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December 2, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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S'rAT'OE o"t OUSIANAA-First Judicial Di ! trict Court.. The. State orf .niininihttiT oall whlminm Iite pre selts, shlJI" (: tl'n,' ·,Peefin+ý -eWl'l,\ It'nll:Nt¢% \VII,: ItAMPALP'FILEVY Ihaviig p'r.haed at'a pale anude by the shnlieritf ofthe.l tp hi v JefCr-o., thei Ipope ty hierieaftier .descrbled, his applied to tile lrk t of tli. Col t, ill whos office ll tit d of sale wa rescorlded ni the eventeentll day of October, A. I); 1839, tir a Moli tion or Advertisement in conformity. an Act tl'othe Legisatiiurirof the.ilSaea of Louitisinl,entitled, "t. t Al otr tir. rtltr assiraniei iaT tcitles tt pinreit.ies r :j ii - ad;citl tnl;;" ap provid it truplh dy of MIrchl, 18:t: .No,w thtirretire, know ye, and a ll ersons interested herein, ire.hrvrttb, cited adnd da.toioeI ill the alole of the idite of t Loisiann, unit of tihe First Jdlicial Iia trict Coiirta, who can set np niy right, title or ilaiin ill and to tir property heroirdfier lescnribed, in eone qreneo of' an iniprolelatiy in ttie order, i eerle or jllg rlenet of tie Callr l;ra t hilrr N11il ta wits v iladet or 'any irregularity'or illegality ini the appraisementis and advertiselaents, in time, er mannver tf sall, ooror llly thller taelect whatsoever, to show cenii , within tIhriy days fromll the dy this Munition is first insertaut illt te puti panelrn, wy tihe rale so iadlle siltdt nit be con itr+lad aud homlbIgated. Tihe saidprolprty was sold bIv the sheriff of the Inr ish afresatlidll on the twetilieth alay ot Selpterlat r, A. i). 1839, by virtue ofa decree ul this Court renderedI oil the eightlentlh ay of March, A. I). 1i:39, in a suit entitled Maria, wife of Charles Brewer land lI. a. thei mninor children and heirs of Charles ('bied, No. 12,809 f thlie docket of this curl, at which siale the saii Ien ry William Palfrey lblnillle the vlnltahll.r,, lo thre Iprice aof fourl hun l ed and thirty-tivr dollars, Itayabla Dieriiption of property, as given in the Judicial Con vreyallee, viz: A certain lot it grunel t,lte aii which a nw J aludi anted tn William Nihalsloa,a Hlll, tit a vni llellln e lt Isnac I.. McCoy, anatiOneerort It, city t Niwv t)rllllns, on thrie eleventh March ia3lc, Iby virile ifa it jcitiiieIIt af hiu onla t li (iti thirtlelth J Inuary ;:l, itnn which welt irdserel iy said cort oin the eighteenth Martch 18:19, to he resoldt tlhe risk anal exrenpe of aid llull, tir neg leering and refusing to corlnply with the lermns alnld cn: ditions ni said lu ludiica.on. Said hlt I eintg situated in tile parish of Jeffrsoni h in th t t aroI uoll, idesigi nale ast nlllllnir Fourin squnir A 1111n it plaid, wn Iby tweritlthk i Jalaary 1838, anlld del.-sitedu in the offlice of' II. II. aella, a noltry pullli l thi cit ,nId mIle s uring, ill Almerican ileastnre, fifty two flert eleven ilcli. frant on Lrv e sleerl nd lorly feet three intre llts a tet fron t n llrtlrhe street, lhree hnndred aI:d lhiltv nude+ feet in depthi anld front on Jeffriitn, awd lhree hu idred anld fullr fiet inches and a half l thit line dividingt it ifrom lot No. Three. togelher with all the rights, privile ges &,.L therunntln belonging. Vitn/ess, the IH(lonralde A. M. Ilichtnaiin, ,Iaile (if tIel L C-ulrt riuresrid, uthis till day of Novebler, 11U39. n120 ' LE I. .ANC, l)p. leik. ] TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courdu Prom o- ior District Judicioiro-L'Etat do la Louisi, ano a tons ceux que cos prdsentes conccrnoot Salut: Atteond queo IIENRY WILLIAM PAIlFRRY avant acrhet kL une vento thait par le Shllertd hla paroisse Jeferson, Ia propjrit16 ci apn\s ddorite, a'eot adreos4 an groaft do cotto Cotr ot la i llI ve00t ftt onrltist.EOe ldii.scpti8me jour d'Olctobre do I'annde 1839, poer an arts cohlantaoinanent a un :ote, de la Legislature doe Ei t do Il Iousianoe, intituld -* Acte pour confirmer les titrns doe acque roors aur rvnte judiciaires;" approuv6 lo 10 Mars, 1834. Qu'il soil connu, ottoutao personnes iltdressades ont par cor presenots so nlmmds, auo ,m de l'Etat de la Louiaiane et do la Couur du Premier District Indiciairo, qui pourraient avoir droit t la pro pridtd ai-apes ddcrite, on consdqucnco d'un dd fast do formsne dons I'ordea, l ddcrot on le jugs mesent de lo Cour, ca vortu duqoael lt vente a tdI fait onu de toure irrdgulari,6 ou illdgalitd dons 'estimoation, I'avis ou lto teps et lto mode do li vento, ou pour une aultre causeio qoulaColquo, do fairo voir, daons troetojours a dater do In Ipulica tion de cot avis, pourquoi lI vent,o ainsi falts no st rait pas eonfirm6,o et homologude. La dite propri61d fat vrndue par le Shdritt nus. dit, le vingt8mo jour do Scpteimbro do I'anndo 1839, on vertu d'un dderet do cette Cour rendu le dix-hauiti8mo jour de Mars do t'anndo 10h39, dnsr I'atliro do Maria Cdcil, dCoo e o C:harl- Br, wer & alt. vs. Les Enfans minci r et hdritiers de Charles C6cil-No. 12809 du Locket do cettl Coor, a la qutell vento Il dit lHenry William Patifry 'oest rendu acqu6rour pour lo prio do quatrs, cants cin. quante piastres, payable comptant. Description do Ia proprietd d'apre