Newspaper of True American, December 9, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 9, 1839 Page 4
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. li4t TiRT& C) --An w ooeonai ,a l r-t~t~it .' F ni . A ltlii t Yn'k. Ililofl. tli:i nihil andctlii! '"t ' -e 'p fil f a lo ' ili '., ''t r on,.i iti, I a'" trtl f,00, \;n iaiaa oaAa. snl1 Ir If t,ly ftca: ,tal Y llrHnwlwlamis m inicr nil. imitptinn !!",; n..i'in." bl ýt - tnr-ille e4`P eal de eaia r ce: pas alieaqln: , tnilvf g'illt 's; eliilay nr melncha; iii. Olli ,l; whnlto.. ult toilet lal l 0011 in; :,n ca; 'ii i *r,'T rln. lieqa[, hix;" rutd coin fr 4 rombo, polna la; ,.s, ci iniir; Pane, ltlaja hvim;nan f'.tdl,, . billiar do bll. t -iod wSllas I:,.,.,lii flr~l ~ l Ilooni natlreds no-t; rao k m`in . 'p aoal rmol tmiam af 'ai:ngir .Ilqr~cnmlees, ranle.s., Olebumelin loaipr mtches;i sil Cte' oeoclils; (.rrzpn1, 9 lee. 6-.e Thu aham c imn la toil l ner fnop me "ot-tr r p f rtoole, le oa l flowi r as ith e i enlin nfannl C:. it lfll'ir Sl' the sig~n ofT t!Atle link!'' anmhfano ' Colmrtran Cokagmia keitrlmt af lh cherol rnt erdn Mte lk nhd alnnple ae of nrtirlen intdir lime;dviz: nksnh, pwrhfiun~n" Jewell'', beach,,, loekiuli glaliin,, flnny aprtiler, & r~r.l noindem: in plnit: ni fallnw om i. nit.cnidntiine oshelln wrout nterl 'iaian, to-,twist, jtilled 11ron, lnot roun d ngric ine, plan pafa re'l 0ind tie k,,Wrarilinn cenlhs o very ins dacription mmnncstr tya f tatto n., ivory comt ns oo ea n rk rnliar:dnn, hlorn, dnlanlll and iken togeither ihafii n ghlIKrl n-nCtl4Siu... af&renh a ond A adtricn nlt l'E RFU~iMERY-Coinguo, 1 ,nvendellr, Floridt, honey, ht n't, longoftyogn lnealwer wll ferl nfomi glniamal fiaa Lneirritha calfupholifd Cologlne, etnna t of ln ltleaot, srazu + sonrn do, k%'urd's reeetablt· hair nil, hears annd an. sfntidonajn. Ipoanal iholns nmlil salt plain Land perfumed ""letoa'dr, llcarl pmvdelr, puna ier 1"1a and boxes Io ntsa aainlr n andflnolvln~ itd land loariebtaoathldwnash endit.rc-aiei, witjia reamr!'! ma' ntlmenlt of JEi\EI.I.RYsoma , of thla ten t nd nd mohi t faao hiona, inla rittr, comit baah of whintlend redt c[dncliank, tope- t: ins ounlmpndiatif~asm rln 1,1nc~~lorn Infad foinadp Ue ardrops,pinetin filarepeo, alooft aind f rs stmof Pinoalla watch itinnhles, gilt and rile' oinklt, sal Anaio'natm ilve iarand toldl pt tefls afd t gtari cf-aisa Em iotIEnSCleh,, I iaiui . [aihtloia,crkio'nrd,,ei.hrajtna ht, llah; tooth, Ipatne, onma , mNod aol,ihaci, dhoil an dnO)tnynoAnnhC'1 ta--d fanil tnin agi d toilet ýla*3s. uingnify'iug Coill Fmll,:ll ,re,,en, gIa,,,usI home t1r, wit larlanoilf afthr kinds nii itiot enlll c .ait iin bnirdorihfn i'rnbln ltmfaoiiiotnnil lrsiiiniin cnemn sitaitt very rich and-fnell doislld lad!es oath boxesR and dlrcr aiae cases with amt withoutlll musie, mu~sicarl boxes. Ar. *aiandilra itiiagns kinds,violins not:l noitlrs, silver anti plaed pllecls tuldlenrl iwood olioil tilyar taelmpents ad et neeu?,asutll r aloe tcs~RIIgu usnwl pistols aid, Sul without111 ear an p1rciaaion credi. 1111 dt*Ei'lln calpchar, to.pple 4.1t·v rivers, shot belt.-Lame ha' n 1, p I/ lociibtaaaa. Us fatts, Indlian Ibe;:ds of evert, kind~, hlells ad d p1 lcle*, fioeand colnlnu'n k~nives, rlallea nod s cissorsa, tai;ablere su lpi, ierplatedl, alert nal commoil~n FlIIrt~tet :10 1, pocket hoollks an ole, fcciu kn,,viatn our Iaaud card cuteaPs, slaying cardsl of'I"'leelcl,, Geri "Iu and Ameirican manufjrne ure, dollsl~ imlitation fc.uit) 41ll hilt's, prate t o of various k ind-*, Sanalers' PUoolcroy's E it xlrao's, Iillton's ad llakhl' razor straps andl ea ' iliac il~,lle.,llrkk, falncy brard necklaces r, do wit!, "-"r d tps, toy watcheser, Illnrl blltollP, powder nllskB, en, and slam eerd~ bendsr, gi t uidl silver Ito, gas elast~ic susp~en. a~rs, lnd garters, planl anld sward ba LILonsl ilkgaaallln boalrds, dice, op~tical ,'enle'er!, sllorrpr, loenfoc matchl ea anal drinking cups,; with an great vurtiety of oth~er arti ales, all ofwhibh. will ho sold fiir cash or city accepltal. 4c1'I '"1""'df 70 cbartreswr. EMILY It LEE .e, - ' .,w recetitig farom ships Naashtlle, I.nuisville Kenlieks, Enlgle, ad, otelll late arrivals trai :bi :"IIert iltiesa ia'gei and new seleteld aswortmellt Ia.iso, D oo.ts, Shlloes ad Brog.eets, eonsirliug o'sgntsletnei's nlle calf a ld Mlorocco lseos do ald duality; do bellatl, Hlaii soloet witta p.gge elos Strinus liliI; tillell's fis callo scal anI1I Al aIirati 'her. tostlis atlld tltOmsll, bubkshtisl shoes, bloagalls iil 'atlt t : taca' lsne callf ai l kii i aleggal . led siotesa l; oc o. ,; bo Ioot le .astct kih endist p egge'ad sat e it Id l, ' P.s; gentlemleln. b ot gliualitr ell'se" e i , skd ' e s. li tlie ,.ltcta snd irog'.s do ala etl; seal sat Ai 'i'.' vr J di;,,, wie, and sir 11 as, do Calf, talll :la seat wsctt,, r ,w'- a ,iloin; ,Io I lhs .ealaa Stt .l andL Itc ocs O gIioe ei I aIs, and shoes nf celery qunlit andl kild. Alo a Lnctr.,l asslsttment I"f mena's stoul waxans, r".nI rmanams :aid ,hors, together wilk 10,000) pair H."io L-l ll 11vt·dv, ll i SnCe I'l=.St lll~ jS :,i led in l is 1l 'gws ( llllll l l' xrr., l for lr.l' I l i l ,ll lus e i; !..gOa :. S ,, , of t 'sh t ai, u d a s kip lrusett h g ii )w sa:'li , "tI . a, g'Ir qt: a tiy o f nl illerior i.1I+i} i uets' i-" i lfl.l , sl"1, nl ,rcco,, and gra inw, els :el p: e °t e! -lts a loll ti ltl FaIa :hll- l l IIIaiasI glekidll ,,1 : ,o eII il lrillll lll-c.s doll s o sJl, an l wit 'out'heel;S ii lland lovcd I l als. \lisses' u lill. bprhg sh oIeI , I ,galls. Cht.'lhllll's colored ...1orcou)LJIs tl astintg beo= ,J ,.xam hrnol, Ic, ,.en'tenee'sefiue'shionable black silk hats; do lacl. it mm u o, hlo tatd -ll n:urow Iins tl's tine r d, aI d I al 3k l iit sA rt s ,p d hats, i nW arliCal. ~ .t'ti I pIisa- ilk general i aso, lnent Iof bs' (lI i l' Ii'I r ! c t's.. i fls ,.i s lsrlnent wi ll lereplen-ish- , the arrialof oIt.ah mlsalletslrOm th re Inoetllt. er tiesa, Il