Newspaper of True American, December 9, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 9, 1839 Page 3
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LEOGAL NOTICES. gTA'rE OF JLOUISIANA-- Frat Judicial Die " tricr Court. The State of Lo.ieiann,-To all whom these pre Itw s shall come, ereeling:-WIheretns HENRIY 1V IL IAM PAI.FREY, having murL.halsed at a sale made fy the sheriff of the pauimh oi Jefiler-n, rho propemmrr hlereiuatier describhed, hua app ied ta the elerk ola Ihin Court, in hoew affice tile de da of sale was reoarded mom the seventeenth day of toerhber, A. I), 183.9, hmr a lMoni lion or Advertisement in couifrmity to ae Act lo the Legislatureof ithae .Sae lof, entitled, "Au Act ifr ithe. tl'rther atruranee nl tiller tIo etrciaela a itn S;cinl ealea;" eprnovad thie tenth day of March, 18.14: Now, thelrere, know ye, .nal all peresn. interesed herein, ure harelhyv cited and tall n ii.imeI nl the nalh e of the tlaie iif Imulniana, and of lie First Judicial Ilia tricl Court, who call net up nany righll, title or claim n and to, t.le pro erty herelnllter arccribed, in crmonm quence of ao in itmmraimy in the Iorder, ( eeree or judg mnent of tile .mr,,t indar Iwheit.1 lit o lt. mm- imnde, or any irregularity or illegnlity inlle e itppraisenmelle llld advertliemlnts, it timne, or manner il 'al, or tfir ally other detfect wlatsoever, to alshow eause. within thlty dayilrorm thedty thimt Montlitior n is firlt inaera,. illtema piblie upa1er s why thme ale so aimdeH shuld not be con iraee aumd Ihomedagated. The mmimt property wrs sold t v the m heriff of lthe pr Ish firmemsaid oi the trnaitieath dmtwy of Seltemmhemr, A. I). 1339,bhy virtue ofm decree alie Court alrenderelon the eighteenth day m, Marald, A. I). 1a19, in ita sit entitled Meria, wife of Chearles rewer nimd cl. w. the minorechilrmen and heirs ofCtarle. ('ecil, No. 12,8o9 If ithe docket ,f thtl caurt, at whicih ale thei said tier ry William Pallaey iecmame the purchePnr, limr the price of four humdred and thlirty-five dllarn, pmyable cail. Deecription of properly, as given in the JIdicial Con veeyance, via: A certelain lot of ground, tihe same which was adjudli cated to William Nlcholsamn Hlll, tt a esale mmiimdm by -.aac L. M.Coy, auastimner, of Ibh c.y mof iewm)rlee.,, e the eleventh March 11136, by virlte of a julememt mf th.ceourtol the thiirtiethJanusrv 1136, and ahich wma -rdered by said court on the eihteellth March t1839, to e resold at the risk end exreve oe' ,ieid Hmll, fir lieg lesting sad refuming to commply mwith the teemarind ean: itione o taim d ncdjumicamtomnn. flid iot beinlg imm ted in stm tarich of Jefferaon, in the town lt'( .armroltmm, mteigi sated us nmiher Four imc sqnuae A on m plan mrwn m v Benjnmin tuie+nn, erveyor omf malid marin, n time wentmeth ol Jnnuary 18$6, atil delmuitemi in thie ofltie. of H. It. Ceima, a notlary imblici f this eit and lmeam - wirilg, ill Alnmerimnn nleanur, fim. ll, rmi at elcvell ilelmme frlon on Lev, e street, and forly let ihree inmmmhe also eruntlmn lturltlsl letr. tIhree hmtlullreed and thirty in feet in deptlh ad mfront on Jefre, on, and ireee hmmlmmred and flnlr rletfi inches and m half im the lili e dlvidnime i 'tmnt lot No. Thl'lree, tlgelter will all Ihe rightslla, lrvil gee &c. thereunton melnhmglg. Witnei, the Ilumoralme A. Ml. tlchannn, Jndge of tihe i. Cmtrt atlurearid, this 6ith day of Noe ember, n28 P LE BLANC, Dp.Clerk. E TAT DE LA LOUUISIANE-Cour du roet JZO ier District Judiciairo-L'Etat do Ia Loatisi, ane a tons oeux quo ccs prdsontes concornent Salut : Attendas que HENRY WILLIAM PALFREY ayant achetd it une vento faito ur to SSheriff du Ia paroisse Jefferson, Is propridid ci aprbs ddcrite, '.eet adresd an groffo do setto Cour ot to ito eate futt enrdgistdeo to dix.oeptisme jour d'Octubre do fannde 1839, pour on aves counormdl6met a un acte, do Ia Legislature de I'E at do lit Lou iane, intituld " Aeto pour contfirmer loa titres doa acques rers aux vesle judieiaires;" approuvd Ito 10 Mars, 1834. Qa'il soit connou, ttoutes personnes intdressdes ant par con presentes sornmdos, au n ,m de I'I.tat de Ia Louisiane et do Ia Cour du Premier District Judicitire, qui pourraient avoir droit it to pr - pridtd dd.rite, on cons6quenco d'un dd faut do forime dans l'ordro, I ddcroet ou to juge meat do Ia Cour, en vertu duqutl la vonte a d1d fait on de toune irrdgularid6 ou itllgalit6 duin s'estimition, I'avis ou le tcmps et to mode do l vento, on pour uone astro cause quelconllqe, do faire voir, dans troute jiors it dteor do la pubhc:a tion de cot aris, pourquoi ia vente ainii fults noe rait pas econfir6noid elt hou ologude. La dita propridt6 ult venduluo pr le ShdrifF dit, te vingtbmo jour do Septembre do I'anudo 1839, ou verotu d'un lddret doh cente Ciur roindu tl dix.hlitibno jour to Mars do Patinn6o 1839, dais pfalfiro de Maria C6cil, 6pouso de t: Curl- Or wer &.. al. vs. Los Enfans. minour at hIritiers de Cl;hrles C6cil-No. 19809 du Dl)ucket di cltte Coar, it la quelle ventols dit IHenry William Palfrey s'est condu aoqu6reur pourto prix deo quatr conots cal quante piastres, payable ciouptant. Description do la propietl d apre1 to transfer judicial, re, savoir: Uncrtraii lot de terre, tole niae quo fut adjugd & Wilinam Nicliolson hlull, It ue voti f.aite ior Isaac L. Mc. Coy, encgateur o la villae de la Nouvelle Oridan-., it 1 Mars 18.19, on verii d'iun jugeroent de cotta C ur du 310 J vaier 1736, et qua Is II Mars 1939. la Cour ordotinra d'6ir re vndu auxr dopene et risqauos dlu dtt IIull, a cai.o de so negligence ct d.: san rt!ui a r.lplhr ale termeos et coindtions tu toi li tl uadjudic.ation,. oe Jot da terre eat situdd dins lai Pa.riciu.e doa Jeotuarson, dlns la villa de Carrolton, ilt dcaldlstand p tr n nou minro qaoltro do Itlot A, stir uii ptian dress6 lar Be juinti. Buinson. aerpenteur do la dato paroutse, . .a 20 Janrl cr 1836, at ddpo.6 dlas leto batreuu do Hl. B. Cenas, notal.o public to cette villo; lt a (snesure Aericaine.) cmniqualto deux pilds uonz poactiso do face ia r;t de to Levae, qu:,raloe paods trois ponces do fare t la rue Iturtite, trols cents trente soot pieds do profontdeur et Iace t la rue Jolferson et trai. cents quitro piods six pouces et dleni sour ligine quo lo diviso dtu i t No. 13 ensem. ble Loos los druits, privileges &c. qui y appartlen. siant. Td6moin I'lenorab'o A. M. Buhelanan. Juge de la Cour suodate, cc 16 Novembre, 1839, P. LE BLANC, c1i0 31 in 30d Deput6 Grefitlr. - - . .. -.-"' r.,- - Sr UUn5Ll Ur a nnae. TrtEASURYV I)PARTMYCNT, City of IHouston, 17th July 183.9 L IN pursuance of a requiremenot ofa law possed by 1 Congress of this Republie, aplruved January 21st, 1839, making it the duty of the Treasury to advertise oand cause to be sold the lute in the CL IY OF CALHOUN, on a day by himl fixed. Notice I is hereby given that the lots in the City Io Calhouou will be ,fl'orad at Pubic Sale, on Monday. the 1Stt I day of Noveumber next, betweot the hours of Ten t o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. ( tot of this Republic, upuo tihe terms set forth to the following extracts from the law above men- 1 tioned *a Sec. 4.-Be it further enacted. That the lots in said town shall be offered and sold for no other cur. rency than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. aisuury notes of this governmneout. Sec. 6.-Be it further enacted, 'Tlhat theo aid totl salU be sold on the following termse, wv: Osne Iourth part to be paid down, and the other three forth to te inu equal ilstaliuolts of six, twelve 1iI saiglalsen s sstlit. .a u it flrther saheted, Thtat if alny person who slall ipurehaisany of tleso al'uresasd iote, shall d i to take ps.ynoant of the seve:al 0I atlaments i cinforurity withl this Act, he or they shall foerlit all ellh sumv is they mray tler previ ausly paid, and the lots purchased by such dnef:ul .er shall revert t to th gvernmteut of thie itepub , ic. See. 8.