leto tran for judioiai, re, savoir : Un certain ltt do terra, le mo6mae oqma rut adjugg A Wil'iam Niclolson ilull, al ne vnto fa0te, , ar Isaac L. Me. Coy, eonnatcur do la vitle do la Nouvelle Orldotn-, It II Mars 18.09, oen verlu d'u jugorlont do ce0l0 C or du 30.,onvieor 17"ti, rt re le It Mars 1939, la Cour ordoal0 d''tt re velndll auox dopens et risqur s dltl ilt Hull, a clull ide .a nogligecuo at Id sun rl"'f ito ralanphlr Ito toroles et condttoalns do l dita, adjtnta.a 0lo . ct lit do terro et sit ld danst la l'aroi-so d Joeltorson, doans la villoa d (tarrI aoll e I es tld r!nu ptr ," no mnure ;tatr dot lilot-cA, stir tin plo n dren.t par Italljatolltl !l mi l,-;arponta1r to lia dio 1l , to dii -,la vier 18311, . d6poi 6d in 1 bur n t d II. It. Coona, nota;oo pubic d (0 li ; I a (lsmaoro A nor.:aiel) anoa i tn o datol d t ComesIno too,0 a la rma. da la tat 'o tram rotll. p11 ( is do fta ail rile dotllio Irate c(r ts treollln lllneuf Ileds de (prt1O hi'nur et Pco I lal rtue .1,,'trson ettrais000 t atro p nie ,x ,pourt.s tt 0 0 st r la lignto q e Ic dttvise do it No :1, e m la i taous loa draits, privtr ego s '.(c. q'll y appillortaaa ."tuoina I'llaanrth1 a A. M. lcthanau. .Iogo d( la ,our suadlalo, c Ili NoooIt ibr, 1839, P. I.E III,AN. 20 3t inr 301 I)tpd (;rttliar. 'I'aEaso'RY 1)ErlATME'aTn , City of Ituaston, 17th July 183 9 IN pursu;ance o a requirement ofl a lw pasned by SConglress of this lRepublic, approved Janulry '.Lt, 1839, making it the duty of the ''rasury to advertise and cause to Be sold the lois in the (' L LY OF CALHIOUN, on a dy y oby ia fixed. Notice is hereby given tha the lots i the City of Calhoun will be ofered at Pub'ie Sale, on Monday, the 181th day of No.veraber nort, between the hours of Ten o'clock, A 3. and aour o'clock, P MI, at the Capi. tot of this Republic, upon tie terms set torth itn the following extracts from the law above men tioned a See. 4.--Be it firther onaot.ed, 'Tlat the lots in said town shall be offered and sold for no other cur. rency than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. miasory notes of thls governlment. Soc. 6.-Bo it further enacted, ThaIt the said lots shall be sold on the following terms, viz: Our. fourth part to be paid down, and the other three forth to be in equal instarte its of sir, twelve t i I eightoeu onths. SSoe. 7 .--Be it tarther enacted, That il any person who shall purchase any of these aforesaid lots, shall fail to make ipayallullt of tle scretal tu stan.ntsnl in eonfourmity with ithia Act, ho or they shall forfeit all suhell slinis they iy liy hart revi ously paid, and the lots purchased by au drlefaul ter shall revert to the ga)vetortnot o1" the Riepob See. 8.--tB it fuitll.r enacted, That all lersons, aliens Int exceplted, s*!tal have the pritilige of pur chasing and hollding Ithe s ie, allnd the Prteident is authorized to issuepatrtsll tto tlIhem so aolin as tihe last in. stanlent shall have been paid." The sale will collliue from day to dy, until aill of the lots shal! have been dslspo1d ft. Calhounl is situated on the I",ast ied of .atator d0a Island, directly ni the ,\lMin Para iIto 31atageilr da IBay, and from its advantageous pIsitton, will probably heene tlhe principal commrcial oilty in WVestern eoxasn. A Plan ol the city may be soon il thie (General Land Office. The seve.ral ipapers in this Rltepllic,tlhe Conmer. cial Bulletin, Pictrylun and True American, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until the day of sale. JAM[ES II. STARII,. Secretary of the Treasury. M1ANSION ILOIJLI UIIOII. r1AVANNA, UkaowqE ntaierliobowit ,presen t irup'lir IiiI Moo 9 Jell l kn(Vwn pdtnalti.llrlll, called the Mansion HouseHIC eistlute! itt (drqpi . :"Ye', N'. 119, 1 e tlhe hIoot r soniUou will bie loilitt iii ,tiiicuder cuullýýrt·III OIem who laiy boovrs Itbni t o~ litont pairitoi. Thei ad vantages Iwsooetistle by tie I ot, fotnravellers, for it. locality. couveiace ir itiz te o'LI Lienown thai lit orinneoesolotu .teoeiuatrssso~e rh .oqjt rrih-Iy 1X) N4 L tLFU. ON. MANSION 1101SU +'1:MOTEIL. a le Uabaaae. I OS j~fraaocitfs nucvos proinrieteiss del bietr coroeada estsblteilaientio Jowlitoio MIli SION HO1USE, sitoodo teu 4a cmllc ro lit lr(sia, *blurs." J ii tuess! suuor uie anrileioe l atplsito qua neo o aayuros elgleroos V iitsioies sal dldi cadao 0 eoijplieoer4 lasyyrsctso quo Ian 1'aewi. can edo t 1.s1ptncilli. Lso ololtitiOotn t ptue Ooi dji, chit c os gtroo los vioago ts , t tnto foor Os i o olrlsiudl pomodidtl oLe.t ot. soo tun iotetla dt, e tine es iou til OOnicOtstLAO . `il sct-iy CUNY & FUL'I'O. MANSION HIOUSE IIHOEL, ,i l lfooiiooe. L ES soousoinii, nouveoeii 1ropribtaiit do I'd tab issoosoet eitou dud s la ruo do In Obrapiri, No. 149, eones coos l stits da &tA.NSIO9 HiIUSE, . 0t liioocot d'inoaro'er lo 'tlilie, qqils ferest toys leorn efforlts pour sit rerlde ogreablos aol personroes qor voodroot bier lea fiioriser do leureooisoeoe .1438 eoomtuoditdo quoofto ottte nlai son a01 vsoyageols s90t as000 citiaOlt 1500ur 50 jrointjugor odeetootro d'cii Vitro bo lo detod. 