of which Mil be s ot 2li atr-nilo a isi t,. s'a'i s. Itaitalll- ,if lIOLL tct 1WAte, t .lt t llatDi:teaatl . S,, IRONS, &c. e1'1iE T1OWELL H.ORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, lnear Btstkman atreet, New Yu k, have received the past sens, and tare b m stauta y receiving large and extensive additions to tie stock of sthe ael-sia goods, which now consists of the olbowing aouttsa ieant, suitable for the southern and westerrn marketcs. lalollw wore of superior quality consisting' of abiut 1501l tare s, viz, Pots aof 2 diffrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallt ons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallonc, Balipans or Oves, 7 deiferent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skjllete, - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Onddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inchetee. Wood Screws, 20.0001 gross, iron and brass, froem S:8 inch, No. 3 o 3:9 inch, N, 24 of a superior quality and finisth, and less than Jaane's imported pices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retsilissg. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Saell weighlte, 100 tons, assolted fron 1 4.4 to 201h. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &ec. maado to order, Also stoamobeats and other machinery made to 'Ille aave nessortlernt of goods is pnrtlicularl errc ullonetlldd to thi atllrtenti o' ther i ed \.istern mIterchants, and are of.ere. tfir astile t low 1prirces, llad upon Ithe amost lilbral terms; it sr bl. liaaveld la be the lIrgest and best ilEssorlImirnt ever tlitred for sale by aeyan one e.tabisltanent inl tihe U tillaed Stales. tlcrclnr.nts. by fnrwardine a rqatrst by Imail, carn have a prin'td cireular. with ot'f Goons, priessannd termss, f-olut rllaclh no deviatiao is ever nade., fhrnished by rerluen f" atal. All orders will receive isulaedcate attlnlion. New York, 1838. ,a, Pitro s lar.le Insrluctrtll I aVill m Sent- l ter'le. his sti. I acr . to lh s i i cns of Nrew t.- a.s e. a Irea they r tf the p:uail for P. 7r S hiving been ',,phty d vral r ePt ".a.-reacher l m nsic in private shlllllllrIn I [B , alid alsl at ecvseral of thie femnle sUminnti in sis viciity, c aS sit buta h at,,p inmeril theirealilhh nee. fie is -remitted to r, fer to lev Dr ClItpp a Thests istetssn & Avsry. llenderson a& LaitiP.s. Fiar iermas. ke rit Pse naply at ste buultstnre of Alexander' Twer,49 Camp at otl 2o IIESiI tIARIDEN lSEItDD-'hi,a sasIcata. bt gs to txpraess e :.ritlul thanks to the p ti lie, for ethe liberal Spprt lhe has cceived since , enmmeneced blsinesi teI n a city. IBin s,,le pro. prietlerof aIae seed sttre, I17 Cu;ammn street, lie. not and never ras acnt tar nany noretlern seed senders Ici.her is he caoiii 'ed t lah asiv hlou.e iI this coantrty-but he assures tlhe ptulie tIiat his gtnertioes iII every depa.rtlntlllt f lhe scid busl laes, in the dlierentlll t lnt rles of Etllioe re qe ala to that of anty hiouse in the Usnted Sttics. fI it,. ptrl seedns. ,lanllte.r c. rnom the most PXIPIIens and respectable nlurerllses a asee Itsaen in Fresne, Udilhnd, Englnnd, SclaInd sad itl no lhte r state-s-nd II will at sil litle bhe hisi intersse, as it is lit seltdy, It receiv,, In addillln lto s preseln eatl k. large re ivals af ev, rv dls at er1on r. ally tll aroas ah aI 1838: also, engrafted fruit tre- e,aI ai kind.. The publlc . say rely on finding a hull na. sort,,ent ii every arucle iin lte seed l nt-abl genus iau quatnuy, and Imported alreet by 1Wm. DINN. ANDREW-SMITlIH& CO.r'.pectfrils iytltnrm Sthlci ri rends ald the Italic ui jas tral, thit they occupy the new brick shop, 219 T'cllouptoolas street, wlare they keep constatlly ois baal ad (plper Tin alnd Slheet Iron Ware, of every descriptian, sasch an cpper stills, kettles, and puiptlls, tian tbath. ing tu s, alnd il casl, elo all sorts asd sizes, and all other brass castilg donle at abotrtest notice. Grate hars of every de:cription, stchl as sestam. bolt stitrups, hog hllanas, strew tolts, as i olhil kidlll of stealllbt las ork, ucll as obiilnecys, breech. er, st.eal pipes. 'I hey w ill also do all kinds of ot door work, suchl, a zie. copper and ltn roltilng and gtteriag, &e. They .bove and all other kinds of work Ut lhcir line of bustlesa, they wai5 execute at the asor tes, nntire. de-c7 L S : Et. t I !l , .1 t 4 Cta:n,, s i l aat-t, c Dlus n s lisd it Patlif, k e ,---aa a i a;:,: ai * xtent.Ive n a rt-,c il, t b.ft-aas nau aro ian.aa at, -l ***l *IIw YV rk Ull lnullfalrr,, tir menllllll wtill r o air. tl, t a. tat :a,,I al -,, 5la ca tat- al a dslpae sat aI eery c-tl a ',.- , . I. ait:ali, s lata -, t l, qlati'ain ' nn i, la' ; n s 'n , 'alw F.. t, St a abaasaatf a.s, 1.2 L:Eii1thl J , g " ri,,n l. l t!o t, i d.v tt l:, t I ,'-t,. pm per Ui S i l nil r ! l'.n. · l·ntdl, i,. Klle, iv -t eri. i -, rnd (li, Irrl nO, du Iwl' r lr' nr. lnnduravillean & ni. v lietfd lal: sto,l i (I., "an , rinl i re l r in ik lwith. he ril r-0 , ar+ I n C harlp,.rln. and thP st mn 1 a ".,"c , ,,. -,ii York, N. rhlk Pnit~.,.,Iphia, etc. T"},<.. a.,:n +nfl Ir.