Newspaper of True American, December 4, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 4, 1839 Page 3
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tSTATE Ol LOIfISIANA-First Judicial Dis Striet Court. The Stati' of I.ouliinnn,-To all wheom thrse prc sents shall crme, Creetilltgi .-whltaiein lii iNY i\IiL. I.IAM PALFitEY, Ihaovilg. Ilarcbsed r nresele made try the sheriff l't tle larlst l Jelser-oi, loth Ilp prty ilereinafler described, hasa plleliId tile clerk cin tidt i Court,it whmel oilee I wi e theel l slt e wie retordeld tIn the seventeenth day ofl t rtober, A. D. 183:, hira .tnlli lion or Advertiserllent in confoirmity toll a Art of lthe LegislLture of the Sta tt of Lonisian , enltitledi, "Ant Act foritc further assurtnice alt tile to 1 irtiana til atu dicial solee;" upprovnd tle tleth day of MSerch, 1831: Now, tlthrefite, know ve. .nd nal persons interested herein, are herebyv iled inid adllonisee;l in thle Ione of the late of, and'of the First Judicil IDia triet Court, who can ael ip anly rielll, title or t clni illn and'to tia properly hereintafer dei.cribed, inl onse qaenice of nnv.itlnltrhtay in tile ortder, tcare or jltttlg Illear If tle Oillrl nlller whtlcll hti sul wan iiIede orn niy irregulariiy or illegality in the uppraiseenietind adverliemlllenltr tirme, or manner of eall, or for ainy uther defect whlatonever, to show Cenne. within thIlry dlayefra tolll di hn toll llioli in lirst inteelll inllier iabuir papler, wihy the aale so inade sholuld lnot be con tirtel and emtololgaOtll!. Theitaid property was rsold biv ithe arie of he .'tin r ich tlrinsid oil thle ttealiielih iny io Seplteltbirh A. I). 1839, by virtue ofa decree of tlli Cou!rt rendered l Ithe ei.hteenth day of March, A. 1). 1839, in a soilt ellitld Maria Chcil, wife of Charles itrewear Ian i i. v, ithe Iriare aildrel uait Ieisro at'Cilces I'(coil. No. 12,8119 if tile mlieker It i Itiatllrl, at Ihicll si lthe ftole ci Iclt ry William Iallrev iieaanue ithe 1l llnllear, lir tite pries of litler hullded annd Ihcyty-ivo dcllars, :payable I)esaription of properly, as given in the Judicial Con Aecrtoin lot of grtouand.thel woie ahich was nd lJulil iated in William Nichooin tlall,:t i a sole Ianrodt ib liaac I.. Mol , alltilonreecr, of tie c'l y of "iew, I )rlelll., rn the eleventh iolerll lli3, i l viret e oft. li jntlld llell 'rlls ol lth , thirielh l Jeeuitrv c.I l n .d v 1 tl nsP orderedI bly said eourtll l! he eighteent Strtel) ch 1J13 |:9.t, to beo reotiti it t rihe k and a lle lfn th lllid Dllif;or Ine leteinr andl mrelaiarll to el ply with the rtllld Ivili: diianr of rid .djuiiaon. Sail lit heing biund in tite i' u't.Jerlterln, inl Lrae nown if tlant atll, .iIelg lited atlnlnrr r Fourill telqlroo 11e A it pluls lrcwc hy enll jmin eiroilon, ilreyor oCftlll Cirib, i tlIII twerietir of Januaryo Ic6, 1 i ud teitrited ill lie ioilhi of IH. It. Ceo ls, n Itrtary lpuli. I f Ihi eci l RIt c llt ll. uring, ill Alterian ileosilre, flly toIc l etelcvei inr(he. -ronlt cm Lo Lee itreel, and fortv ,i re three, mattes also ftrotnln Iqurl.lrtreet,r tllrpe lllItdred A1:1 tiln v feet in deplh nad front oat Jeffp,r iII, tand hree hi .dIrJ rand ftr feert ilncr n t r ln f doh tellt i lrle dicidino e it dfoan to No " ore.e, togeilier witth all the nright, prlial - ge &ce. thieacnlao beIoigia. IVitanel, the Irhnorale A. Mn. Ilhlonnn, tIItIde of Ie ,. Court aturesrid, this IGl6h day uof NovenI'r, . 183. n2) I' LE It.ANC, I)p. Clerk. IjTAT DE LA LOUISIAN E--Couir dui Prei Sier District Judieirier--L'Eta t do I rouii, rne i toes e eux qar eas pr6sontsl eoneerlentl- .alut : Attenda qua HENRY WILLIAM PALFRIEY syant ahetbl It uo vente aitoe par I Sheriff do la paroiseo Jefferron, In procprilt eci.pra ddcrilt, 'rest adreoed nI grefo do cetlo Cour o a ,ulin L vntLo leat enr6eistr do l dix.aaeptiboin jor d'Octbro de I'onnoe 1839, pollrs n avis eonlormidnent a tin -tle, do In Legislature de I'Etat do I; Louisiane, intituld "Ante pour con firmer lon titres doe 1c3 eu ruri aux venate judieiairer ;" apepreuvd tl 10 Mors, 1834, Qu'il sait eonna, lttoutes peoronor intlredeares ant par see presatlons nomn6i.,,tu natn do Ic'tat doe It Liouiiane e de In Cour do Premier District ludiciaire, qui paourraiel avoir droit +a Ipr - cridtd ei-np,es d6crire, an nonsitlueneo d'un dd fant de forme done I'ordre, ln dIdlret 0o Ie jug'el ament de i Ceour, on vertu dlullel lit vinte a ltd ftit oa de towo irrdgutlarii of iiidgali16 I+iit r.eLtinatitio, , I'avis no etpi te l Ino modo do lI oentao, o pour aco aolre caur qolelcdoqlte, de faire voeir, dae trlltejnnurs a dater do ila punlict lion do oct avis, pourquoi Ia voert aini faifla oie se mait pie eonfierm6nd t lt houlologutie. La dito ptropri t16 flat vellll par le Sh6riff tlls. dit, le vilgteblno jtecr do Seoptithbro do I'oalEnuo 1839, oia verto d'uo d6cret do cette Clar roedllt Ir dix-houitihnlm jour do aMars o I'illa 1839, dains I'af.tiro do Marior Cdcil, d1poose ( lo siar- BIo, wre & li. vn. Loas Ent. a Ilino ee elt i6ritiers di Chrltci CdciI--No. 12809 dll l)oclret do 'ce ('our, A hit quellent non I dit Ilenry Willitait Palfrey oWest relldo aoqurour pour Ict prix d, itr,' coels ctlln quante piastres, payable c,,iptllt. Description do irn ropiidsd d alre I toran. fer judieiait re, savoir : Unces.tain lot do lerre, lo meilldaoo fcu aidjufd a Wilianit Niciolson Ilull, a llle vento t;ltte , r Isaac L. Me. Coy, enllatur ecs Il vuille t (I i Noavelle Orldant-, Oe II Mars 181. , ei vorh l dlla jger.onlt do eeilo C ur du 3htJ.itvlor 1t36. et l II :Marn 1939, la Cnour tirstllt dor re l onendl aux denllet t risa ueli u(titnil hallut , it call u -ec toa negligence ort dh sn rlreflut n rli ien teres iEt co aCtliiOns do I-t io . illto jl oJIlioti , lit lot dA terrso et c har mii nSi Ini ',ici'.e do e Jdo ]ti+l'c, dtae hi hihit dtau .Carroltoii ilenot rt.1d1c p tr Io ci.1 iill o qlare do tIrAtilet A u, clt c 1i i treat6 alir IIcsjclc iiiit I 1cmlet, itcrllenteIi r it l. i c1hli pariiissc , to t, j lnvicr id ii hitt uii , d ,ic toe hi, i,:cu Id If. It. Ci,,ua. irttotli.( eth8c idi i'etto Ville ; I it g.u.Io i tclct o Id t cr iti8 l i+ .o it I lt- tit, q all n t l sitc rareci i Cl cde lods do Itarlol rca ii tit ::M I' ciro Ih'roino ilitttgoiellIs ielostincdtn1r IXL p'nces - h ,fle iconrca dou-ite. i dhviti . du i p ,qqNo eIit llN(., ll. 