Newspaper of True American, December 11, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 11, 1839 Page 1
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-w )4 8 __[Y AW)V7 III,--N 1'ýttcý 12; CENTS. Nl~\V ( ORLEAINS, WEDNESDAI' Y MOIf:i'j.; DECEMBER 11 , 1330.·o..-~~oi·ili. Terms of ,he ew epepecr Prcse qf New Orleans unatnaimaalte oagreed to at ni adijNlrld mneotir., of the Proprietra, h .-I an the. 13th of March, 18:17. SUsaOIPrrIoas.-r'wvIe )ollars foir the daily lp alnnnlll payable e:nlli-alnually in adlvance ten dollars for the tri-wveetly country paper, pIlyable one rear in tallvleoe, where no city referencte ais given. Five dllars fimr Ihe. lVee..y; payable it: ileance. No a tlbc.ription will be discontinued until arrealrages are serttled. In case of di continuance, lone meek's lnotice in teritllng must oe iloariab:y given, previoun to tit xpiration of subseripithln. Avgartstlnn.-)in dllar per anaIre for the first ansrtion, and half that price for each enriltleelrt muie: an material alteration froml the original adverti.elantca will be chargud lite a ew one. YeARLt AtImVcTISmTamS.-MlereCllntt anmd "rT 'trer, arty dollamro lt English ainm, andl sixty I'er elath Inn. g[mages Itom ,Ima, Inrmme im , other sinir public mrmtitmth m lfa dollir in Emi liara l tm nlv, nei, tghmty for both Ilanguages; Ship and Osteeambon,lt t e ore, or Cotlltis~ioan Imaeichants mm amty dOllar in English no,mand eighty lor both languages. IlARnomauos, OcITcRYe NeOIreS, and ertirles will ing time attoetioll of tile polie to sales of property, cardo of passengera, Ietml/its, &.c. &e. will be elargm.,l one dollar pal slare for th e first insertion in oeach an gJmga. C.Ommtm.UraTIONt or AmIvertlisetmntt, of any person Il lnatore, whmt admllisitmle. shall be charged mhmubie, ald in oa.4avocm . A derloution of twoelt-fire percent. will .e m mnale tm Auctioneersel,elioli, leimlereof t m'ills, nI ilarahhmmie on smiles of real estate. umllliihed in Iboth lanmuaure, anmd 51) per ent. in Englihsh alone: 10 per cent on salan of otht:r proIert,1y. AmeYmrImTIeCIcTmr oumt of tim diret line oat /msmican of the anmverti'er, tmlth as legal, u:tion, any n aut:t loll erlalst Irl mmtmay slatmam ailriy lnitllalmi &c. &c. will he chrged ifor mrepn.alely, adll t thilt ticliimry ralmn. AtvlmmtISmctm l'r not m emt eificlt m tm tillec, will be tmpuhishedl loe mlmmmth, ilad harmm d eimm corae inily Nro i lverti.elmemtltme ot' hankrupicieet will mie priblished i any emet, nIlles paid imr prevaiou to illmerliol, or picymmelmt guraenteed ie m reepmnllsiile iersoa i townh Ieravotres and aoter inaces of tmu l .llate ltma ntvlicemsille idaily attile sea.l, to ba ichnrged 11(1) m lr Imngliahm ia olnec, and i$50 in botih h Illmllmm s . t " Aalltmmmlmmlmmeetm tfcatlalim;tetmmflr eioliticml mm'7lm will lie mcharged ltimlllle the pri e o otheimr amdvrtise. Owimmg