Newspaper of True American, December 10, 1839, Page 1

December 10, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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L~jici~12~ [~N'S.N E\V ORILEA NS, TUESGD AY XlI )I~NJ G, I) E1CI IIEMBE 10, 8RS9. Vo~r,.--V1 ~n. 9275. Tl'erns of tle Naewsp.pctr fIress of New Orleans uuaininil ii1.1 ngreed tn}a n al etlj,*rllnlrlmlui~ctnf irl It 1ci ccro irecur llt c.ih i o th. lt.h of llar(,n. lil.t7. Saiisc:iirrilccs - I'wclve Dillirs for hed ailv pa n alu I, p-aYable ai i-ausnanlly in ldvance: tell dllar lier th, trii-wceekly contry plaper. pvayablle one '-iar ii a ileoace, cvllere nII city reicereaie ii givnll. ,ive ilcella for le i .s hV-.i),; i:tvcellle in: ilaccacm . NI. s illrbsrilptiol will he disclontluned until arreurngesare esdttlel. In case ol dii col ti nnualinci ac o e wel' notice "n ceilpai alllut nc ilsvarial y given, lrevilno to th xpirantiu-nio iulsari ctci. Anvnarlsian.-)) dollar perqlcarei for tile first nrtiin, and hlif that price for eachl sublsequert .ni : na. material altlratilan frm. thlai original aldvecrti elent will be chlarged as a new ione. Y.cIsr ,inIvacRTslccaa..--lireliciis lnil 'fri mC, arty ilcllari ril Euc;ihli aleo, and aiaty iir baotl Inna fi a 'g i s ; Ilaak n , I nntiacI Cer Oi in 'iei. c d O rll s i ai : tabllic institnitiini fii y d.,lcri in a nalial only, aul tiglty fir biath ilailcg eR; Shlip nand iti.nalboit Foe ors, or C.,.ocniiaia, merchants lixty dollrs in Englioh no, ancdleighty for lbothi langiuaes. MRnanlaEs, Oelircriny Noerces, and articles call ilug tiie itaiitiiiicif the pcilllo IIu oales ni prolcerty, aarlt aif i)aS'llgei.-l IeltlzroctC . d.e. wihi lie elrrciel=d one dollar pea salllrlr for the hert inasicrion iu a oc la Coo i'--nraci- , ar Adlverrlsi.msli. if nnv per.... 1 ancatre, wireas andcniilhle. alnll be cltargie'd tuble, ,IId n aclvnnee. A ldcautiin of twaents-el pircent. will lbe miade t Auetiolnicer, Slher;il, IRetgisterio \Villsiand 31ar.hials onl r.lres ol o real nSllte, ilolihed in botlh lntlgillaes, anrd 5t ler cetot, in ISgllish alone: 10 ploe cct oi sailei a; oilier property. Airvit esr.IcaiTs out of tile dlircet line of bIuillev of the alvertiser, sullh as legal, RUCtion, ui l ai.dt: lotll sales, eilloaity' slalci-% stiv tannicnt'ci &c. &v. will blt calarirg fcllt clclianlcly, ad lat tle ictlilntry ertCt. AiiYLcIl.S:Er.rI'rs 11c1I speiecie at to tillce, will Ibe pnhlllshed oucE Ulalnth lllll( ·l ehrrrll nceOrllII-lY No advsreiceoorccti (t' Iiicok eiitciie will be )ubliche d n nllay eae, inalean paidi tlir Ire vice s tI ill8·.ion e prlinSeIt .cg[rlnlroel Ic v a ccpyr lllccsiille pliraou in town. i'utlnatlcs thucl iotsler ploncs tit tanmedlnl tnelw[sar i *laily ori ithe lsCiaI. oe chlarg ed c10ousr higlii ai luace, cicl $1510 in IcalInnciogiicaua.. i All nclllaln .lUlrticai b . cc .lilaci ' flr pnliteital olihc . will b chirgecl dotl th pioriICe of Ierio adoertisc lii g-- ti i le i lllcanU o li C Ills t illels Ii clalP e pelc rc pleraeiictcre, n ll, v Ilcvo Coic e Is tila clllllln i ll| Ihli ilc Iaa-lli of persoais whlioi aconlltas cv itlcvcell caicl wtl i I one inonth after prestaioltio, shall Ice luad knuwa (.so far as Iractieableh to iecahl othlcr--thley oliii gisigl themseleis ini tic aclvterti€ oririniifi r ouch ilclinallaislltalo l ill cs ae ol adnanree panpoonls. psignod) J, C. ti Scr. 1hOM11ES J. IIAYON, P. P. IEA, J. C. PILENDERtGLAST, JO11N (fIISON, IU MSI)IEN. WVeekly Prcess.--We. Ih. inldersieied, agree to albide by tilht alove codtitions, as ltr as they are applicable to -ieKal Iapers. I lid a rcl) A. . LAWRENCE, N, sliscriptions are taken far les. than 6 I.aterir iusti.ic ill ecsres bo l ttic d. - ERROWG&TN SPRINGS aaonig ulcir vcrccllllcc ,icv Alicia ci. TIIRE DAYS JOURNE Y FROMl NEWV ORLEANS. l~iE pI recr if dhi eothtillcncns ha the Iecii a l sre, "aanmlue(IIIIIII to hiis triend~s uI 1tI. tiellllllic in, tlitt e will Ibe ic relie-tla y lthe firest a liV of MIv tI receire aiitiir. lo wtill also llsat icer thilc -= aeill of lhcei ilc a clictallcce, itci t ieee Icatce hleccItI Icicec' ilncrovemaenis miadIidc, lll illlleri nalw gcoicg ou citt ill rapid Irtcire ni fiir cccliii Ieticic, wcliccili will (iccccile tIhe .ilc.ber;ser is ae ic la U(c a ciccici lirlar t Illcccc cr tihilli hertatlrlre, anid at tile SameU@. tinle much better. Falsili can Ibe accoiiclacdted . it l goid roomc. or Ihlere w'ls ire I,.ler call lave largi calcil a ciched from tle~ lua I~ll i IR. t ir leec i llllnct ccnccv .ry to say anithillg in partiellc lar of the cltrccler cl tle.e c-tcia. lf ii' iis geilll' belicved that ilhey are ntc icflrior tll lly in tihe i oull erit S iats. All tile ncIascll'lcl ccll- tIcI Ilc .cc 3l flo cllcc \l \VcIterii 'lutees will hIcc Cf, Illl at Iic . 'ci c besL WVusic ItIa th is prt1 cf ticl clulcrV c lce rds , lcn sgialge , andul will bi e icll csci tc t c ttllrlalclc at t. e Sllrins durilq Ie whoe a.,e~l H1on.1 'L h ri dulri.ei il wlcc i li' lf of ili oppurtunit; iretrc ing Isis uctiicned cc hall ka f-cr hi r- liherl s11) .rt LgiYvn hlill b t : enlll.Slind hop es hv Ihe .xer tioln ta t have been us idii n i| mlprnvi and extemlin. 1he a t rolniuodatilons, to metrit a liberal paiut f.Ii Stilifit seieecJNt) iILtcc . 11t1 1YW1)11 ;'-.')l1i, bit(.? \\' ,\ It t:.-- I I,,'.;, F;,.i~ai. U;-.-i, ;t#, bI llurPrH nlld whede,.:tle tealR s ill sdlh!P Tr i ,i isqaidl e ti , lt t . ht r Io r ,,r (ttock. ii il(alll p 7 Y ac ill. ei it (ii J c -r ie c i thl t li r tic i.*, a, ,cIII I callt clrl t, ll' i :lc c i z:i dt l do (pTm1i, 1 1 dr) ddo 11r, an d, dcag dc S rcc ,le- c h c kllan r. lld Illng. ibr lll' nu, b Idic a tu11sic p ,1 t iii cccI 11 h-.ill tccla'St il-i as adppne c miciii ns cl-id c fl ldjtI l iil1. e lieglih-iI lR dV i lc'i II I.iruiche dc l rclv, enrl and waon dio ticllr. la !scg doubllll e ands nt le; i vaices; Ic, dc l a del( b.asi , Ith lu~,+s es arlpet brlgs; hbe.,t ino rlne e ith,.er l o Trcluncks, brass i ailtdie ; Icac her hlc l t tI do11 ai..Forled sizt,9 sld v riorlUS styles; holsters anldt pistotl bobls; enach, glff sulkily, iwig ami platlhr c..,,i*. woo,ot w.,tlated, cotlt,) aint loather .!irthe and oursiunles; mitany lea, her-; lI l~l cltroi trn, wi rsiel rin wcic ; cihaln illic d hclc tI ,lcl siicii blind tcrtdl c cncd cile.; 8 o- ch cc llactc, und ,rsi anl arUl le collcar c, ltl al ltllatid s; inI. ricci. l ~k t I,., ep aic -il, alo tkicc ; pl ted bra a ancld teel briiie bits l vc ry descriptiloln, plated, brats anIdI1 sleel spurs ill every descrpllullp ; lhcliet, IrcUscl lcd stecel salcruid Uf every disctrIiii till getqncr li h a callllllel e asscr rlmaelll of u'very irticl inhcreirline llf busness--ll t hicich Ihey oile r alci sleon ollll icUic iiti.Lt tlu rids. rh i.y will il0t c iccn in iin r, cecve hiciugcc tgict year, Il,)- Ii ekets fromn New Ycrrk, flest supplacsc Iic kecp hleir stcki ampill l II aIid cllllllleie. iKOULc-:. I)AVIDUSciN & cc. IS 15 CIOce st. 111: .) 