Newspaper of True American, November 30, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 30, 1839 Page 4
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int ides ld ttient e -ist ' i !eiateh. plain,,·ibbedl afip8ali cai , t.d . ,ombast wafers: n ' trP tf hje-It x r Ins b l ' f r o n t a n d i ,t i-misr ]ttl rnennch emlngne ineen<seO, imitation ino; antique pbe7 s and d ainsing eites: pste .%h- s; convex mirtvns.n'op; 'i mn dltniDhhlr , hellstInd plmeas; id.tattoit;leit ilceand shaving soapsi toilet 'use n ba l , entoed stion anshinnsi ,lI1titti ttiionis; fliny beid chtils andl ils; poctket hooks stt walletns; es; pr,',, stnaps; fine aad common grim I h'r..'trrs do, Hells luciL i' m:,tchesi sil s6vot;a, &e. -&+ isi Ve ition to our firmer stock of fano i b er': srtmelt virv r t telnter. alor n, or eam i ;h s the sign onftil Go ld t C tnlh, 7 LI iE ANf RET'AIl, Cli ANI)D VA SRL.TY ,STORE--at the sig of the gnlD ;s " Ctoertten strer. Tlio sth.eribers ave r eitt a.lions mt to tlirpr'vions stock on hand, a fall .ninto assnrment of ticlen in their line; viz: i strnfl.'n ty Jwelrgn, ruihets Iockiag gloranes fwidvnrnles ,;r.'.onsnitinrin art no folhws "- }1Al ~S"ortnie shell, wnrtgbht and pai l tck,twint, jled bock. lonl round, dretttg sicon puff, curl aad ,l".mnilino contb of every Idncription nlmangg Ildaetliitsio, horn dtressig nnd pocke', urge,her with a oenI nnortmelt o lefrenh and A m,!ric:aa. ePh'Uai E R'n "r'-Colige, Laveldtier, c leelild, hdo ey, ttiYn, rato~yhnld itsae " swer wafers of eeer size a nd des ., " Tictnp enlqeotptea Cologne, extraaltof lBargamot, Yittntyenpnai tushall kinds; haviing 'In int clakee suort ltt, A m -r setu, dotI Soard'l n etale hailir oil, bears nno an er l r _ ~ts smejlin aun sl, tiltn a nd perfiuned - btiilet owdsrtltloptel pswder, pea iertrp.a .aidlnxca tpo 'tlatitald ;i and rnolls,oretnin til ls,,ino tiooth twac) ea - ho now le witin a geiarrnl ossinoro eof •JEWS;LLI "-some ol the latent intl aint fanhionn h"lis net tz,consisln tf nefitrn-nd red cemeilat, tipoa h. jet eanrdropi set int flagree, breant piE n rl gret'o ne t ofit,tt in se alieh trimming, gilt an nt silv" tickles, elger tthimaln, silt.err aitd uli It nil ledt i . llal cgaa s -BRUSHE- n 'loth, haisr, tt Ito e'lcrul ohearlthlooi , "bat,ifeshl,, to 1, plate, comb, Nail, shayvr g, slhoa and - OCnlId'-(i .AtSSF.S-~t'rnaeen tatlin A1d toilet .lones, ningtriinntg al'd " rtci rllersit g lasnso, hlomo doa witt, an vt risiv.ofother kinds sot etnulierated. F ANCA·Y • ANt) V-ARIEl'y A i('l'lU.l.Sd--l.ench n"olnerdn'ras irtnbles drks end drsria g .ases some erye-riht, antl fnele ' linishld bil:ssck hsork ,'xsaii drer eino.etses withll sod withO lit music. Iotsiil ilkix,,s. Ac nordipa o nIvrlooln kinrls, violis lld gtliitrt, silver ndil plated pnlttela andlleadswood pr:iels fr r ',intltlr and eranvol , isotlte clock iatlnsAntnl pisti illl lo iid \Vaiiillts easas, percssionn con,l pereleishioli tp rhearrs.e pl 1p crAwdrivern, slhot heitl,enaoe lngo, Iclt.' blulai litv tea setts, Iadianbeate of every kint, bells had {lhi-h t.eand COmnon knivdes, razors ie l sci.sors, tl-ihiies eedlesn, phns, silver platen, steel and colmtnn spetaci - -iles, pcklt books and wallet. ol vuriona kicds, vIsiti; cordsand card easen, plaviog cards of lrenti, (io, leraia and Anmerian manufactalr, dblls, ilmitation tia trait, boxes, prnte of verilou kinds, Salt ' i)d "l.t)' v, emmntereon's, Hillman's and Hnnwki'a rzorn, tr steoks and -etaollion honea, dirk, fancy beed inecklace s, e , with ,-tr dropls, toy watclar, pearl buttons, lowder fltalrk, r e and Vlitoll acdtlrChegos, 'ali rnd slaver it, gltie tla': t.sI dern,,idl garutees, plaandot sworn i ,rij o Ckg5 . ntu honardn, lice, optlical Villeeer, )csllltrlls, Iornli math sahd-drineinrg cups, withll great varie cIt Ioloer arti elre, all ol'whbllh will he sold fir cash or'city aiceptan ees on 12 monle credit. 11 S3lhlCla, & c, . I'IEMLY It LEE & e, N&'o 3 Nntgla st'a eet, at, Srr"w reeivig frols t ships Nashville, Iottisveile rcthtttik., Eagle, red other late aristvils tat n ti' sitler n eiiti, a largeasid iew seleted aItssol.lllent S Itoir, Boots, Shllnos and Iroiganis ronuisling ol'ge.llesnt'es fine elf ndti MIr o'i ea oots "ootd qualiy; do ballt, and stoult wax pegged hoolsn 'orions qnalities; maot's finto ealf l at:t1 an ltietoce 'Ic. p1ltiiSc eatd brgans, buckskin shoei Is togan sllt -Ilt'pes: men'seit e nalf anl kiptler(I ,plo 1sc huit sl Ileogois; tli bots;li do stoti( kip ailea"I H cgge shiel or ,rI bgats; gerttlemen's best lsqtlity calf ,e sune li shoes. Icgals ild .ltalsak Ilownings; di tof Uac .\looccCa I ltkea sitcsttitd brogtns tdoealf, se se'ocr I ,liont, ote t aitnl tsills-n, it, calf, tfoll sea, wg e s a c tni o ti nle; ,Io lt e ei t, s:.l t oo ( utl e IC!Es; |*o.a IIsIset(s' anid children's ple.C I andsw Iswe 1t'·s, t inca'e, "Ii l Oscet' r uat liti nd. Also a greeet'l ass'elnt o" i itn n's st'ns t as an,{ ''itul |tlotnaatd shoes, together with I ,a)t laine gi'o thet qtulitd , rIaScn t i.trgn.s, ,:ictl it tii 'ttks, tdot. llraptilely for diaililtio 'nti ; i gst as icstit of titan',s fitse ti sout kit hi stt IIctia.'tgIIt :a ' a' moeti" atndl a arge quanttity of ai inlfriorlaalit; - stI nlllal wax bAogians. ' I :tl -ss' lice cailf siea, II :necI ai d lll] tl. ll sni. t : o .