-Be it furthnr enaeted, That all perso,n. aliens aotozeeted, skhall haur thie priilege of pur chauing ail .kludiog the saume, and the Preesdett is aath,,raled .s issvepstaots.e tkeil so s nm as the last in. atismetl shall have been 1-stid." The sale will cuontinue rots day to day, etil all of the lots shall have been disposed ato Caulken is situated on the lIast end of Mutagor. da Island, drcwtly on the Main Pass into Matagor da Boay, and frems its advautageous position, will probably bernme the principal comuereial city in Western Texan. A Plan oe the city tly be seen in the General Land Office. The seerat papers in this Republiethe Collloer hial Bulletin, Piaeyune and True Auserican, of N. Orleanos will publiuh notice utitl tle day of sale. JAMES II. S'I'AI Seeretary of tihe Treasury. illt;INKi . 0 C.-i .-ldliudg riiom.Iipa 8,. Lvii, • Clerukee.. L-lloviille, Joo1lvllir iud Ohio Puly. rhubarll in eases r Sicily lrillortole do lndlgo i, .erioulol a Madder inl rlks, barrels and kegs Slit pie'r io kegs Flllr Sulplur i llbarrels tiround gilger il doi Riaes gill' i baogs 20 Ibbl. eilur oil Stl sada iin cai .k nalmratus in do ledlitl and soda powders Coasior oil bottlei Patent melicinle vials, asorted vials Pailt and vorillhrullli'o WVil a• generl aRrlll llli i oft diciues for pliltaiions slai delers. Fiorl IllV JARIVIS r ANDREWS. n29 eornvr Co.. i Tiieao!)iiula at LFK"r.) IIE ROSSANN, or the Ailveilures lof Fredclh ri ielu.n-a new navel I ev (i tV 1 Rey noldle, and for sale by J J HAS W EI.L rz. Co. .25 49 Campl at ENiLIfH ANNUAI.i. 11 T I BOOK i)F IE JllI'', eili r-lliv the Cion lessoli lliaailgtonii wiI ull heauiiuFly .iile en-il r i KiTepsake tfir 1810, edited by the Lady E. Stuart Vorile.withi twelve enllrvilll. leai Pict.iliresqlue A tuilol covti liiighiiury anod deseription of iVailstr Ca-ll" aid ill relili.ii, ediled by Lelclh Ritelie, Esq.- iilluitriiuoii. Also a luriher supplll of lii sailenuulldi work Ilh lhaklpearei (Ga.lery wit' olnternew and valuable Eng* fish becks. Juist received and for sale byf n13 AILEIX. 'OWiAR. 49 fialllp at PAUL JONES. A DRAMA in Ore ctii. tire the Frenchl of Alex. Dumas,by Wm. Bi.rlor, i" new irlerans. Thisl lar, very iavorihly received in she Norili, il more itronoly recmmenidelr ti the pblic If News Or leans, as the firrs production if a well klouwn -entlentan f this city. For sale at the rlllpl Illhuk -toies, and at JIOHNS & Cu. atl car St. (Chalfl and Coumrnoin at SUGi R AND AOLSSES--tin planitaioni above Sowfor A S . t WHITALI , i7 Gravtr st 80.OO & MI. I.Cz. i ATES:T NOVELTIES-Sbhakpeere & him friends, n or the golden age of Merry tl.n.lend, 3 vols. Father Bullier and ihe Luuehdeaogn Pidgriln, by W. II. Curletln, iulhor of Neat Malone, etc. 2 vole. The Cnann of t.iod Ilreer iale. r the Iliadbook of the Man of Fashion; by the au.hur of the "l.aIos of El, quetlte." E JOHNS & Co, N It Staioner's IHll, d2 cor St Charles and Connm eta J UlIl I ECIIVMI)-- Belle of .. f ea-ln, a Ieoen , hlv th Coultess ol Illreeington, illustrated, Londodll ediliion The Shakpenre Halinllery, con,ltaining the principal Ie Inmle haracnters in the plavs l Ithe great Poue, l.un don edition. ForeePI 9lie Not, a ohri-tmrn an il io yenr'se recent, by Fred.eick dohi.berl, l..ndon editiin. Friendeshipl's Oflerinlg anl Wintler's Wreeth, a chritmarn and new year's ~reeent, flr 184t, I.ondon edilion. E Jt)IlNS . %Ii, N i ilaetioners loall, dZ ear c r Charles and itllmlmn Slt HEW II .oKli-A Soitol'Arlmours 1er tI ah, nio, lreutlifll illmilninotd ei grovings; published I.y Ackerltan &. Co., l.ond"". The Clhrlelnerd Cotpeanio.n,eoltninine the laws of lhe gnoe, vanle and power of the pieces, remlarksl ln tlne besl metholin of Iwe briniolg the gatne, &e. Ac., by WV Lewis, I (ndon 1:19. (:hea. ilr b.lgiiners, in a series of progreesive lessons, illntrated by n.tmroln dlaigraml, printed in colors; 2d1 diion, revised anld c rrected,hy W Lewis,Lon llon;alsn. Flavh-'s miatute., Londn edhiton. Juslt r'cei.ed al;d for saole l EJI)tlln Co. .d2 Stationer's It ll N IClIItLAS NICkIl.lIIIY c.ail.l in ue volunr-, lcheept edllilln, htit rlerivel anit for sale by TI. IIAWII.1, & C.i., succesors to Alex. TOWAlt, 49 Cinmp treet. d3 Ni I(tllil.AS NtIKIElih, 'on. 19 ,nl 2,jnat re. circlledand for sale by J HIASWEl. & Co. d3 49 'Cmp et E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' HALL, NEW ORLEANS; IIE a.surtlnlllll of paiiers binlg nolhw ll otpleied, Ille ullhn hero. Ilt r Ihe follwing list to Ihe parti cular ailention I Ithe public. e. unl. Ilw. English Drawing Paper, (WkIeatman) DRnei, 29i"chee by l~ l while wove tledtiuon, 22t do 171 do Royal, 24 do 191 do ailer Royal, 27. do 19} do li,.riinl, 30 do 22 ilo EtrtIIllit, 28 (it) 23 di Cioloiiliier, :15 di :3; do itrin, 31 do 26 do Iulle Elephant, 40 do 27 do A ntiquilrian, 53 do 31 doi Einii!ror, ti1 do 47 do All Ithe sb te extra link, rough erai.ned. American and English. large Binding papers for Blankiwork. FIti ap, 12iinch ic ii l,owi.o and li.wave,doliail eiiiy, 'l di. 17 do io Ioynl, 24 to 1t9 do do Sener Royal,27* idt.o 14 do do lnmpeiial, di 2 do do English Letter Papers. (Whatminn's Iuse andl liierr', anid John Green'e . . . . ... u loi re..) .. a.nrgest size Pcket Post, 4to, blue and white wove, . f. to"mnn (hI do do do do o do do bIlue Ilid d Rank Post, e. f. Ie we ve Exitri atli, largn thick post do gilt lint'el lare post ;Iln gilt T'ioted poet; do gill I.nre Ivory posl; do gilt Folio past, wcile and p lue wove It" ak, b lio wave llck ItoerdPred, (...ornie) ptoot EKlllcisedtol Irr uld imall ,Iot do gilt i'ol.rdo "n'h elaed vellum post, on both siides Itnoh dnl lictorii post English Note Papers, So. and 16mo. P inini ll plaper, wihilr wuso; do ill I'i,ited do 111 ain i white, tinted and gil Ivory do and gilt Iblnck iordred do tFhlo"o'cd do dd Silk ote p ter, white or tinted and gilt \\ silk note, do do d, p(ri ,.d i nt~ i mitlon American" Letter Papers. I".lin Post and Ioolu.p. Amlies' s, . ro (11 ercial P,-t, while and ilue wove's P'ckei Pi-t. blue wove Co.U mo sized Aelies' .. e lelt, lhite ol, blue wove do do do doe Idn's, Hlubrd's Giodwin'., Gilpi's, and of all other good mills in Ith I lUited Sltes. Ietter ,a ,r, No.'2; i ionoon cdo Ilc -k tIo) oIoi, \iniec' ald Itluoion'co . f. Fanel colored anote l oper Idli post, t. .f. while aod blhe wave and laid do No. o, wh tr alr boi wove \Vlslf'r illnd It, - nt . and hire A Ie.' and lcIrmo'oi I reord rap, a . . l. I'd, rgh & ct. I :nllh l trlal. d.vy alnd ca, do roughl edge ,tlloite' oUIPellreII c'I bollp waev I1ii do s 1 i, oli'L, s)i i lulie woove It ih-.o'e Fot Poo o cl. I h d Ilo do No. 2, whice wave FIc !o:olt Na. 3 nollhharl'. ncl fltl other g'old mills in the U. S. a . . and fine NoI.o aod 3 Commnon Fo,,lsccp. Pot ldo Ruled Papers. Soer Royal lhalole 'helrc paper, Iaint lined tRotal, nmedlium and dely d- do Puali pist, Uw lle boit" w,, iP do do ccntoe,,,ct lio or l;c1 r 'c lka Leper I per, lfii nli n , l ind 4 cleo A "ou1,1c.lte o o witdllllrs nd cents collumn "'Incdo do o vrv cLI.