21 sop-Iy cUNY & FULrON. Ql UCISIL AND 9IOLAtdSEI;-)q lantaiitisois slitt tuoioi fur tale Ity p15 A1)1A31A &WIIITALI.67 Getovier o ¶racs Rcccl n (Oil. Iriaellig eittlirJiiliol / S ii ll tl'lIARt,3:l (ireirt J %~l ,KS- 0il boest JidtWe oelocr, i die iii Rl brig R (i:. iiingirr l Nlr Yorkofnd fir eisle by nlt (i Ii1L..1lNCIIl',13 l3 itotierot :.oots - M*rSO. E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' HALL, NEW ORLEANS; rpllIl n siortmenlt of inpers Coing no'w to pleeJrd , -- +lho'.i. iobein 'dier tle follwing lidt to Ihe narti .:ulnr attentio'o f t the n pt le. io. :es. usIual. 1ow. 'Englis/t Drawing Paper , (V Whalnan) i)eny, 20 iluchs by l hile wove led . o ', 21 + lo 174 do Some Rial, 32n do 4 do Ir(leplllnt., 28 d o +2:1 (do I ohw.ober 35, do '134 do do 2. . o) I)InllC ElephaCnt, I11 dol 7 do Antiq arian, 5'3 (do 31 (o IEinperon, ( do 47 do All the above extl o thick, rough glruied. American and English /large linding papers efor B/an/,etor'l. FlCt CTup, 14i inc.C b It' , wh and l1. w ved , do laid I) I y, 2 C 174 o o Rmoal, 21 dC I'9 do Ci. llCnperlooYalO , 271 Co 1 14 Co do Impo l, 30 do '22 d Cdo English Letter Papers. (Wlllatmil's RoHse and 'T'rnell r', IICII JohIn GCren'sI ilanul itclto e.) l.nrgot sine Pucket Post, 4o C, blue n nd white wove, o . f. d do (do blue laid oolllk iPot., . F. IloP woI o.xlra oolin large thick post; do gilt 'm , as d l g, ifp st llst do gilt gil lTld Csote pt; do , oill Corr, ie Iovl o d, I ilt - Folio ort, +m'e oli C ll o1dll, w . "ll , " Ih nok, h tl wIo.c t w ln ik io. lllll otei Poe eot . o 1 Co w Ebuoossed It'gel u ood 1 ll st tollte C()ll lll~l o ill l d .ll i.'t res t, illl, ll .po , onbot ides n,.lile 1\ote Paitl' 's,1 h r .. and u1On J, i r, C llil v ; do o ilt IIvl' ry ir IInd , ito s r nU l g illrt h t trliko boC'C.C. C'''o 1C C o du o r l oo. C vI Ioll CI on Aernne'a Lettee P+p'er. i- p . t. ( lm .,ein l nd e 'vh ,ad hh ' v A ,-oe': . I'Ioo, ' l I'ono, blu w oI'e ( l ll Mo o sixc. I nilie n l s. I t h l ,, w ite d blhne s ' e d, do , bh, c hI w ar nl do cr rlu IIln(oli' ,, If1bb uhlm (: ,li dwio'o, (illpiln'-, " l. o.' Il olinr good n1ll)P il 1thv I;1m I s1 PSta pees. s'" pal er, RNCo. o n. C ) do S!t "p , 1oCt, ael . o''l:y CC e,,itwonvo C 'Cia'r' O doo r , l.Ire a nCper llu ,t - . r'I. wlhie aud bhr wo , a lld h 'I rs. dC No.'o, N + e wove \0.,eo n i e o r I, C . ul d h oe A on.-' oa l lli.(I ,, ,'(I n l rap , f.l Il, ',I rglh &+ ct. n.l ih ,,nruit, te a,' w e d cup dolultrol edge 1,,'ie,' oup,'r ctp b'' ,C wove; ruC t 'C' . 1C.It'C wide 'tCne u' C ov 1-111'.'4 F . C Inoo P. pe .o 01l0 '',C'". Co d, I.oo 1111r11', anid ofIl -ther r -d nillt. in lme. U. S. rC f. C hlll in . no 3 IC i li ComJlolll Fo,' 'll / '"fv p. P o e doo e Rul edl Pa/,ers. Cper y l hC'CaC e C hlCtt' l ll gr, ooCnt lin Cd SIa i,, ` I no Tl. a'.h d Ii ,w 1 ll v d T d F . C Jod 110o ,1 \o.\ 10 L c '' ' 'r p p e r 1 , b o o l l ' wd , B , i n; 1 | r .C e , A1ir 'o Illl llea +. do '.+. i il 'I I I w b lnr nm lilc n + hollumns i Cotl l I ldo d l i v v " h i- led dI do 11 wit o ' th . ..&.. rt.'lils for n'.' d (; do lonI + till o ila hunl t C Jrtote l ord l.ilw rlllle, te1Ii lineL d Il do dh ,;. Iora _1ll r Cor'ed , and Ioro'y lapers. C ,oaTo ' 1 '','l nod I ', 'la',ed,, 1 a'o C.olors ( + l l •. I|L..n i ,£)an raps doi dh do C rIC o II a psis, ,roo m, r,,v '' Cl di.l , dCCC y ulnd ' c p'oo ,CC CI.CCCOCp rs. \\''tl,i CC'. h Cw , h COCl ' 'C,, ',, , ' ''d,,tri ' 'a' pli' ' ,I, I oil ,,l ." for ,', , t ' C ý l(I.0,'' ..ff..I..l.,...i .n ,. ` I.IR(II II I. It t lI'.\\\.\. 11 , to t -. t r - , a1 . Ir~ll 'l-. IIId 1,., -:.le )II 1 J \.\\ i:I1·1. I ",,. \t; ~l~ i 1 \I'":It.\ I' 1' 11,\ 1t ( 1-11)2 1 (11 1ll11 .1 .-.,,ford. lot,, 11--1 .rrritt.,· l perI -hipl Rutilul( hot I,,,,, I, , 1. l .,I.~s; for d e-~ 511 ~ ~ ~ .' du d Iiewoe t S .o tted gt e l lido "'llii lAO du d iNt. V I.,r dl) lcl d , ~IiI 'Il fll Y"' I'o~~ 111 It, do do 111 IP(I1Iii( In do m i AprIImuIIC A ! and f Ii tnv." 011\1%, Itnf u tai-e-ll \\lmtumnI I llml'lll 'ltll III ink cardsl · gilt and taut jilt- it tit(1; elul oT l1o1'F, no·e- ' ood Id .Ame ,J, loas oour,, 1 1 W o - ' /t111 y.LIIIII'I1I( l ·'nlt (III·1' slid lY h , ne t, l ~o= lrkIII·nu II'. ; r:.1II1t"I hi;.· Ili l-Itlil sit IrII11· (I atlit; " Ili,+[emis,,,iirl r. -r, I'\ ahog any1y111 'All All I'' de, o ro; (1 1 re , . Ilr 1 t I'll ; :'().'I I INl~· ru hhelr, I,,1 IoII1I; v. -q oL e Arses.l; Jot tt il~ N)j I-rooks, snimblt lil r fli Is;l i Nli i . Ite.-, I rml1 lnI line Vritii fud Ill n jug-1 1'crIrI; I pes otfil vii kns ic.t I I \ o 11'r-l btu tioe ' h llSi1I 0 le's.'II lIle:sz lgt o w tll h bitll l , lutlt ) It flt'll e ] l. epeeIlyil foIIiA . illll I l.S. I lndyFll IIm 1Vrlv tr011 Ntv . &te bNi i~ul Item I t , 1'iet,.resqur . hun(i v1311, y1m1.' J .a r Cin -tl.. a If. ri u. ka id wink i - rititA tF b I k'a J,.-t it ti~ tled and foLr Fall, byII vii .1~\1.1:_X. i't)1 tII. i i tmp 11,1 I \\V- IltlllK$- I.ety s. ,Idv d' the I"Honig I'i11) oit-' I'll- i' ,."1 ', i \Ioouteill ttl· : I-lnaluta:rI t of rileI I.;"%. of -?1I-Atli', Itili( an 3-tI'1311 l'vlINS tacrl' F :llll, lllill . lilll) It 'a ) " Ii lil l lilAl 511 11)11 11 A b SI:~li 1)~l.rly 10111 1' I )l·· .