1 MI11: l 1111·1 11 1/1 1 Il~lli illl l :(itr1 11l( Slt. 13 t~dir cricl Ic the Ihicrtndlt vf i'erlccrc, lisi it·i , i Uc i ill tit , ci" r-.t fcIn ci. ti r. Joi.isi-c fl ii t icaI .I lnl-.ao2l f t lc y il V 1"* itlnet - p i l rs Iii t c.u cl l.e , dc vltc ,ed h l t .l tl o., 1tu it pll V eIi i lr e al Ili wa.(. attnd fr u ht-. pre-,t + tc.iiii (rltils l ic ltur~i l" h i i. l lhtii o1, " i cih ilflll I- llillil , c-eecllll,, si tacldi .d with nlty of iht, ithilowiu. diiseae,tte . vi/.:- oilutnrrh I , tlebtel Mr"g iIiI t's, tjlr uI rts, Ihlbu% S miciial leakksc-aa, Allcicc i s ofihl lthadi ler, ticilc a, iu. trc ra, t int eSutact tic , 'cwec lln d lIesaich.c Iruplons i- t the i kln, Bor. Thrtt, , ain, in the loilnt; AIni the nuluronusynl om;tlul which generally fill,,w his iiseiase. I ct.l eall s ellreI ill two or thile·? tdays wihliout the al, inerrclticci tea bulciniess, or shora tilan in Ilith nlitiE ofliviig. A iielraeiae tr pIecclt Veanereal tilease can he oil inhied cf ilr.Johusuia i t ii in liii ta e iectpi oi the Ilatiron Icarry, a calicliractel F;'rencih ci urgOcIc ainal waa u led n nilu dlaring tIe -.ove rul tiuii inia iii c he acrva'l .unegccln diclla.rc.l iliil eih a [,ellat, IIAr11y. Salt Iy Iv'. Johi.ioai, at li- ollice. Il hi wrsonS aiilga lly nll'tilio ci' Venrtalll Diseasel, and iboullt alkilng ai vovlyage. or ralnoicl to Iie cioettl, wOlllt do wccll hy giviag Dr. Jchnaon ia ccall, as prer .nti cines iur tllheir cnrle ihi iel sllrieca ti cla n cu:l be ut up , cith wrine e direticcia ,cc i +hiir ate. Otliceeiculro l fr c 7 In tito crnilg uentil 10 l'c lhck al night. AIIEItNETtIY'rS I)YSPEPIIC El IXIf. I)r. Aberl.ethy the reeltt of le n Ce!r h wals piiatlln ttat tllll-tenth.s of the drleaes tihat allee munkild origin, te in the staltch. T''hiis .lhxir a used btV hi ll with the llmot unplreedelted sucl:es il ta pirivate a l Ipullic a rlctice ftr ilupwarld of ryl years', fur the remivll olf rha flllwing dlelse:s: aolr inention oile , lfant'rerrrf the tbellnerr ic ll reilln l leep i lrre.ntllrity ot the llels a lll n ill ll cnase wh-ree lnd l etdis t rti (a rerr tite lrts fiuntI li 'ri tinellite ine mtst not he n nertlinel anot til ulrt of qlua k otru lllt now h.le'e the tht itllic, as it is tle lqole inv ti oall or I at hleto and i nts :iellltific ,atrL ny Fturo le t e her o rd llllretr a ll h tYhe r ucruetif t , it wasl1 It|.lu l tlaIed by rlhle L t" iII-p t for a : ll- r lltl , large m. t* is +R:l.-Ine ona.'rqueancrtto tire dirtt, t sielen ary life, I irt.vr.nlwaye tr le d, thre b rr:le i te, illreet l igIti frd rtee igtn r t l, thle ay itritu, "dtel d evrr'l eral thy-ie ie tI, arnltfew b:i eaf r r rin.el se.l l rio ntet rIlralletl aesL ir Iiw erpei er lrrdte rv mior, frieendl ts irtry A arlt aniy Ila.lllld kni l n how tio expre mtr CI'II.V Liration ofl ira wlore l i e ln th i le it peroiod. i rttt leit si rt I. NEW Yth ou,17 h .ipirtll, 1331 r :3I rmlal1in aur trem. tn Ih-l re.nnral lane q ftiear. 1i redlr in ncrry nli, Ie have bee. troullllt d, ir lre rlr i res, wo iter ltdigle.ati fusr t ell s; for, Itie lar ftlreer ierre d I tVllatldligRrr ar e beer ierjprtrrrwlble. I tart trird Cwerr c t lry-ir-irae, tsand , lullls 14' O\I aIpk TI \ asirlP l le II, y relief, atrlrine d 4yVRelfl trtherclrtrri etllejpirr wat peruadellr byrrrmte frrrrndla.r tee Ivtlrerrrtlrye Dyspeptic ralixir. I irre' I rat o iniIhed thrilite bot h wonderrrerl irtrletr rttndlthetrtirerrn:le perfolrmerlirr resturinrlq to ,o thlat Ilan l which * I. Ittaugr trit tir-. ecee. ierlete in lf a daeeattrttles a t e ntee erril 1 rthlarnkrttar fr etr btlesrirreea yea tate r i rrerllre cc storirng ut te ptlrret health. JCOrt MOtNIrOE. & N hi'IS l[ et u' rf ihe origirtal title iof rererr ini t t re s Iene rrtt at' d in iirtrree-, aie (sale 1, .t iX 'I't)bi 'h ti, Je 49t Uitrtipst I it) lORRIlOIDS. ."AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-Thi. ex traordinary clnteieol compation, the resuo! of ocienee, and the invewntin a eelnbrail d redi eal mai, tlhe introda'' n of which to the publhI was invoated rwi. tho nolelneaty ot a dealthbd hnqlost, Ihas ince gained a reputation unparalleledt, fanllly nsutaining the correctness of the larlentecd Dr Gridley's lat colfi'rssion, that hloe dartedt not die without giving to osterlity tio beunefit or hi knoledgeo on this ultjectt," and Io timrelicrta hqueathled to hin flirnd anad attendant, Soiualonr flays, the eeret of' hiti dirsovery. It is now r eed in theiprinpilal htspitals, tnd tihe privaote prtliceo in our countllry, first aul Imst enrtainly an tile ctre oft tile Prta, and so extolln sively aned oh sltally n tlo ballle credulity, unle r where its otec.s are witncssed Externalrly in th.: following conmplaiunts: For D)ropsy--Creating extraordinary absnrptir' at once. All Swellings-Redudcing them ill a Few hours Rthotmnatiat--Anota or Chronic, giving quicai ease'. Suro Throat--Ry Caners, Uteers or Colls. Croupn and WhItpeg Colughi-Extcroally, and over tle Chest, All liruiea, Spraira, and Bulrns-Curing in a fowr l o.... ' Sores andl Ulcorus--1hetlrlr fresh or long standing, anit fIver sore.s. its operaltion ualrO adulte aed clhitlren in redua ig rhllornatirnr swelliegr, and r)t)lseniner coughs nad tightne.ns of tt cheslt y lriaxation f lcthe parls, Iran been surprisrirlR Irryartl cr)nolrrn)tilr . 'htie crmnon rerknrt ola tholr ewhl., have usrot d it in tit latoe ir a [L aeets like a chrar." TlF IILI' rtES--'T'he pIrtne, l is rrunrdael to any I arsn who will are a httle of Ilay' Lianirienet liar the P[les, and return tie ecnpty bottle trillht' t beinrg ecrrad. 'Th'.se are Ithe prsitive aralers of tie prcltriator to the Agents; alI ac t taof crany thao. uands sold, n et one has Iterrlla InsCes.sill . We mighit ialsrt cerrllcate: s t ay le tlh, but prefr thlat tlloe who sl ll thie iarialh, thrachal ' chit tire ericuital tr archasers. CAUTI'ION-Nou e can be genuine wi-thlout splienldid otgraved wraplcer, on rwhlich is ary narme, cad aalso that orthe Agents. SO)LOIMON flAYS. Srld wholesale and retail, by CO\S'I'OCK & Co, New York, ard by one Druggist in nvery town in the [tltion. For rale by thie Wholemaal AcentO, corner of Conmnon & 't'ehoupitoulas streut, and hy tihe Apothecaries generally. jo30 'ORllS d& Car N,. 