Newspaper of True American, November 30, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated November 30, 1839 Page 1
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-- - - --- -- - PRICE 12' CENTS. _ _ - _ N.O.A-NS, ATUDAMORING NOEMB-R- - . N-A ORLdANA, SATURDAY MORNING, NOVEER 30, 1,,j, Vy, .-_VI Nn.2067. Tterms of the Nemsraper Press orf New Orleans unntnittlsly agreed toedc atll ndljsntrts o the IPrprieltr4, Irh'I ion the 1its h il' Marchn. 11i7. Suaoetens ltos.-Twrlveo I)l)lItr for the daily pa anln , Isvalle Selli-aannually il advance : ten dollars fr the tri-weekly Countrv paper, pinavable one eear i ,t'laellcae, wtlrle no city reference is givet. Five dillars for.the \VWeekly; payvable it. alvanae+. Na a tir:riptio will be direeoainaed ilntil arreaprgs atre seottledll. In case of dliscentinuanr.e, one week's notice in Pleittlg tr Ue eI is ariabtly given, previous to th llir;atiolt f olls sriilst la. AnVKI.nrisatn.-)ntl dollar per Srquare for tihe frst ulnrtion, and alljtlf thalt rice fr aeaci Sciellqert roe,: asr iaterial alterasioa frot, the origlrial advertiseralntt will (i)i charged as oa new one. Yrntr.r Asnvtenrts.ata.--terihants and Ira erv. orty dollars fil Engllish alone, ani sixty fr hlath lan -.a.yaa hanitake, liu+esuras (ti:en, nold other si iar public rlatitatiita, iit'iv dilllrs it Ifisslith silv, nIII t(ghity fir bothi langInages; Shil and .leaaiolt I ac ers, or Linm:niseisin irechilts sixty dollars in English no, and eighty for both languages. Mltanl, On-ro.any NOroCRs, and articles nall nlag tie atteatio sf tcie Isuelic to cales oi prea rlv, cards sif sasengere, Iclassits, &c. &c. niii Ie ,linty l aie dollar pel sq are Iar the triit iuseratiln in each lll Coiatlrstroastlo , or Allvertisetieants, if nny perirnss a unatare, when adutisoillle. hillti b eliarged doable, aud in advnllcts. A ndeuloui a of twenty.frive percent. will he made to Auctioneser Sihersts, ltigisters of Wills, anIl Marchinls ol sa.te of real estate, pallishled in ilut liungolnie, tnd 5e0 per cent. il English alone: tll preacent on talas ari' other property. AvEroIPsrU.eNTS osut of the direct line of buIineas of the advertiser, such as legial, nnellon, and111 pcinal: loll sales, runaway slnvds, strna allilll, i:. &e. will be chnrged iar sep.iatevy and iit the ordinaVry rnae. AtVuaa'rsstiasi'rs noti esecifien a+ toh isl. will ie published one inanth, and siharsed neiordinly Noa dvertisem.nlsa of lankrupt.ise will Ilr iutliehel n any case, snlis paid ti h previousa t, ti-,erlsio, or palnellt guarantecd Iv a repnasibl' peralln in tovwI. l'oatrns anld otheir nsl fIs nIn i el"f n lt , n lllrrrtir illn daiitr's tho esasins. to he tceltrteed $i$lit) for Lnalisl it Inle, m 5l its hl Ihth Iataafe. All tlntou nt wntnll, nt+ oIf canldln i;.tlt*'R follr Anti::ta1 ,larse . will be chaurged doable the Inrice of othilr adhvertise ()wing o tc e i aanensolss