Newspaper of True American, November 29, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 29, 1839 Page 3
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QTAT'E OF LOUJSJANA-First JuibiTal aib -J trift Court. "The flate of Loultiano--Toall whom these pre, p-etits shlc anle 're tlne I -t.Whereasl ItEN.YAVIL LIAM PI'AL IK. a, haVshg purhoased at n sale made -by the sheriff of the parlsll of Jelferpn,'lbho property' liereilater +depribed, has npftied to tie clerk id" tlis " Codrt, in whose olfce til de al of sole wy reroi.ded on t t he soventeenth day of October, A', 1839, l for a ollni .eon or Adverlietliert io conflrmilty to an' Act of the Legislattreor fle 1 tlaeo l Louisinnh eplitl.d ":l A ct frithel flrthenr' asuraoee ol titles to purolhner at iu rdial taeor;" apprdvtod tle tenth day of March, 1834t Now, therefore, knouw ., ilnd all peraooi ilteresedl herein, ipo.heretiy oiled ant adodooniohed in the nome of tbe.Site of Louisania, and of the"FirrrJudioiol li- triot Cort, who' can-s e.t up ay rilht, tille or cluio Sin tit propertyl hereinafter d.reriled, in eese quenloe of an inrmnlily in thle order, Decree or judlg Inent of lte Court under which the sale was onade, or ally irregularity or illegality ivn tie nppraisecltals Cn dvertienenels, to timre, or mannecr ofoahe, or for any other defect whatroever, to show o iero, wtllhin thirty dayr from t eday this tMonthrl is fiart irseltd illthe public paperl!, wiy the sale so maode slould not be con firltoedl rud.homoolgated.. 'ile saidjroplerly was olEd y tIhe shhriCl of tile p0r jish oforerl d li the twe:tieth Ily 01 septelol:r, A. I). 1839, hy virtnll of decr ee ot'Illis Court rlendered on the eilgllcentll day of hMorc,, A. D). 1839, in i snit entitled Mluria Cecil, wif of Clhrlecs rewer aerd al. wr. the minor hllllren and helIrs of Charles ('eil, No. 1,11369 of til docket .f thi ouart, at .lhich sole the maid len. ry Willicm Pillery hocause tihe 1 ochll or, for tIhe priee of four hundred and thirt,-five dolluro, payablel Dscriptillon of property, ls given in tie hJdiciol Col A ,erton lot of ground, the .ame whic1h was cdjudli cated t, William Nichllallol II, at a esa 0 le iids b t.ese I.. MC oy, taultioneer, of th, cily of New (lrleouc, on 111t olelven hl Marclh 1136, Iy virtue of n jilulmnenlt ,of thisenortollt, tl irtielthJonuarv 1;30, nod lwhiolc wa01 oroered ly raid coulit on tile ,ighteeollth March 18H39, t be neold at tlhe ricsk and eoallre of said tllll, lIr iec lkotig anId Oefusilg tl comply will lth termo s ald o conlld ditiona to itiid adj1icatlion. Sid lot lleing siltuad in lei parish of Jeofllrsoo, ill tile town 0oflt,rrolltn, Ireign .loted as nnllller Four ill 0qtlure A U it l111 ot 0 tawe hy IBenjamin I1i10on00 r0eryrovr of ail parishl, on fil, ;wetletlI oI Jlltaluay 18:36, ;id depositel ill tilhe ollice ul' II. l. COeotaolory mllidisof his cit i l d liltas ttririg, i Alerioan ileaure,, fifty twor fel eleve, inchlc 0ro0t o .Lv.e atreel, olld forty feet rIlre ilches also -iet ill detllh slid 1l0rt on1 Jel''tr On, alr o mlhrP hc , mlrd lld rfitrfoetli inehes and It half on the line dlviding it i rons lot No. Three, togehler with all lhe righls, prlvil. gel &e. thereutoao belonging. .Pitness, the lhlloralle A. M. Blluhanan, Jldge of the I.. s. Court olore rid, tlhis 161hl ty of Nuve edl, r, .. 839. nO8 P I.E ll.AN(', l)ip Clerk. ELfTT DE LA LOU ISIANE-Cuur du PromI i -r District Judiiiairo-L'EtLt do Il Louisi, one in tons ceux qua cos prdsentes concornelt Attondu que HENRY WILLIAM PALFREY myant acheld a uoe vento faiot par Ie Sherif dto ol paroisse Jeffteron, Is proplritdt ci.aprbs docrite, n'dst adreoos au groff o cotto (0our oft loa itlo 'ents ful. enrEdgistdo to dix.oepti0mo jour d'Octobrc A de 'Pannoe 1839, puear un avas cuntorm6unl t on n : de'e, de la Legislature de I'Etst do la Lou siane, intjtulJ " Ate pour confirnmer leo titres does ncque romers ax eamo judiciairoes ;" pprouv6 lo 10 Mars, 1834. p Qu'i soonnt tono, ottoutes porsonnes int6ressdes I ont par coE lrosentes nomllnod, a, n0 om nl do I'Etat do la Louisiane ot do la Cour du Premier District C Judiciairo, qui pourraient avoir droit . lan pr - pridt6 d6crite, on consoqucenoc d'un di6 foat de forme dons I'ordro, In ddcrot ou eo jugno i meoont do In Cour, 0n vertu durueol In vents a 1td F fait on do touo irr6gulari.i ou illdgalitB dans t'cstimation, I'avis ou le temps et lo mode do lo vente, ou pour uno autre caus queleonquoe, de faire voir, dans trentojours a dater do la publica- p tion do cot avis, pourquoi la vente nilni faite ne s rait pas eoorfirm6o et homologude. La dito propriit6 ut vondue par In Sh6driff sus. 1 dit, le vingtbmo jour te Soptemrbre do I'anndo 1839, on vortu d'un ddoret doe cote Conr rendu lo S dix-huilibome jour de Mars do I'ann6e J1r39, dans Paffairo de Morin Cdoil, ipouoo de Chlark- Ir war & aJ. vs. Les Enfans o incer et Itririers de Charles C6cil-No. 12909 du Docket do cettu Couro, t lt quell ventles dit Henry William Palfrey Ws'r I rondu acqudroor pour lo prix do quatro cunts cn I suanto piastres, payable cnmptant. Deseription do In propriet6 d'apres 1o transfer judiciairre, savoir : Uncertain lot de terra, ole mnnm que fut adjoug & Nicholson Iull, tat une vento faite I ar I Isaac L. Me. Coy, entnateur do Jl vtlle do nl Nouvello Orl6an-, lo 11 Mars 1839, on vertu d'on ijugorent de cttLe Cur du 30 Janviur 173i, et 1 quo Is II Mars 1939, la Cour ordonnA d'r:tre re vendl aux departs et risquesO do dtt IIll, a cans;t de *a negligence etr dr son rutis a remphtr Its termeo et conditjons doe la ite. ndjudicatlt. r 't lot do terro ot sitdi dans la Paroiss do Jefferson, dan. In villa de Carrotton, it eat d6si~nd p tr ]e tu moro qtatre de lilaot A, sur ut plan dresl 6 oiar I _ . 9.fte tlyj#,.IA..4 oi trorI de It Ihto paroisst, ls 211 Janojor 1036,' at 11pn0; ten t htlfn i ul ;.l II. If. Contas, notart:o public do sarte ville; tl a (onosarno Arrtcrcainet) otrquant to dBX plods or ze d peOUne do faco -. Is rutt do |kL Levee, quItraInta p tads. trois polnces do otie, In rue Iluroth, 'rots cents trento nouf pioed do prol'ondour oe Ihe a la rue J.rffirs,n et Irois cents quatro pierrs six ponces rl don|i our la ligne quroa t divta do hot No. o, essent-. ble touns le druito, privilebges &c. qui y opparttle. 'ltdnoin I'llonorab o A M.M. Buchanan. Jugl do Ia Cour susdita, co 16 Novemrtbre, 1839, P. LE BILANI', n20 3t in 30d Dep'utd Gt refier. REP.LIC OF T'I'.XAS. Ir 'REAat's Y Dr PATMi ENT, City of llouston, 17th July 183.9 IN pursualce of a requiroment of a law pansed by 1 Congress of this Ropublic, approved January l1st, 1839, making it the duty of the Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold thile lots in the CIY OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice ta. is hereby given that the lots in the City of Callhoun W will be offered at Public Sale, on Monday, the 18tlh Co day of November next, bletween the hours of 'leon Ack o'elock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. Ik tel of this llopulblic, upon the terma set forth in on the following extracts from the law above men- ld tionod Itel " See. 4.--Be it further enacted, 'rhat the lots in yg't said town shall be offered and sold for no other eur. 'pd reoncy than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. al snisaory notes of this government. See. 6.-Un o it further enacted, fhat the said tote shall he sold on the following terms, viz: One . fosrth pat t ho be aid down, and the other three I forth to be in equal instalnents of six, twelve tIll ri eighteen mtaonths. ~ See. 7.