- 1lh, beat hor f lip service, and ['rhe Ii ai it:lpo' Crnetnls in Ith, rwite have been nr, iorrd ib . Ih. ll ,u+l rn tion Ili fifty to lesof new .aI` h ic tI.r·,:i,,i·lren via : Ir lnt ilGrr ngne oil 11r'.I, ve ... alnrn of Sdnob ta n Bay, to i R.y ll ', ' , F"lr, o 'i 'he .hit'nhol ic!ate river, ten ialle i.,v th. hl t (:.wsrcld r 14 h.over( edn r Blultf, 'lnll-nb! :.rh lt nll.e n thei l river, and hll cln. el":l t oro r; 'itionle, a.d , ire' rcerentlvi the ininaOt Vl'r'l't . r'" 11tn et lthe Cowfirrl, are entlirely tiin!,e, h. 1 i rnli (lrn Mirll.nie l (unn .e i, abi BI i i e',, i, stead ni t rhe rlunlllnd( hni ri-.,I Via Ch'lin hn'ch , I 'sen.,.' in, g ' he fdi.,n, abtin f'.. v A, iled. nnid ilrr-aving the facnlittee more thin lice a ,l:Ja, Air .. i.n ,,In linlof two ni imistnllarp 'ev'ri ,ahr ui? ii+'y 1 II' 1kira v llln ii P rry toni lauina il Dnrie', (. A miil i'lam' i i lina rei 3 lrly' hemwil rn Dlainbridye and Aualachli.inl. T'rv:,ll,. ti .su'lnc Ito reacll ,nY point ni Chanltthowrlheo .,, A ,tla:ih - co!1. c-n take il colb..lnr ut At B-,, l na vllle. liahi'n to Pnenrncl--I nod R,,:o--lnrinv the lime n ellp ed by ltih rl.pilrs 1 nnni. , lth pronrle. tors of the Florida line will tn a line ol fLour hore ,tnlen s everny onler day betiween aila 'l. ,'-no d Penseacol. P .,eerr n will l:ev. nat 3 o'lnelck. p m, in the U S nm'al al,I n li prolceed tn o Inll's Land in , here a I)ir l -lrLie itch will . ihn wmnilinl tIl cnrlvey thr",n in th e t1 xcel len t honor of sir. Charles ilal, I 1.4 mile dst:ant, whe re they wi'+ find Ill' rni;ll racllco ,nool tlnrs l.r the niilht-l .e vlnr II't ,arn:nli. ilice il trivil in Penle cunlra enri\ I l i'1 . . v ,nl nl li 1 [ a av ¥uidtl tl h e di scun foilr t r l piit - I- ,Y~!"111 :. r .ii ,: t ihno 1lan'ion III use, M.Illiie, and C'l. aI' l )'e l, P[ oele, ai,,here i I-tr lla l u it .n"m n SO 'o.fP ON &. C,. n ,v I I ti) 'lI.L I. A .I , illln , SSitil, 1In l 0lriilinlnlln '''rillterii Nio 3 Cnllnlnladia strt, two dolori 'i'ors In'l!'nirl I 'le follow1 nn wlaods Aid nm-'nlerna ecilnll n itn ItIIU Il -l- I1) Iio i-r. a , nlelllll Il, I . :. 11ub . hg.i ptian blck anld gold, Iilk, I i l;l! i Ld ico, Pol had "!o, i rient or rerd antique, 1ads lSe o, Irby .Lirllite, Sltiln \\'ooi 1 I'oto lml.e, I(ninl. iilno , n Ii ve o- I(rni llcllo, Ycv'1wTre, I Itliahn While. (Corlln lile or lllick ' iinii anl Irctell, lAsi Woolld, i rnir an (nrey, luas~cmlslls Io e isi &en n th dho. Pilnar uil.. plaal~, c°|lal "lrIisl, Pt . hall ttd flO t sd:eC . m (IIŽ.A .1 ElAt'¼E RI .,IEN in Altim, nlUIli 36 O_.bnrrs saret. New. Orleans. W A i SERG[iANT & C,. Ilmtrfters f" Frenel nid Enehhi Chinn amnil Earthen ware. anr nlw npr.tin. n we n1l , rich nalterlls of hreakfas, dininu ar d t n l e,:rvi is, ctiler sets I picIhels,I lIel anllJ cln( e 1p cu s, tei tc, su'n' s, crctm, s, bowles plhP. dic hees, re enerr ,Pw, wd all awin en el! s .,,I Ih~nhe ' et.. r,,:. 'il -h tl - 1 ,1d I IAln FI'cIlh and A.. ',rricnn, w"tr h-blrts, c'hnall P",.!,.e. enw,'"nnde, je. 'i e r , ein , ine e Inn 'e i cr, hr wlse , d1'es r etinl hl in ed r ',ne r c rs, enn , a ic shade nud icc, e, l- i-L, c n eha oslil , alt Ce! ---'cl,, elr c.lan lld c - iea .esIt, : n , ,lllncl . s b~ran ehs, upoor , ludies ~t re n,,d te'n p1 1 s.o l ,t r.,. <'U m v"llll p.i e an 1 idll ll Irav" n, aslral rn i d-' .nll rI : n., tin," rillery, tGermnnot s-l, e, ' I n I,, and , ,.k', c,'tl r cvciti l ev ar i nret (,rc il cir f cnli.y us'. ,ic.,dhal ! l , u l n l efrlmhalrs, ished w h I . I s nr ll Il ".tI r - ll Ponrahle pric, n flf pn, ked, sn as In hb c': vey, d lh sIfif y t rnlv ic -i ll . l ;i" , c CicAL-in rcll ,itc C- I in till ' I n.t Lr e t11h Ii , .l il"('i , i i ll 1,.. t, rrpu+I canl!, c-d in Ills Pi it N i IpurFln AIi expc, tel byh tihe f.l arrivals fril '.n. 1 h1 N.,,h, nrnn!, J .,inl"jhI alm b l'ta, h h -;, expr- - - h r ," ,! u. --' if ~h th "v w ll 'lts s" "i on ! r n . ,i. t n¢ . er.. e term s Ora, is lell n i, t r 1il,',,, N ." 53 lien tille st. tlp stilrs. ~ill hPe 1 nivi t y " lv ,,''ile,"d ,( I ý t ý II, ,,r·1 "ý11 UIII II l lli· Nrem -l1 oi n, blankets,,Iin Iinsu, , Il 1\I PJIInliUBI, !,rcits, lillLctlJ· cnh-o , k ,k ruIuItI. &.&i.. r,,cl uad for inn e Iow by Ow sobse lea. A & Co. nIn, rdrnpr C:,nnl laInd Cni i ts.i N1.1V CioolS-.' -llllll1111 11rtt & co are now re. ce civinlS froml on nod nllrillls Yazoo, nod s ·uurtogll +nd blrig Concordia, nII, frm ew S'nrkl, n great v ariety mi l1 ginis in iheum lint, whichl togilthir wmith their fiunnet stolck on htlilnd, lilks their (LnmI.L.I tot very: plate.· Thle following Compose a Po Ilrt, viz: elltswi~t,lr: : "'I1e. tuck nud l nnnnSI Ig.ii ,l hne ofinll descripioenit I i. dina rubbetr, silk nod o~,urplled elastic gutters,, commlllon & titneielisti, Ilni tilont loc em, adIuef~ nie t ntiiins Si litzie H)lcrllS( erlollC mid oxes, toeilenpowder, aillibeInd+, neckflacessil l nlineen, bealiud iii,0lniil ii lcl,, rut :glmsnnIslilni thi nwdild r fIII iiltl bend, mudian bends, bells and pmmnr; pittoi lend Ii) lit ierflnk-sho bte+ by~r ble. unkt n ocl riuls llldun a.ll r il~b· hloll.llcd cons. nile ~ vi e lu lii niiilminiienllir, woirteii, I'len, huuir, tuoih, Iilnn 1k , iipuiin,lnsloe,' nuael goa iiidieiuwii bt hu-, iii onil Fliiidi.iulttiinrn liuse glnotbvwtrnsotdrso" amid lllx tnl)P( I, lrn. cz- 11. 000 r. aoi14 t, :mill : ( 11)"11'a !u e getn lir oliisiils, uuuuin: m Rliiiuit s o iiuoall k eril''ionr, Indira' cooll frlllltmlP116 ' desk~nud dressing,~l cses, hate r IicghI1u" 1'rizeIIl e l nod braid+, plain, limey '111.11III l netsil lneik boio, p nfin s liir itnfipo iivi-,1-und elit nutie I.rur! aIndII i n *uitondi.., tn irt studd, ernn nleniteiipeneuwntn iit mssntutpin inin i-k0 niduiiii id Iu ii gilt lnl eolcui dcl,nbin'usj Tei 'li1: LADIES. 10 ! III . ' LL 'T E lR O A Ilh )t IIN A I.S LUPPl )1tI E R1F; SillS irw ant a. ill t er the radiloeit ere il L'ro i Jup.ln Uteri, or alaing of ti , Womh, by e Ltrnal ;appi lic iu,, uln tirsediog tolo uu of the ,b jeItiiable prean.lre, is coniildeitly recollnenCded to tiet atlliterd e the imuns f fi a perfect rester Leon to lhedalth, it never hiaviang taileid of pretbrninog a cure, even under tile IIslt aggraovatil cirel.ii.istii crs. It has received the decled applrolatioi oif Sir Astley Cooper of Loaion ; Sir- I.njain Ci firodiei; Sir Jamo- Clark, Physician it the Queea ; Dr AshwIl. Lect-cr on awioIifiry to Guy's lie.. pital ; 1)r Rigoy, lecturer t S 1 , L irtholeniewe; rI Grillith, lecturer to W%'tniii.ter elHspitoil: Dr Riinsbothai, lecturer to I.ioidon hioal;,i; RIobert Fergusonl. ecturer to We.stmiree lyingr in hoI(pt, a.; Dr Sweatmnan, lecturer to liddlesex Iospital. aild senior accoucieur to Queeni Clartiltc's Icing; in.lhosptal ; also iy Henry I)nvirs, (.'oipocsta lilundcll. Lee, Merrlmalln, surgeonl KaIts, &c. by Dr Morreau, pre.idoit of the A;ademie lnavalo Ie Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the DI.uchess )'Orleans ; professor Velpeano Marjolin, Paul Dubais,Sar.son and othters--ond in New York by protiesorJ W Francis, G S Redford, AI Ii profes. nor of Ilndwifry )i th.o uoiverrity of the oily of New York, pront. De!fiohl. and Flrancis, U John. stor, president County iMd Society, Laurens Ilull president med society Slat of N York, poth Jao .McNaughton of Albany, preos March, Cyrus Per. konc, Doane-D-rs lThis Boyld. Gilber. Smith, flosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kinstain, V.che, Power. Grayson, Van Reonsisalaer, and many other distin. gutislhl ptysicl:ins in the U States. A Ul Hull, Office 4 Vosscy st, Astor House N Yortk. 