3 '8 ha C uoa c eara, ,are r,,w r.. rec ivit t ng an'I ,qenlrl+, thi1t nlost , )lenidelt. SU lialllll and alshancar ' -l h *ck of Clolhine tilrc hive (,v cr aathb l d in Ih, as marke, crrsisr ine r I,, , art ccl a frc lar .c . nrria lears: hluer hi+r a lacka ' et " e. a, arc'h lrc Wl,, aitous ealiv,, [oradn SIno nlld 'a ldc n Ot IP Irck ,l r dr . area arle; cpivlr, " orall c, · s i ll :l ra ia rlar le ' kar( caaga ei RtI ly firea il i ni ert Iv ata pOca l l a i tr s-irn re id ctilul illl ,eln+2hd ·sh ult l rl( .ccll.h eancy alnd p l ,in -ilk d al setan vtast' readl ew markat comft.; en,;lish s n I frcad h a' Ia v aa d ptna n r ,arl' n l cl-: c ahualsa, sllkt-a eh r nd c ar n-ellsl ic Sli . ll""'lrld ; 1·hnlll l, iIll2~ ino' lanlIUn h'S wooll, wels fln.lo rll silk IIlc, (rttlra n a , shrls and a drawrr s: linl, alll carl I a- IIF .rhcraic r', cailh lacn a,,'rae-a ~ i, 1 i t r 111 ] n ; ,v,,r· lccl r a ' l a nl, i n ha ostnr,-a'' s l, ol i ll hrellas ; " loc al, s ' llin m n Gll vll (t 1',- :l s, Ib(R'e I(II lhl tll t h. ( ,*t ,, 1( h \1te llld+ (r+..el+{,hl ff.1 baill+ ca.; .ralrhat tdmi, , ' bra alllllll l I l p ai Irl i, 1 r lnd tub o'iI~ mo wn1 . (1111, rnd tr . $1 k, lP m w,,,l% ,rlrl,, crn n,, rrac~ ' ,r ,,ra c l a 'arc ~ lt e i, ,n h ,II h e, ; .,It ,,+ h,.Mu h rt ill.v uI lr I,. , +"++illl( ,,r l , 1 I.+ .t ' u ,I i.,i - .,m + p. s ,,. , , )I N ,v. II: 91 .,+,l~ll 1., (·Tl 11 1 lnliottttd flit'l , st'II .%5++//j , e , ,I +I + hllll [ !,+tl %,`·· ith . , 1 ,Il cl 11111 /'.l+/+I+ -l h,.,l~l~l hll·1 +.ll !+t.l P I ,1 l~ r , C LIIIIuI II ,. rs , r= I thl' L~,_at,.h. ,,,+,t ', ht._% D.,i , ra r he ta' l +: 1l,! + ( r a ,~! . v l t11 I. ,l .ll it .v ar]arar L X ·I, I ll. It" I a 'lllrllra p a I . - i| h <o , a13 at r Ialr .l . . 1 ar a oh , rca' 'cre ar. irr-Caca rc ' a% ccl c-c' la-rca ' 111 : If cc car r, aca ,,,r ,nac arc , car' cc'. i t I ra' cr b,.lll Ira. arc"* rr'ar'n'l rara c' I raeIcl a~i. h'+t kL,.% }i race ca--a arcilf II.h t - lI l +h.4. ,1 air+s'laric ,, ra l airl? Ec I , +r ,,, ,i r ;IIN ,hr.,9 , [ I A I':N .l!,obile ii v i1oher I:ln, inl, n,.,,i:n ly ,lt IA he arrii al oF i he m ai Ii roi N ew l r hi.,n n l r I h I si tll- o atll t E u e:LiEo, oII Il'Iuke lil, ; iuchesl t Ilt ' ,nsa l., t:d thm e ll ier I I[sa l Iny)l to (.: llr I.llUu ', coa(hes theIn. via . .arianll CI. (h:liil;ll. cherl (tihlly .l ollllt I IIII . n bon,) lialnbthl.e, I)'nl'ertn; eIl kinmble and Iillis. \ille, to ngusntin. A p:as'engrert'tkia,; Is seat ( :l ll AII bIile is in io dngee of bein llg thlown ot or losinig hi prel.lence hy tother conflicting iterests, as lhe "11l.t10 I)A LINE1 Is bIllt onlll colet , llland sIuder I !ne m 1,1 c n tholgillllout, and Iyi rel\ W'IT l CME-WAI'NIT upon( hio rriiialiat A sust iill time s',ei:cilie , Irllghl nil o. th er land alt any senasu., s eos most inforeen iat.. lrophe: shrll occur. The (Great w Ne()llOrens li is arried :ll this iiinte. IThe Agents lilr eomOllollu till, T'e:mlhs, Couches mtl Drivers are not 'surpassed the southe:llrn c."I'ry. lThe smooth, hard, llnatural lIlOds, the sall l, andl inter cating waterl" navigatio.l the tiue and ecrommoIdatlion, lil d th le traveler speed, lertiil , comfort:' , and a plea l , ii my; co iiected ais it were' wiith the ill Io.:ul Chiarlestoin, S. C. ind the sle,:t palkets to ew Yorlk, itaelers cul e.a Ill Neiw York li'lo Nnew Orlleanls 1,SS TIIAs II D e--\\ 'as|l:-ic OI 1 city ill 12. Froil Chattaholochlee, Florida, we haven .In'llec I.ine via Qulmle :sId l':d',d absees, to St Marks, 4Ib h" post coachles, also twoA ILL Sirln s IL'tm i n i a ll Ine to \lilleclger ille, , in l () \I Mi con, llim:,, i Iw(, i!Ioi. iae i''mi, , n 'iUCk I').\S &, co. \Ii" , ", l I ;. I kldrt :t \lalsiont Iou a... Molbile Iiisl:, Iew (Jrdii I.n 11.i1, 13 )m m i' i ic ileh tt I , i n sli ) . A ll .I e o ('hl' sto 1 ' h:urliatnn mnew \(mk, 9401- 140 Time, N\w (O],'a to 1'.ilm:, _>sc hour[ lMobile to :,ugil, i't Aing' i ,N l o .i Illtti i i l ,lle 1 i l Chairleston to New b oiL', I I - .S. Mltking I,, miles per. day. or 7 nulles p'r hour, lndo si ve of d l stopplaes, uov II1 N. I. il lte. ' eve to i nlfrm the pulli Ie It th. ~ridges,)ver the C'lahao)-heswanp alid Hlard I.,bo creek ha e.lll It ll been colpleted y the II rlll:ll ge I govern. ament, (the, sbly obsincles operating .Igainstthis sa:Ie :a slpeed route :are thus hpllily reU)moved; will I h a t, plleasure o'le III I'S froml trvellelrs ih.t thie coaclheS,hllr. S. s, dhivers and tads are of the fir,' Oder; and as t, illl( water [l.ll l.e firomn cI sac htl: | ('eld'. Il ln' it it :ilitnil. ted ly :Il who himtvs pasSed thr'olgh it to he nsnp sse. illu lloelies he:aulh o II Sa lit l T'. 1"he bridlges thrtnltI,} e(; ,orgi hl.,iveao inihsee . ..p, iredI . .I .1 C Il .ll ,Il" J.\ \I ES'", ('hna.'l'T' IUtRE:1.1. In illother NOV IE:IS'I Challe 'I'yrr ll.ll, r t11 Ililter Ilh, (n', Iiv J i unes. Cl ''lveh , ior tihe Mio of 11, u r, hv .L, Ul'ler. I,.cdi hIlv:,le:., r Ite \Vt.I.I.Un If Hi t:r, byL dy LoIrd lir )lli 'haln, Sketl' .'n f PIIii (iI 'rlnrterI vols. Iii ,-It. t : I v ' ..< " utef i1da iu n the time of; tecgrie ih' IlhihI, 2 v It., iNiclhtlas N II.leh.y, N(o to 14. Jae. Sho'pperd, No I to 3. Adnm B1,iITnllll r henr n onf character, ly Jerroll. Isaiel l'.lu:i S .e hv 'I'ul' klbrml'in ll. IPnn .1 K(.ock: Tie M'irter .of Paris. lConcealent, l t new \oi l t 2n vol' . Ir:i I lc <t "enrlr r in bParauguay 'PIh IIz Iot (inp.dn K.d, 4 nensupplie. Itichbehmem, by Mliih.e. " E. JOHN~ , & Co. july 3Bth-3 w. car of St & (c'olnun at. t () Ii'l Nl I,' c.I \V sinlomm n'.i P ,io'i t-I, win L h Sh fle ... il)llll hi, Ill oIi 11i + I tn hlC lllln IlrP II i vlnii nari-i in I .ninnivolume $:1 tm74 minim wil he siid i e io mhicmmobIialnoian, or he)• i I.vot 'd or hie l IIIIe l te \V:it? hillgiun M Ill11anu a II Thistuly natlionil Work oinui to be in the hand, iof every ,\iarno; and eIlteri ior iii, aile nd l country pi pIiiisi l wili coini.'r i ,e to th iii I 'uie'volnln object Ib giving Ini. udvlrtitemn e ti I' i'l. l'lr n:. E, .liNS ,, . I lzent allg. Gth-In. Ci. it I( harm v i mo,,nst N lW MUSIC-l '1, Native. i i: I' , 'nve. il , lc in i rnllinil, re.' ii illa 'i; e .var I ) pa ir, r I dumt( yo( i r+e Ilnmb ,r t1he le)al.i ll -,in It ill the ll )luill llllmance; 'lll I \Vllil II ,e e f lo e p ) .: II 'hill I-lllna sllld ) Lovle Ih iii art ile, -uIInl hby :ii,. 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SNew mu l)l;e j uast reci"ived by Alex "I'OWAIt, aug 21 a9 Cnnp <t~lstoL G32JTTA VEGrhI'rARlIri,l AN INFAIr.11l'l: RF:MIEDY FUFR DP:AFN~GdJ..