-Be it furthor enacted, 'lhat if any p o person who shall purchase any of those afiqrelad o l,. Inoto sIall fdi to make paylntat of the several in- I, stalments in eonformity with ethis Act, ho or they - Ihall forfeit all unel sums as they may have previ. SIde ously paid, and the lots purchased by such defaul- lish ter shall revert to thue goverlmcut of the Itelpb- J lie. - Sec. 8.-Be it frtheor enacted, Tlhat all persons,. aliens olt eloepted, lhall have thie rivilege of pur chasing and holding the name, and thle President is T<n wuthorined to issueplatnts to them so soon as the 31 last is. staltent shall have been" I0G r The sale will continue frat day to day, until all [v of the oInts sall have bunts disposed of. Callanll is situated oni the East end of Matagor. Col da Island, directly oni the Main Pess into Matagor. da Bay, and from its advantageous position, will eIn probably lecomse thle prilcipal clutllereii l city in Western Texas. Iri *A Plan of the city may he seen in the General e Land Oflice. The several papots in tlis Republlie,thl Commer- ier cil . Bulletin, Pocayunn and True American, of N. Orleans, will publesh notice until the day of sale. JAMES If. STARtl. Secretary of the rTreasory. 1. IF (levx' Perfumeries. Ind as Dye, for coloring t le l itr ; Bear's Oil, R tevtns leear'soreese, poatntuml , Mclicha'u Fret le W .sAt, superior pearii power, IIIl wli.elr, creel of f rcosts, vegetable rouge, ottlo of rose, lip salve, resnelete toothl wash, f tilbinu e dir tirifice. orange flowerwater, powder puffs and tuxer. Amevrieon obarcoal, put p iil our ioitcee viali, 'res. ri esel bdtle,aerlvine, kreo.lts toillt acher dropsl, o il ebrssaes, Engliosh dressitU g combs, Intdian lhai t oil, C wit avsutaietydof atll pvr lumerie, &e. FAr sale t by C. J. TRINCiIARD, It ore 3 areor of Canl aned Bourbton sts T LOUIIIlsIANA rURNITwsE WARDROOMS r Ni-. 53, Bienvllle street. ILI.IAM KI. CAIINES, would riepectf.lly ittr .W le n it s ifrist and l t e e blic p lht ho i Ltes n scantly receiving fromi Naew btrk and BoUston a good assortm e, olFurttilt rne, nl i as iahogiant clioa, eofos, Irsedtleds tva;ple ant painted clvaire, ialvle titd , cherry bed listere, sheet nd chrr tale of all descriltione, blorekat , stileti, at ctuliev, taritit e des blueswrdts ofaony lors, eerry, n s slauils, lolking gless, Ha reterand, bedding, &. c. 'I Nil. FVreitur, pilaked for ranportio letlU; itogr el ON,NrEEL& HEAV tek-igt, soars l anti bundle iron, well assorted. h Halp, saroll s,d ind irsl,, nail rods and iplorlve h ,Last, Gterman, shellaene, blintered, spiig, sheet otw t Crowley steel Iollw tand slehthitg e tier; Navils sl esat 'Ine, bloek txit, ns mill .i gtlt sIotts, sit keitles. Choaini altles, swltnts, hoes O u; l ao lm tcwen l haiserut mills e _ \Vie, slieet,pig antd bar ie:xd; aolto CLol, and ookivig stoves Amts, Itnwfnntld'aott oslterspstlessviti slhovels Hoak and plaote hiniges, dour ant wivtdsw hooks Collins, Hstts, SIhurps anvi oslier axes sr e atttl Mllotills metluge, lines anti twine Bolt sld slteathitg e. raper; Navl stores Painits, linseei oud sptevtrm oil A fullassortmtent si Ihatlwaee sndl ship rhatdlety, Plwss)' sln hanvl, and which are offeel for xale at whale p.le or retail, on tihe most fivorable terms, by p'4 LAYTON i rC'. 53 Old Levee. S E. OrsNS & CO. ..STATIoNEns' .A1LL, NEW ORLEANS; ill-l. sasLortment ol poope's being bow onbppl etllt I ooith o suber1ibSe ther 1.o fbllwhig listtothe parti ouoarlttention o lthe public. I'rie es nsusual. low. Englishl Drawing Paper, ( DeV , l'4 oelhen by .l i hite Woven. Mledlfmn, 9' .-do -171 do Royal, 24 do 191' do lar Royal, .27 do "191 do . It[perinl, 31 dlo 22 do Fleohnnt, l28 do 23 do Cohluoolier, 35 do 2311 do Atlas, 31 d1o ,i 2 Io Doublle Elephant, dIl do 27 do Aotiqtuario., 53 do :t do I Eomler.or, Ill; di 47 d hIn All the abonve exila thick, rote.lh grainedl. American and Englisth /agre Binding papers for BIollla 'orlk. Flot Cup, 12. inch. 1b1 1..h, wl.undh b. wave, Id laidol t rolly, 4 I do 171 do d dtoper ttoynl, 97i doo I'1, ald inmperial, 3I do do dI do English Letter Papors. (Whallltlllllln's e tl. ltlorners', ando Jol Greeln'sP Al lollia t fhr res.) n Largest size Puoll:tl'usl.o,tot, blue anod whitewove, s. f. I ultnllnlll do d dul)do do do do blue laid took Post, o. f. hie wove I:xtra salinll rge thick post do gilt T'int, ( ~large p t ; oh gilt Tinted poot; do gilt Iarge Ivory ipst; do gilt |blho pss,'wile w Isndl blue wovoe Illllkl )oIb n .o wo e |}ttlo o Ilorderedl, (,0000ll00ur0i0g) rst0 I":o msed large u ul oto II oo.ot doo gilt It',liooand lo nzdl I vemlllum post, i bith sides Bllat anl licltria poost to, Eo.,liso Naote Paper.s, So. and 1 (t o. t1 Ph0li00 t0ITe Jiuper, ollir wm00C0; di tl 11 Tt'tood do (d I:xtr satin doit whit,,. ,inteid and gil - Ivory too and gilt Itlck horderelo do n Stok rooto p0pe0, white or lhintd and gilt 400r00 Itrocad0 0 o Watelred silk note, do. do do printed iot itatiot Americano Letter Papers. Folio Iloool ond oFoolo up. Ar-iieo' I, f. Ctl o,, -t0il oolot, whie o old luo wove 0 0Illl ull 'S I), el, t o II -l. blou 0 0(o.o' CIooooooo size Aioieoo' .. letter, wlhoilo" aIot blue wove do d IIlud-an'?, InhalardI ' f(.ooloooi's, t;ilopio', aod ofdll olter good ,mills in I..tte'r Ilta {,r, N,. o m dOlllrol{) o I r llk 'l opot, \tie o' and Ihl(l;out's P. f, tuncy colored note paper Fohla post, f. uIl'hle uan, bue, wove and laid do No..1, wh ite nod ble wove \lWater liled pt-t s I. ndl h 0e \ s' and Io too n'oli to o eorlo. U p . L I.l. I'd, rghtl et. Inclilsh notarria l,dlyV n11d cp do rough edge hln e1 ' plll'er ..r . b . wo ; ro .t I: I[od iooo wo it arid bhue Ive oo IId un's Foo do St t o. 2, white wove Fols olap.o N. 3 uIlubhard'.,a an olll f. l u1 1tr gIood nills in ilhe U. S. t s , IIIf. I no liI fin N . " Inlod| :1 Comnllon Foolsoap. l't do luhled Papers.t Super Rvoal alaoIl sll hooet pa l pr, l0i0 t lined 0tloovnol, olldilll and demoll do do Folio post, whoit no Ibler wnoe do a do Kt att dot palwr lir Ihr hIantksl trer aper, mott linhed,o : nml 4oloess U S 00t001o o l e o l do voery hloo r 0 0l0, 0 .oolscup, s. . faint lined, 10o No. . i. h do d oo d lolotl,.or tlldwi. a eOu not.s Record or ILaw cup, feint lined Alusic Papers. ,lusie It paer, Royal, I tnd I I staves o d to dr I "-w, t, ,ith11 o I- ,r.l l o l Ito Ior ororeo, I ooortitioltos) 2.i laves do t, li, o h tttlr C eloredt, ltar/le aondo 1,anc/ Papers. Irelch r o o ool no l deo-o olzt' alnl colors tI:oorll llo ooo, 10 W llI l ral p, o I drl,o Aiarhle p peertOo , , ,,'l , tdet' y nd tp O ll I lllll l o 0 ll 0 0 .001)tlll000o. 11 rnl010 rIdo lo o ta'o ll o nr alo od opi' ts CIllollre.d livid ,'llllllli-llll ptI*.l,." t"Ill, silh[ ver, coIppe. r nl d i ad palper r p llai nod tllll, v/ It--,t". Iap"r Stundry, Pa01ers. S 'lilolluo , 1pperm1 l a11 i lll iz. 't I b 'P S %l[ llpoolll.'. hb n.o , o tr0lt ro0 il "h' , l .e llnplilig do (I'ost ollit o . ,I n .ll0 l ,' o o ro y l 00 l 0 sp0 I 'oo,,, i p' ps, ' 0 bo. too.i-h0 ll .oloo 0 0.1. o-lo t' po 00000 p0, 0 l n 111 paper, ] e ,, , o II i t ,oo oize n IIt" o a I Ii d pal.r 001 Ie )mI for rl""' 00000.0 ' llo k ii00I0.1 1p ll.'f I." rInl. II ~"PrI rallrge rLd doubln elllllhat SI" oooohpooo I,, ,oleoter whitil,0 o , 1te 1 0101el o d oo 0 erfd. Ii , too ho ,oe. to o0o. l ie . . i.. .o. ... ..... ...... r I 11 '1 aila'ati ci'nl 4,elf ill' hi u~~n oIt'o o illd l t I \d r , +uIng ,l t , n es r Hh+ t " ,a s h by h j J igt , 1 , L ' e 1.1lico 1a1 ,aa a,'r'heI ti -lla I _ti tA t l utr anh a w)la-n r neck 01 d1 agaaa ha1 a n p hi p ia t tta Int ala II a P t , rr¥ 1t11 -nt l i t " ,. I-.F 'l l' l- tlýli . .