s niined by newapap prorpietlior, they hver lllne to the ,nlclusion tihatl tlhe n ewll of poerelil whoslle nclleont have * lnt beetn ipaid writhil oln Iol ath after 1)ir',s; lttsitisn, ilhall Ise Itrsli .nuwa (no far a. practicable) to ,Rca,'h oiher-thLey Ohli acini thermaselves not to it Ivertlie or irint tr llsul: dlhnqilusaa lellacs in cnae Oi adreaen Itelnlasac. Siglned) JC. I),: Sr. .iLCti S J. IB YOiN, I'. P. IRtEl, J. C. PILENI)EIRGAS6T, JOIN GlItSI)N, I Mrts),lN,. Weekly Press.-We. the undlerrsied, ngree to abihdei by the absve condittiliois, as ie. as they are npplicab.le to (,ia er) A. . IAWRIENCE, 6 N saulbscriptitons are taken for lea than 6 nasnths. L.,ters ,must. in l, he Post oil-. SUHROWGATE SPRINGS uionssnitrcrv rvmtttvi, AlMlila. THREE DIA I'i JOUI.VE I FROM ANE I iV ORI.EANS. TIi :Ip trprietroi' this etsehlishlaet Tet Itheilarn in genetelr lltat he will htt in readintishv lhe firn l di of aneft of Iloe at a di.ttncel, lht ithere hallve In it 1ltarge iimprlvementll nlde, ad Iothers now gl n I alnd ill rapid isrieress fir ettsitle tinl, sllis h"i t illeable ths .siiecriher to lea-inntntII 1ati e It nolic i nrger lnnclmttt r thaIll herrlof.lre, a d at the elnlt ties n cllh I btter. "amnilie. cal Ie an co odllllllllell l d ih ill igood lonmns, or thoase whlo prelfer n have large cabins t evachtd Isoma the main Iuildling. It is deelined lnscoeescry It say tanyvill in rti(: lar of the eharaeter of these wlnters, lr it is g.ernity believed tlht they are ant inferior tio anv in thel Sit11li erll Statsi . All the uaselenti shllte Ia:c erslls-ll found ast Waering I5lavea,toill ibe found at ted n. '1" e be sat lsic that this prisart of lth lollntrY ale rds. , t Ioseaenttig:lgtd,and will be ineont-s nt ittetlhuince ntt tc prings dlaring Ihe whole sarnn. 'I ,n 4 .1i w il l h,. + lelof this oppurtunitlv n mor ing n hie. unthisutd thankn Ior th1: very libetrl I hea rlln-iVll wic lustail itnaunld heopes by the ,.erlf i ioni, st kinlllt Ve tftbeen lldl i i h i lmrovitln rdl r0ill o tile acc nllllnl ltio1s, t nltrit a libetl lnttrosni.t th' p iesent s tln.o. J Nt) IR 111. -. A I)i.fli.:I \Y W A R -- Ie r:,, e,., . . Inacturr, nodii whleeale de lrr. in a s rdl ri gods, ate noa t a tcelva n by lae arllvals Ir,5 itnh elve us-rinerttll 1i ari h i in tI £t, aimI,,", w.hlch ral Aor l.s" i li, viz: is nod as itt plevl v sisal seet itl s, L*Folis t nI ts d. t5s t it ad, its ttl l I a1 n d.o ddo t'ren,, do d a Ain r, d, ll,, , I",rsi h-s h doil T_" u h'e i:. :r..,n,-h d,. I • l: d re~,,tI dl A nerr-and 'En . hr<iles n ,t ht.lidlu ol untlltn l, e tr 0 -, t ralllels, An do dol. g. .4 al i kellnce do do da do 1t1,10i, he dl Dr[ay, cart Usd wag. do Sl ddle Ii, A s, d+i1ea i aiat ngle; v lteIes; fiIxIal as uilu g I;u , li a s sls e rpe ll .she, ; bellt l 11v11 i 1t le thr iet Irol n ,lll I ra-' nallled; h lath r l llu 1"'p d o ssvorlted stzes sitld