=1'l . c·a1o1,1l:e,* whicrh Ira call;;n ll iC'l Oil I,1iiii1illlu of Ili CiiC IIIIi ldll ri.l ls, Irun lt cl Fa-CA it, the {Vr~tll ovine Diii,-;l**rv (l'r I Cliii iI Iii- eve ul'd ealr) for w hmll l ItlnItlrs 1).11·"11 h..'," Iwen ohl riot.,; by 11.PI 1' ii ICCoiICI , tihd I ll llC·hruilu. .liniiui. I I Il lll - ItIIn", ruI Ilivel d from the IUti y'nl A,"udrmy of 1lru T(·EUIII1 in Turinj~ .llvwell i PC n l'rom I llll lllg lliii ''llI 1ullii, ui'd I',liile S llli 11111 ii:ui,hlai CC ', (:Jett.,, lint[' amuiL Se P-i iiuuifif iii PIP--i-.II KIII· I)Il iPI lill i'l 1dblYIl~ 11 ) nCie ml'IIdIIl,,:.rl{,u, ii, d nv ,I u I ,.dl C'IuuIOII,,31i t. Ewell ra oldie l t a t I V,, -llr hle Is, llrr clhlr t I'hnc :il i Gornuor c.ul~~l t. ,redyintr lwl-lu, lunoalle. vr clrr nlry iu I: ornp , orro l . li I. r T -r prlii. ,Di C o), r '1 , ' for from till hurt onarn)ll r II ai iitr Is to I Il II:IrclJI C llce1T Thro ecr !ti, wil hwhwh the ;)IIeI III ttu \',"lP 111 111. II ,, c llr FuillCO appluld t".un h attr ted h) ui o 'y h.,u "' ' "' ""' ""e'e DIllo iuCi li ld i iipnj. ii s ii Looi, I'ofhl, cin- Ii,,th Fields, nv olll cu!,, l a Kilg of the III1·* (:JI ·CII(f1 r. ( I 1Lt Dr Ta lo I t.. t~l:IIIIC l~l~l~ i i ii t I i' Ilil- il.· Au ll 1 ' ,ts is a i bTlopll~n l for Vic inativ '.be~lll to k~ Ili ·llrl- )Iy , Ihlrwll erul cu I lhr CCCII gua ii o1116. loot I ii i i'.11· li i T ll 'i l 11111, Gllt ul' ;,I w-ill ied hill,. lIi ire uuufly-uiCC---IP-i',l v"I·ll w mnn: antlered with dCIII)'] 111, 111i 111 1.0... :,sly IIIlesr i t InLon I I uI(' III i ii Iil iii..wels Che hi'1 her core ll, I on i n l ic liiiie iu ll IIn the --IIcI.II.LIt- l Ijllll 11 1( I u - (Gil i iuCDahi 4ll ilhiCC nioi- lJ esIdii ilrll viiil i u l wiii'kill. ,,,I i l to aariuglll I+..n, eon1I1 Il w hIut had he II umeuI( able l)..I I(I 1 III.·! + 111:. 1: ll· 1 III uii- li -i I)( i - ill~ -u,, 11,-p Clt· IiC:CU I I In III- c oyiliiC ~ t lii,-i:iiI-I time of xIr IIt rls,, k 1 rlly · e Wisg Il lloA nor St. It the 1- t y ll r I s . t Ir c v ( I ' ,f li l ur u ll u cr l'; Iv , w ll xr l .l I l l t I h r f o ~l~ l lo w i n g ' a s ' st t1ne hN :.ppliuuiu to +lull hul rrl11,1, CCI A!.ý ittCY uu Iillhi'idt.. Cl. ~ln ·\1.1.1iIIIIIIl 11CC -Cii CIuIIII,-Iii- P1( 11 Cl. tl I Vipi.uili; nIhlinold .Ip ' l Illiev -I ui·ili uuii- li-lu lllF..iuC.,t ICtluuut iII nllylt ICC)· 111DIIo IiD)ll·III·I Cilna ,i C Il uli-id'IyiC.-- IIii .1 ,1 e lu od- I 14 I .!u t I'u lliiii'l had ' lu i I 111, 1-i I--I' ..... Itold 'il d I!, wal·;ll aers rh~u. FII1 ) a'I t,,n II?\ ir, of llll I Ilitll· London I aite - llo u - PiIro. t l " , CCiIrw"o iii i. .i iijuii ihe G P. ren il Illy I' n, le" w,"11 , iu I!, uguu lion l dPI a i..,tJI t I· 1l·nhl I. eo.... i llr c I o sd'.leu ln ! I, r-,,p from ti cllicls 8111rr: A ail riel ,1' . loo of llh Lu, pi oil Deed h1 ?-I'Rr nll lllI ruirlullitr1,1 li d ul +Irlly lle Ilv rv tl lllC~ii ·.IIIII (I lid il In . cennr Il it·1r, illl I, l :ll IITO ' l . my alll IIIII: n well u, · I11· . ll'n Ilrrothesoi is all he ýI I:llp·oillty who may b are rrll-ell tc uIe h. vnorlll rl v v y illlrJI1I·I ,"lll .Ill o.l ol F, IF . il·o: ·hi /(, IIII It l· Ilt. to Dr Taylo , G ott.I VrgyL ,i..IJ x .i lr l il (I1 I(· C1II1l I'C·III. Iy for ll Dll l ofi Doc to lwi hot illl ~lls pro,. urea i t , I s1I.·il IIJlllIll? 1, is I a ( 111(:1e.,: a w h o c a m e. D u d e ' e1(1 1 1 c u r e , I III· · 1 I1 1 . u u . ,1e~ prruh r s1n1 r -iiling silwI t uol rarci llrr:I.' wit the rolll inr of ll..:l:; :, t flr, ~ :.:III· r~ l l I I rd and l 111' 1 1 ( .od111y1 ( a1 re torea to nearing , the. u(·111110 . 111·1lilil \ ImoIlr I lt entyi ·1(·1 In Il·· nutn usef l . rlpmalsul111 lie Ili, 11) 111l' ! 1· cure n justly 11.:I c. shed Ill toy lI ;lillcy nl 'Jii Cll.l l ll Illl'e Lf Ihrliu. !Ire tho youLave I~edrl~o;of uprlntii clicn ]Ti 'i iU I 1II.I Iii 0 III1ISIII.I('i/ AND WILL: IILT Ins,. .,old:l ri ri n ;; I(··lrl I ( l: II II1 I I, · LII: I1: II CLI I"II· ill el I1II I.I I(· , el. II· II'.,I by ,vbrcb lelldlli I.rrs :ttl: edar ".,I.11·, 11 r It r, o I 11e'1- 111.11·1 i1I qu l (· fir io l l-11t- 1r lllie,"Ol r call t'i ol " II ~!. r, er",I lrntl ::", rn.:v e , ; rll Ill llll: L ·?51 po11 II i. · :I1·:· . 1I1 il r. "r, , ·IIII.iii(I(. . a , I1II ]ubl )((. I~l~r·;l, ~ fell,,]} -114 e out-, rile Ibllew-lll of rice bleu I .rod atoned Ile"I" alvUl i '",11·1I llld 1:r} 1· (11.1 call bo dy;111 Dr-r III II· Iof IIh." l lc' lkin 111 for s ilentl~llp ' lolll( ll gleld, / I lry ao lll Ilil .LI. I I.,.L nl ll horlt cod ,far, else ll" tlo" bull ,ewlr r..I t'e, rr s, had lags it, gIl. bnd, ul l t: ,e r ".A, in the~E rile tenth, t-Tlle 01 1?· llr; Ll~r nll ca~~lllcun, &e r Ill,;eo \{"}II) N iY ( 1'l'l)RY I' .1(;)111·: It is feint~-The n :ly p ellllt.U ild :ol~ufo, (II V of tile. snl ra efin ll·C I i frlls , , regular l IIIIIP! CI;) l U i well al IIIU It ia ul~ct-'t'hat willl ot Iry Illri oo,:d pi 11, are rmp III:L u Ilo lel by lu rracy three-b nt Ill.. til I ,'.later. (Jun die .EtlkCI acc 1 ,, nog no elllcll; Ire, of hill, ) sr Fladl~ler~lc- : It ,s a Tflet- Cbey t raly Ir tl n }"th trlllI l tran d Illrun tr lperIutreo~~diog. l'Ulellilii lea of 7, 11E ltLOUI) R ilIiI NOVA Trlll )Ir j l)1" T I I E S1 STIClhIII1 lTC L j :,III.r ar i-3:li· .,rlr IjIIIr l 1II1 III) I r·IJU 1001. liln'l I, n, . a to n -rJ, that v, I, bdtrý .t p Li e III)I). . "rt-p Il , ~ :; I)I1·· III , lIIIif o , Leto lr cr r; r :"l Ill r ar llll rd l,:: o-' It t, last-lb , one bov e o',ipl Ilia il l, ·UIL(I,,I n i ee' . bmto'l leIrlll·n tit llllllr ell sy rup uflll ýlI.'lill.t. ell.,.,,als b i ~ o cr .t \V 11 act-SheulII)tCl II .,1'111·1·1.h llbU II Ill ly r )11111..11 T !,It. prlll teipll I e (LI·JfI ) is cou' ;toc/I b ,u tier. blued.i~l! fob. Al Ill ,I""B'' ." aiseI'ret, o 11 lloy' Illiu blon d, irl in nth rr turd,, IIfoU. LI:u SItorler rooil' biu B II11I1 . I the b ud'. -i Ii It. All il~llll- heel,- :e ,erred ol·~il. t he '·L .' l _ por fir nodmal..Ill utur l b y Oil, sat I ,,,p a,.II., that · Ullilli· il Ili 1 xit1 1 7W. 1'rlvr ol.i le l l rlr irriro leole :,· iv lul r l 'iul, tll. blood .ll: Flulll Th flrru blend is ofrll known i~nliln L~ilr mm nfthe groate SARtllUrIpl rll [ILLA ,, -11 heals, to I t, ll.;i~l-, lr~l slle Il o i s· C nI r. It Is Ov pro)·l ripl l Ic leedoC nrII·II :I ~r .II() Cade L.IlcIII?