Newspaper of True American, December 5, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 5, 1839 Page 3
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STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dia . Iriei Cotrt. The State of Leitinno,, -fi-- ft lwho thea. re shnta, shall cole, greetlhg':-WhlreoetllENRIY.\WIL. IAAM PALFlREY,'llhavri 'jur.helsed at a sal omudte by tile sheriff of the peri{ol of Jeier-c, Ilho r prerlv hIerheishef dedpribed, ha' ap'plieod to I lt iloik of iii, Cuurtia whscie , lciii-en doell ot'.sal. ith retorded Oii the.sqveltelath davy ,i Olldbhr, A. 1). 18319,for a Mnti tion lsir.Advertilementlin .conferrily to an Act of'ile Leglslatureoifthe Mate if' Louaisialn elititled,"i.n Act dlr the further assurianice il titles to plrcirlaielc at iti di.c l e'oio;" upproved lie tenlihiay of March, 18:4: Now, iheefrie,.k r nowe, and all persons ilteretnretl herini are herely cited nd ldiiloni.hel in the ilaIIe iof the State of Louiiiana, anld of tie First Judicialll ia .rit Court wheo cn eet up oIy rilit, title or cliIm a n and to tiillrbperty liereilnofer diecriblld, in collne qaena of ea ifiortinolhly in tie order, i ecree or jadg tmet of tle Clotrl ulttor ilrch I ole aulP was tide, or any irregularityor illegality ihl the npplriserllents and advertiaemcenlt, to tiime, or lmnner tll alt, or for atly other defect whatsoever, to show enuse, witlil hi irty dlayrf i tri Ihe day this Munlition l i rtL inser:II i IhIe paslie palers, why the sale o iallde should not be con ellrled alid hoillogoted. The said Iroperty was sold hv the hlcriff of i.e ie r ist aforesaid on the totIWeieth dtly oit Setlllel r, A. I). 1839,hy virtue ofa decree of lite Court rendered onll the eighlllentl day of Mlarclh, A. D. 1839, in ai suit einliled Maria Cecil, ailth of Charles Brewer and cl. vs.lthe minor childrn andl heirs of CharlPs (' cil, No. 12,81.9 of the docket ofitlli cenlr, at which sale the said lien ry William Pallrey lecalle the purchiaser, Ilr Ihe .priee of four hunlldred and Iltirtl)live dollars, payable cash. Iescription of property, av.given in the Jtudicial Con veyanee, vri: A certain lot of ground, the ramte which cas aldjuoli ented to Williamn Nihlilaolon HIll, atn aite Iaillde i Isane . McCoy, alllioLser,of the city Il. \et o)rlecilt, on the levenoth Mlsrch 1136, hy virllre f a jrltlcillt tif tllicourt ol lie thirtieth Janouary 173ti, nild "ich wa ordered by arid court ol Illt eighlteelnth Mlarch 18:19, to be resold at.the risk and ex eclle of sail Hull, lltne. leilin ansd refulltg tocoloply with ha ltrntils itnd ur: ditions lnsiid adjudiealltin. .uld iiit lhring aituaad in ile parish of Jeffersnn, m the town if i.arolllill to, ,t.uigi iiated an nunter Fourin square. A on a plan trawn by Bejaomin Iluiscon, ctllerytilr llf .ad torieltill Ihe taectlllelh al Jaouary 1830, ald dleliprited itl lie itllite of II. B. Cenas, a notary pubIlie lf this it ,el id ris tiriag, n Aterioa lenaul na.c, filly tiwi firie eleve itches front on e street, sild forly fiti three ilinhes also fronton Ilarle stlreet, three huiaih'ed ilcd Ihlilliy Ino! feet in deptll and lroit on Jeille on, anlid three hilildredl and fiour leetti inches aitl a hall otI the lilne dlvidin it froml lot No. l'hree, toglller with ll he rillhts, pnvile gea &tc. thereouto beloegiig. Iitoaee, the Honorable A. M. Bollullcnnc, Judge of lhe I . Court alorearid, this 1tilh dy of Not ellluir, n20 P LE Ill.ANC, DIp.Clerk. LNTAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courdu Pren ier District Judiciairo-L'Etot do in Louisi, one b tous ceux quo cos prdolntes conccrlolt Salut : Attendis qee HENRY WILLIAM PALFREY eyant acleld h one vents faito per le Sihrilff do la paroisse Jefferson, In proprifit ciailpra dcrite, a'est adressd au greff do cellto Cour ol Ia tit laeto fut enrdgistdo io dix.selplit.o jour d'Octohrc de I'annde 1839, poor un avis conlorm6dment f aUl scte, do Is Legislaturo de I'Eit dlo la Lou siane, intituld at Acto pour confirCler len tltres dos acque. rearsu aux vento judiciaires ;" approuva lu 10 Mars, 1834. Qu'il soil colnu, at toutes poiunnes inldress es ont par ce presente sol noc0do , au n-rii de I'lltat de It Louisiano et do la Cour do Premietr District Iudiciaire, qui pourraient avoir droit t In pr - pridt6 d6crite, en colnsquitlelco d'un d6. fatit do forml dans I'tordre, lc Iticrct on Io jugir ment de la Cour, on rertu dtuqilel vents a 616 fait on do towe irrdgulariuf on ill6galit6 dains I'cetilatltio, l'avis ou lo tlemps ct lo Icodl do lit vente, on pour ulo aulro cause quelcorque, do fairo voir, daona treoletojures f dater do la publilca lion de cot ovis, pourquoi la venrte ainbi lat tie or. rait pas eonficrnl6 ct loinlologuoe. La dito propridid fut verndue par Ic Slidrilf lsui. dit, Io viigtelhto jour du Septlctmbre do I'anide 1839, oat vcrtu d'u o dderet do crtte Coor renldu le dix.huiiblnto jour do Mars do I'unn.o 139, dnls V'alfliro de Maria Ctcil, 6pousoe tIe liarl,- Br, wir & al. vs. Los Enfins rlliicur ct litriliers de C:harles C6cil-No. 12809 du Docket dot retln Court, h hl quelle vontele dit laeory Williatm Pall'rey as'tl reldu acqudreur pour le prix de quatlr, clli cill aquante piastres, payable culptlant. Descrlption do la proprietid dalpree I tranc.fer judiciaiere, savoir : Uncertain ltl do terri , le Iil.lro q tl t fil adjug.p A Wil iam Nichlolon IIull, a une venllt btlite , or leasc L. Me. Coy, eii-;uateur d la villae dle lit Nouvello (Orldi-ta., le II Mara 18119, en verlu do'ur jugoielnt do cello Ctolr Idu 30 Jtnvicr 173(1, el quo in 11 Mars 1939, Ilc Cour ordoluona ,d'tre re vendu alux depllts eo risqures du dIt Ilull, i caui t deo a lnegligence et do soni refus rerIplihr les tornes: t el co dtilil nis a t lai ditL, adjidictlllon l .' .o Jot do terrm e.t situd tdiln lI l'laroisae do Jellirsoetii, lans Il villa de Carrolton, it elt di,.it ptr I, no-I intro r qatro o d ilot A, suer O Iplan drees6 pur 1 mlsoaiti Inictison,. areitoeur Ie I ti parosse, to 20 tanoTt l'10311, olt dilpoi6 d In ti lue iIr,:a de Ii. 11. Cellna, notlal.o public dol c tlt villta; il a foeosaur Anorieaine) cinlnutlitl Iaux leds o111ze psouca do iace , Ia rcI. dol! il LoCe6 , qu irtoout, pi) elds troias pouces db o I.eo k i rue Ielurtne, Ir~l centsc i.rente nluf plieds do iproillldullr iUt efiC a .t rue'ersoo eLt lotlts cnts qil ,ro tie tr six paucco ct evotni rsu Ila llgiule le divuae ItlU h-t No .1. ontlisCi. tle totus Ic dlroits, Itrirtiegis &Me. qu1i y aplpllirion. tieat. Toiloit l'lIenorahl' A. I-. clllelilnlaln. Juge do . Coour scsdlto, co 16 Novelbrile, 1839, P. I.E Ill.ANC', n20O 3t in 3011 Depuid6 Grefl.ter. REPUBLIC OF' T:aIss. TRAs,'IRY I)D,,ARnT.n6N City of Hlluston, 17th July 183.9 IN pursuance of a requiroement ota law Ipased by Congress of this Republie, approved January Slat, 1839, niaking it the duty of the Troearary to advertise a.deause to be sold the lots in the CL rY OF ,CALHOUN, on a day by him fSeed. Ntieo is herrby given that the tlet in the City of Calhoun will be offered at Public Sale. on Mlonday, the 18th day of November next, betwoee tile hours of TIon d'clock, A M.and Four "eiock, P M, at the Capi. tel of this Republic, u.peno the Lorm set forth in the following extracts fromn tLe Law above oteen tioned *" Se. 4.