Newspaper of True American, December 3, 1839, Page 4

December 3, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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:" M'.rp a lt " h'uI e hO.-ArlYOIOOw Oivied il W9m Mee" Andce, HiUlt ,ttlA tulotlde intel ileeioteelt: " teeielt itl' 1 It;`\",t lin,l riblhe,1nod plit ':,'. nasmaI aji lt i n .#[ t lt~sleise ,ll l.'s~, i K p etn. tie '- ýi ;Yllrt o iS nlllheilteolpens; Vin S.i.,! eriias ell t " ividrt" i si lit s etanlnhl rs; .r lth cj i bti'le ; frolt poll (l 'n . ,,., ;. ,n iI •; :eernln wil Frenh EalnlIc • . Itii " r }lwý h ol a in . t t m t i l ,o ,r o i , i o i la t i o n ti n-l , e l llh u iun t- lerltle desks a,i dleslln t n : lpaiSe icOe il .ih nid toilei gltntsi convex mintort; np , or cba :d 0ie0; . Inlia*l.t le,,.Ibelt l Aind llmes; CSdi.i;t IwJ ine; toilet and sIhlleilg soiop; toilet SletOncintt a ltie whati bollt; sceohed rtatit hathiore; Iud stollodI nsciw Eudslilsi ; Itc iil ehaoin oll nklaoltten ebillirl le luin paoc et noks collowla:etis; (0e t .llt ines .lo er stlalp; fine mact epnlinmttl gi. o'aia nleeItn ntte, g riero: e1 n c hll luci ncrlthes; nil 'l lieWtteilt(teynes, &e. re. & h be-r .vo.iine Mlieiicn pto ,r Ior y eonlock of ieve a y mookeoa mr scsnrnhoe'tveiri~c cont;itditr rt. For ý1 i• ,n6nloe t* Mill tli t mgsh i b.nll of he (UlolIe with, -nctreet. toR. ' 11TWL .Fo A N)n RETAIICO3IH ANI) VA " RnLiTY i STrORE-a th ie sign of tieo golden mt t 7l Chactreo steeCt. The ocbaOrihers have re cll h t1;.t; lttion to iitir precots rto,-k onhland, a full pie t.pM aolto ent of articles inrtir lidne; vie: htc rie, fitt.. Jol.efllree bnrtle, oInckine glasseex, l tYJte lgt,&i.etioting in part as follooe: -rl llon, el i 0l shll, l notlogne e .,.t andp llf tuckrtaliSt, nnernl.nch ls mollnd, ldresing, deel pitt, cnrl a, e.ýa toi e r lis Mt of ebcene (locpcriptin nnmonget . lme 4in pntter:, ivory p lmha of evepc Slsntliutnl, nhorm, dire-risg andc pekeo, together with a w iireinhncd Aoerictnlli. i' RFUM.Rl tL--olilegr e L' ve ler, Fllorida, hloney, tvr a oe'flotwer wafien cf everyoiosrnd ileo ttpuiun, caiteict-atio Celogne, exotrnt of Ilcegotuot, laey seas ofeaslt tkids, sehbinng it in crakes nodll pis, c-am nrep ednWrid's gelatre re bait oil, beare cd anl. ti"ly do. Pllosln's seltlitg salt, plain andil pitfeled toitetplhnder,ipenrl plwder, pow ietrpilln s d boxes pi sotium in pot. andci lln,oetns aid chelorice tooth oshi atnd ocne-de, with ia geter.l ceortteot of JlsSVEl:.HLRYeai oitlic latestiitl itiost f'oldhoon tile oetes, ecnsistitg of whiti c,,l eedl redclrcinia, topioc jo oerderpo, netin Inogreeliis t ptin o La grewC ýie Sto iliitternt, wiith trimtciie-o, gilt ntli nilvC ,itckles, silvrthntbessilerml gld t tils and guard cl rlltilla IBRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dihnt ilcr mi i'rtrh,I0oor, hot, insh, teoth, Iplate, eib, Nail, lhuiting, slie aed l hilew el h lrls , es I.0OKI!IIG Cr]L.#lI l'-- {]Pi-nill rttiiia all I n'i I I.)OSlING GLASSES-lreo .aile, stothane toilet elnonn,nsmtgnifircig ad Petoelt dreeeing glonreoiLoie doi, with e tartetit tflieet itilnds nointntiiiti-rate-i F'ANCY AND) VrAIIEir'y AIL't'ltnI.E--Freloh and ilAt leri.l Iirhtello dellks tol dlretsilig intcore, saenie very riell cnl fielo fnioheld lalies work Icxrs,tlld drI ninel caesWllewi andl wlitout omusic. cnuoicnl biixes.4 Ac eronliaump Iv-anotll kinds, vilino td guitari, siler till platd pencils anld lends,wood plaenils for iarllllpeters lold erayons, msntle elocloguni and pistols with anld ilhloitlt 0a0sc, terclisaion clip.. iellenioll cp c ariers, lpople screwdrivers , shot heltao,.e lng, piolte ilackili ,ttv tea aetts, Indinnbeds of levery kild, hello J n ilne, lneaml eommon kuives, snld scissors, thinlhlen, Mleedles psns, silver plnted, steel and Clolellell t.itlii elestpeeatl hooks mud walle., ol vrlrious killll. Vl..ilhlg surlds and card eases, plaing cords of FrIeIclh, (.ierllill and Americtlan mnnufecttre, dllls, itiltati fui, st hoxes, prlits of vcarioia kiids, Satidlcr' Iioinerov'c, Etmnlersn's, Hillnan's and Hawkia's razor straps anil mnctnlle hnien,ldirks, falney Iad eiirklric,!c, Iic with t-r drop,s,toy watehee, pearl button, ipowder i hoks- eau anlk plain seed bLendl, gilt and oilver io, g.l eta-tit c i suei diers, aid garters, plain and uwoil cone.c, liackltgtittItio, boards, dice, optical vienneo, jewslhiires, conlc. ttio tllou -s and dreiking eiaps, with a greait variety i ither urti elen, all ofwliihb will lie sold for eashcli crity neeptain. Conse In1ionthsn credit. 11 JIt(;OS, & co. I 70 (hartiressi. , nureresel. . . . , . "l aaga'I NC sllt et, ar j ta reclin I eeig fromnl i ships Nta hille* l.ilVile, ..kllfittil l.