'mtt i to .tiar.ra''c A. M. IBchanitcn. Jigi dlo ha CoiTr onu-ltLo, co i NOUiIIlibrc. P. I.E nt4ANl', n20 It -i cld Deputr. (refier. EPIUIllIC or 'rI:.AS. TaasaelRr Ihitter.e1r, City of lluzston, 17th July 183.9 IN pursuance of a requirement of a lat paIcsed by Congress of this Repub lilic, aprovd4 J.nuary l1st, 1839, making it the duty of c:ce Treasury to advertise and cause to be socl the lots in tele C1 iY tal OF CALHOUN, on a day by him txed. N.,oiv is hereby given that tlhe let in tile Cty yt Ctallloun will be ofered at Pub:ie Sale, on Monday, the ILtll 'I day of November nort, brltweei the hours of 't'n o'clock, A M. and Four o'elock,, ? oat the Cap.i tol of'this Iepublie, apan tke terms set forth it in, tile following eotraets ftret the law above rea tioned It See. 4.-Be it flrther ensaeted. That the lots said town shall be fJrered and sold for no other car.e reney than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. nissory notes of tlls goverotlent. Sec. 6.--lie it furtlher enacted, 'l'hat the said lant shall be sold on the following Lterms, via: OnIr fourth prt toe h paid Ilos, and tiae othier tItree ' forth to be in eraul itstaatunts nf soa, tlve. ta l l aighlteen aonthlits. " Se. .-Ihl it tlerther eonated, 'Thut it any person who asall paretlCasoi aytit LChos altoresvald Ii lots, shall f ii to make payi.taut of the seru.el ti etalintots in euanti'rmity with thain Aet, hie ,r they S1 shall forfeit all Illhll i tht Lc lio. tbae hay lav prevL. : ously paid, and the lots purchatsed by sucha dellnul ter shall revert to the governmlent of tihe Itepub lie. Sue. 8.-Ba it fItrther enarted, That all persron, aliens otaxcettead, shall lihave tIte rivilege o.f pr- T chasing and lholding the csame. snii Lite Presidclut is autlhorized to issuputents. to thearas ton es a the last in. stalmlent shall have been paid." 1. The sale will continue fromn day to day, until all sof the lonts shall hIve been disposed o. C Calhounl is situlated oil tlte ,ast eind of 3Iatngor da Illand, directly on the MJlai Pass into Matagor. It dao Bay, and fromlll its advntageous positlon, will probably beeome the principal com erac ial city in Western sTexas. A Plan of the city msay be reen in the General Land Olffice. The several vapcrs in this Itepublic.,lh Commer. cial Bulletin, Pecayune and True American, of N. Orleans, will pubhish notice ntil tthe day of sale. JAMES II. STARR Secretary of the Treasury. )IEIN I 'ac.-I.andiag troa ships S . Louis, C.ihtrvkee, Ltwiesille, Josephine and Ohio Puok. rswburobl i rsa S alicily lrjataatea d4 Mladder l -askaaktrorrerls anld Legs Satls pciesu Lkeg Floaor Sadalaotri i haonelo (irarld gjasrir an a hdas treiaga ii otaogs e2O able case ill Sal saida inucase .alrsltusin a 1do :Sedhtl and soda powisater Cantor oil bot:les Patent Iedicine vials, as.ortd vioal Paint and varish brushes Vih a glu ralas traa teil rdicines for idtltarione S .d desrtela. For sale lv JAIIVIS *6 ANDIIEWCS. ,n2 comner Cost. & Tioepiiolses ti UiIAilt AND MOLASSES-t iailptaoius acovse wtuw, AtIIAMs &L WITAI..I.67 CGraver st -IL-2 casks Slcnn oil, lotandinag esl sip John . Ilslr. ssldl'ar salehv O 9 (t; BLLANCIIAKIt,23 (;ntrir et £NAl.I I'YlS hobots JIdars 5'*rma, (lsalaag it OI.J rig It GDuoing ftl'o New lYur, tanl te sal Iy oid S G BAlINCI \Ilt), 33 ttirarierst O1 AP--20O ese iA Metaowkuoam'e yrellow, landing I ea ejship John Hale. oal Icer sale lh f by S G IANCIIAIl (.33i (i ter t \I masssaakessr, Indmingss elhily Jial Ilole, ad (eer a b G HIAN I I(AIR .it ir v st 'AILS-70 krgo is sloie afa wori'ld Nsa. Naile, SJElsE and Saikesfrsalesy N e I CItIr.Y, an5 97 ('Laemp s~$' vS rS EtIS-Iterited vireii Piivee, four I[ wholetbe. rretail by H lIINNARIt!I., St 4I:I 'rctapitllolat at 13 ICE--40 tierces irime nor HiRe. clanding ec .rig, lreoa Ch:ltre.ion. and far el,' hy lp S (i III.ANb'II'ASi), 23 Gravserit % eHISKlEY--tlhl4le rarltirea, nrrele byl 1 11 l j I)OItSEY', 4 New Levee BOOKS & IMaSIC. E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' HALL, NEW ORLEANS; Ti [ IF, ies.irtnlent of pnprre being iov Clompleted, th. nlb- criber offer ilhe ifllwillw , list to the purzi 'ulnr atlentinn of thg public. J'Pieeo.'no tsuk l. W E.nglish Drawning Paper, (lt.atnman) )cy, 0to i,,chei ry i.4 white wtve iledinit, 22i lt 17 do al 2, 231! Ido 3I),tItle EIlrphant, 4) ido 27 (,1 .Aln.r,.O ,.,n , 5:. do 31 it, perur, (6 . do 47 do All tlhe ,ove exto thick, roughll graiedll . American and English large Binding papers, .hr Il/tnluwort'k. FlInt 'up, 21 inlo . , , I, 1, w .....l i. wave, Io l,, id hi'yni, 231 tin 141 di do "u wr R0Vnll ,9lir t lo 191 do doll , 30 tIn 22 id) di Engliish Letter Papers. (Wlhtnlnn's Rne and ''rl ', anlld JIohn 2Gre.'l ai'lrgl 1tizo l'Paket rI',o a nd white wove...c f. d'onn do do lhoe d do Ihk Plst, t. f. hle wvre0 I:xtra s;ulin Irgr thick pol t; do gilt nI'int, d hug*, ;io gilt n ellig Ivory postttk do gilt Fpil tni.nt bite iiand lhtle wve' Illlr'k Imrr llrrd, (rootmr 0ýt) por~l l)ttttt tttt .I a dlnlt . ct l i pu tido gilt 'ohlnrd ttn, t ii td vlhini post, ln both sides !ltlh inlrl Vir lorita post JEnglish Note Papers, Sro. and 1i6mo. mist notnepuperwihilt won; dh gillt o lllted do oIli l I xr satin do t hit'.titinte t and gil Intiv titnd giltd I nobo-·set do Silk lItu llowlier, white or linted land gilt \Wlelrd silk notw, do ido do pirinted inittion Anmeritan Letter .Papers. I)'ollio sti l I€,ool. . Ami-' s. f. ('...boleiill I.Ios, while llnd lllue wove 1u11111+O ' II'Ptl kr'l l'i't. 1h1- - - (Colllun sil! Alllie . I. literh whlit 111111 bhl o wier Ihl o l o 11hi I l", Iulll l l rl' it lmwhl' ln o i, m ll olither good millt iiu l.-II )pl.rt n.p.'-; nt oninon ,io lna k Ito ipi.n, tlinl' iind t Ilt dllolion' . f. Falny Cololred Ino t IIer Fo'lil, t , I a. f. while lnd lle wove and laid W 1o NI. ', owh 1t linel Ih1 wolve )Valio t, in pt ,t f. aid hoe Auiie+' rnd IUnlstor. I't .oril rIUp, f. hl. I'd, rgh &I . Ct. EIonllli is la rinl lle curi l cip do rough edge Alllies' uperior cup insl, wovel ; (.ut S . Io ihld wsIO nnll blute wove do, Ilt NuI. 9, white wove iFnool.cnp, N qP 3 Ilu hrhnl's, nold llll olther Igood mill in IP U. S. ;. . 