Newspaper of True American, December 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 5, 1839 Page 4
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Ao ,vl1, ed iSn-t andled. rlloonrd hn ti plsit tearpetwai ad llra onI ttnt ucns gof ndsilanltosd cwne s id , cuit and r-i nilornte n ltnn d in f lg e aner s ba k of ge u nn_. e , ofpoaesie, r ntnein cainn, gi harn od s o n iklc wcrwhl arlvere, ilreing, alnd patsils, Nslletd gnl clihilt, I'- IIIIUSHES- Clonh, isgis, tol nvrcero,liencl,, honey, Iho ioshe ,nndti, d lose , Nie , er lad il, ald treinil h tcedn ci tfiN e CASSE r-Ganeenr t scti nissl toirlent l.,rd inplditr, Ioondes, shoeaving lred oi.g calnrsn, iollI qu n t ris i n o t-nlotn e o iele in Iall sot an o rn lltd s dccv etlisdsll tGno poinldl, nd ia wian-I bpedgbcl rets lsries l it'tls anrd iocall o is,nal. saln l lltor i nPotAro -as an ' d peron', with a d gnral awkrt o rstra of eriraet driaroes, o1l, lnd b solu ip anetliln g eiiil, toal Iboair-is, HIiepiCloe tilhfn , c dste a bi , co lulbe nIl a clot pcket Ibtms an d Ja iollrtso of caeiiioa hinilt, oiaitii saolni d rle es pan swit; o lofla r eatiet-l t ojterrcii h'ian lesi, h n lasni lct iiomb, l ier cail, ur hvn seet n - I tiLCop NII LA if E Soin i, r ninilt, an d toilir co' t' aice', 4Enasos', mla isein's nod nch ren's cgneg astrap e ild tilmns,ito wntsonpeso llttoi, inwd l n. :t b .ot nalr Iu a hw eadn , ilt and sles' s t agsi iner , l latic slo n lIsrsy , d g ertes o sllln oilnir la en r tina goir,nd liu ainr osment of e'sw filinat e , jwoslinrmusic, l Ilb gms, a s sw d driilinp a arge aitl nogan s eletyd o iortlir nti cs, llitl nf seill min sold nils ea l t or calt'cco irulo •r m'ou slipters; me roun' sose lf l with and vithmot.ut hr t. calf ,l shut bolganseI bogt'1s, e blauelna shoy c I.e s ons elin e re ll 1 n' lle d kio ll e.Cnd s etin lo. I EagIanIY It Lo s ou0, Nc dnowa' ege slncc a ns cu eiiunit : flnstiow p i ns nlld c s, If i thi lrulc, Sbdi sic h tl,, s ici e lis .I, dlln ,W bulnite l s eo .lahi sl Ir; su , B'ises oblk od soal-rs told altns soist, soosittil..i olagnshIciios at'e fiie ctlu ,nll• !ilm eo . ion's h rsnl] geii e ral aa s or; ill' 1 n ofin c ITo sl nail M.I.rla nit,] m I 00l's11 Ino bog-s.oe, dulico llb i it o ns, 0ruillr ag i.lilclf Sti nci' line ;, nll d ai kintl 'ii rall pe rild sllocs llt sI ln-s, l il clf u ie ltoiiiis. SI, st io es ensbtr in ai swt rit cIl, e s ,e t l ac glcil o bor dsdline pticailnicse, In csalf s, h ai l aim ich Al iand riin.n re ap oet lli gein ty e of t i thllier a rti: I, -ist itlii tlx shl , oal i ct out, Illu l iar - Ie ll adielS' wie c ll lll, ldlfOor R iaLh orl' 1l wt e lulu ps oInt s1 t hl s creii t llv , 1irehh l r :llloga ki i.illa, 4li ,; in,1 ln7sty f) lris l'i oe it lilil wiiti l c sai.-. t l kll , i ni'ssl fLtitie o I h latin g b rrivans tiien iil ii h k-Mi . i ae b eill o tlisesd ' las Ll d satllg iilll, ll i i-snot Boisili oos, nii. 0:ov t'll-tle cnli', l l, f onfa loe olhn calf , tlk i iaccIso c I' ril iclc-nlc s; ib r ' fin,- Iu-eriri siahitiLtOi illsliio l Ih e ialpi () I ilsnii nil lI s, l:l{ buc kinii i i s- i-t'insIll a :bll- I ah brgak't tlmen's. bIsesmtll lla : li f'ia SId t s s;ll I ct goisz. Cho lls a l, - e'tcoln i- c alIiLcs c i l tn i hland i :i ,'L;. ll- l . I)xsald sl:tc ,d ll fb | its balln bot, a ss, t lt-: l wcna ic-tii iiillltll-ll tse'ulai morilc ; ,il i..l . , t". :l\'i alls ti slgell icn r ait ylln ost.,d hi th al'nd. :l {i j iAis if genet al tunsinn llitl~ltcninlicctt l ieato ,lilli, 1 - Ciii Ii itimlay, r lllitse soone tis,,lcl c;iic i, iill cf n-bll, i ili otS olm eo incl i l all ieal ,ll ] ol'llls. wnlnl --." IIOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCIREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. FIIlIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near lBeckman street, New York, have received the past seanson, anid are coIistaIly r:civing large and extensive additions to the slohk of tile shoru goods, which now consists of the allowing nresertinet, sritable for the southern and n'erstern imarllets. I!ollow w.are of superior quality cou;sisting of alboult 151100 tons, viz, Pots of 2S different sizes, from 2:8 toi 50 gallons, Klottles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, etlloes, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 galilns, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes,o Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. qWood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from ':8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2.1 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Joamo's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in easks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and Iattor's Irona , assorted. Sash weights, 100 touns, asorted from 1 4.4 to 20tbh. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steamboats and other machinery mlade to order. The above assortmenet of goods is particularly I recomlreneod to t!ln uorent Oil of Soutlhrn anld Western inrchants, and are offered fIr sale at low priors, and upon the most liberal terms; i iis o e. lieved to be the larg'ist and best assortllrtl ever offered for sale by any oii i etab!lishi.mlc in the United States. Merchlnts, by forwalrlinr, a rfque rt by nail, can have a prin',d circular. with diecrrpfn lo' i oodis, pricesand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of" mail. All orders will rceoive inmuediatc attlntion. New York, 1.38. I 3 Piano [':r'e i nStr' t. 5i'illi; n . S. i.ii'ir 1 ife et i s Sii l i n thi e rcii, z"ns of Neu' tR'eas s t a tea'her ,l tilu 1, m: i torte. 31ir S hIvnlll g bolt e mpll ,ll i ,d s. r:l 'Iyoulr - irsh teacher of music in private lamts II 11 "oll and aleo at sev irnl of I lre feriale slllilarit . I ts I vicinist, tcinn: :t bi llho e to merit lheircoltl t ,e. liet is plrmitrrd to r, fr tro Rcv Dr CIp,, mtf-:s .tresOt & Avery, l1,11er=i . . For itris, ie i eir e tapply at tile bouksotorr :,' I Alxailer T'ower, 409 Cal st Oct F RESHI (ARDEN SEI:ED-The se becribl, bras to t xpreess lies aratrl thanks to the p ts i , ior the liberal support he hanarceived since t e commenced business ir this ioiy. Bing sole pro. ipirtr rof lhe seed store, 17 Commolnlln treet, hIU nt iand nlever was a.ent for ally noiotrron seedr vender; neilber is hle orrllacll d with any house to this con;trly--ut hI e assures tihe public thao his conne.inl in etory depll artniioil of the seed bitie t ,ners, liethedillfereot icomti esof E'iop ari eyl to that ti any hfoese in the Unitei d:t.ies, He im. prrts s, lds, planl, &e. frlo the mrost r-tlenIvu nndl reisprrltlb l re mareille ill seerldelrn il Franre, lninlaend, Enghlnd, S:oelanld and