·Kgle, aid other late arrivals tram :he S.ernl cities, a inrge and new selerletl assolnlmnt Im;,t, Boots, Shoes and Broglans, eonlsitlillg ol gretlmeil's fine cal and Morocco boots 10o 20 lquality; do huIld, sod stout was pegged boots o tvarionst lllties; men's finlle calf sealt and Maoroic " aIprr Illasilnd brogans, buekskin shoes, blrogats nlln I Ili'cI s: menI's fine calf ndal kipped lpeggted shoes:ia. I eagasll; do boots; do stout kill sl was iegged shoes r i1blatli;i gentlemen's best quality eallf seweri shos, I t'.toans aid lack Downinit's; do calf and Mo\locer I Ickle shoes and blro ns; to cal;f sall and orl ticce I lians lhousanallptli r s, do calf, bullt in seat wilngs, Si.ww article; do fine calf, seal anid morocco qartriuC sts; hIons', misses'aond chihiren's peIgg.l and swcnd L. ogaons, in.l shoes of every qullity and kinll. Also a genenal assolrtienl of ien's stoul war ll S*I .laIogtis nild Ikohes, together with ilk Othni pl"I t ino ist qIotllity, russctt lrogats, . o.iiled in tii, I lks, iaol expressly for plantathion ue; a garid .s t mlllllll o mens lti and stout0 killp russttI brog:mis a nw articl,, and a arge quantity of at inferior t ]tally I :' fie crf f, sal, morocco and grain wiiits, tin p. nap ioli shles; Id thile French lMoroccoi and kid run i .ill silippls; dlo roanl shoes, with antd wilthout heIls; I. cnV i seio:l anl stout leatherlhootes; do Pruneila slloes i ill tiiis oitnl qelilties; iti lasting b ii'itls; lit, igoiter. S and Ilvcll ibooteies. Mismes' lasting spring shu(astaI it-lgans. Chillieln's colored Siorecocoal lastingbro bs u. uld boomts, Ate. n;cnllemnen's lefashioltnble black silk hats; do black an Ildrnlb beaner do of a suiperiorl qualiny; do iomitation it ram io; broad nd narrow brim men's lilne dIrh rii LI: lk Iteasi shorl Inllped haits, a new arlicle. Yoilhsi itn 1e size oils at dillcrent ,ualiies; ldn clhih'rc:,'s'tita d lt:y's blacknldl drib wool hats of :rioul. flu Lfa s, Wilk g llnal-l assorliint liof bo s' inld i lltl s iia ! caps. ' his assominient hill be repleisi'd hI thle arrival of el I i:acketstoon tIle aose niaietl c;lies, all of which a ill be sold eol acconnrlnatling terlms. ag l-tf HIOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, S4tD IRONS, &c. S'lliE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Watoer, near Beekilnal street, New York, have received the palt teas·on, and lirn eotnstaitly receiving large and extensive additions to the slolk of the above goods, which now contiIsts of tilhe allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow were of sulperior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots o1'22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gllotns, Iettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gollona, Bl.kepani or Oveos, 7 dilturent sizes, 'Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oridudlcs, . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 .4L to 4 .4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gros, iron and brass, from a:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior yualily and finish, and less than Jarmo's imported p/ices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for sotailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to Bells for Plnotations, steamboats, ehoarhels, ce. made to order, Also steamnboat and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly seconliluenlde to the attention of Southern and Weslernl merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is hle. ieved to be the largest and best assortmet ever llraed for sale by any one establishment inl tihe United States. Morokants, by forwarding a rleqest by mail, can' have a prin'ed circular. withl drclcrptiit of guoeds, price.aai teerns, f'olm whleb no diiri.. litll iti ever omade, furnished by return o'f mail. All orders willreceive iltnmediatc attention. New York, 1838. j'3 PIJan Irle fislruicltoan. Stilliam S iiothI ICt-nil. his sto lvi e o i in . ' ciii, z-sa al Ne ( Orlea, a as a esn her .,I the - pto, forte. Air S havina beeln eplyte d l NIaar eo a tesnr'htr of mute ill privati ftnuilres in IS ,rlon atd also ni s rvi ral it lhe feaolnler snllullilrnle inll I vicinity, cal ,l not bul hope to merit their conli ih no'. Ile Is permi.ted Io refer it Ht v Dr eC'l.pp. 31ttsi. le'sonI & Avl ry , lHenderson &. Gui'es. IF'r triins. tNc illenie alpply at the baobkstore of Alexander'l' ,wer,49 CaIiiiit oct r i HRESlI (GARDEN SEED--The sihacribtr i t!ws to ,.xpress his grateful thanks to the p Ib l c, for Ihe liblpeal support he his arecived since re rommene, d bhiieiess in this cily. Being sle Itrt. prieirol she ecle stlle, LT Colllllln l tre t, he I Iot and s never wais nit t foir any northern seed vender; "nriher is tie conntrle'd w iti lla in iouea ill I os cut Uitri-but he ilssllrs the lpublic thli his c.nicltions in etery depatllmentl of the seed basis aures, in thb different contries of Eiurope are egIal to that of a.,y Ihouse il tie United Itales. r le illm. prse soeds, Iplaur, &c. fri tile aoet i eixi ive lstindrespectlable nuserierhs anid 'see IeIPOn ill Franie.P, litsToTnd, Einglandi Siola,.d latl ithe ino liert 'ntte-,and it wiii at ll ,liines be i.htinrcrast, as ii 'as hisatllld, to reccivr, i adIdlitin t, be presel n Ssork. large argivals of ev{ ry d aeriptllon, really lhe gret l