Newspaper of True American, December 6, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 6, 1839 Page 3
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LECPAL NOTI CS. sTATE'OF LOUISIANA-Firht Judicial Dii Irict Court. Tihe State of Louisioana,-To all wlhm there pre setlis shall clme, oreetingi\Vl- hreer HENhIY \WiL. .LIAM I'AIFItEY, hoving prct.llsetl at a roale erode by tIe sherilf of thle pnl'nl'nl JHflir-o.,, It Itr periy herreina'eer .leseribed, idopalied to. the'arlrk ofP this Court, in whould Itice thei dae'd of eole warn Vetordeld ei the leventeenth'day at October, A. )..180i9, for a lion or Adverulisreent in ctyrfnrmity ol'an Art of the Legitolutret, r tho diil.n lel Lriranyr, ontitle d, 'lb .ier r tifr. ftiriteie teeurnoce a Iltlf til' ilrpreicaaers at 'iu ti;iol alre."'rl ppro<td the tenlth day of March, 184:: Nouw, know .ye, atat al:liers.dns ihlereteed herla ari n herebyv iled and andollt,oniehel in ihe name of the. tate. uf" .uiiisia, and f thle Firet Jddiciat lai; triectChurt, wh.ncu arr t lip anty rihl, title or claim ini hd to the ropaery liereiriler deofrledl i" hlloe Squenee of anv infYittclity in the brder, t ecree or jtdg tollent of tle Cllurt under 'wnltl the mulet P o Imode, or aiiy irregnlariJy'or illegnlity in the ap raiseeronis anld advertieetroentd, in timo, or Oanlner of 'sal, or tir rny other defecr whatoever,. th shonw caose, within thirly daysfrom the'day this l Molitio is firt inserteRtrd ilt I prblie papler, why the ale so imade lhoiuld not be con firmedl and Iomtrlogaedl. 'Tire said eproperty was sold by-the slerif" of the ]lr islh afirrensail on the twentiethl cday oi Selrteltelr, A. I). 1839, by virtue of decree af ttlis Colrt remtlrel on tloe eigltieentlh dcay i" Malch, A, D. 1839, in t surit entitled Maria Ceil, aif,, of Chlarles Brewer rtld al. vo. llt minorochildren and. heirt of Chaleries teil. No. 1i, 3hr9 of Ithe docket of this n.rt, at . bhich salh the said Ilea ry William Plallrey Ier:are thie prrlrinser, liar the pilrie af eur Imldred and thirty-five dotlars, paylable t.eseription of ploperty, .' given in the J nlicial Con veyaonee, vtx: Acerain lot of grounil, lthe nnae whlich i s ad llljli cnted so W'illinia Nihlaalo Ihrallah,o irle o otr Issac I McCoy; nsltiolneer, of llle e:ly oi New(a )crlenRn, on tile slevenlr March 11130, ly vire of a judlament oo " thiiecodurt l the thlirtiethl Jannurv 13i a lt whichl, wts ordered bIy said cornrt oni rihe eig.tentlh Manih 18391, tor be resold at the risk and ex enlce of rnid HIull, hir ner Sleting and rel'usilg to cormply with ilr termsranid eoa: dliiiores eleid ndjudlinlmn. loid lot bIeing nilUnle in tire parich of Jefferton, inithstownaofrnrrollto.,ri, noig a lu.rnnulacer Fourinll iluarl Aona plan im drown Ienjsmite liltoic,,o ra.veyoryrct rrf iail Iarilh, .rit th' Iwidltlelh rd Jalnary 18:1i, nlld adepioiale in IIh! eloice Of I. II. Cunns, a notary publireof hisir i , nd moi s ..ring, in Arnloli*at ll-elliro , n fift tfrrti rr t elfor ll ilori lloi frllt on sIreel, anltd (rty. 'r'Lt lltre in-.hel. alsot fronton IturtllireeL, three Ihundred u d thlilr v tine feet in depth land lHlll on Jerlr ln, ald lhree hllllled and ifonr ietr i inches rr d a half in ther line dilrlini e it froi tIIot No. Iiuree. tiglier wiltl all thel rights, privile get &e. thereuslar Irelonlgiig. Witness, ith Ilollonlolde A. At. Buhinralmn, Judge of tle l f Coclrt aforerida, this 16th day of No' .r, ta0rl P I.1 III.AN(', I)p.Clerk. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANI--Cour du FPron Sir District Judicinire-L'Etua do is Il.alsi, on tous crux quo ccs prdsentes concereonlt- Slut : Attendu quo IHENRY WILLIAM PALFREY ayant acheold untre vento thite par to Sheriff do ia paroisse Jefferson, la propririd6d ci.apras ddertte, s'est adrosed au greffe tio cett Cour o lan ito vialte Iut onrdgistido 'e dix.septiamo jour d'Octobre de I'auude 1839. pour un aias conlrorm6ment a un teto, de la Legealature do I'Eiat dio Ir Lou siane, intiruld '* Ate pour confirmer lep tirtre des aeqiue rours nux vonin judiciaires ;" approuv6 le 10 Mars, 1834. Qu'il soit connu, ettoutes personneos intdresa6es ont parces presentee somlrll s, al n int de I'i:tat de la Louisiane at do la Cour du Premier Iistract ludiciairo, qui pourraient avoir droit ta ia pr - pridtd ddcrite, u consrr quenco d'un id fact do forma dans I'ordro, cI dderet ou le jiugi merat do la Cour, on vertu diquel la vente a 6id fait on de toi o irr6gularii6 ou illdgalidt do1n A'estimvatiOn, I'avis no lI termps .t In uaod do ila venta, ou pour non autre eausi quelronquea d faire voir, dans trato tjours Ii dater do la puoblla lion do ert avIs, lpourIqui hl venltu aUiei faite unse rait pia e ofirt6auo et hollognu6ae. La dite propri616 fut vendue par to Sh6rif >uia. dit, o viagtblaro joll ie SNeptemtrlr iu do 'anadi 1839, on vertu d'un ld61:ret th colic (:iour rrelnd In dix-hluitinme jour dol Mars de l'anrde 1831), dlans I'aufniro de Maria Cdoil, dpouse ain (harh - IJi, war & al. no. s, eLes Enfalllls llisnu r t hlritllrs d, (:Charlvu Cdcil--No. 128019 du 1)i.aokt 1o ,! ('a-io Cour, a aI· quello venio I dalt IHnry \Vilitano la'lfr'y .stl roaldu acqurcur poor le rix d qatr clents clan quanteL plastrs, payable ellliuptall . I)D s:ripft d IIc . pronpriet: i e 10a e tranl-ficr judicial ei, savoir : Uncaerltai It ido trre, le lilme q flt adjugb6 ab W al Nichoisonll Illl, a t nile viatil t ite i, Isnane L. Me. Coy, ana.oatiur drl lIa tille ti la NovimalUle ()rldato-, Ir. 1 MI r 1 9r , 11 n vril r 'una jugaut.ilt do ctie tCotr dlu 30J.Hlaiuvior 17311, et que le 11 [Mar 1939, la (Cotur ordomai d'l re vrendll aullX dllnllli s Ut risIalue du nI. lull, a Ca de ea negligrca et i dau siun refin t ra hillr Ico tccaaa s a t i oida tone do la dI i.. adjiailiilia n. ii loit ie torte ei-t 1an11i dal ins la l.tirnissl de Jallirsl n, slans laa villa drh Carrolin, il est ddsiniiI p i r ind n ineral qiuatri d lihint A, sur oin plan drnori: p1ar to 21 ma id;: ' al. aaa-ad,, d .. ha l , tuean, d, III.IIt. C na., tl.ue i 11lic d 11 s11: te ville ; j I ii (tnlsurn A i r llltcan ll ciqI llant d x pl s .1 oallzor O llce , de tl'eu ii la ruta. du la I i,1:. , 1tru ral-, ii ds troills p elae a di lirt, It , rl ll Ii nto i i", .. i s Ia e .,ts trete nro f plted de proliudito r i t l tna e a IlaI rlc .IJlfrson at htr li cents . tit. ll a it.t Ill;l lsx e Ixp ce t oloui aolrl ligt qll . le drl iai n l Ih L No. a-. nsll . flo toon Is lal droalt, prilr:t gl e. . II y Pil)iarltill. 