to flme mamellte mells illm mm nblc m )l! pnorpie'tore, thley amve :nome to i ti m neinllll tha till, naones of pesooa whiose arcounts t lave not reen moid within one mone afteh r presetationm shall e Ilallul know t (so far na printicnblei to eacnl other--they obli gotiig themiaolvee noat to anlvertie or print for eachin delinquents ,unleso in case ofi adllatre panlrl:oets. (signed) J..C. DE ST. IIOM31.S J. IIAYON, P. P. Il.EA, J. C. It'i;NI)EIRGAST, JOIIN MII SON, LUMSDIIEN. IV'emeklyp Ptener.-Wee. tiem umdcraigmm/d, agrecm to niidc Iby thn above cmuditions, an Ir ms ll they are cpplicabemimm ta Wemai paimere. (i~nedl A. B. I.A\VItE\CEI, (( Nmo subscripitions are takenr lior lean thimmmm mmlntlet.. tLetterms lm st. im ll cases. be tlmlm paid. -ARROWGATD SPRINGS ,MnCmmgomermm crmIntmm,, Alaml,,t1. TIIREE DIA.S JOURNI~I Y FRiOMi NEItV ORILE.I NS. prlllE procrietor oa mimi eetmbliw hment hmms tile mIena J aouro em 'an l immmmim tm his friemmllmim mnd m e pmlmlic iog ccnmalmthai e me illmme il mime meitlilv o" iorv to receive itaimel'e. lie willa mlmoml eame ftr l/llill ncfit of tllose at I di-talme, that thePe hv hornl ltrge im.vmnoemtm nm mme, mimt otlhers now lllg on :11lll im rmmpiml prmgrec fmir monmlmtiiln, which will c lu:eimcit tImI Iembhcribcr tm ao nmmmmm alm m immmmmmm ilrr iii t hl'a ll Ilmretolor, lad m t thie mame tihe much bItPr. I.'.milu cr n he ,ccolllllmlntllnled ith good r II iinln oi thoae who prteer cmll have Imrgm abiIs m tclled h i'em the mola tbuildillg. -It ie Jlemmllllled ioneesry to any allytlmlm ill e rmlicall tar of the eImmmrlmter oe theel waliers, ftm it i. gicm rally beliieeJ thatlhey r no ilti rior to lly in thie ioatt - ern S~tatms, All :i/m ntsenrit l that itre o rtlll, I'ilmmIat \VImeCrim'e .laimee,, wIill tie fti ilnI at tmis. ' Tm est mlllsaic h tl t mnhi art f ti, m mm llitri niftnrilae mm hlaeocgane:lm, alm l will he in colistmlnt aittm;ldlmtm.m at ti i"prin s dll'inig flh whole Blil.ll '11 . h. cib mciieimicmnctmmi mimeif mf mi m rop mmrlminlv 1 retlurinIin hi illlitllres Imhmllllkh ftr I.i vmlcr limIrmmil mpmpmrtmct gie him I 'tt , am d holes Ia m the am tiam th at mmave be ideoot I e il i plrovilig n lt llllii tie it tmmmmll ttmllmmittsit tto mlcrit it liberm I ntmrlmlm gm Ill, oIrarnt eaFn. JmO 1lt t1i. e. S 1 ' UI+ . : lt Y WV \ 1 ' ]E.- I Ile: . i+ I b c r ill e r- , n l ,. . If, citeirar* a I wh .d ;al e dea i rs ill s8idlr, ,aodls, are , n Icy Irate ara vt te rmo I5l, 1L rih 1:1 .ddltt,,t o tei r ost" ' ik, i i i ,I, - av- ,nt of an rllleq in tIler list, a ,Iun ,'- - i ar nn. 4 nli·s ' lir ,ratd n uillte I sIddl, ] to e n 3 do Spa l da dI do '1l+ n I, do do A.or. do ted. hl S, dnd i :n-ih dl t dla dd.I (i rvne d, 1 nyer.aenJ i .. ;. brdi4 and blidlc m,,u81tl;+% do ,do 11 m, i 1111iil' 'l SidtilietZ , ubthi e e nndv gle; ,lh s a; 11, d cather ftlio tru ki,i bra1,.. 