- Ipl , sb shole tts; hi, ltet l" ~ri ch e .\ltlli ill hl'l'lllt F I t clt'. art,] md Stn oatl leMtIler sootes; to n 'nhlltlla shoc I tda hill :itt d i t ittglioicts Ia lastting hroti tilng;a is' ,i - ,tan liacid lenten. Misses,' las.ti,,t"tpi g hos t .' i ci gna, (Jlhihll'sd ' colored n lococoa ,,e I:istid g lho-i ft: .i:ctl Loota, \r. .;ertltllc'nl ftltrfneotidonssdhltlat t 'ilk ci:te do block sn Idl tb bcnvci'do it a spIeriol't rlalilV; ,i , (,¢ ram do; broad aind narrow brim Imen'sfllo. | l'1: :lhd th lt sa do't R iiashort tappeit eiatst itew atiol, ;tn'its' t I:tae size hats ot liditerlent ualiies; Ii, c;iilhtaits' '41h·n'a s andl I" )'b blah li lk d dlrllb ,oo)l httIs 1|+ \,l']ulll'i .alu pea, witd gtueral assllSltlleott el btays' r111ollIwe's - a s t eII rketstl ' ho I uls nae ,d cmictt ele it "'Lich . Allr ialolm,,|h, 41ico niatern, :I ,,. -- t _. X W ciE WOOD sCt E-WS, - SAD LOV RiONS, &e. "'IIE ITOWElLL WORKt S COMIPANY, No. 2.38 W'altr, lear ecekaln strelt,y Ntw York, ntve receivudl the palt oeason. nlld ;Ire consltltly rleeiving large and exltensive add tiont to the sub:k of tile above goods, whith now cnsists oe the ollnowsng asooltmlent, suitablt for the southern and eOstern toillottos. Ittllow wtare of scperior qual;tty consiling ot about 15tl0 totm, viz, otb ot2 S dillbr:ot sizeo, from 2:8 to 51) gallone, Klettles, 15 sizes, fiooll 3:8 to ,0 g;alnllo, Kettllles, 5izern, ifrotm 3:8 to 18 gllons,. Blk.'1patns or Oveons, 7 dlttborent jizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Sikillets, . . 5 do Flat Spidrs . 6 do Covero d Spiders, 2 do Ortddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 dIn Wagon boxes front 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 2(1,000 gross, iron antt brass, fromn :t inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2,4 of s oapcrior quality and filishl, and leos than Jarao's imported paices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and lhattor's Irons, ansorted. Soash wenights, 100 tons, assorted fromn 1 4.4 to Be:ts for Plantations, steambeats, ethroohes, &c. motde to order, A!do steamblats and otlther malchinery ttade to ordlr. 'The above assortment of goods is itrtilularlh rconmmended to thn alttentionl of Sotthern auttt WVestern meorchants, and are offered for saleo at low price.s, ntd upon the most liberal terms;it is be. litldedlo bte lthe argest and best nssortttrent ever otti]ed for oale lqy any ot:te eeta,',i-ioent I thie Usited Slates. Stoerchants, by torwardieoi a rOonetret by moil, cat haee a printd eirclar,. with ottdertSepttatt oft' iprice sand |trllmS, f-em wh ich so iev.eloll nll i eve~ r made. farnistod by rettrot tf t all Allordera witl rceivn itmonediate atcni.. NPw Ynk.1. .pP, -F RESH GARDEN SEPD.-Tthe suo tucltr Sbegs to express his grateful thanks to, the p h lict, for the liberal support hI ha seceived lsoorti e otonomenetd busineso in Ithis Cilty. Prton ste pa. p ti ote l I sel ottel tort t, 7 C o ll l ttt .t'on r out elid lever was adg e nt for linly nlori bern bie'(d V,,·delr ; Iir.bIh r ia h tontttt d t tti l satt htutt IPot Ihis. .c p lri-- bult h1. csslu thn |,blie IIlt ills .on telp 'io 8 n bi eo ery to p.s n o l l'lnt I It FOtt li]S, t neIss. its the' sh ve nt]le coulltals f 411' ;N:ll rl. ;il f . to lthut a'.t n h e tise inl t tll United t t e.. It lttt prtrs odo, olnnoe,&.o frotmt ttthe .. . . . . . "te kinds reh pe, tle mnureries ond ssll a Imn in Han Hltnlntd, EngI nd tt, Scn anodt n t ie t o toter i-atn q-ntl it witllIl ilttte d irect It i iAi i NDdEW to teeivI CO.i rddipn i tolt torotno us, k , larg+' ar ivule a|" ev, r; d, +;rl tH n~, r, an y, t row their Ioi3ds aldso, nIr1fted ftuit sIre, ot allt they kinds putl e my briel opn hndit g a ttt tt ts 1t rtment 0 ll etey I nry le ioe t.Sleoy us,. nlolt] geltlr, rio qualieet and i a, or ed u o dotirect by O \an. DINX." sut sNDREW sp ITi &to CO.o respetoitp ly ttittlrmt in their artetdn ansd at' pshh iot ll tenura], thd at they occupy to i new brick shop, t 21t Tetl oupltus :treet, where they keep eonstanlly (,n hand Copp)er, OTin and Sheet Iron ar duerll, lof every dctripIn, boatstilrups, hog chltallls, crew oltl,t tat.l other kid'ofstocumtttat work, ouchl as chiilllmny, breech. ern, steam pipes. ' hey aill also do all kinds of' out door work. -aoth k zirtec, colpper and tin roofing and guttoring, re. They ,d ove seod all other kinds obl work itn -aeir lint '~f businals, they will execute at tie ahoctr~oeotits.' o, too', "u *4 o uttttstuat, o-, PinO 'tood Si Phttlip. keoo+s's-tnotoitttt tiat an +s c t c eive aIsstottlo II 't f i .lIt tOts tlll tbrgno., ot hertael,'f., w Y rk ldlanufactlre, to tormn. tcellt:t end utotdren of ,,.f toet, btohibt 'is a o" t vrr' .odtiaOe eloiineof bns , qtoor anctes to'1 oltin n. ,'rt!er r ill ,,,t v oht. Jo. ts t atri o*en d tn -F E'(Ot, -R ,t n.tloe orte lnstrulrotrn. itiitise S.mlh IerPrSt i1tti tsryvlt 't Id t the cii, z0= l Newl a(. nllr i at t atI toler t: Iti. pta:lsl sorc. 'lrSh.vio y hJro . lOt .dtv'ot l tt utar h Illi .1. 11 |i- .11 Il O) Itl ii i o|ll h t Itlli" S tll il s·Ir). leli i '· tends cn sob e p rtrlabsaeI*0 =,, it ,z tc.i-no*I I ull ho,|e to10 h is l t heir r,,lfide nee. I1 - - . ans,+, l, . ,:r, rrto JO i 4 Ir( t .' MI ss' 1t st I a +.