1 and linll, No.2 Iil :3 Colion Foollcup. Pot ll Ruled Papers. {lioviln illlei lllll atlll ItI iV f It, ( io d Folio pilll, whhitenold nll wlveP do I.etler l s, hllll t llintd, ,l nor sI111 r I Amounlllllt -9 dol wlith lailnlr Iand cent.columlni+s Foul-l up, isi f. i niJ .ll oS fi do del, fit with dt-i Ilk-. i'I lilnes (or nec. do do do lnelbr hardware alcclllnls IRerord or liw rtle, feint liord Ulhsic Pap)ers. \11tsr plper, lor. nti 12 1ind II stlvesi' do .ho do with horder. u do fr scores (partition s) 2l Isves do dllo lto foIr glillr Coredl, Marble and ]Fancm' Papers. IFrellch, roy. llod rlemy, hlazed, aill colors (Il rllllliI, but a[I " nd rnp, dho h do d l l l l l l - p nlr , nl i d m 1 1a n.d, Ii c a p 1l l.nrlnel irniaI , nllO<.,'d e )o .ol ;ol1. r-ilv r,, rp p i.r a nd ,1 s 1e pap r I'h lind rro iny ll-vl. Irn pjre Sundr Papers. \Vl. lllllilll., hilll iiT I r l' e sol d t s. 1 h l nplin. i p'trrinl. i pupvr, i:nl li -1 i h ll I I 1 ..... . 'l.r, 1":11 '-211 - 1 1, . A m el 111t . . il thil p l. r o iio prens,'s Itie n Ifdh lio pap,,r Ilink nlr" i i.'r ht poer, Ins, od doubl n I I'] l oll+'h.!,, t,, I 'l It lh li, ll d, e iilhll I-td 3z. ril.lL, --" '1'1 ': S Ei tl"+-\ (ll' ItKI; "l ". .,l r v " 9 1' 0 1.. I l.,.h ,'( ii .Nlll- -i 4 4I4. 4i k iI 4' 4'1 44 4 . i , sol .+llll] or-te b' J J II.\s\t 1':1.1. \ 1·. . till I N 1.1.l1 I '.l1'1 I . 'II 11\-Th ti n  I I,' . l l i r , I l reeived perIC .nip Rialn o I, . , I h , , to d i I'I at ,ir '1A do do ,tie hn te do ' '4) 4 tlnlted g 4ll4 4l44 I ii I dll Io -IC p 4p , 12 and II tls 4l' 4, olll4llmll I tai--II l \Vhlllltllilll'l Iiilllllll~lllrl l'r'. It l i :orisla, l g rit t ;lrllll llom 11 1 color boxe, rose wio s II tllle llh , Il'lo i lllltlll -led, e'lil' l l l : III( , I.O 1 ,01; bate., if. Ath+ "lolo'hr'+m e<' ikl lll, n illd-, 4J4ill 1n , i v44 bet4' ll4I4. . ( I4n, e p4 cres; d4 aw in4 Itkel , suithbleh fr scllhool. l i-aiold ~write s, d\\e - , - ond and k, k nn'n; C'Unpvurg pr cases, folio 4 quirt" ; A r e I ilit. im K , )i Ier,, if lfttaelit llt. l+l tI • ,h. le C n ai p e r,, e m e t f ie s ri t ong l1 d, ' uif n e s sr p e n s o ,, Ill " I rl,<alte thit holtt edi e dhy Ihh. ' ad (1 1.1urt 10,lt of Its aci en , u iiii hii+tmy a'n dtllllll 1 i\ i ll .e' llh lt.r ,,+t;"! .eue':I, i llllc- lillil) l lll. l , (IlI l dec-,ryst m+u of VnmIs,,r 'ath, ac d i'i enl ilri, edltd w r l( ll Itllll her lllllll II Ihll 4 l , 'lliI w lk thel i h k-l le G .4l, r,' wailli 4 t ue ' 4ne d a tlll4 l'4 -ng' fi4.h io4ika. -. 4(4444(44, J,,t le ived a.- . for si 4lh l 44, Al V HOOKS-A new .rppvY oIf Ills flowcuR ki workn on I.iLa , ja-t rrceired bly the ubllhr liller. C Tr it~lnlt.'s 1 a i re. i:l vI tay h [lulllun " 'r' Sull ll oll'f I thie L aws tf s'1l-l. with all ypIo rIleal'. lnlllrl i; ie, nlrideP l lLv dInmlral4n tJrii ua I tvls h'i romI ' t :lllra t Intri l t Pr Tlc ed,'lith l" Ilno Iu Ula , C kt'*s tll llec i n, u l k otf RI.pollrt., tbr ligltd Ii'."- Jelhi A [ Lgrn ll llll'' hi Ill of l alritime L wIsw , ,ulsit' l ln I I Olive 'c+ ri tll a , riv, ,nteric+ , eitiren w <it a ' policv of the 4. .1 4 1'r s A 4t n 7 47 ttistttii:u4l I1a.I I4 4 44 St4 & 14'o, N t 1 .atihner.' Ilill, 'il44 o4 e4 r t t4ll4l4rl44 4u4 4lt iI4i4n s4in i4t4':4444l.l4'1 l 4 O4K144 '(Jst 1 ec4 ived pe,4 44ip 44 id t j ', 3d v1l :uider Daumas 5,411 44o4 Il114444414 alhlllh lanll7 Souvenirh onlt ll lll Enll t ,ll Pcuple Pe w olh, ve"lilt Ilve hlught frnm,11, the list volm mnes flflhese wvllrks, titr rll llalleld to call fior IIIu" ishove, r' llH Poletl of1 Americ, by l ll IlJohn Respe; splellnid Cbhrll. i 4e4,sa oe 4f4r 1840, by Rev. Jo4ln0 A Clark; li(teih.i 'lls lll' ',: 1:1(11, by Mis C 11 tlterma;lll elni,,e,··. 'The 42 r 1810. a Chritmnas anld New Years' pre; se:::: ;dv oll:lll eillllmosed Illimlll ol The Peni d ol's (eiret lmr's 1I ft0--Also, 1'ite iifr,l311--Tfile Violet do, and 4 Literary ,4 4ve4i44 11 4 4, fo 4a4e 4 tI 4 , 4 ,4n,44r (.t Charles and 11m on44 1 s4 t -i i--ll . - .L.W i --. new sul ppllv l I i,, Iloll(su ig S4 Stt.idardll4 F4'i-4l I.cew 4 loolks, just received rIlu4- 0 4nol. (i . 44 .vr a ls AlNU4.( 4'4n44, ,!4 v8444 1 3'l',ull lera I ii uivil ra. i,, I1 vnol P 4i44lh t. (444 it i4il4y 44 l4h Igri,,, I'od de - I 'otl(.r. , 1 T l a drll'oP- d f aI l G+nate, in sdurel, d. p.tsi~il | (+1 Ninctx a Vit NoI. lil-t nd sil hr newa ni oves, r si ly E J4II NS &4 C. , N tatliolnr Ilall, II 'll. tie" SItll ll tl" .Ul't u Iru (nunm. Is 4 4h44 4 .ur 4cl4, 4 l 4 4 nI4lu nn4 b vl4 i4 ti44ts i. t ia4 a44 tl4 .i N. 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IIh-I, r i ppertd and l c ,'opp r in , of a Iieht dr ,Ii ht i l ,wa r, Wn huilt ill .\ew ork ,Xlple-'ly ftr hIe ir . ll., with e'lrcal Il'lllllllll ll rie ti l IIna.tlel.s.l I111he prI(IIe of IIInIIIIIwI e II flir, Ir I .llo tI itholtI -w i ll ig Ir- m p I i i Iverl ' olillther illplotl.Illlllr w iv l i dllll' iihl, ll .. I t ll - uIi.1ii . given It pi-tnote the co,.fislt of tho',le po i..h hto si, I fro ill thi line. T I li s A ll al all Ii. o ip Swell all ail down 1111111 , rive". llld Ithe gIr le-t IillciU a .lity l.lh rd a. I h."'dAtI ol Slailine. .e i hpo r1ill f ilol itr l I:lllllHlon, Illpre, si k ,i ilv Ir o Ir pInnel Iorr , e kl lhg r il l l, I ll', ll h low lll., s illhe IIr rwi lihe, v , I -llnlll. llr l l, t of hil s i ii -t:,elI ,,r 1ir 1 h! II + "11 as, nw r lr,"_nl l bills olh lllr sie talklel or Ill . Ifrl, ·llllll I +i/ \ V'hl It I I 11, l' l' l I t. I.'· i F~or Ii''ighlt i p i- i.+ ii i lf Ji ii m lull NEW YllIIK. EUj'To snil t I h.eId Il next. 'e r ]'a/, ned ie. 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FotIr Ir JG (lr or lpas It i- I i I IIr . I ( ' I : -. .T ll. I, I. is it-' :i-:I' ItI-:'i' T Ui i '[', (1)'111 ' i l'I 'I'1 1i: IX r11 N ':. 1r l1 ,1 : . lson r ' li.. , Ih.- th 1i h ul , r li I IIm . Th1' , I le i.-n t, nl I-i u. , +ii ii.i h-,u, t i--u ' . .'1 w -I " Ii '- - -d 11,11 i.. I h . ~ ill " ," I I 1.i . 1n(r It- ,viii t. r atl fll Jl r", I'l ,-t('i and h iPTIII , l .k . h rote, h rli "iAlll hII1,i hr,,uN t i. i+ ll i 4 I d.lN il) i, I" . 11" 1 1t Tl ," l-ll, "I. h l [,, ll l +AX l" n itll th t r ilnl an + 'r-i l m Ii 1 ll l1I"l I Itoiltli11 f l 1 n h,, r. H1 n I d o-r,,,,, ,n ,Ie tl r, l, H h , . . i , II C bl1111 . t Iii il' ' n,'ll",' ll ill , .f d, 1hl l+ hi- It4"-ttttllr ll ~It I, "oI I,,r l~rih',-, m i ii .. h. tr,", ' ,ill 0' - ill I., t.', lr h,,liIi b er11 i It ,,.