Newspaper of True American, December 6, 1839, Page 4

December 6, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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111441 #14 i4 d'v. , ins 11111. 1 ýýit ý t .it" cS~ri pnir ; ca tn r~tY; up ýi+ dusi(i c irs &n > m tlpdwailetts; rf. - tiw'Iýkrct Mek Mfac h. f U~ttc iiwww 6onb, 7 i'iurlo mr oc o Tnc S. AM 1L41l .I I AND VA ve 1I V t oldesr 11* ' C "" tta tuoc lspr; sýcrihlrs hIve re it ee, ltr" tches, leaking glasses, t 'O ya . .,fth lurg kst nost sno ielloos: ohoctll uuphtuplI plainttuck,taiot, a, l?;lletIl' t island thlerumig s e itl; curl and S ,nrn tmhsof ever description amonegst -Y n:ic i tis. finely pansersd , Ivory co.s of revory insgtii, ltu dswirshuinsg anl acket, togrltner with a tueturlot ssfV'beuhasl Arnloricsn. N' O l4lrlot kinso, bt iener, i lorida, ho aney, S L s I;TlsGernof stvcrtysir and dies 0 .cewig'ieriht hesWs losne, m sethucs of l.orea.not, t e ok sin ca and ]lats, " fad irk, na t, pra lk n and pirfndme " p e it s oi eripou ren pt aonts hones ps a I ri lss, ,e and rlsorio oleoth wash aO Aercau, wuit etolalssisortnetionfr . oalmnth soti ofhui stest, snd oust frshionn isle rse, ofistiof lhie and rod cortelirs, tapsr dot Bsrtnpotuu filogree, breast pins of a grcan' · e, iynst-1 ie nfe, di etrsiaines, ghlt and slues o -.cklrs, dopsoytlwtcshies, larl tand sld pt cils sdo gluar cg a ins taill l be Clod Iir, duilusr tc,raum,lsearstlcslar, st hc late,'oasoh, c avil, shaving, shoo n lath rlf NG (li.AS~f-O Grtna stasis aud toilet glouss, magnifgoin.l and ltels tihresoliso gasosos, hoots so, widlra varLk iv csf other kinds rat evssuarsiet trl. FANC:Y ANI) 'jj5h1IIY ART'ICILES-Prneh and Asorsicrisn port: llesha osol bhrseisg coses, som05 aves, i-cih naOd fsimly Bisheld lhreas work ltxes and cpres eiocscs witsh sd witlhoh t muosic. mustsisl boIts,. Ac 4urdfnos trs u ilo, k0,iuliss ani guitars, siver an pllatedsljdils and hallea,wood peocils for calssssstrs olsd hcaypneto tsO~ecl5~sgoussand pistols with uditwilhos, gusssou cae. pssruass css chsrgerssnippl Pero* tirirer pistl heltssaose hage, poste hls~lr, y.I o tea setts, Isiswlseuts oticery kisl, hello oud Isitcre, ieeagd clodoissen khives, -raozoc ass cissocr, thlebhis ssstadl, tins, silvcr plates, steel osd suustnnuv srss.ý lloe, pichrt estoks usl wa llotolts o r vjriots kittsa, vijs earlsnstl.ctois caee, mgitsg cord,,as Olfrensscs, (' rsitsss endu Assrlrs ntsuofdti* 1er, slollo, isitiusists ktss tustt lhoxsnrlsnsp a st rious kindh , Sntolnre' r 'olcroy'c, fmssserrso's, lliH~lons 'a anil aukiss'. racer strops and inia lie sooeus,dirhs, fancy leads necklace, sitst wtlr s-ar dopo, toy aslsthesot pearllttotus, 1toivdcr flasks, cal sosd plas. serd hendo, gllt.ssd silver lio, goss eloatic Jllapell ders,sand gutlors, plninaud wosrirsl idssoeo lsahgsststtsn hoorde, slice, opsiealviesseo,jeolhssstpe, lonnofo;sssmotchl iaand dlrilpkoE cupJ, with tl ncst variety ofthsirearsi ecu on 12 monassthss credit. i Ii S1,M31,Nh, , Co. iti _ _ 7 hnrtresss. 7 Uh;nrtrea.s. I.301IY It LEE & co, No d M igatoosotreet, I r~ ow receivig froIntoships Nasslle, Louisville, lsstrek3, Eagle, mtd other late arnivl.s Iron tler " cities, a large andl new selected aasorltmeot hf.ise, Boots, Shoes and lIrogatns, .nhsittirtg ol' esllelocsll's fine calf and Morocco bhtls do Ydt lodity; do btlf'Pl, ond stout wax peggeI hoots o satiousqutalities; men's fin elldf senil and Morocea , tt, a tpllsllsltd brg tllS, thuekskill siOee, hblols ans it ll01ttst nte' cslt aod killjpeea,lte.d-e ses , I rogmlls; do boots; do slont kipt sld w:ta gieRed shoes ll brsaooae; geotlemen's best iulitv cl "stt;t soit; Ioglles ll Dtowlillgs; lo colf and 11t r oecr Sfckle slaes and brogantis; I., calf, seal snd am'uclr I llat selha le dil alilopr-s, to calf, buFll" el sea l asltcs, st ,r:-w latL le; do ille cslf, a alld tmoloccll I" ti t rots; Ibo) s',yl+Ws'And andhidren's pecggd iand san ell Also a generlal assortment sit' men's stout wae S larogatts~ anldl shoes, togetlber willth t),i 0 t:gro ls1t inal"lity, ruselt brngop;ms, taile.l in I relks, mIade. exprlossly for pltalllltlion se sa gReed ;. Salllteltil of Itoll's lilne ttol otollt kip russelt h ,-'.,p ct t :ottlh le, ntlt It Urge n qlantlity of an inlferior ll:ll It -tt tatld rattl t tX gatlls. Iadlies' tfie calf, sl,; molneot and gltainl wells, ln, r tOll, sole shoes; tin line Fbelrch MiotroCt and: kid I lill rt dill Stilpcals; do rOath shoer, will atd owitlhnt htl.ti; I calf, sceal snd sotot leatllerl ootees; do I'rtntcla clh 'Itoall kihtlssmlqualitiesa d,, tastitg brogots; , v. tei,. ,tasld Ilolb"bonlees. lises' lastlingsptlrhn ghlsa -l gtous. Cihliren's colored aorcoso altl lasting blo }. oa:ld hoots, ke. .denttlEnerct'sitiefthslionable h:lak silk lhatsldo black an Itdratb banver do f a t superior gl'pdily; do inlitation it rnl e'o; btoll d Ho1( nrTow lrhilt me.I's inlle dr.b nhd ta Is sloi stoat ol apel hats, e teptcle. YOht.s itt .'satillt0 ,:)'s blacnhtala diat iwotol w anl s tat ions Ah: ps, iti gelneral asslisetlln:tll t Iys' [ andl