Newspaper of True American, November 29, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 29, 1839 Page 4
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.` ~ iet6Iph , rfld V~n+ split it tnt. twd stutiits goaps; tilet ti. ' pal "l b si aR rnl and ashoe eibt1 arte3; conies tiitteck of face A t tibfttleluOfaise GeleFs;,trn let ,, 'tiwjt -bnhhassetY 1gti· cionat '01 k. onsMr~ litpey hilead, #3 sins nmtl w is 1i afsl 'hoo'ks nd. wylletts; n cnr stap;,ne :andl commmnn-grm- . ,i. rartgltln; Sells luuifur msytches; sil *:. `'loenacldii on oor'folrmer stockr of fir '=a IJotnaos Igrasrmmentt.ercoirnplete For sal i o. etail; a the sign of ihs--Gnslte Cannl, 7` rC o eect. _- mOt. ý; S E AND Tf CO0B ANI) VA . IETY TRE--at the sign of the golden - o .;Doiu 0 .rte nert. The .iuacribers have re _ei lia <lti tt S td tlervirSrvIons e tok on hand, a fall . p el::.,o teimet or articles in their line; vie: it u.oy y' w t 1rr, balshes, locking glassee, Iy ln liiitncrt on follows: i lnlrto l, wNs1 m tr alld lain tuek,twist, f' itnd, dreEsing, side puff; curl and tmubs of every deeription amongst *ii h , ,exioan patters, Ivory combs of every d o dreslning and pancket, together with a geoneir soirt~tent ofFrennh andAmerican. PERFUMiERYýiColdgne, Lnvender, Florido, honey, boyros e;sfn ig.flower wafers of every ni eand des cription, Oairtlted Cologne, eatrict, of Bergamot, laney soapsf Iall kits, lshaving do in cakeens nd pots, creeatsou do, aV o vegetablet hir oil, bears and a p _.quedo.* ato1 g nolts, aplain and perfumed toiel.o.e .I tvldemsrPo dorpt l o r nd boxes po otatumfa . and tchlorine tooth wash till w. gneoanl assortment of STW E thoftbe latest land IIOt fnahiona b, ueit, censmsttin..f white ond red cornelian, topar 4 '$t eadl mps, kfivgee, breast piss of a gre, -em - tv ofpatt nms, .l trimmings, gilt and rilvs ' stekles, ilvereljoinhles, silverann old pt aoils and gard chain " BRUSHES-Cloth, hairr,wldot. ae,cr im,lhcartl,floor, St, deM th pltle, comnb, Nail, tshaing, shoe anal SKI SSreS--German staltia nod toilet m si. antl l dreneh ldressing gloooas oo, mo orwiih et I,. ostller kicnds not etnutiereted. FA..t i. It' VARIETY ART1ICLESl3-Freneh and Atterican portntle do eks i amlre.siag oses, sone very iickhond ficl'v IGnins;d ladies work laxesand droes sian eases wiitlh d without ,iisic. IIIsiii boxs. Ae coislaits o tvciloei kiels, violins and guolroos, silver aeel plated noeils tal llendvs,wod l)enils Ior eirl)ealtetrs and ,rnveln ntinnlP loeoa,gns dl with old witbhoait 0ases, peretninacntaps. perenaaiei cip cltl:uigers, nipllo screw drivers, hot beltn, gaoe lags, pIate Id:aking, toy tsa settslnldigtibetls of every kild, talls aod sinoiia, ineanld cttnmn kntive, razors and oseiestir, tiiibleY, -tedles, painu,silver plated, steel and coleuso specta olslpoeket books and walleti ot various kiils, visiting noiilnttd coed asesie, plavino crds ol f lirev l, ;rmviiiaa stid Americat mentllohctmrel, els, imlitetin teaiti, aIo boxes, peltai of various kilods, Sana iders' Poieroy'. Emmlerson', llilltau's and I lawkit's razor etraps and .qdlleýhionev,dirksTa; y bead necklluces, do wilh -"Art dro.p1 to wa tc hes pearl bluttost , poI 'dCer fla ks : nut tlnseed lIeoad, gip ,iud silver to, gon elasttic suspen dersand gaortera,llasn.,a swoord i.aiie. cekgamltmgii osrs dOtletieeottticolaiot.ejve vsarltt lolbctieo iaimtch essiol dritktmg cul. witlh a vgat uaiety oi otlhelr arti Iles, all ofwbhah be sold for cash or eity oeeeptaa. ce8 on 12 months el. ti B 311 SLllGNS, & oo. 4d T. 0Chrtreesl. 1F.NIIY It LEE Qn, No 3 M naziea street, or ( Sr.ow receiving frto.tnlhil Nashville. Loisville, -tltk3ltagle, itt. otl~ Itaer arriorda Irtom dhin " °lnctr eltires. a large and new seletedl assorttmeot Iitu, Boots, Shoes and Brogansa, eonsistilg ofgentlent 's fine calf attd Mlorocco boots d .!o filid t tyi; do bu'dI, and stoit easx pegged boots o -srloagl l elsi;e mtin's fin ealt seal itiil Moroteuo p elto,,, ptiuttp antl brogts, bttkskii shoes, brogns at I, itlilin m metsd fitie a of sotad kippef, tegged sl.oes usid I reogst; io. boots; dlo stout kip shtl wpeolegged slboes' r I brogee sa ge.tleSen'O beet quality adf'sewei (galllt'sl amot Jack 'ownin Ioget calle with I or.P r able aei ls antlI brogats itt calf, seal slti tlaiee sh on slloe an salileInl, lo calf, obu' aitll seati waiigs, Sisnw arlticle; do alun calf, sen.l otd moloacc qeoltet lots; bloyst, mtsn oiatla n clitdret's peggcel and sawcl Ib egasI, sotll shoes of ever qoalhitv adl killnd k Alto se nm g el leatslorien o ttcn's sottollt ttn Slltmi -eoau tgsts ,ttid shorn, Iogethrca wisn l0,000h lanire logle tkit qltalityi, rssa;llt bringos, nailad iii the I ok, m oIdned txpressly fMs jlantatioi use a gooil isel I ruleanl fot coa fitne and stout Lip Ilusett brigatrl tt 1l Ia i stieh"atnl a oige qulnlity o o allt irior qalit a i t. snrtlllld was twgoio.h f s sIoin a ties' itclf, seal, morocco nIII grail, welts, ati a, a nto sole shoers; dIt fine l'uei,,di Matacet mitd to ut t.l... sliittersl do roan sholices, withiL