'l'matuin I'llnoral'o A. M. i1uelaoann. do a aCour suodita, o li; Naovlltbre, 1839, P. I.E I LANi, n20i 3t in 3.04 i)epuotid (rellier, EII'Pl!llLC OF T'IXAS. TIIEASt'KY DEPARTMAT',T City of Houston, 17th July 113.9 ( IN pursuance of a requirement of a law ipased by I Congress of this Republic, approved January 2lst, 1839, making it tile duty of the Treslury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the ClIY i ( OF CALHOUN, on adaly by him fixed. Notice I is hereby given that the lots ili the City of Calhoun will be offebred at Public Sale, an Monduay the .8th day of November next, bhtwee:l the hours of 't'e n o'clock, A IM.and Four o'clock, P M, at the :ap tol of this Reopublie, upon tile terots set forth I the following 0xtrocts from the law above romen tioned " See. 4.--o it further enacted. T'hat the l te in I said town shull be offereldoid tsur no other ciur. ricey than gold, silver, audited paper, or the ro. Ire. iniasory notes of tlis goverlllnment. Sec. 6.-- e it Ifrther e.nacted, 'lhat tihe said lots Io shall be sold on the Iollowig termse, vtz: 1On, fourth part tq he paid lon, and tIhe other thtreei fIrth to le it eqaill iaital.lints of six, twelve t Ii tighteen IIIImntlhs. " Soc. 7 .--u it further enacted, That if any I persolI whoI salill pllurahtmley l ll these a.lfioreal lots, shall ' it to usake p.lymant of the seveaal in stalntents in contiourinty with this Act, I ur they shalll forlbit all sulch sus ..s they utay liau. prevI. niiuly paid, and thle lotlpll rehased by such deflrll ter shall reoert to thu goverIniout of tile Ilepub. lie. Sen. 8.-B. it further enoratd, That all persons, aliens not exepted, shall have the privilege f pur chasing and holding tle tanme, and the Presalent is nauthorized to issuepateuts to theI llso ioon as the nust in, stalhuont shall have boen. p.lid." The sale will continul froml day to day, until all of tie lots shall have beeun dipllosed i:. Callhoun is situated on the l s It end of Mlatagor. d Isleand, directly oil tie Main Plas iuto Mate;gor. do Bafy, and frmll its advtitugeous position, will probably beetol tile pritiipal l coIIInorcial city in Yestern Te'l'xas. A Plan of tie city may be seen in ithe General Land Office. T'he several papers in tlis Rlepublihe,tlle (lomoe.. cial Bulletin, Picayune and True Ameriean, of N. Orleans, will publlsh notice until the day (o o alte. JA.MES II. SlTARlt Scaretary if the 'T'reasury. ) EICINE(, &c.-l.itlding Iroll ships t S. i l.ouis, Tl CIerokkee, Louisville, Josbphine lland Ohio Pitalv. rhibarbi ill caes Sicily brimstone do Indgllo in cerou~la Iludler ii ia.ks, barrel aiud kreg Suit mire in kegs Flour Sulphur in barrels (round giu.ger ia do Race giigrr ill Ingo 20 bIls clasitr il hal auda in casts Saleratus in do Sedlit ird sl odn powders Cantor nil btl!es Pntent medicinle vils, assoirte viale s Puiltr and varioll l l lsuIa With a gerir ul itio'tment oflnidiilles for plitnatiitonsi And dealeis. For tole hyi JAItVIS . ANI)IIEWS, n29 eorier Pin. & iTieniiiulatr A IFRED IE ItOSSANN, or the Advvi-"res u f i , n Frel ch g elemi|n-- nelw nulr by I; V 1 Iftey. iele, and fur eule by J J tICSVWEl. l Co. 125 49 CInIIkqI mt - EINGLISHI ANNIUAI.i. / Irl I' BOOK OIF IBIET'lT, iditel lhy the Conlt. p ieas of Blehosingtonu, wullb eauldflly liumlld n lravieg". T'lie Keepsake tir 184.0,edild by tie lady E. Stuart Wortley,with twelve engravincol. leath'. Picturesque Annual containiing history and ,deucripliol uof Windsor Cnosle a 1i it ii enviroli, editedl by Leitch RIitchie, Esq.--15 illustraltin. Also a further supple of lIhnt splenldid work lie Shllkipialoe GaIlery with oilier new and vanluable Eong Jishi Iokha. Ji.t received itid for sale by Iall ALEX. "Ii)VAR. 411 CamIp i LtATES'T PUBLItCATIONS. rl .E Damsel of Dahrie,,2 voels, by the autlihr of the L GOy IRiver, err i Ttauarrell,ol the Giprsy Mather, by the aulnor of the Pritnce od n the U'td ir Adventuret of an Aitnrney in Cearelof Ipractie, by tle nlittlor fllhe .Cdventirrs oIif a .lelllleniln illtirell, ilofa It.,her, i vrle fiebholat NieKlehi. Ni. 18--aid all tlhor urw nivrls, In, sale by E JOHNS & Cii, Stayionr'.i ,loll, P. ucorner S1 Charles and C" iICiiuuia BOOKS & LTI8ZO. 1 ATE I'NOVLI F IE,-tSh.l.lpapre & hin friendt, ti t tl egod.e age oif MIerry Eitgland, 3 vols. Fathtei hller andl ho Lottlblldettgo 'ltrit, hy W. ]. ( tri'letti, author aflNtea Ilahroe, el:. 2voai. The C'nodas of (C.ttl Flretetine. 'r the Ifludbook of the Alan o'f Fa.hiot; by tihe anutr if rhe. "IoIsof EI:ti quetle." FI JOHNS & Co,a, NO ( ) ýnti oe's I [ll, -'"2 cr St Charles anal cO mllll o s i s I U I ILtECL IVLI.)-'I' he felrel of ri Se.on, a pfue., h i l he Coulries ut I'Fterlingtoni illusltrate, L;oinl. u S e litilot The slotkspenre (ld'h, ry, colohlinig the jlri+Wilnnl I-" ttie hlltra.ters in tilhe loysa ot Ithe greot 'Poet, Lon ilnon edition. F ortL Ale Nolt Io hritttm.l and itew tear's present, Ib F redtn!tk Sehtll,trl, I.lmhn editin. Frielndhiop' Offeringt anld Wirtter' \orernth, a chi istmns andlll new r's IIpreent, r lill. London llllll llitioln. F JuinNe t ao N It Stttoinera Flail, cur ,,. l |- llS . I (and ll]o3III etc N EW It .()K4-- lthi tofrlirratr for Y.t1th, ;l~h Ithtautiitl illtttttttt.d lgetrtvitg, publiahed Ily Aohkertan & Ctl.,t o dln. - The (Chehllla (ll ur iClpnion,.Olnlnining Ih e law+ oflhe the Ibeat otlllott is, l I to gHtfillllil " tihe g e, .&c. ii'..t. h oW Fotat, Itndon P;3. I( t Ifor b' lllltrsl inll a ril e of pror.esive lesson. ill ltrao ted iv u rlllllllO.r dIlligr.nltll ITll nd ill c l 21 ediliou, revised wlill c rrlec.,l bb WL HeirLool holl, oeIi o FI:r) Ih.'s .llll.m Londo.+ n edliltion. T ICHI)L(o I N :ICl ":11Y I con l t' inll t lt ' llllln S henltl ehlinl ill, r iv d th r 1 l llc1 by T. IIA L & Co.,,uccssnr. to A tex. 