-+ ? , , lP+ \ ,Ie.t,;uH' ,, I ',, idl 10 do mu I p r t1",+ -ndv I,4 ( \V .1V t Reym k ol~,. kt r l.orb . tW la.a. a a',." lonaa , .. ... ...ti 4:11'1 , n ,__n . rof "1 ala . ala', ~ ad n lj'. N ..t I'1 'A t ' l. S+'A1,'I'1()\ \1(1'I-- hr tlrr-' nrrcl 1 2 d , pr. '. a k h 'e f or l r1I e it e d p e r ad lip E 1. , lt o, I n d ia frout Iutmdtm, and oftrr hor solh.- t Jer II 101 -ni s fPll. arce'q hh~e +..ove+ l~ette" Pyl,er JI st .511 do do do lar Io Ho.ld al a la fill clih a wove ' a111a1 l 2 0 t tin te d g iht Wnc y d o rerut LII alo la o Nal e alaaPral o 10 dana dl' d.o i.grtn undt INI il pap-eur, 2 l nllld 14ve ,e ,almen g't taa--h a ll a'aaann 's oI'I e criptl 'a J( inl ,.unl', gi I n I nt o uei r i t tnll'l; i.olor !lox0Pl IIRose- col~pe woo nul MIS o' v, lof meia, mont' Jobucnn lrierse; tplend paaita a a I t a a l' " aaa b l L'' a atnt 'l I l lalm n T olo foxet s, wn 1 l4 s c oh r'i in c'ake s n n il knd', rest A ke k r m ' ; .i 1 n c l 'eir b r o s h tF s l l tr r q u l it," ; n , b R n laqaian'a' vlaa' I kn+ 11€!I, llee, n',-ewood.'ll oell n and~litl ebll itlv; ih t n proinhh do br z+ tir o ih'esa n .legant article; I) do 1I Inadiat Tublber, lth nit C ivil . raca-a .a a l'l ; hnWiallL an P ao k il l ite s 1 ) r o l C' v l s m ahil, v o t l h w ite r s , We d g - a go1 o a Tw l a ol hll )" g prell , 1l iho .l". quhor o; the lr la'!u tt n Nnk atae wr ati ,,3 h''- l raa ln Per a a tens oegls all 1,al,,y, Ea. \c.-- E L atirl) & al "1 1 -N' • S ntionr+' 1a11, ,nI hal ( ' t l . N tl. I'. 1e II ANN iUAl .. t r1 ll . 11 all IIRAI J . aFdEA aa.'l l i aed a' b l the 1o n N K lIanaaf Rleetitgton, wial beauti'utly fim'hd en rta r' 'r a 'laaivpata ton tita, 'dit"dhy th La dy a E haaaaat heah'l . a ' ict s ' A e % t otl illn history null t'aap ill o" VIl s r '-tha 1, a, lnatt'ni, nalted I ,t rs SI 'aeaa'l iatatlaa, eI'q.-'-ta il+lrataon-. "Alna a i l aarthar .'nlalal a a) ht t ahla ata' lia l w ork th al hlnak.ap aa c ,lalry cwiathiaer anew d valuable EIa wwii fish hooks. J -t re'eiv''d an for san 1ha," l:) tit. 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S. .+r..eant's luou,.tn tiout nl Iawt It tJIlN , & Ctn, N 0 Statiaeaa 'n ' l hl, nol comerl l .St (liMa rln ana altd ('I)I I Pi _fnf 8IU \(I llIt--- KS --Jui+-- i-eceived) .... ship Indw u ..... 1l F' 'atlI httlr Ja ai h ta aal Ia anle a atder I) aan 5,h da Ihlza t .tt 5ahh a an -ll ath S lvenir ti'tEllant Ih P'tlnla' aoftliese a wa rkt , a re raaaeataqaa'tt .all foata 1 th lOVe. P I't JOHlNl w'n N at Mtaatiaaaa'nsa' Mlail, a Iae 3 aiaaanr ..t Chnarla' aaaal,&aiaaIaIl lat in - VNt)Al.S Flilt 12111. at'raalal; atet' of Aaneriea, hy Jahn a ePIne; n paaidid al Ia iirll'aah'alaaattnnllaaind aa llChristna, netcpsale fior 104(1, Iy Itev. John A C;lark; le olh'ldll irotlecclo i t ll10' Itta'a ,,aa (n any l. a t,. 3i , ba Mias C II W .attnamatt In ' The (aaam for 18tt. a C.hria'ta oaua Na w Yearn' pre~ "I lie:: :+ ..llelli,l elllloln tPe l l olll(cco " e hei p I anal At' tlla'at aa a t ift an 411 \! The Chihl's t G hna hat t8I101-A-aaIso, ia1 ih Gahattie t E,1 -lanh Vioale't da, and a, Literanry, ti8la, foa -ale tIa I'M E JtII\ & Co, Sniaaanar's a'alt ant F3 li L Y-'I'-t'tt new -,an iala Ina -a-. alaallaat ', alt 1\ Standard a 'ten 'h Ia aw ta ohnks, jant recn ived ", Raa"aaa, 5 Coats eannoathaatl ai a tananii nat n alalrs de atroia franeain. 11 vItaa 'Itaaplaaag, Va'n lt' 1ol o nt Iaaatltaa, ltta Civil fr'a:nt nin 10 vtlt I'ailliel, I)la it ('ivil, n viii - t tuta roa, Cola't o a l l'a t a I a11| ar Noulvea 1,'oriiuhllre d~ % N I+ niii I vol J1' t Jt N' & C' , N (I ,I nl i tlr' Hll, ugh nall aorn'er t ('n ala+nt Io n C-monna 1 t1 IAlI't,' CT I Ull.l' 'ATIt A lta .a. rat l l'l llau.mel of tariena' ''tala ha tby tanaataa of the tIay Rinnr'a, nre Nat I Ilatatattta' ltoa( at 'ttaaothera by atae authar atf thea tPrinie. and tile, I% l~nr Adl.a'a ltaanaata an Altna ar ia snaaranh taf practia'Ce by the aathlaaaofaalta A entalares of't a entleaa ia te'arch N'inhalaal Nialala Nan I1 8 t-mt nil a.t r new novels, tar salea by IE .lIll¾'a & C-, Slaitanar'a aa'a11th, n7 . e rner St anaaa t . tlll Ca 21 t1aaa a ants ' EW LAkW IltIt)a Itaaiart af tha Presbayt'rian 'l'lanch Cove: the C lttalalalaa ' oa I'lannta.ltIa niatao Ilsn taug8atina of Jatna 7t odal antal 1 thlatnve" Aatahel gr'elnaa natal o letasl y h intanal Atiller, ai taernth tf ta Plialadelahiat la; Magar tan A ttmeftt'a'i nd e '. oM riliea =t, ew eaa itiat , llaina i ',l hnt.,'.a8tt ''t l'aaaati 5tlth trl' Loadon adiniatta, withI aaaa lt.alaa aanrrntaaiaan anad addi ation.. Just rec4ated and for ly tat! A TOWAIt, 49 Caat.nt at BZIPPIN'l LIS'T. Ooastwlse. - FOIl NEW YORK. jOUISIANA AND NEW -YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To Sail every othelr Ionday.) Thlb tine in comiposed otf lie itllhoinilr thilps. viz : SIip , VAt .) Cpti. 'l'rIn-k "MISSISSIP1PI, " P' lillard " I.OUISVII.LE, All, S" 1IAKSPFI':A', " rittin " I IU'J'SVIII.RL, " Irid' " SAIATOGA, " Illthn,wty The nhove ships are all of the tll lt ,.:lu , c.( p.reIe Intl prrlll l tl tl l , o' II li ht Irlllght Il w'tlor, IIll btuilt il .\ w York expite-aisly litr Ihe tirade, with ennle if ilco nuIIi ndI liti o liar I .l e ers, 'lll d i ll in nded by :able aI l tx,'px li enerl rnaler.. TIr I rice of pussge it ' o! fixed u ll$.!0, witholl ut, oill 0r liquol; lllllll' .Itl'e i1 every otheli r lticulnr awill e provid'd, a edor y ut Itntllli ll iven It p}r41ot1 e the co(lllfillt Iof IIItose )lllilen to1 onl fro inl th line The sh11,p, will lt all tillll. he lowed p and down tII I ive:, :,nd the grllltest ptlllulu alirv hdraed asitoi Ieir dav of' ,ilin. I&. Neither ithe on. er r naplinI of thise hips s ill he l respo .sible ihr jewelry, bl:Illion 11reeo1on1 s|a es sllvI e'r or granite, . operage of tin, rust o't irt 1 . . , or tlr ( ll illtle I porul or 1 clll k:t. . by lpll oi1 h ll A t rlh til l i n r trn n Ve i n' in hIl- L l rue .k ," t shniand Ilt e vti.e thiernltcxlteSsed. For Ireig .t i, g ,. i ( l &.:_ o7.. 0lt .t ?I NWV YI4LtKI 0.1)7 \V It l (Int ( Nt'nn in(titti c· t t tno lit cular lc' i r n, .n .v, i In C leceLm.ber. t .ouisint la tnrdl ,in' r oirk I.ine. . k. Tht lt'it tt L i il:st in li rtei li alt r lp ck t Il p , hplJI, MIS I."S.II'II , Ililhtr d Ina, .oi , h,,viog bnlt Iw il i ie de iched (lt e rly lhr dt, t above, l"or theP lir,.iL tt of, l lll' ba '+:(lrl, ll" o to tlltf r t lllh1k there oII or p lle, hi" l I .nvin, 1c lnl i.I tl ' a- I:oI. I ,il il., rilplly fil II ailplllilln Oi loardi, towll lier he1,.w lhe lt VI'e:ll o l e \1 rk r I FOheIn ICK & Cr , Sreed ll-u \ioosi<ýii-i p iwil rilT rnr II .&llltelh . . . . Il' t Nll Ii tV 1 -ld l IdK . Holies' Line of i'nckt' le Iegulor PI'acket., 91h lIcer tnber. Th )II , ,i Pa e 1i P ea ill o s teIII et', willhe lt de', IAr 1'(6I' II: N, 11 ('oIII IIII' I S t Th'rhv e a'keishi ilit i tw l sil t hin will ini.lle dt e , stild will soil ,l hl r re r llher ,lIay. FOR NEW YORK. I'ncklet ofan'.ld lDecem1ber Neer -.k and .Yew Orleans Line. - The I'ar kt -hip Al'lillN,('a.ptninl N. P. y' rII lufby, wi ll ll sa on her rgnlr day.lli ir i_ right or I, li A to . 