1,1 U leather h tm i tdI d,, Inssorled sizes ast , vare ous style-; hb ls:t'rs and pitol belts; eii ch, sulked, twig d ad pl lo erp whipm wo..I, w sutd, oltt and l +I r girlhs anllld sllurinj lesB ; sIlrrup lead her t IIl: strPS nnd worsiol' rs-in well; ch.,Ull and i .sl+ h1i1t;ea; blind brilles a d liles; S o cll-, aind It iru end mnile emllirs,adi t 'l gI u uti, s; I,. rollcco,buck,hhutbr. lheepl n ll, uh fal,11 II; inae:li brass anld steel bridle bits tf ev, ry descricptcnu plated, brnes and steel spursa ol overn decscll[ull; plited, brssr Inlld steel tirrups of evelry s i . rlltI 'Togetqer will a complnete astlrtlltent of ev,.r article in their lie f lusinessi-all of which th) oiler fr sale on ,,cconIIlltulingtl terms. They will also cllnlnone to ri ceive ll e u.ili t-lle year, byh p cklne fromin N-r' York, lresh lpp.l;l. s I k e ,e p t h e i r s t ho c ll l l tl d a t a n d c , l lpl l e 'e . KitlUli'. DAVIlSoN &; e, iS I. 5 C.nsl at. NO t1E N" \) PAY" )te.1e' S.\, ien Ii' Itir iin dtie r B JlimccInl, Ihrutin'e n the IteiaullJI i 1 Vener<.I Iir. Jli,:'iot. filo u lr'id,++: rIatnin )nvy ar ill I- nS pMlIs i!n b1euri i, dcre levtd to tiltt letl lant ' \P'el'bn .al lit-eiase, Ustitld iitc his IPm esI' it ti xtensive l L IlmIactce L ii i lml pirtiecul r ilrlnllh the pioe Siolln, gulir.Ilte l al.. , spaely i nlld iletlnal It such pert nt.- as ifre t lldlltl witlll anlly 1t, 11 til lllving. dlisearue. , viz: Gol orllnrh et Eleti, :ill:c ll ls, Clllhtu lew , Illl bIo Semlinal WVeakIns, 3 lt1ctiuuls oflbe llladdlr, Kills,,'? , Insdn Urelhra, Pro*lratrle lilanlldl, Swelhed I e+:;iele+, iEruptio ns in the Skill, Sor 'T'hroati, Pails ill tie Jointsil; And tle intmerousyntolltnis ,hichi generally fulltwt his diseae. IRe:ens cases cttr1l ill two or three days withullt the ust of Alerelitr, illtrrre ,lpi tn Iren.l Iullnn.e. , or alelra lion intbhe iie oflivinme. A medicine tl, primelll Venerenl t)isease can Ibe oh oainedl tf IIr.Johlllson. It is bln. tile rlecipe of itIs llarciL e-rry, II msihbrlltd P'reiamch ScirgeOlI, ni1 wt.! used lly Ilil dulring t'ceserlal cIamipaien ill which he serdcald'-Surgetnl Gl3rnl inll te Frelnch Ail . Siold by 1)I. Jciucstc', at l.I oitiee. 'lhoeI p-rIoine uinig ally t.te.ition of Veenreal Disease, ci m'..boat lking se voyage,. or rot lvilg ii llr t' eout. t, would do weIl by giving l)r. Jondlon t call, its proier meli senes for their icuree iii l chotiet ll ti' i can be tput iup with written directiotns ta their use. Ofi ce open front 7 in tih lornilng until 10 o'tluck eat night. ABEIRNL:TIIY' DYSPEPI'C El MIXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the gre.ltest of Enghll surgeonls wals opinioln that linl-tinitht of tile dltseascs that siiline minkind uriginate ii 1ie stoamiacn . T'Ihi, Llixir bAci used by cilne with the Io:st unprllecedented s.ucc:less ill 'cc psicki cnit