'T' Al 49 in IA I. I ll , :I J1l. .1 l Ail l 'l Y, Nna. il! 1nld 211,j Iit n'. 13 9!) ('"lllap st i N. ,O NS & Co. STATIONIIt'" IItI.1., NEW OItII.FANS; t 11:Il i.nrtneia l, l o f , iIti L e lio l Ito,' p,, i t ed I 'r r t 4 Ith, e nslrhcrihor. ext, r thie fnlll il list h n lht ri a rli. Amoercta antI LEglotio la o 141 dio g r pllltlll l t'p f ll/ao1 i . llo . I tttlllioi , t Eangliolth Letc 1 Po1ae. rling (Wt na ntt 'ro iF F tlrtoo',l Jot tit no Ionrget ('uet o jttoho It atltot a nttd thitwovte, o bill I)I .11r dI1 i t itd o itoyi , 2i 1 dI } 19{ b e I do o.kI t i ,i, . . t.. . ' o,,, ,lt tnter ptn,,j oto It td.,t dttg FL.,tt I irt, lll ; do lii (lit hllio hosl , :win h J1111d ini wave Eto lisr.e PaLeers, APo. td o. (Whlatnnan's Ittime illlud"l'lllrnra' niliid Jolhll Grern's l1;llllll~( l tl r1fi . I.nr1' t izn Pa Pe, al, hilos ill, i e nll Wile w . f. I' nnnlolI/II dio fiol J do tu tIo d. b tlue l tid Ilnok i't1, *,t. f lt 111'tit. l:xtr, .s lin llr do thih'k po, ll do gilt T hed lreglag p ost ;h gilt <Tited Ipo+st o . rl;dl l n g BW a:k bnrlre ld, (Ollllllrllti,- p lt l".lnllh,,.m d l.r." .:111d 11,,I, ... it do gill Illllu lllll 1 'lt ·l l l imoat English Note Papers, So., and 16mo. TI:IIIll pnpl l , l h al r ; it, gilt ·xtrr ,tin l diin l Tvary ,llo nd ,,t , )111)1ek 11111b·l dot .ilkt lot, pal,-or b ihtll ,r lilllnd allnl gill d1 o prnl'"'' l lo Am ric.e n L! icr Pcpers. 'I 1.1.h. ' nyd nn e'~l.. arIbe.oe Anli,,-' ·i. r. (.Il,I, ,,rri.L i',,-t, \r hl;( II~ III(.Ird hhm V wova IP I;,..-te cc'i f1 eli e-- cle. , l] - f t w IIfe" e ' eec bclc e we. cccee of tb, feeml~nhor fInrk h cel.I+ eel ,- 1 eNIl ce le. cf r ill l , c cel, , 1, wel e canc l laid \ "C ' e" ec l 11e I-ee o l t ree e lte f. l. I lf, ei h &e er. IcIlelf Hd I .h ., h) ee ceeIh Pcec f e reli \lilt+''' ?lll1,,'T,,l l'.·1) hlll,,~111· 1..111 'i d1,, . . I " h l 1 1, h tl + .1 11, iI 1-<)L' I Su)',' ,,+. Wl, t \P(I ie , Nc , No 2 .hte wove nllh , rd'- , a ;d , l,,hr I , ,d mIlls in th, I;. ,. ,I l .. teed . fl l flre. \, e " e e fl f e . :I C on F /l ee-p. I' ejt ecc c f l c !,,, f el'e rs. "ee P.,pr" ll"! tl I'"h'n+., : een4l+l ,i lh~'ill o eccccfcchllc ll4 ,l~l; t+ ~ |I fc 1: " api c , ,,f. fellh .h1, " h , ,' f lc if P eelr-c l Theii p pr, Nor-·"111 al, 11211 nd it\ muses ,I h I I ctl,, ecl,' l cfee,, eeheeIeefc re Io et f ceecfce, Icccrlet ccc ece- ecrcee ( etc v I1( eccec Pcccrc Jr ' l ee Ice t I '1cc I lr.illl ( ll ) I ] II Cc/rced, dlhee ic / Fh,-. Jcic/ht, c |i I*'l, 1+ l ), ( . T1 II l'i, 41 )% ') I4 ,I, ,, o l l ur ld, n , icl etn d ll ' .c lc t of I lcec s,cl, l lrb .; It h rf l cc cl ,e. . 0l , i el i l[ iie ' ce ft,, e e,1, I f end l ......r. Cinh slver, ..oI/+r nn l+ +.d p /"a '+l Dwr l Phicer cccl ac cc r offJ e, /fdr cy .Pc .htjci.c l fIl eefleee I wereclcete am lig l ft Cutrieee e, . I i 0Icc; felecce rle-cee orllclce f e ne l ceec " e relccecl ree, d c, c . p i l ipa rh h ' I lngl l. sr , 1 1lla lls a -kht , i i y olin) paper It 11 t ll , ,I w i ,e prts Il aia ri ee.rrhel ra ea t tecce< Hi e (+,, I, ndlv ur <'o l,,r ,ldh~ a e Ran u nl,~lltllllty tm paper 'ri li pll l er, fee e ,l-f a ce lllll c l ee Alh ch e or \e lll c llc , I h-titeee tit it or cIci c cllclc-p il . i , e oriclhcc L he o . ; ewielc crll e I%.l-.l.., r ,eh'+. 'l. e icee.roaelia dCceeeci lccl ceil j do ,ci ic, i cal 'ke fbc t elna ect J lh lEvans'l paper, I' luni-h, a h ire iden.\lt.'anf D ed susn Iik llleee he llll l n Ic lle cJ'Ic leiItr Ill C c, n eI f I ei ) i cs11 c ce wcc i i If tric e cn i ai e , lieit- nn ,racrI II ted -l fr iiCh ccni o i I o c"c ' " i n I cicrer,,rll S at. eIlt n ri. , eel cc iah e i n. , ..l .. cci p et -ieleI rId"- . .a . . ...i ce ri \\ t I clc., i--\ l, ,ll ti o n' l hcllllll ~ r. T no eeri c cci by cJch C.eec- sleencc ii pI iteh n: I le. t, . if t l , , i ' l i ,v I, h ter. " .\ ~rl,, l~l' q, ' >.cll-r ln·llliH x 111f" 1)h+' . I.'1. >. t+{' +,'t-,,l'l' \11ih 11 til I I i lr tt a Nt KeI r· t'. 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I andI1 qE(I. .'l';ll pre ccccefg ink, sueirq i;rahn' hncal p et::: ca ,lt ii I l ,ii lltl,,istl ll14,1(I('( Ncecceo . lli rc i·lcc lle Nc'- rilt e (11I ccl I Jllo, llhiN-1 & IIet, N N c11 c c l ;-I r P e , I ttlrI l ll ll. I11t le , r 8. - l C allh t C hI ii a I e cc+ ftl ee INS c ci(e,, l'ecile" llal n7 cccc i dc co l.,cllrli~rccc{'lcrt.Ih 'IIIIH - "I1 1c eec IS eeco ,'lIe e .;ceU"tc. .c..t. t o a ll cl i . lei , thelied i (o l t 1 el IlestI lJl<+ ll t l l iu.rt,.lrf wI lh twI vP 1·..1)1. 11 d l ll.hth dcin etc cll iertec'dllatcr. l t i*P Illd I" . ti i di titC l gcft ccccy d I 111I A l 'hllr ch (;r .lll llrl l: l l~lt.i l~ll lllllltl(l..Ilil~l l TI II i;.; hll-lel Sll~ii~l, l! lhPe Pt'lE.lili(lll i".|,iiii.. V'IIII1- <llh .,lld II1ii++ v, A..11) 11 lil(i l itll IIr,..n I1 1 andol I,% v an t.l .lilh+'r, iII( m..llltl of lh*. Jul rhihtd, ll ,h lcl,;' . ,, II ,u .\III ,,.n,.u f ir fil lll dcc clll i Nlllr lll ti il lllle C lL - c ig l II1I c:lii d i cll llll i c Ir *I ce I~lil,_,'tl eur ' l+ l c. cll e-cL' ce ti v i ccclc e d ceca i', lulli cr, Icl,,il r'cvi eco d coc:lc;l- e c ccilopocs 11ll3 l I Iro t ('', Il. l . t (`1.'< 111 ·11111)s t I1cerclll r d crlll itta t e llllllll illol rzo llrlieif.l. coa cod Ac'.l cc .rt Cccccell ol t tcc1 f . l.Crclr tll i qcoricc ]'.1 5 LJt )l I dlN. & '. ) l at( ,.+ +' l) ctepcccd ith cfiircee~i qeciliec ticcit cco cotc&F al, iec[ceeo e lect relligr ce, it Jeltgih . nl Verryecll tutu ll i f oll lsoti1, t1n d 1-tllIr l U lcrtlto all d koala, hcclcGcc. EA IN d aLcr t u. |( +IOo dll 11o all+ l.P( ues t Itl do inll-il: Ippc~r. I.. nld 1.1 Sllll't, ulnnll lll.l rid--all WCIIRIIIIIIII(I I(1lllt~lllilrtllll'¢ II ,ln k l li cal.. gil l I.IiI l)Tllllaln·ln l rl~lltf1)r Ilt)x e., l'oto. --j .