Newspaper of True American, November 30, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated November 30, 1839 Page 3
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ITAT'E OF LOUISIANA--First Judicial Din trict GCourt. S'fhe Stuate of Ionisinni--.t all whom thre pre ;etouts shIldl cc. creeticon t\Vlhereaa HIENRY \VIt. I.1TM I l'AL.FIIY t rhaViug ur Ilhed- at n sale maud hy lits ehlerifl f tl'tt m ilslalI l oJeflbr-on, hiht roperly hlereicaller ldescribed, has applied t I tleack ,f this Court, h11 Wtvhe latice Ihe dred of sale was red.orded o1 the seventeenth dliv of October,A. I). 1839, fur a Miluni tihl o Adverirealltent i eon.rityo Act toc a A t the Legislature'oif tha' iSta o Louiainum; enitlId,."n Act hr tith further a.siuance ' f ' tlesi to lllrchasels at i di;cil salsr;' aipptlrnvd the entlh dav of March, 1834: . Now, threfore, knouv o, and "ll persons interested hlerein, are herliy ciled anld.nadai,.cicheI in the niae of the Sclat u Iafouieinai, atei af tihe Firs Jidicia[ Isi trict Court, who can-set up any .ri;lit, title or claim in arid to the prepelaty hereiuffier esacrihrcd, i conse qcence of nov icoilrmnalily in the order,cecrce or- judlg meit o tia louttiC t Uar l uch I 110 Ule IwaSS alde, Or eny irregtuleariy or illegality in the cpprnciree nlts and cldvertleilteitt, Iq tim'e, tr ianner if'suit, or Icr any utlder defect whtacever, to sliow calie, within thirty days from the day this Alonitiod is first insertccd in llie p ahlie palmrQ, why tile sale so made should inot be con tttllel aid hloma l.gatrd. r the alid opropercy WaS sod liv the heriff ofr tile Cpr. icah cftcsiad nI the tweadnlh day ollf Sept..c.ric A. D. .183t9;y e ot i decreea a'thise Cort reudccred di lhe eilantl ct iy olc nartch el i. 1).1839, ilin c aituntiledil MthriLhceil weie ofCt Cliarles Brewer and al, vs. .e min lr eimlreI and hleirs otChlarleA U bail, NI. 12,i09 rC (tle locklt to'f thir ctrel, at iwicel ishale Ithe tnid lie ry WilrliHm.i'tlrlrev hcuale taie ti cachaer, etr tile wie' . oaur Iuudired aeid Ilirty-five dollars, payable ltencriptpno oftprtperty, nc-given in the J Idcieil Ccn en2ytacre, cz:. ". , iA ceertian Iet nf grdaund, tihe. aiai whlicl. a as ndulli ated nto c'ilietm Nichuclnin' Hit I i l sale rmade Iv tIsae I-Me Coy, austi, aee, of heI c oe of New t )rleacst nl thle elevenimlralch 1836, Iby vircrce ofi n jltilgrielt ,c" tkioo'acrt otlthe tlrtiechiJahithudrva clii acnd wcichl was ltcered Ire y ieid.'ide b n "thc e ibghcteetlc lrtrchl 183t, toc be reell diat.tll e.k ad exr oe lof said IHill, fiL r ineg eeing ;.cid rftisi rto conpie wictit the terms and cUIn: rtitiaes. enld .j.tcdaicatien, Scid nit beicg shaaowed i tihe par.a idttcffercn, ii athiotownt ifoacllnr rei, cldecti ialec ear clrer Feur ir soqcare n A n a pcllcn i'roaw by lietuaidi Itlieisoe, surveyor of said on prslh dIn lirI twentceth ola.nauury 1836, ald depoiated ic the. olficj of It. B. Ccnes, in nruary publicof thi lit ,ne a otud as friat ou I.we s.tlreer, uld flrtyv fic[ ohrccc illclls Ilo tifronto i ltrn. I.tre.i.lclrece emiidcleld s d t llirly uule Fairell v ir tl:s treltl joursll J delter dho| threlie - Itllh· teecine sectcacim cl urct i ac v.ef ntf ccc eic anccec al tfoil leeri idches ~itl c t haltf on tI lic drci idin it dreat Iot No.Thrlre, cpgeiher:wimh j all Ice rightsb , privile ge* e('., theruatio belodegieg. Ieieetcetlire lcanorahlc A. M.'ulcaiacn, Judge of ther L . Court a furerid, this IfiIll dnay ael' November, n20 . -. . PI.E BLANC, Dp. Clecrk. "ulTAT DE LAe LOUISyIAH I.-Catr d ul rem iaer Oiotrirt JadjciairoeL'Etht do It Louisi, - noe t tos eteu que ceo pr~seltea coeceertle t-i Salnt Attondu quo IIENRY WILLIAM PAL.FR.EY ayiant aceht a une yento faitc t ai r to Shlerilt do il paroieeJe l 'Jeferson, IA proridld ci.apels d6eritelc ' adrasc L'at greleo dte ctto Cour oh a a I :lto roatelfat eatcgistde le dix.seplibmo joir dc'Oc(ltbre ddc t ta tf f 11! , piour ccu avs conlcuri.leiis iai t rI cute, dou It IeLiiancii de I'Eu Elt do .Li LLe csicanc, inlitOul " Aete pe eonfirmc r lee titrecs do acque Sretlre aux realcijudiciats ic " a cjrouv" Io 10 1 Mcar, 1831. Qu'il tiat aeaon, ettoutes p)ersonae iat6ressaes irin ' ar ceon prauenrtce s ecis, nIu cim do I':lat do tl Louisiane et dao Is GCr du Premier District Iluiei.tire, qui pourraieet acoir droit a at pr - pri6ti dlarite, on coisdulienca d'un di folt d faormns dean I'lrdri, c a dcrdc on l juge meut do la Crou, on iertu durqcl ia vwlntrt 1c r6 fait ot de'touae irr1g8ulrid oa illlgalitd donle i'ciliitidion, Pa.vis uu lta itmp It clioda do Ia enate, o pour auce autro eausoe qtelcllqe, lade faire voir, darla trmitiojloue . i dater do l Ipulic a tion do eot avis, pourvqui la vents aicii faitu nil se rait pas eofitrlllc or et hl,lUlolnyiU.e. La dito jirolri16 ft rou.oncdi pur Ie Slh6riff -s. dit, Io vicgtide juir'e o Septeihbre do, lcalli., 1839, eu vertui dccidceret dcc celte Ciour r:lu leI dixhalcilimce joir da Mars de ancidice 1839, darcs I'alFire de Maria C6cil, 6lausiatic le lerl- I r, wir Sal. vs. Les Fi.nfatnl3 iieur et hi ihrtttlr ih (d;lCrlts Cicil-No. 12809 dah I)iclitet dle cellt ('our, hInt quelle vncteledit Ilcury Wiyliaci I'cllcmfrey s'ct reldu ctqnCrealr piour lc prix de'auilicltreI l cls cll. qciLcu piastres, pLyable cmpltaiit. I)Dscriptlion die I prapietlt d'aprce to IracisfrI jdciciaa, re, eavoir: III certain Ilt do cerre, Ic icitna qlte fcu acdJlu6 i \iII iail Nicholsoc Ilcill, h ui v.n c . itlcte ;a Isaac .. Me. Co , e cniciccicc Ili l ,t dI ilc lii Noutecll (icnrl.a i Ii, : l M:rcc 1"19, ec veror (II jiic tiaL doi c olt, C ,hi r I li 31 Ja cvicr 173t;, rl pm eI 11i Macrs 19319, It Cior ordo t d't'.tc re t'-1 1dll su.a (|,p u na t risq es dti dot Jhulll, tl .cu-, _.1 . trlnlegligiiu etci cci soe rclt'i l II rulpr It. ieC.r s ct ccIe i tCl l c eC e ci lia dll, tladjl e II II . (e no c de. l. i cc'-L sicbLo dci t I , I.c r Tissi c tc : Jilc i ,,im) , ala. la rilla db. '.rrIt u, ita ic tll L 01",t " I.