~:1*r li,,,f ,, 11 . , I:t . ,,,iam re o Ahl x..a.,T, l',w c·r?, 4"inry lt;,.+t oct 'FIEFLORIDA LINEP From lMobile '4o Aaostno,0- . leaves Mobile PverV 1y. at three o'cloek. p. oerIr S ofii 14,4l for It l',a L'ndntl, nhoov IIllkCly ,-t4l"4r . f, ur 0 4 cn.0lchte' to Penoarsr'+-th-llenc a S lr nihl.ats to Lngrange, where th lanod rourtl i relned-hence via Alari4 nn4a and 4'one'v.ille, Fin. HInhi4l4.e, Podortsown, [low': in0ville. S'oundt rjvi 4l& Lo.oi. illoet Au41i tri , (a.., ,inec4ll n ret4ll tlll.t . I.w hb the r: i r nnd I4 44 arle I' Sllo n, n l 4Ill, . s .l p 'rke*.,,. Now York, N.,rfIk, tIthhhia, e'c. 4444, l' il4.l4 4' l44r4 r P 4l, ll4r.41 114 1 nI,'4Lnl'Ip i I ('.I {'. tIa .,"nr 1a Innsure the beet for lice nod he fV ' 4l ' -l lp l ny r.t all t t.l. t' il ll the s4outh. 1 -, lrrel ,i r t, * ll'. en 11 1 r·1 'l 1.n"t~ ht'.'rll k !Ir"i SI l'av""I (l lit':, n11 o [ r::i ofV ~ 1, .1i iry -a lil .1 . ll ' ' ... o t 4 I l l 'll4ll 'll II il A . u4 ,,v,4 4 t4 '. V',,, , r c '' e 44r I, (lo4l Sv',rP:, I: .. iA_,'t,,, r Oh. 1'. ' ", o,I,.,I w s "e' I'll b i1. 1 Ill1r · l , ill f ,, J ll on ie ll " 4I'I4' nIll .4 4 o ,,,- ln r I ile I4 4'- i ,lll L I'I II II I.ll :I II .l 11 4l . , I I i .4 4 , 'i4l4I i llll l I ' 4 t tll l 1l4 O1- hh The , niu ! . 'l. v il. r > , n." 1. ri , h d v it l & Pll ) '1 I'' r 'l I' ~ W vli ,. 1r, 4 ~ n . 1.-- ' d I ore14 , 144 d4i r rn. . CllrI it a t icn cl r 8 l w and 1 rb:l lx 3l11h 44 ' 4 II ' h 1 s, , nml l lt,' I. '( r i" irlW ~r w r nti1 e,+ 44,14,44144 444'444444 444 44l.. '1 1.n . 11. c4 t., .4 p , UI' VI ' " '81. 5 PH I hI 1 " r, "{" lll(in t nfil," . t',1. (' ,,rt,,. , et im ,f ,h o F:,.rl sen aI , ,,th In,. a int-I . olt n. 1, gh 9 ,1copal .,arwis, ke. on han u itor s i. 0 1' rH , I ',, I e I l n " , , 1 l I ill' , s ' .l rill l, , rvl ie l ,t" .1 ,l ltiltl ', . p 'il ,r l a in ' t il,.t'e , Ia 'y .1 r o , l r ,'l o ll llI-~ ' Ip ', Id " I' "[,"'i l t r ,, ,1o .3 ý('. h ble sitreet t f 11nd lwst rl I - 44444 4i14rlls. , cu ile 444 44, m s lt . I I. 0 c " l hl il r ol .4ol r i t44 oll la l f n l cinl arnipu, is nllc r i lale h !1 (:(',lo ill ,l llll. , ' I , .h" r 1r ' : .p (' l ' lllu+l \+'l.dt l : II,,d .t c,", 4sit 11 1 o ibr ' 4l44n,,14r44n \ ' 'i .,+,., h ,liy,, %'hI o,, I", (' ,. 404;4 4' 4 4nr 4 .4 :, "4M1 4441 i'44l, d Il'4,4'tlrlu, ({,ny \\'4, A1..4 , .lory,, X h. '\+, \ 41; 4 4 >.14:k, c.1 4o. 414. " 40 o h l rl.I 4 ''I 1 • 'I nIIIs In l - seg t.l i . sIIh o, ( olll oll r is, g lan, eoplal r e ish, the in, h s oril fo r sh e'. 4p ItF o . ; ll ,ai c , ll h I npllht , tJ~ h1. ~ 'r'lpS re w (-I 1 ll 44l4 4 4 e es, Nl I I :I rri prr kel r f 'i , I i, I4nsei 4 's, II ,4 '0lo.p I hde n ,4 0 lSSe. s, 4 c anl44 , 4444 . 144 , t4 e 444. 04 4It s a 4t'. lt'lit I Im ,ii 0se. 118 ) rhanls, ,'llnivi 01 1', mot - t 4l0l, 1r.sleft4a4 I4ll ,i4 N, p i'' a..... ... .. , . + ':" i".': .. F,'r C Vt lt. m IHi hor sF v,+ 1- " 444 v 4 1144 44 i11. h e . I 'l~l'"I44 . 44 C',.. 4'. -,n-,l + ol C ;:,4 i r('4 Thl. ( ) , 1,5 -',X . iiii , I rllr, L <o nra n wi ri °nndlrig ('llmlt(.l i ll,", Io, I t N -(YVirk, Cru h', v ' gofs in thir liak hih other ilhth eir t' e doc(]:k oll hItIdI Illnlln cS tlir AiIr, VIII veer I , me tloc'k antldJ 1111'-(1,. blr , ,(n J,. ihollll i f off de1 cr l I, . li:o rubll ber, , il anl t r-ted eIati 1 tI· n I· I I , ,, 1(1 l iallr hl t Pl IInIo rus It 1{11 m l fl+, ( t Iuna d I.cilw m'i 1 " c • o" seiil"lit air i-err I t1, tIt' a! M der, pocket h..,, ridt a ull,'ie Iwrllc hook., - i e 1l Ivoyrv willd 1 )'I c'" '"' lld ] "t-e+, head r'lll 11wa e1ll( t ll lllll , o rT hell a a , , ne e klhle, ithl l nl,_,lic'p., Icd , ,t ' ,llll bnd le.k( Ip =, cll l:Ia IIIIar Ie oL ,lrel . i. or holo r l l :ill br,' , Iter li h rds, hell, nd comb tnh l ul And lar yow, $ - Ier lI.k,sh t ellta- , hits e , ,I i . :ridIIl' ilT R nila, dirks. ,'ii ' h,s.Ii ll' ,t knv , ol o clta m, • mid ribbroi., a t I l , , , ,.i. W , " tlj i llrcombi te ndl I ll atie n, r ue:ilrd iiIiii ti ' ti.t r'i ii rrr oii-, ishl alnld lrýl:tenl et: ,r IYll.:l: * ear IIII: ,II'I '],'¢t. d' vlr - <-ill. 'hla sn, hllle I ,itl.r Ic i coh l rcl'lil I loons0tt o (,(If de lo nlllt 1 (lra ll i ll ~ 1t 1ti l l,: s he m a o . l l 'l- ! 1c t r1 1or tn c rle, l Ilt llf i I, ,I,' W illd .1,1" -:o llt ,{ t ,l i I .,i lim l ,y n il it(| 'ic I a, ilt ' b or,,a I to cl , , le , ;' o or:t r ni a, c-I t Ilt ' l r ncIov d o Ithe do , .',es t e, er lo 1 pitri(llvh it)r no ivR , hor ill'u I X tli .rth flro t, rll an d I th klll.cIur r Iii ,. o ol]l not er w ll : lllllrlhle a1,1l Illllhni lo i (.e.. o , c t. 1 itn- '? lll il, s .,nted I'o,1 ' -a e m, othen l and ilt r ,r fii : d bii i ai p',al r i' ,t ag idi '. i '''hip ,, io . 'i rty . r'. 'i 'iiiI:t ' II, i i he iioiil I, .'- thear l ti iti;, ir ii a ri rioty iof lit.r l rin leai re ofIl; ir r at hl iis dI ' ,enyI" 111 f ti :, (il Inilllt I ...I .... .ll 1-e, Tlerras:a ul, nll , e b. 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Ito..