Newspaper of True American, December 10, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 10, 1839 Page 2
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Ne.Oenl- a.m Chmaber a"t Cemmtr.,e. orrlcetr FOR T, a 00a0 18'39. iPreni.Imnt. y. J. Petere.. Prit Vice Prenid.,nt, W. I.. Iltidge, Eq. Sec.,hd 4. in,. A. Mulc, Esq. f..Oma e( f dlppe1A" fBr 11831., Jan aIt n i e of , ja meis Hf 1 verieh, ., C. *nmmnck, Atijith FiPk, P. O, *nrhe, Sinnrl ' hompson, NE V ORI.E NS CANAL AND BANKING CO. I IllHE Ir-n.lteambnt Retlcer will leave the Basli at Ihr head ,IuInaN* C.attl, every day, (rcelpt Monda.t) for Ihe I.nakesua fallowf " S lipert ma 5 .A.i. I Retai at 8 A. M. 190 A. M. I " - Iii P. 1" " P.Mi. " 4 P. M. S 1 .M. " 9 P. M. And on MONDAYr3: Depart at 10 A..M. Return at 121 P.M. 2 P M. 4 P.M. 5s : Pt. Il " .t P.M. may 28 R. CHEW. 'nash. NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE IAIL. IROA D. IWINTER ARRANGEM ENTI ItDe prtnre, Return. Wedleasdly, 0 A. M. I1 A. M. Slrduay, It A.l. II A.M. • 3 1.51. 5t P.M. Sutlday., 6 A. .M. 10 A.M. " 3 P. 1. 5| P.M. New Orleans, Nove.ber , 1839. S JAM1:S H. CALDWELL, a28 If Preuldent. NEW ORLEANS & CAROI.LTON RAIL ROAD. NOriCE..Wt*ritR, T. en.lnnrlle an the lst of NOarVll,.e 1819. UOom c O, 4LTON olle e arC Hor ar ao'cll A.M. o Al1. Leoomntiv,. 8 l-comaloive, g -- . - I -- P.M. S'- - -ore Car, st 9 tlors Car, II -. T ACKSO).MNADT FoR SUNDAYS: The Cners will lenaveS'n ihe sme honurs . ill the weekl dnay until I o'loekl P.M. when n LO.l:lloive ulll Ihvn Canrrlltnn every hour oi il7 o'clock, P.tM. and New rlena. s etey hren ntil 8o'r.loek P. I. Anl extr Horse Cr cln be oltainnd hefore 1Ir o',lork P.Ml. by payia 5 dnlllars for the Trip. After 12 o'ulock P.M. it dollar will ie rbard. Perrnnre oinl by the lento Car.must provide tlbemnelt wth Tikets,.. as the coedu..t.r haa ponltive direutiolle nuo to rtheive monyu in lieu thereof. THE JACKSON AND I.ACOURPE STREET Ct RS t.ame tile heal of Jockbell street at oi o'clock A.M., C.inal Itrent al 7 o'elo,. At h.lf-post 7l '. ,l hk l oe c ieurin to Irarl both anl. every hall hur, tllltl ri .'elock I' I, exlrp.t iOl that, inntond oflrnvin C:.ual street at 1.lo'clock the onr will nleave lore at l o'cick I'.51. - |t i. partlcu'arly requested that e.ntlemen will not rut their feet upon thse cushions, or .moke in the a nrs, wheol ldie. kre pres lt. Omee NuwOrlalte &Carrolltll Rail Road Companuy, October "ld, 1831. JOIIN HAMPSON, ChiefEug irer N.O. & C.R.C S CARILOLLTON C LAVAUD has the honor ofinforming his friut,ds iltd Ith public in general, thuth Ie has taken the Hotel at Corrollton, where ho trusts he will receive the calls ol his old friends and all lovers of eoud lreer. Private parties will Ie provided fur liy Riving a little nltiue beforehand. He in willing t enter Into arrngtmellntsa with fltilies or illdividllals desir.l efennulin the lntlllPnlr t a3rollton. i S IAYURAI.TY OF NEW ORI.ER NS. TJIIE price of flour heing this Itday $575 lur tnrrel, I n'enedting to the tariff tin bulero will give 35 ouncea of bread fur ten rellnts, dulrig thle week hbgin. Bing t.on Mlonday next, Ihe I1th intnnaunt. T. loaves nl econd qualilvy, or f three for teu cens,. shall weiglh 25 per cent nmore, viz: 43 uouncss. 4 (C. GEN03O . Mayor. SERVANT FOR SALE-A .1st likCely mulatlo grl,aged lbont 19 years, a very goodl rcok, nm perr wasnlher, ironer a.d tolrnll, ceatolsnlren a uJ hnutoaservant, oher, olbedient aid ollo temperedl. The alnve servnllt would hle nl onqllioiiluu in nnY fraily, a nd is sold because lier owler is dcsiro.,a .f pa g his debts. Apply to ithe Edilur of the T'rue Amerieno. . .22--5t OrFFCE or THE F'aREM.,N'u INSlUIIANCE CO. uc NEw On)t.RUs. HE lStockholdlers o this Cot. parry are breby no. Stifiled that tile It1h insnluloe.t uten Itcir lockl is dun. cr4 puyahle on the 21lh of October next, at lih utllice el tile tonlmpnn.. n pI 1'! E I'IlACt:Y. I Yerlerrlay,.nolue perereitllrne, Ill) wisled to vell his spleen upnotne 1. hon11 lie toted, lt tared not fane, inuerled a l.rged ndlvertiose.n.en ill I.thlldlil- eopird below, It is cerlnlyiv i .eoo ald dirly trick that lany foil mlight plao--tllil o. gentlle.lml nwoaldl he .guilty of--evinei5 bhlh lack of eseun tnd lck ol ceolrage.-- Builein, Tllh in0t. $lO0 RtEWVARD. T1HE nhnve .a.,ld will he pnid for inflrmntion . till . will lead to the conicti,, ul ih r, leri or- per sonsnnwollouued an ndlertiiement to le insertedl in le New Orleeas Coulnmrecil .Builletin, of .o10 III ll tAIIl, Pirplrtie Iliht the atih.rier lid e.llir.le uile cllurt nersrhi withl Joho Iarrltt .ll othllrs, ullder I. e style ot Folrgrv Barrettn & Co.., fin' tllelurOe oenl'crrl.ylg oi lhre busnilluo of pa ing--InO suiclChuoie O cioe having b.eeo formed N. B.--'h'le nderig.,l nltolr lsi opporliiil2 of in flrlillP lIeo p.llie, hlht he i+ not con1etled in business of en. ki.d. , . k L. iluA wh his brother. n22 SAMUEL L. FORGAY, 59 IMagazine nt By orderof I _he PreJidpnt, d8 T. IH. liC. Secretary. I;AW NOTICE. . N ,k 1 -GIttEN will iractice lIaw in putluer. L s1 ship is the city of New Orleans, an inth ot)r rishes i. the counory, in twhich they Ihave heretoforr practised. Office No. 9 Royal Istreet. d .INtrilo( AND (;GUI'tAR. j A STILL most rereprtlfullvt irrforrso his pupirlr F and the parh; generally,t Ir.t Ir. tas reluroled to ihe city Ind ornrilnen , o r r r his co:Ilr rif 11inotlliono Aplrlieiirro o il' be retreied or tire eorrea t or tAeire E. Johns Co. St. Clnre storeet; al Mr. . I. (tsaey's, Cnmpestreet ; or of Air. S. ot Alausir Page's eorrer ui Csamj) treret and Lafiyette rquare. P'ersos aIrlirg at eine oer hof te sho plicer, will ptes leave ei .a rh. - 31 ri0 J FuRIRMATION.'I'hte s.rperiar pCf the enrlvenl ol Ihe Salred Heart, at St. Aichlret'r tua trhe hiu Ir ir.feer the inornle of the lchildren con lirid ito i,.r rallt, tirt lhe vaaotinn will controanee rite tthr of ltetrertrer, at ilt o'clrk in tihe slrrlug, anst terhilit thle Ire h o J.,ntry. iThe srlealner Pekbi, Cptain Str"i -. k, wil m at St. lirhnaelt, oil rle ilihl, t 8 r o'clok in thelr rrtig, Io reeeiv i ilnoe Tchirel.In drlestnerl ir New Orlenr or r tIr e arirshes r hll. pt. Mi-Iril,' tihe IDer rter l , eItwen : a II C4trIIak-it tIre Irtrtit, tl e Wtl t. ltoh inuOrt will st crivRe lo. who tr ide inl thrt pierolhes obore. dl:--3t Ir\P rA'I'i -N o.ote l ,rrf AIhtl(Y t:trI1.'I, n irrr Wyrtade, Ir.ellrlla, w ropll e r Iao hi iv r Iw,' t enrt go, llrol iNew Yh, tllyv her tlrE Si ..r Inwho just orrived. TIep adveretier, worid elant rite to ,trrtrtl ailatli oat IIt Ikr cre of chlhlaratlat i oi e Illlr.llall. Ad dress the oficir of tie Tl'rle Awn.irca, 1t. Ihtalrlea I" chsnge. BEsS C.txI.iy. r:t--IIt Ilsleel hirles. ChLrlesllo Nt o ..........30 I na'.illrlilton No.v New eork. do.......... t ltlincall.tlll, do......... t5 Ptlltdelpr a Nor......r.... 2.I .ulvllle do a tlltihnere do ............a7 idS. .lroolm , Ill ..........:5 lrallllul,. to...... ... ri pvtrllol Nov ........ tielo .Or (r coo,) du ..... 1:1 l , do... ..... " rNuelI. .".". ......23 P do........... :, 11)11T1' ()IV' NE\V () I, l \S. CLEARANCES December o , 1879. shir Ellrnp. Pat. rlli.ler I.iterplor. L 1(:te Shtp l.tesrere. T'lhollpllr. ltilnL.W do - Bhir Nsw llallslhiroe, Hardie. I.Irerpnolt, Shiip Auburn. Dorlry. Ne. Yor,. r P Lidlt w lirque J etllllhilre. Jlll.u o I'lllrtdrll: ihi, Ilirsllltt. rtl rti. Hoi t tir trte, i O redfl rd Shilt Ellxllbetllt Tllaysr. Iavre, L l It.le ARRIVALS Decelber. It 39 ilte Cr.-liot f ,nry, Cole, fn Malaga, -to A Ltaanar o co whip 0. lrr. C.lle.t fm l.iverpnooll Italqe F.alntoull, Dosri, fin Portmouth Ielqlle Oqb.teplrt. Noiltlr. 'r homealun E" ill. toelt, Nr t.olldon Fehr R,lltl. PIt'yla. (tltorrt,., to II Lesch ie.Mmr Oaak,. t.ear fo Cireillltll iomeer CIloreCllu,. W.lillrp. fillO Il.rou Sara Stloaer (iortor, Itoothl f n I.out-vllt EXPORt's I.1esarooL..ter ship Europe..t argo 300 batlr eolton 358 do ds ..........Perip Newr Ilampebire..t.arlo 1CII4 ble aolloll 13 Id dodo l5LoAlow..Plr ship I.areeone..t'erro 1435 hIlrlrollnn Now Yoe..l'ee ship Aururr..Curo 3l:a j lial esao tall PIIII.DILssH Ii..esr barque Jolephine..l'aoru Io.utell lsrehsdlll le Htres.. Per ehip ltis betht,..aCsrg It0t tale. cotton I M PORTS No lit olflmporlt hanlrdd in to-day RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE l.lcvtlle...Pereseemer G'oicr..Carn 20 enit. nol ts o rlae tines 19J er. it bltie ltd SIt WlIrte co; tri I llrttoelllr W M 4Slri. .+ t p. hatlinl .1i coibl trre r or. r. eirlll o 4 cll 45 I rb7l'gU 44 w o.r rlret Oodsu roth-iceu illda r aIttlo Issetee a Thotou;s:1it hdir-ltron C lrtilw.k Itlydq a co.hd botal t, i t lR4t WeIt cs.tsir.7NUr ellaldll a WItt, 6 . head etle, WV IltuuUgy. 2.-t1.1t. ipple, 15 adar 9 sburoraot ISNsoleSZlis1, .." ' jtcip or+stret etr. thuo.r .r..1"o r it htlhr suacr J.H L.ev, p- l4.17 A Lsd cc9ro. to I. H Forol.lll; 7:1 sPeil.oolt* roteL, Ityrldti. yd. te A co. II Td.ylitr. Otr;, 4Im 4* 4 Moerrelt Jeorillra r e, It Coetsor t tridtejl a os. Ar l' I' ersiOJ Atmor, AG+f IIsemise IrL.. dellsp.y 1I A irlli. A i.o;l It loledaItn, 3T Lura tl,ri 1sO Iatlesl I Titp rt. 7 rttltL " Ilsadry - CONSIGNEES Nefledsdrloeigse looded in frso e - .. $ASS&NG EBS II._eIcer c.dc uomalrr..Mltioie L trLewi ir, M. wl.b A, EMORAN DA prfles stilt torso soy Itro rIlE TRUE AMERICAN. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. PUBLISHED Daily, Tlr-Weekly & Weekly. NfEW l1tl LEANs: TUESDAY. DECEMBER 10, 1839. the New Era and ourself.-This rancolous organ ofthe admoiin'ration partyhas taken hold of and disseet ed certain remarks ci o ors, i relation to the expected isit of Gen. Jackson, in this city, to celebrate the ap proaching anniversary of thebattla of the 8th of Januna ey. Thi New Eta ironically gives tn ctedit for our liberality, "in olliwing the people of New Orleans to invite among them tile very person who was chief of those who consumlmated the evenIt whiich the "Jackson party," that ie the m; ority of dte people of that city, take pride in celt bhating as of often as It roons aloout." Now Mr. Nec' Era, we thitk, in reality that, we do, de serve credit fGr liberality. It is true that New Orleans was saved from capture and petharsa pillagr, which by the way we do not believe, by a few American, regular solliers and militia men, commanded hvy Gen. Jackson. We are of opinion, that the protection could have beetn offered, without thle despotic and tyrannical mensurea adopted by Gen. Jackson; are also of opinion, that the victory ofUrleans was the caoe of Gen. Jackson's ele vation to the Presidency; and we are finaly vof opinion that supposing this to be the case, it would rtve bee., betterthat New Orleans had been calptited, thin that the thenanudsoferrors and corruptiona of his adminia" ration, sholdd have ground tihe country down, as it has for the list twelve years. You nmay think this taighty plIin talk and rather vi-l!ant, but look at the prostrationaf our once flourislin! conunterce; at tihe derangement of ourctrrenoy, the annihilation of our general prosperi!y; who has brought it all about? Gen sral Jackaon;-and why should Whigs to opposed him in politics, in every administrative measure he has sug". gested, aln wht are smanrting or broken down by his corruptor insane policy, joi, in receiving him here. anid ldoing him htonor, more particulnrly wken it is on india putable fact, that the movement is i, tended less, to dIt honor to thbt defotler of New Orleans, than as a trick to consolidate the force ofpary and create a reaction in Louisiana, wllhee the influence of his military achieve. ments in 11114 and '15, are pretty nih explended. We repeal,tei the Deamocratic, Loco fco party, send for Gen'l. Jackson. let tbemt built himtt an antemtortet nlonument, let theml receive hiir, and heap all nsltt of Ionors, upon him, let them smother him with flattery and adulation-it is none of ounr lbuinens. But let tie WVligs, true Whigs keep aloof, and lend not a stick to break their own heads with. I1r. New Ern, we are not a native of New Orleans, nor as you nasert, are wen a lue light federalist from PI'roi lence, Rhode Island. As it is a point of rvat impor tance, to the correct undertandingo of our arglument, and a proper appreciation of our views, we will tell you, thalt .were born in-a house designated No. I I Maiden Lane New York: at hlast so our mammy ttlj as; we arrived in New Orleans in July 1816, so we know, and have been ever since identified with Louiso iana. ADVERTIslaNG I TInE TRUE AERInOcAN. That thoTre e Atnericanis more exteulltely read than any other paper in this city is no sclf-evilent, that we pre.tttme no tman in his proper senses will attempt to deny the fact. This being tihe case, ant we defy protto the cmltrary, the repro-entations of our ene. tIies that thin paper is useless as Ia vehicle ftr adverti. sing fall t the ground. .