51( pnip tt FIIOL NEVW TPKL New York and New Orleans line. T1' h, fgI .l I t ni'w liuIket I.hilFl AI" ILt','R i'IT, in.' thi uy &,31,d lolve eurly di- patch. Th ,e F. Ibut been blllt for 1t1i; trade, is of u lihl, 'i Sdraftll haler, andi las ccollnlllllodallill flr plasseils"ts e.qllill Ii nlyV vIssel Ba(lilillng oljt Iof thl+ i:llitled tllate.,- Fur frrighl lr +ilss:ige, 1lllly1t Il (:htllllihi t(II . ll. alO li A llIH 1'I,:'I {:I. I .A llA)I '. rA | ,'nlllll It The schooner ANA INti, C.lpinll. Atkiis, lvig at the wharf i i ii oll Jetf'-irson sleel , will sail posilivoly for the above port on ith ll i lly. II): ( liEl. IIBRO &I)WN '.l (;+l,'l (Hill t 'or the Interior. FOR TI'1E AT'ITA'K 'PAS. li(i t o Ill i+ er 1 r11 Tw llllll td e r t f tll, ' n ' "'. thl a; thr n-; t ntn. fit I ,,'r'l,,{'k Ii lt , 111 = i" I t c"I I du it i" lllll I IIII Ill,! . Ill L e, p l lyoln bo rdll aplp-.iln, Comont111t | u ,lllt stlrlet'l ilr Io o " a2;- I'I':'t III ' . A\ 51 'llllllpl 5l' !orilhl-l - F1l) ]IAYOU SA Ii\. Itl"la r Parlket. lday t r no1rn i , t Il 'c ,lock, n ,d I atnou i S ara ea r cr u.u i ... i 1 I' ~ l LA IW ANV- r51 Ci. , r.... I4 , 4Paket. lane olisl I.'l III 'l ,c 4e4k 4. a ll ll4ll ll , o I 1 S it IaV F"r ht ight or pal- g' a pl5 11 (apl.H l l rl e on hr 4. ' o ,r t. ust B loro &illT-; o t I's T re , , iv, d,1 tsI tir - 1 h,, a al r g+' e a n d g ein.el r l n om- A lo t a soiIIrm t li' .n1 u n 4| I ware, su+i h a; fank Luxe, thiI MA 4 Itl 4 & J I)I4VEREI'X, Ae, a`.f !llI''rhIn hs l !at nlol SI'.\I'. ol414ý4 ir.o4". , . t . rc .an nw r., A .4444444'''' 4.--. A t't ci , i+on, l nr , I, lleatd Hrlllep k 'm lana, an d lanralle, ng saild l di n l' +h , l l in a l in arkn elellt r v ulrll 'y il; i 44 444 4I wt i4 .... . 4 4 ll 4 l r . 44,,r 4l 4 "1 a i , .. 4,i4 A 4, Ls ' rk oil.r , 4 m,44 th e o ' nr .leta , il n rl , a4 , p hat . i , TI e ta I e , rl. c iz: r w , ,l. I rk II , a alle l a ndl Kni- h r i s 1 ' r)ail d C,'+ riptillP, l In wi" ull,,r , md1i knl II teA lno He,9,)\ommon &IP I liar e lica, prn.,l l, lhat foci ,, is(lh boaltrl s. n ll, m lntarl, A m Rll i i 1r L M .,, .u', a i l 4 4 I li es 4e, 4 , i ow d r,4 pok t w hunll ks ivn n rol hlltl. ,I lpls . N lsrlle enhl, lni s lle, .h te rncll l l l el cu \l ns alnld n:a ed, etller rlad gilt hr adt e , n ir a healls, ell s a l l tl and r - A t r Ions-I; a s ghot ib e'Is, h tne, brli, pcket and dueiling a oJi qtu,; adtl aod jingle Iarrelled w.tns. Bowie knive F, al I r ans, waio bot kh lo , s lo th, hair, t<n th, nw l,peg o b, lit n d . ( .n s " h ,vvs a rn a i t't, do atlls ull+ and searldsve- Aw g tl s;e hasir onils. .t ing lli ll d Ioise t pneap o napS l e -ll re cri tioanslan e-' u eru q atl itmen' ne d i' k nd dre..1ing casPes hai" riFglh't, frit.vtt brnil., pIlain, in.lcy nlln A s,1 I A •lsv a ,o, r ak oas, hlis n atnl git figunw n's l, csto t am anld , e s t b* us s. ,ld iory s -hoirt d.u, whilt 1 1. sith1 s, gohl ndI s"1 ilv "r pncl.n calw(sa + to<)tlhlplicks stall twPeezr4n l.': L,' Ad amt i . It lcket:i, ll'lllilltlll'e d l, silhv r, llra:as talll stee,+| andl re .tdinll lht' bloking, v ,lin and .tit:rs rl bedn At 4 I and ll sill 4rl' c ps," l f l.i llnt , .twil , 4seolluted :I sh. 4 . lelna, ohl ,l d a( rel\r re antold flri P, aitteri puller, ainul |ng, w'1i , w.+Iiu. ('walkin mte plh tgtn:td' En o A 4 tgold, la4dll 4 gih cjiw llrv &e 4. A I The albowe, lue,thoe r with Brenit variety of Ither arti lea are ofered hot w hhlese or retail on s cctti nsri a hUd ngs a l ter us. l o e,4 nN It Shell 4 ol4,' drepair+' d 4 sl I bscul h e ners, A gelstw fon" llanan t , ,s' ad( m ,enI 144 . . Illh4anteh r, w h4 fi ehll , e l.nI4 4 nd, haiv j l ot eeivct l n very elto ll iVte set tit" Im I+el r.s, Call lohica of I T`ble an Desoler Koieer s ol 0".... dters ri t iol, Pen, tors henl r to , • :. h &c lnrc. tac. w hi Il l hey are prepanredI to exhibit to thile tr lde rla es. tuerrloll d . ondt oll nht t wil he 4 ma4de kn.wn t t.he Amen. r t1 tewan esei3i Og trn¥rt shivarnishwtle, Lisa ills -tlrr citie , a .nge and nW Releo tere assor hlenot Iih .ni m ll uols, %hoes lind B nr d whoeni. In 4ensii 4g o 4'g 44ll '.eh an 's line 'calf" :,l mtd ch r t j s n , o utdo hpartl; d llnll, : dll[ sth t anlx peglged I noalls iI F -:,rimll (I lliti mlel n't S lino h le seath Iiibl e l ol l:er 1h ý, ad. ult n s and ollgan s, bllte kskill solloen , lrlllkned alwnt I:lpe fus: m n'lls ine a.;f r a no d ipe pgklIedt 4 s44n l I . I r()gm1; do Ihount; ido stol k iiip l wa\;'x pegged sh(oe Tv ,i ill brn(gaus; geotlemen's hest Iiil)ty calffscnci shoes, S I ,n g sa" l mamt ;ack I th w ain s; do call l m otualolecr ' 44ck 4e s t; a nalll l 4l'o lls; I dII c a ll; s.l al lll4 d J.l"'o ce r - F i SIditll sllos s ollll, c11 alf, hulf+ :mlll, eaIl Wingl , lad r oew article; do linll t i:i. se;.l asstl lorol qaeo rtell:ll'tl sts; Ibo ,s', lllisse.,.'llll 4 ll'|d'r4 ll's 4egg4''d alld suow4ll 4 b'4' '4. 4.4 4 ' ', sh es 'ot4.'4 4 44) 44t4lit 4 al4l ki444.. Also a gen er:ll asstlaltl'l.,l fllt s' 11 a1's stoullt wax and p'lf IlI'I.naiIS and slamet'+, togelhUr with lott(tK) pairsp 1" - , IOo , it al ity', hl'~sstt 4ll. 44, lailt.l in tie - , I n lk, made expr sl fo.rIv . plhntitatin use a good as iolln lll rl t li-l lin t" and stounot k l Ip ISSItt hlalr ls , a , w article,.'idn it : Ii t'll anlllily of" tll illlnterior ;illalily. a sstl4 a4i4 w4 ' IX II,: F.:IIIS.. t e a l ,:I el I s ' It l c al l l ' a i m n r c c. } ai ld g ra i n w e l t s , a n d I i4p ip sol4 sho4. llo4 is 1 ,4 li4 es Fl4reu44 h 4 hr444.44 u a l4 k4u I , naI sli ppel; ,In rim, shoe,/s ils nat witho ut hel"ls; |h t i c" sel a l t ii Ii lnd lllslu t l lnoute,.s.; tl0 r llllrns ll' shoe Shll kind s anl qualll44ies; .4 o lsti ki , b4 .gal4 l l; ii 4 4.4 l.e r' ' 44a .4mll I 4 4, 4 I. . ,l4i et 4.s M is4 ' lai4 ll g 4 l44i4., 4 l444:44 i44 0 Iatgal. (C1 .h .e's celmed Mlot'en0 t and InlIIa bra .iaa a s lllo l i | uc |el Mak silk hats; ,|o black e- n I , I'o htab l balve d llo ¢;a supeI r I quality; inl illlilal ! tal ul, i l c.iiii e a l do laL wlnll n l' r llrw b i lll t'ls line dIrabt adlll se Illes | % witb e uelll'l lllta ll e of" beyl S} allll s lllms ll'' 11-1 caps ' ' i e, s ass i nall w ill bLe t1 e plllc L+.t l |b the arri'.al ol e l'+, h | klesh-ml the nl e a¢. lnted citiescl all of .wvhich. I e ItsI.I[Ib 1+Thc Si e licrl ,',',,ht, vm. hutly -lta I [ renh. to aopplv 1h,, ,plimler anal lhenpubhc hi g,,eneal,l b4 ,v4444 la r d.. li, 4 4 lli prices a4l m,.444 t b and44 4.4 4 tit'. I+,al,, I +, tai. , pnd lu elfsup l loal cpr r ,'eve, rn llhl. to Ihl piste. '" l e Th. L U lp led'lu +. t eý.,l | es t l t. P t oflhai kidlits l':,ro e. 'I Ihull li ,,s, t , Iall at lhe eo lr f Nalth. mItll 'l'Fohnutlilt a +Is, t'he in4, w...44 . 4 4, 4 4n4 4 the v 4ar4nhe4 4are. the adai:.el. Th 4e t 444444 p 44re 4t .1' 44h wilhoul4 44 nell,"4.4 1 4 . th'4e44 n 4t4N 4-\ .I.:I., .areha 4 .44 44.4.l u,,4ld. both444 here and ii4 lte north 4 4. 4n usual ,4 n nne, w ith a ru ' w4il4 a l'ee4u4ll4 p,e R'4 ouge, 4 t4 r sale bv G 1)i.{5k, LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Ds Sa.tttjorltit of tlj state of 1ottalfana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIhARD, M[ANAGERS AND PuROPvIElrTORS. TEY The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to th Public. TI e tAIF MILLION LO I TERY will be drawn in Dtrelember, and finished at one drawing. r The 'TWO M ILLION LO F'i'ERY will be drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbera in one wheel, and Blanks and Primzs in anotjher wheel. Itltth Lotteries. under the supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL .1 DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The tII.LF MIt.LItO. LOTTERY oilers chaanres to 1,291 Prizes, o,f hlich 33 are Priz a of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes come posed oflTickels in the Gr.d T'l'wo Million Lottery, affording a partlc. ltilian of clain:lts als, to tihe holde.r of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LO I T'h'EY of Two Millions of Dollars-111,000 Prizrs!!