atid nitlhut lials; 1e.lf, neal ttittlstout leatlher hoote:s; ldo t'lunetuvshlon., ! alt linidsl n td lities; tia lasting hrogats; it ugaiter.. It o alfd eioted Inge. Misieas' tlaliiigotitg slaoeaa , it on- guiti Chlltlr'tio oclnrei Maroon stlld luhting biao- a 61t,,:llad bcap s, lac ientlelstissr teftletimwill bte block silk bt.h Is blec Io on I Ith teanverio ntdat ui uperiouiuaditv; to iuimieh iet Ii, rsm oi; ttred aidlnarta w brim iln, s's tione d itslaib atidt "I: k Usosiitsbort totptltd hllts, s tes ariale. Yumvttit Lit;e nine lists at iieretit iiualities; o chilts ren's Miin's unit blnaIli h lk nd dltla wool hants ofoiletiu sltt ties, with gtunral iasoiuai sf hod eeld aind meuI s 'tlls assotmtsent will lie rpUllcislnIrl Iby tile arivatl of ciii hloketslhrm the anooe eanmedl chics, all of which nill.b soli on .aeomtotltig termt. ti'., I-i, LUOLL0OW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS. &c. TIHE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekmnan street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly Inceiving large and extensive additions to tihe stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and VWetern markets. Hollow were of superior quality consisting of ob ,ut 1500 lols, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fronm 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakcpans or Ovens, 7 diLtlrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . " 5 do Flat Spiders . G do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlcs; . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes fron 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inchles. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported gcoies. Sad Irons,. assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201b.. Dells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. snadi to order, Also steamrbeats. and ot5h, machinery inade to order. Thie above assortment of goods is particularly seecomlnonded to the attentionl of Southern and Westerni ,ngmhants, and aro oWored flir sale at low prier. antd ipon the moat liberal termsa; it is be. liev .: 'M the largest and best aisortilent ever Or I l", ihl4 by any o q. s.tabli,.l:unllt in tlet ,l, ereihl . . t "mlwardiig a re:qustl by mail, en rl. ri, . i r. With drecriplin ofat'uods, . inch l no d v l:,!t is ever ra il.i . . I l.. . . t I\·,, ` dlal ;itl. t t I n. . 1038. 3. J, ·· , . s .. l L ., ' q ;, ., he p b, ; nils and e: b s :l e ,. 1 i ' . vc.ll: d r; n nil' ill I + c+)in l-(t 'L . · · t " . At1S ,Ii ,iV-! lM IT .I ,S r,,+, r o ·I , ý) l ir n frsri r letcy depa tl.: t ..: . , .. n ", n .c.hese t ,r . ir ,t e n ,ol ,r ily 1 . , "1his t anyd i. l a'.,, thea l fa ris bilos oluJ g . , ": ,d k I, I Id Ad pe5. l, llede. ' TlteTulub. , . ,1. ,r e n 00E p every anrt,, Lu qua1lity, ad.Ilrpurte. ANDREW SM!T; I T CO,, re. :,lt, , r " th eir friends a nd the p, u bli in .. . . theIloy occupy theo nelw brick shop, 119 '' , . ... treat it'here they keep cor.tantly or .,.ra '0uth le tOoiert sliln kettles, uldl ii,i", t! ::Jd; i sod oie n, oI lloia rla ,W ere . ,, _at d re ".' i don all orte .._ or I, suc liiii nal.,apper aond erti .. g,0 ' l roe norIt cI rab, dvo l 0id allli. . :r r i. ,.I rlreira -jio buaiaie l.a th ..i ,ercu e ait i, lir ri:,sr u ati b.. ;op^ r i ;r,::d i ,. erriind no1 ri ii i u ai eiL &G An ,1,tle,.irinr..i , i -, . iul Vl9tt < end, elYhile , 'it o !; .. , . ' . . (t'}'lS e. Yorkmalnufam, .li m 1 ,,, , " I ., . i - dclrrld .eli rlrll slirs ild lirr iagr ee. i mla i"t, n I atI vriy iodllerateo~4ic ., a. u- n'iirteloefhis acquninnanceI. ·+..J,, a ,',, will Itv hLelr wishes urlaltdedro i 1 .I, I I'iwe a Ilbr.e IlnGruru. W.$1"inls1 :olllhl - nlurrs ibs *tl*>> s to I,. • sillr ui New OeI+l ls as is Ieacer u( hei s Ior.. Art S liU i avtb en phl, t. s. v,.r.l yeel, iau ao lsher u mIesle in prlvalte nllee is, * uslon , iad .ou ae tevral ul the l s.alle sn. iatcesl is I u' V'lllll sate llin t but huOte l, lrlil 'htlr colt idcnce. f tin it* l.eiinltrId Tl rllet lit , V Ltr ·I pp, ,thes55 , s it leeou & Avery, Ile.,:,,,..l . & ,Eme," a Fr ara.s,.& rlru se s p1;y ast we bo~r... rea ul w lax-.:*S T ILj.,r CL..llji..t vl t e I )eatf'ha Mart'tirS tpostr, Qer.' eaveas'yii day art lhrree S. : "oASj.kiiA; L'ri·e U-. ;,'ittl 'hera J- e~:h.ui tn? above Blakely,--td!ear four .;aa4s h en PeariF ---heno e-ta rmOates to týaa !nrrn, where I(,eland dele is reaarrned lherce I o.v Mlla.rinl i ail'l-nn 1rivillr, Fti. B1ni|aitide+, Pinileri n fla., eB'tinaville. Snundersvillet'tLaaais. viavter Auustu,"(a,Ga eanecting raeularly with the raLiu enr cnr Charleston. and the steam 'pieeketra-thlnow York, N ttl'olk, Philadelphia, ete. t 'l' temre onat nrte a the beat I;r tile surviae, and t the nl viutRdtio.pretserie mort adllv.ntnt s thl:n cant be found upon any t' amobuat roaute intthel south. ern regtor ,. lthp rerat improvementse illn thte r atre ve ben prodnced by ihe n tr, ltion of ift nl v nil. I.r ll ew troad, hy the proprierora, ta vi rrat - : fiGr anue o Ltaar.v"tte lavwn, anla arm Io S-lan IRon Il,v, to ttrynnlej Ferry, e-l tat CUntacar ouhla re lit-ar, aCe eeque.l dettetiane, antd mtir, raretla Hip hn. ventient cresin at the l l(:U lardl , 111: aI tir ly avoid'-d' nod n lieo roa I frotm .A.