the no themr states-niid it will a till times be his inrerest, as It .is hisartdy, to receive, in addition to ts present swork. large ar ivals of ivcery darcript ,nt, r, ally t grawthS l 1131t30 also, engralted fruit irers, i, anil kinds. hle piublic may lely oi finding a full as. eortmnent of every 'ritele in thie esed im,, nl genuj ien quiahty, and inipored direct by IWi. DfNN. ANDREW SMIT & CO., respectfolly inflornm A their friends and tlle public in reneral, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descripgion, iuch as copper stills, kettles, and pumips, tin bath. ing to: s, and oil cans, of all sorts and rizes, and all otluer brass casting done at hlortest notice. Orateo Ieae of every de.cription, s.aelt as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, andl other kind ofuteallnthoal work, euch as chimneys, breech. as, steam pipes. they will also do all kinds of out door work, such ai nice, copper and tin roofing and gutterrig, &c. hiley above asgd all other kinds of waok r their, line of businase, they will execute at the t.l.-iuat Irlnttrt. dec27 L, Iae'GtiUlt, No 4 Cu.desiree. t, beltween Ulu.eain an i ti I ltlip, koe ,ontianrllrv on hilard iers asln-aye satdrt iimat I :ors ain boailenP, ac.d i.,to.,i.t _ V.w erk Inaiu ctlur,. iorirmen, o.l lt'i r Jt',i i' i, ,l , , 1 which tlihe will ilsp.,ie ofi or1F., us i I il.s 1,, qg nt:anE e an erlnini an orlerI will iialalliat wlhe attended to L S SEGOI . R i TIlE FLORTDA LINE! I. Frtom-ilMoilo to Agatrro,Ge". .Inves Mobaite every dry ori three io'lrck. p n tper U S mail bona toer Iltil'(L.tdtne a, hnve llakely, 1-t n, er fur mSi orirr6s o to Pensae-.'.e.-ihecten aentmnls to egrghic whcere th tia,,,nl ii rsumnel-thence Vra Mantinn.r and It irtinfilic, Fla. ID-ieibhidg$, P'nderient rirllrwete Inso ille. . ndereville & Leoeis vill ot 'hA.gustte Ga, nner t ting rreulnrly with the ratil rane earnr' t'hnrleton, rind thee swernn paeckett , Now' York, Nerfolk, Plitad,'lphia, etc. I The erlatnonals are- ther best feir the service, and the tnvitn ation preeeeilc more eadvawln(ne thaen eRlet he ftllud uonll nty st, amboae roulte in the soul:t. ern rginl.. C tlie reo rat hl nprverlnents in tihe rtep hnve bePen prol ,hced v th cleuscruetieon ee rifty mirel ec new romd, hci tthe ,rIiiclore, vi : fromt ILarange lol t ll"l" lnp e ltett 1u, eII arnm e Santa Rorse ay, to t Hryetll' F'erry, a l ,he Chnrnahicehre river, iten Wil;,snh. ,'ecithe C ,w er.i. orr 14 abt ve Cedar in tli'f, I wherelby t!:C, nvic eat n of tihe river, an I thII con seIlene dtie neins, and mire recently the incon venient cr ,,' alr at the Cotetnr, tare entirely veidd, e a.I a finet read front Mlarianna dreel to llinlbri.l'', i,,lla"n:I of the r unlllabLcut r , l ve Chtle lahol 't, e . lel',ening the dislll lllllll i rlt tonce acdhy A!e., i.. i r nch li te of two hecec cCrr e c er' ' ~Iethetre, te en Ileeei iieacllhe.rvieP rt' to.11.wo Se en ellell "g.e till tih line toe Se nne:ii aniii Drienm, ie,. i A rmail sne'mbnone lie regdnlarly heteerl I i ain ,ride , a ,'r i Apat l 'cl "i.'rola. ir e.a,{1 . r , ,+,s e ic I to reach ':ly piet on Charelttnthet ee er Apailt hi cola, can tiak, selret oiat at ciivrl:-vlle , Mobile to l+nslcola -- u d [hon'e.-I)urinz the t ene 'ccupiwcl by lhe repairs at e la n , the prriee. rs ,of the Florida line +e ll tcee a i e tie t ,: hlerec Ip, er rteches every oh!er d ey betwet .n u t'ilea ad Pensaeol ,. I',s.,e.L rs will lee ;ve, ee il, , a' 3 e ', "e !; e , p e,e in the L' S mail houe t, nol preee ed t- o fl -l'' 'c ed in ,wherte a IIurhe e ras will i e l ln ,,ai ll i Itlvi them la the ,excelele t hl .eul lir. Lhterit lln1, I I1 um le ihs'ant, v+', re they w,, ll fital lleasait lnicotd l lee't ,ti1c ns Ior the ' iehl - ltleavI n neat it , they : 'ill ,' l l. l l aCl .r il Iu IvcI: + lithus av ii, g the di o llo rt l J O iic at the. Ma,nsion II use, tceeile., and Ced i'" iet ter l, t nsa ' , ~he . ' a t e e ..'ie ir ll,, 'ec ,, la' ','ltcc, ti-. ee ( eei't,' e, t h v , " ý'9()YL&. k \I:\5', IlnlAs, sig.., anl ·rm. ants J ainter , NO 3 iiammdlee street, er ie ct o 'r lieut U' ned stree. t lllnllla:o s of IIr r lie l ll.llo +wo ds anti les, - Seul.ll it a lmlas terlly lnallUll e wa' ller 'ec t A IcIt ..e An:te:hge, eyti h 'k :1h ge ,,1, i Oak, ( i A S Pollardl on, ('ietau:l or ve al autqulle, C ,ie'l 11, ra!eec Ie r ,ne Sthne,C li lsEve1 o,,, T ;Lhb 'ranite, Saktit Wood, l'olonule, nlair W'ood, Itlove' or l·urdello, r Yew Tree, ahlian White. C ioroianelUe or Black Sianl and ireoctella, lIT s WollVod, A& fee ecr c(iVI' c Ash % eite Oak, Ikc. k :: c. Courled Elm, Specinc ll to be seen at the shop. ainlts. oils, gls, ecopal varaisl, bi. o. hand d ntor stle. 1Gill.\ 11.1 :, E t l'll', ' C Al ttert'. .. . , 36 Charrels r slrl,l New (rleans. I P1 SERGINANT & Co,. iUn orlters u r l :rchh Snid lEnulsh China nnd E:arlhen warea. are dlning a n d Idn selrvlc, , h i!l scets, pitc) herls, I It and ct f e e e us, ' ,I,'', su, s, .ra ,ms, -h :lce, p: utre , dicc' -, 'iwrce.' il ,s re , aI ttite a elve.r ieee lie 'hccctii ce. ii ar -el - i , tt Cc, i h Cll c i . Cic i C', it e i ~ Vr , ''eel ii amp s.h ei:a ld 1.'lasts s Calaue lc a ,+a , to:u< r I!v< r pl tet. '. r,!,z,",el Ir LI hr lai wor, :- e - tr u , 'liuu wr( s n,, +co 'It':n m hc'is, lirui - d a+ It d id at the ll >I r,";. 'w'llh , ;, 1 II t I ;llhI,' lri r t ~I ih llnyc 1 .r) :\ !. ,,, n lu,_ -r _ " .. . .,_, . ___ , " i ('t) %` - hI i I, - I - +, N . , I, csv- I lle " ii ,, , I n -.. r_ c J- tlp,,iv t f (l 1'," u. II l ,: II t.v+,, ,.; - . of. hllk, ,I -1.' l q ,u y. t +v ) lih 1h1 'olf'r h r' upi in lr '$ ht o oit lu yre h:, s, d. iA !·) l?,,t,. pl I\ it ," I;,t, nrliAl frllt N .1 -i SI ,hy ,.ill ,11: ... i l u~t 'I , l ,llc t ii'i ) 1 , ii I IIIP. ,n1' F',, i . tlif h lr pl Io .'I'' n flcndrd 1. i ,..,e 11 & A S,11"I.lE. 'T' I t unutry .MeiChan a and 'laentpr. Neglr .llth, tblunkies , tlannels, hlna , I\ 1: I hlinrlitu1 's, Ch i l,I linens, cilh c:e, hantk, rchll, l,. &e &c rac;td d a td for ie i lw bw Ile l, .ubsn he s. R)'"'A & Co. oil t. orner tCt l annd no Chnltrs 'r et e viu froi ilt a hler, , n ln Yazoo, atdt I artto i, nmb Con, ? tor e da t fr inl tYr, ' eat vt i.vh y ofh godI I in the, r line, whil, toe the'd r with hIe (r rlle. r . . tuick lon tadi , il lilke their asiTrt, en t arl-rt I, plet. tuck nldtir e ttlll e ta ca ts, htorn o otll d cripthrs , tIt di: r tedk r, silk alnd wrktlrsod eln..tir cnrtelr, and l lanl & fite elas tic u:nd sll dI i" lo(op(" Ilo l il"e'o , llill t1 ,, Sellitz ptta dUr ,l p wd r p atft ntl io. , , Ine,,dII u l,., rX pocket hooks . bl ov;ar:hr wit n sed bugle tynoh, praroi lIles d, es ke hl I.r Ia t ll 'li,-r n , eart t u hm , I. .d Ib :ieck een cut claT.,E ~a r ll a litN 11=il il' T beyds, tldia l lt e s eII, lrll n hr ,int o n, )i l 11bt billt e l - l ,I rnal . - hli at t bll', oILrse, helt. ocket ut l dv ,ti:ttt jitti I e d riityll , i eit t o n'r it t (1.tit . : (r.,l dI h , 1 s ,.llt, l an itier n 'ir ., a.'l e et il. p te I lltlolin [lil li lblbn t .tILlit lti , rrIr lt, lt ltr, thi lt i, tl it, llll ; t , i til r iar, I u1+ ttc, r ilt n r tt t elile a lt l t -ia prol .ltt ,l Zellll c 1,":ll " ul e,' n lill:,! l bw lhl ttlI "t Dope +is ti. nll ;II o - u11 s' hilo l r lS T 'i ll ' nli. nl) - II r ;ii.l ,l l aIIh II ellld lr A +(+h w 'll. Lec er l m ,lid w:0*ry t, (.