Newspaper of True American, December 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 7, 1839 Page 4
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1t' ph y eN ad t ali 4 4 Ohiti 1, Os o ' ler; iý' r e}ot ral lkile ; er11 F , asir : t s b i sitinit ep los ird mn o , Fs le!tr - i 'r mnoptc tpIe ol arty ston; gon h. ition t'teir v r' vie , l s etk nlstha , at full 11 r n e lll, wr n l Ichta1 pli l t . i-k,t 1hi SC.lon i rnd, dre an dy o cl; rl a ' Jnebfain cl'i n Ctons.l k ise, a lOe aonstrtiem o l hi 9, n t le5 , 5 ' ts rIvli to t t toil o h o rE7i 'ndio rt otar.oatin or (ale f tr>a y li t hbo rn, . hiis, ir ig nd twlur s loca netho 7ito h .ato 3ortthib it. 1 ChIrtlps 'C0'.". & 'llesnhh criis hav 1 tre U so eiy : ans r, o n tnt ot r i lr, Io til ; r is.: . 1( B-c w er n es. hiellr n v r itl c npw ell ao1~h1,(lllt i·latf'cun fcl (3l dCnuetrij'nll f Ll.·gItlOl 1 .otis'ingnoflnse i.terirtr l p l aintotoit of e ery 43014iiiyonrhoelot dros iii. end' pocket tccilhr uro ak ipEwFplti'ER pCmlndr, lnnehlcr, Ilfri ml looeo, - c! ,tp o nu, canlponto tinter Uorfnglloi r, it c 'iecuncl UPlr m lan 1v 8!100 110 ps ll M d, usul htfi b yn ill ,'ahoes and ro t Crepoki stoupupl , ~aiood srenetatg ir nil, heax no e af .tsquoel.I : rastoniio nIcelling edt' p n o te!roe! fslenlpnwder iuldl:pmndre, loi t pui lllurpiudo Inot! and Oveus wia, wth a enoan i tlorntllnont fi JEWELLtY.n-somer onftelatest trtd tonot fitlnioun dep .etts , cons!tintg flwhil i r ld crd ornleliu u, top' '. jet endro ptn,.t it linil ree, hrea~ t pin nof t re . oftf lntorris', swatch tsi alt git olh: ilnl so r.t kle, ' ei r tlimbles, siloer alnd o nlo Iu4il mo n coul ti r lultio BlRUSHIES--'(Ylotb, hor, duet nIcrofnhlllearthltlurr Al s no dl I n ltsliIn h it flor hit, fl hl ti othl , pnat e, omh lil, o t ,i g, ilt o il llcO nx.nwrlsl l ni hrfh.t LOO IIG (GI AS- -l--n I l in noao d toilet gla.iso, Io oglntrv)' andt Ieroloe df 'oeo lg giasses, hmm, , do, wiltl a voriv .of 'ele k llt. Illnt llolln llld. IANlY AM\l) VARITe'IY iR i'I'IlES--l'ronh and Alneoricana.~ ldo tdekno c ll lresding (.tl , si ' ery rich ali Etoli i.iu hodIus il htl l roii.. il I.iin anin ae s Its wit h onkes. t M usic 00 e l llas ingsprin boxes.\e. cor linn s s Ivullllc klinl, violino s and itnr , silver to tllatted pronl lt a d l da w nd. i oo(1 eedllc il ou'r .1. in'll, tuml ean s, lera~nl uonrll c ' fiS Icci ap oll a 'L, p illlll etn ,fltrl Cei veri. A, lio t b ltu .itaf t - Im1tt, tltleiofi i',t tnen tin, Indican be okf e ery ii , e bltd ad F i t ruand olAne, iini inrllllll ki owes 0 U I, and il, n he t i , t. ye is, i, t her into d, llno rkl e Inoll - Ilc 1 nd Cie ,, I ;ap t books and sllct, sit va -inn, kllll t " Im"; c tarlanl tnuod0ocu en, pl i 0 lir dni, l y d fl"ts 'ri h, f i nial pad An ri, m t InltmenF