\i rlntn dir,,ct to I inbridr,ta i:atara d ot iha r-o daahaout r ,da avir Cha ilartor e. hr. I, .l tta thed nnce tlet iit Irl r miles, nod it-rtuasih the facilitics mlore than Sonce a rday Alti, a. anh .lal ofil two hlr=e stanais ervery ither dary Itam lltI.t kinavtlal, vie P rry to arla tton t i ktta a l lia a a a ilaa the line to Savant.nah atld D)aien, tOea. A mail stelarmboar talisr rgnistrlv brlwren RainlR id e and Apaa I ehiaA ln. 'T'rlav.lla. is' i.i to aIa, e tln t all a tt'ro." tnl rlt a aratr avla ala atl e S Mobile to PI'.~nt:sacal -I tdal HRue --Durint Ihe rema loccp a d by the repairs o lr aons, the prof rlt tors t of tire ial rida line aill tun a line tr btur flore plaoa enhnsr every llther day betwteen .alut Passurt ra r ll ,'itvesr .hile at 3 o'ahc , p rnia in the U S ' lat l h tr, ai.l pr t I . o ha.l 's L.nd-I ina, where n hllla holrs.( alcht will I a in wai ina io a otnvey thelin tr to le Xa:ritelln h ua rof p ll r. CNihatrlat l i l, I 1 4 mile dittanr, wherll e theya will Iti ln plea.mjol t rnll all lt llla ISor the night-e aving lnex ll mt lllttla tllr . the wi ll nre irn PanS' : lt ent lr It rere lal . ttieu i a t-va)id alte ati ao ator at tI itt tC tr.V'l & Sri t t he ,tr tie , tair a h usei a t, a, tar, o ie nd t,!. tlille lloel, .nsa ln, wh r t-e c must .le .a . 1 illmllslll gtell: l h llw m w ood s and m nrbles, ex lwataaa raaranltlatatiatl) aaia talatsar" a a S wm M .+. It 11 R.; --a guri), I at ptaiut blta k rita gold, (ic., ( lt tlla ctd AnIticot alar (taetaat or acrd t nlique, crs, ol'd o, Oiis. el hn *diur s. l u. ait lt lei )t by (riie St ei a \ t'oo, Ptoa ct tt a t V'y Tetae htltil aaitaae. (acalOrita-acate or Itlate eiret-a ardl taraillta, Roattr \W'atraI Aliyt:l ai r (rnep, - Ash I1 hire (leik, it. w .. &-.c bpelimatss to be seen at tha shop. Paints atils, glass, araa aromnish, aeat or-arhit, ard ter st.t. l, 3i Chnrrs wretI. SNew arleans. UT11. SERGIEANT & Ci. irmipartera o" French W and lenrrhsh China and Earthen ware. are now openling new wnod rich patterns of hreakfast, s dining and tea services, toiel etis, pitchesle, ten and coffee cuips, lenpals, sugars, creanns, bowle, Splaten, dietes, iureens, wasli haeina and ewers, loet bala s, eta. ate. i Rich cut and plain French and Amcrican ,lanss. w:re--g.blels, hnnlp:aignes, lemionades, jellies, clarets, a ines, cordlnls, centlre howle,, dlclltrers, pIlulbler.,pre,.erveda.hes,celaries, ilcirers, umps, rlam shiad aade glndlsses, candle hados, osalt el err, erc. d SIne laited, h rl.niie and blriania onerer-ea ore, liquoir tainds, nalie lericpir, criril'thrielmn, b ranches, spoonsl, Indles, coie ani tena p , so gars, creamsI hps apeiarnrile trays, ane i. -ands, and e hanging laemps, line aetlery, German silver po .ons anrd Irkh, togetlher with a great variety of aneicles a leer ftartly erc. Merchants, plihnrern, hatels, nsd y riOtlranlhsni Cfurnihed will gods a tthe r et rra sunable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed wihai saiety t any part of thie coulntry. COAL -[l e suheirrieer have ioniaetnily otn .hand a large supply of Cannel and .iverposrl col,i rrn bulls, of superior iria1it, which they onIII r sale in liets to suitr purchasers. Alsa experted bh the tiret nrrivals free Eng k lanid ald ethe Neril, Cnni , Lehigl anrl Preach It Muntnin Coial, ren and ii nl ciserned, put up in teaenilds expressna for l aimily use-arll of nhii I To uCountry Merchants and Planters. Negro clo)ts, blankets, flannels, hlnseysl Iwell .hirtiun s, chelcks, linens. cnlii'es, handkerchiefs, &e &c r cLived and fur erle low by lile subscri. beIs. ROT'I;A & Co. not,. rornrr C :nnl nnlt Chnrtre. at TO T i/g LADIES. L)DR HUL' UTI'ml(O AIIIO.J1INAI. SUI'PORTEI1 r1THIS now i.strulcnt for the radical cure of Pro r lapsLs Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex ternal application, supersoding thel use of the ub jectionable preseary, is confidently reconmmended to Iho afftlited as thie means of a perfect rCestLoration to health, it never having failed of perlbfning a cure, even unldur lthe It aggravated circulllmta ces. It has received the decided app obation of Sir Asticy Cooper of London ; Si: Iielltjamin C Brodi ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr A.hwell. Leclilrer on midwifery to N (Uy's .II tpital ; Dr Rigby, lcturer to St Bartholoumews; I)r Griltlitl, lectureri to Weatfinr IIodal tirl; Dr rIusboth a, lecture r to Londoni hospital ; Robert Feorgusou, Icturer to Weumhinslter h;*l:pit, alt; )r Swetllrnun, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accoucear to Queenoo Charlotte's lying; d in-hospital ; also by tHenry Davies, Cunq.uest it r lul ndell, L +ee, Merriman, +u geon Keates, & c. by lIr MraltU, itlcranet alv ti Aeademnie lRovgalo Je Medicine, ar., aa o er itt e th g e Dl)ues g,, c) 'OhtIraas ; lpro~l sors Vpern,. Rlarjohn, a h aulti iub Ania,Sl Capil elf Ildhiears-and ill Naai York by I) rolaeorJ L' F!rancis, : " l'edilbrd, 1 I) prulll sir of a idwilry in Clart, university rirr t'.Q cey tf New York, proie. ctDuliri,, and irac:is., e John stnlli, pretsidet Couty Mard Stoielt, l.turucls ill r ipresidcrt mted aciety State lof N idork, piat al.s McNaughtocl of Albany, prat March, vrl.ns e'r. kin.