Letnl'S Ilbs assoseltlenat tii Le replenistshtelb Ithe :tr.ital nf rul Ia lck.ltsoromt theeauote lameed c;tlies, all of whlic sillle sdatll all eotmnodaltins ternls. slt I--I' hIOLLOW WVARE, WOOD SIIiEWe-\S, IRONS, &c. 1.'I1E HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Blocklatn streett, New Yot It, have received thle past seasons, sand ro cr,snstantly receiving large antd aetensive additions to the stalOk of the al:ov goaods, twhih ntow consists of lhe allowing aso, ltment, suitable for the southern atnd :ester 1 Itlarkels. [ollotw wtro of st,perior qualily consisting of alout 150(0 tons, viz, Pots ol 22 diflbrent sizes, frotmt 2:8 to 50 gallonrs, Keithis, 15 sizes, fromt 3:8 to 30 g;llitnas, lietlbes, 15sizes, frotm 3:Si to 18 gallons, Bakopans or Ovens, 7 difibrent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered.Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, - - 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. SWood Screws, 20,0011 gross, iron and brass, from p':8 inch, No: 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality ind finish, and loss than Jaume's inpoarted prices. Sad Irons, asserted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, uasutted from 1 4-4 to 201,b. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. mnlde to order, Also steoambats and other machinery made to order. 'Thoe above osortment of goods is partirulalrly rrcoltuellllttdd to Iltt atttclltt,ot of Southern and Wst.rlt merchanllts, llnd tlare ,ftIhred It r sale at low prieres, asld upn tlle Illmat liberal terms ; it is Le. livedd to be the largest and best assortment ever netled' for sale by ay one establisltuntot in the United States. Merclmnts, by forwarditg ao request by snail, atn have a prio'cd circular. with de.crlpttln ol' good, prices ald terme, f-oll whichl no drOlatlol i eover made,;'frnished by rettl;:-t of lltlil. All orders will receive tntndaaLe uatenlioa. NeIw York, 1838. J+'3 N it l, atb,1 Iti )I.( , ILl I '¢I I i orns i tI NPt.e (,leIa nt s a.i t le. t lP. t ta o ..1 e p:,w dor ie. M r S htavin' t ret c i',, d' sato v rtt o D1 r - t.a rrncl er t ,f nua l. i, pritatu fnaJlla . n fl -.,. a.nd nlo"l 1 i ,.veral of the falo r e a .lali le. Itt - victllity, caton ai blt bt a!ta a , Ito rtil lelta l sit lll idt. It Ife is permitted Io rrefr ta . It.,v DI CLt -Ii ts Sltesota & Avery, Ilhdeltts a :l'aa& tt . For terrsll , &-c allpply Ut tale bota k ,lorr II Al.xandPr T'iwer',40 Cnap srl a' 2t F RESII GARDEN S4C.D-''ihe lusctribl bEga to express his gratleful thanks to ltse p .l -la, for the liberal support lae hasae erlved since I 'comtmenced burt iless It Itis etty. liking siltl pro. priet-rof ho e sersd otSr, 17 lJtllolll,, ll strt , :he a otat til lrdever wad las l t Inr anllly norlllla set d vender; lneithler Is le clns l rt d llal rit hlllue In this eounltri-blt lie tsstta s the public Iti;I hIa a cosnnteciso s ill every Ilpa.l tlit let of tI 6e se-r.d laiU lIt slse, ihllle diflereo rcoun trte fl Et:ope are etual to that f taly holltus in tie Untrld Statos. Ilu AI-. patrtss eds. plullls, &. Lfralll ta taot rextlelsi dnd respecltale nouesrirls ad seta Islnen io Flanle r,, Huisilaed, Eglatd, a, Srland and thle no ther stlates-and it will at ill Il mes le his Inretras, as at is his staudy, ti receivn, t, adadilan to ,l present sio k,. Isrge or ivals of ev, ry d, sacript:ot, r, ally tIle growahb t 1830; also, .ngrtaftled Iait Ire e, f- all kind. Th"e pubat ennay'rely on lindatg a Ifull na sortmentof every atrltile in lfhe tea d Int, tof gentrO ilis quality, and imported direct by We. DINN. A IDRfEW SMITH & CO., respectfully Intrns A their friends and the public in laererl, tl,,t they occupy the new brick shotp, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constalnly on lahd Copper, Tin and Shooet Iron Ware, of every dcscriptiot, ,.ouch as copperscillt~, .ettles, and pumpse, tin bath. iag to s, Sod oil oans, of till sorts and alzes, and all otherbraseassltiag done at shortest notice. dGratq bars of every de-criptiuo, sach as steam. boat stirrup, hog chltasu , screw uolts, attd otlhe kind ofuteamboat work, such as ohimncys, breeclh. .Sp, steam- pipes. Srthey will also do all kinds of out door work, sIlohssalin4o copper and tis roofing and guttering, ame. They tbove and all other kinds of work in ttkteir line of buseiess, they will execute at..Ot.h abortet otih s,, - dec27 LBSPEtOl'R, No 54 Co,,nde ssretl, bletten,, umasin and LSt Philip, kee.s cru altltv nall hand 4.n .15e0elve sesorlOnllnt fbuhIts saul llrasones, tand hboeoofNew York manufacture, itr mcl, nm uel ad eliildred of all. a·er, wlhich a w all drparse of an very otoderatepriceso. Famllies ol his asquintancc on tsendig n. srder will havetheir wishes attended to L S 8E:OCR TH1 FLORIDA LINE 0 ,. ri`6111Mobrile Ion Aisutrt,G131P. laves 4Mobleltror.ry Iay aI Ih rte S tI C0 ,onhC .