vrsetl tu+; awls ere ;o pland bsell.; coachl, rlr sulkey, twv i ldll pllan r. cr, a wlipt. woit, wostd, cotefon and tllt ier girlrle anlld l uri att te ; stirrul. lea:heu-; trlLtIk tralPls anTd vatnie l r, i n web; ch a llr a ililI. haines; hlisd hitsslces a d lines; i S ich cIc ll+, Cud Isv aut d tmule collars, ol atill ,lualli s; n,. ricc, IIucal, Ibio r.lsbeep and t ultlsl slsklns; p!eiil bress and oseci lsllds i lilts of ev ry decriptll , plitedt. hrias td s teel spursl of evsery dusrl t O plated, bias and steel stirrups ofa every d acrlp. "iioietsler wilth a C ,lnlete anssortmttast of evvtry' articl, is, their line ni bisinessn-all of which ilhl,) ller for she uemh attsan sutaIng altctregs. Th,.y will also cornllue io rceive IIsrIogh the year, by p lekets fromnt N.w Yurk, fresh suppIlies to keep their stock ample and coal pllet . KOU[d, DAh\'IDtsN & cv,, It 15 Caual t jIRIL. J)I NSON,Olie [II Ilileui, street, cini I. inea llu.l practice to the tleUtmunlt Uo" Velreaul flaavie, i nill its dlll rier Intl rms. Ir. Jislxuuo, fro. i reideluce of mlyI years in IIlo pitals il Europe, duvnted to the Ve nerealI illi.eas., and from hisi iesiit ixtsllliie r irlCtIci inI [het particlhir rnnch of the proutesionr, guirtiteii a sil., \pre ldanllid, lieti ll re to uqllh I1:r.ldch Ii are Airiliitnl with tiny of the illowigli di ciierae , i il:- I t..e i ii ell .c.tJo lioiio1 Ii ii Iuflh IlLiddi r, t.ioh. ,l Loin·a Urethra, P ,ltllr'te al ihI, Swelled I e+tieles, Erupll iiyna on iJii Sill, Si rel 'Tl'hrt. ltail ilr the AIiii tihe, numerous . ll ,rtls whichl i generally followIi ecta e sels llrad iii two or lithree ays withouI t th use of .tlemlurv. intltrrupliln train hbuiness, or alters tios iniein u t'us oliving. A"dic. toE IIpreet lVe.relt liCese cull o-. ture. Alof ii thlie it if iili iiia th i reed,,, of theII Iiitliliairirui iullihrlltlr Oirchiii rmIi s ,iiw iuied bi Il i l daring I rie i.ii..i fiiul i tun in which he Sohl bly Dr. Johnson, t hIn oii ice. 'li thear persons vin cl nlly,alt,.rtiol y of Veureat I)ivlease, and alont liR aw voyage. .l r removing toi Iile countiiiii, woui riOi well ldi ivingl DIr. Jol i ouiii cl, is proper medi ei-lln ta Iirtlwr olre inl the sholrltes II+ cal lt l IniI with writtien diireutio li fora the ir t. i ifl)icellenll rof i tihe ltorina until i o'< tock at night. AIII;INETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. DEr. Abernlethyl the Treitest ief (I m i su llrpill it opinion that mln-tenlhl of tbe dllae. dhll aloe lmkind originlate i llthe Istoamech. Thin IW. hxr wa u.ld byl hinl with trlhe must, unpreLed, ettedl +.lle nllC &,is irivate. ild public prnctelie for oivc.rgd o1 lifio yealrs lar the llre llv l of Ihe+ follt illeanami ip~ol. "lacl Loss IIupp tite, Flntut!eae, Dishlltio, of th .tonm is b,P Iin in ltheid P Ilieavin1asuf the Ilaed and incli ntion tO slteep, Irregulnrity of the l owels,, and ill