(I a d 1: o.,:· r prrll ratierIPI( , ,rl.l"l3·l Rll:::rr e eualidn lll) ecel lal l,,I. to,,; l Ihry lll ine iI to LIIIII :,rnuee, ýat·r nl,:rril llau r trlc .l,,,ylr l la~ llll il ln (I, \V :; IS ba, Cdrx"Ure* Iil ,, foe,, .,, hn· ixn eely to buneklllll w brc!I it s aen boed ill, bllorIr u I, l- .l e·! · l rll r II ,bl a 1, sta~ll, hunlllg s eplu cniel bo rn file Lino l by thle ,ar~lla-· rl:U*. Tbr-, ease, wr a1 I.UIP: tile, sy Cllllli eel , .dill ;; L.JI· iI~cl to take i[ lul lwl - illllll ot Ilia, llellieIII T a- ll 1,1,edt L as rile lilllUI/ fiat are wunutr dl rarer byye~olc le Ir, sign I,,po-!er u v a::.! a nux lellu rr i heir coo chlucucr, l,., "screwy i t lur h5 e Fruit the. crcl rrupulsmlio of tier ,r d a Llr ll Lucr "i ll L,·· cnr in pills, be to eel} to take a d--"'shot fur art ~lr, It r III1I the brassg, c IIt1 bcing cvldrae u, of il,, o' 'ip Illil ilr}l saroapeidh,. Illltl [Ile lr c grt l g hoer ellir· I nur rroes tr nl i nr ouials ;ram p F'v'. ll:: n, :.,rd ether,, w locliL(w a IUU11III the flilms rue, aoJ are cuulidertll} reun.... d inrttcni tic ilsnun "rutil e"Y-TU'a-, all dear, hear So !) Curluia I of roc tierr skcu boler r1a .1sp.1 o he i .gtlbakcl sp.." Ill ibe llietpel sltB ekel,,t oll,. rrrl,, lei w pr I',", re. tllohll of ii. , ac n Ile rrt .,u.. ·rricdey el ltlrr umIlcbl bleteltec nrel'Ibl c -lry aed ls..r I prl~upll :led Ipn l :u 1 illl(i(II* U lC;iter~c ;\ig~r, b, r eon tell.( ,ane lriir .l d all theII w h le(eneelJrr ,-, ,:ulullfr m ol ,t o t e de~l JUCINA CORDIAL. L l E +OR I)I I ,l ih'. I. Il'b·l. I)1,. IiI 1 li MA 1.' \h\lU .'l--Tlhe Ujnihtd , .tae.. Acent II[ l t he L licilllt ( nolldlull Ir 01 lxir o lll' l.,ve, IrttlurlsiP illl' g lr tfnl tlt'knlliw llll lllhc r ltai Irf usf 11d I ltelrlin lro e vIl blp l l l 1 1 ni; l I re : l;l('a lll'¢ I r l+ ivl'+ tllld nrl lr, I. (Yi|1: I I-)iliyIl-t llP II~I. ii';lllllll. IIl' ;¢Pi(·vllfl |hl. Ilbl/llllilr l~lhl rll/ltdli'lle. 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i't lte 'twe_.+liv iit h l at lI ll e lh ' tlll+ ballh I eP s ented'. -nP~~ch a sells i n usII' Fh. im l Ie - ht i .i Jn hN Xl0 Nl ii K- 0 " 111 t thebll n il1. i H i IIitt+ ami I)xb ilta rini c e i t wtt'llll hll e o r1]1 re l til , ,u r iuv'. :h l i+n' it i s m1' i.. ·Asing Ilve,,, Phl',ll' FI:rl IthHp .l till P.l~lr II·, ndl~q;dua nrl:, - I f ';: lpm ." i tf. ftNP.. In`1 Rlr.l :II ll('FIt III1C tllq': 1IF TiT.IIIh1:lr¢ lp' I. )Iri~ll' h~ hollI,(I·(/l l~lll()l, ,\.fI~lll++ tIlI~i+l''V tlll'. .l.+)li,'l)lln :1,R pl ' tllr i, tlnllslentlld I t the ('ti adiatl hall b. ,l.,hl in hoietsl asP+ll"x niL$.m ew t;fh. Int 1.lO reducedl'l p~i +It '..101 ahit [ Ic-,s thlan onle hair the lprice l'harl+;: 1 h | i) t II JUIIN \VISTER.S llia g'IEW ,. 11. D1. The above wlithi e i fTt IOr a, e e I(Iiillal Ff ttlilt-idg-l) ll l fi,,. l( lJ. IlIL/I-. "'slra l 'lllel elP .\l +n llllt llFi1 (.'l.l~lltlr ,' iW I i II+.., . IIin rIy -.'i Ill t I Nlttitttit iniof hait bui t ili c r P.1.111 1 IT, llrR. ITER, S or M I e T1F :.hodist Mi fnis rin (h < ri tcht i st.nn JI, f ip ll OH ,! it I.iln'l I t T ll A N t I ',l · ,. , rfF111)-,il lll ri lllitb tle le r'llt t llht , L't lil XIIIiI rIIIII"I I ll - Ic I I F'.II t )tt ' , 'nl iD iI t ilhrnir n(Hll·~ tlrrlr€';l l+ wral~llllle ori) I I t ell !"li l;\','. + lro, Ol 4,,qle nl lv . i,,I i ,, rl he l~ tt 11 mln',nltP i h O.Pa ' lllllh'Ptv ~ Il1 olit '- ' r ll - lid il-h -ll t ,Hhoit tl~ Whlktr+ ,.hm~ ,iavr oll nid lhP I.< of hibi. 'le. l t nll c hlue l tIl, , l f tlt lntol· hi it' tig It)t-RT iIl!TON, Oil'+ a t 1 ch b. hottle h Illl, r henu i 'I oi. h I'-1" it +I)I l a noi r l byr thl s'o+l~clP n 1 tent , fo r l An he sPet rlh treitv l ,a d b. r u o n"til v~tig(fdrigis a d a ,t'ne' It itugh he c - o un r . h J AP r VIriAotm' W. I_ " ,.9d ho lesale . A int, e:-- ea I1 Altl.lAl Ii ' P SIO-10 l.ICl I ,LY DISCI'US S0 1 1. Trnul airl1d frn the Flellnch of Je2 n 1)2u Ill., 'I. 1). by \ Vllilm GreeC t1ehl. P1 rt Int. i in tlhe inenilly of larringe ! Iart 2d. Inltlllct.llnli ill courlin g, withll a ct for 'nrt 1 d. 2 * lPart 41h " * ' " * tinrr ;ap, Physioloicallyl v Ilisco+wd is the nmot u1it1 land d .11112 le' dl th'(' I las(i eresi wi, l rk that lwe elor riad, It w, i lbra Ik u N more rakers alld si nstrs, a, I t=n is tI ,_lt~f!l I ,o taIr il'di:i 9cn tib ·lro t:,' I rl 11', lihl'lltl oU lh h - I , I t . i t llnl ith 1 thx n ,+ ,u11 r1 i I" I I :' ' :12 c1 i 1 I , I., i 'll Is, 0 1. . n s e kbII thN t 122 Ini tatI 1 he , i l lI 22 '' i. II 221'1.22 I ni l ltt r ' ill 2h. 212 h2 %%W ,ie a , t ot M rs. J e n l illll 1 1 I. Il , ,, 1ln n I 1 t IIa In!1 tl ' I w i 11e l l o 1, 2 t t 1i ,1' t 1r I r .'u [1, 1'.i1. 1 b. l, i rl'i I I\ \nt y1. r . 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Ii p'l i . erve., t .he.l'I ie , lllt hi fith by iiiat il i i:d ll,.a grtle d, orail l Iid p liillc . cil n 1 fthbit which, r,", irv. ,, Ittl, t att oIllt,£1" the uup}t'tcedut po I plpultroy and u'lvvr- l : n whpiro lll. h h this Itw instl, 1;.us a hi,"v ,' hro .ghoot the Unitel Sttle,, it e (Zawlml.rm, T' x.t. lixica,. min thie W\V.,t ld~ . I , f.:y ju-tI ! lr.l ',et rs' I n wv rm ly a d! c nmre rn!i't 1,.iL rCio-elllnt - h'.rt l hem to Ctit o,/I,, ' I :.o wt) ut the , tf. i, lt.,'l Pltero' Vilo g le, I', a r: i 1 iIt l sI' I'. i l ie lltlolllln, i ri lle dy i, I dwllar ", oif ih' ill an ii . i t oil, tihtiIth over ief iliisiovr d. Dr. P tr-s, IhI invnt l lrtr t ie tii i,i i in ,il e n -erive ifriniia buig i ld extensive proctiie, i l liie aleiteeli. dii te \oilier lilned, liiiiitities hI arrived to t is, 'ni cii io , ll t ti l greaii t i iliillt ll ,P - tl lr,. i G.iil.o oll theii I lver, ' eo i other oialls ialin anto ot. o dnaill~l i +hr- d sccr":tnL· 1 oI I It'the i llu. r I'el r tiiL! ii i est o dl I th t it is Cominan for eirsoIns to say whelle they fiiill iunwlel!l thi theiy are l til Il reailll ilt tIhey have ltoi nIlltje h bl.e on the stomach. Oiu l thie otherl hand, when the tflowf of bile is dimintshe , tier: promess of dizes Ion is mperfectly p,'rformi o, too pa~rout bnec res weak rd lllmaciated, Ieeausl If io iiffuie ni irishie ill d tilel foodl taleI inio the it mah is nrit proper y i . rcted, and thie food is jiielda in It crude Staite. Dr. Pleters. is conf ilen that the il'ionous I ygL an l'he;orv, so called, that, 1 impur ollIlf the blood is the cause of oill liserase,"is ai great absurdily. Every onelllt u t l rlle l ,, sul.)el , a. un lllllllie t will p icrt aivi Ihat iputl' oftlilt bioild is a stcion. (lit d noit ll pril ily co11l aialint- the i fl let anld not iver are dIra'rlld, aIl t.ll flow of iille incicased, t is oIliin takilen up by the ahsor et vessls and tlries! lll I llh err'ulattile., and becomes l l ing ed i It LheU bl oodJI, as il j Intudhc, wV Ln tLo patient hows it in !is ei inteni nei. No , this impuriiy 1I blood iIs calnd by an iii creased fluwI of bile, ln iii blleify it, you iinuit correct tiie eer' tions 't! aivi, and r.toretlt. i t c lthy stal,. Dr. P,er i' hi spi ent . Im ::h iiii i n il ex ernil e lt in with l ili.le it vYe ge lth ea mei ililnill , I'i iiirs lira thI.t c h1 It prlpored IMir vneral use. rPer lo' l t fei Iltimslfthat hn hlfl onox ori. nilltill.g w irll v iletalble l on eellie le d llt th dtiaovfir ih e tru l id iilt 1 substitute tlswii e rinia boweCls y plurgft i , but tliwy iglltm the l, ch, IIl ill. l lh l a so 'l tiiioi, .i l l t'iS ,if d112estive oargns, purlry hiss WooI, hnvi.t;o0t the c l' l ll a Jt i , an, . b tl l r ou and d erl l y t0 fih tier.. 