+.. piti ; Dr r li;i , iruril r to ral t l tr i lia s Il Gritiith, lecturer to \V 'nrllnl'll- JIl,.llll 1 ' ID .;l" l..!)otham, lecture'r to I ..,'ut. hoo. tntl i·; } Iobert ai I); r by+' n ClKetIt.t r to ? lidl, rni, Ntix ic a id arielrll lr o, a.,ch e toa A i ''r i r irr. iti sl .ior1i ; inllhspital also; ri by ii r y, Dlv.i , 'o;n .,, t. ihlli ell. Ler lerri i -tini iiti r',. iiiiiNrll ' , t b a.e Merdwire, i'urir, and AcS lier the DNa o e: lic ai )lll, an H ld otherll-nd ItLL N .v Y rlt nIb prCtdr J \V P+ranch+ G S i''drd, .I I) prle: -.e ,or of nridi-tilry in ith trivern-r r o t'i e ctii ot'I New York, prrnir. D[rieIlial. d rrini i"r , I!ii Ji'i ,. stri, presidentr Crounty Mad Soaiory, La u,., "l1I prrsilident mri sia eb i State of N Yo'ko n M JNagidInn if Alny, ptlNir MCommo ' Pr.I kin', ion-nlnari. Iliac Io',- i, '. ,h rhosla, .telareIrli , Lrtlillh , h n,-iiri, X lollvi i Poi Gi.rirrVirlelr.iaradincr rd riiir moni trrhibn. ginshed iihyslirtai+ in triii lire U .itir'. A (, (lll, O)lItrSe.-Vini'y vi, Aotr ilaus' N U,-+" A rn+.dt".,,i.qT ply of the .!,+;':c ,n.,t .n+is. with Dr il1ui's un pr ved 'rr s.P,< for Iln'no., x, II a' irrpt by SICKIES & ('i, N (r'e-irs, A Cd (_ Cirpo rl'r, Natchr n; Stuii; & liar,!. ,d. ville; Iloitt and Mallory. l1emphns; \\ 1' XXi&;,n ;an, Somerville; hall and \\X"'hingron, Natuhrier eNairaty. arind Havilt a do; It I, tilis, hlorencr I C .iprut.n.a)d, A tireaui 3 IXlII] r dal,irrrv, Agr-rirr fir drrrn, rr t n inaa A XX. &.l. lhatSher, SheirlIel, Enaiiind, rove justi rerived a very exatn'nei ae aat ofii aira 1 , i('aarI mr ail i laulle aid Irersert K anives of a - "' tir-'"i'"nirr, 1ear 'ucka t, Dilk, arnd S.ear porti i ani',',: ltznrnra, Sn'is lor in.a. i' fool,, Sie. car. &'r. a.t lit l rln,' ,lr prniiire nl ah t xh lrbt to hir'-oil, t irad r'e, f . l' li'ii inuinii r'niri hr lai will mad' knua n at the tine. u:.' J.D. R EIN & A C.IIEN.90 Comera a.n I Tlo'. & Saltimnoro racket, FOR NEW YORK. H I.;.' 1INi.l OF PACKel.d-To snil every 'i'hits S c. . l edi of ix ships, viz: Ship Vicitsnuna, Cp .u.illt Bunker, N~c. 5it1h ,, O(LNS, - S.,er-, l)-c. tlh i'ANTll1A, - Ashliy ,, 31il ARIC'AS AS, - ),uni, Jain. 6ii , NAIttttI.t, - \uoNl, ,, Bth ,, :LA t. , - Ieru, Feb. 3 "l'll Ioll l hips are of the first clcct, oI lered. nnl copper nthauened, anld havilrng been built ill Nw c or. tprt-',ly ior thi.t a lt -ch-thi are f li"ht ,hatihc t l w lc.r, nl/J alosllt ilnvalribh:lll e r the lar l ll hoilt nmy l,le.tia. n1 h ud tIo. e tli r, r r' rllnllllnllelC I1 fu (b C lio cit. x~ir utvell in li, rah. oil ~ilt ut $3, wxehrt 'l'ley hin*,' I di.! ,nlclxl ,'l fltlli hter,! p rc lll rulmjr liolll ,tti eve--c- altleuic ioud tc1 thle llfu'ficattrlt ctat-tciuc 'l'ile Ir"rP . oIf cabnll pnliB nlt t ii fiXel at $)i1, whl ut I rt r I'llI,, r lp tliulars aL ply to rII' ACiI , fA CiiiN, 90 ( n t 'lil . al t'l. 1 I ln, ne,. ntllll tthfle for br'oa . e,= n o . n, I I ell I ,Wlll i ll 1 19 .1.eI . or I tI e , ruilll! fill llr Pr. ,RfIlln, o I It ii1 I.INI": will hi c ,uP osII of .<.'e bhi ,. wil lar ll e ar h ot her i f llo,,.!ll urnd r, viz: S ll, Troy, I'. ll ( eki·: r, ell;, ,i.l (,r. Stei It,./l llllitil. J llllll i -ter. b '1 :uil urn, Ni 11ll, nilt er. N"l , ".h i \larv "'.ill_.-hnu:l, Tl..h I,'trlr~r~E ,ttl.,r. Nc .I I ,'icl. hl il" \'cc ,S I.t c lit l n C. . Nh ,i :,hips re il of th, o l tIcl'. hc'.ve.elninmo Illhl~]g" frll" a. rrr tI l rined 1ILr confur and i1 h r: e.t1 t punei ualli' w ll hr i ob < ved in d -lpatch IIIH, lltl,'l I,,.u rvu ,Id h t, l c-.cli" ~l l : c- c fl e t 11-ll~n ~1 ' ll~ l '·I U~l.l/· l':ll I, llll].'' '.O (illj I'll N F:1W YIIIN . L uiianl anucd Ncw York Linc of Pcccit ] liI Ill; 'll s l o oilill g thi line will uil froin New I ,,lu a and Nei w York nl very other 1on do y- -l'llol nlel . t e lll l t h 2llll NI ov mi.hi I - hn d 0 to Niilirle Ihl, 1t1.1 lilly in the lit e cl'.ili r, the t l lit ' t i l t It tre.lir r tlu, i tt .oflivt, S ihips, vi ': S"hi YI iz-. cl ptain TrInkI, to leavel oil the 20th hi, ce i (cicic Dccc'- to icev ott tic lil l,-ci -,llcc-I.-: Il',, lit clDai ., to llaoe onl til kith ) L Jannar . iThe ab:vcc ar.t- all irw, of tihe ilrst clac , ciopper di nd cOlppler t.lned, andl wIIIards o"f .!!0 loon h :re of liht draght of water, being builth in New York expll ressly 'r llitl tllrade. The price ', p sis.aLr. i fixeld al. 100 dollar.: their cabiiins are Slited up in the most Iluproved and convenient plan, and finisbhed ic n neat aiccid clegInt piiy i Aillple stores ott'Ihe tfirst quality ll ill le plliovided, 'ald ,ver'y r'egird paid to the coimlrt anud entire r ltisltcin ofl pas? nllgtrs, who will l ea, take l l olicl l ticlllltl. I iOi brth can e r.eurcid itl ccI11 paid for at the off'(e of the conlsinces. Te'ic s e cvmimels at, ci ,andcd-i by c' ptainta ,ell -pc p'ileciled il the traide, cwho wiill give netIcy al I muiiill and exert themseldves to lctmrundate. 'T'he • will t ill ,, llpes. be toctiW d in and down the i ,i1 sil nippi by alrhsil ll nt a ld the strictest pI liuctaltly oubsirvld icc the time of caiiihng. The owners of these shu ilt. ill not be re.pinnsi. J L IEIN & A COII N, not"21 90 IConon St NEWI' ORLElANS isl IA ' c'ITtIOI ' LINE OF PAI . El'S. Thin hoe will co~nlst of II,, f'ollowiig ,,elnS,:ls which h.l ia beetn built or purcharohll.d expre .n!y for the Irade, viz: Ship r'e,:: mn, Capt. Thi:er, l.t,lk Mary, " Niukr'nna, " rad I erry, new '' Stvnutl, i Noloimn Salls, , Latham, Areltect, 'I Gray, c"ls are ofeth first, have hand. -',lh lirii ,hed , c. iiilodation, aidll are if L light r ell of waler, no adhilltiit clftheir reeiviig andil Il.clbllal glil hllir r'trgllct ic itlitc lllc, i thlle c /. i .lal' Ri'ver, ilnd f crwarded by tht agents, l..