u e d uti lt ik, limittie , fruit, ,sm bsn.s,u prllts f uill"o a ier otk . kirnd .llldr ' l 111o'o", ennelrs ois, Hl i tiln Ito's and oil wkln's razur si s ais n n ot louole hoeodirk, lie bead kace, do vth d,'eOp ltov wathesn , 100eartl I lrtlt, pwder Ilta/k,, eu; o, d "boards"dice, opltic l vieto ee, o ffi shto l ,s til hlo iet l it'h ssoand di tikin' cips, witht a ;tti t variety o other I ri i Ioesnt all ofw tnlul will s e isold ok .r cal orcliiity cm't u tse on 1i monthsl credit. on if1i in 1 i(:.I'I , . eo. 4f,1 l i I I t i af r .i . t'l i ICY R"u l,| l C w: ., \i l;i o:ioTll t 00.0ll'('tat lit' ' r w t'ut eis'ig fromt ships \i.- hxIIt I .nuisvlle, " It tltlake, k b ,e/ 0ll 0 01 -I -o lther :e llar,1 , I1%411 tr~rc.t hlh" I' ..l I 1 1 ii c i lt ''.:, to;ge ill Le oilted aiii (nllh1t "inJtl lltg oft tol:eltt 'l illle calf noud M rloott bloot, do o; ,tudi~lylv do tu|ctl, I t till oto ott wa i;cd i.t i +: ,ir ms y u u 'in es; 10 0 00 l c it lo II silt s ak i l .\fttico ,I,.P- r io p tp a llnll' rgals nlicko:kin shles, bron.n s:,,I i ule Il t el'li ca l p dl I1 i .st ,pno p l ' , Iit i ci ii g o:is. t! d b.lo ,t.; di O d llt kio .0ttit itx itti gcd `hos I ,(t:'hS :'1'I J k Ii uhf'icl ; ,I o fc ti l 0ml ii,,i , en i kslo of : u ghtls; dk o ko ; stoiool 0m1I 00 1 '1'4'{ i o d oal t '.-'l ram! slippt "s, do cnil; holo :t.lo sktt oid, h;;,:, oc t w' il t o,; 'to fi llne ]coi eti; l oil fl iiittltl tiit t',:11t t .s ,di It l ittll i flid t 3t;, iftofether ; l !iot ',014 , II it't HUILLOUV WA :,- I.UOI)- SC1EiS, :)11 0 IRONOO, &o. F 'LIE IHOWIELL WOVtiKS COM)I'ANY, N. 0301 W\atr, Lur lc:kl anoo strort, Nuow Yoil have, teceived the past s'tson, an! trr. ru."st,,t.t'" rncciving large and extenoiveo additions to the of tihe alovo goods, thlich Ilnow conists iof t I ollowing aso ultnct, suital)l! for the southern an l western l:artlkels. Hollow .aru0 of superior quality consisting of about 15100 tons, viz, Pots of 22 difRirent size, from h:S tlo 50 gallonr, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:0 to 16 galluos, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditferent izes, Tea Kettles, .6 do SkiUets, - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inctes. t Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from ':8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 incl), No, O of a snuperior quality and finish, and less than Jaooo's imported prices. 