+-lIIII iiiii nl~l-lIlll~lll, IIr~fi- l~llllll1((ld, Ielcyllll .ltll'i.h II.a . .ckerllllll'F ll. I.IL :(lll, bnRushe., FlllT~III lnr uaill TlukrllllllI., +Jiee, r~lLewooll, mllhio.'llly ullll J PI)IIIV; tII hbe I rlanble; tll l~lronze Ibr ,fl,.e ,.. elelil nl arlicle· ·i rllllia rlhlller, lest~s i laltlll. .tllllall IfiP(·l'i; dl:Ililla hel ! l~ooka, suitablle l;rr seho,l; : Ila.lll~~ Ib .riu~rt% \Ve~dY ch t|Ul llllII( Ark1 i'111:111%1; .l.11ylll IrT*(1Fe~slblil) &I qUart( L Uii, ! tl~p'ilpf i~ll. Illllr~illr.tlllt..l~itll;-cIhll'r chlln~rol~lll l l'cr;,,n,.:ml hllut. wrilit glhnij`,in julps;. P, Iles (i ; l" ii. ' Sl..tionlr'ls llall, Jt -',harle% FI -HIPPING 3LIST. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUIRIANA AND NEW YOllli LINE O1 PACKETS. (To Snai every olther ,a'ay.) 7 his Line is cmolll'l-al id tile lillaluillt - [ip',vir Sh~ip FAAL)) 1, (tlt. 'I'ank nllSSISSI'I'I, " P Ilillaid L ()1`SVII.I.1', 4Allen "" SIIAKSI'IZA E 1 Il)itton 11\IIIJ0IOIiLL, 1"Id. d nod c ilppl htscaa1, I iiliICht &ra ughIt, 70 ( r, nd Whi aal rprrrncd tauthrip T Pr'lCice of*nttugt V jlixr ll tit $i!)it, ,v lthlol t wines o r jillll r.+; untplu stores1~8 inl very other mticuair wi ll 0 ,p1ided, and every at I o lk Il ven toI II I the lllP VIII ·C;III:JL 1 c f fl' l to lit ·I I in till ,1. liar, le rAlll will 't all lll be h , rl up hurl dawn ila rive:, nod f11e l glt i t est IIII - Neither the I\Vll(n r Il it 1I1ptIIm of JhI·Ea F =Rips will hee rraponsible l lf blrlewrlrv. bullionl, p)I.(c:III -tunes, F( Iil v,"r or plated -are, loenkage of class, hollow III)(1)(I I or L'r.IuIIIP I·I)II apl at ' tin, Illrl of iron at s t.. el, or frl Ft! ill tttlti i tt It tt·It I lIt tIIttltitltl titt 1 11 I,, F1III t NEW 0111) 1IK-'IIII lnaiisinr aad rt A' ) 1-ic Line. Ilcr Ir levant, f . ,l au'I IIIIII.I1 regular parkerIII Iaip 111SS1)» 1 t 1F'1'1, Hillard ouIIII B nrI , lu(l T II her otin~ Ficn r gnae uo l n+ bnIod, will h bmlon; ir awl w" he V e"el ld Marke, or t dl W It rlFlOl·.I:IIC K & llt1e1"(70 Camp at~i IL- ' 'l'o sail 11·11'1111 'i! homily 11.1) ext.i Ihirflel y. hits1?(ll lljll( I det filll Irv rite inclenara'lllll I' 1_.1 1; .11', 51 Col To - FOR NE1 ' 1.11111 , Lonic In r,,tetra Ne 1"ar :1I I. Lia lllr. THE, ftni sal ne regula pnckol shi A ofwrcnrc r~oed wll 1111" ;arty des-IIIill pmo,. For l lirliixl l or : n-: lllllll i nviol r nailer,; )II )Oill ( For the Interior. FI OIL B. YOI .A04 . - . . ('lll· fillt lll I. l(SliI. \ i'i -Ig, A ' ill I k...... w l . l.hsi i .r II.. . V 'l'U.s - daly Iorlilng ll : ,1 III o'clock, andI Rat on Sars rt er S n dav inruing al thfr .aue hour. For height or pas s.u e "'1ply abta ll o 1Wtr ,,t Atti I' .\II)I.A\', 51 ('almiI'" I FOR IAY(II ,\At .\ l'equlr r/.s.1.t. -J nJ_-..--+..7il lltl l.I \\'1', 1I'-w" . . iirt t o......... iI l 11 lc k A. . tlr Iihs.t atin ",evt rv A iSatl rda s t IIIl ,'wiC , 1. 11 i i l iI,, (,11n-1 l 'own il r Sn ''.Il Ir r ,iglto4r mpnsag nply to Is lpt. lir trll nl or to fi.I'" A1) \Its & 'VIII''AIl.1, 1101.(OW WAIIE, WOOD) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /I llE IIOWELL. WORKS (COMP'ANY, No. I S .38 Water, neAr Ileckklln sAtre!, New York, I have. re:eivd tile ist seas.on, iand are CO.strItlIy rcePivirIg largi and xnive aIddlti onls to tile st.ock . of thl abov ' gioodls,' whlh 5w ' conisls of the A ollownsg ilas.itlortn, sitall flor thei suthern and x stelrn markets. S h 'ollow ware of' s spjrior dualily consisting of abho t 151111 Iois, viz, P'ls .iof 22 ditliritl sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, hetles, I'1 sizes, froIl .3:8 to 30 gallons, A lt ile' 15 rizles, ilfun 3:o to Ih s al.lons, Itl lp': s lorOvensll, 7 difl rel t izeIs, T'.a 1 -tt1l, s, G do 1 kil tsI . ,'5 do Flt Spiders . ( do Covere:d lSpder, 2 do A OIriddlhs, . . do Fi- D)os, . ti do \W' LIxes froml I -4 to -1 3.4 inchles. '.it do. 5 to 7 Iulllches. WVotId Scrr'w, 21,ill011i gross, iron and brass, fromil i ': inch, No. 3 It 3:9 sIch, N., 24 of a superior' ltly and finis.h, and less thlian Jallle's imported . .l Ironsl, a:sortsd, in casirs of about 500 tl s for reillmt .. I i 'l .' and hattor's l uIr tn, assorted. A .lsh wnlighlts, 10011 tIoos, airo.idI from 1 4.4 to li uls for I'Iiilalit ions. stIeamliboats, chl rchies, c . A made to orlldeuir, Also steambeat iand other macllhllinery lmade tot I1 Th'l al,lve assorelllnll of goods is particularly r,,eolnlnendlI to the l itelltI lon 1' Souiltihr illad \\'lsterll Ilrh:lanlts and aro e s libred fr sailo at low prices, iald upon tlhe most liberal tlrinsl; it i bo. liteved to be the largest alnd beat assortment cvr offe'red for sale by any QUO esCtali.lunent in thie Unitl'ed Stoles. it \erclaonisl, by lforwalrding a request by iail, haveo i Iril'ld circullar. withil de.criplllln of'goiods, pric.esal tIrlns, folll w'IInI no deviatlion is ever mide, frnirshrd by ro.'iin of nail. All orderr will receive imml dialte att;enion. New York. 1838. je3 'Plano I'ltc Ilastrl',ou. 11 ilainum Smol int s h'its sI SoVces Il the chi, zeols of N'ew I Otleais as a teacher ot the pianoi lonre. Mr S hlini5 bhieen esoil ly).d sevrAl ilar oao raoaher Iof iuic In pIrivte laumiih s inll B .sion and -'so at svi r cl of he lemAle smiinati < in its vimn ty, cnl l l u but hill e I I mI eri their conlid nce'iI. lh i, peri iitilld Ato rilefr to Iev I )r Cl.,pp, M3less. Si s:, l Aver , llde i.rson I il I' e."s. Fr terlts, kr lll'osL' aplyly a Ifc buok. toro of1 Ah v atr'I' .rT ,-10 Ca pul at ,ct s, S .il. \1iil l :N S il.,i --'('i, s. ili, Iýý ir. o si iss lhi l o7r:tl l t lhe l,+ k , hl b P to 1('t^ io ) !r th ll.)ra l(l ll hn Il: I 1p1 a 'l 1. d i led pser r 1""m't . l r 1t oIr l t, - cit , l -I t l. sIll - 1' r c - re, I lm n ret, ho I I mo il t nellvetIr n' so ' In r tli or: 1 , rll seed Son I t ,t 1 ntr. o I Ittl' ,il .l 1 I tll t .1 .s I hone:,, no 1 delt . :aril. :l l 1 :hr sed bust: A n i , ih ,Ih t l l lt'lll ei llttil tlen+i i h ls i lTPari eq. i iL kIi dn that of aillVy i us, in t'il t Ii' ed iii I" l . lh . . S p o ,t' i s e d +, "p i hnn i , C c . Ir,' m tlh e tot o t ( Ite n si v e ;lio t r sipii .el le IIIr se's aind .. ,l l Let la. Iranie, n l- d Il ila itlo , E ngli , iii -til' nd and i hi e io'lllern lo saties-- id It lc l al all times I i hI. 's Iliretei,I as 11i is' ii'.. u,, lt , u to re e'ive, -nr i ,uI it. 