--Bo it firthlr enret,,d, 'Tatthol·ts ihse said town shall be offered and sold for no otlher cur. rency than gold, silver, auditedl paper, or the ,pro. rnissory notes of this governleItnlt. Soc. 6.-B- it lfrther eactoed, f'lhat the said lote shall be so'd on the following terms, viz: One ihurth part to be raid ,lowni, and the other three o.rth to be in equo l iusitahir ots of six, twelvoe t 1 eaiglltn ll io i t Ito. y Soc. 7.-Be it liirtheir enacted, That if any persoan whom shall lpurhaso anny ul these aluresaid aist. shall f1il to miake payrIarnt oif the severta ini etalolenis in crolturollity witl tis Act, Ile or they .hall forlfit all naehl sIums os they may hay,. preei. hualy paid, and tihe lots piurhased by such deflaul ter shall revert to the gornrtrut of tih lIelpub lie. See. 8.-Be it further eaeted, That all persona, aliens not excepted, hall have the privilege of pur. clasing and holding tlie samoe, and the President is auth,,rized to issuepatents to thelm so soon as the last in, stalmont slall have been paid." The sale will continue froei day to day, until all of the lots shlrall have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated on the Eastot rrd of Matoagr. da Island, directly on the Main eas into Matagor. da Bay, and from its advrantsgeous positron, will probably become the prinelpal coinreOrcial city in Western Toxas. A Plan of the city tray he seen in the General Land Offioe. The several papers in this Republic,the Comner. eial Bulletin, Pionyune and True American, of N. Orloans, will publilts notice until thlday of sale. JAMES H1. STARR Seoruetary of the Treasury. T.lEUDIIINEni, &c.-ltrling Irom ships S. i.,iS, :'1j Cherokee, Louisville, Jose.llinte acrd Ohio Pulov. rhubarrl ill .ooseu Sicily brimlrsone do indig, in cec(oi n Ntidder in cask, barrels and kegs Salt Ittre in kegs FlAtIr Soilplorie hbarrels inround gingoer in du Race gi nger in hags '20 Ibbl castor ,il Sal soda ion Lass dalerstus in do Sedliht snd soda powders Castor oil brIttles Patent mediirae vinle, ansorted vials Priloand varntish brusohe Vith a general n.snr.ltlent ol'lrdicines for plantations .and dralare. Fer sale fry JARItVIS i ANDIIEWS, s2 corler ComI. &' T;iorapiouUls t SLFRED I)E ROSSANN, or the Advenures of a ' Frevechge lemtaw-a new novel hy t( WV M Rey. olde, and forrule by J J HIASWEIL k Co. tIr25 49 f+'n'o, st I.;NGLIMSl ANNU I.s. T HE IBOOK OF 0 IE I1 I'Y, etherd by the Coon StessorBf lessigtono, with beaoutifuly timlthatl en gravings. tire Keepsake foir 1840,edirrd by tie l.ady E. Stuart WVorleyywith twelve eneravings. Ileath's Picturesque A.llual conltaiing history and .deeiiptiet of Windsor Caotler a Il it, ervirooso editcrdl .by.Lat.nt Itchie, EArs.-.L illostrutionr. Also o further sittl olf tal splrtt id work the Shakupeare Ga.Irry with other new an:d valuable l'ng' lish books. Just rereived'aod flr sale by n13 AI.EXd . If'OVAR. 49 ('ramp at L.ATEST PUBILICATIftNS. I tHE Damoel of Dlarie,ii volo, by tihe autehor of the S r,, y Iinva, -i .c Nau fDrrell,el tIe lipoay.alNther, by the nautor .f the Prince nild the Prllr Advell.res of anll Attrnley in earech of prratice, by the antlntroffirhe Advehtires iof a ieltlemian iln search ,ofs house, 2 vola Nichnla* Nic lehy, Ni. I8-and nll other new n,,vels, r ale by E .1(01ll NS & Ci, Ststioner'. Hall, n7 . crnel ht Charles nod Cu , ollIii Pie , IlBO S &, M i.-Z . J ATEST NOVELTIES-Shakspeare &h bisiend, 3 4 or the golden ager of lMtny England, 3 vole Fathor Batlter and the Loub!dleageg Plperin, by W. II Carleton, auuthor ofNeol M1dlor, eta. 2 veo. Tlhe Cnonsd of ,n.od" recing. or thot Hdlndbaok bf th lt M n of 'Falhion,; by. the au.hut f ta " of Eti - quet lle. '4 J""ls" s A& Co, " N It Siationer'o Ilall, i d2 cur St Chlarirs and Colnlattn ate :' - U_'I It (RECtIVE"M-l'he Bltle of al eanio, a poet i J he r Itn Countess of Rle l ington, illustrated, Lundct erditilln SThe'ln Shaklleare (inllery, ettlltainini g the principal . till thiruontoer it, Ithe pllya ol tle gratla Pot, Lno I don edition. Forei Mle Not, o ehri-tmns and tnl teor', present, by Frtedvrik :.tholh orl, L. ,non ellititt Prei lothip's a fllriin andnd \1'inter's Wreo h, it chrimin ]and new var'a s pre sent, lir I111t, I.ondoll edition. E JOIINS tS ('o, N (I St.htinners tall, d? cor STt Charles ild llCo(llnlnoll .ta Y :IV R Il ,.OK--,$ ;Sit llnrlnlnar.n tlo Y Itin, o tii II , totifll illlnnillntl d r grntit tng s; publishned biy Skckermalll ll & Co. I ,l ,tl. I. T'l'e Cleas oaudl Compa.nin,nc'ntinine thhe iwn ofihle gn , vaniue nd ilower Io ItIt pIiaces, remtarks 00 the btent ltttlln tl lf n tianligl the gine, &c. 4"c., hb W Lewis, i ndion 109. Chlles for beginners, in n ntries of progresive lessonn , illuntNarn & ho n ccron . naornn rina d ia conrs; 2d aditiol, rtviseId i iil ea ri'cloetll , Wt ewis, Lu ll. dn;,nlso, Flnn, I'o coanec, Loodneedilion. Jstt reeited tlld fr ntole t E JOt.00 an Co. l12 Sttniti ltrr' Ilnll j Illtn.. S N C. l( .II ttIIc I l..te Itt noll Oir , I1 l cen ti etdllit ll icst reCirt d nt li fit ' le by T' , IAersII . . & C.,,- sutc c1slsl tO Alex. T'OWAI. 49 Alntip startee, d:1 N IItIOt.AS NICKIIA I t Y, Nos. 19 nndl 0,just re. eived llnd fr sale by J IIASVELI. & Ca. d3 49 V'anp st E. JOHNS & Co. STATIONERII' IIltl, NEW ORLEANS; "0.j E assoltrtmlint I o r Ip Ian t v on o PaI.ed, the suh-c h l lhr ,r th f in lri o e parti culnr itte t i i rwl o l he pu . bl inic. 1 i le . I"lae. liw. English Dnai ng Paper, (IVPhatran) D'e Vy 20 u h iPo sd by 1" whlite wove. IldotI, 2- dlo 14 do l lryl IOy 7 do 104 do otper l oya l, 2i74 ni t, l; htllltinl, 30 hdo ilt l'enhaplnt, 2 lu 2 o on3 do I 1l lnlllina inr 15 d '.314 do i Athlll 31 t1t' P o d DIl)IIlP E lelllrnn l , 4I1 do 27 dio S dolt ila n ri rn , 5:3 3 do 31 , . rlin Fatlnr , , Ill do t.7 do All thI nsove extra anto k, rtinlt grnen, l. American annd Eg/ish large Bintling papers fitr B/lanktror/,. F l IotI lt, 'i inch. I 1 r , wh,ni n ld hI n w ve, do i l ill Itlany, 224 do 17,llo d di, t nn>o", 24 , ... ... l 31 do 22 dn o do AEnglish Letter Papers. (WiVhttllnllo ' Ruse onl Tnnoers't nold John Greo 'se t lll l i u aIt te e.) I.nrg .. size Packlet Pont, l4t, Ishlas nld lwhi . .ve, . f. (tlogolll a n dio n rho ni d1, do do do nlue laid olik PsLt,1 . f. bIlue wove Extrl otint large thick plt t ; do gilt ''ii trld linrge pno ;lt ; d git Ih'itrld po l; iln gilt Folio p't, wiill an11l hhle wove . li.l. k, bl.l wove llacnk lbortirlelot ( rtott itp.g o pOst I:nnltnonsnl Inge nd l iii ll a pni tntn do gilt Fotl-oatp em na t-.d IInl mIln t V i tfra tain st English Note Papera, Seo. and 16mo. Plailn note ipi r, whlite wore; d t gllnt Tl'nted iao xtra stin iu blit. lilntd andl gilg ,o,,ry " boed d and gdn Illtotk hnrnhnred tn IIE hol sei . nd do Silk nottr lpor, a lwhit n or tintlPd and gilt .'orl It.,nnnl.l o e do \Wof toed silk note, do do d., p, inied iut iontinn American Letter Papers. lioe,'h I'I un ll n i o 1m ovl-,,ll). A:U mire'I s. f. Coo rr'" i t'ri Pn. t, . hin , 111nc 111 Iwove I alnon's I' nk,, a '.