~ 1 1· )·~l~ilill Nki.ia k!, IV,,,, N' 1) 1111.1igll) I~lli -I-.t, by £ ibrifl n",) by il.lINS & I"-'n trli i (tar oks lulll o I '.eetd art, f Il Illot tio. 111 e lill ,llllllll Illi ll' Ill. ·lA A ll N ·Otlll .111\11 IIfro.. " I II, (star I Illlll lil gtrl IA 2 .i1t sta ll dag l la l oII u 1 1111'' (N 01111( 1 '14 pI ltll 111 49iU. S. tiiP cor~ ll. r 1t Charles told Co I lla ~ 111t- Nt'l IO1) 4-Jistr eiye In, sip ndina 5111, lilt a...1 th Souvenir dloa L·nf tn du I'euLile 1, r..,tI'rll Our have hunll t int it. it, li.- l ululle 1. 'I'le n works, ;Atl~ie requcltl d t cal ,, te nlove 'r t, JUAN - V Co, N U dt liters' hull, r1111ImI: t'rtruet- t of America, by John lte vel sllredid d, i t-iltll he r{..tae for l\1 I4li, by lien,. John .\ Clark F A e robe to ". c ( llr* :llll li·. 1:: 11,b 1k 1 Waem n 'Cl.r :vnn for 1910, a ChIista te snit Nrw Years' pre se;:: ";"i .; vil use u~litt lelcr' HsI 11 TheI I orA11oc ion',tiff !,r IS 1, ,'floe g llir, 11 v11=l'lie Vr let do, unit LC IT~·tll( b? Il u (.item,, v Shlv ni,, 19111, for tale by n~r·Illrrl* F~rsl. Jp M NS A ( 'o, S(~li lnl. r'' (roll It7 ll~l crm" ý C: t ie: nod I'ol"'HI I unuI.II sAB 1`1110 (JWp elle1.s -\ nl cl ..l-ll y ..1 ld II.," tollo w. vb 1'ou II llicr, Ilr 'll Civil f Ir t; Il",· '11 , IM toll 11 Ill 1'aiiltel, 1* L.+it ('ic it - i'i l Lvll; Ro "'ot ('..dl It ('onn 'r t, 1 vo SZZITPP"fltOG LST. Coastwire. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINIT OF PA CKETS. (To Sail every other Mnlaary.) i facn ,lfa aIa tt. eraaf.a a', ' . viz Shit L AA(1) )I. Capt. 'ta-l Ia NIiaaS I 'siP'I, " I' Ilillard " Ia)tiISV'il.LF, ' Allen ,11 N1+1E 1'i"N1 \ , " ihttI L FU 'I:K VIi,.F1 , IN:llh ll ei " SA A'I'TO( , " I lltllh ,ay Tha anava't, Fiiapta I ti ,Is [ ta l o t Ithe la itlt aaI IaIPa ' ilt, a |nilt in ,re~ 1 ork expressly forta tri, dF ", s hb ilc r lil tItt('I) OIIt [ OIla ;li ata a fss ' ige) F, " aI ollll' Iilllll l I' thh a .,I t exl t'ieei( , I mia tlers. 'h I' rie :l aI m nt 1f 4 fixe'r mt $Stll, 'tllollur ila esor liq' orll) uTI aelom.t' - erv r l ,ther loo t 'hh a r i ar wi h, t i lhlld, allll etel a a at IltI a tat til l ll t noar t' aoon the ' (lllllll It tl a Io a ' fa - Iln-tain tIll 1 l h' ill Ill., title 1The .sloll wad :, aill hit a ltiu ' Ihl o le tl a td towat t rive ,nt thi gI at'to pl' i lc-lt allity obl +red a at tl Iheir ta of Ne, ai' a la . ~ rrs i sible l ihh r iewelr\ , hnlliol, 1 1- ltat lls, t, lta r or Ilahteld Diarr, Illelaklage o el,-,) h lhw ,,t , Lai rhle oir r.raill e. t'lollllrnl eleo tin rllt Il illlll . t l"'l or hr .n; leha ttat , falt l or taat kfae h or Ill ho oftelll, aIi es.s , ie e lar hills of ladint ule token lfo the salll.e, alnd he villtlte thellreofex resseld. For hrei'glt ol Ig (M) 1(& (n7ll." 1 tt ant7 \V IL (Ft . i)(il '.i N YORKi Rlaculair I'ar fkt fitr Mon Inv. `'1 |1)cT,- lbhr, Ltmisinr and Nwt r t 'ork a Line. hi tl,i 1 , I: I I1'f1, (Iilht ',l , loa--tu,, ", iln I t h epord, wtl l ie - ml'hed o her Cain , l b nat, s abllove. For t al l titit te ti ) h ,. l' t r .l (ri at thtilk lh(e - af, ar l aafataat, havin i sa-aaaia' tta"aal;ai, ,., aIply Itt i 1"'.at l tai aU ihlloaat , atali a' I ,i Ih* ta t .i tlle, ltiraa lrtl at t I r NV It '( t S)I \1Ce. Co,, - no ro ibtl (ollllrp !.t a t2t At alt ta tat 1 Cuia st The P 'ket sh 1 i I. Pui-villa , Cih t uill tat Pat ,rl t F1il{ NI:\V YO)RIK olhl us' nline o t'ic klie t'l, It _llhl r I':lat ' allt., ilth Ilt la hitatr. atr t ao-l f ad ft~t't at a ()Itl.i' :. Slt, iit-h'iA , \ail Iv- ' ,it abwl, ' "ta a 'v', For friaiht a atl t-stat, Il~ ill Arh a o.,n o I aba-'iaallilllltl-lla , ilNt 'L'. I) ta ta (a'ka' atta l n.(i A I IEN ' · 1:1N, 1 alll lrllNlll T I''t tar e ship P ll h a i'tat' i tt i 'l fa t I lth ( l riaF lllIs od i)lal .. io h,,r, rto hTll llr 117".v PI'I I l ,'lj ll t I l'lll l' hll . . t a T ' fheaat ali tt t tat -lhat tal a Ni' a )tI IatIta', aft ila' S i I1. JU gill -a-il a,- aahoy,, bat a l __ -_ - - I' I. III .AL , t I, I (51 lita stl ror the Interior. F I l 1.\Y01 AI . - - R,.,tu r PaI ket. iý ''I · T i l fi ll, Pa /ll lil nl . tea mllil m i . f _ - r /I Clll I A, -c cclII. ;Vc'.ri.. 1 davy :on:ing, :ilt 10 A'cl, rk, n. d BaI. Sc r .i e -ery Soo- A llv Illlilln t I samellll holi . . For Ir .i t i l ' 1- ,p - 1Iu. apply ion boIar , ,o r I ll 1 1 FOR i iAY I1' SARA Ni lR.u/,tr w rlk't. I 1 1111..-., I.I. Ii ¾l,:1 (I 1 IcN)ilr.· ii i ,.rv \\Ii. d i es .l' lit 11 o' lc k A. ,1. !or hinyo, S"ara .evlv ivnrdiy at tl lo l 'l,,'k A. \ likliie Iniu , .i- I h o fi on A -Sund Iry For ir0.i0hi or pili-slgt apply to ('apt, Hart on r AliDI31 & AN/VllH'AIfl S111 IIIM I'.\NE l Iii. llli t-i ll l .x s l s i iit ,/.I lilt I / by o31 ( I) :IL'III Y N.ll e , >'r { Iern I 'l"I'1.:it-- lli keg" weste n lou t i r, i' Ir a la d Uillt'lll lt41 ii 1 liQ i Ii l.1 " , L/ever. !c ( i4 'i a 1 liii " --Ic t. . ii. l 1' \ \i. for siti . Lbi JAI1VI, & A.IIIII",/ ., s, I1 I' I iili r (ii 1 i -1 0 _ ll I/l l- . S" rl , ( 'l--l lit{( , al th Ili l h- 1 A1 N I l, v I11 l i Il 1)1r t I i-. I , " iii "I--7 il pe / ii1i / 1,h 1 hi d i,,; . rls I i- / ' - 170 i :l; al-,l, .!oj r[. lli-lll lldo -e. Brandt , Im ,loe for se lIi/-Y II Nc tI i .-3i TIIA VI? & 4 '/- iil -k7 1 i - / .7 . 17( i1 I )-). l illlT.'-,i+ --i;'l (" \',-i.'' i+, ,:,,- , whin 1 .lr .i rlilh , l. .I, 11 '' e - see ~0t 1~] 1 m :iiy, I, - i, II N1 b I 8 111 1; (7 111i i lI 4 , I. ýJ l -i ) I:; --t ' . , I lli I.I1- n jl llp: ,- 1'1il, , oar i ll slr. I-,r '(1,. -i -ill, lt iii.