-P per U " S A ltiil hlnt Irhl ( ll' indtr rlr, . ablvu"H ilately,-ti et .' fo'ur oo,y rahestIl'.oe. hn.o.l--t hlnrol I, ,nlo l,6-t It, j og0nn t';wh ertro tlitk oi.h o tda, te i- r m.'',l Iltellcre io +t'hrit..lhn awl Iloiwllw vilhr , Fin. -.hinblidze, t '.dhtdi .itu, (to Iw!tisnille. S:oloderville& L&,oi' nvilone hA agt.out,, (n, ennrctin roaiulnrrly with ho I tfril:lth! .ors tIo (C Clnrlesron. anod the s!ern 0' arli oo *f oJow Yo ,,'rlk, Pni tdo Il. hio, eae. t E] r e pit e ll" 1 ijtl , toure the best for the service, and ]t "h avlouirnfnon)e nlsHtll's mnreadveninves than onI, I to Nfiod u-ouplon Olfn st, ambonnt rolute to the south S ern r ll ..otk t Tfhe rot¶n impr; oentents in th., rotot hnu bhePn prootlued by Ith clonorouction o1 lifliv iles of new, by is eIe orpitor,, viz : from11 -Inoono.oe oon L'ty" rte ltion.ii, no rm of Sn t' Rtn.n tit, to Ilytry .,'s P'r.ry, o, the Chntnh,.,chron river, ten m iil s hbv, "i,, ·e '. ,wt,1rd. or 14 uhove Cedar bIo(f, wh9rbly the nlovi tIno of the river1 , no.d the e.n s Iyl tt d!tOt iOlloso, nnd mo,,r rcenlly the incun ve0i0'$et 'rn'n t. el t the .',w'iord, 0re eotirtly S avi d, I oineo rond 1from M Iriot,, thrtr I.' Itlielhlrit,., i ,IIns~ l l it r1 1 ll tre t rol o ,. ro:lod vid I : Chatoohooo -- - Io0 . o jeointo tho-on.o lano-0 abol t fitOt l mile .,a n J i 'r .olig the facil'ltes more th.i: A, Al,,. L.,r.e n'h line of two r hlrr , n.otnr Eo.ev Id olhor d o." tl, 1 o, kioslol's., l i I P rry to la;cno, " i , Ullt ,int g t wO ilh 111 h lione 1 I S vnl:i;n0 h and y Drieoll (;en,. A mllail leoambtont nl l r r l rP betl-lr hewPorn S B.iolnbrid e rnd Ann1 l '.ioiia. 'ravi , rI wis'in in o reach otny poillnt on Ch; or Apoal.ach t, cola, can Ink . r'ieo,. Il,oul t lt)ro. nsvl e. In, Mobile to P'.necola-- I olltdl Iole o--During lthe itnors oof the ohiyridoi 'r.rll tun line on lout h mhore post oachlles every othel r diy LItewto ntii Iu, bh ,il'ln d ['ensaeol,. Paa.,,s.':,_ rs will le,.,o [ .<l, ilt Lt 3 t 'olock. p mt , in rl l. 1 , n.. o1 lohnt,,t. l , ''credt It I ll 's I. -ol : ingl, lwhetre a our li, re iachl will ~Il n wai:ino to es, convr hrnl to tlhe e'x,:ell : Lit lhou'e of ,1r. Chllelee S lnl', 1 14 mile l't ant , whotre they will fin0! r, leao'o t o :Io tao lllot llo is lo " r the night-- 'nv1nII l l next rotNrtlitgo, they r Ill I0I eol I ent i i in o i lld venin ,th, avoi !int g th Iu dlscoono rt o ul ti ghllg t tr.vellm'1In (oOli. at ls e .loo n.ion ll, uso , .oI ,) hile, and oll . oh lilts' hotl, l''ln, wher. g ral s mutllll be no.lo on red. 'T''ITI' N & C. I (}'(.I": & M.\Y, (otuonse, Sigoll, 0 0i l (I'tt lnlo to ItN itleto r Nol n Ct llt ilotl filo ot'ort, two d00 iol' iu ll I lon atiotls of the follhowint ' won,1 :1 .1 ntlrlrl lcs,ex to ecuted illn oa o ls!') Inalon I . o l W"0114 I 0ll001 . o Mologtooy, tgypltian Moick and gohl, t, UOk, (Jollin ' loto Aotico, Poll:rd ,1In Ohieuntal or vcr'ld am i,1 , ( tir'III t tlln, r t CIour!ed \Splc. H to, ee ( ollll| lille or Black idnnn andl )rctellas uotle W'inoo, 'tolotnoto |lOIe .OO(k, k.i Aiklirll (; l.'y or i l Corrus orro, , Nw Orleans. rl itand co heaoe e , nm , s 'u r s, -ram s, le ow e, I e. F1i1 l's, ' r . IA ' t o. iil itortors of l l:e ols, I lowt op lutillL IInd n.ld reh to ll lerll p1[ bre l.nn li s, . s lonin- h lel s, h ,r lp g uhlg e, len it , i C aren i, tolloi, It l oohl i 'e td I t, 111 Ig ili i:nin lel r , Ipri rv othrlt , u ,lll I len . I pi 1cher, la i . I oolp hall de't u- e not , ca tnole hae', loal cIt it l r .r p1leI , l ' r ine. and ritania wares-c0, (to Io . l stand*ll, el ,c l urer~,, r n Ii loll , ''IoI ra0 , - . -tho;id nnl ,In0!,-.0 t 0, oli ooJt, i,, t ',-, I t ,r-ae h ,,r sii , c l irt I tt t,, , : v ls . I llt rl t I k toe, -r n I Ii - tr'o i ir S lur It , ly -e. r han , -s. ntrs, ,ot. ls, an! rlit .i0 ' i l0 h It.t tr.Ohc t r:)t g On s tt !I t-n , 'I h 1,11, -The ,, su. ieh, r.v (; r: e... l I. h a lI a large supply of (l a , n el n;Ireiv v frt , i 1 sinale in nIo In s it pN re .s. kinth and il 1, r:1 l" I, 1 d.oli l i' n rah' n Al r 'tain ( n!, heutl1'' r Atil s,-,te, . , 11,, 1hrv , - ill etsopts, i l o i ,o ,.. " n,--t' ,io . in I' ,1 ,ii ioii tr s leto at ,ha 0, '.ll o ii, Ih,I'onvilr S , h .t A id Ol'lRI,:. .... ~ ~ ---~~ "+l. % i z.U[,l: T-I. t ulairY e\la lcllh ai d Pllllantllre. Ne rrul oltb s, bilunket, flannels se, Ii sls rwelli hiriollul, c i c , lilrinens, calicoes, hnldkerchaelb . &+ rrsevr d id for WFIe low by the tsubsCri. ea. RO'I"I'A & Co. ori. rornrr Canal nnr Chartr.s nt Nis\V1 GtllaiS-Sirarrra Ilatt &a Lurn ne r."" or ivinr 'rnltr oil i, t1. ship YazIo,a and alratoga adhbrig+ Cotordiat fatl New ,ork, a great variety of gao les in thesir lire, whil'h torellir w l teir fe ' aku al e It n , mt ake lltir rt rcllllte vry " prtr . d lThe lulloiel+g clrlat lll e I purl, viz: l I ell twist, (,rr";rl, tia:k anmddre illg Io l c s, llorn (o rflll dscri) tim In tia rh ti bbe ilr, aatl .o 1c n el.,d e gfau d mar n:lll On &a rill elnl tic satearl rrro, hIa r iio and Lrifripr mIIIItIIcP .