- o1. inecru qguarc dti tiii, A., cur ou patc l t'ee! [, Ic 211 Jaucier 183c1, ctc d( too clii II. It. Cc i iiitcs, ottlti. pl h dori11 ' Z . c illr ; l , p1iuea dal clat, " Iin t iIr l ,,a L,.] 1I , rill ni" 1',ds dccci sanr la lig quo It dtvisa du I, No :1 oos,.m. ie tlaa. le druilc , prcic gis c '.ea . tin, y a|ipartii teat. 'rdloii I'llonoriaah'e A. I.l Bllchac:ci. JIg-, dcc Iia cluIr cuadlc , cila l Nortcu lcbre 1839, P. .E tIltANti', ll i inc 314 Dccipuiti t rVttir. . Tl& l.rt IC ( IF t.'t.X. I 'Ts: IAs" DEasrxEt:r, City of Iluton, 17th July 183 9 IN pursuance of a roequreelllent oula law i tpied by SCongresas of this Republic, approv:d January L2st, 1839, making it the duty of the Treasury to advertiso and cause to be sold tie ott in t lou ( L'Y OF CALIIOUN, oa a day by hn is fied. Nottcet is hereby given that the lots in the City of Calhounlt will ho utTerad at Publ ic Sale, oil Moniday tie 18th day of Novremle next, hetween thie hours o:' 'on o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, t P 1, at the CaII I tol of this Raputtlie, upon the terms set forth in the following extrzats fron the law above smen- i tined b See. 4.-Bo it frthlter enacted, That the lots in t said town shall be offered and sold for nio ther cur. rency than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. I ,finsory notes of tills governmtott. Sec. 6.,-Do it farther enacted, That the said lots shall be sold on tie following eturtis, viz: Oneu fourtli part to be paid dowo, tlld tile other three forith to be in equal instalnouts of six, twelve tsi it eighteen months. ih See. 7.-o-B it ftrther enacted, That if any person who shall turchiaso any of thesl aforesa.d lots, shall fail to make paymatnt of tlte seveoal in conformity with (this Act, he or they I shall foirfit all such sums iis they may haivi previ. ously paid, aid the lots purcthased by such deftaul- I tuo.shall revert ols the goverltisout of tile IRepubl lie. Sec. 8.-Ba it further enacted,-'hat all persons, aliens notdxesteed, shall have u th prilvlege of pur chasing and holdilng the satuto, and tile President i I authorlzed to issuoelatents t tthem s l soonu as thle Last in, stalme'nt shall iharb been potid."' lue sale will.eontinasulrom daty to day, until all of the Ints shall hlave been disposed ol: Calhoun is situated on tile IEast end of Matagor. da., directly on the Muailn ta's ilttu Matagor. da Bay, and rilna its advantageous losition, will probably hecoe, tle principal conunercial city in Western aToxs. A Plan (i thie city may hbe seen in the GOoneral Larld Olt:e. 'h[se uevcral tIapers in this tReplhlic,tlh Contiter. cial Bulletin, Picayune and True Amitrican, of N. Orleans, will publish notice unuti the day of sale. JAMES II. STARtti Se.cre:tav ut' tof te Treasury. 1. IV GIlehur's It'funest - Indian De, for colorting the llair ; ilear's til, Rausoitns boat's treose, pou.ualmttn, t[illieat's lisI cle Wash, superior peasrl powder, ll whitte, ciream sf rteOts, vegetable ruage, ltto of rnse, lip salve, sreasone touth washI Cill illlll le de tice, orange it.swer water, owder pulllfand bilxes, All, rltull itharc al, Ilt.aly put up in Itlo r tnlllte iatl,L Pres. ,tan s.plrs, cIlogi e, krwestel ,lt It 'I he drop+s, hair hbrushes, E lishll dressing Collmbs, Ilndian halir Oil, aith a variety of uther perlunmerios, ke, ",r sale thy C. J, 'TRIlNCtlAII), art 3 corner Il Canal Ilt d I.urhion st. . . l'lU 1 f.1 N'A FURNITURE WAREROO1MS No. 53, ilt .vu i lus tr:r.t. tt I LTIAM ItR. CAtI.\tES, wtonll' re.spectully in 'V ftrlti hias id anile inl pt l tlictt titht iso isdll S stlnlliy receivi vt tiuo New ork itlad it tatoll a good assortment oit Furnittll', sliih as lSllioultlgw," cshirs., oat s, ledlIol mnaple aUd panted sli c oii , aun l e elnd Caoerrv bedsrte.ra, ,'tltho.ty anid lintrr)y tsblles ftall desCori li - bls, titos., th e Ittr,, 'itiu S desks, wtrtlr,.l' n: it na,nov di (rry, ta Nit. Firitur re laucked fliut t'itlsp lluatlIu I withl greaut - t..O'STEFL . t'ý CS ,tlS-n I, t; stqure ur b- d ....ll(a rdg.ted. - . tioop," .lrtolitnd t'utl trio, "ss itt o udd e . dl! poh moohl ' " " Caot, ermut aherid ststtlte-,i stlings saeet antd Cowley stteel Iplluow ware; cut sanil trtgit unaits silld spike. Zis, bloek'tilts, tillsltad s.dstll snto.s; ast-lkettltGa OChltn cables, 'thoqis, hti.ts tot O x , l o g .I:dlt r ,t .e c l i a i r i s , c . ,t . m i l s -. . . Allihs visces, ttsumes'and bellows , . VWire; airers,'s g ttat har 'adi shltiat and coitking soires" basen, Iltwl:tttd's nd ,.thesp 5llades iltI shovels Hook artd plate hinges, dsno atd wsindows hookl. li.lhS, Hlunts, Slharps, .l other as. . l'al'tr-a tMil llaooiri t. l tt e, liut.'. td twine t s l.t,,.i t ·'~.j(dIttloll. BOOKS & L MTSIO. E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' IIALT., NEW ORLEANS; rTIrl assrtsstnt3t of topers being now complePld, . ho ssubscribern -fI'r the Iblwlwng list to the pgrti cular attention of the pul.lic. lrices..n lsual. lowI,. English Drawing Paper, (Wiatman) D) * yi 211 i..ches lloy 1. whlile wove teda,,i., ,21" do' 171 do IRahllan, 2d do 19 do .. irr I{.ynl, 27?,, do 1411 to 3 .In pal, ;311 do 34 d. lo,,,.,lc I lphant, ) 1o .. 