of 1i ll138; also, e ntrated trloll tie , Ill all kiide. h'lle-publCe arIy rtl) on f linnding a loil ns * - atuIm.celal o every nrllc il, IeIt red " iaill .i genue ,"0i sott ,algio itop tiieid .itLnl hb o, qi~ ." mo..'hi " ,m. MINN. S NDI(- I I..T'ril & CO., ro p 0i.rfully intauri " their friendls and the public In general, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tclilupitoulas lr6Tt., wheioe they keep constantly on hand Copper, .'id:and Sheet Iron Wart, of Lvery description, such as oipper stills, kettles, and p)mps, tilt bath. lnog to-s, anld oil tun, of all hurts an dsizes, and all other brass easting done at shortest notice. lYl. lit higf every dianeriptitot, etch as steam. .boat stirrups, hog cohains screw folts, and other kind ofsateamtaat workEsuch as chimneys, breech. P. .,t lOt piptlw " hey srill is do all kinds of out door work, such a sir.c, csipper and tiC rootlig and gutterinlg, de. Ihey above and all other kindls .I work is ltaler linhe efjuainess, they will execute at the lat notiic, dec07 I C-lttUiLl, Pn e Liui tie siet/, ibeCiwenI ltniui atnd Paiuhp,kere a conistoilly onl anoai .i -t . o st e v ,,l llll ta i it ofh tllllse Ri : an rini ue,iii an, o., Pol Lw Ytork mtanlfactulire, ibnr len, eIwomers sit: ct it!reii ot e.l a e C,, -wht uI h' wrilt diepose II at a ,, olnitad.eniP.r l. aalhera i u a1s .ai auinaOCt o Ln sending nn order lil hlav thecir wishes attended to L 6 bEGOUt THE FLORIDA LINEK From Minie toin Aestn,Go . Iroves Mobile ,vero diy oa Iltrer o'clonek. pm per U S anil h,.'J, for Hlail'· L'ndlnt, nhnve Bilkely.--,' ene In past coaches to PeonsareiJ-thlentis smol'l O ,oi Lgr.snre, hereth1 rlonlroinr i. r.inPoo l-s,' ce vi Mariannno and rIi.ownsvilli, Fin. I3niblilgn, Plnderinlwn, IIwi!: i ville. S,,.,lhrovill & I, S i . ville ino l og t.,Ga, c no, r rino roo' . ,ll't wln lhe rail roan d nare to Charlt.ilolln. intl the rtll ackel. ,o Now York, Norl'ilk, P.,ilkollhlino, etc. I'h esteIr11 rb1lnts are l0 t best for tlti service, and lhe II Vni loion pre1l5 Hlnoeo t advan' es h:i collll.l be lllland upl any a il lamboant rolllo in ll gi s',utih '(li l reail im proveler nt in It i . route have !or n irotli'ed oi ho ioocoontroii.n oil thr mires of new rand l, by ' the pirolpri.or., viz : Iom I. I:rant - no lI I'oay tie II Ivo ., a" r:n t t I . oin , I o lI , to BRry, lt's F.rrv, 0 ,0101 Cha,"h e r,'' . e miles a.bohe. 1tI" ( ii;lo ird. o r .14 4 oliveCeInr r U.II whereby thl e navinll lal Ol rv,.rr, anl d lthe Ill sequent deentliy o on, ' and L i re ennl 'l 'lllv lit illei0 Chltihoc re, l iisenin lrhod'lsant ," s0 hnb lnrl mile t, and i ortoai tho e luclhilites more 1,,il .Arlot, h i o rnl.h l.i o ,I t. oll .ore a l es evlr ,oher d,.y in , y l , kin.vr l',o ri, P. rrvy i .|n l,, iI o. , conieci'i' 'h the i o I. o Sava. ah and D1 rin, Gell.( in , lbidue nd Api l, o eo' o ,. 'I r.v ll' r wt ist'1 _10 to rellh 1ay point nli Chatinnihee olr Aplalch - cola, icanl tsake ~ih 011.o'rot at ilrii'nnsv lie. Mobile In PIen.o-hla-Lanid R1uo-e-I)orinc bhe tlime oreup ied by Ihr repairs oI Inn's, the pri' ri t0rs of lie Florida ll e will lul a line o f our hir.e pIlt coaches every oiler day between Mo til, Eand P I ensar l ,. iPa senll er will leave .i o ile at 3 'clO ll ck .p mn, in the iU mteald hut, nd procred to hall's Land in , whe lre a hlo r h rse c', ch will va In wai'l n to onvey'. hem in ,he excelleutnt l Pt llsl, f Ir. CohaRln I Ill, I 14 milo (]rolal , whler to he w'll find pleait , t.i r o un tmloJ..rla s t oir the hieit- lea'vtn l l'.n rnin , thev w ll ,otr:,, 'i I'is0col0 ealo 110 0 le .- in-o , thirs ', idi0 l, the,,le l rt o co ni,,hr tr r v,. ll rsy. O .li"u I' 'I~" ., , r 'ino ot ie,.. \1.,hile, a. nd (.'l I ling' ll,.e', Pens olIn, whier,, . a't s m ,0na f1 , .0,, re' t) 'K rI) & I('.. i v I I tlj'il ,I k N %l ', I ol h se, R Sign, 1 0l t11: I'lllni.l:l I. ii teo' oo N I. (:i'o id lc stlel t tw o ( d oi ' i ''m ll llna'ions f t" ie hI ,ll ait, orods lod nl. 'ibles,oxl -eutele( in al asterill an ne l llr.l i'o i ol 'lot' lll liii,'' .'oo i Tl cl i 'l, Ih:ani ogm Eyllptinl hlolck ant gold, i()k, (illoi aInd A tico, ' ll:lrd dio, (hritni t al or e ld a llntique, (n "ir hd lhn, ,Jasp ler, (Wilr- .%laple, ,. 1 udll `;t noil, Itu ,lls l.++c dl'm, o -)lrli% ( I,:iliie, l Sal. lie h 'onll luss m ,l r li. l Illlr 1101010, ). lo r l nrd llo, Y w 'Tree, Italian hile.i C rnlnll' l !l ll a ll l lacl. Si: unt u l a h'Ilractella, HlM' Wiotlod, All lil, 'it ar'dll (; ' Asl I, l Oak, kV. t &. ". gls o alll srl ish, I k . oil hailld . i tor s0 le. AiolllnAT lel<1. 