net ot.i l i0 otooo Ioloo 'lo'o lt t11t, ert , Unlo er t he to tvle o , 'Flrv, Itarrlt & (C o., fo r the ,to' -o oe ot' onrryni. c1n Ihe bl'silco Iot I'ilg--no cllch o'onllnioent ohong 0e 0 foaortooI I . fo "oooo o the toOllloit t loh't he i o olot (olllo n oel ithboloioloson o 0l00 ' okid l'no',' wit ho Lnoo tller. JI lti\'t' Sf :l, P . FO-I0I00 Y, 50t00000 oofpapr for r.o.," o1" f rom 21 & t too 0.10 &. ':, jlott tololooo (h000 tohipo too'eo toolio IooIooo noll d the Ohio iron I'hilo delo JOSOON I I,\s\VI':II, & Co, 0,213 .cnoonooo I Alrs. Tnr'nr, 4nnn ut9 p r ' * S N'I'll: !--NOTI " !!--NOTI "': .I [I. I'l[O.), who) prcrthnse at Tickrl at this nOtee, Nt A hn Caldwell, )nke ntild P'ritch r-'M IiItel I'sto niot, toonIrllln tll o late ollllil oo lltlrlloo y n to rlll g IIn xt wllO toe Ion o'o'oot e wOlo I 'I,A\ 't'loI(Ct ' o. & A t111[ 1. 13:I L flor Il llt o .lo't n lletto (;:I .t l i'd 0 by wohioto toh' - 0l•0Oll I0000' ;at 0V )W 0O nt lot. oto'e. Lotterv I'iokoo, Sland a treat o tle o 'helt're fo r TE'I.'N i)tJOOI.I,:A--the S'nlot Iiocr o :}--olld I otoy pot ohho lol ill I oeeeslull oo $7UO;O0000 o oll Idry oi.te, 'TrOoooanv Non. 183'. I IkN ?;'J'h O I oivn'oot.oaonootl Mr. Ilootlol, to 00o ipegivell o non y ilotio c',0aci0on, call ho o'le en t t o nll 'l NoI. 5t39!, ioo ihe (-! ll Clnsa e Coootlhionlioa.Nto nul o'2 , ,;, 7)0, ill tole Foioe CIliat 01, 00.0, 71, 00o "' 5, t30, :3, do N.oon c.o t.oo,11-: 1 y taont arlu,. e plit)'e, fiy 'aI bh v n Idn l Al ) llS I Wll, ITAi ,a 7 7irnvier i t BIlotto UIad .plkus 1'r =,le b i N I' (c() .I', 7 095 " 90 l :nap .t I Rlio llltl'"l I)ralll : 101 N ) I l ill, dloll, light pressed " xtra, ":hlaw .l Earle.S !I' llm lll( tre; :I!)rlt, kA .sperm Oil, llallndilng eIx ri Aenl.ori, llnd for sal, lv ,2. . G Ill.. ' A |{I), (:3 (;atirer st ,l Il-l'li- (I bIrli slperlil, , Ior sale lby S 1'23 I I )i : Y ,.1 \ w l.ever I -300)' i E'r1 al b h : i n i slylili o- , cI uO' .- 3t , i .-t ,, hN a b " l N ' 1" . I L' , .1 97 I 'all st - 11, OS10s .\--2(0 hid .....lls i,,o gahy,, |"r ...... 11 I by lil , l N i ii 111,1() , 77 l I -n ilr , I t +A'I'Ti,;\I''-'-2 fir lt rat, ['hihle hl&Oi I Ilt Bit, . l,;.1 "~n N "171' .y Jli .lll N l',('.It'l's, AI t ttO\%i -iI'l, --hi all i# Ier sl le lb N F ` ;i ( IllIY,, _ Q15 97 fal. -t ()JS1,1ltli--:1 lilh '11o trrd, in sltr iI ia( .i i s le by 11; i. , NI ' (I ) ,!), :1 7 (.cilip e1 t Ir l' PII0iliJUS--2) Ith. llndint froni Iliavri, Ilbr a ;le by 11 I i.I ]., 13~1 -I'( l 'All cril'l ll, 1:11 I.( ti 11 I li .Tlll CI(III IP7l1 '1. lD , (13 rdih Il\ l io p e , I n n hl l g fh r -o ll si p I i +l rv li L le 1 fl 0 l e " y , A li) '1i ''Iti IiI( I lllN r\\lO, 6ib; ':napi l fI n ll ' ss k1 sfidn, a s o I ,, per booby _._Iilien_ f yll by Ally )I.ll\ & W III' 1A' II, 1iL-2 IiL w;rLlvipr s il rJ 1 . ostor rlreei ved a x-tie tih. roliiafo l o rdonii, c sll)vsl I·( o1 ll Ilm, St tll ll Nr'! Fil , J1 . N11 & I'Coll , T ht haules "I, 1l.\v .Ti lt i'L-- A iw hllAsN ll) It, i:1 q r Ilhi7ti . !C,lstl 1r Iii1, rerleied ant frl fill r I'hllsle, ar b llil 6IS- IlL II i , 33 rN viErI, 12 ! e ..i l e plllll llf , as iet i )_ - 4IJ. . .F:Io l -Iit 1,ved fIro rneiF ,,iifr,,. 1 l wlll1llr (r reldil bIy 11r IhINN A1:\lli, . r l) : 1 t' .', 1: 1 "r re h n It exIb ll- tI( 1,14 i,7 ;-i. 0 '¥ IH 1 ,i-, 0 N')! ,1111), :13-1f1 ( riMill ,' ; IIIANlel i 'oI II1 , ll i irll lti U 11 11 1 G )LlS Y, 411 ,Nw I'evee 3 oiBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orsia b 'a IALi, PacketS hips.