'n to, Is pIresentI lck, irge at ivals .,1 v, rv d, crmt-ti, r, ally the grts th o ,I !l;ss: il so, en ;rited t s t Ir e.,d its ni all k it id . TIthep it lli ' k i, tt imhli ' ii a till a si. dil too quI alh y, nolld poted relllL) , ct bly . )N . T'ln all Sheet Iroll \\Ware, of .vxery descrilption, Aci ais lopper mtill, kettles, alnd piiiiAps, tinl bath. ing Ilugs, aldl oil cll.s, of all orls alnd sizes, and all other brass lstig hdone ilat shortet inoice, (Urlto hlals of ievery drscrlpti n, sli cll a steanl. st bolat Stitrlups, hog chllies, slcrew bolls, ;n It other - kiud ol' steamboat noik, such as oiimnelys, breech. Soif e, lst.Iaill i ipes. go I hely will a!.o do all kinids olf oult door work, i r suich oa- zin, coipper and tlin roting o n! gutteroig, &e. They bollve iand all otliher Iinds of work it At their line of luositness, they will execute llat the eu I shortUst notice. die27 I. Lns.' Iti II, Nu 5i1 (Conds str. , between . l[I )uaiu nallnts S lIhllshp,.kA, sean ils A oln hId l'h arl ,, .l t ort e n of oils' lo fs, brolli ns. - i5 l s ,,f l',I k ti i il illlill l A L i'I rl Sii s f or itll m llosa l Al- ch,ldltelo od new n:", a hic. he will dtspioso of t a 1I vls slo.i ills it ll illn i nll s n i .E ; nn oroel and hi lll nll,li , Iellll nsso ' l hoopi, suitll and rod ir'l , iail 'rods isd plough L(:l..i n: llll arll, blister , springl , slheet hIlloil are.., culit and wrnght is and spikes Zic, bhlock til, miull a ti gli'n r ilt es soft kettles lo Chain 'viles, onichi'rs, hioAs AtA; Ox, ohg ,IAuI itrae tlAoAi iA, cIIAn Mills' to, E JOAnils, 'S , on N Snioe ' a lllsl, \hl ', shee' snr, pig and haCll leadu; shot Cal, tld Booking Mtais Aknes, Ituwland's ald oiler spadleslhri shovels IHook :nil plate binges, door aid whindow hooks Collihs, Hunts, Slhcups, and other nx.,s I': r. and \I:uilla cordage, lih ' s a|nl twhie ulhl and aheahhing ioplpr; Natal stores Del Paints, Iiosced and shal ail . A full Iiiontmeit (it hardware atd ship cirni|lerl. It alwai so hand, U amd which are oiltired f>r .ade t :hal. I sale or retail, ol ihe most floo able terlms, by nne' oil IAY'itON> . : 5:53Ohl)dl.eve,. -4 It RENt I- ,It;KS -Jusr ,i-oed per A .1hil laulina, 1 filu ii arre. ,vi. 3d vol Alexander 1)hnas lrto, 51h,6i1h tsul 7,h Souvenir d'ui ln.antili di People 1: & Perrous w:ho have bought lom it, the I,-: tolumes s o of l'hene works, are i tlesltd to cull Iir tii+chte. LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Df 3auttborfty of ttl Statt of 7lout~tanta. CALDWELL, OAKEY &S PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PtROPnRIETORS. -T The First, or Half Million Lottrry, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to the Public. TI e IALI.F MI LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finithed at one drawing. Tle T'WO MILLION LO Ir'ERY will be drawn on the olt plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbcrs in one wheel, and Ranks and Prizn s in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under the supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The IIALF MILLIOn 'LO IT ERY offers ohrr:nces to 1,291 Prizo's, ofwtclh 33 urn Priz ant Real Estate and 335 ol .hock, Isi les many Prizes con,. posed of'Tickts in th,: ('I'wo Million Lottery, offording a ricrt . io.tie ol'hnc to n ho the holder of a 'Ticket for Prezes in The G(RAND LO I TEIRY of Two Mlllion, of Dollars-10,0U00 Prize-!!-to tl fi'nl nomount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are PIizes of Real .Eatate. Only 9 Illanks to a Prrz!!!-Simple No, 1 to 100,000. 100,00U0 'l'ckets at $20--2,0o0,U00. Scheme and selling price the same. Among the Prizos in two tIotte ries are many public and private bul:ding t which adorn tlihe city of New Orleans, and are th pr de of its itnhah. itants--the Ver:ndah, St. C(har:es street Theatre, Ameri'ian Camip sitr Theatre, St. Charles Arcade Buitlings, with [lteols, Iwe'lin i g li Iusre, Stores, Building Lois, and many entire squares of Ground-bOsides Stocks in tolines and other instlttions of the State of Louisiana, anollrotinig in the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE iiUNDIhED TIiOUSAnD DOLLARS. All the Real tate and Sto ks offered in Prizes are owned by t!m and in their pssrssin :-ie arti ofsale, with clear tirtles, are restei in their tirt, and reord ith i oilice i f Adoltphe Mii zureau, Notary Pull i:, and ollioe nf' eluovi;l:s, ready to ranTfrr o tihle holders of Prize Tickets, exempiit tirooi IoeIinLrant:: ''Ii(; properto is oet apart uniiterably to that sUlýa Iad ly porpuse, : and c, in nll evet whatever, be conveyed othlerwlu by tihe firml thian to tli htilders of the t'rozo 't'ieots. . AMERICAN ,CALIIP STREET TIIEATlTE LOTTERY, CAPIrrAL 5410,000, IN.1,291 'lltzl,:s! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and ind order to gratify, at an carly period, thile purchasers oftickets, t' o cmnbination is adopted for this Lot. Stery nly, of 1 to 75, wheraby thl drawing will l le comtpletcdl in a few mittnutes by tihe drawing of 12 Numelecrs froe the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each---$675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!! SCI EMIE. CAMP ST. TI-IEAA'TI: ANDI GrittiiN, S WVll Ihe prize t Ihe eiholder il' fle let,:. 2d d It ..lw~ l. . In s . . . . .. 150 Ir , railed l l l l0 Olll:tr[l 's hotel, llrllllg It ' comuer iiof Ce.etIlp ll ete lhee eteeetee eh . 4'1,110 P'riz ee -ll 4th, etiete lllel t1, I That vwleutble t ie sttry btli..k stre onl Oll I.e vee street. olcuptied by Messrl' II . W iop kilt. .. . ,01111 Prize to the 7th, eilt and 9th. c