-t, 1h0 m .n .e o1 size rtl, +' . t. nt ,., a o ini bl e wove d!o flu dvo for , 1ar ndo d d Illtlndon'n,, tuhhnrd'o Glordn il' , (iilrin'l, and nl ll onther god mills in ther Itn, te M. l e.. Lette ttrIm No. "_; C "IIO udion d l hik In, ino et, tnriln' and lidson 's ,. f.a a li n,, I'in, I r nn ti,, n. i n om a nne Slnditnno tn.ntoltn It'.ol d ta. S. I. h 'd. rnh i tt. I -lh ti iior llt, f o e al hl l1 r lI , an d c Ii h t l Ilu - non's nII 'T .ar , n. I. do doiF , n . 2, whi te wo ve iooI. .ip, No.a n3 Ilul, hrl' ndo Inn 1In , tfllher en l ll , m bo in thei U. S. rued Pa t rers. 0 Ifnv4l, do1:) 1 od II n aI tnnl dooo SF li,, t O'.l A ll~lht na 1 n , Ih . w ,! toI I.t ln r I', n ar, l inet d, n t 11i ,1 byI I i . J oh lo - 1., onrl all e t tiaoi tnoe Piodt, nt,,i yI Cina . lu tne P'oi iino , it o r id (an 111 tnle d I SI.'uIl'. p,, ,s, f. nilhll ihmld, do. i N,.'!,d. do, 'hn o,< .. .., ,.s limes fr J.. .. usit. pn ern Io ,y al i I htinlll d stavesl ti do d ,Ph ,orb r. o o r vo for uolinlr Colored. Marbn e rand Fnancy Papertpa. oford ntt ond nincet l tp int Goi,, ilv a, copper Ol lle paperaat a n dIll i pndtlle tii allo-1 p llillr Sundryl Papers. i'tiin .g plaper, all siz. t , dld Al noil oti v os t'u ll · ire -or ye \ ll, e vel o.' , royal and c all ICopinpill a tI't in :ngl | dih do' ; ia ,ket posdt Size t Rltlt II paPer,t Iinner' , hit, do Amlerican lred ltle W I tlI.4h - " llalnd nnItaInI Oil aoper for cInn, , j.' rresses ',iest , t 1 I I to i t p tiedr itnt atn n 'e ',pat er ta In gollteil nl, IntoPe all i t tntt double eleph atlo innt (the', torn i(tanie, nal'Ieot nintgd, te tai at e . tI.nt pp,0r.t n ,\V in , ii - - A iat a .l.tlt l lv ln f til l hii llinaVll ig f , nnrk, ltn, -t rnneived y Ithe Csul'tcliher. T'hl o, t.'o 1( 'kr, i:1 :1 v l, . pillnLiagoe'o. tS oull t ll ol f the tIas nl Set-eSll itll n .e JIlt. 'n h l,. rnn , N itt oillro i' tin l - ry olte nrl tll ,i tia n a nd ? l a ttn t il tllitlll etu ANN' ALS cull 18'0. rlIi P'ots of America, by John Reese: splendid Ctltrils, n eepsan e for 1840, by Rnev. John A Clark; eplendv0 uOre, Cnollao i Iteti..ono (idernng fcr 1840, by Miiss II1 Watenrman; The Gem, aor 180. a Christmnas and New. Ye'ars' pres se,:::. ,I·tvi enllonssed moromevo The IPnoti or Afloetrn'o (bt blo f 10.1(1 The Chihld' Gent for 1840-Also, The Gift, 1840-The VIlet do, and Lilerary Suve OIINr (,, tfionr s l b ll n J ,7 .rn,.r 't (tIolerl al to('dCmnlon sst '... iliE ,II' l.' 1) II EA IY. IIllS splendid Annual., edited by the Couo.tees of Illecsiington, and illustrated with twelve latrge ind highly finished engravieng, jut reeived and for sale by j J II.\SWIII[. l L Co, n25 49 st N t I.bV I'U21,l-" eport of the 8p resh.rn I hor. Case- tlhe CommlnnweauiC of PIrlll+ Iev- i nia, at lhie suoggrslinn of J.Iner 'Ihdd and lllltes vs.I Arlhhel Greenalindothel-,by Snamuel Mliller, a mlember of the Philadelphia linhl "oee on Atonmenltl and Sacrifice. a new ediiion in 2 vluomes, 8 vo l''ilm tiw" 5th ondon eldition, with,,,t ,corrci,.ns n,, d addi tionls. 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Ill nk cards, gilt and ornamntal; rrcolor, rose. w III n o nd .lltl.lo nlly o irns- inollttntt, elo. alt nlltle Color booes, with slints;'s in cakoes olf il kid8 , Ackerman's; ecnmel bli, brheltes, su ernor quality; Inkstabno,oatlice, ro=ewtmd, mahog.pnlv old ml, ; do pnr;thle; do Ibrnze tn ,r oIli.te,, an, elegnt rtinrte; 20 do nao l:auble., hest q ualhtv, sqea e rictes; dr ., vin.I ,ook, lioitable f,,r scht. Is; manil,,hl writersl, \OVed. Coold and Ack, .tan's; Copytog po sselblio&i quarro; I opying ink, etl; teptlen's chane.genble & perntln.ent blue writing lud in jugs; Pcrryan pens P ,f anil indls. re. Ac. E JOHNS & s C& u n2:' " tatinne.'s Roll, SetCha,,Icsst SSZPPIIG LI8'. aoastwse. FOR NEW .YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORKi LINE .OF PACKETS. (To Sail eeery other MonoJay.) Thil.ine so co:poosed ui t.c foId,wi - c ps vis :io Shlip 1 A/,) , l'raok SMlf. SlIP'PI, F' P illard L" OU;ISVi.I.E, ' AJlle - " lIi l'KS P:A F " Jiritoln " HU 'TI'i'sl iE, Eldlidue " SARA'I'OA, " lolth .wny Tile bove e s ho'o, nll of lth filst clsr' , o lopperod fnd onpleorit·sto l I, rof u lil'hot drlught Ior wa.I , no built iln \re l. ork expressly for the Ir.'d,', with elegant utcolmnlendat onti f:r Ipsseo' e rs, a.1 c( inmlalled by ahl e and experienced ' uster. IThe rice os f Isssange is fuloed u. $411, withoul t w ines or lirlJsoo, ; Umo le solllles i every otherr punicltar wi Ibe novidled ano el ely alt |rntioII givnll to )r+,llol (! uth cotillos'st io, thosos po Silt tn nn.JI ro ill ti h lille. oThe llsshlo will ital l l'.tios i es o torwsIn p nld oloWo theo rive:, no d file gisentest punctu. alioy soh.urved os so lshoidr o f ssfroil o., .Niilheer ths owners or captainsi of io hips will be ro'peso i sl e foo, jewelry, Isulliono, I)rO muO + s olls' , ' ilv, or patied wure, huehknge of gi'sn, hollow soo,e hmirble or grallllito , o~vrrng ofte n or l l, rune of iro oll c el, or fir ny lerterss, parotl or pockage o.e' sy or put e l lohos tI om, un e gs reg i IT lls olliu u isls Uore taken flr tlhe 50m5, loI t value thereofexprssed. For l h'ligt our p'.lo ge opplo to Louisiana and A'rm Yturk Line. 000The le n, lost slish , re'gslar erket A iship AtIISSIfSSfIPI, fillard ulmde, hteving heor entire caro oengsg,ursns d oin hoard ,wiii be desllehC d as aebore. For the freight of[', seci o yV, Ii" paoo i+ ', isnvini s i+oen rlid sr sssssi doio m o nos, otpps)y on bon el late tier beol w tile 'sre l.'sosle lllorkelor i o dl Wf I IFOSDICK & Co, 70Camop st FoR NEW YORK. UPTo I :l 1.w 1 Ilhrrdv next. nessr }'o/o.k atd .at.l Orleans Line. 'T'hIe Pricketr -hi A ' cUII o'osupti s N. P. Dlll[e y. ha teen et taillal by dir e leldllene, oflthewellher. Fosr roight of 00 hosi' ec i tol or pnssU;e, pply uoo bsoad or to1 d___P I. AIII AW, 51 CI opito Foit NIW\V Y- oitK' Iloluses' line sof l'P ckets. lreglulatr l'nlckOtl., 9th Decemnler. A TIe scooi Poeret ad copperr tsIt( sh i OIfI.FiA IS, Sers o s, Alsstr, 0il1( e. des Potrhrd o bohves. Fsoorlho oIohtro oosg-e, s'll r e s slegsost ol o'l sslllso sll ssll l , ssllyLI ssrssII othe C'u futai on i.'end, ouro tir heuw ,t , \',ecsso s I 'sr ,is , or to 1_6 A lio l KEN, 91 I'omnoor st 'Th Pi cket ship f'solsn will oosrceeo tise O'leans, .tad will soil on her Pe1 tlar ,la.. To lsil on the sth Ilee'nmhor. Th ' elegnt pir ckelt s l hip FI.\,NKIIii'T', l,ao ptlin I(;,s . will soil n.o abo ve, Isio . ij h'.herrsoreosegasg di. t"sor .st', hsvsng pposi 'ohe St. Joel, h strelet or oi n2J 11_P L.II)I.A l', 51 C orin at 'or the Interior. Ieghlnr Parlket. 