- ruledI Iuolr cap, a. f. taint in "d, - I oN'.. r .d do to di wit lldlo.t c r liIne fIr nee. do do do lol Ir hardware cnconnts Record or Law cep, t ilti liie I Music Papers. Music pcper, al, .uand 1 sl aves do do do" with harder. do do ftri cores. (pccrtitionu) 21 staves do do 8ve tlr enilar Colored, Marble and Fancy Papers. French, oval ilao l deom, glazed, all colors (:triioi, , t .nd tdop, do do p d tr, rei paper, rnc,cl o uin, oidem uod cap S do ltl mo ,f i o.Coo aind pirints 'll'orle , nolt , l.ioeI cl ptlc ecr tole, lsilver, oppler iand 'e lt paper Plain and Ibnc'y tt+lle papar Sundry Papers. tPrintince iter, all .iz, uiId quolitiesI \Va pin- tlrWl, Iherdwn re t i dll ,cotton sampling do ('rtrideOit Rape. .hile I; do brown t 'oal oth,:er on yellow ecnvelope, rtoynl and cap Ca tinccile cpar, Eon.clir.h do do pocket pst size Itlltlo;ne p.per, nielidc oite do Amierican red in llel llllllllm l and rolval r. il ioper i nrcl l 'og presses honk nollt, p,,,per s 'I'tnine ipnar, lnarge and double elephant I' t:nielleet fh r Iqters, white, tinted, emraloed & perfd Log ptipr. r . ._.. _ ___ _ : "\1V Ill Olao-A n , e r.1,1V of rile illuwulg d L workcohoR. t oo t areooivod ..y the sublcrillel. 'I -t' Coke'. i:l:( all,. Mi...-ilr'0 S.iooaoy of the LnwL of so.-l. with an ir Kent'.~ Coat neatalrie', nlfridee~cl by Mootonlln Johnl~con 1"va o' tlo.I,. Ulnlioood PI ,dTredenlt of Ueell"Otinl Coke'. rIoik,'. heOk l R . (,lloohridgedhyJAllll A f tl l lle"Udo l of Hriditlo l.nwo,ecll'iolag of lorrrei ome. fril-a, frtilJoI~n and i.onunIeO ; llaln" - Ia.. frcol he. Ito orf lre eooe, it itn ots. Illoaca' aiehle o ala hoerk eio " ii, wilh, avroomen-j tnlry on "tntr rights .lIand the l'onllirolieo anl aI policy of rite U. S. rgeat'. oo~ttutiutl aw G E JOIINS & C., N t( Stlionler.' Hall, AONUil.S FORi 111.a. F; 111(1F: Picin rio Amcr-ie, hy Johlln Reaor; ojlenidid I ,oolrr~oaeaorlell C ari· edta rra I r CiItl, ly Na'. Jolla A Clark; apedeld IC 00000n lbriul TI ker moan (iilhro,' fa 1310, by Mirn C II Worarmon; elno.,,t· K Thlen, lar 11t0.1 Cioiotelaa naold Nw Yeoro' pre. sent: ·jl:*y,,: euton..sed l Ilolloecn Trhe Ir-o.Iar Alliocr.rra'eIiri fr 1111l Ike (Chfid 1(111 G ler 1340- \I. o. C I.iteroey ~oeoalvrt 181111 , for liP' t1 h: JII ;11 NS &. Cota.laooe-l's Hall n7 ea -on" ChIeleclel od a C omm o eFa T £11.4 Ill' l1FTU IV. U1ll0S .apiasd Anuala editell dl trhe Curaes" ,f I * , t ond illaoretld with I.wlve lance and hlit lo llhl.(o1 or laln.*Y Itr olust received loand ter sate bh l j Il.hSh.l.l. b Co. -T 1 I Akk '.1$I aA ewreano.pply otf th. folleawrag St trelard Ftlllr hl.n. llnokh, jnor recaived ollloaan, ao~lae eof.iI-,1 Vol lluroeltuollrfa dIe lovi fr ocirs. 11 volt I,,rnl.a,o Vaerael ol 'Ileoller, trni lvlfrcneaeie, Iii olt Poriler, lmit Civil, 2 eta Nouveauo l,,lrde d ~orat,1 n LJIJII11N S Co, N l l atlelrert'Hall, lilt coroer 't l'l,.nle, r C" mlOl'0afso E NGLISH PAPE i. a" * r " 0 -- I ".n" d.-,ei.oeal. hae 1.0lst recerivd ler ship Rialto, from Iend ti, null oater far o.IC 1.II ,prom lures bhue wovea llttr Paper Y il do d4, do luill do 5(1 du d' ahiwdil o 101 do tinted giltl la..y de 211 Ic do do Note Paper n- Ill do do do do t equfrt . 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Nao Yoak and Ilaporn; J..rear' aNo York Ilececir; Rta1. anrl , Per,,.lyre Croern (Coe'; Ch'ilry on 1(ill., now edit. It TeloabOVe with a gaotnl assorlmaanl f Lao' Ilooko. -v just recaivad ond for sale he JOIIN J HASWELL & Co. Snacaoeaarto it d7 A TOW - R,49Campnlrreet SE PPING LIST. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To Snil evere other MonJray.) T'hil.inne iscoiatl ed ultlce lii nl,.' it-Ithili. v : Ship 1 ALt) 1. Calit. t'ra-k MIn SISSIPPI, ' P Ilillard " LOUISVII.I.E, Allen " HAKSPEAAI'. " BrittIn SHU I'SVILI.E, " :lldridge " ARA''OGA, " IIthl.way Thhe tbohe Phip oare all oIf lie first Ilune, ippeerel and topli.r faseitnelI, t n lrl.ght €g wilt rti old built in \ews ork exprreeslv for the Irid,, wilth elegnlt Icommlloll ton f;:r ps.nsngetFa ld e Iinmatillnd by nbl lind expnerienced mnailtrs. The irice IIIf pasP g in .rrid Iat $911, witloullt w inle or iqunrel ; alllel stollr inl every otier plartlcutlar wi1Ii. iprovided. and evely nl tn!iol eioen to prnt t r heII Clolllit of tlhtse )lsiJting In nit IrIf ill Ili lute. I' te ships will tn all lntl e bei towed up ald.l dlln the river. nd tle greatest lpunctu alhitv ih-I ed its to their day of .tiline. Neilther thr nwnern or eanitins of linte shlips will he ren.llsnible fir jewelry. bullitin, plirclrn stouP, n ilve, or plated wllr i , fesknge f glar , Ihtlltow wate, inrble or grniite, cootierge ofl liin, rult of iron om ,t.el, or frr any lettern, pnr.l .lr pa.kage entml by r ptll bI Ilolrd iiltheliile, lilt P rel itinihr hs o o lading are ttken for tei stale, ind the value Itereofexprees.ed. For freight or pn iuIge anpply In F27 W E F e ( tlOlK & Co,70Camp nt FORI NEW YORK First Regular Paecket.--Hohlme' I.ine. To snil on the lIlt instant. The coppeiredl i.dne pper laltened . hip OIRLEA5S, Sears, iltater, two thirds of her cargo englleSgdl, will IIstiielyV eill min akltve. iFlnrse residueolr ptluaige, lttilliieilrtlll ol. oeItiudIltinn, oiptll y lll the Caplili on bioid, Olt tier blow titt. Vegeltble t lokel. tor o dO A i'n)tItEN. 93) Cnfmmnn ni FOIK NEW YtItK. Limitsina and Netw York Lier. 'ilE fast otilunt regultr Itcket ship IOUISVILILE, Allen mnnterihlviti n u pttin ,of her cirg,, enniyll, will have erly e tilt. C' r un feht n r hInl,,ltE, hivirrt lt I llrir ii cctnn . titotllli~tiie, altl)- Oil bunard, two tier hili lie he Vege hlhle Market, or to . V I 1it FOSDIi:K & Ce. u5 i7 Campl) IFt For the Interior. FIt B1AYOU SARA.\. It golar PaIcket. Thrf.ol, fist ruo, intte tlroIn t tillt ICCH lu A, Captl. learcig, Sll1 ornrngat Ikcluckk., I;I Kayla Nruneer vSun Rat lb -Io Inis.ghtr ir i - FOR FtAV-O1)1 AI6A IRegular Pocketf. i The xplumid aexsr*net·1 rtenlnlrat " will I ',evr No ctIIENwwO xeery \\'rd nenda' at I0 o'celck A. M. Ior ItityI ai, n cverv utourdov at III k c M. M 1n11411 1 in. lol downa ont Stitdor. Fir freight or pItlooge apply to Capt. hIrt au bo al or to fkI~i ADAMS & WI ITALL RIC I JEWELRY, Ar No. 16 CiARToREl sIC ET, A FUL , l. Asocrtiiert, it treitcltonoisti-g at ii r rinor, Ilickel , broLio oi, iitc "i:0,n, giild thimbles, In poncI~llilo, g.,Ll 114) anti gnarl chains, re alml: .all1 ker a. wancnnlleel rallor), P issRtlln and knivn, warlletx I loltll (·H*IorR oral eandlllrZIcks and f alt ballkttx, coral ilorrlocco aol tendit all thc acite articles will bI ufflrrl tot thie oii rt'notobaI r tad+. N. It. lurae firit Ighia t'iiiiii. Side ICS!elvi anldthow caae, fr rsale. I'leaie cull at 16 Chartret IAZA\R. Corner of St. Charles lr Common street, UtUSI & Ali..1e wcmTIi call the at withi Ihne ru t s. fa hliollnll lle linen I'rllll+s: lillnen c. *: inar: *eilk, crletlll a( slleli ntudr o l ks niI drawers: rel ,bre, t reld hilk lh clk,,ecl ell llhic IIIIca faiccy C Irn varo ine grlar .lrIIIiPe: Irltc:ks oi 'evereC dey ril) t¢lll gllSm llastic ndllll5 O ier' ider: Rllk, coteon oi l le l thread l gliVecr: .ellrl Illrakin gllove: ulmllrenllas and caners old AI,--S'plelndid ssenrrtenute fladls anrd ernrts wri lieg drek, ,ele lllc eg(es, port olios, lerlfu'Ver ,clt '6 S U II.,%NCHAI.I 33 rlvirer st 1i Ui'SilA)-lj--li-.el lrl r-el, i r. r.onre areiI lor e rolev end N I" Cr)IelY, 9.7 Caepel ti rI.I'I rI' ) I( .S-- i 1 l lb e. In, e ll i l - f r ,,teI Il a v r e , l o e ieiel bll RSs HIt IINN, IIE.1 e31 " 431' cela l it, lllra ist. N A iI ,.- ,\ liarg a oltrell ntlll in sclt lre a ll r siles Ihy ree2dl AUI) 0 ki+ ll lli'AI,, 67 elreeceers '1ANli)I.I;S--O0 ieeeer. Jecdl' eleeeer. in,,,,,licg Irc IIt, nhe;leeiig f.,uel Nliw e lrk, eck .eeli.r etill. y n14 S (i I'lo %XAe 1 t r 3le. :leiccreie " i()A .