-, IeIani-1r (;lThs Hryd, Gtlcr math, SIlobacli, .Stearm, Liudo, anene, V.achr, Poa er In(.raiysol, l.n Ri.alter, andl llanly ther distiul. nlltuld irphtsia iinns in tha U States. Ci !lull, Ollieu 4 \'Vcey s1t, Astor Hlousoe N ai , tant supply of the, abve insltrl entls, tirera !. VI, ' c 1imre d r nICK, I.EN & Cr , N Orleans, ', 1t C b-z, , [fz; Stlon & 3Irshl, Wood. :; M. . mn his; iV L' \'ll.;m csie ".t;rl ; i;.er ti ,,. tWashington, Nashtville; I . ,, ,+ : -,: t ' , it L Ehlls , Flurence ha ,D. t r ,e - ; ,' hd ret N li a ea r,' sril, , o I rIr c a t ltid ithr ie 'n rae t. ti, i reran .);lit,-, +,,m I S, , l ael ,erl Itelr, I: , ...... :.7 i ...c.ay t ie [, i na N, Sbl'i . r 1' er no ' i1"ti 1rl , f. I te , el',, . r. : !, , i arliieta o dI ' tt·,· :~iee irl anIdl i be I, lit l.i lnr L a ' i '., nl,'k, Locl I- h g;.,m, n , .ai, IL la tiarean .d1 il + , i f ,l ' , .;-+. pier !'c, .'Illi l ar Is nnt . d, lit ii 1, 1, l hl et bu r ' hI t it I p' . .. - ", t .Ii . - h, l h '1', ae t llt- IflrCh, +V·, . ý. 'tite l .. hi, ",illi e lh , par',ei r .. rit' e l." n r: , r trilt r gs (A ,. f,.:. ti nt ari." -l ', . , , ,, ,oerwihl n + ' -,. t , c, t i..' .l rs. eat r!\ - " '' . .. . , , lartre 'l a 2'" ' .. ,, ,'tsirtinrufjP P cl- s' a... . .. , llt. . ' ie or., :aprepared neahsi... i,- .ditios taro En * ' ! a , rey htedtieed - will I. m d, b , ' ' u 4.6 4. U. ; ; " " :N.90 Commiua at. N r.r &tr ' a titmore 1Packets FOR NPW YORK. XOLbIESl' LINE OF PACKEt.S-Tno sail every ttaotlher Monday. 'hil i1 lnas conpoased of snx tship, viz: Ship Vi CKinBUc, Captain anlker, Nov..5th n, (tLEANi, - Sears, Dec. t1h ,, PA.R, - As.itbI, , 2"3 ,, AilASAS, - Dlnni;, Jan. 6th ,· AaVllv.E:, \- Wod, ,, 2Itllh , Anr..tAn, - Il urry, Feb. 3d 'i'h nltie hiris Srti of tle first Iitlsl, relllqernd. and aipper Itslnlled, nltd Iuviug e.lln built in New York expreslslyv lir thi 1~-le-ttryv are ioif iht dlraught of sati:.imiII almost invariabl.y craass aiia tar without anv deteatioll. 'I'heme plllcketlare lcommln l anded I (b.Captalis well rx lipr ned ill tlae radtl , itti i w haill iLa li ixert thell lvme iv a h eonlhodute-the t.h ill ald n slhettosel a, sod down the river. i nd ttill pinpitly sail as ad vorl sed. [tw hsi ttt.tlattin.tsi *fua fsitirtl naaionuidntiona, andiverie, dthe ifii th lir tl it still wiI et it ' r is iLe and every tllcti tlle d ttld he comfort alu dslttisfaation of The piero of euhiin pnasnce is fixed at $23, without lor fI.,tLer particulars nl~ply to I A COIIHEN, t90 Cltmn tn I'ham ships are nt alnacnti tile for latiiate t f ilossi, ioIlos ant', ltailhE or tanitte, atielnllar. ,fin, ior rusl ,''li ao or e:p nr r tsliun tihit li l :t tI t tI islire ri l S lr t I It I t riN: ,ll Ir enhlllla ,llht ll a t ttlnilnr, innic sl alltas ti d i'at n llrn r i ll the illuriu o, via : iSr I l it onn il ntt f nhasuern . t u a Ship ''l'rtl, IR. lhu kin1,, ri r, alster. tta EL,,ttdliins. J S a, Wildm, tma tr i n `a hiip ratilltllld t, E it ' nlralllln .uul nhs. i hew sltii I)R uk'l 1ort,1 (J t I. lussrll, oitni Cr. 's w -hip b'irv h',il,_-und It t.,r. t c,,,a sler. Nov ..ship l,'ir lhhld \V 1 I, [.y, mn+. t, [L.nisi.naun al Nr n Yurk ti. e o f Paciet. ] en )i. tns lllli-d Nnd, Yaor on everay+ otlln r elll i ldy- niaiiiig llti th ( 0tllte i aNod illl.ln.e- d Io in ure fei;Ilbo pul ity i to the tie ofsailing, So lin2 wa ill iertiter chIII Sint alti C s is, a i z: SShip t Y ai, Caii in , Inruk to aiiac oi tite 20th Si.' iLivilt Clutl.:ii Pb.Alier, to liave on tie 5t'R NEW YOM. New traut and Nw York n every other on it.uri Itlumtlsalti, Catit l In lt litac o'rIa;l ing, tile lin.- will Dereillnuthr si.teflive ships, viz: Ship Yazsioi Ca upain i''raski, to leav e on 0th Shil'p llickvl rg, Captalin ooPalmer, to leave on the thie tat J'.3tttry. Ship Si sistippi, Caiptain Davis, to leave on the 15tl of Janiuary. Tile ablve re all new, of the first class, copper d, and cotipper tli*tened, and upwards of 500 tons burthen, are of light dranght of water, being built in New York expressly fiir the trade.. The price Io passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are littud up in tile most improved and convenicnt plan, and finished in a neat and clegant styli. Ample stores of tie first quality will be provided, and every regard taid to the comfort and entire satislatiiun of Ipassengers, wnti wil please take no. tice that no bertll call e secured until paid for at thle ofFce of the conusignccs. 't'hese vessels are colnlmmanded by enptainsl well experienced in tile trade, who will give eveur. at telnion anid iexert Lthctllslves to acolmnandate. 