'I'ily ale oti: ol e re p i-ravia t ill 'l1teir operation, Sand c nvy ,ol ui ina ,,id op i v) iclie l l ,heir utilty 'out h Ille t, : td.,h ,. TI,,.y !Ilear r, faltc ltl i iiy by prli'iiilii i ot y ti'er ; andil the hi )e , thei iii I I it irrtl+, clli Ihi . h at%, ie sirengtdl- o i. thireolpr t o, ibem.e. they c1ar tihe sy lem of 1ad h u oii rs, ilciti l ifr di s Irrrtai - hllly, i l iiv n ii iri ably lpr ie. l.ili. e.r i gi. ''he V,'rget:tblo 'iit s are a sure l r 'i l llo y llfor An. dice, si:k ,mil nervll;is hoadalre, (h f plti, 'stiera. co ll~p lats, ltvt'rs of all kidt, and if t,.krl1 ,tt ,h tl.imlili ii otl wi I1 i hlv riably check their pro g(Iss, rind s.avL the pitow!t Irtn ;t protrat.ed and dangll oul smcli ,ss. 'l'/th y urn ivILtlo:ble Il Inor ruis and hypocom.on irc l allections, hIs. of ap,.to li,, aind 1 I com platints to whirh., l',males :Il~nu a e subject. 'T'hey op.ratt +s II miid and sp.ed, purge -,r ,... a lnd tft certl. t !lldy ftr worms il chlldren. Some 1 have introdl',o' my Vegetable Pflls to the pulbbo I have r.l.iv,'d noler0ls certrircatl. oft 'll en p lrit" rlticacy in curing dil.1soea , a so, many Iettrs I: m physlelatls, wvho have used throe in tleu' practice w\tu the best t auight pnblish a small Yoltr,ac of cetifieates, but co.sih r it llneclosary, as the m.Jdcilm \ ilI reommi li itsrll to il wiho \\i 1 ilake Iria of' it. 'T'he above pills ar) in boxes, containg .1 1 pills each. Price, 50 ce,.s p r box, Drurtgislt Jnd country ltnrch1lants imli he sup. pli^.d, at wholess r, or retil, at Dr. Pl,,'rs' priri' pfil tllice, (lit. 65 Piedras street, betwc n Mlagailn nad Camp sts, New Oroii,.s ALSO for sile by G(, N. M1orsiaon &c Co, 11 Caoal street: P P Motlie, druggist 11'3 old Levee, betwten the two iiIrltk.l.: Mr. ]l'e,:ivr, druggist, at the \Vashingtol market : C .1 TI unhali, drug. gist corner of C ial & Hourbn!, strvets: G A hed & Co. drue:,irts, earnter of Tihoupitool s & Girodl .hrets : J Rossi, d(ruggist, I,l',tyetto cIty. t.,rpl in tl:, ot l'o I 1e o iL ; ti ,llt, l,, r . ua,.or l.": lt,: t., , , ~ r,,' :;; e , Ih .,,: f~ir Il.r.P I . t1 ,)tI: lt -. s via ,\ .tln t'l t. i nblll ll .'I, PIll. i oII nI, (:jrllrir , tIiuti v'. a d Pt rry, t, M \I o , ,o IG., ; thlr,'e via ,\h1 ,,,dgevir, an I Spark, to t aur.. l.PIotol,, l,, ( lu i,:, r~ti root =rs l o A l, tigc;13. ' l' 1 ll" l i lo l C n ls itn 1 SUI+ wi ll orer, it new cpp,'r boll r"., c,,pp,.res and c pp1 r If ,,,+'d. Toe to leov hs berl thortoghly lepairedt, her ecuotntoml letnt, are as handslmle a. any e * 'T'r !,ta il111 S tait++ lo:a t>S tund, and C,,n t.z vig+tlon in the i tuth--,tl:g at the s.ietl.l le purlectly land hl.ked. I h", .Te'am are not sll ir +rtrd oi any r.,u'^ inlihe tiro cluIsltry ; the dllveurs, to a ImllilI cdeUttll ;n.d ;attcln The bridges heretofore,.s have b on newly I, tlt, oi) thatt Igh wa(ters o not inlltr ere 'T'he " I,,.i,lg h uslles htavy hc l en oallsy chlngecd, and are now as ,vo d as ,U t aly U it 1 It Lhi te Nloltl, It I:" ge.erally known that the exc~ell:nic and hardues, l roadsU e .bl, the traii n ut all t,., so its to lakue great i.uet. 'U'tUr I'ootltint Is se cires tie travel or frmt il te or"dnaryt l at u. illof satlgo travelbug. 'Tilo Lline is now c rrying its, ptast. enger' ro oAflgtsa to i,bi i :, t I ILur datt ys au ;d ivttel houlr, or to N, w OUtr;Ilei in itour iys ailll twt'llty hours. (ring to LAugnt .t t lit, , at i Is six tday ;.lid . tve Ihllrs. i Ti I ntlh a lto.illy et)ployeti ) I III Lrvl'ttll Is lh7 sos at io s 7i:te oLter dlt"etol, tiItI tlr dtllfrelnce ofII towe on tlhe i, I1,, it ctau-ed by :a day being itst in Pensacola, w:ich, howvwr, is .uell rt~epol;d by tia ut'p tiotlty it ;ivei ol'fetti g tl,,)Navy Yd,, tic out Spnn ett i, tc. 'LU tr tl er ulo a hlrp Iat laco t, I a ld '1in I 't \t ar travel turnla nortlhward, when tile :inl willt beL th a IliO fro' . Motble to August, as it is In W it thl This Adlvertisement contains a plain star ',:cut of f.lcts, tue \ of which tht. prol.ritors gaurauteo to each passuenget r tlhe penalty of his sthllteo tar . Map, oftthe Line may be seen at the Ex, hang, lHotel, Nw atrioaus, and at t lia.blOll luuue, 3Mobiln. IFare Ihrocgh ormn M.,bile to Augusta, $47 50 Tiue Ilse; t"Xten IN, , a brllanchll to ''allahasso e. 5t ChatL,thloucil, t o ihle comliects WIth the cartyInlllg theI mail to -\pa achicola and Si. Joeph's. )lMie:u at the Ma:sion IInuso, Mob lo. ' 11117 O I.OSr\VICK, Agotl, Mobile. IC .-30 otles rie,l ,r llue hy !L ta2t' A ' i'lfh'{I, 31 Gravior pt II1:" Pl'um:i+..RtI IL\'-)u-t rceterd a supell.r L -artcm e ul f.le p :es ,'urs at the tiaouar, LI \118-1-., asks 'homsuotu,, Eodnag from Sship Peruvial, b.r sale V ' EnlENT-livh : and Itonn'l I,,, le bv ii ui 27r . v. I I\l ",I'lf tu .71 lI ,nict I'l,. Ls arsotled brood=, bat mlte hl, api XI I B ll :ol t . .." 1( ;1 in_ .ehine P PIERM CANIID S 1lt boes, u Ih lrhhl4 o-I, june 15 31 Gravier a IIARRIISON-S SPECI. ,Ic (IN t:u1NT Tse grect ctlebrlrity cf is unmiltctc d t ill . position, esllccially in ho Northorln Sitate', Iuv the proprietor iiibut1 lt i tun d tS t lic y cly I nicy lt ill its flvor; fr it hju been cnertc l lcce,'' hd t, it thattitishtevo cd ill c'c irtpt lsin thlc b st riet tdy for externl l rolnl] lirlfn li hIl o I , v,*r b1,te dice . votred. Iondtied t o 'Lp::cd tllld c tclaIty o' it* ope i tt ii n irti e uppc ,r, lee of'mir les; na I 0, rs, wunds, ilrco s, tIh ve, st r , it ilcih-ic, white swi Ilr tg , b lD e , ptli l s , to p id r ,t d k :; ltc ' ic t : . 1 . c ni, :liat tly yiht I to itt aplt parelt ly s pIerlbh lllll l ' ilucl 2nee Thn. if prop,.