-t- the lilt aimouoti of $2,00i,000, of which 107 are Prizes of Real E.tate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simplo Ni, 1 to 10t1,1(100. 100,1100 c'l'etiits at .;20-2,II(l0,0l0tl. Schemo and selling price the same. Amongi the Prizes in tlihe two lott trie are many public oila private bliiihgi 'inieh adorn the eity of New (rleans, and are the pr'de of its inhab. itants-the Verandah. St. Chares stree't Theatre, American Ca'mp itreer Theatre, Mt. Charhls Arcade tluilings, with it tels, IDwelling hIouses, Storis, tiulding Lots, and mnoi y iemii srqoares of Ground-besides Stoi.ks I Ian ks and ohel r institutions of the, State of Louisiana, amoi lnting in tie whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE ilUJNDiIED TIIOU'SAND DOLLARS. Alte ll Real Estate and StoSn k oIioerell Prizes are owned by them an'ld in their pmasa-ssionh:-ti-0 aits of sale, wilth lear titles, ore vested in their firm, and recorded in thee olice of Adolphe a1 l zureau, Notary Pihl.t, lantd oflie if convyi.cese, eeiready i) Itr.insfer to the holders of Prizo Tickets, exempt fromi incuiiibrane: 't'lh prolprty is se t apart unalterably to tat sole and oily i llrlpc, aiid can, inl ino event whatever, be conveyed otherwla by the flil than to the holders of the Priz'es Tekets. A31 E RICAN CAMP STREET TIEIATRE LOT TEIR Y, C.APrr.t. 85$40,000, ix 1,901 I'lllz.s! Will hedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT'; and in order to grtitty, at an early period, the porchaserns IttA' of tickets, tl e oembination is adopted fur this Lot. lery tnly, of I Io 75, w\herlhy tho drawing wilt be completed in a few minutes 1y the drawing ol 'T 12 Numbers from the wheel. in thi 67,525 Tickets, at 010 each---675,250. Ilsot 1.291 PRIZES!!' mnttle from t SCIItEME. 1 CAMP ST. THEATHIE an Gnoouno, \ill bIre prioe tor thle hlolerl of lte le, '2d and d t . sttLual r tory .k ,ihl5 $1. 0,001i Ill d Ars.ll 'dr ltoae's hotel, trr ig rh coro'lllS'r l in t t( io 11111o1t Il t'h sIt.reai .. . . 1,l00 I'rizl. I.tlo t , .5th n d 10th. ' That voduaole tiI e atic blt ick sltore lon Ohl I.e v streetl, oCclpi'd by hle-srts II & IV Ilop kii .. . . . . . 35,1111 PI' z' I. ti ll71h, ttl d l `l. ae. ''h That l'ico'ot dorllohg hotone and irt, No 74 Riecal teat, oo't.oi'd hlI t W tV" (;odrinilo 5,l(I1.1 iP i tIIolcIclh 1111, I lh , o 11 I4t Ion 11. T I IIt I lory dta lla dwelling llld double l 10 tI a in -M 1 . Ic,. lpied bly J 11 11111 10g,000 nowt: Prizel Io t:l Ist , 2,1 and .11 tad ei Al elltire st illlelta. I'rttllt ilt l ntttllllolllac nl ' llt-t . h l ' I .n,2d 1. h1 tnd tl by I ibrly, etnttto 'It M l o n ttlet l I 'l 'ersiehor sos. 14,11011 rd by S I' rie to Ioto . d 5n h That ne -ot soe antid lot corner ICtp and tolt Julio sl n-efuccupied by Mir. M.Ilaubr trlole ifarlY dry sr . 1r 1 1 ,000anto 'rire to ll ',I nd flth. ThIt oIn twtV .1coeo anld lot coruer of t Mary atl Jinc t. ... 110,001 snttn l'nze to Ist ,I1 nid7th. A rcrlllicot e fitr 5111 tickets in fle two million tl otrv It $ (I el 'h . .1.1,t:00t . II 'I'h tortll ate holder oftlhis prizr.e IIny realize. lth ItiL destilly tOllkti possesinlllrlllllt .gh t h, t' edlim, of tlle )prIniple potllio ,lllTof Ih v riouslll s llenllid prizes in thlll e two lln ti e1 I'rizu to tel, e ,,i and 8th. tf I T ohat Ih er buihling uint extenive ilt its the will t it of, t subourg iLivnllm ni+, corner grand hhnttingtot t nd tt llp:ho ,, its. 1cU by 1U o Prize to Ist. 2,1 onol 9th. .m , t.l lltllt I, o I1 to :kets in iltte ttwo m illio I d ll I lt r $ 1 01111 It Ite I 'rtze to .l ,.itd anod 1 cath. SI'N t ll ' stllry dtelle Itlit .t ned lut,r 11 't' 1. Nivlldl+. st. lllnext to l oo 1,i 1 col ner, of Sh tke. r I ! i': to 1, , , ,,d ,], ; ilt. ,hr , l hA t(erttfi lt It ticke' s i t i he two Iilllon 3 40t j ," t $21) r,,,,h, 1 ,500 It I 'rlt ,o, I 1, l - I-,,I lJ l''ith. SIA i e',hu, hoas. a tl hi Victory st. 3 , 11.t e.:itg _, Irlt ait t fottrmtg ct.ner of Dt En- feet 1 1111 itl I'lixz to lst, :1,1 nnd 4,.h Ions i rerlii (allt ftolr :l)l0 llcket ill tile two million ut l Iotor,' , 1 1t21 ottoll0lc I ,000 0 Ih~iz.e to I s1, :d and SIb. iA I l lot r oi Naya' st. d I. being the a lt I hot roterto t Io pn a. 5,500 a O u l P i tot tot,: i ;4. IA ,','toloe ct' tooet.I 11ttt in the two mrillion to - rz. to. lst, :hi tnd 7th. tlr A ce.rllito l:el er .- 3 til:ket. in the two iillion r - lonec',r at $'Ir[ l4,.100 , e I'rle to It Is, i atnt :it1. its 'e A two story ,lwrlitiog htolse nid lot, *J .M1. on sich I I l' togiet st. Ine the coner It o Vitory ,000 I ,t Prize to lat, :h a Lde 9th.' SA desirable lot ou 'l'erp+oiltort t t.'.ud M. djoin Ia .n the corner lnt of NLr.lde.' t. 3,100 ant Prizc to I.e:h alL d Iit h. 110. An rl, hIkl ,ltt.ted uildtlig lot a Reli-riouo o" t.2 M. t11 Jll flo llr thlt o ci l orner of St. ate0 do Jace" at. t .n1 300 Prize to Ist, 311 a I l t lilth w . A priz e consisting .1" a certilicate fr 150 tick- !I tg e too lo tnlo Iililo Io.ttllrv, at $211 eacl 3,000 010 e., Prize o st, :i lln tol tih. l no. One enli reasqllle of gro,'i iln fIllbleorg Ao - e cib, Iniccnth-n, d 1o. bondd dtv ChyClr, TIy - +1 ne, lil. Ch nut tol IE.rrto st. 0 E2, l00 s+ irizI t, Ist, Ilh an l 5th. vI A Irairnable building lot, 3d, MI corner of M1o areo C"- rentl and lllllte£11nr 1t s . 1,9011 bat tng Prize to 1l1e 41t1 and 6hl . AI 1 dAls irhte Ildihhg Igot '.5 lent oll Monegul st0 r ll ... 3 1 M. l oth f.r.m r t. 1,80)0 da old Prize to Is, 4th and 7th. Anrl An ert1 o sptire of gen.dlll, 0i M. bounded nie i yt (iy Clio, 'r, lrralo nt ant WaIets. 1,10 bt titk Pri. tor Ist, 4te anl t Itth. 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Ilc t of ground, city of l.fyettne, 3 24 ju , .t t oll \aslthilltoln stree, and .Ith lot fro"t le got l'1 o notrect, 750 7 tot Ie, f 1st, 41 Ian th t ,ll . td 1 nd Th h oeis- Fneo, hdn' Imth al te1doitaly of Lt-fnyetlte, s :re a to 411 fptri s ea h it a ,ourti l si res', t t 1 i 4th I )ls fnl t llr l e Jer-ev slreet, l $310 each 2i ,400 Przeto t, lt, e 51 and ath-tIst,5th $nd 7 tth- o 1t, 511h and 811-- , 511 th nt, l9th, $;hll I oi:f ttt 'ttdtng l t... . letlno tIoI ist. lit, il |'s lll t lm t t orlln r \VoCllitogtlo itret, $:1 tO t : e I. . 1,01111 t z c totI tot t th an, ll 1tho-It ,thto, lth jand - Is r. tll 11 ilt.l0 l tt h td ,t th -h. to t P tot iee s, roo't cerlittlrlt it. Ihe corn oliloliotto " t o lottcrvt h311 tickets, et $2u11 rcr 1 ,0111 no SoI'oz n I t Ist, -ith II n1 Alt--lt 7iti Int tI ,a 1th--lst. 7111 anl 91h--lsl,71h and1 I11ith. ho vies i wo pizx,n,?, lll c tr lifica-lt, tlr I'.5 I kllrral Toe t in the ew' m illio to l tery,'1511 ittkc t .I , Io $o 0 ýrn tn e •r i .t 0 5,0011 tePoi.e to Ist, 6 haotl 1th-rlolt, Dnloett t t nh- F ive ,oiz s e c4ilh Sl.ares of stouk inll thei SI'i nthta tio I t raolll I otlyrtlhV , 4tI re llll , 41100 ( o oIil I t$IIIII e c o, Io1110 Prioe Ie , I.s, 71h noI'o ltltI-- lt,7th aod 0 lI,--lit, 8th aht |Ith--lst,8th and 9th- oi t Ilt.tJ ori o elh 'dei .. I llt otf lob tchartroin etoh r ail 10dsol, :10 slteas. i $11111i 3,1100 J it as- Prize Io Is1, Hill an1d 1thll--ts |, 1111h tlll| I 1 h-I ret t tt,1 it 1 h t 111o- I tlth notI httl. Eighlt ,rizea, .ch r eertifieale tofSO0 tickert+ ill Io 'too towo oili t IIotlerv. , :1111l li:ko leta, lt $ telellhh 0,0011 ,,ultoize to 1, 1.,Il and 1t2ol-Itl. Iho anto It.s .h--d,0dh tl4.h--,l,:hll 51h--0d ler - 2 , :hl all !ht,. Tel.' 