-i - 'l iil blee e; A eleeil ellllii'e rihlc.e i ledileg e . ll r hi l llnl,, anir ee l ler- le ti I " I1.i S ( Ill.ANCIiA lii, 31 lireeier st C A N A iL F " ,,,-,U li bI eer , lperme l of elehac 0 Ec arerle' muaclllllltlulllre, hlnding o Il Ip JohHlale, antd fo rresale byc aiicl lllrel r [lt S ti I_"11,NCHIA^I), 33 gent;lr st lera..s1 elckcrs, I' l -le bliy . Ic l( il l.Y, I_1 'ltll L i.e.I e---Itec l en c "1 rtleeeoce faer t wI ,mal crreteil ey li Ie e.N'a All ir, '22 4l'i I'e',cepih ul I e t I l lir n, Irec leerlerstree. aeld ler elh, bly btai S4. BL.IkNIIAlID), 33 raerar. Ct l I Ilellr, d Clr tale Icv In i (. IiI, i Ni'ltAlI, 33 lerviePr It P .1PEIt--511 rsnlllr rwlfon rnlnl ling 100 ,Il u h&rdwar . paper 111!10 1I crlllv l and calll , nppin g 5110 Ja alloe I'll JIP T, nor01( d colllla For lile by JOUN J IIASWlEI.l. & Co, ,13 Scc soro to A '.lwlar 49 000.01 A wllIKLY-50 hlob enofi-d, on shire, i.or ooo by 012 G I)Olt'KLY, 44 ,N' L.ev'e IIAY-2:111 bles.' prim boy, hooding howl ship II ('oobos, fro Philadolhpia, oil for sale from, the Levee, by N. F. Ct'h1.'. 118-1 w 97 1 anlm: R LLtAYS. Corlo aoodl weh ,lborruoz, luodin~ Pram am Lewis, by N. F. COIllvY, l3- 1w _ 97C &'op ot hfoSLE 00I-o. 110, ao~diog 80oostll Pani 0, null f Ir lr 000 1113 A. l'1)HEN, 91 ('aalmmm n P j.It ::N .10, il(9-Just reeived r A, 34 vali Alrx.ladelr Dumasln 5.11 h1.1 Ihlzoi 5111, 601 naill 7111 ,anvenir lId'ilu Enfant du 1 P'cuple Persons,,. ~hn Iohe hung it. f'o,.io s flat Ii t bo h obibo'w'o works, ore. .O,111u)!ted h, (-01I fr thhe 1.hob K JOHhN " Co, N 11lohntij, ' 11oll, f q eon:r Ca ,.-dCaouon At ANNU U.Si Fllt 1,;40. iUS 1' receivedll lr s il l'll(), .tle I lo:I ingsl-len Sdidi I.oi on •ditimn : ThBe a rllalnrtol, a iCelllanl ofri.gil prose aald vterie, edit i v T. K. IIrv,., Geln of illieutI, histlayed in ia serie of twelve highly lilred eravirge" ol vrions r l,,'jcts fly the i(t ou tirs of sillr.'ail "Io Fi-Irer's lra wit Ia imn Scrap Ilrok. I84l wh lloelittl ileetil'- lrok Iof lierallnt' I40, Hit. IcI alllifdl rllln iTh oo, - . ,?d Iy heib iCas of llresrhl int lunr. Tlr lKePprkr tor 841)8, edired by l .til ad I n. r Warhliy. Klenll'- i'iclrrlque AnIonal Ia 1840; Windsor Castle no l it FL.rriraa ea by |. Ititlb . The P'ale o' Alllr ca, flr Jlh It-err, Iplendid mloracco Chri-tianr Keeprake flr 1840, by Rev. Jonll A. Clark, smsrrulccru Ioullld. Brleinu'o oirlllg for 1810, by Mirs Va erllli, em bahored The (lePII lilt 10, a Clrilmso nll n New Year's Plr snl, ,lllb a l-e-d Iain o iir) r.l. Tha I',,ri or Afrania rtlr to 1810. I'rill'ar (iorr ftin 1140. lThe Virolel ilr 18i0. -re n:if fr 1040. Th',o hl- l ifi .e asnon, a poem, by lIhe Clountss of illr ninnlrln. ShIrlaleatlt i Gallery, roalnialr llie prinrllal frralrl e rharncl+r, a in lre p F rlavso the greai ipor)e Forgit le No-, ia lhrisila andl e', Yoalr' Ireselt, Ia Fored. Hrh--Fr). Frialla.lil'r Orltria_ and Wis- a'a Wrlrnllr, a Ilhrist" inos d Is Ntlw YOears, edied by I'r.delick Sir- trt. Tbr h o. et anil Arlalrlic Snouvorir, a ('lrriat..n and New Veer's Prisea,t edirtd I S. t:.. Ialrdrilt.h K Jtnll~oi v r.u. N. Orleia- tro iiril hall, Gd7 cor,,r St. 1-_..1 2 a-,i .omnat FREEMA SON lY. J UT reeive ,l . lfew eolies of Fellows' E:position oip f e m y sl te r ie s o r r e lig io n : I L u ulllll s 1, d U II511 I H I}8 Ol the Ilciletll npltisnn, ll L i.i OT ll I olllo ud Druide; l-o, an inqlirv Into thle origi, histolry and plurplort of Freemasnry, for ale J by JHIIN J iiAS\ELL & Co. dA ''OWt1'I 49 on street rI111 F Ju rist o; Io . and Equ Iy Reporter. .cot,.oling i lne .nverui Colo ofll La.v e.ntlll Eit i Ellol.llll dlrin lithe %,e- 1839. Putlishel d iotolhly at $7 owr [ azmuln. +ttbshri ~lilu rci .ived hv an JOmIN J Iu ASWSEI.o 8 Co. Sutclcessor tl dG A T'O VI :R, 49 Ctlnp et - 1)UIlA'S Mor ilhltS. S EIIOIRS of I~i- ocn time, inluling thei Revlhl i. itii, the Rine iItiiien.torlodt, by leuot. yEILLOW FEVER.7 nR i .4NATOMICAI.. I'nlhoh~cic~ al a.I Therapentic re sl er .hes n.r th, Yell1w Fever o f hratlltur, of 8".:L Iv I . Ch. A. Lewis, uthol r on ' Lewis on Feveir, br od Lettiirg.&e. &c,i jiit received an.I for snl. bIy J..I. HASWELL & Ce, suceesor. to ALEX. T)WERl, 49 Cannp it. d LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK - g5 S utjoritp of ttjc State of 7LoutIItLs CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIE'TORs. 97 The First, or half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are reepcctfully pres.eted to the Publie. The HALF MIL LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO rPTERY will hb drawn on the old plan of blanks and Priaos-Numbers in one wheel, and Blanks and Prie. I in another wheel. Both Lotteries. undo trhe supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLION LOTTERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, of which 33 are Priz s of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes comw posed of''ick -s in the Gratid 'Two IMillion Lottery, affording a pirticip ltiun of chancei ale , to the holder of a Ticket for Priz~ in The GRAND 1,O TEIRY of Two Millions of Dollars-10,000 Prizce!!-to the full aImount of $2,000,000, of'which 107 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blakse to a Prize!!!-Simple Nos 1 to 100,0I)0. 100,000 Tickets at .$20-2,(100,000. Schema and sellinig price the same. Among the Prizes in these two lotteries are many public and private buildings which adorn the city of New Orleaon, and are the pride of its inhab. itnnts-tlie Verandah, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camp streer Theatre, St. Charles Arcnde Buildings. with Ilktels, Dwelling Iloses, Stornes, Building Lots, and many entire squares of Ground-besidus Stocks in Banks and other institutions of the State of Louisiana, amounting in the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HIIUNDRED TIIHOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Reil Estate and Stocks offered im Prizes are owned by t rem end in their possession:-- he acts of sale, with clear tithle, arer veted in their firm, and recorded in the oflicei of Adolphe Muzureoau, Notary IPubl a, and onice of convoyances, ready to transfer to the holders of Prize Tickets, exempt from i ccu otbrace: The property is sot apart unalterably to that sole and :ly purpose,, and can, ill no croett whatever, be conveyed otherwise by the firm than to the holders of the Prize 'rickets. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRizEs! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXTI; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers oftickets, t e combination is adopted for this Lot, tory rnly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each-3r675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!!' SCHIEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE Ann GtoRUNh), WVil blie prie r rhe Iholder of the 1it, 2d and 3o d awn rnr r rs i .. . . . .$130,000 T'liat rb.toiot fI orr story brir, k hbuilrlirg callel i Alrllt: ln 's hroteil. firnrng thr e c rler of C.rIam arnd 'archez stleelt . . . 411,000 Prizr to 4th, 5ith and th.i. lThat vFIlulrlr .er oryllry Ic kc stnire orl Old I.e. tee slleet. ot.ctpied ly rerresls 11 l& \V IIaol kins . . . . . 35,0001 Prize ito the 7ith, 8h and 9th. 'I'hrt elegant dwlhll g hluse aud lot, No74 Iovtl vltreel, lrrrlllrii Ii y It \V iroudricli 25,000 Prize ito tile 10Ih, I ll andl 12I1. That two story dublle dwelling alid double lot in fri Ml. rcuiedl by J . a lull . 1,000 Pri a tire lre, 2d l 4th. An ealirre sqore ofgrelrd in r alifoorrg Annu ci tiillrr. id )I. i,,uiderd by irerty, ieltrori, Mellpomir e aid Irerasih orr e saI. . 14,000 liriz r to I old ard 5tr. lihaa one -iiry sare aind lo0 corner Camp and Jul alreel,uoccupied by IMr. 3l. Lautrier for dry goodr. . . I..,000 "lrte to les, i d anil ith. That ine sIryi tore and lot corner of St Mary slid J rliu srs. 10,01) i'rczer to Is!, I am 7rli. A cerlifaicte for 500 icrkels in the two million Iotery, ot $20 ech 1.. .0 ]0,1i011 rIrte lrtrare ll lder of this prire n1m realize tile IIiv 1 ,i ' st in y Inhtll iill )po sesl ion)l throiel a tliuI Imed li i ll,rrr I, ri ttcillli) I r tiiri i f tile various srllenllli prizes in tIe ltwo m ili othery, ill re O ThAt i nre o 42h uiceber in threve r t iniv i the c_,ity of laf-ete, I ubol g l.ivaodais, dorn1er 1Ve.tlh.i ar, ad l'htlpJ wa its i. 11l0 by lul) fePt )9,0111 Prize to Ist,2d a'nd 9th. A eertit. ate [of 4-5 tickets in the two million ittrry, $f eachi . . 