27 do3 An.r........., .53 do 31 do Emperor, li(S do 47 All the hove extrta thick, ro(ugh grainl. Amcricar and Englih lar;ge Binding papers fir Blankssork,. F t up, 1 icl'h. Il I+ , w h. a bndhl., w ve, do laid Royalj, 2 i do 13 .,. .o .'.perIRoval,3274 d. 3I94 .o do inp 1iul, .311 do 22 ldo d IhEnflish r L ter Paepers. (WVhatnlnl'x lo.use nid Tuorners', and John Green's Large-stsi.,e Iucket Pfos 41,3 hllue and whitewove, . f. .3u..o do du 3. du Iln i, du blue ld do lulnk lPrst, , f, bluer wore I~xlr,, `bo..h large hi .k po...; do gilt Tintd aInrge st ; h, do gilt isoled po t; d. gillg La.rge Ivurvy posl do gill follio post, white find blue wovr S 1 liallk, b;le wavlle Black hordrred, (m rim'lr.g) post Iuihossed large land smlllall post do gilt t'olor+d viol glaz.ed vellum post, on both sides lith l and Victoria post Note Papers, Sro. and 16mo. Phti,n note paper, white wore; do gilt Tinted do o Extra satin o .whitre. inted alnd gil Ivlory dr , andit gilt Itlack Irtoered do Eloborxrd III Silk notl, lap:ri , whi3t.e r lillntd nond gilt W at.3 .,red silk, , te, do,, d do printed i11itttlion American Letter Papers. b'lhio ollstl nid "olseal p. 1Alllir' x. ·. (_lilrr<:+l [ P,,st, whilla d blue wove I itld ol- , ' I'. cke, t P.. -IIII ~" re (C onlllon sizo:o .rllins s. .: lelltter, whilte ll blue w.ote ".7 ,lo d.e .h., toil( I, dN . IIud<on's, I uhhard's (;lood inil'. G;illpi's, ali of all other good tmills ill the ('Tih led it..ol , I.r.t-'r Ila ,r,r No. 2; o( mmolnl l ...g llB tiklll It pl slt, \Illilos' nll [III ] lIH,'s s. f, i ltlly olored note papellr I.ulilo past, s. f. ,hile Pnd hlue wve and Iid 3o N,,.., hh 1 ,I . l bl, e woVo '11iIorlilned posts I iUtldl itoII' a ,d Ill s .' I ..i t Veitrd rat,,. . f. hl. I'II , rgh &. ct. Ihl,_lih l ,,lltrial, dIlnv o:a! cnp1 d Itough edge Amlis s' suelriorcap bhI, wove; rutt Id s.1. Ido wh)1 il4. de P blu wve l Ili ud-; a s 1 . P','s, , 3. .. ,to d o d Nu. 2, white wove . 'o3.,l, , ,,, N .. -1 Ih .hr , " l n , l1": 11 mier go,, n lls in the U. S. 3. f. t 3od fine N,, 33 a,,d 3 Clllllllll Foolseap. Pot dh Ruled Papers. S .per Roy,,al hal: ,.r sheet palr, tuint lined lo a', ll ll"lilllllllllll llaen ty d I 2 A .,unt II. ant ies do wnih dollars Tt cents columllus 'I t ' torol Ito do very I I-, ,I,- ll p>rn , a) (. f.aintl lined, 1 p t NP . I. d ,Ito I do with dlot. - .+ts line for arc. do d~ do lor fiilr hardwiare trcntxs RIcurd or ILaw enp, feint li 3 A.lhtsic Papers. \usi paper, 1Llyal, I 2 d it tv . dio6 harder, (hI Io f }ofohl , h ;r e ar Clored, Mrbhle and F],,,,' Paper'. Frenlch >, oy nl tu l dt'eny,, llazl], all ( olut I[ l ort.lll " to nll " iill, ra , d , Ito do lot II'1lo ,,f p. , o ,,,I priut. M aroc.,', ', p1l.', all I,!,, I]llill II(1 d I,,. y . It- 11p )l; I ' I , rnrh'// P,;p-,rs, I'lilllll c a ~ atl, l _][ i.i- J, II, , vt . 3 , t,.. S\\ I I 'it Ii; ,}, I,.tl o, Ihrl+,]\ . t I ' 1 l o ,,l :,l "hi ;ptlll t d,I i '1 111 1 ,, +,II " I . . ! ,"l l. I . .Ip . .I I I I ' olI n,. I,; 'Ir, l'.l " l-III ,l:i pi '+1," r.i l.IH " I.,2, I 1"+ I'. "T'111: ( 1 .. tip it.' I ,I 'I \1 11'. ._1 lll-: , , ,, \tillll t[ ''ho"i J i~ tlh. (' ,, 1 -t-,. I¢,f ,,'2.',q" ('I'.t',,,p st it l'l.ýt" t i'-' I ;-, , l:b ,," ,," ; ,, ., ulN., d butI, J J II \1\%I 1. .11 . I II , ' gal'll n.t" cl\Yv I tt IIna p Ia r :I a p a r .tt dot :' at ', o " . 'm . ",Ie-<i { 11d Balnd gilt l'llll d t III hIo n~,a, .ltdir - 1 r 11 ha , t , p alllh Fllll ,1 nd 14 alides, ulll& ol ttl-- ll \ttaI VIa ,IaI t nlltlll lll'-llltllru , III i ttar lnal , I a alI t II ; ooII r ao e lll r1 e wool liiillII lh lml sa t;'. I.atilnr s l ,tillt , III a l sle Wiolo' oI eI t.t aI l i. t oLa ,f tb.lp abti I't't l ll kilt AI A kerlll i ' a llt ha, i'hrl? h.qt lllerl supe r ill u, ; "In li i, i+ ililvedo r " jI.o T molil aIl all dll lllll O m iil ; io FV l tie O s-A .e ' for u pp nt ath : f o ng il orkl oIi h t i a l:-, e Fl tl.lili' s b.ll Ilrll e clt) tIIi h bolok,, uitable for ,v olH" S t heI l l w of 01r., \ el ih - Cop il ik, 1Or ir lit Stp en, lll+;illl e &" J A IO.p Lreu l n. llue ritllg It u l im, ilir ; 1 rr , llalu p t, '1tall ti'1, N..1. I. illN ,t t t l'i tt a h l ftt -a I t : n aI 12 TI lt . lll,,, iglol, , with brail ift'liiy l>itd - Ie 6 !i ll i. I'R 'l ptai fo I 8 r ed te b ie Lad C . Stuartm \%' illevhll I\W l'.'e ' i' O III Ii tlll' t· " l 'l- u '- P ll ,,rs It I lhe r I0 h l imiahn V it olral Jlle= :np ,r ,lm , +lul ltilr a ul' l- it l l 1- 'lVirons, edvied I l, ur L IIt tit-. s - , ttC il trt h l t a t +A - llli- a( I rt :L l h ih ndid ,Olk t Ih I kllaklr l (hih'LA with hotilie w al,11 t l v a lhe :ii - lish hb.,ok . + .at a l oa t iv riad an fur t aal Ift Nial a I.-n. '')aN 18 aa a t ta . nIall n ll s tA work a I. , ,.tI ceived ytae ua tiber. IaiGatt- attt'taitytaaaa I Ia.Kat'amhe all o ath' ,atlll taat aI of te LV l'atdhall thwtt taa aa Evas' mlo r - lhtris a:-d i'ra-a id, s of -hitiolia olke' thil lik, lee hoo a of Reporlt, abridged by JIoInLL A ) ad avtd tler51) t-A ll ti, l F 3|l'" IaI.L. 1+1 1 o n pi.- G atai l "'y ,,llll sttle tIi llta aall} lIr.le'u-ltll n tlid Sl·(ITIiiv o tl Ihe U. ý Ser l: a Im I ll l n /lluti llllltl Law It+ IC Jt)ItN.S &t (Col N I1)Simi 71, t'r-;' H all, tea co, t.n r S1 Ppllthe. 