('hlltz pomn e+dcr ), l, drl •pIII-rs and hl xela hnilct mow< r,r pocket haotks a l Ill % clle hoe ktlllsk., o t|1 pearl, o ,v rv a lnd I' ',",ta ar r l.. r , heh I[ll (r; , hill t'I- ' ral "bends, neeklans ai| I,·gligr+, head rh,,us, Ilndiul he ,,lld , bll sl Illlt.r ; pitol lllll Iln-rr Ipoi. jl t jT ttt 11121 jar' l f11a -i . is illl l.' ( 'F hr o oll I, h ill. p l ila OlRih Ih SSd1 11 ,lr .r, I.'i t It nl. h r, ltlhl, hair, Illr, nail;'o Ih ana r u"ll ' ''tl , i' r ai, ,' ' rrtt , Ill l n na , k \t':trr as al - Ir hrllnala, aillcltitl, siU nP er eIt *i i ll l a l ar'tiA 'll ' uectionhble I ri a'r a.nd e' leh- id ', lly + . t r . s ii - t aws, ulr ri,'to theu l l - izclt a ;the bn of a p t rest, flu and t ll i llh w1 w ll ri pIi ll ll nd t i g i .tiedrorai t awl colsl tblllt s', lreI l terll i'tl l . a hill d" shrllt tr 4l d a nnd sdvllvll penil, ar.s, tuoIIhu..II", allll t. Iwl~e, ril t ',rodle wi lt .l Inkets,, I Ciall l lrk do, ilcier b'to Ju. Q rill, 1 i' hlle; , I Ok; ni P1, s1t'hair pin: ltlhll, i -n Ii' U,; hk ,rid l l lth ,i hletu I tl hi nl ll,v t.r Ianl ulr+' IIhIbe i p1 b otllan , lr,,aie n ca p , lia n t1 1 , s' cuI llller rt - ; I llei.or all tll raillegr ol a a ltnIl ', ri,"r la ltter ,l "(vm blat: ll, A ing l , ( ai ,ler a lni ult, l ltl.lle , Orla rel a ul pll1ro Ill , Pl yAia mir ill Dri., lndi ,ll larilt i al 'Ill ri ac l l i " ini Th d I/I ve,1 lh,71 mteillr a " l ini t lv folhle r ,b h',le ahltl l'ullllr c I wh 'le. aalr, , ia, a l'rIt 'pl itr tiag ir bal r rI ,rall co I,, l . . i.,,ir Ir. , lr1a'irr Ir, lrl Yo r ,llprlror. Dri rll tI, l . l;ara, ' ci , g J. i t Ii11s .1o , SIt u II't) Allatl cllll ret, 'l "llqll l l'O lu't I Srrl rIlr e w mLr, .lcrrllil r th raghlal l re, a bo 1'r, I la s o ro ,i,k,t ' Iralo r T ,I'h , Aratolal.e It, vsith tli Mr[oa li'rrr, ap rae n loc ud i t;I la, then , arlrra. je'tulonalhe Is l lid+:eltlly rt.tUajoin, l aul't. or t of Ill uliGtrla d au the m lansior i af p r f te r, ilt ofn Ig h ei lth, pit iyic e+ h vn lll U :lld otIf irl. ,Iii ;: Sir Altley ('ooprrr' Tlllr of l; Sir a il, prj: lu, t SAGGrpie ; nir . aui,. C':;arh, Ph&. / lrtt . Wh d [n I'''h; l le oohw larlld. L- ltuurr, l hidw ry t. tlll' I1Ol.,,t. ronitho, Voetralt aill a r Wrst int onr a lloas , it; d ia' Iglaroirart'l yianl mllS il1 ireJt L SI01L2 A Ulolhjllo, htturr Vdtro ollh Astor ills.ort NI lor Aeooust to, t ofotur r Lsl. . lre r llll llan , o pt A lClrpedllr, NLcatorrotu, ttu.gtu Klcatrc. .od. byi it Medir ie, lrl lioarto u r to the l C l ,leo Ilralr DCbuispotwoarnld other,tld in N'w Pork by prtli'Our. Fracill[, G S Iedford, 11 [' prof. I or oll midweryiln altor univerita f tl e ylr ti o I. l . Y& .rk, prol.r, Deaild, and ranlldi, U John. It erito, prcyidtra r Cu oc Mtetd Societyr, Laourliotg ofllP Spre0Ldelit rllld slletI )lv State of N "urkik, piols Jol , t SrkNaught, n of Albany, profst Mrrlar' ICrua Pr. a kitt., tga'ic--Dlr' , '& shr dtra, G.ilbeap r rritrl, - GrI rlib , Vail t et .rrod l tororr n la.n, other ditll.lir, I gllrrerd ihysiciaa s al thI L aar i ,l a.. with Dr J.ltl'ln iAp oHvNd'r beCo ft a, r.ill ,n16 J. 1. BEIN &: At enHFN.90 Common at., R torlc d& Baltimore Packet ' FOR NEW YORK. SOLIrS' IINE OF I'ACKE'Ii--To sail every t olthr Alondlay. n'lL I oia" is enmnpord o. six h;ps, viz" Ship VICKSBURG, Catpiiain Illnker, "i'v. 115th t, OIrLErtIx, - iear-, lch. 9t1l I,, l'Axrl,, - Ashhc, ' 23d ,, AhxAvsAs, - Druis Jan 6 h S- NA-iVILLE, - Wood, ~ ,, th Al, A.l.IA . - Il)ryI, Feb. 3d TIihe 1h; s," 111. are of the firt elitea, copp ered. ian c{,pper iasteed, nlld Iarll o been built in New York n exprex'ly for thlis tra'l.--rlhe aret of iight, Laught of wat.rland almonst ivall ilri iv ross thell liar wlinhout lll a Iy drae.lion 'JI her e ,acketare cnllln:0ll edh( b (i it;l, :tinl Iwel .xiiixipel. rned in tie Irahn wll No I . xert x tllclmsitl~eft, nrcoiiln.toditle--lh t toill a!snn, heL owei d n i Ill R dIdoiwi the riier, and i (ill pilnp liy sai as al . They avr e l lnllld lllev lVil 4rnshedl trclelolelH (l in) ne, lindohoianf h lt Ill ~lll 1 i-ility will allways' Ihe furnil1,q, t allnd crv llelltioun paid i thle conmfurt aid saltisfthtion 'l'te ,ir:e of cabin passage ia nxed at $g0, wi hhour For I. lto ler particalars al.ply to ~ uA COiEN, 990 C(ifionit t 'le 11 sis are noI t \,:unta'e for braklge of lls, Ii' hollo %tl ` lllthle or Grinite, coioptlap %x ',fain, ori I 1 lil 11.INE will hnJ 'i iln itd l'seve shit, w ,ir I ll s cee a h o r i th fe l wringu,,ir, viz: hi T"roy, It. Dockirded, fiti aasier. Te S hip are lll icaii, J S Wilson, onv-tere lip i ilo i, I i Con ll, ixI Ie t r. llin li l Ni w slii'f ig I'ill ik iite i tl, J (: |a.iiPl, l 'r. It N . n .hi ll MLr i -l I , i tlele iis re . d New shi Yi Fanirfld e Y V it o I Plttr oeli I oI II r a ,xi uii i Yiioi o ft i. , r. othllr nl danonmenetin, a ond te 2 coan Novea mr I r. eroe t puncuality t it! ie i tiiein c ccix cin tiheI ' I ls le ill ' I xl·lx liv will Iv. haLlYI i l ulz: ri^ .111 lii.iin lxt, v(liiidil sd eveisg l",' nIxle-yc 0lix I lt ip ulil,I xib hx d i t shippeirs nx ttlpa ex, ,i .lx o Ship Foh ireixhtr Ceu, iii Plixi, l to ci l sli 'F x x .li1iI.:W 1cfi x tox iif p pt t laiidcoitixxfutxi " ltixI NitW ito lv on Ii[tiliti;l. lio Nint, Yolk l.iou