That elegantet dlwellg hceee and lol, No 74 It t are e ni e ictllie by t: t ecodlicth 23,ll00(I J 'rize to the 111111, 11 ilt Itll ILth. 'Tet two story db Ile dwelling and double lot in 'cd c . tneeelied ey Je e l l cll e 13,01100(1 An entire l re lllr3 n i fgr ll illn fllbonre Alnlw,.U ci"ti ed e3t. tbounded by liberly, lenton, Mlelptnlln" e 1 taIl 'Terpsiehhore sit. 11,1)0o)1 Prize to 81,. dandllt l 511. That oue tory store and lot crrier Cnip ntd J oh ar.t,oCCuplied by Mr. 31. L.ulhier IbrI 0o dhy po Is . . .. 1?,000 I Prize ill et, .' d ul] a l'th.F Thai ti. sory lllore and lot corner of ilt eMary Prize to Iste d and Nth. A cerificalte lir 5ll111 i tet he two Ii illion I lotl ery, e $'1 each . . 10,0e11t 11 lThe Inrllll 1 holder of this prire niun realize 1eeer edie i, oft the protitle port. Ith. vlrilous Ilillll llen eprizei it l the 'nrllllion I lI ceceI i ytl Ir l e ileill01 0l0II I le t.%l .ll ille hl w r v , t ill he a - - It e 1 le1111 k Prize. to 1.1, 2,I and 916h. etcllll Jl, l lel llll lllel -uet t IIce t hel .lee t A ct'rlifitl a ' of 455 tickeuts in the two nl illia o ,lottery, $el . . .eh .0111111 Prtei . 11t Ic t, 2eLI I n1 .11111~. Th t onll i t re I ll:m d hllnr house no I[ii, d l "11. Nayldehs st. next to doI bl, lol t core. r ofl" 31l eciz n te Iot cccl andcilth. A l htit lir, r I 15 tekete ier thel two ,illioe lotry it $!11 ;'.) +.;ll( I;,:1111 l'llze ,ui 1 1,. l a u1 '11 th. A line ha d on Victory st. 3d 1. h,.iig :2, tr' m lot (m uining turner of I)'En A J e~tili "li e e : e11 te-lt. icn tihe two mlli-on lottery, $2t It 11,0011 I'rize .to let, :11 lad i 5 Ith. A lot f llgroumi on Nayns , 1. .d 31. heilg the I lPrize to Ist, +d e it I G . 1 1 A ,eltall vate l r i 271 llt, kts illn tile two 11 illion r lollierv ll .ti (II , I, h . 5,ll10 Iic I' rz to ued III:l cliic. A certilei'ate efor '3 tickets in the two milcoa r l .ery, Illt $2,1 eaclh 4,50 lr ul e l to . hl, lllnod :0l. .e tItl c stolry ldwlelliec l-i sce Iand lot, 3'e lt . n1 n l)'ln:,,2hieu -t. il. xt the corner lut of 'Virttry tel eccc4l,0e.1)1) Prize to It, 3d anllld ltl. C. A \denimable lot o11 Trrpaibore sT d a lt.` l. adjoin. to ie ecitiio irw I eer old 1 1 . i . 00 An ellgily 1 ituated buihling lot e~ Reliious sei.d 1 i. itI liot froll tihat on c rn r of At. .Iy s n e t st, d h 3,000( I' ire . 1s I, "3 1 an d 1'111. w Al priz,- nllitiicg ct a certificate fol r 10 tlick " ets it s tlie e~te million cI tecry, at $li11 each 3,01111 I'rP ze to let,h:il 111111 .il. cc Pnlllc r lc la ellre llf grlecund it, ftllctlirg Ali S i a 1. , o .nced e lIcty Ict I, a I li Cll eslu 'tln E rrat t sit. . . 2,l3011 Prize to lt, iih and 51h. ., A desirable I uilding lot, ld, M. corner of 3lc' Ir refip and otiBut c1st. 1,91)11 A desiral le builing lot 'S feii t on Mot.a gut st. :3i it. 4th frmn Moreau st. . 1,80e1) Prize to Ist, lh 4 end 7th. A.i nrllre c. II cI e lll e i Illlel n i . hliounded 1 i rIliii(( It e I e, 41h i a II" lic. i iti r A icm il of a seqtuare ofgrouicd in 2d 31. hound. 1 ed by Errata cad Eegle stt. . 1;!00 Prize Io Ist, 4th an-, 91te. 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SIMPLY NUMIBEREDI) , I -re 100,000. The scheme andlnr slrllink pIrice,, anl thle cater, a n lie adlditio~ns wl rescrvatlnrla ame made focr eaponrrs in thi lottellry : these Clmitlngrt~ll exIII:IIII: will Operate -& s a JTrLc deduc lilll rom the valuation set on the propr nthy. g. uI a rdct, 010I) E: OF DRIAWING(-TheX hatbr. 1 to 100,0110 will bh placrd in Ona whleel, and then sam numer o0BlnF lankarnd Przres ihr autlr whelel. T rvrry rumber drawnr from one nnwhel, a tiket frar Iton Blank andIria P rizw l will u draw, uantil thelra wulj are drj w 11l1 IliST D (Y', DIiAWIN .TF , '111E .O c .i lii , LION 11T11T1iRY, i l MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. ]J IicEa c d.i'c dr4, ilgc ualer tile sIOeicmlsoII of two Jccclccgc ..p of (Courtn in New Orleail , and the whe l,. UpeI ld 121 sealed by iema. ` 10,000 1' RI Z E S. 1. 'lTie ic'iRA- 11.\ll crc l ,grc d, cvlccer d it cli10,on1(' \wi 'I'rhi i.d llllc cici d c l-cei d l cc iti e is l .V lrllc aiei (iii, arid plrc , ents K Irnlt ii; 143 fI , I t oII SI i t fCl (ihate itrill l I icrtl, i, IIIl iel Io I (c ' in 111 IItrl e , iii The pri(eipaln porti1,n of ihe front el lte hase- .2 Illllent Mllra comnp1 l ses, lat rge Illb r l e CII; a llllse c ccii cight l icici-, '1cII lid i ' lihe c1ti rou1iiit Iii' 1111 llp gets $:1i,00i per nnwciiu. , iund i hcdrc es ti hhd ed bv il'..s. IJ('*lrl.(· il z &. , 'llet I I* kci, iii e C Dile iy llpr i io tl t In ft, lehi omi $3h1,501). fIhice ice ....... I h,. as al. '. .e t,. ii e-..s, p l. . of allh Ill.nen l olllllln $ 15 10 ilh tlrn0 the ti unt I h)II tlrd r 1 2. Ilii: S1'. C II l s IL i T :ii- Tl!2E AN\ (lit 111 N11 It' tiilt Tice ,ucccc l ctl n I i . iurdr. beii ic, ,,. I l. cemi lll l lll 5. '11 000 'T'his c ii agii iciic c, ccu'n ii iltscc it f n oic lret ln Silli 1hlii s IIhIe l, ctC clh i IIcpr c 1L lronh ;Ic ith c h r Icil cii ic i ic xii- ",i T 1,i1, - Int aI Is hll llllll lll rl 9lll i t. il Thi ii 11 ,ivylhh 11 " a 1 1u fliio- k o h ( Ihtaccrh irit In -Ill t, unTI' .I Ill tih. lint olfc th, . ',, I i ,si c p e, , iei lid + with turled by 3In lpon,) e n , ,v'e1 i , lilt , 'i cr b rc c' , " 1) , 1 0 1 Ti n III t 7l6l ~ llllll ll lll'llc r lll :1c1 ,i : .i f Ie '1'. , ii ii11 ric, r ImidI t ilet llli aIrii te c ihincullcci-n i I.,, 'Tmii Illl le alllt e llll ~ dicc l c mIc ln l 'l t in I-r tr'ith l, iltiil~nitilp l ittContuil.I It,,r our. Th 'al 3rr rtllt i 1 1 d.) l ] (.rct ule wt r T t ,. ltenrl d II .,1 ieo :1 c ic r, cif $:l , 00li le' 'i i lacic , iIn c Tl I l , ll l'.i ('1r 1(c.ll"t : 1111'.t t ll I I ll l. 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''11n d c e 11ie l lllret stree the cllllllit ileili I I / Ioun OlIs, oull I ll de h I,' 1k:mrele and Iaerrt has stHrles . 8,1 I,, 1 .' 'I'II, e cntire gcc rii rcI'd c onic I m 'cib el' t cinecc refLl Ihiu iclirg cic'ccii- .. . lii 1c t b. 't ci rc, hil e l r pt ii ccl i ti eet, 3li- II 14. lici lc ire c iisli)tc f' I hfcc fi i tIc I Icc lic e i)Il 'ic c, 1 m 'ild i iimiicc lili, iii1" 1 i6 inc l , l tP , Eiccei i cr eciiert i ichcic, .lt r i .. . ' ,5110ic I5. ilcThec. Pcitr ar cc e i gru l II on clavew me tvd nal It Ibou n, h, -- " ed by 11,)()i) I . 'e ich or tIret- I IIIclllllli i rii cIcl lll IIel i , hI dstr t i ia hl cii c cl l h t tl loe t 8v' I il i i- i Ide b ty iI ,ic iii n l n It rIi c I a. ee Iiio c 111 c II er proper cly ' 1' ,~171re ice c1ct tr-lIcchl Icr cin \i0 i 1. 1hI," Clonr e t gllrlro n o l oo ll rI h t,I l hl street .", I 9 p i llllal i ll 11ty, t nolnd.",nI 11 I ly' isl U eheir .f .vipmi* u ,sr, 31y 1 17 51 '20 . 