-'hI I i'm'w Iine o i ill s i i LAd (J IIAIIg , TrINarl l 'iPr -;t lcm aliato for pAselii'igere, and every ellor 1 will he madel o glve gener, aati et511, 3 'IIT J C lhnllier ell, l 415 ing e Capt. John Ihardi, I ilt Ch 16 irl s'in, 374 ia ) Elilridge, n6 S "( I1I,%NrIIAI D. 3(;ra. +rvt Columiian0s,, 6i43 ioI, G Barker, , 124) dlo J.H ne i t, 'Lseahoe sl's rie all nw, ai the ir lis', 111h a4 aei wll ad In pa'aenger, and tha Ne.AD Cot of stores prt Tih l-sckis will l1e lsed op and Iowi tla Mi S IIlps, an' hl'-i0i tritest pui ictri h itIIy hidervd inr the o a ;li ig, .i')d lsiol , .11 Nh e r Irnel a bnal_'tini-Jl ia coil vg, oller shipa irelly ai gol d ag l l its e liited, san d the gntii .liel ge th maol s Iby o a r iinoiat a ch a practa1I1e1, l so rrcl'ier t n lllarges, \and to advai alll ile.'ipes n oolil 1... h, 'llulrs. Sr, l '.n i .7 il· k ,lll h l,· ill . shipped, it reeiqeird. ld anr -sly by Nae s 1ips ill tare th& i li an led I trh at unvery mn 31. xclr reightlage p lni, a l I tIe ag ite r" . i .'folll, lfl r . IIIb. b J A1; S1F.IINCIAIl), 2 33 (;raivir t 'IN . B. Ad-II anc l enta dbIs r'sahd e hm o lo. i n- g ' J MBrig A. Clllli fLillll sew Ylork fordi! aCb nlo (; I 1 1 11 :3 r27 )ICKI.,: . Il' IUI'il l',.\ c'-- ;I he,,ea 7 gllon jar+j, and;I :du) hnxv hnlldl i jiir pil eIPr; I(i0 boxyo o hill I kelhehp; 'll Iboxes pepl'er .- rer; Y10 do tlolfl ,"urd ln ister .1us tard, ill Inr.;ale by _ n r ,',Iil ICI": be 11 hllld oftt Iliianinkg, fl d lnle ' a r iv " nllll i Uo pIUSer, 41 Nw Levere will be Inllmad tu givO general eatis!'cltiuu, Thll lihne is COeeposed ofth00 fb lowing ships: - 1 (:hertdkeo. 415 tons Capt. J Hlnrding, Ie Carolinn, 4l l do S Lemial, ( Charleston, 374 do 1) Elridge, I" Coulnb,ann, 62, do G Barker, Sceanan, 401 d(o J.Llowee, lhnnbay, 6;25 do D lluul iprey. l The, above sihips lare all now, of thie tirts f hiss, copper ftstened aind ooplpred, eommalnnaded by lenc cxperience, havlargo r ccaonlodatttons, with a separate lades cabin; every atlilteton will lie j paid to passeogCrs, and the yovr cest of stores pro l viddrl for them. i; The packets will bo lnwed up nnd lown the Mis r sissippl, and the strictest puoctualily obscrved in the tune of sailing, and should tile rolalar vessels _ bo detained in arriving, other ships equally as good it will ill all cases bo substituled. A share of patron ago is solicited, and tire agents lileg0o themnolvoo to accoollnotlate as inueh as practicable, to receivo alnl 'orward goods Iy s.lid line at tilo' olest roder. ate charges, and to advance all xpenllses on goods shipped, i'frequired. Thle ships'will leave the Ist and 16th of every mr month. For freight or passage, apply to the agont-, . J A MERRITII', 82 Camulun at. 1 u N. B. Aidvialneenents uiade on c-llsigullUo:.:s I to Alrssrs. A. C. Lombard & Cu, 1 tny))? .. . . officese pl.i.. lto elrit. ' ,. No -.I. ulreet, at Ihp Firel oen ' Ihis.urouce .Office. 1e: " . l' B To ir.. ". 1 .The three stry brick h itore .No, 87 New Ippl o I~t vee sI el;1 it eionI - & giv e't1i1 e inI. ',\nlmply o ,i ."' ,l '1' 'II:HY 'DEJ .'BI(O' I:ItE li.. .. . . ,'o R.,NT . ,, To:o good oild wtlI iinilhedllbl)osee, for mII moll hilnioi ,illld see .ral teneents to let, in il'·oo t oit Tilvnli o irclj Rid.TrI-illo old Sit Jo.I epi circi.. Aiplly at the cirl r ofl IlDelrd.'siteet ind Tivoli Circle. be, * *IUCIOsI'd PA lPLtt-o-S;lltpir ovl, oilI iAltl. I tl dhiin nl l el oil.oi.lJo roceid id fir|o lo by o.'2# , iA'I' VAl-,I,1 CIIIIIII IOUIt AND VIIIstiKY--<I brils Flour nnd 36 l iris Wihkev, olndlig iimi c,. hollost tetceme,lbi r sile ly o9I" ci t)ioltoEY, 4 l Neiw LCvcr tot T ITitlO.tAb--A llrceiic.lortioeoi oif Tufil. ti Silk UiuIIrllrlhs,iofiII dIcc a lri crle by Iti()AIP & Co, Navul, Militaryv lf FYltiohnnhl' IhllerI , ce I[xcli; l o. t I I., Sutlollti t 1 1. AtI iIa tl l3o .ll i--, oilll.llI I li'Ctlll of tol 1 . II w ier c n c R , dirccit no lie ntocrc, wor- re r cotliolelqoiyioo tocyoie 115 ' tLU tl·J Pti' P11h1e AktAIN-ioot eariced Ct o/ Iir ti i l itii f Poto ltltil e qlll IIlny ltl in Iitiietileyt n l Idull ingtltr fl ti b ts t &ir m1 II. AtI. i ol Ij l s i i Ci-. oos T 30m stleo f ln in lrk Iar c o r o LO R-0 audngf so meaUar( IIueend en__c_ , 'l t 3tt.¶t RSo I E, 2icet Poweeng 15 Jo( ;YonebuneandI I 0 1) lirll l tieii Itokwd co T iid ci It o forl C I~Iir J TIIIA YIPR &. C'o. .I C u'h,71 .sIolhstl Ptl l lcilo l b a i ll bolot i fr lle by ii T lAiiltd &l C,41Ni locerst O itAl 3 eiko vI0 elI'dI I i I[ , iltl tloti fr1 |.