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'5,t -k " iSSIS iIi'I'i, ' H iard " I( N ISVI I.FE, Allt'e II U\ i'SV ii KIq " I:hlrid_" " NARATO(A, "IIUth way The slhove ships are nil of Ihe lirst .l'la , Ie-)pPered h rl t e(l. t1t I, xp l E , II sliht r ght ot a t' , l' d uilt in .\ew It olkex r v fr ' tiill d., with 5'lifat ni i'Cl11odltl.orn+ 1lr passlnger., ni od r(.llllllltltded by' able anrd exp rieced ellll naster1 . The price of pss lllnl e i1 ixed llft s .)ln, lltalt winl'tsi lisllll " tl I-Ig store- ii Ivery otheir Ftrt. lila r wi"l. eprovdilt . and reI yv s t tr llfIIO II .n i ,:l 1 N I'l l p r te h e (V tN ilill K I " tIh o se pl' t illn r ti HII.l, Isif, ill fle li lll I t hi p s111 ill il l iI & iI he, ttWl 11 p ld dlowll hp e rive:.,ll rd the gI ( tet pu' ctlC - Itlihv obertred n, tIn Ilteirl of sf lilin. 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IFIFF t F te F .FIFFrll-F.FII t tF &F , TIII III l ' F iFF FAFFF FIFF,, 'he \(; IF N I-IF 11 4 F 1N' 1' 1 --It has F IF ( iF F s IFrllFF hFFI I' IF I , FrF t 1 ,1FF d 1F liF vhFuF all 's IFtFFuF of pure W FtFr, FFnd so FFpl Fled FI ltFe feet! FF 111i usual FiFiFi, FFIN.FFFruFF , will FF Ft,' lFF i F IFF - I r illdKl+'.y-- b1lF tthF.I .1in, foFr FF1e hI F IF h9 G DORXEY, 44 NFFv -11IleC LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Ev 2utbtovlti· of tMle state of ,outifana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PtaOPrIne,'rons. Tr The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctfally presented to the Public. TI e IIAI.F MILLION LO ITERY will be drawn in Derrrcember, amr finished at one drawing. Teio TW' O MILLION LO0 'I'ERY will bt, dra wnon the old pIan of B latrks and Prizes-Numob:rs in one wheel, anld BLanks and PIrizt in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under tile superviiun of two Judges of Courts, WILL HIE )1IAW\VN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II ALF MIllI()O LO FTERY noffers chances to 1,291 IPrize.s, of wlohi 33 are 'nrz e to Real Estate and 335 at -A!ock, besi.,es many Prizcs oern posed ol'Tickis in tlhe (;rad TwI Million Lottery, atffording a prirt~Ipition of chIo.e, ala, to Iie hoIder o1 a I'Ticket for Pnrzes in The (/RANID I./) 'I'TlhV of Tw'o lltlliont of I)ollarr-lto,J000 Prizes!!-to the fell iami.tnt tof $2,000,0400, of which 1U7 are Prizss of Real Estate. (Only t9 ]Ilanks In a Priz,.e-Simple Nos I to 101i,0tI0. 1/0,000 ''ickets at ;2lt--,ll ,Itltl0 . Scheme and selling price the rosam.tor, Among the 'rizes in the* s two Intll rics are many pubc and private hilodmgo which adolrn ther city of New O .r'leans, and arel tio, pr:de of it inlhab. itants-thlo Veraldoi h, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camn) street 'I'lorate, , St. Chirles Arc.adoe Ioildings, with Il tols, I)welliong lHousos, Stnre.n, Bulllding Lots, and muny entlre .oquares of (;round--bsides Stocks to IHanks and oiher insttutions lof tIhe State of Luisiana, amonting in tile wholue to TWO MILLIONS FIVE ITiUNDIIED TlHOUSAND DOLLARS. All the ReOal Estate andi Stockh s lotlred m Prizes are owned by tlhem and in their possrssioo:-the acts ofnsale, with clear titles, are vested in their firtn, and recrded in the oflice ofo Adolphe olMuzlreau, Notary Pl'tl.o, and olti/.e of,' colovey'oa;r, tor, ready to tr;llner toi teo iholders of' Prize 'l'ltkots, emrrpt from iotcllnlllr:aor ': Ih roperty is sno apart unalterably to that solle and only orp.rse, and c, in no ventL whatever, be conveyed otherwie by the firml than to the Iholders o Iihe Prtiz T'lickets. AME II [CAN CAYIP STREET THlEA'itlR LOTTEI? 1, CaPrr.t. 5310,000, is 1,291 Peitas! W i I eidrawn in DItECIItMBERt NEXT!'; and in order to gratify, at an carly period, tie purchasers Iaa : oftickets, t!,e combination is adopted for this Lot. tery rnly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will br. completed l a few ntitutes by the drawing of 19 Numbers fomrn the wheel. in 67,525 Tickets, at 010 cach---$675,250. the 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCIIISMEiI. CAMP ST. TIHEATRE AnI Grl:UND, W'ill ie prize tote ttra the I r te l d ant 3Io Tl'hnt ubsilmt four T orv brit k b1;hlW.·,10 called Armatro'n's hotel, tlrama g tIe'r carner ot'fC ,:mp nrld atribe z trn s . Be.a 40,101 Prize t tith, 5th mul il o i ve str eaet, u h.cupied by 31e-arse 1 & W' liop kil...... 3,11011I I'rize to Ih,, 7th, t 1 no 9th. 1. 'l'hut ,.h'gulit o. . I~ .g bo -ue ,,,1 ht, No 7 I "I Iltlr ll ulsir-1tr l, 511dl{' l ie by1 \L o dn1 2.,101i:tl,: 0hIl tc d 1 1i. Ch, T m) to fry h bal-I dweltI g and double lot 1'Th' aI' ze at- 1a t , t1 ah t .111t t.h An enti(re s "la , ogr,11 rlll d ill f'hotl'g \11tun- h liarm,. .d .A1. hotnded by I.iberly, lJienon, 1Lel rll ttn.d T ,I psi w is. r 1 1.1100 dI I'n iz,- l t l, ,1 I 2rt lca d a',.t' hl'hrr oiel -tore - r tllrod Iot c1ne1 CatI[ ) and u iJulio strr ,oc ed tby Ar. 31. I.atl r fre I 'I lze to l -t, :!I and th.rt That , s er .tlo ur ml t lt orner of ,t May 1 't n dl Julia - . . . .. 1{11,11011 A (ortiBo:elt · fir 51 tickhet in the two mlillin it loter Ilit $2 eact h . . . . 0,001 2 T ate ' h a " tl hhleroft(lhis priztte IIt'a r 'aaiz 11h0 Ihl tov o t.,I , , , s 1 Illo lihrin )lrnl lslll, I uln' "Tlh t heir I elll lllll (i' the 11ain p e p io,,ll af ht. ri ' splendid prizes. in the tw i, h i rie o m st, ,1 and th. Thdat large buili g and 't' I ~l, iva l' t in ti lj city of l.ull't lt1 ,nlllbolllr K .ivaulllhil, ll',o o'r Ca \\ nsli gtoie; ll tld (heplll nVt eits. 100 1 ,11r1 it A ti . . . . at"t , h- ti . I iai -h it firsy fate i tte ,l e net j'rizan ;, I. i, 2 , l in l 9 ,Ith. ill IA c.