*Vrite what we will, if it con flteis with any existiig interent, there is not a mta it, tile city who does not know whlat we have aid. Our paper is sought aftlrby those even oplosed to tsi, with an avidity quite amusing. A journal therefoe,that is rend Iby more thtan 50111 people, independtly of the s/trangors in thle town i ill nulrely dlisseminate infrnn iion in it most aloid ald desirale lmanner. Ie have written this to call the uttention of outr friends and ourenemiescto a rwill known ftet, in oler t toe rSe thllem u to a true sene of oTEIRt interent.. Our paper is daily incrcosing in circulation, in spite of the lumoolin bhilks thlrown in its way by the prrjut diced, and our advertisingenstonm is gaiing that whith such ltnjournl as ours sa entitled tot,-fr the P o pie reason that it is read bly ver y lody. Let f ied anil toe tllherefore look at once to their own iaterests and ad vertise il tie Trie tAmeric. C..lhIM,.CE WITH ThlN PACIFIr. It may form a subject of reltletionit to PI qb', wi hot would be, with regard to lis eity, the efliet of aihtjii tion of tie itwo ocenl by In tllal aeriis tihe Illiiius of i.anolll? Sulh i l event would, inour opinionll,beof the ullnost iuiorta.leIn tothe city of Newv (Orlanol 'bis port would thlo.ln ie, of all others in the Uliteld Stltes, Ilte htenrest one to tthe PIcilic Ocean, and cnu seqlegnt y tn tile Peruvinm and Chilian trade; to thel Iar trade of thi, Oregon Tertry ; and t all tllhe collllllere of lthe eat Indies. To thii conl-ideraltin add tihe con venience of intrcourse with the other States, which we passes=, and it will lie nl ollnce ,ee , tlia it canall nacross ti hlllhnn l)ll.o lian t (l once raise New Or leuan a hundred per cent thovo wlhat we ever tdreamed her inatural advantages would cuisPe her to becomle. Certainly it was never thought thiit New ()rleann wnulld in time, hi, the great imnporting and exporting city of the anuIlnepe of the United Sttr witht all the western slhors,nfAinerica, ntid with all lte Islands of the I'Pacific with Japan, Ch(: innH. Iindoosltn. Nature serms toh I ht on out from these, slid to ohne pnlced ou in the derp corner r fan gull;, whence we eul reachl India only by a circuilon. rute. 'Th Ailanicii citie Ive io decided advnt ige fr folrriin onier, hilt utl awnay thile Intlh nlus ofltarien, and to half the world thin port IbenmenI the naret anld most ccoveniet iffthlle Union. Whllnl a stlilrrinlg Ihought! Rnd lOw ithould stitllltlot the lead. ing til of L.ouiianiut-the itte ilself-lo t somethingi towards calltilln the pllian for the jurniton of iile two ocans, to be completed. We would then by the. Nashrillerail ro ld, the MBismi+ipl1 and its trihutarihe, nlld tile mlllleroul cun elllis ld ril ruas of the nolllrtlh, stipply the pricitpul eti'e of the Union with thue silks, nunkitln, lin nitl ploti , co~ullpiers, oiilsnet!i eine,, l ides, tien, &I . d' eriv ,l fro'i the ls'n'i il an ll'on, tiuents shllled by the Westernl Olen. The outr e of trade, witl rgnard Ito thle clnutiie, wolld be at once etlnged, inltead of hei.r tIrUliistry ti New Yolk 'hiladctilhiu and Iinto.n, thin woiuld be he centre point on which they would depend. FIrom New Orleans woud Btart ihe newv reltionis whirh will, it litlu, settle the Oregon Territory! I'ur we leave tile reader Ito take tle t map, anud earry thi Ibionthts into its details. l'he fhlture grandeurofo'r city will tl.en, indeed, ap.. pear most impoling. Several individ:uals anld cUmplltie. have, fronl time to time,ulbtainel from Ihe Columbian governmelnt, the pri'ilege of ,lieing the projecteId (unal ; hut they never cold procurel the nectatnr'y cash lto do the 'work. A c.alll thirty or frtry miles in lenth, froi Clharges to Panallllmall, niross it iountlry preenllltig but tIilling difli culti, s, is all faint is wanted into core the graind object, the unionu othe Gitlf of .lex:eo andl tle Paific t )cean Tile you'g u:l's of tle Tl'lllme and lile Sun, and the Picanueu , ore qulirelhug, for pIrecedency in publishe - ing, first a ltunlllg tatemtent of the rates if noryney, nd seroudly,-a list lo atrivnblo at the Hotels. The 'l'ime also claii the idea Io first suggesting the expediency oi a fire proof building or bh.ildinge, ftir the presrrva tinu of Publit Ic cerrd. We do nant t this mnoment feel ready to claim ani three oftheee great ideas; but to go to flrlther buck thanlour presenlt lTrue Amelic:lnt, although, we are strongly of opinion that we cionlllltn, ir all thre longll previouslv; we find in the 'Tiue American of ihe 5th Mlay 1835, a table headed " Stolks," as eorrerted by the Stluck Eechangeand lro.trs, aord Inter a hable of toje rates of exchange all I money. We al.n find at the same lit.e a Commeretii Dirn tirv, invented by us. Still n little late.r we finda ltal in our paper entitled "I it of arrivals at lthe principal Hotels," which we cotinlued to the end of last year; and which we still keep up in a boouuk in our Ieading IRoom. It is aloUt eight yearn- ice we first suggested the ex pednoury ,f ereeting a lne °tate Hlouae, with rooms for lthe preservatiion of all Ith public Archives. Since which we frequeutly Itiunneeed upon the nubject. Young Chaps, sllou:d not pul fioward, their preten. ihna, btfo:e firt conaulting, the old ones, or maling th0nsenlve aqainoioted, wilth. what has Iee! done, or suggested 'eftire tlney cnine into the coatitry. 'I hey will find t upon examination, that thn old Editors have itlo been ou atuliid or criless,. as Ihe, a lio yi'Loung ban. lams in their anity thihik.-lonl't pouff much. I1ANK COTTON.-ehWe lenit fro : the Loutisinian thalt one of the Free Lanka of New Yorkhis ill the liehl buy ing datton. Thantlaperr desa not .ulch fir tie an cu aly .f' the " sla eei'nt. Will soae good ituured person 'e us knlw ihia tict of the chae ? Our inquirins elld Ia to sulpect that there in' al:te iuth In the alle g.lion. We would lie to k .ie toIo, whelleir tlhe agrlll of lhs'ir .ceru tlaly fur hild otto.eI, a. in whll;t suit of THE DIANA-EeAOL or ,Tz WAT.ts. Mr. Prentice, of the l.tiieville Journal, styled this itt running crafti the lgle of he Waters, and it apied ititles her to the cognomen, she amply deserves it. 'Ihe Diana was built by William French. of Jefferaen ille, Indian, and was ready forrunning in June 1838| he cost $34,000. Her owners are Benedict&Carter, if Louisville, and her master F. Carter. Mr. Caiter is he youngest Captain on the riter, and a pushing in. lustrinou and careful mneter. Tile Dinan, sines her :mling out, has carried away the palm of speed. Her laickest trip from New Orleans to Louisville was 5 lays 18 1-2 hour, including stoppages fir wood, &c. From Louisville to New Orleans, her greatest perfor' nance was made in 4 days Il hours. The model of the Diann is almost perfect. When under way, her bow cleaves the water and throwsa up on either side a thin heet of water that curves and fhlls so as to clear the sides of the vessel. Her builder is a heavy contractor. He built the William French and the Edward Shippen' both fine boant. The tonnage of the MIinna is 80 by Cutllom House rate. The following dimensions were obtained ruom Cap tanin Carter. Length of keel, 160 feet. Do. on delek, 175 Breodth of bhiam; i5l I)e. on deck, 50 Depth of hold, 6 8 in. Diameter of wheel, 22 6 in. Ier encine was built by Glover & M4lDougel, of Louti-ville, and in a finee pecimen of workmanship. DI nmeter of cylinder32 inches. Leneth of stroke 8 f-et. Six hoilers, each 42 inches in diameter and 24 feet long. The furaconaes consumes 5 .ords of wood per 24 hours. The colitn of the Diana in furnished in a plain ani comfortable manner. There are 31 state rooms. It was huill by Hart of JetTersonville. Hter officers ore:-F. Carter, M1aster.