an obld p l' ublic teic for oieMd of it(cc yeors, fir thl relmnocllciT o .1llllhwinc Ii lseilses:t Loets fllllutite, Flntulellcy, t)ietentolltmi of ciu te 1 ael,Pl'.ia iuil c sic,li, lletviieca o' ille ieod n.d ilnli ntion l siecnlie, rregulity l n tile nwllle antild ii all cases where Ltdigestio, ur a t+,stive habit is liullet to exist. Tbis illeliciel n sle nt to ot umbered ncms milog the hrst ofquaok .nstrunoms now bfore thl pubiic, us it is tnli nlte icvenllion o'tllt nblelt anld inlpt ecientilre atlrelll Eiurpe pevcr i Nlcdicel!wtd itII'o oecret cl' ilepari.n it va .tmrchaseud by tle.flet licr a vtly ilee stil, It ic egreole n trol leanllt ci, tle lote, acts Its it ild illler iotc.arlwy h the I tl o bwsee yree, ilmirtl V lolv enl ll.etengc k the hystelm, lld chnerlllllass to tlla InI ond afew blttles ranlltvn the cliont c pillierio enses It c)ysiprmitcai or [odigeostlo, ano prevell oca retlrn at ally luture periud. NEW ootslTeedth ANw lgust, 1C83. 35 Madciso-sctiret. Sct:--Ill eonicequoncofieulei.dg a- sedleltory life, I have been troubledl, tinraor I"cl, with Ildigetincl ir eon yeers; hir bhe leot thlee years olly sufferillg bhive been insuplortnble. I have tried tseveral ply'icimtus, land u onumleIofqsink ledicines'., wilthllt Ideriving lyIV benefit. I desplolred of rver bhlnini5 any iel.lecltaeel relief, iutic resignled llyself to tile ,iccst hljlen.r detilciitr wao percunded by iny ffleod. tco Irv c\berelleiivy )yslptiep Elixir. I hIve now filished tl e fotutll Ii t ti. ad.kltow lot Ihow to exprecss iy i ,!rlinil ot iti wonderfil virtlle cnd tihe lollclen it ilc perlbrnmoed in restorin in 1 thint healthi whiclll I t lght lco-t fie over. ielld Ine Ihalf n doen biottles ac t eed. i xcelp my thlnks ier llU blensings you Icve , c eirredlIy re lnorinig It to perluct houllh. Srelloin yours, JCOt$ MONItOE. A N Ai I'¢ i\(:' ofIhe llriglinl titlee of reeotrd ill dtlle gnerltl Itllrlm oier. Priuled ill accordance with n re-elnctii, l mlite Iilh, ti " l itoprasentll tivi s, I:i=. dllllll at,1h:13. A fiw c,,yes ,it.t re fc,1iv, Idld Is:d1 by ALE X I 'O\:1It, J 4,9 Camp st lE M1T0 RI.IOI IS. [1AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.--This ex -traordinary chemical crn ompoitiont, the result of science, and the invnltit) n cn elubrateld moedi ca:l men, the introd te, tn of which to tihe publl was invoated with thet solemnity If a de'athlmd hIqnast, has since gainad a relutation unparallreld, nally suataining ti eorretness of the t lanter d Dr Gridley's latt confession, that "t he dared not din without giving to posterily the bhs.sfit of his knohwledgel on this .uljtect," and Ihe therefibr blquoathed to his friend anid aittendant, Saia no, Ilavi, the secret of hi discovery. It is now net l in the prit.ipal hospitals, ntd lle private practice inl our coulntry, first actl illo. snrtainly fh the tre of thie Pil . illlll sl eten iniely and si 'tally s tto hallt r.rerdlitiv, l nl where its olTe,,in are wiltnessed Externally in tlb. following conmplhnts: For l)re~rpy-GCroating nxlraordinary absorpti.t at olne. All Swelling!