- I-itl'i ý"'ulh. ``/ I (; \b i--S Lt .1 \l hllne Itiate ll i r :i1 . i l 11i 1. - 7l-li--l I ik .., i r I , I, 1I n, IJi i sloh , ciIi i i hr i l i hi c / l'\, 31102 d1o.Il 111 I ,' I ll IIC-ll cl.. -- l ili11/.e l .' !11- tit il l ll.l" ! hii , per ii iiiiil hic i- 1,Xr -ih+ lil. I ni I i 1 K7 I T 111 &, ¢I A I Ib-1 I l. l r .c , I und.l bot, U_-- ll,-i nlojl ui ckiit a le i" l -Illm, il' i.1 , 1, ( te ll~r ril :r'p" IiIIIt I f I ) lii , 1o 507, I)ttIS Y, i7 NIeh , h e 1 1i Ii l I P ll ( ; 11- i ei l rinor h o s;le yI t nll s rt,,r .~\I n srl , I, ,t olr` 1f1m -aIe I hv e/ ýo R---ot of . lhll) h . Il'l , nr I a. Ba k hole. I'e i n (' nlllgl:4.·r th IIIIII l, lC. 13 "1i& ( hii lhw L I I P ll I I-I- l Il/ H ID Lcri1 I i Sl SK1 - lbhl i Jtth ii-u llllr i l by n 1n1l - h lt) R>e \', 11 Nu1 , l .e l. I C ll(~,i J bl ll . 1\"+lw T'ki'll - -ll r II Nl'lr eAN 1 \ TnlAi YE & il"l , l I'-- li& l nI i . il 1sor11 -ic t i . c to i inc ., f ir -la o:31 P't.:'l1:12l,:ll I)IA\\V, 1iG 13iti om 1t SIlIlt-- lUIfl hrly, bexe t l nk ,rs' Ira d-al, . a il u 11 111: li 11 1)i (5.1 :', i 1 Newi Il , eIt,' \'l ' - lc.Ak. fit ile i , per l t , f r It - . h . v ! ;K Y l r ull , lil' : - I I N.',.e I.i T r,., i l tl J 1'1rll 1\ 1 , vll . 7I i'alJ) - , )II:l.: 1) 1 1-- :30l r t,. n w Ri, ,'. ill - a.-. 1 ,111r1 . -aib* Ibv k I il N " ( III, T l ,\t ' 12, l llh ,:ia l : n'irr-t 1 1 1:. 1 h -11 ·1 w lll 1;t ( D - I. t1 n Ido I a - l t' Il r3 Ibs hox.,. tpil dire l'fr tea, inc 01.,ry or _'ltl ,.lltl.'l " .,I: lI--A\ lii':? ii I ciiiii uI i l l srtn1.ii ! hL:lh ll)l,, 'riuil. I',tIvf:!t Iý pr ir I ,1o I1,\IR' II:I., ] I iilllti ,.Ioo I'and ;,1, .1(11 .Po t.. Jtu r,.,'+'ie d 1nd! to. r .It00 bv o'! A ''(,)\\ .\il, 19. (4'amiiII F. [,iillh Iby i . lll. I li 150, " I' r.TEIL l.+% I Aew li . %% rls tme f 'l p n ,t Hllf . 4 a d Dell '1 l. I'~ ls iar s It' at Ir It ( ". l t - ,1 '. 11il'\ l .rl .u.. l, ,,, N baw,-. ai, iI • r al. Iv .lIII I'.\ I.IX., I u17 a l : rni:r st --• ,I·.IU'. It It {* " .' I-,,r i.--\i lll. 1,!i It_ pI Tr str - . \ ly 10N mm st n7 I |l\ -,in I' a+ ll lp .plnne \.' l I Md k l 11 I' h ol " 0:1 rl A 'iOik 1 1 IIE'N, N ..0 (0 Colltlmto sr; S TI' --Th," sulhsvrirh - li ,t rtceit. ed tan, I , e lnsria Far d .\lol,-kn -ilk I - t I tI , o ' ( ,t"stfshI , ionll an,l he-t llla11,jf, l"n.r r . hwh l hthou X lTl' Im -Tllre It - ln . il t n lllT nr n d p iublie ll I o, . r . . h. I h t l l', \ t 4 \Nav l, 1lilitn rt & F':,=I " mndd,' llI tt,.r und ,l til I & F DI:VIIKIEUX, nl9 d T'ehapltoula st Etmerson's Rlazor Strops-Three cases of Ilt genuine article, j ,tt t r iceived by out 3. IIFES.: & D'LANt(, 8 ('aimp st, nlsoun Rop-30tl oilo 11mo.urai bale rope, made all o, hbemp,1:n stle, and for sale by n 3 bOGERT' 63 G-.tar c, ((_LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK' P? utttijorftp of t.c $tatc of 1.rtoufiaua. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'TCIIARD, MANAGERS AND PROP~IETORS. TT The First, or Half Million Lottery, and tie Recond, or Tao Million Lottery, are respcctfully presented to the Pubt/'. TI Ie IHALF 1111 LION LO I TERY will be drawn n n Derrnbrr, and finished at one drawing. Ti 11'O(0 MILLION LO I'TERY will be dra~n tin ih n .id plan of Sllantks and Prizes-Numbers in unoe whol, and ianksand Pri., s in antrler wheel. Iloth Lotteries, under the supervionotwoudges of i Jilg o ('nrts, WILL IE ])RAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. Tir IhALF MIIlIO)N LIT/TERY offi:rs chincas to 1,1291 Prizes, /'f vhich 33 are Priz sof Real Estate and 335 of ltock, besides many I'Prz:s coPrn posed of 'l'cki s in the (;r..ird Two Mlillion L.ottery, affording a partiei.p,, r f . chlialces als., to the hbalder olf a Ticket for P'ries in The (; RANI) L1t I TERY uf Two Millionsof Dollara--1I,000 'irliz/s!!--ito the fill amount of $2,00U,000, of which oi nare Prizes of Real Estate. Only I llas tol a P'rize!!!-Simple Nos 1 to 100,0)00. 100,0ii0 'T'ikeits at /l20-2-,0ii0,000. nchemo and selling price thie samne. Amlnoll thie I' inl these two lotteries are anly publlc and private lni!dlings which adorn the city of Net Orleans, anad are th prde of its inhll'b. itants--the Vierld,ihi, St. flChaes street Theatre, Americian (Ctamp sntlrt Theatr, . S. Charles Arcade Buildings. with Ilr thts, I)elllig Ilnours, Slaores, lBuilding Lots, and lmany enlltire squares of G round-bl:sidus Stocks or 41nknls anlld other llillstitlltios (of the State of Louisiana, amoulllonting I the whole to TWO UILIION S FIVE ILUNDIIED 'rITIOUSfIND DOLLARS. All the Re,.l Estate and Stocks oftread in Prizes ari ownei d Iy, t' em and in their possessiona:-hi acti of sale, with iclear titles, are vested in their frn, and record,id in thli olici .of Adolphi c i1 zureau, NoLary i.'oiI I, alnl nffi,e lof cov, imi arees, ready Io trans!.r to the hIoldrs of PrIze Tickets, exempt from illacnlliallea Ti llrprv i t sLet apart unalterably to thir sol,, andiilly pi Iripo(s, aid iica, illn no event whatever, be conveyed oitherw/se by thie filll tila to the imlders of te Prl'i T'im/kta. AM Il 1C (CAN C .l S' TIIt`ET TIIETITRI L0 TER 1, ('.PlITli. 