-J. S. Lyttle Clerk.-IHnte, alaltihew ewis.--G. Brio ne, Engineir. Pilotr, Underwood and Brother.-Steward, Stepney. The Dinana left town last evening for Louisville, end i the wnter permits'will be here nagain Iy New mear'u day. The agent in this city is II. F. Lnwrrncv, Neo Letme. toE SILK CULTURE.- It stems that there is a de. ernmination nt turn the lMotri s Malltcoaulis to tont ae. countll A Plliladelphia paper reports tthe following: " 'No less than one Ihsl.lred peronns are feeding silk-. nrlnms in Ile town of Ititaa, New York, tihe preentll lntmel; a.ld the, businecs is goig onl prosperously, ilh high enRonlrnelment for tile collilng yer. A cor epollllnent here efntlres an that, ill blheltcylltery.35, Ib. 50 iPret. lhe i viited iby tptvrld ot 'atn hundred I pertons per day, ahe, exareta Ith"oeevlts greatly ld,,..ed, antl tllly .tit.t.d af hie aitltt ithy a ld pt aeti al ility of raisinlg ilk." Here is antther item : SAt But trlngt , N. J. every person who fed worms o the uicatieaulie seems to have met w i;h extraordinary uceslls. They halve produeed ste of tihe lnost slpe. rijr raw and seeilag silk evertseen in taie country. Tihere ais rnot a sitgle drawba:k on the whole se so 'e business." Why can't the nillions of trees which have been growing in this state be applied t the purpose for which thev were intended by nature. The eilk-worm produces richly under the genial climate of this state. TIlE COTTON MAIKET--MONEY MAT TERS. Yesterday, Monday, the 9th, was not so bris'c time as could be wished. The arrivals were slim, and sales did not much exceed 1000 hags, and at 8 eents for middling and fair articio. In two or three weeks, the best staple will no doubt be down to 8 and 9 cents. The BInk Presidents sat in conclave and had a long meeting. Thie path before them is besot withI lifficulties and the arrival of thie L:verpool may yet determino a change of policy. Bagging and rope which bar been up to a high rate will soon be brought to a fair rate, if the Ohio, keeps in navigable order. A considerable amount of this article came in yesterday. In Mobile on Saturday, it was at 40 cents. The Alabama rivers are said to ie up. Cotton in Moble is ranging front 8 1.2 to 9 1.2 For the four d ys ending tl:o 7tlt, sales were 8000 bags. On the 30th Nov. at Savannah rates had fallen n tilhe receipt of the Queen's advices and extremes term quoted at 9 to 11 1l4. Stock on hand 4,671 tags. Tile Macon anrd Columbus markets ruled fromn 9 to 8 cents, on the 27tlh ult. A fair business vas doing at Colmnbia, S. C., at 8 to 8 3 4, At Charleston ont the 3d Ite BIank of Charleston had put Exchange on N, York down to 1 per cent prum. tn her own bills. 'f :XA NAVY - ie Tl exlmns are reetainly buil;dng 'p t Navy. Already they have ttwo stant veoselo, oe veral Ilig.s of war, schooners, &r. lotd now and ao m In we hear oef new ovessel bill, being buit or purchased for this little' new republic. By a ltthimore paper, we ee thant a new sloop of war has just h en launched : the following is a desctip lion ofhler. We hope oon to see otur little sister sweep the easo from th bie ine to the Itllnu.. " The sloop of war o Anslin is of the genus elipePr, of Slaroer tn' lthll tIto innoo, I'to'wver-n tlll fledged atriling,13 linet in lenoth, Miler Ibeno, and enle (ir 00 tus barslen--he~r blwe is n oelot fhor ell liltme. Site io ieell ftr O gulehs, moedim m4 p))lllldeOs, tha a ponp calblll, i sllt rolns, besides punltries, &Ei. finisheda d nrlli-beld in a neat, nubIsnutlial mlanler, without anyv nmlbellishlellnts purely of Oal ornamellitl cnaraeertof which g, tn i:techloraelter, ilndeed, narl) evety pnrtilo Oe i,ahe r ths. \Vhent we rsy that hlle an o built hy lessrso \Wo. &. George Goariimetevery tersn, in Bl n Tlilore ollli bf we of eint emmllellnot e ;--t thioo abrolt. e o. llotly say, sheo is tr(i, f,and oiill addt , the reputatlio of Bltoioroe. te Jhe ine r's woerk by tlte. J. (ilao :-tIr thole t heing niter tie u peri . onderneo of Mr. Joh ta . It'iIodd, Texio n aoit A.ent, lho inlbrlns un tlat Ibias hetif es-rou l wrtlln brobo. hlv soil o Suhrndy ien Imrng elxt for e euinl eon. With Iter allnan llllnmlld stores alalnndt the AIistin oill nt Idraw oer II feel of water, so thatt sle can, at al illlte, get into Galveston tarbor. The Conuier of Clat evening reommCnlends the estabt liheal er hip ont outh Pointt, nd inflormo tile poublic ltt Mr. Gre gory IIo rne of.\ gietrs hos a yes neI tlhant illsnit folr th purpose Iprecisely. .let Ite gov eronlent order ilhe lnoltitllio of a slip ot nesh fer a rleliev, h t lout i stfltnro vesasil b rf ro ,ht tead llln t them. tile ot, wr i oetr cn nn be hitd for iof tihlei, rice as on I'n"rlsrlaFI hIer,,. 'file colllrlneelll at Jbctrenn College of Ithin taty was thed last weeko. loThe Cotrior'to isii a long lint of Ie po io- iobearr . A sn to heirir pnch ell: e were gild that Ih oIllonl(litty of ion n yo . gilt le iIl n Ini, sprclred thes I editor of tie Courier the neessity o.f mpublshini g thema anto reelievd thed pulmic froteu toilt f readig tlotem. Two pickpohketa, C. Maroh onld '. Gleanl, hae been arrested Ileloow Corein; ntree t. The hor'n Prmofnsorn.--Prof. OIlste is leeluling it New Tork in oppoitina k to ilr Espy. They y that i M r. Olmstead cut a sorry tigo le byE hope. id b ohis rival. he sceienae-offtorms is yet ion its ifanoe, o then srts ef Red, ltedfield, Espy anod Olmstead are necessary Itodelriupe it o u that practical retlln may follow. Gen. Scott. -''I H (iennrtl was ot New York on the 07h. n his cay to ltilmntonl. Itrin nergn in Noew York were o wrl e y utrgiog hi pretension., I to tin. illttion for Preoldeit. '7he Resunplion.--The Vani Ilren Ilpnlera tell ns that Ihe leihddeiphi nlalnks will Io-umn e to retile ttll ofJaonlnry lext, no maltter whlll bolhone of doe U. . Ilank tnlt Gi ord. ~'r rrioe sfly holoe tnhat tlleir proph.I eoieslnny not fanil, but on c lot ot hlltow llhey call be renliodo witll such n deadl weiollt upon tile moneyc Sarket us these two institlltiuns uond prv ill case the, do oot pay opetci n . . r. Tholtrtical in Naet York -Mr. Pries of theo Perk, oallzdl his corpltany together on Lone 26th of ocvennber, and to' thelom lie nInt rillter close Ilae 'Theonte or they mnslt take o wo thirds slarties. h'lely ooeptrel tiof latter, as hull- a loa wns better hun noo bread, Mtr. Prieo hlasiunk $15,000 since is return, and to realizeo thtis sutn lod to sell $40,000 nworth of property. Simpson, after pay. in0 $15.000 on his tlarlaem lots, bas been Iforced I to give them up to cear himnself from the balance that he owes,--15,000. Bad business thlis. An Admission.