- ' , It ai , l l, l I I . t I:.ll I-. l llt l r i lh l' l, i ih 'h ,tttil".1 1 i h. , uhaininer11.h 1 , ll.l n I n " . flr brll llt lll me l t I t~ltli' ti l ll t '. i l irl 1 l o ud 1 .1 1 l1 1'1 It' It.r.11 1 ( s l l -'u I' t l-';\ ii', i 'I\ , : ~S 1 11, ...iii, ' -i i , 0i'ti. t 0'Hia . i ~ rill t, thez In h ,,,t o -,,,l l:, h o:, t, ],",'rl·,t"l bhelll .-e , l,0 h i - 1'h,.- I :d 0 ,, ,I ,, 1 1 1111 1 ll lI 1,+,,"lI Irl+ -I +lii I hll 'i i i f lll. il t I- :tit +fli, f. , mlll , ( 'iilll ,ll lltl 1· I.u, htllh er, illl.. \ ,. uhln lltll tli,. fll].'l Ahoi 1 it1aii l lt itti ; 1111 ,Itti lle'. , 1 n: ; 1 0 0 1 l tI'ti tý +rn ),i I' , xill' . 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IiT d I ,"I) . a111 .10; dIoi , g Ilba d 11inh 1 !r.in1i Ic lr l I i enil t, o rIn I i i v 1 . li y llr l ll 1 I, A lltl Ilhl I Ell ,ll, 1rlll Ri, 10 bI NA ll .l ; ;I lil . t11t., "il lak.11 1 e is ,o hblc u ." 0 , al, TmId ril.,-ll hy ,- "10HN.,4(; N0wit 1 "L;: ,de W )bler.(' bi e I hr eIlda~ c. 2r.n ·h 1l Ihl RANK NOTI,"E hN(;I1AVIN(: 'f lRAWDON WRIGHT HATCH &r EDSON i 0 he )ir n lIll" -ef n h Ir Mvtin llllt I p re noIn t \o" It nIb Belt-e of I?:SclUI~ 'U", -'rl llin,' 0 ,l I Ihe ".p i s' ('|ll,k,'k 11ii1 lthller illl i rllll tlll) 0iil 'Pllll r I l tlllll-L' 0Pte rily LL.,'llll.t |+'tIlC( +."t ; I1I111 IItVP 1111IIJP filli p Illll),"% i) 11 fo)r tII1," :tLti' kellillS (II .1 n dllll l illll)lPP 1111ll tlltl. t- i el IIi their '..'e iPer, .ii Cllll'l· I 01 th 0 0h 0 i 1,II I1` "ill w e I xertllllrI with ,r/tlllllllillldlJ, 111n1 n1 1 ,.n 1 1th. l llU fi re.-. ()dlile i.l,1lt) '"·ll IR(val nlI fo nitIIi · , 0 I I ,,ýý ý : ,+11) J.I - '" I sl.''{ t ',,, 7.1r -n I ,v I.i ll- ll cusl'e (,ew ,A Ili, ( ilI, 33 in a'.i) r .L 1" I" - I sixty-v 13 1l10l hxs I l: un ,l,""der Tl'ea, if| store +ifo r n12 J 'I'TlA\ E.:I & c:'o74 P+,lrns et II.ER ['1111:111'IS--A Inhr.ce t e",,.tuent o, E'r..,'h I'elhltl, 'vit'', received hv ship Ioaltvelt., FI' w hnlesal, orlelxil, !y 11 I II it \NA * I ., _ 2' ,.1 'lV 'epitlp llh- st. /ý ("N fti(ll- lamming front sthll 1'h.,rh'lr st .li+r .,Id.e hv all 1 11111"; i'." / I , (;( ; al.,, .".5 bll. dolwl,"tir ||r.L.dy, in eltl e IIU 0 / I l'-- J T||.\1-I:R & ('",7I Pold..s . . / et' 1n -to . Io , 2d qtalit. li.,r -I L" y Iv "J.\IVI0 & ANI)IRE\\'S, II121 '.olflrr , ( ;llll1f l & '' i 'I'l ll lll 0,lllllll. sl, L l;I)()It I'Y,44 llw I.eve+ ++.h ,, , y [.lll)J J T II 'll'l &1 ',.74 'I'. ra.+ s lc I lt'lU--31+J hilt h ldi llag Iorn, It atuer .vll.' h r~a I; ;G I)O)! SI.Y,41 New l ,, | l,. , , (1 III, \N (71A IT{D, :13 rlr':,v r t ý.r I s,,l nly li: N I'+ (;11MI.0, 97 I',,lt, ,-t P I+I )SPIIOttU0.-- II . lnndie fr,.n. Ilavre, fo ni lo y II II!INN.\li.i NIT AI'-- ID'`A lrg." ul.ort:ef,t n -uortid t"0'e aler b,, ni, .) AD +lS & WI 1|TAI +I., e;". i;|lrnvLe " LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK -y M utttJoritv of tJtr State of tLou.afana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIHARD, MANAGERS AND PiolPnIETroRs. PT The First, or Half .Mlillion Lottlry, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctfttlly presented to the PI'bhrc. Tl.e HAL.F 111i LION LO I TERY will he drawn i Deremhrr, and finished at one drawing. 'The 'ITWO 1ILLIO)N IA) r I IY will h. ,ta~ on the. old plhan of llan.,. ad P'rizs--Nurnbers in one wheel, and Ifianhk and Prie, s itr another wheel. 1Ioth IoltoUri,. unhodr the supervrsioi oftw.o .too i f of ('otortt WILL 13E D1RAWN IN NE\V ORLEANS. Thei 11:.LF 3111.1 \ LOt 1r II.ARY othfrs h, , crs toI 1,291 I',,zrt .t f. chIClt 33 art. 'rlz s no Rel E'state and 335 of CIto.k, hIwfles many Pizes corn' posed of'Jl'ielo ,s in th. (;r.,,d Tw'I' o liih n t o lottoty, al'orlitt g oa p trtt ,',, o ,I tn o l Ich nc:,s i, t o t hold ' or ) aof a 'Itoket for Prizes an The GRAND IlO) I TEIl Y of'I Two itlhons of Dolt.ars-lt1,0iltJ I' icts!!-to the doll aont,It of 92,0lt,0tll, of w'htth 1,7 are Przet of Real E.tate. Only 9 lhdloans to a PrtzI!!!--Sitnlott Non I to 1)0,(0. 100,0110 'l'Teko:ts at "it-2,.0,(l()t,(t1tt SclCemo e atnd -tlloog price the same. AtmOIn tIh Pe l'Iz ill tofhesto two lttlt riesiro emllany pshnlt a' rtot rpti l li!to llIdo g whio h atdorn trhe city of Noetw tOrleans, and are th, pr de of itsr iwlm b. itants- the Verandahl , St. (hiar eos stret T'l'heatre, Amerotollo (o:1amp Iret 'llhatre, l. , Char' s .\Ara ole t Htt iitlitngsf . withll Iltels, I)wenf g l Ilmouses, hStor.a, Building Ltots, a td iy etire sqars to rounl--besihroi Stocklls otoIl lltlo s ant d other inLstitutions t oi the State of Louisi.rLoa, amlllOl)tling i the whole to TWO )MIILLIONS FIVE IIITDREI:D THIIOUS:SND DOLLARS. All tie Real e I atro Sotookst oere ,l n Pri.ze I ortoly o o y t ro :lllad il tltoor loo.ol,-lIo:-'Io Oritr ofsntlel, wltlh cear titloes. arot'e oro't nl their frIIr. and r'ouordo d It 1 thle tIr ictl of Adttoolph, lI ZIII tooo , Notary 1',o:t o t , ' lill o llotl tolllo' f t't'to '.o t' e, rtltt ll y L trottnso r to t ie hll hrs oo"t' re r tr'tI o kea s, l l. rantt I ro)lll iocllhI'I l leh c: 'Thu oritrtr virot Iset aplrt oo tilnoterably) tit that oiot ) t o ily o oI oar'o, dllla d eano, Io noo evullot wt hatever, be cotveyed UothlCrw.oa by otile frtoollltoll to thle hldledrs ot if thte P'tiz, ''lto!ets. A.1MEI ICAN CAMP STREET TIIEATRE LO T TERIY, CAPITAr.L 8540,000, I. 1,291 izl't..ts! Will lbe drawn in DECEMBER NIEXT'; and in order to gratify, at aft eaorly period, thle purchasers of tickets, the combination is adoptled for this Lot. tery o nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing wilt be completed ro a few minutes by the drawi-ng ol 12 NLmbersH fromo thIe wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each---675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!! SCIIHEMIE. CAMP ST. TIHEAT'IUE ..n GfIorsu, Will e priorz ,to the holde, u'io the I-L, d and ;it I 'tW ll ll lbl'l''i .. S11, (0(1 ."'r t r.. l hm to all fLr tol rv hrihk Illli l~ $1 0 (ala),,l .1I'I -I:'Hllea i ' hotel1·. fn'LelII. nla,- cornTer" ot( l .i-llrlod 'll ot . z olrta os o . . o l),(toll I'nz to tio , aorolo lool 0 .h . That nlubhle tfie story bh ck store on Oh(l I.e. vle street, occupied lby le rsrs II &k t11,p ill . . .. . . . 35,101) Prize to the 7th, ilh aill 9th. 'T'hut elegant dw~ ,tlo.g im).! Und11ot, N, 74 Itorl stet, Ilrn ulio i by 1o \V o loodrich 23,1100 ('rio i, toe Ih th,, tI tohto l 12th. 'Iat two t tor doaIo dwt lltg! an. d dgoubie d tlor in ooi o o. toopied by J t1 Iltll I°,n0ti Priz, r to Ii 1st,21 l n An nllire i re fgrl nlllll inll lnl onr Alllll riaian, ,d .11. iouiI ed bv Liberty, Belnto , Melpo nw e and 'Prepsi.horIt. s. 1.11,000 l ,rizl , to 1sl, d llld fitIh. 'tintll ,oe tory snorlr an It lot rner Cllnlp an Juli itrwrerecupied by Mr. 11. Lamnlher Ice 'huot ln story * tollt and, o cornerof .t Mlarv