-rs. CLARII I -&, KIlEl.LilI;(;, Iat Htllcnnrcc exi ,en .e on .rodo shipped will he advan-ed when dutpl hlur o fI. , I) t h l h ct-illlly will cic pric videl d. , pilhl'1I n i the .liMi.isippi c i $ be tIaken on all csinc e ,lll lor frii*ht or ,a1.ae1, npply to (EO. IBEDFORD, nio v-1 22 c'ievccc st. t '- !i.\;, ? n I '-Jo:'r ' ,i'r ' n' E 0 : I' ' 1l, llll llll s : h ('1), inrb . In, nt" l nl. n I .tl l, [ I '1 , f1 vN -io Oln l n r''nn , ,11 11" 1 +-oIS +p , arnl Ieve , lttl. ,,1,c ,,n 1,r I.ornw heI 111 1 h 1s, + f I ,r1 1 t . Tlhte -t , ; ,, i rlr r l ,rnrr r?'r 'i' l,' + i f rv , a -r 'Ig C n..t.. , X... 11. . . 'r,.. . ' ,, t X... I. I ri l ' n , J. l ).tnne, Ir t e . Ii lI . er i·P . .lh: l l, I . l l:,r ren, er. In, Ire" ht rr + a ,' n ' I pll, ' Jr ., I. IA. 'R' l ,,l I .Q Cn,,+I C........ . t. . l,' O ilann, 1,r Al. C .,1 ,..,1, c. ,,c, ,/; , ,C ,_:111 ... . a,,,, , Tv"I \T': 11" IO ['ISI:ANA-IParPbh ul O(ricans "tll:rl 'of ,rbate . i I II wooIlI these presents y cncern-ll l ]n1, vw e',' thlnt whIl'11,r, \s InIni ." \ trk'v,' rr - i vlea ni l l i i PV o1t \i vl, vi lle, KIc ., l1n aI plhi d ti hr f',r'r I~I' 'r ,l'nll',,I h , ,iri',+('huk ,' fhe (' n rI S I'r h' r 11, It ill I r, h r' P r' ri n[' '11 a d ci t N' ',, eOrln' +, aml-, for r nl \]I) t l'rI tN 1ior-.A I)( .; I " Il \1l l. \ . -ilrV I.tto the. .ct (l i I , 1 I, ii I "I 'ml ' Ile th, i ,',, pilc l,.d r", , n n\ rl ivler l r,'I," , r ·. Iix :,e 1,'+l 11 II n 1r f ' llf 1rn ", h"I' II I'. , ill I ll ~ I I at rt P, hl lh , l. 1+., h l'e 1 -r , " n i lll l l Il"` 1 l n n, ' l , rt ,, ' e, hlll I < ,qr+ ,~I ý . w v h1!, lnn , Irý,,, n.. ,I,1," r,,, t ,I ' ,,I , r', n.~ · -1t.n1 d , ýI t h . lll lll ,L :,r 11 h i. , lrll" (Ir, en Fi't' 'nI f ,rhel u, ' s1 1 'rI :n~i=ti. I ",r . nl l~.' ,"i , 1 r' , l'' , t ,' -.: ,iA ; +' N 1" : .i1- . ~,ll1, 1 Iu l l l I f!1e , 'e', r l.', l, rn in arrl t ',, 'IIh nll ' ,iI n nlr+,l 1 rI i 'rh , a f i rI i Ii (t I v, : . Fn C11. lh 'I'i n u's . f, rI nd , I;i Ir ', lanid" I<c m . h I l I, ,,,,ha I -t l I,~lll I I. i -n. E l. _r , , . r h ,\ Hll I l ',ii . -i . 1, n in, h 1,c ith , n- iri m u 'r nre. . tw %"i !.r T hlel t, re, y her, ll a L, r d nes r f ront h Inhl i,,, dr n, stlre 11 4., --1 11 ,I} , 1, s pillev n "irt +.i, n It m 4 y+ rli, e Iin ''"thI n=I ,I" nl, ,rs. ",1 ] ,v.. tlan e: . ar r. tI-1 .r t o., r i It n f r ontn d 1,, .I7 r Wl rlh 1 rI byitlhh and s' ,,pe t , , hisr, l e II, ,=,, , ",.,l all I- rIns w ov. ! r ,l . Utp .. y r igh+ dv"I ut., t- e , u.I I b. e, ttll h e h o 11f l {the ir , 1 nnl m e 1, , nn n cit(1re l pl dn In or it b I .e,+...rm, a','n , t I v - , ( i t , l . co e u,,, i t ll n lla ib i 'I a p1hl hi l tllh Ir ml d my hn and the,, sel r! o l,, ,,(Iiou t, [1. 1S. (', non,1 1.. V. ntnrv p,'hC hr rer. are • o| nit 7 plrtJ Nl L m -tn )[ibH¢, y JUSTP UBLISHIEDFROM STEREOTITPE rJTES Th7e fits ta.,int.. ,' ROWLETT'S TABItES OF INTEREf.T: TO which is new added an Avel',ge Time Coltlt'l tor, or easy methods for ftinting ihe aclrage . inl on st Fmre.notes of hoad or bills rolf goalt. hen, no chasedll t dliflerlent dales, no dilferent c'redoit;s, oI t ;o 'nt'innut.monintt; hesides a nsfill land omnlete rftlkit 'T'ime T:l'le, the hest that can he ontrived. lor i, etlll. pr duece wihin the anme coiileslll oonmpassti :aiI stize nl't'pe. An a.ivertisement in tle book is in netrly the tifllow. lle(, e ll tl'isllaive t ort Iretl to 'he title pale, i. a .nn cnmmen-dation in itself so nncommnn,, :mid so emtclt Sive, th t nothing is nttess+trt m, e td,' n di wta' of adll. 'ertiemtnent, to eitve condenwd t'vi'"w of some of its pe. el ,'i ies:n f'et'rin.t tie, III ltte'est hlit heen com i tn. ed I'm.l,lllnl einmpared with, what is eqllivaleatto 'n nr ,e'en setsf eftl'ehlo~,a.n itet, examined itn the press Ihirlt fie tie., ate" rinotred hnoi trenlpe la.lls, tteloel. thil.t he tell elitto, fro'll i alo le i nll ic.t int t i, eient eilnlnlI the skeptic (e'peci:allr on Ihi ,e sonRI of lhr deo !ill 0, I'.plof in tile pr se o) t tl the c .k m st 1ie ,"i• I itttit'lltt t t1y t Ile, tt.e. n enll n filrollln.t i t o , osh lirt'. ed forp i; l lhlntdietrlin l ni' tinl erl'ro lr oft eollt ' Itl, Il'rcPtll or fllth edliotll it exp'resse in ti preface, making ilve pnhianicnnin h the vter 13i12. ()ine of tlhn ,,Lost en4lpicmnns fotmlllrec of lllthe ables is Sinttle rrla.l;erlle ll II" tIlly 'l'imle moill|l Alnltmt1lnt. WIvIri,, of thlie s r!et itdrx, canot he excellt;cn anl tle. satt I ahmt rese with which the i0:ers.i call hre fn theIi Ie tent nltr" . clta Il ll lln tss , withoulllt dI blll lin' o I .snns eio'itsia e tieners', essenttil, that in t111,0 i sth - l tIhte work, it hasn l istndi. aished ht tho hoe i ed o itnll it.lsio tnlole, r, ln the i xhr aol dit ar i Ir lllll:lt necnwahnll ' Illh," b k i nd, - vhd an s e wtle n d l eI .1 lnt, hl''i ' nll o dn o n'l p .l enI d atilrey. so,' e'doi tlilhe nl·ict Wo lhd''l lle hor, in, thetr.w sl5 it" most cerel Iok·nt, 1 l1 , c l . lloll' fi.,.Ire wlrk oft'lh s:met · e cVlll, o hlic.h 0 slls i lln rtIIe alli. oI wvllli hall l. rhll ti n O evIy nllotl eIr ,nIIo .ariPtv n o lf c es1, in the' se . llr l olllthr of editorls. t,, n kor oe hlf i ' t er, :ts is c el: y sh iheni, wlsseidre, S'te't aod r.,tnnr!.rd, it .am bee~ tried:nold ed i ora rl a ll l lta hot~ k mt'iouinprio.