-Reducingi them in a few hours Rheumatiatm-Acute or Chrome, giving quick Setr Thro'tt-Hy Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. Croup andi Whoo\V irg Cough-Extl:Irmialy, and over the Chrl. All Bruisrn, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a Iew thoturs. Sortes and Ulelrs-lWhether frets or long stlanding, andl 'tvt r sores. Its p.e.rations npmn adults and chihlren in redInu ing rhloti natie st'vling, antI loousening c.tughs. aln ! tighlttllte ssf the clhest y Iel.txatinn Of thile art, has been surpristng beyond concep tion. The cniinon remarkl of those whlo halve aused it in the IPtle, is " It aets likie achasr." TII1 PI, I'IS-The price, 1 is rir'unded to any p.rsan who will use a hottle of' Iay's Liaimnte Ibr tile Pile,, and return the empty bottlel t'ilth ti btintg cured. Tihee itre the positive orders of the prtolrietolr t thet Agtela; and out of many liOu. Scl, itt one t a cn ttns tt lccesifnl. We i night intert t euritlett,. It any lea !bh, but prefrtr that lihomne who sell ithe artice, s:tttlhd . hihit the oriinal to CAUTION-Ntone can be genuine without a splllndid nllgrlavtll wrappller, oni whie! is ily nalmlle, anld also that of the Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CO.ISTCOCK & Co, New York, and by one Draggist at every town il tihe ULion. For salo by the Wholetsaleh Agents, corner of Com.ncn & 'clhonpltotlas street, and by the Apothocaries generally, j,31 TUORII1 & (C,. N,. 3.3 C(ha"rani sireet, mre 1now .N rcei'Vi.I "rl I l orllg N i. e most splendld, sI l til.;Il and lnhllinllle ll Stor k rf Clllhing tIlry Iiiiv. lV r h'\llilllll In r -a m arklr er, conl)lsialilnI Il. ~ titrt l til' trll ah s: thisles p b i t, hlst tlt t , ai ,I hlo:e t, I-ll Illl h,.rw n i,.0ll) t it i 1 liv.t Ia nnd to nrlln) . Ind a . ll lll fr t Irc' td itr; s coats; Iytt lvtri ,.bll ; l1 hlt rll"." l llll dr · ot,.( (.It.It ts, ,I'ganrly firlm s:l - ' td; l Ini c an, I l in b' l sk i :s-illat re atl (cht alllll iu. i 't .hsl nstl' ft'rlP ft i ery p n d lll t Is ini tlk an 111 | " ntin vlts; real Iew lmarkcl t c nleO ts; tng!ilh ain I ir, it.' fi tcy and plain stlrfs l ,d s till-; chsi lal' u , lllsi-wei h i i ltt I lItII -cIln sll t cI ns. p r ll tr ; lhanlll lii, ecti , ill tl I, ' wt ol, ws es.i flanl n.I, silik 111 I r it l ,ll it s he t rl il drawer: ; tiii hIIn tir ai ul in t, t sl'rt s, wt- lillln h s pini llll "it l r tlll d; ,e r. i ha ntidle s lll u(a p r rk tn. hrella, ; " (;rll"s"i 1 ' rl lilllll (loves- :ls,,., bl, tlllllllll rlrtll 1, I 0 1hi kl i , for werd lnLs, bIh '-, 10.; S, r ,lrllihi silk nell rauntia lItdits; !;il li !lir Io r I illl hel roler, (Camllll reT do.: 'ltk, I rllll rwol., Iln Ireli, lllll nI , r .ll 'I r l illa d w.)1tho colt i hbrlt h-,se; aill f w I~-~' th,) y off. r lnwe for P,"ý h.