13 A constant supply of the above inntrumnit.ts, with Dr Hulls improveld Trusses fr liernllal, ai oie kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orean,, S0G Coarponler, Naiclhez.; tlllon & lMarshl, Wood. ileic; Iloutlh snd olaflhory, 1l eqpiii; it 1' ItVIk;n on, Somerville; Ilol tand Wtsingiton, o ,N nivtic; Mle \airiy and HI aooilton do; R L llisn, Florence C npotswoond, lthenos. i 1i l: ubscril, ersi. Atg lis fr tihle. tle:i ve \\'. & -ery extensive set o(r la lt, nc.i ialne iet I -able nd Dese tc sesctt a t ai le e" -' " ilcli~cP u iId adI Spear! pi nt.( r he ire - ItoIze.( n l i, :.,.i to the rtue t le r . o o and onoi lnou *t s I ll co klil n l CIkatn lh li. m a,16 J 1)II, FIN & AC 1" II1FN.IO ,imlleIn VT Yort & Daltimore Packets FOR NEW YORK. OJ1.f1 S' LINK OF PACLKETLf-To sail every idothe Pnitv. Thlif Line i' nninjt rle of six ships, vie: Shii VICKsiauto, Crltnio lBulnker, Nuov. 5th o ()nLRrS, - Sears, LDec. Jti I',t Nruot , - Ashby , 23d , s ARKANSAs, - D nniPi, Jon. li - AaltVio.x, - Wood, ,, 2th ALIAAMA, - erry, Fh. i 91 The shoet, ohips are of the firl n .s, olpreed. aril crplter fastenee, ,and boine heon built in New York expressly tir this Irrnle-they are of light Itralnht of wsar"r.and almost invariahly cross the flar without o any delention "'I.h-e rotciets i er,.imaonled hr Cpla ,io swll eiterlneuli ill the I'tade lied will alolota exert tlenrmselwv to uee t nncodate--ir)y will al a. hse hbtwed a i and down the river, and will pulmptly sail an ad verertld. 'Iheysr kat Itnrltnmrltov rl.ui'stkrd neosneluin.tiehi., ntnd etosi Iof the first iqoilito will olton r..i e firniottld, anli everyv tienitill paid o othe coml'ortaied satifactitlo 'he pricr orf ehin pssiage is flxeod at $9, wihhout wille ,,r liquor. For futonor pnrtieolars r .ilv to n2 A COltIE', 9,1 Common Pt 'T'he ships are not ccrunti -le for breaknge of elusa. holluw ware, maIble or vranite, con;raige. of Fli, or rllst of inon or teel, nor reti'o.nsible fir any pnekaie or p .irtel, unlet es rt or I lilt o.tiiture in sinevl the f t. o i IS t, INE will hI ceu-pi onlf eteven -hi' , weshih, w lli sneedreilh i.h llir nlheilblfwning order, viz: thil St. MO 'v. It \V Fri-te., i:til . llip 'S'rov. It. I)uekilnh rllo; rnneer. Ship Itepuilsieoa. 2 S Wilston, unaster. Shlit Auchll I, Counellt, Illnletr. New shirp IranktuorlutJ ( Ilxell, mlatero New tsliip iMrsItloin,-ilod Ii ,itlrCrretl, tooler, Ninew ehip Firuirlihls, WV I.Lvlill toaltr. Theie Ships are i il if th!e fir.l elae, htve areanilimn lltilons fior ipssennttrs lorisltnie forl efir eilofuro sid n!(noll tftniieln, nid ,itU Ionl lllllt :dl,. 'I lie rre t.est plin lutlnliLt will be lltoe.rvedl in d.e.plnthk illsu ti*,tuo ite ulrirItiel, andi t oitl rl.nao* 1n lle i aeot Iii i extmittud ii ehippe'titue d itinseigi.i.o For freightl r pa.-i'anc L t i lylt to oaL I'th''TR I.A D[)I. V, .d Cntsmp et (FO1R Ni W YOIRK. ([Lotisiana oand New York Lineo of Packets ] iI l Ships consin.iu this linem will sail fro}t Nevi Orleanos and New York oin every other Moln dIy- nllllllllllcing onil the l0tllt Nove'rlimbr-ald to insure th i i pun. tu lity i th tht u l i l sailing, the lihn will hlereu .ter uonsisi t litve shlips., via: Ship Y;,zan, Calpain Traisk, to lCave ou tLie 20t1h Nove.tlhor. S!hilp Louiov, ie, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4111h Deceltr. Ship lluntsvtllo. Captain Ehllidge, to leave on the 181.h Decembe"r. Slhipl Vicksburg, Coptain Woodhouse, to leave onl the lit 1 Jtlitory, Sh11il lireis ippsi, Calptain Davis, to leave onl the 15t11 f Jlilslary. The above are all new, of tile first class, copper dm aold copper fillcned, li nupwards ofl 5!!) tions hurhlllei, are of light., draught of water, being tuill ill New York expressly for the tr doe. The price ol ptssageo is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most itsproved and convenient plan, and hfiished in a neat anid elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, ati.l every regard paid to the e.nfrort and etntire ealtisfalctiin ot pnssengers, whll) will leunoe take lie. rice that no berth Cnll ue secured until paid for at tile off:en of the conesinees. Theiue vessels are colnllilladed by captains well experienced in the tradell, tiwh will give every at teltlion and xert Ihelmselovs to eoIcantidate. 