-iri , ~t" of 1t 5 tickeis inl the two) 1nlio 11ti a"l' tlrll' . t,rtr alt.e lht'II,.tt-' ·Ilta i,,t$ ',1 'i·rll. t ta aar $'i eaacha raaa,011e11 mt o o sory h se ll, .1. hu1te a t nt. .tI tdmh, ht cor er ill 7I h. i aenr, a f aatni a i d a 1h Ir11 e' li et 'a., t i th two ait lltI i tl l loi trv, I tI t: , I , A 1",rtt , ,1,,tet n 1, A I 1 xui e t l'o e colrne· lo r it a 1. tParz to' I r, rd andI tth., A 1 Pd ir let l t eT lll 6ri llho ct,.I1ll. ji n . iltl. . sill It nld i tlt o r lar i - -ia t- ia teo l it e ar.1 -l. t tlnh u In , Ait 1 fri tt - I tr1' eIrt, err ,t\l t ',ire n t r r atdt tt u tl 1,t11 10 ft --I-t r I m, ai ,ibra dest, ait :3t t i00 i A bioo i o 1 it cud 10, tt ye.o th A \I'a ht,'r, tlot fiat r ando It',.t h lo t ,ftro. Ir th . . i ie " I.t i' ir aear - tat, 3dt rand l it-ll ati h.lidr I A prl'ti.- .,l fif Itnex tII Ihorrl ta l t rti. , r tiz,. t. 1 s :HIo nd 9this. t i l ' e rtor -t, reanl9 thnd , ,. i lr f cll a n ,dnr ot n.f Ith1 st9t. h n ,500( b Ca-I itae-:rarldrtaterather A -i.h- ls, .ith dred lit '2.1 it on 911ghil t. 1 1. t l n' , I l A , tilll e It ,r 1 tt -le t r rizt t st, tl an th. by .'.." ll , Pen,, ...... ..... ,o,,t in+ . 1, ,,61nk ' zt o --, t hnl 7stil , 4tl h i Itf h.t A t ndi olftsgre , ofgroulnd i 2-, I.b ound.r A all t I t .II, liant Ei tllltl t a4. 1; 1 Th~, - h1 5th, 1, d it''-tel tt . at, i -ri l, tilt - it,' to I sI, a nn 191.e hiz," ti , I 4t 1 5th i .nd ] . A Ie ir ,alh buia lig tit i e r t afh1, ihni' d 'O I'Prze t - 1,li itll at III a. t is A dsirh'hn ldt r Io lf o ud ceity of htiptrt, 3h 1 it - I -l, ir s .trioth ir, 7411 I ti' 1) r co tn - 1 -t, 4th tr tlld 7 r5th. .f ieltortlli. r i.i t s t If e rlllll(i t of. Jt , mi ltll il, t by eilh I0t Ic. srra trir-'rheit rt .--'r i a ir t ,rtt r I"t, teeh i ltO taret I t , A fio ho t rea l rd t r- ne each . ,1r 0 Pet -t Iatlo r titll IIt t ( ilt- Ir. I5,a 1, St at- nud 8 drt h an', o lr 00a P r,-rrz a r t ' I ll -11tl 1I th f e,,u1--eh tll|1 i sy .r It ,Ca, azth, 1,. r8',h o ' h O it, t , ir r (,h Ia'e,,- nastle a't -t, v rize t st, t gi a 1 9 an h tr. A Iulr h itP All' Itir I -ii rt, e rta toi, iat rllit r a 7It , 4th antd -1t 7i 1 r t io e rrira t h t erltic. rhle r-t, i iltthle rl a ill t1r I te hralloll n Iao t, vA, ,ll ,'t , fll .I ':' i ,I),0o1 Pr ie Ill I lt, .l h noll d (th -- sl h iith -toti itlie St111 , 11, o liata -SO c 26,100 1' neiar to It trfh a dn loth-- 1s 1ah,-l -I 11ta I, I lhr,- te n11 d ,1--f -t , 1ih ttna tl the-- Ij 0 , -ilh 1t l h t' n mill ion l'c, ulyl , :1 _. ktll t 3 eah ch i. 1,01)0 ue l It I I i 3,1 t i 7 tI [1 1 h --lit 2 A , 3llld nl Il l'w. r'iFz.,, i,n(h 3t sc h rrst f s bilh t h n il, onr I ;;101 fig )tiz,'l . To .2M h :ill}; mi ll s111, -"!d3 1 ln l t nh PIII 3d' I sltlod till 5 r-ih'a, , tl lwlll'.10 PIllItld], ii i 11111- 4 cud, 7t,(,41 n ,l1,--nd 9tth-`l dull and Illh l th-', 'td 9th - rIf 11111. . U 'IM(I MILLIONS O' DOLLAIIS, 10,000 PRIZES AMOUNTING To0 1 \V 0M~ILLIONS OF D)OLLAIIS, OIt1AW N ON '1'111: 1'1.0 IIA OF BLANKS AND) PIMIiZ,-N() COMB~INA'TION NUIIll;EtS. 100,000 Iickct', tl 1$0, - - - 12,000,000. SI)) PLY NU.BI IEREID, 1 co 100,000. The c chene and selling prieen net the a, tlle, oinoalddition. or resrttlions are. node for enpenses in tIsi Intecytltos cttittgieno expstowill ntl operat l..S dt l ir_ ottteuct iennltf c Prlteauion vet on tile eroprerty. otI011- (IF DIIIAWINW(:.-TIe N h:re 1 to 110,)000 will be plrced in nne wieti, and the nOnto nlmbetl ollnoks anid P'rize. itn nloher i heel. lIe evern teln her ldrawn front ine wheal, a ticket lirni thie Thak nd Pizeieehieel will hindrawn, ,until the wole anre dra LIO IllS it iLI', ' ,Iu MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. J,` I·:n, I t ,I) '~ lrrirrui l e all t 1 1 , r u;,ervlrlo ll of two J Iiti .1 p\ I of C,,,t, ~ N,,. OI·rpt",,u il and tie ~ IIPt"' !, llpIII1J and 127 10,000 I'P tIZES. 1. The 1 I-E III1 1\1) 11111 It I 1 Plllli ya·I. d It $5110,0)1, 11', '1'l stiiji - Ild n pi t pit~tle I. Iwi ,etiso e, I,. I ie 1, nl'd I Il-, llia of Irons olf I J~jr, f" t on I(lll (ll Cl- I- w e,-;, andllll . I(1:; 61,,1 it, 1' I11I II. I 1111-,,. 4 'I''11: principall portion o (I( the Bou I II the how-( 1~11- '!d Iiaiir l Il 'lli PI /II r llllill r ":n or IIIo .-I jI l ~ltl ,or and eight i· (111.t 1 1·1 ow1 Io a I.i e ,l o 11 '. I-'l i ''i , i1, l n, nd r f h I renderl It tilt-III1I1l~ n,- ttlll llla I le .1111 of lsel. -. i' CII \ll r i' -ton, Ieon iT n or Xl'nr l tF XIII- bu lour and l i Ii'' ' ]'it,, eii I' i ll Ii lr l; iuye (Ol i.' 11111-, 0 Eii'll TEAn 1111'1 -ili'-,' 'i Ile tee I ner,', I nge ,iiii I,, Thisno iiii','uiii o odor,' fr'ontiili1:111 I""eI oil St 1'-1, I,"t tuerretli ,I, o hiiii-Iiii , 4. 1II~l o~f 1`1r··11 fee cn >t ('hnrh 1 -0 rend,'. '1'1-, calr , ci- by 1t. I1\I1 :(llonoll Illiiilnl' within cols-lo'nalll : will. the nI ~ it' d ofi its. I itrir Illb h ,ll ,, 111011 Cno·* · saloon is ly 1!!I l li" JIIIII . Ti e ()I rl eta Ills neti i.Ii i of lihbi xei s h eII I dIItI o Iiii ill ut l lii :II Iiiu i'iit iiiii~illi llll:· i Ii ljlll~ I-I11 1. ~ I) t-14 ,o ,:; Li ei e .,1i~ii i 1'"I I l.1 .I IF. 'I tiiiiii :I3 loci ''iIn it i it Il Iiiii l Iei ill" 4,11 o 1-~ iiI"!' ilnnted iith 1711 111h h1 and .,-t $107.,0. 1i,' .III l~l l~;~llr 1.1'1. it1)l 11\ ) . rLll i'llt ,iiitt iii :ddt io, liner, 1 11,0 ilollll· o0 1h. el~It., u~lhi~iith "iii .Ii 0401 no9,000,,"I 1 1 ;i. '1'111': I'. I'll 101.1 59 Ito' 11)0· 111~11.