all caves where lldiestionll or a ..c ilicbit ii liI lliund to Thin medicine mi st i nt he numi eed uaicng the host of I ack nostriumsu now h:fiore thie pulbiic, aU it is thl Role invention of the ablest and most scientific aurgeon l"uire lver ilrO. ed lt eret repri i Swi:- urchacICd by tie aglet liar a vety Irlue rumr if, I rhreie rlulllll nl rlesat to the Irie, olitlll Iacat ild nlle ieclltalwlys kl.ep the biowels free, impart viigor and ilrellgie to the eystemLl, and cheertiflnlhles to lthe iniln, aindt a flew I.i rIiiiii tc e tre i t o ,Iiv e o coire cliases o Ilyis epsi ori l.ldigetion, andil prevenitl return at any future period. Siri:-I.uct tnelye nof leafciding a ielentary life, I have been troubled, mlire or lean, with lldigestion Ir t.-l years; for tie [last three years aiy sullbriugs halive benefit. I d.aspired of ever obhtining anP permanenl relief, and resigledmbnyse lf to the an"l, ,. V Atl despanir Dylpeptic Elixir. I have now liuished the filuth hbt tl.. nni know not how to exprees ily I tliirltion of its ,onderliil iirtues aud ihe miriijle it tll perfurmnlin r irig" i.t ihalt heahltih which I.I t mgi Ioit or. ever. Seld lie half i dozen bolobis cu and excelt my tlumiki thi lae blessings you hve o a erred biy re c lling ll i o uiellitle hilih. I retllain yours, Cll Mio )ii oNOE. SN AnniL PRIll :Pof ithe original tilies of record in 'L the ge:lerll land iolce. Prillted in aecordance "wth a resolilutiol of Ithe iluiiei of IRellr+.lntativo,, ilu. s l Ithv1 tlyv :133R. .A few c,.piens t-t rociv ed and i'irsl liy AIEX TOWA R, J,1 ,, 49 Camp art IAdiBici lIAY'S LINIM1ENT.-No Fiction.-Tlhis ex Ltrtnorinary chirenictl eomporilion, the rern!t of science, and tho inventiotn .t otohraleri od tuia eal nlt., the introd'ott * n of which to tte pubihr wos intvated wit!; the olernmtty of a de.:lllhed obquest, has inr.e gained a reputaolltion unparalleled, folly lstaillino It1. correctrln.e s of thll onteln.od Dr (Gridley's lant ontfession, thatl Ito t] ard not die without giving to poste!rity thei b.rtliot of Itil knowledtri oen this .ilbjecl ," and lie theretfor htqrnathed to his fiend and, Sulotoo lavor, the i errtor hit o discovery. It is now usnod in tihe principal hospitials, and thLe private prattice in otr etototrv, first aol most certitainly fi. tihe cltrt t thre ioo:s,. anti o eo ntxln sively atlnd eft, s.:ally is to bil! credulilv, unhes wlltr, its otfe.s aro witntessed i:xternolly in th: lollow fot cornpti tol t: For I)ripsy-Creoating extraorditnary absorpti-o at ooer. All Swellings-Reducina them in a fitw hours llteumlnatism--Acute or Chlromc, giving quilc ease. .otro Thront-B- y Cane-ra, Uleors or Colls. Croup and Whooping Cogih--Flxtrernlly, and over tlhe Clhert All DIruise., Spr;ios, anti Borls--Curing il a Ser,. and Ulor.