'Tlhly will it all tinis lie towed Ull and down tile Missis sippi by steamlboats, and tho sltrictest punctuality observed ii tihu time of sailing. The owners of thesll ships will not be responsi. ble for aly letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of thiutn, unless a regular bill of lading ohe aig:red tierelor, at the coultiing htioue of the agent or ownersl. Fur furtlher particulars apply to J D REIN & A COHIEN, nov21 90 Common st - . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . n -- ----- A A NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. iI, This line will consist of the following volssnls r lwhich have been built or plurchase d expressly fior Stihe trade, vie: I Nhip Seamtan, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, * Nickerson, i Irad Flrry, new I: Stevens, II " Solonon Saltus " Lathan, is Brig Archltect, ' Gray. t. These vessels are of the first clate, have hand. soaie lurni.ihed :accontneodations, and are ofa light draft of water, so as to admlit of lheir ree.ivitg and Sdisclharging tlleir cargosa irn Baltiteole, e I/eacily. SFreight wll blie taken for ports on the Clheapeake or James' River, and ferwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKI & KELL OGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be ludvanrsed when required. The price of passage is fixed at $60, ample stores of the b t quahlty will be provided. Steatn up and down the MisOsiresii will be taken on aitl ccasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, novdl 22 Bienvil'e st. I 11OR1. iI:\ NS&C IIAH i l.s''llrO IrACKI. la iI [-'his lile consistss ofturveasels ,all of Ithe lsirst class, loppal r ad and copper fast. I ee, alrl nd of ,ablllll 200 tns hullrthen, with handsome acconmrnodations for plssengers. T i rse vessela s ie colta r andta r el b ly c lpilln wel Ilxper tenced in the l rade, who will hive every, at entionll anll d exePrt t rtllisel ves to acrllllnlll LdaL. the shippers. 'T'hey will he towed up and down the sl issippi, and lenve New Orleans on or behore lthe lfila and 15th of every rnuatlt . The followini vessels coillipi I e rthe lna r , lviz : R lrla Arablian,Chlaeles d,.ardon, iimaster. o Brig C .npnliR,J. I.'Tholoolsn e anster. x Ilrig Ab.,nealla, J. Dloaner, aestar. b liark Roger 'illiatms, a. Alliaers, mre r,. d For treight or pasate,a ppl iII J. . BARELII n & Co, 61 Conmoon st. New Odleans, or I. C a Mordren, Cll(lalesont o. I o' 'TAILaE OFI' L lOCISIlAN.l-Parieh of Orleans C1 Courr of I'r.lbale. i 1'To all whoma Ilse presents rmay concern )r linow ie, that wheress i'linan Mackt v a rea )r ident oflht e cityl of c l1)svill, Ky., hasaplied to rt the R'st ist Irol'Vills, i anol 1 he pari s. & crh t rI of New ts t a.1 a, ndt re i ,'Ilic i, aClek of lhe C.ourlt at Isif l tr t , Ilit and ria tihe 'arih a od er l r a. N,.i Orleans, aiort said, for a .i ON ITION or AD1)1V1t TI ENlh NT, ,ula. onfornt,;' ta ti Ae t r la' h t .lltl.l' a_.' 'r I hlt'' 1ll' 1l ol Iii r h :i' 1 1lllll Iii all..h,-," . p,, ed 101 1 o 1 aDi rlh, 113:31, tae ic.t a . II ri.i lr!.) i.nll (l lill ,,hea i t abl [: 1 eIti h1"1[ [It a \ ', ill a'.l, ui : in ohll'' t ilet il l lld i ll i " ; 1 . ..n ."1 roa, , ' iM t iFh' l> Ili nd fotr ih e p rhil- ant l c. r~ity o v N, v; ).ll l h1, a I1 a i ti arlal h ird A apt', ai1114l t illrs(Iaiaoaad o: l lait rad1 r I ll a t a II I. a: l t 'llt r I l till Rail li) raid elll sa aL r , alt' t at-ta IN ei al, lt' , iltlisra aIr t'liatop elt r I.I kl ! "ll . , detqt'asl. Ili which l Ie ;lswa 1 , 1 l g , iia'te I II hIoIY (her t e r I l I'lsrlliscrs Iof a lta'ii Ili thli e c rn d al s of 't t"' s aile .ls d hd l) Hel ,ll d r.lll.l . I 'e e ed ll( the I id dr IIa o 1'rt Illts trsr htdalari atahire d no Ih:riv i hcta , hlt ire II. D. , nas. la.i. Nltalr) l b a.itad alsoi a lter thlie h nal t isll tati l n'iral t erl i haId been ma i e, i the l:l islr Ihe 11iillh dl ,;po e" I.r aI by public aucteesnpateti n eIrth dpay of g aiest e t asusand . i ,XI oustl c rl t l i thits sigeR , or Ira's a unt o. llr iia a I l deo-ribal,.ias h betilolla'e (.rarasiaratos aboresaai ,rale ' ia n t i the lite Ncathanitr Cox, a de. .led, theI llnded prlloprr y hIer inaltr i desebi p iey .c dju, ,er se od tI, saeid haillam at kete r as the least nril uhs est idhder thereon, for the total . p iee and ,1n oi seventeen titan wl, dll trI . Descri uun fI tle property us ,iven to the Judicial A1l and seinanlr Iv cern in lots of ground o. I Ioen l, r wllh ianiro budn o and ts vthereon, nod all (ho rights, privilege, ecutllrlllt A· IIicrvitndep and odvrnaeobs thereutio be l; r li a nn y 'a lsr a p pe rta in in g , situ a te in th e , 1 :,,' , ary, nl thiscityn thesquarehound. rtl bit' ,` 'u a"iai, nI La lavelrte, an , i anodl eira Iri., anlls aP .. l itse bI hihe illn . hes lla eve iller d . ......... ..... . hl I dr..... II h I i ...... k i l, 1 , i.8 . h',U. i " v .or General, under dae lof - rthe.n i4 . a i r e thousand eight hund, Sred aoid l . ,".'iah,, a ,. asited in the.ofice al :I. B. l' (',ill, Esq.rl a lta. a ali c nor t reerence i Sae osl asllan each ,'erg and mleasure ,i r,,, ,l .,said I'ridras street, ,V c ,,xe.Ihree feet d I ; .h a l, six II rs II depth, 'ct I, l ar. a'::i hu'-, It .