- nr t I, IIIIII l 'l- ",,w1 , 'r, ,s t-o-lll N Iv. I /'ak a (,'"rll'o rtud howl Son;;, re J. ~ : :'e" . .., id .- .o... /444.4444 nt ('11a11., Io~n, 11"I," .I r,,t'ýl iir. i:· i'.il,, the :,rP~, ;,il fileJC n l ltlr h1,1 , , .,1 ,1 11 lil iliic. "1.,1.r 1)111111( Ii. , \I'1I I1IIII· " C1 -0 I I11 t e,1 lll , Ll pllil:; I of 1.,,1v 1.. 4/.. ;ut u:.1, "o 4i u - t), ;,,, 4444) l> p)1c1 m1 liur Iettcl r ri r , ..r 11t, ; II II r u.1 !.e t 1, 1", 11 1,s of 1, ;".. .ta, t lc e ill~,_ lU g 1. 1111, ý s ",I t11; .,ý t;' ~III 11 11 (r o-.(·11". It i+ rll·01 ' .n. lid .,+ il 1.' Ilk, nt ..Ilavln_ or olll ul !'r I eu,11 liur lui~lll iltlli. IN.- rIImip'evilll l l, r' l()l'v u_ In cl.(, 1111 /11· 1u 11,. 1-1 rl lalr I~r ll nil I II,"'I, lii '., ,Ile cmo, I, v uu. 'I'I~ i nr·s ,"r1 ~tie d s i , :,I.' I 01 444114444r,4 4444444.4 4444-. 4 n 444, i, 1 x11, 111, i - 4 illlid or It.4 ,"m \ lr n o I !1 I! 1 v. 11, t"1,-1,I to :(l · i rta c11 to - .rk : 1,v,: u I. u ·i,;o , , , l, , -t o" ,, , u,,,.: I .,", , , v ev,", t nk 111"x. I I I , 0ol rv,;. l 1 to llb~l~ e IISI lula li.· S kill .1"I 1 a r I aI Cllli i!ili; il a' N ",, ;l0 C u-1e a1()): ilk....,' a l' I. (r v e l, I)I 111111·lll )I 1. runt \ll,,biitt " ( IL I Itl bait;) (1) .1 I P IITzl Il-t lI 1tIl 1111 be arri'al \l~lbtl of the nllo· Irom \ew tr~ I em.() ISI Ill,)1·111 sle :u1I lluu:,l F ·:I ;LIN , toIl l.,kl 1, _ 1l'1111)1 1() l·I. CL) I C,(:l( st;' ttlle 9ti l1e11 I'cuI11ncu ·I1: (;:"a ·fit ii,;cu ()lokI litIl (;bor kill .\Il·C-lllll l (, ti;,;ilb :(11111)·i\ (101111101 . \l SIII.I It V,"". M ile is i l~~l t II d I.gr1 of lullilg toa~o. t Il it or o1III1 llt~ l pr,-. tr ~\llul bk e\tbt lull ~ll liiu le ellet Ilts, r llllh l 11.1)1:1 I··I1II1 mot, tut TOM I'flr" J ·ltlaii rt rC I!:\(I l llunls 1;'rikA ill Augu sta It, lime ,ta. ':11· 111 lild, tl( li::li ull 111h cr mot t a- sc oo, talc,, km okostout "!skk lat: 4444444 ~·? I4414444.4.4444 Goo, T-1 s, uabe om11rivet(sare out urpasse 'I'ille ls l loth, hard, natural roadsI)IIC 111. c 1111 and hilll I'I cs i l:,\ wa lly Il.·cll llll lll e bo e :old ·:ccia"·: l I)tioIlI;olle ,i 111! It a elll/ spec,(, rrmimr, tll ol ;t/ and .+ pll~u lraht,\ cler s coo vea i kll \a-w Burk liJl e Ili l New Ill letrus I i.).s,'rur It , 1 lAll u'- \ale I 1nl 1vi city ill 1:.5.111. 11u 44744.44444eli 44^ I".41 4 4, ~< e 444e 44a44.l:Bulk ad * oS ri4N po cl l lirl, 1". I :.,.b s i.u 1;, ar.i 1. lt *i4,44 1'Iji 44 j~ 4 II 444444444. )444llllS 144'.1 I lO "1'11.1ý" \lllcarS;;e'iiit;', it," I k:,.c10 ;t nc,"o, olil, wi l Ilr I)IlicrI i a 1 auslrl !l ·p Iill \i:.', l s l ill S~l~lfll~l i 1 clr l 1 11 ~lulu to ·()1 )1111 'ut6 CtIII , .\"1 ;u s1:t [u il \)llk ;Il'jl ll 'iii .;;;;, IIIIIII I;I hvl u"II":"t,"u to \rw \(lal~.