--rVWhe:lr frren or long rta.'lio.g, and ito:r sorre. Ito operattions upon adott and chihirnn in roodu irtg rliloln; latio sorn llintgg, o.dll Io In oooet tti:i t c)lgon. e :ill lightlln.s of tioe ciesnt oy telaxiLion of tle parts, Ilhs ben t surp rising beyond opl.tOptiion. 'lThe ennootrnnt remark of thl.oe whort havlte tused it in tlhe PilIto, i It s t;ke aho a charm." ''lIf lI IoiS-Tit pirice, 01 is rokundod to any p orsont wiht wall eolt a hotolo of I'ly'os l irelntt tt for Ilhn IPlll, aind return theen .piv boLlO withll h tilg m red. ''hlt atre tihe ponitivr ort,,rs of the prmorietor to A the A lnt; nllo ut of olatly tlll o:.lll . ol. not1 onllto t i h: tl llteInc sfill. W\V might insert .erolllncatco tt any Iletll.l, but prefer that tht-e who sll the arlteler , hold iex h111t the: nri tin l to p)rchatE r s. (CA\UI'ION-Nooooo can Ibe grontinn without a slelntidl trl.tItlravetl wrlpoor, tO t o, hiltnt. tohl o y oatllllll Ottd .ilo thlto of Lthlt Agonts t SiO)t,)It).N It.AYS. Solo whonlrtllo andt rrortil, hry COio'tli'OCK & iCo, Ntrov York, ando by ouo l)rolost inl overy ttoowt in the Uiono. For sa;e by the \Vn olesa:l Agront, corner of Coron on & 'tci.topitnulas street, and' t1, the Apothecarioes generally. e30 R.l"(R.d & C,. N. 31 Cha *us stre,, ait ,ow rI e'l lr i 1 :;nI o ltnl' 1no loo tl loo innsl .plt d nl, l - it'tll lr l tall ta illl ln l <It t 1oC 1 o o"IIIIIIo tlh y b h re ever ecihltlh lld Ini 1 l markel , c( nstistlnr II. :llrt n4 11 hi ot lllo t w ni arliitlr : bltte, Iltn tlnkt, jetl bliteoo bl l tIot roonl , I llv,, tol n 0 nr+t+ and ,oldhn oov, Ir,,ec k ndllll (i-e llnar,;: heaver, id; inn'y and plain l h 1k :,"--I. re u.1 (.h0 h II In lootPh s. e2l11sh11 11111ol eI.r h ,,,y andI l in .lik andl er0 Tit v'lt;o rtll -,,w tio r.kipt r, l tl ; Ott1ll-: Iail J lrot. lh r :0 . I 'oo l lo o t l+ 'a rl l P · ingi rsot I ttt o, trotr i ot rev nod ptt ' n s o rt t aot slloll-; ( oih , etll ts-wo , oat n ,.l' r toet ' 'r sI ." p nda'lltrl; lllllll i n r aCil, m ll,·r lin 1'01 . 1 ;rl l ,III l·, sIIIK and :t nt, O tt 111 h, rrIe d dr rt s; b11r tion :oll otto si r! wi t l r '. , l •I n l'l r' ll ` II; ivo \'r pa'lt alOttd htIt iit 11.. t ,t' l lt t . rOlrit o ; i ro.l' "' prI t llto I ;'t v. -0 - ,I I IItltl' hIIII .+rlir I+. 1," " , a lip II .',+I ,iT a.*. < hl ln 0l, h l1."l , .,; .l n I I, + ,Ir-11 . k a +l I rlllee ,:t lrl k (; nlhlrw tor, o l,' I 0 0,hr00 Ieft, toO 'll rOt: Ftc: , sl,: 1 IIH, v a'k, nllplolilll. I rl lller r ,O tl.- d rII urel t :llll t Voo Ilh "- to ol'',ri ,,,I t,,ot .Ii,,p re c "hll , n r l' . 1 "' I , 1 : 1fl, l - , I \I .I I ,111 air 1 (+halt,. Sl r Il' . i', , ' . I I1I a l "1 , " , -.. ,,,, 1 .1 , 1 , . II, "'O" It lot " llt'ot ,o I I', Ih* ... I 1, ht'+ 1, ` r o+ t II olt I l I ootr 1" : lr: ll" lillelr' rr ll i:' ,I(' I, i i.n I tn , II ;I: 11 " 11h ' hl, ,ti ,- r ,] loll, :. 1I 1111* 1 n 11"r ,helllj , t ,r rl , I tr1 . ,1 , l' . l ', a l i ., I X 1 11 11 h 'I, l.l '!, I 1n ,, 1 1 r, . .+ 1. 1 1+ I,, r . ", , .11:. 