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FM, r I nlflllrP 1 snll n forly-olle lrize:,ea 'h clll e lr tilcale tfor 4 lickelts, ill lhe Iwo million lot^-6,460 Glh--4th and 7lh1-5th and 13lt--;.il t and 9lth- or 71h andi 111h.. Fire hundred nnd forly thotan.d dollars. $740,100 OR±1~ LOTTER TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES AMOUNT! NG I O TW\O0 MILI,ION' 01 I)OLLARSi, LOIIAWN (IN THE. I(LD) PIi, N O0 BLANKS0 AND) I'llIZES,-NO C~ON) IINATION NUI~i11ERS 100,000 Ticket, at ±20, --- 52,000,000. SIIMPLY NUNIIIEILED, 1 To 100,0001. TIhn sclhm ond seiling prices are tire same, a no additions Or reservation are' mandRn for sopetnses in this lottery : thoono nlmbttngut rape anon wrill operate s airo diduction lom thn vloiuaOhmnset on Vic propr"r(y. MOD)E OF DIRAWINO.-T'I N on orn I tn 100,00) nill ho, plrced in one whreel, anid thn norno numtlbr otrflllanksndtnlr Prie in anltrhr weielo. I'o eorverynmer drawnn fromnnonerwheel, atirkct from tihe Bllaknklad PrinwheelIwnill bOdrawn. untill te rrloultorre drawon. 1)1' LION I0 'I'T I ', 'lllaK a uuIlls MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. pt, ]Ji Ia.h da'F l Idr..wig under the I sii piervliion oif tw JUi s Apol, I of (:ut ill Neti Orleansii, anrd the UheIl opllelld und I.7 Ie salei by thrim. 10,000 PRIZE 1 S. ,, I. 'I'lhe VEI 1 11.\l 11 aid crunIdI . alred l $i lll,10,00 \C ishi Th'. noabuhle nd pler ibl edith., is t;1lr I Ligh, I nd p|re ., ia t l rotm of" I11 5 f t il o Sllimt toll, lel Is stre1 t, anll d I)I II i on clli lllln ,ris. 4 . T le irincial pl urtiou of it . fr IIt of the bic t- id in gtl jli3t0liri cc ii4t ll a c ilc hull, u1 i,'r or r, ol b e1 ho mid eightlsires, ,q lad wo rand elll il tofel e bl it. h wl,q I,.r whic'h fl(! .........hid r of tlbis .- lhlendlsinrll'+.l) lict i-s dceilc lll n i, llld Ia s lll is I ow nit ll pi- sii Tir ed by .Messrs. K ih, . M leeks, in n h yle which 51.h ,mll,; 3L,1itll11 rr l('l In oillr e lince h: e woveItsIII in i vclllv lltn t otllll d ~ ll tedl wl ll rll r1 i rllllls, par- 5:i lur" antl bed riom,. The I v.erIt rent avera- (olppo, g's . 0,001) p ir an u im, cold lbciioiclc inmiied , I I ' - provisio's mll4 16as60 to $4,500. 'Iho ! A1 ,it a11Oollio lio n ll $45,3,0)0 to the tfil ttallte holder , il " 'foilli: S . CIAILLES T'llEA.T11 ANI) 5 1 UIit)UNI), with ilte sen'y, multth r, leine wltrdrobe, I ,lliic &I. comIIplt i .i 500,0001 ' '1 6 h Thil cTn hcnilii'citlt s clrture I e I ront of c130 5l Itel oIn st lthrharle sirre'+', ,,, n deptl h & L front llll h ei ,f 7Ui 7 t ChI, rlh'> Ar'ule'. The c.a.i. llli 1i 2 tv ild ailclll iiu n d Iblliu it cl rre+l I c spond . 'iih the i i; nit (e ol its exterior. 'T'oo -a n! gran s loot io s 5li' 19 fiel . The flour h ri r the c. of b111xis rl i i s ,lrl ll-ted tl tll e f.lli-vt gl e- il57. lr's; 47 lS, tI11.10 Ix , .151v hllv l ii llh r rreti dic . ld I tiiit lulcien l e lui lhlr, relillh ti h h t, 1 61. 311 h1t'l il ('lrt'lllll i'rlvlo r e g - il07 4,511010 ., \ 'II,7.-& lihoiettPd with 1711 ga I I, hl., cond ,oil. $10,7511. ,lhe 'rI't,," Yvlep~rr n Iod toil, hli I iiir l llrui hd .il 9. 's'iloe whol trli lllIsh ll und I ,ll\l heflll l I e s d .X 'Ip, ir - ; tro at Illll ill illlII iiii'III. i. I l. Tial r.ll ~ I.l'll e \II.l: r n\It As Bln 11 i. All IDIN(GS, .l1.\ 1'11S, .\\1) HI" c , c ai I vai i iic'r ! . 130,0111 lt . A Iwauuilhl Iblock ofthe ('a rio,thhii order, 54 nex fir t oil lin ,':to st reet, r1, lN, , ltrIu ,ci thec Si (hcirhliv li',icicI i' ste l ivhIc. 'I't Icl lo ir clit nI i icl iIpfil by linI iilicl ii, lcsip.ii it liarn ll st e ; atl the i'id i' tclo ' hur -07 n0 llti r , Tl ~ i e ici olre s lot 15,1100 pr. 1, t uiii ciiiiii 41. iile entire ,t iiarei t of groudi , °_d Girii". lr-e aiccti, it ,milic. 0 buicldi ls 711 I )r ,hs s0 'lle l, I ed i cill ll I , i t llln If; boil, ubnl t ,ifs, borll tllded 4 c c-illerlp, Ite lrCis and 'ib rp.iii b sil2 hitre stre,,ts . ... 32,0031 slu Ii. The nimre o s ure o rbu nk n Ist·olre . Thi i0 eI,,'ve .Irll"+ , 1 i t In ih 1ied I Ing aIlso iiii nu trl The to i stor y hrul w arn' dlotlli n house 10t 0 ol ('oroorleirt s jr', 2d l uul nciltthtl, Iluntin bnun 1 ile co lr,'I of i ici lcrt 'i"r ,-&tr u. 11,011 7 Yl 'tlt|ll "llli coeotlilre f LCrtllllll lllcf l o I)ry ii ( 9 ti c by uerl ai cic ic ler, l e sct o.% Ut1 , the 1 0 som I lile cnrei (lI'arIiie otf glro un on I relnnlleu hvi .0 rlii IIIt. u il('lc cqlitc't, of 11Illlcc, huuc ltll d b tli, len , t r I n testret,&c. re S . :(111 71 111. The et.lll re sqtlure o 1f ,roll nd (til e1 9tllle+ tre 1 er l l 2 lc niii ipll ilf 1 I: l0 , 5,ctllc ,.)1biii y It y 3n0 E ler , Teliv t) i nl e lretst,&"Tt. 21,1),0(1 7 I0 n I i elln f 1 i l "l l bool ~ 0,0110 Iull I. The 'e cire su ircic f c rounc ol l Beli ntc tore s,-d In 1 il yih 11 i lllllll c ; uiI s, b oUl Id c by Ii1Iner idtI'e r Iet ics hore sii ll ee . . 1,01110 b 1:. The entire suaref I grioun on lelp t y in0 L lstre e t, i l ot no cun ccit lltcv. i .ntcu nl If; lois, bonilcd iccib e o sil "r 'r hib r s .ts. 11,000 o Id. lThe enliruurcu e lt lerood c Beic on ciirle stnres, 2- r n 0h1,1 tCl , tI-nluiUlll 17 lots, c0 iii'ced l1¥ iiTirpsichcu ', i vituiii .cci' ti'ic 1 o10- 0 l0 00 15. The 1 r Io tor i *e n" c d lcuo't i n , b 000 IoI.ev o l sreet, c1 ,l, icipi l ily, c nll eri t i I bu Ii street, 39 by 105 ehet °cbibc 0 11,00' 1 16. T le. unoureof grouni o n NllscII eh street, b, l l J00 ml ni vbiliiv, o llu l ot, b lnded b i ic, it l- 00 i u I u', Euer c ill N"itcci sleret . 12.00)(I 17l. Ti' sqtrel Iof Igrouniild on l e itu le.r , l 0 t0 d nclcialiti , of tI , tii Iois nliiindd by ii el ler propilertylcii 1 ,000 0i 1000 street, 2n1ic cicngevi 3dbcy stn 13. 'Th e square if round on Thle1 t1 rt, l clcir'e2, c i cnitiiu clll ll c l, c llilb lllclllc c Iv 10 . 'I-ucuic clric h.f iuitU Ii ll- c lc ui L' 2 I u Innh'i , h II, 1f 'c, bii nd nI Mely-po in , ii.elln6 , I l u lnr l 1i I r id I,r stIrl i . 11"'1 tn. 'I t, m rlll,:lir sip's' l-o 0 u dr on Ile ,1, toin lrevt,',(I m. of 5 Ioiis, o lodel by NV ·1 t" Ju1.i le re i," illrIll,' xl o the t orllic r of Cc lii II 0 i-crect, oI"25 fiy 74',-) 9,1000 3:-. 'Thl I .cgqiii o III Icil lo T l ia rl ti i, t1 1) ,010 2.c c 'I i ll llltidi d i lc i'y .l itiii ., 1170o I 2I. TI'lno c lloplll c llilll iii J1 u lia ciit 'l , t! uli x t , ti s cor r . t .1 l v ctoo"I, C ot l lt llll l lg b o1. Tlhe cqicre of r.'cil,| oni M ,i iccirciccc 1h ', I li c hl'' ,di uc i 'd by I r r h tiiiiiiiiiciic 25. 't'he 'l tat t o grn ld on I.ilwrrv ste. , , )0( tro In. lc l, f esl;llc l.1t0cc(l1i . •i 1 b , i 2;11. c'l'he quc ,,f rund o n , Ict , 2 1 . 1i 7ic cc ,I c ei l Ich c lii lc ilcl l l r1 3" > 0.ta I; ',lucy I • i tic • • Ii III tre d ii. il[ , I b ing t t, h '.,n b 10i0 i l'eic . loIi re si i rc' i OI,0110 i 2:1. 'Th' lsei st oy hi ihlincui anc ci rc d cc i 1,0 . 'lll, llti i iicil 'di' f li g itn n i tl . 500 0, cc i. ch Ifi lc h . Und'd Uiid ca',, c llc .,d 4I.P uc II tPclreli 75l10c cc ii. h'I' squf re of ground l l n Tlhlha, b r111c5c , 2d l,. f If lo lits, lol nd.d I by ,hnltitI, S,11A.