0 i'sofl' N i\ 11-:'Ola: 31 Charr+o ' siree', New Orleans. `I'T I.M. SERGEI NT & Co,. importers of renchll W. nld I:nolish Chinia and l:arlher wlre. are now opening new and rich natlerns of hreakfs',, foto batols, etc. ltc. IieI ll cud and plaini French and Al eriii l n _IRlan , warn- Joihll s, chamri1, iin .,i Ili ioiinadel . j llies, clortlr , inesi , eoi l,, e nt re hilol Ir.s lltrlIl , In n tumblers, preserve dishes,l celer:es, intehlers, lin ps, lamp shlade alld glacsses, candle sadulos, salt cl Snllr plated, hrnnzed and britania wnre--caso tors, liquor stands, cake huskers, enollvs oirks, hraneies, sipool s, Indles, ii'ut and teaplt0 s s1,0r0s, er el lamps jl pann d ura ,, astraol sta.l nl ]ii ha tri f lale l, fine, (IetrY, ermlan s'iver sulrnl and I~rk ,~ ~eflier with greal voareo v of- rt(0 s for oinily use. .'Merchan'll ts, plantero ' 'hot, s, and, stI'lr anllh n fl ardllhtr will g rods at the nopst nra. s0o'00le plrie , anl I p, l kel d so as to i be colveVd will, s liV to n p rt ofthe couln'ry. A 1,0, 0a010he 1ries' 0 Ins1 0 tire. nor oRLo Th, el .e robscrot-e 0 0,0 hai d n looIre s'upply o"f ('a.,el lnd I.,ver , oo -o al. on hloI . of 010'lorior qoulhl'y, whi' h they off'l',r fi r sale i i to nlui purhasrrs. Also rxperied by b fe flirst nrrivatls [fr1m I'ng land folndtle Norih. (,.o'i , JLehigh ind Pealch Mo ntilon C.oolI, Iroken aond scre ,noed, ip t oi I wh a',ri, exlre>sly for in ily pIr- ' I of wiht h Oih, ,ill dtit ,,,s,- of on the molr . , I. ]hn r, "r>l irders left at the .flie, N . l ' Ih 'i:v !le . uip llt is. ,iill he 1l0,1 o ptly a0 ,r, tll ,'I I II. A A + ý4 +., 'lllG. N,' ro bc 11, . , 'bl nket"s, 11 ii lel, hlme) , w, l .hir ll l,,l ch e ,ks, liten, lll n Ih ars, halllll c ls, &i &." rL. tI.Ivd amld Iur s.e Iow t by the s.tbsei. ihe . IltTA k& c. Ont. earner Iaintl a nnd ( tait "1EV GO)())- inlllnTlll .F - irt a ,lo are nouw re e utiillvng froml oin hI niirlt iii, Yaio, and S,,lrntly; gndlrig Concordin, nlinl New fork, a crenl viariety of gooads in their line, whirh to.either tith their thrmln l atock on hnird, lnakes their atin rti ent veer-i i i,lte.n 'T'he lollovinbl r,,ellllom '' a p rt, t iz: 1 ell tw ist, t.,r: ;;de, tdink nri drit tg, ll r mo,, hrndo f l des'riptin, In dia rubber, silk l nd s ll ~ r t l elas tic ort'lrs, c ot'l IIIn )l " fine rllttin suspl,endiir, hio feo ann d n tlil utc Iih I, Atjiltit- nowdern, oiiidir utl:olid lnoxn, u ltl lsowdrr, pociket looks altid a lh mit, Ineeit.ld llltink, - ll, pearl, wvory anid mnt'tnnen n.rd ii et l nalorinulmn ain rlmm ral beadsl necklances lnl nelil. es, bead <, he'ad arecklh-es, niut iil nii Itiiand h llei,s nilnvini.r l I gilt ialids, Indlian Iemln, bells IInd plumes; pistol Id laree pIw. lasks, shot belts, lhorts, hell. ). kel'mi : d di.ling .isutls; doulleandsingle barrelled cuns, Ilowie knives, and dirks., sllars, pn ket knives, ll:lrdll hams Iand ribbons, I nsist .l llklr.kos, cl; I, hlair toot, t laill'Ohl~lb, crumbln, shor , pi e, o r anllld dullstinll blrush.i , I l )II )Floridll, invnY er, riCI e amnl- by waitir,tl- mnrll ssii tllmln and ex trnts, .;lacens or, be.:r, antis l 1, and 1 o ard's ve gehlllle I;ir i iltsisi, t heitin l lilnle i0:ay of1 all dnit - cripltitl", liltl :' n ,iI tllll'llll lm ns' ldesk IIl hdrel-S inlses, hair ri' i tari i ,h. i r it.ill braidt, plain,·l i I musical worik hosmxi, plain and tiltt iIu , cl n toll lli vest bu htt s, , pearl miiii asury din)lo, t i irn dhs, cold Ianld Fil er pllt.iI r*n . I oilnin l k mi aII d tl llz'r, sllitle,! nl gil locket::, Ia;nisturle do,, bra" an:: -,ttn l nimble , Illlr IIIks i .i r us.. i ili I lnlillltion lilt,nIk and redink,s hoo b la kit,, vI ihlin, nud c iuil:lr i r ,r'bed tlcu , itoll i naul allr" IPill , I llir IIen , lit r la:1 .p r, :iii, ol l, rinplsl l I l ll n ( tiiI I ii( , lal n.g a .;, fin hlqe above, togithlr with ,great variety oth ue arti i .ll . "I I0l AT lillt u .il l Itl I are T tllicred at instruel fOer untihe ,ad1 icus Led llPro P ill 111"i.1.:+ I. I'l ltl) 11A 1 11 ii \ , II, +'i'l1'tl l R'l'l:l: ` I1II1S f l'llW ierllnrlIe:;t f r Ilte rlill if cellll lof Iolr, S illapsl Uteri, or fallh g of ll ll Te W omb,'lll I:lb al _ telnal applicatinon, snlpllrsdiniiIh tnO ti l of thl ioml I jtiiinntilie preseary, in confidently recolintinliied to Ile alllict,'e d as itI~ llli ls ell it aperfect retoI r lioll n to health, it never having .:ied ei performinhg a c arei,even undel r hl ni:oLt Igravated e i ircumsLL i c .. It i i m inee le the dc.'.e d ;,pprml hli . . I Sir A l.liy Cnoli'r of Londoni ; ir I ljal in i ii l i Brodiel Sir JIlm sn ('lark, I'Illyician ito ll l n U 'e , SDr A.ihwell. Lec:iu-r on mi w'lL.ry io lliGuy's ll pital ; Dr Rligmby, letllrer to St flir.tolltnews; n lr Griffith, lectuirr io Westimin-tr Hlsinli itl r rilamshotlam, |l-lllurer to .ollllnn hspital ; lIobert hlll.t .i Ir.i l' , hi-mu \ir l llinilmum .l.ii i I;I. i frrgnson, tieimir to ii stntimimnitnr lyng-n I "ail ; Ilr Swrilhn llu , leclturr to Jhlltshtxi hopl,| I and tenlie r rouciiii eal. iir i l itlein n'.'ur te. Iving; it -hospitalt; alms by Ielnry l.vie., ('nni es.t , Bluindellt, Lee, ..lrniiman, ur;,i.o lknites, &c. & by Dr iMorreau, president of thie Academii R alvalo Je IMedicine, Phari., nndt Acenintchr to thie Dictites I'Orleavns ; iprl sasors i Velp an, MIarjol) 'ntnul Dulbis,S., son mud others--aled |n I\,", Yl'ls b) priuli&trJ W Francis, tGi lied.i!, Ii1 prol: cor of ml l ldvid I ry in l sll uriver+i t f l tl , tledy of Nrew York, pn.,t" I. .I,11, l and 'rand-, U John. siton, pLreiident (ni ntyn.Mnn , y, La 1l0l t president nud maety rate ol N York, plains J im cleNauglihtm of Albaliv, pin'- Al nrei, t'r' Per. k;ns, Dnm'e-lra hos tinnI d, Glhrt Sltth, Inlesuck, Stearns, Lndlo'.v, I.