1 ,,= e r .I r ,- u II\, .:. li ,' \ 4, l 1 r -1" 1 " ],;, II NI 'a , ill l t 'a,+I , ,+ltfl " t14'1l {,% at tl. 1r..i\\ I·M. i l lt o the 1 41, r ,ler , II .ln: eII .( t,' I c l c ,,"+ , uIt,', lctccllie ) I ctci t 1, i,+ cc,,, Gcc'J 1 n.i .l ~tlill E. n . t.l •E, to it l!:kt It. ' r ),: .'( ,: st I: luih, 'll p e cll ,Cti'llll Ii'I licLd . c I II,(I lr Il c it e 0-C " C lllll 1i:i\ I 1( c ,-,i.rc INll:, aci,-,L l - l via .M.:l:ari , c.c, C hh: ctu.u c ' lll'lll Ic! .!MIo t" l . oi,- ) I:lilailil 4t , t )l, , lll-cc lc ; it t l li.'kil, sn c:I ll l I ,,lIw lbi, to Augtc a. A i c gccrctclc ,1I .;ehl -cat c Alll cill 1s Ir Ia, erll li_ tcc(e ll thill' t Illo tl' Isi Ie hi .1c' c bc,: othel t ttilc'ti.ct l c ,tc ts, c . c 'c e Ftc ) 1tA 1t-Ic'c I, ?,It ,:,,c through (out, mill may r,, l% w,-r,, IL,'tri vrr Nrv pon i, Icrcii tlal t \ult tt ill I r Eli ,l h Iihri, llh :IIw )Iia.ll rr iand t al, senwt l, o l w w inL mo s nI , rlllelsel n l tlui hroclll-e tuit tcletr. ThII L : I tt NI CO l i . ali is carrwl lI) thi lt. the 'clltc ', for iccl oml ll thelll i ctc , ct c c IIII [ ictY. SThe slilolllh, ha(rd, tuli tral rL s, thl e swliI t, inl l . l estlillg u lletr na iptio , llll the 'I I llune net ' a l hllelll iol l allibrc lthe c ltctci rslc , ceit tai n I ,,ctctm',i tc c te s i cg varictc; conncict :s It ct errit e t ic the Itcc ilcc tt C lctc-s lltc lloc, S. C. nlll l ite sltciclll, Itkets to Now lYork. tracelers call rest h New t c rkcfrm wi Iw )I llen, s ULb r .ftcN 11tit 't -\\ ll usingtttllll ci in l 12. Fronm Chcatahcc ochc e, Fi dcalc, we have a itIun pot ccacces, cilsc i i, brtches fro,,, i ki, svl 3 o to l .lleitigecille, uit ot e to e NI , I iht Ic c c , Ac-crc e, (cith iicc. 83c. hU.i'iiitct'l cccilcc cllc c. I ilh c llciicli A r OI)Iler at MIansion Io e \Moile 'list.h cc , Ncecc Oi le, s c tc 1., 151) mile " I.oiil to A I.gUstI, 5.0i Atch stc., to Charleston, cc h t N cclcton to, Nce leck, ysc- c il i l cime, cw ctiilcll"iio, I, , , 2lr hol rs iMobile o . AXt-,c-a It ~ cl i tul'elioi, 12 k i (haril esitlo to N'iw York, MiSie - e si tr of a I l llh sto 1 11 , . cov. Il N. . I ic o; i ih . - ccli c that obh crlik haIve usl h. o ,', . t I Ir . . . l. l niih speeclcrot-c e ,,l us-cce-cctct I' - cc-ic-l-l; .--cc Cpleasieofle ,tcl t l;l- i c, ilr ivo tc I h s ti s, drivers d - "h ' lt , I water e Iccte-com c 'c i 10-:c lc , I'ccic r itI i , c- -h ,,-;i "|*ll'"'' iic' 1)r,1 iri cic- -io ccc, - -i -lli'll-S ted h)- ll who h:,:;I-+ .ed .I i .I 11. 10. . s' . JM Elil.f S'SI 1,c' nll.T lil l 7 L lti . t, . h i lChar of rlecc it or tlll I i trill n ci, 'hcc" ai.1c lc, , or I.i ,,, i u la, 0 - L.. l.'k irlylv ll i ·il F h I ,: , c' . tlo I c t Iclctc,', ) cltlly ctrd I ln i glillhoni ll et-ich of lil ,lc ,( ChIrrc til - volsA . IIi torical Sketch' i of ri l te ','n. i the i lInc of cc'cge cite i' lcc ci Is. Nic llti I 1 bIct l, Nl Ill I iI ci,,m, , hIc t c . Ic rlll i Inr c I Lractr , by J' lcL. d orl i i,l elof · S lls<-ll- I.II·k e :' l. ll '.: : il. 