\,. .. h',,n .eusur.. " T rms--, ,e a snd thre i a Ye r. cr,.\i lo a , . . .. .. I. l 1r ....e , .- } u yso til y , . urtigaga, t'. re t, it, ias so n :ea r uip any right. ci, .n to tlh lot of ground il .. L _ r.. 1, u ide cribed, III concelvelne, , .I, . a I trt, de aers, olr .i dgat I ' , , h rhe· ule wass i l: "r.. ',1 ' ,. ,+ ,,y in the apprui",rneot.e . . . , . d . ranner oi usa le, o: Irll , i. l r, vh olaeverar I ere oy la ct , . ed o. <bcow within a:hart dadsfron ,, . ', ~ . .... ,,t .hy ihe saah, sat made as a.,e ' .,t he e'gri ed anid hoeolog.ared , r w. ap, Sof saidpurchaser. SPrubales, ilthisacound dai . .. fL.Sj IV.1', r:.:' l oean r e ,.. I may7-,,. ,me J2USTPUBLISHEFtIFReM ETRaREo T .2E P A.iT The Pit A Asttion of RIOWILETT'S TALES OF INtR ilt T: TIO which is now al Average Time C:enslsh tot, or i~asv methods ftnr tntiis t ihe average ti'et on storge, nnlesoi htads or sill. of goodls. whlensts s' isssasl st slit leren Jnlat e n ,liffesreit eseslitls, nsal| h Vorionussnmnnts;lteaislessassfnioIaes conisletelTssnssin Time Tn'tSe, the bet tllhat c:n heI collnrivedl. or that fis gures en rl ,lue wi(hins thie s:mlnle condeselnd conlpasos, and sie osFt\'e. All s,!verisement in theboonk is ill nenrly the fillov illn w'n ds: 'TIeisigs listinctin, l tiiss rk hots sesnisel thronll the te s l isislasivs' acts is soreslass to t lie lge I , s :tsP crnmlneulll tiul isn itsclI, so Incilllmn on. , ns. 5o esllsehl. sire, ih I nlts ing is tnecessr y snore sisas by ss'sa ifsnl Vslrtisrm cllt, tog ive a cssaslsls'si vsaw of snns, nl'jts o - ul t srit ss:n t fcr laustan ce, ihe Intrclest hI:ls been .oslll Is. elfrnsom, nhis oenslparel ailh, what is stsvsilesn to nhls is teen stessealehai oat lss to x min lecl ie n tl e Iils, si l ne t fine tines, sIsd lritleel tnssm w rentyile dilnstec s tssel rilsety-osle tiones,i''a s e11 hi tsts fis ss s'itln 'it tve n tth sieptia (e sr ei:hss il'os th.le pa snth na llle le I ses'il hs ns is's ht ln sIll Ia sait llars . i:n na a ls:r s~ol tl Is l detm etinrle i l n t' ie nrlo r'n l ficent in i ler lt n fifti 'slisinlts, ls ssl' nl is ti tslin ptal. l yt , snlkslss ti~ e lrase'iss'niass int licsesi ins lsite lw Ib akineet all lrlnin s ls h the Ik no s a hIe s t1'5t Illl se se i e, st i rsthe i.el n tI e n11 nA a in 'l s l.l i .e flllj ell n ell n i l et l i zne s s lli lllni e llS wh h Fot s ls'si ll.nsr.s {lss .lr , ellse os n lhat hielllv its l Ine Iselils iths ssoles seie siselscisini Isag srroest assss ir1E n r flleside i11 ileltn .r II Ite Jm t hen elhcs s l sin lls cIss sssss itv nhml r e with's i h sihe i It e i s'el 'Cs an I e bilol te O i lessil t is sa ,i n i i e lle $an eSSe'll ti ls t is ilte up IH sionn sl'ssorls n i ils Illaa liolllllehsll lsii t sl ' Iels'sssel Issi en rllriSS Ie ll ; nnl| . ]ll l tlle ol ·r'l's who i lhl\ ivP lllrl : i 1.11 i ! flstes n kt. , istsl seee s sli niill si s hlI s t is hsI ,ll·an lsn l i Ingstl'ul t sewll Il l 'll's s nllers s. a nbi l si the tls lolsss wa caries,' at d site o s'nssinsssns re atiisl unhss er o' s ecli' s' les cpis a Iss i iee sio t li Ilsns t lo oh , e sle is is lolllellls erlslolh IIhave r Ice I 1 eclllaI edllliE: I h" sls| IIa n e Icso S H llell ics i k s is'ts l I ile wob l py st slsil5ill-l l, olrlllne a lloynl tol lllbe hadk Ofr les, a1n en itesll ldua l since tll• nlle Ii~ll·ll l'l. 't(ltllllIr : i hlt.II |11:811| h :il eJI m ethIl i l itt t" i t enu c l ll e p ar slrinsltl c sll' ,.tl sie s'lie stsn.i' i Shll'slhIt s sissc slb r , tso'ICnl ll' s hse ls'siSnis thls enataatsatsosam tswase re~alich athlatsncsl~s moeyicit oincssliselss'. ssi''sie sas anethuh tshie sain o hsas stvesyvinsat rlilst's, h ]eing vllers Ins h s s sle s $n l nlllllll ie s t ilsl alass stli lllls It isi l ls iew t*os s tilse w Io I hiIe Iad' sIoils ... t i e s titr s ress thtlsuc I i l lt iss na ss sI illu soai I snsllsel Ulll tselillls s IIuhe ioth e ' t t nIIi isao t Ii'1 I S r lthe lleo :l s is ..t tli e hl 1 , r f ihln h c usull'l] m he Sll e, i t thl e mo' tt. I) col m Ipe Ie call'ullIl lrll i ln l lellc1 l Irl llllll an v a lrw s l Ill k nt mos)tI cassiul u55555 is'sswt's retinofpro'sees ' woul, i )} ,,...mid o ii n sassl , nl'lsvsl hs r :bl' 'e I') o hB - foerenctan der it lu anyv rie,~l ~Il~as thev prlheelrl daIku Itssexlasss ins. si ss'o psn'es s bls sll slesiise'silslss'csssss inh ss'sst'rati assslallsttt ses *f ths .wo tl"nmae tait slosslsss d SI.m, TII r . nu r lIUI · aInil It-' t I nllxlllary O Itx aminle it iolls aalies elre. forll th glenrlo s nt s 'ni ns e sst ( ysssss sovesrtse ss') c ssta lsnn ssll ss e snsI a p I a seies ll s itul Ires o/ ,lllcl,'lel h.'.,"ilr Wrll 1'!. 9s, dloll, :.t'le ' II'.) / ' sa y: e cllfy, excepI hitlle" l lll).