o Plackets l lurl,lt llthe l li lilxti i t, ii i lilt a r i l iifit bilx the lie . will Yori aler ei sl oi t lie i tli ips, 'iz:hx i fhip YazooI itx xdtlgat 1', dillIxas iiV u h lcr .0xih riep Lun, and fii, hdtplain a nltitr, to leanto On tlehe A lit Ut o fyllr err. Slhici Iluntsvilln , (lptti' lxl lhi wlglo to leavhe on tio Sitilt Vincksburg, Cxapilx \i'oxedhousc, to leave on the.l o 1st Jliugry. xShip 0inicds ipi, CahtaiD, Da willto leave x tx 15t l oilf an iary. ili The ti ve ;iro all I wiir of itllpc first elll.s, copperi dl, ald Co ity.r lelter, inae IIr iciltaS Of 5 by orns lllhn iiatire ll light diriugilh of water x eil gbli uig b 1 inNew York exprlssay fr cti trade. hile price it litltll ill iluxitlt most iltprovill and convix nicnt p lani, alind tiniJIhUtL in a leat alnd eleglalnt slye - Aulplxu i tors oitt. le firt hruality will be provid,ly Ssllis4il1ci.IJn ol i;aQ1sslll who will pleas. take t o. ic . tlilt nlo berth elll io0 sccured ultil paid Ior at tll o(l:co of thl c.ll&igieci, 'i :heb e vessels ,ro euolllrlltlnlldid by capltains wt.i) I experieilced inl the tradu, whle will give every at Ir, lntioil and exert thenselves to nCOinlliorlild '|'hillV .ippi by ntelilillbont iolIn th strictet, putictual ty ohl'rved in; the time of sailillg. The owners of these shlips will not be responsi. , bin flur illy lotter, parcel or package, sent by or No ni !, ,',i tlierulor, tIt tllh cuul llnllg loua of the I, 'ig ilLt or ott; oers. F"o.r fllrther p:Irticulars apiply. to J D I./:N 15 & COIIEN, "t iOmV11 'JO Colmlmllnl t ...... ... ... ...-= ,. . .. ,. -N V StRtI t'ANS inD iALTIIOSIt LINE t \ +" ,.PACl/E'I'S. Tis li to will consist of thle illowing volsils lhill Ih;;e henro built or purcha:-i d exprelsly Ihr q ip ,mun , r It a i ier, D ark Mary, " Nickerson, " I[td I (,rry, new " °-1i tevens, Viiii-l o lili-to ** olqoianl S.T attus, Ja uth am, " |ri Archlh t, * Gr;y. T'lheste verr els are of'the flir.t class, have haind. in tf urni I -rlled : cCrlllt tlili Oll S ind l are oi , light SJdraft of water, so as to idllit of'their recI ivih ptdtl, dischargitng their cargoes in Unaitillnol, iii the city. F+re*ifhl w..Ill be taken for ports on the Cheltsupfrake or J,,ene' Hiver, and ftrwarded by tlue ag~ isr, t,-srI. CLAtItKE & IiKEELL(G, at lBaitlitior: expensess on g shi ped w .il! be atdvarll ed whePI rClired. The prie titt ptasag is fixed ot sil,. amplo stirs ooft.llt b Hot quaityy will bh lirovidttd. Stam up and diii owi tio Miosisiptii will bu taken on all otcclaiollns. IFor fitight or pasange, lapply to GCO. IlEDFOI:IRD, n-vl 22 itonvil:e st. SERL ."S& tliAl-t, ON -tAP:,-utfCKl 4;£ T l i te c tnsis t pp , aIi lilt-- Ilp, oill i. ii lIIi ,l and ii ' nl tlull ?it. CIVl ol titll ittg S I tldsioirtI , acPtt mI 'l - tldd till tw fr po1flsen l rii Th'llre v l asc t·; lre c1on rlllalltdl d fby eplllllils %'Pl tp'r' ill t ttr t -dS, who will ive every ti I a. hi ll. nllld xert |thlemllll t!ves I) atCo ll lne .iIr la.1 hIO i. ash iper-. l le will bI, towed i and dvi ll tiie lias-I-i :,pi+ a ll lIJenve New Or1 la 1 ,11n or before Ihme 1tih and 15h of everYI mIInth. I'Ihe follwing re. vesstl. conl'IpIc Ih.e lneviz : go r v, ArabbiatCharir. (1 r 'n,) master. .11 , i i i .i. ho p l s ter. lII r,. Iot.r Witlh- , J. Allliers, ml tr. IFoir 1rIluhl ,r '+ satle<i ,,ply s,,.I. \. DAREL;ILI e . C.. li ', on s. New Olleans, or o|. 0 Irlj.t'l'A T'II . ,'` nl/)ltIAN A--'I'NIIsi of Orleans - rlr CniirTt Il 'l,,ba11. iii itt-titt-iotoo i. of-,li tti \Iti t 1 tI-h. liy~. hI ,it ptII -d I1 :l!',. ' , 111111 (Il-l, tl¢ II1 n i l ii - iltS h-I--' - a I i d ll''. 'i, i , ol in -tlll ln iv T 0l T iIe Aclt il t 'h ii- +.Tl li lur,.i h l , S Ii+ . -o I II A l ll i ff I 0 l :rlh i n-. i i ll.( ilt i i ] ils T llll I i i m .,lh'" "Dli,,ix.,l In h ,.I Thlah l. Ili, 0:: -, i ', said riih ,oo oi t,.ib-tto i .iiii r hVit ot i- -h a l5 l Sii l.+ (II * 11I:ill .+ )I~ll ++r beI f'IdI· IllrTI1 J(! hli tti 0 f;ird it tl l lll, n ttit nllll ,inod lttih tllhi ndred l n I h- r i thr, an t r tndered il tite IItte ot i nit n ·, i i . ex~! anrh epe llh a n ,ilt , Lhristp , !illlo i llotito t lty t h .,hr. rd tifs rl sa tid iI h lt tt lo llltti C ,i ' t d'c ase. wbtib l - :,.h. .... Io . O ,alto? it ,uinliult l i ar i,,n+ i - tttittiiii tigrtilt ill liltt toudo l rt it , I ll tlilll iii i iti otoi o oatle t.san inof aatovtiamdofd Ia- 'retirr of ie ont P hltot-t , , i v, v d it he thord doyiSili tA It .bi S tir t .2r, c b.t11( II iihuitied g iid rhV rly ltt hLt bt J la t : 11. IL (;, n+.+. lls. Na J. rlw, h',ad atso ;,lt+ nI I la tii n d si..t ul ,bl'atl ,it h-li d bfsfo ina ,,I I may? 41N'ite Csi-i-. 'l 'h II. (·l *1 lil I)ir i', I 1.+: '" ?, I s {+,lC 1I I hTler~ll -.ll, ; lr de'+ .,(1 h lal i l rope:n t he 1 l nll t ill r del siell ; b. , he ad . soni s llI I ,,lll whl nh pr- , prveri fly ix hi.. <! tt at~ h ,n+s li \\ill LI ..n . Ickl, vO f t1): Ir+ w, lll id olt. p hhlwr i Tia r une , Ito the tu!dlc I , Y' II,. rllliii l . lll i+ I+ *LVp lll. il tlll. ,ll l ,(III ,,s. rlIi4! r : I,, , I w sl , bu hin):' S andI im.prtei mn tsli . / y llr rC i ll . e1 rigots, 11 ( Il eges cit II ur)( tomsll t, wa 8 ......inudes andriadv',,nint+e;usl.o he.