- , t in c ou 4 in n1iu ti Si'eto' Si t t rIot c to'tot c jdti tt $25 i t' e I o eri l o th t f hi', t. ' t, o lo sl,. iot i e,, like-i , i, i l r: e clllilil , i 's h:is 0 it (it Ie , ill n' p'iill, lll all ln'Ih c lnllill-l in he 1nne) is io l'o' rt eoplrvssl ndoplel l b :d Ih h' 1 t s ,fltiow cl sr ll lhl. !i 1 as tins " r"te olifai.eti Iloi fol lr tl ll, i 'li .l ah i II' ' i hl hm it f ol i' t : , k ierolltt, mill' a e!il. as tihe hnnk i4 o n , :01 as, hnd i sy i e li it 't', Ila ,.e , ll'" lloo II' lh ,"' . nolld 1n to'w l f 'Ie roitltl'r llcl lll l i i.iFi' ill , o l( hIt i ll f pt r f'il i " . ti , I itk it isn re lnt l1. l clheek ,lhlr ·ll i ll ',h "·! .clr. lt ia r e r.of. r Ion' .ni ri tie e, i c, I i " ni'to I hr ti ' ll.i' ~ (.n 11 t1. t l I t Ih t L(o, lo ll.`I totilons, in: llI' I":, it, s olcrl ll lldi :IIir I h r i , ti .eIy Ir IIo, u'sxity xl'oe hils 0 s, It e h r (I ii o i p l .lI ill siele o p' oI so A 'ldlll . ioivled, h: vt ,I eo its ~ hak( ,:( rst, nola it s e tllillth |llthll|. .oii' fi ll'ow t lell , whi h, ir thisu ihll thail ite s r"r . l lll Ieir g. Fllll, Itin :I i t ihfir illlloc a11n irem . a t S ll' s ,ly i st , 1 |i5lkt-at n:s t i her c )ulnlS If.hi ilt iso icia kes . lt fl' . in ; ll tto r l $ , . er n t, 1n i soX .csons im.e m 1r7..t 11v r..clirr,,! ;0,t is,,"l u .ei.t lnr go l, Ilhat llhl~" wIIonuhl ai( y S o, t lolp ouel ti,;ta fora o,.pyi, IfoItLto he l Om, ' I sse ISlu -, , io il Ith a in lhce :ne. p lloh11e p 'l. I ti r.h , , a hdvi 0a ofl ,lie .r:IiI lirIn rix ihflh-R is'1 hll pro:d, to see ile .: m .V'Ms s .- lsellAt to ll hi ii l ,lltvsd w lly w hdol nt randilll llm lllto lllllr thl t- tnlllle orf i, 'er v0Itls e ime, he iwt in tr, r1ic' h ml' l n i:i ln I i a' n l lte. iC is h is lll:kw c wmrl h v i ollf nlt et,, Ili iolhded prioli , to i ini'e t", tht fsuchr is . nc a o re of fi-e e I wo o rtlirl. lliallv alltl pll. lhlllv w'h ofil n t f . i silr tn oilln l illro.'n e ed illl a l ilhe o llol r , I h, he molllltl b h i 1 l( l nt I nII o o(n I tll t clutlilll I;; T l" mo st t o wavet,i~ , i'i'ltl'hll reon ni" I " flloie rL ieeroc c, : ci o IIdcI 'lll ,I . o ,11 a111"i '., s 10,i0l' reli u dart',i~- i 1Ill'I ev\llall in . ]1111 sol li tlcT l ;0,,ll lill Ito,,iilll ll tli, ,$atr,1"I' II, ij r lles oftlhis w )1l till.renl111:c, I llll. th l'ell ithrnt l itil llorI 1 l rllillrcn. and v\Iole ai!1 AlotrI.EIIr.cI noI t i li d hntlh Ilalk4 Soot ol:,tllc ino,,'- I l ll, a+ Lthe Iwol pr t er l l eItionsll., colIIo nlIII hill n I.lll rr' o o0 only to l000 ,,l{0 ki ll'u, l'o .n Ilth lr oli lll 1l4 SrI tr , oil /::n ;...r /ti rc in lihe C t,! t l,",,'!c ' 2E " .f; Illl:| 'i' l'i , t A7''l \I' 1 11"ol -' llll -,vj 1 I" I, * l i ill ii . hit + h i l I l' bee. n to N - II 1 t e. 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I ller josll is pl0as ntly 0 t10 1ited, d1111 well stitJ i with every rmotv'ni, ,00; thel hlr is -lrnisihed with thi1,o t O ll( ~ 'in h ltloors. t( c.+ iln short,she proil', rt ntot shall he w ootihg oil nher hart to give to, l'll 's t n iac tin to all who may patrmillT Ile is.issippi and LitIeaioan Hoel.l. j,3 Il.,lll t Il) np, Itfor 0' lOr~ i 1it' 1flt or ; ,11 ;'1 + f11 ) ' IlI 'I ,' lt'lltllt 'L' hI l l Il, .l 1"0' I oIh 11.' .l ll lorlol p o'll I l , II I l r.,ll; lle r ,I roe , vle, ,t;bh!r 1f1flU.,b 011i 0 rob I' sah+, I. IIllt l l t~·C ··iF III' 1llt+ilit,· Hl'tt l llh lIl 1':'rI o lllll I wo, r wtat r, ollllll l A r fll', and boxo,I l Ll. l r enra l,(' 0II tl' 0 , tt, tll i h ill1 Igo r.r il d Itoolp. Tres. 0,"11 p s,l] 0 llo o , krI 1 .111 1,,o I!I,, aI , hr tihll , hair lbrush,, 1: I.l.11 jr no., . he mi nn o h(, r b ,toilI SC . J. TItNCIIAlIl _,; .+_. ........ . o (',1, ,1ono r .... , ........ 1.1)111.1. \N A No. , ,- ill 1 e ll sli trl et. `\IIA.I \ 111.1\1 Ii. ('0A11. , r1.1 n. , l th r,;etlh- in+ stUni ly rlo t-miv llr l i do, w l or1 n. n I an l lE lo n a , ,n , dIuoks, % . ' ir i talllr l s lllllrli m - tlnd cl rr, w | . . ,il.t:l-.l re pickc t I aitn' d hn.sportl ,;.a it, I !rarI i tON,r ' 'l-IiiL& IlI L IY ( t(O hul) lLnt, .iiuaiie l p. , ril lil o-,ll lnd I, l ( i0 Lt0 n 0 , (l f1r.o :I -.a I amt li ]h I| ll['. W I'I IIn II1ut an 11 rot ghtnoilr . s ld e ik*,l w t ,r, io g At !t t . CI 111.561s, com,.e mi lls Wire:! , eeet,pi X nd bar e .d; ihot i (;'l.!, nd cook .ig s -mto s IIlook ad p:Int hinges, door and ,i imd.w I hohks A iilll1:, Mo nt s, h aulware ot i ho t ulwaso (uhltd, and whik se m ter'ed Ir;+ ., ash holt : hlie or t 1ta'l, onl he most fho. able en, ,RI'STITt',N .' " nI.',-ATS - `OM1PO,U\T'P TONIC MSIXTURR.--A Preedy ' and coetain curn for the F var and Aure, r mitent antd interntillent fevers; preoparoe from t'O o-iplnal recipe. Used with eminent and uni. ' sareess in 1832, by personns of the Idhi2est ·nalrnetnshliti v is this city, as stated intl tie annexed a"ritientes. This medicinn is highly reeon mended, and lhai 'a.n extnosivOly used in the oaboe diaoenes withn euch dietilguished successo, thlat thn proprietor of r 'he recipe hans beCn induced to offer it to the ptnlt. 