5.0011 Prize to Ist, 2.d and 10th. Irrt Iate· iri dwell0l Ir huse and lt,l 21 I. Naolvili r t. i cext .i r dirrl'i t o inler Iof 1All th 7 ,51)0 P.ize to Ial, 9d anl 11ll. SA certificate fr 3'5 tickets in the two million lottery, at $20 eceh, 0,5310 Prize to ,, %)d arr, 12th. A dr.elliag hluse and lot an Viciory ct. 32 1. lring 2hi rin let rlni rairg irrueer of d'En - gien s. 6,200 .P,izc -t 1st, 3d andilth. A certillte f,, 30l0 ilekt in the two millilon - otervii, i$2lin cltr' 6,000 lri e Io Ita, 3,1 h .1111 5t if. A lot cl griuii i, Navadesst.l 0d1. being the tlhird hit Irml .erro l ;ir e at. 5.500 lPrize to Iso, :dl and ili. SA reittirice foIirt20 tlake inb the two miloion lottery, il $!n each; 5, , 'rice to Ist. r d rarit l7 . A certificate hlr e25 tickets in tia two millioi lotter, IIat $21 eaich 4,501 P'rize tII, ir 3 II ail 8th. A 4two sto,r i dw nile hillrse nnd lot, 3dJ . on ir )'Elghien st. next lhe corner lot of Victory at 4,001 SPrize tc Irt, l3,1 ld 9lth. " la, A 0 'sillllc e o.."t.I I pl' hr' urt:l, r 2,I. 1 M. adjlii. ... ........... I.., ..r x~v,...,,d 3.501 An is R'·h y l h ih lot orI i{4l. i AOt drriblh bil ,ntnd Iriitin g l t trn rr 3 g1rcr no at. 30 M..hh t fr r l'rlll n l t il aIIt 1o80 0f at. J iest.l~ _ .3,000 ded It I'lize to, Ist. ,'.d ailn lllll. .1 pan.r a t.zP It I nf alttiliicntt Or 150 tick tnh t $2 tlacit 3,000 titO!t Prize to tar, hi tandututh. OL elrI_ rt sl are (qiftr grouult il athouttt A I 0n. nt, clll(ill, ~ llZ \< .. h(1 nlh4+i'd br(hRTIY ·1P, I1 rry, Tha liA , Clh',Ru d Irto ittt. ',uSOOn ot0 ' A titrni e rtll tunil ditg Io, d. 1M orner ofl M ata rA lltt t tttd it . . 1,000 bo rieto t.,t, 4tlt and 6th. A dairlo buildn C otr '25 eat on Montegu at. tt NI. 4itifr tt Olr t at. . tso tied Prize rto ttl,lti oIu fd 7th. f At nr llllr tqtante ofr.uand, I M t. ltaound ed n by (:liln, I'eal, Erlat arit Wali sns. 1680 tun Prine It utl, 4tth anil Ot1r. A ptollioll ta llrorn inIrOa r nad Amd3. Ould.0d ed ho Irroant and Eaglrtm. n . 1.00{lOn Prim,= to Ist, , /and 9th-1 s6. pl ih Arqotlnrlr tfr'Etotitd in td , boundded by 8a,. l., Pittllattn Clit ur.h . 1 ,0 00 I ain tn at, tih rind 1tth. At E it ti e tli ll it, l rrit tt i aint In aI.aFn nrl o,i3:)ilt ettnll WVrnchillrngtnollttrt, oS d ,t It t Fr,.n (huhi llWt rt 75u le., Iriten n al rnt. ilolo e a rod iint. iA I ,4litll e t ru c t (ftel, trit Foot ith·a b tu winteon s-xel,patd st hftt hr ht t 'a r tt,' tt ttt . 17t 0 Otttr i nt rnt. '4 and t tth. $nteOomith to P har wtt tlett d't ,.trirht ati ' afa'tiit 't l 4. t titr tt d hi . i rt l I Stit li 4 3 tri t Iset, t alll --l h atr d o th-6talt t j I, 4 iiein lots oh T adrri tOrt, t.latd tl ast tI ith frn ' htt cOrur Wta,|lititatti i t- l t S:,10 euel.,· 1 ,SOt) p, iit l tt, t tth rr'nd lth- y , "i ht rit'h Ito t h i- t 5t lal.,-llGl n 5,000 nttfil nn,r'r'tnl- It 6 it and t tItrlt.0ttar ratF Ipirtoi rFot I·Plih 8ir tllb itllo htO tot illiont t'lt. s ttrt lilh lll .lh--l t. 7lh nnd at$I~~0attnit . . 411 110 a tin tall olt, rt t ,Si r a nditi t titd- -t, t , StI ri tat to str ti htn.l l L)0 SFive? priz,'+, cilhI i; sllar+ ,d"` RIo:k hi lh,. raunt ah eutnit 6 l nir ratc t,fpnatoitatttnr,+nt 4,it atI11 11~ lqlli each+- I (I rniattItitnnk 0h nir a lth--lst$ti 3000it tb, 1 Hoa iTlit--l l, 8h ;lthtrd Ilrit-ts, Ith ittl 9iht- :c l It.Blhh l~ aml tllh. Firt .riot0, tulrlln 6 tiflntr (If I ntrOSO hartrai t ra, roinad ,+hlck ,t hl, t tl . 3,119{1 (J 11aon th-- tt, ithttir antih-Itdtt-htnn.I tt, nrtI 'ait 9h,,I Ih. I~di:b t h.2i]d a Eihl)rze, la r ¢:trtificulto nrf0 lhl:ketl in tha8,0 loot ni ,n In thrv :lllta.kplr, thiatit n ,fak 18 I ll, i R rr I tlt, au . 3,1/ , it 41nand Irih-d, 'it ltir un 7tltlt-llid, 4int arih- f atn or z anIoar, a 3 shares oI"latalk ill 0ie ht nk in th ru rrr i ira, i ttth o r a+nltt t iaitlt, at $2 0 0t~ lit O ie tI'a itot 'ot t, : ti, 4rtr aitti -trir- ti d ti, 1 S lt-- t Oir-it, Sti r a u tu I th-- 2tiih nni rl 'Sth+ r-ti, 5it h a I II-++i i n 7ih--? 1i, ·1ih iii 1(| ll--.d. 41h1 nnd 911i--!d. .llli lind 1 h i1--'t, 411 ,Ititld Ilih. I1 .I "ik r,+n v pri~. ze,, lCl a rorifilnie fulr 95 lll.Reis t lintpS~ ar,i l in+t it- d h it tr o t1l lik't% it'~tt rin0k l - O Otzre+ I Int -Si ,I , 41I tlrl Itt I+ tli, 51h' iln, l fit ---211 511 ild7 |1b-- 2~i 5+tl 1iilll 8|l--Til, St l antid 91h--:~.9 11 nliald IhI1-- 1i|. 51lh lind I I - t ,tit Urir-Si, Stir rat irtt-tirSi rtr11r1t1 h1 ht andlll 8 -1-? ,1, 1 i al !)11L--.1 , t;11 h all, ill - tttrl, t1l1 lld I I Ih--°d, Sirh lrnd It'dth-ntt,1, Sh tttrt Ott, nail- th h 'ias a B -lrillro lenia. anah tille ·litre itt the rrnO OPnau rnnatttt i UrItornyS ma oihnar., alt $5 3,1Si1 Priera otr tikIota hahgillo in, nrti, t'iht. a. On heattira nd i rr I arn.l'·ia ptrir't, . r.le a ',ertifnllnr. ttor 10 ti ll r t ile Ir ili tre il r I' lt.irvorra, itlttkr l'..r $20 . . 25,200 prin r ('niana tn tiCkrtt haYilrg any rirrue dramal rirra aotailrt'a. Irnthr n otttta,57eln''ur*' i,4 r1 ' I itllr edan d th ent-:,ix prizt.t , eneh n hrie. ilaar hon i )ll , rew iat.·l ii11i ,t nit5t!lirtnd - ata 250c ti a 'tr ' t . 11,310 'lricae trr I ahlt ir .rt i t7 i ttr hI a tI i i i t. O ,r I r Iahwantvoix ttrr mu ritcha two sllar. New Orl¢+tus pil- Iiqlht arlt bI~lnkil t or. ten ,n2 260 llntrtt . a it $St ,, • 5,300 t Pl att S t~i-t attn 9 t a arrilitt, "attIll 10 tha I 1h. Th't¢, ruhu frtaul t itlar ,enth ac' 0 i' tifionat Or ,l+ir tiahluro itt I~t ire iiloi o 5.T tern t, rin, hata $i20, s,6 " stan. I /i,,r Iot'ad at-,...adt i,-'"d ,na hd 7tll--4th ndllr 8th and HliaO an| dth. F,,tll htlll rP | aad t.,rtv-iI r·~lz I,r7oat .a:r oer tificate flr 3 ti~PS ckels. " Ihe tw mllioni0 |(Jl terv. 1:175 ticiiels at $?0,Ir~11 116 • !,1 Prl:l 'i% e. t-, Ist R.ld :t1l--- nI1h-dad S1rih--,th a 7111h nd Hi¼--th aant tt1h- stI, 4 Fre 7hk tnr Il rlh'. :K 4 ire Atslsr 4Ptlfor Ootv l aawandd 4r41. t. l0l1) TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES ! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON TE OLD N ON (TL) ILAN OF BI1ANKS AND 'RIZED,-NNO COM)III ATION NUMIlERS, 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The schleme and selling prierns or, the same, as no additions or rservatlions are made for expenses in this lottery : those cuottogent expenses will operite .s a lar.o deduction !fro the valuution set on Vhe proprerty. MODe. ()F DRAWING.-The Numbers 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and thei sare number of Blanks anld P'rizo in i another wneol. To every number drawn from one wheel, a tiuket from the Blank and Prize wiheel will bo drawn, until the wiule are drawn. TILE M1I1ST DAY'S DRAWlSNG O I TILE T%%O0 1L 11 II LION I.O'l"I'g¥,:R MONDAY. JANUARY 6th, 1840. Ieoly T Each dao's dr.'wing under the supervaeion of two J., Apollo of C outs In New Urleas., ald tile wheels opened and, 17(t setLed, by heo. 47, 1 10,000 PRI ZES. 4klicitv 1. The VERANI)I\II acd grouidl, .oltcd ot $ 350,000 1 obO,1 "r'h:s nl uahhl. , and eplendl I edilrr in *t; hlrll I hghll, sllad preselt8 u i rl m ond 143 f, tt on i0 1tnlo if, ChIrl".R street, nlld 108 lI'ert mm (i Clelsll aOll 49rel. The principal iortillon of the lfronlt f, te base- d i of oeln . .tor ot clIlpset I t lLrge i llr or colc: I t h4usIlo 1e l nld eight .stro t, nlld two Ir dlll ellllies the 50. T hntel, ,.r which the rvalnind.l rlt+ o hl .,plendl d , Io Nov, cdicie is idello led,anlid a e tch, is now nl c pi- eilchor: ed by Messrs. King & Meek , in a slle which 51. '1 renders it the m. .st tnshi,,uble, hotel of 11. . n. of 13 olth; 3:lPll r iorsne.iai ati oi lr li e Ie c. ,ven' Ila sI'r lllle ' lonllllllllatlled a ilhi dra illn_ roollm, pur- . lour and bd roo. Ti.. e pre..nt re,.t ovela- opp,,si pe $30,11110 pier anmllll , lllln l rblere lllltP S tlle.L d thle 2d h by Iproistions Il the leases 1to $3.,5011. lThe 32 hv I torTs (oIII tIL IIe havHIPllt rellder- it . sllI e tible of 53. "' ualgmenllltillon to $l43,00 lo the 'olulllt te hllder I., of t 2. 