4 Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 totn,, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201b*. Bells for Pl'netatiors, steamboats, churches, E0.c made to order, Also steabeatse and other machinery made toIn brder. '1'the a0!,.ve as.ortl,lm t of goods i II :Iticlarl a 0olmllded to t! o. aooLto n ofI' Sollthio oll n!:d, WVloetert ureohalots, anld are o lit:ro d fr r ilah at prier., oand 0upon the most hbotlral t0rs ; i0 : .h lie·n d to Ieo the larg..ot anld bst soblrtol:ll rvt otleredt for sale b nyany una etstablihl0 utat in tl Unitedll Statea. Mlerchants, by iorwa:rdinq a rooinr.t y m, a hlave a prii'od circular, with do.crpt:,, "o price sad terms, f-on wh0,h noo e ,ool:tO io o , r l nld o, otfrni-hed by r0t0rn:; ,,f', . All orhders will r:es:i',: ilnnedite !(ll! New Yoo:k,. 183. I 00,0 t;, tlo Ito,. 0,00f' a. D'il!i')o Silll,,l b t*enIIt :; I, [l e , e t "~ to, 1!, 1'1" 1n0s at N.",, o1,1. o:. ,o : 010. I ,., l. for e.- M r S hivw .' ,v ...., ,, !;, yý, ,'l r.! e ,' "aoa lyncher f of mo psi l, pt 1 0tat l nn : 1 , I and also at several of tIl:t f:oemale si0n0 Svihimtv, cannot but h10 h m00 t their t n00. Ile is 0 pe0 mitto d to r oo r to [0t00 r 001 .i ,, t''I , 0 .Stetsoo & Ave ry, Iloodorson: & si-os F.or ierms0 & I,1l (" 0 ply at the buoks,., , Adlxanl.dJrTower,'4. C:o :o s oe, :. F RES1U G.ARDEi rtL 1)D-Tjo Sbegs to r t. S his ur dcul tht.i.n s tIo t0.0 0 i i, ltim, for thle liberal s:o$Ip i II bla ettrs l si prietur of ith seed store, I: C0mmntrth -not and nev. r t0.0 l s f., )t I nny northern I vender; nei her is he wrong, ,rd tttuih anV hlon-r this cot. iry- but h,, 00s0,0res the : l,i 1 I conneotionso egere dp f ri c0001rd t -.00, 0es, it f e dill o re to t eu0otr:e1 of r l :001: arn , t ,l I to that of any hosoe to tot, UlP)d :ta n. lh, t. portsS soed., plunte, &od. 0 t) the .nt 10'1t' and esapeeIable isllt',, nnld stte. b en n ~t Fr:.o.r, Ullo sand, E1.n.l)ed, , ,lad a l the , o ,,l~ .etater-andit will ati d ,Ren be 0 his 0 I0res. o, I is his study, to reccive, in adoodi)0nu t 0I pr,rsrt, elock..large aro ivau s of evt ry odeatrioi;0t. , r, lit t.,. grouts h of 183118: sl, grt!led i';t ,re s, , l, kiudo. The public maty rely o o lit ding a lit a so0itmlent ou every nrt, ole i ll t le ,ld 11n11, t g Luil ioa quality, and impOroted ofire0t by. tVm. DIN'N. A-N[)ilIk.w-MITII & CO., re pctfui!y I:fotorim S their friends and tofoo he public ,t i o) e n0l, IlltI they occupy the new brick sh)op, "219 "l'chou1tos street, where they keep, constantly 0u00 I:ti ',0.C 0 T'n and Stheet Iron W\aror, of evbry do:crip;lt, sueh as eopper stills, kettles, an00d pomp', toot b.ll. *iug ta i, and'oil cats, of nil ort0s and luLs, and all otherobrabs casting done at shortt).t notice. SGrate bars of every dorerip tio,o, a'olth as stemm. bhot stirruops, bog chlins, screw Lollt, ant)d oth, I s kind ofsteambobut sork, such as cahimneys, .:cr:tlh oe, steam Iipes. I'Thecy 0il1 aloo, do aolkinr'so of out door work, such as zaU:, lopp er'anod til rolnllog and goouttrio,o " &e. They .lbove and all othetr kids ofl wolk m "their line t' busntOso, thley will exeCute at 1L0t bshortept mtlifor. d..e27 