- Inn1 "ill 1i ) 1 itt-i ,11.11, . '1it .t\ 1)'10111' )1'\1), , 0:' .01111 A t w o; itull Iltle'k of Ile f ?'o 11II)il a~ 111·1111- ) ,4 ·I-,; Bout oo Pause Snort, I., SII t-r p, I,~nl tt,-·· ·1·/1( ,III 1w 1, (i l - I,- d, I I " ,4. lief.· I T helit, l atlh=, out too": on too '!drrh ell~ Ilorr ar Ile lot- 1, Al ~pllll n l ilites are Ioidrd i~toi l! ol lg,,n, roonl a nt. 1' ts , ,"" l.i -t' i - ii.' , ýý~ ;~li l IIII.~(· 1I1IIII111 lr111" beyr~, .,.. .lli~~il ·11:ll :1~(· 1111 ' 5 0'li nini itiei, 7. The, I i, it story ,''t. brick dwitLnttlu !r II,:,,['1111, .,, t d ,nneili Is,, :nn·tiog h Ile comer of IIIIIlllira, der heel, 310011 lltll I. . It. 'I'),'; ,·,,,i,, t ,oa ,, of ground nn1 Ir~rv dIe 21tlwl·, !t mu~ ivipalit,, it? vo l oont 13 lot _IVLIII CI . :,11 liar of I 1i,,' l -itnh ura . 1-13,6111'II(;·ilj eT I, 9t~e, TilI nlollilqllirl l of ground onll Iier jllt , I :111 ",!dol ocp li,,of11 ol, o ndd ts = .11ell on' ne tr et,.l'c :.1,1101 .,noes, L i I nIII ip:,lit,, of IIIllil i Iota, :soon led I~" l 1 nlo1 p,', 1'l1·Tl n IiII lose .(lt 1111., \," et. 211,11110) 11 :freer, "',I Inlllir I· -;qlity, co · lnl llln llng E; lot., (( hounded Iy '20,0110 lclil l \((II1Illill: Ii I~Ii 12I. '1'I, e no,. ,learn of K Ill nTtlllll n~ Dentotn at .tireet,.II I lllllici llil l \·) conlllni II, loo,, boon-1 I Idud Il lrll Il? I·1I .I erI~ tI11 bare iltllle? ,. 111,11111) ItI blooded ,,, Menton 11,11 'trpi~ Llo1e 12,0110 , It) 14i. '1'l," rush,' "-quaro of ground ,it llP4;(lle Cr( I (1 IL·-1 2d l oolll 1:711,-, :C onIait). 113 lot', W ooded by1 'I'url,.' :criolre, (ib 1I1' and 1 FL.I.CI, ·? I ,,r llcl,l 1411)11 al·, [(1)111'1 1 1111 .Irt",t, :;It by 11,2 o -t 12,1)0) 16, The .(I Il allolli llolli\. )It Ili lll-c· 1 e( III reet, It `Id ol~t nivi''ltlt,;i of 9 l! sld bounded by I·l·l Iteo n le-, I',.al'lr p o' and "elo 1111 11 i (111 11 I1·,e1 I 17,' l..gooeof"rlll)lll i I 'll .it 111111 to11 )).\1 e11 b 0 other l l; illl :111 1111·l\ *l(t· I 11., 1)00 1 10.l '1')' frii oc ,I "round on ?I1 lpoot,' e 11 Ihr I, ten I i ali l of liIll, l nr IlI, I. 'Ibcrty,'l1lerp hir\ I t and l loo 111 t1 1;11 11,000 10 'I'll.· .(Jaare of g1·10ou)u1I on '1'19,,1 1111,'1, n~aoi I o1e1 , Ito,... rd and IA ,-ti 11;1111) I 20, t LTl1," t-angular ,I eI I d I f Il r t~illlll~li ton1 ' -'I t n,, 015 I~,,, blol);tll( 1' 1 I, 1 1'1- t' L11 ;Ind I:'t,'letn t. 1',001 I"' "'. Th'ie o(1111·1 1o qll Io ld 1)g tool ll;n ool noI "'!, ' liun I t 'tg ar o ,mo d 'l ' 'i tl 't t i 2d ,n,. el ; Io ,, Illoluded I,' Al, p11· 1 e11 11L· 11 III Itod liow lr~ nd tt II: e l,'t : IlI 0,))110 I111 11 i !:i. '1'10 one, story building, ouIC~ jl? JuL.lio n rvet, ,111,,1, . -I lots, ,,o,,,,, ,) Iy I lowa .d,'I ;, i~ta Ii', w an,! .b~il··rn l, sneer+, 2d in. !1,0011 ,(I1IIII It, The -IIIIil~ I, of·i trr·1 onI lu1. tnot Yd n,, uII I lI; I'll" 1oun,"d 1,. v')1 e p-dull, r, low- 1 1I and ad l',":Ivstret, 91100 211, 'I, gua, ~I',roud toI!, Wu ti'~-r 2,1 Ill. of 7 In ot.,l IIIIIIeL I, 1 lldl anti ·111111p1 00 Jil,.irr Tt , '!,I nt. (ring .,1 lot bo1 n ,ot , ly iii 1- 1 !I; 11111 , nl~ te t. III I t ' , I , I,, Ionnoed by 3 a , ,~ it tnl~l) ^n l~l, 1'I,' oat' cloy Ioidilt' n,) gn~nd o 0,0001 30, 'I') , "1 ,r ' of gro 1 1l 'ii '1'h lia sl111,'1 ?, i 10 Ii'''~l, ll. dl d by Il' nllllil So:,n studI·) ,lrl oone ' .mets 111)05 der titreel. `1,I nt. r,,, ,, o I't', curet 10,0011 I1I~1 1110 rave, 3d m, o Ii lo',Ioae II 31) I. '1'i,, lot of ~,11111,) onII Ipollo ..inert, 1111~ll l:', X0110 '"1 ,~rtt of 9 I'lnl hun d11 Ial l ol-od, s" 3. 1eu Ire ?IIIll lot et: o,,l on New Illr F,) tllt et, ,, , 5,00 . of ? gr atolor;olnl on'll Ili-, cheercn, 1! ~ ,t sew I rboledul b C -ru tlrlrlucn ,16 l ilton,, c"i . -r, 5,011)1,%ly 118&e CALD WELL, OAKEY & PIRITC-AfD, Atw Olirfih Aug'. 3OOPHIA, 1B ? cw Orleans, Aug. 30th, 1839 45. 'I'lr pork..(.. oift squar.e f goon)ud on 1: oS11I i 2d .nl. o 11, I'"oo II S0(1111 46. Th lot io0round fuor-nOg dboorner,.( A polioi olo Tor1, Iu*. to lie-,.,, , fito. of2 by 1 .1~~11 (Ill!10 00110 OI 'd . .I) - 10111 rl- i nu o gd I'll''1 mid I.,, 11121 I 5,11011 hoot It .WI I5 ,t- r lI ' O 4'1. 1'be ,,[more of 3t~fItn 1 in,) 'ThIa. trec ' l.. .o f I S f "U , l hoot ItoMoli40t1II io 11110 .11 \ , r 'illode' rrnle..) livin 11w. :titi I ll lon, I( 51. Th-ilwit""' fL("""nd iii l~lr;lto slrrrl, 2d .15 ~ ~ hII o ~1I. w1 1:3 lots, I'mond.,1111 I11y 1\)(111( d null 'l id,,,~ ilU 5'!, IThello 10(10(1oi· C) Apollosllretd Ill. II .--ll,.s0e Inn' reide c i'l( 3 Ill, d I:, , h~ thdIhon 111 ..r,oichr ,[feeil ,o mil lt Ill '1 -12 Ie,4,0110 lIp, of 13 let- oo'. ed. L.. Vnue, .'Llllill ! 11) Spl ,1ooolt iog i Apollo 1 rt 1.,,1 to n1. 0A lo~ Sop)).nI 1111on 11 no.101 rr .`2d to. fil) Itll 211i 11i75(301 i xl tlhe lo forming nil 57, \ let of 'i g Ol): : l2b llll7ll f ort, b in lt I Ills 1,'I11 lion,, (it it ,r lCrliclt brut, Ills coricr of III: here~i. i~ec 4,000I ((00 tl 1 .1 $ lot of III) Iu· J oIil Apo~lllo irert/UI 3,1 1,3l !,I/1"", 1 hots r I ll :~~II,, 2,,! lot you f ll,[ it ilt ('unite ii 010011 Ioit c iour ll f "' lll))II I ' -,4r 1e , m. ,01(11 p :19, .1 lot of gto ml ofi A1,(I l -veti , si 2 i ,,. h .11 1.·1 In' , hr , t 1 1 (100 ((0 lilt, .onioo of liIloli I I f 1u II. coil I"'rilr l I ll' l blldI , I y Ool, toot 2 0 6I l. All lll o t IIgII loll ili, 11,11,01(ee1m ' 'ho to~~~~~~ll 0(1lt.,t,1h o~e f lol 0tf"10011c1,.7 t "1,O ) ,,.~oi((o 0 I 311 li0. .