-.,n Vimh,., immr, Grayvsn, VIIan ilnsalnaer, nl d lV other dlt guishtid plysismnls in the Ul; Stius. A G hlull, Otitia 4 Vensey at, Asior I.uase N York. 7T A constannlit supplly of e abvi r itrmtents, with Dr hiull's imprtved 'T'ruiaes ir i-,,iiu, mid be kept by SICKLES & Co, N .O,,.;. A G Carpenter, Natlchez; Stoe, & 1 ,rA, IVd. ville;l Bluth and Mallory, Mentilia; i l' tV'!..,n son, Homerville; Halail and Wslinglt, Nn.,avll'n:; Mea\iray and Hatiltotn di; R I, I(lhsi. "lnnrnnct C Siotanid , Athens. 1THE lnill-rlts, Aisnin lit It itl ,t n it I m-. 1 '. & nS." B! her, hsniii iiinr, itnnmijol. h fI eceived a eery extensive et tit ua ,"I No I.couil+ng of lable and tlessert hitesa oa n l-'" nsli.ioni, P'en, 'oktI snt i, tm i S.atr iet isimrin; iumtnr, din .ara.l,mdgm ll, lmm lnmaI- , .. tlhiithiihtt- am imnirmuni 'i, o mxhaltb ti hliittnratdte f inii+i,t . 'I' em- uti m- immmitint. aill tr mnidn khinown at thlh' it1., n,16 J. iL, BD'IN &, A Ctt il F:.N .in ( pl. Ni Torkr & dBaltimore Packets FOR NEW YORK. O01.11118'' 1,N.1 OF PAACIKETs--To sail every I " other Mondny. 'Tlhis lin aS comiio ed of a x s hipts, vizt: Ship VIcKtsnuein , Cupltin iooker, Novi . i 5r h , I)nLELNS, - Spear., ])lee. .Ill SPAuTiI tA, - Ashai, 23" ,,A A A, - itnit , Juu. tith A, .l. uvtLE, - Wlrd, ,, lltlh ,, AI..a.t, - herrv, Feb. 3d , I r nIe led riiver and IIP l a i *n bi pil sail aNw adl exprl, y i . lir lhi* I'.-.,-tl l"ttt ihle 1"i lo lt hta ll tllaa g t ll.ltl 'e a In 'kit'alY ifui.nlllllllllPd 1 ll linllt w d ll ClIvElr.nll toll h tillll, ll ll ill it ti n.' exer Ihll ll vei h to IIi Clin lltll i hlt l l sill Ulv nrjtttae Il, d ,,.11.111, ,ow ath , .iter, ak ,ill F ... . tat il on od. ' al-tv'havp hA i ,l do ahafitrnlishe,l neoatti ..-. n ld' lt lirstyn ,lit will Slt ae e i frtiehed, of pans.rengr. The price of cabin passage is I. xed at $'0, without wie r flit 11or Fer 1lrlter particularsI a.phl Ito 112 A CeliEN. 90 C,+orern at lite sl .ips are no llll cl Unt'l e fi r I break ell- ll t. I', n at atiron tto l N a l, i t i ta pttkt ee or ay ' aati aa ih I 0t Ntlllt tl'llllltl7,iahi td t SI H f i il IINE will 1 enmposud (ir ev.nsii , whilh a widl sntr+d en h l - r in tthe i il lowhig t ider, viz: In lt 'Ih tllti ihjr, iIt 'lraW aYI lei v att II ,'2r. h 1' INew i PI " IrunktortJ y lli R. lll, nur l'l'r. "llr e '' hl I are IIpI tall of the i nr lll .h ve in, a er tit u itar pIatit ners uaiy surpi s I t ar t. i. c' t u + itp ai p itnc' i tnrit id a i bl a ter t at eean te i. I i 1 eatei', t pni ti all i ql i twi o tCh 0e ill in desit h ti le itiol hre i ti tilt eat ii t filet ha p. sn, iz * i p l '''a Y , n ',- rtait e , tratn d , tie i e en it3' ea p uit ta h r fraei ghl, dr a i"tle i .e, tlt alj, it il . e O na t1 |Ill N t Cole llhtYr ll. tetiitisiton ni d New York Linea of Packet' ] day-coti iencig on the 20t1 Novei er-and to ui insure the pi ti n t al'ty in th e titr e ntf litnig, theit alin will h after nsist ofit lit e ships, viz:aii Ship Yizoo iit, Cal Trask, nto leeave on t a 20th i Nove1 i . ,uitl , Ship i ngi i lle, ('ah ti ar, t anar, to laaav on ther , 1hip I.P teri le, Ca. l'tain ltt tiih ti o leave ioct the Ship Vicksburg, i apdain lO- odhou.e, to leave oA r ' lthe, up" in th ae.nos i' p oe nl c on Ship M issisippi, captain Da ne , to leave on the il l t of Janul laary. The above ares allcnw, of the f arlt beas, copperoi d: and copper r Iartened, :te, upwards ofe 5lr0 tons urlrhen, are of light dral u of wUlter, being bu ilt in NLw York expressly lr the trade. Thg e price t ti ),osage is fixed at 100 dollar.: their enbins are lilted up in the most iniproved and convenient plan, and finished in a nat and elegant ftyle Amlple Storers of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the cemfort arne entire satisfaction of pahnengers, wi rll will please fake no. Iice that no berth can he secured until paid for at the offer of the consiLnees. expJrenced the trade, who will give every atIIN, wil tt all tones be towed op sl down the l )llissi 1 nov"21 90 Commonn it NEW.\ ORLEANS R.n I.\Il.TI(MORE LINE OF I'A ('K E'I'S. IThis lien will ensist of thle fillowing twhich have been built or purchasel d expressl. y tir the trade, vi.z: Ship Seamain, (rait. diier, leiark Mary, - Nivkerao., S Iral Ferry, new ,, Stvills, " o!11iin Saltus, " ltlithm, Ilrig Architect, '' (:ray. ' IThlse e . sls ire of the first. cla s, have liid, ntli tllrnir d :·ccolrnlll dlllollns, anillld aire 1l'1 light, dra ft o" wallr, so as to :71(1it of theiJr rev'i vinfg and their care,,,s in |lattimor Oe fuIi/, city. i r 'iglht will . inl, el fi,r ports .n the ('hesu p.. ;e or Jliame' River, and tfirw:lrded by thoe agent, i Mssrs. ('IAlRKE & IKEIILFLF.GG, at Ialtimore: ,xtpe.l.s aen goods sltipped will e advacled iiwhen required. Tlhe Price of pai' i .e is fixed .t i0,l, ample stores oftih b st ,uahtly will be. provided. Steain up and dlown the i i ssii ilpi i ill be taken onii all ccasions. For or passage, apply to (;IGEO. IIlEDFORD, nv2i1 22 Bienvil'e st. \ il , Li 'A. \ iNS & ('itAhII ,S'i'tiIN P,'\(2CKI'!'i' ,I mlP of :. u fllll i+l/llll ll l .lI s hurtlwnl w ih n,1,P ,,o l t' cirll i lc iis r pti t ,s' ., e r. 