,indI Juhl e t . . . 111,(110 Prize, Ino 1st, ` od and17 r. .\ clrlifit e I tr 51 t ltickels ill the two Inilli , n hl $,r , at $211 earh . . . 10,100I The I lrltunllllt' Ih ldeh r Illtllis prir.e nil realllize iP hI I i rito ily too)llllilill poc e o tihrohlloll oh Ihlllr mnli ll , ol f tI h I prI I iple p tli Ith o riouo l pl 0 mlid I z)ll .s in ll e two Ir lli )on Illll wrv, , il hi ; Prize to I t, r.d ani lth. ' IThat I ,lr,. , Iili l l . iii P . nvl Il ill Ih ,Ivy oil rfl1uth- t ,1 Iihour ll . .ivl dais,'lli % i 11 \\ noiogto and o t'th , powen als. 1111 by 2U10 ttery, $oh . 00000 5,0011 "Prize to 1t,,d and 10,01h . S lIl1l. i n " lie cl+ 7 , ,11)tll role, too nI.r t do blt o lo t t oroo r tl .\h' 1 ' 7l'.z' Itlo . 1 1, d midl i tIh. toA o'en olir loo lir t 1 0ll: 100i theil two il lol ll v, t $ 0 each, 6,111 I oc, t o ll lt ,l l 2 .1 1 . 111 . o llX rei Ir n t t tllrin' ll o rner of o il)' n ghl,, o t. . . 6,2010 |'~+z: I- Io1-, 3,i and'llh. A tel 'nlic~ilt o11 tekt"t in tihe two ,nilliton Ioolto'r, boIlll oIt to oo 0 o ,0 1 or . II Ili ii ho [:io amt :totl itioi ol er. A lotooo o.n.moo 1 0m a )1a toado t t.o rd to.eing te 0 +u.l. , toill i .t 1 tllll o lt h. S l I . r' t. h ke.-t in the two iloliol lott'ro , li $01) r'ac .; 5,1110 l~1 b 1,00.: I II1 tl·(1) 1 t I , I, I,,,. 13,0(.10 -! 1 in 'I' I cerli, ''i Ill)5 ,]1 s i etvomllo (Ott tlt e 411, ,511) Ottllo t ''i 1101t~ I1 :3,1,amt ',,Ill t . I, 1 I,, lo I,~4 Joel ,,,, I o t ,u 2,2,0))11 o 0 *I,'~hulh ),t.,,),,, 14e 1ot,) lo of V41,11100,. tll l)l i II lllo" lir 1,000)) .r I'-iz~ . , Is t010, 1 1010,14 . 1, li8 A d "sii ald Ili',,, T,:" Ii I,4 hole lt st.'e F v. adjoinL Ao·lll)R 11.qoItul grlllllll tllI)~~11'$.11 I5II P) r n ,I,,"I torni,, I, a~ , ,,,I I t :,1(1 ,20 I'quutu I, :1,1 -to, ) , l, II. td I Ja ,,: sr 3,, 1,000 I' I' I )),e 1t, id rll 111h. t,,. A priz,- et,, 'I., 'i a I'll II 0 cettf li ck , .' ll.·I111t 1 .1111 1 :T1~ 11 I'lrzz· In 1·t. :id tiII l'_' h II!l tto )Il3,1sItrle of g77ll,)tIud llli1' Iltul)n a -at~n a1 11 nm~d y . hlr, 1,331111 i l i I 1 3111,17,1 10t3t s. l ,51111 ii .i1 IS '.." to7 1i, 1'1 a0 5llth. 71dsirbl t,,,,hng I0 , d, M . nr o 41. 1)"00 rent, not \I o, iwlll'llt si-. 1, 00 1~ 1·llll(el 11 h 1.~'iI)l-Ii hi), "1 r 1113-,1 O~llnf il tI ~·ill) 30 -j 0)17Il 7II.111)1 73,1),1, I S,111,1h,1,i r'73,1 t 1st, 1111 a lnd Ii - i lt A eiiiod Ie t I ding, t125 1 t on -,, 10,1 11, -0:,1 I. 4, 1 n ) oe, t ,11 l liii. - r n zri) I t t117 0). 10to ,,, ll i30 3 Sui ) 7th. by I'li,, l'el u, Eroux and livali St'. 1,- ) 7 rzt 1) o) * I3 t,' 41t77 n. :)1h.1 A 1t, lo0,f), Ii~t love~ $20on i d\.i~ud 4 t by ,Itlnt17 a 111t11 1gg1111711.77 01,F a Ill;ili , Il0)0l I", I'rt 1,1 7 liiII, ft)1,1)11 II i),,( a11o 1011 1711,)t T A g11 111 77I··r (.l .iI ,ll olIlulrlplt.7 I1i 77,l 7It 711-,111 anId tIt~llOIInl))ii,. f I" I t l n 71lo (o $20rei, od Ii, I,4. h, 1 I,,) 1,177.11, 17711 1- 7111 I3,i 4?1e I. I ll-4S1 ll 711'M k-i. III ) On t lot nnre 7, fl t y e )1fsllti )t, in$,111 e',i $5 JIt) I'izr to I -tii, 'oh an 131,-.s1 51 and III-1st, 5th nod (Olt-i s, 1111l1 1 nil 9 111, $,10I1I front lot rumor Washington m in 1-1, $ 011 11, me to lot, 5th and 111th-l atpun, hill and 11t not !;Ill-1st, 6111 and 0111. Four pr Iizes, tact, a certificate in the two umillio ,alr lllow, 311111i .-ket.-, ,1 $00 rrr 6,0111 I'Iiz, " In lot, lilt and 21h-I-t, 711, andir' illIllf curl, 501)11 to stflhan 11th st.O, ,ml ln it, Fit,, pr Ilr, each 8 share~nr s o f stock in tha:Iill it:111 each, 4,000~,11 1i~~l 11-`~ 1 11 111 lill--?l, tll 1It, 7th and Ililt-11 1111 1 and1·)1 r 12 11,-1s1, St, told I lilt-ls t, 8th and 91h- %11 I.[ Hil n d 11), Five p~ rizes, eah sar es of l'nimclutilra inIii(k~t ailroad stock, 30 sltnr,"s, ,t $11111 :3,i~l2?1) !(l,110 PIrize to lot, lilt nm1L) Ll:II 0th- - IIIt, 101 1 and I Iih-I !) t,9 It andl 1'111 -I jl ,JI t·ml l 111th -lac,/I 9 ll 111-(1, and I Ilh. ? 1. cil IIII1 111 lwI, mllion lolt11 v,:illlt lit k n=, 1I $211-01. 8,000l _ Prior to lot, II i 7 ll and 1 :1 111-lot,1) 11,, and1)) loth-2d, 3d no,) --· ll.ll t 2d 3 ad 5111-.d,: ' l.I and1 14111-20dad 11-,1 i nd21 't'enuri z-,ou It 3 shaes of sork in il e, hunk~lI :))1 ,f Ir )ui-ia11 a' , :311 ohurIe-, at $'1111, :3,0011I I Ih izillne to 2d, 3d amt 1011, -0d :3 I andll 1 I11 2dll~\, 3,1 amt 0-2,1,111 and 51,-'2dI'll am I O~il -!d ti and 7111-2d, 4th and :111l-2-1, 411 ol .111am 1th :d Il]an Twentyl~l~d tdrwlt?-i prize-,eac i renrll r or 5 irrr' in thlile two i,i" ". rrv,*110-· iilk P· , l $21) 11,0111 Prizes to thIle 2,1, lilt n11·( r21il dll 511t and It 6th-.1d, 1, and 7th - ,1,5 It an,! ilt - '),ili ,r m sl! I h -"d,.i lll, an d I0 II,-2 () 5 0 , l I, Ill-. 2,1, 1, an .21 =2,1,6111 nd 7t -2,1 fi sh·I lb i CII I(lr and 1311-2,1, Gilt amt 911r`2,1 , 6th and 1 Oil,-l I~tt 44, Gill anti Iilt-'2d, 61 and 1 1, (II ,.l 1,ro 9, 2,7 ,,d lt floc I,, ,Ired and manly our prizes, e at, a 'Il TWO0 MI3IIANS OF 1)01,LAIS. 10.000 PRIZES 1 AMOUTNTING TO TWO MItLLIONS OF I)OLLAHS, DRAWN OI THE (I) PLDlA N OF BLtANKS ANDI I'I/II IZE,-N)ON .01 OIBIAIOIN NCllII:ERS, 100,000 TicLeti, : 20, - - -. 2000!,000. SONIMPLY .NU.BER IOFIIED, I T 1000.000. 'I'he Pchemr rnd flinl prer te t ohet. me, n additin otarr e rval inma are madr for expeanet in tOria llotOry : thlaoe eattngelt n o r s'S will operate a a Ia.rge deduction Irn lire valuationO et on the Prittopw. M1O)U (IF II(.AOV1N(;.-The \N hcr Ito 100.000 wil berl laced ia one alled, nd the naoe untlr of Iill, a nO Io It El. lfre o evry nutbee d'awn from one whlel, a Lialte fro tle BiakO lind rz whel wlal drawn untl te hoale arne dan TIIF 2lI1ST DtAYS 2Olll21 NGI)FT 11i12 1%Oi 111.. KIGN 12TTI':l Y, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. .J Iachl dl'a . lr.,wilg ullllcr Ihe l isiIOr iin of r twir Jlll e If h(: iurts iI New Orle.lllns irl lIKh wht,,ls opened no.d ee:led by lhleln. 