'Ir.'. SI'. CIII OI.ES 'TIIO:ATRE AND 51. A GROUN)D, with Ithe scener,,, inachinet, heinglI Ward r ,d lmsie, &j. u.o letn . 500,000 32.b I 'l'his mit.iihi,'eieut rliicltre hsO i fritiof 130, 53; fpel n1n St i'luriPs strFeetl, with a depth & frout brine.tll ofl 170Ifeet on t C(huarl') e A rce.. The cI p i- by I i tv and nccmlnllllllldtiols within correspllod Si. A witll te kiclotldt ,,f its exterior. RThe aig grot o, loln is S5 by 19 ftel. Thi'oe follr ti'r coi uofll hr atore ore oi.iOteLPd w ith ext PIivegi ooe 57. A re 47 lourthe. bol- hove rbeonts or 're5,1g fll lotb tllaS littl e e utte of thoil n d olllle ip t-)ell rdsi d I SOS l 4ieLLSt nicimeler, 12 f e in h "eght, 58. A0 Ailclu Od w ith tilli g lifhto ';c, atliiocut $i0lo,7311 ;;cr .The s leo ort liod lll e lll e orifke l'll l hecoleid SiA for 3: lears at tl I,i011 ll.r mImIIc.l till. Il a. m'i Il r rll I(LES .I(CAIr HULI.- ,0011. I)I IGS, A 'IIS, .NI) ItO NI), 1val I urld tit 1 30,00, 1 .0 A hIlie. Iie lok of th'e ci'. itin ord r,; 4 n . , ,o let roltll (..o llll tre , I hc IO' ll ot i wol tin ith ,e ('harle AIrcndv,,l' turi,"s high. The lower part is 'ctllpied b ll roo.l. , , f 70lllllll l,. h ani mlliresL ; nl r tle i 1 r Ulono Ilre oIft- whic PLt llilolcrd oiIln- in tllt '' ne Sled ell't'. T. ' iiafte sttl'it* atir dthiler| iditlot,1 4 u ng rtsll nsl m 2d'l u 1l l.lnorI. TI. le huole O reit. f r ,$15,110fo l lt) er t,0 homle'tl byhv Me)lptle ler.e.h;, and 00 i ' 'Trl Thilore stryt s h.7.,000 th 1 5. 'rho elleie llotrl. of..rllldon Iorvlolh Jam" SPtref, .rl illl diclltlltv Colltllllillt n Ii bll hllcn lit Insldl d l, lrcd y El alerpe, llr+ulu s loll TI'erp- l1)11 6. IThe A.r Litory obrick .tre, Sgc, . Od 6I h LePvee pltreet i b nset oilf giroud vfronting also o 1 houn 2101(0 olohLtbl oiiill '' .ia vi er li0ntonoiI lyreet i i e cc. 1 30,001) 7. The oilr story o ew II rick df lill hl o use I;. Il li oititlll iyl l r,'ei , ,l tilltlello r a, i I ,rlrllln hno1 n tile corller of (.raviexr treet: . r 30,0011 s t 8,. The enlcio care of .ro on t)ralond4t, . sir, e Ir t..I nll lllii oli •lntt y l. 1 nI3 teo s, f IU oii llbo. d ed by r:terlpe lind1 lleruLs r ,.nrtc ls, tlld lhce line of lie lb tly' . .1,.. . ,0 100 70 . L). ' ullr es o ,l, cilre of c rouln; l on IIre t boun hiret, 2doii Iotr e, if Itof Ii hd lot uJd d by L mp MrlI .mtne re', str'(&e . °5,000 0 I0. Tlice emll llbre ;itrof ,ro d hi' hllereh.s'b 9lrI0rt, r 21 nlllllli'illlht!· , (o Ili lo ts, · by tree00 0EIuIIe pe T r. t 1en-is:l l trlll .,I ll eet , . . " 6,000 0 7 II. 'l'iTe eotile sq.are o(, on Gnsvier boo strhee, 9 r e onla liy, o nta1Il niti gI I 8 110,0, 73. bounded b t I rv -- 20,000 o I2. The'enire sq lre of groudlll lnl netoLe stre trel 2dl n icule ait, C(O lllt hlas I li lts, hfictn- 14 310 m(led byEtepe and l t'erSie bPsichore stree .8,000 ou 13. The ' lllilo . qllol f g ro lll n H Melcl) corl- t i e3nemtreet,d rl t tf crunittotvtnlNayal es 1 t, 7 5 .0 10 o hnrded by l rntn a nt 'erlsiehorv streets. 18,000 L7 II. el. 'elltre squllare I lf roundllllll n I ol li i sfInr, 2d .t ninlll[li t, l,lllllilllu tl o lotlo , i )Ip dI hy f I cosl b ounde iy TCluLi yaaId "tetLIpe nu o Meel I 14,0)01 hII, 15. The two story hl re and lot on New 77. In '.evhe streetl 2d tmuic ulilhy, Cerner ' IlUilo bl street, : oo by Itoi) ieet 12,i0 7; 1 5. TI'he q i.'aref rou,,,lin ll,;to'h s'trc et, Isomo SLc llllllli.illil(hVv, of 9q flat, houndlllled b) lhrcu- rtrer 5 0 le ., iu.r'ip ,++I Fe l :io t c .' 0 0 0 . . 0( 0 27. 'rioe ,' u re ,ct r; td l! 1o, "a oi,, Hre l, out 21 a o .lllll beryholl ,illl r h.toll s, Ild lhe l ltt cld the d . .. tlrnta 00 gI ound ,it"o d . e,[, r.ce o b n Il. ertv I T*'f rll+,l~a reand Illnj Il . 11;2110 .,; l(oI1. ;'It'he 0, oc of i F cull, l dll 0I0hI "| thn l ISlt;; 2.1 Il u lt l ,h iof Is r't-, hound.-;l by .ncllseu- :,cwi irl a d ]i, 'hrt i ,tei l.Ji. , . 11,000l Ic 1,000 2). 'l'lo rlili, r cud'.l ,i, r, I i r Joi, TLe ,i'lOtti l"o"ig Li, ltgra a on ihoip 13 T 2- 3 ry lu I i~g ttt( Id ilia' 00 'llo.'cptoe,'of st oryo Iio. txt to he COher Ut tLr:Ie.) hoe, I +' 1,oLf' 5 It! i7 . f,.I . . 9,0;0:11 2'L. T lhl, ;,e w ,'c n lofl :, nd on "r alia R lrt. h'o, 3,0 o1. -I Ilihcq1. a.[oo eo ocly ,tl ( ''loe Jacob, 8 0n l ld |1oo. -btc ,' . . 9,0118 but 23. 'T'hu ou. locl , t' hl, ob n ln .tlio s -reet, n ooxit t oihn .i'lilr o . 'Irl v otet+ otcoolt'.illt tl nt a o aklery, lllllo l hliln g . ) .o,';;O 6otolt 9,0,00 94. 'i,,'e YcLf.P oI .roiolll n IieIot;',olet. 04 1)0 s'elco, Iotf, ilelpcyloIia 110d, I by 17huru ftll. J. ,(31 s*1nels, d c 9,000 Iea 25. 'I'T he e. coir, of g cr,,i c.l. lberly s..treetl, ,, o9lhOltlnhi,. IOc IT'berpst.hOrod .w-J. 11 urdl and ' h,"it. streeY •ts 9,100 301 . ','7 l.l't. eou d bAy 1.WLi'o ed oIte.Ip llen n ll..t e ot •,500 IeII3 Ylno Julia it retr , 2d It. bleinll3d lt Ifroln atlllp b1, sr,.et,25 lie il let 8,0081 ca nn1l 'l'1.r-lth0 r e .tel ·s .c. ,00 ( 3,000 'II. he tn,,story hloihling and ground onl Julia street, ., Ini. "biug f1hl lot from Camlp hr slreet, Inl qccil cfoo- 2 t 7,- tlee 8,00011 311. Theh u anlar e of rgo lld aici ''l'hlnhl ret. 3 (, 1 ilo. f' Iil ", h oii i, I d ly Jiacobl Slulis .old h 0 lel1110'PSln i 0 7 5,5000n 3,001 31. T'ho ,lnret of Croul onIn a'lh ..ll silroel, 2.d 1i. of t I ;' hts, lolhttdi Iby ManlIel, Iolhb and lel po llloee t rilcli . 8,000 41. 'rih. otofeyo ollioilltt nooll o0i o'n Nait des4 s rPet 2.I l.c'b 11;. 01 1n\epI'TIlIi e slrtoto 6,1)e' 00 Cltfee, h I3d in. 1 luedh,t l.ounded by SoJIs, b0lll lld1Ll ald \5I'Iaitll en -strels 6,000 34. Th'eh q lot iofgcrlllld cia .Iotllo -lect, Oit J tai, corlier .f lellpuOluleu street, 31 by 127 It ifeet . .. . 5,500 :35. 'RThe (01cre of pro 1d on i ,lelt.tnene 31i. lhe Io hoLofrotoied i,n New Leve strealt, ,L or. next to the o oib.n slrelo 311 by 7 1,05 fol .5,5000 437. The sqnnre (of grovutnd on Thalia street, 3,1 l iti. if I:3 lht, b Oll ndi .l bly Chilc , SlUlo el . b sold S.Irlo rloiet A111,1,1A 5,500 35. Thle ot oifgrnllllo oe New I pevrysre et, 1 42500 in' 31 I:v 103 fte:t 50500 1 :31 . 'ogle sliiqiLe ofgroeund. n ErtlotL trdo t, Msl ,Olll.,lle sltleets4 5,001 411 Io 1110 lot of r lllllltd on nllya le l s eel, 2i 11,340 n1,be |ing tl le -I l lot flom T"lrpsiho re ,,ree, Ilaailig:ll 1by 1'.7 Pet 5,000 41. T'hre ,++qmre of rounld on l'rcntl+..s street 2d m.,t .5 I.t.r, bounded :,y white alnd 11e0140 .5,360 mean sreet . . . 5,000 4V. 'T'he let ofrc[ounll don Navade+ street, 2Id no. beinlg next io the lot fornlhi.g tire e arnet 01 ?6 ,'t1 'El. i l.+i #trrset+ 8 I ii.2 "+ . y Ili. h'et n0 d'F~neltien sheet-, 31 nt. .! Iy l1la -<<t fl Twno niUI..4e of a AIllIU,11lo1llil CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD. M.&0resuu. Au P.3ortbro, e Xew Orleans, Augn. 30th, 1839 4!5. Th. potion of a~t"iql.lre of ground n 1 luul. I and Itrl.e.t, lnd ot!1t. pl).I Rltyi . . 6,000 4l i' IT s ln tofground br mi hlg the corner 5,0 00 l.talo usI Tsreplt:hole tryets, 2d Iu l o1'3', by n sli' et • • "e .011i) .7. -oe srqlltoret oif g~ nd in Thfalil) street, C Ill. of15 It ,luuolldd by L luuonse., Cl and 'i Webfre5ts ,000 ;-t ItIl frliplewn street, aind hut ,g . leent 49. The i ot are of lroun I in Thalia street, l ntI. 0f II ol, indlllllnle i by .l rli t Uld l . 