| Ir ·,l lp l n t i1g i i. i )l Ample dithlntnlio s tolt ithu bo th vblnh s ad " st,'tudistl,, e . o Sloilnns n halnsss IllTI llesls l, c lslh ls tiles s ' "sll si s1' WtItsllli~ie l II1111r out of'll']e r~llllltl .l'lt I.IIIIII~t'l" ofse ti th:11 uollie s el tle follth11' le prethi o II whch, gll i tistl thu asl li t ely ltw prcergllp eii'i t s. cl l th illllhl mch in. IllyrK in onpcerdin .I t .tw rllwlU llt li t,. c Ims /r omull Iu ntr sts lstce d s s o gnsscsslssi, ssslnsses''s Ionle m i nsornl y ti reml·ll l. t, nIl oltUlls iltllnll i nlllt -s •ners .uh lh e s wercihntttr o~du d inl' .l+llttolnsa d ce -ts be Ior :, manae, hIF hctto b xe'hlI'nksiv, ha~d+oiberlivit , in lltiurs s illelc ais is tllse I hlli, sssit o teiet s t I ension, e .l l'It noll e.s ,l ls in h inlnls l o'Itsnblinn 1i lise. dissemi ist an gene is's nIf a s g ulos s e n as coa Ist'nl istlesan srthgIo lien, siene Ialn i ee pv,))''ll) alll' sn Ihlall l e Illlts lflll'esst lll see t.a lllssl ssI .fSsials!s. whalteyn 'ss ( i s t se.t s $5l5 i y th5ss e i tll t. ll Iklnrl, Ihh l t lis illnilk Ilike IlHlell Un l S'rsII l - tall ill tile e l ilss talls e Is lslsls I ll tlets, Ins ts? a. llI t iitrolsiisiseell)sisasstaesaes )inns,t l ssss.c1ssltcs;nnsls'e i I s nyesslinat taissi o ns rca t l~lllie sassess sisllllT:fl CilO esshte slisssns i a ssissss t ile s es'ulf lssnrls iaru m t Isa ll ls lik nilltll s'- ci sssTe tlic lle, s osssi of sslee ts iIs, Fuotllhl, Ulllel·llllM i o I o Cl l asl'ul h e Iitoell lllrulllsl:o ~ lsasa Inne l Issa, slesslassi Usi i ssss wis like. 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It ei tttntsn si ' i I n so sss i't.l~il stssst, sn simtxilsnslnslill.ths esi ten'ssy+lss, at' scn i c v li|sss illssssasl sis si nses, bet ssiestl~.t' teIety o$ofeUnsssn .,ll l t5) lssn 10) snsnasssue.lnsns in Insn eslis'sss ant' 771111 ,nojsses ".rinnis,. chsells li'.sn i ts ssnlsna's +O .I~snneia. hIIassli ss o ' s'i liss nInssst sn's li_ li.,!ii" s' :'l'saonssss tiisas'snssnseass assi gsse'sstis'O~ ssl' sie lssshlic lkns's at t si.. iss: i Jlle } " a's'arn',l jll alld Jnlsll n n'il,.s, 'a % I/s' MLl'ns~n lb s l sn [ t ir sale i t l i lrlllilltll , \ll' ll 1 adl l l·l, . ao. h ('hiloran ll'tr, N. vW tllcca', t ::; ll:t . rt io, INow Yccv rk ,llt I nl r ot., itolt . I hllr ll, lo is al n llc llu l 11) 1·' ll - o s C o : di a _- S . ,tler h .rcl re eoi lo I t h rll[l nl" ll rcT Ito ' o eto vr f i 0 ' ireth ito ri + ar n Kilt, s it thr I u rll tie for o lt ld lo in r tleta oill lr d i lt ' ini l tr oIl Ito tiei,.. 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Ther- hhlck vtoiri'h for stre. a • ea bloc cIo lniR s The tan ls'ipl'tr t vtl o i0 b ih t t mello . & Tc. tN F LIQUiD .IE N'.'1 -ttan. w ih nibon otl £ii o. tlro ci-ontt ni a d wO hitetlt tie te nl, r oodd pr Veotl . toito th ahe; pt lrtrve sIhe IluIIs, I ,lll' +%i ,!Iill ' cIh hr llt lllla,|rind tl ' , till ailt hs t o h le the orIutlh I looablo n t tt 0h r het olllll l o illl'llll -Oi;c,1 e l au n mixed ifun Wil I erio'llul ? o re a W rlll- Illd si ilrlllled r, ic to re I i - u ro, tnu nce, 00i0 Itrh !, h r. il ae feel, s% 1."_l th0ill 0 he II It n d L r m ,l lalel m ri l.;i l ,: r . 00i t tvotnt vet'o ct t h , apttr it o' tootish ed t 'to mo ' Ot ol"rs,& . toot-It ott s 0 p0i00 SO t- l tn llot s to lt r lrii lll s n l to ll tl . blc ' lil, lly th blea is prearced to tItoItOO1ebatO th1 en1t at il11 sh itf ( .lllr IIIu iad iih lip t tl fr ltn torot nxerti on,, to re nd, r vibilura omfrtable e, to roe cive, tr contole; o t it t Irijlr Irfor . 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I. t, . a .i deto I - :-r ll2t5'rt' - raall t, rm,, by • II ,'o I:.o ' . , O ld Leo- i . -l , , r i ' b ', , , i ,e hur ah+a, +It l, , bl_ , erms, y -"'f Lt , b' "t , 5, Uld Levee. TRUSIITON & ASPINALL'S SOMI3 POUND TONIC MIXTURE..-A speedy A and certain euro for tihe Fver and A"re, remittent and interoiittent fevrets; prepared from the o iginol reolpn. Used with eminent anod 0ni. versnl success to 1832, by ,ersons of the highest d rusneutaility iu thiis city, as stated in tile annexed certiitoiates. This medicitne is htihly roroummondod, and has bee'n extensively used int the above diseases with such distiognishotd success,' thtit the Proprietor of lhi remip," has benn iducedl to offer it to the pulb. lie in its presetit form in the hion :it may he tllh means (of rt'hvinip many V .those who are sulrering;o oundr the se'r:o.e of olour tnotry. It is a medicinle posesttsingr trr. tvirtit, end whiom tied according to the direcltior has lever failed of (ftectil. tl cure, ryell in thie imost ohstinoate stage of the disorder. It is not titt ll disorreeahle, and persons of thie weakhrlt seomach, and children may take it with itmpunity. Itstrengthose the digestive organs, creates ano appetite, and stldom requires mlore than one, ir iii obstinate c.sos, two hIttles to effoctt a cure. There is neither tierlrVy nor arsence in thle medicine, nor ni y thinp iijtiritots to the hiuman constittllioll. The ptroprietors are so well convinced of its thtrt they agree to relfund the prier of every bottle which has been tauhen in neeordanre' with the dirret;ons and has not etimt:eth