[OU~--Ii09 llr., ~e~ Ihkl43. Tbrptonds, at h oi orlaby AD.l it lch ilA 1, o17 4lc7 itirsver a il A u L I, lli ciclig l .i', o Nttc itiocycd-ee cT TrOU s c r l -_tcCofd 10toiditrn ot &7 t)ti ' l.-10e ickt n n e hniiic ic te o I e i o I l rby c N-_ vall by(, ly Fus ina le ntergY,un r It ot 's it Ittl i rlttfls l () -all i • ill oi oo dor lie , c ia Iei I lont e ii lk, licoit111 1:' A oi iiticc rilclibii; $1 hlooiler )Ehit ~ ·1t iillSAogociiiiioeit"luP n ii i4y NIi i , II t)otltl,:1i bil liteW O thellooiii ei .lllr ,i lillliil ll# 1.-: lilJ I tAl AII. A llFl li WIV ilIt , l I lD 1 w 5 Tih ap Olitohla , nnt uiii :S- I A:.ixv 13 Ibs boxes uupil t-t Tei u store ii l it ii. V' JK kIiAc coil fir Co, 7 |Ioii' il n'2~ ll J~ '1'11~ll~l~.% Y I'.II.x ·I'lh l 7. 1 I Ih,:,',lrn. i" II~ll. (~ '-lll Y LI rll)lxc lolkillill( i I ,ll,*~( II iu.llire, tbrSII 'I ll lllll!~ I llIV l~oll. I\1/I I1' n l ;t ,,,, I. "ll Jii l 'I'IIAYI[·C TITIII· I1II Co,?.l l'ydll. ol il l AlJ tlll lll. hIr clt. li...llilliiiti :llI i llldC l c.lelnt i' , i' i. l i t tt iti li, h i I i cih e lh . r ItihohitiI oorrtiol .Oc 11 i.iiNNII~I I. 117') ~ ll~ " .ll Tchllllllrll~l h a i io ol7 it iiioiitc ioli 7li liec ll ir tI N I' ,-- S', I litriv e- & Nl or |il l' ii hut ll ill li, NlA~T)--Nuiio..,ls~ o- *ricii o oliipoii :,: ;, i toI cto tlciitciu t lovevrotilckl ci i ric' , ii c-t ci olic> l otlvr iicluc to Aedle. lll Ill &iF ltlcv-l-r:u\ or.itcb t loilr, Cioki ni, lllrnnlin, c lio. F lir .lile cl t M 11,tl"IIlV'II'n. Elnerson.' Rtzoor Strops-Thl'ree cases of the genuine ariicle, joist rccrived by oat 3. IREIES : & D'IANG(:, 18 Camp st 11 11souro Rotore-.l011 cola 1lissourt hal rope, made all of belp, in stole, and for sale by a n 3 1Hi(:E1IT 6i:1 .;ir t s TIhe Verandah--St. Charles Theatre--Camp stl 7Th/ lre-Caldwoell's St. Charles Arcde--llotels. -Stores--Squares of Ground 4Fe- lSoie, 10h. larbh 18.1. Ye iql.', lve, nl r llll iniil ill olo t l .- il . THilt: GRAND ''11V) MI.IION LO)TTERY. 10,(000 II:IZ,: ! I! \Vi!l romht' drawinlg : sllllln Is pratiaitle after TII, ,'ils Lollltery. (Li Aotw. of aoioi ILck iok co t 'uioo , which are -n crtll l ollk ol, icc Ich "too h ife , i l iW l )e r v t o lio, tioot " o sI' Etlo , 'which lie il the Beltf CALDWI0 ., O.ll KIi ' & 11Pillr r('l(: c. , Fr[t 0l il.df Millio ., l Sc treet 'I b rear cI' of i th_ L., ui i+ n (11..ND 111t 11l. I, TAI'.VI' .: \Nil1 S Ic)('K LOAI'I:I-,IIY, wiil im-llttuly b, d,1.t.w ia n the :31s Dle*emb.rl 1 : \ e "l +arI' I:e,. r nl Ofice ,orner Canal anhI St 'harlh.s Is. | AlTON t& 'I h, No~ . ( i r't e,' i) L,',+th _A linll to ther llotl er m rkhill v 1 eoltl d hollll IIII ltoolI polr chilo t ("illl'll , ll t wioollci an o0 tlil, l c n n, con io Ic t Fre nllt arrit lll l olllll i i "tll oot Al r llo o lc, the olllh Insoirtent oii IHardware Itr, oSteel,c Nailc , Ao o llh ('.ins, Cordage, L tnhhe) , t da, &,. lnlch th ll; o ll l I .\ I { 0 0 .III t'. for sale oat atnear o lling t cIns i: Borigs Iraot e i llincoc ; o Ix l Iric lho l lloooi dc llel' l" otte olll , and tlltni l ol e lll illk;, brigt.hl l m'itrt)ill Iht 11, ,t IItad-' mio Ly.d ot"; hright ho,, and shovels id spade's; IrriIn Lot "i \"rnn h ; or i1";;: blu-; Will k Clrolina hoc.;lle+ hest'Arll int.,'' ulvil," lihlek1· tL n ' llt -l.,t tlows; hamnmer and hot _; Illh., agortedll, of iall kind., crews; le ltcks; Am ( ticaI n door lok; i llot k-; :acii £2a t! n et t l i t I .t ' ,0 ' g'- ,+r ll ; hu ri;ho t - mlile v ii rrs; n ll genePll al alsl tumllll nt of table 11cutlery nlld Phelf goodsX . ItIlint's ecllt astll nxes,'I.m ton' pathrn; c ll i l t' broad - a111 hilold lxesi ith ia a t oitl 11111 of 111i 's t 111ools; 'n01 line' axe.; and 1511 dozenll cait stelel axes, mnatle Iy other gootlod cIcaklcll. inn tons flat, slill arul rnd al iron; loltimore boiler and ploe iros; hoop iron, all size'; tlussia shoet iron; Alm'rierna do; sheer catlr stelel, nll d - tllil eel i n sqlare caod lst burs, as.ortcd, candel'rsotl's maooke; Crowley steel; ie'nran (in; Iesl (I.) tnglo+ih litered r .lt,'l; Bance tin; Plate zinc; sheet ahl, pig lI ; shol,all sizest,. NAII.S. 500keg+lnt nails, weplla+sllrllrd, from 3 to 6 inchl.s; 50 clasks mob ic W .h ll.l lilco o n rTFe; oIc kPle ll S ANCII)OR' , CASTINlGS, &e. Anchorsc till sizes; chelin calesl , td; 10 llii French ho0s0 1 1oiti pintst ; spil'to o coc skiil''t, it lare n-srl i l mool; 1'(I 'til kl·llle+'; plHlch'+ al'llill;·er- t ll m tllllllill'I. rtio- ,ii lmw glass.t all ize-; v.ict Scolt t ino g ll tni anlld ca llarge stuoc k ctllren . illli st.oes, la+sootoled 'r0*. rl S11' CIlANDLERIIY. * I'ti'rled rell00 co cIat I-i ir' cit u sc et; laroge nnc ; roc ol. hloulil a ropt , of clihi It loon , aIocllcli'ool mu 1lt. ,. Slauilla L.ed ICurtls u lll p! ogh lines; and i u ni rj icle i th hpl .Ioio t tolo o hcccl; Ihather olf al o kilo c lrjtiM leooolt.' ,,,, f l'cico h oliad ol ti c t oo til1, AND NAVAl, S. 'tIRES. ( cask.l plte winter s.r slllll cil. 530 hlis lo;100 bblol of .I'd alud o3.(I nnilty iImp oili; 10I' tirt.'i hl oreld il;: 3do ,, lil; I1111 hols tIn; 50 11 oli h p l n rcc il; m i do sofl i p; i a.lll tar in half libbs; spirits of ti rlentllll lrillt r r-h; opnl atl jln dci,; nelu-lool oil 51 k.lts I EG I! I. A R P I I C EI: It'oST. LOUIS STRI71' I'11 T.1 UI'T', OPPOSITE 'TII:E I"XCIIANGElll . FI Ill: ubsoriher has+ the honor toiolnron hios rienrd Salll the llblbc iii genieral. that heo will open, oin the O lult itlo-tar I, it i et istaontl,twhetre personcs will he served aw.rd linlo to the l)ill of ftrle' , lt rgilllh pricere, viz: Fiftyc cents ltr t'oitr cl and Seventy-fiver ents for Ix )ilner. T'I:e hra, kfito l will c.llo si Iotolwo dtlhces at ' Iopt inonoe cup ole i o wttilt oi'o , o itot, ttleof of tine a dll bruad at d1ilsloo iiot 'n. Il. li llld r will consisticI of ti h c mt rlit ll llt ill olion, I t soupit . Iolfa hollol olf wile and btItcl cnditt'iootiu,,o to I great iithciier of persons hnve li.enctcnmpluilinti for d a long trime of the inVo hiconinie iIc at hles d'holes, where they arie obliged to be at roenhlor hours. The' subscriler lhas the hllope olf haii hvigtitlle lhat illPOl - venllit l in esi al'ishinlu his rPsomllll'llo m ii t re' lllir price, land where p'rsIo i willJ IftI o Ittn oled to II every hollrc of the day, at it ellclippr rait thlanl llt the+ tllell d'haItes. rIhi Slrstillhrr r has aiiIio ele ooml alhools fIr privatto is partlis, ltlcl will ezxcute city dllc ILnto OU. u15--2, lICII&L ItOUAIS. r ICII JEWELRY. rt AT NO. 11) CIIRTItr: S'LTREFT, ,4 FI'I.I c Assortooent, iust retorivedeolccitting or rat. kC. ing" orll o o [ ketlc, broa Lci ,, lio er "cI o, gotdl il, to-lli , d.i ocnctl, t II I;tlc andococ r ooho n a iostriie soeals land keysi. woortrled cortl r, clotrOrs and kncll , IwaIle. oc.I opoc.elhooioka , ioot iioii, locoolh allc c ills Ibit plated cnasors nnd candlir.strks 0ll0 fruitt ,ockeht, oral hneklaceaoi d beoal " all a ll- ahovle'rarticles will be lO- rerd on the mist erireo. ble termsll. N. Il. I largoe frot glass wt~vdowi . Side shelves andl show c'oes, foir sale. Please call at 16l Chprtrerc CAPTrIN 3IAIti'XAT'I"S NEW N.()VI','I. ' Rattlio the Retfer, by tho tiutlIhor of P'er Simple, & u in vol. (unmmiag;s, or :c Wintttor at S. .s' Ihnit.ifi'el ?,, I.0'' er S Stria, iby I'ocitcia Ihasil lHall, IcoyoI l uavy, F. S., ia 1 volil. Is Lord Roldtai, a rotncllCp lcy Alllao (Ct11111ohcg1tc I 'cool. "/heppard Le, writctei biy lii.Aself, icc- vols. Ad lrmpendious Ilistory of tli.t, Iranslnteld froan o oripin i Ito n Itlliably .Nathci'l (;irtenc, ic 1 vol. for mi m Nio. 7N of cluri lr's Ec:asily Library. e Vols. 3 co 1 of the new Cmlel00 anl udnil.'m edillion oIf W'ashagtoio Iris.o Ilaurks. a Rosges Fresh adl Egloshi Diieiotar'y. in I vol, 3Vr. AVgen('s French anId ELgolish Diclioayct. ALs--A few more cuopies of Coullmo's 'Phrenological " Rieh.i." Llige iurvayor's 'I)Itnaasrer xf.IoperiCo qual t' Ply with chaisis, Billiard lallsf2'P.1-4 and 2 1-! inehe,. U iflot 's iluproved metalic ('elw,JapUndllll