=lh applhed it will rimov n ;i •vt rter o rn, or Ir,.ik atII Il ti cyvc will allay art ccrhltltt curt t- uhclr in is, tlls ;lll d c thoe Iro t dImpe lte celus ,f thIl: . nl·1h111, t1hat calll I.e Il l , lll:ld hlav eb ,on1 derioil l-Y,,.d Iy it i - lI tlihan two ccttt c,. I i tio b:trl of pm i;ct) t re, tlt.s iltlo licaci is tc r lr lilr Ilg, la J'i V \%'1 ]] l"."it" I'" Ilaat TCl( ;(: II 8: f~r t l 3 lllt |iiit 1 1i ! co.f a id og ch cii a tpic i" It r itit it to o t g tt-rac to nii r 1i c itti ,.c , tic .. r,++.ttl. (), I 1I,+rl ::tl l yI··( 'l d 'ir)V (lj? . hel', :1 t 11111', l.I (.o tiic c clitbp 0ill. , i S~,n| t Ylr inIus rh t 's: i, r ii cg w i c, , c cid l tl. , :v%',ry (xt l ..1 bmbly evil t+|,. h y ai to hie lot 'The proprt l1lr has trr ive¢.d lit lertst a thoui:ta,! Cle ltl , h l I r or bl+ " I l allj i thlrnir L: t," u wta;ltr, irds It{' ; nof rol + Octl"ll tit c tiicLtit by rcic iicit itclc tt lit-nllt lt t'I "1,' ,Ied l F"cedly, ll Irtl i uirlg the + a mielt c!.[ " 'l , t ic - cci.t.'. ctt-i c cvi n. c'icI 4t Ctt J iccci .III +)I N'D (+.e Ilole ci,, 'ld .r slllt+;c ~c,qv ib l a l i -l ic lla ---A e tqli clct c i.c, cn c civt-itt tui l i 1:i exr di t ltm.ld +lM th. c (he of ILinoltll h tlin, I'lq ccicc! lt ie , hit c cc, ',,ici tcil thl ccc I) cilclllns, atllll wIlejakne 9 llt' I l'' i t kt dhe, r '' i lclt scit ittt lliiu ti i to lci ll 'c)c hli it l IuIII Ii lllt ic llli" o s.i l ! ic l t" Iiti ,·l 11l 1··a :lilll t ' l~llllc, ll h- +,ie I II\V ol:!(· C1:1"t'd I t)|h I ,~it ,i,',lS thei~i'll:I)·II l e'ei dedll·l It} I ll t I Irollm the l l e I e 1nnt l iollf r illtlild clilt lh l ,is ~ n1 i't'.u It r I i+ llt t)1· lnr e |+ lt rs of tt"iv chent fIenIlit+' iun E ·lope, b lit 'iln that it i ill Itcc thi ' i r t or t w h i i i s m c r its a r t c it l- tt t u l h kc ot wv . I tic li:,lsmu of !;+p )iba, soextclnsiwlt' +S|' 1 ]as lust lmuch~l ,of lilts cl'edit Iflr lithle dislike iti hitc h i atietv l t rnirl jWllhi rud ~in Ili l~l~l( t, I(1I·: IIs· iu l l lilit" I1( Iu(Id Irits~ l hi' io llo n .lil ewl when us o '.led II | i e ll f lt, tIo[ y~ . The i-t, llrc h slc lintihlc s cllh'is 'f t i lie tIh'llm, oliCe i 1thti. c It ore it i\tic tu ttu li ieswt l t lher! b y t llb e ch mIortlle IICI cL ll't Rttd ai d ml or'e Iusefltltll t. :Llly ibln i tllhe gIe1ct sse Thte Idiot|e i ll |'ine comlbit es inl - itilc l o \ll ii 'lcv i' c t' hithitc I 'l, i ittet amo i 'i thei mo!l lut seitutItle al c lear'ed itll ' th c rlk c li' t 'ct , i llc iih dhrg in the comlll tll t io llC ll thi hs lI IIIiticol I'cttsciEota iihe ti ci:ll c: o teli lh l Illfth iltc ei colg i-t ,pc i' it t lY .t o csis i i r, t-ltllr c cSll I n c. . l wh tIl al l illlt b . lt lll c iii' r ccci tt sciii 'ciiie ucs nth ilrn tu .|tea~' itat. The lmiost emlintenlt it|h+siciauns and .tlI·(. of I w prsli , , ll : I elli trl'x I' I hr thl t' i ci,,-E d up stl'O+'Ihld ~ lll hif+ .ll '.f ii'<.1ti~elr l .Ilr, hill :I l + iu tl;~s lnhic 11 llmli h+s ltds llnd~ a imblc t, thlca~l i.litlll Ils llnlI [,i 1+ :id till cotml inues +, .+ wr xtenslt. ti.+ tI+ iid th. c it.hratd ii t Ah, r tht" in i11 '.itrc'al allcctcni ' u, hin obsl htint' Uti i t 'Lsin7 t"oml a disordtral, s';tol of thtodigetsllel'lilytilig hiI il icth uli, thic havcxpr'ssd ti -r subsa tio o ts. exirattodina i~li ta lll y~ iin e..:i c iie indtr Itucil lhAige, by adhttlgj it hi th i thic cc:ict wit Srocic e.:" n nSl'cict" I icd~i t hic i cl!i 51 i~tt rll T Pr i 'Ii \tIO I\LS. Fr',m .% 11 9 ,!otlln, E]sq. I'[ ., Slui'geion tot'ih.+ :. .t "lhtct cc II csctlcIa Lt col -tc-l , tl c i Tic tlhi t cihih i h ae11"c itrcct:octt iii cctll~lih itO. of tuh e llh ~ u' il ' clit :ttic hid t t tioc 1 uciit u tcl e ,iit c c ilct it Sot w, t the s Fuit i pl1.s1t eecctsc sally ex pe einil (s( 1I I 1: .l'. .1 1{ C S, P~hyslidan to the St 11sl eboyh nell. 1| .il' ar}. I th et glr,:it plet:ssll. i hll l nl]ll im tes.thimonyv t the. xa t~.!e iinlp ,io o ll, oii Iin, ile rt- i orlt wiii\ shingI on thi .,ct, n + u so lully dhe.+el.\e,m at nant qipe rewartd "forl tiht I( a em t p ~ niiitt ic in cicc it tt suc ctl i l itce i 'ct~ ctc, t ! ii, ct iiiiutt tc.t rul'nli %%tJ oper, F I1, S, Stil.gton to Gty'ls 1103 ,,hL, attai~wm s~t ctttSic h il'ts cite. d tli" 'dml isv th.ho b e k isow sn to hbie |tly ap itielite.I lil yt' h ei it IressIu '111soi we'1 + eol ve., :1. amld n s p celily repl,:L (n It yo r vui .ile .w. m',,iti"o ."It S P I1C !4, Oe. ke. Ustling liete iluhiteid Ito tryv Julll E litmet iii seveall I 0il..ll sihlhett I on rllllll a,3 whhch liu! hillth rtoh)l:tilled wry pel' l1scrli .ion tldnli ltrd Iby in|, Iaving ftl i iu sill'Satnd spiedy+ | cu eln s ettl etetl |y it, in at fthw lhys I uctIn Im t lf'ij c hlchiil id t outilc tcc t I io\ hu cc i c cc tire bolth public' and tph"-ate recontuneln anl rise intn Prlo tatar Ir \\15:11'.1 1, si..dr ~ elso to 1k'... gt The strict test \lcl I hive rivlenr yor mldlirillci III11t I y Iatients, aid its illl:,liab lle sl C r. jttt Ill will illllln r lle l I p rsev.I re in its ls, andllll I, il l :In::act ol'juttice : i k oIf dult . tol a ld may 'feeble tc li 1n ial ii ' cl u l o i r lue',. 'rom 1. (; 'hm ipson, Al 1) F I Is 1I. u1 ieln u yin my sincere thanks tor t e valIuable pre .rio of A tr In . :trncl l'r!ih,; cure of Gounerrhl.a, kre. tfi.l gr:tel ' ul tt ylla Ii:l'e tII : I .l 1 ,bro ghtan oI dlicim illiO I1st- \ Ili(l, ,rill provel) I it iIu·illrlllllllll Ii11. st,okll . l - i)1. ill citllue I tll' n (\ 'e clla.rr s, r ad pll, - lll lld lll g ltll.l, W'erl it nec lssary, the props ilt'o' could here fllnish yllV nllmore tetonlillll s eirp: . tll as cOllllllnlll:n t)lry is tlly ab: o\e; lut t slis that l itagrrat su,, lcrshll illltr o itheI cre &i, h ip se al 'hic, it I'm beel , p h "I 'mI t f, I ;i ll l I:pr e its 1.1th'.er..econu nn t thispreparenio n a] mlle.. i w ich ' t ma1 11 llll' i' 1''II' h tillt o iii I 01' I';llll '.t'lln'lll Ijrlllil .' II'ii'. t.' . T' ' l' :tt'.ihl' ! . L ·lr ) t\ l, l a ii i 1 th i l tl ll, ili, m li . l I p hll, n o III. I g l ! e hI I IIII I I i till , , !'"l .' *ik I lt,, '.,sill lh. aU ('lhlmg : \ i' hi , h ll.i.,i h ,' I" l i' lir hI ll.'t 'N 1 t', .ol i tlt:, iwel, 1 , l: , wlri ks' jast p , le . l h r,\ oflrr ,l'lhc iIi rii' iI .I IIII ~" dig, ":,sL , l p ·l~ S,, . ll.. a ~le a Icb u i,"l i rII Iir I't!I , l ll ld, lil, -l l'uo . IrI'Tl \1: d'1', I.I. .o ' '- 1 ',\. In lt --- .. --I (11~ lll l l l'.' l 1 Towllnlsl , mlllli' ol.l l n 1 I I Iir ~"vl" ' lI 1u oI' hll" I I":nu th l T ".. hr-, 'tat ";tI , i t'ti l " IInd V 'rcs ' orll h l *l' r, nri I fIllt 1 h lr l It 'I$.-' h I ,l' t 'l ill-rte, nF-ll r (rI nri, Ilnh1el l ' ,1 i t ,' ,i "ti,-- Ilhql,"n the v rivi le (: S; "os Lorl -,ll - i i ll iiss'!,,' boo lk S1he ia hi,,, r-- "rk ,t.,, I ';+ .' n , bhuk it la ilnl', w ' n ie nii nhrl di r . S.I', , I'rl '. rrlll;1 'i, us c- I n . Nc ! il r l ' 1 , irv , re,.h . s r -,: J. 