0 LS0EtllULt, No 864 Coo,- e, tte DuOo;ain sou ~ P rthl, k.o,'e c.1ioorO,11in 00 ;l0.d oan . xte ol n ..E .,t lit t oors at, d or.r s , , l r" tete, ;o t 'a , w 1 l'r;, u 1utl hll; l , rehnllerm C tu . ,onlrn S i c dr,, ,, , h , 0 ill 0 " t . s " y r , . ,,:,, , ,, . S aeI1ooo.ol o .. .. :. , ,oo 00 oti o,' nest. rdob ooo ::o t i t iO.O'i .te o ~ .I ",dld o 1.:. I::rl+'!"i rEjOfRIfOr LFiat41, lIT Ii y r:rIrh AIL~t tL *eai",rP I,'rv "..p:%ý .' u'(Irul,:ýi dti'} r'C!'.5='an ll' l .` I? K. ?jtir4i ." _A''":,e I r irr'.rilL. rnn rii w-hi.( rr · 1·1 rlr·I C"lnn. n·:l IlrF -: - ptn4Nrlnwr }, .,w )'"nevi Illr : Nan, :Ill vll ," '& !·L ,1111 i +. vile'· ri'; I '1n5· r.,1111 ·, 111 ,n n h1 li(. rT nnii 1II· ·i:. II, I i-i 1' 1 1111 I. I"'I (\uw f rTk I' , `;r I r·l :,,9 ;, f," III: I 5 ll: iiL Ill e Le. vi e, i 1II tBll ,1t vi iBon j1',"-e 113 NI ~re ni· , rt'=,. v, I !I:, it .I, I hi io.,. :I ,I,,"~ a!~y -t : on-' ril I ,ut, i1 Ill, , 1 1·111 I11:1l~~~~~i C i111·111111(.'li 'il) ~l!I 1''~i!:'.' lL i ~vt".,, enl< in !,i l~r m" tr 1111- !,r!: a~ D~rw. 1"1",n of lh,( )I- !·!liill : rir "r III I i,,.,. :."1111··j~~ ''Ac·L II l '' I II. I·k n c, "." :"" "` , :1 , 1 .. t r r r ~ l , 1 , e n . n v ,. , ;t It, C w l" , r , Sa fn .,i.,. ,LL,,Irc 1- -ni~ Ill, !,, ;e,"It- I,,, -g.'nn.'..., ".'.0.,&.'no:. v,:I- ,, .. ... . ...l ' f....... .,, ,m.. l~ , +,.- " iI, - a . ,,I -. ~ , ý h , t u , , . r.1 , h r &t t ts'iv it I e I . i TT.::; h A. rl <111 IN'1 s. (I , Ii i ::I 'i' ' I , in ei n :.s , , I ku~tsue( onuInvtu k Ir N atu tn 1uet ll, its', - , ' t en ,t h , ": ,ui t , i_-= t i I '' I c " inI,: n , i]ln 1, , n l"l' llutl , r 1 ,.n. be,1 s'u I ! )n t i . ,.it n lu 1. .. ' I i .. ...r i'n ' ,u InInn- I , ,i. ... ' oinn ,ln ,.l , i+r ... gm ll I S in I c! 1t",) v, hiclk ti l, il I 1, .it11 their f Is. s, ,i~ l oe1, n RI., , , lh, l"'.l. l· ' ,',,, :t-=mr co It v i :1, i, plo' . h ,' " i ll it , 1 1i.l 1 1,. 11.rai l ,iti: t :: iil 1. 11.·'il , 1 r1. Iii a. lts in,l meI i: , mr.!,tIn ; eld -.t ..i. ii, ( II. :Co it I i l I'.ach"' FC-1111:I"I hooks :c I ., il r ·il r 1 1-, - m"11 , -=----" = l tvm v m ill,- l I.--, cm-c- 1;1 - :v h, i.d----'. .- l:l :" :.: I [ S, .D, i.: i cklnc- mml:, .. li.,',... h @ . : II,-7-.?'.'! .1 '''ul Inl lll it lI 'hu ld , "ih ll l I+" ; .lll b-. l: IceriLA, -. el, s) m II' iln.!:. i. I'Cl'' t "1!hd t . l.-. .l 1 . ',, I ', r , ,,r -11 Ii' i illu I, U,; \ . h I.v I 'o, I ".s'l., ,, .l;: i,1: .I ,,e li1 the , .. ,It 1 ', h11 , i, In1,. : h'1 r, . ,",ry. i n I I'Il,, tly r 1 ",a ,l .rmlc d t, l. t1 .h" . .t- t I:, I I.":, . t, .; , .u ;. t , il I, I, "...,It: , , .- h ,t;"r. tol f . i ., ' ~inr , :,-; aI t er1 , .. I un l.r 1;:,.. n ,' ", 11; tl v I I r., ui"1 1 {11 (l . 