papers, weights; c. &de. &c. Just reejeived, a.d for eale by om,3c - ENJ. LEVY. BKIS' ARCIADE, CITY HOTEL& , c G'R.AN D -REAL ESTATE IOT TEIl.yV OIFi poP~I'I'TY Si'I'UlTED .in NIW-GIlLEANS. It : .lI MID'P& 'HAIi LTON; MIanagrn. O erot under the Veredanit, Corner of St. chars and Cnamon Sl.treels, rtnd No. 101 .Chartres Street, between Conti and St. Louis Streets.: ' ...s W TI'Trin view .df meetin thle wishel of orTfriends8. we htav thie iple,.nare.of anoatloein g'tu tn ile pbti lie that this Lottery, by althoriiy of the Stale of Louis iana, will be drawn at thl City Exchange, in St...ouis in New Orleans. The drawing will, without fail, begin on thile lot Del comber next, Oar agents throughoult Ie union, will cnnse ther alove to be inearted once in one of the newspapers of thleir respective residences, and chlarge the expenses in account. nl--tdl SCIIMIDT &L HIAMILITON. CHIRISTMAS AND NEW YEA tS' GIFTS! Veranddlh, St. Charles Theatre, Campt Street TIhontre, Caldwell's St. Charles Arcade, Ilo. teis, Stores, Dwellings, &o. &c. CAPITAL PRIZES!!! Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock Lo!teries. By authority of a liw of the State of Louisiana, p Glth Mactrch, 1828. CALDWELL, OAK EY & PRITCHARD, d Managers n nd Proprietors. "' 'The prize.i are IIIaia plubli: atrit private bailaliags w whlih afaaalaiad aI. eit ul Nf ntw )rlaus. aaI aloal tae prilla of it- illnabitans-atl e Vertada( St t,St. Ch.rlh- Snlreel 'I'heatre, AallleliCata CAatlp STrtel Then tie, CTaldll's ,, St. Ch(lrfl Anadelr, wahtl Ilatolt, Dw-ellin Ilgl.are, p, Ce.'., uare Pa(I tre amtfUll . i tie to ta holdersof pIzi I itackie:. 't iC.ertulrt $5,,i0,-1t10 tIr 1ick isasrns 1! \ill la e idr.alwt :lint tDecemrel.r, New eanlrs' oEv, ill Newr Oaltaen.' "noal i atrdelr" to gratify t&rWaHnreo i'f tia:ki fats lit a-iaai l on iII i n a Ill l ai th i l lt Tr fhis lottert1 I wherebl it ,ill I n I re litea d ill t o)llllrw a .T i7,.,"5 ti faealsi nt li adollarn., $a7j,t'50l I 1,91 PRIZSES!!!: I'I ,d1 :ll ii Sll tllla l ll:tr. d , d),Ellll. l- 'Arif tr g'al Ill el,"I 1 |hit llil, ti a iotrll-r of (1'n111 amt Natchez stEe,.ts--pize to the t"l'hwt vahab a five eoar a brick agtre on Ol le" a vt Iaaa l-tr llt cualala-ntla aallaltisr aa II &a llalt - kia.a-- aize a, f thel a, ll, na0al la th, 5,(l "l 'lat ebI'IclIIt d welln g llll.,1· mulld hlt NIo. 7I, |tlulla nloeI t I llciaailtd by tC \V l i ,driith Iaiza fe thihe i lull, l th ai l 11111aiair ll, ,01 "'That two story double dwelling ann double lot in t aI aa ic. , llil . ce Ulfied - l J M1 I:t1l- 1 p rrize to tile .t,"J alld 4thil 1!;,1001 \Villaith o ii other peietans of lail i Eo<tatt, aiau kib lia a l iY Ral hi.talte, Iif :-liai " Stcili k, aaaltld mainy prizea ofli e ''ickeats i, tale Two i Million I olttliay . TIHE GRIANi T'WV) MItAliIONS . LOTTE'I tLY. Only 9 BlanksI to Prize. 10,0111) IPRINZIS-f TwIo .Miillions of Dol)lars.n I 'YDrawnon the old plan of Iliniks and P'rize's.f NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. r 10(0,000 Tii kets, t 120 idllari , $2 11001,000 The scellnle ald selling pice he s.iie. The expen t 0 ses operate as a redluCtion litro Ilse valuatI1o1s set ( ll the pr'pert ofter di in prizes . MODIIE OF It.0AWIN(i. 'T'h Nos. 1 t iO 100,0) will w be placed in one whieel, tl and tile a nlicP mnher o Blianks ail P'rizes ill an 1ther o wlLr.t'i antnd drawi nndtgl nll arty drawi'. Q:3 Tlh first day's drlwing in .lannary next, ulder tile s pllllelvlionl olf wo , dgt solll. l i'( noit N.i rlean'.s . I 111,1100 I' lZI:ISZ ! 1st. ITh' Vernaidai and (;rioundi vinlt d it $5.30,l00l I Ad. Th'lr St. Clnrles 'l'helatre, 'gound, sWcn- I er?, tnal'hiuerv, kr(., corn dl'tl , 11111,1(1111 Iri. i }li r rl in: noliuildingCt amp n itt Olillh St.lro, [)wellilgv, enltireo i.tqa s of t (: olld, \e. kMt. 911t,11l111 111,11110 I'rize. s nlllOlll lilln to ": lolllllllll r111!) GIIANI) ti't. '.ST l'TE, LOI"I'TEIY O' PROPERTY, ntolhed in New Oilen., I' t 11i I lt <111A N ON 'Illit m )t ii:Ci' :' it, I':3 ! I\- J.I'jKi.A-T(tI.I t/ , ',l. n I'lllder Ithe nlt]'l'lintl etlll lsltone IIt til (',.nnli- i.l ners III-' I lenh' h) Ihl' I.g.i*hllll Ve Asseilllll lý of ill lrlld . CI: l lllrl t li. t11li.''ON,'l 1 I Ml lit kl t, Illt $15 sl h l price. $il 1,ll (l) . elling pric III pei r tictke it. i S 1"oVI.STI'I (.. . .