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Iatl nod Cl imes, bawsthl!el 1Ur 5 s114 l i anod tars,-It, ,o'i l vd-rdioii ant :l ! , Aintl l rk ny. l ot n arl l , a I F,, elteoic Ill.. an I,,W ,k m 1 n a,,c + a t N or 4 1s 1 a n. l d 4 -I i s I, 1 alr re F orulth, r invii ted nl , T r o~1 n i 1111 Iit r I <il s l rv ud + n lrp e is a ni, l 'ld ' tll s I il 4 l I's ~i It Ii', nnl Rill kilnlll, i lo f uh.,hl errv 1. ,,,k a .ritehd..i nh.. an, hholil er·. r u 1t ' 1 1 ,n .1 - -s f o k , 1 - f r s . l, hb n?=7 .1 'I'( )\1' I.\ ,1.l( 4! 'wllo:, - fxHl INDIAN'S P4NA.bk,.. SOLD BY ('(if. t*t Natchez t in,;I Te,!Ioltpilrloule sta. TO ' he I,~ , o rr*etnna , $.'3.,.,r ki.qg ', evil, .33 ·ri.llr u ill. hip, II~ Incllornl li Laaers, nit, heum. irlo-? 1111 titie ulll l lllllC~rlnn lrenI1 I "s, I~er, I,,ahIY ly u!1" r Is snot palm.! nlf"I tl.., :r Iha hours, ulaer a ad, thl nut onl l uoatril .II. s, ulce rsLU Inar. I'ilax, real[,[ 11·al, rrolrvvlllll:, chrunlllc ntrH e),"s eryripP 3,33,,,I,3r, .idc~ry'an,, d31,,t..c,,3,3, afe,3,3313333i3* p", I l 1- I nuul:I:11:l, nud Jlotpep~eiiu Irrrrrrtillp Ir.,.l vulriotinn r ni folr urk.. it Ir rincu he 1, ,IililI I, , i~1 r .uv;,tIIII I live.. Ellli.llllll win ch h., I, .1-. 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I is InnTri. c m 1'11 y- Wl [oaks :·'i11n e go ccul.- r I ":1- I ~ , It., n--, ,,o 1 iced laces-( U C~li {., e, o11le., prrlei u l il , l · ýn cll.P .,, t 11 Iii. e i. rhr dlltY utfl .u r 1; 1··I pr. .. m I u,..... u. ..I.· ill :.di, L.I.Yl en t' to unsv UL an astir. nun n, d-, ..... .. I, . n, a .,y ... ubil leas- lee; ill, o ye h ,e yl I: 1-r, I~ ,II3 t S'I'~ " ITT . , ;I, Ila III- I : : llllll :·1 the v-te1Jtl ore remil ý u": !r I' III., t b",ul.;f,. . le Ic·llm( n t 1"...,:. , .,.it l lel anldl rS f - uldn it,, lll , Iltu de.. 33IU.d. t 1333, , 3.,cI Inns '1" I, o co Ln. .. 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I( I·· I il an d ['.ionic r- e. P iclY pl, Lid strength, i,, h .. nun h ell ~!ll I h rIr , lllli Po 'ne, , s l t ,. II.It n e iic a eII I. OU II hP . fur L3lix.· it I; r. .I, IUD d ad.I II1I~Ie( I UlIll, ce. Illrce . [nest he 'I acing within their react[ it o lillu dlail r II' Ilere- ilia,) ill 1- IU ud. t U t I fell ow being.,(B · c~l~e llu 1I1·)·I the y.:r 1111 ua li~l l Mme vLYFd .,count.m~ mp I mt, to wliah It 1. app."3, ule. Top,.' Li.k3.w.l3 33o '13.333,33ill-1 3h.....3Il 'ls 3 .I33.333UI3a3.,hjll l a l t ll.. lly cnr remed tic ~l· It may lperIF~d.lU .Lee he r llllllyt d ~ilk man uthar. Merv r I~ nIla, but as Moe wll lirh i.. ca! 1., · I. lleli I\lld ti r .,y Ile· Ilc cn es I ll w Ili; ha~ll the 1; ranted ter factlu Ilrl. 'Ile it h· I 1 Fev. h r. 'dly; nerd t ! , I S I l e tn ll r~i.u titm i t bus L i . I t I , only ellh~Lit three e, iece .~C ii 4 preparation wills pre-l s, rats' I the. e pubr l l e;( I· ·ut i~ 01A h ll llt esp., a Littime, IIIal h 1II .: i1.III.LI lrIII. a ungl Il he dlfll d, nu ll wu(I.III cule: . .R·l ^r I. I: I·1, c , Mfll, , it,.. had Idol[ 'Ira 1IIr, YI: · prele r ill h '.,maim I·reoeII"I1 he l ,I ,III. Whereer 1( 11 I Mo It I rap e l CIoIo.1. g 1.11I1 . 11 tIic is alful it , thUllrlull) xl ,Iltlat i.; · - illl 1I1:. ·y PI(lll- llll acCI·CL IIII. FllrJ LO II I. n . ·. · ie I i~ lll r, .liver lIlcul d le,, i..d p Irt c t ally of t.:. ,r 1 ca where Iner Ira, he. "u la, ,nl·(lillk ,ad u.lll I. -- h, ... singL ·I i ·i.. I Cllt lle I!Lv, ma,··l .n u l .tae's, de, auý"r. 1 1-111 It lh11 dt I - 'tr., rullllll,,Arl. 'Ihe ",II'll el remOL auu1I illall ,sae It In l re -, ,rn~ I Iu I ieu'. u d al e toof u er ry, .I. 0'nlr· 11,.ca l i vlrh .Ind l re- the pa t. c rr , Indlu! well ale col I- IItf: III ~t giving 101.1 et XI:II " LI! · .:t;e rely '1" ihen in lpr. IIloa do,, r he l 1 ls lru ,' 1 ':.,e, * .e : .r, ,i t.,paIaudlr 11c n11o. a1 IIIUII: L1. ·ll)Td II, pr~ Is sas cu: : all the art set.,.,. no:, lled eac rol lll gles tone loth'. . , I an: 1e nut,.. in the iii.', Ill a .,parl I r dr r mot tbs.,: LI1InIFi I. x it, ll er litil I, y be ll.ud c n tl IlI'll , ;r e IIrI. I [,:.' mean Band hd I Ilgh I,- · 1.. .i1. gu1 u,,l nelr erl I'll he'.. °tillee1III cocci tl ban be ,' . , .I·I mdrrl il· ll I1c! ar" e, a SI: pII O LII 1. ll n Fell punt. , nI I'cllrll elr I.In",:, earr Ilrll.·, irrlur; :I,, token ., I · · .I ll niswllrU:ll all t. putt' IIIe- I n mue1 less Lillie, at I ýalnu *rute L in III. llldL·I Ill)..1· l rl illrant I f, \YC o C LI:s OF sct OUl.i Ut1 CE RS. Hatt i Ii rk, S4p lO0, 1830. 7'Itia n...n cat tifr tllnt in the }'all 111` leidi, I rn elied withh n a r.Ill(( I I I ll l;·l~ 1I I l l , ,, , ' , which u n..ldl I-II.,PIat I ,& Ilr ,;lle .lurylp I.-flyl uic s... S illy nek. A\11~r Lt\ ngseveern IIl rr ,nnsl~~, to I lr rllllR ".1.I I I.'L1I llilllllllllll , and placed ", I un *llrr riulr cur ul Ilr, . I'll, I.w :I,"" Bench, w hen, alterll (.' H· 11!I CICII atilt~ t o nu 1110'-r ( I w IIII(11I1 l h I1 u terly in-l nJ rlc alt ut:Irr of I'ý. rr '," ('. th,, I, uu, w ,.,,, uu r mut rriu ICI Ira, ,+f, II,'- ,, I,. F" ..t ht ii lllh I, ' , , it ll .8·11 a lldirlIb "'Y"- i tu,' kl l,",,:r lp, 1I,· ,", n\,w lurll., 11 lls :rrs «ll aC e I ii u ;l I-' ' u": :rl , (·g J, :. ·rlll - ll, lla·t, l ul lllanlll Ilic t~lltlu ll (h, l~11·· 1II·I·I II n l toli.II illy own,~l i 1 ,+ , u1~1.111( eIP "u t, 'i It u- ,ý1~r).l l .t nrlllrI. T. my grant I«~ i l'sly . « I ul . lr: a. I t .~r clnu" " 1, " ,.;l,;,, ur!I -,u · ,,, III nul., n ,, ,,,,,,, Irn,: t,:,:,l rot ,'. rr .l 1 11. " I,, id lll t1- " k't l"l,.l~r. : Il it I~ll· LU;E t tllLI , C I"i! ,, 11 ",-," w Ito ,r, ·Iu 'e: u: y rnulrr si w hu ýu,,,Jrn h! Il. ,a, eJ Ii · ~ i hy ,,Lure ,. ,ll O '111 It'MAN. Ciitl)lt, diu I;, Eli. iir. Id11\ iii- ii iii ~ lI riacltr ii ;I iiiii I , niii . L u ui ,In', In.P.I Ii ittiiHtdi iiiC I( I~ id ii i iirR c I. ii i Cr I: ' t F I r'1 )4 : 1 A Al .t. (i ~t\NI ' it ii I llt 'Itti; ii. 1V hi: lf tLilt Iii ,.'i,otr o ii. hurig oto his J1i tI . l\ ,tlti 4 [ I.""ll t-Ill 4t *i'i;itl 11, roit l t. c n rIpe l pt ltu nIt ii~ l !. I l tl i.l it.,.o lidtIt S ..A) itinilit I lIt ii 'ibiti'- itt I t St our Il., r IC u( I s it, tIg lil nealy a ell t it, I. Iic ttt i.oivo. d ' 0444 ul..I;t. L I ireltlaa .u utl iii (ti Oliplhig-ir Ii " Ill T to C tll .4 11 4 FlI 0(e . uuir, 41014 rhea ,gl eHI fur-It."ni Iliirtoin n ruIn _______e t I4 fll Ne r .3 C p Till ~~-It 1111 -i- A lii,-~ fiti. dirutiI J. O h iii:rll, ioillhelnn r nrui. _____\14i~ 4410-n F ·liii, rullin1.A Ill I,~·- ~Bice u d. n sec p.".1 su s. ,, Fll 1I .4 , illi' l h oney iii t~l a t ii lo1t1 A', 111111, 1:N'\I)V I.,e.- unrl'l'W 1~n e ian'? ol `14 ('asp rer jtlly' zalh -it .(; SJstll- ' 3u 1:l, i uI 1ng I (I. 1)(114:'g1", - IF:ti 1-:F~"' S bul I 1 Il he nc sno i

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