1 is , r,,11 I'le·d d- t,'y .1 i ;-1 .1.t... M ..Is ,I I4ht , also , .rb y L, ,,ty r t.Li blyn tI" l i A !' . .'t. I,, eu -e ,t l , .!',rv s I .: '. I p, I ; 1 -t.r t Y, l "e , r t, , i , II I .'-. . . v. Ih ( r 11'11, :, nrta nlr Il '',"r...w, - r ] 11~,-Isi d 111 " :ntw it, .l ,a11. , ,:o I l'rr t t t I i ,n th ,r .11-o t Itst ik - Du' b r) -is , Iv: :onur';l 1\. .,'u mu b'r I. i1om ; ,n l i.(, Stl Y: r f 1il U .tt ut , lt 'ei, . r It . r1.i I , Iu ,:,I..I t *illfA Otadu isttt Att ny, tt : Thra, ohIr t tlilh l. il, I U.t r, . Lh rrIno1, -. ,:,u 11 : ,ll ,) P r.. 1,t Dr -rr, l . l r v -Mnn, n"" rt ! l IIt f 1;! A ldenL I· .I:,y,1 r JG 'M dicinr, V enr . 1 A c ,, .l .r t o i th r . *.. . gubsh p,.'y n ui.ud ,,h,.rý--md in Nn,.w Yu by prA.t. HurJ w\V I,' eri+, 4 ,S'y B dl't d, t r ,,:,,:"s.. S,.r of tildfwife.W v 11 1. I ll te t of [,,! ('.!v ,I" `,cw York, prof.,. lh'- i,,h anl I r.m, ,, C; .,+,h . I' A constant >uppiy or the nbnv.. :urfrrsr, e l with Dr Hllu is impto:F ;d nrn,; fr r If;, . be kept by S"i'KIl( : ;.S & ('.,, .5 Or ', n.., 1 A (arpuntr, Natch z; tono ...\larsh,. \Vod. i ville; Duuth and la'lory, +lnph.; \\ l' 1W';'. I-" , Somerville; HI all an. i \VW..Im :,,, :N, ,y-h ::; .11 'airay an il [amilt,1 d,,; 1[ L !h. llurence C .'t ,swooswin. Athenn. i IV. Y S. Bntclr, d het ield, A iý1. , have jn'I 'c, itrd a very extensive set ol iPn er 's, c"on-blI[ it II hh .. a l D)ess€ rt litive. . , o" . .. de: a 1'i tine l', Sexhibi to the trad e lor orateem. Terms and cotl I li I:. will be made know.xn al the time. " " nlG J. D. BF:IN & .1 CalIEN.g90 Common t. T Turk &' Datimore ýPackets I JU[ F&3R NEW YORK. orme 01Au1444' - LINE OF PACK TS-To sail urer al:: '['4,' 44in .4,'.4.m;,43-.',4 'f ,ix ,lips, viz' : Ti .:ldl, ViC 1,110no, C(1pI'U iu Il'llkk r, Nov. 'Q'50 I "1n1 ,r 1 ,4.,',k, - K'l~.., 1 2'. 44,1 S - I).4. ., J 1. , :1 ,- V., , 11111 A .44, t~, t4I - Ile1,,'4 IV , Fllt 3,.,,'41 .4~ w:.t-'- n,:.l on Illui hi-richly l rr oa+ the liar wifliont umv ,e1I1 P~l 4', 1!, nm!,!omR7( Ito, rover, and t, i(j-i/ill I IPO~ llll.y nail u+ td" f, vtt>~l ý4Ž tl~ I L 44l ' I to ' llw.,,,, nitt 4t, i4 4 ' 4ll '.,l 4,. ,,rice 4f robin 4a s gc is tixc,4 at $911,,t, i n` 4. " .\ (t')i l':'. 4441 4 'o"n 4 4,' 4. t.1 4 4 ,4 V\' ."4 '41 th 4n 4 "425'' :" 1·:i(1 1 1;1 ·I)II-i'! .·I·* LIpoll· I L· I :1 1·1:·! ;1: high ~'14 1 s. c 44rd e 4t 4't ell, r inII:.. '.4.'' ''..,,n, 't:I44 (r- , 44..,','. 4,' 4: , Plot, It 'p11·- 1 Ii1!1·mII CO \ I1il·. oo ll not-ter. olltf rl 'lp 4 t t r. " 4'.,4.,4., 44,,,e.4 , it44 44 4! 4 (I''4441 '.. 1 ' 4, ,' '', 1, )!t t ,,4 , te.', .. . I 'Ill l ll - l o p . o re ill of (O Il se ii_ It ' o =rIlerv ll*;.;U 1 1~ o u;16· l 'I b" ..,. ale- illlllll1q' ill'... : ~ 111 1 8: n (·1.;11 I m, Ili.,u nn uly ~ c ll"t " -ed , ,t:,.1 rvei, v1Is.... !, l j Ltl J~:'I, m,ý,oti, ,: exe (:" to . lpl.0+., .l p...