'ie in its present firm. in tte oinn :it may tie tie meann of repllvingp mnll ., thnsen who nre sutffring undr then oatr"tge of our enottry. It is ar nmedicine pnssine gre.t virtle, and when used neeao'dingf to thea directions has never failed of nffeecting a cere, even in the mosit obstinatn. staFg of the dtisorl.r. It is nnt at all datirerneatle, and fpersons of the wralaest stom:ach, and children cmay take it with impunity. It strenytltens thie diepstive organs. ereatesal n npprlite, antd sIdnttt requires I more than onel, or in obstinate eases, two bottles to eff'et a cur. There is neither merncury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injulioas to the human eonstitulion. Thei proprietors are so wril convinced of its eeafienyv Iht they agree to refund tle prie of'every bottle whichi has heen tikan in recordann e with th!e diretions andt has Snot c~filted nv ptrnfct cure of the h.",r & agno. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleanst , atl his tIhole'ali andI retail drug ndl medieine store, a corner of Rienvile and Cil hartres ntronts. 'For District Agencie's anip!v to jei5 T. W . S ,1 I'I1, 48 Conti at. S D, s nd ,I)rfii anotd -ldi(I. the P iu rp anse f rn ai e I ' e lc t 1 I ,htl sala i e i a)ru tahosie s. lt i s notl r ni., inr. a n inll s ...", o Irnish and nrnui..i - rrt.eles, which h." w . l seII fn lionW ral lrmts 'rTorise i rtni_.iss, and rthoo() ot ti intr,, r, tat phie iene ent, a n. han i t l lnH ll ta, 11It ai he witll .lt.r i' ler H sul ch n have nyr iver he ifore ba ,n ot l'r d in thi- c.' . Ili i .enti,, in h, :Inn sirtr tly ht !iuhnatr Ib sh i,,v::. It e ylnk w ill It i i . al int' tillt , i i I , iI. w ill ite rl it a ,Iin.,r beltin.e A I nr, fr a the -mmt I., tin 'fr m u1trrhl'lq' r stt, i- I.v, er,,, ivintr, such order. net 2 N*3i Cnp t SRn'al Coliego of Ph'al irnit. Lnu'ion. l\111': origafn'il V . be t I 'a' ttt 't iva'soa d \'1edi I. l cine, prl'.'! allt hv \\"l' IV A sin, sri . Me,'l.nt r of t f ,. tt c, .. " lia t Iiin u \IaIitIII' - , t 's i nt . ...nn .. aSt l inl,, ' ' ier ., t ..i rin i h e l l at I v:l " ,,1i.,, Ic.'onv o A\,i:n innta II:, . b sp , i lq:..t, VU': : lrloo ll ri~ l e., I l l 'l'r ,'uel lh. I 'n1,l of i ;itt .' c rl .S t 'io th i:is ',I ,l l i ,l 'l, ir o ll n . liT t. t . aih ultt ,. Lto d a' I. tt ,u 1 tl' u t l;l i' l.S' th r Thllllli!e I I ig:"+ n a ihl t. w cn i , fl i so rcer 1n to s sCio - :i . n ot i se d h h hit h *' 1 n II 1 Ie:ll I I o i l e h t I ii o ri u S ot e I e i li r at Anls t'eir thiat I l ical a'l a tthe t:oe .ws an. i Ichal + , f a umbI erhPI' f,,lthll m,"n o|" hill·\ :nod lsi1 s i lol i t the a t'cll e hal· . m It is hoaip d Isa it . lin:i i p nl;rIt\ ll.Ii, it .rh , ek I1, , n,. Io f ,,,,, reeve . . *. _( , h'+i-iul n+ I an lila us i io It s,. s) oot ,l'l iuo d he ,:l.'i.oo s F Ii 't lr s bitt led l ' ,pr t l11r p tl', li iivy , i n aidl I:I 5 '. ' ' tnt i. e 'o a'teit ta tpllll);t c ot t ta id ltli.ea1• :.111 h ii H ,t l 'ntla tatit a tat' t hate i ia tptt tihlt the tiana 'tat i s + l tt'11."in II it murt.. l it' ti nt I alit a i nall. h r ait ..ii . tantl viia (;a l iiimaim. I lhi ti - il a I iic t i,'l at le' .I , i the'ir. n:thl ", amlnt l h'I e kep + i n ttnut.r' I:Otl i " c'si , lf ol i-uian illnss, fa r hv p,'N, l a.huioi r:.,li,, tId t A, hi, , 'til tfiat tat., o ini t i ,nl , .a" t ', , i , Ii luh l l l:l .l I g I I nrlli'+'l l u .!tan I.II l w tipl, l t i leieu in ltls i togttl l d .rrw h a Olials of i+-< , , l : ilih, l'. ",, •\hrt~owlsy~ l~v e s t lill l l ii ,l )-\ '. Rn T'I ll. 1). S,,,.,. ,.riw Ag,,, |,: i sI S e,,,reo .. . o... ? u, .... t,,, I E II Ii s . (calhlied flo' It 'r T'rurn l ' In l I ll , , , SthI we L tit I /,. i, I blI,_Ih l ,"l I" . Iti l i, - It ' , 'h iteiaii' a l ' III i ti tlil..ll' { .+,-,.,,;.:: .-! lll T.i r llt , 1 li,'- !. I, 111 1 ii i 111t\, i :1~ · 1 .i h . i II , t dilti,.,lll . ,i - L t':n l l I no iCE ., l l li"l, i. ll i. I.~ !I I , I,.l I ,I Ir :^!r e'r rll w rll · of1 '"e Ihlo , :l:I I- d .I\ 1'! .\i 1, ,J. I I.. , SII. . Til,, 1 ':la p"il.lllt. I T1 °l ate. i a .d l i t it th dwrl urner I)r. SCLIIMe t'ol of Chrli.Pln 1, Iot' t. h Uli all 6aI th i i i ii 'l iL, t t irI 1. ItI d ak1e nod I st l iu ii t . IIi I T III i -ta.i-.. iia ' Ivcl I' I .'l + I v' I rni r hDat, h wii , b Illh 1 l Itt ll h h c.I+O rlali aTIll : 3 Ila!.n l ii._Th +. I.., r.. ,,:. . ,v the Kto )r V i I, IN ' It I II IXI'tellU.I.. I, 1U ,; I ro nc cL n at , to" ''(~ a l , \t.wor 1y ht N . -Illltl III la, sl gre't . J"all , inlll ntl h i ,, atlttlti II'. ith ljie ii .i i11111 l i~,n 1 I. . lil ., IlllQ," '[}o IIcU ,'+ ; It I lllo l v ln-,l y atI'+r. NIo.ll111 t "a.ill hLhil Mat cal ,-Kell, ey ', ll ll ,I· , x l] ,,,·, l, l , !,d W l 11 ~l' l .l~lr 111· 11111 1 flill (. aill. " , ll ," w i hlIl lt. b i.l.,l no I Lille .l IIlP,... , l l: .,-: , i Tr, ers' I Iive noi y ret elayeti .since it w.. 1rst regulalrly s liltO~J to) t ,ie '.u) I; +ut ( t vis lti(' ed the , rllla ll.r eull t tllio; l i lhnd Ila, suln. .llnte u.l every other II ne forll, ,T A:t' e., ,I hIeIrv tihd Unir'it i itl itt . ' ti at r itel ,i iii itt tilt -tIc rstre \ht. li dit h i th,, ,, r -/hailheh /'I .