d na i perfect cure of Ith fever & agoue. A. OLIVER, sole aront for New Orleant, at Ihis hulhsale a111nd retll r drgl and Imedicinl store, corner of flirnvillo and Chartres strceot:t. For District Agrncit's hpply to j t.o T. \V. t3i1fTII, 48 Conti st. r . . . . . . . . .. . . tile J S ,".'vlst Il'x In'ei T him sellf I Ts This i ity ' r'l I i ht ti' IrpTo i ' o tr+ II T:' tI l ' n .rl I W hI.I,hIrs.I lhI I)rTL bIe; nos' . IS is nIlw 'irel Tiviir IT Full ~IpIlT h oa Ir es1h and genuine 1511e.'1s, which 1 hr" will sell it lt i b ieral e' I 'I'll r II I i .i l sand l hosc f i r ] Ith e iierir, I ni tli\vl i ll , lll llr , / lllh n.T 'l'nt'llt, nv) h e swill ,il~l. r i· l'j/lll 'l l I: l' l .!I TIT, h llvelemI bieT . , ''he a sITAr'II h. ii : 1o TI'lI s, lh s 'k .will llvth ' sIv I" Iii- .('TI . ll: ll d I- , I T ', ,111 Tllri tT T llT a ,s; 1 1" lirr'hlmll irll I i viv,rTs,: l% in, uc ,rsa er, the Il Il ie p m lp l .y a t ll, 1 ld d t,'. act `_'r N' T :l ',nlp st SIII I I I i (' liel . 51 Physirnk, Ih I . t:on. ir .' /L 7 r111 s! I al. le,... l ' k. I l eci, ch: Uni v'rrv. .a ad:lu i 51- th listsa! Cf ; qll ge . of .Mgl . , ii ;.t. iat• of .\ po.e "all t: lllt l "nll, I l l c l lLow 11: 11 Adlll ior ll S i , SIllll S germ a I Ils I t Il T o I'''II I Ii5 lllu 'T 1,I I1 v iii ,lIon l P lla c l, 11': :' · Ih ·\ll ·lrit l l Ilhiip r l Pu ,71· of Gy' ' "'n ill ' is vri al:l e 55..1 I vittr e s ct ll c l5 l of ti v r vi:-rs' the xp.r ce null cunpi ::l r lt!ll4 sin-e ss in the extensive em , s:malilg is tIe professimo It is holi d, Its rlli vilt nlary st'upp, to a ick Ihll e ] a t's ei . , : at :lu cvs I- rising Pl 'in the use oll' 1h, " 1115 eltlllll lll01 a d eldCil mll str s l ted glTTthTe pTlic 1 I) t to i' T I its proosoml I II(i n llim hlin ed , Iolue i1,1l: Whead + 1 k fa ; I, b% setl lion trcnlmlcl y, unprism~ plet prelvulrs so tota li g igno ran In t f m Odi I T I scien tce, tha it im .po sible the I nstTo" is ce. d'.lsi. t Illl :ay ilongel r go down with the int lig . nt on- 1leolde ol't Iisc(l.l'lhi . hllllls 11111 "11lh s:ih . 117h , ":1bl' :i 11 ill I h h' II111 '.e:, s uid I e k ptl in ll l''lry t lh ily i caes III I of sudd n illness, fr, i Ir(. roi ltlll t dmin listt i tllo choIIeTrc.. TrTpsllllilT stTll. T, C .tl T.llil TlCl T other l ' Ig ii : I" T.l eII -1, 'IeTT .TIT T I In tI'aI, all those IT' A In lal .o Io, Tii A IU TTckTITs ia 51i IIets I .l ,l i l 5.I I'II ', I.T Ly 'Iesp IT llie l e llgl st -ll o,'l l ,lhkselhvr a d tain's1 o f mI'(t" li l1i I il h SLTnilll lTle d I Tit 1 IIul iT I , nI I coI slirectii s I Iy Im lit larl ing ca. Iulie lga' llo Sirh .stle i I', J TT ( hcT'TTThvT IhiI s IIITV iT' l1T , M. IT.'T V. T IT jkT T IV., '- JI. Aston'T K.iy, A. I nalpllT , MlT. 1)., :d II i ro s pIo t l; (I-l' lll A I: ll Iby' whl'tlllll illl llllllc t il sI(· I it l tulrt d ii nt NOJ . IIti \IN, 1129 l1i''erl Itlc, N. York, till. ' Sole (I seIi Ial AgentT L I t' It lni, l States, iT 'c. ITT I1 lTTTTT5 Tl\1ent I' r S wtTll t'" f Io'T.iTiTilTa. .I1 I 111 " N I l v. Nd l I I (m lle t.' I Tr T'l'ro'I l. .... , In I 'sIt e I T. I' t'h I hIT.-T T ', he a-! r iiT IT l i h IiI II! W w ti 'irT is' Iiillllll fiT ll, - : rl i I I mT , .t I Ih IIIIe Swho ina: el ve h .nv ll illl vl ts r·I i .iiiI I I ItIh r i lt ' 1 ,ta l I.; ll II'IIIIitilalllll,,l )i. \Pllh ID I . ihh ,, ,, " I tl lli ,I I ill hJ i li~l'rll i - llllllll,*(~ , I hlll Ill i, .i . ' I II l ITi' : d0! hl , I )r. Idli l oftlln lu" i . I l" d( m I "tot1 , I iar I r tllT l I , lTrTiTII 1,i an , l ' ,T T -Il I n," II)'. Ia.t n u dlal. Il ", ,l,.i . T T 'TrT hT I ' II' l e, 'I'n I' I;1.4'I '' t "81 I) torI' lllrc.a ,rll' s of mllll . ,li I .11 1,1 .".I IS'!.ol ''lh - " i-"rllt ,i 9 t T i 'lll': PUr II. T 'i'h TnIt , h .'I I , TTi il, I cle(II' ui'Im i ' r' . ) lTT 'TTT T llliT L I'I TT'h11 r',ITTtliT tr i roduie (',l1 ,ii n, i llll and o r 'i i , alll l ,lrs blre , Itsl tilte te i r ncllllt lrati e nl' vicii'ih awul atllgr'. batsI Ihi6 lim ma. it 1,ity r lu.T y lr,,..T o b t l , rv*lT " u l ITlii is.. .. I e, n.:: u.ll . 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I'b o Tllli,- i'll ll'l.' y dl''l lIT ITT 'll' ll' t t Il f lt1 U I l ;)ltiI SI i a te nlll .ll' IraT ih ; II ri' tl co l 1I , r'I'iTI sI' IT persT'T TI' o y r i I butL rull redt ItI e lhat , , Iw Tig r IIT llhrI h ith'TI'TTT IH . SeT" an th l b, ' i ..' 'l;l.y 1 '.. t, li p- . iTh-.I e'U':u 'lT si sl Til TTTTI , I, I TTTi TT i ey i' '11 JTi'T I.~ TTltIp 'llTT leT d ' Th It illtiT iIlT a T' II isTTT rI, nt h alrrI T 1tTT 'o i llT " iltT I T lo. II tI." I '' II'T thle (' I'II' . It Co l :,lntio +l o ii l chau;:llI. Lh Uo1 I li l of ith ..yat lll, a with anyou" .her a it th is h .iýIp~o aget f the mootll~li of th er dli'easc, .,, I], s"', w harted as.h ilako use of i tl o ":., , , s ,, .. .. t. lu d c.., ,, h t i abatel. i its .lern1o \ , ', . , r Sarticle in itslcolu: ,.,.,1,, . , i h mII lhTT litTT iuiT o I, I'.,' 1 u r + .. I' I ' cI , I T useT TeO ITO . I'T . 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