* , '.)Sit-i l I.St I 'l'i 4)4e 444, 4. 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" illpll ri/ f' the ll l ll( o, iS tlhll llase o?. all al l di Ia-s,.'-," Ir a grl'an ahsurdity. Egvelry , Io e Iio r, l,.:l. l oill the (bl,, a I ml,, lt,' will percelivel hat uLnip llrily olflli. blool d is a . s . . IIlt y nior ia prim~ary coulleld:lhl-- thel a (19n(t alld riot thoi u o: ldl i' r,;.ou . 1V. t hl f~ilve. ioF soFFt" e l er . rlll dr. : , F..11 1 'F I" l ow of hi,' intL ra, ed. , i r I1 o 'hl: . I ,lli up by ti' alsr ,r ert vrr"ls iiid I.arr ,I hl1 o lhl. v TI',l'li~l· ll.,., i lld bolol il ..t iiilll! & lh ll ll h II~II~i Ill .ilu~l Y11,hc". \ oif pai leInt 1 I'i ' F , ..i.''ll ' Fll ... ' 1, ' , . v Ii 'i n il, v, ,'.y Fill .tII. I' .'Id cl of b.ille ,lll. t r~llllll *I* SIt ()tl 111 1.Icl9 ' ie to'~ill F illill ', F ',''Ill-t'! i , ll' l tlll I'll I'IF .t, FLt, . gr.'.''t...F'..v.' F,.' FreFFn', inll wlt dIfferenlt i t L),:ll t lTII; h I 1,, % ltlh d im· ip no; w -iLrs is V ,.ulb's . . rev' the b ev, , .'e. . l'F'lr '.eve'l i', i ,.FF Inedi- I I)r. Petter. 1 fl ttrs homlfli th'alt hi'l Jlollg re or]. l F'l , wilh v, v,,tLlide v ,il.n,,.Ie h ble, . iF l b',F vlee'w . h'i' r llo' ,li i..ll~ ~il il\ ''I; ..F F'l. . v. ub. FnI ve I. i.Ivoing , I.ev1 v.'.' IF..'p 111..,crI ' r i t. i rrthoiI, aiy of the "Ir lll! i~ it sli.. O Ie et' [.'iiL sh1 ily iof hlis ve'.f'tabJ SIIi Ie hat tl' ey h 'v e " i' illhrIiF ve I liver pI IF. i so that Bhly llot oniy? cll],anseil thll ..,lltomac amIii rIrwelI IrV [gin, b.. tly ra llhe 'he I Aer, c eh..lee ' hI Jm ,arb. d .e' ri. ' ir'lh'" , Itro thllvy hI'y c r(.l~~oub l, TII I ..ive! tonie mul C, Lergy tJ thll le. Tiley€ amti l kl anidh pii l,:l!,ant in th,,ir opueration, antd l. lvey alillol t ]linandlltl convioi'lli,)ll ,fthl'ir| uiliti~ y fromll thel first done..! The,,y caiii + t ak lk.l withl w.,ietIy b v personll. lM anlly .LL.,; ald itie teabb.p th1e ihdil+,ll thll Inerivousl, aiLdi til. debell~stte,: . 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Morsican &. (o, 11 Canal street : PP BeIFrlin, dru¢,.ist 110 oh! IL.ver. between~t thel two ill'rkers: M r~. Ilro(ihier, dlrllgg.[.t ,tt the \~l';shlingtonl ilark,,t : C .I rLinchali, drug.T g~i-t, corner o( (C nal &, Ilourbon streets: G.;A lI,,,d &. ('o, druggesIs, cornel of Tilhoupltolb'l. &I Gilred street. : J IRoss:., dral;,USt, lI,.l'yettotl iy, *- . L -- i) i d ] :.-' i l :I.,Ll t (I X \I',l i 1.: I , ., t ,) I I, v . I'`!hlrl, ' .l ; (tlt ], I'" t'y ,+'I + _. ,- .=": ?sr:+,I, It<) Y II I. llI. II t) l + l yi t'Oll, . 1,, . h. r:e i,, ,I,: tt." ., Via: '.I I't tl , I ,t h d ):'l'(11 ', t -l - .:'tle n, ,lr I . I'+i, tItl, t''..t tl I'" ;rt ito M oll a ,i t o ) ll via 11 t ,ain , 'i llti, It i ) t \t L 'It, th('I" otIp r c l I)t I1 e st': till.,,l 1It h n o c, ppi r 1,,11 r:, c pi,.r ti lev n It.,r l rl t:,- t o W a T'|'. ht l+(,y hl s !1,' n thorou)'.h y .epair.d, her "'ctttalllmlml ,tla lls are a, h .ll llla ' at, : te a b lI. 