10,000 1' RI Z E S. I. Tlihe VEl I.IlilII lusI rouiil,, vilul'd +it $300O,0,01 '1'II'·1 \ lllltll'(i1h, LIId.ltiPdI I iPllililcti' Ii ?miill+'P4X Sil$, lin111111 IIreenl s i rt nt Ui 11 fIi IIt i i n i lilnt ('hll~lll. slre~i, lilldl lliil I't·l't (i (:1)lllll I111 dirt-el. T he licill ll ll .r E l, ll Illt'rI l I 1 1i I la l IIl i eigllst sillsrr ind I w s . srlid t'llli 1 0 I hot+'l, i,,r whhi h Ihel rVilmlnder (f illil ..Ipld hI elific iu is rde irIII Ii, l,2uln t su i Iis ow uII s'lt)2i edl hby hlrassl. Kinl & 'l,,,kr , iu aI *lllP wllicl i Inllllr it tihi. iii t thl hili ns i nlll . hliii ll lfith 1 th ; :) 00 11111 i r -it. m Iii t e lul T imiri. u lie l v·ils l ii ' llll 1i Tiil t Is illl d lawii rlllK I i ii il I, pI r l~yI""l~i lll 11 111· 111.~ 1 ,3;~: 1111 l .A11 L r i al bed t iiii islil. TheIIIII ipe ll rI llsill I lli ll llt h lll) pI rllllol- l l , -lid IIIh ''lie , Iil- ll Sl I tedhrs it es rI l ll( " nll .. 4ll ,lhll. t lllpl, il., lt'lll. l il .111;(1.1 i" - 5()]+' li II._m'nI'i I I l 'm iu $15, il i< ;ill+" t'uiul e 1111) + .lltl a ti'+.i t o 1,0 o.h h h le (?ittU\ ), witih the sectlil t .( 'pli +'( i Ilil ll iIII I1 lrl'; ;r . Iil l I)1I1 / ( ll 611.i\l ilc 2llll· 12 11 .2 2 211121 -, 1222· (( 11 22 22 22-ll· 2ardr2 e, ii 22l2ll2 1 r. 2 522 luth 5522 ,0sI T h11 (·1is I~iclrln lllll lll ll· r i I( igllr tls li I'~( llli- t II'f 1 ll iiiius"l tuu ] i +ll'lIih IIt i lll It u h llil u Iitiss i lt ' t l fi'et on .l ( ,rl,+ \r ntnl+. l I b2 ' ITII istll i'll iIlis llslnt. 5111shlll iiln'h lea d litH tlE... llitiLd' l N its l ltt r lr 'I he +.rt 1·1)111111.111 1 I 11., Ii Ii'; I I. llll'.lls,1 l ii i i-lx+..+ ; irlll li 'i l(.lll l-uulslu ii xli.l iii leIh - I;,I·~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~i 11111111$-11111111. LIIIII te .1 liuisstl-u buxs hliii ~ i,+r.ii +lill 2 I Ii tlli, hl IIIt Ii -lul lll- ( ilsi dlsllui s i s d ll-lp t i 2Ih Il-lI 1 -1 . ih2liiu nto l li clsti n rl . -lii' 'S l1 (elllliill il l, ni i ln hlls, I2:2eiI I. l..' .iiii Ii.at11 I "' i` f ill hlllihool-l l l r +illlltllll . 3. TIL l". :';l.l ' II- ll \ 1+1 H1' ? 111 \t u'11)1 I rI.' l - c l )i (l'rll I.I\1 i'll ....' N· II l lr·· (;I{ 'U. 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I('i· t I .II t~IIP ll I l it. l . . . . ..1 1 iIP~-II- Il li l:ld 1 11 141 lilll ]lrll lld+,l~i slllll'.· ·, ·, ·llliilh) L)illliilll 1111· 11 11h lillllllll ~ . 11110 I~~ ~ ~ ",aad, NI 1). 'lIllr l on l~, 'Illlilr ,51 'IIIIIIII )1 s l I Ill ll'2d 1 1 inn 11il' Ii 1 I, 1s , b ed · 1 .1 t ,1 ille , .tu u,,',aal ,5,1l*'1,11i,, 111 111, The entI e ~1,,,e of 111lLml '0 I .L?:l()() hi1 'IaII lljta l 1111111·1( 'I,, I,,,a, I, 111,11,( 11 'll 1 s,1,1 'du 1i, co, 1111 t- 111r)by s II alI 11111115100 E I; lope. l'lT, lr(' -I, ·II, , 'terl+, J ,, ,l,, ,1 0 I I. The enure ~11e1,rll 1 ;l 1,,11 ( i ,lhl, , t Inledby' _1,001 I tIIIIllP ilIIIII I-l-r RI 1!. The I 1IIIIeili?· square of {;roun d on Dentin II1 HI , t 2d 1 einlt ' c 1; ons iiby IItrp I II (·'l'ern'i,"Itl· utl(·P+. . I£;,01111 he1 I:r.. end ·~ll i re ,q 5~r1· (f 111.1 id Ili Mel pa.1) Iu I)II·I I'·ilrt.e(·l ll lllllll·IIIUlt? ·Itllllllllll I n I,11s, Il~llrl, ·l by 11·111111 ul I (·1'erll ll(i lrlrl, 13,001(11 b.1 IdI. 'I'dle entire -111qunr' l of allll ) no Be(· 11II I st +b'1-1 1 2d In IN lit v I ull, ('~IN..I I II III 1;; Inn+, nli r"LC 1 ,11011 15a'I'h i~-,Iw~ tv os Ln nnn shao,, :I!, by 1115 n- t 1'2,0010 ',d 1t liilnl lily. ,1 11 Into, bu nted bylrl':r111 Illlllll - iit-Ipaaallt-ta 7,,5un1111 p Ir1is Inboa I·Iaa nI ul:d II ,taa, I,' It, , .,Ow 11 eIt- 1 1111,1 I · 1II 8. The ,nn 1,1 lit' , Il Ile,_t t< , 11,1 II llllrrl. Te`1· I-I'111 1,":11~1 l I 11.\.( 1 *I1Y is I l; 00 al-. 0I'tIn pa1a-tqa ll' , 11. n .fvl hat,,, 31'h.- I n, a i N r It -, 1,"1 1 a, , 1 a 11111 I n III' tll t l 1,---,, a-I t+ 0111 1 1 J 1 il Ir ·l·ll111, .uee r0n III C b Coker of I) CIA ,up i *in~~ll~~llla,, ii,' ·IDrO l 2, The "In"'IIIII( III 'r(IIIII n n'lilNliu sno~rt, gIel 1 gIIt; a.[l~tll atId Iatplgt "uI"Iaau o ,aod I,,,a,,,gri 3 h tl~xt In Ili, ,", rnrrl t 101 lI IIII .'Is · 11 C, llllinllng 4"I. 'lI q stl e ttaaoolllallat1 7elpt, taat I) relll'l ti Inn-,boded b(L~l Iy Iluwll trell, "Tr1 p-lo but,) a114 Jar ,b lsleltree L,, Int. ;1,1(111 _5.Th -a,.ala 0001k raduLbry ~e -II *~l,,I,,tt1 - nod a Ind II, -al . ,1' I t 111111tee: 1 1 ,1111 '1d n. 4 7Int.,lam ed by\l hie ,Ill Hel p, ntTInc sorer 0,50)) i IllUI 0 "7. 'I'I,":,,r filmy 1.161dinl g a nd alr llll(·Id it J nl,..L' d roo 1, ,.I n ,. bring: 3d I( 11? :1(_1[ ,;,Lipl ,,fret, "5 b, 7:1 j IIe }1,11011 snco' 3d it; lll. Lit 16 I 1+. I). un1(· by J e,.., moults 0 "nil ""er wllnre n els 2,11110 V1 1. The o ne p, JIrI IIIil IV nII and ( aSand ,itI 3n n mot,,, i n. lel-ing IIllllr ll , lot brut, lam prt~ l .1)1( 3 '!'h'l e ,dono' lr if a round ,n (·l'llia 'Inn:,, F I IC. :. (1 I J I1 u Irllll , I !? . 1 .11* 11 1151pt IelllL'lle ., cot s 7,31111~r) ·)l 115. Thu ,,true of grn e~~)d ,n 0' 'h-din snortll it ,,. of 11; IndsI 01, )1lllulldd I ., N I((I\ . l/. owl :l. 1 l e l 1 ' l ' II I)I ( (\ I(. 1, 0(10I Ii ,. 'I 'n" ,,," .dirt' budding 11 1111i t ] lot on \,v ,, 11 1 \11 re,, 3,1 ,,. 51 . 113 lit, b utl b ,11,unsel ,nll 01el pI1 111111ur -n redo ...0110 111( 31. 'I'IIu Inn of re (flr d , t i II l Er street, !,It InI11. next~ il the h01111 f11, i·(111, s reel, 311 byl( 1115 I. ,t 61·r'l 5,511' iU 1. The sgtilllll r. If ernonI" ,,t II I u,,rui. · treet, .,I~ 1·;,. f 1~ ;n,, btiled by , ·I-ln, ..,,,,. '"" ~I ,1 I ll, hllll~I I ·111)/·I( n i .11_ It h, 1115 1"'.1 5 ` -wno 7ell~l~enr:tore11 5,110 CALD\VELL, O KEY & PI:IT1CHA1D, MANAGEI'< ANY 1ýk ý P1.u IEaIr ý'tu Ovr eans. Aug 30th, 1839 "'~~~~ ~~ 0' 4144';""''''" 47 Ib..q.....fgnoun. 1,3 ..,34,I.,3.,I,,.nll.,4 b~iy .33 ,,,,,,n,.3,32 h,.,,.,,,,) I'd(~1( ...t.r... ,,3,00 ·III~ 344ll,~ ~II.I3.. .t,,,,.' 1 .. ...n.1 500 4l \IIIl? ;rml l'll 11 *.,,,.4 3~ l 03443344,4, ·111,11, 3,,, '43'4 ,l14.4 I"" .,.± "II' ., ~ ~~a rrl I liil ~ ~ ~ 4444 4,1)11(1I I I:lp~· II;II( j'.4 44l 4414434r llll 443,'3443411444In 34,3.43344'' ',3. 4,0u10 I..i.,3i 4.II .3~i,.,... 443-llllil~ I..ll, .3..,',I.....n 4 il'i'44 ~illr llr i 44,444O 31344,,".'3 1i 3 444,<..,,,I1,.p c~ l~ .4 14 1 ii 111 1 4,44(40 I )1 444,,,, 4I4'l44'44',3,4 44134i444 1,1111··TI ~ ()j * i. 3 III IrCII 11 ,,,,, I .,,. 344.11~ 44'44I '3·l '3,4 311 11 . .i (I 4444444 3144 I~·I~ill3l~ 3444 141444 4(Illllli , 13,4 I44·4·4 4l~i, '14'4'4 411111111 4111 411011i I; 1,11· ·, 31· 44~l44l 441· 1) 44443l441· 3,,, ·1 '13 113 4,, 1 3 2 ' ;I,.l,4,-4,l'3,,,,.3,4~ ~~~ .