-Co. I.i Inrondwa, NI EW YORKit .u Th'I e renm inlpt of t i WI e ll I f1 t1"iI kets i ill he dh i ltlsd ll t ilhe Canal, l: niolh t'aIlllr lllll, I'llZo'sl.alIn 1.oi. B h' hnidl jo n nlllh w i ih J I. il. Perrni ll III t',l"li 1 ill'lhill , IIt1zt' t III, dt illP i n . :,s" lill I"llt l per 't-r passed h e . r 'l l Al azrhl e , Eil . i Not. ' Sil2d M y Iii llti , Ind the propei, lll los a red 'l'r t . Ite is, fritii ll riy of tihell rtunate prize n ol-o ill N le York thl e mli onies will be deo itd iln iht h i la nIk io iit redllt of the llo ve I uned im Cit !Sul,.: l" lllll Ne I Irhoa lS. iThe Pmi1ne i r relirrill hi the i7ts phsue d teitii A. azare.llnu, I-l: . Not. P ib. it, rohlor In 11e pool, l tnles which lrlia e the respe ll tllive prizes i theI l. ,nonillh.i.uiiiudui (;O) P.Ii 0 I lZI., s follow+: SPrize-Th1 ni0h enilient ithree story brick hlnihhlu , known as th:e 111 1 . iAlt:, 11i ,ls lllnna Ie shcl tl. iii:llring !K;I ( i l',,i,,5 iuuh.+ 4 lin ,,,s .Itnictiae el. in llIn itllll, i ln i st'i i. iiit llh mrent df $1 7,111)L pI r Ioii i a1 1td tlt1 P in Ihe Ii l tour sl o I ig p l i 500,000 This UI- , di' rtntt iniibllrod oillf II, SI. Chaglle, a ,I the I'I l ce il o ls. it ren will, i a olrdv Iew vinie h, IP iIc- IlIre I lilly ointllard in alhir i r i'lllln uths . t Ii t il llltei l at $l00,000 Pr i te- I ItCi l I',o t r sill I Vr imhk i uiltd i iig known ns the n'I tY il'T1I., tiltec, N. llhl 'uu Ilotel n il oted I1o IlllleP *Ilrltlr i fl e l nolln is. tonl sitl Niand ii4 he t III ilceh i inn Clntt iniii. tchI ilitlin g rtlent. iw for n ,01t n10, andll be llll ll hlr sI". E. i nlut Iti 1 n l , o niti , or lti In1 n Illi lle i1 tlltln tIn Prize-T'lhe three stily brick dwelling Ii.-, 1 n in "l1 t,n ,1 7 Flehez S leet ninolllllls h hreen; rcuen td titItmn Illdre d dollllrs. Estilln lled t $20,000 I Prie-Tlhe Il o story b1~rk llik dwusell lo'.,3. , . 1n , R yl ei-ini No. b t, oin tr ile .inet 1, i.lsilln L IIti ne ,,H hndd ih olliar. I':iltinatiein at $1- ,0110 I I'rie-T'he Ihrle tnor brick dwckllio r'd dolErs i.sliatat $2t5,000 I'rize--Ti naide. Cninle ltno nli stillnk lerit ' lk stock, la t nr caic, 15,000 irllt ion'1I iim ilte I nit feet fo into I o it t Ih ll ll t eet , bh v I1t 7 ft et t i epil 'on l llooiiktuse, i tilted it, fir. teo n hiinil red olhl . En lilgled a t ii2,1i:0 S'riz--iTe dwi lling I N 4 t.o. h ,000 wtrl w rave of, Kiain stireet, meas< A I In itc , t iniheCr o e , lt o itnkli nt slreel, P by 1hr 7 in 0n., inos t ll00,000 ik ltl, ri. I 1I0tl , ill e ui t in on,000 Ni, . 139 onr , ilaln tiet , betl eein a vonoitiiitiiitrton muine ci it nkwliitn.ic ol r itlittlii r tittiu i nirsnu o nihl'in tnt i r n of nisln- rd riif r to feet Ii . ,rn s -ii l , i, byili, ul o it Vpir nt fe lti, ncone i f el t. l alit- lo t a nI oliqnn'ted at $15,000I I Prlzs --150 shl rltly Meha.nuic' and Tfr.o Jckn 'il,. k tlo, n A 100 ct 18315, o 10 SI)lUzea IotL500 slareslhc Il BItliti Bankd :ninl Sldirilz. l 1,I n lning fnm hit irln eston r nlu 11111) lFrizes of 15 technGic and 'Trader' 3,000 o iJi'izr . ,f 10 Lo " .uisiauu Slott, .l,110 Ill Prizesof I '2 " tin' llsLighl, 2,1i00 MODE 0)." III ING. e1 9 " i IIRI I)GI. 1! ", SCAirP. STRtEERt TnIEA E:E :. Thinevenning' will be potinmed : . . , ' i ' R :' ; " '' Will-thhd oririnml misic, aone .& e. itaileathticol + nJh. ( Holland "'. .- Helem Mc(g " , MlSunat. 'I:o ;conodu.wtlh :it the S FORTY THIEVES. ln re, ".- "Mr llCr " Morgianl, Mr Ib t llar" Ut Doonrs open et 6-P-otirndtana ' to ýcommbelc' itl7 o'clueik..j .lAST NIGHT-CAMP TIREET' . "A'I'UIDAY 30th NOV..189 9. FIVIE TICKETS which may draw FIVE PRIZES, Ano FIVE FORTUNES!!! Will hl. given away at the Camp Street Theatre on tllhis ( EORGiE tlLLAVD tespectfully ifi'.rm hts 1 IFrirllls find Ithe Public, that wislhing elters to pnrflae k ' o Io heeefit hswell Uo' Iimwln , he Ilol per. cae.