-Ilear the Doston Morning Post aoceountng for the result of the late ehlctions in 1asorelhusetts. "' Te restult of ten. election lb done moro to convinco lthe wI'g papers of thle injudliioiusnesa and injustice of thi license law of 138, than oil Llle nrbgunolnlts and relnoontranoen of its opponents ultered for a year past." Mobile Races.--Third day-3 mile race.-Re sult. Jotkey Club lures $700. Bertrand. dam by Pacolet, 2 1 1 unecy, by imp. Fyld,. I 2 2 Maria Black, dlstanded for fo 1I rtding. 'rtor, li n. .- in. 13 ei.- l n1. 16 a. The Charleston and llamburgh Rail Road Com par y recnived in the month of November $65,000, P being 50 per cent more than ever taken in the I game time bince the erection of the way. Senor Ruil.-The Herald of the 27th says, that g Mr. Butler, the U. S. Attorney of the New York District, has advised Sonor Ruin to get bail, go out of prison and ,, cut' and run." This is done to avoid the responsibility of fulfilling t to Spanish treaty, by,which we are bound todel ver up the slaves of the Aminitd to their owners. It is to he hoped that Ruiz will not take Butler's advice, but stand upon his rights secured to himi by the treaty. British Qreen.-One part of the passengers in this ship published a card denouncing her style of living and her means of accommodation. An. other per ion of theim have comnie out with a coun ter statemaent. The effect will doubtless be to put Captain Roberts up to his mettle in ordler to please all. The Mail yester.ay brought New York papers to the 27th-the hogs that had no doubt been left soma where on the way between Mobile and Charleston. Charleston Loa.--Thei report of the Bank of the State of South Carolina informs us that Gene ral McDuffi sold one Ialten t the loan for bui ding the city. lie nregiciated with Btring & Brothers £917,000 at £93 and £15,500 at £95. These ac counlts were drawn for at 10 per cent premtitum. Tihe loan has thus coust the State about 5 1 2 per cont. 'ihe Bank has lu aned to applicants fn r building purposes $738,177. Frmn Tscaloosa.--'l'hn Legislature of Alaboma was ,rganized in Ilit town on the 2nd iint. Mr. Porter brought in a hill for the relief of ltle,ilr, leaving the mle of effecting it to the Commlnittee to wlhom it ehould be refered. lie shpke hi.hly of New Orleans anl pro posedtoascertain wb.her the causer of the epilemic could nut be remoned int Mobile. The Ilotn.(tGrEoeG I.uirls, lady and thnily, arrived in ths city yesterday from France via. IlaIne. TCANDILATLS. S \Ve ale nuthorised ion announce that, t tile solici Intitn of a tlarge utmber of the citizens ot the three IMunicipalities, MIr.1VIL.IAro FtEtoET has etnsenled to the presentation of his name to his fellow citizens at the next ensuiog election, as a candidate for the oilce of Mayor of the City of New Orleans. f3 Nous sommes autorisods annoncer qu', la dormande d'uo grand nornbre doe citoyens des troie Munieipalitds, Mr. W tIAMos Ftirter a consenti A se predsenter comne candihdat lat place de Moire a la pioehaine dleetion. f13' L.U. G.AtIN.a,et the solicitation ofmany of his friends, has consented to btecome a candidare for the offite of Mayor of This city. Mt;'t Ai ltI: JiOCK:EY CLUit. l MEET.Ni of tihe letisd Jockey Club, will ho Ihl d rb the St C Iles teothnongth tiloeing t'oea It o .6 lt:oo, . hit lir ertig i [rticularit Itv orderof the President, dlO I'I'I'EI trINA S, Secretary. The ttn,tees il he rwoih' be _ f _r deliery, FOI FIEI iItl' 0 1 Cli i tIN' l:li. ,- 1T he I rih .hip TIITIEd S is now read.y, to r sive lt'ri.h t lfr oy i ot in tt Euro tle. A frtigttl fio CLaurb Atwerp is lil, i o do. eiret Apoly to 110 A iJ .tht it .1 FORL 1.I~t)U.VILI,I: t, 1't.1%CINN tTI.1 -'t '1 h o tew, moelI d atal to t run '` Ra -e ni g" sthac er i UtcI.nI: c O " W11d ý, Wl\\EST J P'i \ushlltz, me ter, hay .,e mosl it o hIto a'r,,oo etrtotor . wil leotte f.r the oeay ortot 1c itsVtdlsdac te Ihtl itatt, t Ill I c' ' ok, A.tlt. F;or holett o frteiclt or poohge having elv cot tcrcntioooLorop, ppty ooit btyotcld or tot I0 rOt; E\ & S] t . l' l 'l iiki .it' I'1,1r:, st Ui tI .ANiD .OLAStCES-r)tl ptnalimt s lmtoet town, Atr l5-b ri r toletot 6 Ar . A %hn11 rller, ch I 1ilI., e7 arsvier s ,ftIt t,;itrEt.tJOt'KEIY CL Cit tIArES. IL-JO(CKEY CLUi PUCISE.r-First Dfy, $800, Too o i itt Olts. tlenttt'otndttlto of Ite d.fllrent etttll now on ttle Ili tt tine titer Cootto, icr the Iloe, tot eoltc leti rto Wooed o day tIhe titl l toiml . rtt h r 1 Cot.,l.J A1,. ];.~lhn lm~n'lsttld-Sa.rah Bliadlee c mhy R.evinteoy, 2an hh da m hv5 year old. (iyt fily M~ind( If~ byr()'Kl~ lv, (J111o Icy Bit rou 1, v, ars l r (itle Jb,,hn Ill. :' lot t' , L "it tio tett b, .ir ern. n' v,2, & o.hi: 2,e"2 W., . Mirrr, itesq.--raev hors.e Sira ,,is 5 yreJ ohl ht I'rt tpee, out if the dian ofl ire oLeht ~e v',; ~etlrlr ol" % oltgttecr i tiot It.. ,tille ialo.' S 3tilt ,eptr , I .r t nst t filly 't' .1 rears o 3l, by I' ar oid. ,l y (. '1 " i nrd. 3 tO. Ilrtttst tyetq'i. h litr.e.-tre 5 rfear. ol,, by 'lrunrl pielm lll..l by' Si<r W illiam-ll tlrav colt I , r ent by hTlo Luzo otught, dm by 'oi.tcfic, 3 ycar 14 te. Ira mtithl Thre hlt e ft r, 4 eors olo, it, le Ito, by le ts, dto, C.:,ory Eiltott. ht n s ie, - JiteDu ir.y coil, 4 toellr old by OSinlleton, out of rIotie i tl tlmoSarah il fler. 5 rli. Joltn Ile li, filly itono e, I o T yf oldt by Impt by Tvldt', daloot t V l"ogitn; " is', Iro.t Fol ole, byh Ftliltse, rloe bt Fiot-qeoil,o, 5 yea. tolt.l Biy c Loead Stoe;' 3 eor old by L evioitotion d 6 ir. Jtohn F Miller, oh filly, Corcollia, 4 years old by Medoe. Cteonuth toitre Htrpelize. f5years old bh Collio, doos by See Sertprt. 'ltetooot 11 Iv Fairly Fair, :'1 etrrl old by ],mp Lulrhlllnl llll Iln ;,y Peter Teazlet' CheIsnatoo'.l"e lioe, 3 t ees olh by ltoioc, dam Icdly tholing. Grey colt Lord of trhe iln Iy Napolettn. 7 Mr. F. titaltltettr-tinp f Coprlce 4 years ol.I by Train. Boy filly Sloly of the Volley, Imp bh Recrvery, 2 oear old, dam ho Titme. touy filly yeero o1d by Lotierdl,, Jtoit iv i.thtoning. 8 troosss. Keoeer'o & Co. iitsy I;o, 4 tcats old bh Medloc, dt-rt Ito let isroi. lier fiy h litiose, '3 ieotre oltd h lMtsese, notil itrhohelt omf ltithord of Yolk. Chentill yluh, Imp Ilrihise . Queen, 2 yeoo. old hv Lsongor, dao es Ahie tit 9 Mr. Itrye, I" eq.--!'hestntll colt Stlb~ihr t,3 y'earn oldh hi0 ".lelhl, dam Ih. Pt,gntnt,hv filly et eoe, rinie Jholeviathtt-, dt m Paroty l, by, nhlioleyo. 