\1~1~ .-l~~1 .i 4 441 44' 3III 4,44)l~ll 444 C 44444, 441 .374,3S 441444144'1111. JII 1I/)I III( 1.4 .334. 443 101 -3,4.. .) ),.]lll 34,4.44~lll 444 ,4,~ inE11( ·_1 4,4· 34,3,,)llll' II 4nlr4 I4'43ik~l I41 44,4,44 I ~l'.43 331,1 2,4 3,,.,.. .4.., 33l4. 444344' 11. Nrllll I ,.~l,4l,'.4 n~l 4433 l~,'3 44 4,431 04.,,... 3441 4 (;1 4411 44.~ 334444444'4 '144.3,2l 3,," 3 I .144,3.'l, 1·31 44431? 33413 l444,,, 34,II 4 ....I .44,,lr 3. f 4,... III i:.1... T4..1.34,,,3(3l~l 4,4,1444, 4.',4,,3, 1 1143lllil ll 3i 14141,1444 43444 4143 1 4,44llll 3114 43 ...1 ..,,',,,, L·li(l ()1.~1 ('334134II 3.3. I .;q..'....4.. -''--3~3.,0444344 Ii:.~' 'I"'' ' ''I "IIII,(1 Illll:liliii "043 ,41 44,4,4)·1 1~ I:lpc -I.,,,l.4,,. '333441 \11111 111 .3 11 1~111 '\ill 1 4~l 1144 14 ,, ... ,," 334ll1 U11 ·I.4, 414411443343 044,44 34443144441 till \illill~lU ~lii16 /IIIIr (Lid Ill 4111044ll I'(. A fsquare 'f _rIld( , o.ntaining 41 !low boulnded h. 'J'hali.,, aml Jacohb ,lr(·(·is l,80O0 re 7.). . -, qu r.l g ol "o ro o fl. , t., laluI 10 nofs i \{ hl dlyhd hy (Ch ll. .h110l.p int nc e land .dartl pl s tcre ets . • 1,00 li i7.. \ squ re of 0 llro c, n:l)lllalitlg 18 lid t, I h Ih d h , 1 Ches n ut, Ti' nhl", : p uI L ce lanl d E hrlr - n e,500 ;7...\- nqure ofI ground contaiuing I'r q o bounled hy Ches , i, > tn clcl and Clho i. liA tc of 'lgrofnfd, conl inintli 22 los. I lded' by po uc, I l lt, PTl e oUnd (tolio I stmts . 1,500 :2. A. squ ore ofground ontatining 16 lots bhra nled h) llrllry anl d I',1 h stI 't1l, 1,10011 ;'. .\ " 'flf' of uIId f' O ltioloing 1 loie hou l,',ed by Ieaf h, I r rrtu, l'f,' r fit Ll Chu i l;. .\ "qu.,r of ro oliu d (.- tl inin 10i lols bo,0hd,,d h, \\- , 1 n. J.h .,Iu t' io .ll '.1, 1, 00 i Thl.I'h l ll fr a (I. n.I Uo 0 ollllld h ultd, ( ,' J ; ,. .\ Af "IiA f ,,n . lf o d,l ( ,lll( ill o '_' Ilots l ' "l,3J IbV ah leh, t'li,, r'tl .e tu ,d t'lloI p i 0. A r I . I . Ir'oo (11 lo s l1n'i 'f -obllTr Iio fh illll till t'fo hi h r 110 h'flf ,Ii (), t'hifrr nood i 'h s tre ,,t 80 11 113. t u.\ i rl e f ggrolllll1 (Hllt llhl 10 ho):u b h l e, l0 y 3 io m dl U.iro t nl I etl \ ulh " .i t s 1 , .'0 0 I1 %l i , "' Lv .\l I Ii lt'llS +a a t llq g m d i n, 'I q -. A .soqure of'roand cnll.airling 10 lot~ blounded by M\ pl. I, n I .apd oltreI , nod 1 + ni 0'tfeo f le Ic .I ..'l' lt ..1 , 00 o.,th. 1 f em o, lofhn~ooh st reet b ei bythI \ 8 1 hn111, ha d 1tw h orlnple cu, 1 1)r - 0fip ,own '8 e o. n.q n c1h- l.Io flh Io1 i . \ I.-lq r of ould o(f t. ill.,n 1 lotso hounded by Pelt , C lio ad \\nl Prne. 7dl 0 81. A hlillal 'lr ll~rI o fI rolll d l o ndedt _y 6 11uull l Fellh itn lT ha bn t lr Its . ell . 400) o: III l'Jaco tlld 0 lt I ' I llf 0 1I. rfllll lir I('IIt rf rullld ounded f 1,by 'I r l tich e a d )lrsll , .. r l l.ta t h 800 I :11. A t'lalf lr of troul ' lo ,ifgrund b( nded by )J 1hlr )nlll aUIrd . enr lln tthes l+sI . cr ¢ ('lioC ,,) 3l'+ach . lrv.l s 83 00 . .. fA tollr grollld n1 cllo tlllnl 0 ll t. I t 1. . I IIn hy 11I plh,, P\ ' .. 'intd 'n,. .t l, l rOChoi . it pcurifgoda) el v ; . . li.\ A I.o .-, lr l m of o\ n. hon' hill(dto l r0ed1 tho ill h Tr.nll (( Iftlllhf -f lhff lhif'h ofI' IIIP 4i80 t 'ity 101 h ol "'.monnin. t lf 'o- .i. g (ho0 I ( III 01 '... f oo I ff .16 for ' the n."- . -17. A\ t re olgodlu lllld rotllr 1. ing 1': Ihu t 0 h . ln ,ye. 'ho 11nfl, :lrphl es e, ' n d V 2 ho II (oLIP oipf of - 31() I 9:. A (ri1nfu'n1. i'fs f re of gr nd I)ufiff lt, zr1 (hoP ,llll l T ch)ltl .1tr1ct E 01 ch n \lln.11 l : td IErrol, lreels . 100 , 1 110, h ,I llllll lo o f s fr f h l l( te Iorn er oI Jhol'l v ttJ \\ p tl::lC'l'll =l,.. Icha , ilng r5 .re SIti 'l ro t u h 11.llll 5 If. o l fIfn the h ta 3fl ((of. , -' or o r. .......o o..k t h $I . . Iorn ..... S int g fet l l the f'hl r i nd lll1d ra15 feet o lllh 0' Inllr 360 IIo) '..\ ]o, ,I frofund onJ, rso0 .l n'0, 2 b 0 103..l . hf of'2r. on J-.r.v rt,.,t 2 (,1, 8 , In"rhfl k . .u$58 50)1. 101 rib s, I..on.s.oare h Me.It,.n.' ar ed 114. .\ i lli:lnlr lllalr c (ouR a rn s T ock 11 1 11101,+i 1'.f ('lit . mlhol.d lrl,.2r . ee o 00 1 ( I f. 8 r 11, r'ur slUfRh e ofgruund Iounded bl, f'eFr nlldl ,.rltllollts f00 I0) v (l'nlll pe, , I, illne adlh1hlrll 'hron-. sll rerl 21 S107.A II i:iaf r lar (h o-' lqar ul gaiolih , onun1del 'by opol o. a kd \Vllll ,lle3l 00 (I 0 08 o )prif,, o I sharp each (-as L.i-ht mld |IlllrlL,'u TW ..I.iili .tluck, at $:3 l $ 2801,100 11 ch lllln+_+ sl k, at $75.-5,800 177 Iiriz,-%i sIh:tla E'aC ()oa ean IOce n su,~ie rulv st'k at $.50 . • 8,050 M 60 prires,I -hare each Oelchalr'. InsUralluc orln,any stuck, at $:0 1,800 A6 ilrlzPs, I slhorn, Trxchlange Ballk e otn punysalut-u k, rat $50 '2,700 10 :10 prize., .I share each, P'nnlhartrain" Roil Itoad , op.pnnv stack, at $100 3,1;00 10 Irice,', I O.,re pach, \\ '.t-rn 11srin. o.d 00 Fire I lllrlllla e culll) ally stuck, : I $"0 500 all Two millions qfdollars $_,11110,0l.)t 3%SZIlEss CAnts, &G JOB PRINTING. O(IF EVER" IEsCRIFIroN,. tIPEEI)II.Y. ItNIrtOME.I.Y AND CIIEO4PLY I:XEt'ITED AT TlHE OFI.IC Or THE True ..Jertran. S"I. CIf.tI El: S'ITEET, NEAR !'OYDRAS. In03 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING S I:'rA Il.ISHM RN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Iplomite lBllnk' Arendi. If'11.1l..11. G(;iEEN', PROPRIETOR Srt" JARViS & ANDREWS, tIIOLEAI.E ANI) IRET''AI. II.AI.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I) '1 ST.S''UI'S ..AN) WH'INDIOW (I.A SS, ctrner i (Cov:ln n urtll llllTehl upitunlas at.TetA, • I.MW III.P.A NS .NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. J(1HN W. ANIIKEW$. A large apply o Garden SrePdt. arrtaled tihe grlwth . . .. itf 7. CHiAMIPLIN & CUOPEI:, tuKOl'Eiu * A\O ItEAL.EIt IN 'aKOViSIONM No. 79 olld t8 Juli ýiteI,Nt.w CrIranns. 17'.`hip I l',ý ilt .oret put up. mtr 5 PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLORI & HAlDtIEN, N.. 4I h 'nrltre. iwrecl I IA a rIat nl 4 IIV , fevery altile i llmining to Fl'lltle lllo llc lus, fl thi e hlutitt dl le, at New York I)EAI.EIS IN AMERICA.N & ENLISII CROWN GLASS, Nt.. 3 CAtONIEtLr.Er TfYrET. 1o BAZAAR. RUSH & ALLEN, NO. ], EXCHANGE IIUTEL, 'orner If NIto. t rlles ond (iom on Itt,. NEW ORI.EANS. i 'ORT'rERS mni IDe,,err in Frenclh l.d Engli.h . ,Irl'tftrnnr; r )y +i ('Ca-e. an. l , oI rta'l Ir Ske. Cutlllery, Iloi., (;hloves Sllir Stock, , an brellnm, (cIne+, nld FanIIcyV Articles. 