\ ct. a tiae eeaityl t a. ice d l ti. t ii ';li ,- . I as iLIl 11-d tine Ii ate i itm eb a lfl se idih, l r. It . id l ire t all r i tai a it.l rL . To h Iane tireal lad Ich l;l' +le 'tnulir of i the t ' h'ard e 'iI llllt lltt . I i i' lllll . t ll l -,l) 'iIi ll( ii + ii . i ldh l ;id l ea lsnl . i, rwil olly s t,,lhe native li hll tlU h ,, -hl,, hallslit chaltI icta pllian p ea . th't , lI-el , 1 to 1 ,.tinl II e I ea n haI e l ttt ill o t e'la p d s e i hlavc hiI lhn htd tc ribl y I ,I s i li t..ln iilI r,'I.t h elotalt.I L rn ; inld f eit.' i -tcar otel h a .p Iet. l t iraela hy!ro lag tiheny l phe asd, r lll y Ihit 1lt e h' h . pu rtnnlty, in ise t Id 'V da ' IIer.\lT chi ,l . tI( -- -- --w ---- -,/, r;+.--~ i lii,-- ratof ,ne ofsuch a ) r.,'rt cflbned tery toh rern l th ichlea frthe. A,,u wha r ,o . I aed ibo ll le ierit, b m}y who eIL"r, sb, llth oss h l p er rhic l rear r s thv n Cllll' i+ ll , a nhr tl ie I I n 11ir li tlld Is e l tl l t l P rut lr , . t ily1 a i r I lli t to tlh htean lfv e ate ll alle lo.d hyi t l tiha e aill-.l I. rlaller d , "fl I ara n te.dIl er iO or, r an. t lto refn d olll , II ltol , ea lclll thtn w to illl III• htk hthe ,lap i tn itre I ,el,. co lho e wif t l.]th e lpreacr-l, dt d it , tli, d It ho i .. I nIt - bo urthelly and h vs;;y or fi.l 1thod any ther are1thw11, lotlea b ent o,1\',r. t the, 'l veuie I-tits t-n, \fin loo n tll ral' )' reo f i e h11~ o an I hey aIdI bare l adi ll," :.1l' Ani lid,,,, ' I,,- it I rliet 111 it' a s (' ll,111 ll abo t t ' , I t e a l l 'i iiiioi ne lull Ira, barn thCo -r.v . I Itelhat e t h ":.htie l., fee~t ,II it,, p;.rt~ll lir t nlelnt fl t Ii , h ngl'a h i the l. o fl ii c".t . chat} i naulnh , wle l I, hn, ,r 1Ii Marisin troy Banth -c o " iiii; of th i lllar delo es no l,.t I, a r m berlt ,c l let,.lrons n oflt.eib ('hill, and Itbo c on etary t : Th1a ,pr t atr, fl lly sal l.hld ". l+h the o-liard ih .l and It lvll , l a i r b ll, h aso n. ict, lly atten ded a puxec ttal andl , ulr tr lIf.,, ofr h n Tl re Mihxture, ii all .re a of l",ve" anld Ag.ry , J.\!,\ [I v" AZrbI;\ S, n 27 '., Con tiln &+ T h lt& l , • ~ l ('o. F .p .'l, . n~ loll Tt ile,a it,,tlsr r, + MEDICAI. CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO TIHE AFFlICTED Wi.r DIS0 EANES. A TREATIBSE on VenereIDiiasi , GonorNNNn,NeOnsl and ricitllre, ilcidling practiCNalo NNerv'tioNN Onn Smiun WVeaknles(, nrising f, nnl early abuses, 1o tha:t all permons can ,fltnin on immlediate cure, with nenn, reerr a Call afuw. ]t is a melaunrhly fact, that thonlealads filli victim(s t"the Ye nerl~nl Duetlsr. owine t* tihe unsllilfuhtes( of illitnrnte enol whit Ibv the Ie or that dIeady py I isnl. Mlrctry, rtlill the con i itilltinn. ntNl raN- Nlelr.,lOll Nwitll bhotehis on the deIad, fNNo and body, Iinllltl,. in the lic t, lOILer in tiff P11t1, iIdaflnslC oll stinte e tpliiN. I I1.1ndrnt tllh NNNl lill N Imlr.i, ti Ntll tllonpth i gni ir(l debility nlldl IPcd ny or the, cnn.rtillllj ioll n.11. .1+ rlll ,I iINuchNly d taIh AntN ipri fi to their Nd NIINfNl sNllilrinN s. PEIIR Y'S PUIIIFI'YINti NPECIIFIC I'II.1,, AIsrrn .i, sat l I I "llt sp1s y (d" rIFII dy ePvr dlscnv ffor the per1lll ll n 11l ilecctull cu of l Ven real dj(el- 'l.P, 1trhar, PIFPIr t imlll 'e, fi(ellltnll wEalllltrSs, lllJ - in ill III atl'.,.li . olfth il 1%ey. prnIve, lumhago I,:lldh.hlilitv. lr tlIlriollo1" ti+ II der' or le lo ll'lhl'lai otherldpl(·nIsI t of the s ip t nayIIp I llfPa s 1 1 (IIlp l ih p r. rtrln) iu- it petfl'l.l tcure i llltlhhlo :;.!Ylaeei~.~.lcl ,1"* Ihr,.,., n Iv ,,.dlr pil fi1ra ,.ol.) vtll· ·I-aIq 1.. saNN NINN, ll V III. " NNN hN . , il VNIiN"NpN IyNN illNN, INPN' In w ,l ii.rrsy null (nl'rt v·,r. 'I P'IIVIII" I~n tnimy uh whirl. I fl lt ontai n il1y Idsnlcio ll·r ItrrI, c 1 hrI ,NllN,1 s. bN N lN,111 u ' ri llln, N 111 n. The ep e Ill" 1101, roof Op llIl /II/~( pell oifI" I id fllol. pl*oil. purl-. Il' In IIt therir prrq'r+,-. r ile whole, inln (f . "he'y no·· t .1o - " 1.' reii e l O l .ll! I. ",, re )vale bytheir 'l m fie (diffr 11ll[ Pnlr l.lOII, or1 1llh nh, eNIp.'llh+.. hIhI croser Iltnlnors,: y a their IIIIIII ." 1 nrc IlIl l/ lll l: r.l l tlltl. I~g flI .(llus In till( ' lltlh lnln 't..rl.llllUnl It, f r ll,' r1S llll 'uhi ll lll lrll r ll lp l e .. e'rh . lellthrlrll llos nlrr norl L 11" alr ?ily wlhpr i wnl, I .I D.1%, h' ~ll|t , ll I itlll'lt 1h,"l lll hi .l +-II. sin +,r l i-+llk - l-l-'. 'hyill re,."l' l NlNllr nill 11.r1 l.llNN.. , i , ll NN l N .ll llin. , II' I".ll , iIII Inr lII I'N N N,~,N l iN ,lNl i' l (NNNNNN'II tll,' liilN Nlll llN, hNa* l 1 l) I ll Il.l,. ll ll . nl , lllI l- -r]n wh1'll the j l hll( I lr lls lll lulh I. 1 e1,n1.1 It,I P l I P II Ihe ,P 11 to t.~ r "'lallr' tol Ib It Sperir]')U frr w enInIk:lcnrlaln I 1r1.Iv ,lt 11| e) r llhn n o i Ille tllll lnl ll t.I It.11 li 'lll I I runi el pt -al iir,(ugll .. p 1( Iu .IN11"N 'nNNer c., N'NNNt, cNN iNN NN" .! I rN' NNNNN N hnl drll .lll lll dP Illlt tl ;illllug from l ll th l o It,. nr od. 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Is 1ent and returned by .lunluhonan s. The Alecandrian or Red River Mail is sent irregu lnrlyt y by stuailnamt ta ice in waeek. IuotVetItte.E on l.lER. MAIL. llhudareu, ) 'irdnertely and C Claie t8a o'clnek, P. I1. tnuedaey, ) COAST MAIL. fnnu r ayl Closeala t oclock.P.Mf. I AN A .MARIE FARINA'S COLO(IE WATER ii rases rarere of tlhi.e uperior Cologle wnate, just re, aiwed :nod for Enle he the dotla or siengle laottlie. 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