8540,000, IN 1,291 Pt'i.. ! Will be dralwn in f )ECEII1113 I NEXTo; and in oder tlo gro tfy, t tn early period, loe opurcltisror ofticlkt, tt,e combiniation is adopted for tlli Lot. tery ronly, of 1 to 75, te dr1wing will he colmplelte inl a few mlintes by 1i1! drlillll of 10 N lnlbers f;o'o ilt, wheel. i 67,525 Tickets, at 110 each---9675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCIIIM FE. CAI11P 'T. "111'.+\l.II, I.D.N (Ptrexu, W ill be przer it tile hildr rf the Lt. _d U lld oll ll iil o ll .b L . . . . . . 1511,0110 TI 1 . o tlhot r Ilth k h 1,,, ii ofhot lu.1 ,,,.to,, fou ,, storl o. I,,, Cho a( th'e, A olllltl! ' ollll i, l, rio ill c11 Il er of (.1Lllip l h -tnle. llf z . . . .,, ,I' IIII Prie to it1, ,ith and i;th. Iriz, to ih l, 7ih, l ,, Cl I 91 d. . 50 11 1 '' th;t tlelt ,lll ll t o wlh l, klf e o. e d 1 11, lt. .o lo ri tio, lll hi, li ooo I, 1 , a I 11.lot 010 T]lat two story donhh dle helbe lllland d lble lIt iln 11 . ocl up I e yJ Al 11.11 1.10o00 prizo l to tle 1sto, ot1 an.l I .th . All elt tlrlr sgml d' +fgrnlnl lit ulnllhmnrg ?llillilli. if . bll o.t, edd l. I ,,,,ul. hy, 'ih o'lV, Ih. ton, dri to t, . a.. ..n..d 10100 'T'hlot one -tors store uad lot corner r amp at. y Prize to 1t, _I fnd flh. tie h l,, d er o f r'1 o,,y11, r lln $ i o illI . 10lio 10, 1111 A , artllhtik te llr 5 ,1 li'rkel.s ill tile two millionl.

b.rry, i 1 1'.I 'h . . .. 10,0111 "I',hl' llllr 01 in t holder oi llt 1il0.e Ila) rel li zet lh,'ir tnledl t liln, o If fi ,lle, ' ipl( pot i ll tof th vll rious splend'llidplt rize,+ ill Ills two lim llon 1, ttter, will bf a Ptri? to ].t, .21 and i . lt. '1 it nl itlo ili at I l llltl tntive ll n to 211 e l letl7 9,01 11 ,lr 0t - .11 0 ,rlil i. 1 of 1'.5 I kes ih tie two millionl Iottery, i$1 eth . 5.1121111 Prize to Ist, l l landl 10Ih. That olnlll story diwelliti II o se atIl l olht, f, 1 1. Nhly les st. next to dobl, lt t corner of 1hlo.h "I,',i".f 7, to ,,, ,uof I i,5'... o tol 1 1, t l 'llh, i h.i il A I'elnticlll for ;1 i k 11hlllt in the two l illill t lo , to o t , at , I,,. I.'.rz io I 1, ; d 1_t ll. A .h , ll igiii house anid lot on Victory si . 3h h. buiI, _d Irain t ot f.olr ng corner of oooon t, Ihi t rlu. l hie 11 .,lzr o l ,, tIt, :il nill ll4 h1. loner,, rat $lon 1,111111 Priz, tto lat, :l amd th.I, A l c r tiil', r ..r hcke in tile two m illion illhof ,,, ;t oo!n e lh 0; 5,1,5h0o Prize to I,, :SI and i,.b Io.. 3 of, of 0. on 6t .,11 (11 I'imz, t I st, :h "1iI 9th11. . di|,l a lh , "i l till tatd 'I ' hr l-i l.h* 0o Cn t._,{1 t lii.lhi iie I ill 1 corn er lot olfNI, oo s ,I ,ll*. 3 . ,,t1111 ]t. i o f 1-,3,1 IInd 1 t11.00 I rllo I It -i, oi l Id I l ot ol i .t. ".51 \". 7',th hot ti'oll lnal .ira fil el!l or Sll" t. Jtllolt, 0ist. , t . 111 I'Hiz0 to lti , 31 and ll itlh. A prif . i'o lll Ifl' l ,fele l , l t, c~lrll r 1o, tlok. rize to , 1, t l t and 1 7 . A)i ei .. re u," o l. ainl in t'. Aihl.ur h n-d eI I ,I , , at 1 too I,, oof I Th of,0 l- 0 Ii. r h r'm t :tal E, rtto d t,. . b ,51)0i 11,m 1. I 1tio 'r, Io' lol tii 5o 1. A r irllh h ihit lot, 3d 0 1 corn er o1 3lu I> l t fool srr 1,t11111 rl tool too 41 1 oI, . ,1 " ,+ I'rl ppIt Isl, ,hh and l1th. .\ d ;r ulr I n I It Iof ' l, ie3t oo Al onglf ut i 11. it i fn- n ,lit au l ir.lli 1. I,l0110 Prize to l, tt, ol ri 1 701l 1 . A1h t,o tloooh o tl o, I yr to l to y,, I . oo t -1'" |'l ·, t0 1 1,1t, 41 and :ill , g . A i o.llltoo l)l of I ollll t aro II unll ill 2A M. iltllll. el hvi' I.:rrl-; a n ,Id I cl.l!t 1:t1. I'riz tllO I .o011 .th 11 1911. A Iuoare lgoooff o fll otdo,.I fItSnled Ilftlo', Ifolt, o olll l. l r lod t . li oo a 0s. 1,011o 1 A t eli,.hde I ,oillin1 ht, thiltloll r l.ivanali,, f io ol, t lot , ll l li ollo f-loti . olol o, 7., I'iaz iltl, In,4th nll 0 oollh. h··'l ml \\ti allhlllgllltol .slr,,ei, anldl tIlthlo from i' r r! "iil-di, lo ofo l nll llll Iie. I.l' tflila'lfay It, Pri/,. toI I..t, ilt olfr tih-- Ill. 5h1 1 1, m 'l - Ist, .5tll lid ;,ih, i I, h ll. :I1h , ':lll e ,I Tb o , . i 1 7ha I t ShIl.ll l7: i a la lllo , l inllll h l 1h, TaI'd 11 11 - + :+I 1+ tnl i ltks Inll - lh --I+ , 1;11 ;11i 1 4T 11 IT. "i!I )i nI ",, '.° P ell <a ·'tl i i L':,, illfi I lll' U moihr \ :S l lp 1)1" t e , t . I ..,ie e` eh 6,000 lhth-.;I. 71 h a ih 10h--1 st, t h11 an11 111l h. I'ivI2 priz~- , ea1h a l i T hllTT ns o f ltoT k it llt +1 in lllh tIw llll h It ilrad rcomp_511 0 k 10 ualll rlt 0 ears, l 1,1)110 1I9 I lr lh ,i d It, I th-I s, Ith fi nd th Five prie., each ', shares nof meou hk in til r)i tl T t,: I Tl llTh I p al 1, sh , PI'ize 1, I Tst, 71 antd lTlI h-I t, 1 )T 1 H 4l l ith--l.+t, 3hh anld hl--·ll, tnd (Il 91h1- Itt 11 h alnd flth. Five s+ri... ,iech 11 s, nr,., of I'oni ,hralian ail iT l T T llll Tl :I) 1 tlltll ' . 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I .ll -h rell 1 I :1.1:111 l , ,,- to li'k T, lvi dg llh aI d IoT ,. F)ouri lllrd and t.l rt, . .r proi z | , If+It a lr tifictlo el,, fo r 1 t0ke , itn Ie tw tor lei llli lo teri i hIII d (TI ) tITierT 12(ticlr.. s I)I ))) TI),0:1 (ITTr It)i))) - lt IT-TI nl i tlllql T. lrT T6Tat-4t ilT ket T i n anTtII-ltI.h lll -t a Ilh Ir hilTI thi I I TIO T sFir-e h r dfe lw w iottyI houtn. - aITlllr-. -IlT l ( I *+'e to i - t h I (,1 n 2i, Tr a0t IlT b. ,tol -T 1Ne h ),r T 1t' TT,- lig'" t\ ht) ol in g TILzT) ' ITTITT . d , TI - 101-), nthd I t 1--T 1 -TTT(( tifcn+.txtl or. o ,ti k rls, iol lhe 1 o mii loll 5 lot' ,t rY, 1'2)0 tlict . TIT TTI i, TT ,0 T) , TT i-sti TT 0IntTT l n-) -5t end a 0,4,)111 and 7th - (nt I 8hTh, Tl TI)) TTm11 il F TeT hT T-)redITnd OTiTT T)Tl ,ITIII)0)(d.)IT LOT 'I') IIILAIJONS OF 1)OIA A4IS. 10,000 PRIZES. 