000o 15l l e r he rI l Ir IIdng till lot o lgrnlmd n 40. Avtde lrtet, beling the tn lot tbon 'ri, I5. TIhe sgltre ofgromlnin Erralo street, 2d Il. 'f 13hlto, hndeo llbIty Iritill unil o wiu 1 n slrl-,t llll I:lgle n ;nitlnl. . 5 000 52. 1'Abe nli ofgrondon rpollo steret,Od in I Ipp t t oil t reshetce ot 'J Fii ng EI t rn.1 f Ing he 2d o lrllll 1.r ,itThpIC h l sTlee, llll lttillg iivb- 127 lee . 4,000 5:1. '[II of gro und oan Elrrntni streetI , Od in. of 13 lots blotnloed by Engle o ltnc,i 'lalinTh alt.Wil ntt ll tolitr q c .Ael 4,0U0 I 51. A lIt of ground on Atlpllo sIrui , 2o In. 2 I., 127 feet . 4,000 55: A lot ol'grolnd on Anollo streetd, Od b. -'i ll t tin h 'L'trtiin lutr. sntret, l hociti g 32 bl 127il oiel 4,000 "tt. A Iuo nfroonrtld In Viitony streo, 2d m. tiiug 26 bh I i12 Olot, adjoi.inig tie lot fotrming t.inlrner vit l'A2,ugl.htl street • 4,000 t 57. A Ina 'I gritn.d 32 bIy 127 feet, beintg tie lh1, hlo I trllllll whll w h formsl)rlll+ the coorll.r of' streiet . 4,000 51. A loit f gontld on Apollo treet, 3 2 by lie corle" d ' ,It h lllllel, a sreet, 'd nIn. 4I11U0 0 5r), A tIut ufIIl.tOull ,it Allhl strllt, 32 ibv N"7 li!s, .llj,.ittg Ithe lul iormi.g lit. corner of fI \lell'ulneolle sin·l 4,000 .60 A mriall dieroullnd o,. Tlhalia stet, r d C,00 I oellntllllntl II lois, n 1h lllt d bly Colill nd o r il uostelo.troit'i .. 4,000110 61. A lolit'f grolnd o n 'elplo llm lle slrteet. niiext iloe lot firtnile te comoer ot A.,ollu i'.tlih': 21v 127 fiel, d Iln• 3.5110 02. A lot f glr.lulld no T oer psiholn oroet, r whlll licrllls tile cuOrler ofoin lh lrltt 32,500 63. A lot n' groolm!ol nMelpromene street, od iil. -d ll uiii dlthl which loon IUrl r Ihe tlllllnTr h Aptlot slnelho, lol e :i32 by 127 Iei l 3,500 i1. A ltsquare of g'.'tmctl nll Terphvillnolre sniieti i.lltnltlllg 5 o, ti. oIoted y JyICltlIb and 3,0110 65. A hot 'oromunl Iln Reht:'in. -trvel, heing 3 Ill Ithe Sib f lt ln ti, wht ih t fir,, ilto t.ioiiil of St Jtlll-s ltl .1t, and ltillt 32 Is 127 feet 3,000 tiii. A st llllre oIf g ullllld co)lollillill. 101 lots I.fthb-d by CherryIit, ct:.rrit, :b!noiut iltd Ctll sBetta 2,500 7,i. A square of g..unl .Ud cont.ilin 17 llt Illotlunded by lagle, lelp Itooe11, eI.I.I'uould T'A'lio nitelt . 2 O,5500 6j1. A sqcuare ofground, conltaicing 18 lots, l ndllllnled by (.aVIlie, I''iurlto, C'ltoey Ulld CIolio t t +I'a 2,500 It9. A . altll dwelling house and lot fng round 11 tlilt l C'llipllpuwu slreet, --etIllI IFourlth . rlll. J y pLt, e trn Lrd litt 2o,000 lounded by \) ihlut, Cherry T td Tl tlit be wt, l2,00 Ioonehtd uy iatlut, l"rralnto od 'herry streets , • • 1,000 i2. A sqllref e londl contlliing 104 lots, bouunde2l h? 'C'ltlit. Sulis AI.t, Jactb nlretd i,i00i 7i. :A lilare ol grotllld, c nttuitlill'e |I) lots, bounded by iClara, Mellp,:meno nad Mta r 74. A , i fgnound, ontltilllng 1 loits boulnlled by Clhesut, llhat!I, 5 ace rlld nit Errt o treet. o 1,500 i 7. A sqenare of gntnnd COni't'l'ltg 1 Itno 0.A 'qtreofgrouud, o otn t ining 22Al I|1si ouunded' by .spruce, Erruto., elach anid C(oll .ln..Iet 1,500 77. A squnre ofg'roundl conrl:iu.i$,l 16 Iot bOulllll v dltll 01p \ +; Itee AndIIiI |. tll .,trlclr 1,"00 j to A sIiual .to' goun, coo'ti .t 2t2 lorn 0 79. q-t. ofI grountllld toolnlo-iltng+ LIst b t ohnd l I \' t,, ll, a't.ri ! Ci:. , - tr,''- 1,,000 0 1'• AX q '.iulllll lc IntdI l l ollolil I . hnca ,t '. bky - .Ingl, tCl t, tine ttittl 10 l ouie in 1,4(100 Iii n.i 1n, ot b l |hty IIott n ' l'hnha tt',s lo i ,00 ibl IIo e ,' ll I I('.rlltrll unItii I\ lalllll+ .tee I 1,200 I13.\ll..x sg n ii ' fprolllld I ollll uIuIllln 24 lots h0 \tn" w ttlolnllltnl• 1,7900 ))iIIl l 'll ' r' Pevch tIoIr ! l'rr':Lo stnr,2vt 87. A t ¢ljllllle of I+.:t.i 1.2.1i li: 11. 10 Iota l........ h ', nr . ,e ,J h sOU btu ye ,, . Ci , a ,r . l ii.i'h tlels U b. 1 uar u o uq"d c.tuinit 15 iota hn le ,d hv I'( lra., Clio | nnl l \ all .Ilci 8 ol . 8:1. A tronllln la u I trounlld ,iuded by ielunn, fe'bity) oed it'rpe stees 800e o91.. b.r ,tt _ mood ut the cor- 00 91. A Irugular oo . ou r o l rtou.u hll ounded 'f v t1 rp1.sirchore ued L"u :streltn . 800O "Q. A Illlll.u ro.r o': f oIgrind bounded by Ilel ooene _:.d .l ursin .luel* 800 1 93. - ti ar:...'+ -Lours of ground ll ounded hv 'l" eand 'ao:, sreiets . • 800 "91. A sql ,e of gloind coltlnlllg l10 Iot ] botumdlotl anlle, V\'e1c. and Pll.e ltretl I00 9,. A Ilo lf ·rnualld ol Wasllhi~glOn street ; the .th frotm tilh which nll Ihn corner of of in1.pp.ri tret, heing .0 I. f[ieet 750 97. Aloe woget.un coW a itag 12 iott 0lo. A l. gle ol .olcloll > f eoll olllll th c hrr hOUndetd I., . leI o E'; loiaet a I'oooo nd Vii . 9i. A riotanllr Eo ture of groad Irouaded h, C ,hesnit lll irl 'l' l - ti:l n str . is 4011 "9!9. A lr -lIlhll.r: g uII ofround Iloulded Ilv ,l, lll- el : 1..l E4rr00., ..; elot o0 " 10 . A lot of.i:un.l foin. rg the corner of JIvv anii] \1 Aallli ooetrlec a, hoaiohg i5 feet o lri I, o l.i, .llid l/) on il, liot ' C .r 350 0 11 A. hIn,.i goi rom.l tornini the corner of i t Jersey on i r{ o r::. o or, ro t.o , i n indll s m a e, hnvil. a leer el the rilner and i.3 feci oethb e 0 lattir 350 t'. A ,it n E ornalton Jersey !ree' 2:. b 115 feet, Ti-i I7h, o.. :it looit , io..og the corneor 11. feet,r .iant :ion oiinlr e c trncr of \'ouli 0 ligto.ll ,eel . . 500 1."4. A tri.inulnr square ofgroundc bounded by l il td Vle ttreeets h . . 3110 " 00,i. A tti.iItoilat qtro.*l ufground bouolded bv 'ra i mr i. 0rru:o r sheets 21100 • 1,i. A IrinnciPnar q uare Iif rn.ilni hounded i0 bIy `nllic, le, i';ne turd I-.llphril'u ll% I rlen L O0 S17. h i.nnila qnare ;.oolld, bun lde 00d bY Maplle amld V.ttoa dreett . . 00 00 ":017 pri0.s' I sl.are each Gcas Liaht and Bcokllie iclni mi ntv locki, at tli . a 1,130 "00 cb lpbe, 1 shore each P:!.rctnain'e Ei 0 <huane ttock, at ;5i. . 5l,000 177 plri.s, I share each loculti 1,:eueoico eoiltcy cotllelk aIt $3i0 .• 8,!159 00 60 oprirs,le hrretloc, c i lmerclliao'la asurocc Slcoitllary ooil;, at l$:0 . . 1,300 40 przel, I shaarchaiog E fhanllae B eak eoli. panei iLotkt, na .t . 2.00 000 30 prizes, I shrc each, Poneharlrain Rnil Rilau.! o.loo.pato tlock,at $100 3,fhd fl0 olrie., Illoltre eachr t \Vet-rt Inrionoandl 010 Fire ilauorulice colalloallo swack, ll $50 5on nri To ,nillieat onfdllorta l,ltiIl,00I0 JOB PRINTING. ot EVERY DnECE7Il'TtR. 0ePEDet.Y, IAND$+O V LY AND CN3APL I`WII 30 A? *ram O1'Ig O O? Trul True .EmerIdYcd, tST. CTII'LLES STREET, NEAR POeDRA3.. 123 iR&Eindi'IIThOGRAFIIIO t'mINTIW ESTA HISH M ENT, No..53, Magazine Street, (Ipposite lanka' Artnd'. VILL1.MAI GREENE, PROPRIEITR JARV1S & ANI)REWS, W'IIOLEMAI.E AND) RETAII. I)nDAI.ERS IN wDiaSCINlU, PAINTS OHs DYE STUFF'S AN1) IYLGVOW GLASS,, ctuner of Commton and Tlhoepitoola, streetr, New tHInEANS NATHAN JARVIM. JOHN W. ANlDREWVS. Slarge upply o Garden Senit. a arranted the groeda tot 1837. CHAMPIN & COOPER, GROCERS ANDI tE.AI.ERiIN 1'RIV&SIONS ANI) ("`F:F No. 79 and 8" Jutlin arrecr, Now Orleans. IL7Ship and F,,nlilP storea put op. mup FASH ION C1 CLOTHING TA YLOR 'THADDEN, N.. 14 (hnrtree CIVUCI IIAVI: Ra laantaaupplr . eerae article ppertaiint to aTIutIriRIIe dreau. of tihe latoet style, at New YaI priea dee 20 DOYLEt & IMAY, I)EAI.EROI IN AMERICAN A ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Nt,. 3 Cu RO.tIELEY STREET. 1o BAAZAAR. ZUI8 &k ALIZEN NO. 3, RICHANOE H(OTEL, 2orear o:.St rice rood ('taaaon £0,. NEW ORILEANS. nl')l'R nill Dcnkrer in FIrench e nld Eugtish PrrtfulOirv; h).rcTillf C-eu and Purtable tanrka, htualkrv, )lnsirry, Idluoroe Shins, Ituok,, Uotbrella,, Canras:,ll F' Arllcle. d' 'tlerchundee BroJeir of Contnission Jtferclanl, 113 (lfiar. 