-I 1. ; oiin t. irin, aonysi Ten+p ,ert tnin7 +-+tinl i the n i ~ I~lh iitl . .lll tv I , t·ll l T%',c l T~·l II- ;i t,[l· Lt )1 n • e~d by l'.' rani," Al.,.'z:.,.," aia,,'.p . rdau, (. sn y stretl" l alnlll bI I d i l'ts dltlll l b l rh i Iilhfe . l llslv i eigiht i rln l a cerllltailr lpclit lr n ks\ a Dl, rll k WBI%%' s I i a1,1. + .n, il)* nuty S 1ive, 'r.·i ll l ii iH lh-, r dale 1 , o I e 12a n all, l o Aprlt, i ne itin al d Ir ubt b1. 'l.. y |,ire Iy a i nr1.hint ol Ih , rF or d h L l th, oi l i 1 '1 rLl a-i n E Inou ildtiary ru ,'re frl ref.repo ; L' wI eb i two h . lo p b, il a eac. l d front quiid aydle Frer, s hlev rl, i cre s, a i i, kr nei s in h d.eli p.1. -u wee ll ' alri. r. Tlill,' or e h , i itln lic In me iueht.] I grl ld ;~l Tii er ms -onel il d th. ,r,,r }cl, t rl di, i+ Jtl apllro r, ha le drse.l t. hd U lev, ierr d b.v i+ ci a m, ort.w ga i+i+i O \hreaT."l foretl ill;y t or s wIt,,;l, h ll ill, tp 801r,, i ll.. o+r allvertslminllelts, Ia I trii I r at schl ,i anyo0.her tenase ,r ei ,,c aw s~eterw r li * ,+r i b'y esledt aild admn , h d to . lh, ..w rimh nI lT ; dayfs Irm Ihe. publhcatitn lereol nb h w slel , s ol1I. almade as ahblt+ald, ol~lid Inlo |,e iuill mlitd alld Iiunn(inlgat+d iruatcurdance wa lls U e ui|phcb itt io ] lfs+,i.I purc:hus rI I tVitiiisan aulh nd and ike senl of a ul court ,fi f Prows:, s e% sll. etonld day' of Mar. A. It. 11839. [ L. 8 ] Wfl,'. C +DUILEMIS, mlay 1041an m+ __ I+p listr l W, \ iil t 4. oU -e, - bl lee ndingS'tlr,>nl sto am at +fhtton : may? 44 N sw L'.ves JUSTPURLISFED FROM SfPEREOT'PE PLiTES S . tt'he Fih4 t:ditiv,, " (I iROWI.E'PTS TABLES OF IN'FRIS..-Ir I)O which isl ut natdrled an Avenge Tirne C:tistln Stor. ott ean mothodlt tlg. fnlialadina tni anna-ge ime ri e On storne. ntnesof haad or bill, of gonods. ,en 1iae t- th charlrd t dllerentf dtats ton diffredt crldits, ital ft r vet vnaiot ll a ta s n eatiaaa us4 l ahl t ttR . 1t1an1 l settlat ticte Okt rOl 'Time Ta' Ila, a t a ott tthat Caaa he conariaA. a .t thant li-. t: ntt cla ' lrah ne twithlia the stnae EalatIIsttlI eC1nmlpt.], toldl cize~ r,1"1 . e . bat AI a vatltisttmett it thtlhn ok is in thie follaw- I .l ingwornds: - ' |the laghtnaaiisa icinti okhsrcie hog lit aa hen leislatitat ntts tlaelixa-thlahe titlaa ia ha, aat gl the ctt ,ttat.Iationanls t itselfa si una ommn n., .l a , aso -na ai sI te, th I nlllthllnl, i ncc.sary- moa't thalln -I aoa ni a- S erlti nsen tlt, tan ivcn enaualh .sd vim.( Iontlrta of its e-l a t'laanitiat n-ts far laistotICe, il, tatet-stt thas aaaee a aatp ra. at r e I floltntllll llc mpnal red ilth, wtl:at is eqllivllenttl o aal- ofl ......... e f enid,;aih+,. .... ......hed in tle p s ....hhr.-.i of Sli;e tie, nle d, priutd lfrnm a ternitlae lartes tau pi P thirtl lv-onle tilmef, I;a al l wl hic itmlll nst b* tvid ~t Lta1 tml i RI 4' l',,~nf h+l l Ihe prl~l ee) tllb;l theC wmC.k muslt hie nrltl - m n metnlc tall ilflli tae, al in confirmat ion otl'lhlis beli:'a ti prmiu ,n f vl'two hundred adl flfty dollars, is now otfer- a. rid at le detection Oft anll error ta elt i· illt. .esllut to rl fifth edhitina. expressed in the p.el·ace, m:lkinB five I el- afu1"] fre r the amle lrror sialttn Itbe ate-t -aaatt at f ta tt ) it ot a tolit pienthlt s feattt res fathe a table iai to i .' ellla :rnlt-e lreat nt lo taeil r rIie nf htdi llalt n uetstiat in l o hets , sa- cst, tl na Clllhl illl the suin hrirIh ''if~llll ot'llr lllll oi lldl-( (·i1ll I.O111 ,Iztqllt:l·;(· |nltcl llr S~lli l. I1 i.tillm ls wlit aa icuhl te a inter, v ch hlll e tonn t 1r t lh even~t ol enr:~·-al r,,inese., withorit, doub,!lj: ug of s.nn I t he atnl th at Iaanie e anianati alt l ata I-a nthe thlrstslh t firlt.ialln.Inn e statfemet-nr l laes. ltaiecaishtt 1. 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" Thi medi trciln is hiihly re'on'mendod, and hies boon ext.,nsivosly cad in tihe abhovs dlinsresg with lech distingisshld suoce.s, that th piroprietor cif. i Lthe recip hans been induced ito-of':r it l, tl-pub. - Ii ini i 's prei'tt form. i' the hi' .it msin he Ithe mens is- rele'vinp- mIanV -, tlhis who are r sufferini under ties es!rgo of our i-oltry'. It iUt Smed:i~ie I)Osscs.sin "ot virtuiie, nnid when iced a necordinn tio the directiii has netir f.ailml ofi oeffetino a elr', evs!l in the mast nhaslinate stal e or the disisrdetr. It is nos t II diiiorenlabl, 't't' person .S of Lthe wElakn .! L!O naclh, :lnd childreTnI IIsly t take it with i ptunity. It s!rens thens the ,i's . t iv' - ergano, creats i n upl),liti,, and sllnoln requires - more tihan one, or ill ohltinaote cases, two "holtlt' a to effect a elae. TherO is neiither mrcoryry nor "- arsoenic in thie irmedicine, nior any thimig injuriau's it to thio human cono istiiion. Tli' propeiors.r are e we convinced of it'ioeaey, thr.t Ihey i rarl ' Sto refund the price iofevery bnttl. which Ilas ~oetl Staken in nacordanes' withi the diretio;ni and hIas i noOt elected n a perfi:t eure of thie fev-r &. aiue. III A. OLIVER, solo iaglnt for New Orieant:, at hi i wholie and retain drnir and mediOcit stIoroIC, ,. cornar of Clinville nstl C(iaritres rteac. ice For District Agenci's a ipii to I- jb5 I.. IV. SMIlI, 48 Conti tt. is Dlr,,s ci .lfdir'inc. h I Ji i,,e t Ia h i tIt-'nlli ed hi -lcicT o litle -i 'i n: le ''liili K he puI rpose of p ritz tll. t lelmrlI \ itn,,IoI. ao re ll nd et lii " a? '- t ie , wh i 1 ' I 'ii.l is liberail t'rIai T soc 'o drui is , ta iIlu ii oi AII , s llllt 1r;.r, to llysicIn no·,rth lmis E ll Id pl ml e i,, c he.w it] tll : r i dn l Iiercent . such sl have nivi r be, fi, , b'i en S I i'id in 'hoi t ,s iv. 