10 1'. J~ines Pltter--('h 7'it lyt rr hld by d iooit ' ., noi: if hlitotoT(t. ol'llitl. it lo l , Iy o o,,d, l I,,e -lo e rt lilly 't (iltt le, 'ei. arcs--llv, ',3 ye<arsl+ oJ~ld I,,, 1 , l d a by li I h\ elifr,. Ilnt triry 5 ye'it oli I ', d Ci i h-, iol T-oo. ', dl h sv I o-tsest. oIl, 1honvAI TttIt,,r--,o ilto sor 'a in Itoio l Ihno ro ta,-,. o 'the iott oilnor C' ttot I arsotol ht etliitsoodltt Mi-s Wrll . ice 1 C le ctt. tltitt tt.; 1' I liett lI'hrolito itt'- ki lt oo e 5t . ye.s li ld t lt fol .he ..lloroegibh, oroeii'ootrv Wtos eo, l'mzenir. ttrr, lttthor licoie T eeh, he Iteri', b F'liou r7 , t4 otterd Chtltiito Itiot tles .v ti , tarty oil, by Mi e Iir,' dlin, th le ull Ameir lit S]"t'iir h .:brls ilig -ire Ie oa o oler. 1 ' ie, I. l. I t. I i ti-( tr, fily loot'-itt Plattie t oe , ohif by Sir lRichalr, . ('lo's, t,Si iliirel Ifll,,, Julies,: {b yento old hy Io, BhriotC'hesnufido ll by 1it- i e'd, 4 ye-,ia old Fuill .-I," r to lied +liar . Clleni C_. \ leai ItrtwitI r~m ('ye Ill by Ih l t .i kr ld, ir. "41 11.r Jihl (t aim,hbell--(he-:rut horsae Walgne~r, , veelrs oild hb Sir .'narhee, daini Ma1ria WVest, byt Noriio,, liPv I olt Almorl, 4 "v..r. Old b imo 'lnl vlde (iiin by Virgiai.,.. Iliny C,,I, Bu.rk, 4 years oldi tb ( ' i bln, dlalm hby () , _ I r est ir,n Crl.ll,iI illare ( rlo nlia, 7 ye..... Ild by 1, ullt ...., duen b Itnlv {ii o-l in0,ill1".1i10 -1 INFPOR JiIlIO N OVAN'I'ED. `O`UI) 912'F')lt .. Pr 1'IK'rRSO I.N, for ll lrelrlok, kln ship e nrp,"mer by tradenIII. mot I felt' employed in1 jl thatf cnllsril FIy rro.d of an i·L of the tea, d~naly, ir re t.oeoe ,,lfltotiol'.ouoooorjoIlonooa of N. V. otloI,, .r a Interr addressed t. h im len, 1II1 IPhiladl.lph~in. InI "an If ohis 'ored,'oelc o r inath, n r on rr.elin hio form or lowo Hilot Ibie rhk illy received d $20 ItI WAtR-It-~onoroo,, ,It the . Noo. vemher, th u aggro t:1:115(111:1:, .eprsking~ Eoe-e I1-h nailc Frenchl, ag'"d n1IIII tO or IJ \eaRr5 foul on, l Olll ltol we llt YI tln l Ir of cslom ok Inrto lohoooswil ll blue .totl,,s. naid it eingl9t.. itr,. brileklnvrrrs'sl d. FER .\ 111 I )l). u9-il No :13 1) phII~i oe at - 1 4SIN( rom shi 5 \lull,,oh o'I'hre rllloka. mlg Ten·n. anid fllll hop , NuI lII ille, ihr,"e balrrel-, nnlkP ,I 1inn, will pIlease givr i.floInnn In Nuo . 9O Clomolot. street. lol NOTIC(E. IIa' The mrlnlersof St. Ptltck'r . COnI~ rFgntin na hereby I·.pePttfill'It Illifiedl. that I ll nrrvieo will be per.. (,toned in one of r. E. )·: E. Parker" ti )I·,, llildmgO~ in Julaia stree, betrle nlooMgarhinl. anlFlllchor street. uotfil furth~er notice. n.o J- \ N rS:3 IlOooloinr. d3 Thn crln'irtes o f nit raoo ken d C I' in n thon'. mundnl, nold 1 1.1,1 Illlled 11 . jus't ReceivelI prr Lll r LO)UISVILLE, f rom~l New York, are reqursted to CIlll pay Iieitht and coo argeo , ho nd tlakll sar.' lownl, W.1 i 1. F1NDICK' 4 Co,, P & I I.R'. u()ARIIS. &c.-50ibundlegh .ir's It oaard50 I ioo io stooooo 100 dIn bn 90 hirrrln, jonp.tndel Ifom ship toloo', Irooa0llonde1phiOr ani for sale by JmofOt J II lor..o Co, to r bototo a- n'tog A Tror. 49 ('hrn,,oroI ooI l foN-or teo umloo icr. fe l~ tl o e nn donnetenor, oin oteef .tao cardgoo oof Ira 1.1.1 meild I ts.t ~ jkott' m, p odrr trgP 4lmn comprisingll a full toedd ccullr lellr toe'', r lne·l11 of l sizes. LAY I'I IN '& Co. dO-tf 53 ()W I.avtr e a AdILS-10_ leer cut soil 0C, w1,tl stmnol. , frm 3 I i h .'nr rle y ,lRC dli- olo - JotIlI I 53 t.W 1l.d Ler RII\-Th.' oaolri-oo par To-or lo si. i' ill oflrajoootiseollrnool 'lol t RrooNor1olto d4-71 noofulorod..opjrtl d INOTICE.-Ship Charles, Cnptnil Clthn,m rom ildelphic, id erw, 3 airs loe h w t he rodl ad. C.n ignee tare .lrtclarbl rrellea.rd to, attend Ri ile receipt of their golsa fromn lh Levee. i dt--lw- N. F. CU191LY, 97 Camp ti .i3 NOTIl:E-.i Iterero,, I C Sprenger, George rwi'e, Itr OV Ii'.vlor, S F, lItiahlaoc, cn ineores of dles ,er ehi , Niagara. Capt. Cole, Ilrol Pihilaeldl talo, e reque-led to mile known their residmnee to the n:lhrgotg clerk, on the I.eveo, ltherwlse Ieir goods ill be siured at their expense.. N F CO(II.Y, :l2 97 C('aop st DTHI'HL.CONSIHNKEESof 5lborxesclh.eae,mnrkl r it adiamond-ll l-l boxe to m(co, nmarkedl Jonnoe hllderls; anll 4 ca'on egars, nlrkud J 1c II, received r packet silp LoUuiville, from New York, are r, qtes-. I to call, pay Ireiht alnd exreoserr, od I kesame I wav, W It F 0JSI)ICK & Co, e.7n 711(.tni etI IIhe stomcklhiold ers of theo'stanoer Itrilliant Assn.. lllln, ore rI(equetd iretl toneton aOwlrd thie I.tItten.lot IRILLI N'I', ot 5 o'cio.k, P. Al. on Mllidy, thle 9th ix. for thte Ipurptose Iof e t*l'lllre three DIretms,. Ilk L3' N l'I'TIC--olliip Net.ara, Captain Cole, .fro hilade phia, io now discharging 2 liars clove the lilt. Calltleer are Iot s oil rll equesoted tol atteond I the receipit of their goaId fromt Ioe It 'vee. d2 N F CO If.YV, 97 Coamp t [[".;onsle f a ges of gLods oimaked 1) V & It ) It & P ;F, onlt bord -hip lt t3ar, froTio New York are rc. oooted o mnake theiotolvrs knownintotie clerk or tthe evee P LAIIILAVW. S' The packet snlil Si. Mary, Capt. FoPter. is di haging opllsito II opilalt street. Consigneee will lease altelold on ther Lrevee to tile re:eiplt ofItlooir rotioe. t0)T1'l.'--If Ilie owaIrni of the IlRON tt()Lrt which now lie llt tile vacant ground belonging to, re city, (lately used n. a horse t<mrtel) at the eaorner of ,Dnti atreet end the I.evee, wish to, di.le so olf the same, e will please lenne word widl the unde o rsigoned. d '3t I.AT"I')N & Ct) 83 )ld L.ever et in tlis tlny dioooolveol. 'T. It. IDE rea I) ia ihkrgedwith tile liqoildation there, f. and fr which t Ir onet tile name uf the person will unitv be used hereofter. 1' t II YDIE, For himsellf nld tlIh heirs of d3 JH P HYDIE. '1: PAii'.lESHIP-'I'. It. IIYI)I:, having nson C) ciaetoo G WV. Mt1)(), with hiot in partnerohipIl tlhe will centoloe tile boasnei s hiileiiofe pourio ed Ilo 'r. It. H('Y)E & IBRUTIIK , under tho l[riro of't'. It. II1 I)E -Co. ' It IIYI)K, G V W IlttSS. d3 39 Common st, co,. (ltgazine + II0 F 11 0 . IttlltiH;o. I 0 resoleottilllv ijoforln. his fri ,i rola e+IIItIrtaneri <n+i thle polllic, thot bilog bltlled to retire fromln blainiioo'n nHecoolliut of ill health, lie lns ste hloio ltook Ito O.essre tlIswell, IItnri<tttl lon Ilantwel of i'leloto')lia. who will hereot'er .ooa1 il tI the' inc thlis clt Ity lnder IIr na omite of J.hln J. llunwell & Co. lie IllkPeh Ihare ill rieeno mioenlding tint to tt'he patronage ufhi flrlalerr sotomerrs. '5A ''IJ'OWVAIt 49 ('atop st JOHIN J IIAIVElI.I. & CO. 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N ,I;l AtriN II &J DEVEREUX, n126 26 l'cnpiioulas st ..1Jn J'I'IIAYNi, ,N ii ('oi.c74 limvdrnx C solnlA t i l .e.I fl t It o 7 inlc- e, lit eal Iby lIndlng,;, er r tt bout ftn r ile by h'I.-- 30D - -t tche amiiig,- pr i ,i xho.t, fr .ate by Ui I )Ii Si.epi c13 • "i IeiePWIxceP 1=0.0i.--21)irb i . to ,ils, assortd iib ill,,i nw landin1 frumh hasql Jur.hi .. , f,r snle by 1 I23 AI ) 1115 &. i x IIITe \l.i., 7 (Ironxi x r 'I Nin'elllll , f iix ii.,hl'e bcll. lx, a x .i r e I, ' K in L Iol x llrll er x; a x ply on bard or ti IN F (1 l iY, d2 117 (inmp 't N A--e I-llii prine xiw I.irk Heliy, xIe x 1 fllru, sllip Yickiixiire, alull fur s!e hi l ..1 A ('O Ix:N, po. 0i 'omm on ,t A I r i \t1-S- lirne rate l'hilaoeltthi h .ode BRut. 