'iun .11 Bu rl, T Ithrbenr of Pllr:I. F l'.c i s' , lbci ' II' fl lor .t I ra ,u " r T'I . ' ic't l, , t c i' n Kl ,.1, new, up li,.. i hicicel,c' y " :. JOIINS, & Co. July 3lI0thi-3 . cl r if St i'( 'h llelli & c.I i o r nmilc tc ccv c cic cile c.if ii c hi i p t,' t c' ct l c incct, u i. Itn. volutionary\Vnr. I I to m ?3 to7 a , will ,I :ic'di cc .lcc rii',eci ctttcccictt it c la i ,ccc-'cccc d c - hibiclc e nIctic on- l Work o t to he in the hr nds of iever Ami c rccai; c.-' ccr. of ! ily ' by giving tcic advertcccmentccccc i--cc e -. jy J NSth-lm. t I S 1 Ch i . )A ni ur ug' pli'el.s j s r. tc ,. i by l' c ',,m ,,n uf ie -i , c , Sic, Ic Cr mp cc lat. cc., ,c-vycc e i c illit. Icte l. ,l of tt o i !1 l p rr Il hi I iIce |l-h. Ir ctc cct+t l '. c ic-cn c l'c cc t'- c ithlicc -I e',c cc.. cct fiO c bicc , onr fickie celcc r, iy Ii ittccell ti',hll'c c o tic t '-cc iy itni o eo- ;'.i Liticccc e iIcc'cc-c' eee i.e I.e iccei. l t-ni.hi o i 'oo let f 'll r. 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Iv in state ( Sul l cuwtd Illy.('lrplrr-vivify well, AV-11. '1Lil`KIiit, 13 Market et, CASES (IF SCittiF1IItIUS L'I.CISLts. t" New urk, 811,1.14 1n6.. This tsarrol cat mfr, that in the Fall of 1812511 sea. relacd with .o~iilig in inyu Ic!, ruill Ise,, hichafterreadd al*·nthd, L large · ghc u Flatly ulcer. in Irly uel~k. Alter lrylaC urrral nIrtJsl latu o ,m e~i. L t wa pronouncer utterly Is. cllrubllr. Alieru",s rlral took twenty bOttle. UI'YY·LUIp·.. ec·, a, ud right Lou l1-6 (1t Plotts:r'a ('ulkollitu n, ith no matecrial II, nu c, 1 rrt ururJ a) P,)-alelera iin New 1'rk,i iu 1 ·IIend lav uII n if , "I Gi n lillcr1 '6 death. V enting o f it.. graeli .Caego .1,, I' ;!Jell t o try it, a, a tool resort. To mly great our. ! prnt ax waciluri us snttlinctib r I s lu foud mysrelf apidly M. r"lvlrrillc, ass," upon r L9llg seven Ironies 1II, alrers healed, wed 1 e, owlle l,;rrl!1_ welt in 1lI: cl,.rr ol'twu months, mail have s he, I snerocfollolu. or .y line IICIllii·iiUII, shut (key lnsy Inkns I .aru nu..lalls l· hu Ilu ·u\uJ Ly ilia ubn, r· · ruts Witr. IimaIAN. Cll~nrlcrlu,. Jlaly I%, (h7st t r ma~lTu mrrllI ~~ I ing, I .. ceuaisi. p~hl r as lli. Ivy uud suhbiCIIIoII L Sui-_sd l eminent phyeieiill· iLe. a .n iru Ilullll.· ,I1'Llr alddslll' I)YIIIEU sends w pastier ins JI )Idl:( It li·l· A {\'I.S7', 12t Market it. O r as s IT I, Iilb H it 1 : Pzil ONF "LIC'E, 53J 1u1: inie al.rueIl, oppoositm lian:k' At " "'' l" , t'L" ... , P.r i, nnn n cig to his he lias as plP'r piai *'"· ,l fur .ny o ' ,: l,."it.: , l.or s,,a, b.,,y -. il-Ki EY, \w ;i, I. " .. i - .. 1 h . * a t SIRK- b- l e man. tizrmesin j sa AVANA '.Si t .k.t list A iN- es' I in' hai a mnnin i a fr siab hr A I . jape i4

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