\ (lot of1 1111,1 o1'I "100000 01Loll'0 1 00eet It! 1! br ,'27 ti vt, h, it, the '!d trou t that\llnlj (II 0jlll 0500(01 )1.11(.) oan,:11 til' corner of \: ttil ides slm ?i ;,:,O4 ll. h 'IIii oSI Ii...,-ll 0111/'11110,l -I(Il(LI l0st. A 1u(1u' 1. n I on 1110101I IIO ll e llor 10 p'0llo Ho t,,il(loiltIg: :( olIloyh27ti it 3,110 G4I fguu ,it1 Teio,in 'oi 0r·l. Clltlll~ 0 5 0 u 1111 11l11C1 I 5;·1 111 I .0111(1 ll oOP,- 101 00 11110 (0 0111 10 '1(11 ,i 1 los I~~cI 0t1.1(111 no 3010 (07. A slquareolf.l .1(00 III ),~o.. i Lou flled b'l Iy \\'uluul, ThatiI I I1, ('here., u~ J E7. rttt ' t ,000 00 00 0101 011 70. ,1 ploo" "I f oLlo(n I noong 12u lot 'oom[ 511od, fe1110 310(p t n51101, feetooOP of10. I' ' 91. A r tooo00ll · 1 ooo (ooOdiots 02) :\s10 l 0) Oooo;o(.o101,ol1.g1004 8110 140n', 7'9, . A quire If ,'If' und, lllll I.(l ,illl ' 4 tole,);* \' ill' 3110(10011 1 Eo~lll oio ono1 IIIIJl-·lo .tPI lIYI(t) 7:3. A100.noire it( rollled, -onttP 1lltl( III loll, Ili 741. A s lttxr ol'g~lllllsl, cornt ainingl 18 [illl, j (111(000 I0, ('11110(0l' 0'100(1(11hu 1""'' os too(otree[, 1.500 0 h "' .III' 0,(1 quaIre 11 r OllO(J onnlnlloL52 ,l ou00 ed h10 . Opt fir e. [;retort, Tench ad ('Ii , - 01 ,treoe;, 1,5001101 77 2 o ""lours 11010(00d containing 000ut S umll d h, SprfiIe null Iok, i'1, $20 1,500 (oimvIl IIto Pe',c1 ii:niato, PIeaand Choi ,re11011vers 007 1,5000 $50rl . . 0,31 0 79O. A ,quotle of groundl1~ colllniine If lute r1 bound,',[ I,,' WaVll, Maple ln a ('lit' ,ro'''t·s 1,500 I t fill. The lots,,, hltl r quire oC Lf grout) hw I)I1II1L· t ell toy Il(010 s 0 l 31,001 $ ' 10 roe *Iec 1,500 0 o11. .1 squt$SOI .rwood 0300tilllS 22 lots 000 ;ld, by lp lnIe Ioklio, Poooolrd o311i Ril 11 111010e1 s 1(,4lq( kI lOO . 3,000 10ded by i'oltop11 0(, (, and ' lino hook.. 1od 1 ll hounded 'y I :agl,", r ruto nll ,,lout \ 11111111(1·1 1,;00 000 1 square loo ofo;o 0(0IO stouk tfon 210 101 L.((10 Too17.,1 mo1i llons oolloo $2,000,00 10 file 1 11 lj \ illl( I11 1III1o BIIi · 1,"'00 t20( 85) :~. q:\ r e of 11 ·1(II1I (Yulllllll, 14 ute 6oum1 1 t1 h, \\ 1,11, 1 I to nod .\: uple l t1 vtI1· 1;2011 111 7.0. A sgfine,: of 81111111 cllnlillllnl 10 lots1 hounded Is I'1' ash mud Lr1\ HIII1)Lnli·II-'1. t. S011ll 67:. .0 rlqulr l0 of pgtwund , "oot:,iulill Ill lots :II I \ lnoo. Felt, r i~ ll 111. lI er1 I11 ,firer, S00l r 110 ter l lluf llho li I1 nod I i:, lll i rt· L1l 1100 ;11I. ,\ Irinlll olll r sl fit .re of :II1luIII houndedl~l In' ' 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 ouo null oohs sue, 1, 11110 by Irl poo u- a I Marli 'tte l+ 110 if) b., ('ho lint Pe ac llh t re."Is fill!()ll* 1 LI tottndr\ I~,,iC 1151,11', IIIu·il Mill 1'10 n rctsE I); AEiIIIT' I the 511 ;11, f.11111 I'l5viLlfs 1?110 col O()' ofl'hipp I;.I35 Ireelt~hlilf lg 4111171;51'30[ 750IC boundelld by MapleI, I~llyllro*? ·llc , 1',m' snot 0,0 9 tI. A iriilnru~ar (IIotlr of (;round I 1oundcdl l Ity laut-r an I~rntosu'~ta400 001 1 ' 1011.:1 lot of groom: formingio the ccolter of J J1,vy 1111,1 \\n2Illneton(11 te,.ll. Il,ill) 9S feet Ito,~ ill, %5 Govt oft the former anlid 115 fet"1 oft rho 110 Iner 51) Ill).. It., f grou d of ,"rs ·p-I I- 'i, 2 by 1 1 5 feetl·, the 7ll 1. ten,,, I 10 lot Arl;lll lire conicP II) of Illllr\'xýlLi', 11loi 3u vet `IntlI III IU m on I c . - 5011 101. + ,rinngul,,,,,, u square of lrlltnd bmmded131 It, Clio amllslnl I llcros 3'll Il. Ati.,, ., qare of Sro"'111 hounded~ dill by " Lope, lino nod l t 1111 1tp1~r11y1ne street 2011)0( Irv llapilo 5l d lr \, llhi ts 0110815 200~Uld~ (0Ollp~iret., 1 sltto'e each Sle-cllnntls- 1.: )1)11 0hnnluloslack, a t 1$75 15,000) 177 I".ilr·, I shoe each' (le~lan lusull;nae vor~ppiny stoolik at $50 73,7.511 0010 GO p rizes,[ 31111113 rut"I, Mereliaut' I laur811ca Sonipaa~v slack, at $311 1,300 BVSINýSS. CARIý$ý Pb&G JOB PRINTING )P EVERY DE11CRIPTIoA. M1'EEO)ILY, IANDA(OMELY AND CHEIAPI.Y EXE(:UTBO AT THE OFFICE OF THU True Slmericana, ST. CHARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. in23 _ ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING F:-TA I11,1S1 5 EN'I', No. 53, Magazirne Stree, ItPII.OxIP Bork.' ArPI oi. WIM4A.AI8 tll Af.XkJ, PRUPICIIPlFOR JARVIS & AN)RE WS, \VtIOLESAI.E- AND I rETAII. DE:ALERS I1 MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I)D 1 S T'(Ib'Y'S .iND) WINDIJOW (GL SS, :i.rnlr u) CSeiI0n nod, '1'. upituulae strIStO. neWle.II L.EORS NAT lEAN JAMIS JOHN W- \. ANDKEWS.YSI A largo n"1ly I GnrSePt Seeds. ourrunted the grre~i, a'11137. AIAILND & COOP, No. 79 and at., Julio street, New Orleans.~h' jI- wIIIdol.lI Iv mloCl 01 I"' nP. FASIIONABLE -CLOTHING TAYILOR & HA1)DEN, N.. 14 C(h-.eip M.treI 11AV1 Hr ncuurnautauppiy r f r rerv article. -pertnininn2X to gOIIIOlIeIItdlF'OIi)I latent. stl0'I, atN\,o Nork' priersh Joe-" DEAI.ER iN -l, N IERICAN A FN(iIol 1 CROIWVN GLASS, NI. 3 C,,IoIEoLEr TREir7 10 BAZAAR. rUSH d& ALLEN. NO. 1, SXCIIANOE MOTEL, 'ornrr nI. ('h rles and its NEWIh' OItANS. j III II EO FR SI( nll Id enlep in 0 h lIl aen.d English I tlIIIICI Ilnhiey (blaots Slhin,, ,tcks, UwltrollO,, I N\IUI L 'I'lHY, .7(errltaridl e (?,-,,leer 4f Cnmmnrrtirsi JkrehnR.1 111 l ric,36"('s SI-For tile p1IOOPII. .. '. FILE FYIAN & 'O.,. I1 A lOP, llII, IS enhnud IC SIOrgeSiplY or cloth Isis, I.nlrol..1to IiOOhI cuulItrv tIdlll.. T eIll~ir s. re n allgl i l el , .Atlhe CiOutn can s p i11 'IIS It I EN t'S I[NSR'ItAN 'E COMiPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Company are now prelared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRB. No. 24 Musson'sl Building, Canal E L 'TRACY, New Orleans, oay 15. 