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ItEAl) IJEAI.EIRS. . 30 CASKS pallrP It ll, 5I111 li eaclh, i5 ensks No. I Lend 15 " pure .50 Iht ealch, 15110 keg. ted, 25 Ibe edti, U For sale iy the Agents. JARVIS & ANDRREWS, L na9 corner Cent & 'Pik hpiunla lt L it I\'NM (iGLASS Ineilie t'oiit bhil Ci, erukee-.i0 St 1I2,1 x 14,l12 x 1n , New Engla.d cruown Elal. 'This elas wasn purchased l nt redmuled ptrica at iee windlig pp o1f l mniiufei eullturiu.u teo av,hnd it now eihreid amry low. JAtVIj & ANDIEWIFS, N "9 - lN rrK r (,illn T'I'chaliluhist n st S ieniamelled, ivorv rtnemlre, plain and llllelre itnd blank eards ul theI vriousi Pli.a, jl rete eiveil nndi ir iSnln by g JOIIN J IiHSIWEIL d &. &CO, AnO9 Sutcessors h A Tnlwanr, 49 Camp L-ANKER'S CASES alld 'mPkaet lillks, a llney Ji l.ltrVualllet anmd Merilrnateums--A large and elkliee nnorlltletll jutl reeivei and for sale by JOHN J IlASWVEI., n?9 Sn reeensrs to A lanr. 49! Camp at pRIITIN PAI'F.t- 1111n0 reame laper Pir newe, of -ize14 frlomll I,:1 ti 1t 29 & 42, inet tanded ftln sheip Onecl firom Rlstoni anld the Ohio from Pthiladel Iphia, anld for sale by JO11N J IIASWIIEL & Co, ni28 Sueemreeers n Alec. Taorer. 49 'nmp, at ' TOVIFS--NNn relceiving Ifrom ships Sea & J. reiei I)epnt, a spllenlidl nasirlment, aunt: an Wilion's Pnterllle liloelt PYrtlllid Svin i lle', nleticl--le r tlor,Cnooking, Fraullii, &c ell. Perlatie hy Al 11 & FI DkVI, IEUX. 019 20 'I'Tehapitnllal AIt (`11SPOlt 1111.-t1 hlIurele teit Viriii cnior il, ) whitieallld (.lnlrmrll· lieiihllie 5 hlIs l'Fenees. see eastor oil, 2d quality. lir tr lby JAIIVIS & ANI)IIESFt, ni2 corner Coilmmon lll 'ehlll piollnia II ANII.LA 0 0tlItli, -A o'itpl.i.ieetielt of Stlnwe'nr's nll il R lle, ir l lee nl Ili Inctlrrv r ar-' eranet ii l n Ir ot ltiy eCnnlil iN inll i ihmeiy, Inl ein anld ir asoIle I'It'l'EIt LA I ti r I. , illA life rcuiiip Let7, 11 (ime ie I \-:-7 ioniie Aierhinn (n, oinndhig from shiip SNi.gunrnt, ral fol Pilnmellliain. nlll ir nra frln Ihe; ,Ily No F CO..lY., d2 9 . Co lllPy at J EI.iiiiIn ' IItL; I110 OP.-: 50 ime,~ s . etti tli lhg-n-31i5 ioil Onli, all of l(nlltkv uiilu: f.tllre and Fiir iml iiim neelenlmllothimei ira s Iy S Sild Ni It .IAIt'llAItt1), at lirvier Act (`101.1'N PIATI'INT FIlE AliMS--It t n rei+ve tI per shllp Mie-miipi, frliell elw V'rk, a lnrie a rlinent if I'nteal Itiftle nrnd ilt i'ietilh, i ora te nt atliilr 29 rf IMl P & ICi. St CIhilrle Ilntel I I AY--251 tell trimiiie hy, tidling I ( rlel, fruam Phliladelphila, il feranlre froei ire Levee, by L. F. C( i 18--h - 97 T'smp st Il'IAM l!(IA' PIAPtI(-Nia Inliig trom nhip I.uievill.t f'onl New Yrk, I1110 reallle finuelclorede niedinln, eitable fur lleiibellet hil, &Ae. di&,. tfr sale by JOIIN J HAiVWELI. & Co, 11°8 ellelir t li',P uTone r. 49 ("amp e i IttA Vi Curi ae n anl ierltitm rm, hiiiiilirgIitniui Atip I Clnrle, flrm. t hiil ltadellia. andil fir lliie frotl ihe Ieved! I N. F. CUI..I d3-- m 97 Ctmpii Al mn'fmaillicture, hldilng ex ihipi Jehn Hlae, nllt fir snae by nfo S G lI1lA N 1A A It). 33 S iri ira it I Ai (:m; ilso, ilirh doutullic itraudy, in Ine r ireI .; _y J_ T'IiYER & Cio,74 Peovidrns t TI IAS--4' t Ii hnnkng, 15 do SouliPhng nnl saxtv 13 Ills bhnna. GUi uniwiinier Ten, in siere for tele be J TIIA YEI.E &C, 7t IPvlens Ist -I Y & [.T--0ll0 halet hynv and 150 Iag1 Ier,. , pliol sail, l'iiidiug 'ouit - tip I'' h, liii ail for i iill by PIlEI I.AIDLAIV, i2 1 51 ltminl at I )EItII I E-i-Ilt-t InrgA a iernieni n' Fiench ! E Pemlllinieiru,' received Iey rliii I.ilmimetlte, fr wholleslil i orilililhiy II IiN.NA lit , '+ 4:1 'l'repllit~nuln4 ' l ` I UllPl Il' 2 oil tl Nt ub i I slli ' I Soalp, inW rll llr lle byl SAII.iS-iO 00 klgs in llolil' infn i ,. tilid Nim. e ililf l INhads unll Slplke, Ifr 'air lb N Ie ii'it11.. m25 .. . . 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RE~ld & DL.4NG, 10Camp in F OR %L--00L alln h l 7Iingfirm PhI l 1'.. a1 n, an. fyr .al. by .18 A . l'(OIIEN, 91 Cnrnnmn e C( lbGAR-:lI bnoyns White Ilacannn, in ntnre and f,, 1o 8il HLINCIIARD, I3 Crcninn st SI -nP=ar. ll.1. -30)1 nall. Sliersn, hale rcpt' madelnil .,,hemp,i,,stle.., nd foacy,,lnIby 1 Y-150 blesln, anigfr.,.t.nhil, SI 3I.r, ey n:'9 51 C,,.,,1. j( 1L. ll~i-.'n. ..ndl.g fn ... alnmnn,, Indepenn~d e1rne,, 114 no_:( 44 N.. Levee Q Ui($ln\i'Sj41 I1P4316--. ni...* Rulo(1 Ito M d.)nntand NacrIn l .4.. ,,I 5 o' II, by. .43 lnlnprie ue *)1 1''f4'1?R-oll kegs w.ntotn bre e, k, :, 4.,noron for bc nnlby G 11l'iIS.l1 U12 ~~44 7NewLve UI ININI 4'-"5' ....,yi Fr.,,nIhaple alo(' QCý yor i.eby JAIiVI' & ANUIIH1. 9, 1649 I6 RO S46 &. 111119I6,n-1u n-tiore ino LI fnrnalo lby N F CI)hI.Y, .25 97 Cnamp ' Rope, lendIng f um PhIIIFlil, ('llnrlemaIen ", for s ole byl .n31 "I'41rI.:i LAilli A91,64i Cannp nn :.iil.-1 2 snckb fne I.nerp....l SnI, lp. 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I( P2 -l9nib6n ab4n C l~l .9t 1J051 N-_11 iis klnpro nijgcn.iahli. ,b.rae Inv k .25 N FCO9Ii.I,97 lfinl.p an rI11i19-000 kbog Ira( LaIrd, ,c .I.It. fer ale by I A 6 ( IiIIRSEY, 44 Non Lenno ( II n.691 biNI. CIDI(1-I- HIptous, icto Pe 24 1) i ( )I6 ,44 New Lore lLntl"I4 Y 'lI'4ES-i0lIAl-m 5 tica PYeIsonnbn ral,. AIpdf l I 1lan9iiyaan .7 1.7 4 1J -U .4.. 1,111 lit it" aod , lior ~i., b~y -? I Ill fHI ..Y,14 Nnw Lneve. is US 'AIIJU-l Pglish Snu tinrd, i,.l re aydalet tYle ny .'25 .N F C'(NI.Y, 9I? Cn,,aii I llnniaY-'40 brel rrcil .4, by nine, forap fly `Y 11 H(il1116-Y, 44.Nnen Lnden IAII --A asortenmnl in store and ,nrnninly T0.48 AD I fll & WIl('ALI., 67 (hcanvrst 11111 4101) Lbela canlrcl.n, lor sale by F 16 C. GI)IDoIY, 44 ,Nn Lenne 11JHl5IbY -lHO4,l,hn n rno.1108, Ian y al by W 0111 Ii 1116)lAS'Y, 44 Nrw l.eyn M ADIDER-Ii. cank in anoren, bc cile by n2 J TI'EIR.I &CII, 74 IN...eaya it (ICE- 30 cnaab io. 414.-n. in inane .nd. foir -ale Il il u6 S i 1ll.ANCIIAi6II, 351.,,, i-en1 S PEl'I 1(111 -211 ankill )n aore, Ier nmtie h n! I.IY6 & (a, 71 I'.n AXM7EXENTS. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Stnge Menelger-Mr. Ilarretr. rhird appeorance, tlese two vear,of tlhe highly popular i omp'diien M R. BIA LLS, Who is engaged ft'rTwrlve nights only. The new Falce of the DANCING BARBER. Onr Tuesday Evening, Dec. i0,1h, will be performed the sterling i'meedy eneiilnd TIlE ILLE.l:' S'TRATAGEM. I).Fricourt Mr.darvett Flalter Balls ILtitia iardny Mies Mellon Lady F'runei- lils Verily T'o conclude with ll ext rvaglrzn e in one act, never ectel hlere, called the DANCING BARBER, Narei-"su Filzfrizzlr, Mr Ball, _:f D)nrs open at 6--lerformances Ito immenee t7 o'clock.k. U ' Seaon 'ln ,ckrts na o had at the Box Office. ipen frrom Ill intl 3 u'clnck. METAIRIE JOCKY CLUB RACES. ItHiIE Poll Meeting for 1830, over the METAIRIlI - COUSdE_ , will com ,enr e in the soeend Wed eesday (12tk) io lh,(ember, and continue fie dIy.