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I ,lae tac dacclicl caca .c ataiaariaa aaaatd Orri tosoath wash, a r tlath, h Ui, Jh, n:)il ca ltrola arushes; Etagrtir waiflt era diln lrsplal af" hadal;s ala iI cchvc aaad strati I a.ouhla and jearelr 1r aleo low at waiolecale or retail Y SItIlIONS, IIAltTl &CO, jar' I 7, Ctlrtcrer street. r iiaaa raacicancj havIoctaayc-'lca.:raneerd laesiners as a I)rur.rilt A jcd A rhlateraoy, i llhe a olare rowned hla r. J cSrl O(tc, at lr cornaer ef Tiroal airhlanni 'l'riern \\Walk, resciae hlIj soliacilss sllre a IaIFrr j.,lu lic IjlytralTaa la ll cri c r anewal ol tjle vro rla ol jars jrmer ctlc'rcla. Ilie 'nfire tir ak oi D)igs, rcoeficita eanre d ies rl aurielee is freth and car Illl)a slj ritri l. iThe fjlaawia g only ue parr t I rrr, lll IZ,t vat I re sthi, ar li e ard Pow'deas. Y\ a :1o wd I ' sl a, Ic..ir3 a' wl".ralj.onle ca lelenLs .ubnina, h)rara, cc rasiog hrecod, asckalaS"Ot a a1' f I lr vcorlcetl Magnesian Apperient Sipl sapnt a rcl jpralp i cr2iveoin isIy ep'as or indi. le stio.n, erv, us deailiay, gi !, headache. c 'dlitv , a it' cstorealna 'lr al icruu i cta IaeeItaaao eUts. n1.I eru T llli 'll$n , & c. pat riali h I aral'c car dda at1bc d jcctlll, .rr . Vw lllllls I olllnll'l a nlldl Vlerlnlli. , e; irltishl an I calll. , ri ll.-, IOpda rlc( Ill. &r. l',1l a, d Gps ri'e, i ,be a rd G ra onove ptnie 'T'ooh b wh.-i ,. N M Pril'llt el 's enlritoni e {tntrit Ga l a ar-laao, th wN ta ' arre as ar rci r ai a d b ae st Prhn uc la' ch r darli're, ,ah cr hnr 1ot, h wash1 ,,,wder publl und b,,xr,,, P'r'llice's s scented a n e l ahin a filot pow der , p ,mn atu a er st tnC d e fers iannaa. fl roer, r re, Iavener ar I hljrids waters, al jar' crt1 gadiars, ljcaja' l snccr srartOser Oil i 0 d. rla.l·'s Ilalllllt Oa (clclilll ci, llelalca'ac1,5 I oil s rietysi II iacli r nad atr ar.mrchela, i:dclibl Ie natking nk *upI"r." r black iak, &r. S purea and rlr''cd whrl;e oil. liyv'as Linirne y A hIrah aslraor rall i 'lhoorl,,rnesaarrlon So aot l i;EORGE J(lNE 1,o. oreatmint itdO r'are 0 f 0o/h Ieer e nd Atue. el T ill , rI'i ilydisco.veed i heroio hoe ''otii Mix htre is uerior i n the inor ', i trtod odeal tre'ating e P' .OloP. Ithlf~1lhe filst 'l., iitg nl'Vego th I tit. rl , ntllf Oll' ei itltlot i ai' aInic c l s poison1 Iula ill u II I i td, i lllt l 11ntav be Illtnl With the IIf: a llafe e llir ib tle Iedll ler io' ncll or f.l d 0 it t sli . Iton ,a lth e rlapa llht dicel t lila' t i tlliy Inogen ti rd r o lO semi ll pt,¥ I I I , )ll d brioli lrllell +`, +`, It estt-l Sst llO dni' s p~tii t It .' i l Ir e ll At i tllte r ofs e. faiat ,'ll p tlit'll ar ll [I ra iln;:a ilpt i tul' l II t , ir t retrains 1 Ih ,(,,+sl It, bn,-tta-r this dison d r, or to create r llPrdliralrPlllll ) ltilha oo I llo. , i tiloe olevenl or rlnI o c oll i l tllhll I llel le s tl se tilr It, l Iolt ov i.r olhr l. t I.I:etip it tI vl be ep prtn ac . Iheiids li, a'ier ior i n o fti c r 'iui frOl m . t heo er a Ia n lg sned It file the uu r tal .tof thrl e M i diseases an t a e llld h Ie( II an y pt ll Ialylll sl41 if , i ri ; hirrs bya Ilh IAseP nr iel co Alll i, hIeI r l tist , TmhV s cr a ir, l to f to ll olll'd liblllito 11too o roio'n . 'Tll od ngerli fble'qt,'l:t r elas ts h s o d t ounar y is -' et id, ti r ' le t ie s 0, 00 n till i son l iioi too mu cm t ro t aItte it hi ib o to elie oiht i il ll diPv l o :: tlllpe11ed y foll eic. illl Io r, to ailllo gt oll ,tlt h l I Tl l' 'i.i tormie li xurC ioft h 'r re l a , t m l'y , !--. nd hat Ihre Ips, a nd '+ os Ir n r sl o hI tr e v llllll - -h' ith a-sl t a cre d P r solicTtilter i rle ,I u i.d oull rnd e n lllhi rs hI rhl fr I rlyll d: 'I it , :in e o ',inttl, c ne , gut1 0 1 nr00 ag n.l t h eo rt. t , tiici i 'i hio io ir ith a to r ka y l ffcrete N O + E R U R w s # e :2 no IA 3 " I'.i SO . it l oll rslii llOu t brlh'ile aOeunlt lfier tl e r a nr i-a i, onl ill s11 al1i lheu oiie, a1 Ro O i pic s 'I: erl. F tt , '| u , l fitrt l ulso, a i JI t\[ \.. ip nIlRIEV',n o h-..lhoisl Dro ,e ,ro e p ,,,: u ,r, an d cvi I ,ioor; a i j I t.sRll! (11-1 N : ppl'" I.n.e"tont'n-ee erkee 4h rto lios oti tio' i ool.iileio. T ,1hh 'ri0 l ar, e io', r iVoogt Prot, their t, e1 CI 0lr io, N,,, Y ork, iint wi3 l k , ceonsttl ieon hil an .blllt, a Lal l. d I rorl:. , Marle Mantle rPieeo mi sulo or w,iolt rtin hll , al Ilni0 of ' . lateole p ttel ns. oi l hoe li o r a-t ',yltion, Italian, trirtl and S ei Atilto ll' tiuIri e Alto.r, 1loll lto , IonhlllM ant d lrav, ,le , re d an d p ,lain sills and lintel,, m i i carbl r aghat, and I l ndayry o ntel pIasot aots, l ar i iii or ion ll draiul I entl'i aole i lfter. bioil rl'el ti iaoiin, aIlt holeolod thrloeouloro v-Ieel g i Ilor, l gotheor ith ai p lneli ao n oltloenl o SI' l it no L illt o l aind llt rI.eia otill Ion la Iron lncs of the twll. levh lt and ]Grth ot apvedel orn i loeinriol done in tlml, nteatl nner antod nat Ihe nt, eir-.oltioe. 