'iThI:' will at all tlns hli tord uilp anitd downl tsei lliisi sippi by sl'eaollutlitsi, und the strictest punctualitly oberrved i tl t linm of sailing. The iowners of these tito a will not be responsi. ble flr atiy litter, Ioaretl or laclnilgo. set hly or puit on loard loft tlli, llesis a regular till of hulinsg be signed therclor, ati tie eolntinig house of ithe aogllntr r owners. For filriher parlticulars apply to JDI D EIN & A COIHEN, nlv21 90 ComInion st NEW ORLEANS no n I4ALTIA 11ORE LINE ('' PACKIETI'S. This lino will cnllsm t nof thie fllowing vnlsols vwhicli uhave blen built or purchased expressly t1ir tfie trade, viz: Sip "4arnmn, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerso4, " Irad Furry, new , Stev0us, Nolomon Saltus, " 11atham, Iriy Arclutee:, " Gr.4y. Therse ve.sscls are of thn first clans., have hand. some turni. hed :ccomlllmodatins, lald are lioft at light draft of water, so as to adhit of their rceiving and dIsciarzingr lhelr cargoes in Italilmore, (t the city. Freight will be take4 fir purls on the Ch/esapeale or James' River, hni fitrwardeTd by tlm agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLIIGG, a;t Baltimore: rxpenses (on gOds shipped will be advanCed when Irequired. The price uf passagi 4is f4xed at 0(iO, uiplt e sto)res oIf L4thi b st 4'll ly 4 w4 ill be pr. vide!d. Stea4 m up "Ind down the Mlssi44 ippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. I'EDFOIRD, nnv21 2'29 Blenvil'e sl. .l4: t1'04 ORL(A.1 .S & ClI A l4 I,4EST IN P.ACK4'44E'4 T'h,0 line con isnri of lour vensst , all of trh first (obase, copperded ad e"p;+.r fast. vte I, and of abr4out 21111 4 4 ns 414irlien,l wlth haodso,,e nrenmodtatltos for pnPsengers. These vr ssols are' ,o;mmand,.d iby cnprains wel .xin rlp nced i;, the trade, whll will give 'every at ie i on, nairl, nor! lhemselll s to ancoto drn , lh ohf p er<. 'I'hev will b looed l p n nni d ,.tn tlhe ,;li.'n-i:,p,, and le ave New ()rlenas ,n or beflore ,Ile With sad 15!1h of every' motrbt. The follow'in1' vest Is c mpn.-e the line, viz : tirt. ArabianCha,'hrle G r Jol, nastelr. liuii C ap nnJ. 13. Ilo' lFsmpsln, Imaster. 4I'_4 Almena, J DOone, lin 4 44r. lark liR ger \'dll4n4 s,4 . Alliers, mant4 er. Fr 4 rt4h..t4 or 4pa4sa4ee,4aply h J. A. BAIREL44444 .f" C ., ,l II|Itii1n a. New Otleans, or ,l. C I 1,,rd, c'l Cha stlll toll . ne T\TI+ l;: LOF-UISIA. A-l'arsh of Orlhans Conrt of Probe. ir, all whm l hese presents mon concern - 1. tr. , Mi whe!t reao linoni 11 e er, i rri . 4i 44,. f 4.the i," ol 114 4 v.''l ,s K . , has n44l44I44 c , r , r. 4, 44I4 4 . i., It', '.4 e p:r 5,4 & C4) 4 4 44, 4 n, ' 41 4 44 44i44 4 I ' 4, 4, 4Ihrk of Ilh,1EC ,l.r, i't' s, I( I , 4. N4, 0rl. 44ll 4,'4 4 i4 V ,44 Ne,.0 O rlbr n , :i frl :,l, i r I \ III.I[ I'f0 N r .-t D 'I' I (II ,h 111: 'I', n ennf r i,, y rv , I l the A ,el I I, Lt' 44.4 1,4 - r , 4e,,,il d 4 ,4 aer folr th, ! I:1rrh, Ie a-sort, n, o ~ 1, . I,. uo p re.% ra .t .I| flp;e ,, • ;,h'- I , 'la , e,,v d 10 h I , 1'rl 'h, I :I 1 :;, l n ice i ! ,re",v Lv, Il1 ,,1 ! w h-le ir , Illn I (' ll''l II e i tn ' lt i, 1 eur l li'e i t o :,n o rd, r " s a .l e. . l rl . 1, t lroobIatp, in nodal htr ,, pari-h ill, , tiy of N ,.r tOs , . ns, h!,er r ; .f t, ! rd ,12h,, an ld r ,lern d lIn r I, lln lter (of t,, (, Nah, 1 , r ',x, i tI he pI1 m - th itia, t C' 'hrsI ,,p I nm.3, nI, t o r ýi.dv,, ~ . io r vd,,,rF il cali sl,,a oi N . thanl C +,,\ de, ,e.s4e.l, wh 4 4h h l'v h, l,! and Ieneve:rll on r,,I third day of Pl, - r, s , t',,c: h lve',, hood ed .ofd ehTry i ht, b, lrl I i l. , C t, n ',, '!: q . N . . a rt P ,.hl l h, . ,ln i a l ,s o o fl e r it.o le , and unoal p( lh .,tt on d d hon Ina le," tie R-' , irer ll W 'lle l., .xd ,.3!, ",s~ r safe by publie n r the" n nir t n i ~ rh -I . of" May, one thournnd S ckhl hnn hied, aInt thirly riert, for roln , . t he," the108l 'in-r ro brsho l r In t eruir n, wrine', so ;l., rl'sv ~a adj llrrd " ,sol dl, thlllhanlel ,(lr',x ,thle I.,+" ,n, ,"I~hs,, a dcder, by hen ro, til r dth , i pier : ,11ll reven 's tan lons, l nIl[.a r l, lle r ,lolheb l rl.e property a given in the Judi.:,a: A!I ;11, aInell. r,1 In 'i. in 1os of grn)ln wi l, r or b he l dll hu+ nglrs I o. il r, p trloe nrte :lwretnl , nod alnl l h rlc r lrs, prIvi eaer4, custoinI, servitudes and nivlrie.e ,hertrah b, rolo;hinsl r in a y,,, , t ire nplert l in tn , rltilt I Itl t suiburh:' S i. a ry, flt. i c'ty, no ill,. s nulreh bol:und. rd by PE',yJrn , .\, layn'me, L risy l Cn , 1l. rreel.o , d 'I, l:lltel b tihe nlmhet8 ei alls, :ihi.,n to col ral' eslan drawn by F,eolerick WVlh h, s l,. elputy SI,,v ,,Pr Generlr , under daoe ,il lte so-,o- nrh d iv or Apliizone th11 san1 eight huls. ter i o', thl . , iL h,, an, depo, ire", in the ',dice ol 11 B. (',.in', [I":.a . solary p th lc for referencr • wlneach twen.,,one feel thr, e inhtes and six lneP front on enid Py)dras street, uy sixty.lhree ler eleven incihes And Fix lines in deph, beltween par. allel Iones, (American mneasur.] 'erns-o-ne and throe years credir, fr appro vod endorsed nates, secured by special launlgage oerl finil payment. \Wheretre', nil persons who can set tip any ri,.hr, title, or ehlimn, in and to the Iotsi gr,tund ulld ald buildings here in described, in lio e (u.nce of it(nrmabl, y Io dhl o !,d'r. deller, or joderilen hehlrs rt ot slt and tinder w itch ,ie Fsave wars mae, ~r Un" i r lleg l.ri'y or ll~e ahly in lile apprlel;nsen t or al verne. , enlts, in time d ini iii , r ii s-le, ,o4 444ran . oi"er cu4s4 'ordeect,, w',i noever, are n' ,re, 4a.4s 4rin 4.4s4 pu44 ti44 '.4 on4 h.e' e,4. why '44e 4 . 4e, en, i no aaoeliesld, should nut be cmnrorm-d and hlino:,eI VeI il it, '(cordlnce wit;l lh i t picartuiU \ ',o. s 4 4.4t hand a .d the 4 n ,I ,i 4 s4444..4m r 4t4 o Pruo ,|, % ,lio l,;emlld dn , .1,1 s A. 1). I L i, ,L 4 I \,. 1". C DU)]I'I.;. 6i, I I'u4n4,.4 ,4 a444 (, 4i4S 4t'.441' 4 .44 447 4 444 N44 I., ,e, JUST PUgLISHE ? plta e TvsREert-.a ttI.tTES ROfttLETT'S TAB'.t.rl I"N'IfRE fT: itl \t h.e. i, n- addalad ul Ave 'gie 'I'ie t>:.,btIt tor.. a" .tev melhod ls t'r tintlig the ve.vre +i, Santt-g e~niat ef nadeor ,illt oe feansn. ahtrn ao - e'e aId .it dtilferalht daCs, .an '(tif'r-nltlt el .tit , 1 a .t .ei inne amallnnltal I ,aille ,,nl.f t o. n tul e tletllal+,zeh kia i'inle lTa'le, the heat thlt e.nt e enelllrivete d..r tt at rllaes 'tl adv ,l ce wilhill Lie same conldscc111 comnjla · al ieetnaa .all'aie.taii.aianea~eetitn1 A 1 veltisllealaet in tbh boonk i in .,arl-.y thle ftlloa-. in.. w~rdr. : lag a:taet,'?:"""22:~ht 'iewhigh diatstnriln tlti tntrk h as i thlnml..? the ten ll ilntatille arti tle-finmat I Irae til': pa es altn r 'ena n lntaltlll iia ittetlI , an? . I l.C t l ltra kt n.n f.t . re n t oy th eeeciea enlol urr vfa ci.ewt inh ofr n it. 1 t ellilatia ha::ta Farf lsttanee. i nte 1l .tItn .