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A t3 i ul sare ufgic und boult Id fearlllll -n I a velreetsc 21e0chn E SI a, n c'llle, lsine at wl F7tiphr u ' te . 1,00 S ii7.i pIi5,enl sliare ea Oc(;an Ight nod I Il an Iiyi t, o pk at. c . t ll , 1. l,l I ) l tilo pr.lize , sha re each 11e7 . s .h:lts' an t77 priu,,s I s ah.are hch eirl.n l cllrnlntre Ro tlnn stock, tl t $:;0 l ,1 00 4i i lrl s, l r s n i., c -u h, alehilltge lSaulk coln i [,.tniv .elek, tIt $ 2-,:100 10 prizes, I shar, each, I'nn harl rain |{.11 IRoltd et'ltpatv sto+k at $100 . 5,;00 )0 Fire Insuranllce colpan+ln) stuck, .t $:50 "00 STwo millions of dollrs 0_,000,0011 7vsIzzTýas. OCh.IS, &= JOB PRINTING. OF EVIERY DICOIIIIF'XN. LE.It', II'NI,-boM IO.yAD C1:IILT EEy'~ XIITEl: I AT THE 011105 01' THIrW True .dmerikWa', 1.1 ('IIAIOLr2S skit F, NEAIO. t'0fl'RAS. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIO PUINTIMSO. No. 53, Magazine. Street, () I~pnnA hooIk.' Anr, tol,. O1'I1Jq,11 610 ;LI Xli, PRUPIO1li7lI so r l JARVrS & AIN1,R1W, - \VI OF FESAIE1 A NI) IOK'.10. IFI:A1,EIS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D)I i; S1FFS ~ 1NDI) l0..D(O P' (11,.11 SI, c,.raer of coolmooanll Tcl nlupitmilaaC rlret~ NEW\ IMLEA.BNS I .I 'I'Irui N e Irln, JOHN W. ANI)IIEVS. A Inrse aIppjO is (garden Seeto . wnrrnedlle gn1w IS if 1837. ('CHU, M'l1N & N COOPER, , (0000 .OCOIL ANO0 U1.IE.01.Kl IN POuuVOSIONS No1. 79 cool 99 John ea, ew rlenlnr (IIP . _-[I~ il' I1(( n ll 1 lfil, fitorrx 11ýýt 05. _ FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYL()OR & HAI)DEN, IY n. 1lO F IIIrtr NII Yn NU "Y1,1L 1.i 111.111 (ICtt~it d~l, 11u v 'lr IPAIOEOOS IN AMIFRICO ON & 0NIOI;SII CRPOWN (.0 ASS 'C. 3 r~c.>othrrerr Sraaas. It, 1) 171411 BUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, NEW:\ (I(LI.AN..Y I 1 PO)Ii''EiOS ncol 1)rF'Or+ in a F Feoeh a, (I Elgijb I'rrl ir -r~lr; 1)1 PrillE lll.e' and Poo111117 I 1)s8k . 1F1.n , jto o In ai. Shts, PAAIF I k, (' o'OIl I.n jI:\l~oe. d5oo .nlOIu,,rrrlrrr 10,-b'r 4 C,,tnlinnnn erchannt, 113 (0i-, :2;. ('cop a:.F- Ilr rIe 11,-eult. A. 1'. FIIEEMAN & 'O.. l1"hufeeale CEi0.hki/dn t MIihfjnk.,alg l luv, 1 nll- llts"l ou I r cuo trv ndo.Thei its " Iront IN IO-, Inre. OerellnAF. rin'roe t eouaI n caI In1: slii"Id of1 the isortee-l 111!10'0 F'H 0 F91 EN'S Ii'SURA' 0;P COMPANY Uk` NA\\ OIILEANS. Thisi, ('omlrn or now r oranrcd to, tnO. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. NI..'24 01eson's iuoiding,Canal et.?c. E TR JIACY, New ()1,lo ns, No 150231. Se eCrPay. I(F)0ER0 CLANNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Calmp troe1. OV'holen ll r IlIFI n Pnintn, Oil, Vnrinlceo, Brunlha., maAll \\'i,.drnnnd Vnlnore elms &ac. &c. :i) \\i..deia and Piilc're Gt;ls ,ec.&ce. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. IROII.Sl O. 1 GOOD IPI. No. OS, Chlnrtrra ORtn"., (,ltie Duor below Iienville, AVE conatianly sn hand every article appeltain ' l- j tl" gPllllhq'lllsl ld dlrePs maII+! ill the besr nman ...h+ll, Ia e e dil;;I l1 ......... RICil JEWELORY, A'r No. I(i cllkr il''ac:s srREE rT, 4 F111 Asriiiem'i, ju-t rveivedcdnsistisr.g if Ieaiar rIer, loeketli, bochi(lei l ne, l gPr i:lca , egold hliliih.l, to p 1cil1, gl,l fit and gaird chains, seals IorIIl kn ? k g. W'l-lllleCl rLt/orsL,, *Pis s i ilnd knivs, wallels oI i, 1, i .el Ii)i.-I lilw Ill, Iooh I tl talla brushes , i/id t salls :tad enIll lllesl cks iInd f i uit bakets. cural Il·liatcl,. 1InI keni d ; all he ak11 ) e arsii:les a .fbre; l tl th~,e IIo+st real. lclble letl-er. N. II. ' lurI , frn.t glIss window. Side I cnd ,how (aes', foir sale. Please rull at 16 C S I t I I. . I 1' R I C S'I'.IA)CIS ST l ctl"+' ItENTAURAT, OPPI ''11'X EXCII.\NGE. rr lltE; ube i i-r hls the hbei ci l i i rla hil s. I nd il: bI . tllhlellln e ra, thIat le will lpenl .orer1 1eh, to the hill of fare, I regplllllr prices, Pitt, cents fitI lle'e'kf. i, land severnt-fiv' e re DI ItII. 'lihe hic'acIaci wtiil conesist of two di. ltio ,ollOlle lp T ofootTe Crt. ,ith milk, t)ihle hottle , SItrld at diScretion. The dinner wl ill cot ti li.hi at ipor, aI souip. halfa bottle of w , ii i t t iii ,. A zit,+,l olalhber of persons have beenI cornplinh a longlimf e of the inJo hveOience i.ll at tables I Wh alr hc i rii e I o lige.' to be ait re llll r hollrs. :' +lll,:<+lillpr Iii l h all.' of hnuitgobvinlied tha1 ioi rl in 'st. blishll .g hi- lRes liurat ,it regulcar niili i here persons will h. att'nded to at every file d1aý, tit as cllha. r rate ti n.n11 lile tttle r d'hot 'IITh eal',crih, r Ilis' l-c elegant sl)Ic i feor I., ii plrties kill1 will exelcute city dliImillI s. ll--w AMICIIEI. 1)OU I A'l TON &. C), N L. 53)hlL ret stlreer, 'i i i,. AJ bari to their hfloer sclck,luhve reCeived Iro ,.