'fT e fnle, loist ruls illg f teamlllboat . s CIIos ,r CIILfAf Cnpt. \Vsrriogs will leave o w )rle+s every Thhurera day' morning ilt l0 o'ehlok, If d lavou I SNure eerv f un tdelv morlli "s at thi .alle hour. For Ireight (r 5pas-I sage spplly on o s ird, f. r . I.. I -- '(-FOR BAYO) SMitA Regular Packet. o hei thoie sr brif stot-rieuosrsteoa on IIHI Two , 1.1N'1 lI1- he el o aster,O r r ' will ),ae New t)r.........v Ve - nedt 'loc A. f l. far IN o ir' ev. " S rdayefi( I t Iln ,'el< ek A. 11 ntitgl m: eI(, n-i down oillo umlday For height or p osa soge alplyi to (siilopt. urs oiS boo rl Nr to I_ the;pph ,u ter sruiso, No. I ('ams stree-t-st the lireler. | IifS;l Office. hush Off f T I') lEN N', 1o. T e "I hrl. srlr brick iTsoe No. 17 N ew f I. oss*elo; tsplscs- I sooIsU gi .r so ilulrs -istely. , Rny uNlli 11s is" Tw .t c.1 s asl cs l ini-hd rlh- su' , ' r l.o. t- i 'l sllslov l a 1'1 ol- se's , s ll% l f's i mss ],l le i I ll ir sst- s opld y t the c f.l,.l h illh thSfi al lf l T i ;o l 11111t 1. - r a-sol,,,nt o it'll:' -i l tJ n ,lk l ',u ll o,,n a ld p ,ic e-. 1.,r-: - l, l, al b ( U."-,ll l i,,, -:1 i x, ha1',", IIl,,hl 1"t nlll, 1r t Ila -, r'0 011 1; ,111 '1 1 h ' f h' lho Ir 1,, - I 'rnltrl II . iofI a , 1 111,rl t1l1fell ho 1s, , i f i's IIst " It~, 017 0;1i S'Ufl'l, sti S s s'o'\' .'I ' ltl; .0l'\l+- +let r she'i,.l, so'', I + 11- i & folA, l , ills(rk, s s1,.eous - Tor4 ,,ll l ,Io l'P ton. , s11, o- osll d ,,h I'i-t,ln, for is l," t S . I & I t lR l I' t f19; , Ile b AD.\.iI. ,' \VII I 'A1ol .. 7II '7 (sis.o iinvooloaSr 'Is Iflo1si n, Fos.ruoh.. s iezkio orl l'-fhIoso'l ir los o oolsi. E cI IIII i t,, ;rut 1, h". 2, c v i s. uff o StiruI I sI;dS & )Ic grno i , CI ' amp Noa n i, ll il lso h oit', f'stioss and Isir s;Ir by 1 I'OSV I " 'I' i 0:1 'r(esosisis so JI'()I , qlhv evev lo' kel , Inlr Rlnupplyl r~ ll lavrt, Iu s -pia, Fur m iId ,ooliskin s ils. I-hls t, oi 'll lh 0.t ,el Gsal , iFon nond s flr o ns11 f .tll , which rhs oII 'r llnss:oo pe-on tlo.o, Coo h i i.., F m..d public, .r . Io '. For h t l y i f 01fF 5';I' & Co. Navo l, f ili v ' Ishsl, ottr, under ol9 26 'l'chl t,,.luln lit tI ,I)FER-- b:urk in rltrre, ,'ir sale - 1 t"-1 J TIIA.'I:R & Co, 74 I'oydrays st It'E:--3u c:asks n.w (ii, e-, iu s:tore andl !r sale by .IR 1i6 :i GBI.ANCIHAItl,,r sr liA-0 lhesrls Powchoug,. 15 di, Soucihonry,nd sixty 13 lis boxes Gunlpo, der Te, in store for lole by . J HAIVR & Co., 71 I'r.ndaa st 2'El'22 1 ''l.- 21 in'.r 1 r ' , 1rr y,!rr I n n, _ n'! ,I 'l'll.\12'7l,' , tin , I', ,l,a, st 1 - II0 nnrruxes Ltrrbr ns' $ I J; 1 v a !,, in mor,, yfr a J TJ' II1IIAER Co, 71 '.oras st )ERI.'I E IllI, l'-.A larze a sotmellnt ol 0 n-n,.h I'ew h un ie:, rci',ed by .-hil Lafkct l,., for "_ 4:3 'I'r 'apitn,'rl "r. SI lJ 1 21 2I I n1 . - 11 lu..,imi1 ui o uslr p2n - drills, landiae shlipI ('hurIhsto.,lr sale by I(1 I IIIII)G C ) ( IIn; ilso, 253 hrlls don esti: Brandy, in store fUi lalelr,, n12 J T'rHAYER & C,,71 P'odrns at 1-'lTOR UII,-10 barrels h,.t Vir,,ii 2a lor 1il, C white aud clear for renailing, al'o 5 lbbs Tl'lres sce ra tar oil, ~d quality, foir .sal. by JAIVIS & AI)I'RE'WS, 12 c yrnyr (oIIi[IIr o r T. 'itoir lllam sts Ii-'.lUrUI 00 ibri .rrp."llner fir by 1nl6 G 1)ORISEI'Y,44 New Levee. It b'I-y [rnOllJ J 'I'II.\ 'hIt .l C-, 74 I'nydrlrrn. t _.ILU1U-3-I0 6111 lauding !romr stealri[wllo [] hy 2 Jw[AIUA-i) boxes White lHavtlna, itr store andl for osile by In6l G(2 III..NCHIARhI), 33 Grivier st SI A!RD--,;nElish M2lli ri, ni st-re anlOi val l S II- PN F 2()M2.1', 97 (C,, i s P l1)SPIlUItULS-2-' Ib. hludl'inr' trn Ilinte, for salye by i IIrNNAIII.;[., o31 4' ' Tr'rhariyurlas SI t l,1.3 A2)-AMS & 12 2I I'AI.2., 67 (,lvri'rsy I . UGiR AND M1OL.ASS;S-rI n lllaillllllllns olive Ll towe, fur saeb hv u3t AAr!S A & WVHITi.1Il.,6 27 (lravier at alt.-'3f casks ,peril (ril, lauding ex shqip John IJ lle, '11,1 side hv i.(l 2 (. 121. 2 .I NCIIA I), 3 (rnvier t T).LPEI.-Sli reains a'lolnr sampyliriiing i2 dol Irge sized, clroth paper 100 do hiardlare paer lll 0 d, crlownll all I ca walpingp 50022 no siho rrrslo le r, t i ' dll I 6 yri Ri For sale by JIDIN JI' ASnr 'EI.Il. &'o, u"3 Successor- to .l Tow lr 49 'a' 1 st "I i -eS.IGY- -50 br i r r f d, hr irr y', Ir sa y ve hii' G i' ih;, C44,\.' Le.vee . I nrler , from Pidadhlpl ia. alti fi1r ale from the Levee, by N. F. 0(111.1, rI3-- [r' 9, 7 i'nn2,m t I ['l lIn , anrdr !rr sa'e by d1 A. 2'2iIEN'.,9(1C'rnmonrst lAY--UIr brl.s primne Neow Yolk Hay, IfrI11i 2hlp 1' wk-bErE, n-od Ir r!e bI) o31 A ('OIl EN, No.90 Common at ,ilgI U~it TI" [ENS--20t1iMor h iulticunlis 2 T'rees for s.le, .1pply at 1229 Conimo, st r 7 Il11:NI'II150 lK --Just received per ship Indiana, 3t viii A .xaoder DuImas 5ih,Ihh and 7lh d'n Enfint du PI'euple ilPerso,.s wh have bought frr o 1 liu i st volumes E JOH nS & Co, N (r Stationerr' loall, 0 ronrilrrt tCharle aind CyuInort at LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK "Mp 3utf)ortU ofi tfle state of aoufaiana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. SThie First, or Half Mrillion Lolttry, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctfally prseneeod to the PubI' c. Tie IIALF MI1 LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The'l WO 3MILLION LO PI'ERi will Ire drawn on theo old plan of Blanlks and Prizes-Numnbers in one wheel, and Dianke and Priz, a in another wheel. Bothi Lotteries. udoer the supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II P LF MILLION LOTTERY offers chRnacs to 1,291 Pr;zes, ,of a l;ch 33 are Priz sal Real Estate and 335 l 3raock, besi lo many ri.zes comr posed ofl'iek..r in the Ger. r.dI To Million Lottery, affording a particip otirri rf chaie,:rs is, r tihe: holder of a 'Ticket for PriCze ia Tl'he GRAND LO I TEIY of' T'wo Millions of Dollars--10,000 I'rize!!--to tlae t'ull amrraut of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prizes of Real E.tate. Only 9 Blanks to a l'rzlr!!!-Silnplo Nos I to 100,0110. 100,1100 'lrketrs at $20-2--,(ll0,i000. Pchemlo and selling price the i arne. Amonol thie Prizes ill thee two lotteries are many publie ail private lllili!ldngs which adorn the city of Now Orleans, and are thel pride of its inharb. itanta-tlh Verlndal,. St. Charles street ITheatre, Amlerlanl Camp ir lllrrlT r il, , t. Charles Arcade Buildingld . rrwith ir telc, Dwea'ing i lOuss, Stores, Building Lots, and malny Entiron quarea of Ground-besidel s Stocks m I atnks and other institutiolns of the State of Louisiana, ameounlting in the wllole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Allltrie lale E.ralndStoclks offercafl In Prizesarn oned r clby cl,eln nld i e their ioassiln:-lhI rtmorrfsrle wthc clrarrire sRrarledrin tlher firmr, and ecorrdl d i, thce ofici t f lo"rAidolplrh;.lrrea, Nortar), l'ul r, a . . . . .li . a evy.rre r r rorly t r e thas e hollere . t Iof Prizr Ticket firom oinCllraenceth dr .ti prop, erryrsat . s ret r alalrt rlt ybl o toit ro ard oily purpose, and c: n, nr caavert whatever, Leerl cconeyd otIerwcir hy tile firmlhn Ij to the hlrdrirres of tire Pr.r. Trckts. AMERICAN CAIIP STREET TIIEATIRE LOTTER Y, CAPITAL $540,000, Is 1,291! Will be drawn in DECEMBER NEXT; atld in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers of tickets, t1.e combination is adopted for this Lot. tery t Ily, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawitg wile he comnpleted in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbters from the wheel. 67,525 Tickota, at 010 each--$675,250. '1,291 PRIZES!!' SCIIHIEME. CAMP SI'. THEA'ITIE AnI GOauvnc , Will be prize to the bolder of the 11t, 2d iud 3I Wt Ilo.. s t .. . . . $15011011 .'I'ait itbCtantl fitar r.ltr aibl.k hitlding aelled tritr .i.