- ta' Iitrt11 etnl,,l i eltiti llaetal r , natllareed iltt, what iaq wlivlleatth. tn, ll. fire ti--ct, andt t e-i. nnea t tr".n t(.e, t ' d. a ttiiatta-oat lle t ue inet, titn t ith t ataint ittattln o ivn te in the s ltllcte ( all?- nintllv that s 1inr II, lm tIon tf ralamfin tihe mIlt st't e 1 .)teiit than ak ..IaI tr n •i mesltm nIs ·'va. th rh l i, an td h ' 'at11 atr . in-ar ni" i t;r~ a Sieti of the Ileletlinll a* an i'e.e afa elt.t Intlv . i.Pti it Or fifh edlitiarn, sn 'eX w itP.e e t i na tle pl:fane,, tan:lking ne starcttaynnnea afni'ct'tf a. nsGt.hesaaanee nerneaeeiern Im'ne alf a..· , nS l e..ak i tiahe Ile crl'or silltco.: Ira 1. .l af e':l,'in iaell ni'tAhe wnont 1 fIei. (lne ,.f ih11 n.'mo l Enl.,l!ilyll~nr t rl'~llllfr.¥ (11"lba k Inl,'.· is fn.ett :,tlneae lll th ' a rnenr, ''il s t l llte. nle.i w, aidi. it ta.r exllelailn itac n lll a . aenitll.l. rill tie tel l m tnf n-le rat i n l ll t.h e lit e . e ea' .l . .tti tl I. aft.i V 'I le Stute11 nll lt I biyh the in c eerarl e, h,' fnllnl| tintll; .:X't+.l Of Izen,+ral l~llrillr~l, F.illl~lnll r+ll!lln o['.lllllr: Tl..''.-i .s aiela i . eti ellp.r i'steltia| that ill thea tirlll li' ·crml~e ,,i '11e n1+. xl ln ~ l llllll:~l ,i [ in l$ silli n rl hllllhlle Si e as te tllil e nlof I.- - Isii a~aaannea intattate ntiert" a tal aeth Inater a.-"e.k-.i teret a.1 t ta e oraa ek, it tantea a ,tiaaliag ts t as fI a t n e- ' i-'a Iaettlletlie. ef.ta "alnaltee plaoct". Ane1 e'ni de -oi th iutai oralia itllitr t noth e thi t by.rigi.'ta va ilngt iet eitn.has ooln'atteate-a Irkwaa eateoea-dieigaftr da-. e eiz nsl . a t, tanaI e tt ar t:l h htlal.n il tlep n. cesityl thr is usle,~ havel~l been extensllive~ly .InsUIse top nI I':ll HI:. o llle d I~ lnll~l lillll$ [III(IUY( i t.,. I1 )1( (l|'et l'" lilintl II In11n ',+.ll~l m.€ Rll~le rrr w't el illt llillI a lme t+ n~rl. i.+ ll so ll'enl"l e lrt nt i lnlclel llh e bill i ts, al. lie nItle all !itsle s at tIa, t ti t 11tat 11nete l eel uer t 1 ianst e. .a It e l ti.e i11a h.s. "ar e, h.hl il t at ro ,lf aitat llh·Iautiedli r o 1 I"e l ITI ll[ .)luh \·rf Iill~a 1nll ill l lll l ln. l :101 '1/s (:l~l'laill." anealtad Isat4tea tllrk I l.h ty Ie t o ·aat re k,' taa ela t l . EIllt C IIO 1e h !III··I i ffn el ill o11s hlrl:Il hwl tlile rll'llu lle 111t1 IIaa nl.e." nan -a ll ioe illnne, llh s a I.Co e oxI ente, Bvi~l nquated that th lnlwubld t p ha) I$ r e $ t1"ie, a nl d iroe111·. vll 11tIr fll 111c I:~r iI111 nII lllhl i o|.l0i, I ll th-.PP I It h aalln llalda .i·. t at l tl ti llhe llha li 't: l.:.l.a ta ' lhi.- )at. e inrite | li |latters iest· e hlar t I'eic111 aiv a, Id r ea atl n t .t Ra'aidrtuatettaatmitt..ds edaiv oth tateatra.a 'an.! 1".* Ii111111 . il t 0ll1[l, O ll~ltl| ll ~It} lllW ' I iUnI(·l· O iltcrl,ll ll:. 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Usand w:'h emilnent nnl nlli ernsa ,l re.s in 1i3t , 3by pnreonn the hhiihst rnsnesr-silitv i-s this city, as stated in the annexed isertific tos. T is mnedicino is h.iahly rsrnssstmendrd, and h.s hotnn es'wivslyV .irte i:l ti sRhoi di.,lsse with!l suchll distinh.llislhed surernF, thatt Itohe pr.riunr if Itho hi, hiln illnduced to n!iTr it to the pt-. lie to its p'onst formo in tile hei "it ai y '," its, meatnos of r^-h-vinp -. Itha who arn Iut'rinsr silder the senoi:e nf" nit nnlstrty. It is a medicine psossceing reo.t virton, Iand whne uIset1 Ie.oldint in the dlirectionn has nrevr falltld of tsffeeti;s i eitre, even in the nlost shatin;stt stnie of thel disinrler. It is tint t all diusarireInblh, Iand Iprsonosi oF the weakest e.tomsrh. andi children mIna' take it witll impnllity. It itrIenthens thie diiestivr organs. er.atitu an nppetiter, ansd erldmn resrlires itmore thaln olt or it nhshtliinst eons, two bntitles IIto fl:et n eine. There is nnitislhr nor armtne in Ihse medieine, nor nny thino itiultriasi to the hIlluan cnllslitLtionn. The proprie:ors are so well enavinca d of tioy neyros to refllsd the ll rien of severy tottl which hi:s Iione takan in nrcordanes with the dirnct.;ons and has Ilnot eff.:ted It pePrfet turn of Ihe fev r & ague. A. OLIVER, ldnte agent for Now Orlanu, at "'in wholhole and retail drg' ntlsd medicine store, erner of' Ri.sirslet all Cllhrlret strlets. For Distriet Agencies nlp!v to ji5 T. W. S\11'1"[1, 48 Cnonti t. Drig al asd lrsrisear. J ii -I.v¢ st h si- I . edI it , m.-ts ti t;his c.y ,sr thl pornonr if trrnwatlinr a Ctei'rr ! \': holetslr l)r5 In sin;r,i . IIi is n..w re ,;;;im a full a lutpIt iof inll slit orusi- e rresti,lrs which h n ill eilI tln liorrnl or T. ri v Iet ruiet. at an.d, ho. oti the innuriortt ,, hlss ivih'-s.,- s iner<tt isa nosd pl a he will ,fI) r i nllltl lrne, "tsPll h n, Iirve n vl r ber. frs. h a-en ,tissred is ihis v. Ii- intenti.i i , idon, srelv I.isimnlite hn inslse. II,. sa'-k swill tnin ha inmtlters nltl in t fl"w weeks will he r,-n div tIr hl'P . All I Forder Irs Ithe clnlllst ind frtans r. ,h-ite of I i silv. reiv ins sut itlrtlter will !t. prloiupitl) iattliiLndd ito. nRoyal Coll-o of Pihy'irans. Lsouldon. '- 111: m oiaes teI) I s I sle its Sriall nivrsl t11"dit cior, S pr ·I ) it in; hV lis-daio, E01i. 5isl ass ' It c~l"'''ir~ e e llt° I li t ItIrhl. SitiI, ., Cnlls.aa the I(,"vi C!olleI. of Vnr+%'·o .. colr , Ii le of :\pllIihe. Ii 'sll Illlpany, IellotI w of t1h t (I C l ,Sn ietl , urIIIon sal i te lim al nion Ie iin At'iItioi, I lAta:lsr Pit '1rp . 1\'ierlrl o Il:.idze , tl,,· Ilulln+,nu u IPIpil of Ill!.'