+d Five 'I ickles. it'. t!ln First and Second Claot of Caldwell, t() key, uand Ptilchalrd's Ieal Eatote Lottery, whlici will be given to the public in the following Inunner : t) )ll g nti.n het fir Ilta Tlontre, a nntmoer will I iu with it. 'lit the coure of ther e ening, ti.e d tullolle fll lllllllr ti Ibtose given to the public wilth lir tlickls, iill Ibe put into a wheel Ott tite stage a it of rhe wo llioV Ilbell loer will te drawn, and gh pm l s rlo hlavilg flle, vlrrepluldiog onllthlllet to tnose whioh are Idrwn from the bheel, will tracll rceeive a IeI Estate Ittery ricket. Tle uholders of theae 'I'ietcul llv Illese oeall, heclolle posoested or sodleCdl facrtues ill Ileal Estate property, itoated it, 'I'le, 't'iekels prchiased fie tIl occasion, may ho Sw nt tilhe Ptul Pry office, St. CIharlea 'l'hatre Ar oathr. o'l'b Nrl',rmloes fl this evening, will be floek rlele's relIllr, Iu,'rmoa, Ealled the. I)IJCIIESS DF .I' I. VAUJIIAI.IIt:Ii. nod tile ltughnbln Foreo of ILOtVWl IS ItEWdARE, with other entertoinmlents- For E lll iulrs seen bills of thIe Ilay. UlIleox Illalk tlv opou-tlo-mces altd numhos mlay be secured, n'(8 'r:1- CHAIR-L E THEATRE ilA . I '. C(tiN etngllgge it. nuthin eotliahellnet, onr I ne ,std o nto t ,eli ll tho Gen Itoam, at II o28 G It IIAIIIttT"I', ,tageMitoger. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM hP. ititi Ii' u'nrae:-r, I r|tIIj l MlANA..Gi.l of the Walhinglon Ball Ionem re5speclatllly inlrns lifrieaid ntd the public, tihat )I tlhe abve ,tllnlionl estabhlitshment will open for the 1I aea.ou,.an Mt,.rl.y evening, Noeirnber 4ih, 1939, by a IGRANDi I)IRESS AND MASQUEIIAI)E BALL, Iol will eonfioe thrluglot tlt e season every Monday W'lhelrstlll. and Salurday evening oufeach week. Almnitance fir Gentlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. L41ih, 1139. II.tANtI) FI IL 1111ES BALL. III 1E Maeomrr olthe Washiclntot Ball Itoom, re.. t1 ol illlllV ih f i0rlll t fIl i rillll nll tihe alllate rs genrrally, that he has been induced to give o few FIlI.L IIRESS IIALLS, and Ihn tIhe irslt one will take pitnce on Thursday Eve. lnig uo xt,- 8th iniit t. lllMks Illd fIt-ll ( not Ibing allowed; onnge tlhnuan'will be ('1 .ilted in lhe lhdll eeoum wilh his lint oil, hlllrr danclillng or llno i. Admihloacei tor Iodines, $ no00 For Gentlemnen, "J 00 MANSION HOUSE HOTEI,, IIAbANNA. I OS infraterios nued re proprieters dl this well klcon ci r.hable imnto ll, d theno .mio IIoAN, Nitnnah'. 19; tin()hrn ei l Itr, No. 9ll, hlve tie lnr blio S(dnl it cllllohe p uhlle, lhas prhoir gret let c ore e -nd l icn;ln wiilll he rlll)D,.lll. o cntelllljs qure o)le p dirtl hlll c plr lor vlin gri o, toir pelr so n loctir. 'lhad cnmod(.aed, ert.. etc. son thll co llec11 as, veller, for inr ll neltv llior. l a ts.. 1 'sI--Lyv CUNY &. FUII'ON. MANSION IIOUSE HiOTEL, SIla Hiatanna. OS infrasrig tos nouvos proprietaries del I'o INo. noid, o rcl bl ecimientos no brado MAN SNlo. 119 tit ienel l honor do aniciner o publico ie, ue ro inyolres ntrel rs y .ol so reilo arrn debli adua it onnplael i r u l personas los fuavor-r d cean coiane tl rt:inio. Losvieitaojas quo pouen di. sll -ci para Ion viagr rse, t snio p arc s POlulidad eomodidad, etc. etc. son tati coneetnes, ini os icn tit jenn lerrlas. 21 seP--ly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION di)USEI HOTEL, pera lbl ann.ually in adv e I'ulo ORlwE lii( Piver, o ropritaningh readin - 1 tahoiISiillOlt oitt dons la rue io ha Ohirapia, N. 119ter, o two dlos, 10i. pn e MANSION d1ly UIaprs, durt hog tine dr k, will he enti q'io sub to nonte o lr, unlestrts on r ccoble oidio arehlncea s given. Subso rib l rispont iie solic ritor ed. o SoIl aux voyealluri soolt aitssz connuos pour no point jiiger itcoosait d'ci fairo ici to detail. IJOp-ly C . CUNY &G IULBSON. Tri I )aI N PapIer its nealy printed with aoealI typo on an extra,, douldn medium sheet, at 812 per Onnno l payable sse i annually in advance. Thle Ta.WrccLro Paper, containing he reading mtatter of two dailies, $10, payable in advance. where no city reference is given. The IVEOKLY ' RaNe AMcTIca, lnade up from the dolry nP.ars, du ring the wCeek, willeet e ot sub.. scrilIers who piy $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable ity refsorence is given. Subscribers respectfitlly solicitetd. JOHN GIBSON. Now ORLEANS, MAY 1839. c T. sIAec. -N i iOAT'' BILLS. 