'rheyo hrl vo loot rlat. workn en t., "AMY' ` AIN & STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA Nenw Ooleoo., Noon1.t, 1837. A OiT oo six Inotols agoo I had the tnisliortooe to got It a 8crel dio nst oo h itiek I hl ove alllied ito ele rll dotorii fov r a cure, and le did lnoot Ciue now Oit the aboe dare I iut l fi oll onlertieul. eae of Ioootnr Iltial, lid o eXloen hini o ii o are e. Since }hnt tin e It the nutllbIel+ of" six or eight on ru Ih leg, and tll oval * ny face, o na s ire throati, and nt ibe ln wark at hle 00 1 il tsillt , otin IO i Ioo l o lu t o th ie ilsn,; leargo ieren Ihe righ it l of th tll roat It. n 1to n iniop tnig Ionynlln l eoooi hnii tlo'ioo' leorthlo c o ' Ie l" D , l l l' etris, t0 bt priro' Otl cureood JUIIN DEAN. - u- l l l r. t o I ilt own sltiaIio, fi r which I i ~ank ll. Il'rll'l hootl r ole o ier oiotore i oo tollne dnl - rii 1lhave1 i 0 toou n to o tes fei oteu di o not jo re loy, il oi'u h ll ;a l ooi'oo ilolioo ' Iooo ' ot ) sooio llh i 'tiro e o iy - 00it l i .ll O iii ' li n, Wtll d o'uoi llllo ooi 'to . Dr. hi t i fit l u,, Irinnll lto , oo , It ti 0 li 1. The y 1 ill fold a n il' i hl' i fr Ifil, ',enapl, nh nl. 000II" Jioiu.o i ' Iii'0oi .oIo i r r . If oan ,r a.otn to s0c i0.. caill nl No. Itool aliw tIoolIN ll tioN.. Non )rtolha . t ,'o 10 , .afb I I ly 0 11t11 l Illl) ('O'S tioon od New Or (l ean h:as beeln {xirsyl hui to ont ielnoenli tlh aboyo lOtlli, t id wl i be i uidiolit o itale draft o n water: Illllll ias tote bto.ngefors, anod every effort Saoll bto tnolho O give geenerl atisfoetlion, Thla 000l is COli i d noseolo if to to lowhig sOlilps: CIlertoee, oo 415 ollnTs Cait. J Illarding, Carolioa, 400 tin S Letnist, . llcloit, 374 doo 1) EIlo ridge, C oiok oliibano 625 do G ilarker, Sloollano 240 do Hllowe, I ortuo, 625 tio 1) lunoophroy. o il ooot .l.ips are alol ewloIo onf the lirot lla.e, appi, Iploei'incd oilo ohlopoo.l eliotn nlonod by olyoo tolgrot' ll oxperioIeoe, nhave hloeo aceinlloetodotioona, a, ili t a e. arate ladies oelo bl; every a ttlto lllol will bO Snaid 0o ,a-sel:gera, and the vcry tent of stnonr pr. toidid tor tteoo . iThe acetst will bt e towed Uit and downn tov Min OiS.titliot aind ihe L tlotlie U li'y nto erved itn Itio 0toin ofsaihiing, and shioiuolo tio Crtglllor vossolo lo otainiod ill arrlov o ing, ot heri oips eql ly oas good il tn all oaseos Ie suistituoid. A nitornoo patron ago is slii, tdt, anind toie agenoi pledge tit onoonVos to noltoooonodat -,s much as praeincable, to receive a00 forward goods hy ,id tine at ilha most 1nodnor e chlaresF a00d to advance ntll untlooo-eo on goods sl t npetl i'reqoired. The 01hiip0. till leave tlio lot and I1oth of every tooolitlo. For freight or pansago, opply to thon agents, J A MItlRlo'TT . 62 Cooliton at. N. B. Advtaneoentots noiueo non nonoignoo:ll to Meslr.o, A. C. Lunthard & Co, tier27 Ita CA~PI bIN NI hIhr1YAT'I'bA NEW NOVELS JI ofatlor the IRf/ Jo, by tohe uthor ol Pcetr Simuple, &o Loooro..rog, or a Winter or SI i.rher Iniotteld i?: Laoner Styao, by Cipttai lBasil Hlall, Rloyal Naivy, Fv1 Ieord Reid..., o orroance, by Allhn. Cuoninoghnml Vot. :r tSheppard IfEc. a 'atton by himself, in `eS; ols 4 d (;oonpo dioot Juo o org fyroo, tounslrtrd fromt n criono! liol 0n, Iyr Nrihlioio (GreoCn, ijl vol. fOo. O m No, N O. llaolfurpor's olooily Libraoy. I 10.:I \ ,1 Of th e flew .toplrtItad ooifif'l - edition of Iorhaohigo Ireiac's lI'oros. i Rogcr-a I's Frncaod Ernglisoh I)Dcifi' o Vol, leo. A'oo'agu's Jo-ck rtol J Loe iek a icliooonmis D oolo ;LSOI)-A tow inure cupmalnuF Combob's Phrernological Rllieoi." Lorga Suroovor's (oimooaaoses afaoorior g0al. i oo, with chins, Ililijrd Bullsb ot'I4l and 2-1-2 ibcheo, Giitto iojroved [loltulic Penojalrood papers, woibIos. Juot received, for solo by Im31 BENJ. LEVY. INIL: JUIl2lc , HIONEY AND hI 1'ltE WAX-, -'A'Te ootoerober lao rrc"itrid noit iooice of the Sloboe na-i o datrticles from l11rrrt, and uttfrsrtlhemfuro u I7 H Bt'NNA I tI-., 47^,'lolopitoola IRtON R(O)OFS-'I'i olro st I.yie. e ItoaC piororrd at ot irr-,,t ref .ooe, the right r .1 toi,, i on iron to h.- in r-. 'tort orr . h ir1a alt 1 to p.o.lro ortdlroed , oa orto us0 r=, not p .ute ioo, I tiran "i, t aeohtoopo too :.00 air. lo~,b, anod - 'a Iric p li It fie andl o p r.-, I. 'I o ,ri '000 l a . t o r it eeiol ltrlt nti oo of.rposri NMtro'eoot"r- r,Il'ori~aot~trotaois.. ac (I Erroh ~LL Cu

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