3W. ('tarp s.I.-Far the peerent. .1. P. FREEMAN & CO., tghoIAule ( CI.Qking Nt 3, .ltiu-mraacuret, j AVE 't.oatnti. on hand aI rargusuply of Cloth 11tr, in~calerntatedfor thel cuunrry trade. 'lhir te, rorulrlrcnt ring lttrer. onrrclirurta fron the country csaO be supplrlied url Ike okuortut notice. er1id FLIRRl EN'S INSURAN" E COMPANY OF NEt\ ORLEANS. This ( :nmanv nre noi trelared t take RISKS AGAINST PFIE. N. '24 Musson's bulltdng, Canal seet,. E L T'IIACY, New Orleans, Mayl 15.1839. Serentary, ROBERlt' CI.ANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 C'ampi street. WVholesale Dealer in Piaints, Oil, Varnilihea, Blrushes, nl:0 Window and Pic:ure .lars &c.a& c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROl I1VSO.V t GOOD PI".E, lto. 03, Chartrea Nlreet, N ,. O, thl)a o n r bnienville. AVE constantly on hand every nricle aPlerttin j F1 ing to geatlellenll dress, made in the best innu her and moat fashionable stYle, which they soffer tor cushl, at redced priems. decl--t833 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON l A\'C opened atl uotlie in New Orleans. Int.ncning I equal nalvantnarr .ith their house in New Ynak, t or ile ]lrt"'e o ofnllgrtving an I pillltlllnnllk Nota. iolah, I11i of nt .Rh:liae, Certlhctues at Iepasi a Checks ind olther imprtant pal rts, iequring security anuinst Iorelgie.rn; aId hae Illade amlple lnovinion flr the .'fe keepinllg all Ilateas ani iCnprenssm. entrust ed to their Orae; their spr I. eon einbrahe note o 'e o ier ihie luldled tlkinlu inntutnllli, anil all orders hwill e.ere.ted wih oiilriitititl.. e, ..totn th.. in a tretli. I )thlce rnarllri of'n R anld .lanal at,. New ()rl ano'. NoverItmhrtI2, I1813.-tf i E i L I. A I P I C . . S'1i. LOUIS SIItI;.EI IIES'A'AUIIAT, OPPOSITE TIl'E; EXCHANGE. T HIIE Subsriber ihan ttle honotr to inlrm his friends and Ihie ilpublle il .enernl, that he will open, on the 16th inna,! t, Iestaunatswhere pearrotn will be served acclrding to thle till f ftarer, It regular prices, vtz: FPitt certi fill, ald Seventy-fivn eentit for I)llner. Th'e lhrn kfat will ca, ,int i at,o, dilsn at o 'tllla Onel c "p o eIF, w. i it i k, halflint n little of . iln ni I r'uud at :Iiscreti n. i.'h dinner -ill conrsit of tlllee dislies uat n jiioll, a snaoup. halfa bottle of wineand breadt tt discretirti. A gretr nurlber of pernons have beel lcoplnining for a long iime if the ioletoivetoinee tli at ables d'laes,n twhere they ire olligeld to be at raeolar holris. The sutI Iibeir btai tle ipeir of laviud obviated tha l ion vealtiler iln etYtalihia hin I a ntitI'Iat nt riegultr pricea, snid wllher pcrun. lil bhe S-endedI to at every hotraof lhli dat, att i cheaper rate :alau it Ife tialre d'ii)teo. The ubsciibr lhas also eleaant sannloona for private pnrtln, LIa will execute city demiaillDtllOi, o15--rw IICII El. DOUAIS. TO IIOUSEKEEP.ERS, HOTELS. STEAM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. IlIl uulbacllhern l se nowi receiving ldretl' frllln the Ioe IlifiCioiiitiin, large nup lliea l k ilnw, lChiall and Eiurthenare, I.o kine iluatnis, iPlated and iilvor .are. Sitli't ClihinleliePra JapIairy, Kitchell wire, and ihoue furni.aing goos t gnrenlly, thich tley tter at ,nitsailly lua p-ihes, at No. ' Cni{litisreet,•aid No.84 Ceo,m in otrnat. 'fi--4w It111 tt)WER & Ca S MANSION HUOUSE HLOTEi,, l U.ei nndersaiguesd, resent prapitetoriiof this well -t kawu entahlinhieai, eanled tine ' ansion flavre, situntd in Obrapia eet. No. a. lil, ihav te honicr ti filll n r I it* pI)!| ublic, that .he'ir gret--t ar entd aI1. Di t antit rn ill iae drdti&tdt t randtcir ctin'rt.alle leroase Swh lt lifnvr thti aith heir 1,ainto yeC. ' lhe ad 0o cntniea ,ats..nitd by thek kot lon trat lhsi a. for its lonlilii, cntllrillne, &e. are o wall knwn tlhat it I a u nei eeni ry to a Luillna tetl"r it.ii. CUN &a FULTIoN. 0 MANSIOs.+ II1L0' UOTEI., d la L.ubarnna, ') OS infrascritut nuitvOs prprietriois dal b;en : 1. caonnidi, etabih,:cintit lio nonibrhado MAN ISION LiUSE, L t.Iio in la calle df In Obrapi'a, Num. n119 ; tientl l I hnnr de anuniar atl pubotea 0 (lile sLu llili tre. ou nonon y atenCIeoies 6arael dedi 'eadln cn. noli.ern ta Ia n r.uollnaa qnl len Itvorera no n i.n i n,, itu .tiocitl. Las vnotojas que pnoee dic oah c tan pnri losviagerus, tanllo pir an lacalidad, aO it,,odiddd, etc. etc. saon tan caninian, qne oas inu til enlllynurYrlL. 00 21 set--ly CUNY a& FULTON• .. .. . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . MANSION HOUSE hOTEL, ire Io :Janne. SES sousrignos, nouveaul propri;tairie de 1'S Stub issemlnot Oitod done nla rue do la Obrapia, io. 149, connu oLs le nonr de MANSION l(USE, nnt l'honueur d'irformor la 'tublic, qu'ilt s eront tous lIurs efilrts pour lo railtde agreables ux personnle qui roudruont bien lem favoriser do I our col.ftlance. Les couorditis qu'otre cotte ncai oll au Vlloyageurs oult a.rles couIIl pour no oilt juger ldcncssairo d'cu laire cie detni. 91 oor,-lV CUNY & FULTOI,. on Irt 1 (% & ,rr, Nolj olUd Ledeoootrrat, in LiJ tiol to hloir hloorllrC erNl r rlirriedwlfroeie lm Eg. Idll, per hipl. (hestrr, Edrwil ard loutllllll, and b rl.ln arritrls froto thie norrlorn cttirs, the follfowlngw; oslrrlotlet ot llIr.r..r,: ro.o, Strol, Nailo, Anclhor. (•liir (olrdage.i ireothr. , ltils.e&. h.c tllti e)mir - for ale on rcetmo0lluu1u terlls: 1AIJVWARE. nBltriCgo rh'rilts; r t alrd h iioo cane .O rritr char.iol undI chllll. liar *Iw Iia| • ; brl!ght l [IurTOI' e1 hus,`1' O li e... a ri I. louis nha horc; prublbiig hlle; blacr hloosd r iln. sod roeg;e olrr ovooDtrrs td ill kindsti bth o.l Ituu . e; sFCU.I ýlll e;r roll:)ted kinds. tI ro.hoi'nol .c,l o II os r! .lo: r.o.o riei ch ic and ere:s,1101 .^ t l sows; hand epper s fig cor a d I a dle' ratr 0t i ell Ito) t..I colar ll so; conly cor ibi; wood ttrlrg; le r; Alo lr .tlc' doolr hrk; rtb llos; cabin hulrlhs;,t r.o ndrs; ,.',oh ..,d pape11"r bnies;=|:eCrs' chisels; r !a t sokl:: uitorl' gottneorli; bright stlrei i AXES. I1 oer rot r.ol I ::rs,l.e0rtun' pattern; dr anr's bolld oend I ae, I o it: oti0 aLsstalon t of titi'3 tools; Col liler ar .ii a oll; nrI he tlu l oitI .sttl by other guo. rreakers. 1.:ON Si'EE.. &. cO tones 'at, qr llr. it lll II1.:1 Irtll, iatir .ore boiler ratli te roIltl toot i.o:nI , dall i.. ; lia seia o i hee tin; I on bar, ito so~otr d S.:onlo.,lirc tiorke; Crowley .i'el" tl. ,1t,; I .o i) Ii : !I I blioltreid o to l; pne s 511, ke 'IAe: n rril.)! noorte, fom 3 t8 inher, r511 c r.k r ,c.leli. ti.. crllo aio ld a ,ndtroi 5ihLoer Pu gorr lh;l;8 ilils; " , eo Lo fiuorn shtoe baoils, Gr nilo's. .NC.iO;1, t,;:rVTINtiS, &€. Ancors tf all s; ee. c,,.ino rltlet, dr; hI.10 FlreenL trlo.h, ) to r1. t il a,;.'.e, oad kilret, a large ossors 'rlont IOt sahr khotole: pIrrgrrLe otid:"trert tlanllruriC. iies; . iuldo glass tiall sts; Nooa SolieI grim( srenq sield ml..att. Ciullen wlill sttlli-eOllsede Piece. SI'l (lAANDI.ERY. .atred rr e n lr.troe,. orr.led Iaege rd tsmnIlle .lrrthln rollp, irt i.e orot killrd, ndll Colon manufell.lrte hlullilla OIlrd oo Ill ald rlough iner; ir d vrdaelit it ovry nertlrle in tioe shlp crllLe.leor line; eIolhor oe1 I kin ljnrit tol., ed roill Ithilndelrblr. I ti. ArND l Al Ai. N 'iRtte . k0 nehetot,. t'ilrtrr etrinttrrr cil. .rlr hli do;llO Ibhla d roiorl ;lt qn isty lietp ilt Itl tr.tro linsee doi1J3 dru oltivr nil; itl, hinc o idlolu iihth rnol Il.e; b Le renf -tlri retrel rr rla dlrlhllrh; i ridti e l urrlur tlir brirloh "artIl -h: cay'.l a~l j', `n.dr:; rIrs.v trba ktIY t Wenbaal.trpuk ir (rjrerr. 4, C ;WerhincrcIi b#

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