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''ai 'titi tt o II i l lty etployed it Irt:vo.lhtoto Io t h ito . .s i t Iot h ' r dirLtct o , tin thle d r ce ol f I t ot t Oil o uti, , is c..u .I bt y a dly betag lof t iin le'!lnsaco , w \,ch, how*V(e r, is I oil trepald by thi p oortunty it g;in,.; .it't g the Navy Y.ard, t1., oal Sipa*m.< ol"1 t":, et' . Tin. L'h vul or alsjo snleep at L atio, als! ag al itt tt ar tttlO . "'thi, to rr lttngemyo ti wit h .lo ttlt Ilrpo tt t travel Ulmsi norLhwltard, whoa till: 'inea will be, Ihl g lio triot Mobile to Autgusta, as it is n t iw Il t otiher direction, 'hfl At cvrti>0mn1ttt coutains I plain sttt Iient of f.cts, the accuracy of wlt,(-h the proprttors gaura, teetill erach ),katsnlgeCr Il the penalty of hI, t41ge far . .lape ot loo Litno may bho sen It the Ex hangie Hotel, N, w ttnt ean, and at iltl tt .14 ato llaoe, Mubile. F"are thrigh Iront Itbilo to Aagutla, $47 50 "'I'. lu' extetnt l, ,t a tr oitnc Lt 'InlihaIhasto e. SLt (in ittailtovth', it to loau con elts will tIhe otit;loltot catlyltg tihe mail to Ap achicult and Ot. Jan0o11. Il'ita at the n ltt-i I 'a ui' t siie, ,lob oh . tnl7 0 I 01 I'\VLILK, Ageont, Mobile. S (C:'.--o olus race,,or ul-e hy -4 u'_! .t 'l', 31 ( l'. :ere a . t: P'I(M e :.Zlt\ 17175- Jut t "i',lved t -11I1,s 1 1 A atlllc. ~I Iib . ves v tIe at the II t tl rr, tti ih It t It to AiLL\N l. lt i - 1- 1 ,s ra k I'II. l ttooi l.i'a h', lat ldt g Iro n ., . & J I' H 'll ,,73 , I- iiIt.11\ - l ioton; L. Ilt,, 'h, ,,.'i-: i I i l , " ' ', I'I .. ... .' ,, II ARIRISON'S PFiIFII OIN1'tMENT 'Il T groat celebrrity of this unrivaFlld f(1ht. position, rperially in lth Northlor State,. lo ara. the propriotor bat I tlht need to say any Ihing in its favor; for i flt or beell roenrally o'ln:edd to it, that it is beyonrl all f ,t o plarlj on the b st r lemedy for external r oilr il rilt, thli. has eveir been direo. vered. 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Ft\' Nt)'1 Lhc"I'ttnAetOtin lrdII a.2 naela toale, \i,'holaa Ni,.k.rhv No. 14. J01-1 $ hrIp urd, part :+,I. It,,t .i","d tnd l-r: ale ly ALEX. It)WAR. jlv _h " •9 ('nrap Ftreae v \ i. \li$-5(1 (3 ales. 213uahr1,G, u I ling ]1 si.-tnes h,, .Iv J T IIAPt h, ( o. Jolt td. 74 I'.vdros t .t =v Jl (;I . I)A ISEY, 44 New Lvenc. a Au"l-Aiiuu .g ai.Stri 1 .iari, lar d-,it s t by J~vIIG."LDORS+EY" 44 'ehw loevi UN \:oS it"'.I-- 5 ihult brli at Ihe inlnctin.t is, . lstia,. iii .tt ,V G I)tIA I .ER . , t10a44 Newa Lver II ietT'ije &. LI Rlt--Il0 kugs lard t 0 do -ls. . riot \\elitrrn uuliir. I~r lair by ,,It\ .: v t,1. LC ,A,,Li\AtA & i 1B4U- I l , :'t PE JOH],S A-CO. nu_ 3--I ii ruer. t ('Charle . 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