- ' s hortC, fining tile curlier oI (itemi cold Natchezl strets . . . 40,001) Prize l0 41h, 51thl anld (;tit. That valuablle lite story bti ck store on Old L.e vee street, occulied bly Messrs 11 W Ilop ukills . 35,000 Prize ti the 7th, 8til atl 9th. That elegllt deleelhig house atnd lot, Nn 74 ltovel svret, ulaUllidd b, C \V oiaodriciI 25,000 Prize to the 10th, l IIh aod 12I,. That two story double dwelling and double lot ill 2dI 1. ocl'upied bv J 11 Hull 18,000 Priz oe ltote, 1ld d 4th. All entire square ofgroulld ill faolll01arg nnu. cti.tttid SI. Ioutided iby liberty, lienoto, Mlll toiter andi 'I'erpsih)lMre Its .. 14,11001 Prize to I st, 2d and 5th. That ote tr st ire and lot cornerr Cip and .Julia ireet,aiiccupid hIr r.:Str . l.utihter for dry goud .. .12,000 I'rze to It, oJ ald ('tli. Ihut ote story o tore and lot coracerao t Marv nod J liu li t. . . . . .. 10,003 Irize to I.t, 2l ni,1d7th. A certificate Ifor 510 tickets illn the two illio lottery, at $10 elil10 ,100u lhe lortullllet holder ofthlllis prize na, rlealize the inJiPv destivy to obtain possession, I hrugh tllher II1 i 001,flled fill i " lIie rlllnci p Olle po ti of the various slendid prizes it th o Inllion lutlrrv, wvill be a Prize to Ilt, '.I and 8th. That ltrce buildling and eitensive lot ill Ithe cityl I l.ufaveFrt , I.hubourg ivao li, tcorner \\aliingtll i t l Cllle iwin its. 100 byV 200 et" 9,001)1) Prize to Itt , atind 910l. A certit nll, of 4.15 ticketa inltle ttol I lli lottery, $ II eaclh 5,001 Prize to It, 2 l anld Ioth. T'hat one stpry dwellinc house and Il,, 2d 11. INavlde st. nellxill dubl+, lot 1ourger I of 11el atu on $ `I,5 111111 Priz ro 1t, t a 11 ilh. A ce teri tcateh , \ irkts i d ti tikt o i nilhoni lli cy teat If$--t, taI, 6, 5.51111 latcrit , t l sit Itr Ilti, i at,, rI'lze i, Ii . d at11 i 12th. A d. relli I Iiih lf l ot oII n Victory st. 3d 11. glo 1d fr. Ii lot liam g corler of IEn ghiP II ) rl t.l li .tll 1 z. to I lot, i3d iinl4h. A ce iilill at I Iltr3 iil ckela in the two million Prizc e t I, 3,d I d l ih.3,5 A loit of groulnd oui Nvldst. lid lo . being the third lo Ie ,,ib hthlel.aOoie t iet o, f 5.10 Perz, t, . ill 3,000th. A pcetl lllaiiite fiur i if kll e in the two million luttery, it $ill each; 35,4000 rize 1o Ist,:(d no 71th. A certiaiiate dor . tickels in the two mlillion lhtlry, tCl oIl lieatch 4,500 Prize Il, , 11.,. i Hll Fil l. A lci -toirv dw lli, o ulet rl h , 3 c t, 3a 1. f 0 cd "1,0011 Shdeigtllan heildatiglt 25e ret ot Mawl gator 'Prize to Ist, 3di rnd 11th. Aby d li, e la,,t rpic o o-il Walt st11. adjoin /n iit corlner lot of Nbi .d:,e .t. 3,500 Price la let,t Iialnd lOit. A i eliogily itlaqteI building lot on IReligious st.+d 11. 51h lot from that tin corner of St. I'ize i st, 3d and Itll. ,00. A prize conititlg of a certifttle fir 150 tick n tnciatlion, Jd it. ounde led by Cherry, Tha lill, Ch'esul andl lil rrato st. . 2,500 P'r,,ze to I t, 4111 and 51h. A dielirale building lot, 3d. I31. corner l of tlo reoTri an 3d \ t3t11o t std. 1,901) Prize Ito 1s. 41h and 611.111 A dtelrat le buildiug loet ta5 feet on Montegut st. 3.1 a . 4th fm,io ,retu ar . 1,8110 Prize to Ist, lilth end 7th. An enlllr s1quaw of gr.und, 2d 31. boundc by Clio, Pit l, it rrat o and Walll sts. 1,f610 Prize Io lei , 4i ainld HIth. A poi ion of i square l .r ioundl in 2d 11. I, ound. ell b i trrata anllt a le t, tl. Sit00 Prize Io r,.l 4th111 lln 9 llh. A sqIIIre flrlnd in ld M. bounded by Mlao tlct, Plrr J m li , n N i. , 1,1100) Pre,it Ist rt, 41h tntlld 101tI. 1 A.i elig bile hutiline lot, te huilt r! Livt ldii , city -f I.nfa tel e,39 . 1,.el o1n Vahinglll t iell et, lPr z I . oII , .llll d I and l ll. 7,1100 I34 tler, tui iL tawil Ittli-lsa, .th e 5il I' 't on t llIn toil sleet, ind Itit'ht from Fi,, builring lsel, ,i.i ound , ita , of Liltit eote, Pie to 1 iht aet, 0 o F, ourth s t, 11, 1 It 4t Ott flrl t l !tirlll Jer .v st le ,el $I,1I11 tIael 2,1()i Prie Io let, 0 Itnc lti- th ,-i lt Ito ,nil +11t Ist, 5tt1I itn li1-Iet, 5t i a f lSO , $;0 it Sil i,o ing lot ,,i f ground, e iuated i t ilo ll hmilot cordner S Wam gtuun stO tl tl3,, Piizet Itd st,tl lind l1 ath-- l,5 t11h t11S1 -1- r, 5t1land 12tn--l1,f6th :.dl 7th--l- stilh a11i ih--11, i. h snd 9th. 'Fosur prizes, mIti w ertiieI1,t in the two mnilhito Ioter t3o 0 tickeitI, Sui t t tlh $ i $1 ll1110i hlli, Slt f 1 ti, th and ,i lh--tl. 7th11 Suitd , h-li.tti Itd 9ilhi lst, 7th anl d lot llh. Tw1o. priz t,ll tail-,ith a til'l ftithr 1 l tickl-S , lit each, . .5,000 rite to li st. I 1 handlI 0th--I sl, fihll l I I th- Fiv prizes,p ea , 8 shllars of sock in the at 511111 each, 1,1)00 I iz In t lit, 7h ai d ll th-ldrl th anil O1ttit-lrt, , tIo lid Iitih-lsl,1th and 911h ltt Bh a lnt i i bt ii ti eti h. Siy rl l kc I;, 1O t 0 ar1 111 iol ch lll 00ill I lth--ls,9 Ia ll id 19thI\ -Isi , 7ih ant, lliti-ller. , 9th ard lhth. Eiht prizes, each r hca arillte .f- on ickei it h Iwo milr on IIlo erk , 1:0 1 tikes , t t 5 0 11 Ii h. ,)10 P aize I tl I tt l lh tand 2l h-l. rt , h nt l I d I b1 -- dI 4'. thi] in l -i ., ht inll ,tlih--6 1. ·.i .? Smith- ItI,3d Il and it t, - 3d lind Ith 9b and ui 1h. E i teI t plril e, tl h aIl it lhrt e o f1 itil tki i n t hI k to l o i noay , :111 tilr t: t. 5a . : h n, . 3,00 te,la 10 tiast, 1 it0 and 5t3h-'I llll, 2Ih na I in d 9lthl-T , 4th und 10th-.t, id th d TwPen prizh+, eacl a:etroilleoi ait i in teickon in th l wo e illi ek tlert ti lth l litce t, t i 0,01111 Prizee . to i r a , 1,t l a nt d 51 -- d , h 11 iir end 91h--. tot 1nd hi-il lod Sh ld Il noh-d -,1 -.. i nd 12 1--, , th rnd 7nh-2d, , - l ,h 41lll 8t--f11in-, l 111 anlid 91b-0-. 4th und )lh- On18thi-Sti, 7th ant thh--td.7lith cd 10th I, h i, 1li--d 7sh d 12h--nd J.. Fire lnv-tndr prizd, each onr soldhdelre in thc sinte rtwo 1 e1li.',, o b ins is at $ d ! TWO MIILLIONS OF DOLLAJIS. 10,000 PRIZES AMOUNTING 1TO T O\\0 MILL IONS OF1 DOLL[AIS, DRIAWN U\ NIoHi: IL!) PLAN 0) 11LANKSN A~ND P'IdIZE,-:NO C~l 1.1 IINA'I(JON Nt1'1IERS. 100,000 TicL ets, at $20, --- $2,000,000. SIMIPLY NUMBE11RED, 1 TO 100,000. The sohieino nod sellIC In;rle. are the nsac, asi n addilions or res4 oaio k' are inm""a for expenses ill tllo lttltery : tIhoslClllltolllt expls wolOllroperate o ai r.., dedUCtiln 'ruOll lIlo aIUatiOun so on the prollerty. .IlD1": OF DIf' 'o ING-.- rI'i0 NumbIers Ib 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and tho same Ill ll fr o )P I,.nika and nllllt· i lller lheeI. To cuery Inumbr drawn from one wheel, a ticket Frainillr D.llk ind Prize wcorl will b drlalwUlllitl lthlle l artdilraw 'THIE FIRST DAY 'iS DRAVIXi Il TI' d: 'ilo cIIl. LION LO'TI.I tY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. ' I:acll da)', dr..wi ll under ihe superviio ofltwo Jlldgesr . of Colrts ilu New Orloullnl, anlld thie wheells opened iand setllll by Ihem. 10,000 PRI Z E S. I. The VEIltI).2t . gull groui, tnwlhIed rat $500,100 '7i1:, viiiltl, n p i lll lle dl+l edifice, iS id sorel'sI"+ high, and Ipreen a IIIront of 145;). et on1 S illt Charlehs slreet, n ll08 liet O1 l (fOlllmllll lsret The princitlt l llrliletl of Ille frllll ofllle bhtm, etl tllr compl iIe's I Ma.gee bar Ir IetO 'e IOlllse and e'ight elr ree , ~rlld Iwo err nd llll Pllie I ts Ih+ holell her which Iht. ellllelilld " Ie ofl ltll ..llllvndll] edifcll s I I o-iledl :llld II .tsi iem ldlOll l:! I.ioIw occiipi ed hy M.