·. lne-JIcky CIlI Prse $8'.1-- eile lieat. icond Jtny--Joeky C(nlii Pnrae $120i--3 mile heals Tire d et y--Jacrky ClnlC I'ri y $,eO0-4 nmile healso Fu/rh Dai--Jocky Clulb Purse $610--mile heats hea r.n 5. Fifth Day-Proprietor'a Pnrer $1.0 0--nile hee.. .,4- _ |'.:'rEll CENa , 8e'y. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PHIIIIIP TREET, rTrWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STREETs. rinHE MANAGERI ofl tie Waehingt.m Ball' Ro.m renpectifllly infiomi his friends aNld the public, ihe the shove. mentioned elnalllishmnl will open for that eeason,on Mo1nldy evening, Novembnlr 4thi, 1839, by a GI ANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will conteiue IIhrIIUglout Ihe season every Monday \'ednesday and aFturdny evening ifeach week. Admittance fir Gentlemen, $2 00 New Orlene, Oct. 4ilth, 1839. 'TO IREN'l. iihe ...r to H C CAMMACK UCo. dl Two relas on the secird fleoor suitable Io 10office.; o+Iv on lt premises, No,. 21 Camp street, l tlhe FIrenien' Incuranee Oaice. eon rO REN'. Ter lllree toorv brick sore No. 87 New Applly to 18 I' TP IIYDE& IBROTilHER. The )DAIY Paper is neatly printed with imaolb typo on an extra, doublo miedaum sheet, at $12 per annum, payable semi annually in advance. The 1'RntI.wefiKL Paper, containing ,he reading nlatter ili two deilies, $10, payable in advance, whelre no city reference is given. 'tle \VWcsRKLY 'raUE AMinaICAN, made up from tie e dally papers, during thie week, will be rent io sub scribers wlho pay ,$5 per annum in adyance, ande to none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respccftflly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORLEANS. MAY 1839. !0?r" PR IN'I El) itlh the :r mrleat Expedition, and no style itunrpaassed in NEW (InEANS, or elaL where. Oln)rs left at Co(ttri'I; Ran, in St. Charles E' han!e., (Co'ner ef (;Griier Sh ) or a T R Itt AM ERIICAN I'l INT'lING OFFICE., corner it 'rldras a..and St Charles Slle.ts, will be promptly ntlltderd to. snTEAMi lrOAT IILL,.- W iVNI'IS,A(IEN'S,or C lI"'AINS ofT'I'EAMI SIT() 'I'S ran have their Blills strk of, in on or more C(,aled IInks on Plain or Colored Paper,r wtle depalth, ad on fateorable 'I'rr.s, by leaving theair GIunt,;:astT l1E Ui. lN El.\.tN WFI-I ..a.."" ... PI'ydra ntnd St. Charles streeIe LOTTERIES. IBANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, (c. G(RAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PI'RO'Etl'TY SITUAT 3ED n NEWIORLEANS. SCIIIIDT & IHAMIIl.T'ON, tanagrra. Otrces under the Verandah, Corner of St. Charlek and Common Streels, and No. 101 Chartres Street, betreeen Conti and St. Louis Streets. ITItH a view of Ieeting the wisheae onr tfrend. we have the pleasure of annomncing to the pubs lie Ihat this Lottery, by authority ofhe lState of Loisi iunn, will he dran i at he City Exchare, in SI. LouiL in New Orleans. The drawing will, without fail, begin oa the IstDbe ceamber next. Otur tgenri throughouat the union, rill ense the above to he insatled tone in one oa tIe Ilewsppers of their resp'eliie residences, alld charge the expenses in nlei-tlt SC"HMIDT & HAMILTON. The Verandalh-St. kerlet Theatre-Camp It. Theatre-(Caldwell's St. CharlesAreade-AHetala. -Stor-e-Squarea of (Giroundl te CAPITAL I'RIZt S" LOUISINA til(tNI) It;lih. ESTATE ANDI St'(TCK I.t)T'I'EIY, uIte eoter of t'aral nlll St. Cllrlea sltrelr, lttltholii.ed by a law at the Stlate, 6th :lir th 1211. TIIE IIAI.F 2ltI.,ION, or t'ntttp elrerl Theatre. L]tter), IliltI Pricl! lrlw l :ra l Itatleeeember, .ltr Year', Ive, ail lilihlled in one ldrnaing. T'IE IIL\Nl TWIV MI.LLION LOTTERY. 1)1,000 Plu.zs! !! S n e lltitI t'at l i I h ill cb mmk re dnhwing as rtatn o. practicable after itjNttes .f iny tlllnkRn i thle Ulnin, n hichaee gen rlh Ihn1kahlie in Ila et/tt tlhey are iatted, will e received in t tlltent itr T'ickts, which are in" the Haf CALItWELL, OAKEY & PRIr'CUARD, 12 I t'rtprietre & ltManagers. CiASS Nt. I. TI-IFHe ll Million or {'am inllreet 1 healt, C!aenof Slhe th.lllIisllni GI(AN Ilt;AI. ESI'A'I'E ANID SIr(OCK I.()TI'.'LItY, twill eositively Lre tlnl on th. 31st lle)r l,ber. New lYearst' Eve. CAI.WVI Il.,.KilEY & PRITCHARD. nG Ofier corner C(nnialnd St Charles ere. (011lls t1(1i'hII PASTfE. For cleasiL., t ealtt./inag and preeereing tihe Teeth. lttlllS Irltlnrltalttl his Clttliri.d reat celebrity by Sta pI.RsePeIing thIe nta-I ininlablle propeattie faai givlin the 'letli a polilh, tweerlin the btretith, and en tirely eralicating Ille ecurvy. t ii L.rmed ingtrrli ents pIlena a ll, Iit Itn.rta, tnt hiehl, brle&hitl Co ita. heahnth and prenlervatlila of tihe Teetil and als; nor o.ea it p.toeeaat altn ltn e crresiee nntre, tbe aenmreL afthl, fl 'eth. ilsteael,,f beinr inp.ired l(s ilta.iaahiy la tile ena in IIIot tllher reolttilinnln) will be preeecel anr.l b.I elee lautifil in theeltener. For Lale at Ihe IAZAAIR, orner of St. Churlca and Comnmon ai, 14 IHUSII & ALLAN. LOIIISIANA IURNITURE WARUROOMS No. 53, Bienville etreet. 7TILLIAIM R. CAINES, would relapetfolly in W elrm hitt feiattda and the ptblie that bela con tuantly ra ceivlag from N.a York and Boston agooed assnrtnel tf Ftttltite, oat Uh ai mahogany chairs. ril,, Ilet-leald tnta lllte llltd painted ahatre, ample and llerrv lt.dalealui-, alhollgany and herrl' tnblea of all descritliton., Illrenua, Cileta, aeerltaree, weiting dthks, Wal.'Altl"a of mIaholany and cltay, wa a'nwsla, loi.king glasses, featiear, bedding,&e. ke. NIi. Fturtlllure packed for trlnalportatioa wrth th st cire nor 13 bEti SPLENDID PlAN IS FRtOM PARIS. J IST re,-ved per larque SAL.IM,fraoma Hvre, and Jl fr f-In b I,, tho uiill--rlbners- 2 Ma nttilet' i Gritlll Pinnss, rosew.nttaelegantly in. hlit with h,riet . l'tairee. 2 Mlagnificen Semi Ilprighlt Pillnos, Caenrasc wood, banltilully oralllllet l l, 6t1 itelavs.. 6 Square Firte Pianos, tosewood, very ornamental fiý Inc ivPr 4 Pictlns 6 oclaver , rusaewood, C(raenea and wa logatny wlttl. 2 to nrelnvees pllnnan] talthogaply, tIO The at arI nam all fran the Ceiheated maquelo, ory of I' PLEYEi. & Ce. Paris. - 16 E JOIINS & C., St. Clatlea et L tUar, Pta't'E,t ANtI EIIiNBURORALE-o J lln reeeittI ex-ehip IRiahto. frma London, 30 cacksh I.naloa Itrot. n Stnutl, 1I' d, Edinburgh pare ale, In eahke of 6 daen, a r eriorl article, for sale by e" 2 E .I )11NS & Co, St Charles al Silk Ullnbrrlueil allli lloes, far anle Ly G;OSSIP & Co Natal, Militarc 4 Feshionable HeiCerI, t31 Eaxchl;lnr Iitrl, .lChb l ,a at 1a CnNI)IpESe o m Ca.d. . -1 I R , 4,. ltihanralld 100 th ireanedl extra, "ShIt, & turitn tt_ nau .tete; g re Iaean Oil, Innli:lg en I ri Agelenri., aiid for esal h't I'..' S (i U. I IAI,3 r. 'I

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