0 SWNEr S, Al t IN'S, or Crlo A INS ofS , l STEAM or 10A7Ir can have their Bills sthcak of, in one or moree .redl Irnks on Iliain or olre Paperr iths desialtDr, oil e favorable Terms, Bit, leoavig heiDr ()otui:nt sal'1 Il~tli AIEtRICUAN OFFICE v.veon "c" 'dirnUII ind itIt. &thareloen treets (COTTON CIII JCUI-ARS I'lt I Ne1' truiln the Greateost iopition, and 0n Fr is to,lesurpr ed tin N tw er iE n or elseita i)0nenli left at Co(irrta Roo in Si. Charltes Eg hto l.ol, (Ceo'r of Grarier St.)e or at T R Itn I AM EIIRICAN PRI N'TIN OFFICoE, lurner of i v,lraso and St Charole Siheets, o ll be profitssor Ja W aii, , ,,meto ed proe peo dent ml. l tceociey o f N York, to profa Ja SiNVASSI', IeceArt S--i oskot in setre sito sale by S ls21l J 'I'IdAYERI & Co. o.74 Pnydlerest t1's {llE LADIES. DIl ItIiLt.'S tITERO AItIDOM|NAL SUPPORTER 1i 11s neiw iustruene.t ftir the radical cure of Pro I lapess Uteri, or Falling of the Wotmb, by in u ternat application, superseding the use of the ob jecliunahle preassary, i confidently recommended to tie ailicted an the means of a perfect eostoradti. to heailth, it never having failed of pertrming a e~, erven undeir thile imost aggravatied eirtcleato coo. I[L irs received the decided approbation or t Sir Astleiy Cooper of London; Sir iBenjamin C Brode ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queenu Dr Asihweo, Lecturer on midwifery to (uy's Hos pitl ; Dr Righy, lecturAr to St Bartholomnewa Dro Griflith, lecturer ton Westmin.ter Hospital; Dr Iantuiothati lecturer to London hospital ; Robert tO Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster lying.iu hoepit, al i Dr Sweatmin, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. Sand senoior accoucleur to Queen Charlotte's lying; t in.hospitol; also by ltenry Davies, Conquest a Bluiidell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Kenton, &o. by i Dr Mlorreau, president t the Acadetmis Ronylo Sto Mediciue, OParis, aend Alouottor to the Duchess ii D'Orleanst ; protessora Volpoau, Marjoin, Paul i DuboisSt sen and others-and in New York by 1 professarJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profes. seor of moidwifery in thie uiversity of the city of Now York, prodb. Dfl:ofield, and Francis, U Jobn. stret, president County Mod Soieoty, Laurens alul prosidett mead society-Stato of N York, ntilft Jao 1 McNuinghtoi of Atlbaniy prtis Marcl Cyrus Per. it kioo, Doane-Dre Thes Bouyd, Gilbert S itb, Ilosack, Stearis, Ludlow, Klotmt, Vach', Power, Graysop, Vani Rensselaer, and many' olther ditin. guished physicians in tie U States, S A G ilall, Olffica 4 Veasoy it, Astor Hliouse N to Yrk." ID' A constant supply of the above instrumentteo , w cith Dr lull'a imtroved frussoi for Hertil , will o heikpt by SICKLR.S'& Co, N Orleans, A G Crponteri, Natchet; Stted . Marsh, Wood, li vill; looth anEd Mi.lury. Memaphist W 1? Willo;." Sson, Snmerville; aI1l aInd Washington, Nashvillrte tcMNairly iand Hlianilton do; R L hliso, Florence • C Splatswao,l , Athens. ' )lINTINGr i I'APER AttD PEhl'It..ts'" INK Jnst received a qtiantit of uitperta and douulh eo di.Ci up I'rilinio Paper nli,; a seipply efJelohnson etad tIinrnii'i Pritiieg Ink, and far-oole by el ALEX ItlWA .R "49 Camp ot Leie JUICE, 1105EY AND W.HInE WAX IJ The stahosriber- hes roeeived a'l'invoire of I~s bhiioioeyetnid iriicletrariie.avana, nnd offers them ft H BONNAItIEL, 4,3 Tohtpitoelitt

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