*nLr flC tltlol I - t ll l ,nn , priI tii iby l fct t' hair,, ilitllo l r o; :.t i nd I Itiril ee l'i I't',rrtt t it l It lhUttic Id tt r.llal l odt . (t and git +l , II ,ll .nlllnn fill.ile-, hras .ml .t,el (rmni nlitih., ' i e . nes t hair p si r H iaitalh t ,. 'r fIu t R ea ioh a ibn, le iaVr p t hiocijalin, Rlberi iad Ie i ll ra i-tr rtill- W it!n: Nt illlynw I o; e i t p rllin rd iwt.l i nier , lurrnd tlll ., i ,dite, r 3 1mel' - i lo, p ratednt Ciltanl hy an . ti ry La"lrt a hi, . to alv'Aibharwt i ,'i: l! lpr M+rctvh of, hr artin ialnn selni or aco 'cru rl lletld Ul irllnc'stntiolr itg in ho sn tak r, S tea or llin g of' II ai, Vte lt II, an r,_ luetnGao e pr,, V nri v irr onl.nn ly, roedonon m m cd Io lil llilite, Orit, aIller A4 oltoni ll II, perile Iethucsr.a uboi ,Sa;h, it nlev d Iha g fanll d in Npe Yorkr b d It hs reei Std hn N Yorkei , tproalit an I cNir Aullton oAlbny, prin t Mre . Cir lljnti Per.i Brosck Stearn , Ludai.s rkl , t hy.hsan, Vcn , Powt r,t; Spguis ; I)r i. nlls in rl r to U StIaI thl, ite.; s. oAtic Ioull, OAfic 4 Vessey st, Astor House N I Grii nleh ultu mp.rrIo \Ve.nie-ler iia pital: 1a tb othae , lecturer tkept SIC LES &nn!on hol,lal oherl A 1; Dlrp Scntera , lecturer to ld L lcalx r oarsl. td. s , So.h rville; i al l and I ani Sy tln ,Vitt N.I'oSl ' I Blur dell, Lee, ' i lcrrn iln Pat l ralrt l hlit le, , &a, b eDr aiiorrtau, prot en t 'i the n ,adcrrt i'neat, Ia M dairiny anId ',airi ton de ; Aeouc r to I, ouencu tuboajSa stln .d &Ars-,td in N3 w York by protb.orJ %iV Ferarncis, G S iBedlrd, 11 [) prole.. Ne".w York, prat. UuLd'.ti h t, antlFrancis, U J(hn. S.ton, preident Counxl tyi,' M d Society, Laurens (lull president rdlled e , Stame o onli f N Yorkos pond 'Jan aulG J. EIn of Albany, prIIN.Ma C.Io yrl Per. :1+16 J. 1) BEM' &.A Cr]II,;N.90 Coinntn q. SToukl & Saltimore Packets ' FOR NEW YORK. ý OILMES' LINI OF PACKETS-'T'o sal every l I bsib o r'%Iondsy v. . " 'I'lhis i~il is cinilmsol of six shirs, iz: Ship VICKS\BURA, Caiptin hlulnker, Nov. 5thb R,, OLEANS, - PSAarn Ic. 911 ,I PANTHEA, - Ash.h. 3,, d3 ,ARKANSAS, - Di)'l'.%, Jan. (h I / ,. \AuIrLE -- , n ,, "h(ll , ALAB.A - er, F,. e L L'e Rul. ul are, o d tire Isn:rs1 , olPbet, anl copplnr ibstened, liid Ihivisii hi'e built inll .s YorkI exlpr slyv lir tllis trdo-they ar ofi light Iratl l ol aw.t,., ued ulllon r invariably os h ld lar wiLLthout nlly dreniilion '1 Il .r pnekel.!re e u,, a enld hby ''ipiiil ell experl Iiced in the tradie, sIad wil I A lill s exertl thlmel ve~s to Cll illli te-thell C-il iiil U l hetlwed f, l ndldown the rln r, and \will "I0",utply 'u il a a Ul TheI lihave bia 11amrli1"'1 fur is.hed nenc u ou n tins , unliPtmisat'he lirst lU-lity \ ill hliyS hr. lrlnihre,A i a;td eve'ry n, ncit M ull I It thh e co l'ifrt a ilnd tal si- 0ti Thle tprice of c hi n paIfr n isag o i i lx d r :a ( :, wilhoutl wine i Ir ri o llr. ll '1r lar .lnfr pall rsEI i a 11 ti n! ,1 C:'l))i llEN. 1)0 {ojii,,l llr Ill eI ' oE l~ ll 0l i n .lll r Ir , n ,ll lb 1o l lI si vi rd r the, e ,f lOr. II i , E·l i i lll] i .i r...iii i 1 1 i i ,f si'l1i'i'. .is.'M h I--%.n-a l 0.L 110.-ll t,,1 f..\ ,\I,-;.id l.-- ' i I ' 1 11( I.IXE ill!,? "ll t' . A.l".I.,' o w ii r c rllr l tl.lld o tll , r ill the Ii lulnlrl r rd , wI 7.: tel . 1hi r 1, 1i :V -in -er,, h er'l e n," Shl " Troy, It. lhecki dl f I. Iraih", " o'. S lll 'lt r l ,l lic n. J hu \Viil Nu llNlt" , ir. N, 'w ill i !,irlilht, IV 1. !. il ~h r. I h" ' hips urie Nil of the f i.i clv , '. hiue -een tin S dtioul oi,-nilSu( ii l'ii dl , r . ' Iou l.furt andl 4ti Dui','s iu m n, ". n ,, aby . lal i 'I he ii llani t llltnlitu ht will he liihe vid in drs.,ti h i Shi l :1ASI l ', Is itda and eve vv R', I R tICi" lll 'ndati,.ll n'extesi ld Ao llip l e ll l sand I InretS, e ' i r licight i r pl 1is-u , q A)0 1s ' s S t fiiil's "IA s'IirTlle ,.iV's' lifigis hi gi IIi tspislipsi, ssifoitl . ..i . ,os-Iaseui . [lsouiiNliyna ;nll. Newi YoIr Linr, of Packlets] x'1 Ill ': Ships chin' lll ,.in this line will. ail I'roiu , Orleans and New York lir n eIvery othel r lorll dIiy- clio ne'iii'nlll tol ti e h 0i NovA llllb,'r-nilh t' l in ill' the s u I ctualt iA tlhell illi olsaNilAP s, the l 'n will b irl'iltr cnii osi, t oi f llve hips, viz: S;hip Yiz o,, C,:ptaiin Tra-Ihn, to 10l1e ,ro. the 2Jtlh Novcmlbr. Ship Ln hi s ville, Captahl I'alinu r, to Iiavo Oni ther 4th December. Ship hlutsiville, Captain 1,ldlidge, to leave on the 18th Diecolilir. Ship Vickslbrg, Captlain Woodhouse, to leave on thelo t Jl .lllV I Ship Missisippi, Captain Davis, to leave on tIhe 151th of Jianuary. The abolo ar all new, of th first class, coppler d1 and copper fa'tened, and upwards of 51.0 tons burtihon, aIr of light draught of water, beiing built in New York expreissly l r the trade. i l'ihA price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are lit fillu p in the most inuproved and convenienit Amiphl stores of the first quality wlil be provided, and every regard paid to the cerna'urt and entire latisalctiin olf passe.ngers, whol will please takl no. tice that no berth can bo ,rcured until paid for at t; llh e ol f lih consi ,neu. 'l'iese vgssols arel commalded by captains well lxprilnced in tih trade, th lot will give every at t anton d an excrt themselv estoaconmmd.late. "f • will at all times he towed ua and down tile Missis. S ippl by iteani bnll olltls r llllnr h strictest punctuIll!ily The olwners of tlhese slit, s will liinot be rLponsii. Ibl ohr any altter, parcel or package, teit by or anudt oor horn, of thelill, unllts a regulaIr bill of ladinlg be signc, therefLor, at the countill g loueLI ' of i tihe .g .t or ow'i·erI. For thlru'hr pallclr, apply to JD IDLIN & A COIIEN, ~ nowv1 90 Cunlinon st I NE11' 01LEANS.%N1o1.A lTI O\lOR LINE U1' This lihe will consiit of the following v'io..l, which have been built or pulche.