. and Ittim." . t.' I ss , ll,,h Lnd .Il thi l l, va a lle llii the ll It s id of IWIIII Ia'r'l i i Xp.rivnce s nd int prallt-,ed- s ctess it thie eatens si r and hi l s ers- - ithes rbl ct"is of the propr'ittit i p" i' . _ i!essd ll y he ' hc. lty sahd l r hi!ity. nill sil is pr ii lratl lt.I t lthe notice of the lll niteriealn itihcii, :it the erunest a s licite tio,* .S 1 amts e s t r of i enthleme of In~ -aI hiu h Ill" tllll cl ill t st si slt f ISt o ies tiit in es itd, : is a - t iel nl "y ltep, toi e lle lIlth' ev'il, lnu fllE ,lel cnntr. . t . is $ i I "I i lltl lir P the Ie n l(lneiil wt u l, ;old ee t'tt.rhn ill'ltlUl i lkll ttellt .r l e the - l ll ie hy thle ll d (ilf ";l; I' :h"'l .prolsof nlul Aulo I ldo:res, and iother 'nmIs, hy Inse of", tnprihetl' ea o oretusders tn tota'l list snr. oft msedsils- cienctt that it impnossile ithe inlllltns lUi~n le pa 'this ultrv. its iiiinl fillhmild ,n d ,r re'ls e l hl liet IIs Illsi.ihll l le keptI in ltei C, 1Nt . l t ses l-s.-l he illnt s s is l s b l ther te- ittd s litils atiit sit tintls Isil llli, lsilltls ll a' h ei 'is ar t rIll •s.-on hu ;tired lluilhl i~l~l+t,i, hl it , alih tihose i TS i ll, tr . .od illi ip t stis lt Stt cnt;. At t d . 3tllhti, t ,l-va. ,ests - nit ed-n t i , itsti l s i its i itti I t : lts withi isnl l lint clin 5,e t lt l wills t s s to t nit io | niti al sltsssii- it . . Atsntiotstis li lltsiialt hI S1).. IV ihack,IS . is rotmtr, a~lhurr"llll. d l pp'ic".i-s . I .:ul~i| sl tI.tus-, shslt. Slt a t ,t- ii a-il I a lslsu-,a jolst .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . nerar.'r-. re etirtiii iit wh t h ; rie i l t r ert Ii rit with , " -I rtt erelt't lht Tlt l l 'IIntit , lper iillt i la r , I++ t1 I lln l l, r . I i* hhI~ IIh. I i~I,. + ! i 1++. (PI ('I~tIH '1 I.· lilt' hll l .lll Flillt PIT I4.,llrlr( le rt.lri' err c-hi' h. e n.. '· '.'hl) I{I+ t liti (l-llt.-t.i l Iit t'llh .iln P eetlir tt r Irit l'' ')l 14 1111 .111 Ith Il't Ih'e~t'++ + +1,1 " II) h++II(( , IP llh.+It liB ,,1 )I l-eI r~trti~\ t rn. r ri,,l ,r! 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Th i'll( .l.ct wh;eh they b ive', ruc eL in tii rl t d i rbr r c. ties, h ; et e l*·d Ilwith the gall a 'ill le ,;cc'o` i)t which t ll' lclu'. l ic ren+r~lcts caI be givtil. Aeril re t Nc 1ir- 1 J sosre.JNO. •1'L.ORING. .rinro.[ 'l l- t t l er i l IlENSIn' iI~Er.,· Car Orler'irer, .oin re 2, 1n r:3 r , i l hr7. J i all ' I Le r Is I lh e s l l r l l I e. rl. fi r i l I IOWANd II 'ONIC illXTUFE, V lEN yerini tree err yt'relrrrred itiee tier.a 'l e t rirrreiurl adititri rirrltltr'hli rrrbtri plante~d e lry o lthr n e tii or prrl A r mi wihltrer v iuirrrrtrenhcttieeriknrdtitti "Inelurce ngr Aiey i t mler ite d, uri i· e ev diirit.r A ii'h r l ith tttite tllll t .rt Ri- h lir I ltit ily i I Ih' leis · IIPIIL J Iri+ W llC! Lle l nll O L it l l+Pt . o 't . i ll il-lt. of Ahem<).lc I mrl~·r ·(Is& IIIo..,tt . h:hez ail II r+1 t .l K++'I-I e¢-.- lo ..,a I {.J dli e+ n |fi'S Io l ..~l i V WII lil I"il O·Il h oie e rt'nee ir p T I-I e r r tllllllo ilt ll Iirll. 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The Beayou ,arra or Mail is clared every Tlluesdtv and s " Frida, at8 Pl. s. Is rnt atlnd returned by wnetrnhlats. The Alexandria at Red River Mtail is rent irregu larly ly b stiaiiots tovice a aeelt. IOtivlt'lvt. E Ol liviR tc MAIL. Wardar.ldny and Clune at 8 tclcak, P. AM. Vatanrday, t Coast MAIL. tir lda:_v and Closerat Rulo'clck. P. M. I AN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER a cicaea mare of this itairp.ior Cologne water, just r traited an for oh. bV thi e duoz.n or cingle botti. Alao American and iFrench toilet p''wders, powder ufllf and Lhxes, sliaraig and taile saenpr,costrcte wash all, mlill ll roanie, t uniEti, ulold crania, ratras o attoak hlm,beilll. Word'u vaaaetule i'tir oial, pom tlam, 'IE un. e, Florida. velnu r, rose nn tIcd siaters, I'rce r aas snts, Acarseillcs itait'tircrv in trunk tlveeta I td liaid ruit e CahlArio ad Orrin t tooth washre cnlhi, ta ar.di, nil aid flest rual ie t;ogether r wivli at additantt l nply of fashoaele iall slita i ad haMll by ci l lMONS, ris is I r" o&O rj t t .! s . . . .. 7I i a ir t i't . tt' er r ae . T rIthn. unteruienCd havilaryt irtlr r ndhe.aira Ia ia n relli l)in nii Atthi aera, in 'lie, taore Carpwn 'd bS . Jid Exa , at e of rnpr f Tivll i ierrr eni'd nritn 1a ikb, repecirlulln aitieji aishtra aif . llItlic p irii d ii nlle arel nl a Itile favors iof li fu ter 'c.'ienar. ' lie Ciarte aenk t Dins, lnetiei~me~and oiara' acirlca is trlct an,. eaa lly si ,cld. The frlonal:aigat nal ae par lirrllndzw e " riz : rive al sd,". i, 'li'z avil| Pns dters icrl, r.t and trate, p 'atceiv iig a'cruea1 a rkn indi p. ert, tv debiliy, gi!ain -lr, leadaclae. tadiit' 0 ,t h i itliilnt, luhhilliutl ctcaant1 carMF, cuta. alel iiiv alllli ,&v, &. Catperaen's Fluid Extret of aaeraparilla f plrh In tlhi !iva , odoidd and cubrlt &c. $uw'nim'u Paia eirn tod Verniiilg. ; Blititih an li,,,e,,? atei, Oeiimcl'ioi. tr. lReli'ia, L q,i, rive, jitli, aad, (-iaaa lve parte T1.,,lh 11'1lii-",l . N P.Pa arii 'ae carv lllic ¢Intt ir i'". all ara rtint.h we,?' r rea ler pl. iird hexes 'raiar ' ! i''tel, hii lie, chIr te teoth watht ntwitlr irall's vnoa bet, Inrranice's aented a n tanne. fl tierr, iri, laaiv'a'ereand l'Ibrida attere, ,ii li it ir qipli'ie lleatlat,,d's .tlrtaa'a Oil, Old. vaeiler aite other naeivia, indlible marking ink slip, ' ir loot!, ilt, &a'. Spa ntail relined thale ltil. lhay's Liniro A ti atutssirveit atael 'l'hla'rn''ie.'ri!cn Sa 'c.2 (EORGIE JONE ItaiwANii'$ l'oINI AnIIXIUi:, IFor eaatment nild rue of tle Flvner and Aure. T ,t ill Ii ie realt dicveine md , iher be ' tIe1nic Alixt f l lre iur itlltertl t the trdiunrt In e of tenting e I iel e lnl AcuI'. In le lirst J Ih a.i, Heng an Veg a nl , I:xlnct, alrd fiee frlll na dentarlins na. l polison] au. in ai i eenr i mi i na Ie Iieu witIa ti e tn r asnafe e Ive It. IPIIIItrh Il' r nl. u, nr Id ir:~tlid. I "I;or YI'xiS rTlln eal'lhn dinIpo, COntI arIII I, nillil Iniiniii ln'ulilh iii toll ted c i, lld unIi 'lvala . It e.l.b illIt's II 24ll 11 11o 1 |s, I miiii ) na rn I rllii n , y lllt llmlllllt+ l vld I t r riiwhso theen*lolhPl I ta rlts. gliIA liiinrl i ( ainilegf l iepla ri i qdan ,i. Irena na, I luterl e st et , This ,oiiwri er "-r to reatll e t aperdie n rd bil thtlrmnllhy f ,Mnrble a t le several or cas l a die.tion, wo d t fhe hrnefi na the nil:ernl ilal halant alanr II I'i nltli, lian s it a ir le n pprea redn Ih ividil., uiii r tih li ..'at fi i. 