++ al, pe'r shilps 1 hetrLi, lEdwina aiill \ natic c " I rIcent arrivals l Ir the n llorheirn cities, thie fi. IeaIasllitllct ii! Ilardlware, Iron, Steel, Nails, Anchorb., hains, Colage, Lealther, tis, &e. lthel offer Ill sale oin actuonmInl ahl tersn - IARIDWVARE. 11-l111'tirae chalinI; i i niel a lll do; ecne carrier ethais nd hllih i fir saw ciills; hrighi Ciiaroliai hies,tWoedel ; iillll} oll'l; bri ht ceasL steel haes, and shovels and spalrde ; hrichlt LP iia iia hoei; gLrubbirng hIoa; black ' l,. bes\rct c'iiitiiale ii anyilc; laecksinitl'sabe-. hlws, hanrners and oe; Llll iles, assotiled, of all kinds; Sll.t<un's acki; soi.ket spaidesa assorted kibde, R I ama's Itt ol It m."'s m ill sats; cast steel whi, and crlls rlt sawn;Iil, saws; icllppaer skil rslll anl ladles; plaaionl bell-s- indin corn mills; curry cmnbs;l wood -.crew-; lee locks; .a- ne ican doa r locks; padlcks; clibn hooalks; sleelirds'; eish nod pii per ibes ;angers; cl.isele; curee+rs ntd smiths' tools gienerally; brigiht ealile vi ces; all a general asrornlllt uof able cutlery ald Ehelf goods.s. AXES. I Int's cast sell nxxes, 'l.n uu' psaterr; Hlut'ls brnad I alld liall axes, witlll lln a1sotineat of Ur' II lllls Iool; Cal linl' uax-; and IS') dozen ucaist ael uxes, made by otler good makers. O1105, S'TEEI.. &e. 1100 ltn fl at, qlsiiire iand olut ironl; htlilhnere boiler nill Plule irlln; hoopl ironl , all size-; Russia sheetl iron; Aauieniluun do; shee'l tcist 'ueeeicl,und cast ieel in seqtars iiniI fii lul'ia, itlc lledii, S.cuilleruiills llllkr; CecWu ley - I e; t l llll t l: i,.I (I.) EiI"II.hI Illisteseild eel; Ballca lilt; I'le zIIill; shleet l d pig l adlli l, liholul sizes. 5l kei. reot iui ils, we Ii-cs ise,, w flr 3 tS- 6 inches; l :II ieiis l w iuo i ll..i line clasp andUsll e; b5i kee su.l acul biin i -uilll;l -ia kt d e lii hI iieef e h eiueP nlliile, (Grsllii'.s A \i t'l llt , CAe'SlINIIS, &c. '6 ,-elu - u i ul -iree ; chuin cen les, dc,; 100lli Frenht I i, II I plills-; .p6id'r.. ainle beiliet, n large all uEll l ; I I uI uli kII . l, ukll iuua s oii '.I i ll-eu l luut l n llact ic S i.; ii l 'iui ilti t all; Nova S tiu i ne rind st i ic ,inJ I mge tlock t'ollen mill l .sto -es, asot red sizes. dillP CIIINIDIEIIY. l',an'led ro nud Relalesw i asairtdiil; lirge aid mccll II i iuu roplc', l the IIIl ekind, aLnii Ilue.;tn stutUIai, lcullllmila bed cord. ,iii plough lines; nlld a varlelyv ,wicu idi-ei'le in the ship chandlery libr; leather oa al kiunl-,ju-t ed fr,,m IPhilndelhhin. tlI AND .NAt.; i, 1.1 lt iRES. Fll "ar. ll i illter slrilied cil. 50 blls d ,O;100 tibia l ,'d a aid 11 all i iit e la ail;liil lie healunsc ed ,luil; 3 do oiii l cii lilul iat111 ttl l el; S d I) li hliiiiil u eOill; , du sort -a i ini o cl tar I half hlltl ; spirits of teurpe utine; trieht ,1 l-hI; tcpll hie ljlie I dtl oi ; aneutlsf l tll 500 kegas % Ieledi-ele ee idle iu1al, lee. aid if 'IltF:SII ;ARDEN SEED -The s .cubshcrt IL' lll 10 I prteS his lgrateful thanks to thep .b I , for the Iltral support he has aceived since I colntlelced lulites. In tlls cily. Bnlllg soale pro , nr.' rol the l seedi storei, I Cilllnl street, hee i 1no all iever lwas aunrit otr lt anynorthern seed vender; of illioir ib iae cnneclced wilth any hUseb in 0 tils cut ulru-i-lui he asstures the public hatl his cone'llllllus li In lery departmllent ofi lhe seed bulli Io ellss, Il the dltlielt ecUtriesofEuropeaareequal to uIothat ili nelu hi, tuse in the Unllied'Stalea. Hle ile. peured, gd's platile, &c. fromII the . os extelnsiv anld reUper' l iile nurserIes and see ieslen ill France Sllfl.,lld, Enrglucnd, ·Scolalld and ilhe nolthera staues-d-ad it will at all litues be his lurerese, as it i ts11i studvy, o Lreceive, II addioan to ha preselnt sltck, large areivala of cvery descriptlon, really the 10 row lh cl 1113:; also, engrafted fruit Irers, ul all klnde. The public cmay rely on finding a lull aa sort llcnl ol every ur-icle In the l eed linello genue au qually, uad Ilnpolred direct by Win. DINN. . NDREW SMITr & CO., rsespecfuily inform 0 their friends and the public in aeaneral, thait 10 they occupy the new brick shop, 219 T1leoupitoulas street, where they keep constaully on hanld Copper, cu Tin and Sheet lronl Ware,, of every description, such as coppr stills, kettles, anid pumps, tin ballth. 00 i i tulls, and oil can, of all1 srlts and sizei, and aIl otlherlrrasa castial;g donle at anllted lotico. ii GratUo blar of (rely description, 1uch1 as stoasm. boatt strups, fhog chlaiII, screw LolIts and other kind al'stealcaboat work, uchl a chllimeys, breachll. o, ae. tleau Ip,:,s. 'lThey will also dl all kinds at' out door work, 00 such a- zia:c, copper and til rouuing and guttering, &e Theliy above and all oeller klnds ot work in 00 heilr lis e tu f bliusniIes, they will ecoeute at the shon ts' notice. s l ow 7 L, ekl.vt. I\ . .i I a CUlde sireet, risewlna t00 Dullli i tid ai P ltlip, k.e ea cunllerntly on hland an licil. l xtenne a m eicnte of boone and brogans, and i10 e ,,, ,,, .cit ew aurk nlualafaclure, lurmal. wullln Rnlld clhlredn of atl ajge, whtch be will dliapoie f ,at er\y o toderalte place. E aoilse lllllllt hii ai q ance on elndine al oiderr ",1 it .aert w rlaelihe atillteuiddc to L a. rUOUR

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