+ ind cci Ol 'cc- ic, . 11 1 -c i 0,00 ,1 41e ' st e t , T 'hi.t t lv l c i'c ' sicd c c c c l e t ,001 3:0 . - ll0 e sqcch i r fl l ,cl riIld ti l O T 10 rsi f ,ci re 01 31. 'r'Ih, lo l l d " lIt of nl loA If t , 1,11 1 In. corner of .\ llIture sI reet, :11 Iy 127 5 Ih s llelt,9-. IIIn. 9t lots, lllcted byl " I h+ d, tii . nI,h nod l'elilv t els . 5,500 310. 'l'the lot tifgroonI ,.:*,w |.., ,t' L l'¢ctre , 2,0 In. elxt LO thlle weuei'of Ithbiyll rer, 30 by' Ill.. ' ieet .,50 1 1 n unl)d ·tbp lcnlt'llt. S11tt', 5..0 . 03,5 I 33. 'l'litolot o ihrl't o1 lion lNwi . Irv" str., t, it , dn 2Jn. tain,.' ti, otnl flt lUtb· tarrt, hl ,. utin 3"h, 105 fti00 39. 'r'ile 1(t71r t.f coo llllcd lm, E.rrolil. f trs,, MIri t om nlln slret.; 5,0101 havini g 31 biy I27 tint t • • • 5,1)01 CALDWELL, .OAKEY & PR1TCHARD, MANAGERS ANk I'IUPRIETORS .\Ytw Orleans, Aug. 30th, 183'3 15. 'I'lT . porlio. of n square of ground ,n ,1o 4, lThe l toot of r oud l i.g 1 toe o ,ne.(,, f liullos I nlld T ldarslh e strreets, 211n . o.i ' . byr 1 f- t " 6,01111 17. The 1 i(u1re of 'routnd ,o Thalia storer, curiu "I I:I. ol.l ort-, hl, nllled by 1,iiu sel,Chl i tr he su Elt.i r 5,000 11,4 and haI'l)t 4) lofe I I l'l,ll ((il l ( ii. 11.' lO i 111i 1 , Illlllo: .lot h'g fl t r, 1 t, yI(II 3 1 t Ia h l h . 5,fi000 no e tetlll' lle'is no11t ld E alll, no'I 1 + 5,010 1 50. T'I e 1 oe, 1 .tor, 0ll0i!dlln. ld lot of ro llllll nll ,\1·n de ;i , rtflll"ll llllg 1 ' :3 .tlltfo l l 'erll. In. of 13 hots, homdled by MIrli anld ''halia N0 Ih l.r l ,a i l.o le aide all o 5he,'0? m 5'!. The lot of gr ounld n Apollo s treet,d in. 1 the 1 lot Ir 'I'rtei .-h'h re -t e, lie d I havi 34,000 5,1. A'ltI .^ - em o f gro und o in .0oll 11to str eelt, 2 1 oll ill. .10 let- holr hd byv I n0111ge five et , ' i'hal i ret(r1 rl Wa let). h l ftrr.itn 4.,010 II 31. A n o1l' gronl donApholo (iftel, Id to. being the rd liot t hrout ' t'erlsinhre street, h ofiug R 4 '!r l i, 17 f teet . . 4,000 S 7. A lot of ground on Apollo street, 2d tl . 1 in+. tillgl hihilt ll0' t I'u r,-Il n tl e I otll nuvlllrg :3Id r I00 h,,,( iii~li ; h, I1: ........0 . 111111 . 1. 11111. 1111t h -tIllllil,< ,:3 11` It 1 7 tr l1et 4,1000 1 :7. A Iot of gro. nd o:e I, I7 oIe,tt betill teII Il lt roul Uh)t which f orlsl the ol'loi of 1101 '' hrp 'lbore tle rert . 4,01)1 0 3.A lot 1f gra etAllllnd Alloih n sre t, 3 2 b 1171 I 1,,l ol)'dll0 01 t I ollt wh1h , ,, that fcol ftlotll tie+ COIterIII ,fIt M ellom ' lc ,) . oIl 'd,11 11.. 1 4,001 ) 5:). A It o'r o llollod int l ,.l sr'1 1 1 I3 1 b fay 1;0 f0ie, oo oolllllilllll o 'lle elo ,Ull 0 I( te , c orllldl dof 1 )it. .1 l,( r1 , oil',_ roud oI 'n 'halin ; sNee, 1 ll, l III. 0ln l . I luer , t Io to1 ll heI b nu and Il.l l lecl creks 4,0 10 11 61.A lot i gr'ou1lln I oi ei 1 lott e o -f re), ,0 0 Ii, . l ot of eloo tlgo o d '1ier ietoe . Itreel, wl hilioii te ( 0r 0 a is n tre 1,,1000 1 1i.{. A tu t o l igr oi i contaontnlellltolllele strlet, ' !dtr1 lt. 1 111 l1 11 h,111111111 I III. t11s fe I1,o111 on 010,l u ilui r t, i l 1i n ut , 'S!o 1, r I alet T0 3,51 0 Oli.. A sIt,10r0 I l nII'. ( tIii0,1 nl lTer ic14 ,t or 15,0e15 1O0)l tl1 , bL)unuded by J lnb aid ,li. - rel.'t 3 ,000 00 . A oI t f i grn n ot 1, 1,0llle1g.l t' tl .hei 1, 11i h te llh Ion hl \,I li h rot't I t formts ti llter U 4 S. J0 ll0 l1-0l A otre tl n olllll ollil 3'oi 27 fyee 0 3,100 10 I , .,50. . 5 t10 . A quare of Igr unllld llotallnilg 0 lot hounhded by Cherry, Imiuah), Chpnue "nd C(I'll 1 0.lreet+ . . 1,500 1o5nhd by iirue0, Melnii, ooeahlIt and Ci tO ,'l Aia (1elt l 0 ,500 ltil. A square ol l'gro nd, eotall ing Ill lotsl , r. lnlll ed lll ly \\lullll l ll c l,, (l;hbeltly alat. rrl l 0t 11 s1, 0( 1 . 200 (0A) Are t a t'Oi eloar , ofo u .dt, ee i 1 oIdI'tlll 1 et,0 l t'v reI i, l1 rer 1s0ot 2,l0t,001 1 70. A 7 ,-quaroie of gound, :ontfining 11 louts A hounlded by \\ lllnrtl, CTherry Iod TldiLo 100 r.ets . • ,1'111 r , 71. A i ltll0r1 ol grlo d lll n llllilil 1 lots b delll d tIy i. ll lu , I , trito sII nlld In ht y st.ill reets 0 °l 011 ' rea 4Ill 7 . A square l tf lootl, contl l ingl I lotsl, bounded 1(1 '1'huli, Solih an d JaC ob -Ireensn 1 ,001 0l rtefsa 1,800 1 GI 74. A squanre of grl ud cmunliing 18 lots, I oI nilded by 1he0ll , 0hl iI pruce0a nd ,:r - 00 Sito) scrtre0nets . 1,51)0 h0, 7000.A 1 ( re of lc ll und contnin he I o 0 pi sTlreet. . Tw ,lli fll r 1,0000I 01) 1 cu s) homul 1, 1,500 1 770 . A t llalr lure of ollnd o ](n un] d 6 lots bnld by spruce ndtn 'earh Hest: 1,00 on 72. A .slailre u1of gr ound ontllLinini g . o t II hounded by Pouch, iir to, i'e.h r and Clio ' S str eedt r• ,50o(0 p 11 : A quocm of ground containng 18I lots bounlllllel by h l, Maple arndi Clio Ianlldlll' 1,00 ' 811. 'u'hn ' t htr ng nhlr square of ground bound. e 1v b lle lln u lll] a nd ll illllolm e streel+ 1,500 hounldhed ,y .M]lap e, C o, |'oe and Caliope 11 .r. - ri u l ,e ]1,40011 100 a1. A sluare of ground ontaining 8 lutcrer P b ounded ,llv y 'hl.rry mlad T I)dlt 1i((l0 ],n1}10 al 8:I3Ii.. l llA p t if groiund Clo aing 1h 0 Iolsrr H I 11.4.. A l lluar e .lI (I1frouInl c nlll lill ll . I Solo ' is | :;I . A iI pe Illo nd o .l) sllelsey tr, ol byl 3 100 the ew 1t o e t 5. I : 1 n goin re r i1 r, ltr e of gro nlo tl lioln 19 1un1. houllde d by .\ 0i , ra I1( n ld Alptll elal l, 00 k 11) l0ti. A -gutlty¢ of g .i0n0.,,, tem iiiing b0 l ots bod hu d tb .I r h s u llt and hlrou s e, -. 800 it I Y. A s-ulrlltl 1f lll-fi n r(1l.llil 10O(1 olludtd 000 bounded h, ('li ', eter anld |trie M eels L01tan Ii8. A > t-eillll of 1rtl n ' clll oL l ('niu tin Inin 15 lots Ihouldellh k Pe e", E to anII al(hli e sll :lr e0011 nt) 89. A trinllinlar of --roundtl, r( ded 1 h(10 . A ch l.[ 04 -9, 1100 (11h ,0ll0ee Io th w . 100 ,00 l tier I 'Ja'o h ro ecllld Th l r1rt i•i n ;il- 0 0 1" '1 erltl etnd0 rnllI - 1 a·r i ,l. . 000 i 1nto "! . A t nel rn l, hr n. e oar, f golund b ulipded hby ,, IM l ll , ull. lolud1 .\Ihtlin e-f t ets . 8[;11)1 . u 9,30 A Inislcul r a c uueo1 glmotouf l dlllc l llool'ld0 I 000 11ill Ihe ((1(11 8000 Inll'I" IIh rlbll ll, EIphrI oynie, IPllell lnd C' h 5)00 fll.~l creel. 5t10 9I1 A Iriangulnr sqlure of gro'ulnll flulnllded It, ICheenli aol. Thaiia streets 40(} ,000 i "99. A hinile llihir squl ne oift rouinId bounded SIv .%lun-el nIoId ]I5ri't-lo ,lreel. 400 00 "1 . i 1110. A t o nn gr rlllo fuming the cornel r iof Ion II . 8t.re1 o lll, 111 ill Iothe Iattillel 350 Jersey I ollll I~ll t rlt e(t - illihlllLts IIqualllreO, bhwvilng i5ts I t,1Il Ihe formler a IId 11I3 e legitin Ilio .,50() lahtr` 350 ."0'n of \\ i lllhilllhlll SIteel 300 10.1. Alt"m IIo".nnllll| nl Jl·ley lstreet 15 by i IPet 1. f,, being th 8thh from Ihe t 5Wn 11h 104. A Iria4lllal Pruiai. of groulll bountdledl by iJ 1 o i Cliu a lld lle lell - , 3f00 ,501 " l.i. A Irl,.A lna lar rqlllle ofglollnd bollnldld • hv P'er tllld E0rolotreeta 200 4tL A lrltil llar slfi Il llllll o I oullnded 107. A Ilillll lll ns" i1gl e olg ronlldl I, bonded b y Ma p le ,a ll \ V.'nll le lt l 1'-0 0 5,01111 9,:170 prizles I share eaeli (;:; Liiehl alld Illkill, c4nlll,,n4,, -Lor)k, at $:30 281,100 .ffl-pine* , I inhilre each Metcllenl'a Ea ,11(11) chlane shock, t $751 , • . 15,000 177 priPes, I 0h1rp each ClOenn IIlulianre i:ointipn¥ stoc-k 1$50 • 8,850 5,000 Gin) prlle I Pllllae ealch MIlellalln's In mrlran, [; ir, Insurance compan, slock, a$30 l, 5.(111 9· .on'l lioal ofdollarr $,000,00II "JOB PRINTING*. 