[ d expressly lbr the trade, viz: Stei, `roaman, C.,at Muner, Bark Mary, , N yklo Ii ,, Iral Ferry, new ", S;'.veus., " Suolon1 S.ltus, ", 1.nlhal, Brig Architect, 'h Gry. Thlise vessels aro of the Iirt class, have hand. .orn turni.,hd ,ccotllml latin s, and art, of a light dralt of water, so as to admit of their reeeivii,. and Sdi chargiog their cargoes iu Italtimore, at the city. Freight will be tallen for ports on thit, Chesapeale or Jomes' Rivt'r, and forwarded by the, l.tgents, l1cser+. CLA Ill, & IKELL ilG, oit Ialtimnorc: expexlCon ul goods slipped will bti advanied when rquireid. The plice of, is 1ixed at 1011, amllo atorms f' th b st quality will be pirovided. Stean up and down the 3liissipupi will be taken on all occasions. For f|eight or pas.:lge, apply to nova, 2O B henvil e .it. tho litt, rlas=, tr i r d rr'll d co ,pp)r i sl. at' t n .', and -I atlio , '200 IiN In t urll l ,111 · 1 .rl; indI neiv nirnn lmh as for ] si" sen;!e.r-. Ft Flr',<tlt i ix lli Irtdtt , 't h ,,di av itarr tt slll ;ll] . 'Ur "l[ l+ih, selNe-a s to ar-.. m a, '. - 1 h ht ' F 1 l tataa I ah)t a' l t t. t ' aId -IilI LIIl (t l l Iat 11s+i''' i,,p, n d e ve New rla'a n r o ,h t l0h atnd IS!h f rv ry I -I h. ''hta fallawiaa v ttsal A coa mp - the Ine, viz a t Araaia ,(harhs r'Ft , "an t. }'I. C' pi anI..l. . 'IrI:ot.ns r 1' _I t., i r., h l v. Itt , a . n I n.atr , IF. I a. [F' r \ il l. , .I. . A li" ",','r. For tr Ihit Ior; "s,:,, , ,arly tr, a. . Aa. tar tI, ! &', -. , Cl x ( Ia,,xx r st. N w ()rih ns, i 1Al. C I t " .Ch i .t s n. ,'t I rys, " ' 7:, , i." i itill)- i i. N \i - f -ll ehof +-)il. _ j I of 1' I IA A a s ofl l. OrI a 1'o a m~l W o I these prscls ",mat' eovrtlil - 1 'l1 ,v ! , , .I I, ' .. , '. 11 , . . I , V, k+ , -.. , I, ,+ , .i[ 11 ~ a~ lii, , t" r It ol, .! , ""I ' Ita :t I I it N a "' t , t , t"" i at I l()Nt Fart i 1 11 i ' ! AI ta, r ',,v . iv , nl l hll om i , ita:a- ,'ra',.. , tt a n .ha vimP, aL , !. ie of ht it ., cr l t,) ao r , ahi daaI' t aI I, atta a -iroar i f J /in In ag''aotatttt" tt,,,'aaatia F ar, a' l t' I, iF arri l i e t hrl a lt pr ill t N.+)l,,x" ] (', x, ,,n th re aPI , I the V i l'hrist+p * a taF tat F eaa antiart Fa a i , ;;, l I, ,, 'ttl i llll it rI a hid l llit h i (I e ti t +It : I I i ' III+ b (n ti In I llan+ ll h t I)nlen t II. ., ti . a ia . F, N , iry ta t I hh - F , an t ., rlonging. r. n~'+r,+l an\eis ,I to<, , ,h' horyn I), a aa'ta'' o ' , at It. a' o 'a t, . i' , ",I ,hr! hclll, re, ! n lllrl" an I 1 1tt J.l tt'Iho ,a lllallla l)l't I h0 , Itll+(! stl!' e llc N alnllhllnll l ll( ''"x e)ti ata hat I ir' l " I e i t r A herl" . It, , l tt at ttI ' -l, l ', l in ' * it:lh .I e x111 :a., ih ai Wlh l l iil u al icr. i , . tic i, 1 W. r an , l . t tat ll e a t r F t r I , ,Ir,: t and -Laa t -I a:t - '''r t' taa-.'.i , a- a . ,.,.:it r ;,v , I t.," b ll,a h ,1 - ;ta a t', l~p:', a lnFIa ,I'.;ta . a n' t t itha ri- r t-,a a t r I'at , F • rl , Ivat. srx i h, n tla a d a, l lau F l.tIa l I 'o !t r - ai i t a at i' aaa a n7tt a-a' I, i t ta . ' lat (at , r oll i no re I' -% art ' at. Fa' t d -ar tda te - 111 lo 'ti nll/ d i oII ,1I !, ln.', r an I iii h t:i' l ixhl, and d ,iy ,ait xlt ta r i n i . ts 11 I. h (', ..... l . F lta t ... ... Ia ......... a .. I nt) hn" I, al atOll a .('a at' ,d Ia f lear ay x r Ill veiI II chtr si .d xan r!in I 1 e t rit;hr. I aa ela'a -a ,le n dthtta e ta -at + r, "bi,, f- r a plrn't - Vtta d h :pta e r t t b lorrt. ,llllll tiln l 1 p..1 ilt 111, II ta t'r, , .ll t 'at , ttaa' t ' o a - t I' . 1 n1" I i," li t, prior, i,)rl i+ ,-(I1, nd amid %%-I(it, a It i' Iht, -,li Fas llripI ,it Inlv i , I , _ . i, I1, l ' x ' ,r:1 ,, _nl~ i III IFlt tpaFita'itat tar a1 a' alla+aala't+ InItI] ,i. t .at t Iat I" a ,I sale, ta fAor atny u ht.t r c l,,a,1 t a: r rat, r ,r l. Le i . 6tl:l+/m Ilil hi i <,t, t `n Il )ex,,~ 1 ll ,11 ,1 t 1r , e, "Italeta ' , tltrrs ld, y' ila l ,l tal i Ae aoxfi~ lll l t I l 1 Fi C phtia Iier. tr Lt Oi tt'at-.Y? ada tial'I,gFiril T . Ii Ir] t, ' i. ta r tat , !t v 11i'1.,. i I .\' ",a I., .,. c JUST PUBLISHEDFROn,1SSTEREOsTrPz E PLJTES 7%. Il'P. i"di'in ..f ROWLFTT's TAnITESOF IN'I'EILNiT: WO whisit new as led an Avern.a 'l'ime Calila Stor, or easy mthmins' F11' fi~iin the asien t", a'e imer 1n stin'alre, notes of haslsi or aills of gonos,. hsssi ons- tii hlabed a:t tlillerent datles, pn dliffl'ent credlit, nm Fdl r , evrianlmlmnmtllllS; besidles:s ll .l ai a ai c aOnnle laldksine re Time Ta `le, the hiest lhat ca'n he eontlriae-: or thai fit -l a 'res cal1 1 :ndlllce within the st lle coln enlll compfssa , and size nl'sot ipe. An a 'vertisement in thebni is in ase.ily the follow The hiigh distinction this w"lrk !hs r-crivcd thrnu h thill. tr, les islalirve ntst pi'eixed t, tnhl lits. nle' is :I P.e Snm e. d ion t in it-self, so l 1lommo l., ollltl eo con!ll lit., lh [l !lt1thsi is lnecessaI ry mlOlr. th.t n by wi as nl ll •¢l'li'.mll nr to +ivet, ec..he...d vi,"wv ~ nf nteel of c" tcollintitieS:0l" fett lnlll l lee "t he |tite 'e.t liIs a hi' e Cn na' s i i ell frol m, anl d c t ared illh, what is eqit iv:lent tlo i m:r. Ien rets l'e:dstlclation e, exsslitel in the ss 0s1lhiat. venll to thle skeptic (e-envc;llly nn thu e il sns i nls or IIl!s hlol ,,r l 'nnfi'llT l tlr t p efev) thlt tihe work lustl . e nil- . S etiently inflMlible, anl in eous.lrmltion of th i heliel' preillum of two hollnhied Iand lnft. doilts. ,s now of., . lr fifth editin, as s xprssses in tln pref ,ce, makin five c ll l '+ll o 1e dl e te t tln ll .n " a ol 'crur o o f ,, c ullt ill th lll. p e - "lll l |l ur ' i nll 3f fr t.ell sooln(.'| 1III l CII' o sineI, :: e i. ,. 1 t ns)e f L ha mI n t cni cuons , i'sthe tslde, isIi uin th!e ,*rrn:alnellle t rf tile T'ilme t l Amollnllll s llihI 'rf ex dipe li. nlls. rI"l'bre.nll t ld erpleunity, with ,llh lwl. nfTheside tl t indleX . ,lr ,,nn l e* excelle; i tm l the n', s tv ~1, rae ilIt ,whith the i'n.Iwes cano he ftaud to thl vent h II' : lll' i .sa lssI, ahloot Id lllling of".I m lio,, of s en.fIl ln l li o lll i co petelll tll a: l prllltinl hi i. lt .