'l'h , r. as, s ,I n1" ,,rl' (· lllllllnln lln ll/ 1it cnp':lll o. (t(1l Sr wl· ll i ih 1 1l! , wl i will .,rve tvt r / tp'ltilFll. illl, i c,.l l i'''iit ci'l Ftrp In n(t'1..)?lllli~ll 1 IP tt l i- ''ln.'l 11 (hi' themsii ta ncei o n." iital.ii i 1 ll l . 'I1 .1 t ll h,' to','ed up and diwn Ih ,lls-isi i1,5 ;llll ll",vree Net w rl,.nn" on or (l'vorl t it i(h nlld 1bil( of every m1otth. 'Thc ,ll 11owI 11 vre12 ls c Ionpn r 'he Ione, viz : Irl2 :Ata ian C( nlln es (t ron, ma-lr. B :ia C pllll lll. . "t. oll Ipson, master. l rig Auiii n, J. ),ne, master. I arS Ie r ,, r \V1 llialr t I .1 m . A\lihberln, ar sr r, o",r Ireiht ,orpai a'I,- nplv I o J. ,.1 . 1 1.ARI ,LII "A TE i i tlL cISIANA-lParish of Ori can Sl (' a t l 'Fll erltil . . .IIc. I 'o nil whom thcse presnll ts may cncerlltr - iFrecti c. iKil w ei , iliar whieres c l W liatm i ackice , a1 r - ident Iof Ihr ,itvn \.tt hii i l K' ., hanilild tI., th e R. • 1i1(1 r iof W ill-, ln d illln hr the p rF I ' . 'i & ,i Iof \ N , v+ t I + atl1-', an d t .'\ ni,' , ( n 'h rk of hw ('..1ri Iotf\ I' llr t, l.. u , l. t, , f r ,hl I'. ,i ( 11· i's) i \ .w ( en t' , n ri, . s e, .11r' IN I'I'It N or c I)\tI' 'II F : ! c Fl! I ,frn 1t I., Ih,, .\cT I h11 celrlh .cr c 0i'te. tt , r 1ihI .,i Ii, nc1(.ll c I I ,i ', I :111 ,,1 -L -'iPt . t I r Ih I 'l 1'oit 11. , 1: ; II n ,, ".1 ,I Ale " "pn:l. 1(1 of \l Inl , . 111, oi'.( It'11h l ,i t 1, 1 i. il w ilon, t 111ic i 'il ll t 1c 0 'ii i I , ep ,+ loor, o1 f I' roll f ,+ tIi t i l Iiii.c rIcet( 1 i-!I .cic ;I ," ' It ,1 rt: Irn :,'I l ll .r nt tl li. d t ,"t e lt . ir ...:1 r,1' i ii i li, i.e..1u, ll ( 111 1n -1 I F . It t :-i i'1i,''it't e t t 'i c I li tih anl lltt ' o nII r r11lt'.l n :l .' 'hris ' ,tll +, it'. eit r i l" i it' r' t.'s d e cIdai sa:l . 1! 11 ,1"a (1 11 111).6 I. : il tot : h 1 .,,l\ ll li (]p 1 1,lll ll 1 I l i , tI Ili ir t s ir i ,I i heii m l'r, ; , t h hI, hanal ,my .I· v, -,,~· l ,,o he , ll lr d \' , ih , . III, ! , " ,,It \ ill- ( lb l ..I),s, Ifor -Ie Iby p Ibh .I - il , t o l , 'hT c1,v i. , . ' onf r.F i n.i I dee ,,",l. Ih Ia , e p r hb1r.1 s],tl y 1l, r i , +r l , 11' ] '11 o pct p ,r, 1 1, ,, )s :1, '1, I , I," .ý, III l I.,,s-, 1, \ 11, I,11 . , PCl 'l , 1 ,1 '11 lde all t l (v r If l''.I n, I , '!li A\' ind d ill ,r two v.Nv sr A los oft .lll in tn l,_ thtl"0111 \ t~ it,- 87i3l n' b i F e pro 'k.n ,l, h, ,r ....... 1,, aLl I r 1'... i , , ,rtile s, I' ( ...... I ro n~ L o t h, 1 tll'S i- t r I f wll it, P t it til , sII vI r: I I ;IrII ' , d b~y 1',,v Irl t%" -1 ;,z: ..l .." l i1v 11,,i :i11 I tr i (., \i\,_, ,ii, o a p er sons , whin 110111 li by' Fet.r i up I %1'1, hnO i h,, 1.,1,s 0 ivr , n ,,r (I, t.r 1o 1 m ,r d 'a e of i . in+r t,1 ,+ ,, ii I "Il "tot al.r i, m 1. [" \ ,,.,, n 1 e1 , h., y r,).. v, d n ol+ I olli.l I+ , -,,1: 1'l-td boy be 11, l mern ainL , . tilii(( tll d i l ,w+ l l,,ic. \V']iele(,,c. Ii'i ihtrFa ns n sea l of p ats y riuhr , hor lny o h r 1 0 or I!,t I¢-ft, I111t , )i . t r h r:e, i1 " iv. -'. C 'L L ,, i[ 1 ,, I , ,l.,,r ,+r \ .1., JUSTPUBLISIHEt PROaS STEtREoTt1'E p LJTE' U,* Fidh Fditio, of ROWVLET'"S TABLES OFP INfEI'RKE.T: rlTO which is ntow hirld all, Tiom (''tola - tot', or eras· inouthor s for finiitllo ti vulne t imt t,, ttort.' gnnorr of hbrod or bitt tof gnn Id.-.tte no ' Ichl'tr l t oditeli'r t d:ot,: tn iff;oerent clel.tts, niot tot va i,Ii o oo noIs : l"silltres a u fll itd comnlplets t i.lllo i . Tiome ' '.le, the hc t lIto t ct n l, e eontrivel . ,r llr t fi Pllre e: lrll elC withil the s:Inme enulldt~esle I lcllal) us, All rtl:s.e...enrt il thle book is in nelrlt the blonw iogo'.oontot T'h high detitiotlnon toio nok hos r'eoivet', throgntl O llto trn h.istitte RIri t IptefiXt Ito oe titles tige t, s i s elIllln lelrl;; tir )ll ill Itr|It; so Slllcllt~no n. s 111lll !10 l'onelll. te, ith tntin.o oi tletsr imno'e 11o' by o:to"of oil f oie llelleti to gire eololttetll io ,'ofooei ' of its Ie t ll l rtienrs o foor ind otonee, hrt ltrrst I.t hel ofl -um e t h'i0,0d0 conE,'mic s.ol eil oti, t w hat is n tiheoo tnUI.. thiellym-n ne ill Ie I nrst c tllehth it prnm tie I, . evide tome titgot, ottr viol troc 'xirnrooypn1ato t neotaii teon Io the skeptic (ero-oinll y on tiet e sool ot'ltio lct taoi p'sffro the it' t ltoet) tuth ine wnok th lo le , , i mnetiadl inm.dhen f .I ir wonfrnk l ofiesm exethi welich ell t'or· .ll(' Ilcteetnl nl' .t 111 "~lol~te'or 11.°ie~l( ill lh'. 11.erll-lt opR el fi lne afthd numxber.. s in cl.e Idol'.t ,o nl;o oithe 1 o let too'tt''ootitt ond os,'oo~rit'oo, otts iro s ritan prope i u'em nerll y Jertd fl" t he sbn ertor rhulr l: hIe fil th othtt~~iie too etto'ootovt iore io propte ato, toikio fit iie otOtrtfo t," . lso b , lor er bikointeotto I t hlllin''llo the trio r U nls. (lle a tt lif inot rfl otirollltlll: e orlt S totitr ,ll is t eo nto r"'t t l i,,' llo ler '1in e ot IIot Ailrhoet , wi ho'll .tool,",, seootsoct oetoettit',o tter."Iot,3 i ht' hI,,ls rm1 eh. sl· , e ullnO otia, hll is tll t cetot, tinoIno.lroiiti .ollr llnot eito rlt lltnto lldo Io ey e nFI nlLql xnllll ., ltlie o f ul P el. s a hI h lveI sol: Ue , - , of eth lwr, it hlas h vell delirn tui slhel h tho Ihi ,lltl:d