1 hex two h r Ict ue nni Ibin s -eit Li' by lid'eii i , t icc-c- l: i clt ccr c lc in i delly Il -hi irn l , d by 0 e ,t ..s i 19,1 l0ll 1il. TI i h, l e i .t iiim II iI I chiI sI.Ii,- 17., i "_ l i. ll 'l .liictae crcf nd on HcuieI i tllI l IIII- Ic Il.ii ,Icin e, bon.ded by wc , linci e iic i eoftl m10 j t der and on, 11 ,000 la I.el ilii Hiillclicc ll s a b11 n ,- I eiii h I.i b crl nT tico c ie C I In cill 'I s t ihe 'I, I i I Illl cc I4. T'(hII cqiiti f "roud ,c . ' l i ia ' le it I I 1 In. c I'l iyts , h.a l ,de d by I cl cir c'icicil cI II Iand c tril, icc-c iii Isii- i- ni ,00iii 11 i 5. The . llor o 1f g , nl r n Vicll l i r b ly Vtre Ill I l i ini ccd I' c IsIt Ic.ldc I9i. ll iillc-i el.I cccict i "'i 'h, ,rc cl 'm iu ol ic, t cil cic. Th cclllciii l r ci Ilicic l ,l i li.1 i ii. o 7 ot, 'ad.c, i c l l i. i W i cccll. cclccOc tl J J l.lhS l ,,+t71iii '1'.1":iiiii n, oilci tic fi nii con i an Skiir lr ei =d i.-II I i cll bouh de Itii IbI 'l'iiii I 'v c c, D ileli, andw Jit icitcl ci 'e lt iii eet cc,. 79cc,50 111 cc i. '1 '111 . ccc cii .rl + h i" r, Ill :11. I'.I1~·*~ll. nnr groi u 1i 111 'I'ii liii .ici ert "2,1 n. f t I t,l lts, lllitli Ic \c lil , lllc i\| tcll ii cc-,i l'4icuI -c st t c ,00t11 2T. "I'r,.,,e cci,,i iclc dicithc andii i nctl ayci .i i , i eiihlc itret "c ,iinc. i' ccg -ln iii ci cic ht tree 0,00 hii ii'i'i. I'l3i i .ci c i , cOQ11 c 1( I .1 TtI, .1 ...... Al. ,1" .r,, i s ,u t 6,l000 t,, :- (. Th liit 'l Igelg, cIclll Ap Ii i te I t 2l J nolie rltc"c Ine llc . "IIccicIc M1el 3i". IIIi ' n il i - flooii ll5ii lli5l ' ic c ,500 i 35il. 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'The It .. . . gr ik,. . . .011 " an e n be \W ,,, llillogtm~ deereV Iv Ity .atiellP n, n IInI1 hee1 lo, Chipewa srm et4 a4 l htm,. 41 ee liu allt, by 4. uI s l et i a 4, 4 5,()000 ! t. Thlte fif r" of coun ll in Tharlia 'tree 2' ,u. I.4 Ill., l;.+, le l 14 44.ll01a t.ll 4lu. allle ,hee1rl.. fnod I gerac. , r. lnlln 5,1100 511. Tte llla stlory I (Io ng lnd l lot ofgrw't, i, l i t h Iree s, b e ingr Ih r 4t)I 4444u n ' 4' 4 44it b r, ,et, 44u, ii :. by 27 feel (5011 51. The IIIo* io fg-rmnd Olll 4I ill e r.' , , r. I111 , [ , .l 3U tl , ) , b ltl ld e , y e O te i a n ' Tlt l u lia liat e.lrl11qs anIfd E'glll lVe'lll en 5; 100II 51 ,, Ifr .4ot oft wl .I or.% .,'r olle I.lllc'ldl the 2,11 hH T1·1 l ots su r11T, rd: II haI L t inlg g ,T-2 a bof 1r rt ht' 4,0110 SWn4 me 4,000 tali 4.If h ''l I ,2l4lt ,.l . T I 451. A lI .,, gronl ot+A. 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A t,\l\ illlar slqlare ol .Rluliii/d boUllded be Maple sail \%',,l"m slreets ^o , 3.;70 prizes I .share eaceh Ras l.ghht end Blalking comlauyv .tock, at $3i0 - 2• 81,100 100111"izetl I Atture each Oe lchatnl's Es 000 chance stock, to 7 . 15,000 177 prize,rl eIlate. oaeat Ocean |ettsulten 01 lnp1 lv .1t) ' k n,^ $50 8,850 JOB PRINTING. 41F EVERY DRNCRillII"TI"M V.LtFtII Y, IIANI)'qyLI.V 4ND CHIfAPI.Y V.XE'1ETBD AT THU OFFICE OP THE Tiue .Jlmerfegu, ST~. CI1R'cLrM STREEr, NEAR rdYDRAI. ORLEANS LITHOGRAVIIC:PRIN'tING E>TA IRLl$ lM ENT, No. 53. Magazine" Street,. Opposite Ito hi' Ar'dl. lvrlLlL1.I. 1 cJitrsI.VE PROJ'IIIE ORO JARVIS. & AND .REWS;. 11 IIOLt.E A.E AND RE'TAlt. Ito.ALrERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS. DYIE ST'UFF'S ..J1) tI'IA'DOW (1../SS, Corner ot CUntn andl 'r.2 I)Iitoulfto tr tt. Nl. t uNIPANa NA'I'IiAN JARVIS. JOHIN W. ANIltfEWS. A Inrge appiy n Gerdon Seoto. unrro Ied it h groo)h CIIHAMiPLIN &o COOPER, (iIIROCEIRS AND) ItEA.It:INd IN OV.SIONM A'!) FEETI, No. 79 nra 82 Jldiia street, No.w Orleanr. a[7·ihip i nrid store: pot up.I11) mar 5 SFASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. 14 (h Anot..'. Sereet tIAoF: I. otin, nnjsply i cro oroch' tlclneotIe lit m to re mina'- dress, Iof tih late st sle, at New wk - O ft! ! 11 \"1.0 ,r IN.%2 I)EALE104IN ri MERICAN ( ENGLISH CIROWN GLASS, RN. 3 CrCOI;N(I)I3[J 5rirtr. Ito BA ZAAR. SUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EIXHANGE IIt)TFL, "o~ner ofS.t (N o/cs nd f'mroottate,. NEW OR1L.EANS. j Ittl'rtTER nod )rlra irn Fnenlh old Eaglioh Cutlev 01in11013 (Glovsr :itrs, ilocks, UmIbrella, Ci 101sral F10100 Altiies. d5 1E5AUEI. '1II'lY, t'llerrhoe/,,,, I?, kr 4. Contnissiopo JIoerohan, II: ither :.ii Camp s:-F;;, the penoont. .(. P. FREEMAN &r CO.; tPhMV~esfe CInIngI vi.hklrkvhm.' No 3, 2lltpull ziol trrrr, 7If AYE nonotnoity on lomodolorge opply of Cloth u rneott beirg larte. 000rchm from I the country can be oupl:iieId at the orttot fnotice. FIREM91 EN'S UISURAN^E COMPANY OF NEWP ORLEANS. ThisCn o orev ne0 n irv irletrllI to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No. 24 Monsoon B uilding, Canal meert. E. 1. TR'IACY, I e iir"leatlR, J 15n.1"311. Orecretary. ROBIERIT CtANNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No.1 ':(:Cop street. Who'lesalnne eleltr in lointil, Oil, Vurniiehec, Itruvit.,, FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROfI I.SO00 A GOODIIrIAy N.. ON, UnrIrrrc N rvel, One lidr bowllr Itirnoile. -n trtntnnt V yot tIlltllv en13 01n1 eertle appertain. / ll ion tollS(li~liO~~ Frutl"I Io' due coa i thyLe st mnuli~ i C -1. 1 hi j t tricIJ e t ItO 1-11;311 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON, WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON :l1'1: A ,pei.d aI office i Neaw Orleants, alaseeaiing I Ieq iai adiaetecPa iltt theii' hloluae it Nee YiIta UU 1ý,r tiileppse oteograving und pil eting Bank'Ntotst RoaI.,d% ]Sllll s or I;.;ling,; Certifiatea or l).paei s C.lcis and other iplllitnllit pperis, requlrine security UU agttst Iorget ies; and have nstrde ample pai ;ion for the Fal' kee pin. of ull Ilatus and impiressionsB ellntrult ed Ito lhe cir r their s e'eil ells Iembrace the note foi' 1 v10 li\e thlhlndle d lllllltillna i astitu iOln ,I and all orders %ill he exc ted with Irolllllpitullde, and n tihe asual t'l li.. I lie'e :llrtierr lef Royal allld Canaal ta. 0Eta3:I.A I, PRICISS. I'ST. lI)UIS S''IIETI' ItlES'I'AAlTA'l', OPPOSITE' 010 '1tt: EXCHIIANGE. 