+. Ici; mei Ia d |tllt,lie t i, , l Prs he h1ave III glrl. '.'l'lt llst' o{1 hts. ,nllEll t I . n. .l\lr 1 lhhs,," Ain considen,,t ari eiy ossshe k xraiiss ions, san tests 1,f esry edit;n, it h:,s pll iedin the P1 ,s" .1 l( thh. anding the - hole is inl `te1 'ltl 0 ,ll I,', em i rit.g',, ' in1 .0.1 I, he positive 'Ielt:Ir t uld ir:\ alllll h leenl liti nllIll ld C"lll nla edlcl h' s'\` 1,l " lll, mo t lnod I I ofll lho k in the w+lrk;" loist I rv l 't ll11 It I I moocan r.lllIlnn lfillre, wll'k .fthe non'( Pat(elll, W ic!h hrr nor vairity of" tl:( in the stn. na mbis,'t of slib'sns; III nll I llu h (allthe tulfbes's , ai s is I Il lo s}s o II nl th" .ashls'e, nstsi t and i ni , , it les hren tsii1 :,al prve 'd i s neasrly all t,e Lask told s lit h. s i ',,s in lle nit< .Sates, anod s stse ps la ic g t iesrsll s, gsoing thes I eintiop .llns s eltrlllss o I" i l,! i.tnl, h s IIIhol lollna s i' - 't 0 l: lof ll Ilq I+Itey I'a ul.hen laer nl' tllld I h"l l-. llhrlIl .l c llI,·lm, 1 I- chl hti l-. .'I'. I', lh t Ie llI . lar " '.,' ir". I fo r i 1' , The }v o k;.m i o i, t ic t 6 1. es !i ,n d ell, tn :lst ,. ,l",iins t i' ll s ts ,lit e n o iit s n ,..s ll tl, c ll t o ll i llll , rwt oflt Ihl ri ll il. rl l rlll l l l g It w Of the i i.ts ..rl , lls p t lassl. s, ia n the hI t at alh 1el. of tilht hlok, it .I, IllI.t ' 1p~!; t"5 1 t'l ( t"! l', . c. ..5' 1 lCl yLl] 111 i V . IIiit - Itf" l'st I.ti d S .,l l l. hr it is rll olr,l, well kno tll l hat, l its teIloo i checkv ifat o Is s .fien L d etI+ct ll', a ltore cioi's, long :,flee thei y weret I le lur l .g l n br y the lllll 'll( ill and mollll st competent cessity hlL. its Iuse | havet been txlesirll inisted oUl, on so e is llala t i llcell, itilc beetl its :llla. ll s, antl its s salin.'g s that, sa c ri'i 's i ni;;a , whilst ite .Ir'lst edition se was scarce, t( nllot of printl l. reil t Inmhsri of s!setl I hand copies were solghl fu, se'me to ai gm. t distane. lt m.d lurcraied at \laions prics, as the'y .could ocasioa - n ally [ ' picked ua1 at fro.n jio to $ per copy, Iml il some persnlls aime reesss .i y declaredi , and i llnstaes c coull e y ntll dll lthatl they wnuhl pay .il·1 , .$1 ft, ;olll (it1|h) re i a en, t, If 'nto be isad fls less, ' 's t an i sdisids. l a illsi thie iatlet insti nclle pa'iitvlirly, ihvin g tl i ti5he asIs e l iime rxhibitcd i stis trictory' pro , to sIIp1 d perS ons pr-l senIt th: to him it was rI:ealv worIss Iithat i oii y :Is id orei t un de I i o l;lll f '\e.mi ls iis "e nsable I. e, he re beil" : r} " rih :manlnd in h blie nfive. it is e . a nLrthy of i oa t e, n'' d il' ed proper I· i Illlln e s, that sl ch is thle istsal'e of l lle w' rl'k giesrs ly ane 21peoillv when of the t extn t :n d im t':a e '5 A these la hls, ihas had this honk n" its liske h,,o l'epon r LI el inal . 1111the n o 't In b!t' i, ti hel.l Il' osltllll t li : calItoll Imto rllhl h l iTwor lllln : (Jie'nrnis woo ill lie t Ly wvotuld, ( l.l ost m a e Ilt,ti.nt , bave be o Itts:,.f' fot* ", lier l., l.lodsl earl t I a pri. r, t as the s Is '.ss C h1ll ',i - tele t}l, ptl tes i f i is i nii 'is ·l nlll''i I an lt , tilll t c': 1 " or them, sithilwir isnareas sit, ex tosdinarss asoia rs it .sngi itse, ' s I , sl'llsl ln l, . i t'l' , ' es. isvertises ntss ) s. cssoss t' kept itj a si of s to sakilssss t sssss ileose inininting t est "illh ul notesluh low the pref- , ahih, i I'is lilh : i thill i tl pl''et+,!ing1 (t diiinnSt , j Islsl Ii' iiln .i snll, [i os'll i t'i IheIt hl i iut sls. .s ll' Utputl Itig tte "t" I. e ' dslss " a'f taCs, toe. It i{+,1 .1 only to h' lman k tl .,t, .]thilb o n, ..o Ihi, jII' I 'lvmt ,l nnh, yo-.l} I ,II k. ,,hoch ":lsaI is tl,li.,h,_,l I I'cluno 1. i i t l ,haen t io xtesilss h i it so lihi ral'l s o h it Io not l t $ to 1et o , 1 Inl o , i. set 5 ,: t , ' ' s fs,. it 1"ov .: I ,, I .llu, d d ,l u., tirss !e, .I. . as l al',; innXs1'..0 s 3as ............. "-int's m " '" I sition of i .s' 0 a s ies .,v5 'n 4 ehn II ,51 is 5d.5u5 \\ hsTIwrel a i I I h ils tlhs oss a I' Ii . , r ,.,.,l and -e,, ':,it, of the puohlic IY motioh: :e nof re e patove. eNosatl I,' sses li (h ,;a tr l;", t! ut lle sc in ll . e l",l 'o.1h u' ih , ' t r p 1nrl e"r., , di 'canr aiia,' -iva haaso s i ner n al "z,. it\i i vti "o f is i t sJ Al r. of (ik 114tt uiitl. ýr:111\llll l( a ) -'t'heI I -,w ib:"r, having flit ism hli-hid n Inlloi-h mnml'lll~ll d wi-: in la- ! ! lIC ri Ccllit is rind,' to ,:apply Ow i~riainirl· 55.1 its lD t!Ihlt is ci [ r1i L)' whot le-l '. o l.r ret~\;l. I ll= 11ivc1· life toad~5 1s., .....1~ the r\ n tIl}' of~i Iti Iln. t \ri= so l I rri l·T to lj· I cr 1 1.(: 1111 tI' 'I'll I fin- --- I -a w I,.,, c±II~l-ratelt o ths i i ,dis1u o, I . I I s l p""> ~~j il~sl·:l: ~ III'.I11 1) 1'?11-L I· ' Mall XI ICI ' Ir l(o\,Il roiC iANI .1-) ott1ail sha S ll lie llte l IItII ltllll n air tl 1M 551' Ify -''Ii t II' I55IH, 3' Ni tioI I , 1. u., n I',l lr is I 'srl'i I/l l ih tcnch No.1 , I Ca rscsI Cl l ll' ' cuss. t c n. iis holi mt Ilorr J I:IF IH llv illllr Llll Sr : nod - WIic hlll it e 'Ill rI 'cIhi SIIrII\ 11 I1I1~ 55 lIlT e1 1, T 11' /\1":1, L I 1 IIS UX i;`'1, II -II s e I -silts~-- 'sr' I '~~--- - with 555116~ro: 11 I,1'""' r', nnsi V II Ilr'n r:, i:. " ltI I s r ý ' n s, p m i ! , I In:, it lo: 51 , i f rl e. : S ll· I I I c iX IlI Ic 'II I 15, il cf1½' 11sr . !t!, nb i tll tnt "551121 -tl v ti... .1l,:lolo , 11!111 1 !,t r o:I, 0 'II p X I; p U1 .R I I.'- I ''-hr I·:1 I. n,(:-l~lr 1 I n h r 1 ::1 Il. 1 7... : .l Ike ;. i);I!I c g, il - el~L, 'L"'" s;lr·; is·, ·s (,1 1;: and hll). llll f.,111 ·P ))·i Ient that perlll oo: v ,lit ii ; ! ('or i" il Ii I.lli I do rift g t .Ile tl iwIw onth., a-aI t find II' 1. :, C Inllin).".,I(nn th n w ca 111 rd tl(, i 1n : 1h r l /riv \\ilr·S h ansu is lvasnmly sii1 cd, and wlll null rlu Alllll s Imlay clnlrnr'nr ; file hair is ulel i:.I''t'IdI (:llll, mint cheice lirlnnrs, se. cll shrtsie po ncr '"' llt n ~thing shall hr I1II) lnli n;;l I'l h ipat o gil t'alire s:11 slaclilln 'I ' 'Ic i ' ay'II thi ruisisipi am .sL Wsa~ AR RO S hoel ti'uI ''ill' "'s tll Ir III' I jliIl IIII & ;AilAl \I tI crlA - .h p r-sI F'(nIls lulr, ,~ I't,. X "'I'I I) Xc:1l u III XXX e' I.l oir 51,rb 11 1 X III f ' t1 1 I 'II .:/'nr r r I sT I - - :," '''p'I., "1t:,: , , LA Vil lA._ r I r',, 3J~lld'i,', RIUSTITON & A.SPINALI,'S CO' 0POUND TONIC MIXTrUIRE.--A peede A a nd cert-in curn for tile Fever and Aru, rremittcnt arId interlnittiet fevers; prepared t'rom tihe original rrecipe. Uuod witlh eminent and ani d nersal sneinoes in 1832, by persnne oa the highest rerpictability il this city, as sttacd in tihe anosedd en riifnca ten. This medleinr is hinIly 1 ereenmoendOd, and hlsn bsran xlt.n.sively Inerd in the above,, diriasss wilh uach distieguliheOd rucner., that tih liroprietor of tha recipe iar btn illuced to r t r it to ilT i the pub. le in iti prel ent taori iii ti het ,' .it miy he lihecmans ora relrllvinii inU'a thei who ire slfretrinlg unator the sea 'rgo of iiir conrilr7. It is a Incrinihle l)psr(!rein, Egir. g tvirtie, nnrl whlolr h leh uearclinrg to tlahe directiini ha never aihrid of ffeectin. n care, rvnc in the nmosat hilstinatl stler. of thle direnrdlr. It is not nt ll dis:Iarreoahlr, lll tpersos of tile wnakerst eclollnach, nltrle lilric'rn ny' ltoire it with impunity. It strenrltihe o the ldiglstiv ' organs, creato lin I pplelitr, anc oilho'nl reqtirqsI - more tian onr, oir ill ohhtinate csoe, ltwo bnttllPs to effect a ctre. Thero is neitheir iercary cnr arsenic i the redicine, nor any thing iejarians Sti i human contitution. The prnprioiirs ore a well entivinciel of it effienacy, tt thel y trerrr I to relfund the price ofrevlery brttle whi.lh has aor i taken in necondander with the dlireoetions n hour1 I not eRffl;rerd na peritL care of the t'er & nalue. A. OLIVER, r!le ra:ient tlir Ne.v Orl.l--o, iat Shis whoh.lh.l anldf retail dlrl. andh meiliciu0 store, corrier of fli.