Ik'itl¥ ll'Ills t'X\ltllillti~ll nllllnll UI ofiilll e~l T tel Oll ls it eotll i t I ro, i tsi, ehr ilus iotsdl ing te lnle ii i ,s'ot xi o r,tha s e nlk ia tltr , wu ik0 " tlot trloiIv .ii iieooooi,,ltceiati o,,,t ofpt,oa oooth iiinerot ecn Lsollme ll Ip:ero!ns havIIl'e re llce ek..fy I s:llred 11 let, a'i t ces ia coul~lld b he I quote that lllli thywutPay $30, $10, usuI.lI: II0 sirne ticoley t,' attml ol b c hr l bll has had tl e indv tidua ilT ilo l lo I rl " i stit l ip , Ii, , , I h I nI ll lill iath su ilnw oibi Ito,'i ie t t tot', to se4 ri e0 os1 settatt i i t .was eol tt, rth tohtt ooot yotaoo 'I t rtioihc hl fhe t ,n, t o'l, i is et ir' i , hU:l 1 i lle he lh."K lh ; er Iricl mannd istnlu Il, i t fil h te . r l It,'~q is l neie wr thy ofl not ce,an d . .hituee prIo.. eri to~ ir gpur io,. ftha uhi th:fe n ure:,rs. net wrr geneIaihvr *'t .l , ienshlt nintrh.toolo i 6r s t mt t .ii o ott tlmllo,,r -c t h i ho ,,, $itttrharso "$ r 'o .in st eof|i 'sly k hi"11 of'thlwl oIr rc tile ofll." proof c hul ,]ou :ll'i~l:lllll'i i.lltt ' l'.l i19 I$ :(ll.l lIt') I:IW 1 111~' :llll. l lle-',1 nlurl exp~ilains. 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Morns , Iw :lllrll l i I nlll i le illl, Indln C: illll~r u ilrl, a i- ," ..I II i ulsl s p-1 i . r:.._,r~ l fi e. l'r,:r s ass. . 3 ,-. ..I i',o ~l ;. .itl · It ...r,., RUSlITON & As PI NA Lt'S OM POUND TONIC MIXTURE -A speedyI and crrtain euri for the Favor and Ag;u, rremittent and interctatlent I'vers; proparet from t!' orirlelgal recipe. Ur..d w:th mlnineirt nnld uni. versal srccnens In 1839, bly rennan of tle highest. o rrespectabilitv il this city, as ntated inii thie unrexed certifi clcs. rThis medicine is hig.lly reenrenmendeld, and hlas hren exteneivcly 1sedi in tie abova dieas. with mam:h distingrzishued sotelrs, that thie proplrietor of the renipe hasI hrn iridaced nto offr it to thie pub. ' lic in its presenrt forl, in the hrreo :it tay he tile means nf r:lrevinp Intllv ..e those whl o aire a suffering under thie serclrge of eour ouritry. It is a mcdicire plressing gre t virtue, and when Oened aeceordling to tile directioe hali never failled of eFi'etinir a earce, even in tile meost obstinarte stagei of tire disorder. It is not nt il disrlirneable, ando percsorn of the weakelt stomnllr , alnd children Ianly take it with impuniry. It ntrenitheons tile dligeetive org.ans, ereats an appetite, and celdotm requires more than one, or ill obletinaote cases, two bottles to effert a rare. Tilere is noither mercnry nor arrsanic in tiLe medicine, nor eny thing irjuriou a to thie Ihuman constitution. The proprietaor are so well convinced of its ci .lacy, thlat. they agree to relfund thle price of every bottle which has beon taken i acoldanlca with theo dlirect;ons and has lnot efficted an perfret cre of thie fevr & aguo. A. OLIVERI, sole nlgnt for New Orloun., at his wholesale and roetiil drig and reelicire lore, corner of Ihienvile nld Chartres strects. For District Agencies apply to je5 T'. W. SMITIH, 48 Conti et. Ireug and .rlerdciere. .th · lriirc t Ilr r lirrratd hrrrllt r1ii tlll ilii lmior Illrlh piretP a I" ran rir mrrr trlr cgnerc nil Wholrslrl I)ru,2 had es.e+pl le is nowt rec('ilvingl n full suplUel ,, Irs,#l alndl Clenlllli'ii Lrll .la t i, w,%'hIch he w ill sell n1 lierl term To ci, dr ists, nd those of lilr' interior, tr physPieilrira, nerchIrart 'anund rIllrilc hIe will ll'r ii hllrlreirprIr i SllehI ilC na h lv, n nIe r Ire. ,re hPn O l',, i n, i tt hlis itt. is intantiori ii ti, ihi rti irirethriili n r au. ine s. rI, ak wil! ),iln Ilhe cornal11·1ute, an, i n i ew weeks will he rl.n dv hor busin~1. All Orlers turn tlrhe t ontrllrya illlll fr e n ruha, o t i- I,\. ree iving tuch order. wil h, apromlptlll., attended to. oct ir r m No 3tCire tl rt R Ioyl ('noli it onf" Pllhyical , Lonlln| . .""pil1" ol'ipan'.i Ve...etableh Il~gtio Univeeredl 11edi c. inl.,i. pre0ared hy W likinkl, ]+sqI. .