-t cop. ~+. 11~ 4,,'t 4 4w. .,:,44 'w,. 444,tIl , ,. , 444.43, 4 ,4'...'., F .t .,1t '."', ,d'cps!..n, '''4 ' 'f I '.' ,,4k '..ll4 120il I4.n44.," 14l4 .nil4 l.o.s 44` .4-,,:' 4 n 444., 4 h I. 44444 l 4 1 \ 4.44'344r4 o)'4l - , n n. : '" ' " 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 n b l O lP U 'll t I.1 ,iit iy p '4 4 4 4 4 4 41 4 4 44le h . 4 .4 4 444444 44, 4444-.14..44('.4..4 44444.'4,4 '4",to il ,he ')lit '4444.44,4 4444.4 4444'"4'i4 4 a' mer, to eae 11th '"· li lt Ihce o r.LI ~lllo l~uol Irlil I~ld :;rn S. .lip (Iinnl., *Itt L, Captain I'Idro idgl'., t0 leave . 1·1 the 4l,.''"444',4,4, , 4.'4.'',it4a''..44i4,4to4444.vei44tt44 .4. 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CLARlKE &, Kl ,L :GG, at lh125,,u : • xpelnss on goods shb!pd will b, adv .rn5 l, ic . cii . e piric o f u a '- s xied at ^b , mil stores ol the b -t palh y will Lc provdted. Stal n up 1 and dowi th i ,11. i 'iipli will be' taken on11 :ill orreaA.11' for freight or pas,<age, apply to I. BI EDFORD, 1 1 , nove1 IS DIwh vil'r st. \i ll:\\ :!.f: \\ \ ll U ll i)fSTON PACKETS , th,, lirtr , 1. , c, , l,,red :and 'o u,, r tast. me , and of ah, ir 200 tlns the, I, ,,t i hl lld lll, n , ,nr ": ol, ln odatimu s Inr l+,tssengur2 . 'I'l .ie - 't 1s ar." ,.llll alllllil A r h'bm¢ (., , r i lS "m r x;, r:enr ', iN tr ipm llr, lio, l + I "T', m; s "'rv a Ir Ir,: iio , andllli ,,xr. thvrll st, lv(·,4 to ' n c,' l mll lll a ti ill, i I r' . Thr. , wi lhI , tow ! nlpi a ,d d,,wn hi' i \h C l- l, I i, ,l cnih, N s w (Iril"ailn 0 or bel. ,C , I IlI: ;i lit.-! k',1 ul .cr) nl,,lln llth. T he llhJ+ i.7 xrth ] C l, l-riii ' t! d 'iio N x \ rt .\ , ;aor t (:h rl r l aI r ia,n, navtr. 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Uo-d wIt oIl Rientu I ali \en versal.sur'ces ir 183?, ly p1arars ot tha hlihelast Ia reaspetbiit ia this city, as sated a th aat d nnexed , ncr certifio le.e. .wll+ 'hi nie!icin is hirhly rernen,,tnldd, anht lir, t' heon extrnriveil ucird in the abrvac diuerqq withc .iat, sorch distinc l+tishiid aouee'ss, ithat tlr r oprr.eLor oft the ruer ull ac Il:l a Iea i hreld to fr ito ri tie pub- la lic hi iis preea t forma in the har" rait rrrrtara Lha caurs of rehevirte tu e aav ca thaua war r ar'l

sul'erino undur the scorgeo of our eametrr. It if a marlieine prosserra inc g gre.tvirtue, nul whinu lrl iRl a rc u 'lin4 to the diroctiort d hau rever faildl ,ft rtfFoltiaaa u crre, even in the most nbaltinao stnelra of the ldiurder. It is no atat all dicau r.C abrl , nida personsa of the weakelt stomach, anl children ally ai tarel it with impanr ity. It strencctcaes tie diaastivoe , orgarrln, eroais ao nuapptitr , ani sElda n rrequires e rIrore tiharl oere, or ill obartinate c:arur, trwo bottr,'s Ito elfret a cure. There is neither