5 .'tlerchlndte Broker ,. Con,,irs,rmn .7lerceant, ' 113 1 il.lie,. I, 'amnp st.-For l ot pesenrt. . P'. FREEMAN & CO., Sl|olerale Clotlh t tlssote.ailml No. 3, ...hun /t.ce stre, 1, IIA ,VEc onstnutl on hand a Inrge supply of Cloth i in., talcuhlated br the rolutlry trade. Their no. <orllle t lle o l <urge, l rrrclhllltl fIom thle country can be ota l'li ol o t the hort.t ulotiee. FIREM EN'S INSURAN DE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Ccmpnnv are nwonprertre I take RISKS AGAINST PIKE. No. 24 Mlueon'o Building, Cnnl et.rat. E L ItRAC(Y, Neuw O(le M 1. 1. Ster tury. RI RERT CI,- NNIIN. - HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I ('.alll streer. Wholenale Dealer in Pu'uts, Oil, Varnishe, IBrushes, imall Winldo.w and to ;t'ioe (oin.o Al . Ao. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. - O DI'SO.' &" GOOD W*I. t, No. 0', 1'hnrtrer StJresl, tne iloor belowr Bienville. IAV onatantly aon hand every article appertsin rl i ert gan'rit'aaai'n'a driala'aiad in taislbet .no h 'r at aad maat aitriarrai la st.yle, whichl they ofileP far eaeb, nl relhl'd prie s. HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. rl'IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of thiveabove goods, which now consists of the olaowinlg aessttment, suitable for the southern and westerni markets. Ihllow ware of superior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 23 diRlisrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frorm 3:8 to 30 gallonse, Keltles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Biakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, T'ea Kettles, G ldo Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 $.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8i inch, No. 3 1, 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior .Iualily and finish, and less than Jaoe's imported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor'~ Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 2011h. Bolls for Plirntatione, steamboats, ehurches, &c. made to order, Also steatbheats and other machinery made to 'rThe naive assortment of goods ip particularly reconunended to the attentiionl of Southern and W\erner merchants, and are offered for saloat low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever otlered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merciasnt, by orwardling a request by mail, can have a prin*rd circular. with description of goods, prices and terms, f-om which no deviation is ever Smade, trnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 Piano Forte Instructon. William Smith tenders his services to the citi, z~ens o Ne.', Orleas as a teacher of tlie piano for v. r Mr 8 havwll, Iieren elmployed severnl )year i. a n a, hto r ,,1 imu- 111t private umilties in Boston and al,, ait seva , rnl ae lihe fitmal se in arion es in its tlt Tclllnlllliat rut hope I to i llrril their confidrnee. lie in , n tl rttitd ito refer Ioliv Dr Cl.pp. ltesase .iar.o & Av. ra , Ileandersa n & S;iuire. For tlins, c & least e e apply at tie booksteore of Alxan.a.a ter'T'o er. 490 C ,lp oL nt 2 RIiiSiIl (;.111A EN SEi')-'i'il enbseri br lbgs ao s xpress his grnttlul thanks t, the p t. 1.r, for the literal support he hias aeeivrd sinee : . c ani enledi buasiness in itis 'y. Bering .sle pro I) ilt.. r t Ilt nieed mtolre, 17 Coiollll n trelt t, he rs nIt aid nvler ewas an git hor any tnorlerr n seed i ver; nIeri teaoir s Iae conneeed ith aonY house in this roI allr-bitt h clie usr,s the publie lrllt his I cannae tions it Daery department of the seed bheis nJe., in tihe dllierlet counltries o EuRop are equal tI (t tha i llany hi uise in ttilt Unitad til tes. He illl. pIrs a e da. Iantlas I&c. fromn the m.ost xtenrrsive anald rnslito able ntner-teS and seeJenerit in Frsence, olland, I nglhani, Sci, land aid the northeru states- an ll it ll at all lltnlcs a r Is i t eresrts.11 it 0 is i studiy, to receive, in addititon t Its present Sto0tk. Iarge a ir tools of vn ry d, seripi one, rt ally the 0 grt'tb oI e 31:; lso, enurnlited fruit ire., of all hkidtls. The public may rely on finding a full asi so rtmnent of every article in iie seed Ilnr, ol genus, ion quahty, and imnported diirect by SWmn. DINN. NDR IiREW MITHl & CO., respectfully inform thley occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, o Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. ing tua s, an4ril cans, ofr' all sorts and sizes, and all l other brass easting done at shortest notice. iGrate bars of every descripltion, such as steam. boat stirups, hog chants, screw bolts, and other in kind ofnitcamboat work, uellch as chimneys, breech. oe, tealll pipu. 'lhey mill also o all kinds of out door. work, 1I such as zirnc, colpper and till roofing and guttering, &e. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at the jO shortest notice. dec27 L S FEt;ntUIU, Nao 54 Conde slrer , between )0 Duoaln and St Philip, kee econstantly on hand all . xtnelllse lsarlllll III of bollols snd brogens, and hores, ' o r w York manuioac!aree, r nrrmen. women 0 andi chaldren of nIl na ae, .lhtcll he will dispose of' at very mlodlale prices. Fatnlheli I ls a, nqinlonce on seeding an order 110 will Ihlve thetr "shesr attended In LS S..GOUR a IItON,SI'EEL & HEAVY (iOOIDS-Hat, saqa I and bundle iron, well assorted. I0 Hop, rte uil said rod iron, toil rids and plough mliltllds 00 C:st, German, sheur, blisterwd, spring, slheet and Crow ley steel 00 Ihollow r are, aut and wrought rails andsl ikes Erie, block tin, maill end.grnmd ast.rn, llkketles 50 Chain utlies, tenchurs, iro.s . - tOx, log ' d troe tiaoines, ern mills 0 AnIls, aeas, , limmcersreanad bellows 0 i0 1 altner,pig and nIr lesdr shot Cea:, rsid cokilnig nia.s Anwns, Irolhal'st ant other spalsamld shovels 00 llok and lrt hinages,dtorant Wrjndow lhookL i0 Colirn, : llm s, Swar'psod djhelr sos aI'ri ed Mun nllauo eorrlhRge,l.daasll a tawise 1 ir nota i sliathiug opperp Nar , olalo ,-es • aI'riats, hiaoia' aimall d aesd oil : . s . A liull .dssuelnat ol IarhdwaFe and ship charnlle -ainroe hianI, aIrd wlich at i n rrtl i Iaeai st n sds at tIt.,ai, ,n the aorst faran sblo tnortes, -s u.r LAY ION ':n. SOld Lnase;