%Icmber of titl' Ilnval C:lllh fll" Sur·elll'lo, Lice. ti ali, if A ,liithe - ! r (·lI's llllo)rnll' 14 llOw o+f IIolit Co(urlltl So1hciety, SuII'gee(ll : I ace,( 1 %\ :; 'ter( 1 f in lh'.i(e, :uIIl Ilt~lpelCI:l ill( ofi {;tl).' tld St. " hanIi) i I losptI I %|,]italS, London. hl'lls vallllllh; nlab i tei lL, 1le res aeli of tweet ve: s x rI.Trireie rI i'prralrlelrrr SAerre. it the ext'i rive al d i~jl;~i,." r:e. it, 2 )in l".Iclit't o " tl ei'l'I ' +:it~~ "o-" ol lie notice, of thelt" Allltl i Ill "hlic at te nilt' t : l"es l so tirII i rIr1 a n itl CII) er o l'rrirtlermer n Io'i l ill a rll iir Ii s ririra niirracririn,ltirrrntherra. ns r eo nqrincipued pretmndei. s hi rrlr it ni ii.e II. ~ lll s ien hII iirir r i tiil II i Oll nlitr(llo l el's i r. l Oll 1 l e In h rl. ra il. o wn ll it1! th itlel )ll. nt hi aueso l ek p a ir rrrrrrrrr in itn i cn e of+sal'IIn hlle ssle for beytl'|,hi l thei om t aidminllistr t in cho l~ofl uthne, cramp ,s~ , splts11 *r mill oter f nine b :t s.It SIv llcll'elllV, Illcr·llcll. lll i- l't'lelllJ'll'se sOlr toillx: igno • le Icurel i olr r relct, tl lt it illlllll iull e Ihie i o Illl o I llpalckets at i r celly s, iu rlge ior rI rrailh, r y cli+ irlli la nle lltlirtt, i lrrrkrrllr., 'I e nIt l s tllro li i"i" l¢ d i i ile Sl tate s I "e " n hY I itislet c nsullitr·etio , ) .i . A ,,,,,',;. A . ..... V ....... . .1 . I t, ,... nI +,, nne rri c+ -d i ra, i l:,,.h i t ile aklrll i Ire I p viis l I ,e - ~: JNO. IIOLDEEIN 199Wwl lcN ok Sile rierIriirnerrerell r l i t.r i e II r irr Srer esr r .r I-.lFilr sahet tldy loitmr e wnti..' Io e r. Thi.. Iroprietoh i n p:'~,ckets atn, h , |ii.l ni i..'2 e i ll t".l l et', , riri n Irt Irnrm aiianlrigist rir.1 e:ii ..l t l n".rl stire,1 mari rti n rel latt Irira | li ic(+' larrrii.l ,. ille i ( I .\1t'et i G egelrar Aglhen t frtatlthial o|" il.+)idan,.i jallil l'r+l I nen; c llii larlin l r. l i "i trb: l ni1" lh' 1b t d enl. I A~ll'Ielh.ll- ir I ttrrlnll.., Ii. . Ii. WV l link, i. 'i. I. r "ir .en A Iel nillill ieIlr .1 '. Ii, c Ia Jlel hr ntigin I rie i mllls jllle ii ir eol.siar "thI l . iiei inn ll ii w o 'einil~ ei I.r did air Ar llc Il.lIiehrr ni Ilrarer era ro +al hii ri ii rioid errtreftrtr oirirri ii r iiiii r iviWI* .' hl'niii. ru 'lin ls r n o I 1 (it llt tet I I iii ilL r It .'.tir I. rtr l ii. 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Alply at N-. 1ii 6 ±5a.ln . zin re.. 31'LORIlN(G. ni i' itt-lo ' lr i f tie i lo s ilt i lir o I iv Ii Ilslissisit ll rlvl l eir d l cvei ll isi.- it. i hs -s ne r tivisitilet survivihe rlisis r will hi i charo lvI'1 IIIITlll lilt+ +('il ll. trilre· iw+ i +iti~~lll'P Ilt i+,lh).v+:r l.ei I.llttri wslcllldt ll llllillC I1IC'l.l ii JIIl'lilt, Y*ill1li(.++. of~ +ll~lla+, lhtrria & (`'o..,;I( nh'litl~l nll· I 1 llI1rr <, l..'l Pi. h t',rlt It.,llie+~ lulll lh~'erv t lhrl v .~il 1I·II ,it hel't. tlit o t ell l buii s ol Kellev, .lltin & ( o. , t i)srtn iieasne s oflhe itus- ralsirliswilll-e ha TingC cla(\inIT w 1IIII\ ill ·\ plas (' I~I18.II; 1( utrielay. ti~i~il ilt-liit i'hliit hit-ly Cit l'sth'o , Juii.'27, tWI7. IO-ANll, t N IONIC .I ll'XTUlrE, .F.EN yesr. wIlve not yet eiotss s.. noe it twas -l lir ni regilrly nith s eil'ill to IhsIte ilblii il.u t it isesitoisced lse lhigiineetireotatiess ani hs u, ilantd every osher eisticisIe 1or the Ahlue, wsl eelv. cr it tias beeti knowt- and stsierecisteol. Alredy line iv hens eneris-i in ivory heredcit ion tusghiiti ieU sUe-itd iistee, snl ettill reciie-- mott tsnes coud tact beeein .nisiciisa tstby ii s in iitsvtnaisi g it li'ioiidc. IIII r.L~r s~ ti Illi Ilr /RII' N IY K EIZI.I' il V.~ TIiiisi niiilsfiIerviiieuiiitv neioiiily niieiiv liv itit res.tovi ilsetllb'li il e- and vigis i'tiicris ii C ago (3': iesii lites, it n s lii full- tostii , it I-so . 3 p osirantlei is ilniieoI N ltii i .eisi rest o ii ..i . .. ismN years |tof nch ymt ;rici itph w .lc crstre lto r lyne iiteI to he nh u l; bti ]i(ls ataie theI hit;(:jll ie· re lata til Aln; a SnttHi hs up sll-ln very n oti er tlled ntilil- rtrisi e ii I s- n ilerg her so l.f istel ithaimliy is thim nit iiaiei cAlreas 'of ie sicel i tlv d ill o tippl rent lnill tsilre timoi . life111 Un·Itl1d .ttO ,;Il .lllF LI-· l. ah.,. iIt ue [\fl\.'l iltilld l~ i /:l hI ne estire cIellian ini the cin ditios of sie ystlriel, certain f ii s ritlly thie lntice liaiiite c tnl r el, ip leeut r ll its alhii . 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ThIlletl i rtsilci e tesv " iti ii i'L" l lLnm i l age ls 1ir tie tiothb Wesssic Staievsnstlmnesccno n hand tin-. r cllla s of, this enedr+ ,3I" t hi ch isi warlrji It erli betdi 1ld esci.t teio e I;a telre ist. v ly ie i I1.1' whrl wefill i aci iil- e- Oiuite. ril ren lr, e nt ultl her (l !,laredii itis hinv ~lleJrhlyvr ttt I S I c alir-,h ttldllU·vis iJ+llql+l.rlle!1,. "l'llw Pr·ropl,.t.)r,1 I'illy sa1 ;tislh'd~ '+ ih tn ti~llltl atl( iii ],.lll 1 it i tll I.L il , Liill ll r',,u ,IILr u+l11 i lch 'll .Lr l, ll al T l e teer d .t l j j ig eiollnitl to t r;ui lirr tt fl'..m t aJ' It.hiue tho lietl' tueenets sit le tsieiln il l etrte viti e,1 r twn - wi s i th e tire t'-er c doraeto l ., it th i i. iin t cuer l tsy +i ii us I.t ely ii tltsr thl. Tien+ apll.erld~l accrdin tlot v+'h,)h usL+ tgienl Io ln . nianc-t Ii . s itits .- al- , ant|set tinit e n olse ltli c -th cin l j. e,and. ri Llieve nl tedllele, s W l, h ied w a rral ehtll y.I itln es iatll u eilie. 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