41F EVkR? DERhITtC'I~. It EEDILY, HAIIrDefOaEtv AND CHZAIPI· F.XRtI;TED-. AT TH. 011E3 0?F: T33 Tr ue.*aeer .fis . , ' zST. ClIAItLEs ITRf.ET; NEAR POYbRAL. ma23 ________ ORLEANS LITHIOGRAP1EIC PRINT11tIS E ,TA ItLIS~i 51 I'N'1', No. 53, Magazine Street, (Opposite Iinnke' Arcadi. WILLI.q.I .U EEXJ%,.L PROPItIATOR JAR VIS &A ND REWS. %% llOL.ENAI.E ANt) ItRTA)II. dtAR.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS O S -01 . U FE STUFFS .I J1CI) WI.V sOIV U" 85, turner o cf Coaliton and I'.A aupitaultiaitreetC, . rwLT uR1.EATS NA'TH'AN JARVIS. JOHN WV. ANI3RFIWVN A large upplyo nGren Seed, wiarranted tie grogth of18:37. CI(IAMPLJIUN d& COOPEJ4, (GROCEIRS A\h IJE,%l.RRS IN VIROl ANI) FElEr, Nt. 79 nd 8'1 J8lia shaeer,NiNe Orle, / D Ship nlmll Ynsilvv tort put tip. FASHIONABLE OLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, N.. 14 Chnr tee sterrs IHAVE astenttappyll it aer' article r7 to gentlaermae dreaa. at tia laterat atyle, at',.,,. VtI.&E a & dIAV, P)Al LI&N IN AMFRICAN & IENGLISHI CROWN Na. 3 CAaHtityNtrLar iagaa BAAZAAR. RUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE IF :'rner of 4f. Ch 7/e· nnd Camotr r' NEW Ottl 7 SIPOR(tt I- end f~rhleto in French m I'rrlaa·ra; IGrleetig Cn~a. nd Paral CoI ler-c II .art3, Giica eitSirt,, Siacko, Cuntrs,n,i t.,,,trArticle,. 8 111'El: 'IIOUY, . aertnir Joker 4 Cnn,,,ttusina .11 I1 iian,.:i. (Pu p a:. For the ptett. . It'. FREI:'MIAN & cO Ilrkhfrtt CelC efkfw ~ hI E RCI - No 3,niunna, attrhj, altatl dAirthet altotrg tram; t~ An tm int be ti;; aihenter l hmntl from the c: h Ie supplied at thle ehortclut notice. 1 netl FI IEi-EN'S N INSURABNiE COMIPA OF NEW OtRLEANS. N This Cllnlna v err now prennred tt, t. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. Nu. 24 Musson's Bluilding, Connl st EL TRi ' New Oleans, May 15, 1838. eK , :." ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGNcPAINT~ B Nao. 12 iCmp street. Wholesale lealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes 1U0 Om3:0 Window and Picture Gilss &ae. &. FASHIONABLE CLOTHI " ROI l..SO.A '* GOOD I ' ,s...I No. OS, Charirea strees, One Io,r below Bi .. , I AV'.E consaintly on hand every article 'i. " ' l ie tg gerltlelmren'n dress, inado in the iý" .". ner ald ioist thhionabla stylea, whiec they -r8 " . cahdl, rito redced prices. HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS SAil . IRONS, &c. fjTI'E HOWELL WORKS COMPANYV 70 238 Water, near Beckman street, Ne,- .' i have received the past season, and are ,or. receiving large and extensive additions t( th of tie labove goods, which now ennsi t oallowing assnmtlicnt, suitablo for the sec h!e.: anin westerrn markets. Hollow w aro of superior quality corsisti'; :. about 150110 tons, via, Pots of 20 ditterent sizes, from 2:8 to 5; a'onr. 4 Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallon., Kettlcs, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallol-s 0 tBakepans or Ovens, 7 sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do I0 Orlddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, I. de Wagmon boxes from, 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inch Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 grose, iron and I 00 :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of . quality and finish, and less than Jame prices. 00 Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about ab retailing. 30 Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tonls, assorted fro e 201b6. .10 Bells for Plnmtations, steanboats., si . amade to order, Also stealmboats and other machin I rder. The above assortment of goodr is U0: recommended to the attention of Sc W.stern merchants, and are offered fo a 10 prices, and upon the mIoet liberal terr lieved to be tihe largest and best asone Softlered for sale by anoy one etablish 0 United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request g0o have a printed circalar. with descripti prices and terms, frose whaoh no devil made, farnmished by return of mail. 00 All orders will receive ioamedait at New York, 1838. 000 F ILRilI GARDEN SEED-Thm 00 lgni to express his grutefrl eWnt tc, for the. lieral support he haa rcei commencerd business in this city. Rn 00 prietorof the seed store, 17 Caommon not ind never was agent for any n0i 00 vender; nciiier is he connaeced withi 000 tils country-but he assures the pu c,.nneclioill every department of it ness, in the different countries of naur lo to thailt of any hl.use in the United Sta Sp.rts s eds, plants, tc. frCom the me 200 and respectable nurserres and seer-tiga Holland, Englnen, SPeilaod and. I 00) sltle4--al It wi ilIl ine IIIIII e elia IIm is his soidy, ito rece-iv., inI addison t. ,00 suti k. Inrge ar Ivals of v, ry dh scriptlre olu wth o*t I18l8l: llso, nllgrafted frllt all) kinds. The public may rely oni findi eartmnent i t every article in tile eed - , r 8110 ian quality,- and inmport ed direct by' 801) Wne 0i ANDREW SMITHI & CO., respect 0 .) their friends and tile public in ." . I + 80o they occupy tile new brick isap;-OL To. . street, where they keep constantly on i :01 Tin antd Sheet Ironi Ware, of every such as copper stills, kettles, and pual . 100 i ing tubs, and oil cans, of all sorts aud a, ,. l other brass casting done arlhortest noti 'Ill Grate blrs oft every description, sacL 810 boat stiarups, hog lchanst, screw bolt ,n 'e! kid ofastiiealmbot work, suhell k a clhiman s +, '"1. ,1 es, tealll pipes. 800 '1 hey aill also do all kinds of' ant , - - usnch as ziec, copper and tiin rooting'an. t:-1, r, 5 eie. Tlley above and nll otler kinds y, their liae of business, they will en. at the shortest notice. L. S SEGOUlR, No 54 Conde stree Dulina and St Philip, keeps constan 5l00 al extenllve assortmntl of boots iud k -. loesut New York mlanufacture, for n 4011 and chlldren ofl il ages, which he tM ... at very moderate priers. 41"0 amiles of l is anquinlaneo nsendi . - n - will have their wisles attended to L E(-t / n 350 Piauno Earle Istrfirl..l William Smiih tenders his s I-vlees t: r-e: zens of New Orleans as a teacherh o" A., !"';.:: 351 torte. Mr S having been emlphydll ., as a teacher of music in private uuerltie- I. ; and also at several of the female ietllit ." ,. v30 iciay, cannltal but hope to eiilt tiheir .: . - He is perrlrited to reler to Rev Dr CI,,, .-M "e 50 Stetson &l Avery, lienters.ndu.&j ia'e. FIcr terms., de ,lease apply at tile b - • 300 Alcxander Tower,49 Clap. , . 200 lolo.ane WaterP,f rlfumery, &e.-- :: ,u ari. le tl crlbine, put up exprr'sr ly I' t .. 2011 trade; also the purest F eneh Perlonm, - . Ceiil every variety lur tile tolule, lot l ;: 08 neCtI RES E & I',t 3i 1,100 Misanilppi and LOl(sigas liotel . eivlcNaaON LI 5,000 l1 . MARY -KIRKLAND respe . l:r - ,a LO rL onces to her friends and.the public ga: ally lit' she is prepalred to aceconlmodate then at 1,800 no above establshmenllt, and hopes frm. t nor txertions to render visitors comfortable, to reoltei 2.300 t onlnuaance of fsrmelr favors. She fd.l eopa ent tlhat personl visiting (aOl.ilgta dasing Mabs ,000 unller.irnontbs canot findbettLr ga iaccmodtionsl 00 than she can affod theni, on ribo tars..u SHer hous iI pl.alantly sislotrd, and well nuplied 0000i with every enevenieheei--s bar is furnishe *lth - thelmnost choice iqltners~A. its ndt.lto promises "'at iulthing shall be wanting on her part to give n, (tire saPlilattion to all so may petrelish the S.1naisoippl and onaidMi o utel. joS

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