'Inoie lllatiie,t + lllal n 'i-'+ii I Ill III e I lCl I~ll allll1' . I Ia IIi I ial n Aý "it I t d o oIt anllll ) t l {lli e rtan nuralr,' te tp e - ll.d ( 11 illCllt I'l h iliv AIoll) tllllr rl n j I, rily e loi gel " lflll lh .1,1 ,Au ,.',PI ,.fil:'e Ag t. , s very IIi i t i , in th e a t ll 1 . l " ' l ll l 11I.n tt 1e ] 1+ m u c . p rl lr a e ti it ae l A or' a alcllll , i nenlhll aiilP :mdIia t ic , y fal n Vic. III s, nIr IIIIt ii..' t alll IIe 'Ike i olllla it iag al ulreia {].' ] tII Irul -'h i rt 'a el enblt ' le n.,, ir ll(a it lTihac 1"' her' y III l l il- 1111' v has.-lsh1 .e ,.illltln t I o c1.p i ln i . a t lll elIll ll i . ri Plly I I. t oh.n tajli a Il. ,I'II nI ip II ale-II ii'a· i 'cnl e nte .t Ills r liea iuu' .. lnirn of111. i .hlediti.., &Itut rpe daiNylt y ll i a ll4et I ] 'l. .N'{.n , 1nl:'rh ie, ir,' jhillh ilia. 'le dllh h 'I llla x l NCWr1 til',It ll 'E. · n anil nne far th tree, nor h ti , hulld rt ill , ,, ll 'j ]lie t IIhe +, a t I'l' an r.- . ", lro ' ".: hodi l . retail r ln , -\ Vlh i a n. ill lh- e ia na,'lit la. Iil i iU an ti(I 1 i ll lllllllil t aim llltlllPaTt p .i' lllll.lll rl . I alnll i r'li llaal , Frlllti r. al lt lir:..e al :'., Y,+lia and will k,,eii i s 'li,, t ly an a il a ' llaIl'a l ai& I lrallit l M rhha . aldltinn iler. I anll i nllth nIal A .il , I Or iiteitlllal ToIanic Irnl (,rann ama.' tiefle td an d plain ila rn nd lalterl. 1 1cltrrifl doellL i hlin the Ieirttl. "tnne I nll d at rl:0 ILt nottlien. 'Tlhey have firnt raln workmItenL Lt I Cae work. 'A t - ATIM a, . n.r. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA ,ew ivlelis,e oev. 14, 837. SBOL"I' rix li Ollhs Dao I had Ne Jinlr me tOl geat L a er! dio , kets, r l hi h- I i s e n , ) lin'd of eshi - rhll d,,ehtrs fIr a cure l. a dllll Ie. d notill cu tIeI ) e, now 0ou the bove date I pur IVde Iler ti, rae or I)cort I ae, od I exl oi tI cure n ie. le e It tile h oee i , l r.' g tn , iu . o break t ii large ler is oIl i t hellllllr r nlla .ix r eiglht In 6n t leg, alI all OVrl lly rIea, eli rt llt thrall, tdll nlt ble to work at he ipr eovll llllll i an t llln iii r ile diseaeo ; large i lcer on the righl Hid, u1f Ihe throat. I at noo p rtting ml|yself coelthlihlly alderth caere of Dr. Illhe .F P mris, ito be p.'lily curd JOr0i. DEApN. liit 14lv D )O CE/t''Ii'Y hllntt hllwe ,ve men oneonl Ihieensa is | wi hr ell rr e d to 1y a o w n i lin i c tit , fo r w h idr i t u i, r in; ii c (lreoer iac li-.e te at tille mear. 'Till niple wll ea Illi he I"nL'to anoi ' Iltd rua of eaive:t itiel i-nit Iler, irnt i g . t' A e ie , n nticl 4 i 'lbs 'li c ,, 4ltl Capti as Irr . Isahad, Fuin. '1i I I.l74 i.r d lo r rlli ('lhplil 1id d li' ai: onla n~aie to 1tIe, call a t Ni. ,0 hGral ier I 0,1Al nIA H CO'S Po1 trnandl w,,d e Orle... Li a of Paekwt i s.--'l'h, new line ol hipo ies bee l ,xpri, 1ly huith to run ret.t oo lh, abov. f%-':i: i wil'v ....... o.' . drdo of watler: eiF'eia .II':ili.',. r p;t:eveolnera, and er efr.e.t sL i ill be ininioddyoe yIea e. 'eve oid thle fr ; lowin sh loips: (:'llitne,, i, ud5 f ile,:a ltmt..1 lrding, inarh UI, 4le1 do S LemistE ('hal , le T, 374 do ee 1) eldridge, a. 62,5 do : hianrker. e;aml , eill e11 do J flwevr, l' lhny, 625 do) 1) Ifunlphrey. he nlnleve hlies ltre all nes , elof Ithe first asll, copptr felthnltd and woeered, commranded by ilman ol'"grea expericlle5, ha l've I 2nR io l Iao:odatiola. wi se alillltel Le.nieiilb;ery d attentigo wieI be l ltid to pit Herer'at , and 11he very te t of atorel pro The+ packts will be towe, lup and down the Mis ::is..ipp, an~d Ithe .ricehst p ietucal 'y ,e t.ervetd in the IO llliu el ..;ulllg, tllid s)holdllh the reglular vessels it.lied in arrivilng other shpsequally as good ;ill n all eaofl be sIll it lell. A share o patron agiI.e is solieited, ain tie agentri pledge Ihelniolve, to fCCOlllliloe iev Inasm ieh is practicable, to reeililvo Iandliilllrard gohOds bly s id lillent atthe astL loader. lit, lid to advaInce all expRol ne on .ood lhilppedl , i1" .hreqired. '',li eli.p wilvl leave tlhe llt nd 16tC i of ever. nloilh. E'or lrtiglc t or pav eiag b Iie ply to the alenlt. I A c M li oIlT11ic i 2 Coailn, n 1 llt. Nd. IB. lviiiecetllent ll i ileiilil ooinaignntedio 'O Il'eeetla. A. iC. L iombard & Co. t.Ai''l'.eIN eI.lIyiAn'Ie"S eNIEfW NOViELa airnm ei the Relfeir, by thell allhor o Petler Silple, &l i ev difols a e'udnOurf.. or a IEJnt.r IS Wallis lti.fiel ti Lower fivt, l , Cltai: h aIiu Iall, Royal Wavy - F. 0. La.ord ul./dna, a oratlle,;1 by v 1c A lltllenighalmn, vol. hciepv rl I.r writtcll byi llhnelt, in 2 vles. - C'(.'ourlendi rs ltisl oy t J I#anly, raslul ated from ill ighllll hl Nall, h nlllll'tllll (;reee, ii1 voel. i or lihg iNo. 7. loi 'lii.rler'e Liiinilly iboary. Vol H: .I Iof*lie ieW lic ya llele nlloinilL ier edilion (if Il' iuglol l tea r'ill&. ' It orka. Iro,'r's I,'rvar' anl l'egiixTh Dictioary 0 .in I vol, leo. V,'u+,.:, ,'l, eu ( t nd Eaytlish D)icliutar#. 1l.s.--.ºll Iiw llrO cienn of 'OlIhIIIIe'a Pnhrenologleai liehzi." l.large, Stlrveylr'. oo +Illllll:+Soa (4 uper or liae l. (i (Moi'oli' l hu iio d inlelale PeI s,ja n laeld papers, weinlshfi. SL,,ot received, ca.d far sale by art( BENJ. LEVY. I If:: JI.;ICI,:, ItF.Y A+ND Vi. IITPE WAX- • "1 Ile utirn .Pr Ii;1+ rIn ls reivd ,lit ievoiee of Ihe bIoveP ilia ofIcili tram I lanoa , anl otiir. Ithea, for sale ni very reasotllll+ 1, t rltr. ',17 I IIIt.,N A N IIIt 1:I,, -3 " Pl'ehpiloulaA IIII.)N I; Ii11 I'S _Til e I Ihllere heta hlve procll redu all"';1' 'I, w .'rr ml h+li r., nitl d pniv,+ar a wll joer , I nd .rr . r ti, I 1. h . anldI War.. rl,.rf '(',rms mav .. .ý.. .1,, . rnit ei ii++i I -- -en at , ur as! Ihi sllh lne opll+la, ,h.. 1l;xi1 ': r 4 n','I'r T iRIpt' 1 ,talllll.51 eF H Co GI\tELL`a Co IC• "

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