-~rs. Klding& ,,eiks, In styeI which renllders i t Ih iist f"thhiouw ble htllel of the 'os $(0,111111 p ral n llntlll 1 iloI bIl l nllle ell rl: ld sloly a7 ll Ill. lle 'e rit dlllr il suIt eptibll of tlI( J IJ t 81iltl 111% thl' llrt, i ilit itlel ll In mnll It lln lllto $ ,ll00 Ii the fin tllnte houlder ofl ll I z.I lli its T i T A GRlll)OSUl, wilh the Scenery, mlPncll.ry, g n ard roi. ,, Iis , & ' . coml'let 500,0 00 ' 1'hi r tl gnilicien8 stru ctu1re h11 f.oiT tof 1311 ee onl St I lh llye ;lr1 t", 1ilhis , depth & Illfront of 171'11 wet 18 1 Charles Arcah. 'I1 he cap$1 ci ti and lc lledllllodlil sl. w itll tllcorresp Ind with the llll.gll itulde 111 its exteriorlI. 1The grand saloon is 25 by 1129 feet. The liter lier if bi',1e 1111n l'r.llurl d llldl 1 1 IIIt e ive gulel rooIs. I1n the enltre of 1l11 donie is ,elpen. .;l;, i I nfll liciest d ateh id er, 121 1 t in heihlt, f lee] Ii $3l8ell rtn c,,1 e' igL 11.111111. I ' Lh The 1 r1 l an1 d ill hi r i re unequalled 11,0110 th 1onllltil lll, IaIId Ihl wurlldrobr ,lll ililllll 1i2Pc i. I'hl wh 11 ll.l l ish111 l.1 111 l cold 11n 11 r Ill . - lea d I l l8 ' li r (le l a .I8$ II; ill l, I llllllolll. 13. 'I118 : 1 I',1. CIl II I II ll'.I IF Ul 111.l '1 t, 111 1il, I . 1111 1 , 1 I111) ,1111 .lU ) I l .I ,o 110" 1 i i l (' I 11 dlll1 1 tl hiIgh. The Slllh l11 1i 1 8i (h111' 111 y lhe' . ol * 11.e 1110,ht 7tle l neIld IIt IIom- in l the lll8ll1d st lte. T11 111 ,; r r, i,,l s 1 ta ,e d ll p i,,t1 , .1 hlolll r aoo m s in It l11tolurs. ''l'l, '8 1huh r ens ot ? r 1 :Ii,,l01ll, i+p "1. I't e entire' ~re of e round II 81 v 8 , i 'i-l lill\, os f il ' "hl+ll o d u l ots1 1 o,.88 31l'V I 8t1er1, i th'e y e llt , 1e. 'I . 1,0t00 L . h tel tl. rnlte u llrl p "~I frt ui ng ' l o IrvI.I 30 , r,1 1, Ll IInlll lllil' llft',, Ieon l in n+ ]li ]Jbolh|i1l II. h 11 u tod 1 1to1r1 1 lhrcu11 e1 1als u1u "l'8r11' ,lornef m I tr," . . . 3'1,0110 (i. The e'bqr rtol," brick shore, ,n50 lOld Levee sr11,e ret 1lllll t e ip 1 8 88n li 8ll 11 88e I Cllllt l l Ii IIono 1st I. 11 11 301180. 7. 1'11h 1 it 8 s 8try 11,-w 1 briuk de'lling' houI tle colner of m n rae i,"r . . - . . 3,(00 18 b 'e 1tcr1e anl -I8 er18 .1008 .ed 1 8d lie lin" of e lle I Ih n iirg 1. . . . , 77,100 1 Ierp, 1tr.01c1e tre&. . .. 23,000 10. 11Th1' cllre quar ll of i round 1,n h1rcolhsr slre1r, t' 11 ,l umll ll v, of I3l i o, uu 0lled byt oIll bep,. 8-11r ,i', r h lr'ee ,&e 2.,1000 i. I .I ll' lI lll11 l V Ir ll lllll l lll I 1111 Ole 1 I ii' 8l h' E e rpe' I I ll (I T e r i re . 1 , ll0 0 0 3.- 1The entire s.qIre of r nd oI lelpo 8 'Ine street, 1 d 111111 l lltlll ,con111111 1 l llllllll s, bounded by ellton and eIIrpsichor8 s'reets, 13,000 141. The ellile squa1 e of 111 rnd o ,il rl ln s r-t, I t lide1 1 nl h1 Illll, It e 0 8t 1lill 11 lI l , III t hounded by 0',0,p0i0chr', Liherty aad i'r-,lp 8 .'|t as ' l', l . 14,1;011 L Ieve shret 2d i,'nic)i.eli y, earnetr of Robi1n sltrel, 111, 11111b Ill., I 1ret . . 1 1 0 I008 1, The I-i7 re8 of 1 r1 und n1e1 hll3 h 8 tr1eer, I'd i lni t yl Il , of1 l1ts, b nllllldeJ bl Ilrelu-. s1,' 11e I IIId I a,. ll ll.l '1ti1 s ,rl '3I3 iiiil IIC'.1 , I I 1 188838 -, bIo 1 11 3 0B 11h1-1 lp n 'I ,l.o " 11 b ll8 8 r i.h11, 88: 3 11 8 tl'llt I i I the8 ull r pr operly 11,00 IH. h'll e l ,l t O' o. grll ,i. Old l 1e 11 1e 0 .2·tree t 1[ i tllll'l i i + , id ]. InII n I, I ,.d by 11 Thv .'1118. 8 Iilb rel't I8 , 1,oo.1lll ,1 ls , 1 1,000 211 ,a u le Rllnh. , of ItI w, 'e'1" hl,,n o~ v .1c1opu i nte, I h 2 5 u ,t Ilyd l7o, t l stre . 011,000 11and Ittel, IpI ;t s I P,00( 1 . The! 8 , 1 .t,1 ry 0 tuild8n8 iiii gru ]nd t I J Slinl v lll , 1n1xto lhe coll 11 of L a8 ' 9hll 00 Sre,del 1ftn1 h, 713 f5 . . 1'08 t,500 '',,. h.'rh"'I,,'1r3181 0,r881 lllmltllalia h1,81. ,II li. toI s.' b'1101IumNd by .ll1I1818', Jacbl and Terw schlrt'cs " - ,00O 3:3. .'lh, 0n r11' l h1 ildin l'. n Jo1111 I ; stret,l next to h'lle lo-iel.r of St MAlly st1rl I ullul ni(llTg ta bake,, a d having 11'0 byt1 , . 95,000 4.1. he, s. l,',1 e .8t . 8.ulllnd u Melo ol ten p s 8 le',, '8I'ls,I n,tdd by l'wtaead,'err 8cho2 aiin1 J oslal I' pIn, 2,1 Inh 9,000 53. ''The are l I grund .to I tollo stre er, i m. ordrlc d ~I,11'8l1anda " t1, 31g by 1 ,07 iee t silolI 8,500 37. The sh,1tor huiltding n e.ct or1d o,, Joh rlla str eet, i2d m. ing 3d lt hoot .1 sll 188t, ".581 8 . . . 0.5000 and "I7, w oll'llll: twll, 0• " • • 8000 '1. ThI one sIt.r. 11,d11ner1 and 1.nd IIn .ll, l \, ll llllVl 'll " 7,t Im ,8. ,011 :11. I 'h'i ,1 nI re fglolulnll' l l1 It lh811$,11 ' a 5100 e wii. 0o8of lot., g 3.t811 0 Jiro,, 1'los ,I 1 2I1 In,. I S | il, li d hy 110110u 1, S11111 anti 3.r. 'I'ue o tnr bl, d.hullln. and lot ll N iS t ib- str eet, 1 H +li, C( 11 III J l+ ,-,ihlr ,r Streelll t (3l,00 3]3. Tile sgonre llt of Ih1nI 00 'l'e.lls. bore.Uil11r .I .Iel, 3d ii d I ',. lf lt, iili(d.| bly 0,di+,, 1iitllil` Uld +\l,.l , e .tl'elts 1,010 i :31 The It ,,I .,otlll ll .ulAp llo shlree. :11 In. corlneOfl ll+ 1 0 ie i el ai ,betlll'l 31 by 12:1 coh. ll l h'ily ,+ 'ru;1 . . " . . 5,500 115 ho,00 :3. Th,,hI o Ne Le'el,slltllh ll . l Vie lr'ee, 2dl,. h'i, 'lle td lut I11,111 I)o·o? ol l I llnel, ]I011 , \|i'ie olll i z . r . s n , - 5,000 I1. The p)rti,I " a Ituiore lof gol U in l'bualls s ,irto.d I. ii It, iii-, l it- h ou do, by \launs I and CUlnla nr, itre nld olher pro pAety • h,0110 AplIlo i nd IerpSIi.huIeI astreeis, 21 i 'i. 432 by 127 ti 1 • 1,001) d in. ofI htlo toounded by liuunascl,Cllu and .'t11shing 11on nterlf, iryt .of I.llu t h lte, being 110)1 firet io. Chippiewa sireet, and having 4i l eet 5fi. boo masUidirY loiog, ad oii odbiigdIIhnrg froni, y 0(1 ftreet in d epili lor 5,00 49. The st'u'h ' lai' gfronl in Thalia 'trri, 02 in. iif IL'hoi, hbunded by :Martin i nd a\].l-o. li-aie street:,and ':ogl,' uVnne 5,010 50. ll iT i mTrp sIoiroi!d imgod lot oflgroitla 5.n ,Ayuden l noreet," being the :d Jlt !tn Ter ip ichrb rtreet, liavini 3 r2 by 1iho feet 5,000 Si. The sq ir sl'fgrolnd in Errai to reet, 2 iof 131 t1,, ,lllbnde by MlIlill alnd ''huliil tr Ure En i tin 5,000 521. lThe llt ofaround ll .\ po ll. O lolet, d ill. .ppo itedth reii;ildence, o J Fierld l:,iarei 40 the 2d Ioit rmaLe Tei'cr,,,, Ieiehholireet, ai id ltang 31:i, 2I7 Ie t i . . 4,000 .:3. 'rhofggiardoiifgoUid noltoni-r , 0 reet, d i, ofu lets h.oiunded by Eagie i velol e Trihilia a 1d \Vsll nutsltre in jv 4,0r 51. A hlot f grollind oun A plhl l ftre.PIe 2d on 0 be(ing th 3d II lo froin Terieiehure street, having 0 Shby 127 frt I . 4,000 ,5.. A ,It of ground on Ap0ollo street, d In lthe I o uer tfddii'lnghlln srit t i 4,000 7l. A liit of groilnd 32l. - 127 ficn I hinig tiet lthit t ron (l hillll t li II n i) thr e cci m ier of 'rlshhore t 4,000 bO5. ir It, riiruulan d l inl A ll i slpiert, 3 " b I leet hiini the 2nil lot bolt Ih'! w11i :1ii hI' ulln ilr. Ai roriU(l iof r Otlll n"l'h a ti 1,5It 00 n1. C Anlllll in i I i id I I t u, bu d hv llis il -lui unirilniiiili 1 d o i S 1....d i 4l l3ini , e ,000 Itr..t. 3bi I'i; i;,el, 2d '"o 7 3.510 1i2. .