mercury ner arsena in the ma lielne, ncr any thitr injuhiousirr it tihe Ilaain c tliturtiaon. The proprietors r s o) well eonvincm Ied of itse alirac ', nh Ihey ic .ree to irr' d tfa rt r' e orar very a i ttrl which hr' a arei a takLa ir all ree rdar re waith thle direction s llld llan not cafftee'd a a pI' rf et cure of fth Irve'r c & age. A. OL(aIItR, soLe au'nt for Now, eL. whlesledmh arid retail (lrug and i~m lichno sicro, corner of Ilir lhvl ! lltlld (rr l artarc oirett . Ftr Distarict Ag'reir.s appe!v tc Ie5 T. W. 811 IIT . 48 C onti a I t. I Dr- and .lledi'ias'.r J 6 m..,v',' l hI .[. t l !l I ''t ~ ![ i : .r ; r the purnswo nt Ir Pl r.H.·thg ne r I1 )rla t a b 'oa;l art. 11rr is , l, u 0bw -ir !. rII11I i., ti' Ir'sh a ied tenuic o rarle -s. r h-rich he a -r t -n lib; er:,l,, s n t. a earci'vdl r ria ,,iaaan, u ,lI ar' i, ti 'rl', hI (L~ V IIllt.,lttvr hll fll l d .l: nt,.% ,:)II· IICIP: rhe i ill ,,l' r aer s such na hve lln Vlr li ,. "t r I har, ,n , filrl, ,le i I.,, vi, r . HII h n eni, Il i- I,, I l a Ii ''a .'A' a la , arsil , r, l , II "If hateri . r'r, rr aeir' r I .c l a a r ta - e will h a, r ar,,I l a9 mll a-i a l ai ae l lala'' i (O li,'a t '' f ac .sit it I l llli III c'l "'lo'i, ai'l Ve ataele II a ai' atniraa'cc OMaaia a- rine . tnr pur.I ry Oh Oir inc I y. tl t' , - th. Iittl C'oll tge ol SI i,,?sllslllS, . tll P in i ollf ,lA m bl e n a' ti 'Io lt r ita' ' av. ' ,, t a n , aaar i-a' Isl 1', . ih. cl' ai..: 'Ul li: tll s · 11.\1;· ,;:1llair I h . ia.a'ar'ir Il ll~w,. \\'11rit 'h,,) I·lil.;d... :,1II C11( Iltl-tl: . ~Il u I\~1· (:1111·- ·1' ! ! :l· , St. T hro ,:.s's 11lsl lt. s r l llal l l. n T lhi+. vah:bledh ne..m..~ 'md rhny.w' ar , I ;(r lt :ar l1a a t u'a ll l , stliliu i. I ll h i, :l-i h: 'irr'h-Iaa r,,s n, ,l1ddt . 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Lombard & Co. l"-- ' T.iN I - k'..tIYA".I"I'.S NEW NOVELS Ratilni the lecjor, by tih aniltner ot Peter Simple, on C mre i; As, k r i Wintero att i .t:s i ai'n h lito i at l I crt nttroia, by Capitiu oooiol llnll, iltoyal Nayo, F. a. Corrt otoldns, a ruin-tl, lloo ' unnit ghaln, I vool . l t(,'attouliots history r fotaolf, Itralatted front oooo;oorml it.ntoont, hy Nathmoel (ireeon, in 1 -l. for. wig No. 79t olthtit b.'s Eamily Libtrary. Vols.- &l n 4 oflhe 110ew0 co'. olete ant utilfoot editlon - Jow,--'r'a It, olrsu'ho td Engoinboh Dictionarp, in I ael, 3sn. .tog'et's 1"freoob taod dt.oinish lDiciooarto. Sr...--A fete mrre e.msofn Coonlno's i'irenologooal "Ri no-i-" Lot.,' Surveyt r's o .ollottt t lt'au erior it s itv, wilh 0h0ins, IBi lloll nal'1-4 unit ': J1-2 incnles, _oi ilthtt's iottootod eletalic i'eos,jacaoed I ipersa weightt. J-ust receioood, sod for anle by 0001 IIENJ. LEVY.. 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