15838. Secretary. RIIBERTl' CI,ANNOIN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street. Wholesale toealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, mal(I \Windo:w and L)icture GItes &ke. &. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING.: ROI.IYSO.n* iV G00D IPY, N.. 68, Chanrltres, tots, Dour below Bienville. I AVE constatly on hland every article aplpertain 1 i is c t ellelelolen S'lrprs, lade ia Ithe be. nlan ter and ollost fhsllitooie tyla, ahich lhey olert itL qIOLLOIV WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /I'llE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY. No. '238 Water, near Becklman street, New Yobrk, hav received tile paot oeason, and are corstantly receiving large and exlensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the tllowntg assoltotent, suitable lor the swuthern and pesterln i mlarketscl. Ilolow watre of superior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots ol 22 ditflrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, ettlcs, 15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15ies,15 ites, f'rom 3:8 to 18 gallono. Bakepans or Ovens, 7 dltofrentsizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . I do Covered Spiders, 2 do )rnddles, . do a do Also steam lats and other machinery made s~ order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recotmended to the attention of Southern atd Westernll merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. Itoved to be the largest and best assortment ever eoered for sale by any one establishment in the SUnited States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular. with description of goods, prices and terms, f-emt wlich no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immetdiate attention. New York. 1838. te8 F IESil GARDEN SEEbD-The ,nhscrnber begs to express his gralelul thanks to the pab ,t, for the liberal support he has eeived since ise commenced business It this city. Being sle pro: priet,,r of the seed store, 17 Cumoan street, he ir not and never was agent Ior any nortlhern seed vender; neither is he connected with ant house in this country-but he assures the public that his coonections in etery department of the seed bushi ness, in the dlfleenrt counotres of Europa are eqabl o that of anty honse in the.Unlted toates. l1e im. prts as elds, lanlll, .c. frolmt the mnlost exltelive and respectable nurserirs tind see Ilnen in Prance, IHlllo,,dnd, ingln, Smllttld ,and tlle -llodlero tltes-- and It will at all tiies be his nlrrrest, as it is t1 stoudy,, tI etel , ito ad tdliln- Int hs presenlt nte, k. large ar ivals of evt ry d. stcriptlnt , really the ro th of 183l;: also, engralltted fruit Ire- e, of all kinld. Thbe puble lnty 1tls otn tindlllg i fll as. s.rtltenrle t of every article totn e Frtd ltt, ott genust . iau qualtly, and tuponlted Utrect by Wm. DINN. NDREW SMITIH & CO., respectfully inform their friends and the public in etneral, that they occupy the tlew brick shop, 219 Tclhouaiitoolas streut, where they keep constanltly on hand Copper, Tin and Shleet Iron Ware, of every description,. such as copper stills, kettles, and pomps, tin bath. ing tubs, and til cans, of all sorts and sties, and all othelr brass casting done at ashortest notice. (;rant bars of every do-crrption, sltch as steam. boat stirrups, hog chalttl, screw bolts, and other kind oflsteamboai work, such as chimneys, breech. er, ateam ltn pipes. They will also do all kinds oof out door work, such n zile, a coppelr rnd tin roofing and guttering, &c. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at the shortest otlice. deo7 L.", E, ULK, 1Au e4 oIlOde streol, between Dumit,,u and St Pllllllt, keeps tconsantly on hand an extensive ntOsttlentlll efbosts ad brogans, and rhotes,ul New Yurk manfnacturre, Ior men, women and children ofl nil aes, which he will dsposee of - at very Ilmoderate prices. Fano lies ofhis acquintanre on sending an order will havt !heir wishes attended t, L S S EGO.UR,' Piatteo ltrte Instruaclon. Willinam St,,tih tenders his ssrvices to the dit il zens of New Orleat: as n teacher of the piano laort. 31r S hnving been emlpltoytedsevenrl year as a teacher t'of musi iii privdlte fnmilles in Buston and also at sveral lit the female e, inatrries in its Victllly, cnnot but hope Itt merit their confidence. lit as Ie.'lmitted to r-ler to lIev Dr Clapp,M tieare ntetsou & Avt ry, y enderson & sa aites. For termns, &c pledase apply at the bookstore of Al..- derrl',ower.4ilComtel oact Mississippi and Louisiana linotel, It RS. MARY KIRKLAND reespectfully an I otnces to her friends and the public gene ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at - e above establithmcnt,. and hopeo fthrm ;her ,xcrtions to rendervisittirs comfortable, to receive. t contitntaute, of fodrmer fvore... She feupl goenil " aent that persons iisiting C'vington durilnghth: ummer ninths, cannot findbhiterattaocoriishidhtollns than rlet can atford theto, on netae libistis t-m,' iHer houseo s plinattntly sits.nt; and Wiell asupliod etdl retery t'ttttsiott; the ber ihserbitse4ihijln t snrtoatci. too iuliore, &e. arb hsproisb "t'atno ,timg t i ittb wting oatt,,i .port :.t.+..- . tire sattistatiorti to alt who -easy J. .liiaissippi atd Lonaie.nL.ta • -. "je.i Cologne Vlstere hrirtomsui dry-A. tiiedid net leto e lognen put. eprrls'ta-b.b rI the rital I I -a d e ; si s , t h e il U r .e-s F -4ii e b'+P' .a e tj rl er v , e e bt a - - itiU evry Varltetly tretittiiiltitator- ta by o~c ILES*& DD't i4S.

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