111 Snahe tier he s the honor to inform his irielnda Slllld ithe ich in aeneral, that he will oten, on the. 100 I tlh illntal a It, lt uat, where ieresonas ill be served alll orllf Ill the bill 0of fare, ;t regi lar prices, viz: I aftv cents ili raUklflt, and Seventvifiveeeest for 00 I)mner. t'ic hrakfrel will niitaasl'r'atwo drihea at o lll ne enit c Ill'c. fee aith Ii lk, halfa thattle of inle d0 ir'nl lat lia'Iu'ihan SiIe dinner aill conisat of O tllptr ilislcas tlt oltihl, a salltp. haIfa -bllll of wine and brlead iilli. screloi . A\ .ralt nhllllr ilf pelrsonls have beencomplaining for / 00 a Aong tiiea of the inconvenience te2 at lables d'hioea, hiere ellyv are obhlged ito be at regular houra. The slllscri'leli hails lell hoieif hIaiVilln ohviaitel that ineon 00 V'ellitlC ill Pialalililiilla hli tesaiLata at regular pricer, ndllll here p)errsons will beP ttlended to at every I ourof lte dlt', eit a tlper rate than a tile gable d'hotea. f00 Tle auiiscdler has alero elegarnt sahoas fur private pllrtlie, andi will execute city denlanElt rIO5--.t MICHEL DOUAIS. TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STEAM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. 00 1IIE subscribei rs e ntow receiving direct from the lnlnufalctil ies, large aspeU lie of tilaa, Chinaa and Earthenillae, I olkinlg '.*Isses, Plated ad d Slver ware. L.ampsl, Chandeliers, Joailnert, Kitchelln ware, and hOl bu furnishing goods geeUrailly, hich they offer at uaus'llv Iw itoprices, at No. 17 L'a a sntreetand aNo.84 I'aimtaeiestiret. .tit-4w It tOWEIR & Co o0 M \NSION HOUSE HOTEl,, r00 rilTE nersignedi, presaent proirietr aof this well 0 known eslablislltent, called Ihe AMalllioa House, situated in Orapia street. No. 119, have thie honor to nlllllunlllllce tI he pulllic, thaI their gretltres care and at tenllin will bie dedicateli Io rendler coilrtble Ilernosl ho IIIany lihvor ithem tI il their alltrlllae. 111te ad ~'00 i it osse i'ed y t aihe hole b P te teravellers, for its loenlayeoe ienclle,.l are aso ell known that it is .t00 eI-lya ei e NY & FUI1.TON. hO 'hMANSION Il S0E ItOTEIL, i la Hubanna. I OS inferascrilteos rnres priprietarios del bien S n cooeidn tallllecimiento rllt lnbrail MAN. o0 SION IIOUSIE, studeo coi hI calle idn i Obrapia, Num . 119 ; tinent el honotr ie antinciar at puhiieo 200 plie as lliayolre eli'aceos y atenriolla aeran dedi Ii edO cil t cmiliphlalcer 3 las pttersonaa que ile favores. Scan cn tu peatrocinio. Las vaet.'jas qua porse di. clha clas para los viangeros, tlanto per u localldad, 0oo comodidad, etc. etc. sol tean aceallcdas, que as inu til enrtanlerarrias. 001 1 set-ly CUNY & FULTON. 800 i MANSION IIOUSE HOTEL, 0' E d la Haeanne. 8 T ES soussignds, nouveaux propridlaires dte I'd 00 lJ tab issement situ( dons la rue de la Okirapia, No. 149, connutsaus to nom de MANSION ol00 IlOUSE, not l'honneur d'informer le 'mblic, qu'ile leront tous Icurti efforts pour so rteldte agreables o00) aux personnea qui voudront hien los favoriser de i aleer confiance. Los commodit6s qu'oafre cette nlai. 00sol aux voyagurs sent assez connues pour no 10 poinlt juger ndeesaaire d'en fLire ii leo detail. '-n..4 ! Plsp--ly CUNY & FULTON. 000 A l'1ON & t t, Noi s3 O I Ltevee strret, in aidi. lion to theer lob er stock,have received from Eng-. 'a1 ,peeai, ier hip. i Ceste, ;ia'iiate vial Nairiarra esndby rlu0 eca'ceteierrivaalt ii tie ther.elal.n citie, tia f.rllwinag ..noeilin. t of liallrdavareIron, Steel, Nails. Anchors, Chains, Cdage, Leather, ttils &c. haclcca thlea ffbr 50 her sale tll accullaaenldaing terlt : HAlRDWARE. 750 Ri.rl Irae caailln ox and lbag doI; ale cnrrier .halia aid challll for aaw mill; brighl t'ialina haoes,'Wtoela' ano llI.vdon's; brielit cant laeil ihoe, and shovels and 51)si epedec; Iriht I.iiiianta hare; grubbig'hlrras; black CaatiIlllll biee; best 'Armieitge' anile; blacklnitt'a hbe 40i1 aiws, Ianurters atnd tlera; files, assorted, Iof all kinds; Ib4iaitit'es ca in; a oc cear ept aatserated kitds, 400 tl'r flacad'" l Itae.. miill soac; cct steel athip and ceras c. seaws;blatd enws; elppelr skinnera-r and tadles' plutetloea tell..; Inlian ctrn t ,uills; curry carlli; wotd 350 '.cr e; Ie ll.ocka; A.reicinn dtmar locks; patd kick' abin blooks;l;reehlrds; c.a k had atper loxes;algers; e irsels; earpelers anti slithsl' tIads genterall.; briglt etaple vi cre; illl a general as uartient of tabkl cutlery and rhelf 350 | d* AXES. Ituet'e. e-tal ll axes,',lltn' pterr;l unt'a broad 300 ad hillad atxea. ilh an alssoltlent of llul'slools; Col line' axes; and 151) dozen cast satel axes, made by other good Iltakirsa. 00 IRON. 3 P'IFrI &e. t10 tons flat, square . rd round iron Bellmore boiler 31"0 sid rlate iron; hoop ie, r, all sizee; aussia sheet irtn; Almrictan do; shpet ellc: tleel alaU clast teel tinllrru 0 andil flat hatr, nasortelI, ittllderSi.ersls make; Crowley sl, el; German Ido; at'l (1.) EIanglish hlieteredr a eel; Banes 200 tin; llate zin; shleet and iig lead; shotall sizes. NAILS. C00 Son keh cut nlails, all uassorted, from 3 to 6 inches; .11i esks wleollah lghtlll.'t line clasp and ri le; 50 ter su 1,100 Car thh l riah; ll_5 kea s a lile'iraesehsLe Iaila, iriflIn's. ANCHORI-, CASTINGS, &e. b,0l Anhole tf fall sizesa; chain cables, d.; 1l001 Fmrsahb els, I o 10.1 hIilas; slpiders anId ekillei, a large ssort ecO0 aent; I 0 slillr ketiles; plcugha uf diffrrnlent ulrthelo. Siera wndow glase all aizle; Nova Stltlin rtqa sIatos I,1100 and a large tiuck Cu!lea mril tltller,asaotted aizes. 00 SIP CHANDLERY. , Tarred rlllte ailnd haltere, aseorted; larget ld marll1 ,,I t Manilla rolle, of thebhet kild, and Borelt ecneufatellre ,, iaitla beal tand plluugh ItIre a.di a Vinale rw 500 every artcle in rha ahip.ehadlery line; loather al at Skfid,juet reteivel fmrle Ptrilcdel.le. . 0. tIlli AND NAVAL. 1'ORESI. 20 eske pure .niter streea cil. 500,I, r ;10 Ihla ,2d rtaand.dqslity laap ail;t101t Ucrea linsead ait;.34ji a olive oil; 1tte 1dl~ te t, 50 hr pitrch ardl trrin; 5 dil. ecft ag; ted tat i tralf .bl;.s.isrio trepnel ritlh Svarlr-h; ..irl lnlr jlatre An; coalabsot sil 715 kb W %etheritll' while letd,' &t.. Q