\ fll i ifi" .;rol a,[ ul 'erei( hor u e er e,. . 1d,.: ib 1'27 I G ie, thi, e 2d 1 ful o tie Iln. 2d Idn tloci Fe liiiall in,,i i h aIc tlru at .ll lrel, Leng 51 h 127 feet 3,500 6-. A lriia ,u . lialr g uo d i n 'o'i. , IonIIr, street, Iod (7 Eu0! .titlt, binliled by Jattcob tant 'c'ialitas n an dria 03,5000 13. A t ut of g ro unl t dn lteh,.inoi -Ir. et, d b lhe 5soh fI' lll th.t i.,Ich ,rl,.ti the rotltier of 61 iolhllln street, and IMiln. 3 Iry 17 feeci 3,000 bi. A squmae of ground mulninilg 1.! I lts boallnld by lherrai lErtat, 'hs nllu s C..llue s lleet . 1,500 i7. A lquare L lf grounlld colldailring 17 lots oianllld d by allgle, , tlel -.llll, . lllln t a nd I hali;s erilvl , O,500 il1. A square ofground, oao tiiig I or lots, ibonrded by ,Valnoii, 'hlia, 'llbre and lirai aler 0,00(1 ill. A ,olli dreliiig house and Ilot of i roun 51 leet i,, C ln, h.+ • "rt lr et.el F ouri h treoe, curier lal ,000 70. A tluuri- lr giuindr'orllndiillo 1: lots, IhollilLed by I lllolt, Clherry iand 'lhuliua ?lrest ., 103 hlIunded by allrltl, iruat iainod Cuhe.Clry 12. A qttanre of grounnd, r tuindg 4 lots, bynrlldhllle , Tl'h'i;' l lh d llse and Jaobn ,l'reet 1,00 r3. A i0reI i g(Ui ,lll cinhuiiUnii 10 ou 1 00 iuuardd yeLi, , hnae, .l eall li nlmd alnt nlrets 1,800 A1. A Fquare ifglndr. icolainiln 18 Ilnan lfunded be Chesmt, 'rhhulr, tprueC and Err.- I on ttreelt ,01 0 75. A sreutl of ground contiMinie i 22 hoitn boui,,led by Clesnult, Limo, , IIce ildl Clio ICret , 1,.00 SA;. iqiareofgr oun, conlhiaing 22 Lu lu 0 ound0d by Spllc, ESr ut, Peach aund t liui rLoeetsd , 1,500 loinded priI, sluce nd Peah) sten ,rin 1,00 7i. iA a lurn ol gioonl coolt.llloig i7r0 lits ,l d iio 1,00 by, OAIiiEYo or..d l ItHotailli, D Ii ,.o s ooed all, \\" aid/l· M oi Uiono ( olll rl ,.r(O0 NO0. The, in.IlI .tJr nquur, fltld+ Uf ll, lll II(.. n ld-h ,L b Iv LeI tl .io I n,1 0,1 o o 31e, 7, e .rl lt- I. 1 100 ,;I. ,t\ qtlt I lw.ot gl' mlllt l Clllllc lnillo u ,9 lut. e h ouf h, I )v by 1uple, Clio, I',uI nod (',dl. Ipc 01. :\ -ll i'L' Io IIq l' Cunlltluilir lg 0 lola Iloonodt,ll b 'ry I'eob ooIh d hiooloi slate, IL200 i3. A qoonare iII grolnd contionih o0 i(l ILounlt d I,y E d.l,', 1krut on d Iaoo t II lie -11111 l- 01010 8l4. i iqoure o,,fro 00,l ,III aolng .2l loi ihonn,,,i d by 1lt 'tmd, Ll ll i tem , atretnl alll lb IIhe Net Orlcr ll i, tollul 1o.011 85. A sqlluarC of ground r llll i , ninl 19 'h,t , blunde brle y% oo , I. n llod L. i ,'opo rIars 1,1100 illj. A roquuot u d cllltlll nlliloini i0 IoIr IhlJuuhdd by Tech ulind Erlnll, .lt1000 87. A -q oil;. tufgrdtlll IOl i0lll0 1 Itoi oiin dL d hI,) ('li ., I't-r and 0'0,)i0 t. e tet 11) A, ?;II 0.0I eaI rI C oli rwao\r'-'0ll 'tIefl hi 0l) by Ilii I liajily ndllla noiLtI riioeet. 800 90. A iriioigoo'lnr s Ite o'iiuld at cilo ear lierl I crfii~ b Iliriiilllinl nlreet.-, h0o 91. A trinllnglllilr Fqllr e oif irruntl houl.dled hv 'Ir rlociilll mle ,i io1 , 0o hin 1trl 5 01 500 "92. A .lil-uouh -ol, h-lufgrou0Ii d S otunded hl i c11lc iue 1n llld 1,F llill ri-t , lri ii ;0, 0 91. A lihllellhr s.lqnrr uof gloiund lI.uunulrd Ly l'ot-i-a tlh ) ['ch :ireol n 00 91. A ,quule of grotll id cnnllllig lll ) I0ot u0ni-d l%,i Maol), Venu+s and lai ngr2eiet an lit II ,,'a n H ,l .lU - .. 91. A iot ,.i gronod nl '0a0hir, ih, ritlel.o fhe 41hI front th nl ..fuch hI,ltl, the coiiii€*i tof being th,: :rlh fllalll ,hut whi.lilrlli-Ih to 1ne t :e U ll er oi Clle ullta .irleel, eingl 4 en by 1ii, fet 50 9;. A squ'- r oflgrolod o itnning 1.' I-nIsl 1(5ondod h, Mil ple, Eorholot iie, li oat r r Ve 9I1.. A Innn'rl lltlr { iarn of gro'und bouneltdn oby 1anig nirol ." . nreets 300 fot i rile-, nueioi,- lh il, fro l o.ii i ncnl the l ter oli 1 101. A hit ofigollll, foornlof Ihe corner ofd Illrllng 25 feet Oi Ithe former ,lltd 115 feet flon the balter X30 10. A iot ogrolnd on Jea.e. btreetu n5 by 1 15 feet, the t7h, I'llll Ihe lot hl rlllilnlg ie corne'r of \aVashilgloun slreel 00 10"1. A ltt off grllll on Je'rsPy stlret 23 by 115 feelt, leilng thl 31h from Ihe olrl ir oi o 'o.and . glltlo, n slreel S, 107. A triiinullr sqiaroofgro hrid bounded hlYClio adll,[ l)rpluee .Ire ts 31.0 SI) . lnj gll r sqt.,e ufground bounded by I'ear andl i.l alo straeta 1. 101:. A Iri -qC',ii; ý lilrrr nfgrlow. .: ounded hv ('ulh.,pe, Pfe anlld Ei.phrnvlle e street 200 1107. A t, iangnllar lquare il glounud, hounded by Maple anid V.ii ,.crleatis. 200 9,3370 prize. I share each Cns L.ight nud Ilonoklhi -oripany stock, at $30 281,100 i200111oe, 1 shore each lcrchlint'a Ex clinle sltuck, at $75 15,000 177 prizei, I share euch Ocean Inosulance $omiuoir oolik - 5h n LO 8,350 or pirizns,l iihara each hlerchani'n In'ulranm ololnl-iy nockc, il $:20 . . 1,800 46 priZen. I eham mech, Exchange nltk noin paoo ntolk, oi$ S50 .'-,300 30 prizen, I nhnre each, Pinchartrain Rail urod .o'ipuiiy arock,aI $100 - 3,C00 10 llri.e , I nhcnore each, e.Vltrn Mriui, aod Fira Ionllalraci o oltllan, atock, 1 $30 300 'V.E[,, OQAKEY &; PITL'L'CHIARD, Moiiararoe ont 1'i:ornriioyoo JOB ?RJN.~TVNm;:. 31211t5 ntoicorrrr N, r(F (FFIY DkllCE!fTlppr · " ' ..,r: 11"EXI)I1.1", H.1 Y ,n1FI;.1 Y.1NP t+H iC 3PI:P P.Xk(;l'TS ' AT TUU 03103 0?:di 1 : Tinae ofmer'kgua 6T '. CHHA'tLFr OTR(EErT, NRAIO $i ) m2, 1 ORLEANSm LITTOGRAIO'I ?1Z P ITG EP'I'A IILIIM EN'T, ; No. 53, Magazine `Streetr tOpposit rtnk,,' Atralo. 527LL)A.oi2' OR LIST', PRO0PRIFNr R JAJLVIS & AND 8,..' %1 IlOl.Eet1LE AND IRETAII. Dr.ALFRS IN MEDICINES, PAINIT OILS DYE STUFFS ANDI) WINDOW OLAZ01. turnrer ul Crrorurrrr and 'Tobrnphoulao streets,, NATIHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANUIREWVU. A large upply rr Carden NSees. N oUrraiUItetheO grret1 otf 183 7. CHAMIPLIN & COOPER, OIJC0EItS A \ O lIE I 1101t IN I'ItOVISIQN.S ANII Ff.E7, No. ?9 and 8oJlla otrtcr,Nerw Crlen.. Ship e. d I'rrrril. stort, put up. mar70 FASHIONABLE CLOTHIING T'AILOR & HAI)DEN. No. 14 Chartre. SirsCI. IIA VEr: rrrrrrtrnrr sr p r every article -torlraitr toI ltrttlerrrrro't drr.,, of tihe latest otyle, at Nomv rk DOY.ER A LIAY, h)EAI.ERS IN AM1ERICAN L ENGLISH CROWN GLASS. No. 3 CoROODF.LEO StoEgt. Iu BAZAAR. UvsIK & ALLEN, NO. i, EXCHANGE IHOTEL, "aortter ojfSt. t'h rof( to crmmon at,. NPUW OURLEANS. fIl'OR'l0 RS and Ocerlro in Fre.nhand Eotliorh *I'rrforwrr Ih'r.aire CIr..o ntrd Portable 1ako, Cutlerry, H iPrry, (lorre Shirs, kStOck.,, Umbrellas, C orer rd Fancyv Aeticlei. dL A: NJ LEt. 'h'0llY, )tlerchoordiee )rokrr U Corn msrion .merchant, Il1t t lR, :tC. CO p s-: t.-For th poeoent. J. P. FREEMAN & C0.. Irielrsele CIo161s.R Bs·bfskasswl R!I\.:3, ilrer'arr strwet IZVY E ecnstulltlr on bd u targ ply tf Cloth "inz, coocelit ted fir ibP cuntry trade. T'heir as. oorrrlrrrlring large. moerchlatso fromt the country cap be rrhrrlied trt the shortest notice. octN PIRF.l EN'S I\SIJRAN )E COMEPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. T'hio Companv r orett prettaredi to tok. RISKS AGAINST FIRE. Nr.24 MJ con'c Ilclldrttg, Contl etetr. E L 'JRACY, New Olotnrs, tlnv 15.r 38ti. Sectet.ry. ROlhhlh IIl Cl A "NON.1 HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Nor. E2 Clmp o treetp W''hrchrolr tIecler in Poirrt, Oil, Voroiche., Btmoitmo Ir:I3) Wirirhoc td Picture (lert to. rte. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBlI.ThO.1' ' GOOD UFVJV, No. tO, Chartrs streed, Our Dlor IbelIor Birnville. I-- V·\\'E: eol o hood revrraricrlo eoppecrira. big to g Crutlrrnpn'' dress, ( Ilradl in the Lost mai ro ciin mo1st, 1rrhiorrche style, nrhicn they our fnr rclsntrednred Prio.s Are -h-:38 BANK NO'I'TE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & WDSOW 1 A V E opeetd n ofatier- in Now Orleans. poeoaretr uzttul nuiod; ntles a ith their Idonle in Now Yotli rile Ihr!ir lore ofenrngving 4nod prlnlillg Blnk NoteIs, Rnudc,, Baii:; 1 I6 f Exchanlge, Cerlificates W' IlInpwi, o C~hteck, uItI ether imlpl'itnt llp perll.,i leqnu ri... Preonrile eld lu their roale; thleir mpPc.lcl ell s ell rls l b icel ie lote fot` over ie handled lnkllliei in:itirtits,, mid all orders will bI xl:cutedll whiith or.,plitndo.e, an I ronthe usuua f-,limt (fic' eol.lrnir ofT It+ylll ulit CaIOnal eto. Net (),1, atu,, +NtuvaIr'j't, llhJl-tf. lI ] . UI.A k P R ICES. SI. L.OLU S S't'iiL'7' I F.'r tUI.lA'I', OPPOSITE Tl'e1 EXCIIANfiE. fITlE S.obs ribPr has the honor to inlorm hin Iliends 1 nCld tilh ,ulhe in generlnl, thalt hIe ill open, on the ctrt e t lte bille of fore, hat regulenr priee viz: Fifty e'ltell Iltr ilrekfal, aned Stve feive ee ntl fur I)lltcr. 'Ivle lrutlcunt will e,nist Ilftwo dibras ia Illodinll unc Clip ( cf t: ,. itlh ui' ik, haltfI ,llte of wine tenir alt doleureiu. lt1 dilIer Il conUiAS of breaId .t ad OtlYelio,. A Crit ultllller of ersIns hae Ibeen complaini gl thr i lulg illle of tre pin lcovnienee Il at Iables d'huellta wlier, thy nar obtliged, to be at reollar houe. Tbh at). po. ell. hh tis l hop f hving obviatlet that acorn venitlnve in v ltahlilhitg Ieis Reintural at reular prices, nnd whlre persin lilttl be ttendPid o at leee hou koer thle dlu, atl a chelntpr rate than it Ihe table d'hot.e. I' clcnlilr Ilts alSO ele lle t auloonlon br private purties, iar will execute citv demlnllns. 015--Qw MICHEl. DOUAIS. TO IIOUSEKIEEPENS, HOTELS. STEAM BOATS, ond COUNTRY DEALERS. IOIIE unhrbcribtros ure ivw rPceiving diret erom the S oninifaceitir, Inceie upplies tI' o;lt, Chiltl and Erl'tinware I. Lokillg t .Inosen , Plated and Silver ware, lam , cilnhdelir., Jallnltery, Kittlesl wore, and h,,! fiurnlshil goods venero ltY whieh loy alier at ,iuusonllv hlw Ni.. 1 (m oip slrer.,ald No;84 (, .setely. i CYll-4w Il iLIOWEii & Co M\NSION HOUSE HOTEL, lAVAI+A. SEilE und!riignvv ptuventt praprientloe thi well L tliWlln etali.shneltt , cunlled re Mt ala. Hnaee, I votualld i Olralpit street, No. 119, hlve'Ihe hlNllr to Ollllll1 0 lthe publi, that tIhir retlerl ere and Ia teniltll will be dediotelPel to r.atlnlr eolnt.irlothle jlaona iohlny avou er utrn wirh their sotlotreed. Te r led. vaur;I rguote I qe.uod Iry the huota lor travellers. fer it loeul c tieonvceiete "c. oin e ttell hknewo hat it ia nlnel esulgry nd ellulnlmlrae thelclli. . 1.-ly (CU Y & FULTON. MIANSION HlOUSE HOTEL _ dn l, Ho.banna I(oS iner:Cerios lnltvusa prprietarin del hien connoid rsiahlectttevluentu nonmbruldo MAN. e-lON HOUSE, a tihdo ctll itn caile do It Ohrapiao NUns, 119 ; tiutltn el hoit er ile aoenincier al poblieo tane itaytires el.uerzoa y ottelitesna arosl deoli adiou i cullllllcar h lo p ersonal quo lee fmvoern can: csl a' Ip troecinlo. Las vltojnu qua paean di. citea vias pam lrns viegertl, tuttlo per aT loealidhad clouduidd, etc. etc. out tan collecdlar, qe as inu tio enalnernrlas. d1 set--ly CUNY &FULTON. g MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d fl Hlueunoe. T ES sounsigned, nouveoun propriioinrea 'd pe tab itollrenitt ailud dons aI rue do Ia Obrapia, No. 149, contu loou Is em ole MANSION Iti)USE, not l'honneur d'iniurtloer sle lablic, qu'ila leront toua lurs leel rlrn pour eo lehdtel alrehble auxn leronnen qui voudrunt Itsle, lot favorihnei ds leur cll:lllca e. Los culnltnoditdsa qu'ofre cello nai. , s attnx voyngurs luut arez collnuea l pour n1 Sollln jugor nuevoire d'en liro ivi le detail. it dcn--Iu CUNY & FULTON. .3. va a ,uo. ., N, i L:, ll.evee strelet, in audd.. L Inon to tlmur ht ner lhck.lthve received Irolm Eng. load, i er shli t- t'lltvr, lI. t.iln l nico h uo , and l ty Iret-ellt airrials itll the northernn citice, the fillnowin tIlmiltlllltlll ll" lrdware, tron, Steel, Nails, Anchora, Ihlllaln, (CirdigP, Leaulher, t il, &c. whichl tIheI efter for mle uoi ucctmnmlallnlll terln.;:- HARt)WARIE. lrigl race chlaiin ux ualnd log Ilo; cne carrier chnie. annd chailns fur sa tttillc; bright taro!inaa lotwte',Wao ntillytl lldon ',; britrlt castteel hoea, ind shloell and plodetl; ltieht lol.tivi nn Itues; grulbing lilto black .oltllilat lielie; bett eLrmititge' anvilrl; blackleih'ai bel. low t, Illllltttr utnd tlier; filt, nesuolted, of all kimhlr; Ibb<t'a tllkt ; el tce padres, oerted kindls IR.tland's at dttio,'u Iltill savL tat steel whip and cros Ul ut iow; hlalld siWl;i oltpper hkillllllerl. eIl ladlee pl hlliOll hells; dInoitn .tvrn nills; curry eoinlt; wool icrews; leg lock.; Ame, icult dour lobck; Iadlucke caubin hoorks; nleelued r; lhk ul,d Iteir boxel; auLers; chitsiaele; uareiteratl ild etititlhn' Itl:s generally; briihl itaple vi. cs; anda geiervul urtolettlll of tluble culery alid ehelf goods. AXES. llut'gcat rtell tixeal.aolutu patterr; Hun'a brad nlll hlailId cxear, i ith an asutotmetlt of .l-t'e toola; Col. lillt' aXesi and 1511 dUozen tst oteel axes, made by aglor good loht-ec. IRON. STEEI,.&c. lOf tons lnt, rq tlre alid tonld iron; Bhltimore boiler toed pllte ion;tilUoop itron, all. sizeC Rusaia aheet iros; Anelricean do; eliet cast lteel, and cast teel in aquar and llat tnre, aeoertld, Sna,lderletla make; Crowley slrrt; Cel;iernlan ldu; he.t (I.) Etglivh liateredt tel;B aata tin; lplP ine; ilsheet and ig lead tlhut,all aIocs. NAII.S. 5in egsh rectr, inih, wel avorle(l, from 3 ta 6 inich.; 511 lntkr wh ngllt iltltU. litla elaap ald rose,.0 kLg* su ar hIlds ilil; :5 kellgsa ile Iiorne balle ontill, GilmA'. ANCHOR+t, CASTINGS, &c. Anchorsr c all siezr; ehain cables, dl; 10,ll Fenacl tos, I lo lO I pints; sliders and atkillet, a largea aao nleet; lit0 lt kettlles; plouglh ofdifmarenet ignuaoctce. riet; i.dow glttee all oizers Nova Semltla grind atnaa tad t large toctk Collen ntitl eat lame.aaaateda oe. SllIP CHANDL.ERY. "rlreed rope and halvers, asoorted; Ilrp and aollj ,hnlanll ellf ti Ihel viim. r o kiid, aed Boa amealalailla. allllola iod oldla nldf plough lires; ilel a IariaPy a every aricle ig thb shhip ehandlary lion; latLe e a? I khlm jlnt ieceiveed fral PiPhltadeltpbe. Al N AND NAVAL .,lORE.$. mi, ks h pse .tiltteg egrttotl ci. oSblt i 0;lIlg0" +'2 ,1:. q,,a ity trialp .il; 10'l tlo.r linfr ill-tl a olive ll'iltt l tlar;; 50 il, pilt h nod i o hi; .iS do aa i..OI'; eJl tar ti half thltl; e.irtieof aturepelntia., I vanlthb; c-ltti atit j.lip do; oatratle oil tool I10 S%Nbhrrell'. whllite e ad, Ac. O at

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