-Ivlnlu nun Chrtrrrs rtrreoet-. ii llir Distrii t .llivgl i nrir llure ,p toi i'5 T. W0. SIlTI, 4S Cint .. i, * J',rSgs a.d .Iledicie.r. • I J 6 ...+-o* ' ir it hw ,latedl linteift.It .,, hIs;P elV t , Mr In-the [utr r l 'ir vi rc I rit<atil Lr ii ,eIr-rrail itWhlr/ s lr 3 I) h btir ' n. o li e ii int ri .Pu vin,, e fi r- l I , -:hl i, it, , a , air rrr iln,, , fru -lee, wiii hri - l ii ih r l Ier T i l rtr a t h I tilli llilrr lfT' Ill ; ·llr'i'il~, c 1` i 11ii+'r it llll a ll Il! lllli IC( hr wlo el (ri r.'erei nit',u 5'b. a'-n irnn aintir m., ifi' b,,n ofi;ri -i hi, nl'r. r0ri-. ., tern i- t, ,ii, tu; . :;;il ;:rr IL i rir-Or ir h isi I i ir, ri. i lh hol sirr lun F si ,,n i r- . ell t 1 i l l, a l i r r r i i ' kr w irr- rl l i i, r e . ,I i nr huinr-r- . I ! ,io rr ers Ir-,r l hr e -.ll' l lrv < I i i rrrlh i lri llr 1 tr i- rl v" r le ivirr such le. ii I irirllrlri-rrr olii-f rr icnR. Loedpr d ir 2 x: t r! ; i: l V I l l Uirii-1 -Iill nIil - i hclie,, -ri-r el hy \ .lisi hi Iss. .leinIr ,f il, !hl,,val t',Iol l "g o .,'r'-. s, Licenliatc of Alp ithe (ury'1" , als pull , ?ri ll ow o I Hol~v ll' t Court Sovlliety" Su 'gt'n S to the Ioy:l "l'ionl IP,+sion A.' cia~ltltion," :ie n.' S I i 'i , l 'iterol' i h ri i,,:, ict e ir tp'liluloi ii f tirne a 'i llThi vaihrublleto esiine: ,, the ri suts h of twent'rl ,.I. :re errii hh r tr .a"i l ilti Iniro t `ile r i' t M ic l - llsCIt tl tile h+Ilttillt ilt!·l1 lilhl~ilv iti(:li~ i.,lI1I,.' illilOdlm',-IIC· to tlllhe tilel of ltre Am rie i it pillh liC , t th arllnet so l lirIo tioi ri f a t liric helr i eil ntrilclre ofi longll d hrirel S stanldilng hi tile prlotession. It is hopcd, a. 'a pr'elin~i iit nowl step, toi ctheck thel evils mul 11ftal cO ,(s i111UenCIs itl '" "hl. ' ltrlelist+ r: l·~f th,; I i tlell l-i ·:IIInq , t I . t ,clri tl+ i erooilsolmlirl"nediouse:sy,rs iuid +th~er f~ramis, by ia set. o er irierclllrrl r, ll riunlircrplei retcIlullr er-s so iolallr irtr. irriti II of mtlicll scic iler, thal it inir osiie lle a lrti.ll o ls Ia. rilircitihn i rrlly hiriger go uiown in h th lie ltllie, t - people ofithiscomt ry~il'. Tlhes. pills, nilhl lit:!iigrenle''ll 1 in thei iialrie, siholhld he r IIt I ir ectl I'.r mi- in eliei ses rotnIuhlir illriirs, folrl, hby Ihhir lru H lst n lmi I i tion 01 nholcira, c'n . s.l;~.f''' Ud olr:hl nrt~a hii di-r Ml tirrri ,Iii- 'it ,t~ ,Ihq'i1 Lll in ITir lr or rin vetrek d. In fln et, all those who rrirr- neh Iiod c-la, irir nieCiii bT r Iillhlt r hei. They ie io e1 S in po:ckets Al 5.) cellnt, I ;lult jO etcl'h, hiv t'llnl' It r is¢• r in- l a ori'lin.g i ht , co okii aid nli f ilniir hoe ri v I hai. arntih ie A et tirlilririri r i. l AIl s .PI ', ·I.+ Iillh, t. ! :j/illl7 lCI t,( 11i +,+t t i: ii' ,ll t+\ ( ;IO i i C•l' . I b'n ,,hln,.s ilioul. tI r 1. I )., \ . hrir k 31. ). -! .. As oI "q1 , A. IA i 'u,,lidl .(11. 1)., ui lll , i oI ls. Th' I r orir i I m:,\i-- - -n n i .i i o,<--. fi l e JI ( ' ,ilt- A ,!l it l- V IN, triei a' a licilrrii is i i t 'en 1 'f .I I:), lcll' I wI . I e lu ali pi e tiNilll s llr. ..... ies a I JNOrr . 1iF i,, IN , ;1'. '\: ,, .rl- Place, N. o .k, • %,Ic e G , .,al .\.4elnt hw 1hv l'nht~ .· Sa tes, ".. : |+',uv11· )1:·! h\~ a1 1111 1,.lt'++,t . "ti . · ,n/ v m h~,. "]. Nl.I n']\ ti hh Il' r, r. Ir,.111~ ,,nl nl-h , ' (rirri lbh Ear l'r nir-nrp rr 1irr I) .' i " i t,\ il t't+t U ++!r Il. hl,' ,liI'. n il', ,t, t :l tl'ti~ l i],ttll 1 II i lt' ti-I~ C ui,,-: ii 1. ill' In rl IT . i - l, ir r I, i rIgli - O ,rl - lr t ,i I l it b1 1 lll l ih lilgII - i . li nii r i - r I (r- in i i i i r r r I ir rl ii ' ' r r T rli l l t fll ill.I jl, ,llil, Ilj ·l. t llh.]t m ' un a ,r l hl I . C hr i, Ll 0ire lli' ' l l II P'l ht IJCIIIU.~llii .ti~ l U (·i. > (t il \·iil irIt i,,ir /- "ii ie ririrllerr IT l ireill r i 11ire inr ~lirlrrer-rlrri iri-ninni rr -ira. ri. iir-lr · 1I1 l fi-i l- l~l • tl"'l \-()·111* ·l ",',rh,, ."lllC '+'11 ,', t. aai ,'it t!:ll,>- -Vi!,'-I. Ire 0y ail aii N lltiO l-lal - " I .,hlr hi., h1l+_',,I,,,. ii.+hI~.I~H T llll't\ ~ll'.ll oer--rt i TlINI NU;,t --''~ . .I, :.t . tlIN ,g T: iilh rla irr, r-ri] Irllr it* urll - h i ll i tr i iii nil ti---ie .r I -rni rlli t io rh m i i l- f ini ii,,i t hri- i t ; llill Ire oIi l rl[ il i'N i i- 2 r roul i I It reeri I n strut. II ruuirr l Jii .'i in ire i . TETt, ,.ti --rhepti e ri rhl ( I r' l el, n nh laer rrnfl :ir;:k hh., rim b p $ t tlh-i imhlr te , r ;, rr ri ! t , r i, e i ha il on . I T nim lcthe ; and tHirts , Ke-,i\, -t )rb~u&,t ina th rui neli ofl+. thel+. he rl. linei w'rill ,I Th i n learn ol rmiarle ear--era r iI C1 t IC whIt till , i, I ai'rirl .cian. , .il. IvjPN 'earn onvic otl ii tN2;id "linen Ltit e i.' it I:. .,i''ii , ' - ud p P' ;,. to s e t . A l',.iti.i I . il ,',n.{ :rri. d iu cv. iv, hrov,.i;,,n !:h',ll-h,-oit SIlnluv i i iill 'I d;i Ilv , P' ivlllV llll O i ' -L ' ']', sln: d olld oi' I 'per"l ii., vitni iiu i t ly fiiin r ,i.Cdi b rt r- i: id t . iy li a d vigi,.r tlrough iItsv ag.n. Ry; and tll llitow cl ; ,i, l',ly tietl ti '0, a iIt p iti ritvy, ti it. doe:td. d a )l supre o ev i.y ty, 1; is c mpolt,eld of such ll' hcin ll lrliCiplehs na ar'+e thle los ,ll which rrninly is te i.lllluneditv Cse li" ehu disL, e. It is apparetnt also, thtt it produ cos a.n ntll ir~ (hil e linr! I In 3 condlth ion of the s. te1 st ,itt tl ! ] : lalm y destJroy tht nativte l ,i ility o, ruly -p s o iL [tll Ctilitn \'ilvni the At in is l:d i vith ally othier it phdilt, tihe mlp!oynL nt of Llt e Toniu,: .lxttu-. tll ntt ll ter Li'r, w i'th i a tIII l t. i viivvvl ,vI'h lii r l, vitvv vi Iiit viiiitvt. I' Iri, tl | 0 . I t o ft nofti other di iv tiV', bi h I1p.% v cen vivlp d i s. n1'1 Ir lb'fy turnsliing llist ll R lt an v .llor tao tl t i )body durhLing the courii te of tvrii . lll Te. 'iti aii ho kldet use Of this u'sdician may be ateured th,.t lherl is ilno vreic, lviLirAs, 1ieI or iay otherlli article is i its o llpliti L nll dlri ntd y tro t lt hll ia iiid they l iay i ::v e ltl ailtiovv al It l htv fite l.ih evr , vv whvi tvi e prv " vl' eIv tl .lt it h11i trello l iictii'iva gentl a laxatLI, ilv ll all t l ito iil half a hi1. lhe full h ,- b,,en taR:en---in onuiseqvence of v: bhle, !hero is no p rt . t" e I lia t'dt:iln' left to hIV gr ll the bh l )l, to aIIs v obstructions, a;ld otllhv l r e il: arisin4 110fo 11 0 Il u s. Iof manl y Itof tIhe rnedie t ll yn 1 I ofteLtd lor tho cIIture this iieltill. it has hveenI iused als att prevealtiv, by inany who were, stl ject to a perodic I ecurrenle of the Ci'hill, and it lhs itvtirrhbl!y wardd ofll'th i ppreahi ndeii d attIcl L . Observe! 'vlv- Propriietr, ftlly satisied itllh the minpari dlel nod iIl universal success vtiiliCt. v has c.,. tantlIv aelltlldid a piunIle u l and rell lt ar usi Il' the Conic .,lxturl, in all cases oi Feveltr and Agie, :oin'. warranwed in rag iging to refnd the p,ricc to all tlh,. whtli hav t kven tihe lledetl: in strict ats collatce vash tihe prectribcd dirtctions, willouti lhvi ll l n lllllcai. tly ai i ant latingly ctlred. ''The i lvsubcrtlbers are I e i w h't. .lh agenv s foLjr the ty caitts ov thin nedicmLi, ittwich is wuvvranted rs and genuine. For sale tit the l ivtle.lur d lpric:es JAR IS & AN.I:LtEV,' nov)7 cur C'ol nnonn % ' .i., .rt. I ..I i F \ TAG TUi EE . s.rvl it: of tihe tl l, has ii miu c'd te asb-tc-ber tltir Ii to the Alllpricln p bhli-. Airrngl enli:s hliv the adti oil those ent li'el'gl..ill! likely to sutter this mnns " e i II appblied a, ctdinl to directions riven on boul, it has never lainnes! .;..,Tl inius'diatr and mn nent,. It a|-o arrests the decay to der, ttiv reeth,ald relieves that otol'less vchltll , llo eqhntlh renders a rultll .moth neel~ss Ti.' api licntin, anl remedy are sihine, ioinocent'l, an iot unnpleasant; ald the large I11,b" ol' in di"thcl'nt setio 8 n s o te he b I.u',,i*rc, $h btt l.ha air, ady eS i -d rieat.+( mlth ehtlu JAIRVIS & ANDRtE\l... •, , (ar C'onunon and Tehaplitou,. elm. MEDICAL CARDl). AND IMIPOILTANT TO TiIE AFFLIUTED WITH DIS, EASES. A TREAITISE on Yener I)iiease O.EorrhO ients and Stricture, includingll6 pructimtl oblurvtions on &eclrnia W\eLkncss, arising f, om early ahalse,, so thlt all person ea. entntl uan isltmedalte cure, ewieh enseiaecrecy and flaty. l |t is n itoslachol' fnact, thatI l ttlsn l fll victimm to the Vo itreui Dis;lre, owing in the, uusltiifulllurs of illiterate miln. who h) the tlme of that deadlly poisn, .ll.leary, ruin t11e rlu1 stlt.tlne.nna cause uh:rrF,,in .with blotcIhes ol te.i teadifaci sai hody dilness hI Ithe sight, anie i/ tim ears, deifnesc,ob !tintel, cllts, ndl nodes noI ihth shilhl ht1t , till t Iteapt.. a goan .real debliy rnltd Pcay o" tllhe e ltittllt(lI ontIotsI.t t t l I it Ilalnoly diutl a lll put: it eriod to their dredl/'ill sulerillg t. PI"IRY'S i'RIPVING SPECIFIC PtL.l., A rcrloihltt, sel.ld than . ll .I .sp,.idy rclltly ever dico 1 11111for the orlIt and tiiiet al ticure fi vl1111 I .lles, o rillI' 1 c.11ts,1 illr I..nIr li- Nrllwil , pai ( in lt itl l lill. nl r lu of'th ili ,! gravel hlllndag ln Io.nld hidlity, lr .aui; of the h der .r urethra, nhd ,othelr dioCesens olet oboa nna;yl selst:t ll. ,llrlmth" p,.r ormil.n per I 'l t.u IIaIr tthIIe mho .spae I o f I t" o ,In sP by ltn small pill 6.- In ose, wi-ill- ru,, 1n5 cr ,,y:ra',V lt ll-r " llet. TI' certainln ly wlr h w. bleb they arr. cOlllllll • pecilh: pill..root I .vrlv 'nrvta,liv hfiihlhliou. iolsnn, puri-t AlI IIIl I r pt,,I I n U I, I lilt: , h li I llls. 1'(he' nllot ol' l o I''11+ etlle "i c lent ui 1rnll1, lI Ih r! to t stllr i t rIe'rllal. tes Of t" I +,ls' ex p lllhe Ill, cr t.uti r hul.llttr l IiItI their |n tlli o I ni1-it- illlll~"rr, -e Pe ram Io ollcn' tee. the Im·oat scIe.pial of thlir lbhir o ittllkllFI, iv;eputllll plow nt,. The ItI|thlle ct- lItti Il Ir Illt.. no t y o ,,lellr lt i, ,rI. 1111, I, y I t ltr-ilt t t il ll* l t t lt - ht- I su-phl tl -rdiscovery. Thty re- - rlir n 1 t11111rm, t ( nn of dir(., oin air time, or hhdrlrln co of bllSi- i itn- but .d l a+' ·omplelte cire,,, it iot the leatl xposullrell I the ptinslL. At tiny perml, When hl. tlzt! lrpI stsusllbr.,n lrlu n), it V.lllr Ih ll to hoye retalur,,' t,, tile. Sprl L' ll , fdl.,,,r wh,.n lake., before tan, di-m's haome, h. it, .pp ,+'armr., it arts! S rl ilt a~ prcvr tllltu l ecnIt'tlrllU' lllg the ecn lpluClt el.),.tull )/I i1le.r. Irs ' tmry Sulrgeoni+ contillle it, dhreat their tloldirs to tho~r. ....r adhll rl]+ dlilirs a, isiz) 1', lilnt e It, oi, |rel, Ihl IpdlA miw l nITilulll· :ll "i of th, .-i o ,-I,, . lo. o oll oll~lil ,:i , Inn ,a $ I li 'ron trallm or" 1)erVol - ll(('l'{ 111111:. l , mtl r L (lllot IIts Vir rrllll al ll he easy ,log 1, r i iilhie+ e old r,.,e, but rE ,llbtu ndl h't~l~ ayll l the hlolhl. eel , , o'ecsionint I..., of n glill ll llt .ll lm limtll u g..... .l tL , nlt o r t rPr , i til r , i s lll n,"nr lllllloll r ell lrlelnsul .. TheIl ulna oI thear noxte 11 lllP . land dl, p lr .Mi nItC1 f.Olll cnn~idrri:ll e' it+ flli.l ItIhe · tIII Ins the llon th t'l'h ," Ir 111+4"WIm ' 5 1 ·1il 1 '1Si" I ·ll+·il ,,l'rll n 'llrnItnn n tih fll s l', ilia o(+ iu lllre, ne the llitlln Ia de-,. of thelr wl, i i in e .I a way t,, this ,helutlv. ,,l deh,-hunetlte habit. I. th'ddI trrssll++ .imte Eo l" bl liT ai. r delqcol: willt h thrr the cII sIt rltislll ,'l l"c t ou llch ba',tfull Il ;t'eit,'0% ex('l.irr ve, or a yll other t l+n . }, l by ic (. the inane s l I te rl.oJ lilllll IheOnI.. rnllteh)Pd, tliev o!hrr it II,,ll, -.1ro and p~eedly rottoratinll SO ,l+, nlld vit ,i') he I llh. p'=itxs ih+1 ,nes, llh II1I'\l td. l p |hl;l. d~l·' . S·:( I': l·m4 r err,.( l'li 1 5.1'l( 1'111":1 .( r. ,cell k"." n far the cem in11.. ntc 1'1' ,lll c lUll~ll t(· ray of "r lllllla) svmpbtl ns, arn l . (. , I l lllr , (IP l"lropI (t .e lltl H· I u ll d i lll Ll'lill &. I c e, ·lclrlrl · u n, " ol y, I Iad a ll hes11 11( illur. Ih o I n.JIC/ I,, iop,+ e-a of the h.1 I) ,llll- Pll, ate all,; tby a p1,11' inl the -w ot.I IL' of alsInlst- aI,) ra pia ins orhiphq t li nnl rl seIP , S.t tile+' will pep I .oo1 in oih i chlm s ~ Iiiii Ill(£1h of tittle. I` 7'u e had o,:I,., nl No. :UI (. t , 1el ll tl- street, Ncw (]rh, nI A LI.I l~n'. 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Iq ta'alih td'al, MI i an Oll ll aindL I tla't b lm r CI n rn ara 't ila vuar yo :lci I . a 'n ,'' ' t ia,1 ai t'anr dlb.plap . aiP in [it , a s!tar l ia' ta a a . &'.p ' h',t a tl't[ pan tla del. 1;l; 1 I)l. l l. * r~nl..ile 1 ,111 rtl$1h. h:ad II I ,TH utk.*h tO ,e rl, m'" and #elinied wll,.llt il. a. e It inn , tA ala tat 'ta lala'alaa'a at o T 'an 't ya r at S . act lC2 G:EORG~E JO)NE lt'Cl ' tra, I lra fr at h , t an a. , a .tterti o nd peatda n a - h' I It at tw a l l~llha ' itea ' h i Itral ei r t t- tt'lltl a. n rl. i I'tr aa,, a',' t tat at. . a h a It i at, llttitta at I, lotraaid 'tab a''qrese It 'llli ''' aNt 'all [~xs Nal tu, t ( r thl't da ni e fn " uIIH i~lnlr~ l iia h i,,,'.1 .. IIC d,,~'I RilJIi 111 h,+l,., 1 & . 6 :'wd h taive l' mop ,.a an s s V ,, , t a'; whelI.h an t I'a' ta t -t w I a t at la tht lA e, a tItan t taeil al a rntt Ii,.+II,I·I. +'hIF),,iIh,'<Hr Ii:,>it i,,\.hli HI+< ll~ell hexesrl l[aa'+rtl'l, Itm l il atata l t to a eI n It h ra IC rohwicaTa e l tat,,l tat I wa ittt 11t hl a ttihis at t t Icle a rIer L l ~~ll~lilfllil( t P I'I rt,.,, n IFv,,i r ill | a i htida waotlera aIlaih,~l. Iat,.a t a 1'.1 1a e 'a a ltl ua tt Oil, t O dI . nIalta la lnaaal 1' ,Illnl , a lta .lal la l ,eI a arit y onihryCF atal tItld atl'h taa l t'i trJl n.ltlaiol a at naking inkh at I~ "a1'ttt utalta'lttatdttlttll t nal 1 1' , Ilanalainiata A laitit o ot anaita olel Gllads~nln r -· 11 (Ijlml I)IGI, ONE a ,dnr tteaettlt aao cdreeaftde pler ad ad rae. a "'l la!,c raoulhl t lan tsi taI ad tl'hren . lan'tti alit nal l (.-l il a nl a lirlhlll r inta el il' ai a I 'l u I. l.1 I nI h [h l n Itiang n Veto tal' sttat, aI lat'e a1ta1 IIVtth'tln Ia'tlt' ha na poitaieoa ,l.ilr'l 'lH+ it lJIt:iv l 'ie tl (:'l $i ie u Fitao el I.+the ;n Y rli, il llll i tll kI lap l tnatoatly I l "' l ·1l · re,,l.##le ll lho dilllll-lll Il~lnsl'lll, liollvl~le Irelp ·lIl lilr 1 4~1( 1 ,Iiii ll'lllhi. il. lll~lltll) hi nPlll d ae111 l'iilv. I II eshlb S It'llh I ti tatiI 'af a l, aa taltt' h tanivl, it pltrna i - t't' taa eaaet t ala, tlat'tat attoa tatiatn' Iralan a tat natat tt'gtatat tAoaat'l at at1eataiss ta', a chttan hb t.\ >il,,Ithd1~ 1 ii..Ii tlibd 1 l'th titn l i nll Ls an . aiglet'a Inlad battlat' etatt aanaanlataster I ta ,a l ateita I a1 a at11t aa a . tatliat ttem t ay, i re Inan r. ahea I.tlale illlll e l ,a ln .teL h altortnn o Ine atat Iltai tat rotatsaaa' I usaiaap roneta ala'' at net - ha t h 'a 'aataLppr ihe ev rlor . r.t ni t t ii. to 'ill a I oni ls tal l e tnla'e aand at th a rIat at Iataic. l'.t llat Inal. I iaoa rat y wetlt l n L tr 'AVR" AIN &r sTROUD i tao tatl ta l.,. b to I.t a'e''ait ' Ii atares .e in lhli O il(h i, 'e~l il ' i ah'i '' ta tat.- ja'll t i t a l ix I ld:t llhI ealalat~laa'ah 'aa'aaa'ai' tat ihe it atainiltit |hiii( .t t t tat, , ll ao.- laa ltaqtettlt, ~ ianl lP d.a icd all il ,ctael t( b nl Ii an l~ it' tln Il nana tlll t tal atldais' l ah+l, t]t t ''. , tttttll nll ntt'vI l+y, tar orta, t t a 1 h ' i f+i aloo,1. ,i fltl+ i a iaz iii t al I EWSa~ hP [1 a t St. \l't'li I'" 'f IIAIN+ iA(t'll' piht ,etd: l Wa tnaaa 'eo a lahot l l ie a' nit,, atata, i Itatliata Ittiala analo l,,lh ao, Si.ulohtttnn,.'by. atan &il . .... ...nnn i lnte v !:AI'.!J a, an a'l l ah l, tanl ltat :lat a'aaltaaata at atatatttagd,, aatanw,, tat'l~ill a laln na e tatathita and ollen i' AN'~, +<t*,I,> MNt~lllil haiil S'riiaJU D NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA .01) i)o le0.00, No,. 14, 1837'. `1,fl 'l'o ,x ,lh'lloo . I e nho ed lihlet ,oillu l to get oo''oo't dicooi , Il cll I have nl))lir to seve ral~can is u ites ndthe, did oot oo l,s o on ,Ise b c little I put o lll 1)10 nder th 00le of INictor I l iiet, -'fill exl11 :l hills uo cure site. ducre flint tine,? ril dir,,r, ot , o esu s t brak ou t i ,t, lag )10er to the IIber of fix elr eight oOn e h legl ud all ol -10Y faclond sLre th111 it,)lln not abICleoto rk at he p )re'en ' fruit III ),l"O)0o1f the, di4)0a10e; large olcerro the i oht sils' of fIl,, ltroat. I sent.opettingloy1)l )ltlidcl.OltIVedl dth ctre nto Drli. hoot,,II Pors,, to bIe Iootr'Ly Icured JOIIN IIEAN. feb 14 ly I Ito) CE~I('I'IF' Iltt the ) ub ) l1 etioned disease is III))) 1.n 1),1 ,1 11)0 tltit)l ll 1111,110011)01)P i l r ,!, 1110)' ~ll candle I o hr. otis a tonfot wLhioh ll t1'I' II) . 1)10) 10c· 0 II) tO Itasure li'.n4t tlheo ul JON (.ll tiAN. No',r li f', llI). 1st Dr 1 l338. l3) Ilyot "11."1), itl & CO'S [hotnIi,, oed aw Orlovr !oiI:o k, 'lkr S),ipo...-'I'wll Il)e' 11110 olo~liips I 'to iirl v , uIl)r to rko htwoot, tile 4ho1,. SI',111 ia I)il ,. I)0,00 13,00) Inc tlo1. c ol, Hntb uk. 11, 41 111: 1 ,1 CojI. .slordieg, (' fvItoh,)) 4)1)t ,l l S oisN , Nel,) oh,,e 174 do DOlliridge, ("olls oo'1 i "5 do Gib draer, aceouoludton 2for pI), gs an hovet efort u11b noI do g 1)era JI': to hre 'I'lb. c b ,ll). 0) 1 oil 415 10, 01' Ca 0 lra t r ladn , )l)rlotno),d 4110 Inoot)1) , Sl')ttl)011d104b3'Iooo 1) 111))lX)11'tll't 374 do)0 00( Eldrittdgej,, Sea)1)10010 )lil))roOiL)1 11ory nlt2)ltill l. jil b, I nxd 0t' leayl't, 62l5d 0lovor oD 'l'ee ))ov h lt1)l arill tinest , poftldhe 0oirIlel)o copp1lerl, 1,411,0 ote,1t la0tI1 t111)i, y doandevod in of)10))),))) Ofalelig," ,,tld 0)1) lrg11e0 rloroooorl otion 01 lh a Lelll) I l dteltillgl. 1)11)0V '1r equally as good aid to pa sr i:eb" abnd ltot)b. A very t 0 of pstolresp 010, iI 0)):LCi)01)l, 1)01)I 1)10 Og).)lto plod~go tlorntooloc to Tlhe palc,,Ietts, wll be towedlupralcnldlo, tohl)OOLOO aLso filrlv goofblai ly n id sihold tlhe r 100lu1 voder. bedti ll)) toariig odoor chip equallyot as good. it,, chargers, racd to aldvance all expull~pe on gaoods ohipped, it vlqriredl. T'Vhe ships1 loll) leove thye 1,t )lld 1(7th of every Imontl. Fu)r (f)1ight 11r pjlrlvO)31.. ilpply to t1)1 nlgonlte. J A i 'l1l1 I'll'T, 82 Colollno at. N. 1. AdoalnloOmoots mad1) oil 001)si1g 11lo)10) to :Nlooa'. A. C3. Lombard & Co. ,)0127 CA(''I (IN IAI (,,'A"1"S NIb'V NII'ELS ifolt lo till Phd,,' h 1)10 001)1)00 ol Peter SlIlle, 5)0 nO)0l) ,lCl", or u \1'i00001 et )30:.?o IIli")tCIld I. LweOrr S111)1,, ),o I jl-wll) 11ai1 ho)), Royal Navy, F. A. 1ord 1) J0d)lld, a ro000)100, lb Alllo Cunninghall, 1 vol. Shepparnd wriltzll by lii~neclt; in 2 viols 4 Compendious Ilisolol'8J Ltro4, trlnslated fram original Italian,, by Nathaniel Greenel, ill I Vol. fur r0)11''1 No) 7 ul l111)lro's 0)oily Librr,.. V00..) L I 1)11) tie sin comle)lteO 011)1 Ol~lolb'l edition of Ia)IloluL~ot Ir'oin:' lIlorbs. Po, hr's 1"'ren) 0)1) LE)4, 058 . icLionary, in t vol, Ion. A cL"0)l'.I$ 'lllth)10Llg'd glij/ Dictlionry. A 11su-.1 It'llore c101)00 00) of Comhe'a Phkmnoluglial "Ltir).oi "11)003 )) ulllyor'el)))mlI)IIOOOO al afoo1,Crior, lot. i10, w0)))) 01111)), 111)014 Hello lto21.4 and 211-2 inlhes. Seltstilmp)oved )lnetolic lb0 eJopoaod plapeeo whights Jl lvt rleceid, ant fur sals by 11131 BENJ. LEV'Y. 17)1 .1 t LH I- hoN l'; 11 I 11111': hIA jj h ~~rie i n11 0,10(101 "ourilvoice of lthe altrlve nnl !·t ';rut's * I'"" Ilnvvr:al, ,ladl Oflrtltee, for Tu It' II lle'N\.A lit:1~ 43'I'ch,, 3 ulaa IlION 1tex t. s-'I'l, 1 IIur,,trr l have prucuredl at a gr,,lt1x;. 9 r, he ig,, p! II n ll ra " si lO in fills 'I 'l. 0)) e r '01 1 ,'rI 1) 0, V oU e buiti11e, w rch usrs art 1rlvnlee d\e."Iltn ~r, anl 3',1.1t tit ol1) horup ')'d 11111ndl ''1)l~tier. nd are perlfectlyItt1)0and 010lrr pr~.~ f '),r1 1aov ;,e knwn, and a mlod)l seen 1 our cst ih!Ishmen, oopoOtto S. 7101a', m,',h s', Tt) apl',a b1. 011: E hi CCIG[;SWELLJ Cu

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